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Bob Beckle

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Better than Bob Beckel. I like the Beckle a long time ago. But he must've had a stroke because personality changes
He is the Fox formula. Always put an Allen Combs or a Bob Beckle on the panel…
Now that is really something missing despicable Bob Beckle!
Eric I really like your show at 5:00 p.m. but I so miss you on "The Five." Where did Bob Beckle go t…
The only smart thing out of bob beckle from years ago.
would you fire Juan Williams, Shepard Smith, and Bob Beckle...
I'm with you. I love the Five but can't s…
Dana Perino on The Five is obviously anti-Trump. She joined Bob Beckle in cover for Comey and Rogers who were obvously l…
do you know why they keep Bob Beckle and Juan Williams?
Please get rid of Bob Beckle or I'm going to have to change channel of my favorite show.
I wish they would get rid of Shep, Geraldo, Bob Beckle and Dana Perino She sucked when she worked for G Bush and he…
I sure miss the show The Five. But can't stomach Bob Beckle...he's just disgusting. Not another opinion. Awful
can you please have Gavin on? And Alex Marlow, and Bob Beckle, and John LeFevre (the gselevator guy).
tell me why they let Bob Beckle back. He is a jerk
didn't know Bob Beckle stared as the angry hobbit in Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of The Rings
wouldnt surprise me if FOX brought her back. They brought back that POS Bob Beckle.
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Bob Beckle is destroying this show. He is a mean spirited hack. Show is not watchable with him at the table.
Bob Beckle (is so rude. He has no respect for the office of the President-much less his co-host. He's mean & ugly.
Fox get that nasty Bob Beckle off THE FIVE please. He is so insulting to conservatives, I can't believe u keep him around.
Please tell Bob Beckle to go on a liberal show. He's so anti Trump and he is sickening.
On Juan Williams is a bumbling *** but Bob Beckle is a conspiratorial nut job. How is he employed and I'm not?
I don't know what audience you feel is being served by the presence of Bob Beckle. He is rude and bullish. Makes Bill-O look mild.
FOXNEWS why do we, your viewers need to take the ABUSE of BOB BECKLE & his screaming fits on TV? Very nasty person.
Jeff sessions speaks with a southern Alabama accent, and you bob beckle should apologize to all alabamians for the slight
Bob beckle your snarky comments about Jeff Sessions accent, that you couldn't understand him, is so wrong..
Bob Beckle , your an *** what a cruel thing for you to say that poor don't own h…
ugh can't stand listening to Bob Beckle he's so ignorant
Kennedy, Beckle is LYING! He opposed any investigation on Benghazi,"Who Cares!" he said.
Why do you followFive? Are you a closet conservative? Or is Bob Beckle more to your liking?
can we talk about nasty old man Bob Beckle on the Five?
whenever u have Sheperd Smith and or Bob Beckle on I'm turning u off. They are liberal bigots. I can watch CNN 4 that
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Tell that nasty Bob Beckle that calling our president a "dirty president" doesn't say much for who he is!!! Cant Stand Bob!
Bob Beckle called Trump a Dirty President. OMG. Fox kick him off again.
Bob Beckle is so irritating and out of control
Someone at ask Bob Fatty Beckle when the last time he saw his own *** As he uses name with Fat 3 times
Get Bob Beckle off the show! No memory, unprepared, slurs his speech. A disgrace to the show. Absolutely Hor…
bob Beckle must go or your show is off at my house.
bob beckle looks like he ate Larry king with them suspenders of his.
another night not watching Bob Beckle
You better pull that old *** off the show! WHY EVER BRING BACK CRAZY BOB BECKLE? OLD FOOL MORON!
Bob Beckle blames for saying Obamacare is going to implode very soon Beckle says it's not the Liberals fault!
Bring back He is a Reuther. Get rid of Bob Beckle, Juan Williams, Bret Baier and all antitrumpers that spew fake news.
Every time Bob Beckle is on, I am always waiting for you to give him a right hook lol. I am sure he is a nice guy , BUT!!
just saw a documentary on the bootleggers in Chicago sitting Prohibition. Bob Beckle I'd a dead ringer for Bugs Moran.
Bob beckle is a disgrace especially 4 Fox News & as an American. Shame on u FNC
He sounds a lot like Bob Beckle anyway
Now beside shutting offShemp Smith, I think has to be tuned out too. Bob Beckle is an *** the rest just stare!
Bob Beckle is the uncle at the dinner table who embarrassingly spouts whatever he wants and it's too rude to remark keep him off
i was so happy for Bob Beckle when he went on and on how clean he drugs!..well, sadly he must be self medic…
Please tell Bob Beckle to take a chil pill, he's wound much too tight. You guys on the five are very good, Bob is still angry!
Look Beckle is dying his hair. LMAO. What color is that Bob Hot Henna? 😂😂
LOVE watching Bob Beckle on talking about Trump and his "failures" despite his ranting preelection rampage. Bob has NO CREDIBILITY!
not watching today don't want to listen to Bob Beckle
I can not stomach him, i will not watch bob beckle either! Chris wallace speaks down to audience
Bob beckle is a perfect demonstration of what drugs can do to what used to be a brain.
bob beckle lowers the IQ of your show when he's on and I'm offended with his insults.
Good morning Eric, I love the 5, since Bob Beckle is back I no longer watch the 5. He is 2 gloomy
I will not watch Shepard Smith, Chris Wallace, Bob Beckle or Juan Williams, or the shows they appear on.
interesting EXCEPT it didn't happen...bob beckle has mor credibility than Joe and I heard bob died
you go are great...tell them to get rid of Juan and bring Bob Beckle back.
it would be nice if you would clamp down on eric, he acts like a Bully, he done it to Bob Beckle and now he is doing it to Juan Williams,
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With no Bob Beckle, JuanWilliams get to be the nightly Liberal star on I'm happy for him.Melissa Harris Perry wishes
I would like to see Chris Christie and Bob Beckle compete in a belly bucking contest.
It's days like this where I miss Bob Beckle. It'd be funny to watch him try and fight Eric over this Trumpkin phase.
I am very conservative and still really liked Bob Beckle. The Five isn't the same without him.
Open the dam phone,not once but 4 times.Lunch time show & my granddaughter hears you cussing on TV. You're as bad a Bob Beckle
- I bet is because he's nicer than Bob Beckle
Ty for handling Bob Beckle so well tonight. He's out of control and you reeled him in beautifully but respectfully.
Bob Beckle goes postal.He left Fox where he was irratatioing but he's gone truly LiberalLoon since joining CNN.DL handled him well
Bob Beckle struggling to relate Trump to Kasich on CNN. Pathetic attempt by a has been
Bob Beckle needs to take a drink & calm down. Oh; wait, he's an alcoholic. Sorry Bob!
I agree. if you must have a liberal for balance, bring back Bob Beckle. Pills and all..
Hey Fox News can you say BOB BECKLE was a repeat offender . WHY NOW ? . I will be waiting for your Fair and Balanced reply
Bob Beckle got a free pass for years.
Remember when Bob Beckle used the F word on Hannity Why wasn't he suspended from FOX
Juan Williams is a complete and utter baffoon. I and my friends are quitting watching the five because of juan. Bob Beckle
RE: Suspension of Stacy Dash & Col. Ralph Peters..How many times did Bob Beckle use profanity before he was let go? Plenty of times!
Looks like FOX is going to have to go to a 7-second delay when Stacy Dash is on. Just threw out a Bob Beckle...
Another lib Rino claiming to be a Republican. Time for FOX to send him to join Bob Beckle.
is a fool,I'd rather have that drunk,Bob Beckle to heckle
Never thought I'd see the day I'd miss Bob Beckle, until U came along. My remote gets a lot of work when I hear your voice.
boy doesn't he just destroy the show where is Bob Beckle please come back, Fox u need to get him back.
- if Eric is the 'dad', then was Beckle the 'crazy uncle'? I miss Bob
Bob Beckle couldn't even keep up with himself
absolutely prefer Bob Beckle. He's amusing, not to be taken seriously. Juan & Geraldo take themselves seriously; distasteful.
Can I get a show of hands? Is Bob Beckle preferable over Juan and Geraldo on
Ann Couter is the rights Bob Beckle. Just as big as a Nitwit!
omg dana, please get rid of j williams he is beyond ridiculous. Miss bob beckle. ..
So OK you say Bob Beckle is off The Five due to recovering from back surgery. The real ? is he returning not that I want him to?
Bob Beckle when and where did this Happen ???
I miss Bob Beckle, on the Fox News show The Five, like I miss a bad case of hemorrhoids.
haven't seen Bob Beckle on The Five. Is he ok?
Bob Beckle why aren't you on The Five? Miss you!
why does the name of Bob Beckle never get mentioned?if recuperating ,why are there not any updates?
where is Bob Beckle? I haven't heard him yelling at lately.
rinos lying by the way do u know if bob the I hate humans beckle is still on the five?
Bob Beckle endorsed Cruz and he is liberal-strong.
where is Bob Beckle? We like Juan Williams but worried about Bob
.Bob Beckle at least makes valid points for dems...Juan Williams just argues for the sake of arguing. Makes no valid discussion.
USA is land of 2nd chances, Bob beckle deserves his! Others have done + said worse and allowed a pardon!
You are so right Karen! Eric has spent too much time with those morons Juan and Bob Beckle!
bring back Bob beckle, frankly I can do without jesse waters!
And Chris Mathews, Bob Beckle, Juan Williams and Alan Combs are smart. 50yrs of liberal congress destroyed USA.
I heard someone saying the other day how they couldnt stand Bob Beckle. Personally I don't agree with his politics and he just doesn't seem like a nice person. But I am glad he is on The Five. He is to The Five what Elizabeth Hasselback was to The View. But no one at Fox News is trying to shut Bob up or get him fired.
How many people need to get sick before people like Bob Beckle believe is a health crisis? Too many too late.
James Carville, Bob Beckle & Juan Williams the Iraq army fled just like a group of liberal would when it come to fighting for your country.
Welcome home brother. Screw Hanoi Jane, Bob Beckle, Juan Williams and all the liberals
My dog is the prettiedtg she looks just like Juan Williams with a Bob Beckle butt.
John Kerry, Bob Beckle, Hanoi Jane, and Barry Obama a foursome you would never want to be around.
Bob Beckle on Fox News said today on 5at5 said he got a call from Justice Department saying he needs to stop saying bad things about muslims . Said he will get death sentence from muslims if he doesn't. Way to go eric holder. Doesn't warn Republicans just dems!
Bob Beckle wouldn't make a pimple on a sheriff's ***
Fox's Bob Beckle,either he is or pretending to be... Stupid
Bob Beckle has fallen from grace. He does not live in Texas and needs to keep his liberal ideas in NY. Sorry Bob.
, I take issue with bob beckle's remark about Gov. Perry. he has been a great gov for Texas
Bob Beckle : "NO HONKIES AT THE TABLE"! This man knew exactly what he was doing by saying honkie! ,
Bob Beckle on the 5 " do you really think Democrats actually want racial divide?" Hey you fat ignorant moron here's your answer .Yes
How does Bob Beckle know what it's like to be black in America? There is nothing more racist than a white liberal.
I agree with Bob Beckle. Kate Middleton definitely is the most beautiful girl in the world.
Bob Beckle is now more libertarian than you.
Bob Beckle's legs person is drinking what was drinking Saturday night.
Bob Beckle thinks that they live. In the "Castle". LOL... the tower suite.
I agree with Bob Beckle on insurance companies... SCREW EM!
The Fox Five Got it right. And Bob Beckel led the charge right along with the rest of them. The Muslims recently beheaded a Coptic priest because they don't like Christians and it happened in Syria. The five collectively said that the Muslims are growing in numbers in this country and their agenda is to kill us all and we must do something now before its to late. Bob Beckle challenged the Muslims in this country to stand up and voice their opinion against the terrorist Muslims now residing in this country. The Muslims are intent on taking over the world and they are well on their way to taking over Europe and the UK. It's happening right now in every European country. I recently met a young Jewish Liberal and she told me of a Muslim temple in France that was going to be shut down. The Jews in France saved it from closure with putting up their money. She thinks that was the way for the Jews to reach out to the Muslims and mend the fences. I have a bar of soap for her and by the way step through t ...
Dana Perino had to tell Bob Beckle that targeting US citizens is the ENTIRE purpose of the 1st Amendment. No wonder the Left can't grasp why the 2nd Amendment is so vital
WOW for the first time ever I just agreed with Bob Beckle .
Wow when even democrat Bob Beckle gets mad at obama you know it's getn bad.
or Bob Beckle, Juan Williams, Alan Colmes, and all his other lib friends. Turn off Fox until they change it
Bob Beckle was A Vietnam protester with his main squeeze Hanoi Jane. He's worse than any CBS. I'm a Vietnam vet.
Tamara Holder: "Most Republicans are a bunch of fat *** who shop at Walmart". Then proceeds to clarify that most When she was asked if there weren't any obese Democrats, she said simply "name one". OK Tamara, lets start with Hillary Clinton, Fla. Rep. Frederica Wilson, Tex. Congresswoman Shiela Jackson Lee, Surgeon General Regina Lee, Michael Moore, Rosie O'Donnell, Roseanne Barr, Oprah Winfrey, Whoopee Goldberg, Bob Beckle, Al Gore, Ed Schultz... shall I continue? From a person who has battled obesity his entire life, what a cold hearted, ignorant, insensitive, rotten, and totally inaccurate statement. And this is the party of tolerance and understanding?
Dana Perino to Bob Beckle, it just doesn't make any sense. Exactly This is the mind of a Progressive Liberal,it just doesn't make any sense!
Bob Beckle pisses me off. Just thought I should say it. Hypocritical *** Did I just misspell the word just before *** Why doesn't my smart phone have spellcheck?
Listening to a telephone call, water boarding, is awful and so so bad!!! But drop a bomb from a drone and kill US citizens is OK? What the *** kind a people are in charge of this country? The biggest democrat in the world Bob Beckle just attacked the crap out of the president! Good for him! The sheeple better wake up! This is insane! Can you say impeach?
Fox line up trending > liberals Geraldo Rivera, Juan Williams, Bob Beckle & now Dennis Kucinich! Whenever they show - I go!!!
Bob Beckle and Laura Ingraham both state on the O'Reilly Factor that Pres. Obama is 100% behind the Feinstein Assault Weapon Ban 2.0 and that the ban will happen
I don't agree with Bob Beckle..but I like him!
Bob Beckle of THE FIVE on FoxNews is so angry regarding Union loss; waiting for him to hit someone. Violence ok if your a lib!
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Is Bob Beckle really tht clueless?! His Union crap is so out thr & old world! Only O forces ppl 2 do things against Thr will!
Bob Beckle is sulking. His history as a drunk, rude liberal is know. Today is the worst. He advocated violence against those who disagree.
"RTW was signed in the dead of night behind closed doors" according to Bob Beckle kind of like Obamacare-hey Bob??? Dryurnose
Bob Beckle makes me so mad I scream at my TV😡
Has anyone ever called Bob Beckle a *** or would that be considered an insult to other d-bags?
Please let Bob Beckle's bigotry and vile ways give him a chest buster..what a *** should fire this ***
Beckle: ok for unions to be violent since union guys were beat up back in the 20's plus now we get weekends off..not everyone Bob.
not sure what planet Bob Beckle came from, his BS at end of tonights show, disrespect for his counter parts!
I live in one of Bob Beckle's "backward" states and am offended by his comments!!
..then Bob Beckle is one happy ...ha! I feel better. 7JustKidding. Bobs a good guy
Example of what happens when citizens are armed instead of helpless. Someone tell Bob Beckle. He's never heard of it.
Quit talking Bob Beckle, just quit talking
Bob Beckle:Keep calling every1 who isn't a union thug a scab U r a fat washed up drunk who needs reminded of that more often
Your body language tonight is speaking volumes. How do you share a set w/Bob Beckle? God Bless you Dana
Wow - Bob Beckle is a liability to your show. Way to offend 1/2 of the country w/your insensative comments - South is backward?
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“Bob Beckle on : Salmonella is an experiment ...” Proves u can't fix stupid
Typical 'lash out' by an uninformed Liberal Bob Beckle calling southerners Backwards re; rite2work
Obama went to MI to incite the unions. Today the union thugs went on a rampage. Nice going BO & Beckle
Bob Beckle on : Salmonella is an experiment ...
I love The Five but I have to change the channel when Bob Beckle speaks I hate that pig
go Dana. Put Bob Beckle in his place!
Bob Beckle - Bastion of liberal thought in America.
Thanks for showing what a communist Bob Beckle is!!!
Check out FOX and Blustering Bob Beckle justifying Union Violence. Something about the Mine Workers 80 years ago.
Bob Beckle on FNC The Five said Right to work only exists in backwards states!
Love The Five, but am getting tired of Bob Beckle downing the South. He should be dropped from the show
Bob Beckle calls non-union people scabs, ask him if that's because unions are bleeding us, scabs are part of healing.
Bob Beckle would unionize pedophiles in prison if he could. The man has no common sense.
I enjoy your insight and your comment on subjects, how do you stand Bob Beckle, I hear he has a belly ring to attach to buffet
ask Bob Beckle if he likes communism wouild he like working $4.00 an hour .and ride a bicycle everywhere
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Beckle of "The Five" tells the co-hosts they should be optimistic..OK Bob..did you buy Neverland ranch? Well move there you sheep groupie!
I like watching The Five, but every day Bob Beckle has to prove yet again he's a *** bag! :-)
Bob Beckle wants football teams to impose curfew on their players to curb drunk driving deaths. How about personal responsibility.
"Don't bite the hand that...fills your stocking! can jasper bite bob beckle. ?
Watching the Five. Dose Bob Beckle pull his facts out of mid air. Hand guns are a deterrent to being a victim. air
It's a great monkier for a guy like Bob Beckle, ... "Marxist Libtard." . Highly Appropriate!
Watching Fox News The Five and delight in watching Dem Bob Beckle Schmeckle get mad over criticism of BHO wanting blank ck on spending.
Bob Beckle is getting consistently aggravating. He just doesn't fit in with U guys. It's not entertaining, it's annoying.
Bob Beckle on is a living appendage of According to Beckel, Obama is always right. We are fundamentally going under!
For those of us that watch "The Five" Holy cow, little Dana Perino went on a rant and actually cursed on the air. Because of Bob Beckle's hysterical in the past they now have a 5 second delay, so we can't hear and see what she actual said. lol I have never seen her get that riled up. I wonder if there is a way to get to see the unbleeped clip show
I think we're more like Hannity and Colmes, Bob Beckle and Sean Hannity, Bill Maher and Sean Han...wait a minute...
no.. reality wife... you are mixing him up with Bob Beckle.
Bob Beckle belongs in the vile vermin category, and it is a disgrace for FOX to allow him to spew his lies.
Shows how stupid Bob Beckle is, he laughed & thought when said, he was joking! Yep! It's a JOKE but true!
I love it also, Although I don't agree with Bob Beckle, I think he is entertaining. .
Is Chris for real. Oh, I forgot they can only what was reported. Bunch of Parrots and I can't stand BOB Beckle
Bob Beckle did not know about Obama phones! His party gave them away.
Dumbest comment of the day--Bob Beckle actually said: "You are an employer and gonna lay people off. Why wait until after the election?"
GOP-don't let the DEMS. define the party---especially Bob Beckle!
Would love to hear Bob Beckle's version of the next 4 years. How does he think things will go in theUS
Your not a wing nut, Bob Beckle, if you feel raising taxes will harm the economy. Lets debate The Economics, not call names.
Now that obama won, their is no holdin back on the imoral views of liberals- bob beckle
Bob beckle just said the most outragious liberal view of all- leagleize heroin & cocain along w weed! Wow , the truth comes out
Does Bob Beckle actually make a contribution on the five?
Bob Beckle needs get off your show The Five. Losing viewers, trust me on that.
please get Bob Beckle off the show, he is such a moron
Gotta think Bob Beckle's feeling pretty good in that room these days
just watched last night show and Fox needs to get rid of Bob Beckle he is an *** Get rid of *** Morris too.
Bob Beckle aggravates me to no end.
i Dont' think Bob Beckle believes any of it.He is simply sucked in, and Gobbled up by their system...
Want the answer to your ? re: single vs. married young women voters? Ask some! Not BOB BECKLE!
Bob Beckle you are so full of SH**. You thought Romney was so gracious. You never had one thing nice to say about Romney. Hypocrit
BoB Beckle ...still can't tolerate that man.
I can't wait to see Bob Beckle's reaction on The Five tonight.
No such thing as a 'bluedog' democrat. Like Unicorns or Bob Beckle being sane.
Bob Beckle says Romney and Ryan are "far right." And that's why republicans will loose.
don't we get enough of Bob Beckle on the Five.
I think I see formaldehyde dripping from Bob Beckle's nose.
Bob Beckle does have some flash braces
good analysis until Bob Beckle. Can the rest on please quit talking negative about the (R) party.
Bob Beckle for a dem u are ok but i can't take u tonight!
Has Bob Beckle colored his hair? He's a ginger today and I don't recall him being a ginger before. Something outrageously funny about that.
Romney's sons could be the only residents of a state and Bob Beckle would give that state to Obama.
Bob Belt Beckle says Obama didn't do his ground work in PA
What kind of name is Bob Beckle lmfao
I hope Bob Beckle has to wear elephant hat.
The Five may soon be The Six. Bob Beckle is ready to convert. Juan Williams
Spending my afternoon w/ Bob Beckle, and Andrea Tantaros on
Bob Beckle starting to feel a Romney win!
Dana, you probably should find out if Bob Beckle and taxi driver know each other?
Bob Beckle still does not get it, itis time by by help from the &
Hey Bob Beckle, Obama campaigned on Election Day in 2008. Was he behind?
Bob Beckle has an excuse for everything. Obama draws 18k and we draw 35k and Bob hates it and plays it down. Bob your going down.
Bob Beckle...and I thought he was a somewhat objective Dem.
Listen to the loser Beckle whine. Mondale? What a campaign, Bob!
bob beckle is a *** Needs to be fired PLEASE!!
Bob Beckle is completely off base and wrong
Today Bob Beckle said he doesn't knw anything abt Rom so he's dangerous! We knw NOTHING abt O Whn he ran!
Bob Beckle ruins the 5 I have just turned it off yet again - literally watch for Eric Boling, he is awesome!
I know bob Beckle was first, is she the second? Or are there more.
at least Bob Beckle is kept on a leash with a shock collar. Geraldo needs one.
Please fire Bob Beckle. Not because he is a grumpy leftest, but because he seriously doesn't look like he likes being there.
I want wednsday 2 B the worst day EVER FOR ,chris matthews, maddow, Bob Beckle, Bill Maher etc
zombie apocolypse update: fortress Fox News. for those who asked me the zombie kill count goes as follows Bob Beckle has 532, Sean Hannity has 495, Greg Gutfeld does have over a thousend but has been disqualified for stealing and using Ruber Murdochs bazooka lol lol to make the zombie shoot out more fun Juan Williams and Kimberly Guilfoyle of the Five have a running bet if Obama is re-elected they have to use glow in the dark blue paint balls on zombies for people to shoot at if Mitt Romny is elected they wuill use purple (my favorite color). lol lol to honr the great tradional and very special right we have to vote I will keep my zombies out of the voting booth.
On the five on Fox News Channel, Bob Beckle just agreed that other news channels should report Benghazi cover-up. Wow can u believe?
Benghazi is the worst cover-up since Watergate. What our president and his top aids have done is criminal. Just as criminal is the way the main-stream media is helping to hide this disgrace. NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC...all refuse to report the truth about why our ambassador and three others died while crying out for help...weeks before, and hours after the attack. If you really want to know the truth about what is going on you will only find it on the Fox News channel and a few talk radio shows. The left will tell you that Fox is totally right wing and one sided. They shout out, "Fox Lies!" without giving their reasons as to why they believe that. WATCH FOR YOURSELF! You will see that many Democratic spokespersons and stratigists are given equal time to air their views there. Juan Williams, Bob Beckle, even Barnie Frank and Democratic spokesperson Stephanie Cutter all appear on Fox News. Not one other network can honestly say they present fair and balanced reporting. Do you REALLY, want to know the truth ...
Watching the FIVE. Greg Gutfeld has opened up a can on Bob Beckle! He needs to debate the muslim tonite. Romney is gonna eat his lunch! Pack Muslim, move to libya!!
You know, i try to watch all the news channels, Fox is the main one, and i gotta tell ya Bob Beckle(spelling) is a royal *** bag, he has his head so far up Obama's *** he is probably shaking hands with Juan Williams
Dana in my opinion I would like to see Kirsten Powers replace Bob Beckle(nothing personal).She is not bought and paid for yet!
Watching Fox News, as i do, and seeing Bob Beckle and Juan Williams still backing the pres. I cant help but believe that they get payed to be the devils advocate on the network just for shock factor. Being the Christians they say they are, how can they publicly defend the CLOWN IN CHIEF. THE MUSLIM IN OFFICE. THE LOSER FROM LAST NIGHT? (JUST THIKIN)
Enjoy the Fox Five. But...good grief almighty...just can't watch when Juan Williams is on. Why did Fox ever hire that man. I'll take Bob Beckle.
Last night Obama lost Michael Moore, Bill Mahar, and I guess now Bob Beckle... Was it really that bad, yes!
Zombie apocolypse update: NY Fox News headquarters. Greg Gutfeld and Eric Bolling sneaked out of headquarters to try to lead some of the attacking zombies away they were going to use a member of code pink as bait but Bob Beckle wouldnt let them so they decided to use just raw meat (dumb zombies fall for it all the time) They were terrifcly successful so where did they lead the zombie? Right to the office of George Soros Billionair numbskull (lol) you should have seen the chubby little goomer run he he he butwhen the zombies saw the corpulate jerk they found he made a munch nummier looking meal so off they went no one has seen Soros since is that good or bad I report you decide lol lol ps Gutfeld and Bolling got safely back to fox where the Ladies of Fox led by Kiberly guilfoyle were adding up the scores of dead zombies who said women cant shoot. lol lol
Why are all liberals victims? The party of tolerance and understanding is the real party of racism and divisiveness. Let the libs tout some pie in the sky ,factually abstract nonsense and everything is lovely,prove them wrong and and BAM you are the bad guy. If conservatives ability to back up what they say with facts and figures is too much to take , that is just too bad! The libs idiosyncratic mentality is amusing . Their ability to insinuate a bias ,while themselves effectuating such seems to escape them. Their infatuation with the Fox News network,or one of a small conglomeration of pundits would be comical ,if it were not so sad! They HATE Fox News ,they call them liars,the say Fox is biased ,yet they (the liberals) cannot tell you one lie, or name one commentator (other than Hannity and they have never watched his show either),or explain what bias they are talking about. I challenge you to get one to tell who Bob Beckle is ,or Alan Colmbs,or Greta Van Sustren,or Shepard Smith,or Carl Cameron,o ...
did you ever fell like punching Bob Beckle or Ed shultz.just askin
Breast Cancer Awareness
Bob Beckle is hurting The Five's success with his sarcastic one liners, his inability to carry on a normal conversation, his utter disrespect for the women on the show, and his dirty mouth. The time has come for Roger Ailes to come to rhe rescue of the other hosts and reassign Bob Beckle somewhere where he doesn't have to interact with people because he doesn't know how. I watch THE FIVE every day but I don't know how much longer I can stomach Bob Beckel.
Repost from Paul Curfman's status . . . Well said, Paul !! I heard Bob Beckle (and Michael Moore on another occasion) say that Republicans are hypocrites because the Bible says to give to the poor and the right doesn't want to raise taxes on the rich to do so. I have asked my liberal friends before, and do so again now, "Name one scripture that instructs us to take money from unwilling participants and give their money to the poor." Right now, the left is giving my grand children's money to the poor. That awfully generous of you people. I have a scripture for you tho. Matthew 25:14-31 Jesus gave an example of a man who rewarded those who were willing to invest, to risk investment, to increase enconomy. However there was one who hid his money in the earth. It created no jobs, no income and profited no one. Jesus taught that the master took his money away and gave it to the one with the most money (the rich). And the one he took it from? the one who had the least (the poor). Now what do we do with that? We ...
Bob Beckle to Greg Gutfeld: You lived in Britain and that's why you're so short.
Happy Anniversary week for The Five! Here is a message from Kim! ~~Seano **If they kept Bob Beckle and Juan Williams off of the show, then it would be an okay show. I think that those liberals on The Five makes the show suck. So many liberals on FNC is making the whole channel suck. I am getting most of my news from You Tube and Face Book now. How sad.
Paul Begala, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Al Sharpton, Bob Beckle, Juan Williams. Great spokespersons for the left. All *** and hypocrites
Well I have calm down now. Took me all this time after hearing about the Supreme Courts decision this morning to actually wrap my head around this. When I sat at my desk just now to read new post...there was my sign...WHEN LIFE KNOCKS YOU TO YOUR KNEES .PRAY THERE.!Well Patriots.WE MUST PRAY NOW. Roll up our sleeves and work harder. Regardless if we "like" Romney or not ...he is our ONLY hope to get obama OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE. Voting for Gary Johnson will not accomplish anything for America. So, if you are here posting all these pictures of Chief Justice John Roberts and calling him all kinds of names... WHERE DOES THAT GET YOU.let me tell you ... NO DAM WHERE.what happens is YOU MAKE YOURSELF SLIP DOWN TO THE LIBERAL LEVEL of calling names and being rude. (if you want to know what you look like by calling people names turn on Fox News Channel - THE FIVE...and watch Bob Beckle make himself look like slime by calling Jan Brewer or Senator Issa horrible names) People please don't get distracted.get on y ...
Thanks Sean Hannity. First you gave us Bob Beckle, now Tamara Holder. Just who's side are you on?
While watching The Five on Fox News the other day, Bob Beckle (D) said that the U.S. Deficit (debit)didn't matter. The response that Greg Gutfeld gave, I think was the best I've ever heard, If the Debit doesn't matter then why do we pay any taxes? Why don't they just print more money?
Bob Beckle on the Five today made a comment that “it is about time the Republicans started including people of diverse backgrounds in their Party”; because there is an African American Woman running for Congress as a Republican. Well again, I am not a Republican, but I am a Historian (Amateur) so I have to set the record straight, AGAIN. The first seven African Americans elected to Congress after the Civil War were all Republicans Hiram Rhodes Revels from Mississippi, first African American U.S. Senator; Benjamin Turner of Alabama; Robert De Large of South Carolina, he also served as the Chair of the Republican Party’s Platform Committee; Josiah Walls of Florida; Jefferson Long of Georgia, a successful businessman, when he was elected to Congress as a Republican his business was boycotted by Democrats causing him great financial loss. He was the first to deliver a congressional speech in the U.S. House; Joseph Hayne Rainey of South Carolina actually served briefly as Speaker of the U.S. House (3r ...
how about a debate between Mark Levin and Bob Beckle
Alan Colmes, Juan Williams and Bob Beckle are Fox Dems who are afraid of losing their jobs by defending Dems.
I love when Dana Perino gets mad at Bob Beckle:-)))
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