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Blue Devil

Blue Devil is a fictional character, a superhero featured in material published by DC Comics. He first appeared in a special insert published in Fury of Firestorm #24 (June 1984).

Duke Blue Devil Grayson Allen Quinn Cook Luke Kennard Marques Bolden

Get your tickets. Going to be a Blue Devil team you haven't seen since week 2 on the field this week.
I guess Blue Devil in the sense that he is Irish Catholic, I think. It's been a while.
The reaction when Luke Kennard came off the board at No. 12. Becomes the second Blue Devil off the board as he heads to Det…
Really though. The only demons he knows are Blue Devil, Neron and that one demon chick from ***
Luol Deng, Mike Dunleavy, Kirk Hinrich who went to Kansas but can strike you as a Blue Devil from afar if you never knew. You get my point.
All of Welcome aboard the newest Blue Devil, Jordan Tucker! 🔵😈
We're so excited for all 3 Blue Devil shows. All 3 corps will perform on System Blue drums this season. See them in action…
Can't believe you missed Lobo's chain, The trident that looks like it may be Blue Devil's and Starma…
It's a great time to be a Blue Devil!!!
Duke, Georgetown, Cornell, Harvard, Yale. Got into first 3, waitlisted, denied. Ended up a Blue Devil 💙
"Health problems take control, I bring control back.” -Blue Devil of the Week Jon Seskevich,
Elie Majure gets the Blue Devil lead back. 11-10 Duke, 11:45 left.
Please help share the work of staff and faculty. Nominate a colleague for Blue Devil of the Week…
Always good to meet a fellow Blue Devil fan. I've been dedicate since being at Duke in late 8…
I am a Duke Blue Devil fan so I definitely support this! 🔵😈 Congrats on your options!
Luke Kennard is done as a Blue Devil. School announces Kennard'll forgo last yr, sign w/ agent&enter the…
We are proud of our Blue Devil of the Week! Victoria Bright '10 is alumnae advocate. READ:…
Blue Devil shooter Kaleb Gille will head to the Olympic Training Center at Colorado Springs, CO in April for the Jr. Olympic match.
Dolezal misses layup, Underwood rebounds & Ray Walker hits layup. Blue Devil turnover (just 4th of game). Tied 46-all, 1:09 left OT
collected 3 rebounds as the two Blue Devil veterans took the court one last time on Senior Night at Cameron Indoor Stadium.
If group 1= Duke Fans and group 2 = NonDuke Fans, Short of a Blue Devil possessing Your Soul, I think you're safe...Capisci?
Wake adds a former Blue Devil to the staff to close out the current opening.
Blue Devil fun fact: Lindsay-Rae McIntyre MBA'04 is Chief Diversity Officer of IBM and recently unveiled a new logo…
Blue Devil fun fact: David Hartman ’56 was the first host of Good Morning America. “Make it a good day today!”
Blue Devil fun fact: Jared Harris, actor from Mad Men & The Crown and son of Richard Harris, the first Dumbledore, is a Duk…
Congratulations to Niko Martinez on earning Blue Devil of the Year.
Blue Devil defense stays rolling even as the half winds down. Augustana turns the ball over yet again, this time on a s…
Best quote that I got today, "We're good people but we're constantly stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea."
The devil must be having fun ice skating I'm 1 big black and blue mark from pinching myself.
Blue Devil accolades continue today as Alonzo Saxton II and named Academic All-District by -…
on other hand we could have class act Slick Willy aka Cigar Man or maybe Devil with the Blue *** stained dress
Shippers are stuck between devil and deep blue sea, with more blood-letting to come
Americans have reason to be afraid when they are faced with a choice for President: The Devil or the Deep Blue Sea?? You decide who!
New PG is the No. 1 transfer in the country, but the former Duke Blue Devil will have to sit out t…
Special Advertising availability for Thanksgiving game sponsorship! Support the Leominster Blue Devil Athletic...
She'll start by keeping her husband from walking in on them when they're changing.
It begins with her. is Watch the NEW trailer now!
This is the debate coach of GOP nominee for presidency of the United States and apparently his Patronus.
.meets the founder of the Trumpettes, a grassroots group of wealthy women campaigning for The Donald.
fans got their first glimpse of Blue Devil rookie Leaonna Odom Sunday and totaled 14 points and 8 boards http…
We're 5 days away from 1st presidential election in 50 years without full protections of Voting Rights Act
So they're trying to hide his instability in order to make him the most powerful person in the world.
I'm listening to "Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea" by Tommy Flanagan on
If you have never read about the Scots who Trump treated very poorly, this film has documented it, And all because he didn't…
We're Live from Bedford High School on Saturday at 4pm. Watch Blue Devil Football @ Bedford Playoffs on
Megyn Kelly memoir reportedly describes months of sexual harassment by Roger Ailes # via
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I’ve marched, protested, been beaten and arrested--all for the right to vote. Friends of mine gave their lives. Honor the…
Do not allow anyone to say this is a he said, she said case. Eyewitness, under penalty of perjury, confirms rap…
The Americans are between the devil and the deep blue sea as both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump cannot be trusted with the states.
"Stay on point, Donald." — to himself, last night in Florida.
Fighting Blue Devil look coming to a Wallace Wade Stadium near you. I want a shirt or hat with the logo on it.
Kia said its a great day to be a blue devil but today not even Friday. Slow down sis , U moving too fast 😂
Maybe we *do* have the Devil's own luck. Or the Rope Gods favor. Thanks the the saints and sinners, Team Blue is back in the Big Easy.
Yes,the polls are looking good for us now, keep on voting People because every vote count and we will not let the devil be POTUS,vote Blue
Trump is being disingenuous by taunting claiming she's not reporting about his crowds. He knows better https…
While Trump calls media dishonest and says we don't show the crowds, our pool camera is, well, showing the crowds.
Watch NBC's Katy Tur respond to Trump singling her out during rally
On MSNBC earlier, Kellyanne Conway was asked about Trump singling out Katy Tur: "He obviously didn't mean it in any malicious…
This is dangerous - calling out an individual reporter. Katy Tur once needed Secret Service protection to leave a rally after h…
Congratulations to the champions of the 2016 Our lights are now sparkling in red & blue in the te…
The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that blue raspberries exist.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Decisions decisions. The devil or the deep blue sea. I have a choice to make nd need to have mad p my mind by Monday. — feeling concerned
Devil in the detail with this ace looking Blue Devil dive watch from -
DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS by Walter Mosley available to Providence Athenæum members as an eBook!
Cubs fever has reached Duke university! After practice this morning, here's how the Blue Devil football...
Where it all began ~ our very first primary WIN in New Hampshire! takes lead 48% to 43%. Lets go
Ryan Kelly ’13 signs with the Atlanta Hawks and becomes the twentieth blue devil in the league.
What HOME CCSU Blue Devil ACTION in going on this weekend??
The scene outside two hours ahead of Melania Trump's speech in Berwyn, PA
Yet another NH poll with Trump leading. YUGE!
“The LORD is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; & He knows those who trust in Him” (Nahum 1:7).
Hillary is becoming unhinged. She sees the combination of wiki leaks, the emails, her movements within the as…
Over the past seven days, has gone from a 1:6 chance to a 1:3 chance of winning. Six days left… https:/…
"In 5 days, we are going to win the Great State of FLORIDA and we are going to win back the White House!" -
Disciplined Trump sails along on message with Wisconsin GOP behind him
BREAKING: The FBI is investigating how Clinton put the office of SOS up for sale in violation of federal law.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
First campaign stop of the day - Trump takes the stage in Jacksonville, Florida
As Trump takes the stage at an equestrian center in Jacksonville, Florida
Excited to be campaigning w/ It's time for Republicans to come home. Join us LIVE at the Bruere Farm in IA https:…
America is faced with the same problem we had...inability to produce better candidates...a choice of the devil or the deep…
Oh, you'll find me between the devil and the deep blue sea...
Quinn Cook, Jonathan Holmes top Canton Charge camp roster - The 21st Blue Devil to be.
Rodin:I have a art,I have a devil. Nnn…. Love is blue.
Blue Devil golfers take first place at the 8th annual Daniel Furr Memorial Golf Tournament. Congrats fellows!!
I Graduate a Blue Devil and I served in the United States Navy. And both became my go to JUGGERNAUT AT ONE POINT ON MY JOURNEY.
Wait. Duke beat Notre Dame, in South Bend, in FOOTBALL?!? Way to go Blue Devil's!
We may not have won tonight, but we sure put up a *** of a fight ! Proud WHHS Blue Devil ! 💙💛🏈😈
We will also be recognizing Blue Devil teams from 1989, and 2010, as well as the Charger team from 2012!
Blue Devil nation send those positive and healing thoughts to Jayden Wooten as he begins his recovery from knee surgery
A state known for Tobacco Road and the Tar Heel-Blue Devil rivalry could soon be known as a Seahawk state. http…
Blue Devil by choice, Admiral by blood
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
.Mark you calendars for I&E Fest Aug 31 w the Blue Devil, DJ Nathaniel Striker, Food and more
Blue Devil alumna and current Grand Canyon assistant coach enjoying new role in the
In DC Comics, Blue Devil is a superhero who came out of a movie.
University is inviting injured to use the Blue Devil's home court.
Nice move by a Tar Heel on a Blue Devil 😒
Congrats to the 2016 Blue Devil aquatic graduates!!! Alejandro, Taylor, Caleb, Kyle, and (Koki, Jordan, Andrew)
One more Blue Devil officially signs to play at the next level.
Congrats to Corey Vincent for continuing your Fball career at Rose-Hulman. All we wanted in a Blue Devil. htt…
Congrats to Blue Devil alumni Chris Willman helping to the NCAA Tournament. Northeast Conference Champs!
B2: turns the 6-4-3 double play to conclude a scoreless bottom of the second. It's a 10-4 Blue Devil lead early
Duryea denies Hendrick for her 1st save of the afternoon. Keeps it at 1-0 and the Blue Devil attack will go to work
T1: reaches base as Duke's leadoff hitter for the 7th straight game but no runs in the Blue Devil first
Or, if flat video isn’t your thing, here’s a bunch of 360° photos of the Blue Devil in Space.
Great news Blue Devil fans!. is officially eligible for the 2016-17 season!
ICYMI: updates Blue Devil fans on the squad during the offseason & talks about running half marathon
"This Fall, I'll be attending Duke University." That's all ya gotta say Marques Bolden! HG is his close friend. He's gonna be a Blue Devil.
T4: doubles down the left field line to knock in two, bringing his team-high RBI total to 32. 5-3 Blue Devil lead
Blue Devil senior earned the Player of the Year award!
Proud to be a Blue Devil. Thanks for unequivocal call to .
Marques Bolden needs to go ahead and declare his intention to be a Blue Devil next season!!
Proud to be a Blue Devil > Duke University President Calls for 'Full Repeal' of North Carolina Anti-LGBT Law HB2
🏗 Look at the progress! What an exciting time to be a Blue Devil 🔵😈
Free Duke tattoos for the true blue Blue Devil fans from 11am-6pm on 4/19 at Ink Attic Tattoo & Art Gallery. $5 tip required for supplies.
Did you see the Blue Devil overseas update on how alumnae are playing? If not check it out now.
Tatum joins Jabari Parker as recent Blue Devil commits to win the award—he scored 18 points in yesterday's htt…
Good luck to McDonald Blue Devil sophomore Rachel Ward (16u) this season!
Walk-on Brennan Besser considered Yale, but could not pass up the chance to be a Blue Devil htt…
Now we are headed to the Colonial Life arena to see the Blue Devil girls play hope we can at least catch the 2nd half
Former Duke PG Nolan Smith has joined the Blue Devil coaching staff as a special assistant: htt…
Grayson Allen is a scorer with few peers at Duke. Far ahead of many past Blue Devil stars.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Too much to overcome today (refs, thugs, injuries) but still proud of my Blue Devil effort!
Way to fight, Duke. Proud to be a Blue Devil fan.
Maybe I should start a petition to get Blue Devil to appear in or And I don't mean just another cameo
The Duke/Louisville game has turned ugly and refs are now in control. I bleed Blue Devil blue so y'all know what I am feeling.
Grayson Allen not getting his way...whining like a true Duke Blue Devil.
Coach K is slowly starting to look more and more like a blue devil
Louisville and Duke battling for the second time in two weeks. Cards up 1 against a short handed Blue Devil squad
Looking forward to seeing in a Blue Devil uniform🙏🏾
We would like to thank Blue Devil Nation for joining us and making our Coaches vs Cancer a success. As usual it was l…
Another Blue Devil turnover leads to an easy finish for the Cardinals. Louisville back within five. Krzyzewski calls timeout.
It's a great day to be a Moody Blue Devil💙💙
Long as they get buckets as a blue devil. Dom could care less after they leave lol.
Emma isn't just a Blue Devil like her Daddy and Popaw Lane. She's a little Dragon like her…
Grayson Allen slowly becoming one of my all-time favorite blue devil players.
Now that's true Blue Devil pride. Good luck today!
that's like saying, "I hate you but I love you." Classic foolishness from a blue devil
11.) Jennifer beals - from flashdance & devil in a blue dress ,been acting for decades but not many she is biracial https…
With 21 points, Allen is the first Blue Devil to score over 20 points against Louisville since Johnny Dawkins dropped 24 March 31, 1986
What a special night for a our program, school, and community. Proud to be a Blue Devil and very blessed to call Brunswick h…
...but labour won't out. So, its devil and deep blue. I say put the decision off for four years, see the lay of the land then.
I like Brandon Ingram a lot, even though he is a Blue Devil
Great artist now playing on - 'Devil In Your Eyes' by 'The Blue Carpet Band' .
this guy. You cannot say you are not a devil like this. 😂😂😂😂
In fact, by marrying that boy you have accepted the devil as your father in law. You're in a brand new family now
MP3 Black Mustang - Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
I still can't believe I'm a Blue Devil. Like...what?
Trump is the devil. He will laugh while he watches you burn. Hillary is the ocean. She will smile benignly as you drown.…
the Devil quotes scripture too! What is an angry woman full of I wonder?
I was once referenced as a blonde headed blue eyed devil, but not once did I hear you cuss your Sun God out because you can't tan
Here is my rendition of a pitchfork Blue Devil helmet. Sometimes I look at it and like it, other times think the...
Blessed to say I'm officially a Blue Devil!
Good morning...said the devil with ice blue eyes 😈
The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here & Black Gives Way To Blue both excellent. Not as good as Dirt, but what is?
yes!! That's all I want. I hope we get Detective chimp and blue devil in flash someday
Yes! *** can we just scrap the rest of the team and bring in Blue Devil, Detective Chimp, Ragman, Nightmaster and Nightshade
14-0 Blue Devil Girls 🏀 ... ranked 8th in the state in DIV basketball ... Keep working hard ladies!
Where did this blond head blue eyed devil come from
let's get an emoji that's a blue devil. Ur the to do it. He's at bball, bad
me on my periodé: literal satan, lucifer, spawn of the devil but also a smol flüffy lamb, a puffy cloud in the blue sky.
I am a Blue Devil through and through but I see dropping out of Top 25 this week
Blue Devilsrunning with this thing. 8-0 run for them 27-22 Blue Devil lead
16-13 Blue Devil lead at the end of the 1st. Cornjerkers need to stop the BH offensive boards
Did this blue-eyed devil just say that. He's by himself with no partner. I would have whipped his behind! BK-Style.
Dylan Allen is killing the cornjerkers with the dribble drive. 13-11 Blue Devil lead
whos' that blue eyed devil you have in your entourage!? Race traitor!
A choice between the Devil & the deep blue sea. I'm a Republican & I will hold my nose & vote for Sanders if that's the case
Blue Eyed Devil by Soul Coughing is in Thumb Coast Brewing Co., Port Huron. Download it now at
No way!! First he said DEVIL and now DANCE. Is he a fan of BB ;)
Shout out to the Hokie who got my Hoosier some Blue Devil swag.
. I was just commenting in that last night. Devil with a blue dress.
leads 25-15 after 1, Blue Devil offense was red hot
Devil in a Blue Dress is IMO the great L.A. noir movie no one really talks about. Cheadle steals it.
Central and will get underway momentarily. Former Blue Devil playing against his former team out of West Side backcourt
Whoever created emojis needs to make a blue devil so coach Mike Krzyzewski doesn't get so flustered on television.
This is the official page for Blue Devil Baseball. Turn notifications on for game updates and information!
About set to get underway in Greencastle as Blue Devil boys host James Buchanan.
Our Feb. 1 deadline is approaching for the Duke Alumni Board of Directors! NOMINATE a favorite Blue Devil:
Congrats to former Henry Clay Blue Devil on getting the call 2day, very proud of this fine young man
Blue Devil Band to play at Majorette grand opening
They're playing Sympathy For the Devil at the Trump press conference
Update your maps at Navteq
Duke has now lost 3-straight games, all to unranked opponents. It's not fun being a Blue Devil fan right now...
as always good job hosting the Blue Devil and Raider Game with you and the whole News team
Make sure to check out which former Blue Devil's stats are comparable to Derryck Thornton's through their first 10 games!
Cavalier & Blue Devil fans: QB Thomas Sirk's status for Saturday is upgraded to "probable.". Details:.
aye, my young former Blue Devil started tonight. Quinn Cook. How’d he do?
enior Zach Mathers recorded the first Blue Devil hat trick since 2011 in the 6-2 victory:
Blue Devil joins preseason watch list for Jerry West Award for top NCAA SG:
Yet another reason to be proud to be a Blue Devil:
Extra proud to be a Blue Devil today! 💙👏🏻
Proud of Noah Stevens and all his accomplishments this season! He's going to be a Blue Devil in the fall!
Proud to be a Blue Devil! Paul Modrich Shares Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Pretty sure the Duke women's soccer team is going to Miami.. I can try to be a Blue Devil for a little bit
Max Greyserman with a second-round 65 at the NCi - T4th-best in Duke history and best by a Blue Devil since 2010.
I miss as a Blue Devil player, but he earned his college degree from Duke and that is AWESOME for him!! Good role model!
Get your photo with the Blue Devil today!!!.
Look at and with a possible future Blue Devil.
Blue Devil walk pic of my cousin's son before the Duke game!
Cardale is not a "bad" QB. Needs some work, yes but "bad" not at all. As for my boys at Duke come on man, I'm a Blue Devil,
Smith lets it bounce down to the Duke 20, where and the Blue Devil offense will take over.
Blue Devil women go 1-2 and men 1-2-3 in the 50 free! We'll take a break here for diving
Great start as the Blue Devil women go 1-2 in the 200 medley relay. Hinkle, Shanley, Goldman & Rusch new pool record at 1:41.27!
Duke Brunner ran the ball in for a Blue Devil touchdown and Kowalski had the extra point. The score is now 28-9
Blue Devil defense continues to hold Louisville without a shot midway through the 1st. Duke up 1-0 on a Bracale goal
Show your Blue Devil pride! Get discounted tickets for the games here:
he was awesome last night. So glad to see a Blue Devil in black and gold.
He hasn't been paid to do this for very long. But he's been a Sun Devil since he was a little. As true blue and die hard as any.
Entre la espada y la pared = Between the devil and deep blue sea
Cash is the 5th Blue Devil to receive NPOW honors since 2004, 4th defensive player
5 little-known facts about my album 'The Devil':.
Hills campaign song should be Devil with a blue dress on.
Last seen and blue ticks on whatsapp are the devil
so our option is between devil and Deep blue sea,
The Yankees won a bulk of their games in the 90s/early 2000s brutalizing the Devil Rays, Orioles and Blue Jays.
i'd like my profile pic editted to an Red and blue theme like Evil/Devil kind
I doubt the blue can defend the title. This season is for the Reds either Red Devil(Man U) or The Reds(Liverpool)
Car needs to be pulled apart and ready for paint . The devil in the blue dress is about to get ready to become...
"Men and women, through the astuteness of the devil, have unfortunately learned to divide themselves..."
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Merchant Seamen, Pirates and the... [link removed]
Foto: meowriahh: you’re caught between the devil and the deep blue sea // 9.20.15
`BBCNEWS EU Referendum. Choose abolition of rights or undemocratic rule from Brussels. I will not choose twixt devil &deep blue sea. ABSTAIN
A new favorite: Xylo - Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (LAXX Remix) by on
Laid up watching devil in a blue dress
Every Presidential election we get the Devil or the Deep Blue Sea. Choice is always rigged.
Autobiography of a Blue-Eyed Devil: My Life and Times in a Racist,... [link removed]
A brush with the devil can clear your mind, delve into that abyss and you'll find the peace in the dark
Glad to be a blue devil, love everything about western reserve .
😂😂😂 I think so too cause I don't remember this
Randy is a heathen idk why he talking about God I've never heard him saying he's going to church lol
and Colin kaepernick looks like the Duke Blue Devil
Bruh randy just spit one of the hardest bars ever 🙌🙌
Randy said his barber ain't been returning his calls 😂😂
Randy is like the hottest dude ever 💁
when he transferred to Oak Hill and Tatum committed I feel like he's a lock to be a Blue Devil. I hope.
Reliving some of my favorites and watching Blue Exorcist and The Devil Is A Part Timer again. Love these anime.
DCHS Girls bowler Emma Owens makes all tournament team at Blue Devil Classic
Blue Devil running back breaks two tackles for first down. Third in a row Merced driving for the lead. End of third quarter.
Jayson Tatum's Latest Blog Post Is Up - Check out what the future Blue Devil has to say. Jayson Tatum has been kee...
Happy to announce that Sam Reagan, LHP from Hagerstown, IN, will be a Blue Devil next fall! Excited to have you on board
Blue Devil fans - come out to Mill Creek Park tomorrow at 5:00 as plays host to Richmond Hill!
Morgan's turn tonight! Senior year at SHS! That's her with the Blue Devil flag at Paulson Stadium tonight in the...
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Jacqueline Looney, our senior associate dean, is the Blue Devil of the Week:
Wishing a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Blue Devil legend and future Olympian ! Hope it's worthy of a Gold Medal! (wink)
1. MJ is intent on ruining that team 2. No way MJ is drafting a Blue Devil. Gerald Henderson was JUST before MJ bought the team
Tatum is Duke's first commitment in the Class of 2016. His St. Louis Eagles beat another Blue Devil target, Harry Giles…
Love it when a Blue Devil recruit is already shaming people on the court
Steve on rocking that Blue Devil cap
Blue Devil, Sailfin and Sea Meadow, 2015, acrylic and ink on canvas. Delivered this week to lovely…
.I would love to get my hands on Plastic Man, Booster Gold & Blue Beetle, Legion of Substitute Heroes & Blue Devil
Duke's Myles Jones puts one in the back of the net for a 4-1 Blue Devil advantage; threatening again.
is this the archetypal dominant post-season Blue Devil identity emerging... Nobody would be surprised!
Devon Collins stops the Blue Devil run and scores off of an assist from Halle Majorana. SU trying to creep back into the game, 5-2 Duke
Off first tee, fourth Blue Devil in play Championships
Cook's durability recognized tonight as he received the Iron Dukes Award for most minutes played by a Blue Devil this year.
Maurer fights her way to the cage and that last goal closes out a 14-7 Blue Devil victory! Duke on to tomorrow's semifinals!
With today's win, becomes the fourth Blue Devil head coach to reach the 150-win plateau, and the second fastest to reach it
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Erin Tenneson is the 6th Blue Devil to score today, putting ahead 8-5 w/ 21:41 remaining
Duke GOAL! Smith to Tenneson pushes it to 8-5 at the 21:41 mark. Tenneson the 6th different Blue Devil to score in this one.
Excited to welcome another Blue Devil to the family - get to know Lindsey Trematerra!
Blue Devil ⚾️ is cancelled for today at South Panola. Blue Devils travel to South Pontotoc tomorrow JV Varsity @ 7:00
Sports briefs: Blue Devil girls pepper the Elk Grove goal
I will go with the Blue Devil because of the Spear!!
Campus bursting with Blue Devil pride after thrilling victory
woke up & said *** it feels good to be a Duke Blue Devil today 😎💙🏀🏆
So proud and excited to be a Blue Devil 😈
Thanks David Dreyer for the great article about Frank Wheeler and his SAP team have been fantastic!
Grayson Allen: the next great white point guard to don a Blue Devil uniform
Excellent piece at Grantland on Krzyzewski influencing the refs last night. Honest Duke fans have to admit.
Thank God Bucky doesn't have a Blue Devil pitchfork running through him. Go Bucky! Run the table in Houston.
The Blue Devil freshmen scored all 37 2nd-half points to lead Duke to the title. h…
There's NO PLACE like HOME! It's a BEAUTIFUL day to be a BLUE DEVIL!
Blue Devil savior Allen will live long in Duke's memories
I wasn't upset with the loss until reading this!
Fan or not of You'll be a fan of today's Blue Devil Sauce. Blue cheese with jalapeños & chipotle
I think it's safe to say Ingram will be a blue devil 😁
Interesting article that contrasts two different coaching styles. I am a little disappointed that Coach K is label…
All this blue devil celebration on my tl got me hyped
"Carolina blue kicks pedal to the metal, feeling like a puppet and the devil is Geppetto." my life in 1 bar
You know the iPhone has a red screen? Me either. It's like the rotating hourglass, spinning wheel and blue screen of death had a devil baby
Bo Ryan got outcoached because Mike Krzyzewski is the most powerful man in American basketball.
In the spirit of our alumnae and Blue Devil tradition, here is a link to our all-time roster:
Had a cool dream last night. I dreamed Duke won the ship. Hold up. They did win!! 😂 Proud to be a Blue Devil fan http…
BBN has mixed feelings today. They're happy that Wisconsin lost, but it was at the hands of the (Blue) Devil.
is the only true Duke Blue Devil fan I know lol
Great day to be a Blue Devil. Also, great year to be an Ohio State football and Duke Basketball fan
The results are in! Not only did Duke win the National Championship, but a Blue Devil also won our bracket!...
The Blue Devil just wanted to wallow in it.
Jim Nantz "the trophy belongs to the duke university blue devil" Kali instantly starts tail wagging
Good take on power and manipulation by but those things don't = "good" coach. They = powerful coach.
Like every day, it's a great day to be a Blue Devil. Can't tell me nothin!
The name of the blue devil's mascot should be "Bluecipher". That's all I have to say about Duke today.
Its a good day to be a blue devil. remember this wet *** shot in Zeller's face😂😂😂
The Blue Devil rookies got what they came to Duke for—a title—by scoring every 2nd half point Monday night:.
Woke up in a great mood this morning. wonder why? Oh yeah that's right, my blue devil squad got that title, gonna be a grea…
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