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Blue Ivy

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles (born September 4, 1981), known mononymously as Beyoncé (legal name, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles–Carter) is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress.

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Blue Ivy only has one mood, and that is superior.
When you get Blue Ivy back, make sure to have a padre bless it. Lol that car been through a lot
March 28, 2016: Blue Ivy, Beyoncé & Jay-Z at the White House for the annual Easter Egg Roll.
Beyoncé, Blue Ivy, and Tina Lawson each pitched in on Hurricane Harvey relief efforts
Black men love being predatory too; do you see how many of them defend R.Kelly? How many of…
“Repeat after me “blue ivy is my favorite child” or i’ll *** that dry wig right infront of everyone!”
"Y'all are my family. Houston is my home." —Beyoncé ❤️.
Love that had baby girl Blue Ivy right by her side giving back in her Houston hometown
I can't believe Blue Ivy Carter and Taehyung are both Capricorns. Talk about legends...
New top story from Time: . It looks like Blue Ivy Carter is taking after her mother Beyoncé in more ways than just…
"Never seen a ceiling in my whole life" — Blue Ivy Carter
I cackle every time I see those pictures of Blue Ivy holding her nose 😭😭😭
I'M COMPARING YOU TO BLUE IVY! pls how is that an attack and not high praise?!
I love Blue Ivy pretty sure she is a member of THE HAND
But why did Blue Ivy cover her nose lol.
Random fact: Jake is close friends with Beyoncé. He is really woke and his niece and Blue Ivy go to the same school.
Breast Cancer Awareness
October 31, 2015: Blue Ivy celebrating Halloween in New York, dressed as Imani Izzi from "Coming to America".💙
Beyoncé and Blue Ivy serve food to Hurricane Harvey survivors
Blue Ivy can't stand the smell of poverty. . This is confirmation, Beyonce is never coming to South Africa.
Blue Ivy holding her nose when Bey was serving meals to Harvey victims had me weak. Ppl were commenting that she smelled br…
Beyonce and Blue Ivy spotted out in Houston serving food to victims of H...
Beyonce, Tina Knowles and Blue Ivy visit with Harvey victims in Houston
Beyonce, Blue Ivy, Tina Knowles-Lawson, and others in Houston serving food to Hurricane…
Blue Ivy, Michelle Obama, Kelly Rowland & more pay tribute to Beyoncé for her 36th Birthday!
Blue Ivy arriving at the studio while Beyoncé was recording Formation
imagine in like 15 years the VMAs are gonna be Blue Ivy, North West, Royalty Brown and Asahd Khaled wildin
Hov describing Blue Ivy's studio session is surreal. and got another gem
It's mad disrespectful to compare a legend to a child like this. Please show Blue Ivy a little more respect.
Just checked in for my ✈️ to Houston 2mrw w/ . *cues Blue Ivy* Boom shakalaka. Everything in shaka, everything in faka! 💃🏽
I really think that Blue Ivy freestyle 🔥🔥🔥 lol "Boom Shaka Laka! Boom Shaka Laka!"
Blue Ivy really coming to take her mom's crown
Blue Ivy, in a green Gucci dress, eats Skittles at the front row of an NBA All-Stars Game, 2017 // 'Anna Mae' by Willia…
NY got Hov. NY got Jay-Z. NY got Jigga Man. NY got Hovito . NY got Shawn Corey Carter . NY got Blue Ivy's Father. NY got Beyonce'…
Tina Knowles Lawson and Julez better stan for Blue Ivy!!!
Beyonce look like she bout to sell Blue Ivy for a 8ball
Blue Ivy promoting her debut album and supporting single.
Blue Ivy will one day encounter poor people and not understand why they live the way they do. . Just a random thoug…
I immediately thought of this when Blue Ivy said "Daddy what's a whale" 😭
Blue Ivy is Jay Z's greatest creation ,S/O to Asahd for paving the way for this kids bro
Blue Ivy ended both her parents and all the female rappers in 40 seconds, tea only
Let me find out Blue Ivy is out here freestyling
Blue Ivy is five years old and she's already rapping on a platinum album.
Me listening to Blue Ivy's freestyle while looking for this ceiling. .
Heard Blue Ivy's freestyle and had to fix the cover.
me @ miss Blue Ivy's freestyle even though I'm not entirely sure what baby girl is saying
Blue Ivy talking to Rumi and Sir after her freestyle dropped.
When Blue Ivy go back to school in the Fall
When Ms Blue Ivy Carter is rapping bout how she ain't never seen a ceiling before - a true feminst icon. I'm ready for the…
Blue Ivy said "never seen a ceiling in my whole life". Girl, they're so rich the *** ceiling too high for my sis to see.…
OK Blue Ivy rapped on her dad's beat, but Lil B featured his cat rapping on the track 5 years ago
Blue Ivy said she never seen a ceiling in her whole life...meaning she don't believe in limits
Nicki Minaj tryna save her career after Blue Ivy freestyle:
Blue Ivy stans are called the Ivy League?? That's genius.
Following in Her Dad's Footsteps! Blue Ivy Raps on JAY-Z's 4:44 and the Internet Can't Even
Asahd pulling up to the studio after hearing Blue Ivy's verse
Blue ivy: cjxkdnsbfksbdb and tbsksjsbsbfkf sks. Actually me:
When Kanye realizes it's time to put North West in the studio after hearing Blue Ivy...
Get all the way into this Blue Ivy freestyle. Boomshakala
Blue Ivy really said, "everything I hear is my answer." That's one of those bars that hits you in the gut. Sign me up for the…
Hov been trying to get Blue Ivy in the studio. He knew this whole *** time.
"boom Chaka Laka.everything in Chaka" - Blue Ivy. "I'm EVERY woman, it's all IN ME" - Chaka Khan
When Blue Ivy said "everything in shaka everything in flaka"
Blue Ivy is demonstrating the only age where mumble rap is acceptable. Hov stay wit the subliminals😂
Blue Ivy really about to debut her 1st rap freestyle tonight
Blue Ivy's fan base has been dubbed the Ivy League. I love it.
Dj Khaled : Asahd is already making waves and he's not even a year old. You gotta put Blue Ivy in studio bro. Jay: Got you h…
Joe Budden about to be REAL mad at Blue Ivy for being young, happy and rapping.
I need parents that will support me the way Beyoncé and Jay support Blue Ivy
Blue Ivy gurgles her way through a song and Beyonce and Jay stans act like she could go toe to toe with the ghost of Big L. . Amazing.
Jay-Z has Beyoncé, Kim Burrell, The Clark Sisters and Blue Ivy on his album... the best album of 2017 goes to Mr. Shawn…
Crazy in love. Drunk in love. On the run. Deja vu. Bonnie & Clyde. Blue Ivy. Upgrade u. Jesus is always in the room when…
Blue Ivy meeting twins for the first time
I hope Jay let Blue Ivy type out that mass text about the twins arrival.
Your wcw dressed up as Blue Ivy.. she's 36
I had a dream last night that Blue Ivy was kidnapped and held for ransom and Beyoncé and Jay-Z and Kelley Knowles need my help to rescue her
I had a dream that me and the Obama girls babysat Blue Ivy and Beyoncé refused to pay us lol so Sasha cussed her out and we left💀.
Beyoncé and her daughter Blue Ivy dressed themselves in mommy-and-me Disney princess-inspired frocks.
The girl that looks like Arsenio Hall is advertising the orgy? The one that slandered Blue Ivy? Y'all have fun
Blue Ivy wore a $26,000 Gucci dress to the Beauty and the Beast premiere
Why is Blue Ivy reading Beyoncé for filth and Bey is just taking it 😂
Photos : Jay Z, Beyonce and Blue Ivy spotted at the 2017 All Star Games
Beyonce & Jay Z bring Blue Ivy to the in New Orleans! Check out the pics:
Blue Ivy is THEE star of the All Star Game.
(Beyonce & Jay Z Sit Court Side with Blue Ivy at NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans! (
James Corden Carpool Karaoked with Jennifer Lopez and Blue Ivy at the he wins.
[51] Blue Ivy's excitement throughout the Grammys was hard not to love
Hold up. Who has the best seat in the house for this Beyoncé performance? Blue Ivy does.
We don't know much about algebra but we know Blue Ivy + the = the best night ever.
Blue Ivy was the real winner at the
Carpool Karaoke at Grammys: Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy 'saves the day' for James Corden in star-studded performanc…
Blue Ivy is stealing the show tonight 💙
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Wait how old is blue ivy ? She's kinda tall and talks clear asf
Beyonce's Grammy acceptance speech was a powerful message to the children of the world
Y'all want Blue Ivy to grow up hating herself like y'all did but I assure you, it will not hold.
Tina, Beyoncé & Blue Ivy giving us that . BLACK MAGIC!
Blue Ivy showing her little hello kitty bag to that other little girl had me screaming 😂
James Corden Got Blue Ivy Carter to Do Carpool Karaoke at the Grammys, and the Rest of His Best Moments…
Blue Ivy, Jennifer Lopez, John Legend were all on deck.
Blue Ivy is the cutest little person ever 😍
Blue Ivy is like... I see you're sip'n that devil juice Nick lol P.s. Don't wear that studded…
Jay Z has Beyonce, Blue Ivy and Twins on the way. Why do he need friends. His family is his friends 💯
Blue Ivy is wearing Gucci. You're not getting a hug or a handshake. Just be happy with this little bit of convo she's b…
oh. my. god. Blue Ivy is dressed as Prince
Proud Blue Ivy cheers on as she watches her mum perform on stage at the 2017 Grammy Awards.
These pictures prove that Blue Ivy had the most fun at the
Even Blue Ivy loved epic Carpool Karaoke at the
Blue Ivy knew she had to step in and save that.
When i see people making fun of Blue Ivy for looking like her dad
.accepting her Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album (and Blue Ivy not paying attention 😂)
blue ivy as michael jackson X prince
Blue Ivy literally came into that Carpool Karaoke and saved them all .
Blue Ivy Carter's reaction to her mom's performance is the CUTEST.
Sorry, we're not sorry: Blue Ivy is stealing the show.
From Miss Tina to Jay & Blue Ivy at the end...that was one display of if I ever seent it ...
Wedding planner: What colors will you like? . Bride: Motherhood gold & a touch of Blue Ivy pink.
"I'd prefer not to touch but if you could hurry back with that juice i ordered that would be great. Thanks, Nate!" . Blue I…
Aww blue ivy cheering her mom on makes me so happy 😭😭
Blue Ivy & Schoolboy Q's daughter are both SERVING with the pink Gucci suits.
Blue Ivy watching mom performing at the is too cute to handle! 😍
James Corden just Carpool Karaoked with Blue Ivy at the of.
Yes, even Blue Ivy wanted in on the Carpool Karaoke action (via
brings Neil Diamond, and Blue Ivy together for 'Sweet Caroline' Carpool Karaoke.
Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy steals the show at the Grammy Awards as she crashes Carpool Karaoke
Blue Ivy rolled into that Carpool Karaoke like "do you know who I am" 😭
How cute is Blue Ivy's homage to Prince? 🙌🏽
Blue Ivy out here hittin them folks to Bruno Mars
"wait who is that? Blue Ivy and North by Northwest or whatever?" -my mom
Drum roll please...And...the...Best dressed...goes too.Blue Ivy! 🎀
I think Blue Ivy knew just as many words to "Sweet Caroline" as everyone except James and Neil.
Blue Ivy when she find out that her mother was pregnant with twins.
Beyoncé fact Blue Ivy was named after two of her favorite songs, by Marina and the Diamonds and Frank Ocean, respectively
I'm over the world right now. wake me up when Blue Ivy's first project drops.✌🏽
Yasss queeen. Tbh she danced in heels when she was pregnant with Blue Ivy
Beyonce fans are intense man 😌. They supporting whatever tf she does . She could throw Blue Ivy in the ocean and...
I can't wait until we have Blue Ivy, Red Fern, and Green Leaf 😍
So Beyonce rolls outta bed, feeds Blue Ivy some diamonds, releases an album, washes her face and goes back to sleep.
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I laugh at people calling me "anti-black" for calling BM who pick on Blue Ivy and abuse me online *** "
I want to send a special shoutout to the one and only Blue Ivy. We congratulate you on the opportunity to showcase your s…
I found something out blue ivy Beyoncé's daughters name spelled backwards means Lucifer's daughters name .like or respond
.is making a young mogul with a new brand at 5 years old! [LOOK]
Yeah, that IG post was cool & all. But let's not forget Blue Ivy was the best pregnancy reveal of ALL-TIME!
This girl is named Blue-Ivy, she's a 3 month old Shepherd mix looking for a loving home. Come meet her at the SAHS!
Blue Ivy when her siblings are born
The fact that Blue Ivy's face is literally half of her mothers and half of her fathers is amazing 😭😍
Blue ivy to one of the twins when they finish all the cereal before school
When you realize Beyoncé & Boots wrote & produced Blue for Blue Ivy & that they could possibly come together & do a…
Roses are red, violets are blue. Valentine's day is a reminder how ugly are you.
Imagine if Blue Ivy acts like that with the twins, Beyoncé would probably beat her *** for acting up!
Let's give it up one time for the legendary and soon-to-be big sis, Blue Ivy Carter!.
The line will include clothing, fragrances, hair and makeup supplies, and mobile apps and games. “Blue Ivy Carter” is n…
Blue Ivy blessing her siblings in her mother💕
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6 reasons Blue Ivy is going to be THE. BEST. big sister:
Beyoncé’s company will soon launch a line of beauty-related products in her Blue Ivy's name, according to https…
Blue Ivy to her younger twin siblings when they come out the womb:.
The only favs that haven't failed me yet is Harry, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Zendaya and Blue Ivy.
Nicki Minaj sends a special message to Blue Ivy on Instagram. 😍
Let's hope Beyoncé's 2nd child doesn't turn out as ugly as Blue Ivy.
What are the chances of Beyoncé naming her twins. Red Rosie & White Lily,. to go with Blue Ivy,. if they turn out to b…
Didn't Amy Poehler or Tina Fey make a joke about Blue Ivy being raped? Whichever on it was didn't lose a thing and she REALLY should have
Reunited: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Visited Beyonce and Jay Z's Home for Blue Ivy's 5th Birthday
On Friday (January 6), Kimye visited Beyoncé and Jay's home in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles to celebrate Blue Ivy's...
Happy 5th birthday to the beautiful Blue Ivy 😍❤
I feel like & impression of Blue Ivy could also work for Prince George.
Family affair! shares new shot with her twins, Beyonce and Blue Ivy...
Blue Ivy playing with Mariah Carey kids but she couldn't play with North? 💀💀💀💀
How many times are y'all gone tell me I spelled Blue Ivy's name wrong? One time is enough. Y'all want me to call th…
Beyoncé as a black Barbie doll. Jay Z as a black Ken doll. Blue Ivy as a beautiful Barbie. . The Carter's have won Halloween…
Beyoncé and Blue Ivy slaying on the streets of New York
Beyoncé, Jay Z and Blue Ivy were Barbie doll perfection for Halloween:
▶ ←← Beyonce shows off amazing figure as Barbie – with Jay-Z and Blue Ivy making perfect Hall…
Beyoncé, Jay Z and Blue Ivy are Barbie doll perfection on Halloween:
.and Blue-Ivy twinned it for Halloween and obviously looked amazing 👏👏
I wish I was Blue Ivy. Or Malia Obama. Or the offspring of some other obscenely wealthy African Americans.
Beyonce and Blue Ivy go Salt N Pepa for Halloween bash
In case you were wondering my girl and her team did and Blue Ivy's Salt-N-Pepa jackets! 😍🎃…
Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Are Throwback Goals in Salt-N-Pepa Halloween Costumes: Beyoncé and the whole Carter-Know...
OMG, Beyoncé, Tina Knowles, and Blue Ivy dressed up as Salt-N-Pepa for Halloween
.tribute for Halloween will floor you
Beyoncé and Blue Ivy might have had the best group costume of Halloween 2016
Blue Ivy is taller than me and I'm trying to figure out where the *** time went! She is the biggest and prettiest little th…
Beyonce,Tina Knowles, Jay Z, and Blue Ivy took back to the 80's
When Beyonce, her mom Tina, and daughter Blue Ivy dress as Salt N Pepa for Halloween. They…
.Blue Ivy and Miss Tina killed it for
.Tina Lawson and Blue Ivy dressed as Salt-N-Pepa for Halloween. PHOTOS:
I am DISGUSTED with out of all the lovely smiling pictures of Blue Ivy you're playing into the angry black wom…
Blue Ivy and North West have never had a playdate.
Obama killed Michael&Prince on purpose thinking their power would go to blueivy. Prince was 57& Michael was50=107(Blue Ivy's birthday1/7)
Beyoncé: I'm looking for a new nanny for Blue Ivy. ME:
Bash is literally the cutest celeb child. Beats the *** out of North and Blue Ivy
CollegeThursday 📍 Blue/Ivy Takeover Music by Celebrating the Birthdays of 💙 & Charity Maddox 💖21+…
Sarah also thought Blue Ivy was a boy so.
Beyoncé and Blue Ivy flying into Camp David to spend Labor Day weekend with the Obama family this weekend.
Beyonce and Blue Ivy step out to lunch in New York
I get so sad when people call Blue Ivy ugly. She's just a kid. Hasn't even gotten the chance to fully grow into her fe…
Blue Ivy's VMA dress last night was 11K.meanwhile...the way my student loans are set up lol
Blue Ivy's dress cost $11k. But if Beyonce's anything like my mom she'll return it to the store after the show because "it didn't fit"
Hamilton Collection
A History of Blue Ivy Stealing the Show at the VMAs via
If you're calling Blue Ivy ugly because of her large BLACK features and 4c nappy hair, then you're racist. It's not that h…
I'm sorry beyhive DONT come for me but Blue Ivy just not that pretty to me. Jay Z genes did her dirty 😩
It really is disgusting to see the amount of hate Blue Ivy, a 4 year old child gets lol I pray you guys never have your o…
Blue Ivy is a cute little girl. She'll grow up to be gorgeous. Leave that kid alone. I've seen yall post awkward kids on here sheeiiittt
Feel dead sorry for Blue Ivy; imagine your mum being the most beautiful woman on the planet and you're the spitting image of…
Blue Ivy looks more like Jay z than Jay z does.
Moment of silence for the effortless slay that came our way from the Carter women:
When I realized Telephone music video is older than Blue Ivy
Blue ivy is so ugly I'm sorry I can't look at her and know that it's Beyoncé's child
So flawless 💕 The amazing beyonce with Blue Ivy making her debut on red carpet at MTV VMA's 💗…
Blue Ivy wore an $11,000 gown to the N4,565,500. No, I'm not crying. Dust entered my eyes. 😭😭
You are calling Blue Ivy ugly because of her broad BLACK features, just admit it, you hate black people.
Blue Ivy slander will NEVER be tolerated on my TL. Catch this block and these hands if you want
Beyonce dresses Blue Ivy in an $11,000 princess dress for her very first red carpet
Beyoncè probably brought her own mics, everyone else is performing with the ones Blue Ivy plays with
Jay Z must have strong genes because Blue Ivy is his face with plaits 😂😂😂
I hear you ... Blue Ivy's gown ($13,000?) ($15,000?) was ridiculous when there is so much tragedy in the world.
Beyonce and Blue Ivy are the cutest mother-daughter duo
Idk why y'all expected Blue Ivy to be a biracial baby in the first place when her parents are black...
Blue Ivy wore an $11K dress to the VMAs: Tot Blue Ivy Carter walked the VMAs white carpet in a dress worth ne...
Just seen a pic of blue ivy and she is spit of jay z omg mental gutting imagine you mam being beyonce and you not looking like her Aaa tamps
Blue Ivy is not ugly. People just want her to look like an IG model at age 4 because she Beyoncé's daughter, it's very st…
Blue Ivy isn't even ugly. Looks like a little girl you see every day. I swear every kid gotta have curly hair or green eye…
From what I've noticed from the Black ppl who do slander Blue Ivy Carter, is that they have strong negroid features like…
It's SO disgusting seeing grown *** people making fun of Blue Ivy and comparing her to North. She's a CHILD ffs.
People are quick to comment on Blue Ivy but somehow NO ONE is talking about how Mason Disick was born with a full set of a…
I just realized that Blythe Danner and Blue Ivy probably hang out sometimes and that makes me happy
Blue Ivy is already like 13 while Mason Disick is prob still being breastfed
Y'all are out here calling Blue Ivy, a CHILD, "ugly" when she looks exactly like Beyoncé when she was a kid...
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.and Blue Ivy’s matching Gucci dresses are seriously outfit goals:
10 times Blue Ivy's style was better than yours:
Beautiful photos of Beyonce & Blue Ivy:  Blue Ivy is even busy on her phone ..Diva in the mak... VIA EMMEONMEDIA
Beyoncé and Blue Ivy give us the ULTIMATE twinning on their photo shoot in Paris! 🇫🇷
.and Blue Ivy's European vacation twinning is the most adorable thing.
Get a closer look at the heels Beyonce is rocking on tour in Europe
Blue Ivy and Beyoncé are so cute together wearing matching outfits 😍👯
i never knew that i needed to see beyoncé and blue ivy in matching gucci until this very moment
Hold up, how are these twinsies photos of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy real?: Beyoncé Giselle Kno...
Blue Ivy is already a flawless diva just like Beyoncé
Blue Ivy is already a fashion icon at age 4 😍💙
I really don't want to be at work today. I'm still not sure how or why I wasn't born Blue Ivy.
We're pretty sure her style icon status is official now! Blue Ivy's latest outfit is 💯:
is it me or does blue ivy look like beyonce and jay Z ?🤔
I ate like a celebrity baby, even though I know Blue Ivy is way too cool for me.
How much does Blue Ivy look like her mum in this picture?!
Baby Blue Ivy is so cute kama wabisha angalia hizi picha. Aunt yake Solange Knowles alimpost on instagram...
Blue Ivy honestly needs her own campaign:
Chanel is the cutest celeb baby ever. North and Blue Ivy r just hyped (especially the latter)
'Proud auntie' shares photos of niece via
I love how Blue Ivy always looks like she's trying to keep her composure while North West looks at people like they said all lives matter
PHOTO: Chris Martin & Blue Ivy Carter behind the scenes at [beyoncé]
◦ Refinery29: I Ate Like A Celebrity Baby — & Here's What Happened: I used to want to be famous. Blame a…
The fact that the black community still thinks they can have an "opinion" on Blue Ivy's looks... a 4 year-old.
Blue Ivy has edges, beautiful eyebrows (all natural, btw), and great fashion sense. Her haters got overdraft fees. https:…
I thought blue ivy would slay through life but she's real regular 😹 idc how old she is
Blue Ivy looking amazing in a Gucci outfit ivy up this am stunting in on ti-ti Instagram! she's beautiful! 😍
Tyra Banks is SHOOK. Naomi Campbell is SHOOK. Kate Moss? BEEN SHOOK. Blue Ivy is coming for edges, get ready world.
Does it matter if Jay & Beyonce are politically active "post-Blue Ivy" if she was ALREADY ALIVE during Ferguson?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Whose album drops first Frank, Jay Elect or Blue Ivy?
Blue Ivy makes her red carpet debut? Another DESTROYED CHILD by Satanic *** on TV in America! Leaders & Actors💧
Everyday is the right day to remind folks Dina is the WM who called Blue Ivy a monkey and said she belonged in a zoo
Here's a thread where referred to Blue Ivy as a monkey. .
His attitude is what I picture when I hear Kid Fury talk about Blue Ivy.
The Lemonade singer shared two new photos with her father, Mathew Knowles, and her 4-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy,...
.shares pics of Blue Ivy playing with her grandpa Mathew Knowles.
Family Affair: shares some adorable photos of her, Mathew Knowles and Blue Ivy:
Blue Ivy and Apple Martin had brunch together and it was ADORABLE:
I wish Celebrity Deathmatch was still around. I wanna see Riley Curry annihilate Blue Ivy...
Beyonce and Blue Ivy in adorable selfies | Miss Petite Nigeria
How beautiful, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy before The Formation Tour last night.
My grandma just referred to Blue Ivy as Misty Blue 🙄😂
Beyonce, Jay Z & Blue Ivy hang out at in PHOTOS: via 🐝 🍋 ⚜
Don't forget Beyonce disregarded new mothers at Lenox Hill Hospital to make way for Blue Ivy. She is a fake feminist. Only for herself.
The party threw for Blue Ivy > any party you or I will ever attend:
Track 9: Blue Ivy, get out from under the table, the medicine woman needs to get in there!
CONSPIRACY THEORY: is actually Blue Ivy and has reborn HERSELF as her own baby so she can live forever
Jay-Z and Blue Ivy take awesome photos together. We need more images of visible prominent black men in MSM being great Father…
I enjoy all the people replying me that Beyonce's baby is "Blue Ivy" not "Ivy Blue". because that makes it SO much better.
Beyoncé, Jay Z & Blue Ivy at the 2016 White House today.
.Jay Z and their daughter, Blue Ivy, were surprise guests at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. 🐣
LMAO Beyoncé was not having it with Blue Ivy this day!
The youngest person to ever appear on the Billboard charts was Blue Ivy, Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s daughter, at the age of 2…
Photos from the rehearsals of the Super Bowl 50 halftime show with Coldplay, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars and Blue Ivy. https:/…
My niece is better than you. can't wait til she's in Blue Ivy's crew 😻
Beyoncé performing at a fundraising event for Blue Ivy's school 3/5
Blue Ivy is coolest kid that ever lived. Your school needs funds and your mom, who is the biggest star in the world, performs. L…
i think it's funny (not really) how it's usually BLACK MEN coming for Blue Ivy's hair type.
I'm sick of *** who have the same texture as Blue Ivy bashing her hair. Y'all gotta stop cooning man.
showed up a Blue Ivy's school and sang some which means Blue Ivy is the cool kid for life
Beyoncé performing at an event for Blue Ivy's school.
Beyonce covering Whitney Huston at Blue Ivy's school fundraiser is just far too amazing
Chris Martin twirling around Blue Ivy will make tears stream down your face:
Beyonce, Jay Z, Blue Ivy, Kelly Rowland, Tim Witherspoon and Baby Titan gathered for a fun outing. Speaking of...
Plot twist: Blue Ivy marries Saint West n they have the MOST ANTICIPATED CHILD EVER. I hope we live to see the day. What a …
his ex Blu Cantrell...his daughter Blue Ivy :'D
Beyoncé probably late cause she was picking Blue Ivy's Afro
Love it! Blue Ivy's Afro, Black Lives Matter & so much more! Love it! . htt…
Blue Ivy and Jay Z watching Beyonc sing is the absolute cutest...
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