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Bob Benson

Robert William Bob Benson (9 February 1883 – 19 February 1916) was an English professional footballer, who played as a full back.

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if the Mad Men bracket doesn't come down to BOB BENSON, trudy, ida blankenship and dawn i'm out
Lou Avery should win, but Bob Benson is going to, IMHO.
Mona Sterling criminally underseeded. Gimme Bob Benson ftw, if only for that scene with Pete in the elevator.
I like how the reintroduce the characters at least once an ep "you must be Bob Benson's Sister" "you m…
False, this is Bob Benson's to lose.
That's it for round one! Vote, argue, rally the fans, send me your favorite Bob Benson images, etc.
Voting's still in round 1 but the correct top 4 is Trudy Campbell, Dawn Chambers, Bob Benson, and Ida gd Blankenship
I mean...I can't think of anyone that has endured more and was better at it than her. I knew they'd overrate Bob Benson too!
What if Githeriman never invested the 30 bob that cold morning? Now he owns a plot of land. Moral of the story, wanaume tusik…
You forgot to include Bob Benson's shorts as a separate character.
Pete should've killed Bob Benson when he had the chance.
Of course my TV boyfriend Bob Benson's baby has arms I want to nibble
Goodnight I hope sir Bob Morley wins his award and misses Sasha Pieterse, Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell and Lucy Hale too
You are being a real Bob Benson right now
Pete Campbell and Bob Benson. It's like if Syria and North Korea went to war against each other
One more word outta the homer bob costas' mouth is a hawk harrelson Scilly would be disgusted
How have you not written about the reveal that Bob Benson has a clone half brother gorilla named Mr Ab…
The important thing to know about this week’s episode of Zoo is that Bob Benson from Mad Men orchestrated a lion...
i honestly fancy him so much, MAYBE bc he's the middle of the venn diagram w Bob Benson and my loser ex
I was going to reply with further Bob Benson jokes, but does she interact with Dr.
I'm on the Bob Benson show in 15 minutes.
I will be on the Bob Benson show tonight around 7.
Bob Benson – Search Results – Radio for the People, by the People.
Rose among my thornless brothers - Peter Benson & Bob Lepine Bob's in Albuquerque for FamilyL…
I will be a call in guest tomorrow night on the Bob Benson show talking about my latest release "Ugly". The show...
Abagail is your what now, Bob Benson?
Come support as they play their final regular season game against St. Joseph Academy today @ 3 PM @ Bob…
Bee Benson and suspenders and be an incredible scene is Bob Bumble at the roses visual.
It's clear that Sam and Tim of work at the advertising company founded by Bob Benson from
I think is very good on but he looks like Bob Benson from Mad Men. "Senator, what's the mood lik…
Carr motion: Take off $300k earmarked for ballfields at benson centre. Let's sell formere Bob Turner arena property.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Sexual identity aside, I want nothing more than a Bob Benson/Joan kind of relationship. Warms my cold dead heart.
what if you cook it on a Benson burner?
that Bob Benson beat in Mad Men where he sends a gift of cold cuts to a funeral and it;s ALL WRONG sums it up
George Benson Collection, Grand Masters of Rap, and the Bob James arranged Grover Washington Jr.…
Bob goes with the same starters from last night. We’re sensing a trend…. Papa - Peterson - Benson. Ahcan - Borgen. Smi…
Bob Benson: How are you?. Peter Campbell: NOT GREAT BOB!. Bob: Manny wouldn't hurt a fly. Peter: Even if he thought it was RICH!!??.
Bob Benson was born on this Arsenal day 134 years ago.
Arsenal's Bob Benson was born.Benson is one of the few players in history, to have died during a football matc…
Please share if you know someone looking.
Will cooperate with three university board members -- Benz, Harlan Sands and Bob Benson, on picking accounting firm.
I feel like Bob Benson was too easily forgotten
Trustee Bob Benson successfully shut down the audit talk to give his alumni report. Said alumni assoc continues to set $$ records
Trustee Bob Benson tries to steer conversation away from controversy, asks if he can deliver his alumni report. Moore doesn't let him.
I have proof that Steven Avery killed JonBenet Ramsey and I will be presenting it on a new podcast I'm co-hosting with B…
Our writer didn't know broke up, but this is a heck of a story on a husband and wife coaching at Penn:
Bob Benson would always follow back
Bob Benson from Mad Men would have 100,000 followers but be following 110,000 people
I say that to say this, rosa parks sat on the bus and Jamaicans had Bob sleds.
Bill and Hillary. Kim and Kanye. Bob and Juli. has a power couple of its own:
I still want Bob Benson's jacket. and legs
Get the Look! Ashley Benson's flawlessly bouncy bob with our NEW! CURLS SERUM.
VICKI. It is Bob Bumble. - NIGHT The GUNMAN turns to get to Barry Benson, intends to die.
Kept thinking Bob Benson from was familiar. Finally realized we went to college together & he dated my sorority sister.
Benson was a steal for the Oilers, would've been a first rounder if healthy
I played with Benson in SSAC.. He is a special player who cannot be compared to Pitlick. That's silly IMO.
Bob Green, Oilers Director of Player Personnel says Tyler Benson "banged up" his shoulder last week in WHL exhibition play- out tonight
Everton reveal new plaque for former scouts: Youth training pitchs dedicated to Sid Benson and Bob Pende...
Bob Benson Instagram will soon involve a baby and that's going to be a whole lot of adorable
Everton unveil plaque in honour of Sid Benson and Bob Pendleton...
Bob Benson is 100% a golden retriever. Betty Draper is a poodle.
🎥 | and Leighton Baines unveil a permanent tribute to former scouts Sid Benson and Bob Pendleton.
🎥 | ICYMI - the late Sid Benson and fellow long-serving former scout Bob Pendleton were honoured at Finch Farm.
Irving, Delly, Jefferson, Frye and Mozgov. I call it the Bob Benson lineup.
also I mean we don't need to know that Bob Benson is a Thomas Ripley style serial killer but it would be nice to see more
Alyssa: Ashley Benson. Jebediah: Maybe Liam Aiken?. Morpheus: What about Freddie Highmore or Bob Morely works too ;). maybe ;)
How does Bob Collymore steal money when you have used the whole day willingly discussing his salary with his bundles?
He was like miniature Bob Benson but I KNEW I knew his specific face.
Ted Cruz just got the big(ot) endorsement from Bob Vander Plaats, a raving extremist.
Tonight's episode was directed by Bob Singer, it's an awesome one all around. Who'll be watching?
Press announcement for the late Bob Benson (Mirehouse)...
Bob Saget talks about the advantages of being a Lutheran minister for a couple of months.
Bob Benson is smiling from heaven rn
Editing Mad Men reviews and BOB BENSON IS MY FAVE he's so RIDICULOUS and WEIRD
On this Arsenal day in 1914 Bob Benson, George Grant and Joe Lievesley all played their final League Cup match for the Arsenal.
Comissioner Bob Ellis briefs citizens and Benson Senior Multipurpose Complex participants on the 2016 Budget.
Actually Bob there is still a chance to win the division. A slim one but there is one
Ashley Benson rocks a MAJOR brunette bob for Flaunt mag & we almost didn't recognise her
Bob Benson from Mad Men trying to stop animals taking over while Russo's PA from House of Cards plays Zoe Barnes from House of Cards badly
We did instrumental tributes to 2 influential musicians George Benson (and Bob James…
New doc here looks exact ly like Bob Benson from Mad Men. Don't tell him I said that
Was at the gym and saw that CBS show with Bob Benson and then saw the Adam Whitman actor. Thought I was sweating out Mad Men hallucinations.
During this re-watch of Mad Men, I'm realizing I have quite the affinity for Bob Benson. It was really sad when he asked Joan to marry him.
I like Bob Benson on 'Mad Men' so much. He's so nice.
Last seasons of Mad Men, i wish Bob Benson would just die or get written off
This morning's barista was a dead ringer for Mad Men's Bob Benson, but my coffee was good so I couldn't shout That Line
Rewatching Happy Endings makes me realize how many good guest stars they had. Jane the virgin! Bob Benson! Max from New Girl!
(When u play for yourself so u can learn every day its called music , when u play what other people want to hear...
Bob Benson is everything. I would have said yes.
"He's in better shape than he was a year ago. He's cut & lost a little bit of weight." Bob Stoops on RB Samaje Perine
James Wolk married: Actor who played Bob Benson on ‘Mad Men’ takes real-life walk down the aisle
i could also say "i sometimes go to work wanting to be as helpful as Bob Benson but end up like a S1 Harry Crane."
Predictions: Joan burns McCann to ground w/ the help of Bob Benson and Ken Cosgrove. Don starts own agency with American Airlines as client.
please no Megan please no Megan please no Megan no Bob Benson either but especially no Megan please
wale Bob Benson is not ikorodu is one of the son of the soil.Omo oba Alagbe says we are happy to to have baba Bob Benson as 1 f us
No Sally, no Bob Benson, no Glen Bishop, no Pete Campbell. I’ve basically done 40% of a new list right here
Bob Benson asking Pete Campbell how he's doing but instead of Bob Benson it's just ennui in general
Bob Benson is one of the best characters on this show and he gets 0 screen time. Same for Bert Cooper.
Work goal: Be more like Bob Benson, less like Michael Ginsberg
fans don't have to miss Bob Benson anymore: James Wolk will star in new TV drama 'Zoo'
The erstwhile Bob Benson is toplining CBS' new summer drama
Pete Campbell should have presented the trophy for Chevy.” No, Bob Benson.
A skinny minute with your pastor It is amazing at how many people deal with loneliness, rejection or feeling unloved. I’m reminded of a true story by Bob Benson. “Richard was such a talker that someone started calling him “Motormouth” and it stuck. He always had a smile and a ready answer to any question, serious or joking. One day he had been arguing with his wife and went back to the bedroom and came back and touched her on the shoulder as she stood at the sink. She turned just in time to see him pull the trigger of the pistol he had pressed against his head. Richard, “Motormouth,” always joking, always laughing, always talking, always willing to be the butt of our jokes was dead. I’d ask him a lot of times how he was doing, but I guess I had never asked him in such a way that made him want to tell me. Life in a way is like those electric bump cars at the amusement park. We just run into each other and smile and away we go. How are you doing - bump, bump, Hi, Motormouth – bump, bump, ...
love Bob Benson. He has all kinds of sense.
The Picnic (By Bob Benson) . . Do you remember ever being invited to a picnic, a social gathering, like by a...
Family day at benson, view from BOB
I used to like Bob Benson but I'm pretty sure he's in love with Pete and that is not ok
Starting the bob cats with Linda Busch Benson at Harns Marsh Elementary
Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops fires back at Nick Saban’s “consolation game” comment, calls it a “built-in excuse”
Thank you to Coach Bob Benson for the tour of Cordish this weekend. Kids loved it.
RAF Benson families day tomorrow where Neil Porter the organiser of the Abingdon Air Show will be presenting a cheque for £10,000!!!
;~} Sweet Dreams Y'all. Had a great night with awesome food & company. Life is Beautiful
You can tell if it almost Lily's birthday when you have 15 tabs of Bob Benson photos.
Kindness Takes Time by Aletha Hinthorn. In Come Share the Being, Bob Benson told of an electrician they...
pretty sure i just saw Bob Benson riding a bike on E Capitol St
Is that not the mysterious Bob Benson from Madmen
I've concluded Don Draper and Bob Benson are both inspired by Tom Ripley. Had Matt Weiner ever spoke of his debt to Patricia Highsmith?
Joe MacMillan/Bob Benson. Wow. I don't even watch and I know that this should *totally* be a thing.
Pete's Mom: Well he's very upset about the way you're treating his friend, Bob Benson. . Pete: That 'Spanish Fly'.
Tom green bob saget trailer park boys Doug benson just for comedy this festival was unreal check out the line up
The amazing singer Karin Benson and guitarist Bob Hawkins.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Don't forget too! Wow. TPB, Snoop and Benson. All they needed was Willie and Bob Marley's corpse.
Why is no one clamoring for Bob Benson? Boy is so fine.
Just met Bob Benson at a bar in Montauk. He did not want to chat.
Tourette's Bob Benson just went on a "computer date".
OMG there's this movie on the hallmark channel where Bob Benson plays a guy with Tourette's.
Taking this month's to the hairdressers tomorrow, hope I can pull off an Ashley Benson bob!
Happy TGIF Y'all!!! Beautiful blue skies here, Starbucks coffee with a shot today, Still a little tired lol.
Ever notice the Trivago guy looks like Middle aged Bob Benson?
At my Latin Jazz gig now with Brian Benson and Tony Zee at Bob's Bar at Capella Sentosa.
reminds me of Bob Benson on Mad Men
Want to catch up on your Well here is the July 9th interview with AD & Sunbelt commish …
Les Miserables! Our neighbor Bob Benson is Jean Valjean & his sons Connor & Carter (Spencer's best friend) are students.
Bob Benson's proposal reminded me of when Wesley Snipes proposed to Liz Lemon on 30 Rock.
The only way to top Game of Thrones was to bring back Bob Benson and Alison Brie in the same episode. Well played, Mad Men.
If there's anyone hotter than Don Draper, it's Bob Benson. Also, Pete Campbell is very abusive towards food. First, he throws a chicken off the balcony. Now he sticks a beer bottle in Trudy's cake. What a wasteful ***
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Megan and Bob Benson and Pete Campbell back in the office? Is this Season 5?
Dude if Bob Benson is good for Joan then I hope she gets that.
power rankings are genius (as usual) but dude, let. it. go. re Bob Benson
ON THE NEXT Mad Men: Don drives Meadow back to college; Swifty Lazar asks Harry Hamlin for his glasses back; Bob Benson destroys Detroit
Random Mad Men thought: considering Bob Benson's background, isn't it an insane accomplishment that he's servicing Chevy alone in Detroit?
Bob Benson, you are rly pushing it on becoming my fave character before I finish Mad Men s5, aren't you?
I've been rewatching season 6 Mad Men before I start season 7. I think Bob Benson is an anthropology student working on a case study.
Where left off: Don's sober, Peggy's gone all Joan, and Bob Benson is still effing creepy
Sorry, guys. Meant to write that in my Mad Men fanfic forum. PS - anyone want to read my Bert Cooper / Bob Benson?
We managed to get a response by a now former Jeff Gordon fan by the name of Billy-Bob Benson he said the following: “There ain’t no room for that *** crap in NASCAR. This is a man sport that only straight men should be doing. These *** need to go back and pray that god forgives them for the choice they made. If they wanna be *** go be a fashion designer and not ruin the greatest sport in the world!”
Overheard at The Cast on Season 7, the End of the Show, and Bob Benson
Everybody loves Bob Benson, the affable schmoozer from season 6 of TV's "Mad Men." The ABC network loved him, too, and couldn't help but go back in time to g...
Heading over to Newman U's Steckline Gallery for opening reception of husband Bob Benson (photos) & Robin Lies (glass art);5-7 PM!
Shamefully forgot how foxy Bob Benson is!! "James Wolk in Spring Suits for Work
I'm declaring Monday to be Official James Wolk Day where all we do is exchange photos and .gifs of the great man / mostly him as Bob Benson.
The Steckline Gallery hosts Bob Benson and Robin Lies tonight from 5-7. See you then.
Hi and good morning from Bob Benson
I bloody love Bob Benson, in every way.
Have you seen the granite marker on West Street. Do you know that is not a gravestone, but a marker placed by the Stoughton Historical Society in 1899 for the home of Isaac Stearns built in 1716. In April 1999 myself, Bob Benson and Howie Hansen rededicated this 100 year to the day. (Dave Lambert)
Whenever I'm having a bad day I just Google "Bob Benson shorts gif" and POOF. All better.
Hey great job Bob Benson. You were always a mechanical genius. Congrats on all your success.
Olivia Benson can get it . Specially wit dat bob .
hay Rrob P. do you remember the signal between bob Benson me and you, to go have a smoke. i still do it without thinking ?
We were going to compare you to Bob Benson and Sal, but thought this was a better fit ;)
They threw credulity out the window when they had Bieber play Bob Benson's grandpa
"WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS DOWN HERE, GO BACK UPSTAIRS." people yelling at bob benson is my fave thing
Benson bogart billy Johnson and bob Dugan
This DB suit on Bob Benson is kind of great.
Bob Benson models spring suits for Pete Campbell would be SO jealous.
Bob Jones getting ready for school like
Need to sleep, but can't stop speculating on the hidden demonic forms of Bob Benson
If I'm the Bob Benson at work, that makes everyone else a Pete Campbell.
Obama up there talkin about Mad Men. I could totally see Barry O bein bros with Bob Benson
I'm a solid mixture of Bob Knight, Ron Swanson, and Benson Payne.
Tomorrow, Benson's limits are tested when a victim won't testify.
Bob Benson, give this to Michael Iozzia !!! Its on the way to remind him hes missed!!! lol. jk
A good friend of mine, Bob Benson, has been working *** his new product called the Silencer, which is a...
Watched The Wolf Of Wall Street last night. I'm just so proud of how Bob Benson has found his way in the world.
“Bob Marley never won a Grammy in his lifetime. (Neither did Jimi Hendrix)”
Bob Benson in the streets, Don Draper in the sheets.
From Joan Holloway's red dress to Bob Benson's short shorts, check out the top 10 fashion moments.
I can't believe I thought that Mad Men was the first time I loved Bob Benson. COMPLETELY forgetting Handsome Grant from Happy Endings.
My dear human being!!! When the fall starts, Daisy Fay starts the 6th grade and meets her classmates, which include the very snobby and spoiled Kay Bob Benson, who serves as a nemesis for Daisy Fay throughout the rest of the book. Daisy's other friend is Michael Romeo, a Catholic, and the only other child, aside from Daisy and Kay Bob, who lives in Shell Beach full-time. She also makes friends with classmates, Patsy Ruth Coggins and Amy Jo Snipes, among others, and is good friends with an African-American mortician/bar owner named Peachy Wigham and her co-hort, an albino named Ula Sour. Peachy, the owner of the Elite Nightspot bar, had a secret on the white Sheriff's daughter, (she had had an abortion) which was why she wasn't ever arrested. Also, she meets Mrs. Dudley Dot, a journalist (she writes the Dashes from Dot column for the local paper) and the leader of the Junior Debutantes, a pre-teen group which meets in the bait shop over the summer. Mrs. Dot is idolized by Daisy, and is eventually instituti ...
Bob Benson from Mad Men is confusing me. Season 6 - is he just a fraud guy or is it because he is in the closet.
AKA Bob Cook says Thomson is a straight up fighter. Broken hand or not you know he gonna still bring it. Benson too physically strong tho
I think Fighter X won a round but maybe Fighter Y won that round. Same with the other round. Yup, its a Benson Henderson…
James Wolk (Bob Benson on Mad Men) in the new brings all of my favorite things together.
Bob Benson stuffing a bra and strutting and talking in falsetto "I'm Joan," Bob will say
The final shot in Mad Men will be a slow zoom on a photo of Bob Benson partying at the Overlook hotel in 1921
Bob Benson is the best part of season 6
"Oh hello Roger." "Who are you?" "It's me, Bob Benson, from the office."
Bob Benson of the sparkly tree outside will teach you how to make sparkling art! Tomorrow 11am-2pm!
The coffee I brought my coworker wasn't so much of a peace offering, but more of a Bob Benson power play.
(1/2). "When life caves in, you do not need reasons -- you need comfort. You do not need some answers -- you need someone... —Bob Benson
(2/2). "And Jesus does not come to us with an explanation -- He comes to us with His presence.". — Bob Benson
Max benson bob & martha benson . Uncle Bob & martha new jersey?. Bishop Oconnell knights of arlington. Playing like a bunch of hobokens
The Late Bob Benson Sr (I transcribed this from a sermon of Bob's I was re-listening to and wanted to share): I like these words they mean something to me right away when I read: 'You did not choose me...I chose you'. We sometimes have the idea that the way it is is: We are going down through life and sometimes things are going well and we see him and go "oh, I believe I'll choose Him and He can bring my life together and put it together for me and make me the person I'd like to be". That's not the way it was at all. The way it was is this: You were going down the road.and He saw you.and He said.why I'll take him. I'll take her. You be on my side. I've got a place for you. I was chosen. And that has made all the difference. Now there's a couple of things about being chosen I'd like to suggest to you this morning. The first is this: You can't understand the choices of God by looking at the choosee. I know I'm an improbable choice. This voice. Not a very big body. Could you make it through li ...
01/21/2014---1 John 4:13-15 KJVHereby know we that we dwell in him, and he in us, because he hath given us of his Spirit. And we have seen and do testify that the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world. Whosoever shall confess that Jesus is the Son of God, God dwelleth in him, and he in God. Passion for Praise---HEARTLIGHT O praise the Lord, all ye nations: praise him, all ye people. For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the Lord endureth for ever. Praise ye the Lord. Psalm 117:1-2 KJV Daily Bread But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God: I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever. Psalms 52:8 KJV  Joyce Meyer A Confident Woman Day 3 of 14 Lord, I ask You to give me wisdom as to what I give my time and attention. Help me to be busy with the right things and to give my best to those things.  Amen. She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard. Proverbs 31:16 KJV WJD!!!---HEARTLIGHT O God, my heavenly Fa ...
There was really no contest about the single best line spoken on TV this year. "Not great, Bob!" It was only three words, spoken by an angry Pete Campbell as he joined the ever-sunny Bob Benson in an elevator on "Mad Men." But Vincent Kartheiser's line delivery was deliciously perfect, and fans...
The other two were Bob Benson (burst blood vessel) in 1916 and reserve goalkeeper David Ford in 1938 (peritonitis).
If Don Draper and Pete Campbell had a baby ... Bob Benson.
Movie idea! T-Dog and Bob Benson in a remake of the Tracy Jordan classic "Black Cop, White Cop."
"Crazy Ones" basically is "Mad Men" with Robin Williams as Don Draper and the guy who plays Bob Benson on "Mad Men" playing a 2013 version of "Mad Men's" Bob Benson...and Sarah Michelle Gellar still looks great.
Bob Benson is in "The Crazy Ones" playing 21st century version of..Bob Benson. Robin Williams as Don Draper. Oh, and Kelly Clarkson.
I'd only be interested in The Crazy Ones if it actually was about Buffy Summers, Mork from Ork and Bob Benson running an ad agency.
Bob Benson from Mad Men is in that new Robin Williams comedy hopefully he has a more fleshed out backstory in that
doing my best 'Bob Benson meets Pete Campbell' impression today
'Mad Men' creator Matthew Weiner on Don's confession, Bob Benson's origin and more from season 6 via
Don Draper finished his sixth season by taking his children to the brothel where he grew up and the look on Sally's face was perfect. He has all but jumped from the building in the opening credits. I know they would like the viewers to think that he is going to turn things around in season 7. He will not. He is self destructive and things will only get worse. I want the producers and Matthew Weiner to continue the show beyond season 7. They have introduced new characters and created interesting story lines around the main core. Let the stars, Draper, Sterling and others walk. They can come back and direct, do cameos whatever they want. Season 8 can be built around Sally, Glen, Stan, Bob Benson, Ken, Dawn and whoever they introduce. Let Peggy and Peter be the new leads. It's the story... that makes it work. Unnecessary Carnage versus Necessary Carnage. Man of Steel versus World War Z. For the first 60 minutes of Man of Steel I was in to the backstory and saying this is pretty good. The last 50 minutes was ...
What did people think of the Mad Men finale Sunday night? I finally was able to watch it last night. I was expecting something different to happen--I was thinking there would be a more tragic event. Maybe Don Draper is on the way back from the dark side now. But I'm confused about something--they're from a big ad firm, but only one of them can go to California? Also, California was considered to be the saving grace for Don and Ted, but for Pete Campbell, it's sort of a Siberia? And I'm still not sure about that Bob Benson character, although I do enjoy it when he takes Pete Campbell down.
Q&A: Matthew Weiner on 'Mad Men's' season finale, Don Draper's future and Bob Benson conspiracy theories. The show's creator and showrunner talks to THR about the "hopeful" ending and the random way Megan Draper ended up being linked to Sharon Tate -- and reveals that he hasn’t yet written the final season.
On his favorite weirdest theory Matthew Weiner has heard about this season of Mad Men “Bob Benson was Peggy’s baby come back from the future in a Terminator thing to illuminate and set things right. That was the most ingenious one. I hope what really happened in the show didn’t disappoint people — that’s not a vernacular we usually work in.
The penultimate season of "Mad Men" has come to an end — and a *** of an end it was, as I discuss in my review of the finale. I also spoke with series creator Matthew Weiner about Don's choices (and their consequences), the secret origin of Bob Benson, the way history intruded on fiction like never...
Is Don's epiphany permanent? Will season seven be bi-coastal? And what's the deal with Bob Benson, anyway?
I'm just gonna say my prediction for Mad Men season finale right now, and see if I'm right later. The entire season has had to do with Don's mortality. First episode is about death, he's been sick, coughing all the time, nearly drowned. So I'm predicting a big cliff hanger where Don may be dead. Also, Pretty sure Bob Benson is going to have something to do with it. They've been hitting us over the head with that guy. Lets see if I have been reading the signs right or not. Victoria Fraser, you and I will discuss.
Dear Mad Men thank you. Although you've made Don Draper a super jerk this season you have also graced me with Bob Benson to look at.however I am hoping his shady past will not result in him leaving the show...I mean I will continue to oogle Don but Bob Benson is just so freaking CUTE!
why every Mad Men character is going to die this season from alex schmidt - Megan? Yes! Bob Benson? Yes! Every other character on the show, on Sunday? Find out why!
This Week On Mad Men: Ken Cosgrove gets shot in the eye, Pete digs some dirt on Bob Benson and Sally visits boarding school!
Code-cracked - Bob Benson on Mad Men's real identity is Coach Taylor on FNL.
"Matthew Weiner has told me things about Bob Benson that I can't repeat," says James Wolk on his character: http:…
For the better part of season six, Bob Benson was an ingratiating hollow man, a handsome, eager-to-please cipher whose mysteriousness enabled any number of Internet conspiracy theories -- like the particularly ludicrous one placed him as a secret agent sent by the government to spy on Don Draper. No...
OK, Mad Men for a minute... I thought everybody caught it. But reading posts it seems like some folks might have missed it. Or maybe I'm thinking way too deeply into it. Bob Benson and Pete Campbell were not talking about the same thing. Pete appeared to be so focused on the possibility of Bob Benson being homosexual that he just couldn't see the possibility that this guy would be working in any other capacity. Is Bob Benson a spy? I thought it was I thinking too deeply into this? If you think I'm crazy, watch the scene again.
Only one more episode left in this Season and only one more season left after this one. Plus, it just gets weirder and weirder and Don continues to spiral downhill. I need to do a follow-up illustration to this one with Pete Campbell, Bob Benson, Roger and Betty and the always disturbed Sally Draper. .
OMG! Bob Benson! take on what we learned about man of mystery (and Sassy Sally!)
1000 dollars and a pint of cran-prune says out Bob Benson's real name is Steven Marcato.
Bob Benson's True Identity Has Been Revealed: Mad Men ‘s mysterious new man, played by James Wolk, has a...
If Bob Benson doesn't go full Patrick Bateman by the end of this season then I don't even know anymore.
Bob Benson, mostly flesh and steel.
I've just figured out who Bob Benson is. Bob Benson is the guy who knows how to play the Game of Thrones. Mystery solved.
Forget your Bob Benson theories. Why is nobody taking about how Ken Cosgrove is immortal?
I knew Bob Benson was up to something...
Sitting here thinking about the enigmatic Bob Benson from
Bob Benson reminds me of a golden retriever puppy when he's all :) :) :)
I thought in had Bob Benson all figured out... BUT NO!
Started from the bottom, now we're here. The Bob Benson and Don Draper Story.
"You should watch what you say to people." - Bob Benson
I was dead wrong about Bob Benson, and I couldn't be happier about it.
I think Bob Benson needs his own fictional meme trend like Chuck Norris or the Most Interesting Man in the World.
Lebron went 1 and 8 when Boris Diaw was guarding him. Bob Benson is Don Drapers son
Bob Benson & Peter was also great. Last 2 weeks of this show have been spectacular. Really well done.
Bob Benson talking angry Spankish. OMG so dead right now. is the best!
If I talk about anything tomorrow and it doesn't involve the words "Bob Benson," it's because I'm trying really hard
.take on reveal of Bob Benson's identity and how he may be like (and unlike) Don Draper: http…
Don Draper and Bob Benson have taught me never to trust a man with an alliterative name.
The moral of the story is that Bob Benson is Patrick Bateman
Pete Campbell obviously thinks Bob Benson is another Don Draper and as much as he despises him would rather have him at his side
I want Bob Benson speaking spainish... on a loop... forever.
Did anyone understand what Pete's speech to Bob Benson meant?
Bob Benson yup would still bang oh yes
Bob Benson and Don Draper. Catfishing ad men since the end of Korean War.
Can we discuss the bar mitzvahs, WHERE WERE YOU IN 1989??.
Bob Benson is really blowing my whole high.
Bob Benson is becoming my favorite character in the history of ever.
Say what you will, but Pete Campbell is a straight up gangster and Bob Benson is The Talented Mr. Ripley.
At this point I think it's safe to say that Roger Sterling doesn't have to worry about anything going on between Joan and Bob Benson.
Oh, Bob Benson, we have finally figured you out!
Can someone explain to me what happened during that Pete and Bob confrontation? I still don't understand why Pete is keeping Bob there. Did I miss something?
Bob Benson is full of surprises. And so is Peter Campbell.
Well Mad Men is getting a bit nuts tonight. I kinda just want Pete to fall off a bridge sometimes.
The partners disagree on a new campaign. Don takes a day off.
So Bob Benson is the Talented Mr. Ripley. Pete will rat him out to Don. And Don will see himself and adopt him...
This Bob Benson character is something else ...
Any Mad Men fans out there?? What is the deal with Pete Campbell researching Bob Benson to find out he's *** and then cornering Bob to tell him that Pete is off limits? Am I not reading deeper into this?
My prediction that Bob Benson was destined to become Don 2.0 just became more accurate than I ever could have possibly imagined. Can't believe there's only 14 episodes left in this thing.
Doobie, dooobie, do, Frank and Dean a real class act, today on Memorial Day2013 I am pulling out my old LP,s of Frank and Dean, playing them on my good old Garrard table and drinking away a number of Old Style cold ones ( Chicago ), closing my eyes and going back to the good old days and feelin...
Bob Benson is better at being Peter Campbell than Peter Campbell. But it seems he's actually genuine
what's the deal with Bob Benson am I RIGHT
Oh Bob Benson. What am I going to do with you?!
dd | bb In a show where nothing is done without some thought behind it, I'm sure one of the character traits is given the most thought is their name.
TRUE BLOOD...way to start the season...Mad Sally Draper you are your mothers daughter...Bob Benson you are working it...Pete Campbell what are you up to you sneaky little *** hhhm?
I like to think Bob Benson is Keyser Soze.
Was I the only one who was skeptical about Bob Benson being a Beloiter?
My dream 1970s Mad Men spinoff will follow Sally Draper, Bob Benson, and Joan Harris with sweeps week guest star Roger Sterling. Maybe they all get jobs at an up and coming Microsoft?
Dear Mad Men fan friends, What the *** just happened with Pete Campbell and Bob Benson? Anyone? Anyone?
Can someone clear up the bob benson/Pete scene from Mad Men? I'm confused!!!
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Bob Benson...I give up. You have broken my brain.
That awkward moment when you turn to AMC b4 the encore starts. Bob Benson! What's happening! It's going down! Time traveling Bobby Draper!
Bob Benson puts the lotion on the skin or Pete Campbell gets the hose again.
I knew a Bob Benson once, his name was Mark Elliott
Bob Benson is THE most fascinating man!!!
Bob Benson is from WV! Mom and Dad are brother and sister??? Horrible WV reference... I'm calling Matthew Weiner!
Bob Benson. what. the. *** Also, Don continues to be the worst, but in a terribly watchable way.
Bob Benson is the most inscrutable TV character since the Smoke Monster.
There's that closet psychopath, Bob Benson. Give me what I want.
Harry Hamlin feels a kinship with Bob Benson because they were both named by Stan Lee.
I would watch the Harry Hamlin and Bob Benson show.
Happy Fathers Day to my AWESOME DAD Penny Anderson, make sure he sees this...I love him SO much!
So today was a strange day…on my way to have lunch with my uncle & his girlfriend in Calabasas, a motorcycle sped past me going pretty fast between the lanes on the 101 and then it happened. The girl riding the motorcycle lost control, crashed and hit the back of the truck to the left of her. It happened right in front of me. I honked on my horn the moment after so the cars driving next to me wouldn’t hit her. I called 911 and was amazed how many people stopped to help. People left their cars and crossed the freeway to direct traffic away from the accident. A few cars around me stopped and the drivers jumped out. We were talking to her and trying to keep her calm as we waited for the firemen, paramedics and the police. She was 24 years old and as fast as she was going, I think she was lucky. She hurt her shoulder and her hip and was in a lot of pain, but it could have been a lot worse. After help came, we gave our statements to the police. Some of the other drivers thanked me for stopping t ...
James Wolk talks about playing Bob Benson, the overeager, ingratiating “Mad Men” character who has spawned any number of conspiracy theories about what he might really be up to.
Do we find out tonight on Mad Men if Bob Benson is the lost son of Peggy and Pete, on the run from his people and they destroy New York?
Little Giant Ladders
True or False: Most men should steer clear of short shorts.
A special thank you to all who had a host hole this year, the Ruhls, Pam Batlett, the Imburgias, the Rubans, the Mc Kenzies and the Crawfords. It was a great success. Also to Kathy Benson, Bob Colby & Veronica Porter whom I serve with, for your efforts to make this event run smooth. Until our next event. See ya around. JWR
Even on such a happy day of celebration with my beautiful kids, family and friends, I cant help but be more than a little sad. Its hard to believe it has been 15 years today that we lost you. I think of and miss you daily, and sure wish you could have met my babies. Happy Fathers Day Dad! I am who I am because of who you were. I love you and wish you were still here.
Happy Father's Day all you dads out there. Nice work. Everyone else...happy Sunday.
A very Happy Father's Day to all the dad's that stayed around to raise and support their kids. A father is so important in the household. A very special Happy Father's Day to my wonderful son-in-law Chris Benson, his dad Ray Benson, Bob Gleason who was definately a father to my girls, My departed husband Joe Pantalena who I still miss every day, Joe's sons Joe and David, Rick Buda whom I always loved, his son's Gregg and Jason, and Rick Brandenberg. Sorry to the one's I forgot.
What's everyone's opinion of the Hyundai Elentra Vs Sonata?
Happy Fathers day to all the good fathers I know Bob Wight Wesley Benson Michael Ettinger Frank Devan Brian McCartin Daniel Riley Richard R. Wight, Im sure im forgetting some.
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