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Black Woman

The term black people is used in some socially-based systems of racial classification for humans of a dark-skinned phenotype, relative to other racial groups represented in a particular social context.

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365 Black History. The Statue of Liberty was orginally a Black Woman.
| Meet Toni Morrison, first Black Woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature (1993) >>>...
THIS IS AWESOME: "I am a recovering Black Woman with plenty of the Magic gives me life."
Marilyn Mosby is going to be the first Black Woman president of the United States.
Man Denied Entry into Marine Corps for Screaming at Black Woman during Trump Rally
Today’s spotlight is Dr. Regina Benjamin, the first Black Woman to be elected…
Black Woman looking for people to hangout with here in Vegas - w4m (Downtown) via
As a Black Woman. Trust me when I say, I dont give a Hootie Hoo, who Al Sharpton or Cornell West Endorses. Neither 1 OF THEM speak for me.
chaka kahn and the wife from the cosby show has to be my two ideal women like that is the epitome of a Black Woman imo
Man to Assist a Black Woman and White Man to EE Together - m4mw (New Jersy)
... Yep. The cop that shoved a broomstick up Abner Louima's *** & called him *** , was married to a Black Woman.
My new paper on "Researching Violence in Africa as a Black Woman: Notes from the field in htt…
Remember Kimberly Elise from Set it off & Diary of a mad Black Woman? She now got her own curly haircare guide book
Dr. Frances Cress Welsing...what a phenomenal, brilliant, impactful Black Woman who taught us so much.
Oz is being played by Queen Latifah. She's all seeing, all powerful Wizard of Oz. God is a Black Woman.
Yes, I’m a Black Woman in the Echo Chamber
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Blessed to preach on Loving the Black Woman's Body for the Series read the sermon here:
can you look at the video Farrakhan Speaks to the Black Woman. It might help better explain what I mean
I liked a video The Black Man's Guide to Understanding the Black Woman by Shahrazad Ali
Thankh you Amen-Ra for today thankh you for Aten ☀ thankh you for the blessing that is the Black Woman, mer hotep 13love 13life.
Girl, STFU! You do not know the struggle of being a Black Woman in America! Her speech does not have to cater 2 u!
Lil English lesson . Trans = Adjective /Woman= Noun TransWoman means Woman who is trans the same way Black Woman...
"Reflections on the Black Woman's Role in the Slave Community" - Angela Davis
Have you read Angela Davis' "Refections on the Black Woman's Role in the Community of Slaves?" Very relevant to this
I use to brag about Aurora Police til I viewed a video of young Black Woman being harassed by Ofcr Michael Brown today. *sigh*
I liked a video Lena Horne: First Black Woman to sign a contract with a major studio.
Black woman, ooh, black woman You trod one of life's roughest roads. Judy Mowatt - Black Woman via
The backbone of the Black Man has always been the Black Woman.
[BIWOC Article] "Proud to be Bisexual! Why?" Why would a Black Woman have Bi pride?
Congratulations to Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake on becoming the first Black Woman president of the…
sorry Andy Doctor Heavenly is the Most I mean the Most ignorant Black Woman on married to Medicine
I do not like the of the White/ Black Woman- not at all. Go interview Jane Elliott regarding Bullying and Civil Rights in USA.
no thankh you, pleasure is all mine God thankh you for civilization Black Woman!
I can envision a GOP ticket with a Hispanic Man and a Black Woman as running mates then we could watch and laugh...
I liked a video Abbey Lincoln: Who WIll Revere the Black Woman?
I added a video to a playlist Abbey Lincoln: Who WIll Revere the Black Woman?
off RHOA is trash. Honestly she's a poor excuse for a former Miss America and a Black Woman. Smh
Have you ever met a Black Woman that own her own eyewear Company???!!! Today is your lucky…
From Alice Walker (author of The Color Purple): What Can the White Man Say to the Black Woman? "We are listening"
1st Black Woman to Pilot the Cool Spy Plane That Captures Intelligence for US Leaders via
But God was a Black Woman in 'The Shack'. That's literally what William P. Young wrote.
- my dreadlocks smell like "Black Woman, Sandalwood, and Nag Champa"
Salute to the Black Woman!!! Illustration by Poem by Marcus Garvey.
Salute to the Black Woman!!! Illustration by justinmensahinc. Poem by Marcus Garvey.
Susan Rice is the Black Woman who lied for Hillary Clinton who is now lying for Barack Obama in case you missed it.
The Sheer Beauty of a Black Woman of All Shades. Learn to Love the skin that you are in. @ Fort Polk
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The adventures of Hot Guy and Black Woman by Sam I sense shenanigans
Black Woman, Aura Rosser was shot & killed by Officer David Reid in Ann Arbor, MI.
One interesting thing about the President's State of The Union Address that's about to be aired live from Washington D.C. is the Supreme Court Justices will be seated in the House Chamber on the front row in front of The President. There has never been a Black Woman seated on The Supreme Court in the history of The United States of America. As I study The Supreme Court Justices, it seems to me that the President will have at least two more picks, which will allow him to do something historical and appoint a Black Woman to the Supreme Court. Stay tuned . . .
Cindy Crawford--Sophia Vergara---As a Black Woman the Rooms To Go message to me is "We don't want you in our stores" Ok...fine!
The COONscious *** Minded Male.. Is So Quick to Inform Black People of How the White Man is Soo Jealous of the Black Man.. And This is TRUE white males are jealous of Black Men.. However this same type of *** Male is Not so Quick to say and In Some Extreme cases will Even Deny the White Woman is and has always been Jealous Of the Black Woman as well..
The POWER of a Black Man is the Black Woman who stands by his side...dont be a stranger in ur own Kingdom...
Umm yeah, before we start throwing the "All Black Everything" card at Selma, let's discuss a few things. While it was directed by a Black Woman, it was WRITTEN by a WHITE MAN, and it was FINANCED by Brad Pitt's company Plan B(who also produced Twelve Years A Slave)and Pathe' which consists of a group of White Men. Oprah's company was a co-producer but majority of the financial backing came from white men. And again a WHITE MAN wrote this movie, just as white men(slave masters)have attempted to re-write our TRUE history for YEARS. Some of us are pushing what we THINK is a "Black Movie" but it has SEVERAL White Men at it's helm. Nothing that we do in hollywood is an all Black Production. Absolutely NOTHING. And I still wouldn't rock with an all Black Production if the overall message was harmful to our people. We keep talking about Black Women and Men being producers and creators of shows and we should support them because they are "black". I'm sorry but not really, but umm Mona Scott Young produces some o ...
Black Woman: Oh, she looks pretty good! She isn't my particular flavor of black woman but very close to it. I ...
Despite falling oil prices, Nigerian Billionaire, Folorunsho Alakija has edged past Oprah Winfery as world’s richest Black Woman, with a fortune of $7.3bn. On the other hand, Oprah Winfrey is worth $2.9billion, according to Forbes. According to Ventures Africa magazine’s Rich List, Alakija generated her wealth from oil and gas. “It is widely believed that Alakija’s friendship with Maryam Babangida, the late wife of former head of state, Ibrahim Babangida, played a huge role in her relatively inexpensive acquisition of the oil block back in 1993,” the magazine noted.
Aunty Alma Thorpe, strong powerful Black Woman & Bill Roberts, my Dad at . VAHS
Ava DuVernay Becomes 1st Black Woman to Be Nominated for Golden Globe Award for Director
Black Woman's EPIC Rant to Ferguson Protesters Should the the Last Word on Michael Brown
i honor the Black Goddess the Earth is fashioned after her, that's why it is called mother, respect and protect the Black Woman
Book 1: What it's like to be Black Woman on Wall Street. Book 2: My life squeezed between 3 Giants. Wife, Mom, Work
Tea-Party elected the First Black Senator from a Southern state & first Black Woman from Utah to the House! Democrats war on them?
Website Builder 728x90
Ballerina Misty Copeland Breaks Down about Pressures of Being a Black Woman in Ballet: "It's a lot to handle" VIDEO:
Wow! I LOVE Her " Ms. Shonda Rhimes " ~ Congratulations A Brilliant Black Woman.Shonda Rhimes Opens Up About 'Angry Black Woman' Flap, Messy 'Grey's Anatomy' Chapter and the 'Scandal' Impact TV's most powerful showrunner talks candidly about the role of race and gender in Hollywood and the conversation that, she says, "pisses me off" In early August, Shonda Rhimes read a draft announcement for an event where she was set to appear. It called her "the most powerful black female showrunner in Hollywood." She crossed out "female" and "black" and sent it back. As the mastermind of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal and the producer of top-rated newcomer How to Get Away With Murder, all for ABC, she didn't believe either modifier was necessary — or relevant. "They wouldn't say that someone is 'the most powerful white male showrunner in Hollywood,' " she contends, her tone turning momentarily stern on this morning in late September. She pauses to gather her thoughts and then continues: "I find race and gender to be .. ...
Come & learn from the Founder of biggest Black Woman owned construction company in Southern Africa, Dr Thandi Ndlovu
Willie Lynch Letter Success Story at Large: This brother clearly turns his *** on and off as it seems to conveniently suit his role. Apparently, his role is the good old *** . The one who thinks he so smart but fails to realize the horrible factors that lie behind the situation yet still comes to the conclusion that the Black Woman is the issue. No Mr. Howard.!! Mr. Rice like many young *** raised by *** mothers are success stories of The Willie Lynch letter clearly. Let's actually this out for all the Hollywood Folk: Ray- *** boy compared to a horse (animal/beast). Both in which are broken down mentally but trained to be physically capable of winning races and the productions of the economy. Black Woman: psychologically independent who can't win simply because she don't have a clue of true protection of a man no matter what color. She sees her man turn into a complete b!+€# based on actions alone. Then she has the Willie Lynch Reporting committee (social media) placing her on display m ...
Black football superstar savagely punches & knockouts Black Woman, after she slaps him in the face, which I liken to a rock being thrown at a tank... Then persists to drag her limp body into the hallway without any sense of remorse or concern... Black Men then start to stomp & shout about Women putting their hands on Men & the acceptable response. Meanwhile, white cops & / or men slam said Black Men on cop cars, slap them around, disrespect them, & lay them out in their blood via MURDER... & in return, Black Men teach classes, dialog & reason about Self Control & navigating police - terrorist - violent - tactics. Some of our men are cowards & don't even realize it. The lack of love, respect & value for the life of a Black Woman is at an all time low. You brothers should be ASHAMED of yourself. Meanwhile, Black Feminists & Anti-Domestic Violence proponents - many if not most women, jump on the story... Screaming & Hollering Anti-Black Man rhetoric, using this tragic event to spotlight violence against wome ...
"I dont see how being a Black Woman is harder than being a Black Man"you don't get harrased while walking do…
So I just read a post about De'Lish where someone was upset for several reasons. First complaint was that their drink was served in a plastic cup for $9, second complaint was that they paid $15 to get in and no one was there yet. Let me pose this this scenario, I go to the Schuster Center for a show which is a million dollar establishment. I pay $50+ for a ticket, I order a glass of wine, it comes in a cup. Do I complain no. I go to the movies and spend $15+, I may or may not enjoy the movie, but that is a gamble I choose to take. This social media gives everyone one a voice, especially to coward *** people who choose to complain in front of thousands of people instead of going to the source. Everyone who actually KNOWS me knows that I am one of the most approachable people when it comes to business. Being a Black Woman in Dayton running a restaurant is not some easy task, but it is something that my family has chosen to do. No one has ever heard me say that we are perfect, because we're not. We are a con ...
As an urban Black Woman, I mourn and am mad about the murders of innocent young Black Men.
Mary Jane McLeod Bethune ~ the first Black Woman to head a federal office. Appointed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
I met Steve Harris who played Charles from "Diary of a mad Black Woman" today at the UCLA track ... really great...
Nigerian Billionaire Folorunsho Alakija is the richest Black Woman in the WORLD at $ 7.36 billion unseating American Black Billionaire Oprah Winfrey at $ 2.9 billion according to Forbes Reports.Folorunsho and her oil company-Famfa awarded oil prospecting license...not a Joke#
Zora Neale Hurston pioneered the ethnographic film as her films understood the value of herself as a Black Woman
Join us! Tomorrow we’re holding a State of the Black Woman dinner at Maccabees (5057 Woodward Ave)!.
Dear Afrikans . lisen to Black woman by & Egypt80 Ft via
"she looks like the cat woman *** lady *** from Orange Is The New Black" ~MJ's first impression of a randO on insta 😂
Just saw the smirk and powerful body language then saw the words "Nigeria financial markets" noticed black skin, woman.
Every black woman fighting for the Natural Hair Care movement...this is about you. The bigger picture is Freedom of expression.
Queen Charlotte,the wife of the King of England,. George III (1738-1820), was a Black African. woman.
If we being real it might be dope to wife a tranny cause now they a woman but understan…
U don't need 2 be a woman 2 fight sexism. U don't need 2 be *** 2 fight homophobia. U don't need 2 be black 2 fight racis…
Woke up to storage hunters and TMONEY and that fat black woman where arguing over a deep fat frier
Watched Orange is the New Black with Tasmin last night. Why is there a woman that looks like steve buscemi in it?
I'm just a black woman that's all don't fear me
I recall having a conversation w/a mentor, a Black woman, she said you learn not to are if some people think you're stupid
my favs so far beside west coast r shade of cool,cruel world,the other woman,florida kilos, black beauty and brooklyn baby! Urs?
"Spanish woman with traditional black Veil
Spanish woman with traditional black Veil
Fantastic Woman In Black event in the Hub today
He told him that she is a beautiful black woman☆
I am a strong black woman. Dont underestimate that. 😎💪✌
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
👼 Red Angel showed : Why this woman wears Black and White Abaya cause this woman is pure Jew. This woman is a white brunette.
Lol.Amebo. I am not weak. I am a strong black woman "Aren't u supposed to be hungry? I dont even know the song to
Exclusive interview with the woman who supervised writing of SA’s Black Economic Empowerment codes,Pg27 of digi-mag
an 'abaya' is not legislated as it is just like wearing a long black thobe! A woman should not leave her house without a jilbaab!
Lost weight folks dis the year I find my woman hi oh black Betty bam badam
I'm not Earth's SAVIOR, Victoria is, cause she gave me a brace from going PITCH BLACK in my HEART, the only Woman who saw me! XP
She was married to an African-American auto worker. She just became part of a community. She was one of the only...
EMILY ITS 4 AM AND IM THINKING OF WOMAN IN BLACK THANX SO MUCH about to squeeze Wookie to death I'm so scared
Oprah telling the story of the black woman who punched a sheriff.
God bless the curvaceous intelligent beautiful black woman! 🙌
Lol this black girl asked me today if I can handle a black woman.
This psycho woman had to be black init😂😔
On this episode of Practically Speaking, host Audra Wilson talks with three guests about the under representation of certain groups in society. One Black woman, Joy Triche, founded Tiger Stripe Publis
african identitySHARE ON:The strong black woman and those who don’t fit the stereotypeJune 16, 2014 — If you are woman of African descent, you already know and live with the daily expectations of how to behave. But what of those women who do not express such characteristics? Are we then considered w…
In light of the many celebrated risks shows like "Girls" are able to take, Charing wonders where is the sexually liberated black woman in a drama.
Thought for the day: Poem In Honor of "Maya" she was my write Poetry. .thank you God for blessing me with Maya Angelou(RIP). "Spark of Fire" To be or not to be,its up to me to be break lose,to gain,to humble myself through self-examination;GOD gave me emancipation. .. Independent standing like a statue of Liberty; God fearing Black Woman with stability. . Im a butterfly flying free,right into my blessing with courage and dignity. . My wings are colorful like the Rainbow,placed before me is a Vision;no bondage, I sung Songs in prison.. I rise from the brokeness,imperfections to be established;as a Black Woman living lavish.. Progress is one step at a time on the course,being inferior.God created me to Shine;my struggles are far behind.. Laughter is good for the Soul,as a Black Woman im a "Spark of Fire"; remaining humble is my desire.. Freedom came with a price;saddness,bitterness and strife.. My season of being a Daughter of a pearl is not secondary,nor do I want to be impressive to the cr ...
SPOILER ALERT : SPOILER ALERT-MY RANT: So on May 27, 2014 I wasted $10 and gas (to and from) on the new X-MEN movie. Before I truly begin this rant I want you to know (who cares to know that) I am a huge fan of X-MEN. They are my absolute favorite comics. Marvel Universe rules! Maybe I should bullet this off. 1. The movie was doomed when Bryon Singer and Fox still had their hands on anything X-MEN. 2. Why did the Sentinels of the future look like the Destroyer from Thor. The whole time I keep getting Asgardian vibes. 3. Yet another movie, (Comic Book) movie that focused on a group of majority white males to save the *** day. 4. The use of minority actors was a joke. Collectively they had around 5 line-12 minutes of screen time. Even when the movie shifts to the past can I get a brother or two, a Latino, Asian, Islander, something even walking around America as a citizen. They movie tried to give you ethic after Mystique got shot and turned into a Black Woman with a fro (70’s look) for a couple of secon ...
The FINAL draft. I fixed a few grammatical errors, and added a few things that the original did not have Now it's FOOLPROOF Be sure to save this to your computer, because this LITERALLY shuts down 98% of the Black Women in the group's arguments Because you can pretty much ALWAYS count on a Black Woman responding in AT LEAST 1 of the ways listed on here. It usually NEVER fails EDIT: Here is the UPDATED one, SAVE THIS ONE TO YOUR COMPUTER Click the link
What makes the decision to cast Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone so especially galling are the things that Nina stood for and symbolized for so many of Us. At a time when conventionally corrupted standards of beauty in the African-American community said Nina was "too dark," even "homely," for many of Us she came to epitomize the strength and beauty of the Black Woman. For those of us who had eyes to see, she was GORGEOUS: the prominent maxillary and alveolar prognathism that was so unabashedly, so unapologetically African; the full, sensuous lips; the strong, broad nose; the protruding, soulful eyes. That glowing, mahogany skin. Later, came the afrocentric head wraps, natural hair and gowns - and always the outspoken, in-your-face politics to go with. Too, there was her commanding, regal presence. Nina Simone was - and remains - our one, true High Priestess of Soul. I've long thought Simone could have started a revolution/uprising anywhere in the world simply by planting herself in the middle of a busy thoroug ...
Ashra Kwesi - The Spiritual Union of the Black Man and the Black Woman -
.When i see Black Woman with blonde hair .I imagine a cooked brown or dark hot dog with Mustard on it...It just anit cute to me i guess lol Mustard. But Hate West Indian peacock hairstyles all varieties all colors. You just shouldn't look like a bird on a day to day basis it just does it make you look good I don't care
Someone at ++Stephanie Miller is a Black Woman named…
...and this SHOUT OUT is for all the people that took the time to open my Black Woman's Mini Video/Film Festival Bermuda pages even if you may not have clicked 'like' thank you for showing interest and allowing me to reach you in my special way : Washington, DC; Paris, Ile-de-France, France; Toronto, ON, Canada; Brooklyn, NY; Ashburn, VA; Los Angeles, CA; Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfale; New Orleans, LA; Detroit, MI; Port of Spain, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad; Shreveport, LA; Houston, TX; Bronx, NY; Fort-de-France, Martinique; Nottingham, England, United Kingdom; Charlotte, NC; Baltimore, MD; Tampa, FL; Cleveland, OH; Nashville, TN; La Pointe à Pitre, Guadeloupe; Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana! Who knows maybe all of you can come forward and join us here in Bermuda, for a wonderful and unforgettable night of films, fun and family! Peace to you All, Rosheena — feeling wonderful.
In all of God’s Creation there is nothing more alluring, more appealing, or attractive; nothing more beautiful, more charismatic, more charming, or captivating; than A Black Woman's Smile Biography Ty Gray-El earned a B.S. in Street-ology from the District of Columbia, a Master’s Degree in Survival from the Ghettos of North America and a Ph.D. in Psyche-ology from the University of Adversity and Hard Knocks. While some laugh at Ty’s academic achievements (once labeled ineducable) he is as proud of his accomplishments as any holding degrees from Howard, Harvard or Yale. He is an author, activist, lecturer, playwright, public speaker, husband, proud father of four and Member of Reid Temple AME Church. Rising from the woeful condition of being labeled ‘ineducable’ to becoming the author of ‘Breath of My Ancestors/Reflections from the Conscience of an African in America,’ to being called by some “The Vessel through which our ancestors speak”, Ty as a performance poet and Storytelling-Griot h ...
Actress Viola Davis is The life she gives to Hollywood as a Black Woman in Film is beyond outstanding.
Congresswoman Terri Sewell is the first Black Woman elected to the US Congress in the history of the State of Alabama. She is from Selma where she graduated Valedictorian from her high school. While at Princeton, she was mentored by First Lady Michelle Obama and went to Harvard with President Obama. She is Dr. Farrell Duncombe's cousin, and Sheyann Webb Christburg was her baby sitter when she was growing up in Selma. Congresswoman Martha Roby used to have all of Montgomery, When the District lines were redrawn, Congresswoman Terri Sewell now represents Southlawn, Woodcrest, all areas down the Southern Bypass to Troy Highway, Ricgecrest, Haardt Estates, Western Hills and I will tell you the other areas in a future post. But, get ready to help me help her remain in Congress working for us.
To hi-jack a Race, Language, Identity & a God shows a lack of Humanity & Self-Worth.In Ancient times a Jew wasn't a Hebrew & a Hebrew was most Certainly Not A Jew!...In ancient times anyone who lived in or around the Land of Judea were referred to as Jews!...Hebrews were of Ethiopian Stock (Therefore Black) they were Purest/Nationalists & Exclusive...They Hated Foreign Influence...This is why in the Bible it talks of The Isrealites being upset because Moses had married an Ethiopian woman!...They Weren't upset because Moses married a Black Woman, *** Moses was Black...They were upset because he married outside his tribe!...Similar stories can be found btwn David & Bathsheba, Sampson & Delilah, etc. etc. The Hebrews (Ancient Hebrews) didn't even worship like Modern day Jews of today...Ancient Hebrews worshipped YHWH...A God that is both Male/Female...Yahweh's counterpart was Ashara...She's even mentioned in the Old Testament!...So if Everything I say Is True & It Is...Then Who Are These European-So-called . ...
Whoopi Goldberg won an Academy Award for best supporting actress ,on this date in 1991. She was the second Black Woman to win this award.
True! Even Black Women say this to other Black Women/Men or about themselves. The most common is "atleast I/we/you don't have nappy hair because of *insert non-black race here*" Granted, some of us do in fact have another race's genes flowing through our veins from generations down the line, but why should that divide us as people? I for one have beautiful curly hair that wave at the roots; beautiful features & physique all due to my BLACK parents. I am a proud Black Woman & I don't feel the need to water ME down as if my Black alone isn't good enough. People will have their opinions & expectations of what Black people look like, what texture their hair is etc. but we are a people of many different looks. If there's one thing I want to make sure my girls know, it is to love themselves for everything they are & it starts with me as the prime example. I want them to embrace themselves, build strong characters because soon enough, people will question them about their ethnicity because they already question ...
Black powder guns have a special place in my heart. This one caught my eye cis it's modern.
I think I make a fantastic impersonation of a random black woman
But please understand,not all Black Women are the same,even with that said, the classless Black woman they described is far few in between.
This is so heavy... A White Woman's opinion on Black Women
Whoever said western dresses are more testosterone pumping, has clearly never seen an Indian woman in a black saree .
Wanna roll up in that "you cant afford this" only black woman on the forbes list 😎
If it wasn't for black guys so many fat ugly English woman wouldn't have kids
Tuesday 11th March: On this day in 1959 - “Raisin in the Sun”, the 1st Broadway play by a black woman, opens. What gives you courage?
save that for later when you fall to a black skin woman, bro. Otherwise, you're same with people you were talking about. :)
If you see the (Salt & Sugar) are both white, no difference between them. But the difference will appear if they are approached by. The knowledge is increased by touching & is assured by tasting. So Don't judge upon faces or shapes, it is possible that Allah raises a dustman. As Allah raised that black woman who used to sweep the Mosque, So the prophet (peace upon him) offered her funeral prayer. But Bilal Al-Habashi, everyone loves him. The prophet (peace upon him) heard the voice of Bilal's shoes in paradise. So Don't judge the water until you reach it, could be mirage or a sweet river. and on the Earth, have seen a shepherd became a prophet, & was spotted who enjoyed money & health, such as Pharaoh became wretched. Allah the almighty said "( verily the noblest of you in the sight of Allah is the most God-fearing of you)". Allah May bless those who share this my post Milad khalifa (MKM), and reward them for their good deed. And finally peace upon the prophet Mohammed, and god may bless you ten times in ...
On the coach to London to watch woman in black at the theatre
Happy birthday one of my closest friends that I mistake for a black woman every holiday/summer. Love ya💜
Every woman needs this classic black blazer in her wardrobe. It's only $270 (originally $3200) from
This is a very strong woman with a leather flogger in her hand which she is very good with.
The first female self made millionaire in America was a black woman MADAM C.J. WALKER 1867 - 1919
Your mother is a black woman and should have raised you to have self respect.
I'm an independent woman but I ain't black
I can't even take you halfway serious if you a black woman with a terrible weave ..
"10 things I'd like to say to a black woman" Forever has me in tears
*** Some black woman just walked into my house, came upstairs asking if I knew someone while I was in bed and I just went along it lol
Big black beast woman keeps kissing her teeth on the phone. Shut up it's by far the worst noise in the world
Because I refuse to be the angry black woman in my department. I'm gonna be the Employee Handbook Black Woman though.
off shoulders in black outfits make you the hawtest woman. You bet!
Natural hair on a black woman is such a weakness, it'll probably be the death of me someday soon :/
That video with the black boy and the asian woman at a little store fighting over money (x
's book should be called Diaries of a Mad Black Woman...if they haven't used that name already 😏😄
""Woman empowerment way lady In black leggings
I just watched a video where this black woman looks like she is entering Walmart or Sam Club cuz they always have the elderly people at the front to greet. Anyways, that girl gonna ask the woman, "Hey little B__, Ya'll Niggaz hiring? The woman said Huh? And the person asking said again Ya'll hiring. The store clerk says yea, and the ignorant one says, "Where I gotta go? It doesn't matter that this woman was black or white. Though she was white, this ignorant Black woman, with her soulful colored a$$ don't need a job she need to be sitting in somebody's manner class learning how to act in public. Ride, ignorant, and apparently black
Just seen a woman wearing black and white stripey leggings and a scarf to match👀 oh god.
mega rally has 300 black cammandos.20 car drivers.400 packers and movers of rally n one woman.KALAVATI
Late night workout.. Now all i need is a woman to go with this black panties album
neither do it. But I'm not a independent black woman either
A black berry cell is worse than a woman u have to charge it all day or night before it responds or have a bit of life! Lame
Beyonce wants to ban the word 'bossy' she believes in empowerment/equality unless you are a black woman who used to be in Destiny's Child
A black woman would very lucky to be a boss in the tech field:
A woman was abducted by Zimbabwe men living in the fields in Pretoria, gang raped for 4 days. Did not see green and black protest.
Diary of a mad black woman.I think my favorite movie;) I love it always makes me tear up...amazing movie
Nigeria: 12 People Who Control Nigeria's Economy About 12 Nigerians currently control one-eighth (1/8) of the country's gross domestic product (GDP), a survey conducted by LEADERSHIP Weekend has revealed. In the same way, the 10 most capitalised companies listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) make up over one-fifth of the country's economy with many of the major shareholders drawn from the ranks of the 10 richest Nigerians. An analysis of the Forbes 50 Richest Africans' List indicates that the 12 Nigerians listed therein currently have an estimated total net-worth of $33.68 billion (N5.38 trillion) which represents 12.8 per cent or about one-eighth of Nigeria's GDP figure put at $262.6 billion (N42 trillion) as at December 2012. The 10 most capitalised companies, on the other hand, together are valued N9.35trn ($58bn). Curiously, LEADERSHIP Weekend investigation shows that none of the top 10 capitalised companies is an oil company, since oil exploration and drilling companies are not quoted on the N ...
New weave, new accent... Diary of a fake black woman, who claims to want a real man. Intombi ze smanjemanje...
The story of Sara Baartman EVERY BLACK WOMAN NEEDS TO SEE THIS! The more things change the more they stay the same
wa gwaan brethren.we affi love Jamaican vybz til love lyk black woman love.irie
MAN I applaud and give this lady a Standing Ovation. About time a Black Woman no no no a WOMAN period has come out and checked her own gender. Hats off to you Sister. I bet you no females would buy her book if she was to ever write one but they will buy 50 shades of grey though. HM SMMFH! How many females can do what she asked at 3:45? Answer Honestly
THE WOMB-MAN . Michael Owoo ../ What the black woman has done for me through all the horrors she's been through to carry on being the naturing source of my existence is an inescapable fact to what a true super women she is to me. Thank you mums, aunties, sister and daughters. . Runoko Rashidi It is important that the world knows and that Black Women know that there are still Black Men who honor, adore and revere them. It is important to our self-esteem and their self-esteem. Roosevelt Cannady added a video from September 1, 2013 to his timeline. .
I am a strong independent black woman and I don't need no man!!!
There are two things a black woman knows how to do, one is make away and two, survive.
Black Woman why do we hate each other so??? I know it not all, but I just don't get it. If you can't be happy for someone else how do you think your going to find your own joy. We have the same struggles
If I see another black woman with blue contacts and a blond weave, I'm gonna scream. It's obvious they're uncomfortable with their ethnicity. I'm just sayin.
So I come across this note written by my son: "Thank you for everything you have done. From paying the bills to buying us presents, I love you. And remember, you are a strong, independent black woman who don't need no man" - Evan. What the *** Can't wait to question him on this. Ha ha.
So they still haven't found the missing airplane...put a angry black woman on the case bet she find it and everybody that had anything to do with it! We will investigate till we know everything!!
So I went to the movies today to see "12 YEARS A SLAVE" and OMG I'm struggling with the words that can do justice in describing how I felt when I left the theater. I have been thinking about what to write but the words keep eluding me. It was a profound, strong, deep sentiment that was dragged to the surface of my existence and I could not stop the tears from falling. Saturday someone called me a "beautiful black woman" and today my heart aches from what I experienced in that theater. If the pigmentation in my skin has earned me the right to be called that, then I will wear it proudly and will always respect and admire the roots of my descendancy!
So I'm not quite sure how I should take this.a young black woman just mistook me for someone from Walmarts loss prevention.
I Know that I am a Strong Black Woman !!! God has Led Me into a Divine Place and I am so Very Greatful. I have had a Multitude of trials hit Me All at Once and A Pastor Once told MeGod Has Me Because it was a Wonder that I wasn't in a Hospital or Nuthouse Somewhere. But that Pastor Told Me God picked Me to HANDLE it Halleluah ! Jesus ! Thank You Pastor Reed My Brother/friend.thank you so Much.
Nothing better than black woman with some self-esteem. Must watch
Omg! I am one tired Lil black woman! If I don't get back in touch, I'm probably knocked out. 💋
The Beauty of a Black Woman is poetry coming to life. It's an eye opener for all women of different shades to express the importance of individuality. This s...
From the Gallery---I was recently in a debate in which a black woman brought up statistics about the disparity between eligible Black Men and women blah blah blah. As a Black Man I am hard pressed to find a black woman who not overweight. Because it's a sensitive matter I can't talk about it as openly as I'd like. But women go in on brothers being broke, living with their mothers, etc. I know you're very busy, but if you can could ask your followers "are there any regular sized Black Women left? If not, what's the alternative?" And when I say "regular sized" I don't mean for a black woman. I mean regular according to the CDC. 5'4" 127lbs Thank you One frustrated brother
Diary of a. Man Black woman let's watch
The Fact the presiding judge in this case z a "Black Woman" makes me proud to b S.African!
This fierce Black Woman is Diane Nash the Khaleesi of Freedom Riders.
Just one of the many interviews online. My healing for greif is in a new day. I have started reading everything about my sister thats in the public. (1953-) Janet McDonald told SATA: "The only life that is not disappointing is the one imagined. So I write to rejoice, revel, and rebel." Her first book, however, Project Girl: An Inspiring Story of a Black Woman's Coming-of-Age, dealt not with an imagined life but with her own hardscrabble youth. McDonald grew up in a public housing project in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. She and her large family lived in an apartment that was small and a neighborhood that was dangerous. But she was blessed with a brilliant mind, and her parents harbored dreams of great success. With her above-average intelligence quotient and her unrelenting drive, McDonald managed to make it to Vassar College, an elite and exclusive institution. In college, McDonald realized that she had dual personas, one being the "Vassar girl" and the other being the "project girl." As the Va ...
God is a *** Black Woman. God is also a HIV positive white boy. She is Universal because Love is the Unified Field.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Black Woman summer athlete makes Olympic History, In the Bob Sled. Vonetta Flowers' place in Olympic history is secure, and today at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, she is the first black athlete to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics as a pusher in the women's two-woman bobsled at the 2002 Salt Lake Games. At the time, non-white Winter Olympians were quite rare. The first black medalist had been American figure skater Debi Thomas, who won bronze in 1988. As women's two-man bobsled begins in Sochi on Tuesday, the U.S. team features five blacks among its six athletes, and for the first time, black drivers. In the United States, black athletes have a bobsled history that goes back to former track gold medalist Willie Davenport pushing a sled to a 12th-place in 1980 Winter Olympics. Willie Gault and Herschel Walker also famously gave bobsled a go in 1988 and 1992, while still playing in the NFL.
I am a Black Woman. I wear my hair natural or weaved. I have a good paying job & still in school. I am no ones baby momma. I don't smoke, twerk or "do it for the vine". I am not loud or ghetto. I can hold a proper conversation without trying to intimidate people. I have a mother & a father. I believe in marriage. And I come from/live in a neighborhood where some unfortunate events have occurred. I've beaten out *** near every stereotype as many of us do yet these run down crab in the barrel communities of ours seem be the safest place. The world doesn't want positive black people. So they kill us off, put us against each other and brainwash others to continue their dirty work. The world ain't ready for us because not enough of us are ready. Wake up people.
 Dorothy Mae Hudson- Born March 13, 1927 - Entered Into Rest February 17, 2007! Today marks the 7th year of the passing of my mother. She suffered her last heart attack on my 50th Birthday, Dec 1, 2006 and died of congestive heart failure 2 and half months later, on today's date! I still feel the pain and agony those last few months along with tears; for I had become her care taker pretty much for over half my life! To watch a parent slowly deteriorate before your eyes is the worse experience anyone could endure. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. She was the most influential Black Woman in my life! Giving Birth to me over 57 years ago. The life she lived in giving back to others as a nurse affected hundreds. She studied nursing in California where she received her LN and when the family moved back to Philly and, then NJ, she obtained her RN license. She had the biggest heart, a tenacious spirit and strong conviction in God (Jehovah). She loved deeply ONE MAN, though he was unfaithful to her she bel ...
In honor of Black History month. BLACK AND PROUD If you could be reborn, would you change your race to white? Or would you remain Black and continue in this fight? Well, if I could be born again - Yes! I would be Black. I'd come back and run as fast as Jesse Owens did down a race track. I'd stand and fight for justice like Dr. Martin Luther King. Or like James Weldon Johnson, I'd LIFT EVERY VOICE AND SING? I'd guide that underground railroad like Harriett Tubman. Or with light I'd guide traffic like Garrett Morgan. I'd refuse to stand as Rosa Parks did, in Montgomery on the bus. You see, she remained seated to help Black folk, like us. Like Madame C.J. Walker I'd be a female millionaire. I'd create products for the Black Woman's beautiful hair. I'd sing soulful tunes like Mahalia, Lena, Aretha and Whitney. And like Jesse Jackson I'd PUSH and say I AM SOMEBODY! By Any Means Necessary I'd Do The Right Thing like Malcolm X and Spike Lee. Or like Oprah Winfrey and Denzel Washington, I'd conquer movies and TV ...
At the Omega Psi Phi frat house of Morehouse , 3 doors down from me, trying to convince 16 Que Dawgs that they will all get married someday... It is inevitable, the Black Woman will concquer us and our Ego at some point in each bruh's lifetime. Lol. So warm out that we got two grills on the the lawn, barbecue'n and buildin'... Everybody loves the old guy in campus..
International perspective on being a Black Woman in the academy via
February 4, 2014, BLACK HERstory Moment: In 1950 Gwendolyn E. Brooks became the first Black Woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for poetry for Annie Allen (1949). Brooks, Gwendolyn Elizabeth, 1917–2000,...
today i heard Reverend Al Sharpton preach about "living for more than ourselves & serving others". yesterday Barbara Lee unveiled the new usps Shirley Chisholm stamp. at this VERY moment i am so proud to be a Delta, a Black Woman & a Mills Woman! im standing on the shoulders of GIANTS-for real!
Why We Call the Black Woman a Queen! - Living in a European society many of my white friends wore tiara's as...
I want a Black Woman like Assata Shakur or Winnie Mandela or Sister Betty Shabazz.
Proud to be tonight for opening of show-1st Black Woman to have Solo exhibition at the museum. Stunning!
Carrie Mae Weems is the first Black Woman to have a solo show at the Guggenheim museum. The opening…
"But does the Black Man share any of the responsibility? Hmmm" Look at the solution to the problem stat I wrote later...Actually black woman's biggest delusion is trying to make the Black Man responsible for the problem...there's two things... there's the problem!!! there's the cause of the problem!!! the current state of the Black Man is the problem, the cause and solution of the problem is the black woman... Black Woman is the cause, source and root of major issues in the black family, black community and they total disarray and self destructive nature of the Black Man.African proverb "When the women our sick, the people are sick!" Our community is sickly. Because the women are ill...The solution is the woman must get better...Another African proverb...You teach a man you educate an individual, You teach a woman you educate a nation!!! The woman is the total source of the ills of the black family...Men stay and leave because of the black woman! Men are raised to be thugs and killers because of the black ...
But I'm not a Black Woman with Hips *** Bigger then Sam Rosen
Anyone watch Kennedy Center Honors last night ? - so very "politically correct" 5 honorees - 1 Hispanic male, 1 Black Woman, 1 Black Man, 1 white woman, 1 white man - in that order - then when Billy Joel's song "We'll all Go Down Together" was sung by veterans who saluted - I wanted to smack that self satisfied smirk off Barry's face when he half saluted back. All deserving honorees BUT so contrived - I thought Shirley McLain looked a little surprised by one of the singer/dancers.
"American Violet" got a brother in tears...continue to love protect defend and support the Black Woman brothers...
just read the willie Lynch letter OUT OF OUR RIGHT MINDS: Trauma, Depression and the Black Woman: via
So Olivia Pope is the Leader of Black Woman on TV. Think about that for a minute. Yes, the writing is interesting but change characters.
The people who are "Really" Black are the drug dealers, the thugs, the gangbangers, the welfare queens, the baby mommas, and the men who has too many kids by too many women. Whitney Houston was booed at the 1989 Soul Train Awards because she wasn't black enough and she was singing pop music back in the 80s and the 90's and she sold over 90 plus million albums. That was before she met Bobby Brown and not smoking crack. R. Kelly is regarded as one of the Best R&B Singers ever in the 90's because he started having sex and peeing on high school girls and he never lost favor in the Black Community. Condeelza Rice became the 1st ever Black Woman to hold Secretary of State under the Bush Era in the 2000s and she wasn't black enough. Not black as Marion Barry, the DC mayor, who got caught smoking crack in the DC hotel back in 1991. He got re-elected and never lost favor in the Black Community. Then you got Robert Griffin III, the articulate quarterback for the Redskins, who was raised by military parents. I was . ...
Media hypocrisy over black mob beating woman unconscious on London bus Compare with Emma West hysteria
Jerome loves to slander the black woman.every *** day tho...sir
I saw a white guy with a black woman today. I love interracial couples ☺️
-red and black orbs for eyes as the Saiyan woman came closer and closer towards him. His heart-
Hey, everyone who said that The Matrix was a rip-off? Well the woman who wrote it is getting a pay out:
The color barrier of the US will never go away because instead of being identified as a woman, I will always be identified as a black woman.
Only a insecure woman thinks she isnt equal because she takes care of the home...Both roles are vital RT
So this time some guys were arrested for blacking whilst black in the presence of a pretty young white woman.
I didn't have my glasses on and this woman was wearing a white coat and she had long black hair and I genuinely thought it was jesus
I could've sworn I came from a black woman..
This kid just gave a speech on God and the middle aged black woman in class just kept saying "oh Lord" featured in NBC s Science of Love
Ya'll. this black woman asked me do i like being natural? I said yes. Then she asked if it was easy to keep up with. I said no..
Black Friday Brawl goes viral. Do you know the woman in this vid from Annapolis?
Dear when you remember every woman needs a satchel via
Sitting here watching Tyler Perry Dvd I can do bad all by myself then Diary of a mad black woman. Missing my loved ones Lawrence @ Precious.
I hate when I hear "There ain't no good Black Men" One of the dumbest things you can say as a black woman
I can't believe it's not butter. It's not even close. That's actually a black widow spider. I can't believe you markete…
For every action there's a reaction, for every cause there's an affect, for all the BS you do and say, there's an angry black woman that's tired of trying and being the good woman that you don't deserve...
I really want Adam Levine to be with a black woman
'...many styles more powerful than gamma rays, my grammar pays like Carlo Santana plays, black magic woman...'
Other than that crazy day, and a black homeless woman harassing us at breakfast on the first day there, I loved America.
This chick at my job fits every sterotype of an angry black woman. She don't even smile. And just yell and curse all day.
Theres nuthn like putting a smile on a black woman face
NEWS: "3 Black Thugs Gun-Down 76-YO Woman" - Two black males and a black female were arrested for the senseless . . .
People are funny. SMH she was a typical stereotypical angry black woman.
I'm saying Black Men get mad when they see successful black woman with White men, I know I do.
see a Black Man with a white woman at the top floor, they gon come to kill King Kong
that's weird, I thought they portrayed her as a strong black woman who just wanted to stay loyal to her people..
This woman on the bus gives me these disgusted *** faces everytime a black got come on the bus
And, those black males with the financial wherewithall to offer an attractive potential life with a black woman would rather…
Ce Makamillion shared the following link and had this to say about it: AWESOME!!! You just gained a fan!! have officially given up pretending like I am not an angry black woman. For years, you’ve been using the threat of my own anger against me, the label “angry black woman” be...
That thing where you realize you've been listening to Black Magic Woman for no less than 16 minutes.
Yesterday at work somebody said "growing up with black woman turns you of to them in the future" who thinks that's true?
From a woman of faith who loves America: ‘Black people have been deceived’
Abiola was once d richest african(yoruba man). Dangote is d current richest african ( hausa man). Mrs Alakija is d current richest black woman( yoruba woman). So what is all this noise I hear of Igbo people having business sense?
You black woman gotta do better how TF do you pick a time of the day to be mad/ "have an attitude"
the mill. A much younger black woman. She was tormented by students and administration. It was odd b/c she wasn't as brash
nooo the one where that black woman eats a whole ladle full. Can't remember what her name was though
I picture my soul as a black woman eating cornbread.. Or stuck in a corn maze.
They see a Black Man with white woman at the top they gon call me king kong
Dec 3, 1970:. Jennifer Josephine Hosten, a native of Grenada, is the 1st Black Woman to win the title of "Miss World"...
She's seriously dusting off invisible dust on her bag which she imagined the kid's sandal put on her fancy black bag. Geez, woman.
Probably the best card I've ever gotten, thanks to
Well - atleast I know I will still look cute as a black woman! LOL!
I referred to a much older black woman business associate as "Auntie XX". She was offended & asked me to PLEASE use her 1st name. Awkward.
"C Wizzle and I. he likes black woman get in there
"Nubian Queen " gotta be the top 5 corniest things you can ever say to a black woman. Lol.
Fla. Woman seriously injured in rare bear attack: Florida officials searched a gated community for a black bea...
shut up and get in my DMs degree having. strong black woman ... Nubian queen ...
And I'd like to be a bad woman, too, . And wear the brave stockings of night-black lace, . And strut down the streets with paint on my face.
I love black and white pictures, or a white man with a black woman, or vise versa.
Films About Women Opening Frozen - Co-Directed and Written by Jennifer Lee: It is about two sisters, power and love -- things you don't often get in the animated world. This is a film where neither sister needs to be saved by a man. I walked out with a huge smile on my face because I knew that this was another special film moment -- an animated movie where the female characters drive the action and need no rescuing from any dudes. Now we just need them to be things other than princesses. (Melissa Silverstein) The Punk Singer (doc) - Directed by Sini Anderson (Opens Nov 29): Sini Anderson crafts a fascinating portrait of an endlessly inspirational woman by allowing Kathleen Hanna to tell her story on her own terms. And while I'll always consider Hanna a feminist superhero, she's also a woman who deals with the same things we all do. Seeing everything that Hanna has thus far accomplished leaves the audience with the feeling that you can start your own revolution. (Kerensa Cadenas) Strong Black Woman (Opens ...
Congrats to Amber Riley for being the first Black Woman to win on Dancing With The Stars .
Why do you love me so, She asked? Every Warrior who has ever won on a Battle Field, standing in the midst of his dead enemies, Every President and Man of high Esteem. Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson anyone who has ever hoisted his hands as a Champion, was born of a Woman. I love you because you are Divine (Of God) and you have within you that which heals a Man and brings him closer to God. Once you realize this and what you are as a Black Woman, everything about you will change because your growth has begun and taken place. You will no longer be comfortable being less than who you are. I love you because I recognize who and what you are Queen Sister. Joshua Lovehall
Henry Louis Gates Calls this Era, 'the Era of the Black Woman'
Will historians call this "the Era of the Black Woman?" Find out why I think so in my Amazing Facts column Monday on
I was given the number 10. 1. I got married at 18 and still like my husband a lot ;). 2. I have no tolerance for foolishness so I have very few friends. And will ride for my true few. 3. I wanted to be a scientist and even had a science kit and TV microscope as a kid. 4. Kj and I have been BFF since we were 6. And he loves Arby's 5. I'm a daddy's girl even though he likes to make me mad lol. 6. When I was a kid I really thought my mama was Vivica A. Fox. I used to tell her that I saw her at work on the tv and she just let me believe that was her lol. 7. I am a proud Christian. 8. I'm very old fashion. 9. I am a proud Black Woman. 10. I am a scholar and a comic at the same *** time. Ps. Ray Faith my kid sister is everything! Like my status and I'll give u a number.
Again, i Moan, Sunday Independent has about 7 columns, opinion pieces including the editorial. Only 2,are written by women, Prof.Susan Booysens and the DA's Dianne Kohler Barnard in a debate with Mona and Busani Ngcaweni. Where is diversity and representativity here? 2 white women, no Black Woman's views on issues Black Women have opinions on. yes I know last week, Black Women had space, but it was " party space" on Voter registration( issue based events). Then there are 5 Black Men's views( all my cdes from Mapaila, Tabane,Seshoka, Ngcaweni and Mona) friend editor Monare there.Then there is a white guy Pietman Roos. so here is the deal, I will join my dear brother Jackson Mthembu( who for some reason has been a bit quiet and I am worried ) I won't buy Sunday Independent next week until I start seeing Black Women's voices represented.Fair and square.And I had my bite on the " Women for Presidency Debate", fair and square, since it was an all woman Party debate, but I am unhappy. Black Women count ...
The Power of a Black Woman is Beyond Measure and Comprehension...
first man I wanted to marry was Sparky Anderson, the first woman I wanted to marry was Sherilyn Fenn, I like to play jazz music when I'm driving through Detroit and pretend I'm in a Spike Lee Joint, if God sent me back to Earth to try it all over again I'd still come back as a Black Woman, I have better poem concepts than some of y'all have poems, when it comes to writing said poems I have the work ethic of a burlap sack of hair.
Just a gentle reminder that folks like Renisha McBride and Trayvon Martin had no "safety" or "protection" from those who decided to extinguish their lives. As a Black Woman, the U.S. Military cannot protect me from my OWN fellow citizens. And frankly, we are all MUCH more likely to be killed by someone who lives right in this country and is a citizen of it than by any "foreign" or "outside" forces. Ergo, I can't engage in delusions around military engagements doing anything that impacts my "safety" or "freedom." Because it is not happening. No one in Iraq or Afghanistan is likely to shoot me in the back of the head the way Renisha McBride was so brutally annihilated. No, that was a good old-fashioned white American who removed her from this Earth. Some of us have NEVER felt safe in this country. Because we have never BEEN safe in this country. Do Think On This. p.s. It is the U.S. Constitution and lawmakers that are charged with maintaining our "Freedoms," with or without the U.S. Military. Just throwing ...
WOMEN PRESIDENTS SAVE AFRICA? I take this opportunity to congratulate the two female Presidents in Africa, (Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Malawian President Joyce Banda). And think we Africans must be brave enough to vote more Mothers as Presidents. Female Presidents in Africa have proven they are not ready to let the people surfer while their family and friends, they put in office change into politrictians, who in-wealth themselves. They are not afraid to fire corrupt officials or entire cabinets. Africans are dying from simple deasis that can be cure by most herbalists here. Roads are not motorable. We export uncountable raw materials and import uncountable garbage. The 1st Queen on Earth was a Black Woman. She led her people to prosperity. Then we took over, and since then Africa have seen nothing but hardship. We must return to our roots. FATHERS, AS PRESIDENTS HAVE FAILED AFRICA. LETS VOTE MORE MOTHERS AS PRESIDENT, MAYBE THEY’LL GET THE JOB DONE AGAIN.
I've been seeing this Bethenny vs. Omarosa business all over the internet today Let me just say this.Bethenny was right. Omarosa's claim to fame is that she has made herself "infamous". That's it. She's not a brand. She"s confrontational (the list goes on). I knew Omarosa BEFORE the Hollywood BUG bit her, so all this "aggressive Black Woman" crap is just her strategy to getting noticed. It's our fault, for uplifting train wrecks like her on television and in the public eye, which to the general public, represents (falsely, I respectfully add) Black Women's typical behavior. At the end of the day, the Bethenny Frankel Show got high ratings, and Omarosa collected a check. They both accomplished their goal, I'm sure. Let me just add. I'd tune in to watch Bethenny over Omarosa any day. At least Bethenny is developing a positive brand and empowering women. I still don't have a clue what Omarosa is doing, other than collecting checks for keeping Americans intermittently entertained with her aggression towards o ...
My Mother DivaStyle Harper gave me this to read and it made me Be Thankful and proud I am a Black Woman.. so I will share this with you... and no offense to anyone that reads this...:::This had to be REPULSED.Better late than never! White women's opinion of Black Women & a brother's response Please take a moment and read this. Pretty Deep! Thumbs up to this Black Man.. Enjoy. It seems that an article was written to Sister 2 Sister magazine by a Caucasian woman who requested a response from Black Men. I'm so glad she got what she asked for (and more) !!! Dear Jamie: I'm sorry but I would like to challenge some of your Black male readers. I am a White female who is engaged to a Black male-good-looking, educated and loving. I just don't understand a lot of Black female's attitudes about our relationship. My man decided he wanted me because the pickings amongst Black Women were slim to none. As he said they were either too fat, too loud, too mean, too argumentative, too needy, too materialistic or carrying to ...
"They really didn't have to kill that Black Woman, Miram Carey, 34, on Capitol Hill Yesterday. Her erratic actions we clearly the result of a mental health challenges. At the point she was fired on, with a one year old in the car, she was well out of reach of the most security sensitive areas. She exited the vehicle unarmed and presented no immediate threat whatsoever to the police who opened fire and gunned her down. I want that case!" - Malik Zulu Shabazz
Riddle me this? Why was it a complete miscarriage of Justice when George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin after engaging in hand to hand combat first, and then deneding his life after taking the worst of the beating. And now it is acceptable a few months later when the D.C. Police Gun down Miriam Carey who bumped a barricade post (actually if you have ever been to D.C. horse tie post for over a hundred years and have lined curbs of the road circles and streets throughout D.C. as well as in front of the Whitehouse ) ...which of course was covered up with obvious erroneous and wildly blown out of proportion of intended ramming of the Whitehouse gates Please explain this to me? Rev.Al Sharpten and Jesse Jackson...after all Miriam Carey was a Black Woman and Mother
Watch 49ers QB start playing real good now that he with it's a black woman thing :) We bring out the best in you
Someone told me I got a old soul & I'm wise beyond my years. Welp! I was raised by a strong black woman.
Catching up on last nights x-factor... I cannot cope. I also wish I had the vocals chords of a black woman. So so sick.
was proud to see a south african Black woman on Food Network. Your shows are a must see!
I Remember when I first heard careful my mom was like [black woman voice] WHY ARE YOU LISTENING TO SCREAMO? 😑
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Another bless day been a strong black woman taking care my family. dam i really miss my baby today Mr. D.S cnt wait til u come hme Love u forever
Best part of diary of a mad black woman is Shemar Moore.but he doesn't suit corn rows at all!
Black Step-Mom bymustanger7up© I was Six when my mom was killed in a car accident back in 1962, My dad and I were left alone to take care of each other. Dad was a meek man and worked hard in a factory that made boxes, cardboard ones. He was the foreman in the assembly line there were about 18 people working it. Dad's name is John, and I'm John Jr. Most the people on the line are women, mainly minorities. Dad started eating lunch with a black woman named Janice, she was nice enough and came over to have supper with us occasionally. A strange thing back then for a white man and black woman, but they started dating and fell in love. In 1965 they got married, I can't count the times I got my *** whipped in school. Interracial marriages were uncommon back then, and me taking after my dad being small, I got in a lot a fights. Janice wanted me to call her mom, which I did after awhile, she wasn't really pretty and kind of on the fat side. After a couple of years she started taking over, her whole attitude chang ...
Have you checked out in the latest issue of Black Woman Style Report
Black Woman Of The Universe I am the Black Woman of the universe I come in many colors and shades I am the incubator of Gods creations And who stands by me is my King I felt the pain of civilisation I sing no victim song I sing of Rebirth I know where my voice belong I am the blackberry wine uncut Sweet as nectar That comes from the vine Which the blood of my ancestors Run through my vain Hold the key to mans legacy As his history is written within me I am the eyes that he may see I am the steps that he may lead I am the laughter when there are tears I am the bridge that he must cross I am the incubator of his seeds I am the breast that he may lean I am the beauty I am the UNIVERSAL NUBIAN QUEEN ONE GOD ONE LOVE ONE PEACE
Enough is enough I have to tell the true story. The black woman is responsible for the decline of Black Men and destruction of the modern family home. You have traded us in for your careers and vogue lifestyle. You claim you have too much on your plate to devote to a family. In no way do Black Women promote responsibility in men. You want a bad boy thug, swag dude who happens to be faithful and a good guy. Black Women are spreading their legs and not demanding anything in return. Not to mention you want six different degrees that take you to the age of 40 to complete and then you step out and say where are all the good men at? They are tired of waiting for you to decide where you are in life, waiting ten years for you to do you, and then listen to your Christmas list of Hollywood movie demands. Simply put you women need to get it together you are dragging the male down with you.
I'm no ordinary Black Woman. I'm VIP. I'm bout that life!!!
“We don't need no piece of paper from the city hall.” . u sound like an independent black woman
Did this black woman just go and kiss simon cowell on the cheeks and neck all over?!! Go home for gods sake
When GOD speaks,many listen,When GOD touches us,we awaken,When GOD brings pain,he brings happiness,and when GOD protects us,we are shielded with greatness.Even though the intensity of evil is against us all,THE LORD IS OUR SHEPHERD AND WE SHALL NOT WANT.I swear my family and I didn't have much growing up,but now we have everything,I must say being patient and humble has really paid off.I use to fight demons daily,but now I am humble and those demons have been eliminated.Only GOD knows how righteous we are and only GOD knows how righteous we really can be.I am living witness that no matter where you are from,you control your destiny.THANK YOU GOD FOR MAKING ME A STRONG Black Man AND MAKING A STRONG BLACK WOMAN MAKE ME ACCOUNTABLE.GM PEOPLE! CB THE BLACK KING
Articles have been written about it. Maya was the 4th out of the 38 years of the show.
I don't run to the media, the media comes to me in my inboxes if it wanna interview me because I know I'm a valuable Black Man like that.. yea the black woman is real simple in a one on one convo.. this is why i don't waste my time chasing them..
That black woman kissing all over his face and neck!!her and that lad wud be gud as comedians!!!pmsl at them!!
on xfactor USA when the black woman started kissing simon. CRINGE
You know you have a big booty when a black woman tells you so.
Diary of a Mad Black Woman..rily touching movie. I thnk i relate 2 ths woman...part of me is stl mad and angry...i need healing in my heart. Iam tired of being strng 4 myslf and 4 evry1...
I want a black woman's singing voice
Im just a strong black woman with an ambition. I work $$$, im done with school && im ready to settle down.
Nathan Hare shared Kathryn Branch's photo. I knew California must have been a person -- that's why the song said, "California, here I come." It figures she was a black woman because it doesn't get any better than black.
It's 730 am and there's a large black woman on this train eating a burrito
Black woman skin smoth when she no bleach she no bun up!
Black Woman this, black woman that! Must be lucky to be born from the 'Virgin' Mary!
No person. NO black woman. Will ever give u a "good deal" or "half off" on real brazilian hair. Noone. Not even ur godmother.
selena used don rays work Rita I can't breath and that black woman said ive gotta get home for cake
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