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Blood Moon

The second season of CSI: Miami premiered on CBS on September 22, 2003 and ended May 24, 2004.

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Harvest or Blood Moon, but not how the Media Presents it
chose a winner, artist Ruben Ramos, for his album cover contest. Blood Moon: Year of the Wolf will drop Oct 14
Blood Moon. Driving over night 98% of the time it's always cool seeing different types of moons even better sun rises.
Yo Supermoon, I'm really happy for you, and Imma let you finish, but the Blood Moon was one of the best moons of all time! 
It's a full moon and my blood is rushing through my veins
Poison Blood When we last left Frost, he was falling towards the gaping jaws of a giant Venus flytrap in the center of the Burnsville town square. He let out a scream knowing he would not be able to freeze a path to slide away on in time. Frost knew this was the end as the open mouth of the giant plant came closer and closer. Suddenly, it snapped shut around him. Terra laughed evilly, watching as her plant devoured the icy hero. Poison Oak simply smirked as she climbed to stand beside her friend and ally. They shared a look, pure evil bouncing between their eyes. Frost screamed as he felt the burning juices fill up the mouth of the plant, ready to digest him. That’s when it happened, he sneezed! A sharp, strong and scattered spray of icy snot left his body, causing a chain reaction in the Venus flytrap. The juices surrounding him froze first, slowly spreading out the plant itself. He smirked as he broke his way through the stem of the flytrap, watching in glee as the ice traveled from the plant that alm ...
Blood moon tonight! Praise and Glory to GOD, JESUS savior of the world!
As sane people sleep the Reece purser snail convoy head off on an epic journey. Cool blood moon 🌚
This is blood moon the first one and her big sister blue eye the second one
Anyone seen the moon right now blood moon
News Update : We are in the middle of Blood Moons After the first Blood Moon last April, here are updates 1. Kings of the North (Russia ) : Is now mobilizing in the Ukranian eastern border, Sanctions were imposed by the west and Russia countered with its own sanctions with EU and the west. 2. Kings of the East (China): Now committed to claim the whole of South China Sea prompting anger from Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines and other claimants. Philippines has signed an EDCA Agreement with U.S. allowing U.S. Forces use its military bases and facilities. North Korea continue its nuclear testing. 3. Kings of the South ( Psalms 83 war ) Israel and Hamas is at war, Iraq is at war with ISIS, Libya is at war in fact a Filipino OFW was beheaded because he is not a muslim.Syria is still at war. Iran continues its nuclear program. 4. Ebola is now declared by U.N. an International disaster and west Africa has a number of deaths. MARANATHA MY FRIENDS . RAPTURE, the best way to Fly.
Welcome to M.A. Grant, whose newest release, Blood Moon, has recently been released. Leave a comment or ask the author a question to win a digital copy of the book. The Power of Villains In researc...
playing THPS2 with this Double Moon Physics Cheat. Blood is rushing to my ***
The Power of Villains from author of BLOOD MOON. Comment & you're entered to win a copy of the book!
Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.
Absolutely breathtaking picture I got of the blood moon last night.
Blood moon at night. Double rainbow in the morning. Hawkes Bay
I thought the next Blood Red Moon was Oct 8th?
vampire killer: circle of the moon/dawn of sorrow. Bloody tears: rondo of blood
I am currently looking at a Blood Moon in the sky and the real moon is behind the house where it should be
The sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the great and glorious day of the Lord shall come
How long since your last moon blood? *He knew it was an awkward question for her, but he knew they needed to know*
There's a black moon in the rear view and a blood sun on the horizon
I know but when I do it's rare like the blood moon
"It's a blood moon or harvest moon. Oh, that's the sun." -Akiem
A blood moon. There is a joke here about sacrificing a Kristin Stewart to bring about peace between the werewolves and the goths. Escapes me
Blood Moon, magical natural phenomenon. Photo by Hector Vilorio.
Blood orange sunset . The ebbing tide waves good night . And awakes the moon .
Thanks for the funky mention! I shall cherish it until the sun grows cold and the moon becomes as blood.
Correction : starts tonight. but actual will be night.
Blood Moon Sacrifice has arrived! The highly anticipated 2nd book of the Huntress series is now available at
on the rise. Last one this year . Take photos if you can ! No more like this for at least a year.
tonight. 3rd and last this year. Smart know these Maybe a few ?
The first of 4 is now past. 3 to come. Discussing their spiritual significance.
try love me sexy by Jackie Moon. Reaaally gets the blood pumpin.
blood moon is easy. It's the pumpkin moon is hard. Lol
Here is the last time the moon turned into a "Blood Moon" put into a gif.
is Sunday the Super Moon? The Great Moon? The Blood Moon? What's it's official title? i love the full moon sets cuz err bud…
is in ancient Hebrew.about BLOOD MOON . Sam as next article
The significance of the history of the Blood Moon Tetrads is that four (4) in a row all fall on the Jewish Feast Days. Four Blood Moons on Jewish Feast Days that are within a two-year period is very, very, very rare and has only occurred seven times since the time of Jesus Christ. There are now four Blood Moons that have and will appear in 2014/2015. The first blood moon took place April 15, 2014 on the Jewish "Passover Feast" Holiday, and the next will take place October 8, 2014, on the Jewish "Feast of Tabernacles" Holiday. Every time a blood moon pattern such as this has appeared on Jewish Feast Days, a big event has affected the nation of Israel. We need to keep our eye on Israel because it's a reflection of what will happen in the world! One of the events that has already taken place after the first Blood Moon is that Israel entered into a major war that is going on today! We are living in a time when we should put more emphasis on what's going on right before our eyes, and less emphasis on the ...
Void Thank you to all. We were able to rescue all of the officials that were captured. For those who don’t know, it turns out that the demon summoned on the Blood Moon decided to try and take over the town. It used the portal to summon more demons from *** They then went around and captured the officials. We had no idea it was them. They had covered there faces in ski masks and wore hoodies, jeans, and tennis shoes. Definitely not something I would expect a demon to ware. However they did not expect one us to escape and inform the towns people about what was happening. Thanks to this we were able to save the officials. Now we have another problem. We asked the demons to get us out of the void, but they don’t seem able to. Apparently the void was not caused by them. They just used the portal to get some demons from *** here. They do not know how we ended up in the void. Right now we are trying to figure out how to get back, but we do not know how long it will take. On another note the demons have re .. ...
Witchs Hello citizens, as you know last night was the full moon. The night that we all go indoors and hide from the wolves. While they go have fun running around in the forest. However this month held a bit of a different danger. The full moon is a time when it is easier to access magic. The witches usually gather together and preform rituals for prophecy, protection, and deviation. This month the full moon was eclipsed creating a Blood Moon. A moon that brings forth the darker forms of magic. I am sorry to say that we were not aware of the Blood Moon and its powers. There were a few unfortunate occurrences due to our ignorance and we are very sorry. For those who were not effected and do not know, there was a witch in the local coven that preforms a type of black magic called Blood Magic. The moon made it so that she could call on greater power. At midnight she cast a spell to obtain a demon familiar. With her enhanced power she was able to call a high demon. As a result of her actions many unfortunate t ...
Blood Moon 7yr Tribulations for True Jews of El: via
End Time Visions of Blood Moon, Falling Meteors, Rapture - Sid Roth with...: via
The night of the first Blood Moon, John Shorey stumbles on a forgotten prophecy written in 1985 by Dave Wilkerson...
Rabbi Jonathan Cahn dropped by our broadcast and shared some interesting connections between the Blood Moon and the upcoming Shemitah. Part 1 of 2. Connect w...
Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse phases over the Texas Capitol Building.
Blood Moon is available on Barnes and Noble!
(If you're not afraid yet, you will be)! Synopsis: The West African coast, 300 years ago. Late at night Jairobi, slips from her bed, leaving her grandfather and younger brother Wazoni asleep in the hut that they shared. She speaks briefly to her sister, who is walking outside with her infant. On the baby's arm, we see a birthmark shaped like a crescent moon with a drop of blood falling from the lower point. Jairobi then slips off into the jungle to meet with her betrothed. As she reaches the meeting place, an elephant graveyard, she sees her betrothed's body tied to a tree and she is captured by his murderer. Mahandino and his warriors surround her. Mahandino tells Jairobi that he will now take her to wife, now that his rival is dead. She refuses and enraged, Mahandino rapes her and cuts her face to make sure no one else will want her. Jairobi fights like a wildcat, and as she struggles the Blood Moon birthmark on her thigh shows. As Mahindino begins to cut her face, Jairobi curses him to their god, Wanna ...
Last night I watched as clouds seemingly appeared out of nowhere and from all directions moved, as soldiers on a parade ground do, to pay homage to the Blood Moon. So, I gave some thought this morning about what I could say to you (or anyone really) regarding my deep and unclouded love for the sea. I believe it's her air of indifference and that yields in me an easy and careless state, an unconscious fearlessness, for I've seen her greatly superior force. Those times when the bottomless deep surfaces and the wintry ocean waters thunder against the hull of the ship with such tremendous power that it pushes fear from your mind, worrying is an act of futility--we are at her mercy. It's humbling but so is her beauty. Sailing along the stillness and seclusion of the remotest waters, staring up into the cloudless sky at what is rightly named heaven, exemplifies both loneliness and connectedness alike. It leads one to think untraditionally and independently, allowing for the fullest exploration of each tho ...
"You know who woulda loved this? Count Dracula." . -Wolfman watching the Blood Moon w/ Frankenstein after Dracula died on …
History and prophecy give testimony that the birth of something great follows havoc. We are approaching “Tetrad”; this is when we have four full Lunar Eclipses in a row, which is called the “Blood Moon.” This has happened only three times in the last five hundred years and all three times this has happened at very special times. The first of the three was in 1493-¬1494 coinciding with the Jews being expelled by Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand and the fall of Spain. This all tied in with the discovery of America by Columbus. The second came in 1949-¬1950 during Israel’s War of Independence and declaration of Israel as a nation once again. The last one was 1967-¬1968 occurring in sequence with the Six Day War when Israel was surrounded by an attempted hostile take-¬‐over by her neighbors with an outcome of victory for Israel, which was nothing short of miraculous. By the way, NASA has verified all these dates. In 2014 and 2015 we will have four Blood Moons back-to-back. The timing seems to ...
May’s Inventory: You may be wondering why so many people were up in arms over the end of the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012, when the year 2014 has appeared to be much more chaotic, disruptive, confusing, unsettling and, at times, mystifying. You have already read in previous posts about the Blood Moon, the recent lunar and Solar Eclipses on the Full and New Moons, as well as the history making Cardinal Grand Cross. The combined effects of these astrological events have caused havoc throughout our entire universe … which naturally includes you and me. Quite often people will read their horoscope in the newspaper or on-line and pay very little attention to what is said because they are usually pretty generic in presentation. They might also spend some time watching programs like Nova or PBS, or catch themselves reading or listening to others talk about our universe and events that are taking place out there in space. We rarely take the time to understand the effects the other planets, moons and star ...
Astrology Report Lunar Eclipses 4 Red Blood Moons 4 Blood Moons Astrological Horoscope and free astrology chart reading for the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipses occurring over the next two years: Bloodmoon 1: 15 April 2014 Bloodmoon 2: 8 October 2014 Bloodmoon 3: 4 April 2015 Bloodmoon 4: 20 September 2015 Solar Eclipse: 20 March 2015 Blood Moons examined from an astrology perspective and the astrological influences these Blood Moons are bringing into the world. The bloodmoon affects all signs of the zodiac, humanity on a larger scale on an internal and external level. The 15 April 2014 Lunar Eclipse set the foundations for bringing more harmony into the world. It occurred on the North Node of the Moon, bringing in positive, harmonious Libra qualities into the hearts and minds of humanity and speeds up the energy of the ascension of humanity, allowing us to enter a new, more enlightened period. 8 October 2014 is a Blood Red Moon (which looks like there is blood on the moon) on the South Node of the Moon and a Gr ...
Hoping that it doesn't cloud over like we experienced with the Blood Moon night recently, *** anticipates a wrap-around-blanket, a cup of soup and a few friends to watch this event over the days from 23 April. It is likely to last some days so wherever you are... meditate with nature! It's a grand experience.
Now available--a new batch of "Red Hot Love" loose leaf tea, charged under the recent Blood Moon with Rose Quartz...
“"Blood Moon" a magical natural phenomenon Oh no!! end of days must be here! ;) time 4 brown paper bag!
Blood Moon: Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs: "The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon i
Also reports the US is at DEFCON 3 today, as well as the forced registration of Jews at Passover in Eastern Ukraine, and the Blood Moon a few days ago, should have people waking up. France is now sending a fleet of Naval ships to the Black Sea. The hour of our Lords return is nearing quickly.
Dont worry Free Masons, I am not losing it I just have to find a new balance because of the Blood Moon, it has deep subliminal properties to it and not only that, I am sensitive to Earth changes and vibrations, this is my Bear side that is picking these things up and I have instincts that no other human has, I get very angry when people cannot see the importance or scope of what I am doing, you must know that I dont like living like this and that I cant go on like this forever, I need Justice and the Vision I had was the Spirits telling me that they have the right balance over there, they were very relaxed and were cooking in the kitchen, they are in the Creators home and they are preparing something for humanity and the planet, there is one part of the Vision that I am leaving out because I it means Justice for me and I dont want to jeopardize my Freedom just to inform you of something which you may or may not know by now, Pope Francis, I am sorry fro the harsh condemning words but this is very *** m ...
Hey my sweet brown eyed Angel. Today has been ok to be honest. I only cried a little and I laughed a lot. Thanks to Jermey Edwards and Edward Courtney for help in that area. They are great friends. Tomorrow may be a different story because it will be 7 months of pure agony and torture. I did go outside in time to see that beautiful pink and purple sunset tonight. I didn't get to see the Blood Moon the other night because it was storming here. But you already know I would have been out there right beside you looking at it and helping you wake Dad up to come look at it too. We did it anytime something awesome was happening. Remember after Hurricane Katrina and we were without power? All those hours me, you,Dad and Devon spent outside looking at the sky? The view was so amazing without the street lights shining in our faces. When we go to the cemetery to check on your resting place the sky looks amazing there too. I'm pretty sure none of this compares to your view. I just want you to know that I love and mis ...
Blood Moon sign ?. EDWARD LUCAS: Ukraine crisis could be the start of World War III
well done Mike Mezeul! Texas at it's finest! Dallas Photographer Mike Mezeul Captured the Best "Blood Moon" Photo
Blood Moon to arrive Monday night. What is a Blood Moon? - Will NASA's moon missions survive the chill of a lunar...
If you didn't get a chance to view the 'Blood Moon' last night.. this is what it looked like at Sawtell - Eastern Australia! Cool!
Rare 'Blood Moon' on the Rise | Video - ABC News via Shadow warriors are out hunting again, ... a ou
Beautiful shot of the Blood Moon and the Space Needle.
What a shock to hear that investigative journalist Michael Ruppert, who took up investigating the 9/11 cover-up & exposing government corruption, apparently committed suicide last night...last night you know, night of the Blood Moon...
Blood Moon over Mammoth Lakes last night. Absolutely brilliant.
This is what the Blood Moon last night looked like.
A look at the dazzling "Blood Moon" eclipse people saw over different parts of North America:
Afternoon yoga session where we learned the Blood Moon can cause lack of concentration. Think I will…
If your child was born today tell them they were born on the day it snowed in Spring after the Blood Moon rose, as the proph…
Ok, Here It Is lol... Me Posting Scripture in regards to "The Blood (Red) Moon" Was Not Stating or Suggesting that Rapture/the Coming of Christ was gonna Happen this Morning lol... I Just found it Amazing, Totally Awesome and Way Cool to See a Red Moon (Lunar Eclipse "according to Science") and then there's Scripture that Talks about a Red/Blood Moon! (Is That Not Cool lol?) I wasn't trying to be Prophetic or Deep for I Know and Understand Context, Culture, Background and Syntax as it Relates to being Biblically and Theologically Sound! JUST WANT TO CLEAR THE AIR of any misunderstanding. Love Y'all!
I missed the Blood Moon!?- I was up at 3:30- looked out and thought,,,Where is the Moon!?-- I thought it was TONIGHT!..Aww..I am just so heart broken...wanted to see it and witness it!
My hubby and I drove to Gasquet last night to watch the Blood Moon (the Lunar Eclipse) It was great! Just the two of us staring into God's vast sky. It's amazing to us how He could have planned this whole thing out to coincide with the Jewish Feasts of Passover and Sucot (Tabernacles) over the next 18 months. God is so good to us. I pray we can see all 4 of them. No, I'm not worshiping the stars or the moon or anyone except the One who made them. :)
If you also missed the Lunar Eclipse... Blood Moon: Total Lunar Eclipse Pics from April 15, 2014 via
Did you see last Night's 'Blood Moon'? It was amazing! Here's what you need to know
Any night owl's get a look at the Blood Moon this morning?...
This business of the Blood Moon made me laugh heartily... Besides the manifestations of early dementia we are witnessing nowadays, there is another fact that's mind-blowing: More Americans read the Bible, and more often, only to find arguments to counter the believers assertions... and the polls are showing it. Most believers seldom read the Bible if ever... those who do, are barely 1 in 5 or 6 of the Americans, and even those, their reading is reduced to following the handouts at the services... Actually I read the Bible at least a couple times per day, because is good to know where the next weirdness would come from... On the other hand, I respect the followers of the good advise in it, found with a bit of an effort, advice that was lifted from Confucius and Buddha long before there was a Christianity invented in the Eastern Roman Empire...
My photos from last night's Blood Moon. (This has nothing to do with anything relevant to this page, except perhaps Mission: Space, but I figured I'd share the pic anyway for those who didn't stay up late to see it.)
Lunar Eclipse - Blood Moon: it was perfect up here at the Lodge last night. Clear skies, shooting stars, sweet silence and the Moon - la bella luna!
Did you stay up to see the "Blood Moon"? Maybe a little caffeine will help you get through your day...come by and see us!
Did you stay up to watch the Lunar Eclipse, or "Blood Moon," last night? If you did, share a picture with everyone who missed it in the comments below!
Who else didn't see the Blood Moon Solar Eclipse last night...🙋
I might be the next Jeff Foxworthy for medical professionals. If you saw the Blood Moon, you might be a proctologist. Ok. Maybe not.
I got up to see the Blood Moon. It was awesome! "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, peace be to you, when Messiah comes to take you home, may His praise be found in you" - Paul Wilbur
In your April 15 Daily First, Pharrell Williams is overwhelmed with 'Happy' tears, Robert Pattinson has sex in a limo again on screen, we look at celebrity tax troubles on tax day and see how the stars reacted to the "Blood Moon."
Lots of talk about the meaning of the Blood Moon last night and warnings or doom for Israel. I believe Lance Wallnau gives a great perspective here. We have a wonderful Heavenly Father.
Have a Blessed Passover as Jesus would have done the day he was arrested and crucified by the very Jewish People who were supposed to welcome there messiah on this day. Easter is the worlds holiday and has nothing to do with God or Jesus. This is 1 of 2 holy days of our heavenly father and we must honor him, Christian or Jewish alike. Rosh Hashanah is the only other Christian Holiday of God and the next Blood Moon will be on this day of 09-24-2014 as a Warning to Get back to God's Holy Days as given to us in the Bible, not the ones Man gave us. We also need to worship him on the Sabbath day (Saturday), not Sunday as Man Told us to do. Will Christians Heed God's Warning? Only Time Will Tell.
sad that I missed the Blood Moon Eclipse, as all I got to see was the beginning of it at 3:05 am outside Cervantes Village Student and Family apts. at NMSU South Campus Housing. Returning for a walk at 4:50 am the *** moon was full and bright white. A friend of mine from near St. Louis, MO said she never saw that Blood Moon either; however back east in New York State and Connecticut, the total eclipse was to happen at exactly 3:10 am EDT
In case you missed the Lunar Eclipse or "Blood Moon" last night. Michelle Thompson snapped a few photo's for us.
I just heard that the Red Sox broke their CURSE because of a Blood Moon...There was one those many years ago when they beat the Yanks 8 years ago in that very bizarre comeback...
Blood Moon as seen on 15 April 2014 over Atlantic Ocean and North & South America
A Blood Moon to commemorate the death of King Joffrey Lannister.
The first Blood Moon. Signs from God. All 4 on Jewish passovers and Feasts of Tabernacles. 2014-2015.
Awesome night with Noah and Mardi at Trabuco Canyon watching the Blood Moon xD
Saw the most amazing Blood Moon: Solar Eclipse tonight while I was waking Mocha. Amazing. Go outside and check it out.
went up to airport road to check out the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.clear skies and lasting a long time.very cool.
Bella Luna! The Blood Moon was a magnificent site. Reminds us the Creator of heaven & earth still orchestras the movements of the moon, stars & sun.
Tonight there is a Blood Moon, its bright pink and beautiful. I can't see it because its raining but I know it's there. I can't see God either.
I honestly thought you nerds were talking about a game of thrones thing all day. Blood Moon red wedding. Alls i knows is that the incomparable Sandra Bullock told me that its bad luck in the classic film Practical Magic
No sight of the Blood Moon in Washington State, but it did turn the night sky/clouds into a pretty rusty color! What are you guys seeing??
Lance Wallnau wrote: TONIGHT”S THE NIGHT…Passover and Blood Moon. Preachers love to see this as a sign of the END. I think it's screwy….they focus on the wrong thing! “Blood Moon” Preachers go left when they should go right and right when they should go left. Nothing is harder than holding two opposites in one space, but we seek a kingdom that is described in the Bible as - "now but not yet." The unique thing...
Blood Moon = Cool Stayed up with my grandson Leo with Nancy Davis
Blood Moon is getting all the love right now. Don't people know we are going to be able to see Mars too?!. That's some Bill Nye right there.
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Blood Moon didn't make much of an appearance in Philadelphia. Just like BILLY JOEL.
Almost Solar Eclipse time... I'm hopeing to see this Blood Moon
Raining and cloudy here but trying see something. Nice GETV has it live streaming...of the 1st Blood Moon!
That "Blood Moon" total Solar Eclipse is halfway! I hope to see y'all's pictures at the peak!
Tonight marks the memorial of Jesus by the Hebrew Calendar -Nisan 14. Wine was passed, to symbolize his blood, in remembrance. It is also the Lunar Eclipse tonight, which is known as the Blood Moon. The sky here on the West coast is overcast however, and we can only imagine what it looks like. Just like the mystery of Jesus, it is covered with a shroud of cloud.
Can't see that "Blood Moon" from here in area... cuz it's snowing again.
star gazing tonight!! getting a glimpse of the Blood Moon!! Should be fun! — feeling amused at Crown College
Thinking about lots of things tonight. 1. Happy Anniversary to Turner Classic Movies today--4/14/94. I love this channel and love old movies. 2. Blood Moon eclipse tonight, but will be too late. Will have to catch it on the news tomorrow. 3. Been thinking about the Titanic today. It sank on 4/15. I saw this exhibit twice and it made an impression on me. First, because it was such a loss of life, and second, because of the arrogance of the builders and staff. When you visit the exhibit, they give you a card with a passenger's name. I don't think my people survived. (Both were ladies and one was a 2nd class passenger and the other was in 3rd class.) Hope TCM runs it tomorrow. They should have Robert Wagner and David McCallum as guest hosts. They were both in this movie.
For my Navajo people. Stay indoors and no hanky panky jinii. Lunar Eclipse occurs when the sun, moon, and Earth align so that Earth's shadow falls across the moon's surface. Monday night's Lunar Eclipse is a total eclipse, which means Earth's shadow will cover the moon completely "Blood Moon".
The 1st Resurrection, The Great Awakening! Meditation The Next 2 Days. Blood Moon: APRIL 14 & 15, 2014 Dear Lightworkers, our Warriors of Light; Now comes the times of the times that for an Eternity, the Great Awakening has been spoken of. For the next 2 Days, many Light Workers will be engaged in one of the Greatest Event to ever have rippled throughout the Eternities, This being the Great Awakening. The Great Awakening will come about through the channeling of Love Light Energies through each of the 13 Earth Chakra Centers located around this Planet's Energy Grid. Those of you who have not joined in, we invite you now as the Light Workers that you are, to participate in this Event of the Great Awakening happening on the Blood Full Moon of April 14 & 15 of the year of 2014. We will enter meditation and channel Love Light Energy through and into our Dear Mother Gaia (Planet Earth). Light Workers will Channel Love Light Energy into each of the 13 Chakra Centers located in the Planets Meridian Channels, who ...
Can't see Mars, the Blood Moon nor the Solar Eclipse.too many clouds. If anyone is lucky enough to get pics PLEASE TAG ME
So when did the Solar Eclipse turn red? Now its the Blood Moon?
In one and a half hours Tuesday 1 A.M. CST, or 2 A.M. EST (depending where you live, there will be a full Lunar Eclipse. Called the Blood Moon !!! The skis are clear here in Bull Shoals hope they are where you live. Hope you can stay awake to enjoy it. We will be. And if you take a pic of it now you will see in the pic, two rays shooting out from it's left and right sides. So cool :)
Even though it's a school night, you have our permission to stay up late for the 'Blood Moon' eclipse tonight: you be staying up to watch?
"Blood Moon" and Bible prophecy ...I have been asked... yes ...there is a tie. Here's a link to info about this from a normal, easy to listen to pastor. No wild southern requests for money...just what prophecy says in comparison to current events. WORTH THE LISTEN. NOT PAINFUL. Start at time 4:16 to skip over the church updates.
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Solar Eclipse tonight ( Blood Moon) can't wait, its my favorite thing.
Goodnight everyone. Going to bed so I can get up at 1:00 am so I can see the Blood Moon at 2:00 am. Video footage forthcoming. Peace!
Let's see now... we got Thai New Year (April 13) we got Samuel Villagomez birthday (April 14) we got Passover starting at Sundown we got Blood Moon rising 2 minutes before Midnight tonight that can only add up to one thing. . . . . . . . . . . . It's TAX day. do you know where your refund is?
Planning my Blood Moon viewing for tonight. Lots o blankets, lawn lounge chairs, hot cocoa, and an alarm clock. COOL!
munchies for the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse — eating donuts at Voodoo Doughnut
If you want to see Blood Moon, set your alarms tonight! "These four Lunar Eclipses all happen on Jewish feasts the first one on Passover, there will be another in October and two more April 2015 and October 2015 and there will also be a total eclipse March 2015. The last time this happened was 1968/1968 the six day war in Jerusalem and before that 1947 when Israel became a nation again. So keep an eye on Israel. " (posted by my friend Brandy)
Note that the first blood moon of the year will appear tonite at around midnite in the Detroit area... Delmar and I have a 4 Blood Moon study group at the Southfield Library the first Sat of every month where we read the book and have discussions for a couple of hours.
Last day of The Festival of the Blood Moon! Tourney, sermon, closing ceremony and after party you won't want to miss! http…
Sister-in-law mentioned that it will be too cloudy to see the Blood Moon tonight in Toledo, but there will be three more. This is called a "Tetrad" and, if you believe in such things, heralds major world changes or significant events. To be a Tetrad, there have to be 4 Lunar Eclipses, with at least 6 full moons in between, with no partial eclipses between the first and the fourth. This will be the 8th Tetrad since the birth of Christ. Not all of the events coinciding with Tetrads have been bad, and not all have been world-changing. All have been significant. 162 A.D. Fourth Persecution of the Christians and Jews under Marcus Aurilius. 795 A.D. Year the Julian Calendar was adopted. 842 A.D. Vatican invaded by Muslims. 860 A.D. Russian-Byzantine War, and the Sacking of Constantinople. 1493 A.D. Either the Discovery of the New World, or the expulsion of the Jews from Spain. Take your pick. 1949 A.D. re-establishment of the State of Israel and the First Arab-Israeli War. Or, Birth of John Kachenmei ...
Blood Moon tonight! This is 4th Lunar Eclipse of new year, Strong Sign that volcano in Idaho is bound to erupt soon!!
Lunar Eclipse tonight, 'Blood Moon,' and conspiracy theories - -
I think this just may be a lucky week for me... first an actual Blood Moon attracting stargazers across North America and next a visit to the Wolf Conservation Preserve in South Salem, NY... talk about your paranormal power punches! YAY! I just may have to write something about it! LOL!
Looks like the weather is not going to cooperate with watching the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse tonight. Guess I'll be watching via
Blood Moon tonight, 1st of four consecutive total Lunar Eclipsesesses Most unusual and very powerful. Grand Cross next week and Solar Eclipse on the 29th. It's all happening up there
I've learned more about the huge orange moon this morning. It is called a Blood Moon and I was actually very fortunate to get such a view of it. Tonight it will be there again and there is a full Solar Eclipse with the earth positioning between the sun and the moon. There are such advantages to getting up early in the morning !
In honor of the impending Blood Moon, a rare second prize for Today’s World’s Greatest Putz of the Year Award goes to Florida Governor Rick Scott and the Florida legislature for refusing to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act [ACA]. A Florida woman who fell into the Medicaid "coverage gap," died of a treatable heart condition. Do you zealot GOP dogmatists feel any compassion? Obviously not, you’ve got blood on your hands for needlessly killing a person for political gain. ©2014 Richard Donin/Radon Press. All Rights Reserved.
WATCH THE MOON TONIGHT...This will start the 4th time in history that all the Blood Moons will be on Jewish Feasts with a Solar Eclipse in the series and the ONLY time it happens during the feast of Trumpets! ASTONOMICALLY RARE Passover and Blood Moon 4/15/14 Rosh Hashanah (Feast of Trumpets) 9/25/14 Feast of Tabernacles and 2nd Blood Moon 10/8/14 Total Solar Eclipse 3/20/15 Passover and 3rd Blood moon 4/14/15 Rosh Hashanah 9/13/15 Feast of Tabernacles and 4th Blood Moon in a row 9/28/15 Maybe God is trying to tell us something (Mt.24)
“there's a blood-moon eclipse tonight starting at 1 am. It's where the moon looks like it's red :)”
I'm so gonna admire the Blood Moon tonight
Ideal DSLR settings for capturing blood moon through an 8" telescope?
Some big disaster is going to happen in the next month, there's a blood moon tomorrow. It's biblical, I'm not being creepy.
Full Lunar Eclipse tonight, moon will turn blood red!!
If you're up for a late night, you can catch a tonight. Time for a fire and some friends in the...
Someone take me to the beach for the blood moon 😏
Total Lunar Eclipse to bring rare 'blood moon' to night sky - via
Tonight! Fisrt of 4 blood moon, Lunar Eclipses. Don't miss it
The Blood Moon is tonight. Everyone go outside around 11pm
The so-called will return to the night sky tonight, just past 3AM eastern time
The Best Way To Watch the "Blood Moon" Tonight - An anonymous reader writes "People on the West Coast should be ab...
Thronateeska provided this graphic of the Lunar Eclipse, blood moon, watch to find out when you can see it. http…
I'm trying to see this blood moon tho
Whose trying to stay up till 2am to watch the blood moon Lunar Eclipse? 🌚🌝🌞
TONIGHT: How to see the first Lunar Eclipse of the year
Blood Moon Tonight. Your family have stories about moons? Tell us. We love that stuff...
“Definitely going to see the blood moon tonight. I'm thinking in laguna”
Blood Moon eclipse tonight & no one to lay outside in a blanket to watch it with...lame.
Any moon can be a blood moon if your Tampon is not designed for heavy flow days.
Tonight the dreaded blood moon appears. The crazies and demons will be out
All of us in North America can see the "blood moon" otal Lunar Eclipse (a full moon) tonight. Called "blood" moon becaus…
Total Lunar Eclipse tonight: How to see the 'blood moon' .
This will inspire many artists! Total Lunar Eclipse of April 15: Complete Coverage of the Blood Moon.
Hope BJP will win 325 seats wishing them good luck on blood Moon Day
I hope that the world doesn't end tonight with this Blood Moon BS. I really wanna get those toys in.
A blood moon arrives tonight. What is it and will vampires be lurking? Good explanation here.
There's going to be a blood moon tonight! 🌑🌙
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. If comets scared the ancient humans... What did they think after seeing a blood moon? Please explain. Thankyou!
Blood Moon tonight. Cast your spells while you can
Do not fear the coming of the blood moon. Watch it--starting at 12:54 am EST tomorrow.
First of 4 'Blood Moon' Lunar Eclipses set for Monday night -
So that blood moon eclipse expected tonight? Don't plan on seeing it in the Nashville area.
Are you ready for the "blood moon"? Here's how to see this beautiful sight with your own eyes:
The blood moon rises tonight. I hate to do it, but to appease the Old Gods i'll need a ritual sacrifice. Any takers?
Pastor: Blood moon may signal end of world - blood moon
Tonight is the rare Blood Moon eclipse: Tag a selfie w/ you and the moon w/ and we may use it on-air!
How cool! 'Blood moon' will be a sight to behold during total Lunar Eclipse
There's a tonight! Guess we better enjoy the crap outta -
Pastor John Hagee: Tuesday’s ‘blood moon’ eclipse signals the end of the world | The Raw Story
HEADS UP: Rare view of the "Blood Moon" will take place around 11pm tonight
There will be a Lunar Eclipse or Blood Moon tonight Should begin around 11pm and last 3 1/2 hours.
Turn your gaze to the stars tonight for an eerie and spectacular view of the “blood moon.” At 12:53 a.m. ET, the Earth will begin to position itself between the sun and the moon for the first of a series of four total eclipses to conclude in September 2015. The phenomenon is known as a tetrad, in...
Tonight is the first blood moon. A reminder to pray for the peace of Jerusalem Ps 122:6
Amateur astronomers in Middle Tennessee eager to see tonight's Lunar Eclipse are probably out of luck, at least until October. Cloudy skies hanging over the Nashville area today won't clear up until Tuesday morning, well after the "blood moon" has faded away.
Anyone else uncomfortable with the seder-night eclipse being nicknamed the "blood moon"?
The "Blood Moon," or a moon that can turn red or orange, is slated for April 15--along with a Lunar Eclipse. The rare sight from Earth is attracting a lot
Anyone else as excited for the Lunar Eclipse/Blood Moon tonight as I am?! :D
Don't forget about the blood moon tonight.will be beautiful.
How ironic that blood moon is on tax day
Do you have plans to view the Lunar Eclipse tonight? If the skies are clear the best viewing time would be starting around 12:58 a.m. , mid eclipse around 2:46 a.m. and the end of the total eclipse about 3:35 a.m. If you're an early riser, you can still see the end of the eclipse around 4:34 a.m. (Thanks to our friends at the University of Minnesota, Bell Museum planetarium). Another name for the Lunar Eclipse is Blood Moon, because of the beautiful shades of red and orange that are reflected. Did you know that both red and orange can invite conversation and increase your appetite? That could be a good or bad thing, (depending on what's on the menu at my house, lol). Just a thought if you're thinking of doing some kitchen and/or dining room painting in the future.
Hm...Blood Moon...REH could have done something with that.
What exactly is a "blood moon," and what's its connection to a Lunar Eclipse? Skywatchers will find out on April 15, as the first total Lunar Eclipse of 2014 kicks off a series of four Blood Moons expected to grace the night sky over the...
Blood Moon is not a term astronomers use, but the event overnight Monday – a full Lunar Eclipse – will be pretty cool, and it will be the first of four in a row. So who did invent the term?
blood moon tonight!!! happy hunting my fellow LYCANS and WEREWOLVES!
Only 13 hours to the Lunar Eclipse and BLOOD MOON! Sorry Philippines, you won't see this one!
Anyone excited to see the Blood Moon tonight? We should meet up to watch it.
Tonight is the Blood Moon. Already feeling it. Oh what a night it will be
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Don't forget to take a look at the Blood Moon tonight!
Remember this blood moon may have some satanic events. Can you say illuminati ritual?!??
This eclipse will be a "blood moon," in which our nearest celestial neighbor will look the color of a desert sunset. The reason? Because "even when the Earth moves directly between the moon and the sun, filtered sunlight still shines through Earth's atmosphere, making the moon appear red."
Blood Moon fever has struck. Otherwise known as LUNACY or a mental illness associated with lunar cycles. It is prevalent among some Bible prophecy pundits. You should know what I think already.
Enjoy this "Blood Moon" Lunar Eclipse today ~ don't be surprised if everything changes :) (Since it's a partial eclipse, apparently the light will bend around the Earth creating red, sunset type colors)
I still have curious thoughts about the manipulation of the weather. Here we have the 14 and 15th of April, 2014 where the Blood Moon should be easily seen on the North American continent.But NO.we again have rediculous weather patterns NOT indigenous to this time of year without being manipulated. Am I the only one who has these thoughts? Good Grief, I hope not. (We had 81 degrees F. day before yesterday 68 yesterday and last night 32, high 40 today with blooming Red Bud trees, daffodils, hyacinths, jonquills, buds on my Lavender bushes and snow on the ground again with 28 d. tonight. I rest my "friggin'" case!!!
The first of four Lunar Eclipses known as the "blood moon" will take place on Tuesday and those living in the U.S. are in for a treat.
OOH. Blood moon tonight - and nightime songbird migration. And Mars, so close, in the sky! It will look like rubies.
Are you staying up late tonight for the blood moon? Brookhaven College is hosting a viewing party!
Blood moon eclipse on April 15 is a special event
The skies may clear just in time for seeing the blood moon overnight tonight. This one is the first of four Blood Moons that will occur every six months. For those wanting to see are the times.The Total Lunar Eclipse (when the Moon is completely immersed in the Earth's shadow) begins at 2:06 a.m. CDT and ends at 3:24 a.m. CDT on the morning of April 15th. The middle of the eclipse occurs at 2:45 a.m. CDT.
Goodness gracious, Blood Moon is calling out the crazy
Official blood moon tonight... These only happen every so often... If your a night hawk like me... Take a minute and enjoy the full eclipse scheduled for 1233 am
Man we got overcast cloudy skies might miss the blood moon *** it
Do not forget Blood Moon tonight approx. 10:20pm in PST. Happy Snappy the photography   10% Off
Tonight we will have the first of four Blood Moons...Lunar Eclipses. Something you may want to read about...very interesting!
Fingers crossed for clear weather tonight so we can see the blood moon!
Sooo who's all getting up to see the first Blood Moon in the morning at 2:45?? WE ARE!! It's a definite sign from God and we don't want to miss this amazing event! Praying it's clear out! Everyone have a Blessed day!!
Why is it called a blood moon? When is the best time to watch the blood moon? And, what’s up with that biblical prophecy? Read on.
Ever heard of the "Blood Moon?" You MIGHT get a chance to see it early tomorrow morning ... if you stay up late and the clouds part.
Though I have work in the AM, I may set an alarm to wake up and see the blood moon tonight. I havent seen it before
The blood moon begins tonight just after midnight, Texas time. I remembered this verse, Luke 21:25-28, TLB: "There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among nations, in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves, men fainting from fear and the expectation of the things which are coming upon the world; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. But when these things begin to take place, straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” On the times this rare occurrence happened, the blood moon, significant things broke upon the Jews and Israel--including the Spanish Inquisition with its expulsion of all the Jews, the birth of the modern nation of Israel, and the war in 1967 in Israel. Jesus said when these things happened (note verse 25), we are not to fear. We're to straighten up and lift up our heads.
On April 15th, a rather rare astronomical event is taking place: the "blood moon." While technically nothing more than a Lunar Eclipse, this particular eve
I really wanna be awake to see the blood moon tonight.but chances are .I wont make it lol
The eagerly awaited "Blood Moon" will finally make its appearance on April 15, 2014, commencing a lunar "tetrad." Information on the Blood Moon, its start time, and when and how to watch is detailed below.
Everyone should check out this link then watch Pastor John Hagee's Blood Moon series on YouTube
Going to take an afternoon nap today...want to stay up to see the 1st Blood Moon!
Looking at the radar, its in the lower 30tys in KS, OK, MO, AR... looks like its snowing. and heading this way. and its BLOOD MOON tonight too. RUT ROW, END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT?
Passover begins at sundown, the Blood Moon tomorrow evening and it seems the world is about to explode. Innocent people being shot and killed here in Kansas City, Federal Agents VS Bundy Ranch supporters coming close to bloodshed...Easter is less than a week away when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Sharia law in Michigan. So much division between liberal and conservative, black VS white, Christian VS the rest of the world...
Beware: The blood moon is nigh! Or don't beware. There's really no need to worry. The phrase just refers to a rare total Lunar Eclipse...
A Blood Moon Eclipse Invitation: Evoking the Energy of "Comforted" to Strengthen our Sense of Peace and Well-Being Many of you have been posting and remarking about the energies that have intensified this month. We have links to posts discussing the Cardinal Grand Cross and tonight's Blood Moon eclipse. So many of you have also been sharing big stuff that is up for you: job transitions, significant relationship transitions and powerful realizations about how we have been operating in the world. Finally, on the world stage, tensions are heating up in many areas around the planet and it is difficult to watch the news without feeling this tension come into our space. In the midst of all of this heightened energy surrounding us - I'd like to invite each of us here to make stand for Collaborative Emergence. I would like us each to "experiment" with our current opportunity to activate our ability to "tune into comfort" (peace, safety, security and deep well-being) no matter what is going on around us. Almine ha ...
Prophecy loves signs from the heavens, and they will deliver Tuesday with a moonlight spectacle. Read More: ‘Blood moon’ will be a sight to behold during Tuesday’s total Lunar Eclipse |
Family, I pray that all is well with you and your families! As you know on April 15th, 2014, there will be a blood moon. We will be fasting as a family. During this day of fasting we will be: 1-Meditating on the scripture of Joel 2. 2- Spend the day in heavy prayer and communicating with GOD. Refrain from FB (other social media sites) unless to post the Tuesday night's service. Limit conversation with people, to keep you at peace and to hear from God. 3- We will be taking communion at 10pm EST on that day via the Tuesday night Fight Club line and all should be in attendance. Please be on time; remember being there 5 minutes early is on time. THE LINE STARTS AT 9pm EST. COME READY TO BLESS GOD. (530) 881-1400 access code: 731861for your convenience join us online, ...from 9pm-11pm EST. INVITE A FRIEND!!! 4- We should be declaring Joel 2:28-29. Pray to start truly walking in your gifts; to prophecy and dream dreams. For those who desire to be married, pray for dreams and visions to come to your Ruth/Boaz. 5 ...
Tomorrow night is the beginning of the four Blood Moons. Do you believe that the Blood Moons have "great historic and prophetic significance" or just made up? Click here to vote!
So, blood moon. Last time I saw one, Katrina hit. Hope that was mere coincidence
Rain is gone now winter comes back tonight; thanks for that, Blood Moon. Good news, The Memphis Grizzlies won Friday AND last night and it's a short work week!
Video on Today: A rare series of Lunar Eclipses that will begin overnight with a visually stunning “blood moon” and promises to be a real treat for stargazers.
Blood moon tetrad begins tonight... Tonight around 12:00am..(which technically will be Tuesday), you will see the moon turn a blood red color. Heads up people! Stay awake to witness what will be one of four consecutive blood red moons! Re. 6:12- "I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red, Re. 6:13 and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as late figs drop from a fig-tree when shaken by a strong wind."
Christians worldwide are divided over the significance of four upcoming ‘blood moon’ Lunar Eclipses, namely whether or not the celestial events mark the ...
Happy Monday! Did you know we will see a Blood Moon this Passover? Pastor John Hagee, of San Antonio, Cornerstone Church did a series and showed The Church what this all mean from a Jewish religious significance and IT'S TIMING BEFORE CHRIST RETURNS! Early Tuesday morning with just plain binoculars about 2am...LET'S STAY UP TO SEE THIS!
Total Lunar Eclipse known as a blood moon will occur tonight. Read all about it:
Blood Moon at Panama City, FL 4-14-14 Taken at 5:39 am CT out my Senior apartment window overlooking St. Andrew Bay. Those are beach condos under the Blood Moon.
Monday, April 14, 2014 Gibbous Moon Phase: trust Moon in Libra Ruling Mahavidya: Chinnamasta and Kali Skill: wise owl inside a tree peering out Negative Imprint: pounding Positive Imprint: grounding Today's energy is unprecedented! The Grand Cross of Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter, and Mars is heavily re-activated with the addition of Mercury and the Moon. Pluto stations retrograde, joining fellow retrograder Mars, and sending things spinning. The energy also prefaces a Total Lunar Eclipse, the much-hyped Blood Moon. All of this is astrology speak for a massive day today. This imprint of energy is pounding things. People can feel pounded, situations in our lives can feel like they are pounding us down. It's heavy, heavy energy. It's full of transformation and change, but it presses things into existence. It can feel forced. In many ways it is forced upon us. The energy also brings out the exaggeration of masculine archetypal themes. This runs from hyper-aggressive to hyper-protective. Interactions betw ...
If there's a break in the clouds late night Monday/early morning Tuesday, East Tennesseans will be treated to a rare 'blood moon' in the sky.
Hello, peeps! This is my latest article about the Blood Moon Tetrad happening in less than 24 hours. Blood Moons have historically meant a sign for Israel and subsequently the world. Hope you enjoy it.
Blood moon tonight and already Chile just nearly burned down. 10,000 people already evacuated! Dang! It's really happening! Bible haters need to quit hating :-) lol
The eclipse of April 14-15, 2014 is the first in a series of four eclipses - a tetrad - all of which will be visible from North America. Many will call it a Blood Moon.
2014 Passover Begins with A Blood Moon By Princella D. Smith April 14, 2014   This year, there will be two total Lunar Eclipses known in laymen’s terms as “Blood Moons”. The first will occur on the first full day of Passover Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at 9:46AM Israeli Time. The second will occur on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 at 12:25PM Israeli time. Sukkot also known as the Feast of Tabernacles will begin at sundown on October 8th.  In 2015, next year, two more Blood Moons will follow the same pattern, occurring on the first days of those two major Jewish holidays.    When a set of four scientific occurrences unusually happens so closely together, it is called a tetrad. Thus, the phrase “blood moon tetrad” has been coined over the past seven years in writings of several scientific and religious thinkers.   The reason for this can be traced to the Jewish Talmud, an important Jewish text used to define religious Jewish law and Moses’ five books known as the Torah. Tractate Sukkah 29a indicate ...
Blood moon tonight, 3am! It happens every other decade or so!
Don't forget the Blood Moon is tonight, and it comes on the eve of Passover, just like it did on the last Passover before Jesus' crucifixion, Kinda an interesting fact I think. If you are up just after 3am EST, take a look up and check it out!! One of 4 that we are going to have this year.. this only happens every few decades!!
Apologies friends; there won't be any sunrise photos from Gulf Shores until Friday. :-( In Orlando attending the National Hurricane Conference . Should have brought camera to shoot the blood moon tomorrow night but just didn't have room for it. If I see Jim Cantore (who is usually in attendance), what would you have me tell him? (I already know Brent Burns's answer.)
Who's going to try to catch the Lunar Eclipse?? I'm going to try. It should be seen here about midnight that's if our clouds clear, but with a snow storm in our weather forecast who knows. It should be a deep red "blood moon" as it's called. Take moment if you can, look up, and the wonders we can see. Love Kathy
Your Krispy Kreme Morning Minute for April 14th, is up! Get the latest details on: -Blood moon week begins -Capt. American manhandles the competition -Eric Church knows you don't like him
Looking forward to talking "Blood Moon" (cue spooky music) with the wonderful Kelly Beatty from Sky & Telescope on today's show. We'll have the best way to see tonight's Lunar Eclipse IF the weather cooperates! (**I made this clip myself, complete w/audio. I know, I know...the production quality is AMAZING ;-)
Here is a photo from my gallery of the Full Sturgeon Moon (also a Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse) of August 2007
Blood Moon's happening early Tuesday morn! *** If you were standing on the Moon during the deepest times of the total Lunar Eclipse, you would be seeing all the sunrises and sunsets on earth at that moment.
Blood Moon... okay that is so weird... 2 times Blood Moon 1 time Solar Eclipse n 2 times Blood Moon again...
On this episode of Discover the Truth Talk Live, the panel discusses the Blood Moon phenomenon and the radioactive effects of the nuclear disaster at Fukushi...
*UPDATE* Blood Moon is tomorrow night, not tonight, got it messed up with the Hebrew calendar and ours.
Guest: Dr. Jimmy DeYoung: Topic: The fallacy of the Blood Moon hype and why you should not believe the latest end of the world scenario that really seems about selling books on the topic. Topic: Are New Testament Christians under the 613 laws of the Mosaic Law today? What were some of the 613 laws a...
...heads up.Passover starts at sundown Monday, taxes are due Tuesday and there's a full 'Blood Moon' Tuesday (with a Lunar Eclipse) AND some snow in NEO...don't say you weren't warned about Tuesday...
Has anyone looked at the Moon tonight, Blood Moon on the 14/th or the 15/th according to John Hagee, I'm watching, I have never seen a Blood Moon.
Here is a little bit of science about the blood moon eclipse!
The heavens are putting on a celestial show next week — and one Christian pastor is convinced it’s a sign from God. Bestselling author and televangelist Pastor John Hagee claims the four blood moon...
Full Red Moon, Blood Moon...will occur 4.15.14.Passover by Hebrew calendar, seen in Jerusalem.something is...
A rare blood moon or red moon eclipse will rise on Tuesday morning.
INSIGHTS FOR THIS SEASON . Currently we are in a very important time frame in preparation for the Passover celebration, starting on the evening of April 14th, 2014 (April being the time of Aviv or the month of Nisan in the Hebrew calendar). It is a time of cleansing and sanctification by the Holy Spirit to step into a new dimension in the spirit through the double open doors by prophetic direction under an open heaven, overcoming every barrier that comes up before us and break through into new dimensions of God’s glory. Therefore it is a time to spend as much time possible in his Presence in prayer, worship and the Word. As the time draws near to the timing of the first Blood Moon, which will appear across the globe on Tuesday, April 15th, many of us are led to prayer and fasting - especially for protection over Israel. The atmosphere is pregnant with expectation of what God is about to do in the earth; therefore it is so important to be rightly positioned at His feet. The year 2014 is numerically th .. ...
A full Pink Moon will take place on April 15, 2014. A Lunar Eclipse will also take place, making it also a “Blood Moon.” According to the Farmer’s Almanac
From what we’ve been able to gather, two Christian pastors, Mark Blitz and John Hagee, use the term Blood Moon to apply to the full moons of the upcoming tetrad – four successive total Lunar Eclipses, with no partial Lunar Eclipses in between, each of which is separated...
I was playing a game online last night at about 4:15PM EDT when my Earthquake monitoring app warning went off. It showed an earthquake of a 7.6 magnitude centered at 100 km South south east of Kirakira Solomon Islands. I went to the map of the area and it shows a lot of activity before and after shocks between 2.5 and 5.8. Just now as I am typing the warning just went off again at 7:12 AM EDT. An earthquake of 6.8 at the Central Mid Atlantic Ridge about 800 km east of Guyana South America. Jesus said, in the last days there would be famines, pestilence's, and earthquakes in many places. We are only 1 day starting (April 14-22) from the holiday known as Pesach, or Passover starting April 14. This particular Passover holiday week also includes a Blood Moon. Four 'blood' total Lunar Eclipses will fall on Passover and Sukkot in 2014 and 2015, the same back-to-back occurrences at the time of 1492 when Queen Isabella banished the Jews from Spain, 1948 when Israel was recognized as a sovereign country and 1967 t ...
Blood Moon on Passover visible in New York. Second Blood Moon 6 months later (Hebrew calendar) will be visible in Jerusalem.
Actually the 'Blood Moon' is a natural occurrence that has been observed since the beginning if time.
The 'Blood Moon' is something invented by huckster extraordinaire John Hagee to sell books.
This will actually be a "Blood Moon". Not visible so much here as it will be in the middle east. This the 1st of 4 Blood Moons to occur between now and 2016. Bible teachers and preachers are watching the heavens because it's such an awesome event so close to each other. Prophecy speaks of the Blood Moon and God has always used signs in the galactic sky's to speak to His people before a major event. This will be an exciting next couple of years! Jesus return is certain and there NO prophecies left needed to be fulflled before He takes the Church in the rapture or His second coming! All of the other sigins are given in; Matthew 24:5-35.
Celestial signs (Blood Moon) and misgivings (on Passover) be damned, I'm going to turn 40 next week (hopefully)...
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About that "Blood Moon" Prophecy Here is what an eye-witness wrote: "Thus were the miserable people persuaded by these deceivers, and such as belied God himself; while they did not attend, nor give credit, to the signs that were so evident and did so plainly foretell their future desolation; but, like men infatuated, without either eyes to see, or minds to consider, did not regard the denunciations that God made to them. Thus there was A STAR RESEMBLING A SWORD, WHICH STOOD OVER THE CITY, AND A COMET, THAT CONTINUED A WHOLE YEAR. Thus also, before the Jews' rebellion, and before those commotions which preceded the war, when the people were come in great crowds to the feast of unleavened bread, on the eighth day of the month Xanthicus [Nisan], and AT THE NINTH HOUR OF THE NIGHT, SO GREAT A LIGHT SHONE ROUND THE ALTAR AND THE HOLY HOUSE, THAT IT APPEARED TO BE BRIGHT DAY TIME; WHICH LIGHT LASTED FOR HALF AN HOUR. This light seemed to be a good sign to the unskillful, but was so interpreted by the sacred s . ...
I suggest you to buy and read book " 4 Blood Moon: Something is a about to change. " by Godly Pastor John Hagee. I would buy that book at . April 15th 2014- Passover. October 4th 2014 - Sukkot. April 4th 2015- Passover. September 28th 2015 - Passover. The Sun is signal to the world and the Moon is signal to Israel about Blood Moon Telrad. I saw apartment the door all are tan and one door painted Black like Israel put red blood on the door in years and years ago before Jesus come on the earth. I will ask that person about black on his/her door one day as out of curiously.
Blood Moon / Peace Treaty Con't; The good news is John Kerry /U. S. State Dept. efforts on a mid east peace treaty is going no where at this time. After 9 months trying to revive the 20 year plan to break up Israel and Jerusalem Kerry is showing signs of fatige as did Hillery when she fell ill. April 29 is the deadline for a treaty. April 29 is also a dark moon. We are coming upon the start of what astronomers call a tetrad, 4 consecative total lunar eclipes, no partial eclipes in between. Mark Biltz ( El Chadai Ministries ) has discovered that they coincide with the Jewish feast days. He also noted that they coincide with Jewish historical events. April 30, 1492, (was also a tetrad cycle) the day of the expulsion of Jews from Spain by Queen Isabella. Little known fact is that Colon or as we know him as Columbus rescued many Jews on his ships and brought them to the new world. Is it not odd that the place of safe haven, America has become the divider of Israel today. In the Jewish calander the days overla ...
Don't be an April Fool. As Mark Biltz's Blood Moon filmed explained, it is time to get on God's calendar. Here is...
So past few days ive been reading on the topic "four Blood Moons" reference by Pastor John Hagee. Its to my understanding that the first "Blood Moon" is on April 15,2014. I'm just curious on some of your guys intake on this topic. Whats your feedback?
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013) Hansel & Gretel are bounty hunters who track and kill witches all over the world. As the fabled Blood Moon approaches, the siblings encounter a new form of evil that might hold a secret to their past. MEGASHARE.SH - Watch Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Online Megavideo :..
The Center for Charismatic Studies 3.5.2014 The Myth of the Importance of Blood Moons • Blood Moon is the name given to a total eclipse of the moon by NASA. • Tetrad is a series of four consecutive Blood Moons. Those who attempt to link Tetrads and Jewish history claim that when each of the Blood Moons occurs on Jewish feasts it is a forecast coming events which will be significant to the Jews. Three Tetrads have coincided with Jewish feasts over the past 500 years: 1493, 1949, and 1967. They believe the next Tetrad linked to the Jewish feasts which takes place in 2014-15 will be the dates of the Second Coming of Jesus as Messiah. • The Spanish Inquisition… The Blood Moons of 1493-94 Passover, 4.2.1493; Solar Eclipse 9.24.1493; Tabernacles, 9.25.1493; Passover, 3.22.1494; Tabernacles, 9.15.1494 The problem is that the Inquisition began in 1481. • The birth of modern Israel… The Blood Moons of 1949-50 Passover, 4.13.1949; Tabernacles 10.7.1949; Passover, 4.2.1950; Solar Eclipse, 10.12.1950; Ta ...
There is a man walking the Earth today whose biography looks like this: ° His name spells 666. ° He was born of a virgin whose bloodline traces back to Mary Magdellan. ° His fathers bloodline includes King David and King Arthur. ° The day he was born was not only the summer solstice, but on that day there was a Solar Eclipse. ° He has the same blood type as Jesus Christ. ° He will be 33 years old this year and on this day there will be a "Blood Moon". ° He is financially rich beyond imagination. ° He has an entire govt already in place. ° His power reigns over Obama, The Vatican, China, Russia, The Muslim Brotherhood, Palestine, Nation of Islam, and The Pope. ° He is a secret Muslim. ° He is secretly *** and into incest. ° He received a skull crushing injury and was close to death. ° He has a documented "7 Year Peace Plan" all ready to present to Israel. ° Whose coat of arms is referred to as The Red Dragon" and contains the images described in Rev. 13:2. After reading this, who comes to min ...
I have a bad feeling about all these Blood Moon predictions of the end times. Picturing another Harold Camping-like embarrassment, and giving the world ample fodder for disregarding any good news we have to share.
Welcome to 2014 - the year the Blood Moon Prophecy unfolds, the year we will finally answer the first rapture...
2014 Predictions ……. Psalms 114 - warns of a nightmare a "flint rock" causing the mountains to skip like rams …..possible catastrophic astrological event? Or massive earthquake that strikes the region? Or are we seeing the beginnings of war Psalms 83? The Power of God in His Deliverance of Israel 114 When Israel went out of Egypt, The house of Jacob from a people of strange language, 2 Judah became His sanctuary, And Israel His dominion. 3 The sea saw it and fled; Jordan turned back. 4 The mountains skipped like rams, The little hills like lambs. 5 What ails you, O sea, that you fled? O Jordan, that you turned back? 6 O mountains, that you skipped like rams? O little hills, like lambs? 7 Tremble, O earth, at the presence of the Lord, At the presence of the God of Jacob, 8 Who turned the rock into a pool of water, The flint into a fountain of waters. From September 2013 to September 2014 has begun the "blood moon prophecies! This year two Blood Moons fall on two of the Lords feasts ….this will inv ...
Ty Lord for bringing us into this new year 2014! 2 + 0 + 1 + 4= 7! For my believers in Christ, u Kno Wat that number represents! That is Gods number, 4 ppl who didnt Kno...there r many meanings such as complete, Perfect, or whole, etc. I strongly believe that He that wears the Bright Crown, is sitting on a cloud just waiting for word, that the Harvest which He sowed is ripe & He will throw down his sickle n reap.. The peace agreement is into its 6 months out of 9 as agreed with Israel. ...we have 3 more months 2 go.1st blood moon is coming this April. .. Get ready for He will come like a thief in the night.2 ppl will be Standing at a bus stop & 1 pray without ceasing n watch! Soon we'll be going home!
Am nt proud, is just dat d royal blood in me won't allow me act like a slave in this new year 2014
So a New Year has found us. Are we ready? Peace agreements in this New Year: 1. First agreement with Iran regarding nuclear to end in April. 2. Kerry determined to have "permanent" agreement between Palestinians and Israel by April. So what's with April?! The first blood moon (full eclipse of the moon) of four to take place over the next two years. Might we be seeing prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes?! Let's be watchful.
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