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Bob Costas

Robert Quinlan Costas (born March 22, 1952) is an American sportscaster, on the air for Nbc Sports television since the early 1980s.

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A few thoughts on my friend Bob Costas winning the Ford Frick Award.
Congratulations to a friend and a hero, the newest Ford Frick Award winner, Bob Costas.
Fired for making Bob Costas dress up like a girl and call himself Katie. Also, for teabagging Al Roker whe…
Past recipients of the Marty Glickman Award for Leadership in Sports Media:. 2013: Bob Costas (in attendance). 2014:…
Bob Costas says reality is football 'destroys people's brains' via
Further nice, famous people: Jimmy Fallon, Bob Costas, Lester Holt, and Mary Carillo…
That is not the only reason it has no future. Racist political grandstanding is it's doom.
Bob Costas: Decline of football is the most significant story in U.S. sports. Football "destroys people's brains." htt…
Congrats to partner Allen Allred for receiving highest honor for creating/leading the Bob Costa…
Bob Costas says football's future is grim: 'This game destroys people's brains'
FYI I quit watching or supporting football and this is why. I go shopping on Super Bowl Sunday i…
Bob Costas destroys peoples brains with his often non relevant ranting.
Also since when is Bob Costas the moral compass of America?
Bob Costas thinks football is about to disappear because it destroys brains
No it’s bleak because they politicized it..
I agree, evl will prevail: Costas warns future of football bleak because sport 'destroys people's brains'
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Bob Costa was the first one to speak out about steroid crisis back in 2006. This guy is in it for player's hea…
Anything Bob Costas says take with a grain of salt. He wants to take away our guns too
Bob Costas says football's future is grim: "This game destroys people's brains.".
Buy Bob Costas is fine with boxing (as long as he gets to pick up a paycheck).
Bob is right about future of but fails to properly blame for failure to address
Future of football is bleak because players hate America. Has little to do with their brains.
Bob Costas: Football destroys brains. Tony Kornheiser: If they don’t find a way to make it safe, it won’t be around. Coul…
Bob Costas is the worst baseball announcer of all time and I've listened to Gary Matthews for a couple seasons.
Bob Costas puts the entire national anthem debate in perspective with one powerful segment. (Getty) h…
Bob Costas '74 on Trump's NFL comments: "You're not going to find many voices of support outside his base"
So I haven't said anything about the kneel but Bob Costas pretty much summed up my thoughts...
"Patriotism comes in many forms.". The whole interview with Bob Costas (because some of you asked.) .
Bob Costas is a Domestic Enemy of America but there are many forms of Patriotism.
Like everyone who works for TV, Bob Costas is a pc coward. He's spent his career timidly whoring the media's leftist politi…
253-591-2022 is calling but I didn't answer Bob Costas
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Probably the best description of Patriotism I've ever heard. Well said, Bob Costas.
Bob Costas wouldn't know Patriotism if a 100 foot American flag fell on his HEAD!
Traina Thoughts: Bob Costas powerfully breaking down patriotism and protest is a must-watch
If Bob Costas and the NFL/NBA want to turn pro sports into outlets for perceived social grievances, that will be the end of…
Yo. Bob Costas was on FIRE this morning.👏🏾🔥
Bob Costas saying that disrespecting the flag can be patriotic, is like saying a man who beats up women can be a feminist?…
Thank God our is speaking for all those who love this country!! Stand up or get out!! "Bob Costas"…
Costas" Trump says "Standing with locked arms is good. Kneeling is not acceptable" to show patriotism to d flag. What…
BOB COSTAS rushed to Jerry Sandusky's side to comfort him after his arrest.
"People cannot see that in his own way however imperfectly, is doing a patriotic thing." - Bob Costas https…
I follow everything Bob Costas says because he is such an important philosopher king.
Bob Costas NAILED this. Patriotism comes in many forms, but it's been conflated w/ bumper sticker flag waving & "military on…
"Do you want a President who is so tone deaf to the racial implications of this?" asks Sports broadcaster Bob Costas
I agree with Bob Costas that the Flag does not just represent our military, it means so much more. BUT. that's not…
My goodness, Bob Costas really came through on this. Brilliant. .
Bill Maher and Bob Costas slam Donald Trump over Colin Kapernick rant
Hot take: Bob Costas is just the Billy Crystal of sports
But I bet Christine Brennan and Bob Costas are happy. To the NFL...that's all that REALLY matters.
Need people to find confederate solders with the following names: Joe Buck, Cris Collinsworth, Bob Costas, are report it to…
It would be so nice if FOX could replace Joe Buck with Bob Costas for playoff games. He's a million times better.
"The idea that Colin Kaepernick can't play for some ridiculous," says sportscaster Bob Costas
I wonder how many people read everything in Bob Costas' voice?
Why does Susan Collins look exactly like Bob Costas?
I personally yelled at Bob Costas for making you mad. He was unsympathetic
Well Pedro Strop comes in and lets up a double and run. 4-1, Cubs trail. I'm sure Bob Costas enjoyed that.
How bad did want to choke the *** out of Bob Costas after seeing him laughing it up during "This Was The XFL"?
I want to beat Bob Costas to death with a shower rod
Watching some Eurovision Logo's YouTube channel, and I'm not saying Logo's commentators are bad but I keep waiting for Bob Costas to pipe up
is essentially just the Olympics without Bob Costas.
Bob Costas, The best I've seen him today. Congrats Bob a great Job; "Questioning the baby" wow.
Bob Costas, was Great today, The best I've ever seen him, Congrats Bob.
You should watch his interview with Bob Costas on Youtube
Weird - I heard that in Bob Costas' voice.
Bob Costas or Al Michaels. The sporting events they have announced or just been at is unbelievable.
Look, Bob Costas called it the Flu Game, imma call it the Flu Game
May not count as reading - but watch or read: Bob Costas' eulogy of Stan the Man. 😇⚾️
Thats awesome. No doubt Bob Costas was informed about you by editorial consultant Steve Horn. I was his intern years ago
If bob Costas and Curt Schilling call a game together, I'd be ok if they stuck to baseball.
Redskins: "exposure only to a message from (Bob) Costas" leads to viewing team name as racist Ab$
Noah Syndergaard is under heavy fire as he tries to do an interview with Bob Costas and John Smoltz. [MLB Network]
Not unless he's talking to bob costas.
Bob Costas discusses pro wrestling, the XFL, and that confrontation with Vince McMahon
Greeny's Hubie sounded more like Howerd Cosell.. also what happened to Bob Costas being the favorite?!
Greeny i thought you said Bob Costas was your favorite announcer
After Brent Musburger won the Lifetime Achievement Emmy, Rich asked Bob Costas if he had any good Brent stories. The res…
Thanks. I'm hoping someone will email the clip to me with Bob Costas saying my name on the MLB Network.
Throwback to Ichiro telling Bob Costas his favorite English expression 😂
Gotta love it! Worst part was listening to Bob Costas butcher the p…
Bob Costas subtly reminding people he's a degenerate gambler by saying the final score of the Yankees/Astros game was 7-2.
Can't take Bob Costas on MLB Network. King of the awful, cringe-worthy pun. It's nauseating.
Love to hear Bob Costas broadcast a baseball game!
Love Bob Costas and Jim Kaat, but both talking about Tigers on NYY broadcast like 35 games left rather than 35 played.
Bob Costas should have spike lee, billy crystal in the booth! Putz
ASTROS v YANKEES (in May with Bob Costas doing play by play mind you) > NBA Playoffs wake me up for CLE/GSW
"Cleveland appears to be the class of their division..." - Bob Costas. We're less than 35 games into the season, BOB. Chill. Tigers 1.5 GB.
Bob Costas is the human equivalent of an O'doul's.
Bob Costas calling baseball games always takes me back to when I was a kid watching playoff baseball in the 90s
I voted Arnold just for the schadenfreude, but will accept Powell, Comey, Yates, Garland, Hillary,…
Watching a baseball game and listening to my favorite announcer, Bob Costas. Whether it's MLB, NBA, NFL studio, Olympics, he's the best.
Costas and Smoltz are definitely not having there best game.. numerous mistakes by Bob.. not the norm!
Bob Costas drives me nuts calling baseball. It's like a pebble in a shoe.
Watching the Yankees game called by Bob Costas. I'm literally in my glory. Don't spoil!
You know you've made it when Bob Costas says your name on national TV.
And to boot Bob Costas and the but hurt Smoltz are calling this game. A loss all the way around
wanna tell bob costas we know how much Carter strikes out? Has to bring it up every time, where's the color guy w some other day
Remember when Bob Costas got pink eye during the olympics? .
Could you please advise Bob Costas to pay attention to instant replay. Altuve was tagged out at 2nd.
"Real possibility that Bryce Harper will be wearing pinstripes in 2019" - Bob Costas
Bob costas mentioning Bruce Harper could be added to the Yankee lineup, screw off
Very cool to get a shout-out from Bob Costas. It'd be even nicer to own an HD version of this clip. Can anyone poss…
"He made the one mistake to Correa." . manager Joe Girardi spoke with Bob Costas and John Smoltz during tonight's…
Bob Costas is hitting me with tennis terms during a baseball broadcast and I've never felt whiter.
I think I've finally found a sport in which I can stand Bob Costas, baseball! He's all stats and no politics. For a change!
Amazing how a extreme capitalize like bob costas can idolize fidal Castro!
Can Bob Costas retire? He is the worst baseball commentator I have ever heard
Bob Costas and John Smoltz are too busy going down on Chris Sale to even acknowledge Masahiro Tanaka's existence.
Bob Costas and John Smoltz preview tonight's game between the and
Gonna be amazing when Garth's doing all those interviews with Elliotte Friedman, Michael Farber, Bob Costas to talk…
Pedro Strop the human gas can. This guys is worthless just ask Bob Costas!
You know, about 3 years ago, Bob Costas went OFF on Augusta, quite extemporaneously, on the Dan Patrick Show- it's worth your time
They did have Bob Costas and Al Michaels on, and some footage from football, Jordan, baseball, soccer and the Olympics.
I can't see Bob Costas & Al Michaels together without thinking of them calling the games in BASEketball.
Could you guys please just go word-for-word from Bob Costas and Al Michaels in Baseketball?
Will anything ever beat Bob Costas hosting, Marv Albert doing pxp on the NBA on NBC, especially when MJ visited MSG in the mid 90's?
Bob Costas passes olympic torch to who will host the 2018 Winter Olympics from Pyeongchang
Bob Costas never flinched when it came to journalistic integrity at the Olympics. Harder than you will ever know.
Inbox: Bob Costas stepping aside as NBC's primetime Olympics host. Mike Tirico will succeed him at PyeongChang 2018.
A whole generation of aspiring broadcasters flocked to to be "The Next Bob Costas." actually did it.
Whoa! Congrats to and thank you to Bob Costas for being the greatest to ever do it. Big shoes to fill!…
We will not have to worry about pinkeye anymore.
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Bob Costas announces he'll no longer be hosting NBC's Olympic coverage.
The dulcet sounds of Bob Costas will no longer grace your Olympics.
Tirico was the first recipient of the Bob Costas Scholarship at Syracuse. Now he's replacing Costas on the Olympics. https:…
[USA Today Sports For The Win]As has been written across this site and USA TODAY Sports today after…
[USA Today]Reactions to Bob Costas stepping down as NBC Olympics host Bob Costas is stepping down f…
[New England Sports Network]The time has come for Bob Costas to pass the torch to Mike Tirico and a…
[Washington Post]NEW YORK — Bob Costas is stepping down from his role as prime-time host of NBC’s O…
[FanSided]Bob Costas has become synonymous with the Olympics, but he’s stepping aside as NBC’s prim…
Thank god. If I had to watch a Bob Costas segment about anime in 2020 I would have thrown my TV out the window.
WATCH: Bob Costas passes the torch to announces he is handing off his primetime Olympic duties
I was part of the Nbc Sports & Olympics PR team for 5 yrs, inc. 3 Olympics. Few thoughts on the extraordinary Bob C…
Rumors of Bob Costas stepping down from Olympic coverage to audition for us are just that: rumors.
Bob Costas passes the torch to Mike Tirico
So much Newhouse mafia pride! 🍊 Congrats and best of luck Bob Costas!
Bob Costas is ending his run as the voice of NBC's Olympics coverage, one of the longest in sports broadcasting
Bob Costas steps down from NBC’s Olympic hosting duties after 24 years
Will always be a fan of Bob Costas but so happy for Congrats bro!! You're gonna crush it!!
I guess with Bob Costas stepping down as Olympics host, he won't have to take the redeye to any more opening ceremonies!
Bob Costas spoke about the Olympics at His take on whether the Games should move back to Athens:…
NBC's Mike Tirico replacing Bob Costas at Olympics via the Android app
And congratulations on a job brilliantly done for 24 years by Bob Costas, the best there has ever been in our line of work.…
Bob Costas passes the torch to at the
NBC's Bob Costas being replaced by Mike Tirico as Olympics host. (via )
When NBC televises next year’s Winter Olympics, a familiar face will be gone from the prime-time anchor seat.
I love Tirico, but the nation will miss Bob. Well, except and her anti-American stance on Costas
Here is the interview with Bob Costas and Mike Tirico
Bob Costas stepped down as the Olympic's host. However, all countries have agreed to use his pasty, white face instead of the 5 circle logo.
I can't watch the Olympics without Bob Costas? 😢Even when he had the funky eye disease he's the best there ever was! And really does he age?
Brennan: Bob Costas has been the face of the Olympics for Americans
Olympic host Bob Costas will be replaced by Mike Tirico
Bob Costas passes Olympic primetime torch to Mike Tirico
Bob Costas is stepping down as NBC's prime-time host for the Olympics, to be replaced by Mike Tirico in South Korea.
“Bob Costas passes hosting torch to Mike Tirico”.
ICYMI- Bob Costas is passing the Olympic torch to Mike Tirico:
Mike Tirico just took the reins from Bob Costas:
Mike Tirico > Bob Costas. We can all agree on this.
Bob Costas has literally been the face/voice of the Olympics since I was born, but I do really like Mike Tirico & t…
Bob Costas steps aside as Olympics host; Mike Tirico to take over
Bob Costas passes the NBC Olympic primetime hosting role to Mike Tirico.
Keeping it in the 🍊 family: to take over primetime hosting duties from Bob Costas '74
it's the end of an era as Bob Costas passes the torch of Olympics coverage over to Mike Tirico.
Bob Costas is passing the Olympics coverage torch.
So, Bob Costas will step down from his hosting roles on NBC's Olympic Primetime and Football Night in America. Mike Tirico is his successor.
Mike Tirico takes over for Bob Costas as NBC's primetime Olympics host
Bob Costas steps aside as Olympic host
Bob Costas is leaving the Mike Tirico to take over
Mike Tirico taking over NBC Olympics coverage from Bob Costas
Bob Costas is passing the NBC Olympics primetime host torch to Mike Tirico for the next Winter Olympics. at N…
Bob Costas has been NBC's prime-time Olympic host since 1992 -- now he's passing the torch to Mike Tirico:
Bob Costas steps down as NBC host of Olympics; Mike Tirico to replace him
I don't hate Bob Costas like everyone else does, but I think Mike Tirico will do a fantastic job replacing him.
.announces will take over for Bob Costas as the lead broadcaster >>>
Oregonian: Bob Costas steps down, Mike Tirico to take over as NBC Olympics host
After serving as NBC's studio host for the past 11 Olympic Games, Bob Costas will step aside in favor of Mike Tirico ht…
NBC's Bob Costas being replaced by Mike Tirico at Olympics
BREAKING... Wow. Bob Costas will not be hosting the Winter Olympic coverage for 2018. Mike Tirico will take…
Bob Costas has passed the Olympic Torch. will take over Primetime hosting duties starting at the 2018
Keith Jackson, Vin Scully, Al Michaels and Brent Musberger...with apologies to Jack Buck, Bob Costas,…
Can't decide if Bob Costas is dressed like an eccentric hit man or Carmen San Diego's Estranged brother
Bob Costas today said, "though he wasn't pudgy at the end of his career, suspiciously..."
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Bob Costas's eye has never been the same since that pink eye debacle back in 2008 Beijing Olympics.
I'm all for Bob Costas narrating my 1982 Atari Real Sports Football, but I need NBC to get me some 21st C analysts and commentators
Don't speak for me Bob Costas, I do NOT regard St. Louis as America's best baseball town.
Bob Costas, Doc Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire, and Jeremy Roenick . Solid list. Monday is going to be nutty.
Bob Costas look like he bout to take your mom out for Italian food
Bob Costas was racist tonight on Oh wait I forgot, he said its ok to say Chiefs. Never mind via
Bob Costas looking like a bond villain tonight
Well, at least Bob Costas isn't wearing the trilby tonight
hey check out Bob Costas tonight. He is rocking the turtle neck tonight. You have influenced the great Bob Costas
Bob Costas has some hat game going in Philly tonight for
Nice of Bob Costas to cosplay as DC Comics' Phantom Stranger during tonight's Eagles/Giants game:
Between the Bob Costas fedora and the Catdaddy Santa, I think I am done with social media 4 tonight. 😂🙄😑
Bob Costas looks like the wicked witch of the west tonight.
Bob Costas will debut a new look tonight on Can't wait to see it.
Oh yea, Bob Costas was dressed like Michael Corleone's bodyguard in Godfather 2 tonight.
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Why was Bob Costas dressed like Huggy Bear tonight?
Bob Costas kinda looks like Indiana Jones, but obviously smaller than Indiana.Connecticut Jones? Oklahoma Panhandle Jones?
Bob Costas wanna be Tom Hagen so bad
. Bob Costas pink eye just flared up
Just set notifications for each time the president-elect meets with . -Bob Dole. -Bob Costas. -Bobby Brooks . -Bob Dylan. -Bob Vila. -Bob Stokes
.and Bob Costas rehearsing for Football Night in Tampa on at 7:30pm EST…
David Kirschtel, CEO invited to join panel on lessons from Munich Olympics (moderated by Bob Costas)
Bob Costas, Howie Long, & Tom Verducci this AM on . Turn on ch: 239 / ch: 1114 to watch live
Today's show...Bob Costas, Howie Long and Tom Verducci. Visit for more
Packed today: Bob Costas, Howie Long, and Tom Verducci join the show. Watch on or stream here:…
NBA in the A Block, Al Michaels and Bob Costas talking NFL in the C Block. Who's the EP of Any Given Wednesday?
Fantastic ep of w/ Bob Costas & Al Michaels, but was the best part
Man I was so excited for Al Michaels and Bob Costas and it just wasn't Simmons Style!Huge Fan and love the show!!
Just watched 2 TV pros on Bill Simmons HBO.Al Michaels and Bob Costas. God, what a pleasure.
episode of Any Given Wednesday, with Vince Staples, Bob Costas and Al Michaels is so *** good!!
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After watching I'm convinced Al Michaels & Bob Costas need a show where they just drink, tell stories & make fun of each other
Al Michaels and Bob Costas on is actually fantastic. No lie.
ICYMI: Bob Costas & Al Michaels outdo each other in old man stories and who got paid more starring in 'Baseketball' https…
"For more thoughts on Pedro Strop's outing, we go to Bob Costas."
If you were wondering how Pedro Strop did I'll let Bob Costas sum it up.
... I actually like Bob Costas when he's not talking about PEDs and Grandpa Jim Kaat is amusing to me
Best line: MLB's Bob Costas, "Holy Cow, the mayor of Rush Street, Harry Carey would be happy w/ this series & this season up til this point"
Bob Costas on Cubs: There's reason to be anxious via
"Let's hope there's plenty of security to thwart any thieves in the temple." Bob Costas re: visiting Paisley Park
I was able to see Bob Costas, Al Michaels, Brent Musburger, and Bob Miller each tell a story about Vin Scully and what he means to sports.
Bob Costas learned the secret to life from eccentric broadcaster Harry Caray
Really enjoying Bob Costas and his stories about John Gotti and Harry Caray.
The idea of the flying kicks came from watching Mark Leon. Sports influences include Bob Costas, Pat Summerall, Gus Johnson
No one is more wrong more often than Bob Costas. Why am I subjected to his asinine opinions when I'm just trying to watch sports? WHY?
I think Bob Costas is terrific. He's so knowledgeable. He can talk about any subject, not just
Little Giant Ladders
I once met Bob Costas and Bob Uecker after an Indians game as I was passing through the Renaissance Hotel
I love that Laurie Hernandez explained just how hard Sanne Wevers' turns on beam are to Bob Costas.
Has anyone mentioned Bob Costas's horrible plastic surgery? Or do we just pick on Pam Oliver's horrible weaves?
Martha & Bela Karolyi were so cute with Bob Costas. The summer won't be the same without them.
Bob Costas and Matt Lauer's keystone cops reporting is Laurel and Hardy at their finest. Holmes and Watson jingoism. Paging Brian Williams!
WATCH: talk with Bob Costas about meeting and Tokyo.
Hangin with Bob Costas talkin and on --
Bob Costas just teased Shaun White later in prime time. White's new coach KO'd him from 2002 Olympics at age 15
and, I like Bob Costas. I'm 34, I've watched him at every Olympics I can remember. It'd be weird without him!
⚡️ "Bigga head Bob Costas just upset a bunch of reggae fans"
"With apologies to all you reggae fans, I think Bolt has even outdistanced Marley.". Bob Costas, no.
Bob Costas merely needs to wander through a few frat houses to rethink that Bolt is bigger than Marley comment.
BLASPHEMY . Did Bob Costas just say Usain Bolt is BIGGER than Bob Marley in Jamaica? He is AMAZING but come on MAAAN
Costas out here comparing Usain Bolt with Bob Marley.
Bob Costas showing blatant disrespect for Sanka from Cool Runnings in his "most famous Jamaican" argument.
⚡️ “Bob Costas just upset a bunch of Bob Marley fans”.
My Jamaican fiancée when Bob Costas said that Usain is more famous than Bob Marley
Bob Costas comparing Bolt's popularity to Bob Marley is what happens when you only know two Jamaicans
Ain't no outrage like "Bob costas doesn't respect Bob Marley enough!" outrage!
"Where I am now is exactly how I want to finish my career". Full interview: https…
Quite possible that Katie Ledecky is bigger than The Beatles ever were. . - Bob Costas
Olympic career over, sits with Bob Costas to discuss his legacy.
Bob Costas should probably ease up on the notion that Usain Bolt is a bigger deal than Bob Marley. .
Bob Costas looking at Usain Bolt like "You're no Marvin Barnes"
Better than no-eyed like Bob Costas two years ago. I still have nightmares about that.
Remember when Bob Costas had pink eye in BOTH EYES. Good times
I prefer my Bob Costas with pink eye.
GP Can't decide which I hate more, Bob Costas or NBC's all-encompassing, hagiographic coverage of US Women's Gymnastics.
GP Well, it *is* Bob Costas and Nbc Sports running it, so ...
I like this quote by A-Rod on his broadcasting ventures "I have always admired guys like Bob Costas, Michael Kay, Joe Buck" Second.
NBC cracked a Bob Costas pink eye joke to start the Olympics via
Hope the Czech Republic beats Australia in something so Bob Costas says "That's Czech, mate" man I hate Bob Costas
I think Bob Costas is a cyborg. The man does not age.
I watched Snagglepuss. I loved Snagglepuss. I grew up with Snagglepuss, even. Heavens to Murgatroyd, Bob Costas, you're no Snagglepuss.
The only way the Olympics will be interesting to me is if Bob Costas gets pink eye again
can't believe it's been four whole years since i had to think about Bob Costas
The Olympics isn't the same when Bob Costas doesn't have the worst pink eye of all time
I think it's safe to say we all miss pink eyed Bob Costas
Y'all, the best Olympic commentator out there right now is This woman is a national treasure. Bob Costas watch out!
I will take over Bob Costas any day of the week, and twice on Sundays.
I don't get it, what's the question? Someone has to tell Bob Costas to "spark it up Bob"
This is not a difficult concept, yet Bob Costas has struggled with it during this Olympics.
are you going!?! You should take over for Bob Costas!
In honor of my first full day watching Here's me looking like Bob Costas from a few years ago.
Great bob costas Ichiro interview in here
Let me simplify this:. "Tom Brokaw and Bob Costas are awful.". See...much simpler & still 100% accurate.
Ran in Bob Costas in Rio. Told him I loved his spot on podcast. His face lit up. Said he had a blast doing it!
I'm putting Bob Costas on mute and following for the rest of the Olymics. Go Leslie, Go Leslie, Go Leslie
NBC--worst sports network ever. DVR makes it tolerable--can zip thru morons like Bob Costas-never played and knows nothing
Olympic musings: glad Bob Costas' eye is better. Tafoya needs some new interview questions.
Need Bob Costas to get a little Zika in his eyeballs for old time's sake
I'm still reflecting on when Bob Costas said that Giselle Bündchen was Brazil's greatest "export.". I was like Dude, sh…
is about as easy to watch as a Bob Costas eye infection
NBC has asked her to go to Rio. Look out Bob Costas.
Thanks for the improved coverage last night. Very little Bob Costas, and quality broadcasters in the swim and gymnastics events
do you think Bob Costas curses at Sochi every morning in the mirror. Never quite recovered.
Haven't watched any of the Olympics yet. Is Bob Costas still running his mouth?
What do Bob Costas's coiffure and my penny loafers have in common? They both use the same tube of Kiwi shoe polish (brown).
Yes! I need a break from Bob Costas! He's great, but the Olympics NEEDS your spunk! Rock it, girl!
Please say she's going to wear the outfit and talk to Bob Costas about gettin' more sparky! ❤️❤️
Matt Laur and Bob Costas will get bored and go on a three day drunk and never be seen again
But Bob Costas sure was kissing Michael Phelps *** last night. If you think race doesn't play a part in the Olympics. Think again.
Why doesn't Bob Costas have an endorsement deal with Garanimals?
Last night Bob Costas was running his *** mouth about Gabby Douglas finishing third.
YES! PLEASE! I can imagine you taking on Bob Costas like you do with sweet lil'
Bob Costas is in Brazil so I have broken into his house. Let me know if you want anything.
Everyone struggles with even YOU are NOT alone!
any thoughts as to why? I'm going to say it's because everyone hates Bob Costas as much as I do and wants to avoid him
Bob Costas recalls the remarkable moment Muhammed Ali surprised Atlanta at the 96 Olympics
Look out, Bob Costas. NBC just invited Olympic superfan Leslie Jones to Rio
So, the 2016 Summer Olympics are underway from Rio. Once again, NBC has Bob Costas front & center. And while we...
As a nation, lets all pray that Bob Costas doesn't get eye Zika. .
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