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Bo Sanchez

Eugenio Isabelo Tomas Reyes Sanchez Jr. or widely known as Bo Sanchez is an author, entrepreneur, preacher, celebrity and lay evangelist in the Philippines.

Bro Bo Sanchez Nicholas Sparks

The WISEST person is someone who learns from other people’s mistakes! --Bo Sanchez
The last chapter of your life has been written, and it has a happy ending. - Bo Sanchez.
"The ultimate purpose of WEALTH is to LOVE.". -Brother Bo Sanchez. 💰👉❤️
Use your tears to make you more mature. Stronger. Wiser. -Bo sanchez. ATe!
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Morning Reflection. "Satisfaction is not getting what you want, but wanting what you already have.". -Bo Sanchez
"Only Love can make anything beautiful."-Bo Sanchez
"The only money you keep is the money that you give away."-Bo Sanchez
"I'm just too blessed to be stressed." -Bo Sanchez
The quality of your words will determine the quality of your life. . -Bo Sanchez
I hate myself so much for missing Bo Sanchez' latest book :(
Learn the habits of creating wealth. Read: 8 Habits Of The Happy Millionaire. By Bo Sanchez. Read and Buy it Here...
Bro. Bo Sanchez guests on ANC's HEADSTART with KAREN DAVILA - Jan. 02, 2015.
Commit to receive only the BEST nourishment for your mind and soul. - Bo Sanchez.
God designed us to work and trust, not just to trust. - Bo Sanchez.
I'm just too blessed to be stressed 🙏🙌 (c) Bro. Bo Sanchez
I really liked Bro. Bo Sanchez for seeing blessings in every circumstances. :) I liked what he said "I'm just too...
" Life's not about GETTING, Life is about GIVING. ". A wonderful message from BO SANCHEZ.. (^_^)
God’s love is pure, perfect, unabashed, unadulterated and eternal. - Bo Sanchez.
"Only weak people want to dominate others. Strong people don't need to." ~ Bo Sanchez
"You're more blessed than you think you are" -Bo Sanchez :)
Getting discovered by someone else is not as important as discovering yourself. - Bo Sanchez.
You need a family and a family needs you. -Bo Sanchez
Be the Scriptwriter of Your Life - By Bo Sanchez. To help people write their dreams,. I created the Life Dreams...
Your trials can release your gifts and dreams. Your trials can set you free -Bo Sanchez
Every situation is a window where one can see workings of heaven. - Bo Sanchez.
If you want to succeed, you've gotta be teachable. - Bro Bo Sanchez
If you want to be successful in life, never forget the past blessings that God has given to you. - Bo Sanchez
In praise of Bo - Philippine Star: In praise of Bo Philippine Star Watching Bottomline last night with Bo Sanchez was indeed an inspiring…
As Bo Sanchez puts it, “Enlarge your psychological wallet. The poor have tiny psychological wallets. God wants to...
great of : read the ITV with the great Antonio Sánchez
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Live for something bigger than yourself and soar high with God -Bo Sanchez.
Change simple things that will cause a massive difference in your life. - Bo Sanchez.
Your relationship with God is what heaven is all about. - Bo Sanchez.
Remove your mask and be vulnerable. You'll be able to help the most. - Bo Sanchez. Be blessed Bo Sanchez. Photo...
God plans to take care of you, not abandon you. - Bo Sanchez.
Nick Foles and Mark Sanchez for best film in Napoleon Dynamite
Faith Words aren't just mere positive affirmations; they open your life up to the supernatural power of God. Bo Sanchez
"Take delight in the simplest things" - Bo Sanchez
Use the core gift God has given you. - More blessings Bo Sanchez. Photo credit:...
God speaks to you but you have to listen. - Bo Sanchez.
Be the miracle to the people around you. - Bo Sanchez.
“ Take your time to heal. Allow Him to embrace you.- Bo Sanchez”. lojfamily cdo
Be Completely Committed to your Dreams -Bro. Bo Sanchez. Have you ever wondered why you do not get what you want?...
"We are a family. -Bo Sanchez" First time to attend The Feast Manila! 🎉🎉
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God had already decided. He’s going to bless you in an abundant way. - Bo Sanchez.
"I'll stand my soul Lord to you surrendered." And talk about Family with Bo Sanchez.
Many people ask for nothing and consequently, they end up getting it. - Bo Sanchez.
"Learn humiliy and you'll have less frustration in your life" -Bo Sanchez
So honoured & touched to see my Lola Rosario w/ Bo Sanchez as pilgrims going to the Holy Land! Dios te bendiga, mi Lola! Te quiero! :)
MATCHWEEK 25 PREVIEWS is set to return from injury for Read more:. http:…
Easy to Follow. Retire rich. How Bo Sanchez's maids will retire multi-millionaires:
If you want to be rich, develop an entrepreneur mindset-even if you’re an employee- Bo Sanchez
When you ask, He gives you the best version of what you’re asking for. - Bo Sanchez.
"Sometimes, fear comes and stops us. Breathe in His love and be strengthened." ~ Bo Sanchez
It’s not how much you earn, but how much you keep of what you earn. -Bo Sanchez
"My _ Theory" by Bo Sanchez. 25th correct answer wins the book and a gift from Papemelroti! We will PM the winners soon!
"don't be too quick in seeing the weaknesses of others because you may have bigger weaknesses inyou" -Bo Sanchez
Failures are necessary to teach you lessons about humility, patience and about trying again. - Bo Sanchez
A father like Bo Sanchez would be nice. :)
Love is indeed the greatest power in the world. - Bo Sanchez. More blessings Bo Sanchez. Photo...
Successful people decide to make their dreams happen. - Bo Sanchez.
Im just a 4 year old kid that time when i always saw my lola receiving an email and books w/c is the writer was BO SANCHEZ .
REFLECTIONS FOR MONDAY - 09 FEBRUARY 2014 FROM BRO. BO SANCHEZ "DIDACHE". Monday of the Fifth Week in Ordinary...
Stop comparing yourself and you'll be happier with your life--->Bo Sanchez
Every time you pray, your spiritually carry your loved ones beside you. - Bo Sanchez.
I got this close to the most amazing and inspirational Catholic speaker/preacher Bro.Bo Sanchez…
Sometimes it takes a painful situation to make you change your ways. - Bo Sanchez.
You have enough to syart something small. And God sees you faithful in small things, God will give you bigger things - Bo Sanchez
Behind every problem is a blessing waiting to be unearthed. - Bo Sanchez.
"Go out there and be the sign of God's love to the world." -Bo Sanchez 💕⚓️🙏
Bo Sanchez: If you've never been in love, condolence. Mama: Condolence daw ate. Wow mama ha. 😭 😭 😭
"Successful people do EXTRAORDINARY things. Successful people are SUCCESSFUL because they STAND OUT.". -Brother Bo Sanchez
"Words of wisdom from Bo Sanchez.. This is for you ati ☺️💕 TAMA.
Gain financial wealth and spiritual abundance at the same time. Sign up at Bo Sanchez' Truly Rich Club. CLICK >>>...
Best Sunday worship I've had ever!!! Feels really good to hear Bo Sanchez inspire many people.
The perfect MIRACLE the perfect BLESSING for your LIFE! . - Bo Sanchez...
why would you trade Bo for some silver cheap Sanchez
"You don't change because, you found God and found Him. You changed because, God searched for you and found you." - Bo Sanchez.
" Faith without work is weak. You need to act.". -Bo Sanchez
Watching Miss Universe & spotting my pastor jumping around with is priceless! Go team Nia Sanchez! 🇺🇸
Even if others reject you, God will always welcome you. God's love heals. God's love is complete. -Bo Sanchez Happy Monday! :)
I don't like Eden Hazard at all, but I have to admit that there's no way Alexis Sanchez could do that...
Praying for other people works because you are sending love to them - Bo Sanchez .
I love this Dennis Lo! This pretty much sums up the path that we have taken. Thank you Mr. Bo Sanchez for...
Sunday Celebration of the Holy Mass and The Feast Session with Brother Bo Sanchez ♥
[ANC] Bo Sanchez gives tips on investing in stocks
“Bo Sanchez gives tips on investing in stocks 👍😊
"Bo Sanchez gives tips on investing in stocks" I was ready for the "First pray to God for everything for you are a speck of unworthy dust"
“Bo Sanchez gives tips on investing in stocks
"Bo Sanchez gives tips on investing in stocks speaking of. Hehe.
Winners exhibition at until Feb 1. This from Miguel Angel Sanchez's first runner-up series Gaza Bo...
"God loves you more, He adopted you as His own son. - Bo Sanchez. More blessings Bo Sanchez. Photo...
"Bo Sanchez gives tips on investing in stocks
"Prayer does not change God's mind. Prayer changes our mind" -Bo Sanchez
“Bo Sanchez gives tips on investing in stocks -He should just focus on his ministry. Tsk
next meet Bo Sanchez lols
Bo Sanchez gives tips on investing in stocks -
[ABS-CBN Business] Bo Sanchez gives tips on investing in stocks
Bo Sanchez gives tips on investing in stocks |via
Bo Sanchez gives tips on investing in stocks: MANILA – Gina Macahilos had no previous background in investing ...
Bo Sanchez gives tips on investing in stocks...
Bo Sanchez gives tips on investing in stocks
The secret to success is persistence. -Bo Sanchez
Bo Sanchez to the question: "Is it okay for a woman to do the first move?". He didn't say NO but he didn't even...
Your successes come from your struggles. - Bo Sanchez
WATCH on the attack in round two of 3 -
"BITTERNESS in your in your heart is *** " —Bo Sanchez
Before you look for Ms.Right, be Mr.Right ;-) — watching Bo Sanchez-The Feast At Picc
That moment though when Bo Sanchez was telling about his and his wife honeymoon, gave me MNIK feels! 😄
Im so excited to see my favorite author Bro Bo Sanchez and witness his words of wisdom! On my way to PICC. Godbless friends! 󾌬
"Before you look for Mr. Right, be Ms. Right"-Bo Sanchez
Starting the day by listening to Bro. Bo Sanchez. 🙏
The secret to success is persistence. - Bo Sanchez. Watch The Feast PICC Livestreaming at...
Lord this coming 2015, alam kong ma-aachieve ko lahat ng goals ko sa tulong mo :) -pass and top the ECT and ECE board exams (law of attraction and hardwork) :) -be one of the finalists of the 2015 Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature :) -be one of the most promising speakers and writers of our country -meet Miriam Defensor Santiago, Bo Sanchez, Manix Abrera(for the 3rd time), Eros Atalia(for the 4th time), Bob Ong(sana), Jessica Sojo, Atom Araulo, Kara David, Sir Jun Cruz Reyes(for the 2nd time), and Pope Francis. Idagdag mo na rin si President Pnoy to address him the concerns and prayers of the youth
"the kindness of God is given to those who seemingly does not deserve it".. --kerygma preacher Bo Sanchez
If you want to be TRULY RICH, you must live below your means, Invest wisely and enjoy your wealth while helping other achieve their dreams -- Bo Sanchez Share this if you share the vision Bro. Bo Sanchez inspires the TrulyRichMakers in our mission to help every Filipino family achieve financial freedom.
You Teach People How To Treat You One summer, when I was a thin, small, peepsqueaky, sixteen year old boy, I placed a backpack over my shoulder and rode a plane for Israel. (I won first prize in a Bible Quiz in Television—and this was the prize.) It was the first time I traveled out of the Philippines. And would you believe? I went alone. After moving around Holy Land for 10 days, I took another plane for Rome. And from one train to another, I traveled to 30 more cities in Europe: Assisi, Padua, Paris, Geneva, Brussels, Amsterdam, Frankfurt… All by my lonesome self. When I came back, my classmates asked me what I did last summer. Naturally, they freaked out when I told them. They pulled their hair and screamed, “That’s unfair! Your parents allow you to travel to Europe alone for a month? My parents don’t even allow me to go to my friend’s house across the street without a chaperone for two minutes! My parents are absolutely, completely, totally unfair!” I laughed and never understood h ...
"Ah Yaanom lose? But then Sanchez they hold the 3points from yestee or?" 😄😀😃😃
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😄😀😃😃 "Going to sleep! Tomorrow those 3 points are coming to London!!!
Be aware of your temptations. But focus on your dream. Be blessed Bo Sanchez. Photo...
"We are so grateful for the open doors but we never thank Him enough for the closed doors." -Brother Bo Sanchez at The Feast
"When you belittle yourself you are belittling your creator". Bo Sanchez.
"Women choose their shoes with more care than they choose their partners." . - Bo Sanchez
Heaven and *** starts here, right here, right now...By the way you live your life each day. ~ Bo Sanchez
"Closed doors simply means God is protecting us from having not the best." -Bo Sanchez
Turn to God, he is your perfect parent. -Bo Sanchez
To be an entrepreneur means meeting and establishing a synergistic relations. To meet Bro Bo Sanchez
Watching The Feast with Bro. Bo Sanchez on TV. Powerful message on being beautiful inside and out. 1/2
"There is GOLD within you. made through His image. You are amazing and phenomenal! You are far more beautiful inside and out" -Bo Sanchez
Your perception defines your reality. - Bo Sanchez
"In the 18th century, the standard of beauty was on the heavier side. Some of you were born late." Bo Sanchez pls xD
Wake up and expect miracles to happen - Bo Sanchez. God blessed you all :). A good day to start again…
Also Bo Wallace is the only person besides Mark Sanchez I've seen have that many funny turnovers playing QB
I was here 30 years before Sanchez knew what a Sooner was, and I'll be here longer than him.
Do what Jesus tells you to do. -Bo Sanchez. The Feast 2014 Nov 2. Watch The Feast PICC livestreaming at...
Learn from yesterday, live for TODAY! - Bo Sanchez. if you agree!.
Not yet. Im still finishing Bo Sanchez. Ill going to buy his books na rin. 😄
Bo Sanchez posed with the APPEND Staffs as he attends the Global Leadership Summit 2014!
"Ungratefulness is focusing on what you don't have; Gratitude is focusing on what you have." ~ Bo Sanchez
Watsonville. Abel Sanchez leads education contest. Abel Sanchez, 25, has apparently won a seat Tuesday on the Bo...
"Honesty about one's failure is essential,. or no healing can take place.". -Bro. Bo Sanchez
"learn how to overcome every problem that prevents you from reaching your dreams." :). -Bo Sanchez.
Leave for Dec 6 has been approved. Ticket for admission na lang jud akong kulang . Excited to see Bo sanchez .
"Total self-acceptance propels us to spiritual maturity." -Bo Sanchez
REFLECTIONS FOR THURSDAY - 06 NOVEMBER 2014 FROM BRO. BO SANCHEZ "DIDACHE". Thursday of the Thirty First Week in...
When you finally let go of the past, something better comes along. -Bo Sanchez
I want to see Mr. Bo Sanchez in person and listen to his speeches. His book inspired me.
Yey! I am now an official member of Bo Sanchez Truly Rich Club!.
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"Marry your purpose higher your strategy." - Bo Sanchez
"The reason why we are afraid to act is because we are afraid that people may laugh at us." -Bo Sanchez
Who says Alexis Sanchez is nt a good buy 4 d Gunners? Ride on bo!
Na true bo$$ "Can Wenger hold Alexis Sanchez for long or is he gonna want to leave like the others?
yeah lord knows how long with Sanchez smh...
Bo Sanchez' book Protect Yourself from a Vampire is on point 👌👌👌 Someone buy me that please.
Learn from yesterday, live for today. - Bo Sanchez
God has a wonderful plan for your life. Come, let.s walk together. - Bo Sanchez
"When you are seriously in love, you are also very happy." - Bro. Bo Sanchez
"Its so painful to accept that the old ways that work so well before... Were not working anymore." - Bro. Bo Sanchez. ♥☺
Bo Sanchez: God sees your pain. He will supply an opportunity. He will provide a way. Bigger and greater than before!
with Mr. and Mrs. Bo Sanchez on 2 different Sundays at thefeastpicc ..very people-person…
"when you ask, HE gives you the best version of what you're asking for." :). -Bo Sanchez. if mother knows best...
Foles doesn't need surgery but our for the season. Gonna be hard but gotta believe in Sanchez.
.hoping to see Bo Sanchez at SM City ds evening.
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yesterday at PICC. with Bro Bo Sanchez:)
Sad to say, majority of what we may see, read or hear in social media would be more of negative contents. Why, it is because it is natural for us to rant if nothing works in our favor. Its easy to be negative against others rather than to be be happy for them. Why do I know this, because I am like that before. I am still working on it to be 100 % positive in whatever I think of. I now try to shy away from those who always start a negative topic. I try to be concious on the context of my words, and I would go and be with positive minded people. And in instances that I am faced with a negative vibe, I just follow what Brother Bo Sanchez shared in one of his talks, I just do good and walk away. I give my unconditional Love and Understanding. So far nothing bad has happened. All but good results. I always keep this Verse in my Heart. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Many of the people who persistently see the wrong in others do so, because they subconsciously can't stand the wrong that they themselves do.. ~ Bo Sanchez
FREE E-TICKET! Become an expert in personal financial management. Budget, Save and Invest Wisely. Be Financially Fit. Get out of the rat race and start your journey to being Truly Rich.The TrulyRichMakers Team of Bro Bo Sanchez team will conduct this seminar. This is posted with the generosity of ***
The key to happiness is gratitude. A grateful person is a happy person. - Bo Sanchez
"Use your tears to make you more mature, stronger and wiser." . - Bo Sanchez
Be the Miracle to the People around You. Bo Sanchez
Pablo Sanchez was Bo Jackson, don't know which sport he would've chosen
"Your dream must bring you closer to God.". Bo Sanchez
"The right relationship WON'T distract you from GOD, it should bring you CLOSER to HIM." - Bo Sanchez
"The right relationship won't distract you from God. It will bring you closer to Him." - Bo Sanchez
Love is the best business strategy in the world. -Bo Sanchez
5 of 5 stars to Take Charge Give All by Bo Sanchez
Except evil, everything is sacred. - Bo Sanchez
One of my stranger friends ask me to read Bo Sanchez Book, Awakening the inner in you. He told me that…
I want to listen to bo sanchez on dec. 6. Kasi mka inspire words of wisdom nya as always 😭
So long as Sanchez and Wilson don't play 10 yard cushion
I liked a video God Solution by Bo Sanchez (MY FAVORITE!)
Your body is God's gift for you. -Bo Sanchez. The Feast 2014 Oct 5. Watch The Feast PICC livestreaming at...
"When the hurt is very deep, don't forgive right away. God doesn't require you to forgive right away.". -Bo Sanchez
The more grateful you are, the more you'll enjoy God's blessings. - Bo Sanchez
Tomorrow, I'll watch Gone Girl after I go to Bo Sanchez! 😊
Take delight in the simplest things. - Bro. Bo Sanchez
Bro. Bo Sanchez : Speaking of health and nutritional company. LIFESTYLES is the right company and INTRA is the...
"Successful people develop thick skin." Just finished Bo Sanchez' book How to Turn Your Passion into Profit.
Well now that I've heard from and theres no hope for paying attention in this class
"Envy makes you focus on other people's blessings." -Bo Sanchez
“Don't let your emotions control your actions. Let your actions control your emotions. - Bo Sanchez”
"God will replace your shame with double honor." - Bro. Bo Sanchez 💕 @ PICC Plenary Hall
5 of 5 stars to God is Bigger than your Biggest Problem by Bo Sanchez
"If i'm going to love the poor, I can't be poor because then, we would be poor together." - Bo Sanchez
Lift up Jesus and His kingdom and leave the results to God. Join Bo Sanchez’s Kerygma Conference 2014: Lifted...
REFLECTIONS FOR FRIDAY - 10 OCTOBER 2014 FROM BRO. BO SANCHEZ "DIDACHE". Friday of the Twenty-Seventh Week in...
If you want changes to happen, be ready for difficult times. - Bo Sanchez. .
DON'T GIVE UP because GOD will never give up on you - Bro. Bo Sanchez
i want someone who will motivate me when i feel like giving up :)) Bo Sanchez is the best. Hands down
Learn How to Overcome Every Problem That Prevents You from Reaching Your Dreams. - Bo Sanchez. Be inspired by...
"Don't focus on your problem. Focus on your purpose, then your problem will eventually become irrelevant." -Bo Sanchez 😊
Listened to one of bo sanchez's talks.. and it never fails to inspire me.
"Don't focus on your problems, focus on your dreams. - Bro. Bo Sanchez" Amen. 👍
Two of my most admired men in one instagram post! Chris Tiu commenting on Bro. Bo Sanchez' photo. What…
Watch the replay of the interview of Karen Davila with Bro. Bo Sanchez on how you can make your 2014 right and more meaningful! About Headstart with Karen ...
Follow Your Bliss and Success is Effortless!!! While the most stressful thing to do is to be someone else, the easiest thing to do in the world is to be yourself. In being yourself, their lies the greatest success as you will find success and happiness effortless. Success requires lots of work but it is work that is done effortlessly. Have you seen how world-class singers sings? They sing effortlessly Have you seen world how class athletes perform? They perform effortlessly They do so because they are following their Bliss. Excerpt from Bo Sanchez Special Section Kerygma July 2014
Women Gone Wild Talk 1: Dangerous "If you hate yourself ,you hate other people. If you judge yourself, you judge other people. If you don't accept yourself, the more you don't accept other people's weaknesses. BE KIND TO YOURSELF." - Bro. Bo Sanchez
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I am now reading one of the best selling book of BO SANCHEZ "How to turn thoughts into things", and on the 19th page there's one line that made me realized how modern we are now, and the line goes this way When I was young, a mouse was a furry animal. A mouse pad was the house of a furry animal. A virus caused the flu. A bug was an insect. A hard drive was a difficult journey. An apple was a fruit. And windows were rectangular holes on the wall ... g
"No matter how dark it looks, no matter how long it has been, God will always finish what He started. Stay Blessed! @ Bo Sanchez # Source: fb 888 Inspirasi Harian
Doon pala pumapasok 'yung Soulfood Newsletter ni Bo Sanchez. Even some exciting announcements & updates from my chicklit queen. Now I know!
Which movies or books have made a big impact on you? — Bo Sanchez books :)
When I first got into this program, I went to this talk by bo sanchez. He gave a talk about detours and delays to success. This must be it.
Loving ourselves is not selfishness, but enjoying and celebrating who we are in His eyes. - Bo Sanchez
Never go after fame. In the heart of God, you're always a star. Always were, always be. -Bo Sanchez
I added a video to a playlist Business Philippines -- How to become a TRULY RICH by Bo Sanchez (talk
I added a video to a playlist INSPIRATION FOR FILIPINO - Be Constantly Aggressive by Bo Sanchez
I liked a video Bo Sanchez PowerTalk How To Take Charge of Your Destiny
Go out there in the world and fulfill your dreams. Be all that God wants you to be!. - Bo Sanchez. Be blessed Bo...
"There is no one unusable with God Almighty." -Bo Sanchez
Stocks Update is a formal report sent to members that update the current stock recommendations of the club.
Never be autonomous from God Himself. Because everyday you need to be connected to Him. - Bo Sanchez. Be blessed...
Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do. - Bo Sanchez. Be blessed Bo Sanchez. Photo credit:...
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"If you remain in the level of wish, nothing happens. You must go to the level of decision." - Bo Sanchez
LOVING VAMPIRES. By Bo Sanchez. "We loved because he first loved us”. -1 John 4:19. What is common in all...
Late upload Sanchez thanks for inspiring and...
Don’t let circumstances tell you what to do. Tell your circumstances what you want them to do! [Bo Sanchez]
here you go Gilyn Marie Pranza Gamboa. top 10 books. 1) how to find your true love by bo sanchez. 2)you can make...
No matter how difficult is your past, you can always begin again today. - Bo Sanchez. Visit http:/…
Shame is the root of many problems. -Brother Bo Sanchez
If you dont love yourself no amount of love from anyone will be enough. -Bro. Bo Sanchez
Everything you do must come from love. Be blessed Bo Sanchez. Photo...
On the other hand first picture with Tito Bo Sanchez after the longest time!
Bro. Bo Sanchez thank you so much for coming into our lives, you're such a blessings to everybody. My week is not...
"If anger hasn't worked for all these years, why do you think will it work this time?" -- Bro Bo Sanchez ;) EASY LANG.
" There is nothing ordinary about being ordinary. " - Bo Sanchez
Friends, please post this on your wall so your friends can see it too. Baka makatulong lang. Jomar Hilario, endorsed by Bo Sanchez has...
"You got to be able to love yourself." -Bo Sanchez. The Feast at PICC.
You are a great person. Celebrate the greatness that God has done in your life. - Bo Sanchez. The Feast 2014 Sept...
By doing simple acts of kindness for others, we can't help . but lift ourselves up, too. Join Bo Sanchez’s...
The Kerygma Family: DIDACHE | COMPANION | SABBATH Daily Bible Reflections for September 14, 2014 Celebrate God's love through His Word for you this Sunday! Praying for you, Bo Sanchez 14 September Sunday TODAY'S READINGS: DIDACHE | COMPANION | SABBATH DIDACHE Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross DEATH TO LIFE “So must the Son of Man be lifted up so that everyone who believes in Him may have eternal life.” – John 3:14-15 I have been a romantic ever since I can remember. Just like other women, I dreamt of a fairy tale love story. After my graduation from college, I met someone who I thought was my Prince Charming and I envisioned a happy-ever-after ending. But my dreams turned into a nightmare and my prince consort transformed into something I never envisioned him to be. The “royal” love story went awry. Instead of a life-giving relationship, it turned out to be a dangerous liaison — not just to me but to our family. The danger to our lives was not just physical but also spiritual and psych ...
Do good and just walk away & let the Heavenly Father rewards your good works! - Bo Sanchez. A very nice lesson and teaching to ponder on. A blessed and happy Sunday everyone. Because I am so blessed, i am wishing you all God's blessing!
God can't hand you something new until you are willing to let go of the things that are not good for you. Stay Blessed! by: Bo Sanchez
There's a big difference in creating easy money from creating wealth. In creating easy money: you engage in too much risk, you inhale risk, you exhale it, and if it does not work then that's the consequence of becoming greedy. In creating wealth: you do it step by step, you plan it, you strategize it, you do it assuming that money will not come right away but soon you'll enjoy the product of what you've planted. Would you rather play Lotto spending 100bucks a day and wait for luck to strike you or you would rather invest your 100bucks daily and be a millionaire. Let me remind you that it is more rewarding to create wealth rather than having easy money. Because you can pass it to your next generation and reminding them to do things by proper financial planning. Be financially educated. To register to the FREE FINANCIAL COACHING of Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Makers just click this link
Just watched Bo Sanchez on youtube. The Holy Spirit has really blessed the Church with a lot of charisms; a lot of ways to love the Lord :)
Bo Sanchez says that there's a rumor that Sharon Cuneta's helpers earn 25K a month. WTH. I'd rather be her helper!! lol
For all attendees of the MONEY MATTERS Seminar additional material for financial literacy God's way buy and read the book of Bo Sanchez the ABUNDANCE FORMULA available at National Bookstore and Shepherd's Voice SM
It's time let go of the past and embrace all that awaits you. Value your time, and make your present moment the most precious -Bo Sanchez
Don't start the day in neutral. Get your mind going in the right direction. Thank God every day! © Joel Osteen ©Bo Sanchez
Hi Guys, were having a grand event this Coming June 14, 2014. A celebration to our success team. :) Concert event at ULTRA sports Complex. :) Special guest Jovit Baldivino, Jonalyn Viray, Parokya ni Edgar and Bo Sanchez! :-) For those who want to come, PM me... :) hurry limited slots for VIP seats! :)
Who is Bo Sanchez? Bo Sanchez From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Eugenio Isabelo Tomas Reyes Sanchez Jr. or widely known as Bo Sanchez is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, preacher and lay minister in the Philippines. He is known as the "Preacher in Blue Jeans". He was born in July 11, 1966 in Caloocan City to Eugenio and Pilar Sanchez. He started giving talks at an adult group at age 13. He has published around 27 books and 7 magazines. In 2006 he was a recipient of The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) award for Community Service. In 2007, he received the Serviam Award, the highest award that can be given to a lay practitioner, from the Catholic Mass Media Awards. He publishes a magazine known as "Kerygma" which was translated into a television show at RPN 9. He also anchors the Gabay sa Biblia sa Radyo on Radio Veritas. He is the founder of one of the religious communities in the Philippines, the Light of Jesus (LOJ). The community, as of 2013, has 3,000 members in the Philippines and the rest of the ...
New: Mr. Bo Sanchez once mentioned the name of Dr. Eben Alexander, a renowned neurosurgeon in the states, to one...
GOD’S ORCHESTRATION They were exceedingly astonished and they said, “He has done all things well…”– Mark 7:37 Exactly two years ago today, I hopped on a plane bound for California to get married. It was my first U.S. trip — a permanent move at that — and I had some reservations about starting a new life in an unfamiliar place, far from family and friends. It was also my first time to travel alone. My repetitive prayer was, “Lead me to the right people, Lord.” He surely did. I had a hassle-free departure and a surprise welcome at Los Angeles Airport: The immigration officer who delightedly gave me an entry permit was Filipino and a Bo Sanchez follower! I was meant to be here! How amazing indeed is God’s orchestration of the significant events in my life. He gave me a partner shortly before I hit the dreaded Big 4-0. I got engaged on Jesus’ birthday. I was reunited with my then fiancé on Valentine’s Day. I was granted permanent residency on my late father’s birthday, and a driver ...
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Get ready for another inspiring talk by Bro. Bo Sanchez as we end our series J1N1-Jesus in Everyone-Talk 3. Guide them. Come and together let's be empowered to fullfill our mission to make desciples. Be blessed and be a blessing to others by inviting your family and friends to the feast tomorrow, Saturday, 1 Feb, 2-4 pm at St. Jude Parish Hall, 20 Prendiville Way, Langford. LOJ Perth Members
Practical Internet Marketing Done Using Personal Experience, endorsed by Bo Sanchez and Larry Gamboa. Find out how you can earn dollars using Web 2.0, Virtual Assistants, Blogging, more. The Tim Ferris and Tony Robbins of the Philippines.
Nicholas Sparks and Bo Sanchez books can definitely replace a friend who talks gossips,rumors and innuendos.
You cannot inspire others if you cannot be yourself. -Bo Sanchez. Feast 2014 Jan 5. Share and Join us...
HERE’S AN EARLY TREAT FOR YOU THIS 2014! Kerygma Mission Partner’s HOLY LAND RAFFLE PROMO is extended until January 10, 2014! Hurry! Subscribe to Kerygma now and get a chance to win a 9-Day Holy Land Pilgrimage with Bo Sanchez for FREE or an Apple iPad Mini. Draw date is on JANUARY 12, 2014 at Philippine International Convention Center. For details, call 725-9 loc. 101 to 108
Should finish reading my Nicholas Sparks book na so I could start reading my new Bo Sanchez. So excitinggg.
now reading How to Conquer your Goliaths by Sanchez 📖
If your plans don't happen, it means something great is going to happen. - Bo Sanchez
“Remove from your heart the poison of entitlement.” -Bro. Bo Sanchez
It all started when I join Bo Sanchez' Truly Rich Club, it changes my financial mindset and I learned the...
"The past year may not have been perfect, but it is perfect for God's purpose." ~ Bo Sanchez
Don't try to impress everyone, That's the perfect recipe for depression--- Bo Sanchez ;0
"Sometimes to overhaul a system, you can't do it piece by piece. You need to shock your system." -Bo Sanchez
Be grateful even when it's difficult. - bo sanchez
Money without money machines is not a blessing but a burden. - Bo Sanchez
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Money resolutions from Francis Kong, Dean Pax Lapid, and Bo Sanchez this 2014
Christmas Giveaway!. Want to win this Great Book from Bro. Bo Sanchez?. STEP 1: Click to Share this Photo. STEP...
"When there is no clarity of purpose, no great thing will be achieved." -Bo Sanchez
This is a great picture of why people are poor. The money that you hold now, no matter how small, is like that jug...
Photo: As what Bo Sanchez said from his book “How to Find your One True Love” the best sex appeal isn’t in...
Give love even if they don't respond. - Bo Sanchez
"This is the message of Christmas: that amidst the darkness, Jesus came and conquered the world with His love." - Bo Sanchez
Bo Sanchez was 34 yrs old when he became a certified millionaire. I have 6 yrs to go. That ain't impossible! 😊
If you want Philippines to be a first world country, become a first world citizen first. --- Bo Sanchez
People do not attract that which they want but that which they think they are. --- Bo Sanchez
GOD is always saying to what is best for you!. ~> Bro. Bo Sanchez
"You suffer uselessly because you're chasing the wrong dream." -- Bo Sanchez
"Once upon a time, I had failing grades. Especially in trigonometry, now. Im a billionaire." - Bo Sanchez
Bo Sanchez' drinking tumbler. . Any takers? Bidding starts at P500. Will be posted later on eBay.
If you’re luking 4 a last minute Christmas gift, this is 1 I highly recommend. The abundance formula by Bo Sanchez
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HE blesses you so you can bless others - Bo Sanchez.
I have one on my desk at work. I did have The Face of Bo but some stole it! Bastids
"Forgive but do not forget, or you will be hurt again. Forgiving changes the perspectives. Forgetting loses the lesson. " - Bo …
BOOK Alert!!! :D. CYA AdDU recommends Bo Sanchez's How to Live a Life of Miracles!. Spend your no-class days wisely!
Its truly amazing to see Bro Bo Sanchez in person.. Awesome experience! 🙏
I just love this day! It was so productive! Listened to Bo Sanchez and he was so amazing! 🙏🙏🙏
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