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Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers (or, more formally, The Blues Brothers’ Show Band and Revue) are an American blues and soul revivalist band founded in 1978 by comedy actors Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi as part of a musical sketch on Saturday Night Live.

Dan Aykroyd Blues Brothers 2000 Elwood Blues Steve Cropper John Belushi Henry Gibson Carrie Fisher Jim Belushi Princess Leia Animal House Paul Shaffer Dan Ackroyd Sweet Home Chicago John Lee Hooker Cab Calloway Bill Murray Dan Akroyd

All better because I got to see language version of Blues Bros. A Blues Brothers party don't stop she says. Awesome
For a look at NEIGHBORS, John G. Avildsen's black trip into suburban *** with the Blues Brothers.
Please rate my Blues Brothers fanfic where Oskar Schindler is Jewish.
Join us tomorrow for music from Les Mis, Grease, the Blues Brothers and much more. In aid of Cancer Centre at Guys
.and Henry Gibson in the Blues Brothers movie, and a Hobbit in Lord of the Rings!
Is that Paul Reubens in the Blues Brothers movie?
Just so. Like the Blues Brothers, but less Belushi/Aykroyd & more Carrie Fisher & Aretha Franklin.
Watching a little Blues Brothers to end a tough week. You all have always helped me feel right.
I'll bet he's really into Bruce Willis's blues band, and the version of the Blues Brothers that includes Jim Belushi.
This story has tulips, Maggie Daley, Royko and Daniel Burnham. I'd fit in the Blues Brothers if I could.
This car journey could go one of two ways. Blues Brothers. Alan Partridge.
Minnie the Moocher by Blues Brothers & Cab Calloway at
Jeff Sessions reminds me of Henry Gibson's character in "Blues Brothers" movie. And not just looks.
Musicals I like: Little Shop of Horrors, Bugsy Malone, Blues Brothers, South Park: BLU, Phantom of the Paradise, Cry Baby, Purple Rain.
Paul Shaffer, the musical director of the Blues Brothers made a new Album! ❤️
The blues band of Joliet Jake and Elwood Blues, the Blues Brothers … :^)
Okay, one more. Blues Brothers - Sweet Home Chicago - C'mon, baby don't ya' wanna go...back to Sweet Home Chicago.
God that CG is terrible. Blues Brothers did this over 30 years ago without any CG.
Tick tock tick tock The Blues Brothers are about to rock
Yo this is legit how I found out who the blues Brothers were
One down, twenty to go!. The Blues Brothers is evidence that SNL movies can be great. Colored…
Serious question; is that poster based on the "Illinois Nazi" speech in the BLUES BROTHERS movie, or are they reall…
I think the blues brothers opened the Hard Rock Cafe
Immediately thought of Blues Brothers. "We're getting the band back together!"
automotive destruction in movies. I love stunt driving & mass auto chaos. The Cannonball films, Blues Brothers, 007 movies- that's my jam.
🎶SONG: . Los Lobos' "La Bamba". 🎙SUNG AS IF BY: . the Blues Brothers /slowly getting into it/
An evening with the Blues Brothers Friday 17 March book your tickets now
. Oh I am loving the car that end scene from Blues Brothers...
John Lee Hooker on the set of The Blues Brothers. Photo courtesy of
Caddyshack, Animal House, and the Blues Brothers aren't good.
He has, however, starred in The Burbs and Blues Brothers
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I liked a video The Blues Brothers 106 miles to Chicago
"Tattoo on his chest that says, 'Sweet Home Chicago.'" Robert Johnson or Blues Brothers version?
Just had a dream that Donald trump was attacking me with weapons from a window across the way and the Blues Brothers came and saved me🤔
Soul? Blues Brothers doesn't fit anywhere else. Neither does Ferris Bueller. While You Were Sleeping? You could do that in NY.
Sounds like dialogue from 'The Blues Brothers'. I would assume that now they hate Illinois AND Texas Nazis.
all these years later and they STILL sound like the Illinois Nazis at the rally in the Blues Brothers.
Just learned there's a Blues Brothers 2000 video game out there and it looks worse than you can probably imagine:
When you're going to see The Blues Brothers tonight, but you gotta listen to some Notorious B.I.G in his honor toda…
Only put four in. High Fidelity was considered as was Blues Brothers, Jackie Brown, Big Lebowski & Hard Day's Night
This thread says it all. . By the way, The Blues Brothers. Best. Movie. Ever.
Elwood & Zee carry on the tradition of the Blues Brothers. Headliners take the stage at 7:30 p.m. TONITE @ The Straw
Did you guys know Steven Speilberg is in Blues Brothers?
Might watch First Blood on 7mate at 9.30. May very well take the lead from Blues Brothers as my most watched movie.
I want one of them Blues Brothers t-shirts!
Dan Ackroyd sets up Blues Brothers..., Actor Dan Ackroyd and John-Oh YES it\\\'s
On the set of Chicago movie classic Blues Brothers, Carrie Fisher and Dan Aykroyd fell in love
Mavis Staples in a Blues Brothers shirt singing to Levon Helm while they sit in rocking chairs is everything I needed to make today better
showing the 4yo Blues Brothers because it's important to set a solid foundation for car chase expectations
Blues Brothers, starring Richard Dean Anderson and Jennifer Garner. Directed by Steven Spielberg, music by Talk Talk. Budget: $300m
That's the picture I'll keep in my memory: Carrie Fisher in Blues Brothers...
I love Princess Leia, but don't forget about how great she was as Jake's crazy ex in Blues Brothers where she had a FLAME THROWER 💪🏽
I know everybody is referencing Princess Leia, but I loved holding the flame thrower in Blues Brothers.
She came closer to killing the Blues Brothers than the combined forces of the National Guard, Illinois Nazis, *and* the Good Ol' Boys.
These modern day nazis remind me of Henry Gibson in the Blues Brothers. ILLINOIS NAZIS! *Snickers*
TIL Steve Cropper played on the original Soul Man by Sam and Dave, and the Blues Brothers version on SNL. So when …
He's on a mission from God - like the Blues Brothers. There's no stopping him now. MAGA!
Lorne finally said, Do the Blues Brothers thing. The response was amaz...
Mrs ghost at her works party. Definitely a Blues Brothers night
Freedom of Speech. See "Blues Brothers" for John Belushi's reply to Ill. nazi's rally.
Eddie Murray looks like Matt "Guitar" Murphy from the Blues Brothers movie and noted blues guitarist.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
everyone over 40 threw up laughing the first time they saw John Belushi play his guitar in Blues Brothers. there were rio…
I've deduced that the parade route is the same one the Blues Brothers took to the Richard J. Daley center
More time has passed since Blues Brothers 2000, than passed between Blues Brothers 2000 and the original Blues Brothers movie.
May I submit Animal House and Blues Brothers for consideration
Blues Brothers to Blues Brothers 2000 is right at the top (or the bottom, whatever)
Well got to fly have a good jump when you join the Blues Brothers.
I need fanart of Kima as Jake from the Blues Brothers, suit and hat, with four fried chickens and a Coke. Help me
Up late watching the Blues Brothers film. Absolutely classic, I'd forgotten how good it is. "I'd like some dry white toast…
I have Blues Brothers, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (I bought a second one for the card on the front. It was a moment of weakness)
Have we already forgotten Bill Clinton playing the saxophone with Blues Brothers shades on MTV/Arsenio Hall?
My Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Blues Brothers. Hook. Ghostbusters. Pretty in Pink. Constantine. Romy and Michelle's HS Reunion
(not in order). Super Mario Bros. Postal. Spaceballs. Blues Brothers. This is the End. The Interview. Batman and Robin
1. Transformers . 2. Priscilla Queen of the Desert. 3. Cars. 4. Blues Brothers . 5. Beauty and the Beast. 6. Beetlejuice. 7. Hitman
but without shipping how would Jared Leto Joker ever make Dan Ackroyd from Blues Brothers deepest sexual fantasies come true?!
word is Dan Aykroyd is rewriting Blues Brothers to Soul Sisters for Les jones.
Breast Cancer Awareness
So the quest to find God re: Blues Brothers..Elwood and Jake😝
Also at TNAFP event the incredible -one half of Blues Brothers w Dr Ernest Jones TNAFP President
Can we get a Blues Brothers remake with you two and an Elwood to be decided?
Jailhouse Rock? Sorry Blag, the Blues Brothers did it first!
how bout Blues Brothers as top bro movie.. 2 bros on a mission for God
Watched the Blues Brothers with on TV for the 74th time tonight! Bucket List to meet him in person one day 😊
Blues Brothers on the tubes this evening.
Jazz Fest 95' New Orleans at Monkey Hill. On the left one of the Blues Brothers!
Everybody talks about great is as Princess Leia, but she never gets enough credit for being badass in Blues Brothers.
The 95th Street Band will play us to the fireworks this year. Getting in the spirit with this Blues Brothers track!
I can't believe there hasn't been a single Blues Brothers visit. Daly Plaza. Lower Wacker Drive. ***
I imagine record stores must get a 2 for 1 deal on Elvis & Blues Brothers statues
John Belushi and Bill Murray on the set of Blues Brothers.
If you don't like the Blues Brothers, I'm sorry but you have no soul. DANCIN' TO THE JAILHOUSE ROCK!
Sackville Citizens Band will play music from Bach to Blues Brothers at its Annual Spring Concert, June 11th at 7:30pm in…
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Did the Blues get the magic star from Super Mario Brothers before game 3 and then it wore off before game 4?
To Fazlu Diesel from The Blues Brothers - Stand by your man (Tammy Wynette cover) - 1080p Ful... via
LMAO as refers to Fazlu as one of the 'Blues Brothers'
My first car was a '76 Toyota Corolla, like the one in 'Blues Brothers'. I absolutely in loved it. -Richard Hammond
The Blues Brothers - a classic movie with some amazing legendary musicians.
The band is playing the Blues Brothers! Does it get better than this?!
As much as I loved the original Blues Brothers is as much as I disliked 2000.
Tonight's the night for Blues Brothers screening:
.. This has gone from being the car-crash budget to the last 15 minute of the Blues Brothers.
Apparently the Blues think a 60 minute effort is like the magic star in Super Mario Brothers and carries over into the next game.
Are you ready? and The Blues Brothers are on the mission to Fun starts from 9:30pm
Postwar Dinosaur Blues by Darrell Bain only 99 cents at Amazon this week! The first in the series of The Williard Brothers. Amazon. Enjoy!
Today feels like a 'Watch all of the Blues Brothers movies and play sax' kind of day.
We're on a mission from God! Blues Brothers the cartoon is coming soon
Tonight are back for a one-off screening of The Blues Brothers to help   10% Off
TONIGHT! Get your costumes ready for tix: h…
Joining Ronnie Greer and my brothers in the blues tonight at the Courtyard Theatre, Ballyearl to bend them strings!
When taking blues is more important than going to the gym time for blues brothers 😡
It's a really fun movie from when car chases were all the rage. Cannonball Run, French Connection, Blues Brothers, Dukes of Hazz
Doesn't surprise me. Blues Brothers is also his fav movie! What a guy!! Great hire!
OZ Modz called his mod 'Mad Scientist', it's an even better fit than casting Jack Black for a Blues Brothers remake. http…
If Fulton Reed and Dean Portman played for the Blues would they have changed their name to the "Blues Brothers"? LMK.
This looks like a Blues Brothers "We're getting the band back together moment".
Hey, a-hole in the crown vic' with the spotlight on the mirror, if ur not a cop (or one of the Blues Brothers) you don't need a police car.
Big news for Blues Brothers' fans in WNY.
Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi with Johnny Lee Hooker on the set of the Blues Brothers (1980)
Ms Fisher with Blues Brothers co stars John Belushi and Dan Akroyd.
I liked a video Blues Brothers 2000 OST - 12 John the Revelator
Did you know that every time a House Of Blues opens Dan Akroyd and Jim Belushi perform as the Blues Brothers? How timely and hip!
Are they as good as James Brown's in the Blues Brothers? That's my benchmark when it comes to pastor speeches
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
A night you’ll remember as you sing along with the Blues Brothers! Call our events team for tickets 01522 565197
Am I the only one who thinks that Donald Trump kind of looks like Henry Gibson's character in the Blues Brothers?
blues brothers, fight club, heaven can wait, gravity, the Martin, the right stuff, desperado, hunt for red October,
Party like its 1837. Happy Birthday , Love the Blues Brothers & xoxo
Mark Morris band now playing some Blues Brothers. Yes!
New episode My Brothers and I debut Portland Rock. Van Wilks with new Texas blues album. at
season is like the car chase in Blues Brothers but we're the cop cars.
Stand By Your Man -Blues Brothers. And if you love him . Can be proud of him
Brothers' Shake your Tail Feather. Jose's walk up song!
Pork Pie Hats and sunglasses ready?! Handful of seats left for the tonight! ht…
What about an episode of Sawbones focusing on the Blues Brothers?
Die Jungs sind bereit...Blues Brothers live an Bord
Looks like a great idea, off to see blues brothers.
Tonight's Kentuckiana Blues Radio Show will feature music by Nick Harless and the Harless Brothers, Greg Schaber...
Modex 2016: Get funky at industry night with the Blues Brothers Revue -
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He looks like the head of the Illinois Nazis from The Blues Brothers. Lol
Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi are doing The Blues Brothers live tonight & I'm going to miss it. That's depressing. Very very depressing
So many to choose from, but would probably go for Soul Food Cafe, Blues Brothers
Because sometimes you can only communicate in terms of the Blues Brothers .
Ultimate Blues Brothers tribute show now available
The weekend starts on Friday with The Chicago Blues Brothers
I had a dream I was riding around Austin with Kendrick Lamar and no one recognized him. But we saw the Blues Brothers and everyone knew them
Me gustó un video de Just Dance 4 : Everybody needs somebody to love - Blues Brothers
I guess you never saw The Blues Brothers. However, the insanity of this photograph is beyond the pale.
It's been a long time since I last watched it but The Blues Brothers is a wild ride from start to finish.
That's okay. I love your Blues Brothers profile picture!
"Blues brothers no music though these clues just a muse tryna keep em confuseddd"
My 8yo's like, "His dad will let him see anything." No freakin way. Now yes, mine have seen Blues Brothers (R for language) 1/2
Ann Coulter reminds me of the Illinois Nazi guy with the bullhorn in The Blues Brothers
A man on a mission from God ♫ Everybody Needs Somebody to Love by The Blues Brothers —
Little Giant Ladders
my dad is playing Soul Man by the blues brothers and invisible by u guys! This will be very interesting
has to be performed behind chicken wire a la Blues Brothers 😈
I keep forgetting I have blues brothers saved on my spotify until I get really disoriented when a song comes on
Blues Brothers is the greatest musical and documentary of all time.
Congrats to the The Delgado Brothers Band - we can't wait to have these living legends at the Fountain Blues...
Reminds me of John Belushi in Blues Brothers when he's in tunnel saying anything to get Carrie Fisher to believe him.
I seriously want to start a Blues Brothers tribute band!!
great song blues brothers song Almost live concert
Listening to Come & Go Blues by The Allman Brothers Band on
Tickets to The Evening of Art and Blues will be available at the door tomorrow! Band of Brothers Brewing Company, 7pm!!
"I kinda like that *he puts on an announcers voice* Ladies and gentlemen. please give a round of applause for The Blues Brothers!"
Does anybody have a copy of The Blues Brothers on DVD that I could borrow this weekend?
In honor of the Allman Brothers Band's album Eat a Peach's 44th anniversary, check out this version of Little...
Opie is not a fan of the Blues Brothers in the Hollister basement lol
The is good for you...Not My Cross To Bear - The Allman Brothers
John Lee Hooker performing Boom Boom in The Blues Brothers. One of the greatest scenes in blues history.
Lookin like 97/98! Elway was winnin bowls, D ware was getting the band together! A mission from God!blues brothers!
Meet the winners of The international blues challenge. The Delgado Brothers Band. . Stay tuned for our March...
Me and with the director of Animal House, Blues Brothers, Trading Places and Thriller. JOHN LANDIS https:…
Blues Brothers 2000 Playing as Elwood Blues in Blues Brothers 2000, You're a Man on a Mission. the Bad Guys Have
Can u see he and I walking N2 a corporation with Guy Fawkes masks, white shirts, black tie, black Blues Brothers
2 revelations whilst watching festive TV:the Blues Brothers stole the "Leave during your performance to avoid capture" from the Von Trapps
It would be cool to bring Key & Peele back for LMFAO. They also did a LMFAO skit on their show. Peter, Lloyd as Blues Brothers
do i like the Forbidden Zone version of Minnie The Moocher more than the Blues Brothers? U BETCHA
*** look at all those police cars in that wide shot. Looks like the Blues Brothers at the Richard J. Daley plaza.
Bay to become a Blues Brothers fest with Steve Cropper added
the keyboardist for the Blues Brothers was actually Paul Shaffer, the other guy was only for the movie.
Steve Cropper sparked a key moment in the Blues Brothers legend: ?They started dancing and clowning around?
Peter Gunn by King Curtis on No.125: BLUES & Soul Masters who inspired the Blues Brothers in KaiserTone ♪♪
and the fact that he was dressed up as Jake Blues from the Blues Brothers, what a g
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You forgot that Donald "Duck" Dunn also played with the Blues Brothers. Love the show.
The president of Tops Friendly Markets was just in a Blues Brothers-themed commercial with Rex Ryan. Sports are cancelled tonight go home.
They should remake Blues Brothers and do everything exactly the same, except Jake and Elwood just speak Spanish the whole time
Well...I was surfing on a jazz stanza, wailing in my sax in my Blues Brothers costume, with my fillifriend boxing with a giant squid.
Day 15. Went to a restaurant that reminded me of a place in the Blues Brothers movie. Can you name…
This thing you have is so dumb that I honestly *wish* you would watch Blues Brothers 2000, which no actually should do.
just watched Comedy Central mangle-edited version of Blues Brothers yesterday. Rocky Horror Picture Show is def in my faves.
Chicago comes up as an answer and my daughter shouts THAT'S WHERE THE BLUES BROTHERS LIVE! How many dad points is that worth?
I added a video to a playlist Blues Brothers - Everybody Needs Somebody
Derek Ferguson , one of the blues brothers chasing him
35 years ago this weekend, my favorite movie opened in theaters! Yay for The Blues Brothers!!
According to Dan Aykroyd, during the shooting of The Blues Brothers cocaine was included in the movie's budget.
Just finished listening to with click & clack the tappet brothers distant relatives of blues brothers cousins to the three stooges!
Reportedly the Heimlich maneuver lead to an engagment for two stars of this movie
It was insulting to open for the Blues Brothers, a comedy act based on them. They may have done a few dates but I think they just said "nah"
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They got back together after the hype of the Blues Brothers renewed interest in Sam & Dave. But they refused to tour as an opening act
That Bernie Mac/Sam Jackson flick "Soul Men" was loosely based on Sam & Dave. As were the Blues Brothers much more directly
Blues Brothers / Blues Brothers 2000 Blues BrothersDrake and Josh are as differe...
Such a great talent and a great loss. The Blues Brothers... Orange whip?
My dream was to always have a Blues Brothers cover band.
This week in 1979 the Blues Brothers started filming at a prison in Joiliet, Illinois. Any Blues Brothers fans...
35 years ago this weekend, The Blues Brothers opened. The link here is to the story of Aykroyd and Belushi, how...
Blues brothers is such a let down as a movie but great music
next on the Kibby Factor with Bonobo> Shpongle> The Brothers Nylon + MK> and
I was reminded of Rawhide by The Blues Brothers when I last visited our local bar! HUGE Confederate flag on the wall!
As the guy in back is Henry Gibson, he showed form as Unlikely Nazi (Blues Brothers).
Plans for this saturday: listen to the Blues Brothers soundtrack, draw and then watch a Bill Murray movie
.Movies? Blues Brothers not family material? Uncle Buck, Splash, Field of Dreams, Hairspray, Otis and Milo, Tapeheads
Balkun Brothers album is a top heavy blues album. Buy it thru Contact. david
The Blues Brothers debuted 35 years ago this weekend. Still one of my favorites. via VanityFair
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Interview Le Parisien for Balkun Brothers album. Borderline-Blues-Agency represent them in France. Contact us
How much for your women? I want to buy your daughter... how much for the little girl? -- Jake Blues, "The Blues Brothers"
The Blues Brothers is hands down one of the best films ever 😄
35 yrs ago this weekend the Blues Brothers opened. The definitive read on the film:
My favorite Princess Leia outfit is the one she wears when she tries to kill the Blues Brothers with a bazooka.
Dan Aykroyd, Judy Belushi, and Paul Shaffer present TONIGHT– Who can name the most Blues Brothers classics?
Last night I witnessed a musical set in a morgue. With songs in style of Book of Mormon, Hairspray, Les Mis & Blues Brothers...
Evil Blizzard. That underlying bass line is like a fast Peter Gunn theme from the Blues Brothers!😎 Just me feeling it?😎
listener request and : Blues Brothers - Everybody Needs Somebody To Love at
Sounded like Belushi in the Blues Brothers explaining why he stood Carrie Fischer up at the wedding.
"How to play Sweet Home Chicago by Blues Brothers on Piano Sheet Music" : via
was going for a Blues Brothers reference, but I also do hate Illinois Republicans. NY/NJ a close 2nd. PA/OH distant 3rd
Blues hat with glasses child size hat, LINK:.
How have grown people not seen the Blues Brothers?
came up at work today. 2 girls in their 20's had no clue who he was. I was like "Ghostbusters?", "Blues Brothers?". Nothing..
We still have a few places left for the Blues Brothers tribute night on Tuesday 27th October at La Capannina, as...
In other news: how do I not have the Blues Brothers soundtrack digitally? Something is wrong here.
I liked a video from She Caught The Katy Cover by The Blues Brothers
The Blues Brothers! . I love that film more than a lot of my family.
Tonight sees the fabulous Peter Kay tribute and the blues brothers tribute Glasshoughton WMC £20 on the door 7:30pm
Highkey want the outside of my BOMBED AT APOLLO! Store to be like Maxwell Street in the Blues Brothers
*comes to collect you, Blues Brothers style*
The Allman Brothers Band - Southbound They were the best mix of blues and rock
I’d watch Blues Brothers 2224 with holograms of and you as Tom Arnold as John Goodman.
Henry is describing Blues Brothers to me, scene by scene, in detail.
Rewatching it, the ending of The Blues Brothers is basically GTA
I liked a video Blues Brothers Band - Sweet Home Chicago
u remember the blues brothers. Dan Akroyd and belushi
Wright Brothers flew an airplane in 1903. McDonalds starts serving breakfast all day in 2015. The bar is obviously lower.
in the words of the Blues Brothers, "I need you you you, I need you you you..."
We're so excited to go back in time to 1980 tomorrow with a screening of the Blues Brothers MOVIE!
The Blues Brothers crashed through what store to get into the mall?. 1,Sears. 2,Dillards. 3,Toy-R-Us. 4,Target.
Gala opening for with at Oct 22 inc. screening of "The Blues Brothers". htt…
Can I be a Better Lover? - What is love? Wilson Pickett, The Rolling Stones and The Blues Brothers echoed Solomon ...
Find out why Walter Banasiak thinks Blues Brothers 2000 *** in his latest Reel Reviews!
Tickets now on sale for the Blues Brothers at St Georges Hall - do not miss it folks
The Shining, Blues Brothers, The Empire Strikes Back, Friday the 13th, Caddyshack and Airplane! were all released in the same summer, 1980.
The band and cheer just killed it with a tremendous "Blues Brothers" Homecoming production at halftime. Really well done
"We're the good ol' Blues Brothers, Boys, Band, from Chicago."
That "getting the band back together" is a Blues Brothers reference. The The Democratic debate mods will need to STEP UP.
ONg, the Jazz Band is like a Blues Brothers concert, complete with Minnie the Moocher! 💗💗💗💗
I liked a video from Blues Brothers: Phil Jagielka v Leighton Baines
Wait, I was going to mention the Blues Brothers reference. Bugger! :/ Saying that *my* brother performs with a BB tribute band.
OMG! This is hysterical! I cannot wait for Parker to watch the Blues Brothers!!
I watched the Blues Brothers in full for the first time yesterday and it makes me wish I could just go and smash cars like that
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18 years gone by, I actually like Blues Brothers 2000… Any fan of Erykah Badu or Scandal’s Joe Morton needs to see it.
Here are the beloved Blues Brothers (even though they are hens). Two named Elwood and Jake. With a...
My ultimate movie crossover would be the Blues Brothers on a European tour and, while in London, Elwood is bitten by a werewolf
I have to apoligize to Ted Cruz for commenting that he looks like one of the Good Ole' Boys from the Good Ole' Boys on the Blues Brothers
why have you got one of the blues brothers covering the game at Fratton Park? ;)
KICK OFF! We're underway at Ibrox and at Ferney Park! . Come on the blues brothers!
Still time to catch Wooden Maiden and Comitted To The Blues Brothers!!
Glee: we're doing movie songs . Me: IF YOU DO THE BLUES BROTHERS ILL SET FIRE TO YOU
Looking at what Steve Cropper and Duck Dunn looked like in the Blues Brothers, and looking at them here. Stax 4evR
the untouchables, the fugitive, ferris bueller, the blues brothers .any other necessary viewing before moving to Chicago in two weeks?
That is from the greatest musical film ever made, The Blues Brothers, one of my all time fave films.
What is the Blues Brothers favourite type of melon?. Honey dew, dew dew.
express way..that's the best way.. Blues Brothers
News flash! and have teamed up to show the Blues Brothers on Oct 17th. (cont)
BALKUN BROTHERS (USA) - CONTROL YOURSELF taken from BALKUN BROTHERS, release out Oct 2015 on Borderline Blues .
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Bored, so I'm listening to songs from the Blues Brothers movies. The first movie's soundtrack is so good. Blues Brothers 2000, not so much.
round the troops up (steeldrivers) like the Blues Brothers did and come to Basilica Block Party in Minneapolis! they are by popular demand, the Blues Brothers at Whitley Bay ice rink yesterday (aka Allan Doran and...
Green Onions isn't John Lee Hooker, it's Booker T and the MG's. The band Steve Cropper (of the Blues Brothers) was in.
Taylor Swift to audiences: Career of Jim Belushi VASTLY under-appreciated, ends show with “Men in Black’ dressed in full Blues Brothers garb
Rachel Morgan announces the VPAT Season of Shows for 2015-16. Wilson Phillips, Blues Brothers, Clint Black, & more!
Blues Brothers. Fast Times At Ridgemont high. Ferris Bueler. Bull Durham. (This is easier at home. I can pull names off shelf)
. Brings to mind the Blues Brothers scene where Jake runs the nazis into the water.
kicks off with Tom Durkin doing his best Blues Brothers impression
Is this emcee Tom Durkin or one if the Blues Brothers who lost his way?
That Tour of Poland crash wouldn't have looked out of place at the end of the Blues Brothers. Y'know, if it had been on bikes like...
Ha! Hopefully there is less bottle throwing there than in that Blues Brothers bar though...
Film failures who don't learn and keep doing what they do? Blues Brothers with the prison concert.
Was this before or after they were all wrecked on Blues Brothers?
Holding out for the Blues Brothers-esque film about the band in the Mos Eisley cantina.
Live Music in Broward tonight incudes:. - Blues Brothers at Marina84 Sports Bar & Grill. - Sunset Bay Band at...
Somehow I picture the Stanley Cup being raced through The Loop like the chase scene in the Blues Brothers.
"We'd like to welcome all the members of Illinois' law enforcement community..." Blues Brothers' tunes with old fashioneds
All con-laundry finally done. Bacon cheddar pierogies for dinner. Vodka tonic. Blues Brothers on the TV. A good night had by all concerned.
Elvis & Blues Brothers at the today at Shorncliffe, Cheriton!
I don't care that Dan Ackroyd is like a less funny Robert Plant. The Blues Brothers movie is great
Seen Paul Revere and the Raiders at Peterboro Memorial Centre in 1967 or 68? But one of the best is the Blues Brothers!
Yeah tried to make it from Winston Churchill ... was like the Blues Brothers. No chance.
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