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Bo Duke

Beauregard Bo Duke is a fictional character in the American television series The Dukes of Hazzard, which ran from 1979 to 1985. He was played by John Schneider.

General Lee John Schneider John Law

"I'm proud that Brandon will always be a member of the Duke Basketball family.". -Coach K.
I got a like from *** and Daisy Duke, but Luke and Bo Duke are still holding out.
With the 2nd pick in the 2016 NBA Draft the L.A. Lakers select Brandon Ingram, SF out of Duke.
From humble roots to a standout freshman season at Duke... is ready to pursue another lifelong dream. https…
Just got in to see Bo Duke is pitching tonight!
'85 I chose this cuz of the awesome nightgown I'm wearing. It says "I ❤️ Bo Duke"
Bo Duke's luck is turning around. After being overlooked for quite a while, he now has a sponsorship AND is in a...
And Jo and *** are in Columbus or Columbia the country. And the last of the mojicans? Or is that chick and Kim? Bo and Luke duke? U of M?
I have not. Met Bo Duke at Philly Wizard World but want to visit in the future with my car.
“No one should be bullied for their sexuality or any other reason,” the Duke says
"the undercarriage damage is very consistent with jumping a construction site using a well-placed ramp". "huh!" - Bo Duke
Y OK for BO to attend KKK member funeral and speak for him. yet Duke is hated? PRO PALESTINE is Y
I ain't no Bo Duke if ya know what I mean
OooOOooh!... Jon Voight. There's a real subject matter expert... Tell me, will Bo and Luke Duke be on board as well?
Were Winslow & Jones considered 1 & dones during recruiting? Or did they just blow up the year they spent at Duke?
Sunroof is open. Bo and Luke Duke it …
I am a font of random TV culture. I can recount the whole episode where Luke and Bo Duke were replaced by Coy and Vance Duke.
I wish life was as simple as it is for Bo Duke
hi. Just wanted to say that I am a big fan. Bo totally is and has always been my favorite Duke. Youre awesome.
Bo Duke and Gladys in a movie? Can I get a movie name AND a release date?
Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke will all be at in Knoxville this weekend! Just pretend this is a General Lee flag emoji. -> 🦄
Duke may have gone undefeated that lineup is TOUGH!
Happy Birthday to the Duke of Cambridge! Here is what his hair would say if it could talk...
This was Bo. He certainly lived up to his name. He was fast just like those Duke boys lol. He…
I have had the dream now I'm going to have to do it I need someone to let me have a General Lee so I can be bo duke
is the value the same at duke versus UW mke is staying 4 years under bo the same as one and done at uk all kinds choice
"Did you name your dog after Bo Jackson?" Ugh no actually Bo Duke
isn't that Bo Duke, from The Dukes of Hazzard?
Bo and Luke Duke would have never gotten away from me..
LeBron James Jr. who is only 11 years old, already has scholarship offers from Kentucky and Duke. (via ESPN)
Who wore it better Wednesday:. Bo Duke or B. Pritzl
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Cash can now say his first pet is a mini goat named Bo Duke
your dad looks just like Bo Duke in the top right picture!!
Hey Fiera Hatfield Bo Duke is here for the car show!
The first time I went to a *** bar I was wearing a Bo Duke t-shirt and it was western night. I had a very good time.
Bo Duke called me cute so basically the hunt for a good guy is over bye
I don't know if this was mentioned but can y'all do a Bo duke or Luke duke vs Knight rider And plz if so can u do the original
Welcome Bo Duke to the Watauga Humane Society Diamond Dogs!! Bo Duke is a mid-size marvel of a hound-dog! This...
Childhood dream came true!!! Met Bo Duke! Even got a kiss. Swoon. Check that off the list.
I need my 222.00 Bo and Luke fuxked up duke
If you don't get your photo taken with Bo Duke while you're there, I'll be very disappointed.
"I thought I walked into an African Safari, I ran outta their Bo Duke hoodslid over my truck & squealed tired outta their."
MSRA's Back to the 50s weekend with 'Bo Duke' via 11
u need to go find Bo Duke at the Back to the 50's at the fairgrounds I heard he's there this weekend!!!
You got a WVU/Duke fan listening to Louisville radio.
So & I were super excited to see Bo Duke in St. Paul. is out of frame
I'm now the Duke of Bo's Pit Bar B Q on Old haunt
Bo and Luke Duke approve of this morning commute.
What? Bo Duke is here in St Paul this weekend? Is it PC to like Dukes of Hazard despite their use of "General Lee"
secret is out. He pretends he is Bo Duke getting chased by and in the
I am staying at the historic La Posada Hotel, where the 70's television movie "Eddie Macon's Run" was filmed, starring Bo Duke.
Grand Canyon will play at least 3 Top 25 basketball teams next season, and they all could be Top 10: Duke, Arizona, Louisvil…
June is here and what better way to spend the month than with the Gen'ral, Bo, Luke and Daisy Duke?
is it just me or did Matt and Al look like Bo and Luke Duke together in those pics?
Not in my book. I've always loved a blond...Bo Duke was my first TV crush.LOL
Learned something new sliding across hood of my car. I weigh more than Bo Duke or they jus don't make em like they used to.
Always wondered whatever became of Bo and Luke Duke.
His helmet says Bo Duke. Guess he doesn't want Luke to borrow it.
And our last photo for today are GSP's, 7 year old Bo and 8 year old Duke! Melody says "Our...
We ran outside sliding like Bo Duke
Me and lil' Crook like Bo and Luke duke / When I'm in Miami I go to scoop Luke
After just rubbed in our faces Duke's dead, I'll skip a ghost Bo telling Hope which *** to pick.
When a mountain of a man with a "Born To Kill" tattoo tried to cut in, I knocked out his front tooth. Ran outside, hood slidin' like Bo Duke
This is Bo and Luke Duke. They're cousins!. And that girl is Daisy. Their other cousin.
You mean Bo and Luke?! Man, they cousins! Although it wouldn't be the first time for a Duke to marry their cousin.
oh you make me sad! That's Bo and Luke Duke (aka The Dukes of Hazard) and their famous Dodge Charger General Lee.
when Bo and Luke Duke needs archery supplies there's only one place o go. Holly Springs, NC
Duke got the best safety in the game! Can't wait to watch my brother ball out on Saturdays! The next Bo Jackson fr!
It appears that Bo and Luke Duke or Boss Hogg have taken over the SM now.
I won't lie. My imaginary friends as a kid were Bo and Luke Duke. That should tell you plenty about my childhood.
The fact I was followed by Bo Duke is just wow..
maybe. I'm not from burgerland, but I'd vote for the third Duke brother there. "LUKE, BO, AND BILL"
Who would bring a six pack of beer to an audition? Meet John Schneider "Bo Duke" at BTT50's
My name is Bo Duke. And I tend to cause trouble.
Follow my Bo Duke account, Please and thank you.
Guys don't try to hood slide like Bo Duke or you'll end up with stitches 😂
Bo & Luke Duke made it look way easier than it is. I'm gonna need to work up to it.
More so a lot. I just wanna make a Bo Duke account.
Apparently my hair looks like Bo Duke's 🙄
Out here hood sliding like Bo Duke 🤘🏻
Loving my Daisy Dukes, just need Bo & Luke Duke to massage my legs and feet.
posting this but thinking it's the wrong boys. But honestly, can you go wrong with Bo and Luke!😂
Things NOT to do on set. Call John Schneider "Bo Duke"
My first crush ever was Bo Duke. I think it was just something about that blonde hair, cute face, & sweet car
Why is it that whenever you need Bo Duke you end up with Driving Miss Daisy.
I would like them to take Ingram. But I'm a Duke fan too so I'm bias.
"Son, in this house the only Duke boys that matter are Bo & Luke! So you can take your Coy & Vance and stick `em up your *** "
Bo & Luke Duke have no idea! Come out for this awesome adventure, music, games, refreshments, raffle prizes & more!
I was getting a butched up John Schneider/Bo Duke vibe from him, I don't hate it.
Hood sliding like Bo Duke, what was I thinking?
Just pulled into the Dairy Queen drive thru like I was Bo Duke. In reality, I just really wanted a blizzard before they closed. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I won the Bo-Duke-En achievement in Saints Row: The Third for 12 pts -
Duke does lose in the first round every 2 years ole bo
Duke as a 4 got a better draw than UNC as a 1. That makes sense. Have to make sure Duke gets a chance to make a run!!
Duke was 2-1 versus the 4 number one seeds this year
Duke Dumont tocando "Need U 100%" agora no Palco Trident do Lollapalooza BR!
Just out hood Hood slid in like bo duke
Is the Dollar Direct dot ca singing dude from the commercials (grey hair pompador) really Bo Duke?
Bo Ridgeway gets only man he faces as Luke Persico flies out. Travis Duke will come on to face LHH Kort Peterson with two down. 3-3, B8.
This reminds me of a miniature Bo.I mean Duke.
Duke and Bo exploring our discovery play field. Figuring out just how this place works. :-) Trainer Madison's...
Might as well be called Bo and Luke Duke County! Hyeh hyeh hyeh...
Literally missed so many references in smallville the first time I watched it. His dad was bo duke (knew that) and the governor was luke.
I'm gonna pull up in the General Lee, with Bo and Luke and David Duke!
Reminds me of childhood and being gaga for Bo Duke lol.
Early & the Bo and Luke Duke of GOP politics.
Come on Notre Dame don't let duke win
Where did Duke get this Z Bo looking dude from? I haven't seen him play all season lol
Another capture from the summer...Bo Duke making his usual run towards the camera
Bo's, blunt and Duke game in no order
let it be known that i have opinions about Lost Girl:. Bo as a succubus is like Duke Nukem playing James Bond
Prince William brings joy to air ambulance patient as boy's mother defends 'work-shy' Duke: Duke of Cambridge calms three-year-old bo...
Just realized that Uncle Jesse Duke must've had 5 brothers. Think about it. Bo, Luke, Daisy, Coy, and Vance are all cousins.
Took off in a hurry hood slidin' like Bo Duke.
Check out this cutie. Those ears get me❤️ His name is Bo Duke, is about 7 months old and is…
IF Wisconsin had beaten Duke and won the title last year, Bo would be toast right now
Congrats to Bo Duke and his new family! We knew little Bo wouldn't stay long at the shelter :)
Bo and Luke Duke must be from down east.
Watching a movie starring John Schneider, which reminds me how I used to daydream when I was 7 or so that Bo and Luke Duke were my uncles.
I drive like Bo Duke. Always checking out my rear view with my hand up on the steering wheel ~
as long as Bo Duke doesn't mind my driving! 🐮
NC State defeats Wake Forest by 3 & will face Duke in the 2nd round of the
Bo & Luke Duke are out of control n'at. Must be stopped!
Only if Bo and Luke Duke are driving them.
Ridin' 95 down the highway Sideways, runnin' from ol' John Law. I got the booze and the boot Move it over Bo Duke Make room for a real outlaw
SAD UPDATE: We have a sad update about Tiki, formerly Bo Duke- he crossed the Rainbow Bridge this weekend. This...
I can't blame Bo Ryan for his off the court decisions, my moral high horse is a Shetland pony. But why didn't Showalter play against Duke?
Duke now has nine ACC Freshman of the Year winners, including each of the last three.
Went hood sliding like Bo Duke last night. What was I thinkin
Kinneil House, Bo'ness: A seat of the Duke of Hamilton, demolition was underway 1936 when wall paintings were found.
Joseph Randle has now been arrested more times than Bo and Luke Duke.
The win at Duke last night was a long time coming so you know the locker room celebration would be something special ht…
15 years ago, saw Duke's comeback win vs Maryland. He didn't see this reminder of it coming, though. https…
If Bo and Luke Duke had a pulling tractor Gordyville would be their...
Probably got blessings from the Iron Duke.and divided to keep quiet. Bo Screamer ba iketsetsa ka management
The Dukes of Hazzard Windows 95/98. Play as Bo and Luke Duke as You Drive the General Lee and a Slew of Famous
Website Builder 728x90
The hardest decision of my life right now is if I am going to name my basset house Duke or Bo 😅😅😅
I can't wait for Katherine Cryer, rips "Bo Duke" Jim Cryer's head off!!!
Oh yes. Bo Duke! 😍 And my trampoline didn't have a net cage around it.
Hold up--Bo Duke is back on the market?? I'm definitely going to the Y now..putting the hubby on effing notice!!
Everyone needs a Bo Duke in their life😍
meet Bo and Luke Duke . They're cousins. They fight the system
the drifter in the 1st WWJD movie is John Schneider from the Dukes of Hazard television program!! He was Bo Duke!!
Bo & Luke Duke drove the General Lee into America's living for the first time today in 1979. “The Dukes of Hazzard”
learn how to Bo Duke across the hood
Those good ol' boys, Bo and Luke Duke, and their cousin Daisy debuted on CBS' "The Dukes of Hazzard" on this day...
hay Christian how about Luke and Bo Duke. ..
just hit trophy level 12 on PSN with Bo-Duke-En bronze in
Nobody's been as bad off as Wisconsin (11-9, Bo Ryan retires), but Sparty, Duke and Kentucky have all underperformed.
Duke (4-4 in conference play) is off to their worst ACC start since 1995-96.
That's Duke. He was another foster. The wifes fav. He is the protector
Just met in the trailer ! Yup- still crushing on Bo Duke after all these years.
Our lil Bo Duke would be in heaven. For being a desert dog, he loves the snow.
Just call me Bo Duke pretty little lady
Some dude wearing a Matt Jones jersey just hit a 3 for Duke
What the ! I just saw some dude slide off the hood and jump into his car like Bo and Luke Duke in Lucky parking lot
GM Yzerman believed to have requested Bo Horvat from the in exchange for Jonathan Drouin.
Ruth Buzzi double-dating with Bo Duke. Welcome to the new millenium.
The cliches have cody, dedede, wolverine, bo, and duke. Twists have moon knight, rainbow, and nappa!
commit Chidi Okonya also trying to flip DT Bo Peek from Stanford to the Blue Devils
O-Tackle commit Robert Kraeling recruiting commit Bo Peek for the Blue Devils
Duke Johnson just went all Bo Jackson. Come on, Timmons.
The one on the right wears pants, like Bo and Luke Duke, that would be Uncle Jessie on the left. Just saying...
How are armed white folks treated like Luke and Bo Duke all the time? How ?
The doll that made me follow Super70 's.Remember mine with the broken lower left leg taken out by a rolling Bo Duke block?!
. Bo Hardegree as new qb coach, Latina up top calling plays???
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Ole Miss not nearly as fun to watch since that Bo Duke interception machine QB graduated.
E tu, John Schneider? From Bo Duke to selling exercise equipment on QVC.
Bo Duke quarterback just isn't himself
Happy New Year John! Growing up with my cousin, they called us the Duke boys also. I had the blonde hair so I was Bo.
Three-star Stanford commit Bo Peek may take an additional official visit to
Duke: Per source, Chicago Bears offensive assistant Bo Hardegree is in the mix to join the Duke staff. ... .
commit Bo Peek considering officials to Trojans offered recently.
After 1 period, Randy Roden trails 5th-ranked Bo Nickal 6-1. Schenk in a scoreless match so far vs. Casey Kent of Penn.
Next up for will be Randy Roden on Mat 5 at 174 vs. No. 4 seed Bo Nickal of Penn State. He's 2 in the hole so stay tuned.
Dinmore and Boylan on deck mat 1, Beitz in a bit mat 2, Bo Nickal and Roden of Duke later mat 5 in our final first round bout
2016 off to amazing start, as Bo Duke is on QVC selling the BodyGym Deluxe.
The guy who played Bo Duke on Dukes of Hazard is on QVC right now selling an exercise device that looks like big rubber bands on a stick.
Ok- working on New Year's Eve just got better- Bo Duke is in the house:)
One day he's gonna find a nice boy. Then have twin boys Bo and Luke Duke.
Nods & puts on the wig looks in the mirror. "I look like Bo Duke.."
3 Among the 30 are Tall Rand, Du Por, Condor Say, and Mire Bo. Their leader is a Jedi Master and cousin of the king…the Duke d’Palpatine.
ahhh the General Lee. ..Bo, Luka and Daisy Duke...those were the days😃
.As a symbol of the progress we're making as a nation, I would like to see Bo and Luke Duke pose with the General Leia.
No can do, we get in and out of the car like Bo and Luke Duke.
Dang! Sauce shreds with hair. Kinda like Bo Duke.
Bo Ryan thinks Duke is relying on Grayson Allen too much.
Ran outside hood slidin like Bo Duke what was I thinkin
See also, Duke mean Coy & Vance, who make Bo & Luke look like choirboys!
And in this case, during a rolling stop after driving like Bo & Luke Duke into a playground. Not reckless at all, apparently
Got the booze in the boot, move it over bo duke make room for a real outlaw
AVAILABLE: The Haunting of a Duke (The Dark Regency Series Bo... by Chasity Bowlin -
I'm almost through the first season and like it so far. . (Bo Duke not so much though)...
Which Duke? Luke Duke, or Bo Duke? Or is it the other Duke's, Randolph and Mortimer?
You did enough trolling after the Duke/Indiana game last night
great programs but a joke to have their "rivalry" in same convo as Duke/UNC. ESPN hype + KY delusions always make 4 funny reading
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
BBC NEWS – Duke lands helicopter on water. I’m guessing it was Bo or Luke, there’s no way it was Daisy.
The kinda mood a was in was making me drive like my name was Bo Duke.
Yeah I saw Mike Greenburg, who is equally bad, spouting out the same thing. Duke got screwed but lets move along now.
we ran outside hood slidin like bo duke, what was I thinkin?
Things around me: Safety meetings and sweet satsumas, a rising river and Bo Duke's pit bull.
Bo is the masculine spelling. Being considerate of Chris and all. He acts like a young Bo Duke
I'm about to Luke and Bo Duke it out of this class
Move it over Bo and Duke, make room for a real outlaw
Yes Daisy Duke but Bo and Luke had my attention!😬
And the "Duke didn't win the game on that one play" is true but beside the point.
Do you see any real reason not to overturn the Duke-Miami result? There's zero uncertainty as to how it should have ended.
I swear and are bo and Luke duke I swear 😂😭
The most shocking part of the Anonymous KKK leak? Turns out Bo and Luke Duke were Hazard County clansmen! Who knew!?
"If Bo Duke existed in Star Trek, this guy would have been his evil, mirror universe counterpart."
I love the Audible, but why accept that it's too late to change the result of Duke-Miami? No good reason not to.
Jake (Bo) and Chase (Luke) as the Duke boys and their dad Justin as Roscoe P. Coltrane with Sammy the beagle as...
don't lie. If sd wanted Duke they'd just play Oliver more. Same player except BO has a little less wiggle.
If it isn't Bo Duke. I swear to god
Sliding across that table table like Bo Duke!
A whole day later and they still talking bout the Miami win. We not celebrating beating Duke it has been a rough week in Miami
I may not be able to slide on a car hood like Bo Duke but this Daisy…
THIS JUST IN: ACC suspends on-field officiating crew, replay official & communicator for "series of errors" on final play…
this offense designed by Jim Bob *** only works if Bo Duke is under center.
VIDEO: Miami defeats Duke on one of the wildest plays in college football history
Wow. I have been here at Fox looking at the Duke game and Duke got tricked on Hollween. No way that is a touchdown. I will…
Well, now I know how Gary Tyrell felt. Oh, Duke.
MSU's ending vs Mich, GT's ending vs FSU and now Miami's ending vs Duke, and yet still none are more unexplainable than Texas beating OU.
You don't have to but you gotta see that it was more then just a win over Duke.
Miami pulls off miracle at Duke Video - via App
I never thought I would see "The U" jump around celebrating like they won a national title after a win over Duke
So there's this time Kliffy Kingsbury, Daisy Duke, Luke, and Bo got together for Halloween..
My son Jacob dressed up as Bo Duke! He won $100 for first place in a Halloween costume!
Bo, Luke, and Daisy Duke. Yep, won the bet this year, so me and are dudes.
Got to one of my favorite scene in Duke of Mt.Deer where Siu Bo found the manuel under the tiles of Ng Sam Kwai's house.
In the weekly address, President Obama calls for meaningful criminal justice reform:
that was great skit with Bo Duke!! You guys all were great last night.. Come back to Ford Field soon
About to fail I MEAN nail this Bo Duke slide on this sick as *** General Lee I found!
agreed. Last piece of the puzzle. swindled Bo Duke.
But they'll soon go after Bo & Luke Duke's new Auto Trader Commercial.
Duke . Walt , will , bo , marquis and dayday my brothers 5ever 💯💗
Duke Kahanamoku is a better all around athlete than Bo Jackson even.
Bro you still going on about this? Duke Kahanamoku is better athlete than Bo Jackson FOH
Get on that Duke bandwagon this year for College Basketball!
Had these two boys for a year now...I love you Bo and Duke ❤️
literally flew out of my fahken wheelchair when I hit it today, felt like Bo duke in the General Lee
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I liked a video Dukes of Hazzard: Bo and Luke Duke escape from Cletus...again!
I liked a video Dukes of Hazzard S3E14 - Bo Duke falls, hits head, fights with Luke, injures head
I bet could totally hood slide like Bo Duke... "Salvy, so smooth:
Just 30% of spread bettors are taking Tulane, yet they've dropped from +11 to +5.5 tonight against Duke. (via CRIS)
how did we go from telling sam to stop being lazy to Bo duke
he looks like Bo Duke in that picture
Read how the Obama administration is fighting to restore workers' rights for millions of hard-working Americans.
sorry Bo Duke, but in the words of your cousin "I'm not gunna get jumped" 😂
Theme From "The Dukes Of Hazzard" (Good Ol' Boys) by Waylon Jennings, found with Bo and Luke Duke
Good point! Look's like Bo Duke is still SPRUNG!! Hooked on CandyCane!
I said d bo on Friday that mean hit me with a brick
.known for his role of Bo Duke gives his take on the show's lasting legacy and new venture
Bo Duke ain't playing with these fools!!
I would love for that to happen. So David can show Bo Duke what's up! Lol
It's official. Bo Duke can't throw punches like he used to.
Honey, Bo Duke was gonna choke that a** out! 😲
America's criminal backbone, romanticized by Luke and Bo Duke
as a whitey, I found the Confederate flag racist & insensitive, but Bo & Luke Duke weren't chanting about cop killing either. its not. I've been tracking him for a while now & will be thrilled if he signs at Duke
Yup so was Sanford and Son but we aren't replacing them with Bo and Luke Duke. Again failing sir or madam.
the 9th grade picture of Cody on snapchat reminded me of Bo Duke.
Happy Birthday l was fortunate enough to see him, the Possum and Bo Duke in '85 in Nashville,...
I want a relationship like bo duke and the General Lee 👌
Embodying the rebellious spirit since 1923. Especially in the 80s. Bo Duke, everybody.
Oh yeah, Kanye? The Republicans could have Bo Duke singing his way to the presidency!
if ur donating 2 Bo Gritz/Duke 2016 campaign U've wasted Coin cuz not gonna happen + no wall 2 keep Snowbacks out lol Obama
Ran outside hood slidin' like Bo Duke:
Comeon people... the guy is a *genius* right? And literally anything would be better than BO.
When your pastor talks about Bo and Luke Duke you know its a good day
Watched Duke of Mt.Deer 98 to the part where Wai Siu Bo meet the Anti-Qing Leader Chan Kan Nam.
Logan can't be bo duke he got t-boned, me and Tristan are cousins so it makes sense
tell him Bo Duke says hello. Yall be safe down there.
Knocked out his front tooth, went sliding out like Bo Duke. What was I thinking?
I see it more like a Bo and Luke Duke pairing.
I feel like Bo and Luke Duke felt every time I go through an intersection in this town!!
You might get Bo Duke to listen to that offer, but Seattle's John Schneider would laugh you off the phone.
Tony Leung nailed the role of Wai Siu Bo in Duke of Mt.Deer 1985.
Aww, well if it ain't Bo and Duke Luke!
Bo Duke had my heart. Or Luke. The blond one!
starsky and hutch vs Bo and Luke duke both have nice cars
Either my *** s lock up🔒or they 6 ft. Deep Bo Dallas Lee Sosa Duke Delynn
ok so I lost my Duke's but I may need to start watching Days again, I lost interest when Sammy left, but now Bo is...
General Lee selfie is never complete without a Bo Duke photobomb.…
The tire carrier looked like he was gonna hood slide it like Bo Duke.😬😬😬😬
Just watched a woman casually leave Goodwill and proceed to get into her car like Bo and Luke Duke.
Bo and Luke Duke sings The Dukes of Hazzard theme song (1993) via
Duke University is the top school in the South for 2015:
Met John Scheinder aka Bo Duke and John. Ryerson from the haves and the have nots...Sweet as can be…
I just love when people call Cal a cheat tho. Where was this uproar last yr when Duke got Okafor?
or Bo and Luke duke and getting their cousins
What a true class act, y'all. I'm 43 now and I doubt I'll ever forget the night we met.Bo Duke lol :). Love the meme !
autographs after the show. John snapped into full tilt Bo Duke charicter and talker to an ally full of kids :) !
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