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Blue Chip

According to the New York Stock Exchange, a blue chip is stock in a corporation with a national reputation for quality, reliability and the ability to operate profitably in good times and bad.

Bill Self is about to go Blue Chip's Nick Nolte & punt a basketball at this point.
The Database Dept. is looking for a CASP.Net Developer! We are a growing Marketing and Data Services Company with a Blue Chip client base. We are looking for a self-motivated undergraduate or post-graduate Software Developer that can work with a small team and grow with us. Desired Skills • Experience in C# or similar object-oriented language • Experience in web development (Experience in ASP.NET especially beneficial) including Javascript and CSS • Experience in relational databases and SQL • Experience in distributed data processing • Degree in Computer Science or equivalent Responsibilities • Development and maintenance of client-facing web applications • Development of efficient and scalable data processing routines • Maintaining and migration of internal use software Benefits • Work closely with team/partners • Work for global clients • Good working environment, work/life balance, etc. • Experience across the business If interested, please email Paul at paul.burnsagencies plea ...
Okay, FB family, if you had to pick one of the following: which one and why? The Lighthouse (Cedar Lake), Gamba's, Lucrezia(Crown Point), Fogo de Chao (Chicago), William B's Steakhouse (Blue Chip casino). Looking into going to one of these places next month for a birthday dinner
Watching HIGH NOON up at Blue Chip. They r pretty good hope I get to see them again when they come out by me.
Tell me this makes sense - I reserved a rental car months ago for 3/8 in FL. Decided to fly in 12-14 hours earlier than originally planned. When I went to change car rental the price TRIPLED. I called as I am a "Blue Chip" member - whoopee - after arguing with customer service last night I asked for a supervisor. Waited on hold 15 mins and someone picked up the phone and cut me off! Called back and they were "closed". SO - I tried again today. I explained very nicely that all I wanted to do was pick up the car Thursday night instead of Friday morning. Again I was told the price wold triple. SO - I said what if I rent it for Thursday at the new rate with a new reservation and then keep the car Friday at the old reservation. NO - I would have to bring the car back to the airport Friday morning and EXCHANGE it for a different one EVEN if it is the same model. This makes absolutely NO sense to me!! I have sent an e mail now to customer service reminding them that two years ago they gave me a car loaded with d ...
Alpha Kappa Omicron: GREAT Baybayin &Tribal Tattoo workshop on February 28th from 6-8pm. Location is TBA. Nu Alpha Kappa: NAK Love Basket Auction on 2/28 from 6-12 with the auction starting at 10:30PM. Free for ladies! $7 for guys at the door. Location will be at Blue Chip (restaurant/bar). Must be 18+ Sigma Omega Phi: Sweet Tomato Fundraiser on 2/28 from 5-8PM Sigma Omicron Pi: Veggie Grill Fundraiser at Santana Row from 5-9PM
All of a sudden, I feel the need for some Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip icecream... Yas!
Blue chip cookies just make me so happy😌
watching blue chip hoop squad 510 K.M.A
Cole is back at Blue Chip lacrosse training tomorrow with Tony and Coach Goldberg. Middle School basketball is over and Middle School lacrosse is about to start. Looks like he will play middie on the Middle School team. The team lost a lot of very good 8th graders so they will be young this year.
If you own or are planning to buy property in South Australia you may be liable for certain state taxes and levies. These are:
Need to find showing show to get cody out in hand! Hes looking amazing atm like summit off a blue chip advert lol shiny as fook except all hes on is haylage. :)
that was fun! circles fencing spins stops, the works. Now my kid is cooking dinner cordon blue with all the fixings. yum yum.
With my dobro just back from Tim Scheerhorn doing a set-up with new cone, spider, bridge, and a rework of the nut, coupled with the arrival of a blue chip thumbpick, things are sounding awfully good.
I just baked chocolate chip banana walnut muffins, with all purpose, spelt and rice flour, also included some whole rolled oats, some flax seed meal, and blue agave syrup. Healthy and FUN. Making my house smell like heaven.
Turbo beef ribs on the MINI BYE. Two coated with Dizzy Pig Red Eye Express and two with Cow Lick Steak Rub. What's cooking at your casa tonight?
Up here at the blue chip hope I win lol then after that walk the beach with my man
After a smart chip to himself at the blue line, Parise tries a centering pass to Heatley, but the play is broken up.
Oh, you wanted a stock. You said blue-chip so I prepared this small nug.
Shot 38-40 = 78 ( 6 over ) at Ft. Bliss ( Sunrise Course ) today. 24 putts total...12 a side. There were 35 mph. winds on back nine. Tryin to shoot my age.guess I'll have to wait awhile...BoYaa !
ALL of our reviews from last season for 57 Moorings Reach, "This is our first stay in Brixham. After looking at reviews on Trip Advisor we went for an apartment in Moorings Reach. 57 read well and so it is. The views are of Brixham Marina. You need to be in one of the houses on the front to get views of the harbour but you are looking at 3 storey 4 bedroom houses then! We booked through Blue Chip holidays and everything went like clockwork. Instructions were spot on. We had a slight hiccup on arrival as the shower cubicle was not very clean. We called Rosemarie the Property Manager who was with us in no time correcting that. The property is very modern and well appointed. Even so the owner, who we met briefly, advises us that the kitchen will be upgraded for next season. Amazing. The parking is both secure and close - about 10 feet from the door to the apartment block. Although on the 2nd floor there is a perfectly good lift. The town is a short 5 minute stroll along the path. It's amazing how close every ...
ALL of our reviews from last season for 9 Pump St "We had a great holiday .We did not move the car all week.The ferries near were good. The food in Brixham was great.Will recommend to our friends.The property was clean and well placed.Thanks." Patricia, July 2012 "Blue Chip were efficient with booking the accommodation we selected. Blue Goose apartment, Brixham. The apartment was in a great location, close to harbour, shops, restaurants and pubs. It was overly well equipped should you wish cater for yourself." Russell, June 2012 "We booked a week away to stay at 9 pump street Brixham. When we arrived we were amazed with the property and couldn't believe how high the spec of the property was. The property had everything we needed plus extras, We had everything on our doorstep " Lisa, May 2012 After looking on the internet at photos of many many horrid holiday flats for rent in Devon, we were very surprised when we arrived at "Blue Goose" in Brixham for 5 nights.The flat was wonderful, very modern, it had e ...
I understand Purdue's troubles this yr- they really only have one "blue chip" player, but there is no excuse for UK to be this bad.
Survived the blue chip show and didn't even get into a fight. Much better than last year lol
Same goes for the great Those are two blue-chip radio guys suddenly available. Stations across Texas: don't miss your chance.
"new GM", explains it. Quit b4 start. Conflictin statement, "dire QB needed but no blue-chip?" Compare 2 Cassel. "Gino Winner"
Adam has just gone to work and left me alone with the home made cookies. Must resist cookie.cookie??? ME LOVE COOKIE om nom nom nom nom burp :)
Ugh...I want some ice cream,with some chocolate chip cookies whip cream and peanuts on top oh n can't forget about the chocolate syrup and my sandwich pickles on the side lol sounds nasty but baby Manson be wanting some crazy stuff.-_-
Am I a horrible mom if I don't give out party favors at my kids parties? I just think it's dumb. I'm paying for the facility and the cake already...Is a balloon not enough?
If Michigan's snow could fall in any flavor exclusive to our state, what flavor would you choose?
Im losing the will to live, can somebody tell Chris Bell to SHUT UP ! about bloody Walkers crisps
Every morning he rose to put on his blue collar, chip on both shoulders and heart on his sleeve.
Maybe Now is the time to start thinking about reunion planning? We've got a little more than a year since it's been 10 (holy crap) years since we were all standing around wearing red and blue gowns.
What should ppl know about me??? -I'm strong willed - I'm not naive - I'm bright - I don't entertain games (ain't nobody got time for that) - I like to exercise everyday for @ least 2 hrs - I'm a music major - I want to speak Spanish fluently - I don't let anyone & everyone come into my bubble - I'm Christian - I'm a Minnie Madea - Royal blue is my favorite color - I'm mature - I won't hang out w/ a male just bc I feel lonely - I don't like when I have to lose ppl in my life... But I'll let u go if need be - I listen to the wise - I like fashion - I like keeping myself busy - I want to travel - My love isn't a game, & if u act like it is then don't ever talk to me - I'm sympathetic to a point - I don't spend my time w/ the foolish - I know whose child I am & where I came from - I'm finding my own strength - I don't like scary movies - I love throwback songs - Beyonce is one of my fav celebrities - I love falling asleep to watching Golden Girls - I think that the way my generation acts sometimes is complet ...
Can't wait til Friday!! going to the blue chip to stay the nite with my boo thang! we going to hit the dice tables and win us sum money! i know this week will drag by to...
Qualified Blue Chip and Scope in one day
What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? I know there is NO bad flavor. I really like peanut butter and jelly. and chocolate marshmallow. and mint chip. and black raspberry. and, well, almost all of them.
Pit stop at the Blue Chip. $23 on red 23 for the best to ever do it.
I just wanted a HUGE blu cheese burger on a HUGE on a roll and a piece of pizza with tons of cheese and some nutella and peanut butter slathered on some chocolate chip ice cream with reeces pieces and chocolate sprinkles all over it and a glass of wine. is that so wrong? ugh.back to tuna! oh to dream!
Come check out our booth at the Bride Blu at Blue Chip Casino. We will be here until 4:00 PM.
February 17th FLAVOR Do you know how many different flavors of ice cream there are? I found 17 flavors of Yarnells, 37 flavors of Blue Bell and 31 flavors of Baskin Robbins. All ice cream begins the same but with a few additions of this and that. Each flavor has its own unique taste and characteristics. Some of the flavors are rotated in and out depending on the season. You may be a fan of the coffee flavored because you love coffee. You may like chocolate, better than chocolate chip. You may be a fan of homemade vanilla, but not butter pecan. Everyone has different tastes that they enjoy. You probably have a flavor that brings you joy. Just like ice cream there are many flavors of people. We are all alike but yet different just as the flavors of ice cream. We are all people with some of the same characteristics, but we have experienced different things, which make us different flavors of people. Jane Lynch was on Katie Couric today discussing her character on “Glee”. She stated that it ...
Probably related to the Boston Doyles, blue chip……
I wish they had all flavors of blue bell ice cream here, cause I'm craving mint chocolate chip.Screw you North Carolina.
Congratulations to Jeff "Ricky Rubio" Lee for winning the Lakers signed ball giveaway for the month of February! We'll be hosting another giveaway in the month of March, we'll announce the next giveaway on next week's Blue Chip Talk. Congrats Jeff!
Best goal you have ever scored in real life? Mine was from my own goal line, i volleyed it and it went it.. My own goal. ~Jamie
281150_Free Shipping
Just put some blue drank and salsa on a chip and my friends eagerly ate it... ✋✋✋✋
:SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE: 24 hours left on our 15 scent shots for ten dollars sale. They are usually $1 each. The scent shots are a unique way to try out our scents. You can sniff them and then pop them in your wax melting pot where they will sent your house for several days. The shots are 1.5 to 2 ounces each. Limit of 2 specials which is a total of 30 scent shots. Shipping and taxes are required. :SALE SALE SALE SALE SALE:
At the blue chip enjoying time with my sister
Dime blue chip be expedient abide dealt prudently: .gBT
Started Sunday fantastically by spending time at Official Blue Chip Farms Animal Refuge.
Galvanized pale blue chip the old man only its utilizability inside manufacturing products: .tgk
Wer do u get a new gas card or top up assp? Fukin lost my top up card eeekkk
Just woke up. Had to roll icecubes on my eyes last night on the way home from Blue Chip Casino so i didn't fall asleep and kill us last night. Luke Wagoner passed out on the way
I don't understand why people hate Wolverhampton so much, I like it lol
Bottom line, if Im HBO, I insist that Broner face Ricky Burns next( if he wins) or face a blue-chip 140. He's had his non-conference slate
The morning is dawning... I'm starring out the window at the leafless trees their burnt orange foliage littering the ground... it's mostly gray... feels like a vice grip squeezing my temples... too much HD laptop viewing?... I have the orange scarf wrapped around my neck a loose light gray cotton tank top on with a cotton black, blue, grey stripped button up shirt that used to belong to my son as a cover... letting a little of my own pain in... I see a squrirrel scury across a fallen tree in the stream... he runs to one end and jumps on the other side and scuffles with another squirrel... I notice two others off in the distance foraging for food... I notice the first one coming back on the log... he stops... raises on his hind legs the wite of his stomach... paws raised as if in prayer... he resumes his run to the corner of the neighbor's fense where he stops and stares and off he goes... Makes me think back to the innocence of childhood... I remember laying on the concret slab of a back porch in the two ...
Looking for an experienced engineer to run sound for a professional working band. Gear provided! Professionals only! Email for more details.
To all my basketball heads.i read an article in the ny times that disturbed me.they profiled an 11 year old kid from florida who is in the 5th grade but plays on his schools varsity team (which tells me the varsity is just not very good)..they are saying he can do things that drerrick rose and chris paul can't do (really).i guess my point is.let the kid just have fun and play basketball.if when he is a freshman or sophmore in HS and his game has evolved to an elite level then we can start talking about the next level (blue chip college recruit and nba).when we start ranking and rating kids in the 4th grade we run the chance of ruining a kids whole life at the age of 15 just because he didn't live up to everyones I crazy or what.your thoughts!!
Males and females when you were losing your virginity what was going through your mind? - Lily
My son returned home from his friend's football party today with a fistful of Manchester United Match Attax cards and a look of distain on his face when I unveiled the new Manchester City pyjamas I had bought for him. "I wanted United ones" he said. I blame Jill Clarke for everything, but take solace in the fact that nobody will think of looking for him in the loft. He has to learn. offers diagnostic & repair information.
No blue chip prospects like Luck or RGIII but a lot of QB talent out there.
Best way to cure your HANGOVER is at The Blue Chip Sports Bar!! Serving the best POZOLE every Sat & Sun!
*Grabs what little stuff I have from Valhalla, then walks to where Tennessee had been sleeping. Ripping the dogtags off my neck, I drop them onto the bed* Good luck Tenn.. *walks out of Blue Base before calling the UNSC's command* Alright you arogent basturds. Im tired of running, so come and get me. I'm turning myself in. *walks down towards the beach to wait for the Pelican*
Benefits in contemplation of usage psycholinguistic blue chip detailing services: .lMr
INFORMATION NEEDED URGENTLY: Can anyone advise me where to take a cat NOW to check on whether or not it s chipped. I can t say why right now but will do - i would nt ask unless it was urgent x thanks
Skrt. Chip$ followed me on Instagram. Where's my blue check?!
Sunday Funday Question: Name all the Famous Pittsburghers you can and include what they are famous for!! Don't use google...because that is just cheating! Ready, Set Go! - bubba
A beautiful bridal party at the Blue Chip Casino Wedding Show!
Ihop in the middle of Harlem... Lol smh!!!
A very good day Arena Eventing at Finchingfield Equestrian Centre boys both went really well roll on eventing season not long now :)
Accessories: Brand New Blue Chip CT55: Ad posted 02/17/2013 - I've had this pick as a backup for about 3 ...
Besides THAT meal I made HOT GREENTea that I am drinking NOW and the rest will be my ICED tes made MY way for later. I also gave some advice to my roommate (lets C what happenZ ;) about TWO thingZ, I CLEANED the entire kitchen including taking the grillZ off the stove to WIPE it dowb throuroughly, I did ALL dishes in the kitchen, I swept and aZ I type the kitchen remainZ CLEAN and My roommate, McD! Even though hiZ name beginZ with an M they callhim HiZ C name. And MCD iZ the Ticker symbol for McDonaldZ and I was a stock broket for 13 yearZ and THAT was the BLUE CHIP company that I PITCHED to get MY clients before I sold them other IPOz like in the movie BOILER ROOM... Oh and Micky DeeZ WAZ my first JOB (along with the job at the country club ;) ever which IZ the and will alwayS be the leading fast food restaurant chain and Fortune 500...
Listen live in 15 minutes to Blue Chip Talk - 2/17/13 on bluechiptalk.
four winds *** ready to go to blue chip or go home and sleep but the mom said im not going home yet :-C im tired i want rest for work then i better start winning
COLUMN | The nascent league is dealing with some issues, and mostly they center around, wait for it, dollars.
Does Pizza Inn deliever to Charlotte? I sure do miss that Pizza!
Beer Olympics went from a great party to blue chip quality after 3 sets of 7s
Le salon at the blue chip casino wedding show!
"Chocolate chip cookies are red. Chocolate chip cookies are blue. Chocolate chip cookies are sweet. So are you."
Redneck Computer Term: CHIP: Pasture muffins that you try not to step in.
(I haven't been active lately sorry guys) The Maple Leafs, Sharks, Penguins, Bruins, Senators and several other teams have shown interest in Ryan O’Reilly. The asking price is a top prospect and a draft pick. -Jonathan
lost my blue chip and I was locked out of every building I was outside for about 2 hours
Last night at Blue Chip Casino? 180 straight minutes of a packed dance floor! Wow what a party!!! See ya next time Vegas Baby!
new world order. I'll link to some documents on here for you to check out about the obamacare bill, etc. type II device
Had a wonderful night last night even If I didn't win big or played big at blue chip... Today have some lunch then spend some time withe mommy to learn a little bit more on how to do my job better
Sinsational Berries, Blue and Silver gourmet chocolate chip cookies. So delish, just ask
Yeah blue chip recruits should get paid for the services in college. Everyone else is making money off them.
so by now you should understand that the output to a monitor is a set of 1 and 0 normaly in the color format RGB where 8 sets of 1 and 0 can be made in to diffrent numbers it dose not matter what type of digetes you use every number system is based on combinations except for roman numerals for example in binary we only have a 1 or 0 we can not write the number 2 in binary as 2 because there is no 2 diget so we carry over the same whay we would with 1 to 9 digets in our normal number system because there is no diget for 10 in dec we have to write out the number as a carry over because the first container got full so in binary if we want to go one bigger than 1 and we can not write out the number 2 we go and carry over to the next number going 1+1=10 then if we want to add 1 to 10 in binary we go 10+1=11 because the first container is 0 but now that both containers are full and we add one more to 11 and go 11+1=100 because we use switches in digital circuts that can only be terned off or on we can't have a ...
Olivia hitting the tournament winning hit! First tournament win!
Space Jam was the highest grossing basketball movie of all time. *** Facts
Had a great weekend with my husband now in the way home to spend the day with our boys :) and we didn't have any luck at blue chip :( that places is crazy wild :)
Shea Rush is a 15-year-old who makes A’s and B’s in advanced classes and could have a future in architecture, like his grandfather. Or maybe basketball, like his father, JaRon Rush. Shea is a kid becoming a young man, making his own decisions, drawn to the sport that once made his fath...
Listening to A Prairie Home Companion...chilly day...sending a quick recipe for good peanut butter cookies: In a small mixing bowl beat 1 egg with 1 cup sugar; add 1/2 teaspoon of real vanilla. Add 1 cup [Jif Extra Chunky] peanut butter and mix well. Drop by rounded teaspoonfuls on lightly buttered cookie sheet. Bake at 350o for 12 minutes. Cool slightly; place Hershey's kiss, chocolate chips, or pieces of broken dark chocolate in the middle of each cookie. Remove and let cool. Makes 16 gluten-free/yummy cookies!
Mmm... coffee and oatmeal with blackberries, blue berries, and raspberries from the garden last summer = simple pleasures! The only thing that would make it better would be having it out on the deck... :-)
What was your favourite song for Carnival 2013?
My friend Suzanne Carson took these photos and I believe that are as beautiful of a photo of a Blue Sky and a White Buff Clouds as I have every seen .. Thank you Suzanne . You gave a real talent ... :)
Girls are up playing and i am making chocolate chip and blue berry muffins for them and they are haveing strawberries and oranges on the side.
Feeling like 60% better today. Going to embark on a lunch & blue chip date with my Momma Bear! Maybe a cocktail with lunch will help... Lol
The first birthday I can remember having was here! Had lots of first's here including chocolate chip mint ice cream!
Today, more than ever before, webmasters are turning to SEO to boost their traffic by enhancing their site's ranking on search engines. Search engine marketing enables a website rank higher in search engine results, thus boost traffic, visibility and the overall effectiveness of a website, thus convert traffic into profits. Consequently, this has led to unprecedented increase in the number of SEO companies.   Search engine optimization services can be extremely utile, but only so, if they are run by experts who have the most effective approaches and current methods. However, some SEO companies are superior to others while some are run by quakes. How do you tell the difference between a top notch and a bogus SEO company?   Tips to Help One Find a Top Notch SEO Company   1) Search the company   The best indicator of the effectualness of the techniques and strategies of a company is their own ranking on search engines like Google. Search for "search engine optimization" or "SEO services" and look at the ...
All of these mindless *** are becoming extremely annoying. I realize none of you can form a complete sentence without lacking in the fields of spelling, grammar or punctuation. However everything you say doesn't have to consist of "der, wave... Der der der, waveitup, der dur de der. Wave." God *** inbreds.
Does anyone have suggestions for a great restaurant in Santa Monica?
Woke up in a cooking mood :) so I'm making breakfast for the family. Wish I was with my papa bear James Cole :)
I am very proud of our Lady Patriots! They made it to the State tournament and although they didn't win they made it to State which is an honor in its self. To place 11th out of 209 teams is a GOOD THING! It has been an honor to be a Bowling Mom for both you and the Men's Blue chip team.
Where are my Mint Chocolate Chip lovers??? Come to Rita's today for Mint Chocolate Chip and also: Mango, Marshmallow Peanut Butter, Blue Raspberry, Kiwi-Strawberry and Sour Patch Kids
"If you start going into an apprenticeship without a sense of direction, without really knowing who you are...if you end up in law school or business but it doesn't suit you, then [the ability to achieve mastery] is meaningless. If you know what you want to be...if you know you're gonna be a rock star or a football player or something, but you have no patience and you can't go through [the learning] process and you just want power and fame and attention right now, then you're screwed as well." -Robert Greene
Condoms of the Zodiac :grin: * I find it hilarious :D* ~Aries~ Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Aries are action oriented people. Aries is symbolized by the ram, so naturally Aries condoms are made from the finest lambskin. Because Aries often exhibits a "get up and go" attitude, Aries condoms are steel belted, feature racing stripes, and every fully equipped sports car dispenses them. Onyx packaging is optional for the black sheep. Aries prides themselves on being first and best. Aries condoms are perfect for quickies. When you want what you want when you want it, you want an Aries condom. ~Taurus~ Taurus is perhaps the most sensual and economy minded of the astrological signs. Taurus condoms are made from the most luxurious materials with special models available in silk and velvet. Taurus condoms give you quality at an affordable price, and they're frequently on sale. Taurians may be slow to make their minds, but once they've made a decision, they're almost impossible to stop. When your love is a ...
Ten notes, thoughts, and items from five days of spring camp at Tigertown: Up first -- how much more artillery the Tigers have added to manager Jim Leyland's batting order in 2013
A bit long but I'm sure a few mature folks will be able to relate to the following: So who remembers the old swimming baths opposite the peniel church ?..the swimming pool where the changing rooms where like an episodic of earth tremors because the Baltic temperature made the ferocious chattering of your teeth would chip away your mercury molars...allowing even the most nippleless of breasts growing solid coat hangers it was so cold.. before the pool entry, you and your gang would trip fall and push each other in such a frenzy to escape the Antarctic experience.. forming an orderly queue to be forced to place both feet in what can only be described as a growing grime fishtank.. the only disinfectant wash where a growth of veruccas would quickly start to manifest under your sole... Being bullied into a case of foot to mouth by the bossy life guard/ body guard who would only grant you entry if she viewed a smooth non wart looking base...we always knew who the verucca leapers were.. yes the discrimination an ...
Our Wedding Dream Team is heading to the Blue Chip for the Bride Blu wedding expo today! Are you going? Stop by our booth for great wedding information and our beloved donuts and cider :) Happy planning!
It was a rather disappointing afternoon yesterday as we crashed to a 3-0 loss at Almondvale against Livingston. Were you there? What was your thoughts on the performance?
The famed superliner - longer than the Titanic - was the fastest, most technologically advanced ship of its day; Now, as Mark Strassmann reports, conservators are trying to rescue her from the scrap yard; Also, check out our gallery of the SS United States then ... and now
Santanna Blue Chip sired another 2yo qualifier in New Zealand on Saturday when Carlos Santana finished second in his trial at Rangiora.
More than 80% of Apple's suppliers are located in Southeast Asia Source: David Barreda. Click to explore interactive map. FORTUNE -- Drawing on the list of suppliers Apple (AAPL) posted along with its
We're excited for Bride Blu today at Blue Chip Casino! 12-4 p.m. Our wonderful models will be featuring dresses during the runway show and there will be amazing giveaways at the end of the show!
For the first time in over a decade, the Philippine economy is on the upswing and the Filipino people are realizing their potential. The world watches as the...
We will be at the Blue Chip Casino today from 12-4pm for the Bride Blu wedding show. Be sure to check out our booth right in the enter with Blue Chip as we will be sampling some of our favorite flavors of cupcakes and answering any questions you may have. Also keep in mind if you don't have a venue booked yet, Blue Chip is offering a FREE CUSTOM DESIGNER DESSERTS WEDDING CAKE with any wedding package purchase, see the Blue Chip booth for details. Hope to see you there :)
Tomorrow, after church My fiance ,James and I will be going to the Bridal Expo at the Blue Chip center. I will be cheered on by family and exciting... My wedding colors will be elegant, Red, black and white.. My personal wedding decorator will be Christy Eitler, my chef will be Kelley Wolke I am so excited ...
Two big wins tonight for the Trojans. The Varsity and JV marched past Vincennes Rivet tonight in Blue Chip action. Nick McKannan led the Trojans with 15 points off the bench to spark the come from behind victory. Sam Trader had a big night with 14 and Conner Sevier had 12 points and 8 rebounds. On to Forest Park tomorrow night. Go Trojans!
Congrats today to the Spring-Ford High School b-ball team for winning their game today in the Blue Chip tournament. And congrats to my Sammy Stipa for getting MVP.
New Arrivals from Puma at
Had some luck last night at the Blue Chip !! $1700.00 Jackpot...Ubetcha !!!
Oh yes, and I still have several filled books of Blue Chip books
Okay Gator nation we are off to the Blue Chip in Lafayette, Indiana this weekend to play in the "old Man Winter tournament. The fun begins at 8am against the Central Indiana Catz followed by a 9:15 game against the Indy Xplosion or the Red Chix Nation. Tournament play starts at around 2:15 for 10U. Wish our girls luck. GO GATORS!
Thriftimart was the first building to go up across from Court one, on La Brea and Rodeo, SW corner. I reckon this was 1949. I remember a pretty young checker, Evelyn. Long checkout lines back then as each item had to be rung up by hand. During the Blue Chip stamp era, checkers would dial in the amount customers spent on a dispenser and reel out stamps. There was a stairway to right of west side entrance that led up to an upstairs bathroom and a one way mirror that overlooked the aisles. Denny Devitt and I would go up and spy on shoppers sometimes, but we never saw any store employees up there. About once a week I’d save up a dime and buy a Hollywood bar at the market. At the east inside of the market was a Van De Kamp’s bakery with delicious, fresh baked goods. My beautiful sister Eleanore worked there, neatly attired in Dutch girl clothing. Delicious lemon tarts sold for a nickel... and I remember one time Denny fished out a couple nickels and bought one for each of us. Within the next couple ...
Check this out-unreal from the WIMS Newsroom New Year's Day Jackpot at Blue Chip Casino: Benton Harbor Resident Wins $211,389 One lucky guest at Blue Chip Casino, Hotel & Spa in Michigan City, Indiana has reason to celebrate in 2013: Steven K. of Benton Harbor, Michigan won $211,389 playing Caribbean StudTM Poker on New Year's Day. Steven K. has been coming to Blue Chip since the casino opened in 1997. Based on the five-card stud poker game and the first casino table game to offer a progressive jackpot, Caribbean StudTM Poker allows the player to become eligible to win a progressive jackpot by simply placing a bet. "I had no idea what encompassed me winning, this has been the greatest experience in the world," said Steven K., the jackpot winner. "The cards came out in the sequence of Ace, King and Queen of Clubs; then a Jack and I thought oh probably a lower card next and up comes the 10 of Clubs. I told the pit boss April that I was going to need her signature on the clipboard, the dealer looked at my ha ...
Who want's to grow some mushrooms!? We have decided to start offering 'Grow your own mushrooms' kits. This for all you green thumbs who want to get your feet wet growing some fungi!! These kits will consist of either A) Wood dowels(used to inoculate logs) or B) Wood chip bags(can be used to make outdoor beds or fruit directly out of) Currently we can produce Shiitake, Reishi, Oyster(Elm, King, Blue), and Enoki. Anyone interested? If you give me a good enough comment on why you would like to grow mushrooms, I may just give you a kit for free :)
Wrked 4 respected blue chip Corp - if no fear of Unions => greedy cruel exploitation of labor- 4 sure!
Britain's blue-chip FTSE 100 is primed to reverse a year of underperformance and outpace European peers in early 2013
Clucks got funni *** names.patato chip bo Bo lol ashtray blue
The Christmas show mega-weekend starts tonight! Chambers tonight in Niles, 8:30pm. Blue Chip Casino tomorrow afternoon for a luncheon (please note the luncheon has been moved from the Stardust Center to their upstairs venue). Then again on Saturday at O'Connors in Chicago Ridge, and Sunday right back at the Blue Chip for 3 shows Sunday.
FM Principal Consultant: A market leading blue chip organisation is looking to urgently recruit an FM procuremen...
$F News: $F Ford Motor Company and Freedom Ford continue strong commitment to FFA
Natasha says: Baby led weaning is stressful. I am so scared she is going to choke !
We still need to know on inflation threshold: 1) which target (cpi, PCE, etc); 2) which forecast (Fed, Blue Chip, TIPS).
Ascot lawyers are also proud to be sponsoring the Blue Chip Power Qualifer at the BCA this Sunday!
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Perhaps my favorite song of one of my favorite bands. Released in the album of the same name in 1986. I think that Guggi and Dik were already out of the band...
What color Best Bottom Diapers is your little one sporting now? -Kelly
Today we have been trying to help 6 starving horses. One mare died yesterday leaving behind her foal. There are 2 mares 3 foals and we are guessing the father. I have seen photos today that made my skin crawl. One mare has such a huge gash in her face that the infection must be agony. This was reported 2 years ago and still the owner is making these poor babies suffer. We are trying to help but its not an easy case when there is no legal support for this area. Come on portugal, this just isn't human!!!
Delicious wrap at Blue Chip today: Roast beef, feta cheese, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and a cream cheese spread.
Don't forget! Power Yoga tonight w Scott, 6-7, at the Blue Chip Power Room!!! December Deal, 5 classes for $40! Classe packages never expire BUT this deal does on 12/31
A reminder that Blue Chip has entered Wingbowl XI on Jan. 26 in Fishkill. Get your tickets at The Chip. It usually sells out.
as a blue chip member and frequent renter I have to ask. Why do you wire the 2 car keys together? Unsightly in pants pocket.
A special shout-out to our loyal customers who have made Blue Chip a regular stop for their eating preference. We certainly appreciate it!
A reminder: Blue Chip delivers to local businesses weekdays from 11:30 a.m.-2 p.m.; just a $20 minimum; no delivery charge.
The Indians just taught the twins a lesson on acquiring true blue chip talent.
Exciting additions to the Blue Chip menu: Buffalo chicken sliders, as well as Teriyaki and Barbecue chicken sliders.
Blue Chip SEO Events of 2012 | Tyson Braun - In reverence to the upcoming 19th anniversary of Blue Chips – a ti...
December 12 2012 Oil Futures Rise After OPEC Decision Crude oil futures prices were holding gains after OPEC, as expected, agreed to keep its oil output policy unchanged. Ministers from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, meeting in Vienna, gave no indication in the minutes after the agreement on whether they will rein in output that currently tops the agreed 30 million barrels a day cap and runs about 1 million barrels a day over the expected level of supply the world will need from OPEC next year. The ministers extended the term for one year of the current secretary general, defusing for a now a split in the organization as Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq all pushed their candidate for the group's top administrative post. Wheat Prices Slide on USDA Forecast Wheat futures prices dropped 3.2% to fresh five-month lows after U.S. forecasters projected greater domestic supplies of the grain than analysts had expected. The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimated in a monthly crop report that U ...
Unfortunately that don't bring blue chip recruits nor win national titles either lol Have to treat those kids like gold.
201478_Free Shipping on Orders Over $49 from (*Restrictions Apply)
Finally breaking into Star Lotulelei's cut-ups. No idea if he becomes a blue-chip player in the NFL but no doubt he's the total package.
Quantity Surveyor - Our client is a Saudi Arabian Building Main contractor with Irish management. They are involved on numerous multi million dollar projects in Saudi Arabia for blue chip clients. They are seeking to employ a QS with a minimum of 3 5 years experience Ireland. Successful candidates will have Main Contractor experience. Previous experience in ...
$DE News: 5 stocks to purchase before the new year
Have YOU been to Sturgis during Sturgis Week??? A Kutter Friend is planning NOW for a trip as a Christmas Gift for her Boyfriend and neither of them has been there... WHERE should they stay? WHERE should they go while there? TIPS? THANK YOU KUTTER FRIENDS!
HR Manager, Glasgow, c. £35,000 + Benefits: An exciting new opportunity has arisen for my blue chip client...
This is also a great read for AAU teams/programs. The grass isn't always greener on the other side
Gemalto is going into France's blue chip CAC 40 index! via
We've had the pleasure of serving "Blue Chip" clients, they believe in us, so can you
IBM pushes silicon photonics with on-chip optics: Big Blue researchers have figured out how to use standard manu...
Its candy cane season!!! Whether hanging on your tree, peeking out of your sock, the candy cane says Christmas, but some people are messing with the candy cane...a pickle flavored candy cane? Really? If there was another flavor for candy cane what would you choose?...m Bacon!!!...CC,Lorie and Buzz
It’s 12/12/12! Happy Big 12 Day! LIKE this to join us in celebrating the best conference in college sports and comment with why you love the Big 12.
Blue Chip Picks, home of the worlds best guitar and mandolin picks. The best tortoise shell pick replacement.
We work with blue chip clients to recover & reuse packaging:
My blue sparkly nails is starting to chip off! I'll go back to gold, gold does not disappoint .
Who else got invited to blue chip 225? Need a roomy
Gonna be a busy day today, so let me go ahead and tell what cupcakes are in the case and coming out of the oven today... Fruit Cake Pineapple Paradise Eggnog Latte Pink Lemonade Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Death by Chocolate Double Vanilla (blue frosting with pretty white snowflakes) Twix Mint Chocolate Chip Funfetti Rolo Red Velvet Chocolate Cream Cheese Spiked Pina Coloda-whipped cream rum added in Rum and Coke-dark rum added in Irish Car Bomb Reeses
BS 12.12.12. Class 4, 1.15m Open will start at 1pm, followed directly by the Blue Chip Karma Qualifier.
I'm making blue velvet and Choco chip and cookies combined with Oreo and brownies
Head To Head: Capita vs Aggreko - Which blue-chip support services group should you buy today: Capita (LSE: CPI) or ...
Big Blue spills beans on 22nm: IBM suits have adjusted their ties and released a chip which they think proves th...
9) Besides wedding rings, what is your favorite piece of jewelry you have? It's a gold pinky ring that has a diamond chip on the face where my initial is. It's the first piece of fine jewelty I bought myself (twila)
This Saturday lets show Bill Marmion we love our forests
This week's cupcakes are: Blue Velvet, White Chocolate Raspberry, Boston Cream, Chocolate Cream, Shoofly and the all new Blueberries N' Cream. Also we have Peanut Butter Swirl brownies and Banana Fosters' baked oatmel. Come out and enjoy!
Hey guys! I wrote an imagine! :) it has character names though because otherwise it would've taken too long. :) One Direction Imagine the 5 main characters: Dana- Heyyy guys! It's Dana! I am a directioner, forever and always. I love Niall the most out of the bunch. My best friends are Kelly, Kayla, Tina, and Kat, its hard to choose! She lives just around the corner from me. :) convenient right? Yeah, thought so. I have a dog named Castiel, Cass for short. He is a boy if you were wondering. XD My favorite color is purple, but I like the color green quite a bit... well a lot a bit. c: I am shy at first, but if you get to know me, I am very loud and a weirdo. XD If I get to know you very well, I am very outgoing. I love to write One Direction fanfics and imagines. :) I also love to draw and bake :) I live in South Bend, Indiana, but don't stalk me! XD lolz, just kidding. c: Kelly- Hey! Its Kelly and I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself like Dana did above :) Dana is my best friend and I am a direc ...
Come join us for a free sampling of 4 Balcones products: Baby Blue Corn Whisky, Brimstone Scrub Oak Smoked Corn Whisky, Texas "1" Single Malt Whisky, and the Rumble Cask Reserve - NEW 12-2 batch! Contains the oldest spirit we've EVER released! Limited quantities of bottles signed by Chip Tate will be available for purchase. No RSVP required, simply show up between 4pm and 7pm for a FREE sampling ...Hoppy Holidaze! Cheers!
Kelli Williams needs your help, "I have a young (primary age) student that gets in trouble EVERY DAY. He blurts out, pushes on the playground, lies, throws food in the cafeteria etc. When asked to move his clip (my behavior chart that allows kids to move up for positive behavior and down for negative behavior) he gets a smirk on his face and acts like it's funny. I've sent him to the principal's office, sent notes home and phone calls (neither get returned) and even had him go sit in a Kindergarten class for "time out". He even goes to the behavior support class daily for 30 minutes. Nothing helps with this child. I've tried chatting with him before school and during recess to get to know him better, I've tried using behavior charts where if he gets so many smiley faces he gets to go to the treasure box or have computer time and still nothing helps. I've tried only focusing on the positives and ignoring the negatives.HELP!"
The stock market moved higher with technology stocks and the hope that political manuevers will help to offset the fiscal cliff and the potential it has to hurt the US economy. Blue chip stocks gained around 1/2% and tech stocks were about double that. While there was no official announcement of progress, the market seemed to think there was. Energy prices were little changed and precious metals were lower on the day. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 13,248 which was up 78 points. The NASDAQ Composite closed at 3022 up 35 points. And the S&P 500 was up 9 points to close at 1427.
Today's supercomputers can be thought of not so much as a single, large computer but rather a farm of processors. A supercomputer is, in reality, made up of large racks of computer boards, chips and modules all of which must talk to one another quickly and efficiently. It's kind of like
Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies from Knead to Cook! A girl after my own heart. Love me some bacon!
32'' strand of Blue Millefiori Chip Beads in Crafts, Beads, Millefiori | eBay
219335_One-Stop Publishing: free print & ebook publishing
The tracker of the local bourse continued its upward trend today buoyed by interest in the blue-chip equities, as the index notched 0.85% into the positive territory. Intraday trading chart showed the bears have gone into hiding with the ASI exhibiting increased vigor as trading progressed. Today, Nigerian Breweries (NB) marked a new year at N148, translating to a year-to-date appreciation of 57%.
Morning My Fit Nation! The MFF Chefs are busy cooking up new and exciting dishes, and we wanted your help! What is your favorite flavor of oatmeal? Answer below for a chance to win a $50 card to My Fit Foods!
Catch Chris and Lou this week!! Wednesday: The Endzone in Hoabart at 8pm Thursday: Old Style Inn in Valpo at 8pm Saturday: Blue Chip Casino 1:30pm
Can you help us out with a recent fan question?! Can you suggest a nice accent/feature wall color that goes with Revere Pewter for a Home office? need to choose ASAP! I'm leaning towards a warmer shade of brown to blue...but not too dark...thanks!
Wednesday General Fleet sale 12/12/12 With over 60 cars for sale at year end tempting prices, this sale is worth a very close look at. Cars from blue chip fleet companies and local main dealer groups. Dont forget to view the report on any of the cars you may be interested in. click on the link for the full listing.
*morning adding game* Step 1: like this status ;) Step 2: comment what you had/having for breakfast Step 3: add who ever likes your comment ;p *Tito*
Annoying factor - what is MOST annoying while you trying to fall of to sleep: buzzing insect fly or mosquito OR creaking door OR dripping tap
HOT TOPIC: Everybody has a favorite dish at Thanksgiving. What's your favorite cookie, candy, sweet treat, family recipe around the holidays? BUZZ IN!!
We hope to see everyone here at Forest Edge Arena this coming weekend? Saturday is The Blue Chip Feeds Indoor Eventer Trial, starting at 10.00am. Sunday is one of the very popular Rands & Wilson Feeds Unaffiliated Showjumping shows. Again starting at 10.00am. Both shows are qualifiers for their respective Championship Shows in March 2013. events qualify for t
Tuesdays Christmas special offer 2012 Liam Redmond Letting are urgently looking for good quality properties in your area for employees of a blue chip company that has relocated its services into the South Dublin area. We would welcome a call or reply to this email should you have another property or indeed if you know of a friend or family member who has a property and would benefit from using our service. We specialise in a full management service for those who intend to emigrate or take a break for a year or so and may be thinking of renting the family home. If you are happy to pass on our details we will offer you, plus the new landlord, significant discounts on fees. Indeed if you have other properties in your portfolio and would like us to look after them we will also offer discounts on your fees as they become due. Please consider this generous offer as we have fully referenced quality tenants presently waiting for good quality properties. We at Liam Redmond Letting will offer all advice in relation ...
Diageo weighs on FTSE after Cuervo talks founder:Reuters Britain's blue-chip index was flat on Tuesday, consolidating 9-month closing highs, with beverages group Diageo falling after it called off long-running acquisition talks with Jose Cuervo. Shares in Diageo fell 1.6 from an all time high of 1,887 pence hit on Monday as the firm ended negotiations that had widely been expected to result in a deal to buy a stake in the world's number 1 tequila brand. Whitbread was up 4.5 percent to the top of the UK blue-chip index as Britain's biggest hotel and coffee shop operator posted a rise in third quarter sales, helped by rising demand for its expanding Costa brand. UK banks were down 0.3 percent, weighed down by concerns that the euro zone debt crisis may flare up again in Italy. The FTSE 100 reached its highest closing level in nearly nine months on Monday and is now capped by technical resistance at 5,930, an intra-day high hit in September.
Reyna Enriquez i want to put bestway autos on blast. I bought a honda element from them about 3 weeks ago only to start haveing problems starting the vehical within the first few days of having it . . . I notified the sales guy donny immediatly and he said we could swap it out. . . Well we choose the get a 2012 kia soul but it wasnt ready till this friday. Come sunday we go to put gas only to realize the gas gage wasnt working and the engine light turns on shortly after! Needless to say im not a happy customer! I go in first thing this morning to see what they are going to do only to be bounced back and forth between the dealship on zaragoza n airway. Finally after speaking with a manager they say it is covered by the bumper to bumper but until its fixed im going to be without a vehical or i can rent one at my own expense! It bs. . . So after spending my entire day calling my finance company and the state mvd they tell me i can get out of the deal. Thank god
Friendly reminder that your house will never be as cool as the Big Blue House. ~SA
Silver chart in Kiwi dollars looking good in my opinion. If you don't have a position in physical silver, here is a great opportunity to acquire some (in my opinion). Become your own central bank and remove any 3rd party risk (Hanover and Blue Chip etc) and open a vault in your name and put your silver there.
Where are all the Holiday shows that we should be checking out? And, if you do go to see a show - buy the bass player a beer. S/he could use one...
We have officially been open for one month today! Have you been by the shop yet? What has been your favorite treat? What can be done better? Thanks for your continued support :)
great question...wished more people thought to ask it... Iv never owned a cat and I'm looking at adopting a kitten and I wanted to know what I need to do before getting one.
Keep an eye on 2019 grad Ashley Williamson as her ability to handle the ball continues to impress. Definitely an up and coming blue chip.
Aidan Walsh of Bronxville High School unleashes from distance to open his Jake Reed Fall Camp highlight video.
Great time at the Blue Chip Casino, Paul (the sound man for the casino) and our old friend Dave Stroup sat in with us. Thanks guys you guys ROCK!!!
New to the “Adoptable List” are Frankie, a medium sized black dog, very housetrained, wiggly friendly with manners, Hobbs, a Springer-Retriever Mix, handsome, crate trained, active with manners, Cookie, a 6 year old Blue Heeler Spayed Female, Allie, a 2 year old Dachshund-Basset Hound, gentle and kind. New Adoptable cats include: Little Miss, a 6 year old Declawed Spayed Female Torti Point Himalayan Persian, Axel, a 3 year old Tuxedo Neutered Male with suave charisma, Tinker, a 2 year old Declawed Spayed Brown Tabby with large green eyes, Helga, a 4 month old Brown Tabby with highlights, a huge purring motor and loving personality. A litter of five - three month old kittens, white, calico and tabby are also waiting. Chip is the only boy, white and tabby. Candi, Callie and Oatmeal are diluted Calico females and Carmel is white with Calico Tabby markings. This litter is very active and playful. They do have loud motors if you can stop the playing long enough to hear it. I guess that is what kitte ...
What is your favorite thing to eat ONLY during the holidays?
Muffins m.We make our muffins fresh every morning. They are usually ready by 7.00-7.30am. If you are stopping by before then and still want a muffin, we do offer any of the muffins that were baked the day before for half price! They still taste delicious especially when warmed up!
Today's question is simple, who is man-bro's favorite lacrosse player of all time (man-bro seems to think he is the best of all time and therefor his favorite)? All people who guess right will be entered to win a free pair of shades!
Attention to all my furriends, Today has been a bad day for meowmy.she has lost a friend for no apparant reason, and she is hurting. Please note that our auction ends tonite at midnight, and we hope for a last minute rush, mewmew. Meowmy hopes to use the proceeds to get daddy an eye exam and glasses $120,put $150 into an emergency fix the car envelope, and stock the freezer with some meat and veggies $100 cause the canned veggies and all the processed rice and noodle kits are not good for meowmies lymphedema, so with some frozen veggies, she can avoid some salt, mewmew then she was thinking of giving some money to Puffy Paws Kitty Haven $20, The Geminites for Gemini's leg $20 and to Fuzzy Hearts shelter $20 (the one Mr. Pea's Princess was adopted from)so meowmy is hoping to raise $430 with the auction and chip in over this next week, mewmity! Can we does it my furriends. Well, signing off now, Meowmy will check in on the auction at midnight and see who has won what items, using the flat rates, she hopes . ...
We're always looking for improvement. What is one thing that we could do better? Comment below. Thanks!
Just a bit of trivia. Does anyone remember "jimmies"? Anyone know what they are?
We're a Longmont, CO financial consulting, advisement, & planning firm that specializes in retirement, investments, savings plans, annuities & insurance.
Charlie is a 4-year-old orange beauty who belonged with a family, once upon a time. He came to the ACC as an abandoned cat, way back on 11/30, in decent health but with a sadness in his heart. Charlie doesn't know who he can trust, which likely explains how still he sat for his behavior exam. He earned an Expnochild rating, which is certainly respectable, and he will probably warm up quite a bit more once he feels safe in his new home. Charlie has caught the shelter cold, which means that the ACC now have a black plastic freezer bag waiting for him. Please step up for Charlie, or find someone who will. Without that positive intervention, he will be lost to us forever in a few short hours.
Don't you just love all the end of the year top 10 lists? We want to know your top ten albums of 2012 and we are going to give away 2012 SDMT tees to 5 luck people who respond. Play nice.
15-year-old refuses to wear ID due to religious beliefs
Young's fielding percentage last year at 3B, .966, was .025 points better than Kevin Frandsen's .941 Our Bark Tees December SALE is BACK! Enter coupon code HOLIDAY12 at checkout to receive 15% off your entire order. Only at
Application lifecycle management (ALM) software synchronizes the flow of people, processes, and information across the application and product development lifecycle.
FIFO Samplers/Pit Technician SKILLED is currently seeking experienced Samplers/Pit Technicians for FIFO roles with our leading Blue Chip Mining Client in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The roles available are FIFO from Perth only and will be on varying rosters. The successful candidates will meet the following criteria: Previous sampling experience Excellent safety focus C Class Drivers Licence Great teamwork and communication skills Ability to work in hot conditions Good computer skills These roles will be primarily for the start of 2013 but there may be several openings earlier.
We have fresh baked cookies.Red White & Blue is cranberry, blueberry and white chocolate, Royale is coconut, macadamia nuts, and dark chocolate and Pecan Carmel. We also have Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, and Macadamia Nut! Call in for large orders!
Kingswood Equestrian Centre is a premier show, livery and training centre located in South Staffordshire.
MIAMI — There are many stories about the origins of art: ancient Greek historian Pliny suggested art was born when a Corinthian maiden traced the outline of her lover’s shadow on a wall, while an A...
Deputies are asking for the public's help to solve a homicide at an apartment complex where they are on a trespass notice.
. Maddie is a super sweet girl. This poor girl is emaciated, was full of fleas, bad skin and missing half an ear. She is listed as female white Dobie, estimated a s 5-6 yo. She has beautiful blue eyes, may be deaf. She was inhaling her food. VERY SWEET girl!!! She has a chip, attempts being made to contact owner. Stray Weight: approx 49 lbs Due Out: 12/17, unless an owner shows up and officially surrenders her. A1495742
Hey girls coment ur BRA AND PANTY colour u wearin today. lets c which is favourate colour of girls !!!
Sister to Celebrity Solstice, Equinox, Eclipse and Silhouette, Celebrity Reflection joined the Celebrity Cruises in December 2012. And like her sisters, Celebrity Reflection features Qsine, Martini Bar & Crush, the iLounge Internet center, the Lawn Club for full story...
My mom is at it again. "What are you doing for Christmas... brunch or dinner?" I'm doing chocolate chip cookies, sitting on the couch watching Christmas movies all day. I did that a few years ago when hubby & Blue went out of town and Red went to a friend's house. It was the best Christmas ever!
SWHFC will be playing, Texas Blue Chip College Showcase. Feb 2nd &3rd.
Specials week of 12/11-15th. Burger of the week is 'The Buffalo Blue' Black angus burger seasoned w/southern blackening spice topped w/blue cheese, buffalo hot sauce, shredded lettuce and smoked applewood bacon. BOOM! Soups will be Lobster bisque and beef barley. The bakery has mint chocolate brownies, Jewish apple cake, Pumpkin-chocolate chip cupcakes and more. This Saturday is National Cupcake Day. Why not celebrate it buy buying the best in the area at Billy Burger and Bakery??
Friday Night Flights, Bigger, Stonger, Faster. Blue Chip, Mount Rushmore in Stature Pinot Noir, and Jupiter Gravity Chardonnay. Hint: Liquid Farms Chardonnay & Boson Pinot Noir in the room at the same time. From 5pm till 8pm Happy holidays
Check out our current vacancies – exciting opportunities with great benefits! PERMANENT Retail Sales & Marketing Specialist – An exciting opportunity to work within our Field Force for our client, a Blue Chip company who are market leaders in the consumer electronics industry. These roles will be focused around a new tablet or mobile team promoting the markets leading premium devices. This would suit candidates who are enthusiastic and passionate about new technology, preferably with territory field, retail and training experience. • LONDON TERRITORIES • MIDDLESBROUGH Contact us careers
Spectacular night seeing at Blue Chip casino in Michigan City, IN. On of my favorite actsofpast…
Here I am at the Wilson Phillips concert at Blue Chip all by starts in 5 minutes
World's finest Underground Metro (Subway) and world's most hi tech power grid (uses Blue Chip) goes down for a week after Hurricane Sandy hits New York City at a speed of 139MPH. 8 Million people in dark, 18k flights canceled, 11.9 inches of rain ! :(
Cal Poly will always be my college team, especially after going D1 (even though they were that in wrestling in the 60s. Being from SF, preferred Cal and Stanford over UCLA and USC.and the PAC8/10 over the Big 10. Now that I'm in Tucson, the Mustangs are still my and will see them vs NAU in Flagstaff 11/17. So I pull for the UofA. In 3rd Qtr a Blue Chip recruit went down for the Trojans and all head coach Lane Kiffen could do was look @ his chart. I was cussing at the TV about how alll that scum bucket could do was care about the next play...not about his player. Next series, a UofA player went down and I'm taken aback as where is Rich Rodriguez? About 90 seconds later, RichRod runs on to the field as it looks bad.Kiffen, a PUNK, couldn't care less about his players.all just pieces of meat so he can keep his wife happy with his stupid contract.
Cynthia Carroll to quit as ceo of FTSE 100 miner Anglo American leaving just two women in charge of a UK blue chip
Blue chip falls weigh on markets at
Blue chip falls weigh on markets: Investors watch share movements at ACB Securities Co. Blue chips were the majo...
still good value investments to be had in this market $JNJ $MCD $SYY $PG
Gecko Chip and Dip in Pacific Blue Glaze: Microwave and Dishwasher Safe! Lead Free! Chip and Dip in Gecko Patter...
42 pts by the Blue Raiders on Saturday means 5 FREE wings Cheer loudly!
When people say "NY is navy blue why should I vote?" I cringe Its blue because of the expectation of your turnout Every vote counts!
Some art experts worry that the relentless pace at which auction houses, art fairs and large gallery franchises are pushing contemporary art will diminish its value.
Noah Vonleh, a blue-chip power forward in the Class of 2014, has decided to enter college with the Class of 2013 after all, shaking up the recruiting landscape by immediately jumping into the top-10 prospects of the current senior class.
Babe and I are making Blue Berry Muffins and Chocolate Chip cookies 👌
Instead of chocolate chip I traded in the chocolate for blue berry raisins!! They taste like muffin cookies
Like you can't change the channel unless the little blue chip thing is in the remote..
Who wants to ride up with me to Blue Chip for a bit then Reileys for beer pong?
studies find that you are 14% more likely to die on your b day from b day excess The safest car color is white Einstein slept 10 hours a night The $ sign was introduced in 1788. The meaning of 'Blue Chip' comes from blue casino chips which have a high value
Aw..isn't kinda touchingly sentimental when a random friend just up and says "congratulations on your 6 months, Shannon" especially .when I didn't even remember my *** self. !! So I guess a blue chip is the order of the evening
Cobb salad with grilled chicken, eggs, bacon, crumbled blue cheese, and tomatoes. chocolate chip cookie and
If I get hired at blue chip I'm going to get so fat omg
Back for Round Two, Blue Chip Boot Camp class start's at 6pm tonight
you know black zak from school? I just saw him at sky blue chip shop! He's got so tall.
Yes I am home with the flu, but words clown, blue chip firm of fools. "A Bonehead, Muttonhead and Airhead"4give u 4 Pr Di. JH
$T News: Key facts from selected cable and satellite TV industry earnings reports
Well played, young man reading a battered library copy of A Farewell to Arms in line at Blue Chip for coffee. Well played.
I'm stopping to the mall and getting 2 big blue chip cookies!
October 24th: Two for Biggs and a Gem from Rielly: Brought to you by Blue Chip Pros...
Just seen a police van with blue lights on cut through traffic only to pull up at the chip shop!
Stocks to Watch Big earnings to watch Thursday Aetna PG Apple: WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- Blue chip Procter &am...
03 and 00 V-Red Prospects out of Canada commit to the Blue Chip Invite!!!
No chip shop will ever compare to Blue Sea!
Check out our new song Driven recorded live at Blue Chip Casino. Release date on iTunes for all our original music by Christmas!!
Michael, you are a tremendous talent and we are thrilled to have you on our PowerHouse SMART Advisory Board...Thank you!
College Hockey:DeSmith welcomes a challenge, and New Hampshire sees the benefitsByDave Hendrickson• Hockey East Columnist •Oct. 25, 2012Casey DeSmith was strong in the second half of last season after taking over the New Hampshire goaltending spot and has picked up where he left off (photo: Melissa ...
Now time to shower and get ready for my girls day out with Carola Hogan and Leslie Banning. Off to the Blue Chip this morning.
Good morning FB family & friends. I'm feeling good again this morning. Getting my suitcase packed for our trip to The Blue Chip Friday night. Sandy, Brian, Chris, Ryan and myself. Gonna have a great time and win big! Have a great day everyone.
Coming home from the blue chip and even won a lil money
niftymoves 25.10.2012 Nifty Views - Nifty again VIX – volatility index is at 13.71. I think market are now preparing for a last lap where we will definitely see some drama in coming sessions, and believe me its gona surprising one as I always narrated about nifty that its actually hard to understand the V shaped recovery for nifty. Consolidation is healthy and I still think as far as nifty is concern I will be more comfortable in LONG term if nifty consolidates and show levels of 5450, actually that will be the healthy correction and nifty actually needs it desperately. I will still sit aside for longs. Wait till 5750 decisively breaks for 2 consecutive days. Read my previous statement again for understanding. - aby nifty fifty investing life Today’s nifty range same expected is 5600 to 5720, and levels to watch are 5620 / 5680. Indian shares fell on Tuesday as cigarette maker ITC continued to be hit by profit booking after hitting a record high last week, while Hero MotoCorp fell on caution ahead of ...
Been a good week for my oldest daughter. On Monday she was named the WZDM Quest Orthopedics Athlete of the Week. Tonight she found out that she was named to the honorable mention all blue chip conference team for volleyball. I'm proud of you LK. Your hard work and great attitude are paying off.
If you dont know where to go to watch the game, the best place is The Blue Chip!! Hurry up and get down here!
Yes Sir! My baby Drew headed to Blue Chip Invitationals..You get boy I'll be right there by You!!!
Blue Chip Burger booked for MHS PC 2nd fundraiser Wed. Nov. 28th all day with flyer. Please come out and support. 368 E Main St.
Though he is invaluable to the history of art and I admire him for trying, the computer does not seem to be a fitting tool for an artist like Gerhard Richter. From what I’ve seen of his Strip Paintings at Marian Goodman Gallery, his newest work comes off as out of touch and defeated by technology. T...
183295_ALLDATAdiy - Diagnose, Repair, Research
In the United States, corporate earnings remain in full force Wednesday. Before the bell, Dow component Boeing (BA, Fortune 500) reported earnings that beat analysts' expectations and raised its outlook for full-year profits. AT&T (T, Fortune 500), another blue chip, also reported earnings that topped market expectations and said cash-flow this year will be better than previously expected. Social game maker Zynga (ZNGA) will report after the bell. On the economic front, the Census Bureau will release data on new home sales for September at 10 a.m. ET. New home sales for September are expected to come in at an annual rate of 385,000, up from 373,000 in the month prior, according to a survey of analysts by Wednesday afternoon, the Federal Reserve will issue a policy statement around 2:15 p.m. ET following the conclusion of its latest two-day meeting, though the central bank is not expected to release much new information. U.S. stocks sold off Tuesday, with the Dow Jones industrial average slid ...
All Courses Approved By AICTE , NCTE ,UGC ,INC , BCI Recognized By Govt. Mathura is a holy city. It is famous birth place of Lord Krishna. As known as “Lord Krishna Janam Bhoomi Mathura.” It is an important piligrim place of Hindus religious. It is situated on the western bank of Yamuna River. It is situated in the western part of Utter Pradesh in Northern region of India. We try to ensure that our students achieve excellent results whether it is regarding their performance, dealing with the customers, interacting with people or being responsible towards society through leadership driving policies and strategies. We sincerely believe in four factors which make or mar any organization - People, Partnerships, Resources and Processes. JGM institute of technology Mathura has visualized to create a benchmark of excellence in the field of education. At JGM institute of technology we recognize the abilities of the student and try to help them grow and evolve as a successful professionals with moral and ethic ...
Most blue chip companies and celebrities hire the services of professional public relations agencies or public relations consultants that have the expertise and the available time to orchestrate public relations campaigns for them freeing up the chief executives to concentrate on running their businesses.
New prep-kitchen for the future INN BACK Events & Entertainment place...Walsall painted, now put in suspended ceiling and cabinets...then do the floor! Slowly moving forward...
Got invited to one of most elite lacrosse recruiting camps in the nation, 3d blue chip lacrosse camp! I was selected 1 out of 600 elite lacrosse players from the Western United States to be selected to go to the Nike blue chip lacrosse camp where colleges from all over the nation will talk to and teach players to play the game of lacrosse at a new level! So happy for the oppurtunity and to know my hard work has payed off!
Freehold, NJ ---Corey Callahan will drive Hot Shot Blue Chip (post three--odds 8-1) in the $600,000 Breeders Crown for older trotters at Woodbine Racetrack this Saturday. Callahan is the 18th driver to compete with the speedy but inconsistent gelding.
Blue Chip or procrastinate in any way possible? Procrastination wins! This reminds of my life in college, wait til the last possible second. But hey I did graduate with good grades so is it really all that bad?
Taking my beautiful wife to Blue Chip tonight for some relaxation!
Congrats to Blue Chip technician Neil Johnson on the arrival of his newest little lovebug - baby girl Payton Sue! This sweet little 8-pound, 21-inch bundle of joy is absolutely adorable!
Architectnique - All New Preliminaries 2.0 Vol 2 - Free Mixtape Download or Stream it
Just when you think you're heading for another day of reporting blue chip quarterly earnings and run-of-the-mill crimes and accidents, the world throws you a curveball and a bit of professional excitement.
The word millionaire was first used by Benjamin Disraeli in his 1826 novel Vivian Grey. If you stack one million US$1 bills, it would be 110m (361 ft) high and weight exactly 1 ton. A million dollars' worth of $100 bills weighs only 10 kg (22 lb). One million dollars' worth of once-cent coins (100 million coins) weigh 246 tons. TIP is the acronym for "To Insure Promptness." The term "Blue Chip" comes from the colour of the poker chip with the highest value, blue. (Read more facts after the break...) Nessie, the Loch Ness monster is protected by the 1912 Protection of Animals Acts of Scotland. With good reason - Nessie is worth $40 million annually to Scottish tourism. Of the more than $50 billion worth of diet products sold every year, almost $20 billion are spent on imitation fats and sugar substitutes. Annual global spending on education is $80 billion. US and European expenditure on pet food is $17 billion per year. The global expenditure on healthcare and nutrition is $13 billion. Money notes are not ...
Blue Chip Athletics/Buckeye Kettlebells, in conjunction with Ambition Athletics is excited to announce a Bodyweight Seminar with Senior RKC and Star of the
After watching the 3rd Presidential Dabate, Mitt Romney is a true product of the Republician party, look out for the 1% with tax cuts, let major blue chip companies in the red go bankrupt, also put Big Bird out on the streets that educated me and rest of the generation of kids around the world. I'm sorry he is a business man and he will govern the USA as a business with his agenda to cut programs and people that are not pulling there weight!
Lions need another blue chip receiver to compliment Megatron or face double coverage.
233437_Brand Focus
Joe laying out the forms for the new Nature Stone flooring!
i'm wrestling with a serious situation folks. i was at the greensboro sportsplex trying to catch as many of my former players games as possible. while there i had a conversation with one of my Blue Chip Originals who informed me that he will be back at GW this year for his senior season. i casually mentioned that i might offer my assistance to the team if i had more time to be in danville. he replied that no one knows him and the others better than i do. i didn't think much of it till yesterday as i was telling my son about his former teammates. now i'm wondering should i MAKE time to try to help GW's team. everyone who knows me knows how much i HATE the school but i truly LOVE all my players past and present. we started the Blue Chip program to prepare players to win a state title at GW. i'm just wondering if i should try to help more directly. i just don't know what i should do. i've never been this torn. guess i'm just getting old and soft. who knows?
Tim ever get my 60mm blue chip pick
Kindle user had her account deleted because it had ties to 'previous abuses of company policy', but the online retailer blanked all follow-up enquiries
Just an hour from Chicago, Blue Chip Casino Hotel & Spa provides an inviting backdrop for the perfect getaway or vacation.
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. Had a great day with a good friend at Blue Chip, but lost all my money.
Come join us this Thursday for a Great Night of Celebrate Recovery!!! Awesome Worship Music, a great testimony, healthy small groups and the Blue Chip Bistro!! God is Great!
Great Weekend for the Maseth Girls. Em played well at Blue Chip 'Toys for Tots" Showcase in NJ.pitched several gems and hit well. After last out, head over to Drexel U in Philly to see Ashton playing field hockey for Salisbury U.and scoring against Penn State. Sue and I are blessed to have two talented, and driven daughters. Way to go girls!
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