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Blue Jay

The Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata) is a passerine bird in the family Corvidae, native to North America.

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Ushered in 2017 watching BLUE JAY. You & were terrific together. A film not to be overlooked. Happy New Year!
Happy New Year Blue Jay Nation! Be safe and make good choices tonight! We want to see you on Tuesday!
Blue Jay Wireless wishes you a happy & prosperous 2017. Make the most of it in all that you do. . Happy New Year fro…
Check out Blue Jay Media student cesarramoss_'s video Excellent creativity and unique perspective.
"Bodmon song" and. "Blue jay season ". Are both on with extended versions and never before heard verses
This is my fursona. It's just a blue jay with a tie.
xoxo Aguri and Best Wishes Y'all! . Imagine you wake up . with a second chance: The blue jay . hawks his pretty...
Can't say enough how grateful I am to those of you watching BLUE JAY on & sending nice words. It just means the w…
East coast - HAPPY FREAKING NEW YEAR!! Let's make this one count as we challenge the orange rug. Cheers to all as I'm a…
If you thought 2016 was bad, Trump gets inaugurated in a few weeks
winding down my 2016 watching Blue Jay. Happy New Year!
love the Felix. Shut those Blue Jay fans the *** up!
Matthews to Crosby and Ovi? Someone should slap you, dumb bird. Remove that Blue Jay and replace it with a Dodo, Dodo
➡We'll have a buddy on the left field. "Oye como va" from a Blue Jay fan now cheering for the
Trying to think of the most hated Blue Jay over the last decade. It's gotta be either Eric Hinske, Josh Towers, or Miguel Batista, right?
Was this the last time Edwin Encarnacion leaves Rogers Centre as a Blue Jay? . "Thank you!". "Please come back, Eddie!". "F…
Hey Cal Ripkin Jr & the rest of TBS sports announcers, stop kissing the Blue Jay's *** already!
I thought Carlos Delgado was your favourite Blue Jay??
Cody Allen just went through the middle of the Blue Jay lineup like it was child's play.
Despite strong performances from Sarah Paulson and Mark Duplass, "Blue Jay" takes too long for too little to happen…
How it came to pass that free-agent C Russell Martin became a Blue Jay
Russell Martin was 7th Blue Jay to homer in playoffs
fans... want to hit a Blue Jay? Go to Lot N and ask for Chris. Let's blow up social media with Texas Pride https:…
Alex gonzalez 😂RT Legit question: I know it's short period but where's Tulo rank in all-time Blue Jay shortstops? Behind (1/2)
Special Oriole Park postgame concert by visiting Blue Jay fans Bob and Doug McKenzie. Guest appearance by Geddy Lee. Don't take off early!
Jon Gibbons leading the Blue Jay's to another 1 run loss..
Almost got thrown out of Jacobs field once as a teenager because of a Blue Jay fan.
Roy Halladay on which logo he'd want on plaque if he's elected to Hall of Fame: "I'd go as a Blue Jay."
Favorites in the West perhaps - not the American League. Their pitching is a bad joke. Indians. Blue Jay's. Red Sox
Great time, great game with these Blue Jay beauties. Paul Beeston, Dr Gosevitz , Tony Staffieri.…
Great news! This Blue the Blue Jay is going to make it. It was acting the same way my Gatsby…
next time a Blue Jay hits a home run you should say "_ hits this one all the way from New Brunswick!"
Trade him or keep him and lose him during Free Agency? Either way, unlikely that Bautista is a Blue Jay next season.
I thought Canadiens and snow birds only came down to AZ in the winter? Way too many Blue Jay fans at Chase.
Edwin Encarnacion is just the 4th Blue Jay ever to record 80+ RBIs prior to the ASG. He joins Carlos Delgado (2X), Vernon Wells & Joe Carter
Cast a vote before 5:30PM today for the Blue Jay's Michael Saunders to get him to the MLB All Star Game!.
Troy Tulowitzki is returning to Coors Field for the first time as a Blue Jay. Preview:
Josh Donaldson is the first Blue Jay since 2011 to have a triple in back-to-back games (Kelly Johnson, Aug 29-30 2011)
Josh Donaldson is the first Blue Jay to record a triple in consecutive games since Kelly Johnson in August 2011.
In fact Saunders is the only Blue Jay with an extra base hit that didn't leave the yard in June with 3.
The people excited about Jason Grilli as a Blue Jay = people who haven't seen him pitch this year.
Here's a first: Attacked by a Blue Jay on way to pick up the newspaper.
Sorry I won't be in today. Dirty Blonde and Red on tap with the Blue Jay game on.
Blue Jay's defeat the Red Sox's 10-9. Toronto gets the walk off Devon Travis single that scored Russell Martin
Just after homered, a Blue Jay came to cool off in our bird bath!
thanks have you got more painting to do? We've been loving Blue Jay at cornucopia in if you're down this way
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Now all the new Raptor fans can go back to being new Blue Jay fans again. Gotta love Toronto sports.
Between last year's Blue Jay run, the Leaf's getting NHL draft & the Raptors tremendous year, its been a good time to be a Toronto fan.
I don't know how much Tulo loves being a Blue Jay but he should love that he plays in Toronto and not a rabid baseball market
and gymnastmom: I also have a new friend Blue Jay that came from Toronto. That's so cute
bring us a W at ACC and Blue Jay way tnte.
Good morning! Are you planning on watching the Blue Jay's game tonight? We are! You can come watch the game at our …
DTN Dubai: Happ a Blue Jay hero as Toronto down Yankees: Strong show from pitcher aids 3-1 win and three-game...
can I get a shoutout? From Toronto, went to school in Philly, working in NY but Blue Jay for life
Great to see Michael Saunders having success as a Blue Jay.
Hey I'm coming to Toronto. I need someone to come to the Blue Jay's games with me on May 31 or June 1st.
When you're a Blue Jay lately, peanuts are all you have. Sorry Toronto.
56th ejection in MLB this season. 10th time a Blue Jay has been tossed. Toronto now accounting for 17.8 percent of MLB ejections.
There are more Blue Jay fans in Minnesota then there are in Toronto I think, it's crazy
Aaron Loup joins the Bisons on MLB rehab. That's the third Blue Jay in Buffalo on rehab stints -- Loup, Bo Shultz and Devon Travis.
Odor did what evry non-Blue Jay fan has dreamed of doing to Joey regardless of retaliation.
When Edwin Encarnacion hit his 203rd HR as Blue Jay last night, he tied Joe Carter's total in 921 fewer at bats.
Edwin Encarnacion ties Joe Carter with his 203rd home run as a Blue Jay.
Sources tell me that Russell Martin will go into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame wearing a Blue Jay cap and a Piazza mustache.
boy do I hate O's fans. Ray fans are nice. Yankee fans are cocky. Blue Jay fans arent on my timeline.
hilarious dude! I guess they should just start ending Blue Jay losses with a bell.
Fanart for my sister​‘s novel. These two are creatures called Nitaras. Left is Blue Jay and the right is Sparrow.
This is the Pacific strain of delphinium. It includes blues such as Blue Jay and Summer Skies; purple, King Arthur https:…
Had four parrots show up at the bird feeder. Pretty cool! Even the Blue Jay was looking at them funny 󾌩
Congrats To big time Blue Jay supporter Cliff Redmond at DMS winning Support Employee of the Year! https:/…
As of today, is my favorite Blue Jay player. Dude's from Toronto, he wears my number AND he plays my position.
You read it here last: Franklin Morales is a non-guaranteed Blue Jay.
"The Toronto Blue Jays led the MLB in home runs last season, so it was only fitting that a Blue Jay would hit the...
Stroman reminded me of an ex-Blue Jay who was also efficient to get hitters out & go deep in games: Roy Halladay
watching here in Calgary then me and the wife are headed to Toronto and will be at the Blue Jay home opening series! Pumped!
There is a blue jay and a cardinal in my backyard right now. It's a sign.
I see the unmarked blue mustang pulling people over all the time!
Absolutely. U cannot judge a person by what he/she wearing.
Some women are empowered by nudity and being sexy and some are empowered by modesty and not showing off. Respect it! htt…
Why do double standards exist ? Why can't Ariana wear what she wants without being criticized, but men get praised htt…
KNOWLES Birds of Your Garden by Kevin Daniel BLUE JAY 8.5" collector plate
I just saw a unmarked police car and it was a blue mustang? tell how that's fair 🤔
*** Ron, where did you get R.Sox/Blue Jay total for a spring training game?
Who gotta sz 10 in french blue tryna trade for ths 9
i can name 300. But we can start with albums just by jay z and kanye. Reasonable doubt blue print. Late register. Mbdtf
🍃🌸🍃 Thank you, Jay. May I ask what app you use for your hand written notes in blue? Godspeed forever! 🍃🌸🍃
OTR tour when her and Jay sang forever young/halo & had clips of blue ivy
El Classico today I know will be repin his burgundy and blue
I'm wearing blue today for my Aidan Jay 🙏🏼💙🦁 Light It Up Blue.
Beyoncé, Jay Z & Blue Ivy at the 2016 White House today.
Jay Z & Blue spotted in at an office building in NYC today 💙
And Jay-Z and Beyoncé are paralleled to Snow White & Prince Charming, and Blue IV is the Savior and on her 28th birthday she rolls into
went deep 232 times in 2015. Here's the data behind every HR they hit last season
I found a dying Blue Jay outside, so I did the only thing I could think of and hummed The Circle of Life to it.
There was just a blue jay in my kitchen window. I always consider that a good sign.
See how one Blue Jay turned to the pool & for off-season training help
Please check your inbox for this week's Blue Jay Lineup!
French blue 12's and the playoff 12's best Jay's of all time
This is Auto Dee Jay, the bot with Style. Coming up next: "Stop" blue mix featuring hymn hatcollector by Ghost k
Roses are navy blue peach blossoms are sienna Jay Z is lovley and so is bye felcia
As Jay has blue eyes and a beard this new snap edit looks exactly like him and it freaks me out just a tad
Sad to discover that the blue jay nest perched on a branch outside my bedroom window is no longer there... 😢💔.
This us not okay, we're all equal so we should all be treated equal.
Blue Jay Camps - Washington High School - Summer Camp information and registration can be found at this link!
The Toronto sign will be lit blue all day in support of
Altwinkel: The Descended Blue. N. Jay Jaffe. Etching and aquatint, printed, with watercolor
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Really seem to be a lot of Blue Jay fans here tonight. A lot from Toronto.
Today's senior spotlight is Raye Wilson. Raye is playing his first season of Blue Jay baseball as an outfielder.
Every time Martin hits a bat returning ball to the pitcher in playoffs; if a Blue Jay homers next inning we cheer for Goose Gossage.
ARTFINDER: Blue Jay by Laura B. Palmer - Beautiful Blue Jay is a good mid sized square a... - via
did you know I have a pet also called Jay Beagle. It is neither a Beagle or a dog. It is a Jay, a Blue Jay
Learn about Blue Jay behavior, habitat and more in our free online bird guide:
Canadian outfielder Michael Saunders is still a Blue Jay and he's quite happy about that. My story from Dunedin: . https:…
Saunders: "Im trying to be a pro. Im a Blue Jay; Im here to work. Im here to help bring a championship to Toronto. Thats…
Speaking my of Scott Rolen, who was the biggest (size) Blue Jay? Frank Thomas was pretty big.
Didn't Scott Rolen got injured during the sprint training as well? In the first season as a Blue Jay? Fielding exercise or something.
Blue Jay's can do some damage to a corn crib. Granddaddy put up whole ears to feed hogs in a crib.
the stiff you don't know about me mate!! My uncle lived in Toronto for 18 years, I grew up in Leafs and Blue Jay tops!!
If you wanna watch a Blue Jay hit a dinger in 2016 (complete with swanky bat flip), here you go. (It's Junior Lake)
Mike Stud had Toronto going up last night with Blue Jay pitcher Marcus Stroman. 📷
Toronto's would like to be a Blue Jay for life. The veteran slugger weighs in. My story:
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Blue Jay home opener tickets 👌🏻Can't wait to see the MVP crush his first against Price.
Toronto loves you Marcus. So glad you are a Blue Jay.
Blue Jay onesie party for the Super Bowl:
Jose Bautista tells he'd like to be a Blue Jay for life
.says he wants to be a Blue Jay for life
Stuff for another new Blue Jay - David Aardsma. Similar to Joe Blanton in 2015. Wild ride for both over years
HOLD THE PHONE - DREW STOREN IS A BILLY JOEL FAN?!!! . I think I just found my new favourite Blue Jay...
When the Blue Jay was weathering the snow in Kentucky, our "locals" were putting up with 2" of rain but...
Congrats to Blue Jay greats David Black & Kyle Harrison on their Greater Baltimore Chapter of HOF induction
So today I have seen an Oriole, Blue Jay, and Cardinal flying around. You would think the winter meetings were in my backyard.
Why does DP get Daniel Norris then. Im a frustrated Blue Jay fan...
One afternoon game at Yankee Stadium, when Jesse Barfield was a Blue Jay, I heckled him and probably contributed to a bad day
Blue Jay alumni Erin Hart just broke the 200 backstroke school record at St Cloud State University with a time of 2.02.84 . Way to go Erin!
10:09am Blue Jay and another beautiful bird. What is it?
I agree packing *** My little boy wants to know if you have any hand me down Blue Jay things? Lol. Have a great off season
At least a former Blue Jay is going to the World Series... Rios and Wells used to be my faves. Wah, I'm actually so sad... 😩😢😭
If you don't think John Olerud when I say Blue Jay're perfectly normal, but *** that guy was unique.
I love how every1 is on Daniel Murphy cause he's been on fire for NY Mets. Marco Scutaro, former Blue Jay was NLCS MVP in 2012, where he at?
Marco Scutaro was a Blue Jay. The Blue Jays are going to the World Series now.
pretty sure I just saw Hawkins last appearance as a Blue Jay .
My man was the blue jay half on this Royals/Blue Jay battle rap.
Don't forget to wear your Blue Jays gear tomorrow for SAC's Blue Jay spirit day! Go Jays Go!!!
I wish the bat flip never happened because that meant the Royal's have to play the Blue Jay's instead of the Ranger's.
In 24 hours Blue Jay fans will either be:. a) Getting ready for ALCS...or. b) Losing their minds. Let the games begin.
A Blue Jay just landed in the neighbors tree, I wished it good luck
17:34, 10/10 Early evening at the feeders - Blue Jay, Mourning Dove and Woodpecker
17:48, 10/9 Variety on the feeders - Blue Jay, Mourning Dove and Hairy Woodpecker
18:07, 10/7 Blue Jay on the tube, Mourning Dove on the seed block
17:27, 10/7 Yes, the Mourning Dove just shooed the Blue Jay!!!
18:00, 10/6 Sunset countdown begins with Blue Jay & Mourning Doves on the patio
I grew up loving Mark Buerhle and was so happy when he became a Blue Jay. Today we say goodbye to a legend and hall of famer
07:20, 10/4 Blue Jay on tube; Mourning Doves on the patio; Canada Geese making music on the Pond ♪ ♫
16:35, 10/3 Blue Jay on tube; Mourning Doves on patio; one waiting on the dead tree stump...
That was w/Blue As A Jay. I don't think it was meant as such, but we'll use as tribute for Jays! See Oct5
Blue State Blues: The Iran Deal and the Jay Treaty - Breitbart via
Blue Jay Way with a broken left ear bud is scary.
There are 180 more students with Blue Jay fever that we couldn't fit into the picture.
The Blue Jay - Students find all the arc measures and angle measures using angle-arc relationships.
A Blue Jay outside my house, this Blue Jay is here everyday for birdseed.
Fix the broken wing of this Blue Jay!
Happy Halloween!. Collaboration of and myself ^_^. Blue: Tek doodles. Red: Jay doodles
Bars are going to make a killing this post season and there will be a lot of Blue Jay Fevers handed out by MDs
She observed the blue jay without getting any closer, scared of ruining the photo for the girl.
"Did you know if you hold hands your hand will turn blue and fall off". -Ms. Jay
Click here to watch it: Sara Jay takes her little blue shorts off and *** her lover's bi…
Guns kill an average of 36 people every day, and the nation doesn't even blink
Delaney has high hopes for the Blue Jay's this season. Watch this video to hear her expert opinion:
"We will stay golden when we're black and blue" is this a reference to the outsiders "stay gold Ponyboy" ?
The movie is here: Sara Jay takes her blue panties off and gets her *** drilled hard and …
The Blue Jay's are my backup team. Can't believe I'm saying that.
you can DM me for any information on wristbands. We did just order some team Jay blue and orange wristbands.
HI Mr Clatworthy, is tomorrow Blue jay day?
Determine which Blue Jay you are. Question 7: "Which is your inner Kawasaki?" lol I got: Marcus Stroman! via
he also seems to pop up during blue Jay games like every couple innings..Same commercial.irritating.
Blue Ivy on Jay Z's shoulders watching her mother perform.
Calgary Herald story on Blue Jay sermon: I’m always amazed at how this works out. Tuesday I’m in the middle of…
It's Blue Jay Blue Friday show your spirit. Let's go Blue Jays
Blue Jay - Cubs World Series. We're inviting Bartman to sing the national anthems.
I love a man with blue eyes. Oh and brown. Green are nice too. Eyes in general really. A face actually. Mainly a head. A bod…
The 1st ever student section filling up in the new Fieldhouse!! Blue Jay Pride!!!
Any of my Blue Jay people know this Scott Carroll dude?
Congratulations to the Remember to pay off any Blue Jay related credit card debt @ http:…
Blue & Jay Z in the crowd watching Beyoncé perform at 😊💙
Yea! Yes me too!! I want to party with all you cool Blue Jay fans! 😍👍
David Price has pitched in his last regular season game as a Toronto Blue Jay. . Yes/No?
it'd look better with a lil Blue Jay on it.
Hanging out in the Joan Rivers room at The Shopping Channel waiting to go on air at 11pm with some amazing Blue Jay memorabilia
yes! Blue Crew is throwing a student tailgate tomorrow!
My least favourite ever Blue Jay batting for Milwaukee vs the Padres to ight at Petco. Adam Lind is just a dawg:(
Free MLB pick on Toronto-140 over Baltimore. Blue Jay starter Stroman 3-0, 1.89 ERA 19 innings last 3 starts. Jays need for home playoff.
Show your Blue Jay spirit with these double-sided Toronto Blue Jays car flags! Now it stock!
3 Games in one day last saturday the TFC, Blue Jay's and the Maple Leafs all won there games sat sept 26 was a lucky day for Toronto
* He had no clue how to respond to that* Sorry, I'm Blue Jay
. SOOO happy for you. I am honoured to call you a Blue Jay. Thank you for what you've done for Toronto and Canada.
Toronto has a baseball team? and they are in first place!? Where do I go to buy every piece of Blue Jay gear imaginable?
: Footage of Blue Jay players drenching each other in beer and champagne after making playoffs
Hello Canada & Blue Jay fans in the United States...OK, so to-day a couple of ex team mates face off at the Roger's Center...our guy to win.
A former Blue Jay homering in Toronto? You don't say.
Mulaney was great. Toronto's live right now; JFL, hockey & baseball games, WWE event. Leafs & Blue Jay jerseys, & John Cena tees everywhere
In Toronto for the next few days. I wonder if I'll get swept up in Blue Jay mania. Or - even worse - Maple Leaf mania.
Like the Toronto Blue Jays, the feathered Blue Jay needs our support more than ever
Although this isn't a "Toronto" Blue Jay.a huge amount are migrating through. Maybe in support of the team??
Blue Jay tickets snapped up fast. Listen live:
Toronto friends! Take your Blue Jay night-off over to for some Red Racer IPA & ISA!
People are so obnoxious about being "True" Blue Jay fans lmfao who cares we're winning, and it's Toronto, everyone should watch now lmao
Blue Jay wild card tickets on sale now, 10 am. Phone and online only.
can't forget about former Blue Jay "great" Josh Towers
I’m not wealthy by any stretch but I’ll throw a few bucks in to keep him a Blue Jay past this season!
Disagree with Jeff that Donaldson' s is the best offensive season by a Blue Jay. Remember Bell, Bautista and Delgado?
Edwin Encarnacion gets his 100th RBI of the year. He's the 3rd Blue Jay with 100 RBI this season.
Yes Tanaka could've been a Blue Jay, but remember, we had just enjoyed a full season of watching Josh Johnson
Price stays a Blue Jay and guarantees himself a place in the HOF.
Just finished a round of golf, I should stick to the guitar, spotted a Northern Cardinal, & a Blue Jay, they were the only birdies for me!
A Blue Jay "may be aggressive towards humans who come close to its nest" or the strike zone.
A late season waiver claim. Is Roach the Blue Jay's... last resort?
News And That Happened: Sunday’s scores and highlights: Edwin Encarnacion and the Blue Jay...
Price has passed Dickey in fWAR as a Blue Jay this season. (By hundredths)
No clue why Blue Jay fans are so bitter about the It has to be more than the entire staff trying to decapitate Josh Donaldson.
Jeff this is a Blue Jay purse my friend bought back from Barry's Bay craft shop thought you might like to show it
Donaldson is awesome, easily my favourite Blue Jay 😁😁😁
Where did all these Blue Jay fans come from?👀
Yeah I'm excited to see Wichita play. Especially for Scott Richmond, former Blue Jay.
"Cueto has a good first inning as a Blue Jay." - Buck Martinez
Lineouts are like Buck Martinez's botched HR calls when a Blue Jay is hitting.
David Price is a Blue Jay. And Anthony Alford remains a Blue Jay. Alex Anthopoulos, I love you!
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A 2014 Vancouver Canadian has been a key piece of the past 3 Blue Jay blockbusters: Franklin Barreto, Miguel Castro, and now Jairo Labourt
My prediction: Jeff Samardzija is a Blue Jay in the next 24/48 hours.
Four Royals on ASG team, but Blue Jay tops all
On the way to Oshawa, enjoying my Timmy's and wearing my Blue Jay threads...
Good news Blue Jay fans! They have signed first round pick Jon Harris to the full bonus slot!
With Martin's triple, every single Blue Jay now has a hit.
Ryan Goins has the best entrance music of any Blue Jay. Ever
Fun and friends at the Blue Jay's game.
Triple Play Lounge Feature available today - on Blue Jay's Home Game Days!
is my favourite Blue Jay! I love that power swing and the home run chicken wing! Go Jays Go.
Great office! and I will be there in 2 weeks. Interested in a wall mural? a Blue Jay?
Goodbye Niagara Falls. You are beautiful. Staying on the Canadian side was smart choice. Off to Toronto & Yankee/Blue Jay game!
Is it a Toronto or Canadian thing @ Blue Jay game, fire alarm went off during game & no one react to the alarm. No stoppage
Lets Go will band a Blue Jay in your name.
Devon Travis: AL Rookie of the Month A rare honour for a Blue Jay ⚾️👏.
Best three catches by a Blue Jay ever: Devon White's in the World Series, Rajai Davis's in 2012 .. and yours! Congrats!
Miguel Castro is the youngest Blue Jay ever to record a save. He's the youngest in the Majors to do so since Rick Ankie…
Dating back to last year, Aaron Loup has hit a batter in 3 straight games. He's the 4th Blue Jay, and 1st since Scott C…
My girlfriend needs a new favourite Blue Jay. I'm trying to convince her it should be Russell Martin because his middle name is Coltrane.
Devon Travis is the 6th Blue Jay, and 1st since Eric Hinske in 2002 to make his MLB debut on Opening Day.
The ceremonial to former Blue Jay, Robbie Alomar is also awesome!!
Hot Shots is an Internet café in Blue Jay--a great option for people who want to meet over coffee instead of alcohol.
Pat Hentgen, the first Blue Jay to win Cy Young award
(Old enough that it was when Jon Rauch was still a Blue Jay. And yes the photo still exists.
I still can't stress this enough, Josh Donaldson is a Blue Jay.
Safe travels & Good Luck to Liberty Varsity Cheer! They are on their way to Nationals 2015! Go…
Oh, Rob was orange? I didn't know. Yep, not that logical with Jay being the blue one. Couldn't think of another color? :D
mh..can't find an orange heart for Rob 😳 never got why Jay's mic had a blue tape on though 😉😊👍
Jay Z and Beyoncé are part of the Illuminati and Blue Ivy is going grow up to be their Grand Master
"Beyonce and Jay Z enroll Blue Ivy in an elite Los Angeles private school
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Beyoncé enrols Blue Ivy at LA school: Beyoncé Knowles and Jay Z have enrolled their daughter Blue Ivy at an elite…
Nah, Jay was live. For the rehearsal he was in the audience seats with Blue, & he censored himself there & not on the live show
Beyonce and Jay-Z are moving to LA after enrolling Blue Ivy in an elite school. Not jealous.
I liked a video from Code Blue Jay Jones Feat. Yellow
Beyonce and Jay Z 'searching for perfect home in Los Angeles as they enroll Blue in…
Jay Z, Beyonce & Blue are moving west, here's the proof
Harper Lee's poignant new novel, To Waterboard a Blue Jay, takes on racism, foreign policy and Darwin.
A Blue Jay and a Westy of course made me think of you!
One of the loudest and most colorful birds of back yards and woodlots, the Blue Jay is unmistakable. Intelligent and adaptable, it may feed on almost anything, and it is quick to take advantage of bird feeders. Besides their raucous jay! jay! calls, Blue Jays make a variety of musical sounds, and they can do a remarkable imitation of the scream of a Red-shouldered Hawk. Found this one in my backyard.
I just remembered that Adam Lind isn't a Blue Jay anymore. That's just so weird.
Just saw a Blue Jay fly and land on a branch. I yelled curses at it for taking Josh Donaldson from me.
Fred Lewis hit his first home run as a Blue Jay,Aaron Hill went back to back! Rommie Lewis & Josh Roenicke also appeared in that game.
News Alarm: Melky Cabrera (LF - Tor) The chances of free agent outfielder Melky Cabrera returning to the Blue Jay...
of green to get in what space is available, if they wait for the next green, then autos n/b on Blue Jay way
You should change your photo to the greatest Blue Jay of all time; Pat Tabler.
I am such a fair weather fan. I feel guilty. In 1966 when I settled in Toronto I was a huge Leafs fan. I remember the parade in the Spring of 67. In 93/4 I was a huge Blue Jay fan. Right now, at 9.50 The Raptors are ahead of The Chicago Bulls. I anticipate another parade in the Spring of 15. I am now a huge Raptor fan!
The day Pablo Sandoval becomes a Blue Jay is the day Buck Martinez becomes the best play-by-play voice in baseball.
Jose Bautista is only the 3rd Blue Jay to win 3 Silver Slugger Awards (George Bell, Carlos Delgado)
Congrats to puppy Blue Jay & his new family! His big puppy brother was adopted from too! :)
Kathleen's Blue Jay was just born. She is cold, lonely, and will get sick soon without any food. Baby wants to grow up big and strong some day and just needs a little help getting started.
Gossip Nigeria News.: PHOTOS: Jay Z and his mini-me Blue Ivy step out Read
Lol have any of. U seen LITTLE MAN . someone said BLUE IVY looks like that 😞🙈bt with jay z face ..y'all re evil
Is it true you and are moving to Paris?!
On this day in history October 23rd. 4004 BC - Creation of the world begins according to the calculations of Archbishop James Ussher Roman Emperor Augustus CaesarRoman Emperor Augustus Caesar 42 BC - Roman Republican civil wars: Second Battle of Philippi - Brutus's army is decisively defeated by Mark Antony and Octavian. Brutus commits suicide. 425 - Valentinian III is elevated to Roman Emperor, at the age of 6. 502 - The Synodus Palmaris, called by Gothic king Theodoric the Great, discharges Pope Symmachus of all charges, thus ending the schism of Antipope Laurentius. 585 - Burgundy king Guntram opens synod of Mâcon (Mastico) 787 - Byzantine empress Irene recovers Iconclastic cult at Nicaea 1086 - Battle of az-Zallaqah: Army of Yusuf ibn Tashfin defeats the forces of Castilian King Alfonso VI 1091 - Tornado (possible T8/F4) strikes the heart of London killing 2 and demolishing the then wooden London Bridge 1157 - The Battle of Grathe Heath ends the civil war in Denmark. King Sweyn III is killed and Vald ...
YOU attended some GREAT MANDAN-Demons Games ... Growing up in Mandan! Demons football coach Mark Gibson has a juggling act to perform on Friday, and there’s no guarantee he’ll keep all the balls in the air. Century coach Ron Wingenbach, meanwhile, will be playing a waiting game. The AAA football playoff field is pretty much set going into the final week of regular season action, but the pairings are anything but certain. About all that’s known for sure is the top-ranked Demons will be the No. 1 seed from the West. Minot, Century and Dickinson will join BHS in the Oct. 31 quarterfinal round, but the order remains to be seen. In the East Region, Fargo Davies, defending champion Fargo South, West Fargo and Grand Forks Red River are in. But with three 5-1 teams atop the region, a lot is riding on Friday’s final round of action. Gibson is trying to figure out how to balance injury risk against keeping his undefeated team’s sharp edge on Friday night at Faris Field. Mandan comes into the game 2-5, but ...
On This Date in History, October 23, 1993, Toronto Blue Jay Joe Carter does what every kid dreams of—he wins the World Series for his team by whacking a ninth-inning home run over the SkyDome’s left-field wall. It was the first time the World Series had ended with a home run since Pittsburgh’s Bill Mazeroski homered to break a 9-9 tie with the Yankees in the seventh game of the 1960 series, and it was the first time in baseball history that a team won the championship with a come-from-behind home run.
Section: "Not a single day without an event" 23 and observances Chulalongkorn Day (Thailand) Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle (Republic of Macedonia) Mole Day (Chemists) National Day (Hungary) Events 1707 - The of created by the Acts of Union between England and Scotland, held its first meeting. 1925 - Comedian and talk show host Johnny Carson was born in Corning, Iowa. 1942 - Britain launched a major offensive against Axis forces at El in during World War II. 1956 - An anti-Stalinist revolt began in Hungary. 1973 - President Richard M. Nixon agreed to turn White House tape recordings requested by the Watergate special prosecutor over to Judge John J. Sirica. 1987 - The U.S. rejected the Court nomination of Robert H. Bork, 58-42. 1993 - Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Joe Carter became the second player to end a World Series with a home run in an 8-6 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies in 6. 1998 - Dr. Barnett Slepian, a doctor who performed abortions, was killed at his home in suburban Buffal ...
lmao Jay said I had to experience M&M for the first time by getting the blue berry But ima definitely have to try that I 💙OREOS
Squirrel and Blue Jay... I was using a zoom lens to take these shots. No way to get both the Blue Jay and the Squirrel sharply focused in the same scene. Taken in our backyard in Centennial, Colorado.
King West's premier address to work, live and play - King Blue by Greenland (a Fortune Global 500 company), studio starting from $214,998, Street & Blue Jays Way, call me for price list and floor plan.
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for someone who says women complain more, he sure has a lot of complaints abt Jay Z and Blue Ivy 😒
"why every body think blue ivy was going to be cute. her Dady jay-z ugly *** Lmaooo 😂😂 Tru tho
Beyonce and Jay Z are house hunting in Paris -- and they want Blue Ivy to learn French!
Beyonce, Jay Z Shopping for Houses in Paris, Want Blue Ivy to Learn French -
Jay carries Blue Ivy EVERYWHERE and I love it. I love seeing hands-on Dads.
Guess where BEYONCE , JAY-Z and BLUE IVY are rumored to be moving to?.
Ppl are so mean to Blue Ivy like *** she's only 2 and her mom IS Beyonce but her dad is also Jay Z so
Blue ivy isn't ugly she just got a jay z face... she's probably gonna end up with beyonces *** so I mean
I'm the source got the plug on the uncut...Jay Z blue magic *** what what
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