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Bloody Mary

A Bloody Mary is a popular cocktail containing vodka, tomato juice, and usually other spices or flavorings such as Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, piri piri sauce, beef consomme or bouillon, horseradish, celery, olive, salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and celery salt.

Bloody Marys Eggs Benedict Electric Chapel Sunday Funday Long Island Target Field Tom Collins Ketel One

Just finished an hour of interval training on the tready. Four and a half miles! Now I want a Bloody Mary or a Mimosa. 😂
I'm going to have a Bloody Mary and write an annotated Smith family tree for which should take me the whole flight to SoCal.
When your friend advocates for Bloody Mary's before noon on Sunday!
Do I lose black points for enjoying Bloody Mary's?
Maxwell, Bloody Mary, black coffee & Not a bad start to Sunday.
Eddie x Bloody Mary from Twisted Metal:Black?. Both are dangerous, crazy and desperate for love.
So go have a bloody Mary or virgin drink
I wish Nigerian food was like Bloody Mary where if you said it 3 times in front of a mirror it would appear
It's never too early for a Bloody Mary .
I'm a be double fisting mimosas and Bloody Mary come Sunday.
I wonder how many bloody Mary's I can drink before my flight in 2 hours
a blood transfusion but instead of blood it's just a gin Bloody Mary
Just overheard a woman at the airport bar order a Bloody Mary with gin. And now I'm drinking with Satan
We’re dedicating July to one of our favorite liquors, vodka! Swing by and sample a vodka classic: The Bloody Mary!
You'll find one of the best bars in Washington, D.C. at Totally glam and don't miss the Capitol Bloody…
I won't cry for you. I won't crucify the things you do. I won't cry for you see. When you're gone . I'll still be Bloody Mary ht…
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Modern twists on the classic Bloody Mary
One day, Murph was sipping on yet another bland, flavorless Bloody Mary by a forgettable brand…
Some kid at my job is telling other kids how to summon bloody mary
Breakfast anyone? I'm in Minneapolis and I could really use a bloody Mary.
It's the anniversary of the day of Bloody Mary came to the throne... Lets celebrate with a bloody Mary cocktail recipe...…
"I need a cuddle... and a Bloody Mary."
Catch me drinking bloody mary's in first class on my 6 am flight 🥂
Maybe the frogs or even oysters with Bloody Mary foam
Thank u to whoever invented the Bloody Mary! U r a genius! U saved my life!
Just want to drink a Bloody Mary and talk about my feelings
I never think about you cuz always you are be my side.
Someone bring me a boneless Bloody Mary 🍹
Jameson bloody mary and everyone is happy
Sometimes I feel like Nemo, I need that someone look for me.
Ride up on your block Bloody Mary don't you double dare me
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already Old Monk is working.. LOL... add some bloody mary too and saggy's beads of wisdom will pop out LOL
22oz bacon Bloody Mary for breakfast. . Yeah I did. .
Well flight cancelled and I'm stuck at IAH for 6 hours 😑 what do I do relax at the lounge. Grab a Bloody Mary,...
Bloody Mary buzzed at 9 am to ignore the fact that my vacation is over
Is it the weekend yet? I'm missing my Bloody Mary with oysters
If I have to avoid tomatoes altogether why do bloody Mary's have to be just the greatest 😩😩😩
100% acceptable. In fact, it opens it up for more the Bloody Mary's 🍺
I see how stay at home moms become alcoholics. It's 9:15, I've had 2 cups of coffee, and now I'm bored. A Bloody Mary would be delightful.
when your flight is delayed 2 hours that makes it acceptable to drink bloody Mary's at 6am right?
We have a special, $6 mimosa and Bloody Mary. Oh sorry the Bloody was $10 sometimes the way I talk is misleading
I think somebody should make Maxine (mother Jefferson) a Bloody Mary and she needs a nap!
Modern twists on the classic Bloody Mary..
Woke up craving new piercings and bloody Mary's 😎🙃
Bozzie, go grab you a virgin bloody mary and put $20 on black.
Father's Day is only 4 days away...treat Dad to $5 Bloody Mary's this Sunday, June 18th at The Cosmo. . . . .
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There is no Bloody Mary bar today at the Terrace Club & I have a serious case of the sads
11 am Husker games described by Tiger Woods:. -8 am, first Bloody Mary at Barry's. -First TD . -4 pm at The Embassy. -Last…
11yo Mack's mom is missing and his sister is sick. He wants stability, not a battle with Bloody Mary and her army of cooties.
The food is mediocre, my Bloody Mary has one lonely piece of celery, the service is lame and it's crazy overpriced. what gives?
Nationalism written in genes ; rmembr Catholic Ireland ; Bloody Mary, HSTRICAL SCOTISH strife with British…
Mary I of England (The Tudors). - Queen of England and Ireland from 1553 until 1558. - Henry VIII's daughter. - "Bloody Mary" ht…
But the best things are Bloody Mary's and fried chicken, so who's trying to get hangover food after regretful tequila and pancakes??
Lyrically, sonically, innovative wise: Bloody Mary is the best song on Born This Way and I will not argue.
I'm seeing a lot of Highway Unicorn and The Queen hate, but can I remind you all that Bloody Mary exists and remain…
Bloody Mary before 8:30am. Breakfast of champions
Me trying to decide between dos and Bloody Mary. Ryan: why choose when you can have both . Me: SO I ORDERED BOTH 💘💘
"Draw Mohamed" has become the Bloody Mary of anti-Islamaphobe slumber parties
Serving up Mama's Little Helper at Botanica, The Wichita Gardens tonight. Come vote for Wichita's best Bloody Mary!
Mama mixed a Bloody Mary for the carport because it's been a long day of grading & she's thirsty.
Love is in the air! Spring skywriting and Jazz Fest makes New Orleans bright! Bloody Mary's Haunted museum shows y… htt…
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Can someone deliver a Bloody Mary to my door ?
Nothin like a Big Mac and a Bloody Mary to start off the day
Delicious roasts, Bloody Mary's and today's papers!
When Aunt Dot comes, oh brother. It's like 5 Bloody Mary's, one after another
Stop by for Sunday brunch tomorrow and experience an unforgettable Bloody Mary, made with savory San Marzano...
Bloody Mary, mimosa, Eggs Benedict, French toast, much more! ⠀. Brunch with us 'til 3!⠀. See you soon!
Listen to OG VZA & Mitchell Bay - Bloody Mary by PISSDRUNK Records on
I'd have a Bloody Mary and the Egyptian breakfast 👍🏼 What'd you have?
Neighborhood children are out running around their yard & the street with chants of "Bloody Mary". Spring hath come.
Mary,Mary, Bloody Mary. Blood sucker day walker movie from the 70's.
Thanks 🇺🇸 for the beautiful weather, the Bloody Mary's & the bloody Trump chocolate bars. Incoming 🇬🇧
Breakfast at Eggslut, Bloody Mary at the Chandelier Bar followed by a Mai Tai at Golden Tiki. Today does not suck.
Holli ordered tomato juice at breakfast which made me want a Bloody Mary (more than I already did). Bob Evans does not serve them.
Looking for an excellent Bloody Mary or Mimosa in Myrtle Beach? We open at 11 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday for brunc…
My whole day consisted of drinking Bloody Mary's and watching Bar Rescue.
A little girl was talking about Bloody Mary and another girl goes "calm down it's just a drink" dead😂😂😂
Spice really is the best hangover cure, come down for a Green Chili Burger and Bloody Mary to sort those weary head…
You’ll love this fun take on a Bloody Mary:
The only thing I remember from History class is that Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon had a daughter named Bloody Mary.…
Whose meeting me for a Ketel One brunch Bloody Mary?!?!
Gross. Garnishing a drink with food doesn't make it a better drink. Just give me a good Bloody Mary.
Enjoy a hearty “Lone Star” Bloody Mary during Traders' live broadcast of the
Bloody *** it's almost Sunday brunch time. Why not sip on a fresh Bloody Mary while you peruse our updated...
Bloody Mary's at Denny's a few blocks up is my new routine. All of the line cooks know me when I stagger in 3 am. I…
Wishin I had Shelly to make me a spicy *** Bloody Mary right now.
yeah too sweet 😂 go for a mimosa or Bloody Mary or TEQUILA SUNRISE
At my brothers Cub Scout meeting and they started stalking about Bloody Mary and Ouiji boards 🙄✋🏾
come to crystal lake for a proper Bloody Mary!
I was going 2 say...still Bloody Mary time on the left coast (Stoli or Tito's preferred)!
Sunday Funny $1. Bloodies all day... — drinking Bloody Mary at Lakewood Park Liquors & Pub
Bloody Mary's and wings are like my peanut butter and jelly. They just go
On the airplane. Stewardess: Good afternoon! What will you have?. Cancer: Bloody Mary mix. Sagittarius: A large band-aid…
Carrie Fisher Spirit Force appears at Comic Con for Bloody Mary in NOLA via
perfect summer day: Bloody Mary at Crabcake Factory in OC MD, day on the beach in S Bethany and an evening in Dewey Beach.
This is your goal! Bloody Mary at Todd English Pub at Aria :) Cheers!
Wowzers teaching lots of goodies today; Bloody Mary, Armada & William Wilberforce
I liked a video from Will It Kill Me? - "Bloody Mary, Candyman, and Baby Blue"
that or a Bloody Mary for sure next time
went in search of the best Bloody Mary recipe in Lake Tahoe and is delivering it to your fingertips! https:/…
something about the dry air makes me love a Bloody Mary while traveling. Been my tradition for 8 years. Highly recommended!
Every St. Regis Hotel has their own signature Bloody Mary. This is the Chuan Mary at Decanter Chengd…
When I was young I learned to never say "Bloody Mary" out loud 3 times or else you'll have to take a cab home from brun…
It’s Bingo, that's right I said Bingo and a Bloody Mary, that's right I said Bloody Mary
Stephen King wrote a book about Bloody Mary n Lil Debbie I think
Out for cocktails with Tom Collins & Bloody Mary? Better take the bus home!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I had leftover Buffalo Wild Wings for breakfast. Now I'm sitting in first class on the plane with a Bloody Mary. I think I'm doing okay 💁🏼
Stare into a mirror on Halloween and you'll see the image of your future husband. Origin of Bloody Mary legend.
Stop by The Four Treys for a $5 Bloody Mary before, during or after Winterfest today in Roscoe Village!
The only cure for a hangover is Anadin Extra + Bloody Mary. Absinthe is going nowhere near me after last time
A Sunday without a Bloody Mary is a sad thought. Join for their at 11:30 this morning to get one!
I just tried my first Bloody Mary and I regret everything. It's like every flavour I dislike together hanging out
Beer O'Clock On this day in 1558 Limey Queen Mary I cocked her toes. She was known as Bloody Mary and the cocktail sic was invented in 1939.
I'm not a Bloody Mary kind of guy at breakfast, I'm more of a Long Island iced tea kind of person in the morning.
Bloody Mary: . "We are not just art for Michelangelo to carve / He can't rewrite the agro of my furied heart
Me: She kept showing up and bringing me drinks!. Them: Bloody Mary is an urban legend, Bryan. You were just at the bar orderin…
Brunch Fest is having a Bloody Mary competition with non-alcoholic Bloody Marys. K.
Queen Mary I, also known as "Bloody Mary", whose life was marked by a number of miscarriages or false pregnancies[5] and is remembered for
A modern addition of taunting Bloody Mary regarding her baby indicates the legendary figure's conflation with the historic figure,Queen Mary
Plenty of women on the Manhattan project, Brenda Spencer, Queen Isabella, Queen Mary (aka Bloody Mary), Queen Eliza…
Albright is just one of many 'nasty women' in history though Bloody Mary, Queen Isabella of Spain, Nazi Ilse Koch + many others
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Twins will feature new Bloody Mary at Target Field, which is topped off with a slice of pizza.
Homecoming morning come out to our Bloody Mary & Mimosa breakfast before the parade! Doors open at 8am😛💯🍸
Bloody Mary at Stillwater Grill before the pilgrimage @ The Lodge At Pebble Beach Golf Links
Bloody Mary was ranked 3rd Best in the Nation by
I don't know about the best but goggle Sobelman's fried chicken Bloody Mary.
and I are planning a trip to Milwaukee next month- what do we need to eat and drink? Where's the best Bloody Mary?
We always like to take it up a notch in the South. Meet the Bloody Mary's best friend - the Bloody Mason:…
We make the best Bloody Mary, bar none.
Best hangover cure is essentially a Bloody Mary with a raw egg in it. Two aspirin, chug! You'll be fit for human co…
The best Bloody Mary in Leeds down at with garlic, rosemary and a dash of red…
Heard that 417 Union has the best Bloody Mary in town? Find out for yourself! We're open, and this zesty,...
that's the best couple costume. He made her the real Bloody Mary
Kelly makes THE BEST Bloody Mary's and its not helping that I'm obsessed with them right now 😅
I need your Bloody Mary recipe. It's the best I have ever had 🍹perfect! 👌🏼
Where can you get the best Bloody Mary in Here's a contender.
Hands down one of the best places for brunch in Michigan! Create your own Bloody Mary's!…
Do you know the best thing for a hangover is...Bloody Mary!
In light of John's work, we're ripe for a revival of The Associated Rememberers of Bloody Mary
Pepper vodka is the best way to have a Bloody Mary
Best party evrrr.he makes me a Bloody Mary before he leaves. 😍
Bloody Mary, americano, water and hands down the best Eggs Benedict of life. . . . . • • • •…
Hands down... Brian makes the spiciest best Bloody Mary that I've had all vacation .. 5 thumbs up
he was like these make the best bloody Mary's! And I was like um I'm 18 idk what a Bloody Mary is but I'll take 20 tomatoes
Did you know Bloody Mary's and Sunday's are best friends?.
Sunday at means a spicy Bloody Mary and the best burger in Texas! Thanks
So much goodness just happened at brunch. Might have just found the best Bloody Mary in town!
Voted BEST Bloody Mary's in the city by the readers of The Inlander. Come enjoy our build-it-yourself Bloody Mary...
now this is what I call a Bloody Mary worthy of a hurricane 🍹 219bistro has the best bloody bar…
JT makes THE BEST Bloody Mary and I could really go for one of those rn
Happy Hour all day. So stop in and enjoy our great drink specials and the best Bloody Mary in town
yay day drinking is the best. last Sunday I enjoyed a Bloody Mary or two or three and then "rested" 😂
A woman just told me I made her the best Bloody Mary she's ever had. I'm glad my strengths include mixing vodka and tomato juice together
We call it the best Bloody Mary in the universe
We love a good Bloody Mary and makes ours the best. We'll clear that hangover right up. xxx
Whenever I showered in middle school my sister would yell Bloody Mary a bunch of times then turn the light off.
I will never understand how some people think Bloody Mary sounds like Mary Jane holland.
Mike Napoli stealing second on a delayed steal was the sign I needed to make a Bloody Mary.
.. if it means they can dodge paying out on an insurance policy, then, yes, apparently they can. Bloody c…
What happens when you say Bloody Mary
Homecoming specials:$5 16oz Bloody Mary's and Mimosas! Donuts and Coffee will be provided Doors opening at 7am Feel free to give us a share!
PREREQUISITES: You must have a love for peppery spiciness and enjoy consuming Bloody Marys.
This week's Bloody Marys, message boards and rooting for FCS teams can be hard:
[tss] I can't believe Bloody mary got an anime and we didn't know about it
Just replaced my normal 4 eggs and a package of bacon breakfast with: lumber, decking nails, and a 48oz bloody mary.
Classic Bloody Mary ~ If you want to spice up that tomato juice, just use this recipe.
Just DEMOLISHED this. Kimchi Bloody Mary with soju and Korean Fried Chicken at for…
After all these years, even with a gun to my head, I wouldn't be able to choose between Electric Chapel and Bloody Mary
A Bloody Mary has to be the worst drink going
One whole year without our guardian angel. Hope you enjoyed a Bloody Mary today Grandma
Had a dream last night that I was drinking Bloody Marys... Literally no other plot. Just a bloody mary bar. It was glorious.
We're pouring top-notch beer-backs this year for the Second Annual Bloody Mary Fest at The Red Zone Madison. Our...
I prefer Bloody Mary, but a Taquila Sunrise will do. Ron said Sun in morning, dark for tonight.
"My eyes won't keep up with my vision" No more bloody Mary's for Christopher 😂
Absolutely LOVE this fit corn from 👌🏼although Bloody Mary is my fave ❤️
It's Why not start the day with a Organic Vodka Bloody Mary?
[kjs] Me everytime Mary appears on Bloody mary
Why does travelling always give me a taste for a Bloody Mary?🍸
Guy Fieri puts bacon in his Bloody Mary's. That man is brilliant.
BLOODY MARY BURN-HEALING PASTE:. - Add a measure of vodka. - Sprinkle one measure of fluxweed. Garnish with lime
Are you serious? Is this the anime of Samamiya Akaza's Bloody Mary. 😂. Maria is this guy, Hanasaki, while Mary is m…
😂 that fuggen bloody mary or whatever in the mirror 3 times. WHY!! WOULD!! YOU!! WANNA!! TRY!! THAT!! Lol. Zero interest
People that think Bloody Mary is the worst song off Born This Way need to be put down
Saturday = Brunch Time! Open for eggs, toast, Bloody Mary's and more 11-5 today at The Beacon, http…
I don't have any tomato soup to go with my grilled cheese... . Bloody Mary will have to do.
Basically: "I cannot die but I want to" "Help me and I'll kill you" > DON'T SEE A BLOODY MARY REFERENCE HERE
Just overheard a girl order a Bloody Mary when apple juice wasn't available, which is very similar to how I make most o…
Wow, how does have a similar story line to Bloody Mary?
Introducing the latest innovation by . Bloody Mary Ceviche, an exclusive take on a Peruvian dish.…
I liked a video from Bloody Mary...Bloody Mary...
Are you always trying to find ways to spice up your Bloody Mary?. You could do with some of our http…
nothin scare me. i think my real mother is bloody maRy
'Do not write to me again, she said, "unless you honestly acknowledge yourself bewitched".'. I bloody love Mary Wollstone…
Master poaching eggs and making the perfect Bloody Mary for in 's class
my passion ... Bloody Mary, this recipe is so delicious. All for you, enjoy it.
my aunt snuck in a Bloody Mary once and left pretty tipsy
Bloody Mary stampede Midwest 2017. Coming soon to a mason jar near you.
& I are performing Bloody Mary & the Black Widow at the fest.24 Oct 7.45pm £4 online £6 on door x
Get your fix with our green beans and Bloody Mary mix! They're both made in Austin, Texas! Yum!!
Had this dream on room service, I ordered eggs over medium with toast & hash browns with Bloody Mary. Hello
To my Wisconsin people: Please send, along with cheese curds, Spotted Cow and Bloody Mary bar
Winning the best warrior competition..That's strong. Winning the best warrior competition after 9 beers & a Bloody Mary..That's army strong.
If you enjoy a good Bloody Mary, then you are going to love them in Las Vegas.
SUNdays at the Old Red Lion - Beer, Beef and Bloody Mary's. Kitchen open 12-8. The suns out, so…
Are you racing in the Bloody Mary 5k/1 Mile Fun Run at Silver sponsor tomorrow?
I liked a video Jeff The Killer and Alice Liddell - Bloody Mary [Lady Gaga]
We're out or Bailey's. Ok maybe a mimosa?. We're out of champagne. Ok … Bloody Mary?. Out of vodka. … a virgin Bloody Mary please.
do you only have the mimosas and Bloody Mary bar on Sunday's? 😁😁
Breakfast, burgers and Bloody Mary bar every Saturday and Sunday starting at 11am!
Sure what would you be doing of a Bank Holiday Sunday. Getting your Bloody Mary on!!!…
Sunday Brunch: Opening at 9am. Bottomless Mimosas, Screwdrivers, Bloody Mary's & Natty Boh from 9am-12pm for $10!
Bloody Mary + poached eggs and guac on toast = Sunday brunch done right. What are you plans for brunch tomorrow?
The original Sunday Funday. . Dollar domestic drafts and$2.50 Bloody Mary's. Plus free food while it lasts.
Results of Golfing at the range 🏌:. Me: 1st. Mads: quitter. Uncle: 1 Bloody Mary & done . Nate: 1 thrown club. Griff: hit the dispenser 3 times
I just want a good job, a good Bloody Mary, some good food, good friends & some good lovin from a good man. Simplicity.
I just used diablo sauce from Taco Bell to season my Bloody Mary.
Eggs Benedict, Bloody Mary or Roast Beef? We serve it all at our every Sunday so there truly is s…
I am, I have, & Joan Walsh puts Bloody Mary to shame. She's one scary female. LOL
"Bloody Mary please,don't bloody mind if I do Mary!!"- Matty on johns snapchat.
The day I choose a Bloody Mary over a Long Island ice tea is the day I turn vegan
Rain reminds me of la llorona or Bloody Mary, whom I actually like despite having burned 300 Protestants on the stake.
Considering I've been awake since 4am for the start of Le tour & had my 1st Bloody Mary soon thereafter, I'm doing ok.
Everyone loves a Bloody Mary with Ketel One vodka
Thomas Cranmer, Henry VIII's Archbishop of Canterbury, was b OTD 1489. He was burnt at the stake as a heretic during Bloody Mary's reign.
Wake up! It's Bloody Mary time with Ketel One vodka!!! . Come see the Ketel One team showcasing the best of the...
to 1934 when Fernand Petiot created the first Bloody Mary at the St. Regis New York, King Cole Bar!
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
If you rub a jar of mayonnaise and whisper "Bloody Mary" 3 times in the mirror, Tomi Lahren appears and starts yelling.
He’s gonna have to have a mini-man virgin Bloody Mary. Might get him a Spencer Matthews bomber jacket.
nothing's wrong with a Bloody Mary! They're the only drink acceptable to have before noon 😂
IBM Watson has created a pineapple and beetroot Bloody Mary..300 people looked cynical but will try it.
Mind he doesn't search his name. It's like saying Bloody Mary, Candy man or beetlegeuse 3 times.
Bloody Mary full of vodka, blessed are you among cocktails. . Sterling Mallory Archer.
Finishing off with Bloody Mary's at The Black Marlin. The trip was…
Shrimp cocktail just got a whole new meaning with this seafood Bloody Mary:
You haven't lived until you've enjoyed a Bloody Mary as part of new Sunday Jazz brunch!
Got teary eyed thinking about how Luna is going to go live with my mom while drinking a Bloody Mary at the bar. I AM A CAT LADY.
Give a try! *** try to hit up the Bloody Mary bar it's amazing!
Join us for a Bloody Mary bar, Sunday in Westport
Fish fry and Bloody Mary bar 👌🏻 Perfect way to kick back and relax after a long night of fun!
What restaurant or bar has the best Bloody Mary's in Ann Arbor!?
Bloody Mary's take the chore out of eating your veggies 😋
Kool Life Bar knows how to honor the all-time classic Bloody Mary! How would you like yours?
Bloody Mary bar at this morning's All-Hands Meeting!
Fathers Day Brunch being served this Sunday from 9-3 including our (famous) Bloody Mary bar. Bring dad and the...
Enjoying a Bloody Mary in an airport bar while watching the Euros...starting this vacation off right👌🏼
Build your own Bloody Mary bar . Oh yes please!!!
yup bar in Fl opens at 7am on Sunday with a Bloody Mary bar. Lol
Just made a bloody mary for a 106 yr old woman at my bar. It was an honor. She probably partied with Bloody Mary back in the day.
that BLT Bloody Mary is SO good at Hash House. My 2nd favorite behind the Dawa Bar African.
They invented the Bloody Mary in 1921. Hemingway was a regular (@ Harry's New York Bar)
Forget the dinner party, for you next event, have a brunch. Throw in a make you own Bloody Mary bar!
there is a bar in west Hollywood/Hollywood known for making your own Bloody Mary! Some old stars home is the front.
When u order a Bloody Mary at the hotel bar and they don't know how to make it ): so they go by a book ):
Polaris biz class focuses on the food and sleep experience. But then there's the Bloody Mary bar of course.
Join us this Saturday for a build your own Bloody Mary bar at Soul Bar. 10AM-1PM
Doc’s Motorworks launches brunch menu: New brunch items and build-your-own Bloody Mary bar added to the casua...
Get 6 Free VitaTops
A double Bloody Mary in a dimly lit bar is the most perfect thing in the airport right now.
Better sitting on a bar counter, having been removed from the Bloody Mary in your hand.
Being under 21 at a waterpark bar while Mic is drinking the worlds largest Bloody Mary. 😭😩😩
Check out our Bloody Mary bar/this cool ice display complimentary of b300
Last night I went into a bar and ordered a Bloody Mary. It came with:. A skewer of warm, rolled beef brisket. Stuffed olives. A bottle of beer.
Breakfast of champs: a Bloody Mary bar
Went to a bar and drank a virgin Bloody Mary, it's been 24hrs and I'm still hungover 😭 But it's nice remembering getting home 😊
*at the bar* . "I'll have a Bloody Mary. Hold the Mary I don't eat people anymore"
Bloody Mary ...pre-dinner relaxing at the bar...don't mind if I do.
Me: [@ woman by me at airport bar] a lil late in the day for a Bloody Mary isn't it . Also me: *is drinking an old fashioned at 3:30pm lol*
Come to the bar and I'll make you a badass Bloody Mary okay
Join us this Saturday, June 18th from 10am to 2pm for our very first Bloody Mary bar! We're just as excited about this as you are.
Sunday Funday!!. Brunch from 9am-1pm. Bloody Mary, Mimosa, Miller Lt, and Tito specials! . Don't forget to book your...
someone asked my mom if she wanted a Bloody Mary and she started singing the song by 😂😂😂
Cucumber and Black Pepper and Bloody Mary's is what I'm sampling tonight!
Sunday Funday in full effect with Delene today from 10-6pm $11 domestic buckets $2.25 Bloody Mary's FREE HOTDOGS...
It's all going on here- head down quick for Bloody Mary, bacon sandwiches or a swift pint from
Lady Gaga- Born this way . Marry the night . Born this way . Judas . Electric Chapel . Bloody Mary
Wish Claire was here so she could make me a Bloody Mary
Papa Hemingway invented death in the afternoon and daquari papa doble first cocktail I had was Bloody Mary
Say Idris Alba 3 times and he shows up. Just like Bloody Mary.
Today I had the best Bloody Mary ever, had a shrimp po boy, got an awesome cat shirt, & went to a candy store.. So it was the best day ever
Had a dream last night that Chuck was telling me about Bloody Mary at the movie theater 😩😩
Sry Deer Park, who is drinking bottled water with their Eggs Benedict? Iced coffee + Bloody Mary=my brunch bev combo
watching Cash Cab:. Ryan: What is the main alcohol used for Bloody Mary? . Me: ... ethanol? . Ryan: vodka is correct! . Me: aw sorry
Show your medal today while ordering food & get either a free Cask/Bloody Mary. city centre grass
Best: Bloody Mary. Worst: is it called 'Highway unicorn'?
Agree 100% with everything, yummy Bloody Mary, useless bacon, lukewarm food. Village Bakery is great-best baguette!
we'd have Mac and Cheese Mondays and Bloody Mary and Margarita bars would replace Keurig coffee in every office breakroom
SkilletLH: You should puree pickle spears right into your Bloody Mary mi…
Is there a morning wine? Instead of Bloody Mary's, or a mimosa, or a Bellini? Something light & fruity with a low alcohol %.
Lawn cut. What an amazing day! Enjoying a Miller Lite and Bloody Mary w/my wifey on the patio. Firing up the grill for burgers shortly.
Watching Pizza Masters on Cooking Channel and they're at Bloody Mary's from S1
I had their breakfast sandwich and a Bloody Mary! Both were great! Also plenty of coffee! ☕️
Say Her Name by James Dawson (Juno Dawson) its a great book based off Bloody Mary
Sunday's beer and cocktail specials featuring our awesome house Bloody Mary. Yum!
"She definitely thinks he's straight." (I do too.) "C'mon. He's drinking a Bloody Mary. At least have a Tom Collins and be questionable."
mom just stole my Bloody Mary from me 😅😂
Buffalo chicken Bloody Mary, gravy-covered pretzel bites among new foods offered at Target Field this season:
Found the best Bloody Mary on the East side!
Bloody Mary's House New Orleans Voodoo Easter altar for the mysteries ! … htt…
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