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Blue Angels

The Blue Angels is the United States Navy's flight demonstration squadron formed in 1946, and is currently the second oldest formal flying aerobatic team in the world, after the French Patrouille de France formed in 1931. The squadron's six demonstration pilots currently fly the F/A-18 Hornet in more than 70 shows at 34 locations throughout the United States each year, where they still employ many of the same practices and techniques used in their aerial displays in 1946. An estimated 11 million spectators view the squadron during air shows each year.

Fleet Week Key West San Francisco Naval Aviation Museum Point Mugu Marine Corps Pensacola Naval Air Station National Cherry Festival Bay Area Moffett Field

I'm in. France's version of the Blue Angels will do a stunt show over Town Point Park tomorrow afternoon.
Blue Angels! Had no idea that was happening. Turned around, saw the smoke trails, and managed to…
What's going on? Blue Angels flying weekend air show in coastal Georgia -… Get found ->
Robbie Sue flew with the Blue Angels yesterday. The experience of a lifetime. Hear all about it with Joe Willie...
By Douglas Ernst - The Washington Times - Friday, April 10, 2015 The Navy’s famous Blue Angels has its first...
Even though I went Army, my first air show was at Moffett Field watching the Blue Angels in their Hornets.
Today's episode of where is CUAA Softball Hint- Home of the Navy's Blue Angels!!! Picture of Beach from the top of…
U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels stop in Idaho Falls, plan for air show
What slays me is how conditioned I was as Navy brat to be excited to see & hear Blue Angels perform every year...
F-22 Raptors to perform at 2017 OC Air Show, plus Navy's Blue Angels and an A-10 Warthog to perform
Orange County will host the famed Blue Angels at the New York Air Show at Stewart International Airport on July 1-2.
arriving at Naval Air Station Fort Worth aboard the Blue Angels
Navy Week and Thunder over Michigan w/ Blue Angels on the same weekend!
older footage of the Blue Angels doing a few stunts at the Brunswick Naval Air Station--very short
Blue Angels to perform at National Cherry Festival in 2018
It's official-- the Blue Angels will be returning to the National Cherry Festival in 2018:
Blue Angels top River Valley in opener & in Wednesday's Nov. 30 OVP
mention the Naval Air Station Jacksonville, FL tomorrow. That's my old base. The home of the Blue Angels.
Trump at Pensacola just pledged 350-ship Navy, 540K Army, new jets for Pensacola Naval Air Station and enduring commitment to Blue Angels.
Finally crossing the Blue Angels flight off my bucket list. Wow! @ Naval Air Station Jacksonville
FHS Aerospace Engineering class watching the Blue Angels this morning at Pensacola Naval Air Station!
Join the USS Hornet in celebrating Fleet Week and watch the Blue Angels take off from Oakland at the historic Bay Area Nav…
@ LauraGarciaCann Looking forward to Fleet Week this weekend, love the Blue Angels!
It's Fleet Week here in San Francisco. The Blue Angels will be screaming overhead soon, which means it's time for this comi…
Blue Angels to fly above San Francisco for Fleet Week — WATCH TODAY
*** Blue Angels rattling my windows. Doing low passes over Fair Oaks Boulevard?
Cause we live close to the Mather base. My dad's literally droning the blue angels 😂
Blue Angels will be in Sac this weekend for the Capital Air show... better than missing them next weekend in SF.
Blue angels airplane show Lol it might sound weird but I've been seeing them practice & it look hella dope 😍
When the Blue Angels are doing their show above my house 🛩🙌🏾
I know ! Terrible photo. Got caught in the reflection of the light. Blue Angels are in town 👍😀
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To celebrate the opening of our new facility we had the Blue Angels do a flyover 😀
is just days away will be broadcasting the Blue Angels Live again this year
And rebels are blue Angels. Pure joke sir
The Blue Angels are practicing over my building and I'm stuck inside on a call working. 😭
Fleet Week 2016 takes off from Oakland International; home to Blue Angels & others soaring over Bay Area next week…
Blue Angels = Harlem Globetrotters of BitInstant, was arrested at Harbor Court Hotel in San Francisco!
Pink and Blue everywhere for Jensen and all the angels 💙💕this month for…
For past 2 days been listening to Navy Blue Angels, Army Golden Knights and F16 Vipers fly over me. Very distracting but awesome!
The blue angels practicing for the air show is so *** loud
Look out, Blue Angels! Angel is on her way. Great job with Air Force history.
Here they come! 100 local H.S. students arrive to tour and meet the Blue Angels!
When you can watch the Blue Angels practice for their air show tomorrow. I 💜 my job!
U.S. Navy Blue Angels practicing now in my town 4 weekend's air show. Amazing engineering, courage, and skill. A tribute…
Getting buzzed by the Blue Angels during their practice runs for the California Capital Air Show this weekend.
Loved doing this story with the They're returning to this year's @ Mather Airfield
The Blue Angels are back. I can hear them practicing their sonic acrobatics overhead. Last time they drew me a jettrail heart & a pig cloud.
If you haven't yet, plan now for WINGS OVER HOUSTON -- VIPER Team, Blue Angels & More!
Blue Angels Return For Fleet Week: A member of the Blue Angels takes-off from Oakland Airport’s North Field,…
A new look for The Blue Door. Check out the trailer :)
San Francisco Fleet Week 2016 schedule and Blue Angels flight times
Trump rally is at an airport, and my Uber driver said he's never seen a crowd like this. "Not even for the Blue Angels"
Once in a Blue Year - Finalist in the 2016 International Book Award Contest https…
I got a care package from yesterday and I cried because I miss her bunches. She also got me a Blue Angels shi…
I'm wearing an angels jersey but it's a Vernon Wells jersey so it's pretty much a Blue Jays jersey
Two more Blue Angels from my backyard! These are cropped from original 5DM4 files
The Blue Angels survey flights will start up next week, prolly on Thurs. (I think Ron Conway/Pinterest makes money…
why? why are they always overlapping now? the angels and now the blue eyes. WHY? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?
Feast on roast pig, sip stellar wines, listen to great Bluegrass music and watch the Blue Angels! Sat. Oct 8.…
Blue Angels crash in Tenn. blamed on pilot error
Pilot Error Led to Blue Angels Crash in Smyrna: The US Navy said that pilot error led to the crash of Marine ...
The Navy says pilot error was the primary cause of a crash that claimed the life of a Blue Angels flier.
Josh Donaldson returns in style, smashing three hits in Toronto Blue Jays' 7-2 win over Los Angeles Angels -…
I wonder what their policies are on the Kolvoord Starburst cc: .
We can't wait to have a 'ball' at the Angels vs. Blue Jays game tomorrow night! Will you be attending?
Navy: Pilot error primary cause of...
The mistakes that led to a deadly Blue Angels crash – and how the Navy wants to prevent them
After investigation, Navy's Blue Angels will stop using maneuver that killed a pilot
With patchwork pitching staff, Angels mathematically eliminated after loss to Blue Jays
Blue Angels flight team told to stop aerial maneuver after crash probe
Miss the game last night?. Allow me to catch you up in 30...SECONDS!.
Back at Angel Stadium tonight. Should I draw Blue Jays or Angels?
Blue Angels crash blamed on pilot error
Dickey, Blue Jays seek another win over Angels
Pilot error to blame for deadly crash of Blue Angels flight in June in Tennessee, Navy says.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
.investigation into fatal June crash blames pilot error.
That feeling when you go to sleep after a win!. FINAL: Blue Jays 7, Angels 2.
Navy releases report on fatal Blue Angels crash in Smyrna: The Blue Angels crash that killed a pilot in Smyrna this…
Also, notebook looks at why Michael Saunders sac bunted Wednesday and more:
Tonight at 6:00, SMS football against East at SMS & middle school CC meet at 4:45 at JCS. Come out and support the Blue Angels!
Blue Angels history - On this date in 1946 the team transitioned to the Bearcat and introduced the famous "Diamond".
Boeing to convert Super Hornets for Blue Angels via
Ever notice the 4 beautiful jets hanging above you inside the National Naval Aviation Museum's Blue Angels...
This is an awesome event for every Blue Angels fan! Head over to the Plaza de Luna if it fits your schedule today!
Perfect 4th of July weekend in Michigan: Thunderbirds were in Battle Creek & Blue Angels in Traverse City.
Blue Angels just buzzed our office in Downtown Pensacola. What a wonderful sight and sound!
Blue Angels=bad. Why not disarm unilaterally. Have SF cops turn in their guns. SF full of angels, so why cops need 'em anyway?
Eyewitness video captures deadly Blue Angels crash in Smyrna, Tenn. - Matthew Burns (Graphic language)
Two elite pilots crash in one day.RIP to the Blue Angels pilot, and hoping the Air Force Thunderbird pilot is... https…
Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds crash on the same day. One Blue Angels pilot, lost.
Due to anticipated return of members of the Navy’s Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels, to Naval Air...
Our hearts are with the men, women, and families of the Blue Angels. Fair winds and following seas.
Smyrna city manager Harry Gill says he believes Blue Angels are still in town.
All morning on What does yesterday's fatal Blue Angels jet crash mean for upcoming RI air show
A Blue Angels pilot was killed after his jet crashed in TN. A Thunderbirds F-16 crashed in a separate incident in CO
Kansas City police chief remembers fallen Blue Angels pilot - Marine Capt. Jeff Kuss was in Kansas City and off...
Aerobatic pilot hopes Blue Angels still perform at Vero Air Show
DETAILS: Blue Angels were practicing for air show outside Nashville prior to deadly crash.
Cmdr. of Naval Air Forces says Blue Angels will not participate in the Tenn. air show this wknd after deadly crash:
Blue Angels pilot dies in crash; Vero Beach Air Show waiting to learn impact on team's visit later this month
Steve Lichtag meets JoAnna Cameron in Dance of the Blue Angels in Razor Sharp
Look up in the sky today. Flying with the Blue Angels in opposing solo jet will be the Superintendent, VADM Ted Carter.
Living off the Bay Bridge is not the move around Blue Angels time, any Naval Activity, etc😩
Beautiful day to watch the Blue Angels practice and visit the Naval Aviation Museum! 💙🌴🛩
Cockpit video of Havelock coach Jim Bob Bryant flight with Blue Angels
Havelock HS Ram Football Coach Jim Bob Bryant prepares to take off for his Blue Angels flight today at Cherry Point
Come visit the Sunshine Lady Club tomorrow at 8:15 a.m. to see a special presentation from the Blue Angels! The...
Happy Birthday to the Blue Angels and you on 70 years. Great meeting you at the Gary Airport during the Chicago Air Show.
An aviation legacy led Capt Katie Higgins to the Marine Corps. Now she's the first female pilot for the Blue Angels.
Tuesday morning on Brian and Leland, Petty Officer Derek Hamlin, a local native who serves with the Blue Angels, will be on the show.
Blue Angels doing what they do best. @ March Field Air Museum
Family of Tellico Plains boy hurt in car crash hopes for Blue Angels visit. His story on GMT. vi…
Listening to John Foley, leader of the Blue Angels, speak on leadership. This is intense.
by pishymm View from Ella Bailey Park in Magnolia toward Queen Anne Hill and downtown Seattle - Blue Angels. We…
Just witnessed the Blue Angels skydiving over TAMUK and landing in Javelina football stadium 👌
We saw the Blue Angels train today at Naval Air Station Pensacola!
We can't wait to see the Blue Angels at the Southernmost Air Spectacular in Key West today!
Dodgers over Padres . Blue Jays over Rays . Diamondbacks over Rockies . Cubs over Angels . White Sox over Oakland
The U.S. Navy Blue Angels are coming to the Poconos this summer.
Guest shots by John Stuart from this weekend's Key West air show featuring the Navy's Blue Angels. Thanks John, Great shots!
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.Arsenal Girls win their 4th in a row. They beat the the Sedalia Blue Angels 4-0 Sunday!
Smoke trails track the movements of the Blue Angels on Saturday at NAS Key West during the...
And also, they have the same color of clothes ☺️💙💙. Angels in blue 👼🏻👼🏻
Teams to watch out for this year: Blue Jays, Cubs, Tigers, and Angels
All I'm sayin is that blue, pink, and yellow stuff in the car wash smells like two angels in Versace cologne...
Check out this digital art on CanyonPics
Jen got a lovely visit from Aussie Angels Rebecca & Blake.Adults get Jen's wine & kids get unfeasibly blue slushies.
MLB Today:. Dodgers over Padres. Rays over Blue Jays. Diamondbacks over Rockies. Cubs over Angels. Athletics over White Sox. Yankees over Astros
Green for DA, White for DW, Black for RW, Blue for Gets Hot/Psychic. And that's just my Dark Angels. :)
Look up , your Blue Angels are heading home and will be over the beach around 5:40 p.m. CDT!
4/4 (continued). PHILLIES over Reds. PADRES over Dodgers. BLUE JAYS over Rays. DIAMONDBACKS over Rockies. ANGELS over Flubs.
Lots going on in Key West this weekend!! Here's the Budweiser Clydesdales in front of the Blue Angels at the NAS...
Who can wake up and go on a morning run and take a selfie with a non commissioned Blue Angels plane??
4:52am Quick Sand by The Blue Angels from Do the Bop
A black, E white, I red, U green, O blue: vowels. A thousand white angels parting on the road,. Bathed in your languor, waves, I can no longer
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Blue Angels making an angel in the sky.
With the boards out , the Blue Angels roll out of the "Diamond dirty loop".
Nothing of any intellectual value has included a Blue Angels fly by.
Nothing like the Blue Angels to make you proud to be an American. Go Navy!
Blue Angels seem to be getting in on the chemtrail craze! ;)
The Flight Deck The Museum Store will be revealing the official 2016 Blue Angels practice t-shirt next week.
& follow for a chance to win a exclusive Blue Zoidberg Pop!
Years ago had another dream of an angel in blue light. She took me by the hand and said I was chosen. So angels and aliens saying same thing
on court 3, it's the Eastern Blue Stars who earn a 20-8 win against the
Check out these photos of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels soaring above Cinderella Castle:
The Deep Dark Blue mixed with a white light colour will make me understand my Dark Angels Deep Black Dark side*
At the end of the third quarter, the Eastern Blue Stars lead by 12-6
Als angels has pics of model taking off her blue
Trump's doing a fly-by at Bettonville Ark. while they're playing 'Air Force One'. Now he's the Blue Angels! 😆
What is dramatic about an airplane flying over an airport? It isn't the Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds.
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Ex-Blue Angels commander found guilty, reprimanded
At the end of the first quarter, Eastern Blue Stars lead 6-2
She was loving him secretly, like a butterfly loving flowers, like moon loves the blue sky, angels in love with God
Lady Cats defeat Alvord 0-5 in the Angels in the Infield Classic. The Lady Cats will play Blue Ridge at 2:00pm. GO LAD…
Guten morgen! Lot's of stuff going on in Yuma today! Don't miss the Blue Angels!After all that running...
Go Blue Angels,,, make the Hallowed ground of St Mary your new Heaven.
MLB Women's Handbag: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim by the Bradford Exchange When You Wear the Angels Bold Blue and
I see Yoko Ono's in hospital. The doctor's prescribed her an ageing willow tree with lobster angels PIG PIG PIG blue canvas.
Blue Angel's HG (Fallacious): Credit to Blue Angel for this method :Rules : . You've arrived at the r...
I liked a video from Experience the Blue Angels in 360-degree video
I added a video to a playlist Experience the Blue Angels in 360-degree video
Got my angels by my side in the yellow, black, and blue. ♡ by canaliiien
Jay Bruce to Toronto Michael Saunders to the Angels and Angels and Blue Jays sending 2 Prospects to Reds!
Any news if that trade with the Reds and Blue Jays and Angels is back on?
The Blue Angels, Marine Corps' C-130 Hercules, affectionately known as "Fat Albert," flying over the Silent Drill... http…
the official word of Blue Angels 2011 - with a special anniversary angle
Blue Ridge Lady Tigers honoring Brooke Deckard at the Angels in the Infield Tournament at NCTC htt…
this kid knows how it's done (alternate caption: here's Johnny Gaudreau doing snow angels)
My blue team named Angels of Paradise is presenting our task with theme 'Smile' with Farhani,…
I'm not buying Travis shaw honestly hit another player like shaw was Calhoun from the Angels and Travis blue jays
Our 3x state champions, THE BLUE ANGELS, have DISTRICTS TOMORROW @ HOME starting at 9 AM! Let's get the Hawk Flock there …
Blue Ridge honoring Brooke at the Angels in the Infield Tournament today
Blue Angel Photography | the Blue Angels is better than these high-res Red heads (33 HQ Photos ...
Familiar with it. Flew as a passenger w Blue Angels out of Stewart.
Blue Angels fly over Levis Stadium in San Francisco, California at the Superbowl 50.
maybe he gets to see Blue Angels practice there. The Air Force has their gunship base in Fort Walton Beach
The Navy's Blue Angels performed a fly-over at Levi's Stadium before Super Bowl 50 began
Fun fact: Blue Angels flew out of Imperial Valley and over the super bowl
I saw the Blue Angels. When does the Blue Angles flyover happen?
I grew up in Lake Forest and remember the Blue Angels at El Toro Marine Corps Air Station. Long time ago.
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via Much like the Blue Angels of the United State’s Navy and Marine Corps, the Royal Air...
from somanyaircraft F/A-18C-25-MC Hornet (BuNo. 163498, "6") of the Blue Angels, US Navy, as seen in Brunswick, …
Blue Angels land in Seattle, welcomed by community |
. Sorry however it's the NAVY'S Blue Angels and the USAF Thunderbirds!
If you think you hear/see a Blue Angels jet tomorrow – you’ll be right: Just announced by Seafair: U.S. Navy Blue…
Blue Angels to fly high over Marine Corps Base Hawaii
For female Blue Angels, the sky's the limit
Blue Angels return to Jax Beach for 2015 air show - First Coast News
F-18 Super Hornet with Blue Angels paint scheme, will be available in FoxOne Special Missions.Great for Free Flight! https:…
I, for one, would love this! . Bigger, louder, more maneuverable Blue Angels!.
USN moves to modify Super Hornet for Blue Angels role
The US Navy has started a process to replace the Blue Angels demonstration team’s aircraft via
and I loved your pic of the George H W Buch and Blue Angels!. I was a Blue Dragon out of Moffett Field. AE school in JAX
Blue Angels visit Dayton in preparation for 2016 Air Show: The blue jet that landed at Dayton International Airport…
Via Restless Patriot shared Brad Thor's video. 'Merica!! WOOP!. Brad Thor rides with the Blue Angels.
Luckily, the Fort Pickens campground was able to open back up before Blue Angels weekend:
Got to watch the Blue Angels fly today from the Navy base in Pensacola! @ National Naval Aviation Museum
Popular on 500px : Blue Angels - 2015 Great Georgia Airshow by mcst…
Perfect day to visit the Naval Aviation Museum...the Blue Angels are practicing for the homecoming show!
Growing up on Andrews Air Force base. My favorite moments were being able to see the Blue Angels take flight and...
Anica_28 : Blue Angels right above our house 🇺🇸 @ Kaneohe, Hawaii …
That pick 6 had sound effects to match. Blue Angels jet flew by as Chris Harris streaked up sideline. As if he had jet propulsion
Blue Angels are in the Bay Area this weekend, and I am watching them from a boat with this angel.…
The Blue Angels air show: San Francisco’s choice: Fleet Week and the Blue Angels are as San Franciscan as Rice...
We had a great view of the Blue Angels from the clearslide office today! @ ClearSlide, Inc.
On the SS Potomac with dear friend Tom Dowd and former lead pilot for the Blue Angels telling us about the show
Blue Angels visiting practice today. Andrew Bogut shakes hands with all 15.
Fly over by the Blue Angels at our wedding last night! They were landing in Oakland for Fleet Week. Thankfully...
Blue Angels will fly over SL this week, while preparing for SF Fleet Week's air show Fri-Sun.
Here's my 45 minute flight with the amazing in 150 seconds...
Blue Angels getting ready for take off
See on weekend & watch 1st female pilot on the team, Capt. Katie Higgins! …
Scrimmage for vs the Blue Angels. It's been a very long day of games but we held on at the end to win.
Photos: U.S. Navy Blue Angels take to the skies over Miramar, CA 10/3/15
My favorite week of the year is coming up! Fleet Week! Blue Angels!
The blue angels flew over my house a couple days ago though so that was pretty amazing
Hot rockets - Navy/Marine Corps Blue Angels at the MCAS Miramar Air Show
My son got to meet the 1st female Blue Angels pilot, Capt Katie Higgins, USMC.
Roses are red. Violets are violet. Not blue.
Blue Angels in front of the Nanpor Booth.
The real question is why do angels have to have blue eyes on the sc filter?¿
Just some awesome *** kicking power of the Blue Angels. @ Mcas Miramar…
Back in the Midwest where the Blue Angels fly over before the game and the cannon fires after scores.
You could say this week was aviation week in Atlanta with the Blue Angels in town, large GA flyin in Rome, and collection show
by maleinetay Blue Angels in action.
Opinion: Love them or loathe them, you can’t ignore the in next week .
2015-10-03 Blue Angels from our front yard: via
Angels over Yankees. Blue Jays over Rangers. Royals over Angels. Blue Jays over Royals
That's what I mean. Without Trout, the Angels are done. Blue Jays still have Tulo, Bautista, Encarnacion, etc.
>> : Blonde Berinice and Blue Angels are ready to spend hours licking each others wet beav…
󾓦Sound of Freedom. 󾓦. 4 Blue Angels only 18 inches apart each.…
The highlight of the Miramar Air Show was not the Blue Angels.
I added a video to a playlist Giant RC B52 Bomber and P47,P51 Thunder birds and Blue angels
Instagram : by nickcolliermedia - Blue Angels at it again here at USMC Miramar. Miramar Photo shoot Miramar Air sho…
Marine woman flies Blue Angels to new heights via
I liked a video Blue Angels flight just before deadly crash
I liked a video Vanessa Brown Flies with the Blue Angels
Best shot I got of the Blue Angels today at Miramar.
Capt. Katie Higgins became the 1st female pilot for the Learn how this Angel got her wings:
Great show put on yesterday at Point Mugu by the Blue Angels...
Website Builder 728x90
Point Mugu Air show shots. Took a small group out on the boat to watch the Blue Angels perform yesterday. It was Awesome!!
Princess Anne High School's Carrie Gantt is taking flight with the Blue Angels today!
What's going on? At Alliance air show, Navy's Blue Angels to take wing -… Get found ->
I'm a few miles from the air show at Alliance airport but the sound of the Blue Angels is impressive even from here.
Megan Rapinoe takes a ride with the Blue Angels via
See the Blue Angels fly over at Thunder Over Michigan air show
Detroit (MI) Free Press: Macomb man fulfills dream of flying as Blue Angels pilot . More -
Every time the Blue Angels fly over our house, they get lower and lower each time!!
Well final decision made. This is the cover for Book One, Blue Lucy Revelation: Angels of Another Kind.
I made a 'Cookie Pizza" for Saturdays 'Thunder Over Michigan' pool party I'm going to. The Blue Angels are the main act.
Watching the blue angels fly over my head every few days is probably one of the coolest things, and it never gets old 🇺🇸✈
Incredible photo of the Blue Angels and CVN-77. God bless all who serve our country in uniform, and their families. http:…
Can't wait for the Blue Angels to come out and practice today. Nothing makes me happier than seeing and hearing those jets 😍😄✈
The U.S. Navy Blue Angels are coming! Watch the Great State of Maine Air Show Presented by the Air Show Network...
LtJG Ray Owen, WWII fighter pilot meets Major Mark Hamilton of the Blue Angels.
Working at VML rocks! Watched the Blue Angels practice last week. Now listening to talk about
MLive reporter prepares for Blue Angels flight via
Jealous. My aerobatic flight 4 years ago wouldn't even compare! Reporter prepares for Blue Angels flight via
See if he can hook me up for a ride with the Blue Angels ;)
Red Wings' Glendening flies with Blue Angels - detroit redwings
Blue Angels have been flying right over my work since yesterday. Pretty sweet.
Here's a great story from WDIV about this weekend's Thunder Over Michigan Air Show Presented by Wayne County...
AL:. Royals: 96. Blue Jays: 90. Astros: 89. Yankees: 88. Angels: 83. Think the NL is better, you guys.
Maybe they dont want to announce the Blue Angels until after this show is done in fear of people staying home this year.
Ooo interesting! There is a good chance they'll come here then. I love Blue Angels shows
Ann Arbor News reporter is locked and loaded for his flight with the Blue Angels! Look for him over A2!
The 2016 Blue Angels schedule shows they are set for this show Aug 20-21 in Coney Island. So maybe they will come here.
They have announced the dates for next year's air show at Stewart, but not performances. I'll ask about Blue Angels, though.
How did right above my house become the practice area for the Blue Angels? I didn't agree to this. Also you're scaring my dog.
. The blue angels use a fuel, along with the smoke. The smoke is for lowflying
So pumped to see the Blue Angels this weekend
Blue Gate Catering has done it again, this time it's a dessert bar for The Goshen News' "Angels Among Us" event.
Hosted a great group of guys from the Blue Angels Jet team at the collection last night, a good time was had by all ht…
It's too bad Dan Cleary wasn't with the Blue Angels yesterday. They could have launched him into the sun for us.
team Blue Angels held a pizza party for veterans' families at the Miami Fisher House today.
Nice! I lived in the Bay Area and worked next to Moffett Field so I have had the Blue Angels practice and perform overhead.
just found my copies of you and my uncle Johns band Blue Angels. So cool to have something so awesome!
Saw the Blue Angels but with way less crowds @ Montrose Ave Beach
Blue Angels will be at Pt. Mugu Air Show end of September and Miramar the weekend after.
They're called the 'Blue Angels,' but they sound like the 'Wrath of Satan' when they're flying low over the city.
Hey...look what I found...a baby Blue Angels jet !! :)
Flying in “Fat Albert” with the Blue Angels: Fat Albert flying over Lake Washington – Photo: Clemens ...
Kerry park made the list! Eat at the 5 Spot before the Blue Angels take the air!!.
Wow!! Just got blasted by the Blue Angels practicing for SeaFair right over us at the Pacific Science Center! Sonic Boom!?!?
Getting my fill of Blue Angels today! Fun seeing them practice, from my office in Pioneer Square.
Wow the Blue Angels are doing their practice runs. You hear it, then see the smoke and then you see them in a distance. Wow!
School's almost here! Squeeze in one more trip to the beach where you can see the Blue Angels, explore a fort,...
Allegiant flight almost made emergency landing in Fargo minutes before Blue Angels practiced last Thursday...
In 4 minutes: Blue Angels roared into town last night ahead of Seafair air show later this week. is live at Boeing field.
sounds more fun! And quieter. Blue Angels here each summer for Seafair & land at Boeing Field, about 2 miles away.
The U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Blue Angels arrived in Seattle, Washington during the evening...
TBT Flying W/ Blue Angels last year. This year I'll parachute into air show with the Golden Knights.
Point Mugu grad and Navy Lt. Tyler Davies joining Blue Angels jet demonstration team in 2016. More here:
Not to be outdone by a dwarf planet, the navy is flying Blue Angels over my house today.
Blue Angels soar in salute to former commander | The Columbian
What happens when the Blue Angels crash a beach party. U.S. Navy Blue Angels ruin beachgoer's day
ICYMI, the Blue Angels flew over yesterday to honor Harley Hall. Story:
The Navy's Blue Angels flew over Hazel Dell yesterday in honor of former Navy pilot Harley Hall.
Blue Angels soar in salute to former commander
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