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Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine is a 2010 romantic drama film written and directed by Derek Cianfrance. The film premiered in competition at the 26th Sundance Film Festival.

Ryan Gosling Michelle Williams Derek Cianfrance Only God Forgives Real Girl Neil Young Cate Blanchett Ides of March Bradley Cooper Eva Mendes Blue Jasmine Les Mis

Just sea, sun, blue sky, and surrender. Her Valentine Romance by Margaret Sutherland
Roses are red. Violets are blue. It's almost Valentine's Day. But IDFWU
Roses are red, violets are blue. Watch "Today is the Day for Valentine's" on Netflix, Season 2!
'What you doing for Valentine's Day?' . Me: yes
Hey those *** took blue valentine off netflix. Fml
might watch blue valentine and/or place beyond the pines before going to see la la land again. I dont know
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La La Land wasn't his best. Blue Valentine and The Place Beyond the Pines were far better performances. Lars and the Real Girl, too.
Shame general audiences know Gosling for dreck like Notebook/LaLa. 1 of the best. Drive, Place Beyond Pines,Blue Valentine,Lars Real Girl
Full Nelson, Blue Valentine. I can see Drive being divisive.
BOLD STATEMENT: Ryan Gosling is a better singer in Blue Valentine than in LA LA Land
Mike Vogel and Michelle Williams sex scene in Blue Valentine
Finished learning my lines for tomorrow! Gonna stay up late and watch Blue Valentine even though I'll regret it in the…
Magnolia. then watch Blue Valentine & Lost In Translation back to back they play off eachother perfect
Blue Valentine manages simultaneously make me unbelievably happy and rips my heart out every time I watch it.
I don't know, I just feel like I should just stop... You know, thinking about it, but I can't. - Blue Valentine (2010)
I need blue valentine, submarine, and celeste and jesse forever on dvd tbh.
Lavender's blue, dilly dilly,. Lavender's green. When you are king, dilly dilly,. I shall be queen💖
Blue Valentine ...still i hope someday
Blue Valentine is still as painful to watch the second time.
Honestly the hottest Ryan Gosling has ever been is in blue valentine when he's old and balding don't try and fight me on this
gotta rewatch stuck in love, comet, blue valentine, and spotless mind because I want to die
Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine are performance goals
Blue Valentine (2010). A movie that's impact is significant regardless of its viewings. Heartbreaking, and an honest representation of love
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Our "Balloon Dog (Blue)" is looking for puppy love this Valentine's Day. Any takers? 🐶💖
Empire State Building was Valentine red. Now it's Sadness blue.
the Blue Valentine of rap videos. . .
I see A LOT of knock off "master 12's" "Valentine's Day 12's" and "French blue 12's" on my TL's, PLEASE CONSULT AN EXPERT BEFORE WASTING $$$
blue valentine is out now on soundCloud & & youtube linK…
Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. It's almost Valentine's Day but ...
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the little blue elf twitched its ears. "Duuuh do you always just say hi to random people?"
"arent you the one that just came along like that?". The blue elf tilted its head a little, long white locks waving aside
If you saw Blue Valentine you know how much Born To Die fits into the movie
In other news Blue Valentine is a lovely romantic movie
If I wasn't heartless, I would be crying at blue valentine right now
I just heard that Blue Horseshoe loves ALRM and so do Winthorpe & Valentine, LOL. Please!
I need to order hard copies of the basketball diaries, blue valentine, and Palo Alto 🙏🏻📽🎞
How about the 'Valentine Surprise'?. It's a 12 incher with blue balls 😏
This Valentine’s Day, we helped spread the love by giving out complimentary roses:
Roses are red . Violets are blue. No plans for Valentine's dinner. Think I'll eat some Puritan stew
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Blue Valentine by Tanya Shatseva. Check it out -
From the director of Blue Valentine. I'm already done. THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS - OFFICIAL TRAILER [HD]
Randy Blue: Nick Sterling makes his bareback debut with Lukas Valentine
Roses are red, violets are blue. It's Valentine's Day but idfwu.
No movie breaks my heart the way that blue valentine does.
I am not a big Blue Valentine fan, but he and Williams are great together in it.
nope. Closest since then is BLUE VALENTINE, and that film gets real *** close overall. But for Gosling, he's gone the other way.
Brokeback Mountain is pretty up to par with Blue Valentine with me; both are so good yet so sad
Blue Valentine (2011) movie, Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams, cianfrance
Eternal Sunshine, Requiem for a Dream, Blue Valentine, 6 Years, and Ruby Sparks make me so sad after I watch them
Monumental news for and me: Spotify has uploaded both Townes Van Zandt's self-titled album and "Blue Valentine" by Tom Waits
Hungover as sin, arsenal just got embarrassed, was trying to find Blue Valentine on Netflix there but it's for the best that it's not there
i really liked him around Blue Valentine. I wish he was with Michele Williams. I loved them.
Blue Valentine and Closer are my favorite romance movies bc they show the reality of how actual relationships play out
Michelle Williams is cute in a dazzling way. She's a good actor too. I mean her performance in Blue Valentine was pretty good.
It's the tattooed broken promise, I gotta hide beneath my sleeve. I'm gonna see you every time I turn my back -tom waits, 'blue valentine'
Blue Valentine performing pieces from Tsetita :-) New track from The Reggae Collection will be available on...
Blue Valentine make s me want to just cry and cry and cry
“You will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”-Blue Valentine
Sharingan is red. Rasengan is blue. Be my valentine. or I'll Chidori you
Jake Davis and Lukas Valentine on the set of Randy Blue
Red isn't compulsory I'll go with blue this valentine ;)
Yall remember we had a code blue on Valentine's Day 😂😂😂😂
Can't watch Blue Valentine without bawling my eyes out the entire time, followed by 30 minutes of crying after the movie is over
Why are middle school girls skipping the awkward stage & going straight to pretty? You gotta get braces & wear blue eyeshadow. …
Like, Blue Valentine is a work of art
I wanted to watch Blue Valentine today
I'm about to watch Blue Valentine again. H e l p.
I watched Blue Valentine for the first time four years ago today and I'm still crying about it
"I was worried The Fire would be too similar to Blue Valentine.I thought my film needed similar commitment"
Blue Valentine is the story of my life
Watch "Blue Valentine" and forget about this marriage business.
Blue Valentine is really one of my favourite movies ever!
Blue valentine is so heartbreaking.
the reader, the king's speech, the usual suspects, An education, blue Valentine
Blue Valentine: great movie, always a terrible idea to watch.
this weekend i watching Great Expectations, Requiem For A Dream, Place Beyond The Pines, and Blue Valentine.
Blue Valentine is such a great story!
I added a video to a playlist Blue Valentine (Ryan Gosling - Michelle Williams)
Need to get back into my Ryan Gosling... Place Beyond the Pines, Blue Valentine, Only God Forgives & of course, Drive! I LOVE HIM
Blue Valentine with Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams literally making me cry a river,
I had a nightmare.Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan doing a sequel of Blue Valentine as *** lovers looking for revenge on DiCaprio.
try not to be riled by awards but Olivia & Michelle Williams not winning an Oscar for Blue Valentine? FURY.
Blue Valentine is the most depressing movie and I love it
Great interview with Derek Cianfrance, director of 2 of my favorite films: Place Beyond the Pines & Blue Valentine.
Every woman's nightmare is to turn into Michelle Williams' character in Blue Valentine. Especially when you have a Ryan Gosling goofball :(
When it's not working, it's best to walk away, right? Just like Dean in 'Blue Valentine"
Film critics couldn't help but give Place Beyond the Pines positive reviews, although it was not a consensus. Fans followed suit by loving the movie, many calling this film their new favorite. Place Beyond the Pines was a real treat for devoted Ryan Gosling fans. They had seen his great performances in movies like Remember the Titans, Blue Valentine, Crazy, Stupid Love, and Drive, entering the theatre with high expectations.
Half-Nelson, Lars and the New Girl, Blue Valentine, and Remember the Titans; I enjoyed those too (and The Notebook, of course).
The soundtrack for Blue Valentine is almost as perfect as Ryan Gosling's face.
Maybe I'll put on Elliott Smith and watch Blue Valentine again after.
Bone Machine was my intro to Waits. Still love it. Blue Valentine, Rain Dogs & Black Rider too.
BRAZIL, ADOPT A PET: On this Brazilian Valentine’s day give the gift of love
Roses are red. Violets are blue. Be my valentine. The blood is red. The Bruises are blue. Don't say no...
Blue Valentine will be the first sad movie ill watch
How do you not crumble after Blue Valentine?
It might be my new favourite movie, AND my new go-to depression movie. Sorry, Blue Valentine!
"Blue Valentine is the best movie I have ever seen that I would never recommend to anyone."
I really just chugged 4 Berrs to Blue Valentine
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
When Dean decorates the old mans room in Blue Valentine...😢😭
well that, and he gave some feministical interviews around the time Blue Valentine was released - something about cuts
Saturday night flick: Ira & Abby (2006). Dig it having nearly the same key line about aspirations as Blue Valentine.
i cry every time i was Blue Valentine. never fails.
Okay I'm gonna go watch Blue Valentine and then A Walk to Remember.
Wanna watch Blue Valentine, I heard it's a powerful, raw movie
Blue is just working out with Jill Valentine. It's fine, since she got the booty.
"The best of the Saturn Return genre includes Reality Bites, Singles, Bridesmaids, Lola Versus, even Blue Valentine".
If you ever want to smile again, don't watch blue valentine.
Watched Blue Valentine on a whim AND now I'm depressed forever.
Ah Blue Valentine. If (500) Days of Summer was a Flintstones vitamin, then this is fist sized suppository up the ***
I didnt even cry during blue valentine but i feel even more wary of marriage now
Just watched "Her" and I'm not really sure how I feel about anything now. This is "Blue Valentine" numb.. and I refuse to go through that again!
Gonna watch blue valentine cause Ryan Gosling is in it and he's hot af and I wanna watch a chickflick cause I feel like being a girl tonight
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Valentine's Day should be our Straight Pride Parade Day! Women wear pink, men wear blue!
Our Hancock/Skipper W bred mare, hopefully in foal to a Blue Valentine baby due next spring. She is not only an excellent all around horse used for ranch work but she is this little girls rodeo and show pony.
And I die a little more on each st. valentine day Remember that I promised I would Write you... these blue valentines
You're a real *** if you've seen Blue Valentine more than once
"How do you trust your feelings when they can just disappear like that" -blue valentine
Blue Valentine is an incredible movie. I cried way too many times though 😢
Her best performance IMHO. Or second after Blue Valentine.
Watching Blue Valentine with and the dog's name is Megan 😕
will the film blue valentine with Ryan Gosling make me feel like love is the greatest thing in the world or make me cy…
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Even after 35 years the album "Blue Valentine" still manages to hold up. One of my favorites.
Mini Rant: The fact that Blue Valentine(2010) initially recieved an NC-17 rating for having a scene that implied that a man was giving oral sex to his wife, while The Wolf of Wall Street(2013) recieved an R rating for having a HUGE amount of sex shows how biased and unfair the MPAA ratings board are.
We speak to Ryan Gosling about his latest project, Blue Valentine and the trials people can face when falling in love... More movie interviews:
Little Giant Ladders
The love between Ryan Gossling and Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine is the most beautiful thing.
Short Term 12, Donnie Darko, Blackfish, Blue Valentine, and What's Eating Gilbert Grape are my personal favorites
I love all his films, Blue Valentine, Place Beyond The Pines, Drive, Only God Forgives, The Notebook... Uh his just perfect!
Just made it to Chicago! We're on Fearless Radio today at 4 and then it's on to the Beat Kitchen for our show tonight with The Blind Staggers, Steve Leaf and Blue Valentine! 9 pm
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Ryan Gosling in A Place Beyond the Pines / Blue Valentine is basically all i want in a man
watching Blue Valentine. I've decided that Michelle Williams must be an incredibly great actress.
Blue Valentine. Enjoyed it. Ryan Gosling is great eye candy but Michelle Williams really shines as an actress.
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It would be a tie for best Tom Waits album between The Heart of Saturday Night and Blue Valentine, but I prefer the deeper vocals on Blue.
I chose to fall asleep laughing. I can watch Blue Valentine and cry next pmdd week. Sometimes life is enough and choosing to laugh is best..
Blue Valentine is my favorite Ryan Gosling movie, and it's every girls least favorite.
The time we had famous celebrity Ryan Gosling visit our town for three seconds in his film Blue Valentine and in the distance you can see the lovely AV Outlet!
The maintenance man reminds me of Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine uh...
Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams in 'Blue Valentine' is probably one of the strongest performances I've seen in recent years.
"I like how you can compliment and insult somebody at the same time." At 11pm, Ryan Gosling & Michelle Williams star in Blue Valentine.
Derek Cianfrance brings together Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams for bittersweet 'Blue Valentine' on Film4 at 23.00.
Blue Jasmine equals Blue Valentine on the depressing stakes..
Cate Blanchett has won the Oscar for best actress and become the first Australian to win two Academy Awards for acting. She received the award for her role in Blue Valentine and was up against international stars Sandra Bullock and Amy Adams. Good job Woman's Day. Blue Valentine?
Married to in Shutter Island, got with Eddie Redmayne in My Week With Marilyn, Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine...
Rules: in your status list 12 albums that have stayed with you in some way over the years. Don't take long, just a few minutes. These don't have to be great albums or critical darlings just ones that mean something to you personally. Then tag 10 friends,including me, so we can see your list. Wendy Murphy, Siobhan O'Sullivan, Catherina O'Sullivan, JR Carlin, Clare Irwin, Rosa Murray, Úna O'Sullivan, Barry Condon, Joe FoleyAlfa Santos. 1. Blue Valentine - Tom Waits 2. London Calling - The Clash 3. Nebraska - Bruce Springsteen 4. Look Sharp - Joe Jackson 5. Up From Below - Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros 6. Jagged Little Pill - Alanis Morisette 8. Automatic For The People - R.E.M. 9. Never Mind The *** - The Sex Pistols 10. Avalon - Roxy Music 11. Hypnotised - The Undertones 12. The Fine Art of Surfacing - The Boomtown Rats How did I leave out The Ramones, Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr, Richard Hawley, the White Stripes, Neil Young, The Jam. a lot harder than it appears at first glance :-(
Will cheer myself up later by watching Blue Valentine & reminding myself all relationships are doomed to fail. Even ones with Ryan Gosling.
10)Blue Valentine: A completely different kettle of fish to that other Ryan Gosling film about love, Blue Valentine follows a relationship from initial romance through to its slow, painful death.
Movie Announcer Voice: This valentines day comes a movie unlike any you've seen before. Two heterosexual, Caucasian, able bodied, above average attractive people fall in love with each other. Confronted by minor inconviences like family disapproval, physical distance, or imaginary emotional problems exacerbated into a sappy 90 minutes which will inexplicably include a scene of them kissing in the rain. "A clear manipulation of mainstream perceptions of love and romance with American women" - New York Times "Winner of 0 major film awards" "A trite and cliche portrayal of privileged white America" - Chicago Tribune. Guys! See it with your girlfriend, then guilt her into oral sex. Ladies! See it with a group of your female friends and feel inadequate about your romantic possibilities. If you love The Notebook, Dear John, The Vow, Safe Haven, Blue Valentine, The Last Song, A Walk to Remember, About Time, Ps I Love You, Crazy Stupid Love, Love Actually, When Harry Met Sally, The Proposal, forgetting Sarah Mars ...
Scene from the movie "Blue Valentine", where the character played by Ryan Gosling (Dean) sings and plays "You Always Hurt The Ones You Love", while the chara...
Movie suggestions on Netflix...? anyone? I like drama thriller type stuff... And like super depressing dramatic stuff... like Place Beyond the Pines and Blue Valentine and Ryan Gosling... m...
I hate it when Ryan Gosling dies on screen many times do I have to mourn his death!!! Let the man live! (The Notebook, Place Beyond the Pines, Drive, Blue Valentine (got his heart broken might as well have died).AH
I'm guessing the band with the 'Love Don't Die' song on the radio never saw Blue Valentine. Or Revolutionary Road. Or Annie Hall. Or
Blue Valentine tells everything you need to know.
I started watching blue valentine a couple of nights ago but I was too sad to keep watching it so yeah I haven't finished it
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I wonder why my wireless keeps blue screening my computer? Hmmm...
The grandma in Blue Valentine looks freakishly like Gollum
I'm feeling real... Pessimistic. I'm gonna go watch Blue Valentine.
Name a few movies you can watch over and over? — The Notebook. Blue Valentine. Step Up Revolution
Watch Blue Valentine if you want your heart to break 😭💔
Watching blue valentine and getting food delivered, best Thursday night.
Blue Valentine is still one of the saddest movies I've ever seen
Blue valentine is THE best movie eva
Even hving mono+being told I'll have 2go2 ER bc my tonsils will block my air pssage, the hrdest thing 2 recover from will be Blue Valentine
Just watched Blue Valentine on Netflix. What a depressing movie seriously *** why did I watch that
make your own tiny elephant love note! DIY paper toy for Valentines.
"Her" is the warm and somewhat silicon-scented hug we've all desperately needed since watching "Blue Valentine."
Blue valentine has probably got to be one of my favorite movies of all time
Who's this biotch in Blue Valentine like hello it's not that hard to love Ryan Gosling just DO IT
Valentine earrings Valentine gift blue flower by artemisartdesign via
I should not have seen Blue Valentine right now
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Dude. I bought Blue Valentine, The Squid and the Whale and A Single Man. I haven't seen any of them, but I think my heart might explode.
no, i mean for this year's oscars. Blue Valentine was 2010. :)
After the week, month, year I've had. I think I want to watch Blue Valentine again. Just need a pick me up...
Ryan Gosling looks atrocious in Blue Valentine. It's sort of heart warming that even he can.
I just recvd the cutest garland from this shop! Blue Heart Garland / Valentine Heart Garland by DoesMeadow via
"Ive never talk to her before but I saw her&I just felt like I knew her like when a song comes on and you just have to dance" Blue Valentine
so if i broke your heart last night, it's because i love you most of all. Bu gecenin filmi blue valentine olsun.
Boy Valentine Two Photo Invitation: “Roses are red, violets are blue, our little boy’s turning 1 and we want t...
Blue Valentine has just become my favourite film ever.
I would rate Blue Valentine a little over this album and his. first two records as well.
30 off entire store blue Valentine heart box quilted by EMTWTT via
I'm watching blue valentine cause it's depressing lol
Blue Valentine is a great movie showing what real commitment is
what I got for Valentine's day last year? Debt and blue balls.
Blue Valentine is arguably the worst movie ever made.
Valentines is just around the corner! Love this x
Look in my portfolio, you'll find fine vectors for Valentine's Day
Mr Cianfrance why didn't you use the merry go round scene in blue valentine. What a beautiful shot wasted 😔
Blue and missing you~ perfect heart for your long distance Valentine
Every ❤️ beats true for the red, white, and blue. 󾓬󾓦 Made this Valentine for a vet and you should too!...
This blue & white stripe pajama set would make a great gift & Valentine's Day is just around the corner!
“You always hurt the ones you love. The ones you shouldn’t hurt at all.” -Blue Valentine
Thought this red/white 3/4 sleeve baseball tee would be cool bc Ryan Gosling wears it in Blue Valentine, but it's so Red Sox it makes me die
Just gonna watch Blue Valentine with my cat.
Also, "The Deep Blue Sea" with Rachel Weisz is along the same sort of "this isn't going to work" like Blue Valentine.
Just got done watching Blue Valentine and I cant stop crying my eyes out 😔 Ryan Gosling is such a great actor.
Wel nobody really heard the song until it was put in Blue Valentine in 2010. One more reason all things Ryan Gosling are good.😊
So THIS is absolutely wonderful, Evan Rachel Wood is now at the top of my list. Apparently Ryan Gosling said something similar about Blue Valentine and now I love him even more.
Blue Valentine sounds good. This ain't no Die Hard 5 or expendables 3 Linds. Proper films
The little girl in the movie Blue Valentine... She is perfect.
The only worth while part of Blue Valentine was the fact that Ryan Gosling took his shirt off
Did you guys notice in Blue Valentine when Gosling gave Michelle Williams head with gum in his mouth?
Ides of March or Blue Valentine. I love Drive. But i can see why people wouldnt.
yeah I'll just go watch blue valentine again for the billionth time
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Blue Valentine is such a real movie, its sad because that's just life 😭😭
i LOVE the movie blue valentine but i don't think i'll ever watch it a second time
Well made, deeply affecting, but wouldn't watch again. Was eerily similar to Blue Valentine, and yet somehow more tragic?
Blue Valentine and Place Beyond the Pines make me fall in love with you
Ryan Gosling is attractively attractive as a parent in Blue Valentine 😍 Even with his receding hairline 🙈
Watching Blue Valentine was such a mistake.
Why am I gonna torture myself and watch Blue Valentine
Blue valentine seriously makes me hate everything about everything
Just thinking about the movie Blue Valentine makes me so sad.
Blue Valentine is why I won't settle for no broke ***
Blue Valentine may have very well single handedly killed my desire for marriage...
Watching Blue Valentine for the second time.. What am I doing to myself 😭😭😭
So Ryan Gosling actually wrote the song he sang in Blue Valentine. I am fully *** for him.
what? no. I hate that. I don't even dare watch Blue Valentine.
i can't remember but from Blue Valentine
you prob don't remember watching blue valentine then? I guess Dan will have to show you it, it's REALLY good, you'll like it
My thoughts exactly! (A reprise of BLUE VALENTINE would be my pick, lol)
My film teacher chose a film that suited our charcter to watch for hmk,mine is Blue Valentine, Im not really sure what that says about me
If you watch The Notebook and Blue Valentine back to back your heart will burst through your ribcage and slap you in the face
I'm going to watch Blue Valentine again because it is a tremendous film
I think you might like movie called Blue Valentine! — I love that movie!!! Shockingly beautiful and deep.
Watched Blue Valentine again. It's more disturbing the second time oh gawd.
its called Blue Valentine,just watch all of it ok it's amazing
The Last Five Years makes me cry more than Les Mis and Blue Valentine combined.
Derek Cianfrance Charts Origin Of ESPN: The Wrap reports that "Blue Valentine" and "The Place Beyond the Pines...
The guy who directed "Blue Valentine' and 'Place Beyond the Pines' is going to direct the ESPN movie.
Blue Velvet, Blue Jasmine, Blue Valentine, Blue is the Warmest Color - Start your movie title with "Blue" and you should be good
One of my favorite quotes from Blue Valentine coz it makes so much sense
Doing some, ahem, research on Ryan Gosling I revisited Blue Valentine. Surely one of the most misleading DVD cases?
Idk why I hated Blue Valentine a couple years ago, but I am obsessed right now
Because I saw blue valentine today.
Watching the film "blue valentine" and Ryan Goslings wife is refusing to go to a hotel with him to have a bit of nookie. *** woman??
If you want to be mad and hate everyone, but still love Ryan Gosling, watch Blue Valentine. . It'll get the job done.
Blue Valentine & Drive are my favourite Ryan Gosling films. I wanna do a movie with him in the future!
Video: I got record player going for her!! (feat. Tom Waits’ Blue Valentine)
to win a DVD bundle of The Place Beyond The Pines, Blue Valentine, End of Watch & Source Code!
So, obviously we'll see more 'Blue Valentine's & 'Killer Joe's next year, right? Studios and investors LOVE the hassle!
Only God Forgives, Drive, The Ides of March, Blue Valentine and Lars and the Real Girl.
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I got one after seeing Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine, it just sits there now, sad.
I think it's safe to say that Blue Valentine is the best (yet most graphic) love/romance film of all time.
One of the best scenes of Blue Valentine. Ryan Gosling sings "You Always Hurt the One You Love" and Michelle Williams dances. Copyrights belong to The Weinst...
I need to watch some sort of feel-good movie or something sad and cathartic. Maybe Little Miss Sunshine, or The Place Beyond the Pines, or Blue Valentine, or maybe The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, or The Tree of Life, or Where the Wild Things Are.
Two-Lane Blacktop, Blue Valentine, Into the Wild, Beasts of the Southern Wild, We need to talk about Kevin, Django:Unchained
Okay, I need to see Frances Ha, like, NOW. Obsessed with the trailer. This may be my Blue Valentine movie, this year.
Best movie in which Ryan Gosling starts in is Blue Valentine. Hands down!
Ryan Gosling reveals an amazing working process with Derek Cianfrance on Blue Valentine
Please excuse me while I cry my eyes out watching Blue Valentine.
Dane DeHaan Dane DeHaan. Age 27 You'll have seen him in Chronicle, Lawless, Lincoln Since his startling breakout role as Andrew – the ill-looking, bitterly malevolent antagonist of Chronicle – Dane DeHaan's profile has risen faster than that of any actor of his generation. Last year, he worked with John Hillcoat and Steven Spielberg; 2013 sees him add Blue Valentine's Derek Cianfrance to the roster, and play Beat generation luminary Lucien Carr in the Sundance hit Kill Your Darlings. Far from conventionally attractive, DeHaan's willingness to sweat, ache, and generally act ugly on screen is a rare trait among his habitually vain peers. CL
Tom Waits Lyrics - Find all lyrics for songs such as Back In The Crowd, Blue Valentine, Goodnight Irene at
Derek Cianfrance’s followup to the extraordinary Blue Valentine comes in the form of a three act Shakespearian crime drama, The Place Beyond the Pines. Collider goes behind the scenes with the director to discuss the filmmaking and break down a few scenes, discussing camera placement, character choi...
Man "Blue Valentine" is an incredible movie. Can't believe it took me so long to watch it.
This Julie Delpy moment from Before Sunset is as good as the Ryan Gosling ukulele bit from Blue Valentine.
Fell in love with Michelle Williams when she dances to Ryan Gosling singing and playing the ukelele in "Blue Valentine"
Blue Valentine tonight, I think. Looks like a weeper. Haven't seen Michelle Williams in anything since Brokeback, and Ryan Gosling never
watched Blue Valentine today because Ryan Gosling is in it, but the movie did not meet my expectations.
After watching Blue Valentine, I have a higher appreciation for Michelle Williams, for some reason.
today's look is Michelle Williams from Blue Valentine minus the blonde good looking part.
aha - Sun Day Blue Valentine [according to Lou Doillon's instagram. My favourite instagrammer - other than you obviously ]
Blue valentine, P.S I love you or the notebook?..
"In my experience, the prettier the girl is, the more nuts she is. Which makes you insane." - Blue Valentine♥
Where to find this kind of husband macam Ryan Gosling dlm cerita blue valentine. Mahgerd
Good point. And agree, Blue Valentine is brilliant.
BLUE VALENTINE is a cautionary tale about giving too much versus giving too little. None of us can get too comfortable in relationships
The important thing to rmbr with BLUE VALENTINE is neither character is **wrong**. Both are doing exactly what they think is RIGHT
Watched BLUE VALENTINE last night. Now THAT is the way to do a character driven drama about the minutaie of life.
I'm watching Blue Valentine, how does Ryan Gosling still look good with a receding hairline?
Yes I just watched blue valentine to hear Ryan Gosling sing
How can you trust feelings when they always change -blue valentine
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Roses are red, violets are blue, the chocolates you gave me, gave me diabetes type 2. Happy Valentine's Day.
Roses are red, violets are blue, 3 strings on my poonal, make it 6 will you ~ Recycled Valentine for next year
Why didnt anyone tell me that Blue Valentine is the most depressing movie ever made...?
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