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Bob Carter

Robert Kahakalau, better known as Bob Carter (b. February 11, 1922, New Haven, Connecticut) was an American jazz bassist and arranger.

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"Far-reaching global implications," according to Toyota's Bob Carter, for new heavy-duty hydrogen fuel-cell project.
Senior VP Bob Carter announces Project Portal to use semi in a pilot program
Carter reforms and laspo both crippled civil/criminal legal aid. Cross party support for legal aid and t…
COMING UP: Toyota North America's Bob Carter joins to discuss the firm's new hydrogen fuel cell system…
Pee Pee Tape confirmed? FBI used Trump-Russia dossier to get FISA warrant on Carter Page
She told investigators Carter has also been reading up on mass killings and has been practicing at a gun range.
And what's she doing with Jim Bob from Carter USM?!
Happy 63rd birthday to producer Bob Rock!
About that report. If the FBI corroborated the part of the dossier about Carter Page and the Rosneft deal…
This would appear to validate Steele dossier, which if true, a whole lot of people are going 2 prison 4 a long time! https…
Biggest news here: FBI has corroborated info in the Trump-Russia dossier and used it for FISA warrants
In my life I have witnessed 2 greatest Pres Trump Reagan & 2 worst Obama & Carter and the sleaziest Billy Bob Clinton
Vince Carter was on the same AAU team as Perry Ellis, Thon Maker and Bob Cousy.
I would take a bullet for Vince Carter
Spurs facing familiar athleticism problem, unable to run with youngsters like Vince Carter.
May 28th 2016 to Feb of this year. My hair was cut into a bob, barely touching my shoulders. Its down my back now.
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Bob Hurley sitting somewhere smiling watching Vince Carter go at his guy Kyle anderson
Bob Beckel the Sarah Silverman of The 5 Just crazy accusations w/ no substance Bob brought us bozo Jimmy Carter, totally expected!
Are self-driving cars coming soon? See what Toyota's Head of Operations, Bob Carter, has to say on the subject…
The Russia story just keeps getting worse for President Trump
A bit of advice from ex-President Jimmy Carter to, 'Christian' Theresa May.
to my knowledge, I have no yet published anything incorrect on all the stories are true
Sources: Page and Sessions altered the RNC platform on Ukraine as a direct result of deal done in Moscow by Page
Trump is on the tape Page played in Moscow. Possibly also on original tape discussing plan to play this in Moscow https:/…
this may actually become a case in law. I could see this being argued. with reason.
What do Carter, Clinton, Obama have in common = Nuked deals gone bad .
SLC punk! (1998). In the early 1980s Stevo and Heroin Bob are the only two dedicated punks in conservative Salt Lake City. ht…
Carter Hart will reportedly join the Lehigh Valley Phantoms for the playoffs -
Carter Page, or as calls him, 50 Federal perjury charges waiting to happen
It's the end of the world, so I'm having ribeye & beer for dinner & singing along with the Carter Family & Bob Wills super loud.
... have had less than 0 chance agnst the GOP, despite what BOB…
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Loved this review, seriously though all I could think of was Carter Page!
Ed Sheerin: if you want to watch how an Englishman can get a few Bob out of the Irish public with a song watch Nathan Carter!
This from the man who held hostages in the 80s & ruined the nation of Iran - B4 I & jimmy carter I…
Carter Page: 'All of the lies ... are finally coming out into the open'
Very vivid memory of Jim Bob from Carter getting agitated at music press consensus that th…
Bob Stoops says Parrish Cobb hasn't been in school or on the team since January and as far as he knew Cobb was in…
Ex-Trump adviser doesn't deny he may have discussed Trump easing sanctions with Russian officials http…
The FBI's put the worm on the hook. Which of Trump's little fish will bite first? Flynn? Manafort? Cohen? Stone? . https:…
Carter Page admits discussing sanctions w/ Russia. Treason and hacked election, under the watch of the via
Toyota is elevating some of its key people in North America as part of an annual executive shuffle. Bob Carter will…
When you worked for Continental what did you think of DI Bob Carter and Mark Pyle aka Mark Young.
Freworks Angela Carter cover art by bob foulke 1974
that would have made more sense in sci fi way. Like John carter of Mars.
Biggest Endorsement Yet! Bob Knight to campaign for in Indiana
"Singing about Hurricane Carter smacks of shameless exploitation." - reviews Bob Dylan.
'The X-Files' from the beginning was a very visual show, and with Bob Mande...
Nicholl said "so many people hold so many misconceptions". One hopes she's aware of the late Bob Carter's work but I doubt it
I'm in favor of Veterans, husband is one, love Carter, but can't lay war @ Hill's door.
R-I-G-H-T! That's why has Bob Dole, Jimmy Carter, Chris Christie all singing his praises, right? LOL, *SHM*:
Apparently this genius unaware endorse by JIMMY CARTER, BOB DOLE, KKK's DAVID DUKE! Stupidity is mind numbing
Beautiful Aurora Falls in Bute Inlet! Photo's by Bob Carter. The beauty of our areas can never be underestimated. We are surrounded by it.
Better question: Would you rather have Big Shot Bob's career or Vince Carter? Fairer comparison.
you might want to read some info about the myths Bob Carter spouted:
Failure to prepare on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part — Bob Carter (via
Jim Bob at with on tour at The Westgarth!
Spotted Quail Thrush at Haggars Rd, Sarsfield reported by Jan Goddard - this report by Bob Carter on 24-04-201...
Current status: finishing up my Peggy Carter jacket, watching Chicago, and wishing I could rock a sleek bob as well as Catherine Zeta-Jones
I'm now wondering whether I can carry off a flapper bob, although as vintage goes the Agent Carter look is better for me.
Tickets available again. Ignore the venue name. It's actually at The Rainbow Courtyard
no one should buy, wouldn't be surprised if Bob Carter footed the bill for this weekend. Just let it die already...this is sad.
All purpose parts banner
Dixie Carter is going to look at Bob Ryder in her barn bunker and say "we've blown it."
Jim Bob (carter Usm) at Brudenell Social Club, Leeds on Thursday 24th November
Looking to go to at on Dec 9th ? be warned that this could sell out over the weekend
Professor Bob Carter, one of the contributing authors to the IPA's book 'Climate Change: The Facts 20…
Senator's win game 1 of series vs Bob Jones 4-3. Carter Vickers picks up the win. Brock Anderson breaks up a 3-3 game in the 6th w/ 2 out
Nickie Charles and Bob Carter on sociology and the non-human animal... a sociology for the anthropocene?
Cheese& *** Theatre guests with our friends at Bob Carter's Actor's Workshop & Repertory Company tonight and...
"BBC Radio Norfolk reporter Bob Carter said the lorry's windscreen was smashed in the crash,in which the vehicle hit a lamppost"
Podcast of my show w Bob Carter in Paris,Tony Wood,Gerard Henderson,Lynda Smith Campbell Newman htt…
Bob Dylan is going to right a political banger about the firing of Rubin Carter
I see Bob Scales' point but it depends on how you do the war plan math -- this isn't 1985 anymore
The post Bob Carter, ICCC10 (Panel 11) appeared first on Climate Conferences.
Bob Carter - Pt1 of 2 lies to sell his book .Should be in prison for fraud 2010. On god TV via
Hey Bob, Eating pork is forbidden for us not picking them up and throwing them at your head 🙃
Hurricane Carter's tale was told by Bob Dylan's "Hurricane" in 1975. . He died in 2014. The ex-Purdue DL coach, Rubin Carter, is alive.
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hey Bob...we drafted Bruce Carter over Justin Houston in 2011...didn't realize that till just now
I liked a video Professor Bob Carter Slams the IPCC at the 9th ICCC
An official "Bob's Burgers" cookbook is set to hit shelves on March 22, 2016.
You're in an orgy group with three guys named Fred, Bill, and Bob?
- Carter was battling out there every week blocking since BOB left.
loool I see I seee, ima call you Bob xo
So...Bob Carter should've thrown Dixie off a cliff at an early age to see if she was a worthy successor?
I liked a video Professor Bob Carter on Global Warming Science
Ooof. Throwing your hat behind $FITX. Good luck with that Mr. Bob Carter
M-E-T-H-O-D Drought 3 Dwayne carter wit a splash of bustas craft and a hint of big poppa little dash of nasty nas top it off with bob Marley
Big 12 commish Bob Bowlsby on the field at Amon G. Carter before the TCU-Baylor game.
bob lwc I di Mr carter from us in wales
Bob Stoops releases statement that Mayfield, Mixon and Perine are all set to play tomorrow.
Smokin more weed than the *** Quincy Carter Rollin up trees like my *** Bob Marley
Method dropping the Wayne Carter. Top it off with bob marley. Throw it all in a blender and I am what ya get.
Bob Carter's claim that climate temp increases has stopped debunked in blind test
"Awwwhhh Shucks, look at ol Jim Bob *** yelling at that *** Boy"
Jim Bob *** Reminds me of a kid in middle school name Joe Bob Carter. Other kids called him *** quarter.
.Trying to prevent bad weather is insane. We should adapt & not be shocked if global cooling comes
I liked a video Bob Carter of Toyota North America Accepts Colleague | Toyota
Turduckhen has got nothing on the cowpiglamb, Kevin Dowd, Ken Hill, Andy Scalzo, Bob Carter, what do you make of...
Because Bob Carter will do anything to keep Dixie away from any of his real business.
It's a quote from Sandy Carter. That says all you need to know. :-)
Sulaimon the new dez, bob carter the much better john graham
Chris Wells speaking to Julia George on BBC's Sunday Politics SE show just now. . Paul Carter also contributed to... http:/…
peggy carter watched S06E02 of Bob's Burgers
peggy carter watched S06E01 of Bob's Burgers
I miss Andrew Bob Carter. Proud of him and Kandyse Carter and what they are doing! Hope to be able to visit soon!
fire Ron Darling. He makes Joe Carter and Joe Morgan look like Vin Scully and Bob Uecker. Seriously though.he's real bad.
LIVE on Dr. Bob Carter is representing going
Thanks Bob, always great to connect with you!
outrageous happened here to a Bob Carter lost his Uni tenure over it
Love this! Phil Anatta Merzman Carter, check it out!
Dave Carter at the Vacy Blues and Roots festival.. The Bob Corbett band. @ Vacy Blues N Roots Festival
How much do you know about Bob Weir?
Derrell Carter is everywhere on the punt return. Cut, juke, bob, weave, whatever word you can think, he's doing it.
famous visitors include JFK, Bob Hope, Jimmy Carter, and the Beatles.
Q&A: Sen. Bob Casey on his campus sexual assault bill: I’ve said directly to young men ... you can’t be a byst...
10th ICCC (International Convention on Climate Change) 11th June, 2015. Prof Bob Carter blasts the so-called "…
Of course the late Bob Murphy and Ralph Kiner will have their guest Gary Carter on for a
I hope those Disney execs who wouldn't let the word Mars be in the title of "John Carter" feel real stupid after
Seeing presidents Carter, Ford, & Nixon standing together, Bob Dole said: . "Here they are: speak no evil, hear no evil, and evil."
How is Jimmy Carter and a Jimmy Carter bobble head alike? . They both give a deer in the headlights look, and bob their heads.
Coach Carter is a great movie, but Bob Costas interviewing a HS Basketball coach on nat. televison hardly allows for supension of disbelief.
The one and only Nathan Carter will be joining Bob Brolly on tonight's second episode of Brolly & Friends at 8pm!
Check out Brolly & Friends TV Show on Irish TV (Sky 191) at 8pm 2nt.. Myself, Phil Mack and Nathan Carter singing songs and chatting to Bob
Managing Director Bob Carter identifies the seven top reasons behind workplace injuries:
yeah gotta find someone better than carter. Gattis and valbuena are too inconsistent.
What do alf, Nick Carter, Bob Harper, Tina Turner, and DJ Tanner all have in common?
- Jimmy Carter: "America did not invent human rights. In a very real sense, it is the other way around. Human rights invented America."
Jose Bautista: 1st Blue Jays go-ahead HR in 7th inning or later of postseason game since Joe Carter's World Series-winni…
Bob Marley's reanimation i meant reincarnation. Oh and the spirit of The Carter 2 in physical form. And if that doesn't win a grammy then 🆗🆒
Bob Carter: "idea that an economist can make a suitable chair for an IPCC-type organization is misguided"
With all these crickets invading Frisco, I think it's about time to call in Bob Duncan
Happy "Jeff Carter" Birthday to LA Kings legend Bob Miller!. You don't look a day over Jeff Schultz, bob#
I know sponge bob is the best show 🙌🏽
Any chance of getting the great Bob Lilly on a Riff Ram video? I think he'd blow the roof off The Carter.
Business advice from Bob Carter: Bob Carter is the owner of an auto body shop in Downers Grove, IL. He has bee...
"Bob Carter is a marine geologist" " forayed into the field of climate science"
Australian environment foundation an IPA stink tank Bob Carter
He's got a # supporting the 34. Bob Dylan wrote a song supporting Rubin Carter and what about the
desktop. I play classic with bob off I can't play with a big gun
((Like if Roci sang really any Bob Marley song she would
Has finished listening to Bob Marley CD collection as he hands them back to her with a reply. "I listened to them all."
Has Paul Carter shot himself in the foot one to many times? lets hope so, time for him to resign,
A big row.Sir Roger Gale and Paul Carter row over Manston The KCC Cabinet Member for Business is no where to be seen. …
You'll find that Windy's 'epiphany' is climate denial from Bob Carter.
& follow for a chance to win this Agent Carter Pop! Everyone loves Peggy. She'll knock you into the Thames!
"Am I still grounded for not knowing who Bob Marley is? I miss my polar bears and stuff that entertains me."
The letter from Paul Carter to the Chief Constable of Kent that we posted here last Wednesday has made the...
My oh my. What a laugh we had reading this at A fantastic party at Bob Carter's soirée.
Here is the infamous Bob and Carter who have gone missing from first base
I could watch Bob Ross paint for hours on end
What do Bob Hope, Jimmy Carter and Albert Bond Lambert have in common?
Again Honorees Include Bob Carter Companies Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy for Individual and Group categories
Former President Jimmy Carter speaks out on the Confederate flag, religion, Bob Dylan, and Iran.
.“Our country has not been as aimless & lost as it is today since, I think, Jimmy Carter…It’s probably even …
BTW guys, if you're seen you'll hear that Bob Carter has the most manly voice ever.
This is hilarious! In 2010 Bob's brigade bullied and attacked to the point where police were called.
Happy 90th birthday to Jimmy Carter. I always thought he was to honest to be President.
Jimmy Carter, at 90, on small churches, Bob Dylan and same-sex marriage:
Professor Bob Carter.. What about the last 10,000 years?
My aunt said we celebrated my uncle bob's birthday yesterday and I said "tell him I said hi" then I remembered he died
Y'all. is absolutely KILLING this black bob look. Looking like baby Toni 🙌🏾
A total stranger asked me if I knew Bob Marley today. After grilling me about where I am 'from'.
Avid humanitarian to only president to quote Bob Dylan in speeches, a nation’s thoughts are with Pres.
1992. Bet you haven't got any Carter USM though, have ya? ;)
Bob has fired his Chief of Defense Forces, seated next to his wife in the photos below. Reason...?? photos never lie http:…
. Hey Tony my dad reckons you used to play in his band in Birmingham way back. His name is Bob Carter and his mate Alan Meredith
Thanks to the 1st Armdale Volunteer Cub Scouting Team for Alf Trower, Bob Carter, Bruce Lusby, Brian Jarvis and the two Sarahs
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
By the way BOSS "Bob Carter" grew up at Port Royal Speedway in PA🏁
Thanks Paul, met Bob Carter once @ James Cook uni in QLD. Has good data
Prof. Bob Carter uses the scientific method o/t popular theory with global warming being linked to CO2
Now i’m watching (Bob Dylan 30th anniversary concert celebration 1993.) And Johnny cash and June Carter are singing in the concert 😍
Jayson Carter is 4'9", 140 pounds, and played RB for Rice for 4 years
The company has lost 50 million dollars roughly in 12 years. I think Bob Carter may want a return soon.
Some of my friends think I'm Bob the builder 😩...this is gonna be interesting
With his triple-double last night, Eric Bledsoe joined Rondo & Carter-Williams as only players w/ multiple triple-…
remember when bob dylan wrote one of the best songs ever for Rubin Carter only for him to kill again. lol.
New on Daily - Hutton homecoming falls short in B's win: (via Bob Snow)
Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton have split according to this morning's press reports. Burton and…
It's been a great year! Thanks for being a part of it. Belma Weeks, Bob Carter, Tara Sunnie Carter, Joyce Carter,
Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton broke up and I'm wondering, who gets custody of all the spiders?
Possible earth-shattering discovery: Phil Robertson is actually Bob Ross w/ beard/sunglasses/sans afro. Listen to the voice!
Still love seeing Vince Carter throwing one down at 37 years old.
37-year-old Vince Carter broke out vintage Vinsanity tonight with this throwdown. VIDEO:
Smokin' more weed than the *** Quincy Carter, rollin' up tweed like my *** Bob Marley
you made the Christmas card 3 times compared to Carter's 2, you're still the favorite man (Besides Bob) in the family!
until Obama Carter was the worst POTUS, and Bob Beckel was on his staff... what a surprised.
Vero Beach QB recruitment continues to heat up. & both showing interest now.
: Toyota: FCEV will become dominant technology: Bob Carter, Toyota Motor Sales' head of automotive...
Continuing to text a braud that show u she not interested is dumb she just one wordin you to screenshot u for da group …
"Kenya mad Roger Bob claimed Demetria. She thought he was gone curve Demetria like Walter curved her a••
The dirty dan and the curse word episode were the best episodes of sponge bob point blank period
Thing chats to author and Carter USM frontman Jim Bob about his five favourite things.
The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for. – Bob Marley
."The tourism landscape is looking bright for the next 18 to 24 months."Bob Carter
my life for the past days is revolving around AHS & Bob's Burgers . no ragrets. I still have Finding Carter and Teen Wolf
Bob Huggins and I are both undefeated at Madison Square Garden since 2012.
Incidentally, people shouldn't be shocked that Jevon Carter chose to use the glass there. He's 47 years old. Old guys lov…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Ty for the carter donation give this bae a follow
Bob carter needs to sell or fire Dixie I don't have a clue carter
is 1 of 2 things: the DUMBEST Archie Bunker/Sgt Carter type repug OR a disgusting LYING POS like bob mcculloch! I say BOTH!
watching this The Carter documentary since bob told me it was interesting
has activated C Ryan Carter & LW Matt Cooke off IR. They are expected to play tonight. Wild hosts Nashville at 7
One of the top ZLX interviews of 2014: On Cars, Unreleased Songs, and Stevie Ray Vaughan
Carter's up watching sponge bob lol I love him to pieces
I heard from Bob Pastor (and recently had it confirmed by translator) that Fidel used that line w/ Carter officials in '77 talks.
"Wagon Wheel" was kinda written by Bob Dylan. No point in blaming Nathan Carter for it.
That time Hunter S. Thompson heard Jimmy Carter give a speech about Bob Dylan & MLK & his head exploded with awesome h…
Yeo on Kuemper, Carter and Cooke: We'll take it into tomorrow but everybody looked good on the ice today.
Brad Pitt is going to be playing Bob Marley???. are you trolling fam?
Hold up, Annie is a FICTIONAL character. Bob Marley on the other hand is a real person. I swear brad Pitt is supposed to play him soon😕
a very late Mad Friday hoping Bob Peeters out with his boys tomorrow for
Well surprise, surprise Sgt Carter. Bob Seger has announced his 1st (of many I promise) Detroit show on March 26th @ the Palace.
Every time I hear 'The Hurricane' by Bob Dylan it makes me jerk for Rubin Carter
working with EAA in Doha to $upport education globally BCCo's Lela Diaz and Bob carter
Happy birthday to emeritus Dr. Bob Carter! We won't say how old because we know you are young at heart.
Filed under: Detroit Auto Show, Truck, Toyota, Off-Road. A week on from an announcement by Toyota's Bob Carter,...
I would really like to think that bob ross painted the mountains on the keystone cans - Frank
Now it's 20-6 after Stalcup 1-yd pass to carter vickers at 706 of third. Hi jake Stalcup !
Me: who's Bob Sapp?. Darrell Meadows: you know who Bob sapp is. . Bret Linden: warren sapp played in the nfl.
Bob Beckel Dem.,worked for Pres. Carter & Pres. Nixon says it okay to lie,use race or what ever it takes to get elected.
Tom Harris and Bob Carter: misguided on via
Lol Nat just said Helen Bob Carter instead of Helena Bonham Carter.
"Tom Harris and Bob Carter: Whitehouse misguided on sea-level rise"
About the framing of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter at the hands of the police, we have Bob Dylan in 1975. Hurricane.
Kenny Carter was the boy...tragic story...
[Video] 'Bob Carter talks about his passion for fundraising & what he hopes to leave as his legacy
from RI flooding not WV’s fault - Climate experts Tom Harris and Bob Carter have written another fine ess...
MUST READ: Tom Harris & Bob Carter: How can global warming be a cause of RI sea levels
Barak Obama and Shawn Carter and Beyonce Knowles and Kanye West and George W. Bush and Bob Dylan and Taylor swift and George Clo
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is a patsy. Hurricane Carter was a patsy. Scarlet Rivera Bob Dylan. Rumble in the Jungle.
Don't give up the fight, Stand up for your rights. - Bob Marley
Carter USM interview - we talk to Fruitbat and Jim Bob as the band's last ever two shows loom near
Oh, and BC met BC, as got to chitchat with Bob Carter and his wife @ the Comic Book Swap today too. Small World, Bellingham!
My brother Bob at the book signing with Ty Carter. Thank you to all of our family and friends for…
"When the climate scientist and geologist Bob Carter wrote in 2006 that there had been no global warming since 1998 ..t…
Chris Carter is stickin it to billy beane and bob Melvin with his 36 homers .. To think they thought he couldnt hit righ…
In 1987 the snidely opined on which then-popular musicians, artists, writers, etc. "won't last":
Have 4 keepers in fantasy hockey (Erik karlsson, 2 tendies hank Lundy and varlamov), pick one of landeskog, bob Ryan or jeff carter?
I was sittin in Bob Carter class my Junior year, probably sleep, when all this happened. My babies in here weren't even thought of.
'Obama doing Carter-like damage to democrat brand'. What about damage to the American brand?.
Niggaz be wanting 2 be friends... I just be tryna cash out... Where the moves at bob?
Just as weak as Carter...all I hear is bob blah blah
Jim is but a small man with bob.the dog!
Its a shame im ready to take this bob df out😔😂
I mean im 5'9 but I ain't as agile as ah Tyrann or Bob Sanders so if yu gon be short playin Safety yu gotta be ah pure dawg
I could have gone to watch Bob Carter lie about climate instead. Annoyed by the false advertising.
Chauncey beat Bob Knight's Iniana team by 20, and then ran into the Vince Carter-Antawn Jamison-Ed Cota buzzsaw in the 2nd round.
RIP Bob Suter, who helped pull off the greatest upset in Olympic history & made America forget abt Jimmy Carter for awhile.
Alright well . Finding Carter is over . Pandora on 👍 now let me slay this Bob 😏✌️
Bob Suter, Wisconsin hockey legend and member of the 1980 Miracle on Ice team, has died.
when you come home Ninja Bob, Mr Carter says, you can sit in a box under his desk & share his sandwiches lol 😀
Professor Bob Carter on the carbon tax
Thanks to Bob Carter Companies for being the lunch sponsor for the 2014 Berkeley Open Golf Tournament.
Heard Bob Carter speak today. What a deluded man.
only worked with peer review, thorough scientific process. Is not politically biased, but Prof Bob Carter maintains that's not true
Interesting point - how is 'dangerous' Climate Change defined? No clear definition apparently according to Prof Bob Carter
Listening to very heated debate at lecture by Prof Bob Carter about the evidence for dangerous, human induced
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Who is that with Cats owner Bob Young? Why it's Chris Berman and Chris Carter.
since I go to Bob Murphy we only have 5 periods. But by the time I go to Carter I'll be there just to get more credits
Bob Carter, VP of North America Toyota, and team accepted the ALS Challenge!! Check this out!...
Great meeting with Bob Carter from today! Exciting times ahead!
TMS Senior Vice President of Automotive Operations Bob Carter talks about safety technology and announces ...
Bumping some Bob Marley and plantain chips. Inspirational
Backstage with and Toyota SVP Bob Carter (I arrived in my Prius!) at
All 4 skating venues are open from today. . Monday 4.10 Drayton Bob Carter Centre. Please invite your friends,...
Bob Proctor and Shawn Carter my only idols, scratch that, Bob Proctor and Shawn Carter my only rivals.
Despite having three females in the Belcher family in "Bob's Burgers," Louise is the only female character to be voiced b…
Bob Beckels hero Jimmy Carter laying a reef at the grave of Yasser Arafat the god father of terrorism. ISIS ht…
Bryan twins win 100th career title: Twins Bob and Mike Bryan became the first doubles pair to win 100 titles t...
For anyone interested Bob Carter running for commissioner adopted a rescue dog from an out of state rescue that pulls from Mercer County he is also interested in working on a spay/neutor ordinance. Only one i know that has shown real interest in helping with the ongoing issues. Happy Voting tomorrow and Prayers the man with a servants heart gets elected! Mercer County, WV
What do we know about rising CO2? Bob Carter, Richard Corfield and Michael McIntyre sort the facts from fiction
Bob Carter, Toyota's Head of Automotive Operations, talks about the new Toyota Camry and the auto industry with Bloomberg's Matt Miller at the New York Auto Show. (Source: Bloomberg)
sits at center of what has been a lifelong struggle against racial inequities & injustice" - Bob Carter
Bob Carter was finally not sold TNA to Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith because he wanted his daughter, Dixie Carter, keeps a place in Backstage and television.
Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter Apparently one of the reasons that Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith did not purchase TNA was because Bob Carter wanted Dixie Carter to be kept around as …
The Wrestling Observer Newsletter and are both now confirming similar facts regarding Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith once having interest in purchasing full ownership of TNA. The reports have noted Bob Carter would only sell if Dixie Carter was to remain as on-air television character and still have some input in the daily operations of TNA. Jarrett and Keith obviously didn't agree to this which was a factor preventing any deal from getting done. The reports note Dixie's mother Janice is more about financial responsibility and counting every dollar, whereas Bob Carter is more "living a dream" oriented.
Further proof that Dixie only bought her way into the business and her and her family know she doesn't belong, because she is both not needed and undeserving: "Here is the latest on what happened between Jeff Jarrett & Toby Keith and TNA Wrestling in regards to reports that Jarrett * Keith were looking to buy the promotion. Jeff Jarrett had reportedly put a deal together with Panda Energy's Bob Carter (the father of Dixie Carter). Bob Carter and Keith were to meet to finalize plans of the deal, and when they met, Carter did want to sell the company, but had one stipulation prior to making the deal. That was that Dixie Carter remain as on-screen TNA President as well as retain some power within the company. Keith did not want to make any deal that included "creative limitations," and that is where the negotiations fell apart. From there, Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith took a step back. They realized that they could build their own company from the ground up; and that led to Jeff Jarrett leaving TNA in Decembe ...
Toyota's Bob Carter says the seat heater stop-sale issue is not a huge deal RE sales and was an "inconsequential compliance error"
sounds like jarrett gonna start fresh to beat tna. Bob carter wouldn't sell it without dixie staying as a talent w/creative
Hi will! I have been trying to reach you for the past several weeks. I went on Bev's web page to ask her, and there you were:)) I was hoping you might be in SoFla, and available to play the Taffetas again, with a DSOA cast. Can you think of anyone who might be able to play the score as well as you did? When do you get home again? Would love to see you. Bob Carter
"Coach carter going for poltics , vote for coach carter!!
APPETIZERS:A TASTE OF THEATER was a strong presentation of upcoming events at Bob Carter's Actor's Workshop & Repertory Company. We thoroughly enjoyed our evening as representatives of The Village Players of the Palm Beaches and suggest that everyone follow whats happening at Bob's location in West Palm Beach.
Jimmy Carter says Dems make wrongheaded decision-- strategically and morally--by its stridency on abortion.
Once again, I tip my hat to Bob Carter, Mike Hesson, and all at who keep our team winning! :D
Photo: Bob Carters Ultimatum To Toby Keith Word is that Bob Carter gave Toby Keith the ultimatum that he...
Details On Jeff Jarrett & Toby Keith Almost Buying TNA, How Bob Carter Turned Them Away The expected wrestling promotion with Jeff Jarrett and country music star Toby Keith is said to be a long way from happening. The partnership came together when TNA was for sale and Jarrett went through his Nashville music industry connections trying to put together a bid to buy the company. The deal was reportedly very close at one point. Bob Carter came to Keith to finalize the deal and the two sides were close on a price, although they were not quite there. The belief is they were going to hash it out but Carter only had one request in selling, which was that Dixie Carter would remain with her title, have some power in the company and remain a TV character. Keith said he wasn’t going to buy the company with any creative limitations so the deal actually fell apart because Bob Carter in the end was going to protect his daughter. Someone in TNA close to the situation said, “That’s why we all are still here,” no ...
Today has been a hard day. I feel so, so sorry for my wife and her family. Her Uncle Bob Carter has passed away last night. This man is one of a kind. This man can tell a story with the best of them and be for you in a moment. I've never really known my own Uncle's in life, so this is really hard. I'll just say this. "Uncle Bob, you where one of my favorites, and you will be deeply, deeply missed. RIP, Robert Carter. I Love you!
I added a video to a playlist Bob Carter, 2014 Chicago Auto Show
Thank you for my beautiful flowers today!! Bob Carter
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