Bo Jackson & Iron Bowl

Vincent Edward Bo Jackson (born November 30, 1962) is a former American baseball and football player. The Iron Bowl is an American college football rivalry game played annually by the Alabama Crimson Tide football team of the University of Alabama and the Auburn Tigers football team of Auburn University. 3.7/5

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My son Jackson was born yesterday on Bo Jackson's birthday and ironically Auburn won the Iron Bowl.
From Rick Karle: It's Time To Fear The Bo! This morning I feel a bit like I did last Thursday when I sat down for Thanksgiving dinner- there's just too much on my plate. From the Iron Bowl breakdown, to the SEC Championship game to the Gene Chizik dismissal, this past weekend certainly left me with lots to digest. But after spending 17 hours at Auburn Sunday, eventually chasing the story of the day, I thought I'd tell you why the Auburn folks might be in better shape in landing a new coach than may think: A man named Bo Jackson. At first glance, the timing of the Gene Chizik dismissal was poor. Yes, Chizik, while a good man, had to go, but the talent pool of available head coaches is not very deep and the list of other schools looking for coaches is as deep as ever. Searching for a new coach? Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Cal, Purdue, Colorado, NC State, Boston College and others. For the newly-former Auburn search committee, finding a top-notch coach is certainly possible, but it will take work. I lik . ...
Well, one of my three sons is happy, Go Gators Chad! Travis and Branum, I'm sorry Auburn, there's always next year!! I have lots of memories at the Iron Bowl! Bear Bryant and Bo Jackson are a couple!! Love my sons!!
What a great day for football and the famous Iron Bowl. Just reflecting back of Iron Bowl memories and here are some that stick out in my head. Don't remember too much between 73' and 79' but I know Bama dominated for 8 or 9 years. I can recall my favorite player, Major Olgivie running around the end to score. I can picture the tear away jerseys and guys like, Tony Nathan, Ken Coley, Steadman Shealy, Linnie Patrick and a host of others having to leave and slip on a New Jersey. I remember Joe Cribbs, Lionel 'little train' James, Fullwood and of course, Bo Jackson lining up in the backfields to face Bama. Rory Turner...aka, 'The Black Assasin' stopping Brent Fullwood short of the goalline. When asked, he replied, " I waxed the dude," 1985 Greg Richardson catching the pass from Shula and John Forney saying, "Run to the boundary Greg...get out of bounds." he did and with 6 seconds remaining, Van Tiffen kicks a 52 yard FG to win the game. What an incredible finish. Lawyer Tillman running a reverse with just a ...
7 days of why I hate Aubarn! Day 7 Iron Bowl day The one day an Alabama fan can Hate, and feel good about it! I hate Aubarn because of Gene Chizik, Tommy Tuberville, terry Bowden, Pat Dye, Doug Barfield, Shug Jordan all the Sob coached the tigers to a win over Alabama. I hate Bo Jackson. Pat Sullivan, Tracy Rocker, Scam Newton, Nick Fairley, Karlos Dansby and any other joker that wore the aubarn uniform. I hate Bobby Lowder, Jimmy Rane, yellow wood, Toomer's Corner, Toomer's drugstore, the city of aubarn, and most of all Aubarn tigers! Buch of wanna be's!
However long the odds. However troubled our program. However well or poorly coached. Whoever wears Orange and Blue will have me at their back, my cheers ringing in their ears. My heart will be in my throat at kickoff, and with my team at every turn of the game. Let the fair weather fans sit in trepidation. Let the feeble-hearted predict failure or criticize our players, school, administration or coaches. I will cheer and hope regardless. I will yell “War Eagle!” at every chance. My team is playing in the Iron Bowl, college football’s highest pantheon where legends take the field and glory is fought for and won every year. Maybe this year another tiny Tre Smith will run out onto the field, or another Bo Jackson will go over the top. Maybe another Sullivan and Beasley will wow the crowd with passing acrobatics. Cadillac will run wild on the first play, a Newton will block two punts, or yet another Newton bring our team back in the second half from the brink of defeat. But whatever happens, they are my ...
Check out our Iron Bowl lineup! 10:00am Sam Foster Project (Great musical act!) 11:00am Northridge Marching Band 11:00am Inside College Football Today broadcasts live 12:00pm Northside Drumline and majorettes 1:30pm Rollin’ in the Hay (Talk about a great band!) 2:30pm Iron Bowl kick off. The game will be shown on both 16ft Jumbotrons 6:00pm Inside College Football Postgame broadcasts live 6:00pm Rollin’ In the Hay once again takes the stage In addition there will be: Beer Garden Food Walk of Champions with life-size cutouts of Bear Bryant, Pat Dye, Nick Saban, Bo Jackson. Giveaways Kids Zone Magician Juggler Meet and greet with CBS 42 Personalities 97.3 The Zone will be broadcasting their show live from the Plaza And much, much more!
Watched the replay of the 1982 Iron Bowl on CSS last night. Bo Jackson, up and down the field and over the top; exciting finish; Auburn won! Loved it (and I don't expect to experience any of that tomorrow ;) But here's what perplexed me most. Coach Bryant was decked out in his hat. His black and white checked hat!! Yes, plain ol' squares. Not one "houndstooth." I though bama fans bathing themselves in houndstooth was their way of worshipping and honoring the Bear. Was houndstooth "early Bear"? He died right after that so it wasn't later. So what's the scoop? Just wondering :) and War Eagle! Stacy Cummings Payne, you should know the answer to this!
For the Auburn Alabama fans, the 1982 Iron Bowl is on Charter channel 34 SportSouth at 8pm. Remember this was the year of, my opinion one of the greatest athlete's of all time Bo Jackson.
Fox South has an Iron Bowl retrospective on. My god, Bo Jackson...
For the record...and especially with a bunch of Great underclassmen, losing builds Character not cockiness! I've never witnessed an Auburn team full of so many struggles and I've been going to Games since 1983. At 12 yrs. old I got to see the Great Bo Jackson who was hurt at the time just about single handly beat Texas that yr. @ home. I was at the first Iron Bowl in 89 when Bammer came in ranked in the nation and of course Auburn whipped bammer and the Deuce all over the Field! I mean since 1980 Auburn has beat bammer more than bammer has beat Auburn! That's just the facts people! There was an Orange & Blue haze in the air from the pom poms desinegrating in the air during that 89 iron bowl! Now that is Spirit Bammer! Being said all this I guess i'll just have to say... enjoy it while you can and remember. the table will ALWAYS turn! WDE!!
Bo Jackson , Train James Lol Auburn had some great American rbs but James Owens still kick their butt . Morning to Big O from your Fairfield Friends . Watched the 1982 replay Iron Bowl yesterday . The players both sides amazing talent .
Just watched Bo Jackson run over and knock Tommy Wilcox out of the 82 Iron Bowl! What a horse!!!
Watching the 1982 Iron Bowl. Both teams running the wishbone. Bo Jackson a freshman. Hairstyles, clothes, etc., so funny.
Watching the 1982 Iron Bowl. It was coach Bear Bryant's last game. Bo Jackson had a huge run and won!
Em, 1982 Iron Bowl is on FSN South. Auburn won 23-22 on Bo Jackson's TD with 2:26 left.
Win or lose what was your favorite Iron Bowl?? I have two. Win was "The Van Tiffin Kick" last second field goal game. Loss, was "Bo Over the Top" The reason "Bo Over The Top" was so special to me was because I attended the game with My Grandfather, and my Dad. Three generations on our family together. Sorry Bo ruined the win for me, however I can't help but respect Bo Jackson. He has done a lot for the State of Alabama.
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