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Blessed Sunday

Holy Mass Good Morning Happy Easter Benjamin Dube Papa God

Because He lives..i can face tomorrow..because He lives..all fear is gone..and yes i know O yes I know He holds the future. Good Morning all. Have a blessed Sunday...
It's not a need for everyone to hear us say that, "I'M A CHRISTIAN" but it's a need for everyone to see CHRIST IN US. Blessed Sunday to Everyone... Just a reminder, Jesus took you serious while he was on that cross.. Are you taking him serious?
no make edition.just the Real me..hav a blessed sunday
Absolutely true .even you hurt the most you still want someone to be happy..have a blessed Sunday to all.
Hello...happy & blessed Sunday to all...just got home from church... .be blessed and be a blessing...:-) -timz-
Goodmorning family and friends.I know my Redeemer lives.Have a blessed Sunday.:-D
Good Morning everyone have a blessed Sunday and Happy Easter x
Blessed Sunday my dear friends and comrades. Remember that in order to reach from Point A to Point B either you have to walk, crawl, run, ride, drive or fly. In other words, you must keep on moving.
Blessed Sunday i am having - term break! And best short getaway i had -to Melaka for a nephew's solemnisation!
Happy Easter everyone, may you have a wonderful & Blessed Sunday. God Bless you all.
Have a blessed sunday to everyone.Happy Easter:)))
Morning buddies have a wonderful blessed sunday!!
Happy Easter n have a blessed sunday dear brothers and sisters in christ...
Off to church with family. Have a blessed Sunday everyone!!!
Morning pals! Rejoice for seeing this blessed Sunday! God be with you all. Amen!
Morning universe friends... Happy blessed sunday evryone!!! Busy now start my households chores.
Easter egg painting ni Zoe... have a blessed sunday to all!
Lamentations 3:22-23 The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; A blessed Sunday to everyone!
It takes only one positive person to change the energy of one thousand negative people! Be that one! ;~)) Have Blessed Sunday!
Magsimba po muna bago magsaya! :) off to church ..have a blessed sunday everyone Godbless po :)
: Happy Easter all :) have a great blessed sunday todayy :D :*
Happy Easter everyone...have a blessed Sunday!!!
Happy Easter everyone.have a blessed Sunday :-)
He is Risen! Blessed Sunday and Happy Easter Day. Good Morning.' My dear bro. and sisters in Christ. God bl.
A BLESSED SUNDAY morning my dear Friends and fellow group mates... Keep safe everybody... God blessed us all... Admin ALDA SARAH
"Jesus is alive "and "we will live forevermore"... have a happy and blessed sunday everyone!
Happy Easter to All! Start our blessed Sunday right... 😊
Just came back from work. Still it's Happy Easter to you all. Have a Blessed Sunday.
He is risen, He is risen...and He lives forever more...He is risen. Come on celebrate. ..come on celebrate. ...Jesus is risen. .. Happy blessed Sunday...Happy Easter everyone.♥♥♥♥♥
...these days are nothing short of the days of Noah!!! o God the parallels are frightening God used Noah for years to warn a wicked ruthless people but they wouldn't listen today "o God cover me my soul is crying God Almighty sigh!!!" TODAY "we the children of God are all Noahs" across the globe saying change your ways repent of your sinful WICKED ways ~ JESUS CHRIST IS COMING VERY SOON ~ THIS TIME IT WON'T BE WATER BUT... "F I R E ~ " FATHER we know you said; let him that's righteous be righteous still~ let him that is filthy let him be filthy still ~ "FATHER Thy words can't return unto Thee void ~ " .Father merc ~ y Blessed Sunday "family" 1LOVE
Good Morning everybody, I woke up this morning and just thought my God is good 😃 I mean just to put it out there He is Good. He has brought me through some tough situations and to keep going no matter what. Also if anyone has any prayer request that you would like for me to be praying with you about feel free to message me or text me and I'll pray for you. Love y'all have a Blessed Sunday.
Done with the Holy Mass on a Palm Sunday! Have a Blessed Sunday! 🌿🌴.
Attend the Holy Mass today so I decided to left the iphone in my car ..Back to car immediately picked up the iphone & checked .. # First thing I saw was a beautiful & touching message from Father Keath Guianan ... ( I am really touched & really feeling great . Slamatonon tbing marhay father. ) A Blessed Sunday to everyone!!!
attended Holy Mass with my mama, aunt & a cousin... A Blessed Sunday to you All !!!
Have a Blessed Sunday everyone ^^ don't forget or pretend to forget attending Holy Mass ;)
Sunday Divine Worship with my PSM UNIMA ... Blessed Sunday everyone 🙏🙏🙏 (at Faith Baptist Church) —
Life is not about going to your job to pay bills, seek GOD to find your purpose in Life! Blessed Sunday to you!
20:10. The Seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God. Blessed Sunday.
I believe in fairytales not because of Happy Ever After but because happy moments were just Once Upon a Time. Good afternoon! Blessed Sunday!
Its a new day,with love and happiness..each day its a blessings..Let God be the center of our lives..Have a Blessed Sunday
Kids ate breakfast and they are playing video games again. Baking a birthday cake for Valerie my comadre Michelle Rodriguez daughter. Then going to get ready for TBRCNA committee meeting. Moving slow but I'm moving :) I've decided after this year once I complete my service position terms I will be focusing on my medical issues. It is such a Beautiful day. Everyone have a Wonderful and Blessed Sunday. :) Listenining to some KONO and smiling with my thoughts :)
I have been told by so many people that my daughter, Chloe made the front page of the weekend news paper, but I have yet to get a hold of that paper. Somebody please drop one off at my door! Blessed Sunday one and all...Happy Mother's Day to all my UK friends and family.
Good Morning fb friends... Four inches! Okay, I'm getting a little sick of the stuff. I don't walk in it, I don't drive in it, I don't care one way or the other about it, but it's there. Just like me, I am here. Funny how that works out... Lauren made her cleaning visit yesterday. She loves raiding my stash of candy. Do you believe she doesn't watch TV? What is happening to our youth? But she sings, and she's learning how to get rid of grandma's trash. And she sings... Do you watch "Flipping Vegas?" I watched a marathon yesterday. It has gone from a reality show to a scripted "I Love Lucy." Lord the trouble I get into when NASCAR is rained out. The sun better shine today or Beverly Hills Housewives is in trouble... Have a Blessed Sunday...
Archbishop PLChong again congratulates the Catecumens after the 2nd scrutiny or liturgical exorcism at the 10am Holy Mass today..."Pray the elect who will be baptized at Easter Vigil and learn how catechists prepare them to be received into the Church through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.Blessed Sunday
I am finding out today that the best way to mind my broken heart. Is to surround myself with Gods Love. For it's his love that Will never leave me or lie or turn his back when I have nothing. His Love will Always remain and it's his Love that will never ever Break My Heart as some in this world can and will Do.. Love ya all and I hope you have a Blessed Sunday!!
If You want to make a difference, DO something different! Stop complaining & start PRAYING. Stop saying words that seem to mean a lot but carry nothing in them, You mean it from your mouth out, but forget the main ingredient THE HEART! We should begin getting together to do fruitful things instead of wasting our time doing vain things that bring nothing but trouble and despair to us! Let us stop crying of sadness, And start crying in the presence of God for those we hurt for, And then and only then, The World will see and live the difference! We cannot change the past but we can make a better future. *I'm no psychologist, scientist, doctor or philosopher But I am the Daughter of the Great I am, God For whom nothing is impossible and never has there been or will be something impossible for him! I don't have to own a Degree in any domain to know that there ONLY ONE WAY, ONE SOLUTION: GOD! Blessed Sunday to all.
This is the day The Lord has made and we are surely going to rejoice in it! Have a blessed Sunday.
Have a happy and blessed Sunday everyone
Blessed Sunday everyone. Today marks our countdown to the launching of Saddleback South Manila in July. Journey with us! Pray for the launch
When Jesus says YES no man can say NO, hv a blessed sunday y'all n may God do you good
Sunday sermon:Abraham's life was a faith example to all peoples that follow: To be blessed =to be a blessing in Jesus Christ.(Exodus 12:1-4)
Talk about your blessings more than you talk about your problems. Have a blessed sunday
What a blessed sunday we had yesterday with bish Kamau trully I tell u Jesus is coming soon!
What a blessed Sunday we had.God is good all the time when ever you stay and believe in his word.Zephaniah 3 vs 14-20
Thank you Lord for suuuch an amaizing day had a blessed Sunday indeed. Hope u did too...goodnight world(mwah!)
Selamat sore semuanya!! Happy sunday and Have a blessed day all !! GBU all
The things that come easy won't last, the things that last won't come easy! Blessed Sunday
Although it's no longer Sunday, I had a great day ❤️ sweet dreams everyone ❤️
Well, it's Sunday, so naturally I'll be getting my standard 5 minutes of sleep.
Sunday Funday 100m slackline - blessed with some spring sunshine, we couldn't resist!
Thank you for the follow back. I am truly honored. Thank you for your service. Have a blessed Sunday and week.
you truly are fearfully and wonderfully made - have a blessed Sunday
If I had my way...we would have lol!
Have a blessed Sunday Marcus! Super miss you! Excited for the new material you've been working on! ❤🎶
🙏Just a typical Sunday. Have a blessed day my loves. Muah! 🙏
Sunday night is always the best night at catalyst. These amazing people have hung out with me all week & still like me
spent Sunday night planning out how my kids will marry my best friend's kids...
It's a new dawn. Good Morning fellas. Thank God am Blessed... How are you guys? Happy Sunday all of you. May God Bles…
With the crazies friend . Awesome blessed Sunday .
It was another blessed morning Sunday service yesterday at Christian Heritage International Church. . Today...
miss you braddah. I hope all is well and hope you had a blessed Sunday! 🙏
Goodmorning! Smile everyone and have a blessed sunday! Godbless you🙏
Excited to see our youth head off on a trip to the colorado mountains and feeling blessed to be a Pastor!
“Don't give up on what God has called you to do. The end result is worth the pain.” Amen! Blessed Sunday! Good night!
Happy Morning Sunday, everyone! Be blessed, and be your day, yep. :)
Ahhh, I am so incredibly blessed. Had the best, most relaxing Sunday ever with Riles 😊😋❤️
My Sunday was one of the best I've ever had! that even take the time to chat w/ someone like me
Overall a great Sunday spent it relaxing and Building Muscle what more can I ask
I am so that the 80s happened!!! . A nice sunday night with Miss Hollywood Montouse
I ended my Sunday great with my family 😊❤ I'm blessed thank you my lord.
Good vibes with good people. Truly a blessed Sunday and a great weekend overall!
Its another day away from Sunday..wish ya all a blessed nd fruitful week.
What an incredible feeling and full of reminded of 3:5 trust in The Lord!
IM IN LOVE WITH SUNDAY EVENINGS. Even if it means I have to drive across town and eat super late dinners.
Wonderful Sunday with the familia. Momo brunch at Brü then out for P's first beach trip.
Slathered the sun block and headed up to Malibu for a chill day.
Inspirational videos and scriptures to get you through your Sunday! Share & be Blessed!
Another blessed Sunday at PBC. Thank the Lord for those saved and all the decisions that were made today!
I just wanna thank God for another Awesome n Blessed Sunday. We are baptizing n people r joining every Sunday. In my Pastor Young voice Glory to God !
Thank you Lord for answering all our prayers, especially Father Zakk's is a Blessed Sunday for sure! Amen
Blessed Sunday! Check out this Acoustic Performance of She Says. Leave your comments. Blessed Love
GM FBF, headed to have a great worship service @ Stonewall Missionary Baptist Church, have a Blessed Sunday!
I'm not alone, when I have YOU, You promised me that You'll never leave mee, never forsake me!!Benjamin Dube's lyrics# Have a Blessed Sunday my lovely FrIends...
Happy day! Blessed Sunday! Thank you Papa God for this day.thank you for letting us hear your words and for hearing our prayers.thank you for Chloe's's so contagious.her laughter is a sweet music to my soul! mass blessed
No God Above You by Benjamin Dube, I just woke up Praising Him with this song. Good Morning everyone, have a Blessed Sunday.
AFC Leopards travel to Thika to face Sofapaka while Liverpool battle it out with Manchester United at Old Trafford. I hope it will be a win for Liverpards. Blessed Sunday.
Dear brethren, Let us try to pray daily The Way of the Cross. Introductory Prayer: Merciful Jesus, my Master, I desire to follow you in fidelity and imitate you each day with more perfection. For this reason I beg you, that through the meditation of your Passion, I may receive the grace of understanding each day with more perfection, the mysteries of the spiritual life. Mary, Mother of Mercy, always faithful to Christ, guide me through the steps of the sorrowful passion of your Son and grant me the necessary graces so that this Way of the Cross may be fruitful in my heart. Have a Blessed Sunday and remember to pray often in these Days of Holy Lent. God Loves us all, through His Son's Divine Mercy.
GD Early Sunday Morning FB FAM!! I hope Everyone turned their clocks AHEAD so you WILL NOT BE LATE FOR CHURCH! Everyone have a Blessed Sunday and Be Respectful to one another. Now, Here's Your Vitamin Scriptures: Be Thankful and Praise the Lord you enter his Temple. The Lord is Good! His Love and Faithfulness will last Forever. Psalms 100:4-5
Many of us want to get things fast, right away, immediately. Nature doesn't work that way. Seeds don't grow into trees in a few hours & bear fruits tomorrow. Similarly, if we want to achieve something in life, we need to put in all our best efforts & not just do a few simple tricks to gain it. We must always wait on God's perfect timing & will. Everything has it's own purpose, a season & a reason. Have a Blessed Sunday to all. ^_^
just finished another 5 laps this morning @ C5 Las Pinas - Paranaque Extension... Blessed Sunday!
Going to spend the afternoon with Jesus tomorrow. Going to see Son Of God tomorrow at Cinemark Cedar Park. I am excited and looking forward to being reminded of the Gift our Heavenly Father Blessed us all with. Has anyone seen it yet? I will be there for the 5:10 showing if anyone wants to go. Have a Great night and a Blessed Sunday!!!
Happy us with the kid. Thank you Lord for this brand new day. Blessed Sunday to all.
Visited a Christian Fellowship church, God lead me there today, REALLY needed the message and the praise and worship music,, very powerful service,, Also had some baptisms, some friends of my sister,, that was awesome too !!! Blessed Sunday !!!
On our way to church... Have a Blessed Sunday :) (@ Immaculate Conception Parish Church)
Have a Blessed Sunday with AZONTO Dance! You are the BEST! Azonto is a dance & a music genre originating from Ghana. Azonto is known to have originated from a traditional dance called Kpanlogo from the coastal areas like Chorkor, James Town, La, Teshie, Nungua & in the port town of Tema, all part of the Greater Accra Region. The dance involves a set of hand movements that either mimic everyday activities or are meant to signal an often amusing intention. It begun with one or two step movements but has been advanced to more complex and almost acrobatic movements. Just like most African dances, knee bending & hip movements are elements to dancing it. The dance has effectively evolved from a few rudimentary moves to embrace depictions of ironing,washing, driving, boxing, grooming, praying, swimming, and others
Blessed Sunday. Written by Rebecca Burylo Local News Montgomery, AL Veterans, waiting inside patient wards, were surprised with salutes, handshakes and pink cards as future soldiers, Marines and medics wished them a happy Valentine’s Day. Busloads of Junior ROTC cadets, elementary schoolchildren and medical students stopped by the Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System Montgomery Medical Center on Friday to thank veterans for their service and their sacrifice as part of the National Salute to Veteran Patients Week. The week, which began Feb. 9 and ends today, is celebrated annually at the CAVHCS. The CAVHCS daily services hundreds of patients’ primary health-care needs. Their job is to make the veterans feel appreciated, said Army retired William Petty, volunteer service chief at the CAVHCS. “Just saying a simple ‘Thank you for your service’ when they walk in the door makes them feel wonderful,” Petty said. “Those kind words show veterans how much they are appreciated.” Several comm . ...
Update your maps at Navteq
Many women across the world have Mary Kay as a role model. our ladies have Sandra Kay. Have a Blessed Sunday!
Siyabonga Nkosi, ngona wena uthi noma sonile, uyasithanda! Its such songs that always remind me of how great the Lord is. Amadodana are also saying kudala sizula sifuna uJesu, Ewe mina ngamthola. Angingedwa, Blessed Sunday friends.
Do not change so people will like you. Be yourself, so the right people will love the REAL you. Blessed Sunday
From the good melodies of Manoo,Las, Anane Vega with Elements of Life, Timmy Regisford- "ThankYou" (Frankie Feliciano Vocal mix). is a revolution!! 4Sunday (Artjazz Vocal mix--Real people) *Blessed Sunday bookers!
Too early to greet "Good Morning" its just 3:15am. I woke up at 2:30am para mag hatid sana kay Zand sa Global City for her fun run... I just want to share the goodness of God .. Last night i prayed na sana mabait yong taxi driver na masakyan namin papunta doon dahil 3am dapat andun na sya.. before 3am her friend called up na pwede sya ma daanan dito sa bahay going to BGC dahil may dala syang car. I'm so thankful kay Lord sobrang bait talaga..God is so good!.. Great Provider! Have a Blessed Sunday friends. :)
GM FB Family - Just completed 40 Minutes of The Firm Upper Body Works With Weights and 16 Minutes of Winsor Pilates AB Sculpting - Physical Fitness for Today is Done and Headed into Meditation for Spiritual Fitness. Headed to the 1030 a.m. Service at Mount Olive Baptist Church who meets at Freedom High School in Woodbridge, Virginia. God is Awesome - Have a Blessed Sunday - Agape Love - Sis Carolyn/DeltaFit2Win!!
Have a Blessed Sunday to all my Fijian Families here in American Samoa
Relaxing moment , watching Ben Hur- A Tale of the Christ- is a novel by Law Wallace on November 12,1880 by Harper & Brothers. Considered" The most influential Christian Book of the Nineteenth Century."won 11 Academy Awards in sales surpassed Gone with the Wind , Blessed by Pope Leo XIII, the novel was the first work of fiction to be honored( 134 years) Have a Blessed Sunday everyone..!
Heading to the Alexandra Stadium to support a friend then ...Doing The DIP Car Wash (Alexandra) Hope yall have a magnificent Blessed Sunday.
Blessed Sunday to all: 2014 is the year of the Laity - that's us, the parishioners comprising half of the Church. The other half is the Clergy. Here in the Philippines, the Laity is much blessed, for since the Church existed we already had elevated two simple Catechists to the pedestal of Sainthood, namely - St. Lorenzo Ruiz of Binondo and St. Pedro Calungsod of Iloilo, Southern Leyte, Cebu or of Bohol (All four provinces claimed the Saint as their own of which Iloilo has the strongest validity based on baptismal records kept by Spanish authorities. By the way, I had classmates during high school surnamed Calungsod: Samuel, Ruben and Alicia, to name a few in Molo, Iloilo City). People heard Jesus said, "The Kingdom of God is at hand!" but tend not to listen. Instead, let the message besmirched by the evils of "ism" in current times - materialism, egoism, cynicism, individualism, etc. We, the Laity are called to transform the world into a Kingdom of God, but first we must liberate ourselves from the mire o ...
Have a Blessed Sunday y'all! The Old Rugged Cross by Shannon Branch on
Blessed Sunday morning to you! We'd love for you to join us in person, but if you can't you can listen online. Today, Pastor Steve Harvey brings us the message from Ephesians 4.
Gauteng Acting Workshop wrote... Positive attitude will keep winning no matter what. Blessed Sunday to you :)
Good Morning everyone! The staff of Trio Productions just wants to wish you all a Blessed Sunday! Remember: Everything that we are is because of your constant Faith and Actions. ~ Eddie Edwards
Merry Meet and Good Morning to all! Have a beautiful and Blessed Sunday! BB~
Blessed Sunday everyone. Will be speaking at the 8am and 11am worship services of Greenhills Christian Fellowship North. Come join us if you live in the area. The church is located at the Penthouse of Jocfer Bldng., Commonwealth Ave.
Dr Charles Stanley, Hot Coffee & a delayed family Christmas get together today. And hopefully the Carolina Panthers can wrap up a win in Atlanta. Have a Blessed Sunday!
Grace Bible Church rocks,what a beautiful morning service,I truly enjoyed being in the presence of God...let's go to church baena,do not forsake the gathering of the saints,...where 2 or more gathers,God is in their mist! Blessed Sunday.
Off to Santo Domingo to hear Mass, then to Cuneta Astrodome for our oath-taking. A Blessed Sunday! :D
"Action attracts abundance." -Bo Sanchez 5 Steps to be an Action Person : 1. Make a mess 2. Be a fool 3. Eat your frog (Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worst will happen to you the rest of the day. -Mark Twain) 4. Do your thing 5. Make a mess again. never stop learning, never stop growing. Blessed Sunday!!! :D
Your Action attracts Abundance. - Bo Sanchez Don't just think of having a business or a second source of income in the future. ACT NOW and see the results. In these days, where almost everybody is planning to establish a business, being the first one to have is a BIG advantage. Blessed Sunday to ALL! :)
Blessed Sunday to all,and Lord please be with our nation,South Africa
I've learned that it's not what I have in my life but who I have in my life that counts. So, between God, my mama and papa, my 4 sisters, my baby twin sofia, our 3 cutie dogs, friends and everyone who love me, my life is complete. Thank You Lord!! Have a Blessed Sunday everyone!!
Home sweet home after a awesome Sunday at church! Worshipped at the 12 & 5pm with my Hillsong fam and I could've stood for one more service but my tummy was hungry! Powerful word by Pastor Josh Kimes at the 12 and Pastor Carl Lentz at the 5p was on FIRE! Blessed to eat! :-)
citam thika road. Blessed Sunday all.
Blessed Sunday .. Survivors of Typhoon Haiyan just landed Manila narrated how they survive, mana Marivic lost her husband and se overall other relatives in photo. ... No home Rtn offered shelter for the night until the find thier relatives... Little aye ya clings into the stuff pillow we gave from the solicited goods .Emmylpu lives in the town of San Jose on that photo photo we have on tarapu .we offered other help including but one woman said " its good enough we survived and here in Manila we will find our future ' ( in tagalog) please give it to the people left behind".. There is hope " Great souls are often those who have undergone great sorrows but have refuse to give up ' ...
Day 10: Thankful for Hayworth Wesleyan Church! Me and Felicia are getting ready to head there now and worship our Lord and Savior!!! Hope everyone has a Blessed Sunday!
Hope everyone had a Blessed Sunday . Awesome service at Faith Cowboy Church . There will NOT be horsing around this Tuesday or Thursday. Come to the Harvest Fest Left Behind hayride. 7-10 -- food/ games and candy for kids. Come see and ride on hay ride. All welcome :-)
Good Morning and Blessed Sunday to all! Waking up to cool and damp skies here in the ATX! I can hardly believe it! I am in the middle of the weekend-long Austin City Limits Music Festival. I am doing all three days for the first time ever, and I think I'm holding up pretty well for a middle-ager! Ha! Actually, I am having a ball. Good friends and family, great music, yummy eats, and gorgeous weather. All beautiful, life-affirming stuff. Today, my church, Highland Park Baptist, is concluding a 12-week worship series entitled "A Place At The Table For All", in which we have been exploring themes of justice, equality, reconciliation, courage, sacrificial love, and radical inclusivity. As part of this, we have been acknowledging and celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement. We have been doing this in a number of ways, one of which has been the opportunity to hear a weekly reading in worship from the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I am SO grateful to my many fellow congregants who have s ...
Over 92% of ma East African fb fwends live a lie life. 95% Africans n mo so East Africans, r fake Xtians?. ~2day all Churches in East Africa r full wid Africans pretending to b hollier than thou'. Look how da Church is full 2day- no sittin space. * Africa is da poorest continent n yet today it is the continent wid da greatest o biggest No. of Christians inthe world. ~Africans, wen they hate they do so 2 death, yet the Bible says 4 give 70 x 70 x70!!. ~ Africa n mo so East Africa, is da most Corrupt , insecure, tribal (racist) + fake Christians pipo on earth. ( Sunday r saints n Angels,- Monday -Sato4 how long r u gonna live a lie n endup in *** ?. * Ma take,- Africans, n mo so East Africans will b da most No.of pipo in *** * As u go to Church kama kawa, search ur heart n ask urself were u belong, n stop living a lie. We shall all b judged by how we lived our lives on Earth, n nt the Number of days we attended Sunday services o Mass. * 2 all ma enemies n few real fwends on fb; ave a Blessed Sunday n A ...
Blessed Sunday to u too. Cannot wait for the 11th October - Youth Festival. I'm counting the days to c u perform
Blessed Sunday everyone.let us go out for the pork march this 1pm...our way to raise our voices...with others we are strong...for alone we are weak...and have in our hearts the hope of being heard and the 100% attainment of the desires of our country Philippines for her people to be alleviated from the then TOO MUCH POVERTY...for me, this is my personal sacrifice, an offering for our country and for the POSTULANTS of DON BOSCO SEMINARY who is now taking the LET examination for them to make it...that as future priests they as board passer educators will not be contented of a minimalistic work of catechesis ...let us pray for this intentions for the GREATER GLORY OF GOD.
O Happy Day O Happy Day...when Jesus wash.washed my sins away.Morning Morning Fb fam and friends have Blessed Sunday and if you are in need of a church home or simply want to praise and worhip COME...321 Main Street ( Main Street Baptist Church) Where praises are high and the presence of God enters in. Be Blessed...
Martin Luther King Jr on Gandhi - He lifted love beyond mere personal relationship and turned it into a broad scale social force for good. All this world needs is a lot of love...Stop the hate, stop the fighting and just love. Blessed Sunday and remember to spread the love. I love you.
"The things for you, are aren't really for you, its for the poor, SHARE" -Saint Thomas. Done with the mass. Have a Blessed Sunday everyone:)
There is nothing better than to start a day with a Holy Mass. Blessed Sunday everyone :-)
Hi klaygirlikers❤ I will be out of the country from july 8-11 2013.. For inquiries and orders, please email me at klaygirl9or pm me here and we'll get to it as soon as i get back! Thanks and Have a Blessed Sunday. You can also visit my Booth At the handmade fair Bazaar Eastwood mall atrium this July 11-14 :)
Inspiring read for this Sunday- Building libraries, building dreams in Isabela&Nueva Vizcaya Have a Blessed Sunday!
Good Morning My Dearest Contestants of the "WIN 3 S4 Compe". Four contestants will be laughing today and the ADMIN will be crying. What the admin thought was impossible these 4 did it and each one of them will get 1000/-. The 4 contestants are 1.Precious Limme 2.Kissor Enoch 3.Susan Deizy 4.Brand Dhemontz Each one got more than 200 votes yesterday. (but Dixons did not get likes?) Have a Blessed Sunday.
Amazing Grace By Artists Chris Tomlin and Michael W Smith Iyk the song Blessed Sunday to u all my frenz , relatives and my enemies
My Reflection on Today's Gospel. Luke 10:2-3,'HE said to them,"The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest. (3) Go on your way; behold, I am sending you like lambs among wolves." Everyone has a mission in life. If one says that he/she doesn't know their mission, then maybe they're lost. Or they're like a car without a driver, running aimlessly & soon will crash. As followers of Christ we all are missionaries. We are tasked to share the Good News in the same manner that His disciples were sent by Jesus. To claim that we aren't trained, is not an excuse. We can always draw strength & inspiration from Jesus' teachings & from the lives of the saints. The 'wolves' around us are distractions & temptations. We can resist them through prayer, fasting & focus on our mission. Go in the name of Christ ! A Blessed Sunday to All ! :) -From Fr. Martin
Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. -Keith Urban 😇 Happy & Blessed Sunday to all! Papa God sorry if I can't visit you today 'coz I've got something to do po but at least we had time to talk last night diba... 󾌵 Just wanna thank you po for everything. ❤
"Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves." ~ Luke 10:3 We are called to be BOLD for Jesus who sent us to proclaim the good news of salvation. He chooses us. He commands us. He gives us the authority. So be CONFIDENT that no matter what you are going through in your life today, He who has sent you will PROTECT & keep you. Blessed Sunday everyone!
@ Mommy Che's Corner My Morning prayer: 5:30 am@ home 7th of July '2013 Psalm 50:23 “Whoever offers the sacrifice of thanksgiving glorifies me; And to him that orders his way aright will I show the salvation of God.” (KJV) Almighty God, Thank you for this opportunity to SERVE you and in all that we do to glorify your Holy Name. Open my heart that I may recognize your grace and mercy. Give me strength to share my love, and my talents to those in need and to those that don’t know you. We humbly stand before you in complete submission to your will. We are the clay and you are the Potter. We ask that you mold us and use us as you see fit. Our lives are not our own for we belong to you. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen. - Bible Verse for today: Philippians 4:6 “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.” (NKJV) Have a Blessed Sunday everyone♥ ~~ Mommy C c: —
Got a clutch parking spot! Love it! Ready to Eden Roc this fabulous, Blessed Sunday!
Am sorry! i am a woman who stands n my own feet, fights for wht s right, n cn't tolerate injustices. Stands up for thse I love, speaks my mind, my thoughts n do thngs my way..m always dtermined 2 do my dreams 2 materilaize, i respect all opinions-yr entitled 2 tht, i m strong-willed, patience n kind n capable of love!!weeeh.hav a Blessed Sunday!
Remember that you are formed in God's hands, dreamed up in God's heart, and placed in the world for a purpose. Today I close out my time of ministry here in MA and tomorrow begin once again in NY. Faith. Have yourself a Blessed Sunday!
Wishing everyone a beautiful and a Blessed Sunday. Came back from Sunday Youth Mass at St Joseph Cathedral, Miri. Then fetching Fabron Calvin from Kolej, after attending the weekend Leadership's Camp for Kolej TDHB for 2013 - 2014 which was held at Batu Niah National Park.
Attending worship service. Blessed Sunday to all! (@ Iglesia Ni Cristo - Sta. Cruz Locale)
Blessed Sunday ... See you all down-town Benton Harbor at the Gene harris throw down!
Good MAWNIN' !! Well - we think the red dog bowl was carried off by a dog and dropped in the front yard of a house down the street ... This mess keeps up and I'm going to borrow a dog trap from the town ... There's 2 suspects - a yellow lab and a black german shepherd. If ya'll know who might own these dogs and lets them run loose, you might wanna warn 'em ... Okay now where was I ? Hmmm ... I'm fixin' to feed the Peeping Menace - he's as good as a parrot !! (cept he can't talk) The GrandVarmint is gathering up his coffee cans for a rousing morning of "extreme toddler drumming" ... :) I can't think of a better way to wake his daddy up :) :) :) Ya'll have a Blessed Sunday :) :) :)
Beautiful gospel music compilation on this morning. Blessed Sunday it is. Have a beautiful one Mzansi!
Thank you to the greatest Youth group at Harmony UMC. Duck Dynasty Sunday was a blast. Enjoyed the congregation from young to old dressed in their camo and the occasional Duck Call. We had special guests Si Robertson( Joshua David Cope) and Jase Robertson( Kyle Harvey) entertain us. Sayings from the show to keep us laughing by Callie Rae Johnson, Hannah Harvey, Chelsea Harvey and Sarah Cope. Beautiful Music of I'll Fly Away and Down to the River to Pray. Happy Father's Day. We hope you all enjoy your Blessed Sunday.
Fathers, the best thing you can do is be a good father to your children by most importantly respecting their mother. Happy Fathers Day. I hope you are all having a Blessed Sunday.
Blessed Sunday. Didn't make it into the House of the Lord Today. But did just get my praise on with the Mississippi Mass Choir while cooking Sunday dinner. *I.Need.Thee*
In ChUrCh At St..PaRtHeNiOuS oRtHoDoX ChUrCh. Lykin it..God is all. Blessed Sunday y'all...:):)
Thru it all,i'v learnt 2 depend upon his word...Benjamin Dube Blessed Sunday tsalaships!!!
Good MoRtInG All... !!! I have never known what kind of tick is this or that. Welp, pulled it off Monday..., but I've ran fever and getting sick... All I wanna do is sleep!!!..;(...( hope it's not a deer tick...!! Have a Blessed Sunday...;))❤❤❤
Happy new month and birthday to awo tia celebrating their birthday this month,may it not be last on earth and wish you many more blessings.As we begin the last month of the first half of the year, you wlll not live in defeat; in want;our life will not continue in circles of retrogression, sorrow & unattainable goals insha Allahu.Blessed Sunday and fruitful week ahead
Blessed Sunday. Darwin's cathedral the size of SATS chapel in kyusi. Front retains what remains of original structure after a powerful cyclone in 1974 smashed the city to rubbles. Winner of Australia's design architecture now icon of the Northern Territories.
Goodmorning everyone!!! Which Indian grocery can I get yummy Meat SAMOSAS in Rockdale !!! Pliz help me with the address & Have a Blessed Sunday!!
Hebrews: 12 - 15 "Lift up your tired hands, then, & strengthen your trembling knees! Keep walking on straight paths, so that the lame foot may not be disabled, but instead be healed.Try to be at peace with everyone, & try to live a Holy life, because no one will see the Lord without it. Guard against turning back from the grace of God. Let no one become like a bitter plant that grows up & causes many troubles with its poison." Blessed Sunday buddies.
Spend a minute to thank the lord for another precious day. Blessed Sunday everyone!
My heart, my life my soul...belongs to you!! Damita haddon says it all!! Blessed Sunday
Join me in celebrating the mothers who, through hardwork, commitment and sacrifice, are raising their children, caring for their families, contributing to their communities and supporting the economy. I applaud those women and remind them that our Government is committed to supporting them by continuing to improve access to healthcare facilities and by partnering with them to invest in the holistic development of all the children of this great land. Happy Mothers Day and a Blessed Sunday to you all.
Goodnight! :D Have a Blessed Sunday to all specially to Barangay Ginebra San Miguel. :)).
Have a Blessed Sunday co'z it's the day when our Great Lord presence are now occuring so don't forget HIM and the all things he have made
Rise and Shine, time to go give thanks to the HOLY ONE... Morning all my sweetie pies... Have a Blessed Sunday...
Have a Blessed Sunday and Happy 12th Sunday of 2013.
waking up in the morning! Thank you Lord for the new day. Blessed Sunday. 🙏
Good Morning I love the direction you have taken to preach peace and unity. Blessed Sunday.
But has a BEAUTIFUL voice. This Battle is not yours. Vele, let Him take over within you Blessed Sunday indeed
Pastor Joel Olsteen ministered today about "God will do His part if We do ours. Don't Worry, and God will come in and Make Your Enemies Your Footstool!" I am thankful today for Fellowship and the Reading & Understanding of Gods Word. May You Too Enjoy a Blessed Sunday.
Just made pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon syrup and bacon for breakfast! Yummy!! I so want to open a bed and breakfast!! Will have to make again in October, perfect fall breakfast! Have a Blessed Sunday everyone! Love and Hugs to all!!
Gospel St. Luke 15:1-3. 11-32 . it is more appropriate to say that it is about the loving father. He rejoiced and welcomed his son who has sinned against him. God never look on our sins what is important, we learn to accept our sins and ask for His forgiveness. In confessing our sins, we are strengthening our relationship with God, reaching out for His love and make us strong in facing the temptations in our daily lives. Have a Blessed Sunday to all of us.
I wake up in a comfy bed, with a roof over my head. I'm Alive & Blessed! Thank u God for this beautiful day! Have a Blessed Sunday everyone!
Friends, hear God's Counsel to you in this season; Don't lose your dream on account of where you are at the moment. Don't allow your current location to rob you of a dream for a better location. Don't allow your disadvantages and misfortunes rob you of a desire for change and progress. Beloved, give thought to your dreams today. Resurrect every dream and vision you have abandoned. Forget what the naysayers and unpleasant circumstances said to you. Keep the dream alive,don't let it die! Don't lose it. Pray with me, "Lord, help me not to lose my dreams in Jesus name". Have a Blessed Sunday!
Blessed Sunday to you all, It's a New Dawn... Real change is a must. Let’s reflect and vote right on Monday, March 4, 2013. Let’s break from the past by voting in Musalia Mudavadi. Mudavadi.
Joel Osten comes on twice in the morning 9am (Channel 5) and 10am (Channel 9). Good to know because I overslept today and I definitely don't like missing getting my Joel Osteen on! "When fear shows up meet it with courage!" Fear you don't intimdate me I know who I am and I know whose I am!" Blessed Sunday!
When you focus on being a blessing, God makes sure that you are always blessed in abundance. Joel Olsteen~ Have a Blessed Sunday.
Blessed Sunday to my valued friends and peers. I pray everyone has a restful, safe day today. >>
Blessed Sunday to you all, hopefully your week was a good one. When was the last time you did something for another without seeking anything? Try it, because you can't imagine that God does this continually on a daily basis. We be asking for a lot from HIM, but what are we willing to give? Learn your soul for we are only living in a spirit...
Dear friends, do listen to this beautiful hymn sung by the "Sonu Nigam of Coastal Karnataka"!!! ;) Have a Blessed Sunday, folks!! :) Hymn - I Surrender All By - Prajoth D'sa Piano By - Dolvin Mendonca Recorded Studio Visit Prajoth's webpage for more of his songs :
beautiful day here today, but tomorrow night and Monday have a possibility of a snowstorm coming through. Is March going to like "In like a Lion and Out as a Lamb" or "In like a Lamb and out like a Lion?? Guess we will see, right? Troy worked a couple of hours today and then Caleb and Troy went to Cub Scouts Winter Extraganza. Caleb had a good time. After that took the kids swimming at the Rec Center and they had a good time. We went to Pizza Ranch for supper and now home. Kids are watching Ice Age Contentinal Divide. Than they will be going to bed. Well I better go so after the movie I can go to bed and be ready for Church in the morning. May you have a blessed night of sleep. Have a Blessed Sunday! God Bless and take care.until next time.
Blessed Sunday to all of us! I overly like Dr. Charles Stanley's teachings ♥ thanks Lord! Amen.
First we would like to say thank you for the support we have received so far in being able to push the agenda for and we seek your indulgence to support us more, especially on 4th March, we would like to ask you humbly to get as many people as possible to vote for Uhuru and Jubilee candidates. Let's take Uhuru to Statehouse and let us take this country forward. Blessed Sunday.
JOHN 1:44 Now Phillip was of Bethsaida, the city of Andrew and Peter. 45. Phillip findeth Nathaniel,and saith unto him, We have found him , of whom Moses in the Law, and prophets, did write, JESUS of Nazareth, the son of Joseph. 46. And Nathaniel said unto him, can there any good thing come out of Nazareth? Philip saith unto him, come and see! People might have looked down upon you, despised you, your job, your family, your ancestral background and they have come up with one conclusion, you cant make it! Something good can come out of you, just Hold on unto Jesus, he knows the plans he has for us! They don't have your future but Jesus do, so be strong! Blessed Sunday! Dan C Ochola.
Sunday is a short day n a lot needs to be done! *Cleaning *Cook Sunday Kos *Do my hair *Take Bobo out for Movies *Some quality time with my Man! Eish ke tla khona mara? Morning Friends a Blessed Sunday to u!
Morning guys. Wishing you all a Blessed Sunday!
Good evening, just a short message to let you know that Marie Cecile Zeringue has returned to her home after her 4 day stay at Thibodaux General Hospital. She is back but tired. Please keep her and our brother Furcy in your prayers. Thank for your prayers. I was unable to visit with Furcy this week as I spent my time at the hospital with Cecile,hope to see him this Wednesday. Have a Good night and a Blessed Sunday. From GOd's Country, Your Friend in Christ , Patrick J. Zeringue.
Blessed Sunday to my family out there!,,guide and keep them safe ALWAYS Lord...
Good Morning. I hope you are having a restful weekend. A Blessed Sunday to you all.
God is with you today, everyday and everywhere you go. Let us live in peace with each other because life is short. Today your here you don't know for tomorrow. God doesn't close one door if he have something better for you. Wish you and your fam a Blessed Sunday,full of Health,Love, ,Happyness and Peace.
Morning pals, let's all go to church and pray to our beloved country this western world should stop forcing us to vote for their preffered candidate, we are in ademocratic state and the desitions of Kenyans should be respected, what have they smelled? elections are not yet done. one people,one nation one Devine destiny, God bless Kenya God bless Africa. Blessed Sunday people of the land of my birth.
Despite the Defeat last night, Lord i will trust you and Love you more, gave credit to our opponent they fought back hard,in Life you win some and you lose some, we will take it, Grind it and move on, I Love the and respect this Game, keep your heads up high Guys, thanks to Teves Family most especially to Malou Teves for your undying Support, God bless Us all, Have a Blessed Sunday.
"i lOve the LOrd; fOr He heard my vOice, He heard my cry fOr mercy. I will call On Him as lOng as i live." Have a Blessed Sunday! :)
Dear GOD, I love you. Thank you for waking me up in this blessed Sunday morning and letting me live again. Have a Blessed Sunday!
God's Word is a treasure.Like a valued jewel,we keep it close to our ourselve.We "wear it" as a reminder to live a Godly life,displaying His love for all to see. have hidden your Word in my heart,that I might not sin against You-(psalm 119:11) Blessed Sunday to all..How is God's Word impacting your life today?
Today's Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) Bible Study Outline for Sexagesima Sunday Feb 3, 2013. God is Omniscient (All Knowing) The omniscient of God makes our communication with Him easy & readily ushers us into His presence. God possesses complete & universal knowledge of all things past, present & future. This includes not only the actual, but also the possible. This total & immediate knowledge is based on His eternal essence which is, He has always & will always exist. There is nothing God does not know. He knows the eternal story of every grain of sand in this limitless & grand universe. And remember that He also knows the number of hairs on your head. This should have a sobering effect on us & strengthen our trust & confidence when we face challenges. God knows us to the minutes detail of our lives! Wish you all a Blessed Sunday as we worship in His Presence.
Thank You Father, for another wonderful day to have a good attitude toward life's situation. Thank You for loving me and keeping me close to You, thank You for provision, for peace and joy, thank You for rest and comfort in times of trouble. Thank You for favor and good health and strength in my body. Today I pray Your healing hand upon the sick and provision for all in need. I cancel every assignment of the enemy, I push back the spirit of rebellion in the name of Jesus. Lord let me not be in disobedience of Your will for my life. Open the heart to feel compassion for those in need and strengthen the weak. Pour Your love upon Your people and bring a fresh touch. In Jesus Mighty Name. Amen. Blessed Sunday to All! :)
peace of mind is the greatest ASSET we can have for a healthy living. this is an inner VICTORY which comes from knowing GOD intimately. wishing you a relaxed mind, a peaceful soul, a joyful spirit, a heart full of LOVE and thanksgiving. Have a Blessed Sunday!!! ohayou gozaimasu minna san and God bless us always!!!
Before we hit the campaign trail today, we started by attending a Church Service at Kisima Cha Neema Church. Thank you for your prayers and continued support this far and let us continue working together. I hope you all had a Blessed Sunday.
I hope everyone has had a very Blessed Sunday. I know here at Lexy's HandMade Creations I am having a Blessed Sunday. Tomorrow is the start of a whole new week of auctions and what nots. So stay tuned for what is available in those. Also look for some shout outs to some other awsome vendors that I know. Lexy
Bryan had foot surgery and doing well, Uncle Bobby walked away from a car accident with a badly broken wrist, tgh put a plate in and he is home. Yea!! I start my new job at the Watson Clinic in lake land tomorrow, I'm so happy. Blessed Sunday, and to top it off Heather Howe is coming home!!
Day 27: This past week has been full of blessings...thank you Lord. Today I will make my way to the house of the Lord and praise his holy name. If you do not have a church home, come join us at Union Chapel A.M.E. Zion Church in Linwood, NC where Jesus is King. Have a Blessed Sunday!!!
We are in for some freezing rain here in NW Illinois! Looks like a good day to stay inside, wash and put away our hunting gear. :) Have a Blessed Sunday!
Blessed Sunday morning/afternoon everyone! Preparing for Gospel Brunch today at the beautiful Hamilton here in DC.Agape Love!!!
Up early dis am caught up on sum much need rest!Now its breakfast time sausage Bacon grits eggs&cheese& toast hashbrowns&OJ of coarse hve a "Blessed Sunday"
Here's wishing everyone a truly Blessed Sunday and time to say good bye to the snow, Love, Light and many Blessings from me, Jonathan x x x
Dear Friends Greetings in Jesus name, We have a Blessed Sunday service at. our Telugu Baptist Church. YSR COLONY, Chilakaluripet, Andhra Pradesh, South India. Tonight I. am going to preach in a small congrigation which is among the gentles. This is the place where Muslims and Hindus strongly opposite the Good News of Jesus Christ. Please Pray let the small congregation encourage by the word of God. firmly stand in faith.
Yaahh imma Sleep now...i hav Church in a Couple of Hours..Yaay =)...imma pass out now ♥ i hope every1 has a god Blessed Sunday..xo
Today I was happy to attend the Ordination of Mrs. Catherine Kagwiria Mutua at Kaaga Methodist Church in Meru. I pray that you all have a Blessed Sunday.
dear God, thank you for another beautiful morning You have given me. Amen. Have a Blessed Sunday everyone :)
Blessed Sunday to everyone! Don't forget to smile,it's a beautiful day... ;)
I'm glad to be out the hospital & home healing from gallbladder surgery, pancreatitis & fatty liver. I'm in pain but meds are helping :). No longer will I allow stress & bad eating habits control me cause I could`ve died & all those people & things I allowed to stress me would have went on with life while my kids would`ve been without a mother. I put ALL of my worries in the hands of God! Forgive me Lord for stressing & caring what others say about me! I'm Blessed! My mom spent everynight of the 6 days I was in the hospital! She's the BEST! Thank you Lord for my mommy! Have a Blessed Sunday!
A perfect day with the family. Attended mass at Quiapo Church. Going out for lunch. They'll be traveling back to Bicol tonight. Blessed Sunday.
Cough did not make me sleep well last night. Too bad to be awake this early. Packing and moving continues. Blessed Sunday everyone.
There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book. Let go. Let God. Move on. Move up! Have a Blessed Sunday!
time to out. have a good night every1, a peaceful dream to all~!!~ 2mrw Morning a Blessed Sunday!!!
Give the world a smile each day, Helping someone on life's way, From the paths of sin bring the wonderer's in, To the master's fold to stay, Help to cheer the lone and sad, Help to make some pilgrim glad, Let your life so be that all the world might see, The joy of serving Jesus with a smile. --- Have a Blessed Sunday!
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Make a joyful noise all ye people.Blessed Sunday everyone!
In life, when you feel as though you have come to that "red sea" situation, take a look back at the things that have hurt you! Everything that you have been through! Then look at God and know he is able! Those things that happened before will be no more! Take a hold of his hand so that he may lead you through the troubled waters,over to the other side. Where new beginnings can take place for you! You decided to cross over because you want to be made over! God truly can do great things in the lives of those who put their lives in his hands:) Blessed Sunday!
For those who would like to order, pls copy, fill out and paste this ORDER FORM on our PM, and we'll get back to you ASAP. Thank you very much! Happy & Blessed Sunday everyone! :) Kindly fill out the Order Form below ONLY if you are 100% SURE to avail. Thanks & happy e-shopping! Cut-off for orders and payment: January 18, 2013 (Friday) Batch Shipment: January 21, 2013 (Monday) ETA: Next day delivery, January 22, 2013 (Tuesday) Full Name: Complete Shipping Address: Contact Numbers (landline & cellphone): Email Address: Order/s: Mode of Payment (pls choose one): -BDO Savings Deposit -Western Union -Cebuanna Lhuiller -LBC -MLhuiller We'll send you invoice for payment and shipment details after you submit us the filled-out Order Form. Thank you!
Last part of the Intercession of 3Jan in the Divine Office AM Prayer: "Jesus, father of the poor, our way and our life, - grant to your Church the spirit of detachment from earthly things!" "Hesus, Ama ng mga Aba, aming daan at buhay, - ipagkaloob mo sa iyong Simbahan ang Espiritu ng paglayo sa pagnanasa sa mga makamundong bagay!" Blessed Sunday to all! May we desire more and more the heavenly things to put into perspective our earthly desires.
Eating my fabulous banana pancakes (made by Gregory Thompson) that were just delivered to me and thinking of my girls Deja Arianna, Ieischa Johnson, Cherita Brown Irving and Whitney Mero. Wish you were here to share one with me. Blessed Sunday morning.
Good Morning friends!! Blessed Sunday to you all across the globe.. Work is done and my weekend has finally started ! :-)
First Sunday at Christ the King Cathedral. As tone deaf as I am I sang my heart out. Blessed Sunday friends n Fam.
you see we are travelling to Naivasha in a company of good friends...I was given some bottled water ...only to walk to nearby restaurant & drink it frm the glass.Am not used to carry bottles ...especially when travelling.On the other hand am just used to drinking water from the glass or plastic cup.This is one of the habits of people who have been brought up from the village.They do things as they love them ...not even as they like them.Blessed Sunday.
Zechariah 4:10"Do not despise humble beginnings".¤¤ Learn not to conclude a person by his or her present status bcoz time has the immaculate power to change an invaluable coal into a valuable diamond. ¤¤ Our backgrounds may influnce where we are presently but certainly doesnt define our future.¤ Blessed Sunday.
oh i see! hehe... Have a Blessed Sunday! starting to love your tandem with DingDong Dantes! cute! ;D
happy and a Blessed Sunday to all .
Let's celebrate the YEAR OF FAITH! Checklist of symbols of our faith (found in our home): BIBLE, CANDLE, CCC, CRUCIFIX, ROSARY, STATUE OF SAINTS or SAN PEDRO CALUNGSOD, SAN LORENZO RUIZ Blessed Sunday!
Blessed Sunday all u beautiful people.:)
My, oh my, Peanut Butter Overload!!! Peanut Butter cupcake filled with Peanut Butter Ganache, topped with Rich and Creamy Peanut Butter Frosting and finished with Peanut Butter Chips! Sure glad I got up bright & early on this snowy morning!! I predict this cupcake will become a new favorite for many of you. Well, maybe just those of you who have a deep affection for Peanut Butter! And, my high school classmate Suzie and her family will be first to try this new delight! Can't wait to see what they think about it!! Have a Blessed Sunday everyone!!
How are we today? I hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season. Have a Blessed Sunday leading up to the Jubilee Year.
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When I exposed *** last time, some people called me *** myself. The truth is, I am not *** and it will take me centuries to come to terms with the practice. To me, as an African and more so a Ugandan, homosexuality is something I cannot and will not accept. Well there is a story in my inbox about the Nation Media(NTV and Daily Monitor) having the biggest number of *** Among the names mentioned include Craig Kadoda (NTV) and Jonathan Muyamba (Daily Monitor). The shocking bit about this is that there is a *** editor who makes it possible for anybody to be recruited as long as they *** because, apparently, he gets 'some' in exchange for the job. My question here is: Can the Nation Media report objectively on homosexuality since it is harboring most of them in it's different media houses? Blessed Sunday y'all.
Good Morning and Blessed Sunday to everyone!! With Christmas just two days away, yours truly has been swamped both at work and at home with all of the festivities, but nonetheless, I was NOT going to let you all celebrate without giving a forecast so that you'll know what to wear or travel plans for your holidays. Let's get started, shall we?? Southeast-Unfortunately my home friends, the majority of the area will NOT be seeing a white Christmas, even though a major storm system will be passing through the area late Christmas Eve into Christmas day. Today will bring a slight chance for some showers, but we really need to be concerned Christmas Day between southeastern Louisiana into south-central Alabama as the main threat with the system will be heavy rainfall, strong winds, and we can't rule out tornadoes. Today and tomorrow, highs will be in the low 70s, but the remainder of the week will bring highs in the 60s with another cool down going into the weekend. Midwest-The chill will be holding steady in th ...
Blessed Sunday before Christmas to all the Cornbread Mafia! Anyone doing anything special tonight? SPM
As we have entered the last 8 days of 2012 we join our faith yet again with all watchmen to enforce a blood covering over the Body of Christ. We cover our sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, communities, leaders in the blood. We receive divine protection over all saints. We receive forgiveness for all our sins. We receive grace to be sensitive beyond just our immediate spheres. We release peace upon the weary and troubled hearts in the Global BOC. We receive strength and wisdom afresh upon our marketplace believers. We contend for and receive fresh insight and revelations upon all our BOC Governmental leaders in the persons of Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists. We receive the Joy of the Lord upon all Global Body of Christ church workers whether in administrative or volunteer capacity. Let there be a fresh wave of encouragement flowing from the Heavens to the Global Body of Christ now in Jesus name and by His atoning blood. Amen.Blessed Sunday everyone. Blessings and more grace. It is we ...
Good Morning everyone. May you all have a Blessed Sunday with your families and friends. We are on the road as all ways :) Today we are making a turn in Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden with 3 clients. Then we of to the Cape Town International Airport - CPT with 2 clients and then we off to Fountains Hotel to pick up some clients that's coming to Somerset West, Western Cape, the best for last we are going on a Wine Tour as well for the day... :)
Aw, you too! ♥"Have a Blessed Sunday my beautiful sister☺
Prayers for the 2nd day of the Nursing Licensure Examination. Have a Blessed Sunday!!
Blessed Sunday friends and When luck is on your side it is not the time to be modest or timid. It is the time to go for the biggest success you can possibly achieve. DONALD J TRUMP
Repost by Patricia Stanley .What a Blessed Sunday. Another powerful message from the Lord by Pastor, Dr. Robert Stanley. Message: Believers must be zealous servants, We must be on fire for the Lord, We must give Our all, We must speak energetic and boldly, We must have a desire to serve God., We must have a burden to serve God. Part of being Saved is to serve God. Roman 12;11 Say's be fervent in the spirit, serving the Lord and don't be a spectator, be a participator in God's service. Be a blessing to the Saints. Be a resource of encouragement. We must speak publicly proclaiming Christ, convince others to be Saved. sanctify the Lord in your heart, defend your faith, and be on fire for the Lord. Are You a Benefit or a Burden to Your Ministry?
Good Morning Kenya.I know there is someone out there worrying of many things,what to eat,wear,where to get Christmas money,feed your family and many things,let us think the words of this Man who knows you more and created you,M't:6:26: Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?Relax He knows what u need.May you be Ministered to wherever you shall attend Sunday service today and have a Blessed Sunday.
Blessed Sunday to you all! Tonight at Smart Araneta Coliseum will open for STING Back to Bass Tour! See you all tonight!
Every day is a brand new day. Forget about yesterday. Make the best of today. Prepare for a better tomorrow. Blessed Sunday everyone!
Wishing you a very Blessed Sunday!! I just got off work and now flying to Church. Hugs
Off to church with .. Blessed Sunday everyone (@ St. Therese of the Child Jesus Parish Church)
Blessed Friday Everyone! Updates: The opening ceremony of world parachuting championship is postponed to sunday due to weather conditions RT
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Blessed one! I want to specialy invite you for a special drama programme holding this sunday 2nd of december. It...
You should come to our church...we have AMAZing Gospel worship EVERY Sunday :)
I was a *** on Saturday but I'm going to church on Sunday LOL
Well said abuti How are u on this blessed Sunday?
Today has been so crazy, yet so good:) Tizzy is moving Sunday, is amazing, and this term is almost over!
Poteet playoff game tomorrow, race track and cotto fight on Saturday and church and family day on Sunday! Good weekend ahead of me
moneymaker 16 hours total of hard labor today.y'all be blessed and have a safe Sunday
I can't believe he's going to be two on Sunday. God truly blessed me with my baby I can't thank him enough.
Wow, I don't work Sunday morning so Sat night where we goin pal?
Impact-The building is looking GREAT. We are so blessed to have volunteers who come out & work so hard to get things ready for Sunday @ 10AM
This is the first weekend I don't have hockey Friday Saturday and Sunday
I cannot wait for our Connection Group this Sunday! Blessed to serve this team!
Feeling good on my way out of the gym, can't wait to play Sunday, PLAYOFFS! I cant wait to bal @ Dad's House
Hope everyone has a wonderful blessed sunday!! God bless!
Sunday's dancers blessed me so much. Can't wait to know each of them better. I will learn so much from this...
My dad told me don't make any plans on Sunday I got us lion tickets how cute is he? ❤
Ill be 20 on Sunday I feel blessed to even being able to see Another year and I'm thankful for everyone who has been there
Another blessed Sunday afternoon. *** weekends pass 2 Quick its like a hangover I forgot all about it!!! What did I do? I don't know! Lol☺
I was mad when I found out I had games in SA on Sunday but then I found out we only had two blessed be this day forever hallelujah
So exkited to be blessed by my brother's ministry Sunday in Columbus OH! It's going to be awesome!
by Sunday I'm pretty sure, ya girl will have a ride ;)
Back in the gym Sunday...glad this cold is leaving
I will be in church Sunday because God has blessed me to the extreme and i haven't thanked him enough..
After the victorious Kerygma Conference, balik po tayo ng FEAST VAL sa sunday 1:30pm Sm Val. See you all and let us be blessed even more.
Bur the doggies and I are so enjoying this weather! Wishing everyone a blessed Sunday.
Relaxed Sunday nights are something I'm not as familiar with as I should be, time to work on some music
Since I have God in my life, I know that no matter what I go through, it will all turn out fine in the end. Have a blessed Sunday! ♥
Oh , I'm going to be at both .. Lol! I'm Coming over your house Sunday after church !
Finally going to church this Sunday! &
Thank you for joining us. We pray that you were blessed and encouraged by the Word. Join us for service Sunday -...
Great worship practice session last nite. Solid team and looking forward to Sunday.
Front row seats at the ACC on Sunday awye sososoosoosososo excited ☺
Turkey hunting Saturday deer hunting Sunday love this life!
Can't wait to be leading this Sunday!! Feel so blessed to be invited!
Pastor just call and want me to preach 5th Sunday
Happy Sunday. Feeling blessed! My little babies bring me so much joy.
Sunday christians b like i gave my tides and the Lord blessed me with this bottle of ciroc and a married man to fornicate with!
Been blessed with a great job opportunity and I'm STOKED! First gig is Sunday!!
Gonna start going to Church every Sunday 👍
not only was my mom like this but this is the kind of mom I am today!
Once upon a time in a town called Burnley . They had a football team who Sean had just taken over as manger And a star that shone so bright over the town . And when the *** came to play we beat them that blessed Sunday . And everyone in Burnley lived happily ever after
Oprah Winfrey all Super Soulers may you have the blessed Sunday you deserve.
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