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Bob Evans

Bob Evans Farms, Inc. is a food service, processing, and retail company based in Columbus, Ohio. The company is named after its founder, Bob Evans (1918–2007).

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I get sad when I see a semi filled with little piggies because I know they are going to the Bob Evans slaughter house around the corner 😞
I want to be home and go get bob Evans with you
Making some Bob Evans sausage this morning and I accidentally tripped over *** and split his head with the frying pan. :(
Showdown between autism experts and NDIS agency is expected by end of week.
Let these old heads at my job today act up and bob Evans will be off the map πŸ˜‚
Bob Evans: Is your company prepared to address the top challenges for 2016?
Just had a dream I spilt broc cheddar soup all over someone.. Bob Evans, you're giving me nightmares
Today I got so mad at molly I smashed her desert from bob Evans on the ground.
So sad that I'd have to drive an hour and a half for Bob Evans breakfast :(
when I mean breakfast I get lunch cuz its bob Evans πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
A fun chat with world class jogglers Wait, what is joggling anyway?
don't do that. Continue with your curmudgeonly ways. Use this to vent. And remember we can always commiserate at Bob Evans.
Why do truck drivers insist on coming into Bob Evans&asking me 100 times if I wanna go for dinner&drinks..I already told you no last weekπŸ˜‘βœ‹πŸ»
Had dinner with this beautiful creature and my awesome parents ❀️ @ Bob Evans
I'm fine guys - just been "hibernating" in the dumpster at Bob Evans off 141/44. Hit me up if you guys need me.
He's like "Taylor shut up & calm down". Like no dad this ain't Bob Evans, this is a sports bar. You gotta get LOUD when it comes to football
oh 😳. Didn't realize it was THAT kind of Bob Evans
I just ate a whole entire Bob Evans mac and cheese...
When you order a "family size" chili from Bob Evans & they give you 4 spoons like you're not gonna eat it all yourself...πŸ˜‚
Bob Evans in the morning is about to be greatπŸ˜πŸ‘…
When you want some Bob Evans but theres a wood chip in your pot roast ):
Bob Evans is helping my friend raise money for a service learning trip! If you can make it'll help her a lot!
I remember the days when Bob Evans would walk around the restaurant.
Oh no! First Bob left Bob and Tom and now he's slowly pulling out of Bob Evans too?!?
I just feel like it takes no talent to be Jennifer Lawrence? Like any white girl working at a Bob Evans in Indiana could be her?
Bob Evans service on hill rd is terrible!
if someone brought me cheddar baked potato soup from Bob Evans id be the happiest person ever
Units are on scene of a deputy hit by a vehicle at the Bob Evans at 1799 Ohio Pike in Clermont County
Seeing people work hard with a great attitude is a blessing. Big shout out to Bryan at Bob Evans by Metro Airport.
Bob Evans breakfast really isn't that good. Those little diners like Jim's or Fred's are so much better.
Bob Evans lady- What can I get you?. Madame- Can I have hot cakes? *whispers as if it's a top secret. And can I get chocolate chips on them😬
on your local Sinclair station this weekend. I return to TV to confront Bob Evans and his stooge.
I met in April of 1994 at the Bob Evans in Frederick, Maryland. Waitress brought me his short stack by mistake.
Old lady behind me says "I go to Bob Evans and tip 20 dollars even if my bill is under 15." Lmfao ok.
Don't ever goto Bob Evans with Dave and
Congrats to Reps. Nick Bain, Tommy Reynolds, Tom Miles and Bob Evans, and to the entire Mississippi Democratic Trust team on the 4 wins!
Please donate to my kickstarter to fund a personal stash of Bob Evans' smiley face potatoes for my personal use.
I don't trust people that go to Bob Evans and get hash browns instead of home fries
I've never had Waffle House before. because I'm from the Midwest, we have Bob Evans and IHOP
I'm at Bob Evans with my long lost friend Amanda and I've never been happier πŸ’˜
Why are Bob Evans' food preppers not wearing gloves when handling food?
girl imu alreadyyy. We have to go to Bob Evans again because I'm craving banana nut bread 😩😩😩
no that's if you make weird Mac and cheese. Store bought Bob Evans is the best. You just put it in the pot (add milk (optional)).
Checked in to the hotel. Out grabbing some dinner with my beautiful wife. (@ Bob Evans Restaurant in Brook Park, OH)
Support Relay with the help of Upper Sandusky Bob Evans!
All I want out of life right now is my dog and some bob Evans biscuits and gravy
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Sharing the spotlight with bob.evans & they have been together for I made it…
Thank god me and Katie didn't follow Jenny after Bob Evans like we were going to.
Come back to the Midwest, where we have Bob Evans and all-day breakfast with biscuits. :)
I wanna go to Bob Evans tomorrow before work
There's currently more drama between the Bob Evans wait staff than a junior high school dance.
I've served you at Bob Evans so what you trynna say?
Every server I've ever had at bob Evans has been a total *** lol
Bob Evans makes me happy bc all the old couples
The kicks off today. Mayor with David Evans & Bob Dupuis. https:/…
I could really go for some bob Evans right now
Me and are eating at bob evans and the sherif came up and gave us a gift card and said he wanted to pay for our lunch 😩😩
Really really hate Bob Evans right now
*1234 by Plain White Tees playing* "This is how I feel about Bob Evans."
Going to Bob Evans just to get mac & cheese πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
i was singing whitney houston in bob evans to myself and THE MAN NEXT TO US STARTED DANCING ALONG
lulunch lunch lunch (@ Bob Evans Restaurant in Portsmouth, OH)
someone who's not in class go get Bob Evans w me
I hate everyone . Everyone is ugly. Angie always complains . I love Bob Evans
Some lady at bob Evans told Jadyn she was the cutest, thanks lady, she's already got a big head on her πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Shoulda known half of Peters would be at Bob Evans this morning
Today's a good day. Boss bought us bob Evans, got my money back from men's warehouse, somehow finessed a free slurpee from 7/11
Having breakfast with my better half @ Bob Evans Restaurant
But I do enjoy working at Bob Evans & bringing at least $80 or more home a day πŸ’
Bob Evans is opening a new restaurant on Ann Arbor - Saline Road and are inviting friends of Ele's Place to...
Thank you to Bob Evans on Railway Lane, Hagerstown, MD for the donation for the gift bags we will be handing out at our Santa Event.
Bouta order some pancakes from bob Evans in class rn
Open Interviews (Birch Run): Bob Evans of Birch Run will be holding open interviews on Wednesday ...
Can't never finish these 3 hot cakes at Bob Evans in one sitting
I bet Jimmy Dean is rolling over in his grave. I bet it was one them 10# rolls. Her son Bob Evans wasn't happy.
Couldn't get with Bob Evans so instead, got with Jimmy Dean! Look at that snack pack throwin beast!
I love how McDonald's thinks their idea of an all day breakfast is revolutionary. Seems like someone has never heard of Bob Evans or IHOP.
Going to Bob Evans as The Backstreet Boys was the best thing I've ever done.. Nick and AJ are my favorite ppl everπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
I can't do this. Just give me Bob Evans and call it a day. I don't want to hear anymore Tracey Chapman covers at indie cafes
Wow we're getting an Applebee's AND a Bob Evans... Stepping up in the world Indiana.
We're releasing a free Top Rope Promotions match today. It's from Summer Showdown; T.K. O'Ryan vs. Bob Evans. It's a real solid match.
Work is set to begin for the construction of Applebee's and Bob Evans Restaurants on Oakland Avenue
*** who be out in public with white females always got that *** I made it smile" lol..where to my *** Bob Evans
Kevin Mitchell ( Jebediah / Bob Evans ) joins the next Anthem! at Giant Dwarf in Sydney on Wednesday November 4. http…
In the middle of nowhere Indiana at a Bob Evans by myself, and then off to nowhere Ohio.
I really like Bob Evans sausage gravy and bisquits. So much so, that if it were a person my wife would eye her...
Thankful for all the constants in my life, Bob Evans mashed potatoes, Andres, & Netflix: the real MVPs
Hey all! Please support us tomorrow at Bob Evans! We are all trying to make it out here! 😁
happy Monday! going to Bob Evans tomorrow between 5-8pm? please print out this flyer and show it when you pay😊
Cara, I was a cook at Bob Evans. Is that even a real question? 🍳
Feel like Marshall would make a great cook at Bob Evans
This has been a public service announcement for Bob Evans, how did we get down on this farm?
Went to Bob Evans this morning for Thalia's birthday πŸ˜‰ ((or did we just use that as an excuse))
Who should I talk to at Bob Evans or Jimmy Dean to get bat-shaped breakfast patties? Y'know... Batwurst.
Why doesn't Kent have a Bob Evans on campus πŸ’€ or McDonald's. I just need all foods right now.
Bob Evans was serving all-day breakfast long before McDonald's. Today, have your coffee cake and give 15% of your...
Felt like a long ride from Corsicana, Tx to Joplin, MO. Welcome back to the Show Me State where Bob Evans is...
Walk into Bob Evans to get some food and I saw my mama right there and hugged her. Best thing feeling ever.
I'm a little bit hungry . And I kinda want some cereal but then again I want some Bob Evans .
Out and about today, first to Bob Evans for breakfast, then to Meyer Music to pick up a new reed for my daughter's clarinet.
Shaq Evans got cut today. Shaq Evans not the Bob Evans..
this reminds me of that time you stole that bell from Bob Evans..
Nick is in dire need of some Bob Evans rn 😐
it's in my wallet, meet us at Bob Evans when we go in a little while
Everyone needs to try the pumpkin bread at Bob Evans. Its bomb
Give me Bob Evans or give me death.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Laura, Nixie & I were at Bob Evans & the waitress asked what we would look to drink & Nix says, "my mommy's having a baby so baby milk" πŸ˜‚
Hey everybody please pray for my friend jake ficara there ain't nothing wrong with him he just work at Bob Evans
One direction in Bob Evans and one direction playing in the car. I'm getting too excited πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜„
- Bob Evans, Inc. is looking for a Restaurant Assistant Manager in Buffalo,NY
also, for like seven years I thought Bob Evans was one of uncle Tim's best friends with the way he talked about him so frequently
Come out on support the Clio Fire Dept, Inc. today at Bob Evans in Birch Run. Show the flyer below and Bob Evans...
the music that plays repeatedly at Bob Evans makes me want to rip all of my hair out of my head
You don't want a close up of what I can do with a lunch special at Bob Evans, trust
Jerome Bettis is currently in Ohio and this Bob Evans Restaurant might regret this sign
Colonel Sanders,Ray Kroc,Dave Thomas, Jimmy Dean,Bob Evans--all dead--every man jack of them.
Heard Ray Lamontagne at Bob Evans over the weekend. Hadn't heard him in a while.
*cries in Bob Evans when she thinks about her future pet pug named Paul*
Heard this at the Bob Evans in Logansport, Indiana and again in one in Terra Haute! The Kinks - Come Dancing
Bob Evans, winking lizard, or pizza 😩
Bob Evans is my new favorite restaurant. So good
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
First time at a Bob Evans. (@ Bob Evans Restaurant in Perrysburg, OH)
My love life consists of the Mexican guys who work Bob Evans' kitchen creepily eying me through the food window and calling me "mamacita".
When you go to a nice restaurant but the service is slower than Bob Evans breakfast staff
Go to Bob Evans near Milestone to help out our cheerleading team having a fundraiser Carwash and Bake sale!!!10-4 Go help out or Cheer team!
Time peach chicken salad . My pick today at Bob Evans !! @ Bob Evans Restaurant
Bob Evans in Nashville is the most dysfunctional restaurant I've ever been to
Eric "Bryce remember that restaurant we went to called Paul Bunyan? Oh wait I meant Bob Evans!!" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Online records indicate the former Bob Evans Restaurant on 510 E Market Street in Celina was sold to D2 Holdings LLC.
Bob Evans is an old people restaurant
wouldn't know anymore, our Bob Evans Restaurant in Millville, NJ was shut down...
If one restaurant represents the heart of America, it's Bob Evans
It's next to the abandoned BP and behind Bob Evans.
Whys Perkins open to midnight? Whos under 70 and really craving Perkins after noon? go home Perkins, youre not Bob Evans, sorry about you
LIVE on Having breakfast at Bob Evans in Cape Coral Florida
Max and I ate brunch at Bob Evans like old folk
I want some French toast. Kevin need to get up so we can go to Bob Evans
Come to Bob Evans in Terre Haute Fri. 7/3 from 4 to 8PM. Meet the team, learn about the ROY G. BIV Math app, and discover how cool FLL is.
Dine to make a difference this Sunday June 28th, 7am-10pm! Bob Evans (29335 US Highway 19 N, Clearwater) will... http:/…
"I went to Bob Evans, and I don't know, I just got a case of the runnybutts!"--Lance's dad.
CDT Tampa Pickup Info:. Exit 266. East Fletcher Ave. at the Bob Evans on the West side of the exit at 9:30pm. Sarasota at 10:40.
In need of some Bob Evans smiley face fries
Oh, and we still have no definitive word as to whether Ohio can recoup the money from Bob Evans bust:
One can hope. I know Bob Evans did a market survey and said "no thanks". Also rumored that Rural King will take over Kroger.
Man screw this, don't get the steak from Bob Evans... hope to be better by graduation
you really have to try the apple pie, amazing! (@ Bob Evans) on
late lunch in rock hill love bob evans! (@ Bob Evans) on
Check out this photo of Bob Evans on
Stevie is my favorite cook, never a dull moment at Bob Evans.
So me and my mom are moving on Saturday and need some help. Message me if you can. We will be getting Bob Evans breakfast catered for all.
Coworker: Congratulations! I heard you're going to Bob Evans in the fall!!. Me: uhhh do you mean Bob Jones??. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Should I go back to Bob Evans or see what dominos or papa murphys is rockin with?
I rated Bob Evans on Get it at and use sponsor code tracey0223
Bob Evans Inc. just posted a new in Panama City, FL.
Kenny Dalglish, Ronnie Moran, Bob Paisley and Roy Evans. A relaxing cup of tea in the Boot Room.
Got an interview at Bob Evans tomorrow... I'm kinda excited πŸ˜†
I went to Bob Evans with my family in my bridesmaid dress and people assumed I was going to HS prom..
already looking forward to Bob Evans in the morning
I saw your parents at bob evans today! lol they're the cutest. 😊
pretty positive Bob Evans will self combust if tony leaves
All I want to do is go get pancakes at Bob Evans but of course all my friends are little *** and went home with guys las…
I liked a video Sometimes Vlog with Bob Saget (literally...kinda) and Tyler Evans
I've only had Bob Evans food once in my entire life and I work there
Liberty State wrestling tonight in Peabody, Ma. vs..Bob Evans! Awesome match. With
But I have a Bob Evans date with mama before she leaves for Cali tomorrow 😊
Chance basically just confessed his secret love for me & all of Bob Evans heard πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
I just sent cailee & 3 minute video of me walking into Bob Evans & being seated πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Today has been rough and depressing and to top it off I ate Bob Evans and now I don't feel good. Why me. πŸ˜’
I can't explain how excited I am for this Bob Evans 😍
noah is screwing us on offense. It's like having reggie evans out there
Pregame dinner at Bob Evans. we have been playing since 8am. Proud of all our guys
Let's see what this Bob Evans talking about
I went to Bob Evans 4 different times to get my job back and I still don't have my job and now they have a "Now Hiring" sign. K.
Westin is crying because Bob Evans took chili off the menu
I can officially say I'm done with Bob Evans. It was a long two years but I go through it. Although I…
I think I need Bob Evans breakfast asap
Just slabbed chocolate coconut PB on Bob Evans banana bread and ohh myy...
Come support Boys and Girls lax at our Bob Evans Car Wash tomorrow in Germantown from 9-2!!
Hartlepool fans dressing up as Bob Marley offends people? This is my mate as Emile Heskey
Had a blast with some of my Se ret sisters at Bob Evans...
EMS responding to Bob Evans on E. State for an unresponsive but breathing subject.
Advice for highschoolers: If the Bob Evans doesn't hit the spot then trust me, the Burnett's will.
Colin said I could pick anywhere for us to go to dinner and I pick Bob Evans. . I am a 60 year old trapped in a 20 year olds body. Help. πŸ‘΅πŸ»
Not sure if i want china buffet or bob evans... any suggestions?
everyone @ the Medina bob evans are on some hardcore drugs tbh
supposed to be getting ready for a party but sitting at Bob Evans waiting in chicken 😑
I ate breakfast at Bob Evans around 10 and I'm still not hungry πŸ˜…
I ask everyday why I haven't gotten fired from bob Evans.
It feels really nice to chill out and have a Mother-Daughter Dinner date at Bob Evans ❀️
I want some pancakes with strawberries & whip cream from Bob EvansπŸ˜“πŸ’”
Just had an amazing Bob Evans salad. Delicious!
Its cold and raining...Im hungry for Bob Evans. Yummy!
bob Evans waitress told me she can tell I work out☺️
9:00 am car wash tomorrow behind Bob Evans be there.
Bob Evans with squad was the best part of today so far❀ and
I can't believe it's my last day at Bob Evans πŸ˜•
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Have a meal today at the Twinsburg Bob Evans and support our show choirs. Thanks for your support!
Dang! Bob Evans got the best hot caramel mocha I've ever tasted! Yummm!
Country folk do exactly that on their biscuits every few seconds at the Bob Evans, It not hard.
My family is sitting at Bob Evans thinking of stripper names for each of the presidents.
I wonder if Bob Evans is going to start training me to be a waitress when I get back like they said they would πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Take the tires and rims off and put them on Bob Evans' farm tractor!! Now put on Chevy centre lines and some Mickey Thompson's
Ohhh well then come on over in your walker and we can get some country fried steak at Bob Evans 😍
Today feels like Bob Evans, a movie, some work in the office to prepare for this week, & some studying from this book
Traffics lights out at Green River and Vogel Road intersection by Bob Evans Restaurant
Don't forget about the men's prayer breakfast this Saturday morning! 7 AM at the Bob Evans at Jefferson Pointe!...
I went to Bob Evans in Ohio and oh man it was so good
they are open, they're about to bring me Bob Evans πŸ™πŸ‘Œ
Two very cute guys just held the doors open for my mom & I at Bob Evans & here I am looking like a *** what is life. πŸ˜…
Bob Evans for breakfast...Denny's for dinner
I hate that I can hear Bob Evans music playing at night. Why don't they turn that off?
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
"Williams would walk the spine of busy Hwy 141 to get to jobs at Burger King & Bob Evans to help support her mother"
Here fam. Drive by Wally World, keep going by Home Depot, keep going by Bob Evans. Boom. A&W Drive In.
ran into Lord Vom at good ole Bob Evans
Hungry? Of course you are.. You're in college. Sooo go to Bob Evans tomorrow and support our mission trip to DR!
You might be from Gallia County if... 1. When telling people where you're from, you start by saying, 'You've probably never heard of it'. 2. You've partied in the strip mines. 3. You know all the cops by name. 4. You know where all the roads named after animals are: ' Wildcat Holler, Possum Trot, Pole Cat Holler',etc. 5. You recognize names like 'Courtside, Uncle Kenny’s , and Ole Brick'. 6. When describing where you live you use references like Bob Evans, the Ohio River and the Mothman. 7. When venturing out of Gallia Co. you have been told numerous times about your accent. 8. You know what a 'stuffed shirt' is and you know where it comes from. 9. You have met and talked to Amish people. 10. You know the best hotdog sauce comes from Topsy-Turvy, now Remos. 11. You know Lorobis has the best pizza, hands down. 12. Friday night football is a way of life. 13. You've heard of ’The Collapse Of the Silver Bridge'. 14. You've ever been IN the only river in the world that's too thick to drink but to thin ...
I will be performing tomorrow night at Bob Evans in North Olmsted at 5:30pm. I will be at Dave and Busters in Westlake on Wednesday night at 6pm.
Come support our seniors with us and help us raise funds. The Senior Center Fundraiser at Bob Evans is giving 15%...
Bob Evans upgraded to buy from neutral at Janney. Price target $60. $BOBE 1/2 close: 50.60
Bob Evans (price target $60) upgraded to buy from neutral, Starbucks (PT $85) cut to neutral from buy at Janney.$BOBE $SBUX
Daniel Radcliff has been spotted in Flint, a Bob Evans.
Low key upset Daniel Radcliff didn't drive 45 minutes south and eat at my Bob Evans
Daniel Radcliffe spotted at a Bob Evans in Grand Blanc
Daniel Radcliffe, best known for his portrayal of the titular character in the Harry Potter films, is reportedly in Flint... and hanging out at Bob Evans?
According 2 local news,Dan Radcliff aka Harry Potter was seen eating at Bob Evans in FLINT, MICHIGAN.Let tht soak in for a min. FLINT. Lolll
I heard Daniel Radcliff was at a Bob Evans in my state of Michigan. Bob Evans? Really?
Harry Potter ate at a Bob Evans in Flint this week. Awesome.
Well i survived my first day at grove city Bob Evans. It's a *** of a lot busier at that store let me tell ya πŸ˜…
Lisa Loeb just came on at this Bob Evans and the waitress better not come by for the next several minutes so I can sing quietly to myself
.At 67 years old Clinton can get the Senior Citizen discount at Bob Evans and Walmart.
Yes mom and dad, I will go to Bob Evans with you 😘
Awwe the people at my great grandpas nursing home went out to lunch at Bob Evans and someone paid for their bill❀️
An elderly West Virginia couple passed away, with reports saying the cause was from a tainted meatloaf at a local Bob Evans. Or as Bob Evans likes to call it, "The Tuesday Special"
no Bob Evans and hardly a KFC to be found. They did have Taco Cabana though which destroys Taco bell
Congratulations Linda Wolverton! You won 4 tickets to the West Michigan Lake Hawks home game & Bob Evans gift...
i've never heard of it or had it. It's like. Never discussed here in Indiana. I feel lonely now. Bob Evans though... ~C
Our waiter from Bob Evans literally looked like KenπŸ˜‚
Here is a List of Jobs for the Wytheville and Max Meadows, Virginia Areas in Case Someone Lives Closer to There and Would Be Interested: Sales Person for Utz Quality Foods Inc. in Wytheville. Deli Team Member for Pilot Flying J in Wytheville. Retail Cashier for Love's Travel Shop in Max Meadows. Stocker Frozen Food and Dairy at Dollar Tree in Wytheville. Janitorial, Gift Shop Workers and Cooks for *** Barrel in Wytheville. Housekeeper at Motel 6 in Wytheville. Cook, Maintenance, Cashier, Wait Staff for I-81 Travel Plaza in Max Meadows. Hostess and Dishwasher for Denny's in Wytheville. Cashier and Dayshift Maintenance at Walmart in Wytheville. Stocker, Meat Helper, Casher for Super Dollar in Wytheville. Sales Assistant for Food Lion in Wytheville. Team Member at KFC in Wytheville. Housekeeper for MBJM Corporation in Wytheville. Breakfast Attendant and Housekeeper for Ramada Inn in Wytheville. In-Store Associate for Papa Johns in Wytheville. Server and Cook for Bob Evans in Wytheville. Customer Service ...
"There's a Bob Evans in Fred" this statement went right over my head.
So cool! I installed, on my phone, the "ESPN Watch Now" app (which is free, after entering your cable company info) And was watching the game, in HD, at Bob Evans!!! And there is SO much more available on it then what I can get thru the home cable box! So, I got home and installed the app on my Roku (which is a little media box that let's me stream TV, Movies, Netflix, YouTube and all kinds of free online stuff in HD to my big screen TV thru the WiFi! ) But I, JUST TODAY, tried the ESPN app cuz I always thought before that you had to pay for it, and had no idea how much they offered, like THE BUCKEYES, RIGHT NOW!! And now i can watch Monday Night Football in HD!!! (we don't pay the extra money for the HD cable boxes) Anyway, this is super-AWESOME!! I'm a happy guy!
Let's see today I had Bob Evans, olive garden, longhorn steakhouse, Starbucks, and now hooters. Will be at golden corral on Monday. :-)
Hamilton Collection
Many thanks to Bob Evans, Applebee's & Olive Garden for their free meals for veterans & active duty military today.
*intends to go to the gym but ends up coming to Bob Evans with her mother* 😘
Q4: Bob Evans, Tim Cook, Marissa Mayer and Elon Musk all reside in this city? Is it Carmel, San Diego or Palo Alto?
Saw in Newspaper that they are hiring for Hobby Lobby that is being built and opening in Dec on SR 50.They will place an ad in the classifieds 3-4 weeks before they open hiring 30-50 people includes cashier,stocker,custom picture framers,office managers ,floral design and dept heads.Pays $15 FT and $10 PT. Bonefish Grill is hiring 80-100 people opens in Jan SR 50 also. In the future Longhorn Steakhouse,Bob Evans,Chilis ,WaWa *** Sporting Goods,DSW Shoe,Vitamin Shoppe and Mattress Firm all are opening on SR50 by the movies. So those of you who I saw post in the past there are some jobs coming to our area. ALOT.
Photo: Bob Evans breakfast. It reminded me of Indiana, which in turn got me excited to go there this...
You know you're getting down there when there's a Ryan's and a Bob Evans at the same rest stop
we don't have Bob Evans in mn. closest is in Indiana. I'm not kidding when I say I pull off at the first highway sign
My dad has made it over to the rehab center yesterday. He is doing exceptionally well with the physical side of his rehab and continues to excel as his strength returns. Speech therapy is going to need some additional time and work but I know my Dad will continue to push and strive forward. Great news is he was able to leave the rehab center with my step mom for a bit to return home for a shower and a meal out at Bob Evans. He is due for another five days at the rehab center with intense therapy before returning home full with in home care and continue therapy there. Again I want to thank everyone who continues to ask how my father is doing, who continue to keep him in their thoughts and prayers. Al Horton, Dad, we love you and there is not a moment in the day that we are not thinking about you. Speedy recovery to you!
Those trips to Bob Evans and Roy Rogers took their toll. When you look like Doug Ford at training camp, what do you expect? Fat
I just realized who you were! does anybody else go to wright state and work at Bob Evans other than you, Michael, and I?
The folks at Bob Evans in Fort Myers on colonial are awesome. I always get grear service.
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