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Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon (Icelandic: ) geothermal spa is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland. The steamy waters are part of a lava formation.

Brooke Shields Port Antonio Vang Vieng Chris Atkins Santa Cruz Northern Lights Maltese Islands

CDs will be available for purchase 25th Nov. at Blue Lagoon
Have you visited Make sure you know these things before you go:
UPDATE: Show added in VIENNA for Nov 11th at Blue Lagoon. Will update poster shortly.
Dan: uch i hate swimming. also Dan: can we go on a blue lagoon date plz???
Wishing I was back here rather than freezing in Aberdeen🌴🍍 @ Blue Lagoon, Comino, Malta
Guys who have airtime pls call Blue Lagoon for me and ask them when they close
skip blue lagoon, go to secret lagoon in flúðir. see every waterfall. brauð & co bakery in reyk was one…
Up and coming musicians, stand a chance to win with , be at blue lagoon by 10AM sharp and stand a chance with a…
Northern Lights over the turquoise water of Blue Lagoon, Iceland. Thanks to Christophe Suarez
6 hot springs in Iceland even better than the Blue Lagoon
I wanna be as tan as Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon.
Between the necklace and the hair. Reed looks like he's about to run off to the Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields.
A week ago I was swimming in the Blue Lagoon getting a tan. Today I'm in the Lake District swimming in a freezing d…
The "Blue Lagoon" guy - I use to get him confused with Willie Aames - both blonde cuties LOL😀
Felt like i was in a James Bond or Star Trek movie today. I visited the Blue Lagoon here in…
Today's color scheme. Blue-Green. Blue Lagoon. White Smoke. Pale Goldenrod. Light Salmon. ❤ Share if you like it ;-) h…
Cerita seram ringkas:. I was driving on my way back from Blue Lagoon, PD to my house, Shah Alam. So in PD, ada satu highway around 23km...
Blue Lagoon's Christopher Atkins reveals what he gave his father on his deathbed in sneak peek…
Near Rejkyavik,there is the Blue Lagoon(hot springs),1 day bus tour to falls,geyser,tectonic plates n half day at Reyk city
Make sure you stop by the Blue Lagoon if you do get a chance to go to Port Antonio! 🇯🇲 @ Port…
Why not make today Blue Curacao Monday and whip up a Blue Lagoon cocktail... a taste of summer on a dull day!…
On day 7 of the Iceland Running + Wellness Retreat, we soak in the healing waters of the infamous Blue Lagoon:…
Indian Amerika ,. In the past the John Smith and his brother came to here the ''Blue Lagoon''. Is really funny you...
Casual Friday night in the Blue Lagoon last night. Washing off my face mask my skin feels…
Morning all. After our successful Northern Lights trip last night, off for a bit of whale watching and then to the Blue Lagoon 👍👍
whatttaya know. shot of the day at the Blue Lagoon is poured today by mr johnny walker wearing a lovely shade of blue
A relaxing day visiting the Blue Lagoon. Students are now packing and signing the guest book ready for our return. htt…
Fifi Laroux & the Prohibition Band at the Blue Lagoon, Gloucester Rd, Bristol, Sunday 16th, ooh la la!
May is in Iceland atm and didnt even know the Blue Lagoon is there what the
The Blue Lagoon is a great way to warm yourself up in the winter weather!.
I'm working one more shift at The Blue Lagoon before going on the road with
Researchers are investigating a link between ALS, Alzheimers and Blue Green Algae: .
No didnt have that,stayed on the resort went to Carmines a lot. Only time we left the resort was to go over to Blue Lagoon
I need to visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
Idea from . Best "stranded" movie ... (eg The Martian, Blue Lagoon etc). Reply with your best to add to the…
WTSport: Schedule and times for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series event at the Blue Lagoon
Red Bull World Series Cliff Diving platforms being installed at the Blue Lagoon, Abereiddy
36 years ago today, Brooke Shields and Chris Atkins (movie Blue Lagoon) People August 11, 1980
pic Milla Jojovich Brian Krause film Return to the Blue Lagoon 35m-1317
$328 for Four 1-Hour Swimming Classes at Blue Lagoon ... - -
is it just me or is anyone else getting a Chris Atkins from the Blue Lagoon vibe from in his blurred out gear
Enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Blue Lagoon with a full day all inclusive cruise by Captain Morgan,...
how exciting I loved it. There is a place called Blue Lagoon & you get to swim with dolphins it's an unforgettable experience!!
WOW! Check this out! . Abereiddy's Blue Lagoon is the home of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series again this...
New Marble and Resin Coffee Table Captures the Soothing Beauty of a Blue Lagoon
I love Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon and Pretty Baby basically Brooke Shields in general
I liked a video from Hello Iceland | Blue Lagoon, Northern Lights, Golden Circle
The Blue Lagoon near Port Antonio, Jamaica...So mysterious especially at night we love the Blue Lagoon
Relax and recharge in the healing milky blue waters of the Blue Lagoon.
In the next few hours I'll be chasing the Northern Lights, swimming in the Blue Lagoon, riding…
or The ongoing debate on Iceland's Blue Lagoon …
CNTraveler : or The ongoing debate on Iceland's Blue Lagoon …
or The ongoing debate on Iceland's Blue Lagoon
Yep, we said it: skip the Blue Lagoon on your next trip to Iceland.
Blue Lagoon may be the most iconic place you can go in Iceland, and is ... -
I have to visit The Blue Lagoon in Iceland 😍😍
I want to go for a dip in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland 😍
Ned to go to the blue lagoon in iceland🙌🏽
I just can't wait to go to the blue lagoon and see the Northern Lights
"I could use a day at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
I want to go to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.
Blue Lagoon: The Awakening was so good. 10/10 would recommend. Also Indiana Evans and Brenton Thwaites are babes. 😍🌊
find a girl like Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon.
Naw. Its even better than that. I got my old job back in the Blue Lagoon on Argyle Street.
Take me to this Blue Lagoon in Iceland!
Enjoyed the warm waters of the Blue Lagoon! 🇮🇸
Blue Lagoon, Iceland, 2015. [3000x4700px] Dusk at the hot silica pools of south west Iceland. David Sheldrick via /…
Then the blokes would be smashed enough to start doing Peter Garrett impressions to woo the Blue Lagoon brigade. I wore Old Spice
Nice! Check out this prize for next week's Waterford 5K @ Blue Lagoon
Nurse made my day by saying I look like Brooke Shields in her Blue Lagoon era
Photo: brookedidonato: melisica: (by Brooke DiDonato) Something simple from my visit to the Blue Lagoon in...
Rough Justice are ready to rock the Blue Lagoon
Big Dipper making a splash in the Blue Lagoon :D
Take a look at what we're getting up to for Halloween this year in the Blue Lagoon!
Good Morning Malta!! Spend a great day onboard Luzzu Cruises visiting Comino, Blue Lagoon & the Crystal Caves!!
Throwback to when I looked like that Stretch Armstrong toy @ Blue Lagoon, Island of Comino
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Soaking in the naturally soothing blue geothermal water watching the clouds pass by. (Blue Lagoon, Iceland)
A had chips n cheese out the Blue Lagoon a couple of weeks ago, much nicer than the Glasgow branch lol
This lady at the salon just asked me why I wasn't in a movie & said my aura was like Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon 😊
Discover on a in the Blue Lagoon with
Take the kids to the Durban Radio Boat Club at Blue Lagoon to watch the RCLasers yachts at their August Regatta - ..
To the blue lagoon or dubai with my best friend
Santa Cruz, CA! Requiem, The Sea Wolves and more live at The Blue Lagoon THIS Friday!
I wanna take my wife to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.
What a lovely morning at Blue Lagoon!
I want something like the characters off the blue lagoon movie.
What a fun shore excursion for the family! . Family Treasure Hunt with Lunch at Blue Lagoon - Nassau: Families...
Got to hang out with the Dolphins at the blue lagoon today ☺️
I Got Anxiety at the Most Relaxing Place in the World via
Dalaman blue lagoon.. Couldn't go Sicilyin the end
[:en]The Blue Lagoon at Comino, or should I say paradise?[:nl]De paradijselijke Blue Lagoon o
feel like I'm in the film Blue Lagoon when out at sea
waiter: "what would you like to drink?". "I'll have a Blue Lagoon" . "ok". WHAT EVEN IS A DRINKING AGE WHEN YOU'RE ON AN ISLAND NOBODY CARES
This blue lagoon bout to have me saucy lol
From the hot springs at the Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik to the very cold and windy Glacier Lagoon in…
Dancing at the Blue Lagoon by Cayucas from the album Dancing at the Blue Lagoon
Album to commute by - Dancing at the Blue Lagoon. Sunshine pop from Santa Monica
Blue Lagoon - Iceland -one of the most beautiful places on the planet
POOL OF THE WEEK! Blue Lagoon mineral water swimming pool. Perfect area for kids to play in cooler water.
DIVE-IN MOVIES! Free with Admission at the Blue Lagoon mineral water swimming pool. Friday, June 12 - Up
Day 3 - Espresso Martini, Sidecar and a Blue Lagoon (cocktail from when I worked at Cape Gloucester…
Alice had a tactical chunder after 1 jug of blue lagoon :/ :/
Split a Blue Lagoon Fish Bowl with your friends tonight. Comes complete with gummy sharks.
And these chicks will go drinking at blue lagoon kubanda so... sies 😳
i have an upcoming 8hr layover in KEF and am hoping to see the blue lagoon in that time. will the airport hold my bags for me?
I love The Blue Lagoon. Oldest restaurant in town and I do the FB page for them as I'd hate to see them go
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Michaels birthday night out 😊 not had a blue lagoon since gran canaria 😁
I've been headed to the blue lagoon?
Going for a early night! Have a nice weekend guys! Hopefully when i get back from The Blue Lagoon ill hear some good news on 57!
Visiting Iceland (including the Blue Lagoon) was a highlight and one I plan on repeating!
One of the many reasons should be on everyone's
The best way to spend a layover is relaxing in the geothermal spa at the Blue Lagoon in Ic…
on the list of must visit soon! -RT Visiting the Blue Lagoon in Iceland . ►
Just reached dinner Champagne and Blue Lagoon to start the night! Don't mind if I do…
Relax in the warm, mineral-rich waters of the Blue Lagoon outside Reykjavik, Iceland.
Another view of the inviting waters of the Blue Lagoon.
Time for a swim in the iconic, and gorgeous Blue Lagoon, on the tiny island of Comino
Photoset: nordvarg: Blue Lagoon, Iceland by Melvin T The Blue Lagoon geothermal spa is one of the most...
Tetiaroa Lagoon to be replenished with support from Mission Blue and Biotherm
Blue lagoon has done wonders for my skin
Blue Lagoon is a welcome gateway to any Icelandic tourist with the world famous water spa.
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my glasses fell off in the blue lagoon and I've never felt so lost. Emotionally or spatially.
Firefighters are currently on their way to the Blue Lagoon Local Nature Reserve in Bletchley, where it appears a bin has been set on fire
Swimming xD "My hair are getting longer day after day" @ Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon in Vang Vieng, Laos Been here! Take me back..
Beautiful day at the Blue Lagoon with
Filming in the tropical Peaks with (@ The Blue Lagoon)
InstagramAction: --> Reflections at Blue Lagoon by Ivan Koerniady
Picture of the day: Blue Lagoon Escapade in Bora Bora . (optional shore excursion) Depart the pier on board the...
Blue the cool eyes of Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
will be performing June 27th @ the Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz, CA Come show sup…
my client returning 35 years later to The Blue Lagoon
you'll love Iceland for its natural beauty - go the Myvatn Nature baths though instead of the Blue Lagoon; Reykjavik has...
So im getting way too excited now to buy a waterproof cover to take amazing pics in the Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon in Iceland...definitely on our bucket list. See you soon!
Spent the day soaking up the silica and sulfur in the Blue Lagoon ✌🏻️💦
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Tired of being in your office?. Visit now Rio Celeste in . Waterfalls, lookout points and the blue lagoon!
the Scottish manner = while stuffing your face with a black pudding supper from the Blue Lagoon.
Our favorite on this list has to be The Blue Lagoon in Iceland..Would be wonderful for a shoot ya know :)
Day in the mountains and the Blue Lagoon. Today is one for the books. Swam in the fountain of youth.…
The song of palms in the twilight tropic breeze, the soft hiss of outriggers slicing the water of a blue lagoon,...
Good weekend nr Abereiddy with pontyclun rugby minis. Fab walk to blue lagoon today
Blue Lagoon is naturally warm waters as the world's largest geothermal.
I watched blue lagoon: the awakening again such a good movie omfg
AL pacino is in . I saw him at the Blue Lagoon getting a chip butty . "Say hello to my little fried friend!" ht…
What an amazing adventure! Loved the sun sculpture & feel tranquil looking at the blue lagoon. Just stunning…
Last stop on tour: the famous Blue Lagoon just 10mins from the airport…
I spotted outside the blue lagoon. He ordered a chip butty and pickeled onion.
A7 Have to be Bali, on one of those huts over a blue lagoon :>
Kinda hoping my parents let me take the truck so I can go to blue lagoon with claudia 🌚
The Blue Lagoon will be a must for this summer.
Taking the littles to learn about dolphins at Blue Lagoon Island
Colors of the week Monticello Peach, Amelia Rose, Nutmeg & Blue Lagoon - pick one…
Being 95% sure you're gonna get diabetes one day from the 17 glasses of blue lagoon you drink in Four Candles every Saturd…
Big Blue and Runner-up Red, ready to be awarded this week at Lagoon Park.
If anyone wants to come visit me am at the blue lagoon village be my guest 😘
Go check out our "Blue Lagoon" dress! Soft V-Neck front with fitted waist and zipper back!…
adventures via Dreaming of the blue lagoon.
I saw a dude that looked exactly like thor today at the blue lagoon. Coming back to iceland asap
On special today at The Blue Lagoon, BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich done up Smokin *** style, comes with your side...
dopelessmusic setting the night off @ The Blue Lagoon
And even though we had our differences he's still a very special person to me. I adore him & he's still my blue lagoon💙
I wrote "The Blue Lagoon" because I was away from home last year and when I lived in LA I was dating someone and +
DUDE LETS! I might go to lagoon, my sis is in town, you should come with! & maybe you can stay the night? (;
For some weird reason, I REALLY want to watch Blue Lagoon right now, why? I don't know. I just do!! It's like a craving!!
Iceland's Blue Lagoon expanding to meet growth The Blue Lagoon is by far the largest tourist attraction in...
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Abseiling into an abandoned quarry in wales which held the most amazing surprise!
One of our great blue herons enjoying his breakfast at Esquimalt lagoon. - photo courtesy of Darren Steabner
My new Nike Roshe Run 'Blue Lagoon' thanks to Recommended seller for original sport items.
6:52pm Moony Eyed Walrus by Cayucas from Dancing at the Blue Lagoon
A8 don't have a 'must go to' in mind but if we could go BACK to one, probably Blue Lagoon in - perfect!
Looking forward to Blue Lagoon this weekend 💞
I need to watch the blue lagoon again
Please make the NIKE AIR ZOOM VOMERO 10 - Blue Lagoon/Brigade Blue/Volt/Reflect Silver in wider sizes. Thanks.
Swimming in the geothermal water of the 'Blue Lagoon' in ICELAND!
Return of the Jedi to the Blue Lagoon
Let's take a dip in the blue lagoon.
Blue Lagoon Lace and Eyelets Drop Stitch Fashion by monroe2830 via
Fun in the sun with Light Body Spray 25 SPF @ Blue Lagoon Beach,…
The Blue Lagoon is the most incredible movie ugh
ABSEILING in an unbelievably picturesque abandoned quarry in WALES. via
Photo: Stunning Blue Lagoon swimwear by for your luxe island getaways 🌴
We had an amazing time in Iceland and the Blue Lagoon was the best way to start the trip!
"When we stop taking risks, we stop living life". Location : Blue Lagoon Cliff Jump, Nusa Ceningan,…
This drink comprises of every cocktail I love! :-) sex on the beach, blue lagoon with a piña colada froth! Nom! :-)
Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon is just 💘
Live music today & tonight at Rosie McCann's, The Blue Lagoon, Pono Hawaiian Grill, Hoffman's Bistro and...
If I ever disappear and go missing, you'll find me here, chillin' @ Blue Lagoon…
Summer lovin' with the summer heat! 😹👍☀ @ Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte
Blue Lagoon, Lighthouse Point Two Harbors Minnesota . After the sun had broke the horizon it began to go behind a...
Actress Camilla Belle was a stunner recently with her full brow and smokey baby blue shadow in Sephora's Blue Lagoon.
I know for a FACT Gerry Butler likes a fish supper from the Blue Lagoon.
Swimming in the warm waters of the Blue Lagoon before the sun sets 😁.
I'm watching Blue Lagoon and it just made me remember Tessa bc of Indiana Evans
Patronising guide to an Iceland stopover in the Indie. Skolavordustigur a 'deserted road', Blue Lagoon a 'touristy verucca trap'. Ugh
Blue Lagoon in Vang Vieng, Laos. I would LOVE to have this in my back yard in the new world.
Bit excited about this. 5 hot lagoons in Iceland: From the Blue Lagoon spa to the geothermal hot springs
The blue lagoon is a bless when you are hot. @ Blue Lagoon, Vang Vieng, Laos
Mandela introduced him to his crew, Oliver Tambo and Joe Slovo. It is said that the four of them frequented Blue Lagoon toge…
THAT'S why we call it the Blue Lagoon! A big thanks to Joe Zammit for this splendid bird's-eye view of Comino and...
Blue Lagoon private tour: We have visited Port Vila a few times and love love love the place. Last time, we g...
I added a video to a playlist GACKT- Blue Lagoon live (English + Romaji sub)
Photoset: eartheld: chrisbrinleejr: Today was fun. We found our own private blue lagoon up in the mountains...
We will be back at blue lagoon. Place where we belong to. Place where we used to date and confess
SOME DAY I will go to the Blue Lagoon... a natural spa in
This is life. (Or actually it's on the Island Blue Lagoon at Fiji) ☀️🌊
Enter our sweeps to bike through lava fields & mountains in
Tip No. 8 of dealing with an ice storm: watch Blue Lagoon
Blizzard at the Blue Lagoon. Errbody using arms to deflect the flying ice shards—you can't face that ish. Nope. 💨❄️🙅
Surrounded by nothing but crystal blue 😊☀
oh forgot to mention. We went to emerald pool, hotspring and blue lagoon as well
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The Blue Lagoon was such a cute movie !!!
i have seen blue lagoon! I just completely forgot about it. gonna watch it again tonight !
If you go to the Blue Lagoon and don't nearly sacrifice your phone to take a selfie, did you even go?…
The absolute must do in Iceland is the Blue Lagoon even if you are not a spa person, a ful…
I've got that crazy Brook-Shields-Blue-Lagoon hair going on right now. I just need the beach in the…
These picture do not do the Lagoon Blue Matte Metallic color justice.
I saw a sure sign of Spring today: boats starting to come out of storage from Blue Lagoon Marine!. There are two...
No restock info, but the MetCon 1 (Total Orange/Black-Blue Lagoon-White) will be launching at 10am ET on 2.26.
-- where a beautiful dark blue lagoon lived. A waterfall of crystalline water flowed, and the shells in the pool --
I'm such a child sometimes. Anyone who's had a delicious Blue Lagoon at Scotty's Brewhouse with a…
While we await the details of the release of our new album and album release show.we got a couple other bad *** shows lined up for you all. First is this amazingly heavy show we open @ Epek Print in Salinas on Friday February 27th proud to announce to be part of this great fundraiser for the Wounded Warriors Project at the Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz on Friday March 13th
Performing in Santa Cruz, CA at 8:30 PM today at Blue Lagoon
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Paradise is where the sea is blue; Blue Lagoon at Nusa Ceningan. You can jump into the sea here anyway!
Me and my Girlfriend coming to Iceland for her 30th. Seeing pictures of The Blue Lagoon might mean it's too hard to resist 😁
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Currently watching Blue Lagoon: The Awakening thanks to ♥ ganda niya huhu
Northern Lights may be a bust due to the cloudy weather but at least we are going to swim in the Blue lagoon. Geothermal waters here we come.
Bright Crimson and Blue Lagoon combine on a new Nike Flyknit Trainer Chukka FSB:
Don't know whether this is good news or bad news but it seems Summer 2015 is not going to be as HOT! What we know for sure is that you cannot resist a dip in this crystal blue lagoon when you visit the Maltese Islands!
A beautiful image to brighten everyone's day of the Rocas Bainbridge blue lagoon in Galapagos. Blog written by...
That hole in the rockwork as you exit Pirates of the Caribbean, is a great place to take photos of Blue Lagoon from.
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A5: Blue Lagoon, where the Umgeni River meets the Indian Ocean.
Blue Lagoon in Portland, Jamaica Check it out here >>
VIDEO: Blue Lagoon, Port Antonio like you have never seen it before: Port Antonio is for the adventurous, eco-...
THIS is why it’s called the Blue Lagoon! A big thanks to Eymer Schembri for this beautiful bird’s-eye view.
Chilling with our Yorkshire friends at the Blue Lagoon.
Why replace a lost nano USB cap with one in boring old black when you can use Blue Lagoon instead?
The star of the Blue Lagoon and the blue-haired goon.
Currently living it up on Nacula Island, Blue Lagoon resort. It's quite nice.
Update your maps at Navteq
at blue lagoon soaking away my Iceland dreams
We would love to see the Blue Lagoon! Looks amazing :)
Join us tomorrow & Sunday morning in the patio bar from 10am - 12pm & enjoy our BRAND NEW BREAKFAST MENU. We have...
are you doing the blue lagoon? And how are you handling the smell? So. Much. Sulphur.
The startling blue waters of Iceland's Blue Lagoon are rich with minerals and beneficial algae—by-products of runoff from the nearby Geothermal energy plant.
Laguna Azul, or Blue Lagoon, is one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited here in the Amazon basin and in the whole Ecuador. It is a magical spot of unspoiled nature in the jungle where you can feel that you really have entered in the Amazon. The grounds are filled with rainforest plants and their colorful flowers and countless butterflies teem in the air, making the place seem even more magical.
getting smashed in Reykjavik then soothing my hangover with a trip to the blue lagoon! love Reyk.
I would find some "sheep farm" to spin and knit icelandic sweater, eat some specialties and have relaxing time in Blue Lagoon !
too many choices .. bite to eat , has to be lamb ... then few drinks ... then Gulfross & rest of weekend at Blue Lagoon :)
N so we pass da garage at Blue Lagoon n my sisters shout "dis is Donavan Pillay n Monique Pillay Garage". Love u guys
Lol when me tracia and cameron was blue lagoon >>>
Mucci riding blue lagoon sunday and guh chill by jj dem monday.
Full day Comino, Blue Lagoon & Caves for only €17.50 + Free Speed boat ride through the Caves
Just around the corner at the Blue lagoon.
Day 1 in Reykjavik - after having a bit of a rough time getting all my bags on the plane without a massive argument with the Icelandair ground crew, only getting 1.5 hours of sleep on the flight and finding out that my room wouldn't be ready until exactly check-in time (2pm) I managed to change my trip time to the Blue Lagoon and spent most of the day lounging in the lagoon, chatting with people from Iceland, Wales and Sweden and finally actually relaxing. This country is STUNNING, the people are funky and kind, and the food is pretty darn spectacular as well. If this is what the rest of Scandinavia is like, then I'm definitely in!!!
PHOTO: Blue Lagoon of Comino in the Maltese Islands via
boasts stunning coastline. Here is the Blue Lagoon near Abereiddy Beach... Where are your favourite spots? http:/…
It's dumb and bad, but it IS Blue Lagoon.
: Check out a piece on the Blog today in Zurich
Enjoy the blue lagoon on knee deep.
Is this where we get the cat fight in the slurry lagoon?
80% of all visitors to Iceland make it a point to visit the Blue Lagoon. So what is it?
today THE FROM THE BLUE LAGOON: all abt icelandic in
Photo Of The Day blue lagoon by marion faria
Blue Lagoon: The Awakening (full)- Guys this is the movie Indiana Evans (Tessa) is in and oh my god
Nothing like getting out of class on Friday, putting on sweatpants, and watching Blue Lagoon
we are going to the Blue Lagoon! But I can't remember when, somewhere next week
Wonderful and relaxed day at Blue Lagoon - just what we needed
Cocktail of the Week is Blue Lagoon which means that it is 241 all night this Friday and Saturday!!…
Blue lagoon is about hordes of beachgoers trying to cover little patch. But it's still p...
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The Blue Lagoon in is probably the most amazing geothermal spa in the world.
I loved it... Made my lmfao... But made me sad bc I know what the blue lagoon is
And I'm so upset with how The Blue Lagoon ended.
Bond music from From Russia w Love was actually playing at Blue Lagoon
Blue lagoon 1950s Brooch is beautiful Iridescent blue rhinestones All stones are original and secure, bright and clear Excellent condition
boy if u coming blue lagoon u gatta pay 24 by next week Friday and the other 24 on the 18 wen we go
the blue lagoon is on Netflix and my life is now officially complete
The blue lagoon is actually my favourite movie
I'll be serving drinks at The Blue Lagoon-Events tonight! $5 for any shot in the house! :)
Staying at the Blue Lagoon in Jamaica via
Dancing on a blue lagoon, watch the silver moon shine bright. Stars in the mid blue sky and the quiet calms your heart.
“Blue Lagoon is on Netflix.. My night is made.” What's that about I keep hearing about it?
From our walk today to the public blue lagoon. Was Gale force winds and bloody freezing but looked amazing! About to go on Northern Lights tour, fingers are crossed!
Box speaker talkin' out a tune Two for one on a blue lagoon Another lost and found Bartender takes another pass Puts the salt on the rim of another glass And he sets it down I'm know every color of every neon sign Flashin' out a heartache in the back of my mind Sad eyed waitress called Betty Lynn Got her order pad and her ball point pen Said what'll it be? I said "A tall glass of cold regret" A full order of loneliness Like every night this week I'll shoulder my pride and I drink it down Another smoke filled evenin' with no fire to be found Down at the lonely grill Got nothin' but time to kill At the end of everyday I sit in a corner booth Do nothin' but think of you And the love we threw away And I guess, I always will Down at the lonely grill
Watching The Blue Lagoon... The 1st one. It's really touching to watch innocent love bloom.
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Just had a bath and now watching blue lagoon (best movie ever) 💘
One of the 25 wonders of the world: Iceland's Blue Lagoon! Now off to Sweden in a few... @ Blue Lagoon…
Upcoming show at Blue Lagoon Saloon on Thursday October 9th
Blue lagoon offers two great views - the beautiful pastel blue geothermal water and the facial expressions of vis...
Teal glitter mani with hexagons and powder mixed!.
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE-CREAM! Last day in Turkey swanning around the Blue Lagoon.…
Yum blue lagoon my new fave cocktail 🍹
we sure do. Two days left here. Tomorrow we go horse riding and take a swim at blue lagoon. Not sure what we do on Friday.
It's a beautiful world / the Blue Lagoon near *** Cana, Dominican Republic... Must do this when we
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