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Blue Monday

Blue Monday is a single released in 1983 by British band New Order, and later remixed in 1988 and 1995. The song has been widely remixed and covered since its original release, and became a popular anthem in the dance club scene.

New Order Bizarre Love Triangle Black Friday

This day in 1957 Fats Domino goes with I’m Walkin’ replacing his own Blue Monday
.partners with The Botanist to bring joy on Blue Monday:
Blue Monday highlights effect of mental illness on productivity |
Blue Monday is behind us! We love a good club sandwich! Come & join us for lunch and take a load off https:…
Blue Monday is a sham. The supermarkets sell shrimp super cheap this time of year. Make yourself some Shrimp Pad Thai. Be happy.
Here are 7 cheap and easy ways to cheer yourself up this Blue Monday 🙌.
Fun to know on Blue Monday. Canada ranks sixth on this year's World Happiness Report, via
Blue Monday: day on which we all pretend to believe that Michael Gove is a journalist, and Donald Trump a president.
Want to cheer up Blue Monday with fun and drama in Brighton? Cheap as chips on the pier...…
It's Blue Monday but the UK doesn't rank too bad here -
I'd rather Blue Monday than Boomtown Rats Monday at least
Lovely idea from the office. Handing out raffle tickets (not sure what for yet) and chocolate brioche to get us through Blue Monday.
instead of blue Monday I have blue everyday
When is Blue Monday 2017? It's coming soon so here's what you need to know about the most depressing day of the ye…
'Tell me how does it feel, when your heart grows cold, grows cold'. New Order, Blue Monday / FAC 73. Fact.Records,1983. http…
So it’s supposed to be today? How about Blue, Blue, Electric Blue Monday instead?.
Loving blue Monday at vavavoom . Hit the book now button
My mom said that it was blue Monday and I actually didn't know what that was so she explained and I wasn't really impressed bc
Blue Monday off to a cracking start.
Heading to Guernsey (on 'Blue Monday' 😂) to facilitate "Happiness as an intervention in Behaviour Support P…
now next Monday will be blue Monday. Still no payday!
It might be Blue Monday but there ain't nothing sad about this collection by
Happy Monday everyone! If you're finding it a bit of a blue Monday as some experts predict, please pop in for a...
🌼 HAPPY BLUE 🐙 MONDAY. Today is officially the most depressing day of the year. Come and cheer yourself up by following me and winning 💰💰💰
It's Blue Monday, and we're making it a little brighter with by giving away some free coffee. Just pay the gift forward.
Don't listen to adverts that talk about Blue Monday - it's scientifically ridiculous
It will never be a blue Monday with you and Sarsh-jane are on our screens xx
Doesn't seem to be the same sort of hype around Blue Monday as there was around Red Monday. I blame Sky
Greggs to start home delivery service. this has made blue Monday a lil better
How are you beating the gloom on Blue Monday? Send us your photos
Blue Monday? Here are some tips to overcome the gloom 🌫 ☉. Or free on 116123 ☎.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I know it's Blue Monday but my latest (admittesly, not very cheery) book is still 99p on Kindle, so it's not all bad htt…
Decided I'm not taking part in Blue Monday today. It's not getting me. No way, no how. I am going to rule at this Monda…
Morning everyone! Today we record episode 129 of the and stream our first ever 'Blue Monday' at 10pm CET on
How can a Monday be blue when there's CO YO involved?
Blue Monday is the name typically given to the third Monday of January, and it's reported to be the most depressing day of…
No better no worse than any Monday, except I have New Order stuck in my brain! Not so blue after all!
The only thing blue about Monday mornings at Shepherds Tree Game Lodge is the beautiful tones of the African sky. http…
Exclusive: Epic new Wild Atlantic Way video will blow Blue Monday cobwebs away! - Irish Independent
The lovely has just turned up bearing the gift of a cup of tea, making Monday even less blue than it…
Blue Monday and I couldn't feel worse 🙄
I refuse to believe in blue Monday, . Positive mental attitude for me as always 💪🏻😜❤.
Well it's for me because I've been writing about how is *** for ELEVEN YEARS now
and have come up with top tips to survive Blue Monday (or so check back thro…
There is no such thing as Blue Monday. We can feel rubbish any day. If you are desperate, tell someone. Or call
Today is blue Monday, wishing I had puppies to cuddle whilst being sat in lectures all day at uni to make it more bearable.
16th Jan is the infamous Here are fun ideas for the most dreaded Monday of the year by http…
Dunno what all this Blue Monday rubbish is about today, feeling surprisingly chirpy today!
Blue Monday doesn't just affect our clients. Give yourself a reason to be be cheerful 😁
blue Monday nah not 4 us European champions 1st British team 2 win the contenial cup…
Blue Monday is right, LMAO at this parrot. 😂 I think we all feel like doing this sometimes. 😂 Have a wonderful Monday, Marie 🌺💕
We don't believe in Blue Monday at LittleLily so to celebrate the start of a new week we are…
Morning! Its Blue Monday today. You know the most miserable day of the year? Apparently this…
A gorgeous thing to read today - brilliant on mental health and how she set up
Black Friday, Blue Monday... can we have a Rainbow Wednesday soon please? 🌈
So apparently it's blue Monday. Considering the productive session I had yesterday I'm feeling pretty good about it…
"Blue Monday" as a concept is bad science and basically just click-fodder (she says, writi…
There's a train (not) here that is 52 minutes late already. Well played, Blue Monday.
the song blue Monday is a banger and makes anyone happy
2 weeks till my fav day of the year - Blue Monday
When is Blue Monday? Prepare yourself for the most depressing day of the year.
Blue Monday always follows Black Friday, when people come to their senses and realise how much cash they blew on crap!!
'Blue Monday' is a dance track with a hint of melancholy.
'Blue Monday''s distinctive intro was written on an Oberheim DMX...
Imagine how awful to sound like Blue Monday, True Faith or the Perfect Kiss. Jesus.
Remember tomorrow is Blue Monday - Wear something blue to highlight how it feels to be bullied - Support us in
Blessing on a Blue Monday morning when you turn on your computer and saw the sunny flowers 󾁆. ☀️ Happy week to all!!
After a Blue Monday, time to look forward to a big Cup Saturday back at the Pan. Mad for it. Sponsored by
I am at Tim Horton's and the background music is New Order's Blue Monday
📷 We’re very excited to release Ben Gore’s latest works Ghosts of Empire and Goodbye, Blue Monday are...
The Brandon Santini Band returns to The Alamo to Host the June 13th Blue Monday. Brandon takes the stage at 8:00...
Little Blue Car gets new muffler on Monday! A nice accessory to go with the new tires.
Listen to Blue Monday (12" Version) by New Order on good friday afternoon song
Walk ups are welcome for the blue collar camp Monday! Registration begins at 8:30am.. (Lots pre registered great week ahead)
Make sure you wear a white tshirt with blue, red, or black shorts to practice on Monday at 6-8am! Have a great weekend 😄
So, this is Blue SATURDAY by The Checkers 1961. (NOT Blue Monday by New Order):
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
So, then yes . I have heard the version of Blue MONDAY by Orgy lol.
Blue Monday in Dublin. Life's great at times.
no fever tem um mix de blue monday e cant get you out of my head que é lindo
And it lets me know this is indeed the correct song: . Blue Monday - The Checkers .
Oooo advert on the telly just played Blue Monday👐🔜
totally! And tonight I'm going to see at the Opera House. Lives changed on the release of "Blue Monday"
Blue Monday by Nouvelle Vague is in Shooting Star, Southampton. Download it now at
So something happened on Monday and I can't wait to tell you guys all about it . I'm going to give you a and red.
A reminder that my pre-teen dreams have come true, I'm working on Blue Monday!
I don't care if Monday's blue. Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too. Thursday I don't care about you. It's Friday I'm in love 😻
Interview today & Monday but I ain't feeling today.. 😂 not going to be blue to do it. Sorry Chuck E cheese
Scroll To See More Images. I bought a new choker on Monday. It’s a thick piece of fabric that has blue and white s…
girls dress size 3 by Monday's Child baby in blue/white checks - 100% cotton $7.88 via eBay
We still have until Monday to vote for this Blue pattern for the !!!. Thank you ! http…
worry, our regular logo will return on Monday. Happy 🍩 @ Blue Engine…
"I can hear Blue Monday callin', but this old hangover, just won't let me go."- Albert Collins.
Blue Monday - New update for today is from the website of 2busty legend Milena Velba
📹 More information: New Order’s Blue Monday was released on 7 March 1983, and its...
Bought a purple/blue clematis on Monday, bit like that. Lovely
FREE London this coming Monday at the Old Blue Last!. See you there
Thus far it's been Red, White, Blue Monday next?
Plan ahead, Zipsters! Buses will replace portions of the Green and Blue Lines from 7pm Friday to 3am Monday.
Another fantastic lunch on Monday. Venison simply wonderful. Could you let me know the cheeses I had? Want more of that blue!
I think I broke my finger Monday, is it worth getting it checked, or can I just wait for it to heal? It's blue and swollen.
Not your average monday. Legend Blue restock:
Blue Giraffe Bicycles is turning Five years old this month and to celebrate, we've a bunch of Birthday Offers in-store from Monday
I'm listening now to 'The Rock and Roll Era 1957 - Blue Monday fats Domino on
blue Monday is the most depressing day of the year (January the third Monday of the month
A performance from 1987 on which is much better than Blue Monday. "True Faith". .
Shout out to The Ascott Sathorn who found my blue silk jumpsuit that I left on Monday! You guys ROCK! 👏🏼🎉 Best hotel in Bangkok.
Ah that's great, didn't know if you'd like that kind of thing or not. I especially like her version of Blue Monday.
now imagining a dog turd in a split bag so happy Blue Monday everyone
Bright Blue is looking for a Head of Communications to join our fantastic team. Deadline: this Monday. Details:
I'm sure you've heard by now that Ry Ry got hurt again on Monday night when the Rangers were playin' the Columbus Blue Jackets
copping the blue long sleeve Monday
Both the Blue Coat Infant and Junior Schools open for the children on Monday.
Orgy blue Monday is such an awesome song! Hope I can see them in May! 💗🎸🎶
Whisper and I came across this on Monday!!
Duke freshman Brandon Ingram announced Monday that he will enter the 2016 NBA draft.
Blue Monday? Let Blue Rider Franz Marc and his wilder-than-Instagram paintings cheer you! .
Blue Monday is beginning now... Let's have a magical night & a martini!
it's Blue Monday tonight at Cheatham Street - NO cover! . come out to see Adam Johnson and The Pay Me's!
Blue Monday, pooh-sticks and persuasion. There's a formula for everything. Even great copy.
Okay I want the soundtrack to my life to either be Blue Monday by New Order or Future Markets by Jonny Greenwood
"Blue Monday" (third Monday in January) is pseudoscience from a UK travel company in 2005.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Hi there 5.42pm friends: there's a new News For *** Ep5 is about Blue Monday, and why Sky News can't be trusted. ht…
Well it's now Tuesday and with the news of Mignolet's huge contract extension,Blue Monday has developed into Blue Tuesday 😫
Blue Monday..the most depressing day of the year??. Mother Nature has other ideas ~ Happy New Week!
I enjoyed a big lump of your Blue Monday @ Manor House Hotel, Moreton at the weekend 😋
Blue Monday on the Savage Nation! We hope to get an update from Vicky Behenna about her Son Michael. Please...
Singing in the Turbine Hall is definitely the way to beat Blue Monday!
By me: Blue Monday? Five things you didn't know about & five ways to treat it
Blue Monday is here - here are five ways to cheer yourself up on 'the most...
Yay! I had forgotten about this wonderful cover of New Order's 'Blue Monday'.
Blue Monday: the glummest day of the year?. Dr. John Nehaul, a Consultant Psychiatrist at Spire Leeds Hospital...
smithhotels: Blue Monday, Smith style. | Photo by doyoutravel
The South Hams coast from the weekend. Suitable for posting on "Blue Monday".
Well, what do you know? Today is Blue Monday (third Monday of January). Something I picked up from Good Morning Britain.
Edmonton's Centre for Suicide Prevention miffed at Blue Monday mularky - Edmonton Sun
Hearing That Todd Terje played Blue Monday on the bells is devastating
Received first two press releases about "Blue Monday" today... Are brands *still* trying to get away with this?
Happy FDOC, Blue Devils. At least it's not a Monday.
Dear PR people everywhere, . Blue Monday is not a real thing. . And I will never buy pants/raw juice/anything ever because of it. . Love . Me
Check out these awesome photos of our first Blue Monday of the year - taken by Peter Males feel free to tag...
Blue Monday is coming up! Check out our new blog post. We want to know what your good deed going to be?
When is Blue Monday 2016? All you need to know about the saddest day of the year
Hi Alice, just sent you over an article idea for Blue Monday. Think you'll like it! Hope to hear back. Thanks :)
We're in the discussing why with you need to prepare for a loss in workplace productivity
Feeling blue? Here's a winking cat to perk up your day. Happy Monday everyone!
I do every blue moon. Just not feeling social media right now. And you always come 4 me Monday - Friday. *LOL*
Watch Out! the Loan Shark will be Blue Monday event on 18th Jan
Don't let get you down! Here are 5 ways to boost your mood
A pick-me-up on the Blue Monday. Gloom Aid 2016 In Support Of Calm -
Want to win a box of Muffin Break for the office on Blue Monday? Register at Yummy!
I added a video to a playlist New Order - Blue Monday
domain names
New Order - Blue Monday a combination of my 2 favourite things
For instance, Jet Blue had round trip air fares from Austin to New York for 110 on Monday.
I feel like a blue monday today. So blue pantyhose it is! 1
Our York EIP Service is hosting a donations coffee event on 18 Jan as part of our giving back theme
There seems confusion about date of Blue Monday this year: 18th or 25th? Could you tell?
My Daily Top Ten outfit last Monday! Thank you and 💯
Mellow Monday is Blue's Night. What a good time we have on Suga Bear Radio - Live365 with Cream & Suga Bear
Rich shades of purple and blue create a cyberpunk scene in “Monday” by SolarSouth.
Blue Monday by New Order is in Bison and Bird, London.
Twas another great Blue Monday at the Zoo Bar tonight! Had a great time tearing it up with Timothy Budig, Max,...
Nothing lifts your spirit like dancing to New Order's Blue Monday with a yellow Labrador called Bonnie Le Bon 💁🏻🐶🎶
Blue Monday? Not when cookies re involved! Try my Caramel-Stuffed Cocoa Cookies With Sea Salt -
Tonight I'm playing at Blue Monday at The Boogaloo, Highgate. It's a lovely night, in a lovely pub, free entry...
"Blue Monday" de Sue Ellen (how does it feel to treat me like you do) ♫
Blue Monday on Strictly paves the way for Jeremy Vine dancing to Atrocity Exhibition in the Halloween Special.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Blue Monday is the defining song of my University experience - just having it sung by that ballroom and would kill me
Peter Andre, the Tango & Blue Monday. Sorry my head just exploded with postmodern irony
IMHO I think the Argentine Tango would work better to Blue Monday.
The drum machine part on the recording of Blue Monday - had to be reprogrammed after the original was lost when power lost.
I remember the Blue Monday episode of TOTP. There was also a bit where they introduced new R1 arrivals Pat Sharp & Gary Davies
the the 5 year old went to a second hand record shop and picked out a Blue Monday vinyl ... totally unaided by me.. cool dad
Monday Insider: Coaches utilize open weekend to see distant blue-chippers
Blue Monday features the immortal Jimi Hendrix!. "All Along the Watchtower"
NE1fm 102.5 is playing : Blue Monday by New Order
Don't miss next Monday, September 28th! Tickets are still available, so get yours now.
BLUE MONDAY FRESH FINDS from ECOCHIC by Leesa (waalaa) via
Josh Donaldson paid for "30 members of the Jays’ traveling party" to go to a Monday Night Football game:.
. Monday: dynamic duo . Tuesday: tye dye . Wednesday: world culture day . Thursday: tbt . Friday: blue and gold
I don't care if monday's blue, tuesday's grey and wednesday too, thursday i don't care about you. It's Friday i'm in love.
Black and Silver?. Come Monday, it will be more like, BLACK AND BLUE! 👊
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
i dont care if monday is blue tuesday gray and wednesday toO
.Tough question - but really feeling the '80s at the moment...New Order's "Blue Monday"
Hoco dressup next week!. Monday: superhero day. Tuesday: crayon day. Wednesday: twin day. Thursday: sports team. Friday: spirit…
Blue Cross Members: Reminder that your $25 for T-shirt and dues are to be turned in by next Monday to Ms. Yoder or
BlUe mOnday is about to begin. There's a full house here at Nostalgica, so you better get here soon!
Shoutout to for convincing me to get the new Mercurial Proximo X Squadron Blue colourway on Monday!
On Monday Sep. 21, everyone wear blue or white headbands/hair ties/ribbons in honor of Sister Rose💙 spread the word
Sometimes I wanna take Monday's bottom lip and pull it over it's face.
Anyone interested in a blue Monday? Can't have him where I'm moving to😓 He turns 2 this November.
The Ridgeway-Crystal Beach Blue Devils received the surprise of a lifetime Monday when their practice was...
Update: Metro disruptions resolved on Blue, Orange and Silver lines, minor ... - Washington Post (blog)
Is it the Blue Monday of back to school season? It feels like the Blue Monday of back to school season. Wait, it's Tuesday?
StevenWalters00 "RT samayaishot: 50 rts and sarahstevennson will dye her hair blue for Merica Monday
All Poquoson students please wear blue Monday in honor of He is awake,talking, and able to move everything!
Come hungry, leave happy with our Blue Plate Specials ~ Every Monday & Tuesday, here at & Spa!
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Watching us some Blue Jays at the Monday nighter... Jays vs Yankees! And we got us a center field…
50 rts and will dye her hair blue for Merica Monday
Blue Monday. making a mess. with my desire. Echoes of our song. lost in the air. No time. for wonderland. again. I wonder now…
Thanks to Paul Mcmillan I have just listed live to Embrace doing Blue Monday at their secret festival doo. Thank...
Black Monday reminded me of Blue Monday which made me think of 80s music, gives a new meaning to China Crisis!
Blue Monday by Little Milton, found with Listen now:
Blue Monday is dedicated to the immortal Stevie Ray Vaughan!. "Life By the Drop".
The great rock’n’roll swindle – 10 classic stolen pop songs from St Louis Blues to Blue Monday
New Order - Blue Monday (just not the whole thing...I'm on a mission)
Tonight is Blue Monday at Hal & Mal's sponsored by the Central Mississippi Blues Society! Front Porch features...
Note to self: do not try and play Blue Monday in Vib Ribbon
Blue Monday on the Red Planet: Mastcam snaps photo of Martian sunset
Blue Monday, produced by Lenny White! Join to access her creative process!
Airport terminal musak = the new cool. Hitherto unheard of mix of Blue Monday reverberating through Sao Paolo. Bizarre
Blue Monday: Shot Of The Day: April 8, 2015 QOTD: I don’t want to be buried in a pet sematary – I don’t want t...
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Blue Monday in Cabo looks like this! Loving the blue pool, ocean and sky views from Casa Tres Sietes, a beautiful...
you drink coffee i take tea my dear ! ♫ Blue Monday by White Lion (at Masmip's Room) —
Brighten up your Blue Monday with this Lemon Drizzle Cake. This moist and refreshing cake is sure to…
Blue Monday was Jan 5th not today. Michael L., Hounslow
The Big Blue Cross Sale now that will ease you into the Monday blues are over for another week...celebrate with...
The only way to deal with Blue Monday…
I felt totally fine until I was told it's Blue Monday, am I supposed to be sad? It's so sunny out!
thanks for reminding the staff is blue Monday today! Being this cold & it being Monday is enough thankyou!
A dangerous offender hearing at BC Supreme Court -- a new branch of the VPL, and Blue Monday - at Noon
It may be blue monday but this story should warm your cockles! . Homeless Man Gets A Home! .
and that is after an hours round trip. Blue Monday indeed.
competition. Beat your January Blues with a chance to win a piece from our Blue Monday Edit.
Countered Blue Monday by wearing a bright blue shirt (Portillo, eat your heart out) and getting more than 4 hours' sleep last night. Bosh.
Life coach offers tips to feel better on "Blue Monday"
Well Blue Monday was true to its word.
The only thing blue about our Monday is the sky.
Here's some Horatio to cheer up a Blue Monday
Sincerest apologies to It was who made the blue monday/wally pronouncement.
Forget about the blue, let Sherry colours your Monday!.
Blue Monday?!! No chance. Off snowboarding in Austria on Friday, nothing's gonna spoil my day!
I feel so weak I laughed at people talking about "blue monday" this morning but it's caught up uGHRRGH
Was interviewed by CTV for blue Monday HEL YA
This was definitely not a blue Monday :)
My Blue Monday: Panicking about the Physics mock I've been given 24hrs notice for; rushed revision, binge drinking tea. Apt. 👌
It's not a blue monday, it's a rock monday!
Heard is was "blue Monday" today, the most depressing day of the year. I say No! Make every day…
To help get over blue Monday there was free pizza at our Despicable Me screening tonight 😀
I had never heard of Blue Monday until today
Don't let this blue Monday get you down tag your self and friends or family in our restaurant...
Feeling blue this Monday? or just feeling Tilework Turquoise?
ask what she's thinking about will ya?? I'm guessing Blue Monday! 😄x
Definety feeling like blue Monday today👎
Forget the cold, the snow and the terrible rush hour journey home. instead check out Cutie Corbin, the very well behaved and clean Corgi! This should help you smile on a blue Monday :) YouTube/corbincorgi)
(Talking to Dad). Me: Is it blue Monday for you?. Dad: Every day is blue Monday for me. Such an optimist.
Wimpy in Twickenham has shut down..Today really is Blue Monday
Happy Blue Monday! Aka the most depressing day of the year😑
Authors and teenagers share the book that saved their life what's yours?
Yeah, but when is it Men's Blue Monday?
a night out on us! RT, reply, tag a mate and say why they should win. T&Cs here
As it's Blue Monday, why not take part in my online dissertation research on happiness and well-being? Reply/DM! x
who decided it was Blue Monday anyway, it's been really bright and sunny here (and cold)
it's blue Monday we are all meant to be in one apparently
Authors and teenagers share the books that saved their life so many amazing life saving books
Apparently today is Blue Monday. This video took away the Blues and made me smile!
Check out our killer New Wave playlist on Spotify! - - - - Watch the official music video for New Order - Blue Monday [OFFICIAL MUSIC...
The greatest ideas are usually the simplest. That's why we think you should beat Blue Monday with a Sloppy Giusseppe!
No blue monday in our household tonight. had my roots done & officially booked our wedding date. Me & Mr Whitfield will be getting hitched 6th August 2016
Just finished an excellent session with the HRR pm crew. Blue Monday certainly didn't stop us. You were all on fighting form! Great session. Good work ladies! 👊
Club 69 (Peter Rauhofer) remix of Orgy's 'Blue Monday' (Originally by New Order). Originally released as a single from the album 'Candyass'. 1998 Warner Bros...
With my team:) BLUE MONDAY keeping the students positive by doing some random acts of kindness:)
oh dear. Blue Monday eh? But congrats on the Mrs Ricky Wilson thing. That must make up for a lot xx
My sweet student learning Blue Monday perfect for today
So it's blue Monday, if you are feeling low have a acdc song on and happiness will be x
Look what the postman has left me not a blue Monday 4 me !
I don't have anything done to my motor how about Blue Monday?? I wanna see blue! All generations ..All shades of blue...
Following Blue Monday, this week is the most depressing of the year. Think you've got it bad? Spare a thought for the banks at this difficult time. Find out more:
Never a Blue Monday on www.speir.TV sign up today!
Hallo everyone. Sorry we are so late. Mommy had some friends over after work a bit. Today wasnt as bad as i thought it would be, guess i was having a blue Monday. Mommy said i didnt sleep well last night and that might have had something to do with it. Teacher Lesley let me have a early nap with sleepy bunny and afterwards i had a great day. Best part of course was bath time with daddy. He made his face and head full of bubbles and looked very much like Santa, i guess he met him too on Christmas. See you tomorrow, hope you have a wonderful evening. xxx
Blue Monday how I hate Blue Monday Got to work like a slave all day Here come Tuesday, oh hard Tuesday I'm so tired got no time to play Here come Wednesday, ...
Click the link below to listen to Blue Monday. New Order • Power, Corruption & Lies [Collector's Edition] on...
Story Of The Blues and Blue Monday, I said it first
Ok, excluding The Beatles, what's the best song by a Liverpool act, and best by Manchester act? I'm going Story Of The Blues and Blue Monday
I used to hit a record shop like this every Saturday as a teenager. My first 12" single was Blue Monday.
'Blue Monday' artist Annie Lee dead at 79 just finding this out. she will be truly missed.
It is Blue Monday: Green Bay won and New England did not!!Enough said.
R.I.P. Annie Lee. "Blue Monday" was possibly her most famous work. Born in 1935 Ms.Lee did not begin painting...
Interesting to discover that Blue Monday was written as a rebuttal to their critics. So not about the Falklands War, then.
Coming to Toss The Boss tonight? Try our new jam jar cocktail Blue Monday! Havana Club, blueberries, lime, mint & sugar on offer for just...
one of my faves - love that record. Prefer that and the Shep Pettibone mix of Bizarre Love Triangle to Blue Monday (I do!)
It's been a Blue Monday but at least there's no Regret and no Bizarre Love Triangle.
Well pandora is retarded. It's saying that "Blue Monday" by New Order is "The Beach".. but it has blue monday lyrics listed.. lol...
i don't think this song will ever age! jamming away to it. ♫ Blue Monday [88] – New Order
Blue Monday is starting in 30 minutes!!! We are filling up fast!!! Everyone is ready to start partying for the...
The rain is gone...It's time to come out and play!!! Blue Monday is here setting up and they'll be ready to play...
This Thursday. Goodbye Blue Monday. 1087 Broadway Brooklyn. 9:30pm. Free as love, air, and other best things.
So I still haven’t finished Third Coast, or Blue Monday: Fats Domino and the Lost Dawn of Rock ‘n’ Roll, and instead I tore through Tales to Astonish: Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, and the American Comic Book Revolution by Ronin […]
We are open on Mondays from now until Labor Day, start your week with us, with Blue Monday specials. Make...
Blue Monday @ The Alamo with Black Magic Johnson!!! Music starts at 8:00 pm!
Mornings at Cafe Blue are like no other! Make this Monday extraordinary.
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