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The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) is a federation of 38 separate health insurance organizations and companies in the United States. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), informally referred to as Obamacare, is a United States federal statute signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. The law (along with the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010) is the principal Health Care reform legislation of the 111th United States Congress. 5.0/5

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It's 2014 ..This is the year most Blue Cross policies and Qual Choice policies are being cancelled in the Individual market, and some Group Companies are" non renewing" same as Cancelling because of the Mandates that went into effect Jan 1 2014 . Dont get caught in the Government lies and trap about YOUR health insurance and now your Health Care. Doctors are leaving networks and some Hospitals are not treating patients that have Obama Care . I can help, we have many new products and can cover anyone... PERIOD !! with the biggest network in Ar and the USA. Yes I sell for my company and post things here but my passion in this business is to help people if i can DO NOT PAY FOR SOMETHING THAT YOU DONT WANT OR NEED, OR WHAT THE GOVERNMENTS SAYS YOU NEED ,who are they to decide what is best for YOUR family . Contact me if you want help if not , welcome to Obama Care its just as simple as that :)
There is Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, etc, and then there is Obama Care. Who is their owner and CEO?
Bill Clinton urged the White House to hang tough on Obama Care and to work out the bugs. His thinking has evolved on the issue. Bill Clinton originally favored single payer Health Care coverage till fifteen years ago when he got Blue Cross and Blue Pill
Challenges of Having Good Healh Care There can be a number of challenges when it comes to having good Health Care. Health Care can be non affordable, and this can be difficult for nurses because they are losing patients. The government is rising costs and this is affecting Health Care as well. Although, we can avoid needing Health Care simply by having good Health Care and staying healthy this can reduce frequent visits to the hospital, and also reduce costs of heath care. Obama Care can be a challenge too because it cost from 300-500 dollars monthly and some patients can't afford that. Having Obama Care means having less money. Obama Care has eligibilities such as, Unicare, Blue Cross CIGNA, and United. Medicaid, can be challenging because we would have to qualify and in order to qualify for medicaid, we must have some kind of disability, be pregnant, or at least have a child. Medicaid is also income based. As long as we have good insurance, and follow their policy, we might can qualify for Medicaid. Th ...
Just in.. Family Plans from Blue Cross across Alabama jumping from around 350 a month to over 700 dollars a month. I really believe Washington doesn't have to do anything to stop Obama Care. It's going to collapse into itself like a Black Hole.
This is what one of our family members thinks of the "Affordable" Heath Care Act, aka OBAMA CARE This is from my cousin: He lives in Minnesota and is an insurance agent. Subject: The Affordable Health Car Act Well, Obama Care finally hit us! Blue Cross informed us by mail that due to new rating methods required by the "Affordable Care Act", for us to keep the exact same insurance we have now will result in a premium increase. I can guarantee there is nothing affordable about it, as our premiums are going up 24% January 1st if we maintain our current coverage. Our yearly premium and deductible will require that we pay $23,904 before health insurance will pay dollar one. That's not a typo, $23,904 for a family of four. Please explain to me how $23,904 a year is affordable? How will we be able to keep our health insurance as promised? How does Obama Care help the middle class? Why do I share this? Obama Care is now affecting someone you know in a very big way. I suspect as time goes on, more and more people ...
Wondering how many people I know will stick to their guns and NOT race out and buy Health Care before the deadline set by Obama Care? Like if you will make a stand, comment on why you will submit to tyranny.
Going to eat Thanksgiving Dinner (and spend some time) with my younger sister and her "sorta" group home family. Which will be a change, the last few years I had my Turkey Dinner and Pumpkin Pie at Perkins - which really wasn't that bad - no dishes, no clean up. My other sister is burned out from work (Blue Cross/ Blue Shield) and is just going to stay in with her daughter and dog - thanks Obama Care.
My mother got a message today. Below is what it said. Message from Blue Cross and Blue Shield, your part you pay to medicare in 2013 will be $120. and some change, the part you will pay in 2014 IF Obama Care is in full swing will be $240. and some change. Obama is doing nothing but hurting this country and its people. Get out to the polls on Tuesday and vote this moron out of office. ROMNEY/RYAN 2012
The question is what's on my mind??? A lot of you won't want to know,but please listen. I recieved my 2013 Medicare Handbook today. I quickly turned to the back to see what my deduction was going to be on my Medicare Advantage plan for the year. In 2011 it was $1,300. When I got my information for 2012, it had gone down to $950. Talk about good news. Today was not as good. This year's deductible will ONLY be $5,000. Talk about a kick in the pants. For all my senior citizen friends, the only difference that I know of is Obama Care. I'm calling Blue Cross tomorrow,and I hope I'm wrong. I'll let you know.
Interesting letter tonight from my health insurance carrier of over a decade; changed jobs for an outstanding opportunity, did not change insurance but good old blue Cross Blue Shield now will not cover any pre -existent condition for one year now. We already have managed Health Care in this country, ins. Companies. And some wonder why Obama Care was appealing
Wow! Obama Care is already kicking in... Florida Blue (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida) just lowered my insurance rate from $289.00 per month to $116.00 per month until January 2014 and then it goes to $221,00 per month with dental and doctor visits included... Way to go Obama.
Arrived home to Dallas to find a refund check from Blue Cross thanks to Obama-Care. BCBS must spend 85% of premiums on patient care or they have to refund the excess. Color me happy..
So what do I talk about today – I am standing on my soap box. I want you to think about this, Obama Care will control our quality of life. Example: Blue Cross insurance is making me do mail order medicine because they refuse to approve insurance coverage on my prescriptions at my local pharmacy. National news today stated that the Military TriCare Prime Insurance has also started that same process. My issues, number one on my list – telling me where I must get my medication. Second, heard some stories that meds by mail was not reliable and caused many people to be without their medicine, my health insurance is controlling my right to make my own decisions, is this right? OMG – here is one that is my favorite to talk about – immigration. Those who have fought the battle to become an American – I have deep respect for you but illegal immigrants who are here for the American welfare – I have no respect. America is too lax in its laws on immigration. Big Business wants cheap labor but some ...
Here is an example of what the new healthcare will mean for the Americans who will be paying so everybody can get some: Jeff Gerhart My soap box to everyone, not any one person: There are a few good things in the new Health Care package. But those can be carved out and used in other and better methods. Obama Care is NOT the method!!! I started with Blue Cross around 23 years ago. My PPO premium was $147 per quarter. And I still have the same policy today. For 2 years prior to Obama Care passing and with no new claims, my premium was, then, $497 per month. Notice I said per month... not per quarter like when I started. That was painful already, but at least it had been $497 per month for years. Still, I had been SCREAMING for more than a decade that the premium rise was not in line with Health Care inflation. Yes, something needed and still needs to be done. And this package ain't it people!!! Once Obama Care passed, within 6 months of that passage my premium jumped (in preparation for Obama Care) the LARG ...
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