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Blade Runner 2

Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human (1995) is a novel by K. W. Jeter, and a continuation of both the film Blade Runner, and the novel upon which it was based, Philip K.

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Have you watched the new Blade Runner 2 trailer yet? Beautiful sets and style. Crossing my fingers.
Yeah..suspect it is more like a remake of Alien. Even worse, Blade Runner 2 next year. A good year to be dead.
...but what if I haven't watched blade runner 2 through 2048...
The first trailer for 'Blade Runner 2049' is finally here.
ICYMI: Ryan Gosling goes looking for Harrison Ford in the teaser for Blade Runner 2049
2/2 ok movie (apart from it's magnificent photography kudos to Roger Deakins). I'm a big fan of Blade Runner so excuse my certain doubts.
I hope Blade Runner 2 takes inspiration from the book but somehow I doubt it. Be nice to see references to Mercerism or Emotion Controls.
Blade Runner 2 sadly looks like another soft reboot, visual callbacks for nostalgia and basically the same story.
Our first look at Blade Runner 2049 footage!
The Guy who shot Skyfall and did nearly all the Coen's films is doing Blade Runner 2
I don't like Blade Runner, The Godfather or Grease 2, what other 'classics' do others not get?
1/2 is about empathy, dignity, the struggle of ordinary humans in an ersatz world — none of this in Blade Runner.
"Blade runner 2" is probably the best news I've heard all year tbh
Blade Runner is one of those movies that didn't warrant or require a sequel. It's as weird as Vertigo 2 or Annie Hall Ri…
I get so uneasy about sequels to movies I like. Incredibles 2, and now Blade Runner 2049.
I checked out the Blade Runner 2 trailer. I should've invested in a white laptop instead. It doesn't show the "mess" so much.
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I dunno, my number one pick is still Blade Runner 2
like how Deckard meets the Templant of Roy Batty in the book Blade runner 2 edge of human
i'm excited for 2017!!! 2 sequels of Ridley Scott's movies (Alien: Covenant and Blade Runner 2049)
Check out the first trailer for 'Blade Runner 2049'... Read More:
"I had your job once. I was good at it." . Oh Blade Runner 2 -you had me at Denis Villeneuve .
Watching "Blade Runner"... forgot how boring it was. Btw this is LA in 2 yrs...IMO we in trouble yo!
. blade runner . john wick . Dunkirk. star wars viii. guardians of the galaxy vol 2
Can't quite believe Blade Runner 2 now exists
Blade Runner 2 yesterday, and John Wick 2 today... Christmas came few days earlier this year!!!
2. But seeing the teaser trailer for Blade Runner 2049 convinced me.. This movie has the right people working on it. I'…
man John Wick 2 AND Blade Runner 2049 in one year, looks like arcade is coming back to theaters finally
My favourite movie of all the times! Part 2 is here :. Blade Runner 2049 Announcement
Blade Runner 2049 teaser: Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford make an epic return to the future.
Fast and Furious, John Wick 2, Blade Runner 2046, War for the Planet of the Apes, Guardians of the Galaxy 2...we'll be fine. :)
Trailer for sequel sees Ford, Gosling face off
On another note, next 2 weeks will be dedicated to old movies. oldest son want to see: Blade Runner, Fight Club,...
Blade Runner 2049. John Wick 2. And now, finally, the dada Jagga Jasoos. Good week for trailers this is turning out to be.
Trainspotting 2 and a new Blade Runner trailer today? Thanks Internet.
On behalf of great new trailer 4 the YES! trailer!!!, figured it was a good time 2 showcase my tribute.
Blade Runner 2 trailer: . Can't wait to see more from this.
But so as to not sound like a total grump tonight: How about that Blade Runner 2 trailer? Wow indeed! Come what may, it loks gorgeous!
I bet Blade Runner 2 will be better than Indiana Jones 4
"John Wick Chapter 2, Blade Runner 2049, XXX: The Return of Xander Cage!". 2017 looks set to rock the world.
Really looking forward to seeing Ryan Gosling fight Harrison Ford in Blade Runner 2.
sure, go-ahead and spoil the plot of Blade Runner 2
Ryan Gosling Explains How to Win a Trip to the Blade Runner 2 Set
You don't get to be in Blade Runner 2 without a certain level of intelli... *remembers Jared Leto* Uh, disregard.
Jóhann Jóhannsson must be fuming that Kuedo has gone ahead and done the Blade Runner 2 soundtrack.
yes it looks as though I can finally use my Vue Gift Card. Villeneuve is warming up for Blade Runner 2. ( I hope )
found it more disturbing than scary but def enjoyed it. also amazing came out some day as Blade Runner and 2 weeks after E.T. (!)
even if wants to watch again Blade runner, he'll have to wait a bit more than 2 years to do so: Imdb nb 134
Boxing Helena & Blade Runner are 2 of my all time favorite 🎥.
Anyone want to come visit me and Harrison Ford in Budapest on the set of Blade Runner 2?
Hi Chris, you might enjoy this I've just written on our fav film for
Hi I've just finished my blog for on I hope you enjoy it BR fans!…
Along with I'm also writing about other projects & news
'BLADE RUNNER 2' now officially has a title:
It appears Blade Runner 2 will be called Blade Runner 2049, which should be interesting! Follow the link to…
Can't wait to see what Denis does with Blade Runner 2. I have the utmost faith and respect for the man. Amazing director, and humble man.
This will be something to see! “Blade Runner 2049 to be released in virtual reality on Oculus as well as cinemas.”
This new album is utterly brilliant. Would be perfect for the Blade Runner 2 OST if that post hasn't been filled.
Thought 1: remake of Blade Runner looks crap. Thought 2: this is actually excellent.
I'm wondering if Blade Runner 2 is going to use fake ones after "the curse". Maybe they'll slip in ROSS or Pan-Am logos!
15 most anticipated militants in 2017. Blade Runner 2.
Ridley Scott is a creator that likes to keep moving. While promoting his upcoming film The Martian,…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
. There are going to be 2 new Blade Runner films?
. I'd say Blade Runner but there's 2. I am unaware and googling, if ones a cartoon Id go movie version
Woot, me and 2 others are following you… unless this is Blade Runner and I don't know I am a bot…
My Mom sent me question ideas for She is very point blank. My "producer" on the carpet 😂
Nerd on, 1. 2001: A Space Odyssey (“captures the grandeur and scale of the unknown”). 2. Blade Runner...
Stop! You’re giving me hope Blade Runner 2 might be good.
Hey, is showing LOGAN'S RUN & BLADE RUNNER the next 2 Sundays. I'm going running right now! . The world makes perfect sense.
maybe a new HP film and Blade Runner 2?
Blade Runner 2 has an official title...
Blade Runner 2: Sequel to classic sci-fi gets foreboding new title
if Scarlett Johansonn is starring in the live-action Ghost in the Shell, they should cast as Asian lead for Blade Runner 2. it's only fair
Jared Leto on set of Blade Runner 2 next to Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling
Blade Runner 2: Jared Leto joins Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford in sequel
Blade Runner 2, directed by Villeneuve, with Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling and Jared Leto and Roger Deakins is the DP. . G…
up until now Blade Runner 2 news has been a perfect 7-course meal. casting Jared Leto = a live rat from the Joker as the final course
Jared Leto in Blade Runner 2: "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. One time I went to a Papa Roach concert."
He's encoding a message in binary. It's elaborate method acting for this role as replant in Blade Runner 2.
Jared Leto joins cast of 'Blade Runner 2'
Epoch Talent client in for Blade Runner 2! Book David for your next event! booking
"Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford are filming Blade Runner 2 in Budapest, which will be directed by Ridley Scott"
Your first look at Blade Runner 2 has arrived
The only interesting thing . Blade Runner 2. could do is . CGI Harrison Ford to be 40 . and have him be a different Rick Deckard replicant
nobody told me that Mackenzie Davis is going to be in Blade Runner 2!?!?! I'm offended
Finally saw/loved Enemy; darkly hypnotic and hilariously condescending. I keep getting more excited that Villeneuve is doing Blade Runner 2.
He has the 2 movies that are considered the best films of all time. Blade runner and Alien The Eight Passenger.
Blade Runner 2 extension of the first film:
Blade Runner 2 extension of the first fi
Fascinating: 1. Blade Runner Perfect choice of film to recreate; 2.Very interesting application of Machine Learning
Thanks for the help. Your comments are great 2... you wield a sharp sword. I like your Blade Runner pose as well.
Ridley Scott said that if he'd seen Port Talbot before filming Blade Runner he'd have used it as a location. Blade Runner 2 shooting soon...
says extension of the first film. Read more :
Ryan Gosling: 'Blade Runner 2' extension of the first film - Times of India: Times of IndiaRyan Gosling: 'Bla...
Blade Runner 2 extension of the first film: Ryan Gosling
somehow I own two copies of salo on dvd, one on bd, 2 copies of akira on dvd and 2 on bd, 2 huge blade runner bd sets... battle royale? vcd
hopefully I don't die before Blade Runner 2 comes out. I'm excited about what it can look like with all this technology.
Blade Runner 2 will be the film that finally gets Roger his oscar. Calling it.
Ryan Gosling explains more about Blade Runner 2 - calling it an "extension" of the first.
Blade Runner 2: Ryan Gosling calls the sequel an "extension" of the first film
Ryan Gosling REALLY can't talk about Blade Runner 2, but I tried anyway
it rules, really excited for the Story of your Life movie. Same director is also doing blade runner 2 and he's very good
Blade Runner 2: Ryan Gosling's excited, Rutger Hauer not so much
Mark your calendar: Oct 2017 is when Ridley Scott will light the last bit of his legacy on fire with Blade Runner 2
Robin Wright is swapping Washington DC for future-LA in Blade Runner 2:
friendly reminder they're making a Blade Runner 2 and Harrisson Ford and Ryan Gosling are going to play in it
"Blade Runner 2" Lands 2018 Release Date: Alcon Entertainment announced that "Blade Runner 2," the follow up to...
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Blade Runner 2 released on January 12, 2018. Denis Villeneuve the best choice Director for this Impossible Job 🎥
Denis Villeneuve's 'Blade Runner 2' will be released on January 12th, 2018.
'Blade Runner 2' starts filming July. Harrison Ford's Han Solo was killed off. Will Rick Deckard be killed off, too?
Finish watching Sicario. Very effected movie. Makes me have high hopes for director as Blade Runner 2 is his next proj…
Nicolas Winding Refn should direct Blade Runner 2. Visually he'd kill it.
Roger Deakins shooting the sequel to Blade Runner. There may be some hope after all. Just don't call it Blade Runner 2 - that sounds cheap.
Ridley Scott leaks opening scene for Blade Runner 2 and Ryan Gosling talks co-starring with...
I'm also extremely happy that Ridley Scott announced Blade Runner 2 which will have Harrison Ford reprising his original role!
Ridley Scott discusses multiple sequels and casting for Blade Runner 2 ~ 53:
Ridley Scott goes into detail about the opening scene of Blade Runner 2
Ridley Scott described the opening of 'Blade Runner 2' and the details may surprise you
Ridley Scott reveals that the opening scene of Blade Runner 2 is actually a sequel to Prometheus. Don't even think about …
Ridley Scott reveals his vision for the opening scene of Blade Runner 2
well, 2016 the year of sequels (and remakes): Blade Runner 2, Beverly Hills Cop 4...
Filming for Blade Runner 2 is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2016.
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moment I saw this piece for the very 1st time i was instantly reminded of the blade runner speech. 2 me looks sci-go
I wish the future really looked like Blade Runner/Akira/Back To The Future:Part 2
'English' pt 2 - what will we sound like in 200 years? I envision us speaking like the people in Blade Runner - a mix of every language
claims that Blade Runner 2 will be shot on a Canon miniDV cam. LOL.
Hoyte van Hoytema is p solid tho, plus Deakins is still doin Blade Runner 2 which is gonna be 💯
Same week, I also watched Godfather 1+2, Apocalypse Now, Blade Runner and the Conversation. I was 17, what an education!
Breaking News: Director Denis Villeneuve will be at the helm for the upcoming "Blade Runner 2. Read more:...
Sorry, was referring to the movies.
Its criminal 2 say the least 4 some1 2 even suggest that ur slot is so 702..where did they test blade runner's mental health?
On the plus side, Blade Runner 2 has a set.
Tomorrow's itinerary:. 1. go to Safeway for cat litter. 2. watch Blade Runner. 3. vacuum . Im high on life
Blade Runner holds up after 33 years; but sure, what the world really needs is Prometheus 2
(2/2) and they ask me about 'Blade Runner.' I was grateful to be a part of that. - William Sanderson (Actor).
C.O.W.L. VOL 2 (review Wednesday) was stunning. Creative team now working on HADRIAN'S WALL:
Hmmm. Do I rewatch Videodrome, The Evil Dead 2, A Scanner Darkly, or the final cut of Blade Runner
'Blade Runner 2' Updates: Ryan Gosling, Denis Villeneuve and Roger Deaking team-up promises ...: 'Lo...
Hugh Jackman and James Mangold bring Blade Runner 2 writer on board for The Wolverine 3
Blade Runner 2 scribe to write the ‘Wolverine’ sequel
Based on IMDb, Roger Deakins (who has worked with Villeneuve twice) seems available? Can he be DP on Blade Runner 2? Pretty please?
Blade Runner 2, Zoolander 2, and the all-dude Ghostbusters 3 walk into a bar*. Bartender* says, "We don't want your kind in here."
Based on Ridley Scott’s trajectory as a filmmaker I fully expect Blade Runner 2 to have Deckard as a Christ-like figure for replicants.
I hope Harrison Ford is well enough to make Blade Runner 2 still!
GOOD NEWS: Harrison Ford ‘stable’ after being hurt in plane crash, raising hopes of a full recovery and the cancellation of Blade Runner 2.
I'm very angry about Blade Runner 2 . I want to murder Ridley Scott to stop it being made
I'm hoping this stops Ridley Scott from making Blade Runner 2 ...
Harrison Ford to Return for 'Blade Runner 2', Denis Villeneuve to Direct
ICYMI: Harrison Ford is confirmed to star in 'Blade Runner 2' with Denis Villeneuve in talks to direct!
Blade Runner 2: 10 things to hope for.
Can't wait!Blade Runner 2: 10 things to hope for
Blade Runner 2 confirmed with Harrison Ford directed by Denis Villenueve (Incendies, Prisoners, Enemy). Yeah, I just s…
Harrison Ford really is returning for Blade Runner 2
If Ford is back for Blade Runner 2, presumably that means Deckard wasn't a replicant after all. Thus ruining the original…
Blade Runner 2: 10 things to hope for
Harrison Ford Really Is Returning for Blade Runner 2: At some point, will Harrison Ford...
Blade Runner 2 has a start date, a new director, and Harrison Ford confirmed
Harrison Ford is confirmed to return for Blade Runner 2, with Denis Villeneuve directing and Ridley Scott...
Blade Runner 2: 10 things to hope for i am both excited and nervous
Blade Runner 2: 10 things to hope for. The sequel to the sci-fi masterpiece has Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott...
Blade Runner 2: 10 things to hope for -
Blade Runner 2 will see Harrison Ford return as Rick Deckard (Luke Edwards/Pocket-lint : Latest News)
Exodus is just terrible. Not even the effects are worth it. Whitewashed version of Moses' tale, with nothing new to offer, where women are less than ornamental. I honestly don't understand where those 2:30 hours went. There's no real depth to the characters. Hope Ridley Scott does better with Blade Runner 2.
Ridley Scott wants Harrison Ford's opinion on Blade Runner 2 script, here is what he had to say...
Ridley Scott talks Prometheus 2 and Blade Runner 2, and has a message for his critics: "...f**k you very much".
Director Ridley Scott discusses his approach to both the upcoming 'Prometheus 2' and 'Blade Runner 2'.
The idea of Blade Runner 2 is a tricky proposition for most of us, especially happening 30 plus years down the road. It sounds exciting at first, like, “Ooh,
Blade Runner 2 is on the way, just without Ridley Scott:
Hey Ridley Scott! There was already a movie made about Moses! Charlton Heston was in it. Quit dicking around & make Blade Runner 2 already!
'Blade Runner 2' Is Still in the Works, but Ridley Scott Won't Direct It -
Ridley Scott won't be directing Blade Runner 2. Will it be the same without him?. // long and slow? i hope not
Blade Runner 2: Ridley Scott won't direct, Harrison Ford will be back
Ridley Scott (Prometheus) has confirmed that he's developing a sequel to his 1982 sci-fi classic Blade Runner. Blade Runner 2 is set some years after the conclusion of the influential first film and Scott is courting Harrison Ford to reprise his role as Rick Deckard. Watch this space, Blade Runn…
The latest episode of Most Craved has our group reacting to the Jurassic World trailer, Blade Runner 2 news and more!
"Ridley Scott is out for Blade Runner 2, but Harrison Ford may be in!" . Bolas!
Harrison Ford is going to be reprising his role as Richard Decker in Blade Runner 2. Ridley Scott offers some details of the much-anticipated sequel.
Ridley Scott drops plot hints for 'Blade Runner 2' but will not direct ...
Check out what I found. Blade Runner (DVD, 2007, 2-Disc Set) via
Possibly more excited that Harrison Ford could be in a Blade Runner 2 film than for this Star Wars 7 teaser trailer
Blade Runner 2 is expected to move into production within the next year!
Ridley Scott won’t be directing Blade Runner 2 | News | He said the script is great though - sounds promising
Harrison Ford confirmed to be making an appearance in Blade Runner sequel
Blade Runner 2: Ridley Scott makes a big announcement
My post on sequel still coming but Ridley Scott won't direct -
is happening - but Ridley Scott won't be directing.
Blade Runner 2: Harrison Ford to star in sequel, but Ridley Scott will not direct: Harrison Ford will return to…
New: Blade Runner 2: who should direct? world_latest world_latest
Blade Runner 2 and Independence Day 2 are gonna happen. No Will Smith though?
Blade Runner 2: who should direct?: As Ridley Scott steps down from directing the sci-fi sequel, we take a loo...
Blade Runner 2 is a thing. Harrison Ford will be in it. Ridley Scott won't direct. . I don't know what I'm feeling.
Harrison Ford is coming back for Blade Runner 2, Ridley Scott to produce, another long time coming sequel for Ford
Harrison Ford confirms he will retain his role in Blade Runner 2
Mmmm maybe, maybe not!...Ridley Scott confirms Harrison Ford for Blade Runner 2, but says he will not direct
Harrison Ford will be back as Rick Deckard in Blade Runner 2
Harrison Ford Reprising Role in Blade Runner 2: . Rick Deckard is back. The post Harrison Ford Reprising Role i...
Blade Runner 2 is the worst idea since Prometheus. That is all.
Ridley Scott says he will not be directing Blade Runner 2, but reveals it will start shooting in 2015 with Harrison Ford appearing in the third act.
Just read that they are going to make "Blade Runner 2-3-3" with a 72yr old Harisson Ford... No, just no!.
The veteran British director has confirmed he will no longer act as director on Blade Runner 2 – though he will still produce – and that Harrison Ford’s character won’t appear until the film’s third act
Blade Runner 2 movie news - It appears that Ridley Scott may no longer be directing the sequel to Blade Runner. In a recent interview with
Bad news (or good news?): Ridley Scott doesn't think he'll direct Blade Runner 2
Ridley Scott has given an update on Blade Runner 2, and while he won’t be returning to direct, he has revealed that the film will begin shooting next
Harrison Ford will return for Blade Runner 2, but Ridley Scott will be handing the job of directing the film over to someone else...
Sir Ridley Scott has revealed he will not direct Blade Runner 2.
Ridley Scott on how Harrison Ford fits into Blade Runner 2's plot
Ridley Scott reveals more details on Harrison Ford's involvement in 'Blade Runner 2'
Blade Runner 2 producers invite Harrison Ford to return for sequel
Blade Runner 2 Officially Looking To Bring Back Harrison Ford Alcon put out a press release today (via Coming Soon) claiming an offer is out for Ford to return for the untitled Blade Runner 2, returning as his character Rick Deckard. The script has been written by the screenwriter from the original film, Hampton Fancher, with an assist from Michael Green (Green Lantern). It seems unclear as to whether Ridley Scott will direct, but he's got a busy dance card: he's just signed on to direct The Martian and has another unrevealed film slated for 2016. It sounds a lot like Alcon is eager to move on without him. The question is, will Ford accept a part in Blade Runner 2?
Blade Runner 2 ! Booting up my sampler in anticipation !.
Ridley Scott wants to do Blade Runner 2, and is wanting Harrison Ford back?. I really want to be excited about this, but sequel-syndrome...
Can't wait to see Blade Runner 2: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
It’s official. Alcon Entertainment has put an offer out to Harrison Ford asking him to reprise the role of Rick Deckard in the untitled sequel, ‘Blade Runner 2.’
Ford was not the worst thing about that film. Honestly, Prometheus worries me more than Crystal Skull re: Blade Runner 2.
EX3 and T5 set photos, Harrison Ford wanted for Blade Runner 2, interview with .
'Blade Runner 2' pitch to Harrison Ford - Han Solo is not the only Harrison Ford...
Ford approached for Blade Runner 2: ''We would be honored, and we are hopeful, that Harrison will be... MovieHole
Progress on the Blade Runner 2 front, for better or worse!
Director Ridley Scott and the Alcon production company are officially seeking to bring original star Harrison Ford back into the fold for 'Blade Runner 2.'
Now that Ridley Scott is signed on to direct, Alcon Entertainment wants to get Harrison Ford back as Rick Deckard for 'Blade Runner 2.'
Harrison Ford offered Blade Runner 2. In other news, Connery is replacing Craig as Bond & Ron Howard will be reprising Richie Cunningham.
'Blade Runner 2' is coming soon and it is expected to feature Harrison Ford. Reports from Deadline indicate that Harrison Ford is set to reprise his role of Rick Deckard in the sequel to Blade Runn...
Harrison Ford just got one step closer to playing Deckard in Blade Runner 2. Find out wh...
Alcon Entertainment, the studio behind Blade Runner 2, has offered reprising his role of Deckard to... http:/…
Just heard that Harrison Ford has been asked to reprise his character Deckard for the Blade Runner sequel! Blade Runner is the most iconic syfy movie ever made and my all time favourite film,although Ridley Scott maybe one of my hero's I'm not sure making Blade Runner 2 is a good idea. Messing with classics does not work!
Blade Runner 2 tells Harrison Ford it needs the 71-year-old blade runner, his magic
Looking forward to Blade Runner 2 is an instant fail on the Voight-Kampf test
Rutger right sequel wouldnt = orig, but if prods rekindle passion def possible 2 rival it
And was born two yrs later this film in 84. There is a rumour she can work in Blade Runner 2.
Blade Runner Sequel, Directed by Ridley Scott Coming soon! For the latest news on Blade Runner 2 and the Blade Runner Fan Community Forums
Blade runner may be my fav movie. that or it's a wonderful life. 2 totally different vibes and sides of my brain and soul
2 of 5 stars to Blade Runner 2 by K.W. Jeter
skip Dune. But thumbs up on Blade Runner. You MUST watch Terminator and Teminator 2 if you haven't seen them. Also Aliens
it's next for Ridley, but "people" are pretending BLADE RUNNER 2 or something else will be ready first...which isn't true
Pistorius Faces Mental Observation Because of Anxiety Disorder: The athlete, known as “Blade Runner” for his p...
Top 5 television/movie themes:. 1. Game of Thrones. 2. Lord of the Rings. 3. Blade Runner. 4. Gladiator . 5. Seinfeld...
Watch the initial interaction between Bryant and Deckard. He's not Gaff, his memories come from Holden, the old Blade Runner. 1/2
Also, did you see that Madoka x Robocop link as well? Said artist also did Terminator 2, Taxi Driver and Blade Runner XD
Anyways, watching blade runner. And still not sure what to do with this cineplex movie pass for 2 I have.
~realizing Cowboy Bebop OST Space Lion is basically Love Theme from Blade Runner for the first 2 minutes~
"The Colbert Report" being replaced by "The Minority Report" and a Blade Runner 2 script in the works. Guess I'll go look for Ubik cans now.
BLADE RUNNER Review Pt.2 - Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young: But let me step back, so I can provide a c...
Michael Fassbender has confirmed that Prometheus 2 is a go. Ridley needs to work on Blade Runner me thinks after watching Prometheus.
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earlier I watched Grease, now it's Saturday Night Fever, tomorrow Ghostbusters 1&2 and Blade Runner
top 5 films - 1. Heat, 2. Jaws, 3. Blade Runner, 4. Die Hard, 5. Drive - cannot wait for the full list next issue
Oi! Temple of Doom, Star Wars, Blade Runner, Terminator 2??? All factual??? I think not matey!
On a Vangelis kick. The 2-CD extended Blade Runner score is one of the best remasters I've ever heard
here in Brazil we´ve made podcasts about Police Academy & Blade Runner -portuguese
Harrison Ford would be 'very anxious' to return for 'Blade Runner' sequel
Only 7 lessons left (not including the 2 lessons it will take to watch Blade Runner).
Opening monologue to the studio approved version of Blade Runner 2.
Took a lot of thinking, but below are my top 25 movies. These are the movies I could watch over and over and never get sick of. What are yours? 1. Blade Runner 2. Inception 3. The Fifth Element 4. The Shining 5. Pulp Fiction 6. Fight Club 7. Psycho 8. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 9. The Shawshank Redemption 10. The Prestige 11. 2001: A Space Odyssey 12. The Abyss 13. The Thing (1982) 14. The Big Lebowski 15. Dial M For Murder (1954) 16. No Country for Old Men 17. Jaws 18. Raiders of the Lost Ark 19. Alien 20. Vertigo 21. Taxi Driver 22. Event Horizon 23. Se7en 24. Silence of the Lambs 25. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
and I mean, it's Ser Ridley Scott, for crissakes, what happened? My excitement for Blade Runner 2 hit rock bottom.
Last night I dreamt that Ridley Scott told me Guy Pearce and Debra Winger were in Blade Runner 2.
Oh no! “Harrison Ford reveals talks with Ridley Scott on a possible return in Blade Runner 2
Scified brings you the Latest News & Discussions on Upcoming Sci-Fi Movies like Pacific Rim, Prometheus 2, Godzilla 2014, Jurassic Park 4, Blade Runner 2, Interstellar and more!
See all the latest Blade Runner 2 news at This video features deleted scenes from Blade Runner (1982) in chronological order wit...
Alcon have announced that screenwriter Michael Green has been hired to re-work Blade Runner 2, directed by Ridley Scott.
Ridley Scott and Alcon Entertainment have brought in Green Lantern and Heroes writer Michael Green to pen Blade Runner 2.
What's selling in Hollywood. Alcon Entertainment picks up "Blade Runner 2" by Michael Green "True Freshman" by Ken Marino and Erica Oyama sells to Twentieth Century Fox Blumhouse Productions makes a deal with Lucas Sussman for "Visions" John Scott Shepherd's "Jump" is purchased by Relativity Media
Green Lantern screenwriter Michael Green will pen the script for Blade Runner 2 for director Ridley Scott and Alcon Entertainment.
And apparently they're making a Blade Runner 2, this sounds incredible.
Is Harrison Ford in Blade Runner 2? If not, it should be Liam Neeson. ;)
Well I just watched Blade Runner 2, er I mean the Total Recall 2012 version, and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. I love the fact that Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel are in it, I mean really, I could stare at them for hours! lol The special effects were pretty good, the story was just as confusing as ever, and it was funny seeing some of the parts carried over from the first movie, including you know who with three of you know whats, but there is just something about it that didn't quite do it for me... Maybe it was the ridiculousness of it all, I mean come on, robots? Seriously? Robots that can't hit the broad side of a barn when shooting? Robots that will willingly get into a fist-fight with a human and not hit hard enough to go right through the human's body? Robots that take punches and basically egg the human on?? Robots that can hold a human down with their hand until said human forces his way OUT of the robot's grip by basically just standing up? And seriously, *** is with all the jumping ...
I decided to rank my 100 favorite movies of all time. I had already ranked my 25, 1/4 of the work was already done for me, I thought "what the *** " I doubt that many people actually care, I did this was just a project because I couldn't sleep last night. Some people count sheep, I make lists, it's an odd world I live in.(PLEASE NOTE: I may change the rankings of this list. As of right now, I'm not 100% sure if I like it or not.)   1. Blade Runner 2. The Dark Knight 3. Seven Samurai 4. Pan's Labyrinth 5. The Graduate 6. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 7. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 8. The Big Lebowski 9. Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn 10. Pulp Fiction 11. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 12. A Clockwork Orange 13. The Royal Tenenbaums 14. Ed Wood 15. Battle Royale 16. Princess Mononoke 17. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest 18. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 19. High Fidelity 20. Rashomon 21. The Princess Bride 22. The Producers23. Videodrome 24. Hot Fuzz 25. Jaws 26. Drive 27. Boogie Nights 28. The Se ...
'Blade Runner 2': Ridley Scott Offers Update On Sequel; Will Harrison Ford Be Involved? "Blade Runner 2" is coming to theaters in the near future, a fact director Ridley Scott re-confirmed to the U.K. paper Metro in a new interview. "It's not a rumor; it's happening," Scott said when asked about the film. The director then added his own idle speculation about the film's plot and cast. "With Harrison Ford? I don’t know yet. Is he too old? Well, he was a Nexus-6 so we don't know how long he can live [laughs]. And that's all I'm going to say at this stage."
Leaked scene from Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human: Deckard uses holographic CAPTCHA device to trip up Rachael.
So I guess Ridley Scott is planning on a Prometheus 2 and Blade Runner 2. Thoughts? ~Dragonborn
Click on top photo to see animation. Click rest to enlarge Nope, it’s not the set design for a Jetsons revival film; not even for the upcoming Blade Runner 2. These renderings are SOM’s (Skidmore, ...
Ridley Scott confirms Blade Runner 2 is on the cards - Spoiler for the first film attached -
Secrets and spoilers about Blade Runner 2 movie sequel from director Ridley Scott with inside info and top secret facts
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