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Bob Diamond

Robert Edward Bob Diamond Jr. (born July 27, 1951) is an American banker and former group chief executive of the British bank, Barclays Plc.

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ended up making it down a blue and an old blue that was switched to a black diamond because of moguls. Got suckered into it! ⛷
Need to stick Jane Fonda into the vaults alongside Tom Hanks, Bob Dylan, Paul Weller and Neil Diamond 👌😍
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Former Barclays Chief Executive Bob Diamond was among former top managers who were set to stand witness at the trial.
Do they know that George Michael,Neil Diamond,Simon and Garfunkel Bob Dylan Billy Joel Leonard Cohen Sascha Baron Cohen are all Jewish
Baby Boomers won't go quietly into the disco/Bob Dylan/Neil Diamond night
Hasever checked whyDiamond bought a £37m Penthouse on a fictious Russian Name?Or is only scapegoating juniors important!!!
The ultimate arbiters of the models of banking and the management o...
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Don't worry, and don't kick yourself forever. Just take the opportunities when they come." -- Bob Diamond in "Defending Your Life,
Diamond Jungle/Whatever I feel like playing RANKED-SOLO League of Legends
Apparently dad requesting "classic music" means my next two hrs will be filled with Bob Dylan, K'naan, Neil Diamond and African spirituals.
Who could have kept this club up?. Not fair to Bob, hand him crap and demand a diamond. He deserves a better chance.
Long line to see the Hope Diamond? Forget it! I’ll bet Bob Hope is rolling in his grave right now.
"There are two types of people in this world: Those who like Neil Diamond, and those who don't." -Bob Wiley
Irving Berlin, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, Phil Spector, Barbra Streisand: Let's seriously thank the Jews for all the decen…
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I'd like to invite all standup comics to watch tonight. Gallagher does a duet with Bob Saget!
The feeling when you say "idc what flavor" and they end up giving you diamond. -insert sponge bob dying meme-
The diamond encrusted bishop's robes on display in Toledo Cathedral should raise a few bob.
Speaking in favor of closed primaries. Quotes movie "What about Bob": You either like Neil Diamond or you don't
Popular on : diamond prospector by Bob_Pixel
diamond prospector by Bob_Pixel - I know I dice with death everyday I am down here but Bro I can…
Just got an email from Bob Diamond who wants the BQX - a streetcar that doesn't go into Manhattan - to terminate in the Lowline space.
Bob Diamond and consortium exploring takeover of two Italian banks via
We have a Schedule C line at DHCD. How does our group actually receive the funds?. Best,. Bob Diamond. BHRA
Is it okay for a U.S. bank to pay a U.S. banker but not a U.K. bank to pay a U.S. banker?...
Snippet of on the Treasury Select Committee - taking on Bob Diamond effectively re Libor in 2012
If someone can't behave with their colleagues and can't be part of the culture, it doesn't m...
Never ignore a person who cares for you Because someday you’ll realize You’ve lost a diamond, While you were busy collecting stones.
don't you ever disrespect French toast like that ever again Bob!
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She belted harmonies to shine bright like a diamond while serving me. People are slow dancing to Bob Marley. It's beaut.
Bob Diamond’s African bank Atlas Mara snared in contagion as stock sinks.
Shares in Bob Diamond & Atlas Mara continue to slide. They're at a record low today, down 30% YTD.
Andrea Leadsom knocks down greedy banker Bob Diamond in 2012. She's got the chops for the top job http…
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Not wishing her back, but in 's defence, watch her ripping Bob Diamond apart here.
Bob Ferguson - The Attorney General of Washington: Therapy dog Diamond was brutalised & hung from a... via
I know - it is highway robbery - Bob Diamond for instance £6m - nicked in charges from customers' accounts.
I have so much respect for Bob Diamond for staying true and believing in Africa 🙌🏾
And Bob Diamond and Atlas Mara's fund have >$400m
"Voices made me fix these rates"said Bob Diamond, "and thus I plead unfit to plead on grounds of not liking jail".
yeah in Hit the Diamond it's impossible not to like her but...bob...c'mon.the tape recorder😭😭
Bob Drury returns, to celebrate 40 years of Neil Diamond, this July.
My obligation is to the owners of Barclays, my shareholders. They hire...
I recall my dad saying about me once that the only time he'd ever hear...
su spoilers // i love that in Hit The Diamond everyone gives themself a cute human name based on their gem name except lapis whos just 'bob'
📷 By the way I think that one of best moments from “Hit the Diamond” was Lasuli’s/Bob’s shorts. Say to...
Bob Diamond remains positive about Nigeria amidst currency challenges
Atlas Mara's Bob Diamond on global banking reforms
think we could go with the diamond. Emre, Phil, Zielinkski, Gotze, Bob, Sturridge
former Bob Diamond reportedly wants to buy the bank's assets
Click on the picture below to enlarge the invitation to the Dave and Alice Herald Fundraiser for Bob Diamond for...
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"I decided to invest because I fell in love with - Bob Diamond https:/…
" Bob Diamond for North Carolina Senate District 37 is a strong who will fight for...
Thanks so much! He's a real diamond really. Nothing like Bob!
Koichi, what have you gotten yourself into?! Diamond is Unbreakable 8 airs Friday👊. Preview: https…
same guy who was best buddies w Bob Diamond of Barclays
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I'm boutta go to work Bob lol i just miss y'all a lil. n you fake af for being in the city EVERYDAY but I digress 🌚lol
Bob Seger was my first concert! Followed by Neil Diamond! I love them both. No shame in my game.
"Build the relationship first. Ask for the exchange later.” Bob Park, Head of Career Strategy at SoFi.
Bob Diamond: Kagame is a verb. My advice to African leaders: you need to Kagame your country!
Bob Diamond at the launch of Atlas Mara's BPR today: "My advice to African leaders: you need to your country!
President Kagame now attending BPR Atlas Mara Brand Reveal Event alongside and Bob Diamond
Bob Diamond prev of Barclays doubles down on "It's a great time to invest in Africa" ht…
Bob Diamond? PIC? Here's who may be buying Barclays Africa...
Bob Diamond? PIC? Here's who is likely buying Africa:
Would you advocate the Diamond with Phil at the base, Sturridge, Bob right, the Llama left?
Brilliant piece on why Bob Diamond wants to buy the Barclays Africa business and not the investment bank. ...Guess why
Such a beautiful day to Such a beautiful diamond discussion today BOB, be the gray area!😌 there are no limits!✨
Its like bob diamond of Barclays Bank saying he knew nothing about the Libor scandal. Oh these captains of industry eh! Corrupt ppl
Kleinwort Benson Investors, prev known as KBC Asset Management Blames wages for collapse - not banks. 😞
Thanks Joh - a Dylan cover for one of my my solo CDs "Black Diamond"" Planet Bob. Ya goota go.
They just don't make them like this anymore - Neil Diamond - Cracklin' Rosie 1971
This guy really just said "Don't vote for Hilary, don't vote for Trump. You know who to vote for? Sponge bob, he wears square pants"
Bob Diamond preparing bid for Africa arm of Barclays, claim reports
Excelent day! Simon Swiss Diamond is very proud - BOB and BIS 2 in XII Swiss Mountain and Cattle…
The former boss of Barclays is interested in buying Barclays Africa
Bob is building a wlan (wireless local area network) bridge between Metro Espresso and Diamond Espresso in LB so...
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GS Walker: Vote for my friend Bob Diamond for North Carolina Senate District 37; an active and...
I'll meet you in the middle. Billy Joel and Bob Seger. Love 'em both. Toss in Neil Diamond too.
.And 4u Lehman fans out there, features heroes/upstanding citizens Bob Diamond and Rich Ricci. Vgood
The inaugural event of the Bob Hilbert Sportswear Short Track Super Series Fueled By VP for Open Sportsman is...
Look at Bill playing Tball on the small diamond at Kiwanis park. While DJT next to Bob knight and 31k in Cali.
Ashish Thakkar & Bob Diamond in bid to buy stake in according to
Former Barclays CEO Bob Diamond preparing bid for arm of Barclays
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Bob Diamond’s Atlas Mara is trying to acquire Barclays Africa — Quartz
You shouldn't be trying to create a system where no bank fails, but you sho...
Performer extraordinaire Bob Kulik will bring joy to your heart with tunes from Sinatra to Diamond, thanks to...
ppl go to the Harrington turf and check out my geotag but then also come to the Lil Bob for Diamond Cup 🤗
Why does Bob Diamond want to buy Barclay's Africa business and NOT its investment bank?
Check out this 241 pound arriving to us on Saturday! Captain Rob of FV Capt Bob just…
As we celebrate another successful SCEF Spring Gala, A big SCEF thank you to our Gala Diamond Sponsor Bob Bredel!...
Bob Diamond teams up with Carlyle Group to raise funds and put together bid for Barclays Africa Group
Bob Diamond confirms the rumors: He wants Barclays Africa back -
Arch-bankster Bob Diamond confirms his intention to bid for Barclays Africa/ABSA
Bob Diamond confirms discussions over Barclays Africa assets via
Bob Diamond confirms funding secured – poised to bid for control of Absa via
Carlyle teams up with Bob Diamond to prepare Barclays Africa bid -
John Mann is just a publicity-seeker. His performance against Bob Diamond exposed just how ineffective he really is.
One Barclays shareholder is not happy about Bob Diamond's bid for Barclays Africa. "I would rather take a lollipop from the…
Bob Diamond's Atlas Mara, has held talks with investors on a potential bid for Barclays operations in Africa to boost its presence there.
Meet Bob Diamond at this year's Africa Business Summit on Sat 7th May.Register now at https:/…
Former Barclays CEO Bob Diamond’s company is part of a consortium in talks for stake in Barclays Africa Group
Bob Diamond confirms the rumors: He wants Africa back. .
Robert Diamond(CFR)Ran into problems/excess pay accusations at Atlas Mara African Bank he founded
Bank baiter Mr Mason Mahon says he'd "rather take a lollipop from the devil himself" than see Africa back in Bob Diamond's hands
Vanessa Faura designed these Bob Diamond for North Carolina Senate District 37 campaign T-Shirts and had them...
I wake up every day with a smile on my face. Bob Diamond.
I guess Cousy's daughter live(s) in Black Diamond near there, pretty cool to see Hall of Fame great there, smiled when I said Hey Bob
Linda Proctor ~~ Zija Double Diamond. Yes, it is Her ! The Wife of Mr Bob Proctor !. ... I have discovered Zija...
Niasse will be %100 fit in time for Brendan Galloway's testimonial. I unearthed another diamond
Proud to be part of Black Diamond Bob Decant &
I'll miss you sm homie I'm proud of you asf tho. Good luck boob and I love you Bob 💗💗
Results of the 1st at at 1st Dicky Bob. 2nd Inside Out. 3rd Rio De Sivola. 4th Big Diamond
If ever there was someone for whom "shine on you crazy diamond" is utterly appropriate it would be Bob Ellis. Vale.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Do I wanna watch sponge bob or family guy ? 🤔
bob u wagered an all diamond team with all golds? I'm schleep
Yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free~Bob Dylan
Bob Diamond spies an opening as Barclays gets out of Africa via
"Africa is open for business, urbanization is real, scale of opportunity is real in Africa”-Bob Diamond, CEO of Atlas Merchant Capital
Ex-Barclays chiefs named in Libor case via Where ever people like Bob Diamond go Black list those companies
One of the great Story Songs, from an album with more than one: “Black Diamond Bay - Bob Dylan” on
look what I got for my birthday bob got this blue diamond god must be good I gess
Walks in front of the building me: oh look its Bob Backlund"
I've seen you guys sing bob marley and neil diamond in unison, you're not fooling me
Diamond Bob Cousy is the best PG in 2k RN, he just exposed he got clutch steals, he hit halfcourt threes, and assisted every1
Glasgow 4 Glendive 1 Final. Scotties are off to a great start on the diamond! Win their first game of 2016 season.
can I please have some reviews on diamond MVP Bob Cousy
Its Bob Diamond and Fred Goodwin that should be punished, how they have escaped prosecution is a mystery
Bob Diamond may be considering bid for Barclays’ African assets he should be banned from all financial institutions
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Our manikin Billy Bob is showing off her NEW Black Diamond Aura Harness and scolding Sam for not having his own...
Unarmed man killed by Arizona cop cried, begged for life
Bob Dylan and Neil Diamond and both Jews from New York I got confused!!
DOT hiring a streetcar director. Brooklyn rail legend Bob Diamond is a no-brainer for the gig!
raymour and Flanigan.. Probably Bob's idk but I like Raymour and Flanigan..
Bob Diamond shares thoughts on possible exit -
don't start with tile ceramic tiles cutting u need a diamond saw plus grouting is a pain in the *** Hang a door baby steps Bob
Looks like Bob Gannicott is stepping down as chairman of Dominion Diamond.
The Hills of Diamond Head Fine Art Photo Bob Ferguson: by fergfilm via
Culture of a corporation is how its employees behave “when no one is watching” (Bob Diamond, Barclays)  
Kindly play 'Sweet Caroline' by Neil Diamond. with &
Can't decide if I want inches, a bob, or stay natural for a while 🤔
Bob Stone, Diamond's dad, is in Ann Arbor to support his son for the second game in a row
Shibe Inu are really valuable. In that context, one could say that they're...diamond dogs.
Unbeaten colt Vancouver joins O'Brien very tempted to stick a few bob on at 20/1 for the Diamond Jubilee
Nat Turner in my past life...Bob Marley in my last life..
It's Bowie night at Bob towers and right now it's Diamond Dogs we're loving.
Thank you for your vital and appreciated support!
Thank you for your vital and appreciated support! -- Bob Diamond for State Senate. Go to
Oops, sorry about that Bob. Hopefully this one works:
Bob Diamond's Barcap had a "no jerks" rule and look how that turned out.
Exactly Bob I love Diamond Dogs,Scary Monsters.We'll remember this day forever & beyond,Ian
If your girlfriend/boyfriend is gorgeous an loyal. Why flirt with others? Why cheat? It's like throwin away a diamond, and pick…
Just had a pure philosophical and political convo with Bob in diamond nails love it
Bob Diamond looks to build biggest bank network in Rwanda via
thx babe going for diamond SMGs working on my 4th one
Don't know if i'm getting a middle part bob or side part with long hair🤔
Bob Diamond is running for NC District 37 in Charlotte NC
is running for the North Carolina in District 37 in Charlotte, NC
Diamond kept Maryland in vs Penn State. Bob Carter doing the same against Wisconsin
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Father of star Diamond Stone, Bob Stone is here to represent his son!
Feel for Kev Ratcliffe,he's desperately trying to find a way to describe the formation,'diamond with 2 forwards' …
The movie is here: Aletta Ocean, Blue Angel, Aleska Diamond and Black Angelika stroking an… htt…
Diamond in the rough she tough, I cannot get enough that's why I'm fw her
In 2011, Bob Junior, Wema Sepetu & Diamond were involved in a love triangle.
ur Nedbank talk for success helped shape my life.Learnt a lot from u and my life will never be the same.Thank…
Bob Diamond resigned from Barclays Bank 4 banking Libor interest scandal in 2012
You'll find one of NM's finest solo pianists, Bob Tate, in our Black Diamond Lounge on Thursdays at 6pm!
Pretty diamond wedding rings are nice, but my goals are to get a Bob Berg or Hyo Silver. 😌
I never set money as a goal. It was a result.
Bob Diamond £6m Barclay CEO likely to escape gaol over Quatari bribes in FCA deal on £50 fine unlike Hayes done for 14 years in LIBOR FRAUD.
The fall guy for the likes of Bob Diamond who really encouraged his likes to go for profits at any cost.
And Bob Diamond, he just skipped back to America, no harm, no foul.
Finally a crook from the city is jailed. Come on SFO there are hundreds more. Start with Bob Diamond and carry on
now they need to go after Blankfein, Bob Diamond, Jamie Dimon, Geithner, CitiGroup, Lloyds, etc. Criminals.
I am so excited to announce Bob is going Double Diamond! That is over $54,000 a year working part time. If you...
what about Bob Diamond? That criminal should prosecuted as well.
This business with LIBOR How come Bob Diamond walks away Scot free & now runs his own investment company?
why is Bob Diamond not being prosecuted as well? That *** was a big part of it.
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idk if I wanna bob or some twist for back to school... its too hot for inches.
Golekke timbangan bob p (with Annida at Diamond Solo Convention Center) —
My mother and her sisters made dinner to Bob Seger and dessert to Neil Diamond. I napped and killed a moth. You could say they're cooler.
Could You Please congratulate Pru and Bob Thould from Badsey, Evesham on their Diamond Wedding (60 yrs) Anniversary today 😃🎉🎈
Something like Bob Diamond's old plan to basically follow the B61 is not too unreasonable. Red Hook to Downtown Brooklyn.
Bless you Bob.and 30 years from now I'll still be going to Neil Diamond concerts. Now if he'll only live to be 106.
Yeah. But Bob Diamond has probably inadvertently managed to do more to kill this idea than move it forward.
Bob Diamond has been fighting for a BK one since the 90s. It was a Bloomberg campaign promise in 09!
SNAP FRIDAY 5 HOUR AUCTION! . 1.510ct Round brilliant cut loose Diamond, free setting, free shipping, Auction is...
Revolution does not start with a starts in the hearts of the people.
Awards shortlist remorse lasts, like, 0.01 of a Bob Diamond
I'm not sure if I wanna do a bob or get deep wave hair
Bob Ross inspires me to feed goats.
I want 442 diamond with Benny at top Dax at base and Zardes and Zusi on wings ahead of Bes and OG just to show what coulda been
That length of awards remorse is way too long. Awards remorse should be like 0.5 of a Bob Diamond
Did you miss last night's call with Bob Diamond? Replay tomorrow!
"need to get conduct headwinds behind us". That was Bob Diamond's legacy...
Ever wondered what Diamond actually does? Short film on why UK synchrotron is vital to science …
are you finally going to arrest bankers like Bob Diamond or symbolic small game like Lords?
Goldman's antenae on this is on a par with Ian Gordon on Bob Diamond and banks.
Bob Diamond in Talks to Buy Stake in Union Bank - (via FinaBiz)
Your bank is a DISGRACE. Implicated in almost EVERY scandal. How long since Bob Diamond said the time for apologies was over?😅
Bob Diamond, Barclays CEO had to leave office after Barclays Bank paid fine for Libor settlement. Anshu Jain will be feeling pressure.
Looking over the City of London Continue reading the main story Libor scandal Former trader charged over Libor Libor change responds to scandal EU proposals to take control of Libor Can we ever trust bankers again? Libor, the London inter-bank lending rate, is considered to be one of the most crucial interest rates in finance. It underpins trillions of pounds worth of loans and financial contracts. So, when Barclays was fined £290m in June last year after some of its derivatives traders were found to have attempted to rig this key rate, already weak public confidence in banks was harmed further. The scandal led to the resignation of both Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond and chairman Marcus Agius. Here are some of the key dates in the scandal: 2005 As early as 2005 there was evidence Barclays had tried to manipulate dollar Libor and Euribor (the eurozone's equivalent of Libor) rates at the request of its derivatives traders and other banks. Misconduct was widespread, involving staff in New York, Londo ...
"Africa is open for business" Bob Diamond,formerly of Barclays on d banking assets his new venture, Atlas Mara aquired across Africa
Bob Diamond could gain millions from new African investment venture via
Bob Diamond's financial services unit has poached top execs from Barclays, Standard Bank, Ecobank. They have useful intellectual secrets
TOP OF THE HOUR: Don't miss with heavy-hitters Steve Schwarzman from Bob Diamond of Atlas Merchant Capital.
If Moyes' style is more like Mourinho.. my style's more like Bob Diamond's.. or?
Bob Diamond's daughter got married. The Daily Mail asks whether the dress was "over-the-top" .
Former Barcs boss Bob Diamond (who was effectively sacked by a twitch of Mervyn King's eyebrow)
Former Barcs boss Bob Diamond talking about his new EM fund :. - says would not invest in Russia . - says is focussed on Africa.
Nigeria Renewal event to launch recent report with CME Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Bob Diamond
Bob Diamond in talks to buy stake in Nigeria’s Union Bank
. The African investment vehicle of Bob Diamond, has lifted its stake in Union Bank of Nigeria to almost 30 %.
What's surprising is that Union Bank was Barclays before the '70s - Bob Diamond's Atlas M. Increases Union Bank Stake
Bob Diamond continues to bet on Africa’s leading economic communities. Atlas Mara raises its stake in Union Bank of from 9% to 30%.
Atlas Mara (the venture of Bob Diamond & boosts stake in Union Bank of to nearly 30%
[Guardian] Atlas Mara stakes fresh $300m in Union Bank of Nigeria: Bob Diamond’s African banking venture is pu...
STORY: Atlas Mara says it has increased its stake in Union Bank of
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The comments on the Bob Diamond story are pure comedy!
Telegraph reports that former Barlays CEO Bob Diamond has bought a stake in Nigeria's Union Bank -
Bob Diamond increases bet on Nigerian bank. Via
Bob Diamond ups stake in Nigerian bank
Ex-Barclay's CEO Bob Diamond's new venture Atlas Mara buys out Development Bank of Rwanda
be a & join our community with; Ashish Thakkar, Bob Diamond,Mobolaji Johnson,Stephanie Okereke:
be a & join our community with; Bob Diamond, Mobolaji Johnson, Pat Utomi, Stephanie Okereke:
The 5 Step Formula Anyone Can Use to Be Successful By Bob Diamond I was speaking with one of my successful students named Chris a short time ago. He and I were talking about success and how it is achieved. He and I met in 2009 ago at one of our conferences. At the time he was a residential rehab contractor. He and his brother came to my class to learn how to invest in real estate in the hardest hit markets like Las Vegas, which presented an amazing opportunity in 2009 and 2010. Chris and his brother were in our coaching program and we showed them how to do a project in Las Vegas (buying multiple properties and renting them for cash flow while waiting for the real estate prices to recover). The two brothers paid attention and then in 2010 they got started. They raised their money and bought their first 33 properties. They wholesaled 11 of them and made a little over $60,000 - which gave them some working capital. They renovated and kept 22 houses as rentals. Their monthly profits were a little over $500 pe ...
yes particularly as investment banking is all about talent. Bob Diamond is already here! Barclays in Africa?
Yesterday, a statement was credited to Bob Diamond, former CEO of Barclays, who is attending the World Economic Jamboree in Abuja. Mr.
Barclays boss Jenkins hammers the final nail in the coffin for his predecessor Bob Diamond's legacy
The arena in Brooklyn that sums up Bob Diamond's hubris - my column in today's Times
Bob Diamond laughed all the way to the bank... . . .
Barclays is cutting 19,000 jobs in a radical overhaul of its business, including a dramatic scaling-back of its investment bank that the chief executive said would avoid a rerun of last year’s rows over bonuses. Antony Jenkins said there would be no repeat of his decision to increase bonuses by 10% when profits had fallen sharply, as he set out his strategy to partly dismantle the work of his predecessor, Bob Diamond, who had aimed to create a major investment bank. The Guardian, p. 29
lol I was gonna let Diamond give me a Bob but I think it's dangerous to keep that in for 4 months. Braids sounds safer.
Barclay's scalding down its investment banking in the UK ,, Who was that Bob Diamond ?
End of house Bob Diamond built. Barclays to cut 7,000 investment bank jobs:
Bob Diamond led Barclays to the top of the hill but now the current CEO does not like the view and has decided to take a trip down
How much was Bob Diamond paid taking Barclays to the top of the hill? Now that the outlook has turned, how much will the trip down cost?
Barclays are to cut 19,000 jobs. That's a lot of jobs. It does genuinely make me fear for the ordinary bank employees, who will now find themselves out of a job as a result of the rapacious staff who made their fortunes and left. I'm thinking of Mr Bob Diamond and Mr Rich Ricci. Those names are almost beyond irony. I seem to recall Diamond on £20Million in salary for 1 year. I think I'll have to learn to drive so I can knock him down (and out). Then I'll take aim at Ricci - last seen at a Racecourse - of course.
Bob Diamond - Being here in Abuja is a statement about Africa’s brand – The perception gap is still very real
Diamond deeds done dirt cheap? Prof. Bob Frank discusses our perception of value & replicas in
The mess Bob Diamond left behind: A bloated i-bank wholly unprepared to hold minimally sensible levels of capital.
[NEWS] Jenkins axes high-paid bankers: Barclays' boss Antony Jenkins today banished the ghost of Bob Diamond a...
Barclays axes 19,000 jobs, reins in Wall Street ambitions : Reuters Britain's Barclays reined in its ambitions to be a Wall Street powerhouse on Thursday and signalled a return to its retail banking roots with a plan to hive off much of its investment bank and axe one in four jobs at the division. Chief Executive Antony Jenkins, in his second strategic review since taking over as CEO in 2012, will cut 19,000 jobs in the next three years, 7,000 of them at the investment bank, and park 400 billion pounds of assets in a new "bad bank". A slide in trading revenue due to investor uncertainty and tough post-crisis regulation combined with a string of senior staff departures and a row with shareholders over bonuses have forced Jenkins to take a knife to the investment bank, built up under his predecessor Bob Diamond and once the group's profit engine. Jenkins said the recent halt in the trading boom was not just due to a cyclical ebb but was partly permanent, as regulators have tightened the screws on large bank ...
14 .000 staff are to be axed as Barclays hierarchy are feeling the effects of the disaster they caused ,i bet they still get bob diamond Esq bonuses long after .
What does Bob see in Zim? Bob Diamond, a former Barclays Bank Plc chief executive decided to invest in Zimbab...
Bob Diamond rules himself out of MUFC job! Anthony Jenkins happy to remain @ Barclays (all those lovely bonuses!)
Feels like Jim O'neil and Bob Diamond are quickly becoming the face of
James Moore: Let's hope Bob Diamond does not empower Robert Mugabe
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Bob Diamond's new firm is helping arrange a bond for Robert Mugabe’s cash-strapped Zimbabwe government
Just watched the Paul Flowers interview, can we have Bob Diamond and Fred Goodwin on next please?
In 2009, Bob Diamond told me Barclays would be a top I-bank and spent millions on hiring. Now, it's cutting way back:
Before I allow myself to call it a night, I must say thank you!! What a birthday I've had! One of the very best ever! I cannot ask for any better. Singing songs I love by my favorite artist and telling their stories to all my friends was PURE self indulgence! The love and support from everyone was intoxicating and humbling. It brought tears of joy! It was like a whirlwind! My opening night was made amazing by each and everyone of you who were there for me and with me! A full house!! All the gifts and flowers! My dear friends/family, Christy Frye who came all the way from DC just to see me xoxo, Christopher Tefft, Carly Ozard, Jamie Salzano, Jim Vern, Richard Becker, Jim Speake, Bob Diamond, Bobbie Horowitz, Dana Lorge, Susan Neuffer, Rachel Scott, Melissa E. Heche, Uraina Collazo, Kara Masciangelo, Brady Galan, John Koprowski, Barbara A Malley, Justin Epstein, Susan Richard, Asami Tsuzuki, Eric Brisbon, Eddie Pacheco, Simone Streeter, Erika Smith, Debra Allee, Joan Petrella, Dean Holtermann, Yink ...
Lib Dem peer leaves frontbench, saying of Project Merlin 'if this is robust action on bonuses, my name's Bob Diamond'
there were two events I could have gone to tonight but I was keeping plans with a friend who I'd not seen in a very long time. He stood me up. I missed Bob Diamond and the Broadway World Awards because of this.
A former senior Bank of England employee has claimed that Paul Tucker operated as a “spymaster” during the Libor-fixing scandal and that he had regular contact with Bob Diamond over a period of at least 10 years.
key adviser to Bob Diamond’s new Africon investment faces claims of profiteering
I really love what I got from ma mum dad bob diamond and ivor adele and everyone else thank u so much x
So Bob Diamond has really become Mr Diamond of Zimbabwe
What did Bob Diamond do next after Barclays, well he is tied in with another Bob, Robert Mugabe.
You see merit in a citizens mock trial vs as Bob Diamond & Rich Ricci give evidence in April?
Bob Diamond & Rich Ricci to give evidence in GCH case April 14. Citizens mock trial
A new type of Ngoda and a new type of Bob is to be found in Zimbabwe. Bob Diamond is coming with Uganda's Thakkar
One of Bob Diamond's key advisors to new African finance venture denies allegations over his work on Zimbabwean deal
George Manyere of Brainworks denies claim of profiteering in Zimbabwe Indigenisation deals
"Theres a lil guy that lives in botwood, his name is bob diamond. Hes a real jewel!"
I thought it was just a passing phase, but I'm still seeing youngins accusing everybody and they momma of being a part of the Illuminati :/ Do you even know what it means when you say that? Of course there are secret societies of rich people with big plans. There's lots of em actually. But your average rapper probably ain't one of em :P Although, there could be a secret society of rich entertainers (outside of Scientology that is:) - Besides, you don't need to look too hard to figure out who has an iron grip on the world :/ Most of those people are right there in the open for ya :) Check and see what the good folks at Barclay's have been up to lately. Look up LIBOR - See what dudes with names like Bob Diamond have been getting into. That's just an example from one group. They ain't hiding neither :P
“Bob Diamond aide denies Zimbabwe claim >if you have to deny it... Diamond keeps hanging in bad company
Bob Diamond aide denies Zimbabwe claim - - Fail in the West -dump on Africa!
Bob Diamond aide denies Zimbabwe claim: George Manyere, a member of Mr Diamond's "founder network" for his inv...
One of the most important scenes from Defending Your Life about how to reapproach living: Bob Diamond - "Did you ever have friends who's stomach hurt?" Daniel Miller - "Every one of them." Bob Diamond - "It's fear. Fear is like a giant fog. It sits on your brain and blocks everything. Real feeling, true happiness, real joy, they can't get through that fog. But you lift it and buddy you're in for the ride of your life."
Before the dust has barely settled on the Bob Diamond fiasco Bar clays finds itself fined USD 3.75M for lack of proper . electronic records by FINRA sigh.What an unnecessary oversight.
Bob Diamond is making a dramatic return to banking, launching a vehicle with Africa’s youngest billionaire that hopes to raise millions of dollars to invest in African banking. Mr Diamond is partnering with Ashish Thakkar, chief executive of Mara
The teacher said, "Let's begin by reviewing some American history.Who said 'Give me Liberty, or give me Death'?" She saw a sea of blank faces, except for Little Hodaiki a bright foreign exchange student from Japan, who had his hand up: 'Patrick Henry, 1775', he said. 'Very good!' Who said, 'Government of the People, by the People, for the People, shall not perish from the Earth?' Again, no response except from Little Hodaiki: 'Abraham Lincoln, 1863'. Excellent!' said the teacher continuing, 'let's try one a bit more difficult...' Who said, 'Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country?' Once again, Hodaiki's was the only hand in the air and he said: 'John F. Kennedy, 1961'. The teacher snapped at the class, 'Class, you should be ashamed of yourselves, Little Hodaiki isn't from this country and he knows more about our history than you do.' She heard a loud whisper: ‘F . . . k the *** ' Who said that? I want to know right now!' she angrily demanded. Little Hodaiki put hi ...
Thanks to Carl Bob Diamond Paddock and Hannah Paddock for the thank you card from their wedding. We had a great time and hope you enjoy the fizz when the little one arrives
Why if you can’t get a job and are 5 minutes late for a job interview or work programme do you get ‘sanctioned’ and have all your benefit (for which you’ve contributed all though your working life via national insurance contributions) taken away for 4 weeks and left with no money at all, whereas if you cheat the State through elaborately artificial tax avoidance on an industrial scale (notoriously like Barclays Capital or indeed any big bank) you’re not bankrupted, not disqualified from continuing in the finance sector you’ve disgraced, and not sent to prison? Why (a recent case reported in the Manchester Evening News) if you have progressive retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative incurable disorder, and are registered blind are you then told by Atos that you must go back to work or lose benefit, whereas if Serco charges the State (taxpayers) millions of pounds for false electronic tagging of prisoners that never took place, you suffer no penalty are told a few months later that you can contin . ...
satan *** international Dear agent Cameron/666 This is your employer satan.I am writing to you from the department of inhumane resources.We have been monitoring your progress here in *** There are still too many humans.You have not fulfilled the war quota in that the carnage and slaughter leaves a lot to be desired.The depopulation of Earth is not happening as swiftly as dark lord Rothschild would like.We here in *** are expecting you to improve the death toll with immediate affect. This is quite frankly simply not fracking good enough. The tears of the poor currently amount to a river what we are looking for here is a tsunami.We expect to see a tidal wave of new heartbreaking and desperate tears rather sharpish. Please be reminded that should you wish to remain in your current position within the ministry of *** your performance shall need to improve pretty quickly.As no doubt you are aware the interviews for prime sinister are currently being organised for the elections of 2015. Here at *** intern ...
A cash shell founded by Ugandan tycoon Ashish J. Thakkar and former Barclays Plc CEO Bob Diamond to invest in Africa has raised $325 million in an initial public offering.
Two diametrically opposed views of Africa appeared in my e-intray on the same day this week. The Financial Times reported that Bob Diamond, ex-boss of scandal-plagued Barclays Bank, had secured the preliminary support of several big institutional investors for Atlas Mara, his planned $250m cash shel...
All I can do is be me. Whoever that is. . - Bob Dylan
I have left you so many times before, but at every given opportunity, I surface like a diamond which lies beneath the dust of time.
point is whilst I agree with no glorifying Biggs at worst he killed less than 1/10 of Bob Diamond and co.
"Atlas Mara" I was just waiting to see where Bob Diamond gonna landing and rise up again. Here he is.Africa. When it comes to Investment Banking, he combines his Genius and Magic.he is an Oracle. Partnered with Uganda Billionaire Ashish Thakkar, African Financial Service Sector will be revolutionise in no time. He is trust worthy.
if its a girl her name will be diamond. If its a boy is will be bob
Bruh. I'm out there on the diamond in them 80's coach's shorts and knee high striped socks arguing balls and strikes Billy Bob style 😂
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