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Bo Duke

Beauregard Bo Duke is a fictional character in the American television series The Dukes of Hazzard, which ran from 1979 to 1985. He was played by John Schneider.

John Schneider Luke Duke General Lee Super Shark Daisy Duke Pa Kent Jonathan Kent John Law Tyler Perry Paul Walker Uncle Jesse Dierks Bentley

were thinking of maybe doing rose and jack from titanic or Daisy Duke and bo duke😁
Also didn't try to be Bo Duke and jump my car across a rivine. Stupidity still amazes me.
John Schneider aka Bo Duke - we used to kiss the television when he came on screen.
That commercial featuring Bo and Luke Duke is hilarious!
Bo Duke sure aged better than Luke Duke. But I still love those AutoTrader ads.
At this point, Bo and Luke Duke must have hundreds of outstanding warrants.
My goodness, the Duke boys have aged... That would be Bo & Luke, not Cutcliffe's guys.
we ran outside hood-slidin like bo duke, what was I thinkin?
he thinks we should be rose and jack from titanic and I said daisy and Bo duke and we also thought of sailors
John Schneider What girl growing up in the 80's didn't have a crush on Bo Duke?
Can't wait till I get to work with Bo Duke !! YE- HAW !!. Remember those good 'ol tv days when the good...
Dented the hood of my truck trying to Bo Duke across it
To the dude with the new General Lee car, do you even Bo Duke?
I know I can never replace Bo and Duke. But I need someone to fill my heart. 😘🐶
Even though hes officially bigger, duke still lets Bo think hes the boss..
Saw that coming as soon as I sent it “Me, as Bo Duke. Of course.
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I still remember the day I found out Bo & Luke Duke were super racist...
Me, as Bo Duke. Of course. “No farming today, just reenacted scenes from Dukes of Hazard." Who jumped the barn?
Catching up on they just unleashed Bo Duke in a Year One Camaro, fantastic stuff!
I just passed an orange smart car. My first thought was, "Bo and Luke Duke would be so ashamed of you."
My son won't use the door to get in his car. So ive started calling him Bo Duke
I'm a hazard without Bo and Luke Duke.
A night with Bo Burnam from my perspective - Duke Chronicle:
discussions. Let's be honest, those guys aren't as smart as Bo who taught at Duke and has degrees in economics. (2/2)
You know it's a bad night when Bo Duke goes to jail lol
I will at some point in my life Bo & Duke a vehicle
it's cute cause like Bo and Luke Duke right!? Who in history is a better duo than Bo and Luke Duke? NOBODY!
Move it over Bo Duke, make room for the real outlaw.
Bo and Luke Duke would drive this. (Y)
I'll jump through the car window like Bo and Luke Duke. Yeee hawww.
Just some good ol' boys visiting the Office Depot today. Cousin Bo and Luke Duke must have been low on…
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Move it over bo duke make room for a real outlaw🎶
Read a review of Bo's show at Duke and apparently he's still keeping the one song I hated and I'm kinda :/ about it whoops
Boondocks minus Aaron McGuderr is like when Bo and Luke Duke got Replaced with Coy and Vance.
I wonder if Bo and Luke Duke yelled at each other a lot when driving the General Lee? . "DAMIT BO! LOOK WHERE...
where is our I need Marty's Bo Duke Scream!
Hey guys, Bo Burnham came to Duke and I wrote about him- check it out at
Bo and Luke Duke have a Christmas album on the way -
TRIVIA: Who’s younger, Bo or Duke? Take a guess and turn on CMT to watch the MARATHON now (12/11c)!
Bo and Luke Duke still looking good!
I was telling LisaAnne how my sis & I pretended 2b Luke&Bo Duke. We'd sneak around spying on our brothers😜
My hubby and John Schneider were the last two contenders for the role of "Bo Duke." The world got John; I got Kent. http…
Coming soon...we just purchased what we think is one of the best "General Lee" replica, 1969 Dodge Chargers in the country. This "General Lee" replica is also signed by Bo, Luke and Daisy Duke! “One of the best General Lee replicas I’ve seen” – John Schneider, AKA: Bo Duke!
John Schneider lied to get Bo Duke role in 'The Dukes of Hazzard'?: via
John Schneider lied about Southern roots, driving skills to land role of Bo Duke | Fox News
My big celebrity crush is. Shemar Moore. Jon Bon Jovi. Hugh Jackman . John Schneider (the original Bo Duke) and I will throw in Paul Walker (taken too soon) as he was on that list as well ! I'm not greedy am I ?
It is with extreme excitement and pleasure that Chance Film Productions has enlisted John Schneider to play the role of OSBI Agent Ray Hillman in the film CANDLES. John is the highly acclaimed actor who has starred in over a hundred T.V. shows and films, including The Duke of Hazzard as Bo Duke, Smallville as Johnathan Kent, and Tyler Perry's The Have and Have Nots. There is not enough space to list all his roles and accomplishments. Welcome aboard John.
Beats & Eats is proud to welcome tv legend John Schneider into the virtual lounge!  You got to know John as young Bo Duke on the 80's classic "Dukes of Hazzard" and as Clark Kent's adopted father during the 2000's on "Smallville." Now John shares his dark side with Ty and Nick.  In this episode, Sch…
It was a lot of fun for me to talk to John Schneider. You know him as Bo Duke from Dukes of Hazzard and Jonathon Kent from Smallville. John has a much different side. This is a fun listen.
I had a crush on Bo Duke( John Schneider) I was in 8th grade when my I bought a magazine because it said it contained a "sizzling centerfold " of him. When I got home, I opened the magazine only to find that the centerfold had been torn out. I said to my sister, " oh man! I got gypped out of the sizzling centerfold. Lol
Hi Kaley, John Schneider aka Bo Duke is trying to find a way to contact you.
Trying to leave the gun club, stuck between a ditch and people who should have parked better. :/ Carson's trying to talk me into some Bo Duke type moves to get us out. This boy may never get his license. LOL
On our way to Rowan County Dog Pound to adopt a dog.Ever since Molly passed away, poor Bo Duke hasn't been the same... With all of us being dog lovers, I hope we don't bring all of them home. 😁
Would it be considered a compliment to have your hairstyle compared to Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard?
After our Dukes of Hazzard conversation at the weekend - the actors playing Bo Duke is 54 and Luke Duke is 62. And just for interest Daisy Duke is now 60! Just had to have a look Paul Ivey Ross (Rosco P Coltrane)!!!
Just read that John Schneider ( Bo Duke ) owns a 55 acre movie studio in Holden of all places...
TODAY IS… Be Kind To Your Lawyer Day. This day encourages you to, yes, be kind to your lawyer. Wine and dine them, ring them up and tell them how much you appreciate their hard work, and shower them with lawyer-themed gifts! BIRTHDAYS Darlene Gillespie, 73 Original Mouseketeer on The Mickey Mouse Club television series J.J. Jackson, 73 Radio and TV personality best known as one of MTV's five original VJs. Leon Huff, 72 Songwriter who wrote 15 gold singles and 22 gold albums as part of Gamble and Huff Steve Howe, 67 Guitarist for English rock act Yes Mel Schacher, 63 Bassist for blues rock band Grand Funk Railroad John Schneider, 54 Singer and actor best known for his portrayal of Bo Duke in the American television series The Dukes of Hazzard Izzy Stradlin, 52 Guitarist for Guns N' Roses Donita Sparks, 51 Singer and guitarist for now-defunct grunge band L7 Julian Lennon, 51 Singer, only child of the Beatles’ John Lennon and Cynthia Powell Dean Norris, 51 Actor for portraying DEA agent Hank Schrader on ...
HeeHaw!!! Bo Duke is still 1 of the sexiest men alive! Courageous Cat Saturday mornings!... Good times!
Met John Snyder the Actor of Bo Duke from Dukes of Hazard! So STOKED right now!
I heard the actor Jack Wagner song on the radio today, what is up with actors trying to sing. Don Johnson, Eddie Murphy, Bruce Willis, Jon Schieder ( Bo Duke). Did I leave anyone out?
Sometimes I watch episodes of Dukes of Hazzard and just swoon over John Schneider as Bo Duke
On this day in 1979, "The Dukes of Hazzard," a television comedy about two good-old-boy cousins in the rural South and their souped-up 1969 Dodge Charger known as the General Lee, debuts on CBS. The show, which originally aired for seven seasons, centered around cousins Bo Duke (John Schneider) and Luke Duke (Tom Wopat) and their ongoing efforts to elude their nemeses, the crooked county commissioner "Boss" Jefferson Davis Hogg (Sorrell Booke) and the bumbling Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane (James Best).
You don't need to try and fool me. You don't need to lead me on. You don't need to say you love me cause I been around enough to know! Love John Schneider even as Bo Duke lol
My 1st crush ever was John Schneider. Something about that wavy hair & blue eyes made this 5-yr-old think she was the next Mrs. Bo Duke. Who was your 1st crush?
Who is this 12th (wo)man? When I was a little girl, I started watching football with my Grandpa, mostly because I loved just being in his presence. Then I saw how into the game he got, cussing, intense face and enjoyment. I started asking questions about plays and players, learned the teams, the names and the divisions (which have all changed). Always rooted for our Seahawks, even when we sucked. I remember thinking I wanted to marry Steve Largent when I grew up,(or Bo Duke, My grandpa even bought me a Steve Largent poster for $1.99 at Jack in the Box, which I proudly hung in my room…lol. I collected football cards like crazy! (I wonder what they are worth now?) Then I discovered boys and my football watching days came to a halt. Soon my Grandpa had passed away and all I could do was think of the memories we had together. I started watching football again with my Step-dad, my boyfriend and then my hubby. When 2005 came and the Seahawks made it to the Superbowl, I was so freakin’ excit ...
I recently had the opportunity to meet and interview John Schneider at The Hollywood Show. John Schneider played "Bo Duke" in the hit series "The Dukes of Hazzard." He co-starred with Tom Wopat as ...
Best part about today. I had to download a song by John Schneider. Ya know..Bo Duke.
Watching Dukes of Hazzard the movie! Willie Nelson as Uncle Jessie? And Burt Reynolds as Boss Hogg? Are you kidding me? LOL Funny movie! And I used-to LOVE Bo Duke back in the day.coincidence? Maybe! ;)
Vigilante world race lineup: 1 K.I.T.T. Driven by Michael knight 2 01 the General Lee driven by Bo Duke & co pilot/marksman shooter Luke Duke 3 Coyote X driven by Mark "skid" McCormick 4 1983 GMC Vandura driven by H.M.(howling mad) Murdock co pilot Bosco B.A. Baracus Crew chief: John "Hannibal" Smith, & senior mechanic: Templeton "faceman" Peck 5 1983 Kenworth K-100 driven by B.J. McKay co pilot Bear 6 1982 GMC K 2500 driven by Colt Seavers & co pilots: Howie Munson & Jody Banks There are few rules to this race To qualify one must be of television & vigilante status they may use their appropriated skills at any time during the race The course begins in Hollywood California and ends at London's 02 arena The winner is determined upon who is the first to reach the arena in time to participate in the national television awards ceremony. New entrants may be entered anytime during the race as long as they meet this criteria. Lol Now who & how/why. Lol
We ran outside, hood slidin' like Bo Duke..
Fine. One more of my favorites: " when a mountain of a man, with a Born To Kill tattoo, tried to cut in, I knocked out his front tooth. Run outside, hood slide like Bo Duke. What was I thinking?" - Dierks Bentley
only the Bo Duke type get Christmas cards from their attorney
I think I might be pregnant. I had a romantic dream about me and John Schneider. There is no other logical explanation for this.(Not that Bo duke isn't really fine!)
Oh! Thought you were watching 1 from the last few weeks. Don't remember the Bo Duke episode. love for him must've faded.
That empty car hauler with its ramp down is begging to be Bo and Luke Duke'd!
For the first time in a little over 5 years, After paying the state of texas almost $2000, i can get my drivers license back! No more being a bo duke of the highways! This guy is all legal!
so clocked GTA V (finally, and yes i did choose option C) and got upto a crapload after: bought an airport and crashed two jumbo jets (kabewm!) bought a tank for errbody and went on several epic tank rampages (one involving a motorway, a bus and a helicopter), and bought and modded the perfect car (to quote Bo Duke i'm gonna make sweet love TO this car!)
bo duke: which side u want it? right side or left? Luke Duke: left (gets hit with a phonebook? bo: did I just hear one of your teeth break? luke: I don't remember the hazard phone book being that thick bo: this is atlanta
I've determined I'm going to learn how to good slide like I'm bo duke.
I was just corresponding through email with John Schneider who played Bo Duke on Dukes of Hazzard. We were talking about P90X. That was pretty sweet!
you didn't tell me Bo Duke was on Glee!! Ah, John Schneider...he's still so handsome.
Aww poor thing. Gonna have to learn to enter Bo Duke style, a la Dukes of Hazzard. It'll be a great workout!
If I can't have a guy like Bo or Luke Duke... Let me have a guy like Coy or Vance.
We ran outside hood sliding like bo duke what was i thinking
I was afraid of that. I knew all but the ALF question and who took over for Bo & Luke Duke on Dukes of Hazzard.
Pretty cool. Probably pocket change for these Duke alumni:
Johnston and Flynn on air reminds me of when Coy and Vance would replace Bo and Luke Duke once a season
Sounds just like my childhood. Bo duke was my first tv chrush.
fixing to hood slide my butt out like Bo Duke! Had enough work for one day!
Calling it a night, Bo Duke worked out some kinks on one of songs so we back at it tonight...
Move it over bo duke and make room for the real outlawz
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Gr8 time on set of Adrenaline: TheMovie. Met John Schneider (Bo Duke); nice guy! TALL guy - made me feel SHORT!
Ran outside hood sliding like Bo Duke, what was I thinking
do you think bo and uw have any chance with him? Can't see how we can compete with duke and unc.
At times, I consider myself to be the Indian version of Bo Duke
Ran outside hood slidin like Bo Duke.. What was I thinkin?
Move on over Bo duke make room for a real outlaw
BO's THUGS🔴Two men speak out against Obamacare, receive IRS notices on same day...
Let's be honest, if I could marry Bo Duke I would.
I'm sure 3/4 of the worlds money is sittng at FNB Stadium right now.. All That Power!! Bo honourable excellence highness king duke president
he was Bo Duke in the original Dukes of hazard
Gonna be sliding like bo duke cuz it's snowing
This was my childhood Gaile Swisher. I crushed on Bo Duke, we had 3 TV channels, and I was always on my bike. Lol.
I kinda wanna change my name to Bo Duke and I don't know why lol
If you don't know who Bo Duke is, you need help...
SHOUT OUT to for having Bo and Duke as her background lol "I'm just a good ole boy" 😁😂
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honest opinion...The Bandit vs Bo or Luke Duke in the General Lee? My money is on The Bandit what do you think
I personally feel that Bo Duke was a better driver in any episode of The Dukes of Hazzard, than Burt Reynalds in Smokey and the Bandit
In BO's defense, the constitution can be a difficult document to understand...after all, it IS written in cursive. http…
So yesterday took my beautiful daughter out in the snow to cut a tree. She and her cousin tori picked a beautiful 8 ft blue spruce. Not only did she pick a tree 3/4 of a mile from the parking lot, she picked the tree with more ice on it than any other tree in the field. I'm really glad maddie and tori enjoyed playing in the snow while I drug this 1200 lb ice tree from *** 3/4 of a mile. The kids then got and sipped on hot chocolate and sprite while I gave myself a hernia tying the tree to the roof of the Durango. The drive home was good as our butts puckered as we passed the ditch brother Geoff put his car in on the way out to the tree farm.. Nice driving Bo duke!! Got home and put the ice tree in garage to thaw... Today maddie and I brought the ice tree from *** in the house,put it in the stand,and cut it loose.ok inside the branches wasn't thawed yet no problem layered6 beech towels under tree. Opened three new boxes of lights and wrapped the tree under the direction of an 8 yr old..plug them in and W . ...
My dog just walked over, licked my face, and walked away. Thanks Bo duke. Totes wanted slobber face. 😒
I rather be not be Clyde can I be bo or Luke Duke?
The duke? Brad, that is the worst pub in the world. EVER. proper posh pub grub though ate there last week.
Play hard to get little buddy, play hard to get.- Bo Duke
When i blow dry my hair i look like Bo Duke
I was thinking you were more of a Bo Duke type of driver
Drivin home from youthgroup slidin like bo duke
Me, Bo & Duke out here in Houston living it up ! Lol
I just thought Daisy Duke was country but I wanted to be Bo Duke,
My mom: I'm the queen of sadness . Bo: well Ashley's the prince and I'm the duke
I felt like Bo and Luke Duke this weekend. The dukes of hazards
Move it over Bo Duke. Make room for a real outlaw
Years ago, I named my *** Bo and Luke Duke... only just occurred to me that because of that, I can legit name my ***
I am now interested in meeting John Schneider (aka Bo Duke). He has a son with Asperger's Disorder, and I would like to understand what his take on it is.
So Charley the Cat has this new thing. He likes to run into the bedroom and do a "Bo Duke Roll" where he runs into the room rolls over me and then run out of the room. Last night he started doing this roll, but stopping long enough to bite my behind and then run out of the room. I used to be scared to sleep with my door closed so I let my pets sleep in my room...rethinking that decision!
The new Bo Duke. He gets in just as gracefully. Who needs a door?
Bo duke duke has been removed. Any others?
Does anyone plan to do a NEW YEAR's DAY ride ("Frozen Butt Ride") on January 1st around St. Louis region? Let me know and perhaps Bo Duke, Daisy and Batman and Robin will tag along...Also, anybody have experience actually getting caught out in elements, driving on snow on your Drifter, either on roads or offroading?
"ran out side, hood slidin like Bo Duke"
Felt like Bo Duke in the General Lee as I was speeding down the grid road west of Regina to chase down the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train for Jody Hall. Unfortunately due to the weather, she was not in her Daisy Dukes beside me. Anyway, at least she got some photos when it went by...
According to my TiWi in my truck, I drive like Bo far I've heard "check your speed" 8 times and "aggressive driving" 3 times.
Ok i said i wasnt getin any puppies after my last 1 died cuz i stil 2 this day cry bout that dog but eddie has showed up wit new 1 an im already n love wit him my new chill partner im stuck on name 4 him im thinkin bo duke r dink idk any suggestions
Maybe even John Schneider (Bo Duke) will show up again. He did last year. He liked hearing that "Take The Long Way Home" was one of Jonathan's favorite songs.
Happy 2nd Birthday Bo Duke you are My family's guardian, comfort, and true meaning of unconditional love! We are blessed because you are not just a Dog you're OUR DOG!!!
Definitely had a crush on Bo Duke lol
Listening to uncle Bo duke Buford play tunes on his guitar. Drinking a cold one.
I was given the number 9. Here are 9 thins people may not know about me 1. I have a scar that looks like a gunshot/ navel. You pick 2. I have a tattoo on the inside of my colon 3. I still watch 90s cartoons 4. I know a more strange facts about movies then I let on 5. I want to be an actor 6. Despite it being a bad movie, I still enjoy watching Batman and Robin 7. I sometimes sleep with socks on 8. I have three favorite T.V. shows 9. I met the guy who plays the original Bo Duke. And he is is really tall. Like my status and I'll give you a number and all that stuff :-)
Working at the MAVS so if anyone from my family is going to be there please let me know!!! (Uhumm Tabatha Cabrera , Bo Duke Cabrera or anyone!!)
ok, soo.. Trying to do a Bo Duke hoodslide on a lifted truck = bad idea lol
Hood sliding like bo duke what was I thinking
Since it is that time of year.what's your favorite Christmas song?! Mine is Katie's Christmas John Schneider (also known as, Bo Duke).lol
Dinner with the roomie and guess who is sitting across from us?? Bo Duke!!! I wonder if he brought General Lee?? Still hot as ever :)
*** R.I.P. to Paul Walker, the "Bo Duke" of our generation. Keep on ridin partner.
Just realized John Schneider in "Smallville" was Bo Duke from "Dukes of Hazard". Small world, lol. *** what a prat he was back then. God's gift to the world.
These were the best of times. I even lost a boyfriend one Friday night because of my crush on John Schneider. LOL I meant I wasn't going anywhere until the best looking guy in the whole world went off the t.v and I could not sit there and stare at him. OMG! LOL BO DUKE was it and more! And those were the 70s. What a decade. I loved it, and I turned out ALRIGHT! :)
On Thanksgiving and every day, Jeremy and I have so much to be thankful for. We have the best team any group could ask for. On Thanksgiving we’re reminded of just how much these guys sacrifice to help with MPBF. Rescue can be overwhelming and time consuming, we are eternally grateful for every ounce of support we receive. These guys keep us sane and focused on our goals. Tons of work happens behind the scenes and in no way is this list to be all encompassing, we’d just like to give a shoutout to a few team members…. We say it all the time…MPBF has the BEST VOLUNTEERS!!! Have a wonderful day celebrating with your family. ~~Vanessa and Jeremy Williamson~~ Erin Stubbs – board member, medical and intake coordinator, TN lead, foster mom to Phoenix Meggie Van Veen – board member, volunteer coordinator, foster mom to Brad Pitt Sara Szostak – board member, foster home coordinator April Kolstad – board member, medical consultant Bennie Whitson – senior volunteer, foster dad to Brad Pitt ...
"We just came by to say hi to the prettiest girl in Atlanta" - Bo Duke ... Have to keep ourselves entertained
If you don't think Bo Duke when hearing the name John Schneider, there is something wrong with you
Let the verbal acrobatics begin! In my mills lane voice lets get it on Nick Mentalewicz .You'd of thought the boot of Bo Duke was glued to the floor board of a ford cobra, the way Nick shifted his shoulder blades back like a crip dippin in a cutlass. Raising his lanky pasty leg encased in varicose veins he had it flexed straight shaking erect at full extension. Mumbling with a jumbled up double chin under a inch of stubble, he white knuckled his hairy toes as they coiled back in a boosted pair of loose fitting red and blue Brunswick bowling loafers he snuck and stole out of rock and bowl in the crotch of his cocker spaniel tan dockers that compliments his bronze fossil pocket watch. His head rolled on a rubber neck as he uncontrollably moaned over his homely boney shoulders. Twitching while flickering his eyelids he finished his finale with a scrunched face and a throat full of grunts, that could have courted away a deff trophy buck from a far away forest. Using his Walmart wolverine yellow michigan midri ...
I sure do his name is bo duke and I love him lots
One of my first loves. The Count, Jimmy Paige, Ponch and Bo Duke.
Now how did that car get on the roof of that house Who was driving bo duke
my crush was on Bo Duke. i remember all of this and only in my mid 30's. Man I'm getting old lol
How could Hugh Freeze not have confidence in Bo Duke, I mean Wallace, to make a drive at the end of the half?
Hood slide like Bo Duke what was I thinking!
Nothin like haven a Bo duke moment with the chandler pd..that scared the poop outa me! I was drivin up the hill toward the rail road tracks and before i knew it i was head on with a pd..he swirve to miss the person walking on the side of the road and swirve to the ditch and back out to miss life flash right before my eyes..first tbing i wish i could have done was fly over him..WHAT A RUSH THAT WOULDA BEEN..LMAO
i love you Bo Duke have for ages and wil lnever stop you are the only guy for me
Bo duke just keeps getting better and better...but my man was *** . hehe
OMG". I just watched a movie lead actor was "BO DUKE" lol...anyone remember who that is.
One does not simply, "talk normal", to Bo Duke. If you have pets you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.
Serious time. I thought this was important and that you all should know: My hair is looking fantastic today. I mean really, like Bo Duke from The Dukes of Hazard fantastic.
Because what's better than ONE Bo Duke.100 of course!
I should've called in today. I should be hijacking the gray goose, making a run for it, hood sliding like Bo Duke...
Pray for John "Bo Duke" Schneider who lost his father this week!!
I so have to dress up for Halloween like Bo Duke again
s Trivia: What Season and Episode does Bo Duke become Bo Hogg Boss Hogg's son?
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We ran outside hoodslidin like Bo Duke what was I thinkin
Move it over bo duke make room for real outlaw
I got 4 from Don King . 1. I am extremely introverted. It is incredibly hard for me to get to know new people. The only place I"m comfortable talking to people I don't know is from behind my camera lens. 2. I have always thought it would be awesome to be a truck driver. (to see the country) 3. I have never drank a drop of alcohol or smoked. 4. I was in love with Bo Duke when I was 5 a little girl. ;)
I'm suppose to share 8 things about myself via Cari Vargason Minton...thanks Cari :) 1. My nickname was Scooby in Jr High softball...because I ran like him. Not sure that was a complement... 2. Pretty sure my competitivness started in grade school pin dodge ball. I rocked. Guarded that pin with my life. 3. I drove a 1970 Duster all through school. The first time I was ever pulled over was for drag racing down Main St. Stratford by Lyle. He told me to go home and tell my dad or he would find out at coffee the next I did. 4. I didn't like small town living so left for the East Coast the day after I graduated to be a nanny. Stayed out near Boston 2 yrs. 5. My Jr year was "prophesied" most likely to look like a leather suitcase. Think I tanned a bit too much for Prom... 6. One of my first real jobs was selling golf club head covers...knew all the big collegiate mascots...and have a picture with Johnny Orr. Priceless knowlege. 7. First crushes were Shawn Cassidy...the Fonz...and Bo Duke :) 8. I LO ...
Keep my best friend John Schneider who played Bo Duke on The Dukes of Hazzard in your prayers he lost his dad this past weekend.
Well, I was trying to avoid this, but here goes. Thanks Amy Bickford Thomas.󾌵 1. My mother is an only child and I'm an only child, so I really broke the mold with having 4 kids. 2. I'm told that I undressed mannequins as a child. I don't know why! 3. I had a Dukes of Hazard night gown when I was a kid. I loved Bo Duke and I saw John Schneider at Worlds of Fun. 4. I won a howling contest at a conference in high school. 5. I knew the night I met Brad that I was going to marry him. We were engaged six weeks later. 6. My husband is pretty quiet, but he won a dance competition in Jamaica. 7. I'm so thankful for my relationship with God. He has carried me through some tough times in life and I know He is always going to love, guide, and strengthen me
Which is why I said Bo Duke instead of John Schneider. Bo Duke of the Dukes. Also Pa Kent in Smallville.
The same actor (John Schneider) played both Bo Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard, and Jonathan Kent from Smallville. My mind has been blown.
Here we go :) 1. I love spending time with my friends but I'm usually a loner. 2. When I was younger I was going to marry Bo Duke and Luke Skywalker. Ride around in the General Lee powered by the force. 3. I'm a sci fi nerd. (See above) 4. I've never been to the Ocean. 5. I don't like water I can't see the bottom of. (Probably the reason for
Superman: TAS - . Martha Kent: "Jonathan[Kent], aren't the Dukes of Hazard on?". 3 years later on Smallville, Pa Kent is played by Bo Duke!
Production still from Deebo, John Schneider aka Bo Duke & aka Johnny Nitro
Check out the restaurant behind Bo Duke in this 1979 Atlanta photo (now One Atlantic Center)
Bo Duke was my first celebrity crush. Knight Rider was the first time I fell in love with a car. Lord, I miss the early 80s!!
Also extremely disappointed to find Porch Rocker not available in Omaha...had to make an Iowa run - Bo Duke style
not at all babe. You still gots the same numba ritee?   10% Off
What?!?! I might have had a 8 inch Mego Bo Duke doll and a Daisy Duke Jeep model kit back in the day.
He was Bo Duke on the classic TV show Take a look back at our interview with
no no no. Do you need this in Spanish? You're the sus
If you could bring one character to life from your favorite movie, who would it be? — Bo Duke
Now I know what it feels like to be Bo Duke
Tell me why I just noticed the big dent that put in the hood of my car when he decided to be Bo Duke last weekend. 😑
move over Bo Duke, make room for a real out law
My sis just sent this from road trip. We used to fight over who would marry Bo Duke!
This soap opera stars John Schneider aka Bo Duke in a Tyler Perry roughly drawn interracial soap that's so had its...
And yes I'm talking to the 16 people that follow me...
So we're golf carting like bo duke on this national guard reserve and drinking beer and having the best time ever. Be jealous.
Hood slidin' like Bo Duke, Nothing feels like free.
That Bo Duke can really shoot a flaming arrow into an outhouse, or is that Luke Duke?
My parents treat me like I'm 5 and it's really starting to *** me off
Tell your men to hit the deck or hit the dirt. Killing who you sinning first, verse wintergreen spit it, show ‘em that I meant it.
Doris is amazing. Especially if you actually sit and listen to the lyrics.
...The window of the hoopty night black as Paul Mooney at the movies but the moon was out
Kept the sticky in the Stussy pouch. Ski mask bloody Preme hoodie tossing doobies out...
Lovin you is a little different, I don't like you a lot.
I don't even believe you about this product! But you snagged Bo duke as a sidekick.
Hey that's John Schneider with CK. My Mom met him a few years back. He used to be Bo Duke on Dukes of Hazzard.
I just found out that Bo Duke is Jonathan Kent.
We ran outside hood slidin' like Bo Duke✌
you didn't like my Bo duke slide across your car?!?! 😱
Walked out back, grabbed my shotgun, hood slid like Bo duke across my truck hood and shot an armadillo.
Bo Duke ran moonshine out of the back of his Charger. I run that Diet Pepsi
Hee! Bo Duke. Six Feet Under was very gud, espeshully da last episode! Also Sopranos last episode!
dukes of hazard was mums all time favourite. Her first wall picture was of Bo Duke xx
Snapchats of Bo Duke never fail to make my day💙
Can't wait til Bo Duke is out of this puppy stage.
Am I the only one who had a crush on Bo Duke when I was little? Major babe ;)
I want 4 beagles & their names are gunna be: Daisy, Luke, Bo, & Duke.
RUnnin outside hood slidein like Bo Duke, what was I thinkinn
fine, you can tank it and I'll hood slide like Bo Duke with Joshy. Hehe
A ton of fun on the wipe out for Kellen's 9th bday party! Yes, that's her pic of Bo Duke!…
short skinny jeans? U finally learned how to dress yourself. Matt bo duke morrison at his finest
Idc what says we are naming our German Shepard pup haggard or bo duke
Did you see that video of the semi jump in Indiana? WOW - Bo Duke could have made that jump
Grew up watching John Schneider being Bo Duke. However, he strikes me more as Pa Kent. Possibly the best Pa Kent, ever. Right?
looks like you're gonna have to Bo Duke it
Sliding like Bo Duke, what was I thinking!
To lessen the confusion, I'm giving her that name. Duke is now Bo Duke. Sometimes Bonnie; sometimes Duke. But usually Bo.
Me and Bo Duke, AKA, Jersey, on the Fourth of July!
There's a guy at the pub tonight that I SWEAR looks EXACTLY like Bo Duke.
Whatever happened to our doggy play date for bo & duke??
I love the song by Dierks Bentley, "What was I Thinkin'" since it mentions "Hood slidin' like Bo Duke!"
G5 Radio will be ON THE AIR at 5pm with Dukes of Hazard's John Schneider (Bo Duke)! Be sure to tune in at
Tune in at 5pm for Live interview w/ John Schneider. Most famously know as Bo Duke
John Schneider on french tv ;)reminds me when I met him in 2008 in never forget this! was in love with Bo duke when I was little
Spent all night Bo Duke'n your girlfriend.
In other ish... I love 'Bo Duke' in killing it. I have seen it all but yea they got some ish on they hands.
not as bad as being addicted to Bo Duke from Dukes of Hazzard.look it up youngin:-)
I felt like Bo Duke playin bumper cars today lol 😂
Off tomorrow = beach tomorrow. Need a ride? Let me know. You have to Bo Duke it in the car though.
We ran outside, hood slidin' like Bo Duke
Jim Cryer I bet when Candace ran up the stairs you wished you were Bo Duke and had the General Lee to get away yeehaa
Aside from Bo Duke, we also have Daryl Hannah, F. Murray Abraham and Armand Assante. Seriously, you can't lose. ;-)
Most people posting song lyrics about Bo Duke have probably never seen an episode of Dukes of Hazzard.
For all the hype, you know there was a 2011 movie about a giant bulletproof walking shark, starring Bo Duke? Bo>Bunny Lebowski.
Bo Duke also made for a better Pa Kent.
No disrespect to Bo, but Luke Duke actually did most of the sliding and planning to get them out of scrapes. Bo did most of the driving.
Luke Duke marry me as soon as you know how to drive like Bo Duke!
that's just as awesome plus Bo Duke is in this!
Watching dukes of hazzard makes me want to go take back roads and drive like bo duke.
On the West Coast we're stuck watching Bo Duke battle "Super Shark" for the next hour. 900 pm PST
Just Bo Duke slid over the people up the streets car hood 😂😂😂
I dont know about yall but might outdo the other Syfy 'masterpiece' U kno,the 1 w/Bo Duke&J.J. Evans.
It was a keeper, and it had Bo Duke in it!
please tell me you're watching the opening act for Super Shark, featuring the dulcet tones of Jimmie JJ Walker & Bo Duke.
"Super Shark" starring Bo Duke is the appetizer to Sharknado on SyFy and they are current fighting a land shark with a tank.
Bo Duke fighting sharks on land with fire guns.
Oh Bo Duke why would you leave Hazzard county to make a movie called "Super Shark"? Please come home, *** needs you.
Forget Super Shark is on. A monstrous, bulletproof shark that can walk on land. Starring Bo Duke.
but it doesn't have Bo Duke in it. Just waiting for him to bust into song
that would be so cool if we were. Had a huge crush on Bo Duke when I was younger, hey he's still sexy now lol
Had a pretty good night with my Best Friend Bo Duke!😎
I would let slick push it when I get out there cuz he put me on...but that *** drive like bo duke off dukes of hazard
Ran outside hood slidin' like Bo Duke.
Hood slidin' like Bo Duke what was I thinkin'
what were you thinkin runnin outside hood slidin like Bo Duke?
what were you thinking running outside and hood-slidin like Bo Duke?
Would've been more appealing if they had real/SOLID characters... such as: Bo Duke, Luke Duke, Daisy Duke and Bo Derek.
Hood sliding like bo Duke, what was I thinking
ran outside, hood slidin like Bo Duke. 😏
I never realized Bo Duke was on the show Smallville...I guess good ol boys can get the job done LOL.
We ran outside hood-slidin' like bo duke What was I thinkin'?🎶
I can't help thinking Uncle Jesse wouldn't want Bo Duke to be messing with a black woman
Bo duke ain't got nothin' on ya girl. 😋🌀
“Hood slidin like Bo duke” we would have to have some hops to hood slide
Uncle Jesse would have a fit it he knew Bo Duke was playing this part!!! Lol — watching The Haves and the Have Nots
I declare Bo Duke is sexxii...good gosh.
I'm about to die in this car. My whole butt came off the seat and my head hit the top... I feel like I'm riding with Luke and Bo Duke.
Keni bo noj her sex me perplasje pas murit a,c.v
I know you think that rebel flag on the front of your truck is cool and all, but there are people that will always see that flag as a symbol of a very hate filled time in our country. Just because Bo and Luke Duke had one on their car 35 years ago, doesn't make it cool today. This is how Karah feels about this.
My Collection is almost complete! If anyone is interested in any kind of Art work please let my friend Joe know. He is a true artist unbelievable how good these have turned out. Thanks again Joe!
Dashuria nuk duhet ndotur me miqesi - Fundi eshte fund...!
Yeah Tony killed a snake under our garage last night. Can't say I'm too happy about that. Not poisonous but who cares. I would've hurt myself if I'd have seen it. Oh did I mention the only reason he knew it was there was because he stepped on it with BARE feet. He said he did a Bo Duke hood slide onto his car lol. That I'd have liked to have seen lol.
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