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Boaty McBoatface

Royal Caribbean Harold Shipman Edmund Fitzgerald

I wonder if the whole "Boaty McBoatface" thing, and related instances, might have been portents of Trump.
Brexit. Boaty McBoatface. Casualty. . It's true, the British public can't be trusted to vote for ANYTHING.
What's Boaty Mcboatface got to do with onshore wind? Find out here:
tiz my revenge for boaty Mcboatface! THAT was a public poll !
Ocean Research Vessel to be renamed Boaty McBoatface because “it’s the will of the people”
Reference to the poll to name a new research vessel and Boaty McBoatface won!.
... and then the “adults” who could not be convinced the apocalypse was nigh stayed home or voted for “Boaty McBoatface” to send a message.
Please sign this petition. It is kinda late in the day but still it is important
Boaty McBoatface is pretty good for when an honest blue collar rocker busts a teenager out of my ***
I feel like David Attenborough needs to ride in on Boaty McBoatface and have a stern word with politicians today
Pretty Good Banging was my suggestions for the Tempest's name. This is the 28th century's Boaty McBoatface.
Every time someone says the will of the people, I think of Boaty McBoatface.
Perhaps, for a significant number of US voters, Trump was a "troll vote", the Boaty McBoatface of presidential candidates.
we voted to name a boat "boaty mcboatface" just imagine who we would vote to the Supreme Court
After the public voted a ship worth over £200mil being named 'Boaty Mcboatface.' Is it a shock that Parliament has to vote on Article 50😂?
would have preferred the ship to be called Boaty McBoatface?
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My first working SpacePlane. I call it Boaty McBoatface
Boaty McBoatface and the Dangers of Customer Feedback via
you can't give people the option of write-in candidates. that is how the UK came to name a NERC ship "boaty mcboatface"
'Boaty McBoatface' led to a lot of similar coinages using the formula 'Xy McXface'. We added this to the Open Dict.
Getting inspired and finding great character names (on a boat)
Depressing to see the leftards and Boaty McBoatface morons given another chance to voice their puerile opinions
alternative translation. They saw an online poll and are taking the *** Remember Boaty McBoatface...
Can't wait to see Boaty McBoatface make an appearance in the new lineup.
That is Boaty McBoatface cammed up, & I claim my £5!
Bot notes: The bot seems to love boaty mcboatface.
They may have taken boaty mcboatface, but we still have the power to name the capital of Mars 'Wibble'.
Just finished our meal and cam goes: . "I'm like that boat but instead of Boaty McBoatface I'm Bloaty McBloat-waist" . What even
SMH - Do they know about Boaty McBoatface?
Why is the Steelers mascot named Steely McBeam?. Me: Because Pittsburgh was the original Boaty McBoatFace . 🏈🙌
as a voter, I feel cheated. Boaty McBoatface all over again.
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Did Boaty McBoatface get more votes than ?
First we had Boaty McBoatface. . Now we have . 😜.
oh you don't want to listen to people. What do they know? They watch X Factor, vote for Trump & name boats Boaty McBoatface😜
An even better name than Boaty McBoatface. By a long shot!
though, of course, Boaty McBoatface was nothing to do with the government... 😉
After 'Boaty McBoatface', a local council in the North of England searches for a name for its new gritting truck 📻
If we went to the polls now our next PM would be Boaty McBoatface, Gary Lineker or Bake Off.
Just booked myself & into a prison cell for night before the Boaty McBoatface keel laying ceremony. Got to keep costs down somehow!
Honestly, I think we should go with "Boaty McBoatface.". Philadephia Zoo Opens Gorilla Name to Vote
What if everybody gave their name as Boaty McBoatface as an act of civil disobedience?
Nothing like an update on Boaty McBoatface to ease you back into the work week.
Surely, like with the Boaty McBoatface poll, someone can step in to invalidate the decision and declare David Attenboro…
To see corruption just look at the naming of a boat Boaty Mcboatface versus Sir David attenbrough. Corrupt
says Boaty McBoatface vote could have been Harold Shipman :)
The British Antarctic Survey are after a new spinner to carry bags for Boaty McBoatface
Update your maps at Navteq
Good morning and happy birthday Boaty McBoatface, 90 today.
Boaty McBoatface is was a cry of freedom and a scramjet of silliness being victorious.come on headteacher let us have it!
Can 124,000 people be wrong? Apparently, as Britain declines to name ship Boaty McBoatface.
Too bad! Boaty McBoatface was an epic name! Check out this story from the Calgary Herald
In a perfect world, David Attenborough would change his name to Boaty McBoatface on his 90th birthday.
British Official: 'Boaty McBoatface' ship name is a no-go | Video - Redding Record Searchlight
Truly ace blog from Harris McHarrisface (or, on the greater meaning of Boaty McBoatface
If David Attenborough had an ounce of decency he'd change his name to Boaty McBoatface. The ball's in your court, Attenborough.
If the RRS Sir David Attenborough goes Titanic & only Boaty McBoatface remains floating, the Internet will have a field day.
RRS Sir David Attenborough to have an ROV named Boaty McBoatface. ...shouldn't that be ROVy McROVface?
If you can, please pray for my parishioner who had to choose the new name for Boaty McBoatface *seeks special liturgy in Common Worship*
The recent Boaty McBoatface news only strengthens the case for the New Orleans Zephyrs to be renamed Basebally McBallTeam.
Sir David Attenborough to change his name to 'Boaty McBoatface' | Polar ship named after Attenborough
UK's new polar research ship to be named RRS Sir David Attenborough, after Boaty McBoatface... via
disgraceful, the public were asked to choose and Boaty McBoatface won fair and square
Should Birkenhead-built research ship be called Boaty McBoatface?
The whole "Boaty McBoatface" thing reminds me of uni when the students voted for the union bar to be named "Kriss Akabusi's Pleasure Lounge"
As Sir David Attenborough turns 90, let’s name the 'Boaty McBoatface' polar ship after him, says Sir Ranulph Fiennes
Boaty McBoatface proves the public would rather humiliate your brand than engage with it
Boaty McBoatface: tyrants have crushed the people’s will | Stuart Heritage | Opinion | The Guardian
Jo Johnson MP: Keep the name 'Boaty McBoatface' for the new research vessel! via
Wildcard! THB in Boaty McBoatface: Neil Boyd and Meekal Amjad (Op) beat Alexander Robertson and Euan Wells (Prop).
Boaty McBoatface is not a bad name. Remember when the Internet was in charge of picking a name for the new Mtn Dew?
I've not been interested in the Boaty McBoatface discussion until I heard that the Queen would have to say: 'I...
A £200m research vessel is going to be called RRS Boaty McBoatface, thanks to the internet
U.K. official: New ship unlikely to be named Boaty McBoatface
It cannot too often be mentioned that "Boaty McBoatface" has the same poetic rhythm as "Edmund Fitzgerald."
Apparently the British govt decided "Boaty McBoatface" isn't a suitable name and won't be using it. . ...What a bunch of ***
Really want the Boaty McBoatface story to get the treatment with Malcolm Tucker and Jamie McDonald.
Landslide win for 'Boaty McBoatface' in $300M research ship naming poll (y) :D
'If they do block Boaty McBoatface, the Tories will have proven they're as humourless as they are unkind'
'Boaty McBoatface' may not see the light of day - Mother Nature Network (blog)
Boaty McBoatface is an excellent name for a boat. The Supreme Executive Council hereby calls for all Australian...
World: "Boaty McBoatface" wins UK poll for name of $280M research vessel: Council asked for inspirational entr...
I'm on it. The Adventures of Boaty McBoatface, Boaty McBoatface Goes Exploring, The Further Adventures of Boaty ...
Boaty McBoatface wins poll to name polar research vessel
That boat being called Boaty McBoatface is just annoying because its not that funny, I would have gone for The Harold Shipman personally
You may have seen Boaty McBoatface in the news recently and it sparked you to do a bit of digging on Google to get the full story
Did he name one of the Post Offices Boaty McBoatface? That would be pretty impressive.
Boaty McBoatface surely would be a noble vessel.
If i'm ever lost at sea, I hope to be rescued by Boaty McBoatface!.
UK asks Internet to name vessel, gets 'Boaty McBoatface'
Boaty McBoatface might be the best story of the year.
RRS Boaty McBoatface is ahead by 90k votes & voting closes tomorrow. If it wins the public vote should they keep it?
I dunno, I like Boaty McBoatface pretty well.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
How search works in 2016 | Boaty McBoatface and the Failures of…
How increase to your website | Boaty McBoatface and the Failures o…
In the spirit of Boaty McBoatface, the Internet has decided to forge ahead and take a stab at renaming animals.
RRS Boaty McBoatface is most popular choice of online voters for name of £200m polar-research vessel
My mum didn't know about Boaty McBoatface so I just explained to her and she's actually crying!
So, what was the outcome then? Was it Boaty McBoatface or something boring?
I can't wait until one of these Norfolk tigers is named "Boaty McBoatface"
Sometimes engaging means being silly; e.g., the case of "Boaty McBoatface," says
Did you know I'm going on Boaty McBoatface?
Was there a contest? Because I think Boaty McBoatface is better.
James Cameron has such a high ego he should just announce Titanic 2: Revenge of Boaty McBoatface now
and with that, I'm late getting ready for work. Swing shift has made me lazy McLazyface. which is worse than Boaty Mcboatface.
as a Brit I’m so enormously proud that we’re finally having a cultural renaissance internationally, all thanks to Boaty McBoatface
Inspired by Boaty McBoatFace we're hosting our own competition.
8 days until cruise & I can break out Boaty McBoatface Tshirt 😂
but what did they really think would happen with the British tendency to take the *** Look at Boaty McBoatface..
Boaty McBoatface and the Failures of Crowdsourced Marketing -
Boaty McBoatface and trendjacking done right:
It don't hold a candle to Boaty McBoatface.
Corrextion: tomoz boaty mcboatface sunked itself with three propellers not too.
Russia didn't considered other names for its new polar ship, the most popular so far is RRS Boaty McBoatface.
Never really thought I'd be a cruise guy but if Royal Caribbean actually did name their boat something like Boaty McBoatface I'd be tempted
So what happened in the end with the Boaty McBoatface thing/
With the development of Boaty McBoatface, in last night's crab races I clearly named my hermit crab Crabby McCrabface. Obviously.
Put a smile on yer Boaty McBoatface. Join us by the river this Sat for the 1st of our shows
'Forget - name the ship after my amazing scientist sister who died'
reminding your there is a royal ship named Boaty McBoatface
'Forget Boaty McBoatface - this ship should be named after my amazing scientist sister who died':
The British just voted to name a research vessel "Boaty McBoatface." Do we expect them to take the Brexit vote seriously? 🇬🇧🇪🇺
Royal Caribbean to Boaty McBoatface guy: Name our ship, too
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Speaking of which, did Boaty McBoatface happen?
RRS Boaty McBoatface would make a great name for the new polar research vessel
Apparently Boaty McBoatface wasn't a good discussion of apoptosis as related to Infosec, perhaps tying in canaries?
You spend ages extolling the value of getting the community on board and then this happens.
... but the rest of us think it's a hoot. Vote 1 Boaty McBoatface
Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was named by the same people who named Boaty McBoatface
.is enlisting the help of the Boaty McBoatface creator to name a ship:
I invite you to consider how "Boaty McBoatface" has the exact number of syllables to replace "Edmund Fitzgerald."
Should come as no surprise Boaty McBoatface and Captain Kangaroo have matching uniforms.
⚓️ 🚢 are so classy. They got a FIRST SEA LORD to explain the whole Boaty McBoatface thing:
I might change my name to Daisy Doodad and then take a trip on Boaty McBoatface
Today there's nothing as *** pants funny as Jeremy Vine's sniffy outrage at 'silly' people voting for Boaty McBoatface
Boaty McBoatface: Former First Sea Lord says he's 'proud' of the 'silly names' for £200m research vessel
Former First Sea Lord says RRS Boaty McBoatface is "typical thing of Brits going mad"
The former head of the Navy has responded to Boaty McBoatface
Hearing the esteemed Peter Mansbridge say Boaty McBoatface just reaffirmed my allegiance to this choice.
The iPhone SE stands for Special Edition but why didn’t Apple name it iPhone Boaty McBoatface? I’d buy an iPhone BM.
'Boaty McBoatface' name may be overruled. . Lord West, former First Sea Lord, says he hopes experts will not choose to call a new polar rese
Man apologises for suggesting multi-million pound research vessel be called Boaty McBoatface
Naming a £200m research vessel 'Boaty McBoatface' is funny in the same way that Boris Johnson being voted as Mayor of London was funny.
Streets awash with the tears of struggling comedians having to face up to the fact that their public think 'Boaty McBoatface' is comedy gold
Also in the running: RRS Boat. £200m ship possibly to be named Boaty McBoatface thanks to online poll
A £200m research vessel is set to be named RSS Boaty McBoatface, thanks to the internet
Boaty Mcboatface top pick for UK Antarctic ship name - The West Australian via
Hey Lets help the UK name its newest science ship. Current leader: Boaty McBoatface
The British public are trying (and succeeding) to have a £200 million boat named Boaty McBoatface.
Hilarious. Don't have an internet contest to name your new ship. Current favorite RRS Boaty McBoatface. HT Dave Shaw
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