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I got to do something cool tonight I won a milk cooler from work and I got to go and give it to the school at the board meeting!!
Next LAUSD board meeting is on April 22! What do you guys say? Rally?!
Phyllis and I presented on behalf of the group at tonight’s board meeting and I must say we did a pretty nice job! Thanks Phyllis for kicking off the presentation. Thanks to Tonya and Sheena for attending and supporting as well. A small plug from John Slater and from Mr. Snowden I think was also beneficial to our presentation. Several board members mentioned they were very impressed with what we had to share. One of the best presentations they had seen from a group like ours. I think we at least got their minds thinking about it. We will follow up with Dinger next week and will most likely become an item on the agenda at the May board meeting.
off to Kiwanis board meeting... have a good evening all! Cody has school tomorrow and Friday, he is sooo happy! AND he gets to use his new lunch box! Pics tomorrow! ;)
Preparing my presentation for the school board meeting tonight. I got the budget cut blues.
And into our board meeting room I go!
Ok FB friends. Just got my marching orders from my Tip of Texas Board Meeting. We are holding a Mothers Day Baazar along with Bowling Tournament next Saturday, April 26 in Brownsville. We need bowling teams. Its $250 for a team of 4. Also have space for vendors at the Baazar. You want to sell items for Moms. It's $150 if you are selling items. $75 if you want a booth to hand out info only for a company. Support our fight to prevent child abuse. Inbox me if you are interested.
I'm always impressed with what is happening at our library, great board meeting tonight! This month we are collecting kids books for children who need them! Stop by the Maitland Library and donate!
Anyone at the Stroudsburg Board Meeting? What's going on?
Right On! Had a Productive Day ! Went to work until 11:00am, Than to the Very Informative Constitution Workshop, Sneaked in a Education Board Meeting and Just Finished a Recreation Board Meeting. Just thought I would share my day that made me feel Productive, thats all, Happy Birthday to my Childhood Friend Willie Moore, To complete my day I hope Tampa Bay Lighting Win, they not my team or anything .How was your Day? Oh yeah my Post was brought to you by the Letter D and the Number 2
There will be a Downtown Improvement Board meeting on Wednesday, April 23rd at 4pm in the DIB conference room (413 Harrison Avenue). The public is welcome to attend! We would love to hear your ideas for improving Downtown and would love your help in doing so!
Attended my first Accounting Advisory Board Meeting. Very excited about being a part of MCC!!
BHS is hosting a School Board meeting (we believe for the first time) tonight at 6:00! All are welcome to attend, of course! We are proud and excited to host our board.
Just got out of our Park Board meeting. People, stop vandalizing our parks!! How do you ever expect to have anything nice if you can't respect our progress!!
CG school board meeting, I am very proud to serve my community and alma mater!
Can't wait for another exciting Board meeting starting in 5 minutes.
Board meeting starts in 2 minutes. Only 6 people are here. If you didn't send in a proxy vote and don't show YOU have no room to complain about ANYTHING that goes on in our neighborhood.
Newcastle Anglican Schools Corporation Board Meeting - not your typical Maundy Thursday this year.
Waiting to present at the board meeting.
Done eating dinner. NOW off to the Park Board Meeting. Should be interesting.
Spring board meeting kinda weird with out having Janine Malone
Public commentary at county board meeting – a man is complaining about how a new emergency siren installed near his pasture in Scio Township is spooking his horses.
Off to the Select Board meeting to see if they attend to the posted agenda. Seems odd that there are 2 posted meetings tonight. One at the Town Hall and another at the FD..
Are you coming to the board meeting tonight? It starts at 6:30 pm. We would love to see you!
At District 228's Board Meeting last night, the School Board honored Vince Aiello, Scott Frigo, Petra Mosel and Sonny London for their combined efforts to help Mr. La Mantia when he experienced a health crisis at Tinley Park High School on April 3rd. Mrs. Mosel and Officer London, with support from Mr. Aiello and Mr. Frigo, worked as a team until paramedics arrived to transport Mr. LaMantia to South Suburban Hospital, where his family was able to say a final goodbye. They should be commended for handling this crisis in such a professional manner. These are the good guys, the ones that ensure that our kids are safe and it's reassuring to know that they are always there. If you see them, please take a minute to let them know how much you appreciate what they do!
Two more shows! 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, at Matanzas High School: "Little Shop of Horrors" Check out this video, when the cast made a surprise appearance at this week's School Board meeting:
Special school board meeting 6 pm tonight at SMS auditorium. Come be heard.
Dear Wildrose neighbors and friends, During last nights HOA board meeting, I was informed that the event committee and I was not doing enough for the community. An egg hunt was requested by a board member for this year but the committee had to decline because we do not receive enough volunteers for a large event and multiple other reasons. I must apologize, we can't please everyone. The 3-5k is coming up next Saturday, April 26th. We hope to have a nice day. Remember you are supporting El Cerrito Public Library. I still need around ten volunteers. I need your support or I will not be able to continue as chairperson of this well loved committee. Please make comments to support the committee. We are doing a good job and will continue to do so with your support. Thanks! Tracy
(About Acting) "It's scary because it's real. You have a nervous breakdown in a board meeting, you get fired. You do the same on stage, you get a Tony. I'm glad I'm not an accountant, and I bet the accountant is glad they aren't here. This, this is OUR service job." -Alexandra Silber Bless this class
What a great day. Received my retirement badge at the Police Board Meeting. The best part was spending this time with my police family. Thanks to all who helped me and kept me safe to enjoy this day. I am truly blessed. Thanks Missy Thomas Smith and Jane Bright for being my work "moms" and coming today. Too funny. My best friend and old partner Charles Boschert wore the same sport coat as me! :)
I need a lunchtime baby sitter tomorrow 11:30-130 so I can go to a board meeting. Any takers?
USBG Palm Beach Board Meeting and then cocktails! :-)
So excited to be at my first Channel 11 Advisory Board Meeting as an official Board Member!!
The Library Board meeting, scheduled for Thursday April 17th at 7:00 PM, has been rescheduled to April 24th at 7:00 PM. Library Board meetings are open meetings. The public is always invited and the board welcomes public input.
Well I was just told I'm getting a award form the Distrcit at the April 23rd Board meeting for excellence in saving energy. Really?
Weekly Report from the Board Meeting at Holman Prison, 4.16.2014. A report was given of the S.O.S. Saving OurSelves meeting, which is a coalition of organizations working in the spirit of the Moral Monday Movement. Project Hope to Abolish the Death Penalty became an official member of this coalition. Flyers were distributed on both days. On the next day, while still in Montgomery, Esther attended the Alabama New South Coalition conference. In particular, she was pleased about being able to connect with the 21st Century Youth Leadership Movement. This organization which is about 200 young people strong has as its goal to aid communities by preparing young people for leadership at youth training camps and by encouraging civic involvement. We look forward to working together and see it as an opportunity for us on death row to contribute to tomorrow’s world in a positive manner. On both days Esther did meet with several politicians running in the primaries and asked them their stand on the death penalty. Sh ...
No more time for CONFABULATING, must away to the wardrobe and choose "something suitable" for my FIRST board meeting at the farm! Something that says quiet authority but exudes down home charm. I have just the thing
DONNA — There was no school board meeting Tuesday night because two school board members filed a temporary restraining order that stopped it from happening.
To all of the many people far and near who posted good thoughts and best wishes, thank you very much. Thank you to my wife and co workers for the reception after the board meeting last night and for the gift cards to Bass Pro Shops. Rest assured they will be put to good use. The letters from Sen. Haine and Rep. Beiser were quite a surprise and I was greatly touched by their sentiments. Leaving after 36 years is indeed bitter sweet but I am ready and looking forward to my time now as Dennis Carpenter, private citizen. Thank you all again, I am forever grateful.
Teachers, custodians and parents questioned the transparency of El Paso Independent School District leaders at Tuesday's board meeting as changes are made to campus schedules and teacher positions are cut. ›› Photos: Protesters at EPISD Board of Managers meeting
Back at the Delaware River Port Authority board meeting with John Dougherty and Brian Stevenson after a nearly 3 1/2 year hiatus. This place needs the moral conscience and zero tolerance for BS that Doc brings to the party. If you've never seen a DRPA board meeting featuring Johnny Doc, think "Rock-Em Sock-Em Robots" for adults.
After what may go down as the most insane 2 weeks of my life, God continues to laugh at me...trying to pack for 7 for a surprise road trip to Florida that leaves today wasn't stressful enough, I forgot a board meeting, forgot a swim lesson, was called to school to pick up Ave yesterday bc she smacked heads with a kid in her class and had a giant egg on her forehead, then she returned home from tumbling last night with a broken I just need to clean the house, clean the car, pack and run 5000 errands and we should be ready to leave tonight... Can I get a do over?
Due to my surgery I had on Monday, the board meeting will be rescheduled to Thursday the 24 th at 7 pm. I am sorry if this was late notice, I thought I could get thru it but I can't stand on the leg
Corrected Post: There was a comment made at the Broward County School Board meeting, offered by my good friend, Dr. Rosalind Osgood, and I agree. While the board was discussing the Code of Student conduct, Dr. Osgod mentioned she wished that there was a dress code for parents dropping their children off to school. What are your thoughts?
LMS Stars getting recognized at the school board meeting.
One person bashes the Wyoming Area teachers today you are getting UNFRIENDED. Easy as that. After sitting at the school board meeting last night, they are the most ill prepared failures of elected officials besides Obama I've ever seen in my entire life.
I forgot to post that The Cowboys monthly Board Meeting is tonight at the Huntington Beach Elks Lodge at 6;30. Sorry for the late notice.
Rockland Independent Living Center will hold its next Consumer Advisory Board meeting on Wednesday, April 16, from 12 PM until 2 PM at the centers...
Called the mayors ill be going to a city board meeting about putting signs up where autistic children/people live, or right around where they live. Kind of like the deaf area signs. Deaf people can look both ways across the street to see if cars are coming, however, either autism they are oblivious and would walk right out in the street getting hit or killed by a car. Its time to raise awareness for autism! Lots of them don't have a voice so I'm proud to say I will be my sons, and others who has this, voice at this meeting. Please keep this in your alls prayers. Thanks:)
Dmitry Medvedev heads expanded board meeting of the Ministry of Finance
For those of you going to the Animal Control Board Meeting please come up with suggestions also for your demands. If we all go in there just demanding this and that they are going to shut us down and we are never going to get anywhere. We have to have suggestions for what can be done to implement the changes we are seeking.
It's high time that National Assembly starts working like a Board Meeting where truth is told to the members on what is reality. Learn from IK! and MNA's better stop lying to themselves, the other 300 MNA's, and 180 Million Pakistani's--- who elected them. We are not as dumb as you are! Let Khawaja Asif tell the truth and not the lies spewing his personal vendetta against defense forces. Lets have the truth about Ministry of defense and how will you keep them ready for war, OR is he planning to disband Pakistan 520,000 Army, Airforce, Navy, Rangers and SSG! Lets have the truth Khawajay!
Next Wednesday is a very special Board Meeting. It is my 40th Birthday, and to celebrate I thought it would be a fun challenge to see if we could get 40+ people playing tabletop games together. We normally have 20+ gamers, so if we all bring 1-2 extra people then we should make it. So, go grab a friend, family member or even a stranger and bring them along to The Board Meeting on April 16th! And for everyone else who has been meaning to come along - this is the night. Do it! See you there!"
*POSTS ON A HOMEWORK BREAK TO GET PAST ALL THESE INTROS* I strongly recommend having a board meeting to set monthly GOALS. With monthly goals (regarding service hours, attendance, and fund raising), members can be motivated to reach them – try to provide some incentive like a pizza party or something related to food since people love food. LOL ALSO, promote these goals in a concise yet entertaining or visually pleasing manner so that people don’t look at your posts / emails like “tl;dr” TOO LONG DIDN’T READ. For example, I posted these visual flyers to focus on our goals as a club. Please remember that goals are UNIQUE to your clubs and you should tailor to your current statistics. Set SMART goals! Sure a billion service hours sounds amazing but try reaching a little bit higher than your usual average to ensure a steady progress. I hope this helps a bit c:
So...can anyone tell me if there is an answer yet to the questions raised in the redford connector about payments being made to the Winchester Consulting group?..Like ..what did this group do that they were paid for? etc..I know this isn't a board meeting..or a financial visioning meeting..but transparency is always important..
Pakistan is hoping to play at least six series against India as part of a deal apparently struck at the recently concluded International Cricket Council (ICC) Board Meeting.
My first county board was great!! Committee assignments... Human Services Board, Personnel and Bargaining, ADRC and will be good.
Good results from school board meeting but learned the county better start spending some money on ALL the school buildings
Am I correct in what I heard re the last school board meeting? Bonuses for 3 positions were motioned while we are pink slipping people? This does not make any sense to me.
Got the honor of attending the school board meeting to recognize one of my players who was selected Female Scholar Athlete.
As of yesterday's school board meeting, I officially became the Head (high school) Director for Eastland ISD. I'm honored to be replacing an incredible director in an amazing program.
Tonight's Pine Bluff School Board meeting starts in ten minutes.if you wanna go down there and hear Ken Parsons propose our Gabe Meyer Preservation plan you'd better git on down there!
Off to my first county board meeting as an elected representative to be sworn in
ROCKETS VS. BLUE DEVILS IN - BOWLING? Yes, it could happen starting in the 2015-16 school year. The Alabama High School Athletic Association just announced the actions of its latest Central Board meeting, which included an approval of Bowling as a championship sport. For the 2014-15 school year, bowling would be classified as an "emerging" sport (the same designation given to bass fishing and lacrosse) to give schools time to set up teams. The schedule would be in the winter. Comments?
Congratulations to our middle school students for being honored at tonight's School Board Meeting for winning 1st and 2nd Place at the District Social Studies Fair.
At IBMC College, we invite local employers to our campuses to discuss their hiring needs and the qualifications they seek in employees. We integrate this feedback into our program curriculum to ensure that our graduates become desired job candidates. IBMC's Career Services department would like to thank all of the employers that attended this year's Spring Advisory Board Meeting!
Been a little while, but guess who is back at East Allen County Schools board meeting? Yeah! Let's do.this!
Waskatenau Holy Family Catholic School - is designing grade 10 for 2014 - 2015! Please contact the school if you are considering your children to attend in fall for grade 10. This must be done immediately by calling the school (Board Meeting in the Morning to decide) More students are needed. ASSP!
Just finished the Advisory board meeting, such an awesome experience! Had the opportunity to sit and chat with two extremely talented and inspirational industry artists and show them my portfolio work for feedback, it went great!. I'm fortunate to have this opportunity can't wait to start out after graduation!
So disappointed in Fr. Marquette- every teacher pink slipped? Praying there is a rational decision for this, Board meeting is tonight- hope current parents can make it.
Hi Everyone, There is an EASD School Board meeting TONIGHT at 7pm in the HS Senior Cafeteria. The Board will be discussing next year's budget and the Coalition will be presenting our initial summary of ideas and recommendations. All information, including our presentation to the Board and a spreadsheet of each idea gleaned from the community, will be available on our website tonight at Come be a part of this important discussion. We hope to see you tonight!
I am amazed at the difference an action agenda makes in a board meeting!
Are you unhappy with the school board's handling of the closure process? Well, here is your chance to have a say in the budget. Deadline is tomorrow, so get your input or questions in. I have asked for full disclosure on the exchange program. A group from the West Coast are asking for full disclosure on the costs associated with overturning the decision. Let the board know what you want answered. Don't wait for the answers and be reactive, be proactive and get involved NOW!! School District 70 (Alberni) Budget Input Meetings As part of the development for the 2014/2015 Operating Budget, the Board of Education is requesting input from the public and stakeholder groups. Budget input will be welcomed as part of the regular Board Meeting to be held at Ucluelet Secondary on April 8th starting at 6:30 p.m. and at the Administration Office in Port Alberni on April 22nd starting at 7:00 pm. Those wishing to make a presentation are requested to register with Lindsay Cheetham (720.2756 or lcheethamno later ...
I am always so conflicted when I return to the office after board meeting; type minutes, finish up what I left when I ran to the meeting or finish up something from yesterday. :)
Welcome to our Director of Missions, Jim Woolums! Jim was elected DOM at last night's Special Executive Board Meeting.
The April board meeting will be moved from April 22, 2014 to April 29 ,2014 at 5.00 pm. This is because of the Easter holiday and Quorum of the Board.
Order Miche Bag Online! Lakeview school district school board meeting for April 14, 2014, held at Daly Middle School. video by Kurt Liedtke www.LakeCountyE...
Coming up on our noon with Sherman Desselle KALB : Breaking news on the LC board meeting, including a member walking right out, the Boston Marathon anniversary, and more!
The next SCED Board Meeting will be held Thursday night, April 17, at 6:30 PM, at Ozark Steakhouse in the Heartland community. We hope to have Heartland representatives as well as our new Clarence board member in attendance. Open to the public.
this is excellent ... the live feed of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Advisory Board Meeting. Yesterday, the board heard from Ginger Kathrens of The Cloud Foundation!
Date for dairy - Thursday 1 May. You're invited to our next public board meeting at Somerlea Park Centre in Alfreton starting at 9am. RT
Board meeting at 7 pm tonight in the municipal courtroom. Watch live at
Six Pakistan-India series on the cards International Cricket Council (ICC) Board Meeting, -
Here are some photos from last night's board meeting. Johnston Mayor Paula Dierenfeld presented board members and the district with a Centennial proclamation. We cherish our strong relationship with the City and community members of Johnston!
Just after 8...Andy Buffington from Winnebago/Hancock Emergency Management will be here to talk about NOAA weather radios. After that...Forest City Superintendent Darwin Lehman will be here to talk about last nights' board meeting.
Lee County Commissioners meet to discuss land to be used for LeeTran today, a $10 million proposal is on the budget for new technology at a Lee County School board meeting and campaign finance reports are due for Collier Commissioners, find out who has raised the most money.
Chief Rick Beazley and Deputy Chief Tom Carrique from York Regional Police presented Constable Steve Black, Constable Brett Jacques and Police Service Dog "Chase" with a Chief's Commendation at last nights Police Services Board meeting. The officers were recognized for their outstanding efforts in locating a murder suspect in Bradford in February. Well done gentlemen!
Last night at the Clawson school board meeting it was a packed house. This was due to the proposed 7% pay decrease that is on the table for all teachers. This decrease follows several others decreases over the last several years. The Mayor of Clawson was on hand to help support the wonderful teachers who are helping mold the minds of our youth in Clawson. She then singled out my wife Wendy Brown Nagy for her "Teacher of the Year" award. She went on to say how proud she was to have her own child in Wendys classroom. Fight the good fight honey, your family and friends are all behind you!
TAV Tunisie attended the Board Meeting and Working Groups of the ACI Africa held on 6 - 7 April 2014 in Dakar, Senegal, and was represented thereto by MM. Haluk Bilgi, TAV Tunisie PDG, Fourat Binous, Ilyes Kerfahi, and Goksu Guney. Mr. Bilgi was elected by the Board members as representative of Africa in the ACI World Governing Board MM. Kerfahi and Guney attended respectively the Security & Facilitation Group and the Safety & Technics Group as permanent Members while Mr. Fourat BINOUS attended the Economics & Environment Group as a secretary. and made a presentation in which he highlighted the importance of the communication in the corporate social responsibility in order to create synergy with their internal and external stakeholders (Public Authorities, Lenders, staff, neighbors, NGOs, Auditors, etc.).
Have to brag on my Emma for a minute! She is one remarkable young lady! She was asked to give the invocation tonight at the NEISD Board Meeting, her artwork was featured at the Night Gallery, she helped out ALL day at the Cub Scout Rummage Sale, and then attended her Girl Scout meeting, and volunteered to make fiesta flowers for the State Supported Living Center. All of this in the span of 5 days! Man I love that girl!!!
HVLaRising At Thursday night's Board Meeting, President Bill Waite announced the appointment of Cindy Spears as the Association's new General Manager. The culmination of an intensive, two-and-a-half-month recruitment process, I'd like to thank Bill Surber and Susan Cameron, my colleagues on the Board's GM Recruitment sub-committee, for their dedication to hiring the best-possible General Manager for our Community. I'd also like to thank Julie Vonada, HVLA's Human Resources Director, for her tireless work throughout the entire process. And I would also like to thank the other Board Directors, whose participation in the recruitment's final phase was crucial for a successful completion of the interview and selection process. It is testimony to the Board's commitment to our Community that the decision was unanimous. Cindy is scheduled to begin her new role as HVLA's General Manager on May 12th. Rather than describe how wonderful she is, and how fortunate our Community is to have her as our new GM, I'll leave ...
Board Meeting today at Shaw Nature Reserve. Lots to talk about, including plans for our upcoming 30th annual meeting!
Reminder - this Sunday, April 13th is the Board Meeting at 10:00am, and General Membership Meeting after the noon meal. Please bring a side dish or dessert; main course will be provided. Contributions for the main course will be accepted in the can on the serving counter.
REMINDER: There will be an LMCA Board Meeting (all residents in the Langley Meadows Area are welcome to attend) on Monday, April 14 at 7:00pm in the school library. :)
The Annual General Assembly / Board Meeting will take place tomorrow night at 7pm at TBDJ / Baily Synagogue. If...
Today is World Autism Awareness Day. At the last Board Meeting, Village President, Steve Ward invited Cole Hamilton, son of Shane and Sarah, to lead the Trustees in the Pledge of Allegiance. Shane and Sarah Hamilton work *** behalf of individuals with autism to get families the services they need - and to see their son, and others affected by autism, to achieve their greatest potential.
Our next Board Meeting will be April 10th at the Irving Street Annex of the Coal City Public Library at 7pm. Our regular board meeting is April 17th at 7pm the Coal City Village Hall. All coaches are expected to attend the April 17th meeting.
At Friday's Meeting: Perlaky needs kids to volunteer for the Glass City Marathon on April 27th! As a group we need to reach out and get him volunteers by this wednesday!!! Mackenzie Cupp, Mikel Prinsesa, and Reid Sanders have completed the script for our video. We will take a group of students this Saturday to film it! Let me know if you want to go! Also for video, we will be shooting a scene at the school thursday after school! Emily Wood, Blake Evans, Brandon Evans, and Michael Grindle will help collect service hour forms this week so we can report our number in the video! Finally, last week we got recognized by Toledo as an Ambassador School for this year! If anyone wants to go with me, I will present our certificate to the School Board this Wednesday at the Board Meeting. Find me for any questions, its a busy time for SIA!
Yes I was seen in Cooky's Cafe yesterday eating dinner with a certain Golden City School Board member. I've been hearing lots of stories around town that I know for pure FACT are not true. I've been told a time or two that I don't know everything, since there are "two sides to every story". Well there aren't two sides to this story. The only time there are two sides too this affair is when certain other Board members stories stray from what Board Meeting records and minutes show. There is a School Board Election coming up, and only one of the four ignorant *** bags is up for re-election this time. He is obviously trying to save face with his "straying" from the fact stories. And no, this is not the board member I was seen with yesterday. Forgive me for not mentioning names here. I will only confirm that the board member I was with is one who supported Kevin, I don't want to even look at the other 4 scumbags for fear of my own action if they cross my path. I will also add he is being accused of on ...
1968, the building at Uni Gdns was opened by Charles Wilson. Here is a pic of a 60s Board Meeting http:…
Board Meeting this morning. We have a great group of volunteers who serve us well! Good morning Thursday!...
Announcements for meeting on 03/14/2014 Frank Perini never misses a meeting, but he had to miss this one because he just got home from the hospital suffering from pneumonia. Get well soon, Frank. We miss you. Sandra Caldero also had to miss the meeting as she wasn’t feeling well. Since both of the club photographers were absent, President Mimi asked everyone with an iphone to take pictures of the meeting. 2. The club’s monthly Board Meeting will be held on Wednesday 03/19/2014 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the conference room at the Arboretum. 3. Eric Rail lost his iphone at Casino Night last Saturday night. If anyone found it or has any information, please contact him ASAP. 4. Eric Barter announced that the work project at Camp Trask to stain the fort and replace some logs will be held on Saturday 03/15/2014 from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Eric said that he needs at least 18 people to show up. Hot dogs and other refreshments will be provided. 5. President Mimi gave each of the following mem ...
Board Meeting. Boy we have so much going on, wait until you guys see the Merchandize. Tons of exciting decisions being made!!! Only 19 days left until the Silver Springs International Film Festival!!! Hope you have your tickets!
At the Board Meeting with great friends! — at Vanguard University of Southern California
To all Berkeley County Parents: School Board Meeting tonight!! Tuesday, March 11 at the Executive Board Room in Moncks Corner. The meeting begins at 6:30pm, and the address is 231 E. Main Street. I will be there to address this Memorial Day B.S.. Hope to see others there!
Board meeting in 25 minutes in the Fireside Lounge! Open to the public, as always. Hugs from your :D
and remember to have those charts done by Thursday, you have a meeting with the executive board
I agree 100% Steve! It's not like we were trouble makers playing in the gym! When is the next school board meeting?
School board meeting Monday (tomorrow) at 7 pm. Come out and show your support for Mr. Allbright. Stand up, speak, or just be there for support. Every voice makes a difference!
♥ REMINDER:The MONTHLY LIBRARY BOARD MEETING is here again. The monthly Library Board of Director's (Trustees) Meeting is TOMORROW, March 10, at 6:30 PM in the small meeting room. Topics include: Report from the Township Commissioner Representative, FOL Representative, the Board Treasure's update, and a review of current and future activities.
Wearing yoga pants to a meeting. A board meeting. A board of which I am on.
A note from the Community Lay Director. We are getting prepared for the next Board Meeting. It will be held at 6 pm at the Ludington United Methodist Church on Bryant Road. March 13, 2014. A decision has been made to hold the Board Meetings on the 2nd Thursday of each month. As always, community members are welcome, and we truly appreciate your input. Let me take this opportunity to thank Carol Thorn for her faithful attention to sending prayer requests via email on behalf of community members. What a blessing to stay connected this way, and to continue to pray for one another between gatherings and meetings. Thanks also to Sue Chamberlain who courageously shared her testimony at our last gathering. My own prayer request is for God to reveal to us the Spiritual Directors He has chosen for the walks in October. And I know the walk Lay Directors, Art Hyde and Diana Burger also covet your prayers. For myself, I am thankful for the knowledge that "I can do al thing through Christ Jesus our Lord", who ...
when batman turned up in a board meeting as Bruce Wayne
What our Board of Regents will be discussing at their March meeting, this Monday and Tuesday
Student led conferences are coming up March 24 and 25; details will be mailed home soon. Please contact your child's teacher should you need to reschedule. Family and friends are invited to join us for the Cascade Seniors vs. The Grizzled Old Men basketball game on Thursday March 13th at Cascade High School. Doors open at 6:00 pm and tipoff is at 6:30pm. There will be a half-time hoop shoot, Photo Booth, Food, Raffles, and Silent Auction. This is the largest Cascade Education Foundation (CEF) fundraiser of the year! CEF is a not for profit foundation that supports learning in the Cascade School District. They help make our district great! ALSO COMING UP THIS WEEK MON. MARCH 10 7:00 School Board Meeting 4:00 Wrestling @ Chelan TUES. MARCH 11 7:00 BAND/CHOIR CONCERT CANCELLED; WILL BE RESCHEDULED WED. MARCH 12 9:30 Late Start THURS. MARCH 13 8th Gr. CWU Field Trip 6:00 CEF Basketball Fundraiser @ CHS FRI. MARCH 14 Neon Day!
Spotted: a chapter board meeting to finalize details for the March 15th event. What were they planning? Only time will tell. Xoxo Gossip Mish
Great board meeting this afternoon and now I am Preparing to teach our discover u class! 45 new covenant members!
FCA leadership team: Don't forget we have a board meeting tomorrow!
Holy crow we has a group Soul Board Meeting at Urban Escape Healing last night and it was off the hook!!! So much power in the collective. Getting so excited to co-create with y'all!!! Xoxoxo, Alee
Come out today to meeting we will be discussion Image Awards nominations and elections for the next school year E-Board
We are forming a group of concerned citizens who want to help save and preserve Section 64 that borders on Shakertown Rd and Grange Hall Rd. We want to explore ways create a vision for the property and creative way to raise funds to make the vision happen. Attendance and support at the 5 March Beavercreek zoning board meeting was amazing and shows that the people CAN make a difference. If you are interested in being part of the core group to unify the area residents and bring a dream to life, please email me CVHeiserWe need to move fast so that another developer does not jump on the opportunity before we can save this land. We are contacting a few places to secure a meeting room for Wednesday 12 March at 6:00PM.
Remember that there is a HRBRRD Board meeting Tuesday, March 11, at 10 am, at the Boonville Town Offices. These are the people who will make the decision about what happens with the dam. If you are able, please attend to show your support for saving the dam! Thank you!
Reminder: school board meeting tomorrow startes at 6:55pm in the highschool library. remember this is not a meeting to go in for a battle, i am asking everyone to join so the school board knows parents do care and we do want a parents committee.. my self and my children are very sick but i still have every intention on going.
NACCHO board members and affiliates arriving at Parliament House Canberra for meeting with Federal Ministers .
Sorry this is late this week. Whats going on at the city this week? Monday 630pm praise team practice. Tuesday Prayer service 5pm to 630pm. Thursday pot luck 630pm taco/mexican night. 730pm service. Saturday7pm BYOB (bring your on buzzer) come out even if you dont shave your head in support of Sis Tracey. Will be some good eats for you. Looking ahead March 22nd 9pm Grandma Rubys Gospel Jubilee 2014. To support our out reach program.March 23rd closed board meeting following the service. Spring Revival April 4th 5th & 6th.
Mahnaz Fareed Sheikh the meeting is on the blog now.
*sick of looking at the board* I have drinking to do... I'll see you around Mara. Good meeting you 12.
Board meeting Wednesday 7pm fire station... Therefore there will be no practices scheduled for wed... We would like all coaches and team parents to attend. And anyone else that would like to be aprt of our league
Kinda really happy we get to put on scene one of Into the Woods for the board meeting tomorrow.
Great Board meeting today!! Huge Thank You to all who served this year!! Great ideas on the horizon. We still need people to step up and run for office!!! Now I am off to join Just Jack for Karaoke at Tri-Plex (formerly, Crums, formerly Partners, formerly Johnny Lightnings and most recent, formerly Eagles Boiler-room)!
Listening to the happenings of the BPI board meeting. These guys are doing great things. (@ The Dragon's Den)
Has Spiro already had their school board meeting this month?
Tomorrow the school board is having a public meeting at the Dingley Building at 6:45 to discuss the cuts...
School Board Meeting tomorrow night @ 6:00 pm at EHS - come out and join us!
board meeting. Talking all about our trip to Zambia with
Join us tomorrow, 5:30pm @ The Winona Athletics Club for our monthly board meeting! New faces are always welcome!
A sickness bug is just what I need before a 10 hour board meeting tomorrow
At the March 6 school board meeting, the Nash-Rocky Mount Board of Education approved a plan to address school days missed due to inclement weather. Monday April 21 will be a regular school day for students and staff at traditional schools. NRMPS will extend a total of 40 school days by 30 minutes each. The extended school days start on Monday, March 24 and conclude on Friday, May 23, 2014. This proposal meets the requirements of state law and gives back critical instructional time. It also allows our district to maintain our current schedule including Spring Break, with the exception of losing the one day on April 21. Adjusted school hours and new student calendars will be posted on our district website by the close of business on Friday, March 7. A letter with more details will be sent home with students no later than Friday, March 14, 2014. Thank you for your patience throughout this process.
Busy meeting today! T4T Board Members learned how to use our online grants system and got their first look at the...
Sign up today! Join us for the Team Captain Meeting tomorrow, March 10th at 6pm in the Board Room at Hobart High...
Wed March 12 WHAT: will attend the weekly meeting of the Board of Estimates. Media availability will...
Texas tech firm employees on board missing plane were headed to business meeting in China: AUSTIN, Texas - An...
Join North Beach Neighbors tomorrow at 6:30 at Pat’s Café (2330 Taylor) for our monthly board meeting.
First NYSCTF Board Meeting of the year was amazing. I'm surrounded by some of the finest Public Servants around. Thanks to our friends at Essen NY Deli for providing some of the best kosher food in town. -Rev. Marcos A. Miranda
Hello fellow Taylor Ferry Firefighters, don't forget Tuesday March 11 is our annual board meeting here at Station 2. Need for all Firefighters to be here.
Bedford Township Board meeting videos. Click on date to view the video.
Drunken latenite Turkish hootenanny, then daylight savings time, and early morning theater board meeting making my whole body sore. Time for some udon and beach rehab, and a dance concert to detox the soul. I wish I could dance - not today, perhaps, but I wish i could dance.
Sat with hubbie organising a busy business week ahead over a hot chocolate and a big bowl of jelly...our kind of board meeting ;-)
*** Staff Impressions - My thoughts after meeting the assistants:
Update 2: They took us across the street to a 2nd floor McDonald's for a "board meeting" for her bag. What is life
Big Week ahead... 7th Grade VB Sectional... Special School Board Meeting for EP Roof... and Charlie Brown the Musical!!!
A reminder for fans that want to question the board Supporters Meeting in the AMC Communications Lounge tomorrow at 7pm
Hoping you have been enjoying this weekend filled with sunshine! Just a friendly reminder that the WEF Board Meeting will be held tomorrow night, 3/10, at 6pm at the Westport Elementary School Media Center. As always, parents and community members are greatly encouraged to join us!
Minutes of the Board's discount rates meeting from January 27, 2014 - Release Date: February 25, 2014 For...
Board of Directors strategic planning meeting tomorrow. Anything you'd like them to know?
Reminder: The School Board Meeting is March 10th at 5:30 p.m. in the Caroline Middle School auditorium. If you are planning on speaking at the meeting you need to sign up at the podium in the front of the auditorium. If you would like to speak and you don’t think you can get to the meeting by 5:30 please let us now and we will sign in for you. Please contact Michelle Coelho or Naeda Gustard. There will be free babysitting available during the meeting in the Middle School Cafeteria. You must register your child before dropping them off in the cafeteria. This service is being provided by Girl Scout Troop 433.
Crap. I just realized I'll have to miss the board meeting. 😔
First meeting with the 2014 board of managing members commencing now! — at Cafe Vie
Everyone is welcome to attend our monthly Board Meeting on Monday March 10, 2014 at McDonald's from 6:30pm - 8pm. Your suggestions and concerns are appreciated in order to better our organization. We would love for you to join us. If you would like to get updates on events and news, please sign up to be added to our E-mail list!!
We just had our first board meeting and seeing people from different countries, cultures & backgrounds working on the same aim was amazing.
Work, board meeting, then off to do lots of homework. 😶
Annual general meeting today at Wortley Hall. Looking forward to being party of the management board.
There is a School Board meeting on Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the SHS Library. Get the agenda, minutes & more:
Don't forget to attend the school board meeting Tues.
Cumberland County Teachers... Time to show how you feel about those demoralizing 25% contracts. School Board Meeting, March 11th @ 6:30 pm Wear Red and support Public Ed!
This guy just threatened me and sol with a shotgun in the middle of our board meeting. Ok
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Today has been board meeting, ga meeting and now nominations. (@ United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism)
Exciting times at the Board meeting! Can't wait to reveal all of our ideas
Our National Fish Habitat Board is meeting in Denver, CO. Great presentation on Corporate marketing from the...
To all work friends please consider showing up at board meeting at 530 pm Monday night to show support for Debbie B She is being punished for making a decision something she does for us everyday This is wrong we need to send a message that we do not support this decision Please come support her
Calling for a protest/virtual protest before the Wythe County, Virginia Board of Supervisors Meeting on Tuesday,...
The next Visionary/Board meeting is Thursday, March 20 at 6pm. The meeting will be held at the Looking Glass Fire Department. The address is 7720 West Grand River Grand Ledge, MI 48837 It is next to the Flying J Truck Stop at I 69 - I96 and Grand River.
At Episcopal Appalachian Ministries board meeting in Charleston WV. We were honored to receive a grant this year to add on to our building to create a dedicated room for a community food pantry. Construction should begin in April or May. Some of our participants in Grow Appalachia have already said they want to contribute some of what they grow to the pantry to be able to give back to the community.
COUNSENUTH Board Meeting 1st March 2014. COUNSENUTH appreciates the great guidance from the Board.
Working Sunday, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Board meeting tomorrow night, big happenings on Tuesday...
Please read this IMPORTANT UPDATE about the Montrose playground renovation. We need a show of support at the Bexley School Board meeting tomorrow night at 6:30 pm. Thanks!
Thx to for a great board meeting & dinner. Happy to spend my bday & Internatl Women's Day working on genetic justice. Exciting plans!
Maybe Winkie could ask the Chief Constable for an update on the hunt for Bobby Moffett's killers at the next Policing Board meeting.
Today was the first meeting of the new Hawks Nest Executive Board and we are pumped for the future!
Busy week then off up north for the weekend..!!..Board meeting with ... Maybe a few beers too.!!.
Pastor will not be back for church tonight. There will be NYI, but no church. Board meeting will be Wednesday.
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Board meeting ran extra long today to the point we had shift changes. Lol. So much to catch up on.…
I just finished making a big batch of homemade cream of broccoli soup - I had a church board meeting so got this done kind of late. I am going to take some to my friend's house so they can enjoy some for supper, too. It is hard to cook for just one person so my friends definitely benefit from my cooking too much. lol
Please come out to the school board meeting tomorrow evening, 7:00, in the high school library and show your support for Linda Goedke. Tomorrow's agenda includes "Resolution for Reclassification of Principal".
Straight from the board meeting to shopping at wal-mart for our next trip this Saturday...walm-mart on Sunday=not fun
Good discussion on regional challenges during the Board Meeting of the Black Sea - Caspian Sea Fund in Istanbul...
FORT ANN TOWN BOARD MEETING: Monday, March 10, 7:00 p.m., Fort Ann Town Hall Blossom Farm Cemetery is on the Agenda Each month these meetings become more and more important in the effort to reclaim and restore this historical cemetery. Please, please try to attend. We need you to be there.
Reminder: Next Jr. Board meeting is next Monday, March 17th at 7 pm. I just emailed out a wrap-up of what we decided at our last meeting as well as the address for March's meeting, please contact me or Sam if you didn't receive this email. See you all in a week!
I can already feel that this is going to be a long and hostile board meeting😖
Board Meeting tonight at 6pm at the Stofferahan Home.
Nerd board meeting in full swing with and pals
UW Alumni Board meeting until about 730ish.
Productive day. Working on the liner notes for the album. My dear pal, the multi-talented Marc Moss is designing the cover. A good week is coming up; I'm back at the hacienda with Cliff Hillis to finish the mastering, a Philadelphia Chapter of The Grammys governors board meeting and the rehab of my fire and smoke damaged investment property resumes. Throw in some gigging on the weekend with a smaller *** and belly and life is a beautiful thing.
What a beautiful and enriching Community Healing Day! The event just keeps getting better. I can't even fully imagine what is possible! I was blown away by the energy and the bonds that were formed. It was fantastic doing sound healing with Tracy Fox to begin. Khadijah Carolyn was amazing as always doing group acupuncture, being informative and easy to approach. As the the 1-on-1 sessions began the energy kept growing. Thank you Kae Lockhart for guiding people and bringing answers through your tarot and divination abilities! Thank you Christopher Thurston for bringing people exactly what they need: bodywork, energy work, and integrating many techniques. Thank you again to Tracy (see tag above) for doing sound and energy healing. Laura Baumgart held the reiki fort down until Cosm Storey could get there. Eternally grateful to you both. And how could I forget. Alee Reina Hoffman's debut in doing the group "Soul Board Meeting". It was a riveting and healing experience. The Studio is blessed and So am I.
Village of Mount Pleasant board meeting Monday is canceled.
PART 2.remember, this is NOT 4 every1...only the 1s who get it. January 27, 2014 DECEASED: Karl Slym, 51, Managing director of Tata Motors was found dead on the fourth floor of the Shangri-La hotel in Bangkok. Police said he “could” have committed suicide. He was staying on the 22nd floor with his wife, and was attending a board meeting in the Thai capital. January 28, 2014 DECEASED: Gabriel Magee, 39, a JP Morgan employee, died after reportedly “falling” from the roof of its European headquarters in London in the Canary Wharf area. Magee was vice president at JPMorgan Chase & Co’s (JPM) London headquarters. Gabriel Magee, a Vice President at JPMorgan in London, plunged to his death from the roof of the 33-story European headquarters of JPMorgan in Canary Wharf. Magee was involved in “Technical architecture oversight for planning, development, and operation of systems for fixed income securities and interest rate derivatives” based on his online Linkedin profile.
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Just had an owner tell me that she has to pay an extra $450 a year to buy a supplemental flood insurance policy. Has anyone else's bank required them to purchase this extra policy ? I do know they briefly discussed it at the board meeting. It stems from certain banks requiring a higher level of coverage than the current 80% that our HOA has. I had a call from another owner a few months ago about this. I think he had to pay $30 extra a month because of this. So, this is the second person I've talked to now. It depends on who your loan is through. Let me know your thoughts.
NCC board meeting in CT. What have you done for your conservancy lately? Get involved, find out about work days and/it or about how you can make your pledge of support. now accepting new members. Just ask how.
The Menasha Boys' Hoops Club will have their monthly board meeting tomorrow at 5:30 in the MHS commons. Join us!
NGGA board meeting will be held Monday, March 10 @ 7pm in the Greentown Library Community room..
We're kicking off the Commission on the Status of Women in NYC with a GNWS board meeting today! Part of the discussion is the 3rd World Conference of Women's Shelters. Tentatively scheduled for 2015. Are you planning on joining us?
Why must I have a headache with all this homework?!?! I think I am going to take a nap before my board meeting for little League :/
Friends: The March 2014 Armada Township board meeting has been moved to Thursday, March 13 due to the Board of Review scheduled for Wednesday.. The 2014 Truth in Budgeting meeting will be held at 7:00 pm, with the regular meeting immediately following. Come to listen at the Truth in Budgeting, and prepare your questions for the board by picking up a copy of the proposed 2014 budget at the hall any day prior to the meeting. There is a line item added to the 2014 proposed budget to initate a "trial" for allowing the Village of Armada Police to provide support to the township. Attendance is recommended to provide your views on any portion of the proposed budget before it is voted on during the "Regular" meeting.
There were rules posted somewhere about speaking or participating at a school board meeting... can some one repost or tell me where to look please?
To learn more about the Hills baseball league come to the Board Meeting this Tuesday, March 7th at Hickory Hills City hall. We are looking for volunteers for Managers & Coaches.
Board meeting tonight 6 pm at Fred's!
Got this item recently. It has Ground Crew - Ejection and Board Meeting - Gremlin Song.
Great Sunday so far, church, lunch board meeting, so off to a baby shower!!
Thank you to whomever sent me a text with more details about the ECPS school board meeting tomorrow night. I was already planning to be there and this new info only seems to seal the deal. Get there early as I'm sure there will be a packed house.
Registration Update (as of March 6 board meeting): 40 teams officially registered, another 10 in process that need to pay. C2 13, C1 3, K2 10, K1 11, VC 3 including a new Yukon team! Lots of time to register but do it soon and get those training paddles in any open water you can find.
I think next weekend a Board meeting should be held for Kyle, who's with me?
TD JAKES put it out there this morning! You NEED to be DIVERSE! You have to have church suits, board meeting suits, gala dinner suits, Presidential suits... You can't just be speaking, "Praise the Lord, Halleluyah" everywhere you go. Your wardrobe needs to be diverse. Your language and your mind need to be BROAD and have more than Jesus in it. If you want your life to change... If you want your social circle to change... You MUST be diverse! You can't get angry like you used to. Professional people get angry but you can't flip out on the CEO like you used to in the hood. You can't be like, "Well, let me TELL YOU..." You have to say, "Jim, well I'm just not understanding..." LOL! ~Bishop TD Jakes~
Just a reminder that our PTSA general membership and board meeting will be on Tuesday 3/11 from 5:30-6:30pm in Kentwood Room 152 across from the Library.
Just realized today the clocks turned back an hour in the states. That means this weeks board meeting Skype call is at 6am and not 7am.UGH! 7am was hard enough!
Sitting in on the Meant To Live Foundation board meeting at The Winery at Bull Run. I can't wait to learn more about their mission to help children in poverty both in NoVa and Africa.
Welcome our new Co Chair Sarah Mersnick. At our last Board meeting we voted to make Pamela Weir our Founder and Sarah Mersnick Co Chairs. Pamela is the visionary and heart of our organization while Sarah had the directives, strategies, and connections. It is a great fit! We the Board of Trustees will be taking the next several weeks to formalize our strategic plan of action. One strategy that Pamela would like to put into place is inviting a homeless person to join our Board and / or volunteer pool.
Hello everyone! Today marks the first open e-board meeting!! Don't forget to come to OBSA at 2pm today if you're interested!
Some of you may have heard, but there is an agenda item under "New Business" for the School Board meeting tomorrow night: "MCL Pilot Program & Communications Discussion" Not sure what all is being discussed but its on the agenda.
Well, the Board Meeting is over and we're waiting on a 6:00pm flight. It has been an amazing blessing to spend the weekend with this wonderful MEEEUM National Board. What an encouraging, committed, loving group they are!! We just want to thank each of the Board members for their participation and leadership. We are humbled by your example of love. May God bless you and may God bless the ministry of Worldwide Marriage Encounter!!
Thursday night at 7:00 is the board meeting and parlimentary meeting. Friday at 8:00 kicks off two days of fun, learning, and celebrations.
Board meeting will be at 615pm Monday at the public library all USA Dance members are welcome
Reminder, OMYBS Board meeting tonight at 4:00pm
Hanging out in Louisville at sister in laws before we go to Shrine Hospital for board meeting in Lexington tomorrow.
Dean saw all the signs when we were driving to lacrosse and asked how he could help...I said write something so he did. He wants to read it at a board meeting, not sure if they will let him, but he did a great job! It is titled I'm Afraid I'm afraid for my family I'm afraid for my friends I'm afraid we won't be able to afford to stay in our house I'm afraid saying yes will contribute to my parents stress I'm afraid of losing friends because they or we have to move I'm afraid my great education will no longer be great I'm afraid we will lose our parks, playgrounds and our community feeling I'm afraid saying yes will take my future away and no longer strive for the best I'm afraid when I am 18 and finally have a voice there will be nobody to listen to it Please say No to the annexation so your future will not be afraid
Don't forget!! Fair Board meeting is tonight at 6:00pm in the Fair Office!!
Heading out to the range for The Cowboys Board meeting. If you are interested in joining the meeting swing by The Jersey Lilly at 1:00!
Anyone got a reliable cleaning lady that they recommend that might could come tomorrow. My lady just cancelled and I have the Jr League Board Meeting here tomorrow night.
Hi Ladies, Executive Board Meeting will be held this evening. Will post information in a while. Thanks.
Hello Families, Welcome Mary Stepp as the 2014 Cardinal Hill Recreation Club Manager! We are excited about the upcoming season. At our last board meeting we voted in 3 new board members but we still have a couple of openings that will need to be filled as the treasurer and membership positions transition out this year. It is really exciting to see all of the enthusiasm that these new members are bringing to the meetings. If you're kids are interested in life guarding and are 15 years of age, this is the time to get certified. The YMCA, Kettering Rec and Red Cross offer classes but they fill up fast. Thanks, christy
Welcome to the Wakefield School Board meeting from 3/5/14. The board met at the Paul School Library, 60 Taylor Way and began at 5:00pm. For information about the Paul School, visit the School Administration Unit, SAU64 website, Click Here
On my way to the Board Meeting of the Hudson Artists of New Jersey.
Beecher parents: Please come out and show your support for Mrs. Geodke tomorrow night at the board meeting...7 pm.
The Torrington Warriors March Board Meeting is this Thursday at 7pm at Dish n' Dat in Canton. If you need more information email secretaryThank you.
Just returned from Board meeting in New Orleans of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Nacdl i s active throughout the nation guarding our embattled right to be free. I am honored to serve on its Board with some of the country's most ardent champions of liberty. Check out
Why is a board meeting being held during conferences?
The Bell County Volunteer Fire Departments will have a board meeting on 03-11-14 open to the public. I you have any questions call Bucky Shelby @ 269-1270
A bit tired but feeling extremely blessed! Thank you Kaysie Lyn for an awesome sermon to jump start my day and John Pillen for songs that I love! Off to a r2s board meeting with more people I love and appreciate immensely! Life is so good!
A picture is worth a thousand words. How I wish this could circulate at a board meeting of community run food banks. Our donated dollars go towards actually purchasing these products to distribute to other human beings who are hungry!
Anna Maria Chávez: Instead of teaching me how to cook, my mother taught my brothers how to cook, and me how to run a board meeting. She was an elected official, and she used to take me to meetings so I could see how leadership played out.
Ok, getting ready for another full week.hopefully the weather will cooperate! Monday - full day of teaching, then doing a pre-assessment coaching session at Great Neck MS, then straight to VB Chorale rehearsal. Tuesday - full day of teaching, last group of Academy auditions, then off to "judge" the Cox HS/Great Neck MS pre-assessment concert, then VB Chorale board meeting. Wednesday - full day of teaching, finally getting to record the Vox alto alumni rehearsal tracks, then church choir. Thursday - full day of teaching, then hosting/accompanying the International Tattoo rehearsal at Salem. Friday.amazingly enough, I think I get to go home after school! LOL
Ice Cat Fans, Join us for this months board meeting. It will be held Monday March 10th from 7-9pm at Tailgators in Brandon. Hope to see you all there!
Carnage is starting to ramp up for a new year, board meeting today, any thoughts for us
I know that some of you are concerned by the Paper 6 options (although how it'll work for Course II students is as yet unclear), so I thought I'd pass on a message from my tutor concerning the matter. Sos has raised her own gripes with the proposed system, but thinks that (respectful) input from students would also be helpful: "But it's essential that [the Faculty] hears from anyone who's concerned about this asap - the Faculty Board meeting in which the issue will be raised is at 2pm on Monday [10th March]. So do write directly to Emma and/or Kate Gear, and do spread this around as widely as possible - If you know of other students who are unhappy about the proposed arrangements, they need to let their views be known asap." Proposed changes to the system, as well as the voicing of your concerns, will hopefully encourage the Faculty to modify/clarify the situation. Hope this helps xx
Heading north and east this morning to Spokane, WA, for the RMAF spring board meeting. It's still raining out - so extra prayers for safe travels requested. Thanks, in advance.
SYAA is striving to be the best it can be... Are you an SYAA student, parent, or patron? We'd love to hear from you! SYAA is hosting an open board meeting Wednesday, March 12, 1:30-3:00, for 10 minute appointments. Contact Sue Sartor at suesartorto schedule your time. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!😄
As always you have more energy after attending a National Board Meeting, so hear I go! Renew your dues to assist us with our goals, Register for the March 24th CPE Session learning is a never ending process, Attend the National Convention in Washington, DC in June to network with others across the country! Oh I failed to mention that our Chapter, NABA Chicago will be hosting the 2014 CRSC in October so let's mentor those students! Lifting As We Climb all day long...
Message from IHSI Ron Frazee: RE: March Board meeting Due to a remodeling project, at Holy Rosary, our room with not be available, nor any other space. Therefore, we will meet on Tuesday, March 11th @ 6:00 on the second floor of the school. Please continue to prepare your budgets and reports. Thank you, in advance, for your understanding. Peace, Ron. Ronald Frazee President IHSI
ANOTHER board meeting? Bidness is tuff. Off to chair a Blue Bird meeting today. ;)
To All AO Trustees: Please be informed that a special board meeting is scheduled on Saturday, March 8, 2014, 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon at AO HQ, Belen St., Goa, Camarines Sur. Agenda are as follow:1) Election of Officers; 2) Approval of Resolution anent authority...
Missed the picture due to the TCDLA Board Meeting…great seminar and terrific trial skills training…kudos to OACDL for another outstanding program...
The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has announced the outcome of its monthly board meeting. At 2:30pm today the RBA revealed it will leave the official cash rate on hold at 2.5 per cent. March will mark the sixth consecutive meeting where the board has kept rates steady at 2.5 per cent, with the last rate drop occurring in August 2013 and no meeting occuring in January 2014. Good news for property Investors!
Photos of the Diocesan Youth Executive Board meeting in Placer Parish last March 8th 2014. This first quarter meeting of the Board, attended by 5 Diocesan officers and youth leaders of the 11 parishes/mission, was called to discuss [1] the fast-approaching DYO Lenten Retreat, [2] status of the old and new registered members, [3] vacant seats of the DYO, and [4] the upcoming annual Diocesan Youth's Congress. We are so grateful for the gracious hosting of Placer. Mabuhay!!!
Welcome to Week 7 "Catholic Schools Week" NB: NO after school study this week! MONDAY- year 10 continue visits to Narraburra & Greenstone TUESDAY- students visit supermarkets to help people between 9-11, student activity afternoon, Board Meeting 6:30pm WEDNESDAY- school photos, Aspirations program launched at Hennessy Catholic College. Aspiring young people in Maths and Science with ACU and Questacon- exciting! (More information to be sent out this week) THURSDAY- 4 students visit St. Mary's War Memorial School & continue building the strong relationship FRIDAY- three staff members visit Canberra to see what great work is happening in other Catholic Schools and attend Literacy/Numeracy seminars, Kinder Welcome Night
I was there at Patna on Saturday Morning to co ordinate a Special Board Meeting of my Client, Indian Institute of Psychometry at Institute's President House Smt Gauri Chhaterji with other Directors, at 2 p.m. at Patna and return back on today.
192 miles im am tired ISSA board meeting in the morning also
hi! Fruitvale School New Zealand has a board meeting 17th March and I just wondered if anyone can give me an idea of what kinds of things are up for discussion and how it basically works
Had a great state board meeting today with several surprise guests. In fact, we had five former Oregon ABATE state coordinators plus our current one. (Heady company indeed.) Below are Teresa Hepker, Rotten Roger, Brian Stovall, Ted Tracy, Allan Nichols, and Joe Laurence. (For bonus points, list when each one served as state coordenator.)
To all my FB friends as well as my football/cheer family. Anyone intereated in being a cheer coach for the 2014 season please contact me. We also have the application online on the Willow Grove Bears website. Please let me know as soon as possible though as I would like to know all who are interested by March 20's general board meeting! Also, I want to say thank you all for all that you guys do. Without you, the Willow Grove Bears would not be what we are today!
awesome board meeting today with lots of ideas, input and suggestions!! some great minds and hearts are at work to help get the Humane Society back to being the safe, humane, caring place that it used to be long ago. committees were formed to get things moving and we...
Time change tomorrow. Don't forget, board meeting tomorrow 4 pm at century 21. see all of you tomorrow, Kru auey
We will have our monthly board meeting this Tuesday (March 11) at 6pm inside the field house. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!
West Area Board meeting Sunday at Henderson FCC, 3 pm. Hope to see you there.
Transition Advisory Board Meeting Tuesday, Mar 11, 2014 from 9:00am - 10:00am Please show your support and ask these state appointed and local officials on how they intend to cut more of your fire department. Ask your city administrator why "the fire department is the only place to reduce costs?" Where is the public safety millage funding going to that was forced upon you? If these officials think two firefighters a day is safe then why don't they move to Ecorse? Everyone who created this situation in the last two years has moved on. The entire public safety system is unsafe for everyone involved. Please show them that this city can not take any more cuts in the public safety department, let alone the fire department. .Thank you. We hope to see you soon.
Whew! (as David Wine would say) lol! I have had such a busy weekend: Healing Rooms @ Ignited Church last night (which was Awesome!!), babysat Noah & Ben this a.m., then board meeting for Black & White For Jesus Ministries this afternoon, then dinner with friends David Wine & Susie. Busy day, but a good busy day! All the Glory to God! Thank You Lord!
thank you to all who attended the board meeting and PPP Luncheon.We collected more membership. Hooray , started to get excited about all the testimonial dinners and Wash. DC this month!!
Busy day. Kicked butt and took names at the Board Meeting for the first half of the day. Then on to Kurt Zimmerman's house for the family birthday celebrations. Now I'm home chillin' with my feet up and catching up on laundry. I'm such an exciting adult. :)
What a nice and delightful surprise life has prepared for me, Shaun Mellors last board meeting is a history now but we had wonderful time together in Jakarta with awesome communities advocates and than we got the same flight to Dubai, I think mentorship is not about teaching but the time being together and staying in touch
Hello Chaffey NJROTC Parents and Cadets. I wanted to update our schedule again, and keep you in the loop. CHAFFEY NAVY JROTC UPCOMING EVENTS SHORT AND LONG TERM First of all, I wish to thank the parents who have participated in past events. Events are always better when parents are involved. With this though in mind, I hope all parents will become more involved in the events and activities Chaffey NJROTC has coming up. Here are the short term events approaching between now the end of the school year (May 31st: Tue, Mar 11 Field Trip to UCLA Navy ROTC Bruin Battalion – Leave at 5 AM Tue, Mar 11 Color Guard Chaffey Joint District Board Meeting – Meet at 5:30 PM Wed, Mar 12 National Academic Exam after school 1 hour – 25 cadets Wed, Mar 12 Eight Grade Night and Color Guard in Cafeteria Wed, May 13 Field Trip to USC Navy ROTC Trojan Battalion – Leave at 5 AM Fri, Mar 14 Veterans Appreciation Dinner Color Guard – Cable Airport - 5 PM Mar 17-Mar 24 S P R I N G B R E A K Thu, Mar 27 Tour of USS I ...
Clocks ahead before you go to bed! Don't forget, especially those going to the INSPIRE Awards Board Meeting tomorrow.
KVPW parents.I am sending out a reminder that tomorrow night at 7pm is the March Board Meeting at the DeMotte Library. Come on out and see what plans KVPW have for the up coming year. If you have any questions or concerns, this is the time to express them. See you tomorrow night.
Wow...The point was MISSED and when something is not a quote, don't put it in quotations. After several of the students stated that they didn't think they were ready for HS next year, AND after a lady in the back said (in front of, and to these students) that next year at the HS was " going to be a disaster for them" I was compelled to tell them that the fact that they were mature enough to come and speak at a board meeting was proof that they are ready for HS, AND that they shouldn't let anyone convince them that they aren't, and that it's normal to feel nervous or uneasy about going into HS, but that this group of students is going to be fine. What I didn't get to finish, due to some people immediately jumping to some conclusion that I was accusing them of writing the speeches ( which I was NOT) is that the current 8th grade class is an amazingly smart, talented, athletic, close knit, fun group of kids. Why people have to fly off the handle when I'm trying to give a group of students encouragement ...
QHHA Annual Board Meeting tomorrow at the clubhouse. 2:00pm Please see attached letter from QHHA President, Larry Beard.
NOTICE: ** SPRING YOUR CLOCKS FORWARD TONIGHT ** This week at John B. Dey Elementary School PTA: Tuesday, March 11 9:30am - PTA Board Meeting. Join us! Any JBD PTA members are welcome. 6:30pm - JBD Science Fair! (and general PTA mtg) Come to the school and see all of the Science experiments that our children have been working so hard to complete! Thursday, March 13 5:30pm - 2nd Grade program, Temples and Tombs, at the school.
Board meeting Tuesday March 11th at 6:30pm Providence Bank in Winfield If you have anything that needs to be discussed at the meeting please contact Candice Sitze Rankin to be put on the agenda. We are always wanting to see new faces and ideas! Thanks for all your support!
Hello, Your Northwoods AYSO soccer club is having an Open Board Meeting on Monday, March 10th at the Pine City Public Library from 6-7 pm. If you are interested in volunteering for one of the available board positions, or in coaching this year, or would just like to help to make this season a great opportunity for all please join us. Many coaching and refereeing positions are still available. Thank you from all of your AYSO Region 6/B-1469 board members.
A huge thank you to everyone who was able to come to the board meeting. We appreciate your input and support. Just in case anyone there missed it, our next board meeting is March 20th @ 6pm. Also, we are still in need of coaches and umps so please spread the word and let us know if you can help out. Thanks so much!
Just went to a JD board meeting where Tony Anello (sp) spoke about all of the mistakes in the common core math modules! Still fighting the good fight! I didn't get a chance to say hello, but he is looking well!
Doesn't Bobby Binko post the minutes from the committees and board meeting? --QT- Reply by email or visit -
Going over all the financial numbers before my Board Meeting Tuesday...My eyes are crossing
Great board meeting last night - welcome to the board Denise! BLBC event is shaping up great. Thank you to everyone for your support and a special thanks to Oneta Bobbett for her strength and courage!
1st Sunday on Lent. Will have board meeting Sunday night.
GCH Board Meeting, 6pm at Railway House, Bruton Way. All GCH tenants are welcome to attend.
Today the Kern High School District Board officially announced that a new superintendent has been chosen through a limited internal search within the district, despite public pressure from community stakeholders urging an open search. Join us tonight to voice your concerns over the KHSD Board's refusal to consider the requests of it's constituents: parents and Kern County community members. When: Monday, March 3, 2014 at 6:30 pm Where: KHSD Board Meeting at KHSD Board Offices, 5801 Sundale Ave., Bakersfield, CA 93309
At the NSCSD Board Meeting. They are only allowing 10 people to address the Board, but St Rose and St Margaret's...
What a weekend down in Texas... Couldn't have asked for a better Board Meeting ( our Rodeo Historical Society Board is the best), and to cap it off PBR and the American!! Can't thank you enough Randy Bernard... Hospitality was fabulous, and love your assistant Mary! Being there when history was made with this concept of yours was so special! I hope you keep backing those Cowboys and Cowgirls... Because without them there would be no rodeo!
Thank You and job well done to the students of St Simon's for opening tonight's Board Meeting in prayer and music
Board Meeting has begun with an opening prayer singing by students. We are also back in the boardroom
All performance slots have been FILLED for the 1st quarterly TGAG musical!!! We would still like to invite you to come worship with us on Friday, March 28 at Greater Faith Baptist Church, 304 Lake St., Bryan, Texas at 7pm! We will also be meeting on Saturday, March 29 at 9am (Board Meeting) and 10am (General Meeting) at the same location! See you there!
someone was recently looking for a place to host a board meeting on Face Book. (sorry I cant remember who) I just saw this on Linked in. Good luck * Dave Krepcho Are you looking for a place to host your next Board Meeting? We have a state of the art Board Room available for community use. All proceeds in utilizing the room and/or our catering services go back into the programs at Second Harvest Food Bank. Our Board Room seats up to 27 in leather ...more
Just a reminder about Board Meeting this evening: When: Tonight! Monday, February 24 Time: 6:30 pm Where: Okotoks Public Library, 7 Riverside Drive We can use your support and we would love to see you there! Thank you!
This video is about TfL Board Meeting 5FEB14 - Cycling Discussion - Part 2 - Mayor Boris Johnson discusses cycling issues with other Board Members. Discussio...
So I did my homework, rcvd a quote for 10 iPads w/Service Contracts for about $5800, so I missed the PTA Board Meeting yesterday, tell me why did these ladies say we will contribute $5000 and let the school come up with the rest! Really what sense does that make when we have the funds?!?! SMH. I am so annoyed and frustrated, I am ready to hand them the checkbook back and be done. I am blessed to have a mother and father that showed me their entire lives how important it is to give and do for others. I will never forget the Sunday morning my father had a missionary come to his church in Oxon Hill, the church did not have funds to pay the missionary, so my father found what he could give, which was an instrument to the missionary for his ministry. Be a blessing to someone, if you have it to share or give than bless someone. PTA is not there to make a profit, we are suppose to be there to make the child's educational experience a better one.
At our last Board Meeting the Board agreed to support the Cambodian Children Against Starvation and Violence Association's Child Care Centre in Phnom Penh with a donation of $4000.00 U.S. this money will be used to build a medical room at the centre.
On my way to Board Meeting. Starting at 6 p.m. Tonight at the YMCA on West Broadway main subject in this months meeting is what the YMCA is providing to our youth as well as Pal is providing for our youth . maybe you'll be there if you're still living in North Minneapolis starts at 6:00 pm Thank you Roger
Attending the Board Meeting for the BBA. Join us for the membership meeting at 7. (@ Heartland Bank and Trust)
ABBOTT LABORATORIES (PAK) LTD.: Board Meeting will be held on February 13, 2014 at 11:30 hours at Karachi to consider annual accounts for December 31, 2013.
Happy Snow Day will hold its monthly PTA Board Meeting on Thursday, February 6 at 6:15 p.m. in the Media Center. We will be discussing 8th Grade Breakfast, Spring Fundraiser and Officers & Committee Chairs for the 2014-2015 School Year. EVERYONE is welcome!
Shelter Diseases I haven’t seen any improvement in disease control at the AC&C. The animals get sick and the diseases appear to be more deadly. That Chihuahua I mentioned earlier died of something he caught at the shelter. Medical Staff The AC&C relies a lot on per diem vets. I don’t know why. [NOTE: AC&C Executive Director Risa Weinstock reported at the June 2013 Board Meeting that the AC&C had bulked up its Medical Department … except for a Medical Director, of course. So, why is the AC&C back to using per diem vets? Apparently no skilled and competent shelter medicine veterinarian wants to put his/her name and license on the line for the AC&C. And that unwillingness to join the AC&C speaks volumes about the lack of medical care for its animals
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