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Bo Duke

Beauregard Bo Duke is a fictional character in the American television series The Dukes of Hazzard, which ran from 1979 to 1985. He was played by John Schneider.

John Schneider General Lee Luke Duke Daisy Duke John Law

Yeah I saw Mike Greenburg, who is equally bad, spouting out the same thing. Duke got screwed but lets move along now.
we ran outside hood slidin like bo duke, what was I thinkin?
Things around me: Safety meetings and sweet satsumas, a rising river and Bo Duke's pit bull.
Bo is the masculine spelling. Being considerate of Chris and all. He acts like a young Bo Duke
I'm about to Luke and Bo Duke it out of this class
Move it over Bo and Duke, make room for a real outlaw
Yes Daisy Duke but Bo and Luke had my attention!😬
And the "Duke didn't win the game on that one play" is true but beside the point.
Do you see any real reason not to overturn the Duke-Miami result? There's zero uncertainty as to how it should have ended.
I swear and are bo and Luke Duke I swear 😂😭
The most shocking part of the Anonymous KKK leak? Turns out Bo and Luke Duke were Hazard County clansmen! Who knew!?
"If Bo Duke existed in Star Trek, this guy would have been his evil, mirror universe counterpart."
I love the Audible, but why accept that it's too late to change the result of Duke-Miami? No good reason not to.
Jake (Bo) and Chase (Luke) as the Duke boys and their dad Justin as Roscoe P. Coltrane with Sammy the beagle as...
don't lie. If sd wanted Duke they'd just play Oliver more. Same player except BO has a little less wiggle.
If it isn't Bo Duke. I swear to god
Sliding across that table table like Bo Duke!
A whole day later and they still talking bout the Miami win. We not celebrating beating Duke it has been a rough week in Miami
I may not be able to slide on a car hood like Bo Duke but this Daisy…
THIS JUST IN: ACC suspends on-field officiating crew, replay official & communicator for "series of errors" on final play…
this offense designed by Jim Bob *** only works if Bo Duke is under center.
VIDEO: Miami defeats Duke on one of the wildest plays in college football history
Wow. I have been here at Fox looking at the Duke game and Duke got tricked on Hollween. No way that is a touchdown. I will…
Well, now I know how Gary Tyrell felt. Oh, Duke.
MSU's ending vs Mich, GT's ending vs FSU and now Miami's ending vs Duke, and yet still none are more unexplainable than Texas beating OU.
You don't have to but you gotta see that it was more then just a win over Duke.
Miami pulls off miracle at Duke Video - via App
I never thought I would see "The U" jump around celebrating like they won a national title after a win over Duke
Ridin' 95 down the highway Sideways, runnin' from ol' John Law, I got the booze in the boot, Move it over Bo Duke.
So there's this time Kliffy Kingsbury, Daisy Duke, Luke, and Bo got together for Halloween..
My son Jacob dressed up as Bo Duke! He won $100 for first place in a Halloween costume!
Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke. Yep, won the bet this year, so me and are dudes.
Got to one of my favorite scene in Duke of Mt.Deer where Siu Bo found the manuel under the tiles of Ng Sam Kwai's house.
In the weekly address, President Obama calls for meaningful criminal justice reform:
that was great skit with Bo Duke!! You guys all were great last night.. Come back to Ford Field soon
About to fail I MEAN nail this Bo Duke slide on this sick as *** General Lee I found!
agreed. Last piece of the puzzle. swindled Bo Duke.
But they'll soon go after Bo & Luke Duke's new Auto Trader Commercial.
Duke . Walt , will , bo , marquis and dayday my brothers 5ever 💯💗
Duke Kahanamoku is a better all around athlete than Bo Jackson even.
Bro you still going on about this? Duke Kahanamoku is better athlete than Bo Jackson FOH
Get on that Duke bandwagon this year for College Basketball!
Had these two boys for a year now...I love you Bo and Duke ❤️
literally flew out of my fahken wheelchair when I hit it today, felt like Bo duke in the General Lee
I liked a video Dukes of Hazzard: Bo and Luke Duke escape from Cletus...again!
I liked a video Dukes of Hazzard S3E14 - Bo Duke falls, hits head, fights with Luke, injures head
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I bet could totally hood slide like Bo Duke... "Salvy, so smooth:
Just 30% of spread bettors are taking Tulane, yet they've dropped from +11 to +5.5 tonight against Duke. (via CRIS)
Ridin 95 down the highway sideways runnin from ole John Law got the booze and the boot move it over bo duke make room for a real outlaw ❤️BG
how did we go from telling sam to stop being lazy to Bo duke
he looks like Bo Duke in that picture
Read how the Obama administration is fighting to restore workers' rights for millions of hard-working Americans.
sorry Bo Duke, but in the words of your cousin "I'm not gunna get jumped" 😂
Theme From "The Dukes Of Hazzard" (Good Ol' Boys) by Waylon Jennings, found with Bo and Luke Duke
Good point! Look's like Bo Duke is still SPRUNG!! Hooked on CandyCane!
I said d bo on Friday that mean hit me with a brick
.known for his role of Bo Duke gives his take on the show's lasting legacy and new venture
Bo Duke ain't playing with these fools!!
I would love for that to happen. So David can show Bo Duke what's up! Lol
It's official. Bo Duke can't throw punches like he used to.
Honey, Bo Duke was gonna choke that a** out! 😲
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
America's criminal backbone, romanticized by Luke and Bo Duke
as a whitey, I found the Confederate flag racist & insensitive, but Bo & Luke Duke weren't chanting about cop killing either. its not. I've been tracking him for a while now & will be thrilled if he signs at Duke
Yup so was Sanford and Son but we aren't replacing them with Bo and Luke Duke. Again failing sir or madam.
the 9th grade picture of Cody on snapchat reminded me of Bo Duke.
Happy Birthday l was fortunate enough to see him, the Possum and Bo Duke in '85 in Nashville,...
I want a relationship like bo duke and the General Lee 👌
Embodying the rebellious spirit since 1923. Especially in the 80s. Bo Duke, everybody.
Oh yeah, Kanye? The Republicans could have Bo Duke singing his way to the presidency!
if ur donating 2 Bo Gritz/Duke 2016 campaign U've wasted Coin cuz not gonna happen + no wall 2 keep Snowbacks out lol Obama
Ran outside hood slidin' like Bo Duke:
Comeon people... the guy is a *genius* right? And literally anything would be better than BO.
When your pastor talks about Bo and Luke Duke you know its a good day
Watched Duke of Mt.Deer 98 to the part where Wai Siu Bo meet the Anti-Qing Leader Chan Kan Nam.
Logan can't be bo duke he got t-boned, me and Tristan are cousins so it makes sense
tell him Bo Duke says hello. Yall be safe down there.
Knocked out his front tooth, went sliding out like Bo Duke. What was I thinking?
I see it more like a Bo and Luke Duke pairing.
I feel like Bo and Luke Duke felt every time I go through an intersection in this town!!
You might get Bo Duke to listen to that offer, but Seattle's John Schneider would laugh you off the phone.
Tony Leung nailed the role of Wai Siu Bo in Duke of Mt.Deer 1985.
Aww, well if it ain't Bo and Duke Luke!
Bo Duke had my heart. Or Luke. The blond one!
starsky and hutch vs Bo and Luke Duke both have nice cars
Either my *** s lock up🔒or they 6 ft. Deep Bo Dallas Lee Sosa Duke Delynn
ok so I lost my Duke's but I may need to start watching Days again, I lost interest when Sammy left, but now Bo is...
General Lee selfie is never complete without a Bo Duke photobomb.…
The tire carrier looked like he was gonna hood slide it like Bo Duke.😬😬😬😬
Just watched a woman casually leave Goodwill and proceed to get into her car like Bo and Luke Duke.
Bo and Luke Duke sings The Dukes of Hazzard theme song (1993) via
Duke University is the top school in the South for 2015:
Met John Scheinder aka Bo Duke and John. Ryerson from the haves and the have nots...Sweet as can be…
I just love when people call Cal a cheat tho. Where was this uproar last yr when Duke got Okafor?
or Bo and Luke Duke and getting their cousins
What a true class act, y'all. I'm 43 now and I doubt I'll ever forget the night we met.Bo Duke lol :). Love the meme !
autographs after the show. John snapped into full tilt Bo Duke charicter and talker to an ally full of kids :) !
This world needs a little more Bo and Luke Duke and a little less Kim and Kanye
Listening to Bill Belichick Presser was like watching Bo Jackson in TecmoBowl. Keep the hits coming. He ain't going down f…
Just told my brother that I want a tattoo of Bo Duke and Rainbow Brite on a landspeeder. Joking about the tatt. But I'd love it on a tote!
it was only Bo and Luke Duke having a little fun
I just seen bo Luke Duke Oscar jimmy and John
Lord have mercy! I haven't had a crush this bad on a TV star since Bo and Luke Duke! Great show! Crazy good actors!
Get Airport City on iPad for free! Enter Bo duke hazards to become my neighbor!.
without and is like without Bo and Luke Duke in 1982-1983.
I am not sure. I know that there were several made. John Schneider (Bo Duke) owns at least one.
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We ran out side hood sliding . like bo Duke, what was I thinkin'
Bo and Brandon can duke it out for that 2nd line C position. Gets rid of an older Clendening. Don't like the draft pick swap :(
🎶Mountain of a man with a born to kill tattoo tried to cut in I knocked out his front tooth we ran outside hood slidin' like Bo Duke🎶
Bo might not fly for a recruit, but he did fly to a Duke game!
Ran outside hood-slindin like Bo Duke, what was I thinkin
Well, then. That's settled. Now, who wants to help my lynch Bo and Luke Duke?
Bo Duke (white) and Daisy Duke (brindle) are a super sweet brother and sister duo. They are about 10 to 11 weeks...
what R U doing trying 2 out run a train? Rob a train? or jump a train with your car Bo & Luke Duke style? Quit that! Glad UR ok !
Well you're no Bo Duke but you'll do in a pinch.
the thrill of Bo and Luke Duke saving the day and stickin' it to Boss Hogg again.
goes out to Bo Duke and the oh so gorgeous General Lee
that Bo and Luke Duke were just some good old boys that never meant any harm ... and are anything but racist.
Duke start getting all these top recruits its over for everybody
There's no one better at securing star recruits than Duke's Coach K. Not even Kentucky:
Having to run around a bed or table to get to the bathroom.just James Bond or Bo Duke it. 😄😊😁
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he also wants to play with bam and duke will be getting Giles instead
will run the show if he comes to Duke and Giles or Tatum won't have a problem with it.
duke is getting Giles. I don't see DSJ being on board for a 2 PG system he wants to be the man from day 1
I'd be blown away if Duke landed FJ and DS. But it'd be a happy blown away
Frank Jackson is a lock Duke is the reason no mission, but I'm telling you this Dennis Smith Jr deal is not over
One of my first man crushes lol, I was 6! Other one was lmao. Bo Duke, man. Whew.
This could mean the end of Bo and Luke Duke and Daisy too. General Lee up for sale
I liked a video Bo and Luke Duke sing the "Hee Haw" song
If you think you're comin in between me and Bo Duke's skin tight crotch jeans, think again, General Lee.
Every day I wake up, I wonder how! Lol pretty sure I'll end up hood sliding like Bo duke into the grave!
Nah Stars got Rid of Rosco P Plumpton did they not but there was a Duke signed at Shuff was it Bo or luke
He could really show his support by attending Duke, the reigning National Champions.
Coach Krzyzewski responds to Bo Ryan's 1-and-done comments: "Duke doesn’t rent a player"
we ran outside hood sliding like Bo Duke..
Ok I get the Confederate Flag debate.BUT BO N DUKE WERE' NT RACIST!! If ANYTHING they related, I mean they...
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This just in.. Bo and Luke Duke repainting the General Lee to pacify all the …
Seriously, why not? Fictional characters Bo and Luke Duke are racist rednecks! 😡😡
Hotter. Splash a little Bo Duke on top.
Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo, Luke and Bo Duke's Confederate flag has gotta go.
My former childhood crush is trying to ride the whole racist Confederate flag thing back to relevancy. Shame on you, Bo Duke.
RIP General Lee. I always thought Luke and Bo Duke were redneck moonshiners, not racist white supremacists. 🙌
When I met John Schneider backstage at a concert. THE Bo Duke. Or to the younger people,…
Yep, that was him. I was all about Shaun.and then along came John Schneider, Bo Duke, baby!
TBT 1993-me and Bo Duke a.k.a John Schneider just chillin'. I was starstruck (was he?) Er...warsh.
John Schneider, Bo Duke, from Dukes of Hazard, is next to me in BatonRouge at Sullivan's bar. Is he still a celebrity?
TBT to when Than thought he was Bo Duke and we were baby sophomores. A lot sure does change in a year…
Big Brothers, Duke 💚👬 Bo and Luke become big brothers to teenage troublemaker who steals the General Lee
"We ran outside hood-slidin like bo duke. What was I thinkin?"
Safe to say Duke wants to get a No. 1 seed...
What a Senior Night! Duke is destroying Wake Forest 52-15 at the half. looks primed and ready to get that ACC tourney championship
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Grayson Allen is balling out. Hes has 17 pts and is leading Wake Forest 17-15.
Laurie and Wayne are hitting up the Dub! I secretly hope they brought Duke
On this week's we discuss the that shaped my childhood: Bo Duke, Luke Skywalker, Duke Hauser, Hulk Hogan.
we figured Bo Duke and Captain America had a lot in common!
So you're telling me Duke is gonna lose a nail biter?
Bo & Luke Duke will forever be good lookin! 😍😍👌
it's picture day, my 8 yr old nephew (you signed his diaper bag) dressed as Bo Duke
"“And Eli said Georgia was goin beat us... Who he think we are Duke?? 😂😂”"
I'm tryna walk in the game lookin like either Hugh Hefner, django, or bo duke from dukes of hazard,not no blueberryfrom willy wonka
But ya'll, i have a thing for Jim though. Bo Duke kinda fine.
Southern men think they're Bo or Luke Duke in a car...until it snows or rains, and they become Gomer Pyle or Jethro Clampett.
I do remember that the Duke of Wellington paid them a visit there too (And isn't there an amazing aquaduct nearby?)
Former Duke G Rasheed Sulaimon accused of sexual assault. He was dismissed from the team in January. »
Move it over Bo duke make room for a real outlaw 😏
John Schneider & Tom Wopat who played cousins Bo & Luke Duke in the 80's hit TV series "The Dukes of Hazzard"
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I started putting two n two together of who u were u hVe the Bo duke license Id bet lol
Meet our newest addition!!! This sweet little chunky black lab is going to fit in perfectly!
I'm sure it did! Daisy Duke in them cut off jeans! Yeah it was 1970 something. My heart throb was and still is Bo Duke!
Which famous person have you met or been close to? — bo duke from the original dukes of hazard, he came into the...
Bo Duke is my idea of the perfect man. 😍
A sexual problem with Duke athletics??
Bo, Joey and Duke of Guns and Beer are ready for a fight in when they debut for Dynamo Pro this Saturday night...
“Need a bf who drives like Bo Duke 😍” I can drive like Bo duke, but it has to be in one f these
Omg Bo and Luke Duke in a commercial together???
I wish I had a cousin around here so we could do some Bo and Luke Duke stuff
That's like Bo Duke not going to Luke Duke's funeral. Boo...less of a fan now.
Late 2013. There was a Dukes of Hazzard reunion in Ennis. I was bummed because Bo Duke wasn't there the day we went. :(
If you don't Bo Duke hood slide to the drivers side before getting in, I don't even want to know you
Just like you, when I fishtail in the snow, I pretend to be Bo Duke.
Stolen No. 44 race car found in suburban Atlanta Bo & Luke Duke key suspects no doubt. Where's Enos & Flash to chase?
Bo,Luke,Jesse,Daisy Duke love the Dukes Of Hazzard best show ever on DVD right before Charmed
come on Bo I hardly ever disagree but Uva is a much better team duke is hot but so beatable
At the Rattlesnake Round Up with John Schneider (aka Bo Duke) from the the Dukes of Hazzard
he is negotiating with Bo Duke? If he gets Boss Hogg to negotiate for him he could get Roscoe type money, 10% of 10%
The Dukes of Hazard. General Lee with Luke & Bo Duke by Collector - Randy Phillips
Also known as Bo Duke in the 'Dukes Of Hazzard,' John Schneider and the best remake of "White Christmas" I've heard
Did your mom called you like that because of Bo and Luke Duke ?
Wisconsin/Duke, not often you get to see Bo Ryan go up against Mike Krzyzewski, Arguably The Greatest coach in College Basketball
no kidding and then told Duke 'we are coming'... wonder if Bo keeps him from a mic for a while?
This tournament was exactly what Bo Ryan and the Badgers needed. Tough games and adversity. Next up, Duke.
I'm thinking three point defense will be something Bo and the boys work on before the Duke game on Wednesday.
I just passed an orange smart car and my first thought was, 'Bo and Luke Duke would be so ashamed of you.'
Nice. Wisconsin vs. Duke Wednesday. If you are a new follower, you need to know I'm a Bo Ryan disciple.
And then there was this lone Bo Duke figurine amidst all the stuff.
.MT Want to be a reality star? Audition for 'The Real Cape' this Saturday:
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
did you make it to Atomic Race track Bo/Luke Duke?
Or $90,000 for a 69' charger so i can be like bo duke
"Treenold is being retired today. Had a good run" should be changed to Bo Duke
can't wait to watch Bo crush Duke High School next week.
Duke: Duke is the prefect gentleman! He is such a polite and well mannered bo... via
For me, there's no more beautiful man than Bo Duke!!
I have a car now so I can go see my therapist today and also jump in the window like Bo Duke.
Bo and Luke Duke replaced by Coy and Vance Duke
I think he is in my heart now because it's not cold anymore. He's still with me. . ♡Bo Duke
Today I had to say goodbye to my best friend for the last time. Rest in peace Bo Duke. I love you so much.
Not sure if I am interested in the Bo and Luke Duke Christmas album?
Ummm! with a country twang is just so confusing. Is Jakeson NoName really Bo Duke
Bo Duke will forever be my Man Crush Monday 😍😍😍😍
Fun story about upcoming on Laettner. Includes this: "You Don't Know Bo" is the most watched in the series.
Mom got duke an Bo each a burger and ice cream cone... The Ice cream was my idea but the burger is to much
you know, one that's a little Clint Eastwood, a little brad Pitt, and a lot of Bo Duke.
VIDEO: Duke’s Justise Winslow jumps over a Stanford player to block his shot
so if we're the Duke boys circa 2014, do I get to be Bo or Luke?
Bo Jackson is a 10. McGahee is a 10. Duke aint that.
What can K.I.T.T. do that Bo Duke couldn't do w/ the General Lee? The only answer is drive itself.
Gonna be sliding like Bo Duke across the Red River.
Greta defensive job! Now bo just needs some help on offense.
The Dukes of Hazzard - 2005. ... and of course Seann William Scott ( Bo Duke ) don't would walk on two wheels as...
Canadian performance was "Nayber Does a Bo Duke across wife's car from top step of front porch" No GoPro footage, sorry
The return of bo duke happens this weekend.
The new trainers on remind me of when they switched out Bo & Luke Duke with Coy & Vance
If there ever was a Bo to our Luke Duke, it would be the without a question. Love those dudes.
Have you seen Stagecoach, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson are in it. Bo Duke as well
Clearly Spiegs has been hanging around the two Duke boys too long. And I'm not talking Bo & Luke.
. Bo Duke (I would go back in time & try to marry him ... He has it all including playing guitar & singing. Yummy ♡
Walking over star pavers of Covington, Ga. today, including ad hero (and Bo Duke) Jon Schneider
I crossed a thing off my bucket list today. I got into my cousin's car exactly like Bo & Luke Duke (okay maybe not as gracefully but STILL)
were thinking of maybe doing rose and jack from titanic or Daisy Duke and bo duke😁
Also didn't try to be Bo Duke and jump my car across a rivine. Stupidity still amazes me.
John Schneider aka Bo Duke - we used to kiss the television when he came on screen.
That commercial featuring Bo and Luke Duke is hilarious!
Bo Duke sure aged better than Luke Duke. But I still love those AutoTrader ads.
At this point, Bo and Luke Duke must have hundreds of outstanding warrants.
My goodness, the Duke boys have aged... That would be Bo & Luke, not Cutcliffe's guys.
he thinks we should be rose and jack from titanic and I said daisy and Bo duke and we also thought of sailors
John Schneider What girl growing up in the 80's didn't have a crush on Bo Duke?
Can't wait till I get to work with Bo Duke !! YE- HAW !!. Remember those good 'ol tv days when the good...
Dented the hood of my truck trying to Bo Duke across it
To the dude with the new General Lee car, do you even Bo Duke?
I know I can never replace Bo and Duke. But I need someone to fill my heart. 😘🐶
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Even though hes officially bigger, duke still lets Bo think hes the boss..
Saw that coming as soon as I sent it “Me, as Bo Duke. Of course.
I still remember the day I found out Bo & Luke Duke were super racist...
Me, as Bo Duke. Of course. “No farming today, just reenacted scenes from Dukes of Hazard." Who jumped the barn?
Catching up on they just unleashed Bo Duke in a Year One Camaro, fantastic stuff!
My son won't use the door to get in his car. So ive started calling him Bo Duke
I'm a hazard without Bo and Luke Duke.
A night with Bo Burnam from my perspective - Duke Chronicle:
discussions. Let's be honest, those guys aren't as smart as Bo who taught at Duke and has degrees in economics. (2/2)
You know it's a bad night when Bo Duke goes to jail lol
I will at some point in my life Bo & Duke a vehicle
it's cute cause like Bo and Luke Duke right!? Who in history is a better duo than Bo and Luke Duke? NOBODY!
Move it over Bo Duke, make room for the real outlaw.
Bo and Luke Duke would drive this. (Y)
I'll jump through the car window like Bo and Luke Duke. Yeee hawww.
Just some good ol' boys visiting the Office Depot today. Cousin Bo and Luke Duke must have been low on…
Read a review of Bo's show at Duke and apparently he's still keeping the one song I hated and I'm kinda :/ about it whoops
Boondocks minus Aaron McGuderr is like when Bo and Luke Duke got Replaced with Coy and Vance.
I wonder if Bo and Luke Duke yelled at each other a lot when driving the General Lee? . "DAMIT BO! LOOK WHERE...
where is our I need Marty's Bo Duke Scream!
Hey guys, Bo Burnham came to Duke and I wrote about him- check it out at
Bo and Luke Duke have a Christmas album on the way -
TRIVIA: Who’s younger, Bo or Duke? Take a guess and turn on CMT to watch the MARATHON now (12/11c)!
Bo and Luke Duke still looking good!
I was telling LisaAnne how my sis & I pretended 2b Luke&Bo Duke. We'd sneak around spying on our brothers😜
My hubby and John Schneider were the last two contenders for the role of "Bo Duke." The world got John; I got Kent. http…
Coming soon...we just purchased what we think is one of the best "General Lee" replica, 1969 Dodge Chargers in the country. This "General Lee" replica is also signed by Bo, Luke and Daisy Duke! “One of the best General Lee replicas I’ve seen” – John Schneider, AKA: Bo Duke!
John Schneider lied to get Bo Duke role in 'The Dukes of Hazzard'?: via
John Schneider lied about Southern roots, driving skills to land role of Bo Duke | Fox News
My big celebrity crush is. Shemar Moore. Jon Bon Jovi. Hugh Jackman . John Schneider (the original Bo Duke) and I will throw in Paul Walker (taken too soon) as he was on that list as well ! I'm not greedy am I ?
It is with extreme excitement and pleasure that Chance Film Productions has enlisted John Schneider to play the role of OSBI Agent Ray Hillman in the film CANDLES. John is the highly acclaimed actor who has starred in over a hundred T.V. shows and films, including The Duke of Hazzard as Bo Duke, Smallville as Johnathan Kent, and Tyler Perry's The Have and Have Nots. There is not enough space to list all his roles and accomplishments. Welcome aboard John.
Beats & Eats is proud to welcome tv legend John Schneider into the virtual lounge!  You got to know John as young Bo Duke on the 80's classic "Dukes of Hazzard" and as Clark Kent's adopted father during the 2000's on "Smallville." Now John shares his dark side with Ty and Nick.  In this episode, Sch…
It was a lot of fun for me to talk to John Schneider. You know him as Bo Duke from Dukes of Hazzard and Jonathon Kent from Smallville. John has a much different side. This is a fun listen.
I had a crush on Bo Duke( John Schneider) I was in 8th grade when my I bought a magazine because it said it contained a "sizzling centerfold " of him. When I got home, I opened the magazine only to find that the centerfold had been torn out. I said to my sister, " oh man! I got gypped out of the sizzling centerfold. Lol
Hi Kaley, John Schneider aka Bo Duke is trying to find a way to contact you.
Trying to leave the gun club, stuck between a ditch and people who should have parked better. :/ Carson's trying to talk me into some Bo Duke type moves to get us out. This boy may never get his license. LOL
On our way to Rowan County Dog Pound to adopt a dog.Ever since Molly passed away, poor Bo Duke hasn't been the same... With all of us being dog lovers, I hope we don't bring all of them home. 😁
Would it be considered a compliment to have your hairstyle compared to Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard?
After our Dukes of Hazzard conversation at the weekend - the actors playing Bo Duke is 54 and Luke Duke is 62. And just for interest Daisy Duke is now 60! Just had to have a look Paul Ivey Ross (Rosco P Coltrane)!!!
Just read that John Schneider ( Bo Duke ) owns a 55 acre movie studio in Holden of all places...
TODAY IS… Be Kind To Your Lawyer Day. This day encourages you to, yes, be kind to your lawyer. Wine and dine them, ring them up and tell them how much you appreciate their hard work, and shower them with lawyer-themed gifts! BIRTHDAYS Darlene Gillespie, 73 Original Mouseketeer on The Mickey Mouse Club television series J.J. Jackson, 73 Radio and TV personality best known as one of MTV's five original VJs. Leon Huff, 72 Songwriter who wrote 15 gold singles and 22 gold albums as part of Gamble and Huff Steve Howe, 67 Guitarist for English rock act Yes Mel Schacher, 63 Bassist for blues rock band Grand Funk Railroad John Schneider, 54 Singer and actor best known for his portrayal of Bo Duke in the American television series The Dukes of Hazzard Izzy Stradlin, 52 Guitarist for Guns N' Roses Donita Sparks, 51 Singer and guitarist for now-defunct grunge band L7 Julian Lennon, 51 Singer, only child of the Beatles’ John Lennon and Cynthia Powell Dean Norris, 51 Actor for portraying DEA agent Hank Schrader on ...
HeeHaw!!! Bo Duke is still 1 of the sexiest men alive! Courageous Cat Saturday mornings!... Good times!
Met John Snyder the Actor of Bo Duke from Dukes of Hazard! So STOKED right now!
I heard the actor Jack Wagner song on the radio today, what is up with actors trying to sing. Don Johnson, Eddie Murphy, Bruce Willis, Jon Schieder ( Bo Duke). Did I leave anyone out?
Sometimes I watch episodes of Dukes of Hazzard and just swoon over John Schneider as Bo Duke
On this day in 1979, "The Dukes of Hazzard," a television comedy about two good-old-boy cousins in the rural South and their souped-up 1969 Dodge Charger known as the General Lee, debuts on CBS. The show, which originally aired for seven seasons, centered around cousins Bo Duke (John Schneider) and Luke Duke (Tom Wopat) and their ongoing efforts to elude their nemeses, the crooked county commissioner "Boss" Jefferson Davis Hogg (Sorrell Booke) and the bumbling Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane (James Best).
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