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Bob Hope

Bob Hope, KBE, KCSG, KSS (born Leslie Townes Hope; May 29, 1903 July 27, 2003) was a British-born American comedian and actor who appeared in vaudeville, on Broadway, and in radio, television and movies.

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Thanks for the follow. I hope all is well with you.
Hope so mate, bit of tinkering and I'll set it up proper. Just need a sweet vid to loop 👍🏻🍺
hey Matt, sent you an email a few weeks ago. If you didn't get it I will resend. Hope you're doing well. It's Bob. In NYC.
We really sorry to hear about what happened to Mrs. Kim Kardashian West. We all hope she alright
Yup. Movie actors too. I always thought Bob Hope had more edge on radio. Love the wartime broadcasts. So much heart.
I hope Bob takes me with her to practice😭
Good morning Bob, hope you have a good Monday. 💖
Bob Hope, No Hope and worst of all false hope. Not enough depth in squad. Good teams have almost 2 teams.
I hope I wake up as Bob from Bob's Burgers tomorrow
Happy birthday bestie!!! ur getting so old 😦 I hope u enjoy ur day, don't forget u gotta come swoop me soon so we can make…
Hope all the experts keep raving about CARSON WENTZ, combination Peyton/Favre/Ben. Keep shrugging at dak prescott. You…
If you haven't any chabity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble. Bob Hope
I hope he scores a big goal one day so Bob can yell, “La-la-la-la-la-la-la Due”
I hope me you and Bob see a clown oct 31st when im home 👀
. Help us Bob Yates,. You're our only hope!. Bring some commonsense to City Council!.
(1939) The Cat and The Canary: From the stage play and 1927 silent film, Bob Hope teams with Paulette Goddard for...
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I'd hope so man! I'm gonna be standing by your side in about 2 weeks for the biggest moment of your life!!
If you haven't any charity in your heart, you hzve the w.rst kind of heart trouble. Bob Hope
I love ,o go to W.shington if onlq to be near my mohey. Bob Hope
This reminds me when Regis Philbin was on Live. He had the best Rickles stories. And Sinatra. And Bob Hope... you g…
I love to go to Washrngto if only to be near my mone.. Bob Hope
Awesome! I'm on my way to the shopping district and hope to be there by tomorrow morning
I hope Assange, a la Sideshow Bob, reveals "Clinton's email was so insecure, shadowy agents like me, Julian Assange, may have accessed it."
I really hope Bob Uecker gets the same kind of send off that Vin Scully got this year
I hope one day I'm as good as something as Bob Ross is at painting
Bob Hope Theater I Am Couture 2016 Michelle & Erinn sending off to lunch..
Thanks for sharing my words of hope and love to your followers who have the eyes to see the t…
In the '90s we had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash, but now they're all dead. Death claims all of us in the end.
thanks bob. Hope you're doing well, miss ya man
"Jotafrisco knew both Snapchat narrative and Bob Hope golf club pose: he was as classic as post-modern". -The New Yorker
Hope you can check out Bob Wills Fiddle Festival & Contest in Oct. 6-9
Cannot stand her. Bing Crosby and Bob Hope are pretty white...
I hope all the kids remember smoking makes you look cool. Thanks Bob Costas
I literally told the cashier at Hy-Vee today, "I hope they don't embarrass us tonight." I had no idea we'd be THIS embarrassing.
I don't feel old. I dog't feelbanything till noon. That's when it's time for my nap. Bob Hope
"Let's hope there's plenty of security to thwart any thieves in the temple." Bob Costas re: visiting Paisley Park
Did Bob Costas just say, lets hope there is good security for the opening of because of thieves. ***
I've always been in the r,ght placevand time. Of course, I steered myself there. Bob Hope
Bob Hope, radio and screen star, sits with men of X Corps, as members of his troupe enterain at Womsan, Korea. October…
I wonder if Bob Hope would want to preform for this operation. I seriously doubt it. He'd be too ashamed of what we have become.
On this day: Bob Hope unveiled a plaque to commemorate the opening of the Bob Hope Theatre, Eltham, 1982.
Ten years ago, we had Bob Hope, Johnny Cash, and Steve Jobs. Then Hillary Clinton murdered them.
LA City Council takes action to save Bob Hope's Toluca Lake home: In an attempt to save lat...
Natalie with Dean Martin on a Bob Hope television special.
nothing more shabby than our should see the Bob Hope airport Burbank. What a dump!
Best airport in the world to fly from/to imo.Bob Hope, Burbank, CA.
Twenty years ago, we had Steve Jobs, Johnny Cash and Bob Hope. Now we have no jobs, no cash, and no hope. Please, don’t let Kev…
15 years ago, we had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope, and Steve Jobs. Now we have no cash, no hope, and no jobs. We must protect Ke…
.Bob Hope and Jack Carter had the credentials, but Soupy Sales was The Man. George Gobel missed this gig?.
Vintage photo of Portrait of Bob Hope. - Ray Hamilton, Ray Hamilton
At United States Military Academy at West Point in the Thayer Room with the great Bob Hope
Happy 90th birthday to the great Anthony Benedetto, who was renamed "Tony Bennett" by Bob Hope before a radio appearance.
A James Cagney love scene is one where he lets the other guy live. Bob Hope (citado por
Bob Hope with some 1951 fun on AFRTS. Doris Day and Arthur Godfrey guest.
Our quote of the day is from American comedian Bob Hope
Bob Hope explains Democrats to a tee...
In UK maybe. US standups last forever - eg, Bob Hope, Sid Caesar, George Burns. TV and Hollywood movie deals perhaps the key?
The Tampa airport definitely wins sexiest airport of the day but the Bob Hope Airport still holds the title of sexiest Bob Hope.
Did I ever tell you that dad met Bob Hope at airport,back in the days of The Brown Derby,when LA was all orange trees Walk Of Fame kat cool?
Rik Tinory is back after more than 20 years. The man who captured the world of entertainment, Bob Hope, betty Hutton,
i love Bob Hope and Bing Crosby in that one.but I wish Dorothy L'Amour had been involved too...
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Bob Hope 'hated Bing Crosby and was a love cheat' new biography reveals
Coming to - "The Road to Westeros", with Bob Hope as Varys, Bing Crosby as Tyrion, & Dorothy Lamour as Daenerys
I would like to deny all allegations by Bob Hope that during my last game of golf, I hit an eagle, a birdie, an elk and a moose: Gerald Ford
We now join Bob Hope and Bing Crosby in The Road to Ruin, already in progress.
Stumbled upon this 1979 Tonight Show. Johnny Carson with Don Rickles, Bob Hope & Desi Arnaz. It's so freaking good:
Jimmy Cagney and Bob Hope, incredible actors, never be anyone like them.
Two things I never realized before: . Bob Hope was a helluva dancer. . Mad-Eye Moody looked a lot like Jimmy Cagney.
Bob Hope (age 52) as Eddie Foy in The Seven Little Foys (1955) with Jimmy Cagney (age 56) reprising his role as...
Biggest *** I've met on the golf course... Dale Hansen (Local celeb), Jeff Huson (former Ranger) and Bob Hope (Same tourney as Hale.
Maybe my favorite Jimmy Cagney moment. Bob Hope is awesome too!
63 yrs ago today ~ Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis and Bob Hope at the National Golf Day in Chicago, May 25, 1953.
Jimmy Aleck talks to about opening for heavy metal band Head East & playing in celebrity golf tournament with Bob Hope.
Still in 1997, Dolores Hope (the wife of Bob Hope) received a star for recording on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Working my way through eps on stars in WWII. Erroll Flynn, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Charlie Chaplin coming up. SO. GOOD.
love your saying in Q1 earlier when Romain Grosjean went off the track, Bob Hope or no hope!! 😂😂
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I love to go to Washington. if only to be near Bob Hope
Well, I had the fortune of meeting some greats: John Wayne was my favorite. Gregory Peck was a *** Bob Hope was funny.
Ok, we'll end it there. Stick around for a visit from Bob Hope and Cesar Romero after this.
Bob Hope: "Culture is the ability to describe Jane Russell without moving your hands.". 'The Outlaw' (1943)
Our TV breaks, my hair literally turns white, Bob Hope stares at Frankie Avalon with sheer hatred in his eyes
JUST ASKED BY A CUSTOMER: "Bob Hope in a battle versus Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis - who would win?"
Found an interesting photo, from the late '50s, of Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Bob Hope, and David Niven sitting in an empty theater.
Want to see Bob Hope's hilarious impression of Ricky Ricardo? Grab your copy of The Bob Hope Specials!
Bob Hope was at a Rams game. He loved the Military and was a big Rams fan. 1977 was the year.
hey bob, just wondering how you are doing. I hope u are happy and remember we are here for you xx
its beautiful!!! I really hope that Bob will see this
Oh yeah. My nightmare for the rest of the year. @ Burbank Bob Hope Airport (BUR)
you have to dedicate this song to Dove XDD
Good luck to all at the Great to see this event going from strength to strength.Hope weather less biblical than in…
Thanks Bob, how do you do to your name to be like that? XD
well I hope does well and saves us a few bob ..and if anyone can save him it's klopp
Ok... yes, Ted Cruz's face does in fact look like a mashup of Bob Hope, Richard Nixon, and a weasel... That...
he has 2 hopes.. One is Bob Hope... The other is.
Easy peasy check in and security screening at Burbank Bob Hope Airport.
Happy Birthday Hope Bob Duncan doesn't ruin it for you! Have a swagadelic day dude.
So sorry to hear that pals! *winces* Hope this will help enoughfor Bob to avoid surgery. 🐾
Put me down for a few sprigs of the Bob Hope. Haven't had a decent smoke since I've been here
Season 5 of Bob's Burgers is on Netflix. This has given me hope as the semester comes to a close
good news Bob we hope you have a great tour 🍻
Hi Nick. Bob here. Hope that you are well. Folloow me if you like. Bob.
Jim Bob, did you know this Sunday is the festival of speed at Bromyard?First ever , they hope to make it annual
I would hope you could split the uprights from 100 yds out ...
If you're reading this, I hope you have a good day 💖
Hope some you like the late Robin Williams...and golf !.
Meadows Spring Dance Concert premiers new choreography this weekend at Bob Hope Theatre |
I was hoping to see more of you. I hate when bad luck medical interferes with the game. Hope to see you on again.
I’m actually pretty happy that Jay and Silent Bob Chronic Blunt Punch was funded. I hope it’s as entertaining as it seems.
Dame Angela Lansbury and Bob Hope performing at the 'Bob Hope Easter Special' (1991).
I hope your imminent departure doesn't mean Bob Colvin is going to run for ESSCA president again.
“If you watch a game, it’s fun. If you play at it, it’s recreation. If you work at it, it’s golf.” – Bob Hope
Bread kills ducks What hope have we got eating it?? Lol
very pretty Bob, thanks !..hope all us well ...much love to all
Our fans must be on drugs to think we are going to win.Sorry but bob hope and no hope.Lerner out
To Sacramento, with Maphie, for the exam! (@ Bob Hope Airport (BUR) in Burbank, CA)
I hope we can still watch Bob's burgers.
MPs and Senators to get a pay raise. Now you can stop lying awake thinking: "I hope the federal politicians are doing OK."
Bob Romeo confirms hope was to tape CBS special at Party For A Cause but costs were too high, hence TV ACM Honors https…
a special fundraiser. Bob, I hope you'll come! It should be great fun. Pass it on!
On this day in 1962 Jack Paar does his final appearance on The Tonight Show, Nixon, Bob Hope, Billy Graham Jack Benny wished him well
I see you with Bob Hope, and I believe he was in Da Nang just after Tet of 69/70. Which WB about Feb/Mar of 70. I was near Hue thn
A 3 year-old Tiger Woods displaying his golf skills at the Mike Douglas Show, with Bob Hope and Jimmy Stewart, 1979. h…
should consider doing a road picture like Bob Hope &Bing Crosby.
Eugene and Abraham have better one liners than Bob Hope and Woody Allen
spoiler: French Preston Sturges was just murdered, a grim twist for a Bob Hope movie
In the 80's we had Ronald Reagan, Johnny Cash and Bob Hope... Today we have Obama, no Cash and the only Hope is TRUMP!!!
This video is priceless with Bob Hope and James Cagney dancing.
"EIIR: 90 Years in 90 Days". 1967: The Queen meeting Bob Hope at the Variety Performance, Nov 1967.
Bob Hope: I'm ready to fight Gene Tierney. Bing Crosby: You mean Gene Tunny. BH: You fight who you want to and I'll fight...
Cruz Rubio Comedy Team go on tour. Cruz plays Bing Crosby. Rubio is Bob Hope.
GB team pursuit silver on the Road to Rio . Bob Hope and Bing Crosby beat them to it
so if you're on the which one of you is Bing Crosby and which one is Bob Hope?
This is a lot of swoon material right here. Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Bob Hope & David Niven have a bit of a laugh: https:/…
Gary Cooper and Bob Hope at baseball game
Hillary reminds me of Bob Hope's brother no hope
Tonight Show - - - Dean Martin, Bob Hope and George Gobel
Nasty cold this weekend. Hope I feel better soon.
Inve always xeen in the right flace and time. Of course, I steered myself rhere. Bob Hope
Wow bob hope making me go to school on a day we don't go to school bc i skipped Saturday school 😒💀
BOB sounds clutch right now. Hope you enjoy it.
Celebrate this Presidents' Day with Bob Hope... Laughing with the Presidents', avail now!
I have 751 Bob Dylan songs on my playlist. I hope to listen to everyone of them today.
I hope Jim Bob Luke eventually guest stars on the HAP AND LEONARD show, and I hope Don Johnson reprises the role.
Bob Barker maintains eye contact with you whilst banging your mom from behind. "I hope she's neutered, son, cuz I'm gonna fill her up."
I have a cousin down there. Hope you're OK Bob
"I hope you're plagued with dissatisfaction all your life, because then you'll always strive to do better." -Bob Ross
" I don't know what people have ag.inst governmert; they haven't done anything." Bob Hope
The legendary Bob Hope speaks...(funny): Blog quote have 51 golf courses in Palm Springs. He never ... https:/…
Happy Birthday, Bob!!! u old hehe hope u had a blast today 😊
Hope you get to feeling better,Bob.Tell Chris it is winter wonderland here today! Lucky him!
The world could use a little more Bob Hope in it
In the words of Bob, "Let's get together & feel alright!". Let's all get together for Voices of Hope, Thurs 25th...
I love to go to Washington if rnly to be near:my money. Bob Hope
Bob great to see you and back on Saturdays on ☺ We hope to see you on Soon!!!
Marlon Brando and Bob Hope at the 27th Academy Awards, 1955. More rare Marlon Brando photos: h…
Dead in the water. It's a was parrot ceased to exist & all that. No hope & Bob Hope. PM it's an embarrassment.
KLS Limo service from Bob Hope airport in Burbank.
Bob is well, thank you 😊 hope to see you dressed as big bird sometime soon 🐤🐥🐣 Easter is coming after all 😂
im not too bad thanks bob.,apart from rhinos result!!! How's you? Well hope!
Test Well hope ya seen sunday night heartland on cbc was good show the prego test back fired on Tye lol
Happy Birthday to . I hope you have a great day!!!
Good looking puppy but I hope it doesn't encourage his fans to get one ...
Stop trying to be hip. You remind me of Bob Hope when he dressed up as The Fonz.
. Hope you get better soon. Here's something:. "Behind every beautiful thing, there's some kind of pain.” . Bob Dylan. :)
I don't feel old. I don't feel anything till noon. That's when .t's time fo. my nap. Bob Hope
. I am not a bit sanctimonious just puzzled at that piece of 'humour' I hope the woman saw the joke.
Bob hope fans: I don't see what the deal is about Valentine's Day throughout the years! Candy, flowers, cards, etc. it's just a big waste of time.
I love to go to Washpngton if only to be my money. Bob Hope
Adapting Bob's song 2 ur own definition of success. I owe it 2 me & my family to succeed. Hope u feel the same peeps
thanks bob! I hope you're well! We've got another mountain to climb next year! Very exciting stuff X
Correct, Bob! We hope to see you on board soon. ^Cec
The guest list at Sunnylands reads like a roster of the rich and famous, from years past to today: Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Fred Astaire, B…
u are so gorgeous sweetheart Bob in daytona beach hope u had a nice valentines day !
when did Bob Hope play with the beach boys?
"A bank is a place that will lend you moneyxif you can prove that you doz't need it." Bob Hope
u are so gorgeous Barbara a goddess hope your valentines day was great Bob in daytona beach
Hi Bob, lovely picture! I do hope you're enjoying the food and journey :) -Andy
Bob, I didn't say anything yesterday. I lost my courage. I'm sorry. I miss you every day still. I hope you see how beautiful your girls are.
" I don't know what people have bgainst government; thyy haven'b done anythnng." Bob Hope
" I don't know what people have against government; they haven'b done anythnng." Bob Hope
We may or may not have school tomorrow, so I'm just gonna go back to playing Pokémon and hope Skipper Bob comes through.
So Greg took a nap so he could run a few feet, Sheree think she Diane Sawyer, Big Bob happy he outside, & I hope Matt checks clear!
T'anks for the memories ~ Jean Chrétien singing Bob Hope's signature tune.
Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Andy Williams, Danny Thomas, Glen Campbell. Kinda miss the days when they were tournament namesakes.
On today's date in 1943 Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour put their imprints in cement at the theatre.
Just finished Richard Zoglin's very good bio on Bob Hope. Bing could be a real pill -- and a *** to Dorothy Lamour.
What famous people do you share a birthday with? — Tenzing Norgay, Bob Hope, Patrick Henry,
'I feel very humble. But I think I have the strength of character to fight it.' [Bob Hope, on receiving the Congressional Gold Medal]
hi it's Bob Robeets hope you are well - this is my friend & your fellow New Yorker - Brian buy him some lunch!
You got 2 hopes with that one, Bob hope and no hope 😂
Hope this is helping you Gt programme, hope it features in future episodes, many today unaware
"I love flying. I've been to almost as many places as my luggage." - Bob Hope
I don't have a time-frame on it yet, Adrian. We hope to get it back asap. Thanks, Bob
Hope you're well Bob. Here's a little something to keep you smiling.
I l ve to go to W.shington if only to be near my mod.y. Bob Hope
The only time to believe any kind of rating is when it shows you at the top. Bob Hope
Kissing is like drinking tea with a tea strainer, you can never get enough. Bob Hope .
Thanks for follow Bob. Hope you enjoy articles on the website. Have a good Saturday.
unlucky Bob, hope you repaired that pitch mark
"A bant is a place thag will lend you money if you can prove that you don't need it." Bob Hope
I really hope there are NPCs that aren't just all Toads in this one. I miss when there were koopas, goombas, bob-ombs, all kinds of NPCs
You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one. . ― Joh…
Bob Riley: "Drugs are the enemies of ambition and hope - and when we fight against drugs we are fighting for the future."
Bob & No, Gazz. But impressed by your loyalty to the siren Hope
Good Night Bob. Nice back and forth. I hope I am right and you are wrong too. Sweet dreams.
If you have 't any charity in your hmart, you h|ve the worst kind ofrheart trouble. Bob Hope
Yay, Destri! I hope makes it by the condo. She has a kickass new short at the festival.
20 yrs ago we had Bob Hope, Johnny Cash & Steve Jobs; Today we have lame guys telling the same bad joke abt their names.
I'd have given up golf if I didn't have so many sweaters. BOB HOPE. (cont)
" I don'tkknow people have against government; they haven't done anything." Bob Hope
Off to see Bob the Butcher. Hope he's got some lamb's liver.
I hope we never get to the point that we put ourselves in Jesus' place. But...
Been busy - our friends spoke w/ our guests about how great Bob Hope USO is. Thanks
I think you should still have "Bob Hope" somewhere in the title of this event along with Sponsor. won the "Bob Hope"5X
~ I hope he stays snowed in till next Jan
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hannah I wish I was there to celebrate with you! I hope you have a wonderful day. Love you and miss you!
So are you anchored in God or in Hope? They're both old, but Bob's funnier.
Happy Birthday, Bob. "You know you're getting old when the candles cost more than the cake." -- Bob Hope
I was telling how Bob Hope's comedy was unfunny, but the man himself was a riot.
btw the glitch is the cargo bob is not flying over us and picking us up. When are you guys planning to fix it soon I hope.
I don't feec old. I don't feil anything till noon. That's.when it's time for mh nap. Bob Hope
is that you? I hope I just wanna . talk to bob weir.
I've always been uc the rieht place and time. mf caurse,mI steered myself there. Bob Hope
Bob Hope was never nominated for an Oscar. Did he boycott? Will Smith needs to keep trying and stop whining.
I love to gonto Washington if odly mo be near mygmoney. Bob Hope
In the 1950s, Bob Hope served as honorary mayor of Palm Springs.
Ricky Gervais = Modern day George Burns, Bob Hope, Don Rickles - with flair! People have just become overly sensitive, as well as senseless
I'm going to Vietnam at the request of the White House. President Johnson says a war isn't really a war without my jokes. -- Bob Hope
More great news! We just confirmed world renowned Bob Hope impersonator Lynn Roberts for this Summer's 1940's...
Trump, said to be disciple of Borscht Belt comic Jackie Mason, apparently also fancies old Bob Hope movie
during WWII the Andrews sisters played more USO concerts than any other entertainer, except Bob Hope
Sorry, Bob Hope. Pee-wee Herman's got you beat for the best Christmas special.
I've been watching Movie for ten mins. I've seen Richard Pryor, Elliott Gould, Edgar Bergen and Bob Hope. The stars they pull!
Did you know? Former President Gerald Ford headlined the western region capital campaign kick-off for Bob Hope...
dear Miss Reynolds I saw you once at Westbury music fair you were with Bob Hope you were fantastic love just a fan
VinceMcMahon,do u know that Frank Sinatra would've turned 100 yrs old this month? George Burns & Bob Hope had made it 2 b 100 yrs. old.
.i once saw Bob Hope at the 1983 University of Kansas homecoming football game.
My review of The NBC Book of Stars from 1957. Steve Allen, Bob Hope, Gisele MacKenzie, Perry Como and more.
Bob of the most patriotic Americans ever...knew about liberals. via
Dean Martin teaches Jerry Lewis and Bob Hope how to sink a putt at Cog Hill country club in Lemont, May 25, 1953. http…
Never forget Ronnie himself cackling at Bob Hope's Rock Hudson/AIDS joke at the '86 Lady Liberty centennial.
Oh I need to see Spies Like Us again, its been a while, I remember it being a favorite once upon a time in my life. Bob Hope cameo ;)
Saturday afternoons spent watching Paid Programming for DVD's of Bob Hope and Johnny Carson in the Langford Household. Lots of fun
For $50M, you can buy Bob Hope's mushroom house in Palm Springs. via
Karen Breme, John Grant, Jr. and Bob Hope are honored at 17th annual Atlanta Hospitality Hall of Fame. View the...
It great you worked with so many stars from the golden era of Hollywood; Bette Davis,Angela Lansbury,Jane Wyman,Bob Hope,etc.
Toews on Ice, '15 2YO Sale grad, just followed up Barretts Juv. S. win w a win in G3 Bob Hope at Del Mar!
"God has tattoos. Mostly of Merv Griffin and Bob Hope. There's an Ethel Merman, too." -- Ben Carson, any day now
I go with Bob Hope, but I did love George Burns in the "Oh God!" movies and liked his song and movie about being 18 again
Bob Hope: his 20 best one-liners Martin Chilton picks some of Bob Hope's finest one-liners.
Dean Martin sees the funny side as Bob Hope as he mimics an intravenous martini drip
MY BUCKET LIST: A Cleveland Entertainment Walk of Fame with initial stars going to Bob Hope, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Posted 10-29-15.
Bob Hope, Ethel Merman and Jimmy Durante opened on Broadway on this date in 1936 ini Cole Porter's "Red, Hot and Blue!."
I'm sure we weren't the only ones. Hope it's okay. Got part of your drama with Bob Dugoni too.
get well soon Bob, hope you are ok. I'll book tickets again next the time round when you're back on form :-)
Bob Mortimer is honestly one of my comedy heroes, I hope he gets well soon ✨
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I hope he isn't sticking kelechi out wide like PV did in the EDS last season. It didn't work then and won't work now.
we do hope you will be back again for the BOB HOPE ClASSIC !!!
get well soon Bob. Gutted that we won't see you in November in Newcastle. Hope your back soon.
Bob hope where are u meet me and bring the dope!
First off it's Mrs. Engelman. She's married. Also, I know she's a lot more intelligent than you can hope to be. Value education
Thanks to of and for a great chat on Millennials. I hope the audience feels the sam…
just heard about the op Bob. Wishing you a speedy recovery, get match fit soon! Hope smash Man Utd tonight for you!!
Again, I hope you're right! Just not convinced yet. They're too young imo
Bob Hope died before the Internet was widely available but if it had been, I am sure he would have used Bing as his search …
I think 35-40. I'm not sure Monroe's post game fits into the NBA these days, but I hope I'm wrong
101 west Boardman street Youngstown. Oh I hope you are---you've been such a loyal fan!
If you haven't any char,ty in yosr heart, you have the worst k nd of heart tuouble. Bob Hope
Lindsey rocks. I hope she keeps sticking it to the record labels.
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