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Bob Beckel

Robert Beckel is an American political commentator and an analyst on the Fox News Channel where he currently co-hosts The Five.

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Fox caved on O'Reilly not on Hannity!Settling doesn't mean guilt, easier than court…
Bob Out Again: Juan In. Five: About time? Beckel's alleged racial remark torpedoes his second chance on
BREAKING! BOB BECKEL FIRED from Fox News for 'insensitive remark'! [Updated]
Bob Beckel fired after 'leaving room because IT technician was black'
Bob Beckel from finally got canned...AGAIN! It figures that it's a liberal that gets fired because of RACIST COMME…
Williams is bad, and Bob Beckel was worse...
Bye Bob. Won't miss you.⚡ Bob Beckel is terminated by Fox News after insensitive racial remark.
But a bit higher on the evolutionary chain than Beckel. Thank God Bob is gone!
Bob Beckel fired from hope they get rid of Shep Smith too!. Two faced back stabber.
"Fox News Terminates""Bob Beckel" he should go to CNN who has 75 racial discrimination charges against them
Fox News fires Bob Beckel for 'making an insensitive remark' to black employee - CNNMoney No surprise. That's FOX.
At least we got rid of that Drunk Beckel. PIG
Bob Beckel represents the Democrats perfectly. Angry, hypocritical racists.
& I hated his. suspenders !!!. How you kept this. guy on is beyond me !
this is the best news ever. I can start watching it again. This guy was full of hate and back on the pills.
Fox personality Bob Beckel was abruptly fired after being accused of making a racially insensitive remark
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I know there are going to be a lot of people that are happy about this one! They have other Lib voices to fill in.
Fox News fires Bob Beckel over alleged racist remark ➡️ by via
Fox News has fired Bob Beckel for a racist comment. He should have been fired long ago, for having no idea what he is talk…
That pretty much sums up the Democrat party. Racist Bob Beckel . and . Pervert Anthony Weiner
Just look at bob beckel from Fox News he got upset because a black man came to fix his comput…
"half breed interference?" Man! Bob Beckel just got fired from Fox for less!!! 🤔🤔🤔
is parting ways AGAIN with Bob Beckel, the co-host of its program, “The Five.” “Bob Beckel was terminated tod…
BOB BECKEL IS FIRED lol. I've been too busy to notice but I just read it and thought immediately of you. 👍Now…
Bob Beckel, who co-hosts "The Five," on Fox told the employee he was leaving the office because the man was black and then…
but fired liberal Bob Beckel for making a racial remark to a black employee. . ANOTHER liberal ra…
Bob Beckel's exit wasn't mentioned by his former co-hosts on last night. They'll just act like he vanished?
With Bob Beckel fired & Kimberly Guilfoyle looking to be the new Press Sec, 'The FIVE' gon have to change its name to…
Is there anytone and/or anything at Fox News who/that isn't infected with misogyny and racism like it's the plague?. htt…
Maybe David Frum can replace Bob Beckel as Fox's "liberal" pundit?
Fox News fires host accused of 'leaving room because IT technician was black'
Hamilton Collection
Fox News host Bob Beckel was fired from the network ... again. This time for making an inappropriate remark to an African-Ameri…
Back up token liberal. Now that Bob Beckel got the boot, he just got called up to Varsity.
Fox News fires Bob Beckel after racism accusation
Beckel was nothing but porcine in his behavior every single time he was on the air. I watch FOX 4 fac…
It's a new era for Fox, they are cleaning house!
In what may be a first for the network, Fox News fired Bob Beckel this morning for a "racially-insensitive"...
Fox News fires Bob Beckel for second time after alleged racist remark.
I has been way overdue to fire Bob Beckel.
Let me know when any other media company puts forth this much effort to keep an employee with different views.
The man in question says Beckel also tried to intimidate him into withdrawing the complaint. Totally plausible.
Bob Beckel fired from Fox and Anthony Weiner goes to prison. Folks, it was a *** of a day in America! 🇺🇸🎉
More alleged bad behavior at continues to dog network's public profile.
Bob Beckel didn't want a Black man to repair his computer?? Put him UNDER the bus for stupidity!...
Is it just me, or does Everyone who Mounts An Attack on Crash & Burn? Another One Bites The Dust! Bubye B…
Opinion | Fox News, attorney brawl over firing of Bob Beckel This is a complete lie! I don't like Beckel but this?
Beckel's last performance on FOX was embarrassing/immature as he childishly ridiculed Trump/ Conservatives. No facts;jus…
beckel bloated, Trump hating drug attack lib axed for racist comments to tech worker!You can't make this up
lets see who hires that fat loathsome lib slob now Beckel who always is denigratingTrump voters,poetic justice
Is there anybody else besides me would like to see Bob Beckel replaced on The Five on Fox? This man is terrible. He has me…
via Thank god, that miserable lib makes me puke!!!
NEW: Fox News host, and Democrat, Bob Beckel has been terminated for making a racist remark to a Fox News employee
I think Fox News is heeding message of lower ratings. At least Tucker & The Five have been on point. Glad Bob Beckel is gone.…
Don't be sorry, he brought it on himself. Let's all cheer he is gone from Fox News!
Yet he calls Trump a bully and racist. So glad he is gone from The Five!
Geez, it’s like Survivor on The Five. Bob Beckel gone. Guilfoyle angling for White House. Jesse still there. htt…
"Anthony Weiner, Bob Beckel, Clock Boy & the Dow is up. Rough day for Trump haters. Let's run that Nut Job story". - NY…
Bob Beckel was fired from Fox News after he made a racially insensitive comment to an employee.
Fox News fires Bob Beckel for racially insensitive remark via Why he didn't say the "N WORD." So what?
I think Bob Beckel, Juan Williams, and Shepherd Smith should host their own show on CNN ... it can be called. The Ména…
Bob Beckel is fired from AGAIN.. The liberal was fired due to a "racially insensitive remark" 🤔🤔🤔. A racist libera…
Fox News fired Bob Beckel because of an insensitive remark he made to an African-American employee
didn't address the Bob Beckel situation.
My sympathies to Bob Beckel I know how it feels to be a former host. I'm the former host of Six shows. I loved your blus…
"Racist", Fox News. the word you are looking for is, "Racist". Say it with me : "Ray" "Cyst". Racist. as in, "Bob B…
Bob Beckel is OUT!. cut him lose, granting the wishes of many fans.
Yesterday Bob Beckel called our .a punk . Today Bob Beckel is fired by Fox. 😂😂
I guarantee this won't make PostDispatch PEOPLE section: NO WAY, NO HOW!
Video of Nut Job Bob Beckel getting spanked & fired by today. administers the spanking. Join https:/…
Fox News fires Bob Beckel again—this time for making an 'insensitive remark' to a black employee…
We will fight w/ Trump to "MAGA" to *** freezes over, then we will fight on the ice. Nut Job . Anthony Weiner. Bob Beckel htt…
Seems to be a pattern here. Is there a war on Fox News?
Fox News host Bob Beckel fired over 'insensitive remark' to black coworker.
YEAH! Bob LIBERAL Beckel is gone! Now needs to get rid of Shepard Smith and Juan RACIST Williams.
Bob Beckel did nothing wrong. Dindu nuffin
can you tell me what happened to Bob beckel
Fox News terminates Bob Beckel for doing what many at Fox are hired to do.
Democrat Bob Beckel fired from Fox News. Finally! No idea why that crazy libtard was ever on Fox in the first place.
The way people talk about FNC, Bob Beckel should've been promoted
Why hasn't anyone on Fox News especially the five mentioned the firing of that *** Bob Beckel the viewers want to know & h…
Bob Beckel TERMINATED by Fox News for racist comment to Black Employee
Clock Boy, Anthony Weiner, Bob Beckel all lost big today. Bad day for leftists. 😄👌🏼
Fox News: “Bob Beckel was terminated today for making an insensitive remark to an African-American employee”
democrat Bob Beckel is VERY LIBERAL and he would NEVER say racial stuff UNLESS it was arranged to ta…
Yep well at least we don't have to deal with Bob Beckel anymore
Bob Beckel fired by Fox News for racist comment: Report via h…
“The Democrats are playing you for a political chump.” - Malcolm X. Bob Beckel Anthony Weiner J…
Liberals are always secretly the biggest racists.
🤔I thought Libs weren't RACISTS?. Bob Beckel has been FIRED, again, for making a racist comment. BOB. https…
NBC reports Fox News' Bob Beckel is fired for a racist remark against a black employee, but omits describing him as the l…
I just gave Bob Beckel the Anderson Cooper eye roll
As long as Bob Beckel is there, I am watching Labron James. Just look at the negative comme…
I miss Juan Williams on For a liberal, he is very professional while Bob Beckel is just vitriolic.
The name Bob Beckel a flunky liberal should never be connected to Fox News. He should be off Fox and do live comedy…
- if we HAVE TO listen to a liberal shill on please make it - Bob Beckel is just a perpetual downer!
Fat *** {Bob Beckel} needs to watch his disgusting liberal foul mouth when talking about President Trump.
Why don't The Five run that fat *** Bob Beckel out the door. I'm tired of hearing that liberal insult our
using Joe Namath and Bob Beckel to salvage the network stinks .. plug Kennedy into the Five .. dump Bob .. Non PC Bill
My days of watching FNC are over. Too many Bob Beckel's and young liberal *** females. Laura and Sean out the door soon. More Beckel's in!
Bob Beckel needs to be put down. He's an angry Liberal dog
how about Bob Beckel (correct spelling)? I bet consider him a liberal. Do you? I look forward to…
Don't forget Bob Beckel.don't know if you can find a bigger liberal than Bob. .
I agree I don't like Bob Beckel too liberal, get him off the air! Anybody who is moderate too liberal fo…
Bob Beckel is a better, at least he is a nice liberal
Yes- Bob Beckel is pretty bad TV too, especially when he is in an angry liberal mood
Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera, Bob Beckel were always there to ease you into the liberal take over.
Very true; he's the token liberal and they let him get away with a lot. Bob Beckel doesn't count he's just obnoxious
should get rid of the very mean and rude liberal Bob Beckel, too! I cannot watch The Five in p…
1 Wish, Get of Juan Williams and Bob Beckel,,, Q:Why? A:They are Liberal & offensive,
You suspend Jessie Waters for a NOTHING COMMENT and allow Bob Beckel to vilify and sexualize PEOPLE cuz he is a liberal -YOU SUCK
New Fox mgmt appears to be liberal Trojan horse on a witch hunt. All that will be left will be Bob Beckel, Shepard…
How liberal pundit Bob Beckel found faith—and became a pro-life Democrat
Rob O'Neill shot Bin. Bob Beckel is a way left liberal.
Bob Beckel says Caitlyn Jenner likes it both ways but that's ok cause he's a liberal but a conservativ…
Jesse, will you please tell that *** Bob Beckel that President Truman never sat down with Stalin. Bill was right, he is a liar. A jerk
Watching The Five and you have that fat *** stupid liberal Bob Beckel on why. He is an *** liberal.
Bob Beckel actually is great on "The 5" because he pipes up with all the asinine Liberal viewpoints so the other 4 can smack him down.
love the new 5 @ 9. Must say the new Bob Beckel is refreshing as is the reduced attack on him. He's not my favorite liberal, but
I agree love addition to Jesse Watters but dump Bob Beckel just another dumb liberal who doesn't get it!!
.Bob Beckel really is a mush mouth, yammering, Liberal *** He needs to start drinking again. He was tolerable as…
i think Bob Beckel has a different opinion. see how long Bob last. won't be long and he will be F bombing!!
No one wants to hear Bob Beckel and his hatred for Our President Trump won't watch
HI have zero patience for Bob Beckel not being prepared for subjects... not entertained by this adolescent behavior
Great first show at 9. Jesse Watters is a great addition. Still don't like Bob Beckel.
Watching The Five on Fox why do they have a stupid liberal like Bob Beckel on the Five . He is useless.
So fox fires O'reilly and keeps someone like Bob Beckel? Wow.
Beckel&Williams are lying lib hacks Send Juan back to Panama &Bob to rehab-who the *** at…
This woman looks like Bob Beckel. With a wig on WOOF.
I will NEVER..EVER, NOT 1 Single time.. tune into with 3 Globalist Hacks: Dana Perino, Juan W…
Fox News contributor accuses of sexual harassment. Soon, FNC primetime will be 4 hours of Bob Beckel https…
Will not watch this show as long as anti-Trump Dana Perino, Bob Beckel, Juan Williams are there. Bye!
Why is Bob Beckel still at FOX. Drug addict
I think & everyone at Fox minus Shepard Smith, Juan Williams & Bob Beckel…
Who at Fox News thought Grunting Bob Beckel and Whinning Dana Perino was what viewers want to subject themselves to at 9pm…
Better Beckel than Juan Williams. Bob is entertaining especially when he goes at it with Watters.
They can bring Bob Beckel and he can even have more audience than you baldy !
Bob Beckel is an *** & I hate seeing him @ 9pm. Private citizen taxes has nothin 2 do w/ presidency. Sorry 9-1…
I love the 5 but bring Juan back as much as he gets on my nerves but beats Beckel, where did he come from? Sorry Bob
Sorry folks, can't watch Bob Beckel any longer. His hate for Trump. Is…
The Five knocks it out of the park. Bob Beckel is great & he does a great job.
Bob Beckel should speak for himself or on behalf of his suspenders. We are very happy with We love Pr…
Bob beckel needs to get off The Five and join his clown girlfriends on the view...
Not me. Bob Beckel, Juan and Dana are of no interest to me
uncle bob beckel grade for Ohio mayor arrested for rape"A" would have been "A+" had he'd got out i…
Love KG. How she can stand being next to Bob Beckel is beyond me.
Not watching Bob Beckel on the Five on
Bob Beckel needs an AA meeting more than once a month!
I'd rather clean my bathroom than watch Bob Beckel. . Sorry Just can't do it...
Fox News continues to demonstrate how low its standards are by making Bob Beckel one of th…
Watching the five, Bob Beckel has to the dumbest guy on the face of the earth.
Really. I'd rather watch Bob Beckel and Michael Moore mud wrestle. That Dina Purina is terrible.
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Should have moved without Bob beckel
Cast is GREAT but THE FIVE needs to Dump BOB BECKEL. Why the heck the producers keep this disgraceful pig on Air is surprising
I'd rather see Juan Williams than Bob Beckel. That is all.
Disgusting obnoxious Bob Beckel over Bill O'Reilly! . has lost their mind! Not going near
Great 👍🏻 point, Bob Oscar. Still, I have to watch the yet on delay. Good Beckel filter.
Would you please teach Bob Beckel how to pronounce the word nuclear?
Tuned into heard last few minutes of disgusting Bob Beckel say sexual comment to Kimberly. Fire the slob!
Only bob beckel 😜He worst than Megan mccain folk may tune out if they don't get ri…
I have a hunch that Jesse Waters will get Bob Beckel to 'SNAP' They don't like & respect one another; Wa…
Bob Beckel is a babbling incoherent alcoholic drug addict
I can't watch the five any more. Bob Beckel makes me sick to my stomach with his liberal views.
Bret, watch your show but after seeing Bob Beckel show up today I can no longer watch any show that has he,Juan or Marie Harv on.
God has done a pretty good job of taking care of the earth all on his own.
. I remember Bob Beckel on cnn. He said he'd eat his shorts if Trump won. You should call him on it ! ! LOL
Bob Beckel is living in a fantasy world when he says people are unhappy w/
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You really should get rid of your *** Bob Beckel I think his name is. He's a Total Moron on the 5!
Makes you think: Why is Bob Beckel even on the 5? Maybe just a prop.
The Five won't last with Bob Beckel, or Juan, we're all to smart for them.The Dems have educated us on how t…
Bob Beckel the Sarah Silverman of The 5 Just crazy accusations w/ no substance Bob brought us bozo Jimmy Carter, totally expected!
The Five is a modest success for Bob Beckel, due in large part to the charm of Juan Williams and Eric Bolling.
A long time ago, 2 reasons why I quit watching because of Juan Williams and Bob Beckel, who now is on The…
Bob Beckel is a fat useless toad who's completely out of touch with regular people. Probably moreso than Trump. He ***
What does Bob Beckel know about coal mining. As a West Virginian, I politely suggest you to shut the *** up.
Bob Beckel the big fat head jerk he started getting him off the show I want to stop watching
chuckles with his box full of chuckles tonight on local news Bob Beckel love affair for the Clark bar
Bob Beckel reminds me of Charlie Weaver from the Merv Griffin show but Bob is not interesting nor funny.👎
Bob Beckel @ Sheppard Smith talking together on is too much to bare! Does Beckel ever have any facts or just his…
: Unfortunately some at FOX are NOT helpful: Shep Smith, Bob Beckel, Juan Williams, Dana Perino 😬
Which buddy will Eric have on Bob Beckel or Juan Williams Julie Roginisky the bashers
The problem with Fox News; Juan Williams, Julie Rodginski ,and fat *** . Bob Beckel.
if u think Bob Beckel should be fired from
why does Bob Beckel always slouch and lean over? What is he looking at?
Hi Stuart: Like your show but was not happy to see how you treated Bob Beckel today.
I refuse to watch Sheppard Smith and Bob Beckel of the Five. Fox has sunk to CNN low in hiring t…
Bob Beckel is the industry token drunk & drug addict ! probably has no idea what he said !
is must see TV with the Bob Beckel antics and fireworks ensuing.
bob beckel He is such an arrogant pompous A-hole
Fox News Host Brenda Buttner Dead at 55 Condolences to a fine lady! Always to good leave us not Bob Beckel he's like a bad smell.
The Five was my favorite show at 5, but I can't watch Bob Beckel. He calls POTUS "Comrade", makes nasty comments & lacks insight.
Bob Beckel, not only sit down, marbles in your mouth not worth hearing anyway. Why is Bob on the show?
Bob beckel is a closed minded old drug addict . Fox News made a mistake when they /fought him back
Shep Smith for news ,Juan Williams,Bob beckel,Geraldo,AND Marie HARF WHO worked for Obama
Did anyone hear Bob Beckel's prediction on the five that Trump won't be impeached but he won't finish his first term???
Next is CNN BOB Beckel who was hired back for The Five. He LIES & Attacks Trump. He must go. Fox clean the swamp
...If you want to know more about real Taiwan, I will provide infos.👊🇺🇸. annex:. ht…
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Bob Beckel should be fired from Fox for what he saidabout President
Calling President Trump "Comrade" like Beckel just did on a national news network means Bob is not a good man.
not according to Bob Beckel on The Five.
If Bob Beckel's hysteria weren't so dangerous, he'd be funny. Why did you bring him back?
Hey Second Chances are fine, but Bob Beckel has got to go. His blatant disrespect for the president is not appropriate
I agree, just sounds like a demented person. He doesn't add to the show, he repels viewers. . 👉RETI…
I like Beckel better than Juan Williams, but in this case, Beckel crossed the line:.
How about making your viewers happy and sending Chris Wallace and Bob Beckel to CNN!
‘This president flat-out lied!’ Tucker joins ‘The Five’ and Bob Beckel goes off on him, see how it ends . . .…
Seems like the "Good Ones" die ahead of time, those like Bob Beckel & Juan Williams keep on keeping on! Can't say l…
Shep, Bob Beckel, Juan Williams all need to goof FOX wishes to save face and their audience!
Watched 5 minutes of "The Five" yesterday & shut the TV down. Cannot stand Raging Bob Beckel. Almost as bad as Juan…
Bob beckel, damaged brain from too many drugs and too much booze
Bob Beckel is the STUPIDIST person on TV. Today on he said Donald TRUMP is the 50th President!!!. How did Fox rehir…
Bolshevik Bob Beckel predicted Trump would not finish his term & he won't be impeached! What is he saying? What does he want?
Fox News does some stupid things, like hiring drunk Bob Beckel back to Fox! What an *** ..👍🏻😎
'The main asset is Bob Beckel, who is extraordinary.'
I think Beckel is drinking again. He acted drunk on the 5 last night, and not the first time. He is a very hateful and mean spirited man. He definitely needs help.
the 5--Fox News Tucker Carlson is exactly right--in this case--Bob Beckel talks like an obstructionist--certainly not an unbiased reporter.
Alec Baldwin's brother Stephen Baldwin RIPS Trump hater Bob Beckel for his salty feelings! . "Why do you hate him so much?"…
Christopher Hahn isn't a real liberal?? Bob Beckel is what.a conservative?
Their missing Sheppard Smith and Jaun Williams and Bob Beckel in that picture.
Bob Beckel over the edge typical lib. Annoying is putting it lightly.
I watch Fox News mostly. I find Shepherd to be not my favorite. I actually enjoy Bob beckel. Juan Williams not so much. But fox 1
I don't generally agree with Bob Beckel but please let him make his point. Eric is especially rude.
Bob Beckel you are truly a waste of good oxygen WOW
Which is why needs to clean house too, Jaun Williams, Sheppard Smith, Bob Beckel to start with.
we have Bob Beckel for our lefty. We don't need Shep.
I always thought Juan Williams was the worst announcer on fox but Bob Beckel has shown he is far more liberal and bias…
Evidently is still trying to become CNNLite. Sheppard Smith, Jaun Williams, and Bob Beckel are still employed.S…
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General Flynn is a 3-star general who served his country admirably. Bob Beckel is a morbidly obese, incoherent…
Why does Fox have Shep Smith, Chris Wallace and Bob Beckel??? They should go work for CNN or MSNBC
Juan Williams, FOX's Fake News Contributor. I guess they have 2 now with Bob Beckel.
This Dimwit Democrat, Bob Beckel gives new meaning to "Low Info". He need to be corrected 3 times on 2 issues in less than…
FOXNEWS's Bob Beckel on The Five crossed the line!. He referred to President Trump as "COMRADE TRUMP"! Please complain…
Fox's Bob Beckel, the jerk below referred to Trump as. "Comrade Trump". is a pile of 💩…
Fire Juan Williams. he is Fake News .he is an obstructionist to the truth. take Bob Beckel with him to CNN
if ratings have dropped since Bob Beckel returned
When Bob Beckel returned to I was genuinely happy to see him. That feeling lasted about a week.
My favorite show is but whenever Bob Beckel is on I do not watch gives me a whole new respect for…
The Fox Five Show bringing back Bob Beckel is not a positive move for the show. He is a biased liberal who is not part of you… many people stop watching the five when Juan Williams is on. Bob Beckel is so much better. Juan needs to be gone
Geraldo, Juan Wms, Bob Beckel, Leslie Marshall, all leftwing Fox contributors. There are many more.
Love having Bob Beckel back on the five
They need to get rid of him, Juan Williams, and Bob Beckel!
Please say it isn't so! I can't stand this ignorant liberal!
The Five is a potentially wonderful show damaged by the presence of a lacklustre Bob Beckel.
What do you feed Juan Williams , Robert Fowler and Bob Beckel, just sour grapes? After a bit these threse are a pain!
Juan and Bob Beckel are good at getting beat up lol
Sheppard, Jaun, Geraldo and Bob Beckel needs to go to CNN or MSNBC or some other network that loves Libtards
gee thanks but I dont work for Fox, Beckel fired me long ago
I will not be watching Shepard Smith again! If I here one more stupid rant from Bob Beckel on The Five I won't be watching that show either!
Many loyal FOX fans turn 2 another channel when he comes on! Same 4 Beckel. If U think he's popular with most of us,…
Do you realize your are not liked & even Bob Beckel is liked more than you. Only Kelly was worst than you & she's g…
please get rid of Bob Beckel He is an embarrassment to your organization. We don't like him, he is rude & crude.
The five is much better without *** Bob Beckel we know Juan has an excuse.
megyn McCain is bob beckel of your show
Drain The Five's swamp, Bob Beckel has got to go. He is so annoying!
Shepard Smith Reminds me of that news reporter on methadone oh wait that was Bob Beckel
Fire Shepard Smith; Juan Williams, Chris Wallace and Bob Beckel! Have to change channels when the appear!
If I could be anyone for the day, I would love to be a twenty something Bob Beckel.
is Bob Beckel were there I would say liposuction would be his best Innovation that fat frog
I think Bob Beckel should take Flynn's place. That would get him off The Five.
the five is on so We switch to a different channel because of Juan Williams. The same with Bob Beckel.
Can't stand Shep Smith, Bob Beckel, Juan though I can stomach him on the five. Not fond of Geraldo But Love F&F every morning.
Have we finally got rid of BOB BECKEL? Juan ain't great, but Bob is a mofo PUKE. Please tell me he is gone. POS to the 13th power!
So Easy to hear Juan Williams talk liberalese rather than Bob Beckel.
Juan Williams and Bob Beckel. both annoy me. Thank God for my remote. l
Tuning out Goldberg. He's as bad as Geraldo, Juan Williams and Bob Beckel. Too bad their lack of perspective ruins your show
I agree...Sheppard Smith, Bob Beckel, Jaun William, there are a bunch...if I wanted to hear someone spew liberal bu…
Once Meghan Kelly left, just avoid Shep at 3pm. I dont know what rock they found Bob Beckel under, but I wouldnt miss him
Love the Five but can't watch Bob Beckel,insufferable. Juan Williams is intelligent I enjoy him. .
I heard George Will got fired. You should fire Bob Beckel.
Ever consider Shepard Smith to sit in and Bob Beckel seat? He'd be grate!
Bob Beckel is just as bad, if not worse. If he saw the sun come up he'd disagree and argue that he didn't!. Such a HRC snowflake!
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Juan Williams is to liberal for me. I think FOX uses him for fair and balance. I still can't figure out why Bob Beckel is…
please lose Shep Smith, scumbag Juan, & Bob Beckel! . Thank you from the rest of society.
I turn to Fox News for intelligence, which I can't find elsewhere. That's why I'm asking that you fire Shepherd Smith & Bob Beckel.
Fox News is getting as bad. Ref. Howard Kurtz, Shepard Smith, Bob Beckel and Chris Wallace. Losers!
Howard Kurtz, Shepherd Smith, Chris Wallace, and Bob Beckel are Trump bashers. They need to go to CNN. Sickening bunch!
I can't stand Juan Williams, but he's 100x better than Bob Beckel! He's so annoying and has most ignorant views!
please get rid of "that broad" Bob Beckel (if you saw Greg's show tonight) OMG even worse than Juan Williams.
Kimberly Guilfoyle just showed everyone how confident she is that Trump's border wall WILL be built. Bob Beckel...
EXTREME wager! Wait ’til you hear what Kimberly Guilfoyle just offered Bob Beckel if Trump doesn’t build the wall!…
She's horrible, along with Juan Williams, and why did they bring back Bob Beckel-he is a complete moron!
I have an idea...let's excel the space program and send Bob Beckel, Sheppard Smith, and Jaun Williams on the first flight.
Bob Beckel has to go he ruins the show get Jaun Williams back before you start losing viewers. Beckel is a sad joke.
Bob Beckel still sounds drunk. Jaun Williams makes Bob look so bad. Bring Jaun back.
Get rid of Bob Beckel. Jaun Williams is better...
you haven't grasp it...nobody wants to hear Jaun Williams's, Bob Beckel's or Sheppard Smith's crap.
if you agree.Sheppard Smith, Jaun Williams, and Bob Beckel all need to be history at Fox. Don't turn Fox int…
Thank god Eric is around. Especially with people like Jaun Williams and Bob Beckel around. Forgotten would still be forgotten.
. Maria Harf is on the team with Juan Williams, Bob Beckel, Jehmu Green, Judith Miller, etc.
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