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Bob Harper

Robert Bob Harper (born August 18, 1965) is a personal trainer, who appears on the television series The Biggest Loser (United States).

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Had an awesome time at the show! Can you tell what the favorites were? And...we got to see Greg Brady and Bob Harper!
I went to the working womens survival show at St Charles Convention Center I saw Barry Williams who was Greg Brady of the Brady Bunch I also saw Bob Harper of the Biggest Loser I saw him so clearly I saw him up close
Sorry Barry Williams aka Greg from the Brady Bunch but all I'm here to see is Bob Harper!
Today I got up and did a Power Walk with Bob Harper. Tomorrow T25 with husband. New goal to keep moving.
Wow this is super cool! Sitting at the airport and I get a Google alert pop up in my email with my name...hmmm...what is that? I haven't posted anything new in the last couple of days. Well what do you know, my little tidbit about surprising foods that are good for heart health was used in a post by Marlo Thomas in the The Huffington Post! Super cool! I'm in with the likes of celebrity trainer Bob Harper, Today Show nutritionist Joy Bauer, Dr. Nancy Snyderman and the nutrition director of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute! Aw-esome! Big ol' Thanks to Lynn Baldwin-Rhoades for shooting me the request for input on this she had come across a little while back!
Bob Harper, star and host of the Biggest Loser
Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper weren't the only ones whose jaws dropped when Biggest Loser winne...
New post (Biggest Loser's Bob Harper "Stunned" by Rachel Frederickson's ...) has been published on Get Fit Bookmark
'The Biggest Loser' trainer Bob Harper speaks out about winner's weight loss -
Bob Harper admits he was flabbergasted by “The Biggest Loser” contestant Rachel Frederickson’s 155-pound weight loss.
Jillian Michaels & Bob Harper's reaction to the winner's disturbing weight loss says it all.
  The Biggest Loser Finale aired a few nights ago.  It's usually the same every year - we are surprised and happy to see contestants who are no longer obese being rewarded for their hard work with huge paychecks.  It seemed to be just another inspiring finale.  Until Rachel Frederickson walked out looking emanciated, the widest part of her body being her elbows.  The audience cheers quieted, and Jillian Michaels jaw dropped as she turned to fellow trainer Bob Harper and said "Bob...Oh, my God..."  The contestants claps trailed off to slow motion movements and looks of literal horror came across the faces of a few.  The audience, the contestants, the trainers, and apparently the world could not believe what they were seeing.  And they could not support it.     23-year-old Rachel Frederickson had lost almost 60% of her body weight.  Beginning the show at 260 pounds, Rachael stepped on the scale (after stumbling up the stairs) and weighed in at 105 pound.  No other Biggest Loser contestant has ev ...
See how Biggest Loser trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper reacted to winner Rachel Frederickson's shocking weight loss on the season 15 finale
Then I would go for Denise Austin or Bob Harper over Beachbody. They are good w/beginners and modifications
I like anything by Beachbody, Denise Austin, and Bob Harper :) Those trainers know what they're doing. :)
I'm in denial that Bob Harper from the Biggest Loser is *** -_-
Bob Harper would have made them do C2Gs
Bob Harper gets plenty of criticism. Very occasionally, it is even deserved.
On his blog? Any specific pieces? (And how is *Bob Harper*'s writing not considered getting criticism? confused)
Most of Bob Harper’s remarks are dead-on. Some of his claims seem slightly too strong though.
Thought 1: I need Bob Harper to cut off that mustache. . Thought 2: Why is Bones chasing his little tail w/ all...
Bob Harper yoga workout just kicked my butt today!
Bob Harper from the make a mustashe look cool
Tonight is my first workout in over a week! Deck of death? Bob Harper DVD? Intervals? What shall it be?
I know I'm kinda shallow but Bob Harper's mustache really needs to go...
Watching big loser and bob Harper has a mustache that makes him look like Ned Flanders
I love you, Bob Harper, but you look like an ***
Please Bob Harper shave off that mustache! show
That was a whole lot of no reps Bob Harper! Worst thrusters ever!!!
A7: Bob Harper; hands down!! His personality and style would compliment me.
Q5: BOB Harper with no doubt :) respects for jillian and Dolvett as well tho
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Bob Harper shave that mustache please! you are so hott without it.
There are few things I hate more on this earth than Bob Harper's gold tooth!
That workout Bob Harper put the Biggest Loser Contestants through looks like fun.
Bob Harper looks like a creep with his ugly moustache.
Has Bob Harper always had that gold tooth?
A7: I think i might like Bob Harper cussin me out!
This was probably one of the funnest Workouts Ive ever done in my life! Bob Harper makes working out fun!
Bob Harper! Love his well rounded knowledge of basic training and crossfit methods.
A7: I'd love to work out with Bob Harper!
I love how Bob Harper is shocked that the Biggest Loser contestants gain weight when the show travels. Ya think??? As someone that traveled close to 200 days last year, I'm here to tell you it's hard to lose or maintain weight while traveling. Not everyone gets to stay on a ranch and workout all day and eat prepared meals. Love the show, just wish it was a little more realistic.
Will anyone from the Harper government produce a memoir like Bob Gates', or indeed any memoir?
We are having BOB HARPER from the Biggest Loser on the for our 100th episode!! We record tomorrow...
When working out to a Bob Harper exercise DVD, no song can make me drop it like its hot.
Find it difficult to snack smart when is on TV? Bob Harper & swap away!
What is your favorite quote?. "believe in yourself, trust the process, change forever" ~Bob Harper . This has...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Can we talk about Bob Harper's mustache.
Drink 16 oz of water before each meal. It helps speed up your metabolism, helps keep you feeling fuller longer, it helps you shed that water weight because your body is getting so much water in it never needs to hold on to any water so your body is like, ok I'm getting water so lets release it, release it, release it. ~ Bob Harper Plexus Slim- Drink yourself slim!
Just finished a 45 minute Bob Harper workout and my body is exhausted. Fortunately I can still hold a brush so I'll ink the rest of the night.
Whoot! Whoot! Day 2 of my 90 Day Challenge! I just did an hour of The Biggest Loser workout! Bob Harper kicked my...
Hi Bob. Gutting of science in Canada by Mr. Harper.
Jan. 13 -- Stay focused on the goal. This isn't a sprint, but a lifelong marathon. Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper, in an episode many seasons ago, talked to contestants about the way he eats. As he put it, "This is how I eat all the time." Food is fuel, food isn't comfort. Grab a blanket (or special someone) if you're looking for comfort. All this behavior got me was tipping the scale at 303 pounds. Is it for everyone? No, of course not, but salads, light soups, limited meats and grilling are all ways I've changed my eating habits. Another is adding exercise. I have a sedentary job and if I was "too tired" at home to exercise, when was I going to do it? I make the time. TIP: Don't use cream and sugar in your coffee. I use lowfat Almond Milk. Chocolate, unsweetened, is 45 calories per cup, so only about 6-8 calories for an ounce in your coffee.
Bob Dylan sings Helpless with Neil Young "There is a town in north Ontario…" Harper is now helpless
God i cant believe it. Me and bob harper go way back to like when i was 6 i was already in love with him.
Oh well i will always love bob harper😂❤️
Yesterday Kevin Ogar suffered a separated T11/12 and has severed his spinal cord. At this time he has no voluntary movement below his waist. Kevin is uninsured and needs our help, friends. Forge Fitness USA will be donating a portion of all sales from the event to Kevin's Barbells for Boobs recovery page. Please visit share this post to get the word out. The 2014 OCT, Sorinex Exercise Equipment, Kill Cliff - Sports Recovery Drink,, Progenex, Bob Harper, Next Level Invitational Series, Legendary Competitor, Raw Fitness Combine, ATP Extreme, FUNning
I asked for it for Christmas and mom got me $15 Bob Harper workout instead 😒 she's so cheap!
Oh... I have a new goal. I'm reading The Skinny Rules by Bob Harper. He talks about coffee, and how it's OK so long as you aren't drinking calories by adding sugar or chemical artificial sweeteners. I admit I am a Splenda junkie, though I've been reading some posts that suggest we rid this from our diets. So, I'm weaning myself off of Splenda and working toward going sweetener-free. Once I can drink coffee with just skim milk, no sweetener, I'll move toward drinking it black. I'm not sure if I'm doing it for health reasons or just to see if I can, but if I can I will only be making an improvement in my health, right? **Tricia**
"Laughter gives us distance. It allows us to step back from an event, deal with it and then move on." - Bob Newhart
Bob Harper Photography is having an Active Duty Military Special this month! There is a complimentary studio...
Bob Harper Photography provides wedding photography in Hampton Roads. Bob is a certified national photographer that delivers images that lasts...
I would do anything to have Bob Harper as my personal trainer. He's such a beast.
Unless you're Bob Harper or Adam Levine I'm not texting you first ☝️
aka Bob Harper of NBC's Biggest Loser is the coolest bc he came out on national TV wearing "Hotdogs/Cupcakes" on his T-shirt.
Bob Harper serves up the WOD from his feature in Men's Fitness - March 2012. Check it out and post your time below in the comments!
Here are rules 1 to 20 of The Skinny Rules by Bob Harper 1. Drink a large glass of water before every meal. No excuses. 2. Don’t drink your calories
Bob Harper Pure Burn Super Strength Bob will push you and your muscles farther than you ever thought possible...No muscle goes untrained. A "Get Cut Revolution "for the upper body, lower body and core. 35 power surging moves, set to a dynamic pace, delivering an intensified burn that works to aggressively increase metabolism, attack fat, and exhaust calories so you lose weight and gain pure muscle. Get the results you have been looking for. Do You Want To Change Your Body? List Price: £7.55 Price: £7.55
Bob Harper and I had a discussion . See you all at Atlas at 8:30 a.m.
Bob, Chad, Bob: does anything rattle the relaxed country sort of Bob Harper? Even if his Biggest Loser contestants usually are stumbling and whining, Baby trend just beams. Go company (he's big on teamwork, in the event you somehow missed the 1 million roughly iterations of this unique Bob mantra)!
GICF athlete Laura Molumby has qualified for the Today shows Get Fit Challenge. This is the catalyst she needed to take her health to the next level, especially with the 2014 CrossFit Open coming up. Looking forward to being her Bob Harper, you're going to hate me...
Why is Bob Harper wearing a shirt that says hotdogs and cupcakes on it?:O
Looking for a way to Starr's off healthier? Get trained by Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels. All DVDs $5 each or make me an offer for the whole bunch. Half of them have not even been opened. Located in East Taunton. CASH ONLY. Can meet.
If you're like many Americans, you made a resolution to lose weight and get in shape in 2014. Bob Harper shares 10 mistakes you don't want to make as you embark on a more healthful lifestyle in 2014.
Accomplished my first Dead Lifts this morning. Thanks Bob Harper and Holley for the motivation.
LETS EXERCISE ( DAY 5󾌸󾌰) Today let's focus on our core. There are many exercises available to work our core. To make it easier, if you belong to a gym, go for the Pilates, yoga or body balance classes. Or invest in a Pilates and Yoga DVD. My personal favorites are the DVDs by Kathy Smith , Bob Harper and Jeanette Jenkins. I also enjoy the 10 min solution yoga and Pilates by instructor Lara Hudson ( do all 5 to make it a 50 min solution󾰀) It's also good to invest in a Personal Trainer to make sure all the exercises are done correctly and he or she will make sure your posture and form is right. With their help you can start at an appropriate level that can help prevent injuries. 󾌰󾌰good luck󾌰󾌰
I feel like I spent an hour with Bob Harper, I'm not going to be able to walk tomorrow.
Apple, Banana and Blueberry Yogart. Bob Harper would be proud.
4th day of school closed. There is many times I can do the Bob Harper dvds
Bob Harper is evil lol. but I gotta say i love the feeling that says "yup i just worked out and I'm going to feel that later."
Feeling the burn today! Bob Harper (cardio) will be kicking my butt for the next 4 weeks! Bring it!
Bob Harper needs to lose the 'stache!
STOP THE TRUCK!!! REWIND!!! Bob Harper is *** I just feel like I should have already know this.but I did not. Has he always been public? I do not have any issue with this at all.but this mustache that he has on right now has GOT TO GO!
Cissy Boutin here is a quote that I thought of u when I heard it on TV tongiht."Being *** doesnt make u weak" Bob Harper (You can start crying again LOL)
I can no longer walk thanks to Bob Harper... my legs are jelo. Feels good to work out though!!!
Bob Harper needs to shave his mustache.
Bob Harper's stache is freaking me out!
Bob Harper your mustache is freaking me out!!! Go back to good old no mustache Biggest Loser bob!
Bob Harper is wearing a shirt that says Mahalo Burpees. LOL!!!
In order to help contestant Bobby Saleem who was struggling with his sexuality, trainer Bob Harper came out as *** on the Nov. 26 episode of The Biggest Loser
I think Bob Harper is such a great personal trainer
Not much for tats, but they're working for Bob Harper, as is the slightly beefier frame
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I know Bob Harper's name because he's been with the show a gazillion years. This hot black man is new
OMG Bob Harper just broke my heart, He's *** !!?? OMG
Omg I'm watching the Biggest Loser and just found out Bob Harper is *** I so did not know that. He's so hott
Is the scruff and tattoos on Bob Harper working for anyone else? Because it's working for me
"Being *** doesn't mean you are less than anybody else." -Bob Harper
Being *** doesn't make you any less than anybody else. . - Bob Harper
Bob Harper, please shave your mustache off!!
"No carbs after lunch" Bob Harper screams as I toast 2 pieces of Ezekiel bread and eat an apple
Taking a look back at our first interview with Still makes us giddy!
Many of my favorites made the Top 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness. Shaun T, Bob Harper, Jamie...
going to be bonding with Bob Harper shortly. I'm looking forward to it
Bob Wiseman: "I thought about Can.scientists...writing to Prime Minister Stephen Harper about the legacy of shame..."
Bob Harper is *** But…but we were supposed to get married =,(
Reality check for your fitness resolution from Bob Harper.
Bob harper female version "Maria is getting to do some workout in Melbourne
Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper recommend it to all of their Biggest Loser contestants. Good stuff!
My picks for the Canadian Olympic team: Gretzky, LeBron, Harper, Tim Horton, Jim Carrey, and both Bob and Doug MacKenzie.
I recognize climate protester on stage @ Harper event. Same guy who kicked me out of BC No One Is Illegal event i…
I've been gifted this Bob Harper workout DVD, I want to give it back. Bob is on some other stuff!
Oh my goodness 5 minutes of Bob Harper and I'm pooped! :)
This is a great fitness tip for the New Year! Set a time after which you won’t eat anymore and keep yourself distracted with movies, reading, scheduling your activities for tomorrow or spending quiet evenings with your family. According to Bob Harper of the 'Biggest Loser', "If you skip that midnight snack, your body will burn fat like crazy. And after 5 hrs. without food, your body will start burning your own fat and sugar.
Bob Harper & Jillian Michaels,. inspiring on so many levels!.
Time to see, Bob Harper, so he can work my *** into shape, y'all have a great day, and try to stay warm! My truck reads, ICE , 16 degrees
OMG! Vanessa Threadgill, Jessie Pavelka is only on day break, how on earth am I meant to do anything with this God on my tv. I had to rewind it as I only heard his gorgeous drool then had to look at that gorgeous bod, am currently having a hot flush, breath and sit down. I am going to put on 10 stone just so I can meet him, and hopefully Bob Harper too and I can then have a Bob and Jessie sandwich !
PETITION the RCMP to charge Stephen Harper with treason. See why. via …
Did Bob Harper's kettlebell workout for the first time tonight . well not really the whole DVD, but I tried!
bob harper has a diet where women are recommended to eat 800 calories a day to lose 20 lbs in 3 weeks and I HATE EVERYTHING
Someone please tell me Bob Harper is not *** He's too hot to be ***
Inspired by my friend Jimmy Famolare I embarked on a challenge to myself to work out/exercise/play tennis every day for the month of January. In addition to my already in place no sugar/no booze for January. Today is day I really wanted a cookie earlier but also resisted an open bag of jolly ranchers left sitting at the monitoring station by my coworker Contessa M. Burton. I also just spent 2 and a half hours fighting with myself to go the the gym. I almost gave in and stayed home but then I heard Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper screaming in my ear. So now I am about to do 30 mins of cardio while I think about the yummy lentils I am going to make when I get home courtesy of a recipe from Walter McKenzie. I say all of this not to brag but instead to say this shis hard and also to enlist my friends to keep me accountable.
Dear Bob Harper... Thank u for kicking my butt!
I can't even do a 15 min Bob Harper Ab Yoga workout.
1 mile on the treadmill and a 30 minute circuit. Have to be able to do 3.1 in less than an hour by the 25th... Gotta start somewhere. I need Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper yelling in my ears!
The wind is starting to pick up outside, and I bet it is colder out than the 37 degrees I came home from school with an hour ago. No running tonight, it was a date with a X-Training DVD. Just me, Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince. I probably could do a lot worse...
Busy day at work? Start the New Year relaxed with a Yoga session from Master Trainer Bob Harper!
This Christmas morning, Bob Harper gets to have his life back. As presents under the tree go, that's a pretty big gift, but this one's especially sweet: His kidney transplant last Wednesday was made possible by old friends, whose own son died of kidney failure in 2009.
My Week of Workouts on the blog! Workouts are from Blogilates, Krissy Mae Cagney, Muscle Pharm, and Bob Harper !
Help a Small Business out! If you love the Biggest Loser, Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels and love to see...
Robin Roberts and Bob Harper are *** Like, who didn't know? And why is this still headline news!?!?
Losing weight: a lifestyle change with ups and downs--it's how you handle the downs: Bob Harper, The Biggest Loser.
"Yoga is the fountain of youth. You're only as young as your spine is flexible." -Bob Harper.
Got in a workout thanks to Bob Harper and Neil. Going to boil down a ham bone for some stock. Today was the first day I found this no high fructose corn syrup drinks thing hard. I'm sure it will get easier.
While you were away...a remarkable Post-Gazette story on how Bob Harper received a kidney transplant.
Happy Monday! It seems like many people are starting their "resolutions" today as we start the first full week of 2014. I'm still sore from Friday's workout but that isn't going to stop me from getting moving today! What are YOU doing to get moving? I plan on working out with Dolvett Quince and Bob Harper again today with The Biggest Loser 8 Minute Body Blasters DVD!
Reality check for your fitness resolution from a reality show trainer
HMMM normally I would say I'm up & getting ready for my 10:00am Cross Fit class but ummm it's too cold to move..I think I will pop in my Trusty Bob Harper Cardio & Strength DVD to keep Moving! I hate cold weather but no complaints here there are other places where it gets colder than this. But I'm still not getting out to do Cross Fit. Lol
Bob Harper Jeff Seidel: Spartans need to slow OSU's Carlos Hyde to hav. Watch Hot Girls at
Bob Harper, Victor Garber, Tuc Watkins, Robin Roberts, Raven-Symoné, Tom Daley, Brian Boitano & Jodie Foster shocked exactly no one! Everyone comes out in their own time, and every high profile personality who comes forward & gives a face to the LGBT community is an asset. But 2013 really felt like the year of "tell me something I don't know"
No excuses ~ got my workout in today thanks to my honey who bought me the kettle bell and DVDs last July. 54 minute workout with Bob Harper. Tomorrow will do Chalenes Turbo Fire since the rec will be closed.
Did 30 minutes with Mr Bob Harper, Biggest Loser sculpt. Thanks to my new knee brace, I did the squats with little trouble!
Ok started the Biggest Loser DVD today. I think Bob Harper is trying to kill me lol
The crossfit girls in front of me in the bathroom line were complaining about being bored and there's not enough crossfit reference.well duh princess!! It's Dan Green! not a Bob Harper Seminar
Reality check for your fitness resolution from fitness trainer Bob Harper of "The Biggest Loser":
Video on Today: The U.S. Tennis Association is fighting back against childhood obesity, which affects one in three children, encouraging kids to get active. Actress Christine Taylor and celebrity trainer Bob Harper speak about the campaign.
Do NOT try to fit a circle into a square peg. Start your transformation to a healthy lifestyle by changing your perspective. - Bob Harper
20 minuteswith Bob Harper . i am so done
They are are great godkids of Bob Harper.
Bob Harper, CMU professor and grateful kidney recipient & his donor Tony Balko recently shared their powerful story of giving and receiving this past holiday season.
Bob Harper Options for this story Surprise.Surprise. Government papers from 30 years back released today prove conclusively that Thatcher lied through her teeth on miners' proposed job losses and pit closures. If the truth had come out then (1984) she'd have been thrown out of office and hopefully jailed.
Just spent the morning with bob Harper!! Actually can't Walk!!
101 Yoga Quotes " Through the practices of yoga, we discover that concern for the happiness and well being of others, including animals, must be an essential part of our own quest for happiness and well being. The fork can be a powerful weapon of mass destruction or a tool to create peace on Earth. " Sharon Gannon " You cannot do yoga. Yoga is your natural state. What you can do are yoga exercises, which may reveal to you where you are resisting your natural state. " Sharon Gannon " A photographer gets people to pose for him. A yoga instructor gets people to pose for themselves. " T. Guillemets " In theory, practice and theory are the same. In practice they are not. " Yogi Berra " Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built. " Rumi " When the breath wanders the mind also is unsteady. But when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still, and the yogi achieves long life. Therefore, one should learn to control the breath. " Hatha Yog ...
Hey guys! Happy New Year!!! Any resolutions?? Could one of them have to do with getting back into the gym or eating healthier?? If so, check out some tips! 1. If you are not used to working out, start slowly. If you go from doing nothing to marathon training, you will wipe yourself out and you probably won't stick with exercise. Also, make sure you choose exercises that you enjoy. If you like dancing, feel free to do Zumba! It will definitely burn some fat and calories and you can have fun, too! I personally love spin class because I enjoy the music aspect. Whatever you do, do not do something that is either a dreadful experience or is super boring. You will quit within a month! 2. Change your eating habits slowly as well. Try limiting a certain food instead of eliminating it. Eliminating it will make you not only sad, but you will most likely crave it. This could cause you to binge on that product which you certainly do not want to do. 3. Workout videos are awesome! If you really don't want to leave your ...
This is no deprivation diet: You'll eat three meals and two snacks daily, plus each dish packs a filling balance of 45 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent protein, and 25 percent healthy fats. When it comes to drinks, Forberg recommends sticking to no- and low-cal picks like coffee, tea, and water. And to accelerate weight loss, The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper suggests doing 60 to 90 minutes of moderate exercise four times a week. So get motivated, get started, and get ready to watch your weight drop! Breakfast 1/2 cup egg whites scrambled with 1 teaspoonolive oil, 1 teaspoon chopped basil, 1 teaspoon grated Parmesan, and 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes 1 slice whole-grain toast 1/2 cup blueberries 1 cup skim milk
My is to be a Bob Harper body and hair double.
1 mile with Bob Harper gets my heart rate way up! Getting a jump on my New Year's resolution. Get up and get moving!!
Of to work, we should get ket away early and then I'll nip out for my run once home. 3miles on my agenda :-) i'm a little sore from last nights work out, the good kind you get. my body needs to get used to running after a kettlebell workout otherwise I'll either never run the day after or not do kettlebells. Plus the great thing is your body gets used to the movements you do and eventually the soreness subsides. Im away to order a 2nd kettlebell workout dvd as I plan to do them twice a week and want variety. Bob harper has two out so I'll get the other one that I don't have. Tomorrow is a day of and I plan to do some kettlebells before heading to the cinema and enjoying my day of :-) not forgetting Day one of the challenge to :-)
Thank you Bob Harper for getting my butt moving over these sickly holidays! Finally starting to feel normal & have some energy!
If the nutritional information on a loaf if bread does not lead with the words "whole-grain wheat flour" or "sprouted whole wheat," pass it by.--Bob Harper
Fri - Bob Harper video Sat - elliptical and weights tomorrow I need to get my butt in gear and make up for holiday laziness and grubbing!
Thought that I would post a couple of exercise program suggestions here today (I should really throw this into a blog post). I hope you are including some sort of exercise with our upcoming Detox program, as getting off your hiney and moving is essential to seeing any sort of results in your waistline and booty! A good workout program should consist of: **3 - 4 days a week of cardio where your heart rate is in the 135 - 155 beats per minute target range for 30 to 45 minutes each workout. (Get yourself a cheap heart rate monitor that you can wear while working out to monitor this) **2 - 3 days of weights that alternate muscle groups (shoulders and arms together, back and chest together, and legs and back together). You should always skip a day in between lifting weights...throw in some cardio, kickboxing, yoga, pilates, tae bo, tai chi, or kenpo on the alternate days ** Abs! Every other day.never on consecutive days so you can give these muscles a day to recover...10 to 20 minutes is a good workout ** 1 da ...
Want to win a NutriBullet? How about some workout DVDs from The Biggest Loser's Bob Harper? Join us for our 90-Day Biggest Loser Challenge!
thank you Bob Harper for absolutely kicking my *** this morning!
11 years ago today we lost a very important family member... There will never be another one like her. Maxine Davis was very loved by many and is missed by so many. She was a Mother the 2 (Patti & Eddie) , Grandmother of 5 (Chevy McClain, Mallory McClain, Peyton McClain, Caleb McClain, & Mandi Adams), an Aunt (to many of us to list), and a GREAT SISTER to (Owen Harper, Bob Harper, and Wilma Peacock)... We know she is with us everyday...
Brian Boitano announcing he is *** was about as much news as Bob Harper, which is to say, if you didn't already know, you must be headless. But congrats Brian for publicly articulating your truth so the rest of us could all, "Well DURRR!" :-P
First Selena Gomez was here, then Rachel Ray, now Bob Harper...
"Is it not about white,blue or red, it's all about just you"-Bob Harper Now that's a trainer who cares!
Bob Harper. Burt Reynolds called, he wants his mustache back. Be the Biggest Loser and lose that 'stache! 󾆝
Bob Harper is *** ! Didn't know that until now. Woah. After 10 years of watching this show is had no clue.
Biggest Loser' star Bob Harper comes out as *** on the show...
Am I the only one that didn't know that Bob Harper from Biggest Loser is ***
When it's this muggy and near the water, one has to play Jack Johnson, Ben Harper and Bob. Yeh definitely play Bob by default.
“Yes 😍 totally for Bob Harper. Except it not just a little crush ☺
Bob Harper has the most beautiful tattooed sleeves...I want them!!
The stars are aligning. I'm going to bring Bob Harper back from Oklahoma and marry him here in Chicago next week.
I will have to take a listen to it on YouTube
Who cares about Tom Daley? I'm more excited about Bob Harper's recent coming out.
The trash 'stach, fine. But that gold tooth... No Bob Harper, just, no.
Ruben will be back after they announce Bob Harper gave the blue team crack laced energy drinks
Is it just me or is Bob Harper sporting a gold tooth?
Bob Harper looks amazing at tonight's weigh in, omfg.
Bob Harper has a moustache and it's disgusting
Had a great lunch today with former work buddies Joe White, Bob Harper, and Les Bopp! Great we can all keep in touch.
Bob Harper from the Biggest Loser is so hot like ***
I thought it was common knowledge that Bob Harper is *** Whatever the case, I commend him on his courage to say it on TBL last night!
Bob Harper cracks me up on what Jillian's like!
Why does Bob Harper on the Biggest Loser have a gold tooth?
Loved our Bob Harper workout with the Blue Team that week. Never felt stronger!
Idc what anyone says bob Harper is a hottie 😍
If you want to have eyes on you on FB, just say the word Nazi. My posts about Harper & the right wing group &...
words, words, words, just stop talking and do it -Bob Harper
No, No. No. No. Rest with the angels. You. Sweet boy.
Both Bob Harper AND Tom Daley came out of the closet, and Paul Wesley died. THIS IS A DISAPPOINTING WEEK!!! 😭😩
Starting Bob Harper's Skinny Rules. I need and want to lose 35 lbs by my 50th bday in March. I'm willing and ready... Let's bring it on!
I was a fan of the 1st 2 seasons of the Biggest Loser. It still is very inspiring and moving.
Bob Harper Kettlebell DvdsBob Harper Kettlebell Dvds Bob Harper Kettlebell Dvds.The best 20 kettlebell exercises. No need to sweat out too much. Build strength around your legs, back, arms, boost stamina, and burn toxic fat. Visit
Thanks to Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper for the work they do with The Biggest Loser! I should have started watching the show a while ago...but the DVD's are AMAZING! My hubby and I are LOVING the workouts and the quality time we have together doing them!
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Ok last week Bob Harper came out to the world about his sexuality on BL. He opened up to a *** man who hadn't come out to his parents for fear of being rejected. LOVE Bob for doing that and helping someone! He made the statement about his sexuality was never mentioned on the show because there really was no need. And he was right. But what he did for this contestant was fabulous. I LOVE where the world is going with equality. Chaz Bono on DWTS, transgenders Ari on Project Runway and Isis on Top Model - these people are considered brave when really they're just normal people living in a world of mega-harsh judgement. Way to go, Bob, Chaz, Ari, Isis, and everybody else out there who walks with their head held high and is proud of it.
Bob Harper from Biggest Loser came out as *** last week. Not a single person watching was surprised.
After Tom Daley and Bob Harper, I need an ugly, out-of-shape celebrity to come out so I won't feel so bad about myself.
Somebody bring help, I think I am starting to talk like Bob Harper
Unconfirmed: Fister and the newly signed Don Kelly for Harper, Strasburg and Zimmerman
Catching up on the Biggest Loser and I totally cried when Bob Harper came out on TV to help a contestant feel comfortable with telling his parents. I have always loved Bob and I love him even more now.
Met with Bob McLeod, Premier of the Northwest Territories, today to discuss domestic matters.
Harper govt serial liars , your freedon on the line more than ever:.
and Bob Harper came out on Biggest Loser to support a contestant. :)
Get off the couch! Listen to this post-Thanksgiving playlist from to burn off last week's calories: http…
Bob Harper and Maria Bello came out! I knew it. After 24 years, I think maybe my gaydar is finally kicking in!
Tom Daley is *** Next your going to tell me that Bob Harper and Anderson Cooper are ***
Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper reveals he s ***
'Biggest Loser': Bob Harper reveals he's *** - Harper said he knew it was time to talk...
"There are going to be so many obstacles, but being *** doesn't mean being weak. Being *** doesn't mean that you are less than anybody else. It's just who you are.." -Bob Harper- THE Biggest Loser
Why are they calling Bob Harper discussing his sexuality on The Biggest Loser a "coming out of the closet?" Did the people booking him to judge beauty pageants...not know this already?
"I haven't talked about my sexuality on this show ever," says The Biggest Loser coach Bob Harper. "But I really do believe this is the right time."
Bob Harper had his own revelatory moment on Tuesday’s “The Biggest Loser.” On the Nov. 26 episode of the NBC reality weight loss competition show, the 48-year-old personal trainer came...
It's a very happy Thanksgiving for "The Biggest Loser" trainer Bob Harper and contestant Bobby Saleem. Both men opened up about their sexuality in last night's moving episode.
LOS ANGELES -- Personal trainer Bob Harper of NBC's "The Biggest Loser" opened up about his personal life and came out as *** publicly for the first time on Tuesday night’s episode of the weight loss reality show.
US: Personal trainer Bob Harper comes out during his show The Biggest Loser
So I am finally watching this week's Biggest Loser episode. Bob Harper is *** !?!?! Wow did not see that coming!
Im in love that Bob Harper is officially *** - like i love the Biggest Loser - very inspiring Tv show!!! and He melts the knickers and makes my fanny quiver so much!!
Interesting night on TV last night. I learned from Biggest Loser that Bob Harper is *** and from Dancing with The Stars, I learned "What did the fox say?!"
Bob Harper, the longtime trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, came out publicly as *** on last night’s episode of The Biggest Loser, in order [...]
To help a contestant struggling with his own sexuality, Bob Harper made the decision to come out publicly as a *** man on "The Biggest Loser." Bobby had admitted on the show that he was *** but he'd yet to be able to come out to his father.
The Biggest Loser's Bob Harper has used an episode of the US weight loss show to publically announce that he is ***
Bob Harper announced that he is *** during an episode of The Biggest Loser. The personal trainer said he made the revelation to help a contestant deal with his own sexuality. The contestant, named Bobby, attributed his weight problems to the stress of hiding his homosexuality. Bobby openly...
Andre Kelley is checking out BOB HARPER on Spot-A-Guy. Last night on NBC's Biggest Loser, Bob Harper (one of the trainers on the show) came out for one the very best reasons to do so; to help someone else. Props to him and contestant Bobby Saleem on both of their journeys!
Catching up on last nights episode of The Biggest Loser. (Spoiler Alert!) Is it weird that Bob Harper is even sexier now since officially coming out on national television? I just love him. (Not a fan of your weird old west mustache, though).
LGBT-GBLT - NO H8 Campaign Thank you to The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper, who publicly came out as *** during last night's episode to inspire a contestant struggling with coming out to his own father. Alsor Shared By Lesbiennes *** FLAG Canada Helene Bedard Founder-Fondatrice. Thank you Bob Harper Merci
Bob Harper has encouraged a contestant on The Biggest Loser to do more than shed weight. During T...
Biggest Loser” trainer Bob Harper comes out as *** no one surprised. This means both trainers in the US version are *** with Gillian Michaels also being super *** “The Voice” Australia is swapping out Delta Goodrem for Kylie Minogue in its 2014 season. Goodrem will be sitting in on “The Voice Kids”. Seal too is off the show, being replaced by Will-i-am. “The Day of the Doctor” breaks Guinness world record. The episode took the record for being the largest ever simulcast of a TV drama. BBC America renews “Atlantis” for second season. John Corbett reprising role on “Parenthood” (he’s the deadbeat dad in case you’ve forgotten). Happy viewing folks!
WHAT?! I had no idea Bob Harper was *** Just like with Wentworth Miller, I didn't see any signs that he was. I'm completely blown away. Well, i'm so happy for him. I think he's a great role model for our generation.
Just putting this out there. I would snuggle Bob Harper's beard all the way to the wedding chapel.
My turn! Christine Marie Steigerwalt gave me the number 10. I am lazy and if you want to do this then do 7 things about you. Lol 1.) I love to take pictures and I enjoy printing pictures out and making photo albums. 2.) I love looking at sites like Pinterest and Wanelo but I never make or purchase what I like. 3.) I have had psoriasis since fifth grade. 4.) My music taste is all over the place. 5.) I have huge anxiety when flying. 6.) I love listening to podcasts while driving to school. Preston and Steve and Doug Loves Movies are my favorite. 7.) I am always chewing gum to keep my mouth busy. 8.) I love quirky things and places like mustaches, Barcade, and Abe Vigoda. 9.) Since I have lost weight I am always cold. No matter how much I layer I will never be warm. 10.) My two big dreams in this world is to be on a Broadway stage..(just walking on it is fine) or going to the Biggest Loser ranch and get my *** kicked by Bob Harper.
OK, so my number is 13 -- my favorite number! That being said, here are 13 things you might not know about me (if you like or comment on my post, I will assign a number to you ... then, you can play along :) ): 1) I am a published poet (yes, even before the books come out I had 2 poems published about 10 years ago) 2) I am seriously addicted to both magazine subscriptions and infomercials (especially any ones for workout paraphernalia or videos ... I have a pretty extreme library going (e.g., Tapout XT, Tapout XT2, P90X, Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, Slim 60, Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper, JNL Fusion, etc.) 3) My closet is color coordinated 4) I gave a guy in college a black eye once (trust me, he deserved it) 5) My favorite days are Friday the 13ths with full moons - I believe in turning superstitions around and find them to be extremely lucky days for me 6) I am deathly afraid of snakes 7) My great grandmother was the very first woman to own a MLB baseball team - she owned the St. Louis Cardinals for 6 years. T ...
Okay, let's do this # is 12... 1. When I was a teenager, the mud hole in Providence, was the place to be!! Ain't that right, Kerri Dale Leath Melissa Conrad Denae McNeily? 2. I got braces when I was 23. 3. As a child, playing house, my husband was Kirk Cameron or John Stamos. 4. I am runner...not because I love it, only because I LOVE food! 5. My first car was a 1990 red Ford Probe(I almost killed myself in it). 6. I visit my parents on most Sundays & we play 500 Rummy...I normally win, Teresa Duncan! Lol 7. I cried like a baby for two days when I found out I was having another girl(Ella)...I wanted a boy sooo bad. 8. I get my feelings so EASY. 9. I love w/my whole heart. 10. I like the smell of beer breath & gasoline. 11. My favorite shows are The Voice & The Biggest Loser...Adam Levine & Bob Harper, ah!!! 12. My husband is the smartest person I know, seriously! Glad he doesn't have fb to read this! Lol! He & our girls mean more to me than anything in this world!
Jay Leno here comes on with a sign Free Tatoos Bob ! Bob Harper is covered with tatoos ... Shemar has a tatoo who else has tatoos I notice Dylan McDermott his cover photo has tatoo, Dwayne Johnson ... I do not have any tatoos ...
Thankful Day 7- TV Hottie personalities! Carson Daly, Matt Lauer and Bob Harper -just to name a few! They make watching their shows that much more enjoyable! :)
Looking forward to tonight's event. Healthy movie and snacks at Mi5 Fitness & CrossFit Lakeville. I am even more motivated and dedicated to proved healthy sound nutrition guidance after watching Bethenny Frankel and Bob Harper discuss their "diet debate".WOW. Did anyone else see that yesterday? Kale Chips, healthy toasted nut trail mix, and pumpkin spice smoothies to enjoy during tonight's showing!
Made myself wheat pasta, did a Bob Harper work out DVD and now I'm settled in my pajamas with a candle burning cuddling with...oh wait
sorry girl.. I love you but Bob Harper is right & you are not the norm with your will power! I envy it!
I don't know what Bob Harper is doing with this gold tooth and mustache combo but it is not cute.
Bob Harper is looking creepy with that mustache thing on his face.
Eating my slice (just the slice) of pecan pie while and bob Harper debate about dieting
The chemistry between you and Bob Harper is undeniable. Check him out!
The Biggest Loser trainer, Bob Harper, gives tips on how to diet right today on at 3:00 on
Twitching while I watch listening to Bob Harper preach total diet myths...unfortunate 😞
Bethenny and bob Harper diet debating
I liked a video Bob Harper: 'Don't Ever Drink Juice... at All!
COMING UP @ 2PM... . Bethenny is good friends with Bob Harper ("The Biggest Loser"), but when it comes to the...
Bob Harper has a sexy "David Beckham" look, but is sexier than David Beckham to me.
Loved watching Bob Harper on today. I agreed with everything he said. Eat breakfast, no…
I love Bob Harper. He'd be my best friend if we knew each other.
Please! Let guests talk! Wanted more info from Bob Harper.You talked over him!! Not everyone is you! Wasted interview.
..trainer Bob Harper says we have to eat a big breakfast..what does he know right?!
Ugh. Bethenny Frankel is arguing with Bob Harper on proper nutrition. She says it's ok to have a glass of juice in the morning, an Oreo at night, to indulge when you want. And the argument about breakfast? Bob says it's the most important meal and you should eat something within an hour of waking up. She says "what if you're not a breakfast person?" She's missing the point. You HAVE TO eat something. And it's not about depriving yourself of something sweet. It's about not drinking a gallon of juice, a pack of Oreos etc. Is she a nutritionist?? I know she wrote a book on recipes for being thin, but she's got the worst advice on nutrition. I don't care if she's "lost 35lbs". Not everyone can have that control of one cookie.
starts at 9am. "The Biggest Loser" trainer Bob Harper debates pop diets with Bethenny.
Bob Harper has a red mustache and I still love him! I love The Biggest Loser!!!
Watchin the Biggest Loser, Bob Harper is a softie and Julian Michaels kicks a**, jeez I love these trainers in america.
Bob Harper looks like the Supersize Me *** with that mustache :(
"The best way to achieve your dreams: sleep more. A good night's sleep lowers stress and increases your energy." - Bob Harper
Bob Harper is the best coach in the world, hands down!!!
Two things I'm unsure of today: guys wearing capris at the gym and Bob Harper's mustache
Bob Harper with only a mustache looks like Tom Selleck in the 80's.
"The best way to acheive your dreams? Sleep more." Universal Video, The More You Know
Is it just me or is Bob Harper even hotter this season? 😍
Bob Harper, I don't like your facial hair.
Bob Harper! I wanna get on that stache you have goin there
Bob Harper of "Believe in yourself, Trust the Process, Change Forever." Tonight, 8pm on NBC. Don't miss it!
Bob Harper is basically the reason I watch the Biggest Loser
These 3 tips will surely help you lose weight!
I love Bob Harper but I absolutely hate hate hate the name "The Skinny Rules."
Bob Harper broke me today. After his workout I am exhausted.
thanks! I do 20 min kettlebell (kettleworx or kettlecise or Bob Harper) 3x/week, run, spin & P90X2 on and off since June :-)
Writing about the 9:30 Club this afternoon, but after a visit to their website, I am ashamed to admit I am now too old to know 99% of the bands playing there. In the '90s I saw so many amazing bands there, I can't count them all, but here are a few... Yo La Tengo, Jeff Buckley, Garbage, Aimee Mann, Paul Westerberg, the Goo-Goo Dolls, Echo and the Bunnymen, Matthew Sweet, Bob Harper, Sebadoh, and many many more.
I get asked about Diet and Weight loss pretty often. I recommend Bob Harper's 20 Skinny Rules book is a great book for weight loss. Easy and quick read; Simple and sound principles. Works.
Yesterday I ended up doing a double spin. First with Tommy, a strong good class as usual, and then with Bob Harper, the trainer from the Biggest Loser, an insane (in a good way) instructor. Later that night, after the movie Rush, I thought I'd drop from exhaustion. Instead I was totally hyper, and couldn't fall asleep. Until suddenly I did. And only awoke 7 hours later, a record in my sleeping habits. Every now and then, it's good to push the limits, do way more physically than you usually do. Two intense spin classes (in which I push the limits anyway), one after the other to start the day will put the biggest smile on your face and give you energy like nobody's business. Just don't stop until it's bedtime.
I favorited a video from Bob Harper - Workout Tips - Abs
Today I was told I looked like: Adam Levine, Justin Timberlake, , a hipster, and a student. All I need now is the Bob Harper.
This sounds like something my husband would say!! You know him, Bob Harper in Orlando. 😄🐟🎣
Amazon Deal: Bob Harper Cardio Conditioning for only $4.99!!!: Wow, how about Biggest Loser as your own perso...
Okay. Chris Powell vs Bob Harper? Who are you rolling with?! If one could live with you for 6 months who would you choose?! Decisions!
Show this blog entry in the News block In the weight-loss battle, a clean diet wins, say
About half way through Bob Harper's workout and I thought I was actually about to collapse. Sat down and had a drink + I'm alright. On I go
Bob Harper said in one of his videos "10 minute what?!". If you work out for 10 minutes twice a week, expect 10 minute results.
“Believe in yourself. Trust the process. Change forever.” – Bob Harper
I've apparently lost my mind, bc and I are doing Bob Harper's jump start to skinny plan in September.
Because no matter how many times we say it, it probably needs to be said again: You can't exercise away a bad diet.
Really? Are you a hip hop fan?? Is this the moment the world discovers that Bob Harper likes Kanye?? (Even Lou Reed does!)
fan and "Biggest Loser" trainer Bob Harper’s No. 1 fitness tip has nothing to do with the gym…
I love Bob Harper he makes me sweat!
What's the Secret to Weight Loss: Exercise or a Healthy Diet? Popular Trainer Bob Harper Weighs In
Loving that sore feeling the day after a workout!thanx bob harper
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