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Bob Geldof

Robert Frederick Zenon Bob Geldof, KBE, (born 5 October 1951) is an Irish singer, songwriter, author, occasional actor and political activist.

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It appears that Bob Geldof is after publicity again, this time exploiting the crisis in Myanmar (Burma)... I'm no expert, b…
Bob Geldof to return Freedom of Dublin in Aung San Suu Kyi protest
Irish rock singer Bob Geldof says he is returning his Freedom of the City of Dublin honor because it is also held b…
Bob Geldof returns Freedom of Dublin honour in protest over Aung San Suu Kyi
Bob Geldof to Turn in Dublin Honor to Protest Plight of Rohingya
BREAKING - Bob Geldof will return his Freedom of the City of Dublin tomorrow morning. "I am a very proud Dubliner but…
Bob Geldof is sick of Putin, Trump and Aung San Suu Kyi who he has described as 'one of the world's great ethnic cleansers'
Talk of Rugby: Brian O'Driscoll, Bono and Bob Geldof to add celebrity stardust to Ireland's 2023 World Cup bid
We'll never forget 'Sir' Bob Geldof on the Thames swearing and…
Imagine being part of a political movement where your figureheads are Alistair Campbell…
I like it. And maybe a model of Bob Geldof's boat too, complete with him sti…
any comment from Bob Geldof or even Vile fan Stan Collymore?
Does Bob Geldof have any other songs but the dismal Band Aid song?
how on earth did bob geldof get custody of this child? It's a disgrace he got away with it.
Bob Geldof's boat antics secured a lot more votes for Brexit than the bus did.
Probably yesterday. Ironic as it is. Bob geldof is already recording a ''Xmas''. special for it.😬
Bob Geldof used to be the same apparently until he realised he was using an old calendar
Midge Ure "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade". Bob Geldof "Well life only gave me this band, so should i be making bandade!?"
Bob Geldof was potless and on the scrapheap, before the famine in Ethiopia. Now he's worth £150M
Bob Geldof with winning jockey Ana O'Brien and Udogo after The Boomtown Rats Apprentice Handicap at Leopardstown!
When those in power & the people like Gary Lineker, Bob Geldof, Lilly Allen, Owen Jones, Nicola Sturgeon read the K…
From the Telegraph Bob Geldof is being sued after a former Boomtown Rat bandmate claimed
None, or from Lily Allen, Billy Bragg, Bob Geldof, the usual suspects celebrity virtue signallers
Anyone been in touch with Yvette Cooper, Bob Geldof about having room for a refugee? Thought not.
Maybe Bob Geldof could get some popstars to stage a benefit gig for impoverished defam…
Bob Geldof, Emma Thompson, Nicola Sturgeon, Owen Jones, Gary Lineker, Lilly Allen & many more of you ! refugees you support w…
SIR BOB GELDOF/Midge Ure Heads up for December. Many Africans will not know it's Christmas time at all. They don't celebrate it.
I added a video to a playlist Bitter Tears | Bob Geldof Interview | Classic Video
St Bob Geldof wants to give you a cuddle poor luv?😂
The One Love Manchester concert was OK. But Ariana Grande not have sang the most. She should have spoken to Sir Bob Geld…
Ethiopia - The town of Hagere Selam (A-CET and Bob Geldof's visit to elementary School) | |
TONIGHT: urges the government to hurry up with Brexit, saying he would have voted for it - “but don’t te…
This song by Bob Geldof and Pete Briquette evoking the spirituality of space exploration is apt here:
Guess she's not talking about Bob Geldof then??
Yvette cooper, jk Rowling, Bob Geldof Tim Farron & other virtue signallers. Bet you're glad you did not take in refugees in mansions now !
Headlining with Sir Bob Geldof for the conference . 🤣🤣🤣
1986 Bob Geldof married TV presenter Paula Yates in Las Vegas with Simon Le Bon as best man.
Liam Gallacher joins John Cleese, Frightened Rabbit, Rob Brydon and Bob Geldof at a mass sleep-out in Edinburgh 😴
Lilly Allen, Lineker, JKRowling, Bob Geldof, Patrick Stewart all make *** of themselves then claim bein…
Bob Geldof on vocals, Tony Visconti (Bowie & T Rex producer on bass) and... Stewart Copeland of THE POLICE on drums…
At Tony Visconti A Life in Music which will feature Bob Geldof, Imelda May , Stewart Copeland among the performers.
Play with Stewart Copeland, Bob Geldof and a host of young artists for
Bob Geldof will be singing Rebel Rebel with Stewart Copeland and Nitin Sawhney. Broadcast on Sky Arts in September. che…
Eli Roth with Marilyn Manson (Church of Satan) & Peaches Geldof (OTO), daughter of Bob Geldof who died in…
UK fishermen will get one up on Bob Geldof when industry booms- time to back UK industry not subsidise the EU
Bob Geldof made honorary doctor of laws by Trinity College
At Trinity College Dublin, Bob Geldof slammed the response to the Grenfell tower fire tragedy.
Bob Geldof beamed with pride as his daughter Pixie wed her rock star boyfriend George Barnett in Mallorca on Saturday
Stewie from as an adult rock singer sounds like Bob Geldof of The Boomtown Rats
Starving. So hungry indeed that Bob Geldof might start an appeal for me.
Brendan Cox is part of the causation. The hatred of the likes of Bob Geldof/him helped create the divide…
Founder of the record company Ensign, renowned for his ability to sign hitmakers and scare Bob Geldof…
Unlike Bob Geldof, we do like Mondays! Plenty of orders to be picked/packed this morning with the t-shirt co…
Did Bob Geldof ever go into space in the end?
Bob Geldof will like Monday's even less now!.
Still waiting for Bob Geldof to tell us about all the unfortunate people he's hou…
How long before and bob geldof throw a benefit concert for Finchley
Bob Geldof: 'Nigel Grainge made you feel anything was possible'
How does it feels muslims? 'Well tonight thank God it's them instead of you' - Bob Geldof
Only Bob Geldof and Bono can lead this one. Cook my sock, kants!
Bob Geldof has spare beds... his junkie family no longer meed them
Don't forget Lillie Allan Gary Linaker and bob Geldof got a few rooms going begging
No need. Bob Geldof and JK Rowling are already housing the needy in their mansions a…
Silly allen and her dad have big houses!. So does st.bob of geldof. Comon do your duty
Not even Bob "The Knob" Geldof? Shocking!!! Lol not shocking at all really. Most of these celebrities are nothing but talk.
Apparently Bob Geldof is Michael Hutchence and is dead according to
The SS Bob Geldof was built by some of the finest seamstresses Plankytown has to offer. It's unsinkable!
Ask Lilly,Bob Geldof and other leftists to open their gated houses. That would help.
Look out he's taking Lilly Allan, Bob Geldof and Gary Linkers flame. They won't be to happy not being seen as saints
Adele and Ed Sheeran are not pop culture icons like the Beatles, says Sir Bob Geldof rant of a has been
🌎| " Pixie Geldof weds in Majorcan monastery joined by dad Bob, Harry Styles and Daisy Lowe.".
What about Bob Geldof and Lily Allen ? They were offering homes to refugees. Charity begins at home.
Dear Jesus. Peaches was the daughter of Bob Geldof ... — I hope this clears it up for the anons asking. That...
The Convention at Westminster’s Central Hall includes speakers such as Alastair Campbell and Bob Geldof. So, sex and drugs and rock n roll.
Bob Geldof. Why does his name ring a bell?
reminds me of Bob Geldof in Pink Floyds 'The Wall'.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
We could get bob geldof to do a Live Aid for their suppprters 😭😭😭
Get him to replace it. I'm going to call it bob geldof syndrome. Chronic patronisation of rich people…
*** Jagger...Bob Geldof...1980s Ireland...from my old negatives
Fancy comin to Ireland to the real city to document a fundraiser in orgainising pure bob geldof 😂
My mum has the photo on her wall. They were in my local in Faversham when Bob Geldof married Paula Ya…
Bob Geldof set for Famagusta concert via
Shame on you Sir Bob Geldof - set for Famagusta concert – reunite Cyprus under Cypriot rule.
Let's start a campaign for the replacement bulbs! I'll ring Bob Geldof straight away 👍
WHY the Same news stories of hungry African children & charities asking for more money
Who gains from charities people in need or people who run the charities & their mates
Rumours that Bob Geldof is planning to troll UK's Fish Finger fleet
Last few spaces/sponsorships available calling all partners/suppliers as the great Bob Geldof said give us…
Goodmorning World. In this sense have a pleasant day everyone. DB and Bob Geldof..
Open letter to Bob Geldof, who called the 1916 revolutionaries terrorists (VIDEO)
Is it sir Bob geldof Britney and cranston missed it the kart few mornings
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Has Bob Geldof or Jo Cox's husband also blamed Brexit for her death.
Bob Geldof visits Michael Van Gerwen in hospital after the Dutchman needed a back operation for carrying the PDC after…
As Bob Geldof would say, I wouldn't mind awefully if you were able to give me some of your money.
Great! That'll finish off the LDs then. how about Obama, Major and Bob Geldof too
it probably does, to Bono and Bob Geldof.
Bob Geldof played HMV Central Southend. in corner of shop now closed. He Then Signed Solo CD
A Happy greeting to Bob Geldof from all the Leavers!
Bob Geldof swearing at voters again?
The HMS Bob Geldof simply cannot be lost at sea, it's too beautiful
Something to look forward to. Together with Bob Geldof, Lily Allen, Eddie Izzard, Charlotte Church…
Someone tell Bob Geldof he's gonna need an armada this time
The words of Bob Geldof still guide me.
why's there a photo of Bob Geldof though?
The Good Ship Bob Geldof can't sink, it's too waterproof
Last time I saw you on a boat you were being jeered by Bob Geldof, a man who built a career on singing out-of-Tuna. Ah ha.
Roger Lewis, a good friend of Bob Geldof. Louise Mensch's husband is Peter Mensch, who's…
Statement from Bob Geldof: "For the final time, it's not my f**kin voice on Ian Dempsey's quiz on So there. http…
It's funny how punk is equated with the likes of Billy Bragg,Bob Geldof.. They are about as punk as damp rag..
Tips include: "Refer to the great African economists: Bob Geldof, Bono, Madonna, George Clooney, Angelia Jolie." Quite.
Nippy calling for Lily Allen, Gary Lineker, Bob Geldof and co to move to Scotland.Lord help us, an SNP leftie utopia 😫
have a march with Bob Geldof and Lilly Allen. That will do the trick 👍
Interesting, did a general Google of Murray Chalmers (PR) & got hits for Lilly Allen,Jude Law,Benedict Cumberbatch,Bob Geldof...
Wanted to say Bob Geldof or Piers Morgan but missing corner on the triangular love links there. I'll go Prince Andrew.
Why'd Peter Whittle go on about Bob Geldof being an extremist when one of his voters murdered Jo Cox?
UKIPs Peter Whittle says the nasty side of was Bob Geldof on the Thames! So the murder of Jo Cox doesn't count?
Peter Whittle defines Bob Geldof on a boat as "nastiness", forgetting that Jo Cox was assassinated by a right-wing europhobe.
Elton John, Mariah Carey, Kate Moss and Bob Geldof ‘would love to organise memorial concert’ for George Michael https:/…
I added a video to a playlist Band Aid with Sting,Duran Duran,Spandau Ballet,U2,Bob Geldof,Phil
I was told dinner would be 'ready in 5 minutes'. Bob Geldof and Lenny Henry will be here soon 😵
Bob Geldof & Paula Yates wedding photo, 1986. The late David Bowie to the right and George Michael second row.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Warner Bros could have a tie in Brexit theme park, with a Plummeting Pound Drop and a Thames Boat Ride ending with Bob Geldof yelling at you
I feel like Bob Geldof begging for help but it's heartbreaking to have to tell our guests that there is no more underw…
Rumor:Elton John,Aretha Franklin,Bob Geldof said to be in early stages of a tribute to George Michael:
Bob Geldof in talks with Joe Garner to release RoofAid single
^ Dunfermline + | Bob Geldof heckled as he campaigns against Zac Goldsmith
Looks like thanks to labour idea of Jeremy Corbyn and now LDs idea of Bob Geldof there isnt even a political party worth being an opposition
Just in case our Stewie deletes it... Priceless..Tory MP Stewart Jackson on Bob Geldof:. “Now loudmouth...
Howard Jones featuring the legendary Bob Geldof keep on rocking.
Don't know what's worse about Farage's 'march on the supreme court'; his vile behaviour, or the inevitable Bob Geldof-lead cou…
We may as well have had Bob Geldof, Lily Allen and Gary Lineker presiding over the case as these three out of touch esta…
Zlatan Ibrahimovich's goal Drought has gone on so long that. Bob Geldof and Bono have offered to put a concert on for it.
On this day in 1975, rocker Bob Geldof made his first appearance with the Boomtown Rats.
1975 Bob Geldof's first appearance with Boomtown Rats, and what an EEJIT he is!
Any time you get sad, just remember that Bob Geldof once chased Nigel Farage around the river Thames on his yacht.
Yes and we Never forget, Bob Geldof,Gary Lineker,Richard Branson and many more scum!
Where are Midge Ure and Bob Geldof now that the world is on fire?
“Bob Geldof: The Moment” by Errol Morris Now Added to our list of 1,150 Free Movies Online
I added a video to a playlist Bob Geldof: The Moment | Peace Films by Errol Morris | The New York
An Errol Morris short film on hard-nosed, starstruck pragmatist, Bob Geldof and "The best day of my life.":
Great short documentary by Errol Morris on Bob Geldof and Band Aid via
Next up on RTE Miriam O'Callaghan, Eoghan Harris, Bob Geldof and John Bruton debate how soon Ireland should join…
Bob Geldof what a nasty piece of work! !
I don't like this remake. Trump is no Bob Geldof.
geldof u just embarrassed urself & Ireland byacting like that udidn't start of wearing fancy clothes ur no better than da next person!
Bob Geldof's apparent addiction to making an *** of himself in public continues to run unchecked.
Ole Fagan Bobby dull tramp at the Dorchester Fagan. *** glad lad
Establishment worker . Sir Bob still angry at 80
Fans walk out of festival after Bob Geldof launches foul-mouthed rant via
If there was an award for the worst biggest Cwould be right up there. via
Bob Geldof sparks walkout from Boomtown Rats set after telling crowd they are wearing 'wall to wall Primark' - The…
Bob Geldof attacks festival crowd for wearing Primark via you forget where you were born you knob👆👆
your mate . Watch Bob Geldof's X-rated rant at festival crowd over their Primark clothes
'You're wearing f*g Primark' Bob Geldof outrages festival goers with shocking tirade What a pathetic vile man.
Bob Geldoff - promoting his new book, entitled 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'. *cough*
Festival goers walk out after Bob Geldof spews shocking tirade about their attire: 'You're wearing f*g Primark'. ht…
Bob Geldof is a grandiose, obnoxious, privileged, deluded, arrogant *** Ditto his pal Bono.
Bob Geldof criticised revellers for wearing Primark clothes as he unleashed an expletive-filled tirade at a music...
Geldof showing his ignorance once again.
Sir Bob Geldof criticised after expletive-laden rant at family music festival
Establishment rocker Bob Geldof upsets hundreds of fans with foul-mouthed rant about particular shop
Good morning Singapore! About to start another great event with client Sir Bob Geldof here in Singapore
Bob Geldof sleeps in the wheelbarrow in my garden.
Lines on Fuggin' Great Disaster. *** came to mind, but I put the thought away - . Everyone should listen to...
Hey Bob Geldof you need some of these in your life
Bob Geldof is an *** why doesn't he start his own cheap clothes production facility. Not everyone can afford expensive clothes like him.
Little Giant Ladders
“Bob Geldof is a nauseating character. Band Aid was the most self-righteous platform in the history of pop music.” https:/…
Apologies on behalf of the Irish nation for Bob Geldof.
are you claiming Bob Geldof has the ability to cheat death?
Bob Geldof just always has to go out of his way to be the biggest *** head on the planet.
Must be nice for millionaire has-been Bob Geldof to buy his threads on Jermyn Street instead of Primark. Sanctimonious pri…
I’m amazed that this arrogant talentless hasbeen-who-never-was ever gets booked anywhere. What’s the attraction?
The singer was booed after he accused fans of wearing Primark clothes to the Brentwood Music Festival.
Ironically the people who left probably lauded over him once for his activism
Bob Geldof slams revellers for wearing Primark clothes in festival rant
(International Business Times):Geldof slammed by fans for expletive-laden rant at family music..
Bob Geldof and Russel Brand 2 of the richest most trampy smelly looking *** you'll ever see
the same Bob Geldof who was knighted by Thatcher? Do me a favour.
Bob Geldof, Emma Thompson, that one that can't act, what's her name Keira knightly
maybe Emma Thompson, Bob Geldof,Chris Martin,the Beckhams &Jeremy Clarkson can all move to Belgium, together. House share.
.David Beckham, Lily Allen, Archbishop of Canterbury, Bob Geldof, Eddie Izzard, your boys took one he…
If any fishermen see Bob Geldof drowning I suspect they will throw him an anchor.
Spare a thought for British Fishermen. ..Bob Geldof did 'Remain' NO favours.
Each leave vote, flicking a v-sign right back at Bob Geldof, simpering liberals & politics of fear.
Eddie Izzard, Bob Geldof, Alan Sugar, David Cameron. your boys took one *** of a beating.
- Bob Geldof. As welcome in Downing Street this morning as Arthur Scargill in Barnsley Conservative Club.
5 reasons I may vote out, Bob Geldof, Eddie Izzard, JK Rowling, Liar Tony Blair and Fat toad Salmond. They did nothing to help
Breaking: Bob Geldof's boat funded by Goldman Sachs with BBC director in tow. ..https…
Battle of the Thames: Is this what Bob Geldof thinks of British fishermens protest? . h…
So I’m on a Remain boat with Bob Geldof and Rachel Johnson. They’re heading off Nigel Farage’s Thames flotilla.
First Eddie Izzard and now Bob Geldof. The Remain side are the gift that keeps giving.
Remain camp seem to have sunk to an all time low with this stunt. Bob Geldof was a beacon of light with Live Aid...
Disgusted that Bob Geldof was abusing fishermen today. They want to earn an honest living, made impossible by the EU http…
Are you on the side of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Jamie Diamond & Bob Geldof or are you with our fishermen, farmers, manufacturers & shops?
Whatever else happens in my life, I'll never forget the day Ukip shouted "Get a job!" at Bob Geldof on a boat while he…
Ukip man aboard HMS Farage: "Bob Geldof doesn't like water. Or soap"
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Today in 1986 Bob Geldof and John Paul Getty II, are made honorary knights by Queen Elizabeth II
I feel like Bob Geldof this weekend. Giving back to the two most deprived and poor areas of the UK. Glasgow & Liverpool.
I absolutely agree with Bob Geldof. I don't like Mondays either
Bob Geldof: The Promise of Africa: Bob Geldof has many different public identities. Most know him for his pio...
Bob Geldof: The Promise of Africa: “Why are investors not investing in Africa?” Bob Ge...
Here's Sir Bob Geldof KBE on to diminish the memory of 1916. Would RTE ever go and take a running jump... https:…
My Xbox 360 spat out a DVD other night and is making a noise like Bob Geldof having a drunken fight with a Ferret. 😢😢😢
that Tanzanian lad would be your size if Bob Geldof didn't rinse all the money on weapons
You Make Me Beautiful (Winner of an award from Sir Bob Geldof) by Marina V
I've lived with 4G for too long, now when I go somewhere with just 3G I feel like asking Bob Geldof to help raise some money for these guys
Bob Geldof sitting 10 seats to my right.not sure about the green suit
Missed Bob Geldof's keynote at No problem, has you covered: The Promise of Africa https:/…
"A place to be right in the middle of nowhere." © Bob Geldof
Playing live if the thing I love doing best.
Bob Geldof & band/Live Aid should be the theme of the wedding... I'm totally in the wrong business.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
If Bob Geldof saw this woman he would hold a concert for her...
There goes Bob Geldof, always getting harassed about his hair.
“Why are not investing in asked Bob Geldof
Greece voting for Russia there - or as Bob Geldof would say GIVE US YOUR EFFIN MONEY
Some insight into the types of lunatics who worship at the altar of man-made global-warming:
Bob Geldof and Noel Gallagher have hit an all time low
OMG. Georgias entry is a doppelganger for a young Bob Geldof
with Bob Geldof as a Neutral judge.
Hopkins: 'The pope reminds me of Bob Geldof. Is this really what we want him to be doing?”
."Sir" Bob Geldof ..As an Irishman from the "Republic"of Ireland "Titles" are Contrary 2 Replc
No doubt tax-dodgers Gary Barlow, Bono, Bob Geldof and Jimmy Carr are organising a free benefit concert as we speak.
W.B.Yates life & work,Art & romance,have no idea what Roy Foster &Bob Geldof were alluding to in their 'self-indulgence' program?
The grief that nearly killed him. His fears of war after Brexit. And how his love for the great Irish poet WB Yeats made Bob Geldof start
I would give him shampoo and soap and tell him where to shove it...
Sir Bob Geldof. Celebrating 10 years of eu. - Europe
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
LIVE from the celebrating 10 years of .eu - Europe online with Sir Bob Geldof https:/…
More of a Geldof solo fan than the Rats? You can see the Bobkatz here:. Bob Geldof and the Bobkatz. Saturday...
Television: Bob Geldof busts his baggage allowance in a poetry-political broadcast
Why die for a cause when you can "live for a reason" Stunning poetry,erudite analysis Bob Geldof on WB Yeats h…
Bob Geldof doesn't seem to hold them in high esteem.!
Bob Geldof- singer turned sanctimonious *** talk guitar and music otherwise shut up you bleach blonde wannabe.
He kindly handed in the purse for a fellow Barclays customer
WHAT?? Say that to Bob Dylan, Bon Geldof, Willie Nelson, Bono, fans of Johnny Cash. Not be political my *** !!
All that money raised for Live Aid and they open this in Texas! Oh the Irony. Would Bob Geldof approve?
Are we doing enough to ensure sustainable dev?. We'll be joined by rockstar-humanitarian Sir Bob Geldof!. http…
The poetry of WB Yeats, as read by Liam Neeson, Colin Farrell and more via
oh just remember it's SIR Bob Geldof
I thought Bob Geldof had more intelligence than to pose with a woman who robbed from the poor and gave to the rich
"Dear World, we apologise for Bob Geldof.". - The Irish
Excuse our language, but Bob Geldof is nothing but an insufferable horrible ***
Also Bob geldof so I think that says it all
You'll have Bob Geldof banging on your door next
Best of luck to the main man who's running his 1st marathon for sick African kids in Galway on Sunday modern day bob geldof
Africa's 'Light Bulb Moment' and Its Lead Role in the Global Renewable Energy Transformation via
We understand you don't like Monday's Bob. None of us do. Get over it Bob Geldof at Camp Bestival https…
loved Bob Geldof's programme on W. B Yeats . Geldof the great intellect. Alternative voice need to comment on the " rising"
Watch BBC 4's prog about WB Yeats, Bob Geldof is passionate & warm
I bet Bob Geldof will be out in force again?
Bob Geldof. A Fanatic Heart. A very insightful documentary on the great Irish poet W. B.Yeats
Africa’s ‘Light Bulb Moment’, write Bob Geldof and Strive Masiyiwa in the Huffington Post –...
is that a young Bob geldof in that video 😂😂😂
When Bob Geldof was less of a douchecanoe Boomtown Rats - Looking After Number One.
Yet another lunatic worshiping at the altar of man-made global-warming:
Queen Facts and Figures: Unanimously voted best band at Live Aid by media, journalists, critics, fans and Bob Geldof.
. Ah ok, thought he was always referred to as "Sir" Bob Geldof (like he'd been honoured, but not "fully")
BBC4’s Bob Geldof on WB Yeats was one of the best literary documentaries I’ve seen
Did he lose a bet with Bob Geldof and Paula Yates some years ago?
Africa’s 900 million people use less energy than Spain’s 47 million. But Africa is energy rich. It has massive...
621 million Africans are without electricity, but are we in light bulb moment? https:…
Bob Geldof and Paula Yates' daughter Peaches was found dead of a heroin overdose on this day in 2014
She was the wildest, funniest, cleverest, wittiest and the most bonkers of all of us. — Bob Geldof, of his daughter Peaches, ascended at 25
Thomas Cohen, the father of Peaches' two young sons, said Bob Geldof and his daughters have supported him in the two years since his
Bob Geldof receiving an honorary doctorate from Ben Gurion University in Apartheid
Brilliant, if forgiving and love-blind 90 minutes of telly from Bob Geldof on Willie Butler Yeats. On iPlayer and well worth a watch
Q499: Which 1980's Pink Floyd album was made into a film that starred Bob Geldof, and featured the artwork of cartoonist Gerald Scarfe?
1986 Bob Geldof and Paula Yates wedding with https:…
Bob Geldof should be absolutely ashamed of himself.
ive heard Tina Turner is gonna knock Bob Geldof out in the 6th
Compared to Yeats 'There's was a blind, disregarding fanaticism' claims Bob Geldof of Easter Rising leaders
Gerry Adams is not happy Bob Geldof is in the 1916 centenary video…
Where's Bob Geldof when you need to have a chat?? of People's rights. I love you Sir Thank you
Dustin the Turkey and Bob Geldof sing 'Rat Trap' via
Kate McCann joins Stephen Fry and Bob Geldof in urging people to sign up to a service to help find missing children.
Clive James: ‘Am I convincing in the role of Bob Geldof?’
Bob Geldof, Sinéad Cusack, & others perform W.B.Yeats poems on the
I'd rather watch movies on the sofa than sit next to Bob Geldof at a premiere & wanting to kill myself. Keeley Hawes
Bob Geldof swaps Boomtown Rats for Technology Boom citing internet as battleground for creativity of the modern age
when in LA ask Bono if he & Bob Geldof can do a concert for now he's on the dole 'Vernon Aid'
I liked a video 1996 footage of Paula Yates, Bob Geldof, Michael Hutchence
can someone tell him he is not Bob Geldof, Michael Hutchens or Prince...although he is a similar type of bell end.
Bob Geldof reveals his pain at the loss of Peaches and ex-wife Paula Yates
Bob Geldof reveals his anger at Peaches' death
Benedict Cumberbatch, Stephen Fry, Bob Geldof and Chris Martin? They're pompous, hypocritical and self-obssessed… https:/…
Now that Generation Emigration's most noble columnist, Bob Geldof, shared his thoughts on Syria, Ryan better ask all émigrés their opinion.
Thanks for the warm welcome Bangkok! Summit 2015 officially opened by Kofi Annan & Bob Geldof
Guest pub singer doing "I Don't Like Mondays" from Bob Geldof and the Boomtown Rats--one of my faves (!)
Stephen Rea, Bob Geldof, and Abel Ferrara walk into a bar. Bartender says, "Why the long faces?"
And bumping into Bob Geldof while in
Bob Geldof explains why he proposed the day after burying his daughter Peaches
Bob Geldof tells how proposing to partner Jeanne helped him through "suffocating grief" of daughter Peaches' death.
Bob Geldof offers to house four refugee families - anyone know if this ever happened?
Today in 1984, Bob Geldof watched a BBC doc about Ethiopia's famine. He was so moved he called his friend, Midge Ure. Ba…
Live Aid founder Bob Geldof sent a message in defence of the BBC to a star-studded meeting of ministers and celebrities …
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