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Bob Filner

Robert Earl Bob Filner (born September 4, 1942) is the U.S. Representative for , and previously the 50th, serving since 1993, and was Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs 2007-2011. He is a member of the Democratic Party.

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San Diego Mayor Bob Filner would have been a great topic for my paper this week in my Public Opinion class.
When then-congressman Bob Filner said this to me as a mayoral candidate, he at least said please:…
Anthony Weiner. Eliot Spitzer. Bill Clinton. John Edwards. Bob Filner. Seattle Mayor . ...but yeah, keep going on about the right.
Look at the video of Sarah's press conference!
You must love degenerates like Ed Murray, Bob Filner and Robert Menendez.
Clinton, Biden and Bob Filner! Same recipe, oh yea throw in a Weiner too!
Not unlike Mayor Bob Filner in San Diego with his rampant sexual harassment.
Bob Filner called and said there is no way the whole legislature could know u r a creep and not say something... right?
At least it didn't take 18 like Bob Filner.
Remember Bob Filner the pervert mayor of San Diego? West coast Dem mayors have a recent history of being creeps.
He and Bob Filner are fishin buddies
If you thought the Bob Filner episode in San Diego a few years ago was bad...
Bob Filner breaths a big sigh of relief for now being only 2nd most depraved & disgraced…
From one tip of the Pacific to the other, depraved Democratic mayors, like San Diego's Bob Filner.
James Woods, Ted Cruz, Ed Murray, and Bob Filner walked into a bar. Ouch
Sounds like the former dem Mayor Of San Diego Bob "filthy" Filner
Bob 'Filthy' Filner could not be reached for comment.
Noticed that Google maps still has Bob Filner listed for your San Diego Office
Free Press ♦ Four years after the Bob Filner scandal, little has changed with the leadership culture in the…
Wow. Bonnie Dumanis, Bob Filner and Juan Vargas called to testify in Azano trial:
John Edwards cheating on his cancer stricken wife, Anthony Wiener, Bob Filner sexual harassment. Democrats do it too!
As Congress continues to debate ways to address illegal immigration, we mus...
I was on the San Diego school board for 4 years, where I watched children s...
Ex-Mayor Bob Filner comes out in support of City Attorney candidate Cabrera following anti *** shaming op-ed ...
Nope. Just playing by liberals' rules.
And liberals regularly support discrimination on the basis of sex.
Where is Mayor Faulkner on all this. Atleast with Bob Filner we knew we could always find him @ Cheetahs & get an answer.
Council signs off on settlement of Filner suit: Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's executive assistant filed ...
San Diego City Council signs off on $667K to settle sexual harassment suit against Bob Filner - 10News: 10News San…
Jan Goldsmith city attn & a great San Diegan, he ridded us of that disgrace, Bob Filner! Hes not endorsing Trump, he is endorsing Ted Cruz!
Jan Goldsmith is a good guy! He ridded San Diego of Bob Filner. he knows a snake when he sees one! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Unfortunately, my district like many others across the country has a proble...
I have never touched a woman in my life either. Bob Filner.
Warriors or Kobe? I'm going to Hooters wing night on Wed. Signed Bob Filner. Hands on freshness.
Jury finds former Mayor Bob Filner not guilty of sexual battery
Testimony continues in the civil sexual harassment lawsuit against former SD Mayor Bob Filner at 9 a.m. at the…
HAPPENING NOW: The jury is reviewing a taped deposition from Former San Diego senior park ranger during ex-Mayor Bob Filner's court case.
Former Mayor Bob Filner testifies in San Diego Superior Court, where he is accused of sexual harassment
Former San Diego mayor to take stand in sex harassment trial: Bob Filner was sch...
Former Mayor Bob Filner is expected to take the stand in a civil lawsuit against him for touching a former city employee inappropriately.
NEW: Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner will testify tomorrow in his sexual harassment case. Accuser testified today:
Former Mayor Bob Filner is expected to take stand later today in his defense. Details
trial has begun in the lawsuit against former Mayor Bob Filner.
Former mayor costs San Diego for his inappropriate behavior: Ex-Mayor Bob Filner of San Diego wasn't in office...
Bob Filner's Monster: The Unraveling of an American Mayor and What We Can Learn from It
Except in the case of Bob Filner, Ex-Mayor of San Diego. DEM Feminists rightfully called for his head, but give Bubba a pass
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With more than 1,300 sites of care, VA operates the largest integrated health care system in the county. ~Bob Filner
Same was said by some in San Diego about process to remove serial sexual harasser Mayor Bob Filner.
"Since Bob Filner is a Republican, doesn't it prove that all Republicans are creepy gropers?" I know the answers!
Okay, then that makes Leland Yee, Bob Filner, and John Edwards the face of the Democrats.
Re Cosby. It's the same deal as bob filner. They all knew he was a rapist. They protected him as long as he was useful to libs
In July 2013, three former supporters of Mayor Bob Filner asked him to resign because of allegations of repeated sexual harassment.
This from the party of Ted Kennedy, Anthony Weiner, Bob Filner, Elliott Spitzer, Mel Reynolds...
Disgraced ex-Mayor Bob Filner's legacy to city: Lawsuits. The five cases still pending.
Bob Filner intro'd one in 1995. I want a Dolores Huerta Day.
Todd Gloria, who was San Diego's interim mayor after Bob Filner resigned, is ousted as City Council president
San Diego council president who took over for Bob Filner is ousted: San Diego Councilman Todd Gloria, a Democr...
Unstated reason: Because it was Bob Filner's idea.
Pretty funny, when you consider how supports wife- beaters like Alan Grayson and perverts like Bob Filner.
Come view the moving tribute from the people who treated Tony Gwynn so well shortly after his second cancer surgery:
Bob Filner the Former San Diego mayor forced out of office in a storm of sexual harassment charges
Bob Filner (D) was House Chairman of VA when Obama promised changes in VA.
Bob Filner sexually harrassed 18 women before stepping down. Rob Ford is still the Crack Mayor. But toss a bag of dog poop & you're gone?
It's not starting Bob Filner, is it? 😳
Settlement ends suit filed by communications director for former Mayor Bob Filner
I liked her interview segment with Bob Filner a Former San Diego mayor.
San Diego was trending blue but a lil scandal called Bob filner happened:(
Xolos' winning ways attract soccer fans north and south - TIJUANA — When Bob Filner was sworn in as mayor of San...
San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's ex-fiancee Bronwyn Ingram: I don't think his harassing behavior has anything to do with sex …
But they were wrong. Libs put all their money behind a known pervert ...Bob Filner. Re him?
Do I copp this bob filner painting yes or yes?
Bob Filner and Rob Ford walk into a bar...
So what does think about Bill Clinton, Bob Filner, Anthony Weiner, Elliot Spitzer, John Edwards? Ok because they're Democrats?
Reports: Bob Filner to resign as San Diego Mayor - Tucson Citizen
2012: I support Bob Filner for mayor. Now: campaign: Peters did not endorse Filner.
.caught lying about his support for now-disgraced fmr San Diego Mayor Bob Filner .
Is it just me or does Donald Sterling have a creepy resemblence to San Diego's disgraced ex-Mayor Bob Filner?
OK, those that know me, know that I have to blow off a little steam every once in a while, like a volcano. I just saw on the news, 3 different senators, that have Iraq war veterans running against them. And, the senators, all democrat, said the vets need to get a real job first, before thinking of becoming a senator. This, coming strait from their mouths, not made up by a conservative group. This infuriates me. I really don't know how anyone can vote for a democrat. Also, Obama and Eric Holder plan on releasing 20,000 felons from prison. Sure some of them should be released, but 20,000. Really? Going back to voting democrat, James Clapper, Rahm Emmanual, Janet Napalitano, Valerie Jarrett, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Barbara Boxer, Charles Rangell, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Al Frankin, Elizabeth Warren, Alan Grayson, Anthony Weiner, Bob Filner, Al Gore, Fredrica Wilson, Hank Johnson, and the 3 stooges, Obama, Holder, and Hillary, These are not nice people and they are bring ...
Vince Hall, former Chief of Staff for Bob Filner, is speaking about Public Affairs right now at
Quote of the day: 'Childhood obesity is best tackled through improved parental involvement, increased physical exercise, better home diet and restraint from eating' - Bob Filner. This was the video most DIDN'T get to see. The whole DSG and Vi family are pulling through. Challenge completed and now we challenge you!
Bob Filner is a free ex-mayor on Sunday, as 3 months of GPS-monitored home arrest comes to end.
*** I'm horny. Which one of you *** wants to get motor boated?", former SD Mayor, Bob Filner, after house arrest for sexual harassment.
Bob Filner's months-long house arrest stint is over, the result of pleading guilty in December to charges of felony false imprisonment and misdemeanor battery regarding claims of sexual harassment, but he now faces three years of probation
Ex Bob Filner finishes house asks for forgiveness
Upon release from house arrest, Bob Filner said his first order of business was "getting a waffle taco.". He didn't mean at Taco Bell.
Former Mayor Bob Filner's three-month term on house arrest is reportedly due to end today. The period of home...
"Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner apologizes as his house arrest term ends"
Ex-San Diego Mayor Bob Filner wants 'a chance to earn your forgiveness' via
San Diego -- Emerging from a 90-day house arrest, ex-Mayor Bob Filner on Sunday said that he wants "a chance t...
Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, in statement at end of house arrest, apologizes to those he harmed.
Good morning this is the AM Briefing from for April 7, 2014 Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is off of house arrest today. He finished his 9...
Great news, fans of weirdos who like to engage in terrible behavior! Bob Filner, possibly America's Skeeviest Mayor Ever, has completed his house arrest sentence. Oh, yay.
Former embattled San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is becoming a free man.
Ex-mayor Filner finishes home-confinement sentence San Diego — Former Mayor Bob Filner finished his 90-day home confinement Sunday, his sentence after pleading guilty to state charges of mistreating women. Television crews camped out in front of Filner’s condo in downtown San Diego awaiting his emergence. Filner, 71, the city’s first Democrat mayor in 20 years, resigned in August amid accusations from more than 20 women that he has harassed them, a subsequent recall movement and calls for his resignation from the City Council. On Sunday, Filner issued a statement to KNSD-NBC7, repeating his apology to the women he had offended and vowing to reform his behavior so he can “earn forgiveness and regain my integrity.” Under a plea bargain with the state attorney general’s office, Filner remains under three years’ probation. Under home confinement, he was required to wear a GPS monitor and could only leave his condo for medical appointments, religious services or with the permission of a probation ...
Bust out the mace, ladies. Bob Filner's house arrest has ended.
Report: Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's GPS anklet has been removed, ending his house arrest -
While talking about feminist and their "inclusive policies" on both sides of the political aisle Dana Loesch said this "No this does not cut both ways, lets get this clear right from the bat. I say this as a former registered Democrat, who left that party, and left that ideology, simply because of how they treated women. They don't celebrate women unless you're a Democrat. If you're a progressive Democrat comes before your sex. If you are a Progressive or Democrat that is honored above your sex. Look no further than Bob Filner in California, where you had prominent women, business women prominent members of the Democrat party in that state who came forward to warn other party members about his behavior, and they were told to go back to the kitchen because Bob Fliner was too important to the progressive mentality, and their agenda to do anything about it. Thats a fact."
Throwing the elected bums out, with due process - One of the lessons of the Bob Filner era at San Diego City Hall ...
By Gordon Clanton /Del Mar Sandpiper The March 3 inauguration of Kevin Faulconer as mayor takes San Diego back to where it was before Bob Filner, back to where it always was for as long I have lived in these
Who is the next Bob Filner or Anthony Weiner? (VIDEO)
San Diego (AP) — A moderate Republican City Councilman has been elected mayor of San Diego in a special election to fill the unexpired term of Bob Filner, who resigned amid a torrent of sexual harassment allegations. San Diego becomes the nation's largest city with a Republican mayor, and…
With 100% of the precincts reporting, Kevin Faulconer has won the mayorial race for the city of San Diego by a margin of over 9%. He will be sworn in March 3rd, and will serve out the remaining three-year term of discgraced and convicted former mayor, democrat Bob Filner, who the San Diego County Democratic Central Committee could never get to the point of condemning. The unions poured millions into the campaign against Faulconer, and sent their goons our to disrupt campaign activities, but diligent and dedicted efforts by the Faulconer campaign volunteers overcame that plus the endorsements by President Obama, Governor Jerry Brown, and all the negative advertising. Let San Diego be the prototype for elections across America today, as We The People" take our country back. My blessings on the mayor-elect, and I pray God's protection on him and his family as he leads the eighth largest city in the nation. Billy Falling, pastor, The Internet Church, International.
Faulconer elected San Diego Mayor - Kevin Faulconer is expected to be sworn in as San Diego's mayor March 3 after comfortably defeating City Council colleague David Alvarez in the special election to succeed thedisgraced Bob Filner.
Kevin Faulconer elected to replace Bob Filner as San Diego Mayor
San Diego Elects ext best thing to a conservative, a Republican to Replace Bob Filner
Update: Democrat concedes defeat in San Diego Mayor race
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San Diego elects Republican mayor. There's hope for us yet.
With Faulconer's win, San Diego will be the largest U.S. city and only major California city with a Republican mayor
Awesome news in San Diego, Barack Obama's endorsement of David Alvarez (D-San Diego) did nothing to stop the people of San Diego from choosing a new direction, Republican Kevin Faulconer (R-San Diego) has won the race for Mayor! He replaces disgraced former Mayor and serial sexual harasser Bob Filner (D-San Diego) This is wonderful news!!! :D 86% of precincts in... MAYOR - San Diego Kevin Faulconer (R) 131404 55.24% David Alvarez (D) 106492 44.76%
San Diego Elects Republican to Replace Bob Filner in a LANDSLIDE! via
Unions fail to buy San Diego Mayor with $4M in out of town union money. Rep Kevin Faulkner defeats Dem David Alvarez to replace Bob Filner
. little late for that. The ghost of Bob Filner lingers.
On a day when four more prominent San Diego women accused Bob Filner of sexual harassment, the San Diego County Democratic Party today voted for him to resign.
Per the GOP candidate to replace Bob Filner's victory is actually a landslide:
Bob Filner really screwed progressives, didn't he?
The polls are closed in San Diego, and the first results are available in the race to replace disgraced former Mayor Bob Filner, who had been the first Democrat in many years to hold the office. Republican Kevin Faulconer had a slight edge in the polls over Democrat David Alvarez heading into Electi...
With 65% of precincts reporting, Kevin Faulconer maintains a healthy lead, 55-45 percent, about 30,000 votes in the lead. I'm not going to start celebrating yet, because the San Diego Registrar of Voters tends to count North County ballots before South County ballots. That's how Carl DeMaio's lead over Bob Filner evaporated fourteen months ago. I'll believe it -- and I'll be thankful -- if and when the early morning news reports still have Faulconer in the lead.
well, affair led to first *** albeit interim, serious Latino contender-progressives not owned by Bob's brand.
A special election for mayor is playing itself out in San Diego this evening as a result of progressive Democrat Bob Filner being forced to resign because of sexual misconduct. Liberal progressive Democratic candidate David Alvarez is being soundly defeated by Republican Kevin Faulkner 43% to 57% of the vote respectively. This thrashing is occurring in spite of the fact that the Alvarez campaign was heavily financed and backed by the unions. Clearly, and for whatever reasons, San Diego has had enough of liberal democratic progressive politics. Of the 10 largest cities in America, San Diego now has the only Republican mayor. We can only hope that this trend will continue in the midterm national elections in November.
San Diego -- The campaign to select a successor to former Mayor Bob Filner is down to its final hours-- with a local think-tank predicting the race between City Council members David Alvarez and Kevin Faulconer is close.
Whoever wins tonight's race for mayor of San Diego will succeed Bob filner and determine the future of San Diego, the economy and our children's children. Good luck to both Kevin Faulconer and David Alvarez
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The city will pay $250,000 to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit against the city of San Diego and former Mayor Bob Filner, City Attorney Jan Goldsmith announced.
Bill Clinton endorsed Bob Filner for mayor of San Diego. SHOCKER! Those Democrats really know women! bye bye
Where do you write in Bob Filner on your ballot?.. ;)
I hope all of you in the City of San Diego exercised your right to vote today! It is time to put Bob Filner in our rear view mirror and move on. If you haven't voted there is still an hour and a half. Do your duty for America's Finest City. If you think your vote doesn't count, you are wrong. This is a very close race. Thank you!
San Diego’s election night - your real-time updates as the votes come in. Plus Bob Filner reaches an expensive settlement on just one of his cases, but what about the rest? Details tonight on the News at 6pm
Just voted for San Diego Mayor again. Both candidates promise to be 95% less sleazy than Bob Filner. After five mayors in six years SD might just might get one to last more than year. Fingers crossed
Today we are having our run off election to replace that *** bob filner for mayor. I am hoping that David Alverez winS! he's the dem for unions. No republican please!!!
FOR ALL OF YOU WHO LIVE IN THE CITY OF San Diego; TODAY IS ELECTION DAY TO REPLACE THE BOB 'THE FILTH' FILNER AS MAYOR! Do you want MORE corrupt, union-supported government? Do you really want more of the same? Don't fall for the union lies in the ads they've been inundating radio and tv with... GET OUT AND VOTE! FOR THE FUTURE OF San Diego, WHERE I WILL NEVER CHOOSE TO LIVE AGAIN, IF THE CORRUPTION OF THE UNIONS CONTINUES TO TAKE WHAT WAS ONCE "AMERICA'S FINEST CITY" DOWN THE OLD, DECAYING SEWER PIPES... If the candidate that the unions are pushing JUST LIKE THEY PUSHED BOB FILNER, WHO WAS A CORRUPT CONGRESSMAN FIRST, AND BEFORE THAT, SUCKED OFF THE PUBLIC TEAT IN THE UNIVERSITY SYSTEM, wins, you may as well say that San Diego is that turd that is fast spinning at the bottom of the bowl when the toilet is flushed... say 'Buh-bye!' Kevin Faulconer presents the conservative viewpoint, and at least will give the city a CHANCE! I won't shop in the city of San Diego, nor will I live there, as the majority of ...
I think a big point for many in for mayoral is which candidate is the LEAST like Bob Filner...
Today we vote for a mayor for the 2nd time in a year. Regardless who wins, I'm just hoping he doesn't turn out to be a creepy pervert who costs the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in sexual harassment lawsuits ( see Bob Filner ).
Originally posted at Voice of San Diego. By Liam Dillon. Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner met with Mexican national Jose Susumo Azano Matsura at Azano’s Coronado estate weeks before Azano is alleg...
Bob Filner's former press secretary Irene McCormack Jackson agreed a $250,000 settlement on Monday, which will be paid by the city of San Diego.
Today is a good day for San Diego. We get to vote for our new mayor, and put that giant *** Bob Filner behind us. Regardless of who you're voting for, they're a better choice than Fil(th)ner.
The City has announced it has reached a settlement in the civil case involving former Mayor Bob Filner.
So I go to vote this morn to fill the mayor's position, you know, 'filthy Bob Filner' here in San Diego.I go to show my id, guy says 'not necessary' and I reply 'why not?!' Dude says.'exactly' ' 'Are you kidding?' I respond. 'We can't comment on it' he says defeated. Fantastic. So the variables for voter fraud are flipping huge. California, 'born here, love it here, but watching it submerge.
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February 11, 2014--- Election Day and it is looking like David Alvarez, the Democrat, might make it. He was considered the underdog after that fiasco with Bob Filner. I have a bitter taste in my mouth from Filner. He really let us down. He represents the last of the good-old-boy labor Democrats that were so common in my youth. They considered whiskey and woman part of the job and Bob just never grew up…something of which all of us public were unaware is he also had a bad temper and actually took anger management classes while he was in Washington. I really like Alvarez, young, born of working class parents, married with kids, hard working. He just seems like one of us… I really like that….
Today, Feb. 11, 2014, San Diego elects a new mayor, to replace the disgraced Bob Filner, career democratic politician. Filner is now on parole for criminal charges of sexual harassment, illegal confinement, and other mis-deeds. Kevin Faulkoner is the Republican Party choice, and is in a very tight race, thanks to the unions, the party machinery of the democratic party, and money that is suspected of being laundried from Mexico. At a Faulconer event yesterday, union goons by the dozens with their bullhorns, tried to disrupt a press conference, while over a hundred Faulconer volunteers showed their support for councilman Faulconer, who has a one-point lead in the polls at this time. At the phone bank, where I volunteered, bright, clean-cut, articulate volunteers manned so many phones, they crashed the system, and some phones had to be disconnected. I had lunch with candidate Faulconer at the annual National Day of Prayer last May. He has my endorsement. After the phone volunteering time, I took some ...
$250,000 tax payer dollars awarded to sexual harassment victim of Bob Filner is beyond ridiculous. Now that a judge has set the standard, I highly recommend every sexual harassment victim go to that same judge. I'm not down playing the event but rather the disparity in judgements at Tax payer expense.
San Diego — The nation's eighth largest city will pay $250,000 to a woman who was the first to go public with sexual harassment allegations against former Mayor Bob Filner, San Diego's City Attorney announced Monday, one day before voters return to the polls to elect a new leader. The…
Tax payer's waste in California, San Diego pays 250,000 to settle sex harassment suit of former Mayor Bob Filner, He pays nothing. Sounds wrong to me. How about you?
The San Diego City Attorney's Office says a settlement has been reached in the sexual harassment lawsuit filed against the city and ex-Mayor Bob Filner by Irene McCormack Jackson.
COMING UP ON NIGHTSIDE: The Yuma family of an elderly woman killed when she was hit by a motorized scooter is speaking out. Hear what they say happened, leaving them without their loved one. San Diego will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to a woman who says she was sexually harassed by former Mayor Bob Filner. We'll tell you what she said Filner asked her to do. Also on News 11, Plus "National beef" in the Imperial Valley is on the verge of closing it's doors. But could a meeting that took place today allow the company to remain open? We have the latest details. Join us for these stories and more at 10:30 p.m. (MST)! - Irene and Michael
Twenty women have filed sexual harassment claims against Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who has pleaded guilty to three crimes.
$250,000 for being sexually harassed by a democrat? Applications to join the mayors office may triple. Harassment is wrong, wrong, wrong, but how much of this is bob filner accountable to pay?!
The sexual harassment lawsuit that led to Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's resignation has been settled, the City Attorney's Office announced Monday.
I'm not voting for mayor, I want Bob Filner Back, He did a lot for San Diego in so little time.
Yeah, sure this couldn't wait until AFTER the election hmm? City Attorney to announce settlement of Irene McCormack lawsuit involving former Mayor Bob Filner. GOP lowlifes, shows they are running scared though.
San Diego says it reaches settlement in civil case involving former Mayor Bob Filner -
Why the battle to succeed ousted San Diego Mayor Bob Filner could have implications for elections far beyond Southern California.
If Faulconer really wants to win, he should advertise: "Bob Filner wants you to vote for Alvarez!" That would do the trick.
Please vote tomorrow - no matter what your party affiliation. It is our responsibility to choose the next Mayor to replace Bob Filner. We don't want to leave the selection to chance again so exercise your Constitutional Right and Duty to Vote!!
San Diego policeman Chris Hayes accused, as of late, of sex crimes against supposedly (6) woman along with the recent ousting of Bob Filner as mayor for similar crimes makes San Diego appear like a place where sworn-in officials have a green-light pass to do anything they want... especially to woman! It is all a part of the devil having his way with mankind, just as with what is going on in Washington, D.C. The devil has a firm grip on this nation right now and he doesn't want to let go. If in fact this policeman is indeed found to be guilty of the accusations presented, he has no future to look forward to AT ALL! In these times on earth with all the technology man has, he cannot go anywhere and not be found out. He might want to consider checking out early and give his family a chance to recover and move on. If I were in his shoes, I would not want to live any more, and again, this is something that could have been all together avoided if the man JUST would have had his libido in check. If you've ever wa ...
Im still voting for bob filner. Bill Clinton did a great job. Just stirring the pot. lol Luke McQuillen your thoughts?
A vote for Alvarez is like voting for Bob Filner all over again! Not what San Diego needs!
The final stretch of the mayor's race begins Saturday with Councilmen David Alvarez and Kevin Faulconer crisscrossing San Diego in search of votes. The winner of Tuesday's runoff election will finish the nearly three years remaining in the term of former Mayor Bob Filner, who stepped down Aug. 30.
First we had Mayor Bob Filner then we have worn the cops pull in women over there's no explanation for it I guess you could say the devil made him do it... more freakin lawsuits
This place really needs to start selling beer to us common-folks. Seems like you need to know Bob Filner and a political lobbyist to get in the mezzanine
The former campaign manager for ex-San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is one of two confidential witnesses who cooperated with federal investigators in a probe into illegal campaign contributions, U-T Watchdog has learned.
Four days after an evening event late last May at the swank Coronado home of a Mexican businessman linked to a swirling illegal campaign-contribution scheme, former Mayor Bob Filner sat down to a late,Spin Cycle
Ushered for the symphony tonight. Mendelssohn symphony with the extraordinary master Chorus and an unbelievably adept virtuoso soloist on an instrument new to me, the pipa. She was a revelation. We took Grace and Jerry--some of you friends will recall that Grace celebrated her 90th birthday in May, which Bob Filner attended, simply because I invited him, Grace's favorite SDSU instructor--and he didn't hug anyone but Grace, with the warmth that made her day.
Bob Filner's idea for a civic innovation lab started out with a clunky name and a hard-to-understand purpose. Now it's got a staff, a clear directive and a sleek moniker.
The last time Out-of-Town Special Interest Groups & Union Bosses supported & endorsed a mayoral candidate, San Diegans got the Progressively Degenerate Bob Filner! FOOLED ONCE, Don’t be Fooled Again, Don’t Listen to Union Thugs & Out-of-Town Special Interest Groups, VOTE for a San Diego Mayor that will represent San Diego’s Citizens. Vote for Kevin Faulconer!!
A local San Diego Radio station is running a smear campaign against one of the current Mayoral candidates.saying that David Alvarez is the same as Bob Filner. I want to publicly denounce this as a total untruth. No one running for the current mayor's office can be as off base as Bob Filner was and to promote that lie about either candidate proves that the radio station spreading that agenda is as stupid as they come. I encourage people of San Diego to vote (next Tuesday) out of your intelligence rather than out of radio station affiliations.
Unions now giving David Alvarez 84% of his funds. Really? We don't need another Bob Filner. What we need is Kevin Faulconer.
More rhyming Jews in the news:'Bob Filner was a national shame. And Ryan Braun squandered his good name.'
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Filner sentenced to house arrest, three years probation - Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner (D) has been...
Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner was sentenced to three years probation and three months home confinement Monday, according to ABC's 10 News. Filner pleaded guilty in October to felony false imprisonment and two misdemeanor counts of battery, charges related to placing a woman in a headlock, kissin...
We have team coverage tonight on the sentencing of Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. If you're not in San Diego, you can watch us streaming live:
BOB Filner Piece of scum jjust like your supporters
MT Ex Mayor Bob apologized & said, "I look forward to making further contributions to the city I love."
Docs: Filner Off Meds for Campaign: Defense attorneys for former Mayor Bob Filner attribute some of the former...
Might be a line to go to jail. MT "Where former SD Mayor Bob Filner will be spending house arrest.
*** I wish Rob Ford would have at least Bob Filner's sense of honour and respect for the position.
This is where former SD Mayor Bob Filner will be spending his house arrest.
San Diego Mayor Bob Filner agrees to resignle, but I don’t know if that has to do,,, http:tumblr,comxna44bwwmf
Where is Lorena on her bought and paid for Mayor Bob Filner?No matter how much you try to distance yourself from Filner,your just as guilty!
3 years of home confinement and 3 years of probation for ex-Mayor Bob Filner's serial sexual harassment.
SD County Probation will supervise former Mayor Bob Filner during home arrest, beyond.
No jail time for Bob Filner in his sex harassment case.
Baby Jesus stolen from a nativity scene in Point Loma. (via Also, was Bob Filner in Pt. Loma recently?
• Filner given three months home confinement and probation. • 'I want to apologise to my family, staff and...
Former Mayor Bob Filner sentenced to probation, house arrest
Ex-San Diego Mayor gets probation, home confinement for groping women via
Ex-San Diego Mayor Bob Filner avoids jail time on sexual harassment charges
TW "Ex-San Diego Mayor sentenced to home confinement for assaulting women" This man is vile.
Ex-mayor sentenced to home confinement for assaulting women
Court documents reveal details about Bob Filner's psychiatric treatment and letters of support from his family >>>
Future run for political office not out of question for Former San Diego mayor Bob ... - 10News
Bob Filner is a sick &He wants to run for office again after his 3 year probation You got off too easy ! You think we will vote for you. Think again!! You messed up San Diego ! You are done!
Bob Filner will serve in office again.
Got kick out of elevator by sheriffs today, as I get told that we all got to get out of the elevator I turn to my right and no other then Bob Filner former mayor was getting escorted by sheriffs into the elevator after they kick us out, I was like wth, I just waited like 3-4 minutes to get on the darn elevator, and just made it one floor down and you kick me off for his sexual harassing butt, smh
Bob Filner gets three months of home confinement, three years of probation for harassing women.
NASTY OLD MAN. Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner was sentenced today to three years of formal probation as well as home confinement for a period of 90 days starting January 1. During that 90-day period, Filner will be required to be on GPS monitoring. Filner, who pleaded guilty to sexually harassing three women while in office, was sentenced in a San Diego County courthouse by Judge Robert Trentacosta. Read the story here. The ex-mayor, 71, addressed the court just before today's sentencing. "I want to apologize to my family who have stood by me during this ordeal. To my loyal staff and supporters. To the citizens of San Diego. Most sincerely to the women I have hurt and offended. "To all of you I make the same promise I made to my family. To earn back your trust and my integrity no matter how long it takes and no matter what I have to do. I've already started on my path and I am grateful to all those who are helping me. "The letter submitted to this court by my family shows the progress they have already ...
Former San Diego Bob Filner was sentenced today to 3 months of home confinement and a 1500 dollar fine. That man Sexually Assaulted over 18 women. This is not right.
Why is it hard for me to be mad @ SD Mayor Bob Filner , is it his Disney / Grandpa face ??
Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who resigned his office in August months after a sexual harassment scandal that resulted in his serving less than a year as
San Diego (AP) — When he was mayor of San Diego, Bob Filner waited to be alone with women to kiss, grope and manhandle them without any witnesses, according to a probation officer's report released after he was sentenced Monday to home confinement.
Bob Filner you are a piece of work. Did you know he wants to build a sub division where Calvary chapel is! Our old jr high school please stop him he is a mess!
An investigative Look into BOB Filner Sentenced to 3 years probation and 3 months House arrest for sexual abuse in San Diego. The Women in San Diego got toge...
Ex-San Diego Mayor Bob Filner sentenced in assaults on women
The day of sentencing has come for San Diego’s former embattled mayor, Bob Filner.
Hey the Bacchanal in SD still open? time to have a sentencing party for Bob
The San Diego County district attorneys office really let me down today I got punished harder for collecting cans, then former Mayor Bob Filner did for molesting 3 of his aides!!!
Ex-San Diego Mayor and congressman Bob Filner has been sentenced to 90 days on house arrest followed by three years or probation and fined $1,500 for kissing or grabbing three women without their consent at campaign events or City Hall. Filner, 71,…
Bob Filner must be the teflon man, he got off with hardly a scratch. So much for justice.
State of Cal. County of San Diego has claimed eminent domain against property. Claiming it as necessary for their own use.Converting to a rehab/recovery home. LOL house of sober living next to a liquor stlore. Thanx BOB FILNER
I watched "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy" for the first time last night. I finally get why everyone kept saying "Stay classy, San Diego," during the whole Bob Filner sexual harassment scandal. Now I can't wait for the sequel.
Bob Filner has been sentenced! Do you think 3 years of probation is enough? Gloria Allred will be on with LaDona Harvey at 12:05 to give her thoughts on what's next for her client and her suit against the former Mayor. Listen live on AM600 KOGO or on!
Bob Filner sentenced in battery, false imprisonment cases; no jail - Los Ang... via
Unfortunately, the Bob Filner news broadcast filled up the timeslot. We'll try it again at 8am tomorrow morning. Be sure to tune in.
Ex-San Diego Mayor Bob Filner gets 90 days home confinement for lewd advances on women. Good thing for him hookers still make house calls.
Bob Filner gets 3 months to go home and think about what he did. With pay, I'm sure. Sexual battery and groping around 10 women (the ones who came forward that is). You know, the kind of thing that would get a non-Mayor sent to prison for at least 2-3 years.
Bob filner sentenced to 3 yrs probation...what a crock!!
Bob filner sentenced to 3 years probation! And lost his pension after being the mayor of Sandiego. He deserves much worse!!! Abusing woman, and using your power on these poor victims. My heart goes out to all that are affected by this bad man!
Bob Filner gets 3 yrs probation, home confinement for 3 months (starting in January), $1500.00 restitution, cant run 4 office for 3 yrs, r u kidding me who would vote 4 him!!! Wow no jail!! Shameful!
Bob Filner, once again you were wronged by the so-called justice system. I know you won't let these petty and trifling matters mean or touch anything in the person you truly are, a great and good man. Your enemies can wish to gloat over what they did, but they will never get their wish, no matter how hard they try, since we all know fools can never succeed in covering the sun with a finger. You are the glorious sun, and you will always shine through.
This Bob Filner thing is so sad for ALL the people of San Diego! Now his place will be taken by one of the other 2 - neither of which will be progressive enough! The whole thing *** for ALL!
The party of Ted Kenedey, Bob Filner, John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Bill Maher and Martin Brashir are in the "moral position" to accuse WHO of a war on women???
"It is better to lead from behind & put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur." Good Morning & Happy Monday to all who had a great weekend. The San Francisco 49ers win their 3rd game in a row 19-17. The Michigan State Spartans upset Ohio State Buckeyes & the Oklahoma Sooners upset their rival Oklahoma State University. Severe weather heading east has roads slick & hundreds of flight cancellations. President Obama is heading to South Africa for the Nelson Mandela memorial. Bob Filner faces sentencing today for harassment. The Dow finished the week up 198 points while the Nasdaq gained 29 points. Freeze warning in effect for the Bay Area until 9am, otherwise, sunshine in the forecast with highs in the upper 40s inland, 50s around the Bay & Coast, lows in the upper 20s & 30s. McDonald's reports their metric November sales up today's # of 0.5%. Have a great day everyone, stay classy.
From Rob Ford to Bob Filner,on the dangers of mayoral mistakes, part 3 of our series on mayoral vision
We need to bring back Bob Filner to moderate a mayoral debate. Jerry Sanders can serve brews in the back.
Daily Astorian - Scandal-weary San Diego to elect a mayor - Bob Filner's resignation as San Diego Mayor amid widespread allegations of sexual harassment has given Republicans a chance Tuesday to recapture an office they held for much of the last four decades _
Famous last words "I'm just going to keep on working" - Bob Filner, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, Anthony Weiner, and the latest . Barack Obama
If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee for President in 2016, I would hope her campaign uses the “War on Women” trope to her best advantage against the G.O.P.…perhaps by employing Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, Bob Filner, Anthony Weiner, and John Edwards as part of the outreach team (those guys have some free time)…
Reader Mail (Christie-Martinez): "Just read your column and I couldn’t disagree/agree more on your quasi-endorsement of a Christie-Martinez GOP ticket in 2016. Much like I dedicated my citizenship and San Diego residency to the removal of Bob Filner earlier this year when I began to hear rumblings of bizarre behavior at City Council meetings, I am dedicating my US citizenship to two specific things now. First that Hillary Clinton not be our first women President and two that Chris Christie not become President of The United States now or even after seeking anger management counseling be it voluntary or involuntary. Fine for New Jersey, but this guy doesn’t have the character to even play Tony Soprano much less become Auditor-In-Chief. Nonetheless, I find NM Gov Martinez to be a bright light and would welcome her throwing her bonnet, sombrero or hat into the ring in 2016. I can forgive her for campaigning for Christie’s reelection as New Jersey governor, but she has probably already learned that were ...
when your governor embarrasses you look up San Diego Mayor Bob Filner
Do you think disgraced Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has reached out to disgraced current Toronto mayor Rob Ford yet?
reality series coming soon with all the disgraced mayors living in one house together .. Kwame Kilpatrick (detroit), Marian Barry (washington) , Bob Filner (San Diego), Rob Ford and the corrupt Montreal mayors Michael Applebaum and Laval's Gilles Vaillancourt ... title to be determined . Fat City . Crackin' Up ... Blow at High Dough .
I forgot to mention that I wouldn't want ex-San Diego Mayor Bob Filner to be Toronto's next mayor, either.
In which we have fun wondering who's the worst mayor: Rob Ford or Bob Filner?
Americans in no position to lecture. Not after Marion Barry, Bob Filner, Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, Kwame Kilpatrick.
Toronto's mayor is as delusional as San Diego's X Mayor , Bob Filner
Bears backup QB Josh McCown is completing passes like he's Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.
So San Diego Mayor Bob Filner came into the Pizza place.I did not notice him doing any texting!
We'll crucify San Diego Mayor Bob Filner for his abuses of women but cut a break?
Filner casts short shadow in San Diego Mayor race: Mayoral candidates have not used Bob Filner's disgraced exit...
San Diego Mayor Bob Filner agrees to resign know how much harder it could’ve been if we went a different way AW
Ok. Here is the latest thought process on my mind. I think I figured out why California has the "likes of" Bob Filner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the rest of them... It is in the flora of the grows here. Well, it makes for a very diverse landscape?!
Robert Louis Stevenson was a Scot, born in Edinburgh in 1850; attended the Edinburgh Academy and the University of Edinburgh. Stevenson was a novelist, poet, essayist and travel writer. His timeless works appear in publications in many languages all over the world. What stands out is his commentary on the human condition. One of his observations is so perceptive as to be awesome. Here are his words, “Politics is perhaps the only profession for which no preparation is thought necessary.” That is the answer we have been looking for! The words of Robert Louis Stevenson have been with us for more than 100 years and now the secret is out. Now we know why Kwame Kilpatrick could be elected Mayor of Detroit, how Bob Filner became Mayor of San Diego and why Detroit School Board President Otis Mathis could be functionally illiterate! Now it is clear how Terry McAuliffe, an abject business failure and hack fundraiser for the Clintons can seek the Virginia Governor’s job. Alan Grayson (D-FL) is an over-educated ...
Kwame Kilpatrick was only doing what Democrats do in Democrat controlled cities. At least he's no Bob Filner.
The Decline (and Fall?) of a Far Leftist: . San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, the son of a Communist ...
For those who God's people that God loves the most to convinces that persons around you whom committed sins on this & that. Note: Mayor Bob Filner raped two young ladies for battery charge for 3 yrs probation & 3 months, report by Mike Taibbai. Definitely, I recognized that I shall not put myself in that person to judge people who do wrong in this & that which committed sins b/c US law & courts judge them if they arrest or judges has a right to do so & police officers chase after bad guys unless some of them are black police officers. Let Holy God judges them. I shall not judge other people who do many wicked or evils. Everything is our choices we make what we do for that unless that persons is addicted on certain things that they could not get away from the addiction whatever it is. Thus, I need more to forgive other people b/c my heart is aching & headache what I hear or what I see what they do that detest themselves the most. After 2008 second baptism, the Holy Spirit comes to me in my life w/ love & . ...
What’s next for Bob Filner: San Diego-San Diego former Mayor Bob Filner will be booked into and then...
I propose that AT&T revitalize the 'reach out and touch someone' campaign with disgraced Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.
Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner was charged today. Here's the two times he was named *** of the Day:
Hey .Aren't you going to remind us that convicted felon Bob Filner was a Freedom Rider? It surely mitigates his many rapes, right?
To recap: Kamala Harris announces deal ensuring there will never be a Bob Filner comeback.
Bob Filner pleads guilty to 3 counts. California AG Kamala Harris's statement on terms of plea deal:
What do Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, Julian Assange and Bob Filner have in common?
What do Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer and Bob Filner have in common?
Of course Democrats love women! is just an outlier like Bob Filner and Eliot Spitzer and Ted Kennedy and Anthony We…
San Diego Audit Committee, City Auditor and City Attorney to hold hearing on ... - 10News: San Diego Audit...
If Mr. Smiley, San Diego Mayor, Bob Filner laid his hands on your daughter, wife, or girlfriend, fondli...
Aren't these the people who backed Bob Filner?
Collinsworth is the Bob Filner of commentating.
Bob Filner to resign, still considering wearing a paper bag to hide his. creepiness (Matt Rock) (an older blog)
Clean out your own rat nest of Womanize sick freaks in the DEM party B4 going after Rep party! Bob Filner, Anthony W Bob Menendez
News flash: Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner appointed as HR consultant to
Okay if my last pic posting scared you, here is the real Hooters link. *San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is banned here.
James just made the most terrifying face and now I'm curled up pretending I didn't see it he looked like Bob Filner I'm about to cry
San Diego's future discussed at public forum: San Diego is still recovering from the resignation of Mayor Bob Filner.
20+ women imagining that they've been sexually harassed by Bob Filner
another day of silence on Bob Filner's sexual harassment of women, partisan outrage is faux outrage,
I don't know who is worse- Bob Filner or the San Diego State Aztecs...or the Padres or Chargers?!
Harassment an uncomfortable fact of life for many: Too many women have experienced Bob Filner's desire to kiss...
Almost thirty people declaring they will do a better job at mayor than Bob
Bob Filner will FIGHT 4 Women's Rights (but you gotta do a little service for him before)
To Jay Leno: Bob Filner reminds me of Jack's Teacher, Dean Travers, in the earlier seasons of Threes Company ???
More info on ex-San Diego Mayor Bob Filner's use of city credit cards...
New info regarding use of credit cards in the admin. of ex-Mayor Bob Filner has come to light since he resigned.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"You need to learn how to get a grip and put a headlock on those emotions." - Bob Filner, creeping.
Guy who had a special permission slip Bob Filner gave him revoked is reaching out to Gloria Allred. For some reason.
The federal Congress on the federal judical commit had been wating for years for Bob Filner to bring me to testiy to them he were protecting
So, according to Cory Briggs, the SDFP was a surrogate to Bob Filner. It's certainly news to me.
Umair Haque is somewhere between Bob Filner and Lindsay Lohan on the list of people I'd turn to for life advice.
I just realized that Bob Filner looks like Stitch from Lilo & Stitch.
Oh, great, Bob Filner, the perverted mayor of San Diego, used to be a history professor at San Diego State.
Bob Filner Failed, Not Democratic Ideology - Opinion piece by new member Don Dunbar
Fixed! MT Need more proof that the Democrats are waging a War on Women? Look no further than Bob Filner & the Dems that covered it up
Apparently Dennis Quaid went to his plastic surgeon and said, “Give me the Bob Filner.”
No Shoes, No Sex, No Service - Guess which part was NOT on the customer service sign hanging on Mayor Bob Filner's door.
"No Morals Required" - explains the list of candidates to replace Bob Filner.
Bob Filner’s successor could carry his agenda forward
It was facinating watching bob filner's vics go public. "All 13 victims said that filner...the 14 accusers were...after the 15th vic..."
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