Blue Dog & Jim Matheson

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New Dems Vs Actual Democrats-- Chained CPI he Blue Dogs are a discredited, spent force, essentially wiped out in the Great Blue Dog Apocalypse of 2010 when Democratic voters in their districts stayed away from the polls and dozens of them went down to defeat on the same day. Today the conservative Blue Dog coalition is down to a motley crew of 14: John Barrow (GA), Sanford Bishop (GA), Jim Cooper (TN), Jim Costa (CA), Henry Cuellar (TX), Pete Gallego (TX), Jim Matheson (UT), Mike McIntyre (NC), Mike Michaud (ME), Collin Peterson (MN), Loretta Sanchez (CA), Kurt Schrader (OR), David Scott (GA) and Mike Thompson (CA). The 3 co-chairs (Barrow, Cooper and Schrader) all joined the New Dems and at this point 6 of the remaining Blue Dogs are members of the New Dems, a corporately-oriented group of anti-family conservatives who aren't as reactionary as the Blue Dogs on social issues like Choice, guns, immigration and marriage equality. New Dems are like Blue Dogs without the KKK robes and hoods-- except for the B ...
Sad irony that Republican extremist Mia Love & Blue Dog extremist Jim Matheson would vote the same way on every Choice issue
A great comment by Kent Price on today's Utah Democratic candidates and Jim Matheson in particular: "To Utah Democrats who reluctantly support blue dog Congressman Jim Matheson: "I will tell you something. I have been an active Democrat activist since I was 15 in 1960 when I gave out literature for the Kennedy/Johnson ticket. I was a lucky high school delegate who was able to meet Kennedy after one of his speeches here (yes, Democrats came here often then). I worked tirelessly on many Democratic campaigns nationally, staewide, and locally. I walked until my feet hurt. I stuffed envelopes. I manned telephones. I became a delegate to county and state conventions. I ran for delegate to the 1968 national convention. Utah was quite Democratic during the 60s and 70s, electing congresspeople like Wayne Owens, Senators like liberal Frank Moss, and governors like Calvin Rampton. It was NOT embarrassing to be a proud Democrat in Utah then. But the Mormon Church turned conservative and to be an official of any kind, ...
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