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Bo Dietl

Richard A. Bo Dietl (born December 4, 1950) is a former New York City Police Department detective and a media personality known for contributing on the Fox News Network and the Don Imus Show.

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Seems like there's a trend story waiting to happen on rise of beefy Cro-Magnons on the right:. Trump. Alex Jones. Bo Dietl. 3 ma…
Another Bo Dietl classic from his first run for office: "Let's put the animals away for life."
Fun fact! Not unlike a chipmunk, Bo Dietl always has Arbys roast beef packed away in his cheeks.
Bo Dietl's attempt to "watch his mouth" rings hollow with history of past transgressions
Ouch, Bo DidIt, put his foot in2 his mouth, we are not "suckers". Attacking on issues, OK.
Mayor De Blasio on "Like Donald Trump, Bo Dietl thinks judges make decisions based on their race or ethnicity"
=Bo Dietl makes bizarre Chirlane McCray remark at GOP event Say you didn't say so Bo! Politrixter-ca…
Dietl's attempt to filter remarks lacks with history of faux pas: Bo knows how to put his foot in his……
Bo Dietl's attempt to 'watch his mouth' rings hollow with history of past transgressions
Consumer Credit Counseling in New York from Consumer Credit Counseling in New York. Mayoral hopeful Bo Dietl is dou…
Bo Dietl has no business running for mayor. Go back to the club Bo. You're embarrassing yourself.
Boo Dietl: An odious mouth all but disqualifies a mayoral run: Former cop Bo Dietl dreamed of pulling off a……
NYC is voting on a mayor soon and we're bringing you the candidates. explains why you should vote for him: https:…
Bo Dietl has no business running for mayor
De Blasio compares Dietl to Trump over remark about his wife: Mayoral hopeful Bo Dietl is…
Bo needs to learn there's some things you can't. His comments last night were unacceptable.
Mayoral hopeful Bo Dietl is doubling down on his "Diet Trump" campaign approach. De Blasio compares Dietl to Trump…
STASI: You're racist if you think Bo Dietl's racist, he says...
Problem isn't just Bo Dietl. It's the response when he said it: "to the loud laughter from packed crowd of Republic…
Bo Dietl probably collected all the recordings.
A cop running for mayor in NYC, election would be rigged if he win.
Bo Dietl has no business running for mayor via
.editorial: Bo Dietl has no business running for mayor
Bo Dietl has no business running for mayor -
Bo Dietl has no business running for mayor - New York Post
Edward G Robinson impersonator made out of gabagool and spoiled meatballs Bo Dietl
a *** Bo Dietl is going to crush you in the next election. Then you, the man chick & brillo head can ride into the sunset.
Wondering if Bo Dietl will have Rakim rap "Paid in Full" to donors
How can you sit within striking distance of Bo Dietl and not beat the crap out of that moron???
If you got this from Bernie or Bo Dietl. consider it BS.
Bo Dietl scores famed rapper Rakim for fundraiser. Will slogan be "Bo Dietl for mayor and 'Eric B. for President?"'
Once Trump brings in Bo Dietl to replace Priebus as chief of staff, everything will get whipped into shape right quick.
Big Bird!. OUR MOVEMENT is Telling You Know, Bo Dietl is Running Against That Jerk in NYC I'm Coming to New York He…
This fundraiser for Trump ally Bo Dietl's campaign for NYC mayor is inexplicably hosted by '90s celebs: Rakim, Savi…
Looks like Bo Dietl will be the next Mayor of NYC. The LEFT is making it so easy for us. They're too stupid and/or…
Of many things I love about the New York Post, the near-constant Page Six coverage of Bo Dietl's longshot mayoral bid is high on the list.
And I'll be blunt Wilhelm Jr DiBlasio is a disaster for NYC - paging Bo Dietl
Did you know the "Wolf of Wall Street" Private Investigator played himself in the 2013 film?
Former detective Bo DIETL tellshe's out to defeat Mayor DeBlasio
Retired NYPD Detective Bo Dietl is running for Mayor of NYC in 2017!
I'm hoping for Bo Dietl, but i doubt it. NY is too far gone - I live here too
Schilling, Shiva Ayyadurai, Bo Dietl, even rumors of a Kid Rock campaign ... this is going to make the Tea Party cl…
with ・・・. Steens for Bo Dietl! Committed to getting elected for Mayor
The future mayor of NY Bo Dietl pays a visit to Metuchen Inn!. therealbodietl
With Bo Dietl as the lead investigator.
I was reading a thing the other day that bo dietl was brought out to ruin their plans of doing actual rescues.
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Hopefully Bo Dietl will replace him this next election cycle.
AirTime with Johnny has special guest NYC mayor candidate Bo Dietl! The interview is at 1:15 so don’t miss it!
Bo Dietl: the only violence I've seen is the violence from the left s…
I would say Wilhelm Jr DiLousio is to blame- paging Bo Dietl
No Imus? Can you send me Bo Dietl's investment newsletter?
surely you could do better with spokespeople, first you use crazy *** Bo Dietl and then you hire Horny Satan to scream at us.
On President Trump "This is not a New York dinner party and not a place for carrying on."
dietl my heart goes out to my dear friend and his family Alan colmes he was a great person who had strong beliefs he was m…
The latest poll shows that I'm ahead of
Fundraising for Bo Dietl's mayoral race begins .
. Can we try to,get Bo Dietl. On Savage talk show. NYC mayoral hopeful.
Fmr NYPD detective and special ops man, Bo Dietl, on his mayoral bid: "I've gotta take 'Big Bird' out, de Blas…
You mean renowned racist/homophobe/fired by Fox News Bo Dietl is running for mayor? Ugh - so glad I moved.
Thought I heard Bo Dietl, NY police detective was gonna run. Now that would be interesting!
I liked a video Bo Dietl: Chicago leaders don't care about gang violence
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Bo Dietl telling it how it is in Chicago
Bo Dietl is going to run for Mayor of New York
We love when Bo Dietl stops by the show! He's been in everything from "Goodfellas" to "The Wolf Of Wall Street"...
Bo Dietl calling Mayor Billy DB Big Bird could be the best nickname since SNACKS🤣
HRC for Mayor of NYC? Bo Dietl will make mincemeat out of her.
I said she wasn't going away. The Clintons know nothing besides politics. Let's hope Bo Dietl kicks her ***
Bo Dietl for Mayor of Chicago! Said American law enforcement needs a change and that change is Thugs beware! Wake up Rom!
New Yorkers vote in "Bo Dietl for your Mayor take out Big Bird
Bo Dietl, former NYC cop, will run for NYC Mayor... Next year
HRC is running for NYC Mayor in order to give Bo Dietl a chance to beat her LOL
Picturing Hillary running for NYC Mayor and she and Di Blasio lose in the primary to Bo Dietl. How delicious that would be.
after the primary she's never going to campaign in the Bronx again and lose to Bo Dietl
Now see, here's a bit of fine lateral thinking that Mayor Bo Dietl (if Felonia & DeCommio knock ea other out) cld import to NYC
Yes they do 2 morons battling it out DeBlasio vs Clinton lol I'm rooting for Bo Dietl
. Well, Bo Dietl is running. And I wouldn't mind seeing Ray Kelly and/or Jeanine Pirro entering the race too.
.I don't want Hillary to win Mayor of New York because I want Bo Dietl to win. He will be great!
She gonna have to face Bo Dietl in the primary.
I demand Mayor return all illegal campaign…
Then again, I think the primary could be fun since Bo Dietl is running.
Urged to Run for It'd be great if ran & won but if not hope Dietl will via
7. What does all this have to do with Bo Dietl? Dietl = a Trump endorser who's cheerfully being painted as the Trumpite candidate for Mayor.
I'm in with 8 million people & most don't have cars/licenses. Candidate for trouble reg.
. I hope Bo Dietl wins. We need good conservative men and women who love this country and her peop…
Dietl Chicago is an example of what happens when you let crime take over the city. Federal RICO laws used can end it
Dietl Chicargo 780 murders. Use Federal RICO laws infiltrate gangs get warrants. Lock them up. Get guns with warrants
Not is Sean can't be more original and bring on different guests. Bo Dietl over and over during prime time? No thanks.
The New York Times should be ashamed of itself -
As long as i keep my free medical, housing and food stamps! Hillary is my champion!
is this the same Nate silver that was wrong about every trump prediction through the prima…
I'm rooting hard for HrC! I need to keep my free housing, food stamps and free medical! I love the freebies!
I'm rooting hard for HRC! She is corrupt but I need my disability, food stamps and free medical! I love all of the freebies!
Bo Dietl last night with Derek Jeter at the launch party of
Bo Dietl says he's running for mayor against Big Bird De Blasio!
Show your support for LEO!. Retired NYC Detective Bo Dietl is running for Mayor against Deblazio help him out!.
Trump keeps his ear to the street tapping network of bad lieutenants:Bo Dietl, Cheddar Bob& the curious george man…
Weak minded, susceptible people like Bo Dietl starting to succumb to the media onslaught. Don't let the *** defeat you
Bo Dietl (D) for Mayor of NYC. . . I'd vote for him
Love Bo Dietl ! Now there's a guy ! Vote out what's his name the far left liberal
will be a great mayor of New York City. Vote for Bo Dietl.
In a battle of wits, Bo Dietl faces even odds every single time.
WTH?! Bo Dietl running for NYC mayor as a DEM?!!! I wouldn't picture him as an *** no pun intended)
Dietl How can you drop Trump so fast? You used to be a hero. Now you're a cheap politician.
bo dietl , *** you want to be mayor so you give up on trump!! You lost my vote!! ***
. Why is Bo Dietl grabbing his ankles for Clinton? He's a disgrace. F Bo Monday.
As a Democrat, after spying on journos for Ailes: Bo Dietl will run against De Blasio for mayor in 2017 v
really have the geniuses today, huh ? Bo Dietl & Curtis Sliwa ... What a bunch of fools ! Fits with U
Bo Dietl did P.I. work for Ailes, including following ex Fox producer after she sued O’Reilly for sexual harassment.
YOU got rid of Bo Dietl & keep that WORTHLESS POS SEX PERVET texting his ULGY body for all to see! ANTHONY WEINER!
Since he seems to be poaching from Fox, when does he recruit Bo Dietl for Sec. of homeland security.
So basically tearing out bike lanes is the "I'm gonna build a wall" of local politics.
As announced on our show yesterday vs for Mayor of should be interesti…
Bo Dietl is the political hero New York deserves
Bo Dietl will Continue to Keep Americans Safe and Secure, says
Mike Gallagher is on vacation and our own Sam Malone is filling in. Brigitte Gabriel, Bo Dietl and Steve Moore...
Watching the fw on attacking dems on & shows clip of with Bo Dietl
Vinyl is a pretty meh show in a lot of ways, but it easily in the best show on TV featuring Bo Dietl and Ray Romano doing cocaine together
This cast with the exception of Bo Dietl, whose late in life acting career will never not baffle me gave it all to Vinyl.
Former-NYPD detective and Fox News's current go-to advocate for police profiling Bo Dietl already expressed his su…
I just realized Bo Dietl is gonna be Trumps VP pick
That was your PROOF Sean? Bo Dietl spitting through his mustache? Sean YOU ARE A FRAUD. Disgraceful
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I sure hope Bo DietL gets a top cabinet position in the administration. Like.. "Word-of-the-Day" Czar.
Bo Dietl is a clown and has zero respect from real detectives. Spent 15 yrs in NYPD and left.
I have to laugh at you and Bo Dietl, the saying " New York values" came from Trump himself. Google it.
back bringing it on right now with THE MAN Bo Dietl
your Argument of Balancing National Security & Civil Liberty as Brought up by Bo dietl. Has been most Common Sense, Dagen.👏
on,Delusional Bo Dietl equates communities with “motorcycle g…
I love Bo Dietl, and that was an articulate, intelligent discussion with him. As a NYer myself, I agree with all you both said
.Cultural Affairs and Tourism (with Nikki helping her). And Bo Dietl as Superintendent of the NJ State Police.
Bo Dietl: "Stop the *** political correctness, because people are going to die."
Bo Dietl, the silver tongued terrorism expert stated that, "as law enforcement officers...we have to keep our...
Bo Dietl stfu! You're coming in broken and stupid! Let sherif Clark speak he's calm intelligent and not a ***
Bo Dietl: "Radical Islam, in the name of Allah... this is a way of thinking, they're lashing out at police officers."
. Simple: Martial Arts. I just watched a Tai-Bo-Dietl tape. I can now disarm donuts.
.Bo Dietl is off his rocker. Muslims are NOT American. You & I are American & need to protect what's left of our culture & history.
Bo Dietl sounds like all my crazy Republican Uncles. Looks like a few as well. lol
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When you want solid political advice you go to Bo Dietl. LOL
MR "Rambo" Further more I will deliver the on a GOLDEN PLATTER with the Total !! You can
Good Read by regarding fears in OUR country they are not Welcome here!!
If that was not bad enough Bo Dietl had to chime in about moving on.
I'm surprised Bo Dietl didn't just wear a MAGA Trump hat for his appearance today. LOL Ridiculous
PLEASE no more Bo Dietl or Dog the Bounty Hunter. These guys just embarrass themselves.
Bo Dietl says Trump is the only candidate that can get the job done on dealing with muslim terrorist on "Outnumbered" Fox News, I believe it
keep Bo Dietl off of any show, can't take seriously
it looks like Bo Dietl has a bloody nose!
In what world does a cable programming executive think that Bo Dietl is a solid booking?
Love when Bo Dietl is on.He is right on every count We need someone like Gen Keane to deal with this Chaos
Bo Dietl cheerleading that Trump is going to defeat ISIS and next is Hillary and Benghazi.
I would gladly use Bo Dietl as a shield.
should we get Bo Dietl on the case or is he too busy with ISIS?
Tonight! On with Bo Dietl on Mrs. Bill Clinton's support for Obama's gun confiscation. https…
Super Spin: Lanny Davis, Bo Dietl and the Court of Public Opinion: There are some lawyers who, when asked to…
To clarify, I love Arby's, but do not like Bo Dietl. The entire concept of him being a sandwich spokesperson is stupid.
sorry that segment was cut short Lou :( Love Bo Dietl!
Bo Dietl was the detective that brought down Jared Fogle. After all, the man hates Subway and loves Arby's.
Public TV showing Fox News and either my eyes are borked or this Bo Dietl guy is wearing blackface on Hannity while whitesplaining a guest..
talks about bringing people together. This Bo Dietl.
. I thought Bo Dietl was a white guy? 😆. Anyway...
Bo Dietl is an annoying *** too. LEMME JUST FINISH LEMME FINISH...this sammich
LOL. I like Bo Dietl... some of the words he comes up with are hilarious
to see our Founder, Bo Dietl on Sean Hannity on Fox News tonight at 10PM EST!
what our Founder, Bo Dietl has to say about document examination.
Great friend of the show, Bo Dietl joins Sam to get the 8:00 Hour started! Find out his thoughts on the GOP...
Wow The Post mentioned our night out at Raos with Bo Dietl, Leo Dicaprio and others. My husband Charles Payne and I had an awesome time.
That cop needs a job now.Maybe you can add him to your panel of crooked, dirty ex-cops like Mark Furman, and Bo Dietl.
Check out our Founder, Bo Dietl with actor Stephen Baldwin on the set of One Tough Cop.
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Join our Founder, Bo Dietl tonight on Lou Dobbs at 7PM EST on Fox News.
Bo Dietl stereotyping girls. This is going to get a article.
Great to be back on tonight 10:20pm w/ & Bo Dietl, we talk
.I'd love to see you, Ken Lagone, and Bo Dietl lunching at Olive Garden. A real Middle America experience. :)
I’m not saying Bo Dietl is really, really, really stupid. Wait, yes I am, and so is everybody I know.
Before "Goodfellas" "Arby's" and "The Wolf Of Wall Street" he chatted with President Ronald Reagan. Bo Dietl...
u tell the president to shut up but let mark Levin and *** bo dietl rant on and on
Propagandist , Brian Benjamin, doesn't want Bo Dietl spreading the ...'Wait wait wait...'
So Bo DIETL know have black friends
- talk about Police Brutality.. With Bo Dietl.. This is what " Police" did
Bo Dietl crazy rant even by FoxNews standards: And when did Don Imus start looking like a Beethoven bust?
Yeah, but according to Bo Dietl they don't slice it in the store.
books are for hobos. Trial and error. And ask what Bo Dietl would do. He knows.
after seeing the interview onI will not longer eat at Arby's till you publicly remove Bo Dietl! What an embarrassment
Bo Dietl brags he used chokeholds "dozens of times" as an NYPD officer. But there's a reason they've been banned...
All purpose parts banner
Fox News turns to Bo Dietl to push for the NYPD to use chokeholds and stop-and-frisk:
Bo Dietl needs to stick to selling Arbys.
the best thing Bo Dietl ever did was appear in Arby's commercials
Bo Dietl aka Arby's pitch man and FOX, Stop Saying 'Stupid, Idiotic Things'
"How can we make our sandwiches look better?" "Bo Dietl!"
Almost like they were like "Who can we find that looks the most homeless and like a roast beef sandwich in the face? Oh, Bo Dietl"
Foxwoods was amazing as well, lft2rgt Sue, Bo Dietl,Margo who opened show me & Vinny Paz
Johnsonville Brats should pick up Bo Dietl for their commercials because he is the wurst.
This is my first time eating since the first Bo Dietl commercial. I think it's been over 2 years.
NYC Councilman VanBramer: Bring back Bo Dietl. This guy is the Vichy Government incarnate.
I like Bo Dietl. His affect is like a literate, intelligent, likable Al Sharpton.
OK Bo Dietl(friction) was funny..for about half a minutication... SHEESH-ishisification---
Bo Dietl is on the case again trying to discover the secret of Arby's King's Hawaiian Roast Beef Sandwich
I hate Arby's commercials much more than their food. Bo Dietl looks like a cross between a pug and a ham, and I don't like it one bit.
Bo Dietl weighs in on the VA scandal $SPY
Bo Dietl weighs in on the VA scandal
Can you send Famed NY Detective Bo Dietl to Mars with the umps?
How many expired coupons did I use to deserve so much Bo Dietl?
If the Gophers, Packers, White Sox, Canucks, Bo Dietl & Dog the Bounty Hunter combined to make one team, still wouldn't come close to UND.
Next Week on Charlie Gasparino, Bo Dietl, Carl Jeffers, Todd Snider and Lynn Scherr.. plus, all the usual shenanigans..
what about Arbys? I hear they smoke their meat for 13 hours. Bo Dietl could give you some BGE tips
John Taffer needs to team up with Bo Dietl. Jeff Landsmen
Imus in the Morning on MSNBC. Quick hits and some funny clips of Bo Dietl
It took me until now to realize Legendary Detective Bo Dietl has "diet" right in his name. That's some fine subliminalizing, Arby's.
I hope Bo Dietl never makes my sandwich.
How much do I have to eat to get an autographed photo of Bo Dietl?
have you SEEN this Bo Dietl character tho!!
what's worse in the Arby's ad? Bo Dietl's presence or the "how long do you smoke your meat" line. Arby's needs to retire Bo Dietl.
The should sign Bo Dietl, legendary detective as a team scout.
The only time I watch TV commercials is during live sports broadcasts, thank God. I know these players have to be paid, but these Arby's ads with this Bo Dietl guy and others...? SMH. I love OnDemand, DVR, Netflix, et al. Go Wild.
Because when I think of barbecue, I think of Bo Dietl.
Saw TV ad w/Arby's Bo Dietl detective character, w/VO by narrator from "How It's Made" on - now that ain't right.
I could really go for right now, but cannot bring himself to eat there while bo dietl advertises for them.
What the *** I thought the end of Bo Dietl was near??!? I keep seeing his stupid face and I want to buy your food but I just can't.
I never thought anyone could be more annoying than Jared from Subway. Bo Dietl, you have changed my mind.
Somebody needs to shove Bo Dietl into the roast beef slicer.
Bo Dietl is the new pitch man for Arby's?. Who's slumming there?.
"Anecdotal evidence is now considered facts Im Bo Dietl" he looks dumb. Slicing up the truth style
Bo Dietl is the most decorated police officer in the history of the NYPD. Go figure.
Also, Bo Dietl says it is FACT that every pothead he "knew" from the 60's is brain dead
Iain neva been in a tornado b4 so I'm lookin at them for a few more minutes like Really? *in my Bo Dietl voice*
Bo Dietl gets me tight. I hate him in all these Arby's commercials and I hated him more in Wolf Of Wall Street.
Bo Dietl needs to go on a diet and stop making Arby's commercials
Arby's Bo Dietl and Toyota's Jan would make a cute couple.
Why are the Bo Dietl Arby's commercials back?
I still haven't eaten at since Bo effin Dietl has been in their commercials
I had the chance to meet then-president Bush, I chose not to. I passed Bo Dietl an hour ago and I glared at him. My heroism knows no bounds.
Kate Upton, Bo rides a bike, Curtis stole our pillow, and some other stuff:
Host Bo Dietl repeatedly offered to do a DNA test for his "friend Jeff Gannon
.History lesson for Bo Dietl. North Korea IS NOT an ally of the USA.
People who make a lot more money than most of us ever will approved that Arby's commercial with Bo Dietl in it. Think about that.
Bo Dietl jerks off behind gas station bathrooms probably
Bo Dietl for Arby's, jeez. I had no idea.
Shout out to Bo Dietl..keeping bread in my pops pockets.and then swinging it my way
Bo Dietl, legendary detective, makes me want to never eat again.
Bo Dietl just said, "De-Funkitated". Using that word frequently from now on. Prepare yourselves.
Next week on Bo Dietl, Mike Baker, Charlie Gasparino and all the usual shenanigans.. "Elvis" "Blondes" "Vinnie" & "Hollywood"
I thought Bo Dietl was just the annoying guy from the Arbys commercials until I watched the Wolf of Wall Street.
Legendary detective Bo Dietl exhibiting his legendary "double really? technique" for Arby's. Gets criminals talking every time.
Bo Dietl is really, really beginning to become annoying in those Arby's commercials. Really.
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Today's trivia: Bo Dietl, yes the *** from the Arby's commercials, was the detective that arrested Henry in Goodfellas.
Add Esquire to that commercial with Richie Incognito, Bo Dietl, Wells Fargo and Dish. I'll play with Legos whenever I *** please.
I really think Bo Dietl has run his course.
You can add Richie Incognito to that commercial with Bo Dietl for Wells Fargo and Dish.
lol this is relative Sean. What other fast food spokesperson do u prefer, Wendy, Austin mahone, Bo Dietl
I hate Bo Dietl and those Arby's commercials.
Anyone else see this Bo Dietle (sp) "legendary detective" mook that does these arbys commercials? My god someone bathe and groom this greasy bohunk, ***
The secret to being a legendary detective is, when you ask someone a tough question, you follow it up with "really?". Twice. Thanks for that technique Bo Dietl! I am now also a legendary detective.
Think if you say dietljuice 3 times in the mirror bo dietl will appear behind you and ask you "really?!"
Bo Dietl, legendary Arby's detective, may have the most punchable face in the history of faces.
"Bo Dietl, legendary detective" annoys the crap out of me. Go away, Arby's.
No Oscars noms for Bo Dietl playing himself in Wolf of Wall Street?!
However he does shoot a Visine commercial with Bob Costas in Sochi. Think Bo Dietl meets Keith Jackson.
Could Bo Dietl have been that good a detective? "I didn't do it!" "Really?" "Yeah!" "Really?" "Oh, ok, ya got me."
Wells Fargo and Dish should team up to make commercials with Bo Dietl.
Yes, Bo Dietl, REALLY. Irritating *** ad... worst campaign in a long time,
.Hello! My friends and I can't figure this out: what is Bo Dietl saying at 0:14 in this ad?
Maybe celebrity detective Bo Dietl was drunk off his ***
The ad agency head behind those KFC commersh's should have a cage match with Bo Dietl, to the death.
I would eat at Arby's before I would hang out with Bo Dietl.
As is Legendary Detective Bo Dietl. It’s right there in his name! He’s legendary!
I don't have HBO but I see a lot of those Arby's ads with Bo Dietl so I think I'm pretty much up to speed with TRUE DETECTIVE.
Oh for crying out loud...Bo Dietl makes ME squeamish
I would like to have been in the Arby's marketing meeting when someone said, "You know what would move some roast beef? Bo Dietl!"
Watching "Goodfellas"; forgot Bo Dietl is in it! Yon't get a clear shot of his face; but that voice! Looking for Warner now!
Bo Dietl grosses me out for some reason...
I wonder if Bo Dietl interrogated his subjects with the same intensity he grills that fisherman. "Did you kill him? Really? REALLY?"
sexy. But then I see shoes and I'm like Bo Dietl in Arbys conmercial..."really???"
These Arby's commercials with Bo Dietl in them need to stop.
Stop the Madness! We are like Bo Dietl's Investigators of Truth and Justice! Give us our equality or we go viral.
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The fact that Subway uses a chemical in their bread used to make Yoga Pants makes me take Bo Dietl a little more serious.
RadarOnline is reporting that 90-year-old Viacom founder Sumner Redstone paid Bo Dietl, the private: RadarOnli...
don't get me wrong. I like your food but tired of the Bo Dietl commercials. He's had his run. Y'all are more creative than that.
Izzy & Auggie are ready to replace Bo Dietl for arby's . They love roast beef!
and Bo Dietl and Austin Mahone and every Subway person and every person on KFC commercials.
Hey dumb Bo Dietl... Shouting "really" repeatedly and then looking satisfied doesn't make you a "legendary detective."
I have to admit this Arby's commercial has a pretty good joke that Bo Dietl's investigative technique is saying "really?" over and over.
damnit. You know how much I hate Bo Dietl.
Three worst commericals.anything w flo from progressive...Parnells old folks sausage "Its god".and last Arbys Bo Dietl fish sandwich "really" "really" geez.
So NBC announced the winner of the Biggest Loser show last night. Sure, Rachel won that contest. But let me tell you who the Biggest Loser really is: the Veterans that people won't step up and support. They were willing to give their all for you, yet many of you give nothing for them. To quote Bo Dietl, "Really?" Folks lets agree to do better than this. It is time to put your manpower and money where your heart should be and where your mouth is. MTS has veterans on the waiting list who need a hand up, not a hand out. But we can't help them until you help us. We depend on donations, both monetary and time. What will you do today?
Not sure which commercial spokesperson (?) is the most annoying currently: the H & R Block guy (we've got a long way to go until April 15!), the "legendary" detective, Bo Dietl for Arby's fish sandwich or, the Geico Pig! Any thoughts??
I wonder if all the bars and restaurants with a million big screen televisions and chicken wings even had any patrons after the first quarter last night? I switched the channel to HGTV /Beachfront Property and Hawaii life as I needed some boost after hearing more about tomorrow nights snow storm AND a similar one on Saturday.REALLY? Really Bo Dietl ? If I hear someone say,'' Oh I just love 4 seasons'' I'l, I'll ,I'll .HA HA. Be safe everyone as this will be a rough travel week and I can't help with road reports as the scanner traffic will be encrypted and silent.very sad.
Private detective Bo Dietl has known Belfort since the bad old days, and he says Belfort's character hasn't changed a bit.
Bo Dietl they say is a legendary detective. Really? Really?
I can't stand Bo Dietl, and as long as he continues to shill for Arby's, I refuse to eat there! Someone needs to buy him a razor and teach him how to use it!
When will Arby's realize that Bo Dietl-Legendary Detective's 15 minutes went 14 minutes and 61 seconds too long?
Hey, folks: I FOUND Don IMUS in the MORNING !!!...TWC Channel ninety...of course, The FOX Business Channel...was enjoying good CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP with old Jimmie Swaggert, when, lo and behold, him and his little boy, Donnie, started talking John Hagee TALK: The Catholics, Pentecostals, Charistmatics, et al, are NOT SAVED...well, my thumb involuntarily hit the channel UP button and...a MIRACLE.there was Bo Dietl and Don "Nappy *** Headed" Imus on TWC Channel NINETY...well, of course, I returned after a short while to "Morning Joe" in order towatch the incredibly beautiful Mika Brzeinski, and the MAN who SHOULD have been our FIRST BLACK Prez, "REV Al "Blueberry Pie" Sharpton !" wow...mornings have such world class beauties as Leslie Bohl, Leslie Mouton and several other LOCAL GALS, however, Ms. Brzeinski is just so KILLER in looks and in BRAINS, too. Insightful, erudite and MILES AHEAD of deadhead Joe and the other boys at the desk, unless Mika's Dad or Rev Al are there ! Old Mike Barnicle IS entertaining ...
File this under “Juicy!” Fox News contributor and private investigator Bo Dietl leaked damaging information about Rupert Murdoch’s then-wife, Wendi Deng Murdoch, to Gawker. Who hired him to do so is still a mystery.
Sae wolf on wall st yesterday...acting excellent scorcese genius.we saw bo dietl at rao's...Mike answered his Trivia question!
According to Arbys, Bo Dietl is a legendary detective...really? really? More like a legendary d-bag. So sick of those commercials, c'mon Arbys - you're better than that (Really!)
Private Investigator Bo Dietl meets with President Ronald Reagan during his run for U.S. Congress. May, 29th 1986
GREAT SUPPORTING PERFORMANCES (L) Retired detective BO DIETL as the detective in "The Wolf of Wall Street"; (R) Retired WOLLENSAK TAPE RECORDER as the tape recorder in "Saving Mr. Banks"
Star Siting: Bo Dietl, currently in the "Wolf of Wall Street", played the attorney, at The Writing Room last night on my way out.
I fear I am falling into the abyss. Today I realized the holy season of Lent is at hand because "Famous Detective Bo Dietl" is hawking fish sandwiches on Arby's commercials.
Saw The Wolf of Wall Street couple nights ago - thought it was terrific and was shocked to see someone I know, or knew slightly, in it ! The PI in the movie, who is also one in private life - Bo Dietl ! Butch knew him, so several times when we went to "O'Neill's" we'd end up having conversations with him. Had no idea he was in that movie ! By the way, I thought Leonardo Dicaprio was really amazing !
William Bratton returns as top cop in NYC - Fox News contributor Bo Dietl on William Bratton’s return as Commissioner of the NYPD.
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