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Bob Eubanks

Robert Leland Bob Eubanks (born January 8, 1938) is an American television/radio personality and game show host, best known for hosting the game show The Newlywed Game on and off since 1966. Eubanks received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his television work in 2000. The star is in front of Grauman's Egyptian Theatre, where Eubanks worked during the first years of his broadcasting career.

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I think it was The Newlywed Show with Bob Eubanks
Only thing being made is you... since they do have you by the balls I think Bob Eubanks coined th…
"gives him the whoop-de-doo" sounds like a phrase you'd here on a Bob Eubanks game show. Gonna get a laugh out of that for a while.
Before becoming the host of 'The Dating Game' Bob Eubanks was a nuclear physicist working for NASA
Hollywood's Greatest Game Shows with Bob Eubanks is tomorrow! Get your tickets NOW for the 3PM or 8PM show!
Local TV news folks futilely trying to fill time on the Balloon Fiesta coverage. They ain't no Al Roker,Bob Eubanks or Stephanie Edwards.
What about a game show vet like Bob Eubanks?
spanish flea by Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass. Also the theme song from an old game show..The Newly Wed Game, with Bob Eubanks
I even liked The Newlywed Game with Bob Eubanks. I used to laugh every time he'd say "make whoopie". 😂😂😂
Even Bob Eubanks is sad to see Robert go.
If you live in the San Fernando Valley or close by, come out this Sunday and see me with the fantastic Beatles...
Steve Harvey on 103.1 got me thinking- best game show hosts ever >>>>. 1. Richard Dawson . 2. Gene Rayburn. 3. Bob Eubanks. 4. the rest
Bob Eubanks of TV's 'Newlywed Game' to appear at Lake Country School fundraiser
Worked with Charlie Tuna, Real Don Steel, Casey Kasem,. Bob Eubanks, Gary Franklin and more. We are getting old now it happens!
nice theme. Id say Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards for Grand Marshals!
now the Stephine Edwards & Bob Eubanks are now retired you should have them as grand marshals for the 2017 Rose Parade🤗 Thanks
Stephanie Edwards & Bob Eubanks deserve to be Co-Grand Marshall's in 2017. For many, the would be overlooked if not for them.
Final time with Bob Eubanks & Stephanie Edwards. They've been a New Years tradition in my house since DAY 1.
Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards tour with Tim Estes and Jim Hynd at Fiesta Parade Floats
Bob Eubanks, Stephanie Edwards reflect on hosting Rose Parade in their final year
My talk w/ the dynamic duo of the as they end an era. Meet Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks
Bravo Bravo. Big luv to this team: Rose Parade hosts Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards end their long run
Come out Tuesday at 8:30am to see Bob Eubanks & Stephanie Edwards at our special opening ceremony kick off!
We'll savor their last time w/relish!...hosts Bob Eubanks & Stephanie Edwards set 2 banter 1 last time
The best moment in all of 2016 TV is just SIX days away as. Bob Eubanks & Stephanie Edwards prepare final banter
Rose Parade hosts Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards prepare to banter one last time
The KTLA Rose Parade commercials ONLY feature Bob Eubanks and NOT Stephanie Edwards. Once again, she is disrespected.
Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards to exit Rose Parade coverage for KTLA
What if we were the Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards of the N Korea parade?
Now the news anchors are attempting to do play-by-play of the Sorry, but y'all ain't no Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards.
Bummed to learn that the next Rose Parade will be Bob Eubanks & Stephanie Edwards' last. They were the best. 🌹
Bob Eubanks will be watching you sleep tonight-- answer the question...
please tell me he is the grandson of Bob Eubanks
classic "where do you make whoopie" clip was from Newlywed Game with Bob Eubanks-- not Family Feud
Let's make WHOOPIE on Saturday, October 17th as Bob Eubanks is live at the Community Arts Center!. The Bob...
now they have no worry about envelope pushing. Don't forget Bob Eubanks had to call sex "whoopie" on The Newlywed Game!!
Bob Eubanks on Card Sharks is tremendous. Jim Perry is great too but Bob is *so* good with contestants
This will be the last Rose Parade for Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards
Bob Eubanks never around when you need him.
Due to the humidity, today's hairstyle: Bob Eubanks.
Pasadena Rose Parade stalwarts Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards dropping mic after 2016 event
Bob Eubanks is an expert shark hunter.
Baseball at Bicentennial, basketball at the old CMS, flag football behind Eubanks , Soccer at Bob Jones ...good ole days man
Bob Eubanks is spinning his tales right now in the Westchester Ballroom at Come on in!
Bob Eubanks came to see us last night!
I'm getting Bob Eubanks to sign a playing card today.
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Come meet the special guests in the Westchester Ballroom! Bob Eubanks, and
Wheres the leisure suit America?The Bob Eubanks America?The 1 that baild as the ship sank in2 reality?That saw the iceberg & thot cocktails
Bob Eubanks of "The Newlywed Game." Was on the panel last night also. What an amazing man.
Chuck Woolery on seeing Love Connection pilot: "The problem is the host was hitting on all the girls." Bob Eubanks: "I know who that was."
Super excited to have met these two Legends ; Chuck Woolery and Bob Eubanks…
“The Fest For Beatles Fans” -Bob Eubanks will be there. Happening this weekend in NY | The Port Chester Daily Voice
Producer/TV Star/Radio Personality Bob Eubanks, who booked the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl in 1964 and 1965,...
Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone! Hope to see you at The Fest for Beatles Fans this coming weekend. Hard to...
I've heard Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards announcing the on ... the new year has offically commenced
Would some dental professional please tighten the dentures of great-grandpa Bob Eubanks, great-grandma Stephanie Edwards.
-2°C/29°F in Pasadena! Looks like a cold Mother Nature working overtime to preserve Bob Eubanks.
.- Shame on ride was 58 years and not a mention on TV.
Watch the encore of The Rose Parade with Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards on CW network (KTLA) See the Love Boat cast reunion.
The 126th Tournament of Roses Parade comes to a close. Bob Eubanks & Stephanie Edwards placed back into cryogenic hibernation
Bob Eubanks, while announcing the Rose Parade commented about a Cathay Bank float that was struggling to make a turn-- "rots a ruck".
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Is it just me or is Bob Eubanks messing up the dialogue for the Rose Parade?
Isn't that special Stephanie Edwards & Bob Eubanks finally can make it through a Rose Parade without killing each other. 👏
"Stephanie Edwards & Bob Eubanks have more drama in their Rose Parade partnership than most long-married couples"
Ah the Tournament of Roses Parade, the annual defrosting of Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks from their cryogenic tombs
Bob Eubanks: "I've NEVER seen a band spell out an actual word.."
Met the great Bob Eubanks today, told him I loved The Newlywed Game. Think he was surprised and impressed!
Bob Eubanks is the Vin Scully of parades
Watching the Rose Parade and I have to say Bob Eubanks sounds nearly lucid this year.
Bob Eubanks asked his co-host "Where is the most unusual place you have ever watched the Rose Parade?" She replied, "In the butt."
Watching the repeat of the with Bob Eubanks being slightly nicer than usual. Was he spoken to about his belligerence?
Every new year should begin with the voices of Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks, narrating a long line of floats along Colorado Boulevard
Hey Bob Eubanks- It's Smokey Bear, not Smokey the bear. You don't say Easter the Bunny do you?
My favorite part of the Rose Parade is its hometown charm, which is helped along by the commentary from Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks.
"Looks like you need a job" - Bob Eubanks to Stephanie Edwards during today's So much love between the two!
Love watching the Rose Parade just for Bob Eubanks & Stephanie Edwards commentary. It gets more golden every year.
Bob Eubanks trying to pronounce "Jameis" is totally worth watching the Rose Parade replay for.
Always happy to see Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards ❤️ thanks for great coverage of my favorite parade!
It's not New Years until I've got The Rose Parade on with Bob Eubanks & Stephanie Edwards telling me what's coming by
Throwback Thursday: Me with the co-host of the Rose Parade, one of the original KRLA 11-10 Men, Bob Eubanks.
Watching on w/ Stefanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks is such a special tradition!
Call me an old fart but It's like comfort food listening to Bob Eubanks & Stephanie Edwards on the Rose Pa…
Every year, I wait for Bob Eubanks to ask someone whether their wife is more lusty, busty, or musty.
Thanks for another New Year of great coverage! Nobody hosts it better than Stephanie Edwards & Bob Eubanks!
I watch it on HGTV too, but KTLA's feed was really good! Bob Eubanks and a lady I don't know who had really good notes.
For people working on New Years Day, the tan on Billy Idol has only been matched by the tan of Bob Eubanks.
Bob Eubanks does it here on KTLA, but no thanks
How old are Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks? Like.150? They're freakin ageless.
Dear God. I'm both relieved and surprised that Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks are still alive!
is it me or did Bob Eubanks say some odd stuff?
Thank you Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards along with Mica and for another year of outstanding coverage.
Now Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks go back into cytogenetic chambers to be defrosted next NYE. Happy New Years!
A rather nice moment...ruined by awkward silence. Thanks for never letting me down Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards! Happy 2015!
I think Bob Eubanks just choked up, too.
Watch you guys all the time...nice to see you on this show...more energy than Bob Eubanks
Once again enjoyed watching the one, true coverage of the Rose Parade w/ Stephanie Edwards & Bob Eubanks on Hallmark Channel
You would think after all these years Bob Eubanks would know how to pronounce peony & helix during the Rose Parade! Come on KTLA!
Ahh. Living in LA most of my life it's weird to watch anyone other than KTLA & Bob Eubanks & Stephanie Edwards. Lol
Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks are the best! Their rapport is worth waiting for every year.
Can we get Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards trending today?!
Bob Eubanks seems quite like his normal passive aggressive self this morning.
Rose Parade blooper? TV host Bob Eubanks on what appears to be increasing ethnic diversity: Does anyone named Smith ever g…
Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards do the best coverage! They really care about this parade…
Bob eubanks I'm going with the song. .. "smoky the bear..."
Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards really do the best job on ktla
It sounds like Bob Eubanks is ready to kill Stephanie Edwards. I've always wanted them to have an on-air fallout.
Awkward banter with Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards is awkward. IT IS SMOKEY THE BEAR
Does Bob Eubanks still do color commentary on local TV?
Bob Eubanks and Stephenie Edwards just had a disturbingly intense, polite argument over the hippo float.
Miss Stephanie Edwards & Bob Eubanks without commercial coverage of the
Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards got a fasho check at the start of the year til their deaths.
I'm watching Rose Parade on KTLA with Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks - the best!
The first ewwwh of the day - Bob Eubanks asking Stephanie Edwards if she had a sexy cheerleader outfit.
Downside to Vegas, I have to watch the Rose Parade without Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards commentary.
Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards are like the Pat Summerall and John Madden (or and of the
Tim Estes giving Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards grand tour of Rose Parade floats
After hearing Chuck Woolery's political opinions, I can't wait to hear those of Wink Martindale, Jim Lange, Monty Hall, and Bob Eubanks!
I heard Mike Evans say this on Monday: Sad to hear about the passing of Casey Kasem. I knew him for decades. When I was 16 worked at my first radio station. The line-up was Bob Hudson – mornings, Casey – mid-days, Bob Eubanks – afternoons, Gary Owens – nights and Wolfman Jack!
Give Pat Sajak a break, remember how Richard Dawson was a 9/11 Truther and Bob Eubanks denied the Holocaust?
Spoke with Bob Eubanks yesterday twice during my shift- No Big Deal Right :))) lol gotta love working for the Hollywood Bowl!
Maybe he's a time traveler and he's going to back to the 60s to host the Newlywed Game. You just met Bob Eubanks...
Here is an extra Trivia question for everyone. Who is your favorite TV game show host. Bob Barker of The Price is Right. Gene Rayburn of Match Game. Wink Martindale of Tic Tac Dough. Pat Sajak of Wheel of Fortune. Bob Eubanks of The Newly Wed Game. Alex Trebek of Jeopardy. Etc.
I liked a video Card Sharks Christmas Jim Perry and Bob Eubanks
St. Patty's Day in the Rain - what to do? With an 80-90% chance of rain forecast for tomorrow, St. Patrick's Day, we have two great options for you. The St. Patrick's Day BASH at Wentworth will go on as scheduled with bands playing in the banquet room and pub, the Irish Buffet starting at 4pm, great drink specials and lots of prizes and giveaways. More than most other destinations, we can seat a large number of revelers between our banquet room, veranda, and pub. The Bob Eubanks Private Event at Crescent Oaks is open to all members and their guests. 127 are signed up so far, so if you have not yet signed up, now is the time to do so. It is guaranteed to be a fun night with some great food, including corned beef & cabbage. Details follow... Member Exclusive - An Evening with Bob Eubanks Monday, March 17, 2014 Crescent Oaks Country Club We all know Bob Eubanks as the most successful Game Show Host ever, starring in the Newlywed Game, Card Sharks, Rhyme and Reason and many more. But did you know that he was ...
Went to see Bob Eubanks today, he had a not so newly wed game pick people out of the audience normal questions. Now we had seen this done on a cruise we were on and it was HILARIOUS, sadly not so today. Bob is 76 and still uses the same schtick. The best part was when he showed clips from the past. Maybe he picked Dudley participants whatever I could not tell a friend make sure you go see it couldn't even say go see it if nothing else to do. tickets were $40 and we had not planned on going, but sales were so slow they sent out an email from the performance hall tickets HALF price for $40 no for $20 ok LOL I went online to buy tickets and we got tickets in the middle of the 4th row!! no tickets were sold past the 6th row OUCH but today by reducing it to half price the were able to fill 1/3 of the ruth eckard, which is a GREAT place to enjoy a show. My good friend Joe Jason could have done MUCH better
Jeopardy clue tonight. Bob Eubanks is beheaded after asking recently married Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey about whoopie preferences.
I was leaning toward 20% Bob Eubanks/80% Richard Dawson, but I think your suggestions are solid, for sure.
so we all agree next years host should be either Bob Eubanks or Tom Berringer.
MIKE F: Personally, I always preferred Jim Lange over Bob Eubanks (the host of "The Newlywed Game")...he just...
This week at home watching daytime tv has shown me that TV does not need another comedian turned game show host. Being back professional game show hosts, Hollywood!! We miss Wink Martindale and Bob Eubanks and Gene Rayburn.
Bob Eubanks live in Shores on Jan. 27 & 28 - Want FREE tickets? Look inside to find out how to get your's!
January 8, 2014.So many "famous" people have been able to call this day their day. Let's name a few...Josh Meyers, Kevin Ellison, Michelle Forbes, Jessica Leccia, Chris Masters, Amber Benson, Bob Eubanks, Soupy Sales, David Bowie, R. Kelly and Elvis Presley (my youngest sisters absolute favorite artist, lol). That's right, so many "famous" people, I didn't say GREAT people, I said "famous" people. They ain't got nothing on the person also celebrating her birthday today, that I think is "kinda" awesome. Someone who is not only an awesome daughter to my mom & dad, an awesome sister to my sisters, an amazing mommy to my 2 nephews & niece, a crazy aunt to my kiddos. She is an amazing sister & friend to me. I love her more than peanut butter & jelly, I love her more than Sonic drive-in (that's huge), I even love her more than COFFEE!!! (stop the insanity!!!) So to me the GREATEST person born on January 8th?? My sister, Hannah Chambers-Balagtas!!! Happy Birthday Hannah!!! Can't wait to see all the chan ...
Many others born on this day are far more deserving than I of the accolades and wonderful wishes being handed out. Today's Birthdays: Former Independent Counsel Lawrence E. Walsh is 102. Actor-comedian Larry Storch is 91. Actor Ron Moody is 90. Broadcast journalist Sander Vanocur is 86. CBS newsman Charles Osgood is 81. Singer Shirley Bassey is 77. Game show host Bob Eubanks is 76. Country-gospel singer Cristy Lane is 74. Rhythm-and-blues singer Anthony Gourdine (Little Anthony and the Imperials) is 73. Actress Yvette Mimieux is 72. Physicist Stephen Hawking is 72. Rock musician Robby Krieger (The Doors) is 68. Rock singer David Bowie is 67. Movie director John McTiernan is 63. Actress Harriet Sansom Harris is 59. Singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith is 50. Actress Maria Pitillo (pih-TIHL'-loh) is 49. Actress Michelle Forbes is 49. Singer R. Kelly is 47. Rock musician Jeff Abercrombie (Fuel) is 45. Actress Ami Dolenz is 45. Reggae singer Sean Paul is 41. Country singer Tift Merritt is 39. Actress-rock singer Je ...
I have been asked many times in the last few months how I became so obsessed with James Kruk and his ETA shows. We all have had special times in our lives where the memories will always remain very special. From high school thru Jr college I had the privilege of working with the DJ’s at KRLA radio on weekends, ran the Wink Martindale fan club and projects with Bob Eubanks, Jim O’Neill and other KRLA and KFWB DJ’s. I arranged for high school groups to dance on Wink’s POP (Pacific Ocean Park which is long gone now) Dance Party on TV each Sat night and Sam Riddle’s Juke Box Sat Night shows. Thru this experience I saw and or met almost every singer of that time including but not limited to Paul Anka, Bobby Rydell, Annette, Ann-Margaret, Chubby Checkers, Frankie Avalon, The Righteous Bros, etc. On many Sat nites we went to Panadora’s Box nite club on the strip in Hollywood to the midnight show to watch Jim’s song writer friend, Jackie DeShannon, do her own singing show. My passion was to be ...
Rose Parade with Grand Marshall Vin Scully, announced by Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards- that's the way to start the year.
2013 was truly an amazing year. Although there were a few hard lows, there were A LOT of highs. I still have to pinch myself when I think about the job I have. I traveled all over the US touring along side Bob Eubanks and Chuck Woolery on the Gameshow. I went to many states I had never been. I had experiences that moved me to my core. Darcy, you are a rare and amazing soul. I also was able to continue coaching acting, which I LOVE! Had the opportunity to stay with my family in LA when I moved there for a month! ;) And now I have started my own photography company thanks to the support of Megan and my family. 2013 is a year I am TRULY thankful for. But I have to say, with a heavy heart... I miss my aunt Donna Marguerite Workman Hall and uncle Arnie Hill all the time. They were both taken too soon. Also Megan's grandpa. My heart goes out to anyone else who dealt with loss. I have SO many goals for this year! Life is short, let's LIVE!
The 125th Tournament of Roses Parade is scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2014 and will be hosted by Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards.
Happy New! Be sure and watch the Rose Parade tomorrow on Channel 5 with Bob Eubanks. He loves our Equestrian Program at Pierce College and is a Pierce Alumni to boot!
it is a painting of the last supper with Pat Sajak, Bob Barker, Bob Eubanks.
TRIVIA: In the early 1980's, KTLA's Rose Parade host Bob Eubanks filled in for Casey Kasem's American Top 40 (AT40) show at least 2 times.
...cameos from Bob Eubanks, Richard Dawson, Jamie Farr. Starring the midget Billy Curtis: …
"what's that quote from?! Love movie quotes"It was from The Newlywed Game & Bob Eubanks asked the same Q to a wife
your girl look like Bob Eubanks. What's happenin tho?
I wonder what's the worst game show Bob Eubanks hosted, in your opinion? Me-- Infatuation or Family Secrets.
Daily Decision. Our last poll was all about fall festivals that are happening in New England this upcoming weekend. The BOURNE SCALLOP FESTIVAL beat the NEWPORT MANSIONS WINE & FOOD FESTIVAL by one. Surprisingly, there were no takers on the NEW HAMPSHIRE HIGHLAND GAMES. Dan, it sounds as though you really are going to the Scallop Festival - be sure to report back on it if you please. Listening to some old Tijuana Brass yesterday, I chanced to wonder about today's comparison. Not sure why. Which of these two shows did you like better: THE DATING GAME *or* THE NEWLYWED GAME ? I'm thinking the Jim Laing/Bob Eubanks era. What do you think?
Oh man the Victoria Jackson thing broke my heart when I found out. Re: Woolery, u ever c Bob Eubanks in Roger & Me? Must C
And I always thought Bob Eubanks and Chuck Woolery were the same person. Still do.
Watching the Newlywed Game. I love Sherri Shepherd but she's no Bob Eubanks.
Forgive them, Bob Eubanks, they know not what they do! Just sat through 10 minutes of the worst thing I've seen on TV in a long time; the Newlywed Game hosted by Sherri Shepherd. The spontaneity and honest humor of the situation that Bob originated has been replaced by rehearsed cue card jokes and crass (and remember who's writing this!) and vulgar humor. I hope this show gets nullified SOON!
This story was passed on to me by Bob Eubanks, it's a great story, and most of all a brief history lesson that I never learned about growing up in Chicago. If you like history and the history of the Chicago mob scene it's a must read and true. STORY NUMBER ONE Many years ago, Al Capone virtually owned Chicago. Capone wasn't famous for anything heroic. He was notorious for enmeshing the windy city in everything from bootlegged booze and prostitution to murder. Capone had a lawyer nicknamed "Easy Eddie." He was Capone's lawyer for a good reason. Eddie was very good! In fact, Eddie's skill at legal maneuvering kept Big Al out of jail for a long time. To show his appreciation, Capone paid him very well. Not only was the money big, but Eddie got special dividends, as well. For instance, he and his family occupied a fenced-in mansion with live-in help and all of the conveniences of the day. The estate was so large that it filled an entire Chicago City block. Eddie lived the high life of the Chicago mob and gave ...
Footage of Donate Life’s “Journeys of the Heart” from the Rose Parade broadcasts is now posted to the float website! Clocking in at more than nine minutes, the video features footage NBC (starts at 0:44 mark), which did a nice job reading the script and mentioned a staff member who became a donor; ABC (starts at 1:37), whose Hannah Storm called us “the float of tears” and did a wonderful job with nearly two minutes of heartfelt narration; HGTV (3:40) were clearly not in our emotional space; KTLA and Tribune Broadcasting’s (5:19) did a great job, with Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards eloquent as always; RFD-TV (6:48) did a terrific job describing us to their regional Midwestern audience; and Univision (7:50), which offered lively commentary and some great close-ups for nearly 90 seconds.
So Ara just got cast as an understudy in The Donkey Show (a disco adaptation of Midsummer) and she has this extended improv pre-show thing. So she asked me, "Hey Matt, can you come up with funny 70s-era pick-up lines?" Ahem: - Somebody call Bob Eubanks -- I just found my partner for the Newlywed Game. - I love the nightlife. Why don’t you come boogey on my disco ro-ound? - Whoa, someone call Charlie 'cause I just found three Angels. - Whoa, you must be one of those women’s lib chicks. That’s okay, I’ll let you be on top. - I'm like Sandy Duncan 'cause I always got one eye on you. - I wanna be on you like a leotard on Rod Stewart. - Hey baby, they just ruled on Roe v. Wade. Now we can do WHATEVER WE WANT. - Baby, you're classier than the Watergate Hotel. You should let a Tricky *** sneak around in there a little. - Whadda you say I put my Sex Pistol in your Velvet Underground?
Video of Boulder Polar Bear Club 2012. Apologies for the vulgar music selection, but I found MOP's remix of "Cold as Ice" super hilarious in this situation.
Bob Eubanks tells us about Zyppah in this commerical!
Learn More Here - Stop your snoring instantly with this self-molded, custom fit device that offers superior comfort.
Bob Allen Nissan would like to thank East Anderson Hardwoods of Eubank Ky, on the purchase of their new 2012 Nissan Titan Crew Cab SV 4X4. Thanks for the business, and proving once again the Dealermaker is LAUGHING AT BIG CITY PRICES!
"Bob Costas is about to talk about "hip-hop culture." In related news, I am performing brain surgery in my kitchen."
Just had Wayne Brady on and now on is Bob Eubanks
Tonight Joe talks with Wayne Brady, Bob Eubanks & Wink Martindale at 10pm EST on
He definitely is. Her on the other hand...I'm so enthralled I may channel Bob Eubanks soon.
We have tonight on on our salute to Game Show Hosts. 10pm EST/7pm PST Also Bob Eubanks & Wink
Last Night of our Salute to Game Show Hosts. has Bob Eubanks & Wink Martindale. 10pm EST
Tonight on we wrap up our Salute to Game Show Hosts with Wayne Brady, Bob Eubanks and Wink...
sounds good we oir guest tonight Todd newton. Tomorrow: Bob Eubanks & Wink Martindale
Liked videos (playlist): via OOOPS Bob Eubanks gets his shows mixed up.
Please catch me this weekend at the bootleg Rose Parade in Buena Park hosted by Stephanie Edwards & Bob Eubanks, at gunpoint. -Anne Hathaway
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
personality Bob Eubanks was born on January 8. Which popular game show did Eubanks host on the...
Eubanks Home on 8th and Creek St. One of the two brothers who were in business and helped John Marks build the Marks-Eubank building that June and Bob Melton now own on Main St.
Bob Eubanks will be with us on Thursday on our salute to Game Show Hosts. Listen at 10 pm to a special Encore of...
Another Joe Show cancelled tonight due to great Internet service!!! How do you explain this to Bob Eubanks?!
So last month I was to interview Bob Eubanks but wasnt working. 2nite I am to interview Bob again & not working
Have a great weekend. Join us on Monday 10pm EST as Bob Eubanks kicks off our Salute to Game Show Hosts Week on Revealing Talk Radio!!!
The host of the dating game was Chuck Woolery not Bob Eubanks.
is having a big week next week with our salute Game Show Hosts: Todd Newton, Bob Eubanks, Adam Growe, Wink Martindale and more!
So later today, during the inaugural parade, will play the Stephanie Edwards role & Chris Hayes will play Bob Eubanks.
What do David Bowie, Stephen Hawking, Elvis Presley, Larry Storch, Bob Eubanks, and Soupy Sales have in common?
Be sure to tune in to Julie Phillips all morning for the details on the weather fore the rest of the week, and Ben for the best music from the 90's and Now!! Charles Osgood (Newsman)-80 Shirley Bassey-76 Bob Eubanks (Newlywed Game)-75 Robby Krieger (The Doors)-67 David Bowie-66 Michelle Forbes (True Blood: Maryann)-46 Sarah Polley-34 Rachel Nichols-33 Gabby Hoffman-31 Zahara Jolie-Pitt (Brad & Angelina’s daughter)-8
When the band comes down Colorado Boulevard, what are the chances that Bob Eubanks makes a reference? 70%?
I'm such a Bob Eubanks girl...but such a Josh Elliott girl. Going back and forth between 5 and 7 can't be that hard to do.
Great News! We just learned that Bob Eubanks will MC this year's Equestfest. Meet many of the Equestrians you...
Decorating Places Tickets $10 Would you like to see Rose Parade floats before Parade Day? We can get you in to view the final stage of decorating. You'll watch as thousands of various flowers from all around the world are placed individually on these beautiful floats. This is an event you won't want...
Since you my tribute to Bob Eubanks and Chuck Woolery on Game Show Fever Chat! A big Suecess This February we are going to pay tribute to Tom Kennedy and Wink Martindale Dates for those To Be Annouced.
Bob Eubanks presenting at industry awards dinner. Hilarious clips from Newly Wed Game show. ...
Myself and Mike Gadbury were regular employes at the CC, along with Teri Lynn Schroeder who served the Lads those drinks. It was a day never to be forgotten, thanks to Bob Eubanks.
The complete finale of the first incarnation of this long running series starring Bob Eubanks, first aired back in December 1974. Disclaimer: Posted for ente...
Here we have the 1977 episode of "The Newlywed Game" (hosted by Bob Eubanks) which spawned an urban legend. Disclaimer: Posted for entertainment purposes and...
Next Friday 2nd of Game Show Fever Chat Series of Specials with A Tribute to Bob Eubanks with Classic Episodes of The Newlywed Game And Card Sharks November ...
Driving through Flint, Michigan, looking for Bob Eubanks, Anita Bryant and the bunny lady
The older Joe Buck gets, the more he looks like Bob Eubanks
From 1988, Bob Eubanks left The Newlywed Game and was Replaced by Paul Rodriguez, And The theme song was replaced by The Book of Love by The Monotones, Part 1.
Got my shirt unbuttoned tonight. Feelin like the rap game Bob Eubanks.
Join celebrity Co-Host, Bob Eubanks, business and community leaders and supporters at the exclusive Wilshire Country Club for Prototypes 3rd Annual Charity Golf Tournament on Monday, October 8, 2012. Golfers will play a 'team shamble' format with awards going to men's, mixed and women's team winner...
I commend Gov. Romney for a strong first debate. His delivery was fluid and assertive. Obama looked like he skipped his wheaties.should have had a V8 playa! But in the end, I still heard nothing new or outstanding. Romney with his Bob Eubanks game-show host demeanor and Obama looking like the reincarnation of Nikolai Yezhov, I was left with the same taste in my mouth as in past elections. The Dodd-Frank matter had valid points from both candidates but the talk about jobs, education, healthcare, and the middle class squeeze was nothing more than recycled fodder. Here's a thought for the corporatocracy: Stop exporting jobs, stop trying to keep us dumb and sick by continually slicing education and healthcare, stop pressing the middle class, stop selling us recycled "change" when it's really not true, and lastly, how about the TRUTH for good measure. Just more steep promises from two clowns talking about the same ole sh**.can't wait to hear the other two scrubs
Romney looked like Regis Philbin or Bob Eubanks at one point tonight. Ed Hochuli should have refereed instead.
If Romney doesn't get elected,he has a new career lined up-as a Regis Philbin,George Hamilton or Bob Eubanks lookalike.
...and Bob Barker in '00, and Alex Trebek in '04. Oh, and Bob Eubanks in '76.
Update your maps at Navteq
looks like a cross between a game show host and a gangster. Bob Eubanks and Paulie Walnuts, to be exact.
I'm a teacher in Upstate NY w/ an irreverant, quick-witted sense of humor perfect for the 4th reincarnation of YBYL. See Nancy
he could always just claim he was thinking of Bob Eubanks
Tune in to tomorrow 10/3 between 6:30-7 AM to hear Bob Eubanks talk about Prototypes on the Morning Show with Gary Bryan!
Come on lady, I know my tote has seen better days but this is clearly NOT Bob Eubanks.
Bob Eubanks... the Real Newly Wed host... not this one we have now...
Once on the Old tv Show the Newly Wed Game! Bob Eubanks asked, "What is the most Exotic Place You & Your Hubby have made Whoopie!" This one new bride, looks Bob dead in the face says, "In The Butt!, Bob!" It's an in the Butt Bob kind of day here in Shangra La!
I don't know...Bob Eubanks is my trusted political forecaster.
I had such a great time last night at my cousins Chuck and Laura Callaway's home! We were all there to celebrate LeeAnn's birthday. They said I made a pretty good Bob Eubanks. Lol. We had a GREAT TIME!
Next time I want the opinion of a cut-rate game show host, I'll look up Bob Eubanks because you're just a shill
Bob Eubanks Host The Newlywed Game with four couples who were on the show all those years ago, the fact that there are four couples that didn't divorce after...
At the Orioles game having a Bob Eubanks moment. Wait for it... Panic attack!
During one of my stops tonight, I was talking to a young man, and we got on the subject of my days in radio, and I was asked who had the best broadcasting voices I've ever heard. I was able to answer a few right away, then thought a minute, and came up with my favorite five. Maybe you've heard of them, maybe not. They would be Gary Burbank, Paul Keels, Charlie Tuna, Bob Eubanks, and a fella I worked with locally in Georgetown for a short period of time, and his name is David Jones. I also like voices such as Jack Narz, Tom Kennedy, Walter Cronkite, Mike McConnell, Marty Brennaman (of course), and I'd probably throw in *** Clark and Charlie O'Donnell. There are many, but I would definitely highlight these ones. Who do you like? Agree with me on any of them?
So it turns out is kind of an *** For shame! Bob Eubanks is rolling over in his grave!
The SEC Room is Coming! Hill (my house). I've decided to convert my screened in porch (known as the Martha's Vineyard Room) to an SEC Game Day Room this fall. I'm asking my good friends Kim and Bob Eubanks to bring up Arkansas Razorbacks decor, as that is my Alma Mater, but welcome all other SEC teams to help decorate. Those who in other conferences may post their team stuff IF they respect, or at least play and SEC Team during the 2012 Season. We are getting the porch cable wired with a flat screen on one of the two structural walls. Go SEC and Go HOGS! WPS!
Celeb sighting. Bob Eubanks in Westlake Village...what a great voice ;)
Serious question: What's worse... Bob Costas, Al Michaels, and Ryan Seacrest hosting the Closing Ceremony or Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards on the Rose Parade? Megan Rabone I'm looking at you on this one.
Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards woulda brought it.
FireKeepers Casino to offer more slots, rooms and jobs near Battle Creek
Chris Bickley special guest appearance with Edgar Struble and Bob Eubanks on the "Nashville Network - Prime Time Country". Music selection is "Friday Night at the Cadillac Club" by Bob Berg.
A co worker on my job asked me what I am going to do for the 4th of July. I told him,``Watch ``Card Sharks'' starring Bob Eubanks. It was an old game show that aired on NBC between 1978-1981, CBS from 1986-1989, syndication 1986-1987 and 2001. In fact I watched it last 4th of July. I will also watch the 1994 return of ``Family Feud'' when Richard Dawson replaced Ray Combs and the July 4, 1988 CBS premiere of ``Family Feud'' when Ray Combs saluted America.
Catch up w/ former KTVK TV3 Anchor/Reporter when he is our guest Sunday morning:
We had so much fun at the casino for game night and yes this is Bob Eubanks sighing my autograph and also got a autograph from Sammy Davis Jr's son !
ok so we lost *** Clark and now Richard Dawson, who is the next great game show host to pass on? I'm thinking Bob Eubanks...anyone have any thoughts?
Former game show host Bob Eubanks and his family have donated more than $100,000 in Western art to California Lutheran University, and it will be displayed in an upcoming exhibit.
Fellow Baby Boomers! Are any of us really going to miss Richard Dawson? Dawson was one of the ickiest men to appear regularly on TV since the shudder-inducing Bob Eubanks. (Hosting a game show or an entertainment news show does something bad to most men. Tesh, Martindale, O'Brien, Trebek, Seacrest, Woollery, Barker, Linkletter: creeps, pervs and lushes all, some of them documentably so. Only Sajak seems relatively sane at this writing, albeit resigned to his fate and bored to tears, like Garrison Keillor. Anyway...) Just because the icons of our fast-fading youth are dropping at a terrifying clip doesn't mean every one of them deserves to clog the news feed for 24 hours.
First, *** Clark, now Richard Dawson. Bob Eubanks and Wink Martindale, be safe.
The Newlywed Game was the subject of an urban legend for many years. The story, which had several variations, had Bob Eubanks asking a contestant "Where is t...
Newlywed Game contestant misunderstands Bob Eubanks' question, and the rest is history.
Bob Eubanks was such a perfect host because he slyly made fun of the contestants in that Eddie Haskell way.
Is it true that Rusty Hardin brought in Bob Eubanks to ask Brian McNamee, "what's the strangest place that you injected Roger Clemens?"
Say it ain't so! Alex Trebek, another one of my broadcasting icons (the others being Bob Barker, Bob Eubanks, *** Clark, Marty Brennaman, Regis Philbin, Joe Nuxhall, Chuck Woolery and Bob Uecker), revealed to FOX News' Chris Wallace that he is considering retirement! I know he's 71, but he's been the face of Jeopardy! since 1984! Who in the world could replace him? Of course, folks probably thought the same thing when Art Fleming left the show in the '70s. Well, whenever it happens, it's been a *** of a run, that's for sure.
I need you to Photoshop Devin Ebanks and Bob Eubanks together in honor of George Karl. No questions, only do.
Went to the casino over the weekend to see The Greatest American Game Show, the host was Bob Eubanks. It was great. I did not know that he has managed such people as Dolly Parton, the Beatles,Merle Hager an many more. He has had a fruitful life.
THR Staff Guests gathered on the grounds of Clark's Malibu estate included Chubby Checker, Bob Eubanks, Jerry We...
Went to Spirit Mountain casino yesterday with our dear friends Sean and Cassie for our anniversary. We saw America's Greatest Game Show hosted by Bob Eubanks. It was a great show. Didn't get picked to go up on the stage to play a game but we had a blast. Thank you Sean and Cassie for spending the day with us and for dinner. Hanging with you guys was way overdue and much needed. We love you!!!
.Bob Eubanks hair is thinner, but his voice is still butter
Catch the live webcast of the parade Saturday with commentary by staffers Michelle Mills and Erick Galindo; just like Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks at the Rose Parade. Sort of.
Rick Allen's impression of Bob Eubanks is suprisingly good.
Spend an afternoon with Bob Eubanks on Thursday
Good am, time 4 the 1140Sac/1270Reno. Bob Eubanks joins us 2day, you're welcome
mittens needs to replace Bob Eubanks on the Newlywed Show hey he's got the hair!
Yes! I found the channel with Bob Eubanks & Stephanie Edwards hosting the It's a thing.
Only in LA --- My son sees Bob Eubanks at the local Coffee Bean this a.m., wonders why he's not at Rose Parade. Bec it is Jan. 2!
Game over in Newlywed Game: Which driver would you forbid your daughter to date? Matt Kenseth: "Danica." Even Bob Eubanks loved it.
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Bob Eubanks learning the hard way from drivers that his beloved Newlywed game is no longer as effective in the age of social media.
Host Bob Eubanks sends the "wives" backstage: Kurt, Kyle and Harvick. Says BK: "I've never been so happy to still be on stage."
Putting finishing touches on future episodes. Doin my best Bob Eubanks!
Caught up today w/ legend Bob Eubanks in advance of the 45th anniversary of the Beatles concert he promoted here
Ed Flesh, Designer of the Wheel on ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ Dies at 79: Mike Barnes Prolific art director also worked...
Game Show legend BOB EUBANKS (of Newlywed Game fame) will be on set with me TOMORROW... I should make him WHOOPIE PIES, huh?!
When I get to 230,000 followers, I'm going to spit on a doorknob and whisper "Bob Eubanks."
My first and only date with Bob Eubanks. Come on. You know you're jealous. -
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