Blue Devils & Carolina Crown

The Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps (also known as the Devils , the Devs or merely BD ) is a World Class (formerly Division I) competitive junior drum and bugle corps. Carolina Crown Drum and Bugle Corps is a Drum Corps International World Class (formerly Division I) drum and bugle corps, based in Fort Mill, South Carolina. 5.0/5

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What's up with Carolina Crown and the Blue Devils not being part of the east cost classic this year 😭
Check out Blue Devils of Carolina Crown for drum corps on youtube. Their shows this year are amazing.
I bought a Blue Devils shirt before I knew about drum corps. I feel robbed and like I robbed the Carolina Crown.
The point margin between Blue Devils, the Cadets, and Carolina Crown is less than one point like holy crap
Anyone else feel like Carolina Crown and Blue Devils are, collectively, the Marcia Brady of the DCI world?
I can see why Carolina Crown got a higher score than Blue Devils... πŸ˜ŽπŸŽΆπŸŽΊπŸ’™
Don't get me wrong I love the Blue Devils I aspired to be one but, Carolina Crown's show this year is perfection.
Concord Blue Devils have met their match. Carolina Crown took first. I know how to pick em
Well I went to Friday's show, and yeah I saw Carolina Crown but Blue Devils wasn't there D:
Good luck to all of the drum and bugle corps as the 2013 DCI competitive season begins, especially to all of the Sinfonians marching this summer! OY will be represented this year at the Crossmen (Allen Vinson on the drumline), Blue Knights (Kenton Wallis as a Drum Major), and Madison Scouts (Spencer Smith as the Baritone Section Leader). Additionally, the University of Houston has current members and recent veterans from the Blue Devils (2012 Drum Major), Carolina Crown, The Cavaliers, The Cadets, Phantom Regiment, The Bluecoats, and The Santa Clara Vanguard!
Buffalo, NY Monday, August 5, 2013 Drums Along the Waterfront Ticket Information Ticket information not available at this time. Venue Address Venue information not available at this time. Performing Corps Line-up is in alphabetical order. Blue Devils - Concord, CA Bluecoats - Canton, OH The Cadets - Allentown, PA Carolina Crown - Ft. Mill, SC The Cavaliers - Rosemont, IL Phantom Regiment - Rockford, IL Santa Clara Vanguard - Santa Clara, CA Read more:
Carolina Crown put up a good fight, but Blue Devils pushed themselves over the edge.
Carolina Crown congratulating Blue Devils on their win.
Well its official the Blue Devils are now the 15 time world. They finished an undefeated season with a final score of 98.7. In second with a score of 97.65 was Carolina Crown, and in third with a score of 96.55 Phantom Regiment. The previous champions, the Cadets, came in fourth with a score of 95.05. Congrats to the Blue Devils their undefeated season and 15th World Championship.
Best time at DCI! Congrats to the Blue Devils. I was so impressed by the class of Carolina Crown! Awesome sportsmanship.
Another season of DCI Junior Drum Corps ends...Saw friends that I don't get to see often and had a great time.I would have liked to see Carolina Crown win finals and not Blue Devils, but I guess the judges have their own agenda.I head home tomorrow and then off to DCA Senior drum corps finals and the Senior Alumni show over Labor Day weekend in Annapolis, Maryland with the Park City Pride.Park City Pride will start to work on it's 10 year Anniversary show when we get back from Annapolis.If you marched with PCP in the begining or threw the years, please come back and join us and help to celebrate this very special Anniversary.
Blue Devils...clean sweep at championships last night. Good fight though by the Carolina Crown and Phantom Regiment. Let the high school season begin on Saturday for what could be a great marching season for the defending National Champions.
I love all my DCI enthusiast friends, but we need to get something straight - the margin between the scores of the Blue Devils (1st - 97.550) and Carolina Crown (2nd - 96.600) - as of prelims - are not that close where this activity is concerned; Let's consider the past few years (FINALS): 2011 - The Cadets (1st - 98.35), Blue Devils (2nd - 97.80), a difference of .55; 2010 - Blue Devils (1st - 98.900), The Cavaliers (2nd - 97.750), a difference of 1.15; 2009 - Blue Devils (1st - 99.050), Carolina Crown (2nd - 97.500), a difference of 1.55. There's three previous years for reference; The last time there was any significant change in the top two corps in the "World Class" designation between Quarterfinals and Finals was when this little thing named "Spartacus" showed up - and they killed the Drum Major! Even that upset, which was admittedly dramatic and fantastic, was only a margin of victory of .025 (still enough to win, though). For the record, I would love for Carolina Crown to win simply for the fact ...
I hate to say it, but the Blue Devils had an awesome show. I thoroughly enjoyed the Blue Knight's and Blue Devil's show along with Phantom, the Cadets, Carolina Crown and Crossmen.
0.75 separates 1st and 2nd ranking as of Aug. 2nd. 1st-Blue Devils: 93.610 / 2nd-Carolina Crown: 92.860 Read more:
Back home from a good night in Charlotte. What a show! So many close scores. Particulalrly the top 2. Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps Devils beat Carolina Crown by only 2 tenths of a point. Closest the 2 have been to each other all tour. It will be exciting to see how things will play out leading up to DCI World Championship finals in 2 weeks. It was also great to get to see Andrew Morgan for a while after the show. To all the NGU band people- Andrew says hi and that he cannot wait to see all of us again when he returns home the day after finals.
That horse out of the Carolinas named "Crown" that I'm betting on is getting closer! Blue Devils 93.1, Carolina Crown 92.9. Terry Sanders, start the procedures and paperwork to draw from your retirement funds to cough up my dough!
Holy crap. Blue Devils beat Carolina Crown by like a 200th of a point. Wow. Amazing show from both corps.
15th DCI competition Wow what a day! Woke up at 6 to practice and the field was covered with fog, performed at the Georgia Dome here in Atlanta, the crowed was pretty big, the stadium was nice, and over all amazing. After we performed, saw some other corps and walked around the city with Anissa and Melonie, went to Starbucks, the CNN building and the coke a cola factory, went back to the stadium and saw Blue Devils, Phantom Regiment, and Carolina Crown. Over all its been an amazing day here in Atlanta :D
Took the boys to DCI North Dallas last night and the Blue Devils stepped up the game one more time (1st place with 88.35). The Cadets took 2nd with a 85.7 and Phantom Regiment was 3rd with a 85.3. It should be a fun time in Houston tonight when Carolina Crown joins them! Here are the scores from last night:
First Tour of Champions event is in the books. Don't miss your chance to see the Grand Finale at Metlife Stadium Aug. 5. Here are the results from last night in Rockford, Ill. 1 Blue Devils 86.000 2 Carolina Crown 84.800 3 The Cadets 84.000 4 Phantom Regiment 83.750 5 Santa Clara Vanguard 81.300 6 Bluecoats 80.950 7 The Cavaliers 78.550 8 Boston Crusaders 77.850
It's going to be like 2009 al over again, between the Blue Devils and Carolina Crown ~
so now the only question is who will win when Blue Devils and Carolina Crown compete
Cool thanks! Which drum corps is your favorite? It's hard for me to choose, but I like the Blue Devils and Carolina Crown.
Very tight race right now in the drum corps world First place with a 77.700 The Cadets, Second place with a 77.650 The Blue Devils, and in third with a score of 76.500 Carolina Crown, things are looking like they are going to be a very interesting season.
We're 2 weeks into The Summer Music and the friendly "battle" of Marching Music's Major League has begun! Looking like the year of the 3C's with Carolina Crown being crowned with their first DCI Tittle. They leap frogged the Cadets from the night before on June 17th and have stayed on top ever since ... but a lot WILL happen in 7 weeks. My top 6 prediction in order: Carolina Crown, Cadets, Cavaliers, Blue Devils, Phantom Regiment, Bluecoats
Carolina Crown is currently in first place in World Class. I hope they keep it up till finals. Including finals as well, of course. Not just for the people I know marching there, but I kinda don't want Blue Devils to win again...
Well, we shall see if Blue Devils have the show that will be able to beat Carolina Crown this summer.
Brazil is to Blue Devils as USA is to Carolina Crown.
will be needing to go to the July 31st DCI show in Salem, though the Blue Devils are not going to be there. Blasphemy. Sure I can enjoy the Cavilers and Carolina Crown show though.
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