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Bloc Party

Bloc Party are a British indie rock band, composed of Kele Okereke (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Russell Lissack (lead guitar), Gordon Moakes (bass guitar, synths, backing vocals, glockenspiel), and Matt Tong (drums, backing vocals).

Kele Okereke Silent Alarm Russell Lissack Tall Ships New Order Bombay Bicycle Club Half Moon Run Red Hot Chili Peppers Brand New Stone Roses Sigur Ros Greatest Hits Radio Maximo Park

please ask the washed out tosser about the time his pals launched a racist assault on Kele from Bloc Party.
Of course, Lydon's support for a famous racist should come as no surprise to anyone:
Bloc Party in Sunday just a reminder
Que musik indie escuchas? โ€” the smiths, bloc party, the shins, the black keys, ...
"A Weekend In The City (Re-release)" by Bloc Party in This album so fire.
Some great gear talk with Russell Lissack of Bloc Party
Sorry, memory failure ๐Ÿ˜. It was an aberration due 2specific reasons. Not likely again. Never agreed w/Bloc as federal party
7. Drank champagne once. Had massive diarrhea the next day. 8. Bloc Party - Kreuzberg. 9. I don't text people.
No, I am not surprised that Johnny Rotten is pro-Trump.
Of course, I just found out about this today. I haven't really paid that much attention to him since I was 19.
"Obama hollowed out the Democratic party of any significant bloc of moderates." Democrats are bluer than ever.
get This Modern Love by Bloc Party in the music store... It's a hard song
didn't he assault Kele from Bloc Party yelling racial slurs at a festival?
Funny to see people embrace Johnny Rotten. He's been a known racist for awhile (Bloc Party), and any endorsement of Trump is not a surprise
Bloc Party, Mogwai, Jarvis Cocker, The Flaming Lips, and more to play
Bloc Party, The xx, Kings Of Leon, Maccabees and Micky Flanagan tickets all booked for this year ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Can we get a Bombay Bicycle Club, Bloc Party and The Kooks tour here in the states? I'd trade a body part for that.
Kele Okereke is the a solo artist and front man for Indie-rock band Bloc Party. He's a *** Black man.
on Punk Aristocrats Radio 1 Bloc Party - Helicopter ๐ŸŽถ Click the link to Listen!
Its like they took the high points from Bloc Party and Tokyo Police club and went in a more melodic direction
24. Four - Bloc Party. sounds like a supergroup w/ Kele on vocals, Matt Bellamy on guitar and Ben Johnston on drums.
Bloc Party dueting with Melissa Auf Der Maur in an underground style, produced by Deadmau5
I heard the Bloc Party record Japan before it came out in the UK as they are on the V2 record la
To add to the list: Bloc Party, Half Moon Run, the Lumineers, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Shooting MSMR and Blog Party tonight!!! (@ Phoenix Concert Theatre for Bloc Party + more)
Hey! I saw you shooting the Bloc Party show on Saturday. Get any good pics?
Giving bloc & voting rights in any is not how it is done. No party status No commission vote Thats HOC rules
One More Chance by Bloc Party is in Parade Bar, Bath. Download it now at
Blaqk Audio, Caravan Palace, Tiny Moving Parts, Bloc Party, Chvrches, and Nada Surf are coming up.
All I wanna do in life is see Bloc Party ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
If I went to a Bloc Party gig and they played One More Chance I feel as if I'd be the kind of person to kneel on the ground greetin
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Here's a short time lapse video of our new Techo-Bloc display being built. We will be having the big reveal party... htโ€ฆ
Bloc Party kind of night, ugh why do I feel like this.
The Bloc was the most popular party in more places than the PCs were. What are they teaching at Harvard?
I guess I get fulfill my middle school dream and see bloc party tonight ๐Ÿป
Bloc party at Glastonbury is gonna be THE party
Bloc,Greens don't get a Election Reform Committee vote b/c party needs 12 seats for official status & ability to sit on committee
bruv, me I'd just like to request Black Whole's "1000 Seconds" on tonight's Bloc Party in advance...
Bloc party - Silent Alarm is probably one of the best albums I've ever heard.
Back on home turf! Quick scrub then off to host kinky fetish party Submission. Tomorrow is at
oh for sure. It was like, MCR, Kanye, Bloc Party sometimes, Panic!, Fall Out Boy etc that was my "get ready in the morning"
Next: Augustines, Aquilo, Bloc Party...Great songs for an energy boost to finish this week. We're here:)
I have never nor will ever understand Bloc Party
Party-list bloc vows to support Duterte in 17th Congress.
Bloc Party's new album is interesting, cos Russell Lissack has tried to make his guitar sound as little like a guitar as possible
Bloc Party, Fay Wolf (a gem), John Grant- all coming soon on Sway&Breathe. Want to hear some great songs?
Next: Joshua James, Gregory Alan Isakov, Bloc Party (this song is life)...those make it all better
this new Bloc Party song is actually nice - I kinda gave up on Kele some time ago, but this is actually good
Bloc Party is headlining Kerfuffle? Color me intrigued. Their new material kind of *** but I always wanted to see them live.
Yesterday: the third installment of Anglophile in New York, featuring Bloc Party and Noel Fielding.
omg Bloc Party's new album is out since January what was I DOING
Earlier: talks about watching Bloc Party for free.
Maaate! Did you hear the Bloc Party song 'new blood' of the new album? The tune... really reminds me something;)
Also seems to have to pick it up there before it closed. You Stray remix by Four Tet on Loving the new Bloc Party single is out
It's like if Brand New and Bloc Party had a baby who grew up listening to hardcore and electronic music.
Apparently Kendrick, BMTH, Foals, Grimes, New Order, Radiohead, Bloc Party, Ed Sheeran, Disclosure & Major Lazer will be there.
Still sad Bloc Party changed their tune. As Joe said, that new drummer wouldn't be able to play skeleton. Sad times
Feel like hearing some good music? Fossil Collective, Bloc Party, The Paper Kites all coming soon
Bloc Party fans, take home a signed CD of new album Hymns. Click here to redeem your points
Brief appearance in the new from Bloc Party drummer and U.K. artist
so pumped about today! Bloc Party, Coheed and Cambria, and Wolf Mother. Strong finish to a week of hard work!
hoping for Bloc Party, Maximo Park, New Order, Foals who are all strongly rumoured
Now Playing on Greatest Hits Radio : Bloc Party - So here we are "
Next: A Fine Frenzy (to make this world slow down), Bloc Party, Half Moon Run, Chase Coy (great one)
Next: great melancholic songs by Rosie Thomas & Ryan Adams; some good pop-rock with Bloc Party
I have two tickets to Bloc Party at the Cambridge corn exchange tomorrow night. Free to a good home, but a charity donation would be nice.
Playlist today has mostly been Arctic Monkeys, Last Shadow Puppets, Biffy Clyro, Kasabian. Now about to give Bloc Party's new album a go. ๐ŸŽง
Kele Okereke and his electronic obsession - watch/listen to tracks the Bloc Party front-man has featured on!
Bloc Party's Kele Okereke unveils new track "Heartbreaker" - Give it a listen to here!
Check out some Brand New music from Bloc Party's Kele Okereke!
Bloc Party's Kele dismisses a 'Silent Alarm tour' - but he doesn't rule out more albums! . Read up on it here!
There's good and bad things for Bloc Party fans here, the title is the bad news, but they're returning... (click... httpโ€ฆ
No re-union tour for the "Silent Alarm" 10 year anniversary, but Bloc Party's Kele hasn't completely dismissed... http:/โ€ฆ
Kele Okereke speaks out about Bloc Party fifth album!
Bloc Party will be back if this is true! Kele Okereke speaks out about their FIFTH album!
Kele keeps Bloc Party fans happy after mentioning something about their FIFTH album!. Would you miss Matt Tong?
Looks like Bloc Party will be back for a fifth album after all!
Great news for Bloc Party fans everywhere, a fifth album is on the cards!
Exciting news for Bloc Party fans, a fifth album is looking VERY likely!
BIG THIS WEEK - Kele Okereke speaks out about Bloc Party's fifth album, so there is hope!. Read what he says...
Kele Okereke speaks out about a new Bloc Party album!
Bloc Party's Kele has a new track out, listen to "Coasting" here!
Bloc Party's Kele has unveiled a new track, check out "Coasting" here!
VERY positive news for Bloc Party fans!
Kid Cudi and Bloc Party join Beck, Avett Brothers, Animal Collective, Gary Clark Jr, more in Phoenix's lineup (
Checkout my video on YouTube "Party Hard" feat. Bloc. Like it share it love it and sing along. Bless GOD First.
Bloc Party then Foals now Django Django, whoever chooses the music gets a 10
Bloc Party playing in Cardiff next month
He's already secured a bloc of GOP hearts & minds. It will take years for the Party to unravel the damage
Listening to Blackbear, Dave Matthews, and Bloc Party so my inner demon don't Sam Jackson someone today. Smh
I added a video to a playlist Bloc Party - The Love Within
I heard you blasting out Bloc Party!
What does this new chick do on bloc party?
This should be the theme song for Republican Presidential Candidates. Bloc Party - Ares
Bloc Party has a new album coming out, no tour dates in the summer, and have never played here before ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ฌ
Must be working for Scotland as Osborne (in NewYork) describes Westminster SNP MPs 'as a noisy and aggressive bloc'
Does anyone actually like Bloc Party's new song? Has to be worst song of 2015
Every time I hear the new song by Bloc Party I think it's love it, thank you
๐Ÿ“น Bloc Party // Ion Square Ion square, perspex swings I breathe out, you breathe in Permanent midnight...
Is that where you live? In Brighton is where you go to School?. Brighton makes me think of that Bloc Party song.
I went to see Bloc Party and they were really quite good.
just got tickets for bloc party, got a confirmation email but on my order page it says I have no orders??? Help
Another song that I love lately is Bloc Party with The Love Within, that is such a tune
I regret to announce that my set at Cloud 9 Bloc Party has been cancelled for reasons to me unknown. I'm sorry...
Iggy Pop, Deftones, Bloc Party, Caribou, and Yeasayer, join Beck, Sigur Ros & more at Denmark's NorthSide
Rather cut a bollock off than listen to Bloc Party
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I'm good thanks Fats just being a mard ๐Ÿ˜˜ HOW WAS BLOC PARTY?? Amazing or amazing? x
I don't remember hearing Osborne complaining like this about the Scottish Labour bloc:
[PIAS] Nites reveal new gigs with Bloc Party, TOY, Blaenavon and more // //
My most listened to artists this year on Spotify are Josรฉ Gonzรกlez, Fleetwood Mac, Nick Mulvey, Bloc Party and The National. Nice.
I always thought Bloc Party fell off after Silent Alarm, boy was I wrong
Silent Alarm by Bloc Party is in my top 10 favorite albums
Bloc Party on NME awards too...usually a sign they'll be playing Reading and Leeds festival. Stone Roses announcement expected too
NEW MUSIC on iradiophilly: Bloc Party, blondfire, Dan Croll, Hippo Campus on //
So, you know who Bloc Party are but you had to ask who Sia was? Uh huh.
Just heard Bloc Party in a car commercial and I'm done with everything.
Think to remember about Liberal Party: choc-a-bloc with people who thought Tone would make a great PM; almost half still do.
If only Bloc Party's album was this year instead of next.
I Still Remember is such an underrated Bloc Party song
This new Bloc Party track is off the hook!
I wish everything in life could be as good as the first Bloc Party album.
Coming up on 947, straight after the Bloc Party! Sms me on 32947
Bloc Party's new drummer and bassist are no Matt Tong and Gordon Moakes
The British rockers have gone through so many changes but are BACK to Partyโ€‹
I tell u what mates. That new bloc party tune is rad when you give it a few spins,,. Apart from that god awful key change . Oh man
Just saying, but from what I've seen/heard so far; Kele, Russel, Justin, and Louise may be the strongest Bloc Party lineup so far.
deserve to know if party will form a in Would be interesting if or hold balance.
When I first heard the synth drop on that new "Bloc Party" song. I can't be the only one.
I think the reason I love the new Bloc Party song so much is because it sounds just like Gangnam Style.
What is that new Bloc Party song all about
[PS] Visayan bloc head bolts LP: MANILA, Philippines - The Liberal Party in the Visayas may be headed for a sp...
The GLAAD Wrap: 'Big Eden' 15th anniversary re-release, the first 'Shadowhunters' teaser, and a n...
thinking about Blair while Bloc Party plays
Helicopter by Bloc Party is in Parlour Bar, Belfast. Download it now at
Hi bloc party the dance style alternative music is so 00s please stop this, sounds like a cheesy dance song
I Still Remember de Bloc Party en A Weekend in the City โ™ซ
domain names
iplayer BBC London News ... and Bloc Party. Catch all the performances on BBC iPlayer now. No, no...not Vikings! You're coming with ...
Bloc Party, along with its new lineup, return with 5th album, Hymns -
I'm enjoying this song...but is that the KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE theme on Bloc Party's "Hunting for Witches"?
that's the only logical explanation, because I cannot thing of a single other good reason to join Bloc Party
Seriously out of the loop with Bloc Party right now. Didn't realise Matt Tong & Gordon Moakes had left the band!
Forever crying at the episode of HIMYM where Marshall and lilly break up and Ted finds Marshall in the rain and Bloc Party is playing ๐Ÿ’”
Do you know any other foreign artists like Damien Rice, Tom Odell, Bloc Party?
BTW.. Peter Alliss an fan? Never he hard that. Harry Redknapp and the drummer from Bloc Party and that's it really.
Bloc Party takes me back man. I need that new album they've been teasing. They're so good!
Bloc Party announce two new US shows!. Link ~~>
Bloc Party have got a new album coming soonish. Really curious to see what that even is in 2015...CC
Babe, you know me too well. ...but don't we all want a new Bloc Party album?
Forever waiting on a new Bloc Party album
New Order, Bloc Party, Bon Iver, National, Sigur Ros, Tame Impala all supposedly got albums within the next year.. Festivals will be awesome
Liking the Young Fathers album - has me back listening to first Bloc Party too which has aged really well.
This is like if Bloc Party and Phoenix released new records on the same day !
If, in some cruel world, Brand New did not exist, then Bloc Party would be my favorite band.
Bloc Party keeps posting pictures of them in the studio. The real question is who the new members are...
Bloc Party have shared a new studio teaser, check it out NOW!. BONGOS!
News: Bloc Party tease new material - check out their latest clip...
Bloc Party play bongos in studio during new album trailer video - watch
Shuffle on my iPod this morning gave me Bloc Party - Helicopter followed by Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird. WHAT A RUCKIN MORNING ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ
Bloc Party's Kele Okereke On Being *** and Black in the Dance and Rock Worlds via
Bloc Party share latest update from studio as they work on fifth album โ€“ watch
At least channel 4 are playing decent music as a sort of requiem for our now fascist country. Bloc Party from...
Do yourself a favor next Saturday morning and play Silent Alarm by Bloc Party
I haven't listened to Bloc Party in a good while and I forgot how much I love them. Silent Alarm is one of my favorite albums.
10 years since Silent Alarm was released. Bloc Party never quite broke that high bar again, but who cares? That album's still fantastic.
Bloc Party - Silent Alarm nominated for album of the century
i've been listening to Bloc Party - Silent Alarm recently and i don't really get it... too indie for me i think
Meet Black Singles 300x250
What's he even done this time? I came back from listening to bloc party and reminiscing about being 16 to this
On 94.3 radio you are listening to Bloc Party - One More Chance
Christ bloc party are making me me feel 16 again
The scenes when boardies announce Bloc Party are going yeah?๐Ÿ˜…
for introducing me to Bloc Party, I will never forget it! you will be missed
"Uniform" by bloc party is always a shep song for me but it's also rather dorian
Harriet thought we were out with bloc party...
The Bloc Party is turning 1 yr this weekend
My shuffle can go from giggs to bloc party ๐Ÿ˜ถ
Bloc Party, Willie Nelson, etc etc etc pretty much my entire grounding in new and exciting music in my youth!!
"I was at a bloc party and they were spinning records" *** the 60s seem dope
Zane introduced me to some of my favourites including Bloc Party and The Killers.
I caught a glimpse, but its been forgotten, so here we are again... Bloc Party - So Here We Are: via
A lot of nostalgia today. Bloc Party on the radio reminding me of the days of Jonny, then a nice bit or Skrellex to remind me of sixth form.
. And all you said in your quietest voice. Was "I needed you as much as they do". Bloc Party
You don't have good taste in music if you don't listen to Bloc Party.
Constantly passionate about showcasing new music and introduced me to so much that I love, most importantly Bloc Party so
Bloc Party will always be one of my favorite bands .
for introducing me to Kasabian, Jake Bugg & Bloc Party.๐Ÿ™Œ
PJ and Duncan followed by Bloc Party on form for my drive home ๐Ÿ™‹
please say PJ AND DUNCAN. Bloc party is alright as well like.
too lazy to get out my chair but BLOC PARTY YES ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ
It doesn't make sense that bloc party isn't the most popular band in the entire universe...
and I used to jump and dance around our barracks room to Bloc Party and air play different instruments...
Please, if I have a strong Bloc Party station going on, DO NOT interject Vampire Weekend. PLEASE.
Who is headlining this years MTV Bloc Party?.
Bloc Party to Genesis. Roni Size queued up to follow. Cast Gene Wilder to play me, not Johnny Depp.
I still don't really know the difference between Arcade Fire and Bloc Party.
"It gave us the soundtrack to a future we didnโ€™t need to think about yet" - Tall Ships on Bloc Party's *Silent Alarm*
Bloc Party set a new precedent with their debut. 10 years on, here's Tall Ships on the influence of 'Silent Alarm'. http:/โ€ฆ
10 years on from Bloc Party's iconic debut 'Silent Alarm' pay tribute.
TOURING : Kele: British DJ/producer Kele Okereke, also known as the stylish frontman of Bloc Party, will tour ...
My favourite Bony song is Helicopter, is very good. Bloc Party - Helicopter - Live @ Southside Festival 2013 [12/12]: httโ€ฆ
arctic monkeys - the kills - bloc party - band of skulls - nirvana - the black keys - local h - little dragon - sublime - blur - these are literally the only bands I shared all year, which isn't a whole lot considering I posted quite a bit of music. so i'ma play a game with mahself and use only these bands to describe my year, one vid per day, one song per month, with the song describing how I felt about that month, and I gotta use each band at least once. it'll be interesting. I somehow feel as though I shared more than this, but I went so far back on my timeline, I was in last year, and I still didn't find anything. God, I'm gonna have to go over all these bands again.
SMAC are playing a free entry show at Bloc tonight with it's a Christmas party of sorts. Free entry, 9pm. Come down!
Rick Ross & BIG K.R.I.T. team up Ta-Ku takes on Dilla, Kele from bloc Party steps out on his own, and oh so much moโ€ฆ
Just listened to Bloc Party - Like eating glass. What an old school tune!
singers from Bloc Party, Maximio Park, Towers of London, all 2005 indie royalty. And Towers of London.
it's all under control. it's all under control. it's all under control.. Bloc Party - Pioneers: via
Podemos has been participating in initiatives of an existing party, the Leftist Bloc. But we'll see.
first Bloc Party record has a few good tracks but not much staying power. I like this one a lot
I saw Bloc Party play once at some sxsw party at my friends hippy compound and the only booze was Sparks.
donโ€™t even remember any songs by Bloc Party. Should revisit 00โ€ฒs indie today or just keep listening to This Mortal Coil?
Hope you can make our launch party in January!
Last night I went to see Bloc Party. Apparently
Order Miche Bag Online!
Apparently the vibrating alarm on fitness trackers is a "Silent Alarm", meaning Bloc Party's album isn't as edgy a play on words anymore.
I decided on Bloc Party hope that's okay xoxo
I really wish Bloc Party had explored the One More Chance route rather than the 'Kele's still in solo mode' route.
"And if you feel a little left behind, we will wait for you on the other side." -Bloc Party
Trying not to sing and dance to Bloc Party on the bus to work... Thanks :-)
GERARD liking my children bloc party +400 EXP
Listening good old Bloc Party on my way to work. Intimacy, what a long play!
Those little bells at the start of Signs by bloc party are so important
I wanna learn how to play Helicopter by Bloc Party on the guitar!๐Ÿ˜ญ
At least the MSG DJ is having a good third period. MGMT followed by Bloc Party. Solid.
It's so sick that Bloc Party plays during the Ranger games
Bloc Party will and always will be my favorite band
This Modern Love by Bloc Party will forever jam
arctic monkeys radio with two door cinema club, the strokes, bloc party, the kooks, and the black keys variety. wow I'm set for life.
Hard-Fi and Bloc Party's debut albums are nearly 10 years and still incredible.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
How am I only just remembering Bloc Party
Love this guy. Major departure from Bloc Party here , but it is still a deadly groove with nice harmony.
listening to 'This Modern Love' by Bloc Party makes me feel like I'm on a long shaky bus ride going on a journey w no destination.
I mean Muse, Libertines, Strokes, Queens of the Stone Age, Nine Inch Nails, Enter Shikari and the Maccabees are enough but I want Bloc Party
Can we have some new Bloc Party in 2015 please Kele
American Football followed by Bloc Party and then This Wild Life โ˜บ๏ธ
Root Sports with the knock of version of "Helicopter" by Bloc Party that they almost certainly didn't pay for.
SSX3 was a close second for Maximo Park, Bloc Party and We Are Scientists
One month off by bloc party is quite a catchy song
I remember the days I thought Bloc Party could've been the biggest, best hope for pop/indie rock. But what happened to them?
I'm having a bloc party kind of night
I finally got a signed cd from Bloc Party!
Bloc Party, you are on point tonight.
I liked a video from Bloc Party talk best shows, Playboy Mansion parties and collapsed lungs
The song Kreuzberg by Bloc Party reminds of this fall where I had a big move and a lot of changes. It was good
Photoset: make-up-is-an-art: Bloc Party, Christell Stubs photographed by Willem Jaspert for Arise Magazine.
Never to hot to grill chicken and parsnips while listening to party!!!
Today's day off is brought to you by Bloc Party, Anthony Bourdain, and potato tacos.
Metallic blue and Pool bloc party with nail art ๐Ÿ’—
Blue Light by Bloc Party - timeless. Sounds as good now as it did 10 years ago
Flux by Bloc Party makes me really emotional and idk why
Bloc Party performing Silent Alarm in full at AfroPunkFest plz.
Bombay Bicycle Club and Russell Lissack from Bloc Party will also be DJ'ing on the night and IC1s will be doing a live set. SICK.
For four minutes, the band finds the common ground between Bloc Party and black metal.
three albums stick out in my head at the moment. The Golden shore-mandalas, get olde-crying, Silent Alarm-bloc party
We're having a church-wide Bloc Party July 13th at the church from 2p-6p! Bring your friends for free food, games, and the 2014 FIFA finals!
I'm missing Bloc Party and Mobb Deep buts it's kinda ok cause I'll be in Berlin
Bloc party on me, weekend.. No DJ,just picked up the new Ihome,music stopping no no
Looks like Tim Howard's gonna throw a Bloc party for Independence Day
Also anything by Stone Roses, Echobelly, Elastica, Sleeper, Sam Smith, Bloc Party, Tom Jones. I could go on and on, but I won't.
So jealous for New Yorkers BBQ Bloc Party in Madison Square Park over the weekend. Come visit the UK sometime
YOOO team 2018!! Wassup, my name is Emmanuelle, and I am coming to you from our lovely west coast!! I accepted my offer a couple weeks ago and im getting pretty frigggin pumped to be a Guelph Gryphon and meet all you fabulous people! I love to jam out on the guitar and eat food and go to the gym. If you would like to join me in these activities feel free to add me up or message me! Ill probably be needing some guidance on how to survive Ontario since winter for me is normally 10 degrees and rain (were pretty wimpy here) Hometown: Victoria BC High School: Claremont Secondary Age: 17 Intended Major: Environmental Engineering Fav Music: Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, John Butler Trio, Macklemore, Bloc Party, Avicii, The Black Keys, The White Stripes & many more Fav TV Shows: Suits, How I Met Your Mother, FRIENDS, Criminal minds, ( also basically anything on food network) Fav Food: Uhm everything.. but Burgers and noodles and fish tacos and chocolate are my life . ...
Just heard new Bloc Party on satellite radio. What the *** happened to these guys?
Hopefully there's a new Bloc Party album now that Swansea's season is over
getting ready to support Bloc Party's DJ Set in New Cross tomo! Give one of the boys a bell for tkts!
Right tomorrow night I'm gonna be in South London DJing with Bloc Party for another sell out Absent Kelly gig. I'll be the drunk one at the end of the night with a bucket of red stripe.
Hope my new clobber comes in time for Bloc Party
As a Bloc Party fan,im not overly impressed by there new album 'Four'.
From the archive: Bloc Party announce new album + live dates | Music News
California's In the Valley Below specializes in sensual electro-pop. "Peaches," the lead single from the boy-girl duo's first Capitol Records release, turned heads with its uplifting opulence and caught the attention of Bloc Party leader Kele Okereke, who gave the track a sprawling dance
Photo: grasstomyknees: Can we just discuss Kele Okereke of Bloc Party for a second? Heโ€™s *** British,...
wana learn to play the gutair, just to play The Healing by Bloc Party such a beautiful rift, music & song Kele Okereke voice on point
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