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Black Star Line

The Black Star Line was a shipping line incorporated by Marcus Garvey, organizer of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA).

Marcus Garvey Marcus Mosiah Garvey Prince Hall Edward Wilmot Blyden Henry Highland Garnet Martin Delany Kwame Nkrumah New York Black Stars Liberty Hall United States Central America United Kingdom Black Nationalism Black History

Had to rap in twi cuz more *** no dey hear bl3. Listen To 'Give Me Room' By Feat .
A skip down the inside line for Black Thorn but she's not lead. A star pass from MMR means this jam will go for 2 mins.
The Black Star Line- first black owned cruise by a black man couldn't thrive. Blacks were paid to sabotage its engines.
Black Star Line shares and Marcus Garvey writes to limonenses 100 years ago
In god we trust, puba.the travel jam, black star line, love me or leave me alone remix! Wo(rick f…
Listen to Joel Orleans - Give Me Room ft Kwaw Kese by The Black Star Line on
Just under two weeks away. My line up for NDK! Black Star and Luka Jack!
Lustkillers- 'Black Sugar Session' LP. -The LustKkillers check in with an all star line including Brian James (The...
Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey. UNIA. Black Star Line was sabotaged coz their entire structure would collapse upon our return to our homeland
Nothing new. Marcus Garvey founded the Black Star line hoping to repatriate back to Africa. And there's…
Hey looking forward to seeing what you guys have to talk about. I am myself a big Star Wars colle…
Interesting poster for White Star Line, one could say of Titanic 'The largest loss of life at sea in the world too'
draws a line in the sand: WEAR A BLACK STAR to join the
Black Money hoarders standing in line to deposit their cash in order to provide money for the loan of Vijay Mallaya & G…
Have you seen any of the Celebrity, Businessman star,line up outside any bank ?To ye garib or middle classlog black money daba ke bethe the
launched the UNIA's 1st major commercial venture the Black Star Line Steamship Corporation in NewYork in…
The next NDC Government under President will support the revival of the Black Star Line as a subsidiary o…
With Trump at the helm it's time to ditch BLM and focus on Black Star Line 2.0 instead. Make it happen.
And when Blacks try to go back to Africa were agents of J Edgar Hoover infiltrated the Black Star Line
If I start a GoFundMe to resurrect the Black Star Line, would y'all support?
Maybe seen Donald is so keen on getting people out, he can fund a Black Star Line.?! 🤔 I'm about to claim the term "American Refugee" ...
They didn't get on the Black Star Line when America was still lynching them, they must STFU!
Bout to to take the black star line right on home
I dunno about y'all, but I'm hopping on the Black Star Line and heading to Liberia
I voted HRC, but bottom line is if you lose primary to first black candidate and lose general to TV star, you dont deserve WH
bro if this man win is it too late to take the Black Star Line back home
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Please stay in line. Waiting for iPhone release, Star Wars movie tickets, Black Friday sales is training for this!
America you are being played.Waiting in line to vote should not be like waiting for a Star Wars movie,a Black...
Black Star Drum Line has a show on 11/06/2016 at 08:00 PM @ High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI
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Garvey's Black Star Line demonstrated that economic independence is a prerequisite to a healthy community:
Our commitment in the next 4 years: Work with the GPHA to revive the Black Star Shipping Line. . See more at
on 1940 Marcus Garvey, Jamaican journalist and activist, founded the Black Star Line (b. 1887)
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we will support the reconstruction of the Black Star Line, and the deck will be ready next year
I've taken many students to visit the building in Limón, Costa Rica, so sad that fire destroyed it
Liberty Hall is the top floor of the building. The Black Star Line restaurant was the bottom floor. THE central landmark in Puerto Limón.
By on the very sad loss of the UNIA/Black Star Line building in Limón early this morning.
Oh no!!! 75% of the UNIA's Liberty Hall in Costa Rica damaged in fire. Very, very devastating news.
With the addition and having and Star on the line the is gonna be a force to reckon with
But that was way before me, I knew it as the place where the Miss black star line beauty pageant was held. Black women being celebrated>
A building that held a lot of cultural significance to us back home, burned down & I'm so heartbroken. Black star line is irreplaceable. 😢
3 changes to yesterday's line up, replacing Black Jack's Jabberwocky with Dark Star's American Pale, and Magic...
4RWI Inc mourns the burning of the Black Star Line in Limón, Costa Rica. Here's why this enterprise of Marcus Garvey
Very sad news - The Black Star Line, the historic building of the UNIA in Limon, Costa Rica has burnt down.
Breaking news from Limon: Fire consumes the famous Black Star Line building constructed by Marcus Garvey and his...
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Television and film star Steve-O visits Columbus to try Wendy's black bean burger - Columbus Dispatch (blog)
History is our story 󾭂󾭂󾭂. Stock certificate for the Black Star Line, the Honorable Marcus Garvey. Like our...
My first Orchestra was called the Black Star Line. It was comprised of solely African American musicians. Finding...
Power Star unveils new black plastic servo line Power Star has released their four newest digital
Wow!!! Your sentiment will change,..of course being pinned from Garvey's Black Star line,..two really good LP's.
No woman will ever have me star struck...or ever be able to tell me to get my bars up... Drake just evaporated Meek with…
Black Star Drum Line getting the crowd on their feet at ATWOODFEST. More youth doing positive things.
Converse Introduces the Chuck Taylor II It looks like they just removed the black line that encircles the shoe.
Black Star Drum Line has a show on 07/25/2015 at 12:00 PM @ Atwood Summerfest in Madison, WI
People will lay their life on the line so that cows can be fed 5 star meals . but when it comes to black lives being important? Oh nah.
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4. Marcus Garvey was the answer, he founded the Black Star Line, which promoted the return of the African Diaspora
4. He was a Jamaican Political leader and pan Africanist who founded the Black star Line.
"This black character doesn't line up with the stereotypical views I have of black people. One star."
the Black Star Line, part of the Back-to-Africa movement, which promoted the return of the African diaspora to their ancestral lands...
Black Star Line established today in 1919 by the Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey, repatriation for sons and dawtas!
it's first ship The Yarmouth was the first Black Star Line ship with an all-black crew & a black captain sailing between U.S & West Indies
Senator Cosmas Niagwan is dead Plateau has lost a great man today, in the person of Senator Cosmas Niagwan, a 2015 gubernatorial aspirant, former senator and an elder statesman. Report reaching us stated that he slumped and died in his Lagos house today. SENATOR (CAPT.) COSMAS NIAGWAN- A Master Mariner of international repute who has been in command of various merchant vessels in a period spanning over 35 years. Senator (Capt.) Niagwan started his career as Marine Officer Cadet with the Elder Dempster Line, Liverpool, United Kingdom in 1965. He later obtained his Masters in Marine Navigation in 1976 from the Liverpool Polytechnic, now John Moores University, Liverpool, United Kingdom. He had stints with various shipping lines including Black Star Line of Ghana and the Bangladesh Shipping Corporation of Bangladesh. He also served in various capacities on the Board of National Maritime Authority (NMA) in Nigeria and was at a time appointed the Sole Administrator/Liquidator of Nigerian National Shipping Line ...
The revolutionary comparisons drive the musical car, as REKS links with Saigon and N.O.R.E. on "Garvey." Named after the Jamaican leader of the Black Star Line. N.O.R.E., whose Noreaga moniker…
Black Sabbath have teamed with Converse for the third time, introducing a new Chuck Taylor All Star shoe line.
“We don’t line up for Black Friday, we line up for ‘Green Tuesday. People camp out for Star Wars and donuts ... this is more important."
Marcus Garvey created the Black Star Line a shipping line that took blacks back to Africa. He started with 0 dollars only a vision.
The Black Star Line, The ACL, The *** World, were just a few of the enterprises established by the UNIA under Marcus Garvey's leadership!
1919: the S.S. Yarmouth purchased by UNIA, under leadership of Marcus Garvey, for its Black Star Line fleet of ships. ht…
Ghana With the leadership of Kwame Nkrumah, the country of Ghana declared it's independence from the United Kingdom in 1957. Nkrumah was an avid reader of Marcus Garvey's writings and teachings. Upon declaring independence, Ghana created its own flag, utilizing Garvey's symbols, including the red, black and green colors as well as the black star (as in Garvey's Black Star Line). In Ghana's flag, red represents the blood that was shed towards independence, the gold represents the mineral wealth of Ghana, the green symbolizes the rich agriculture, and the black star is the symbol of African emancipation, a shining tribute to the inspiration of Marcus Garvey. Kwame Nkrumah named the national shipping line of Ghana the Black Star Line in honor of Garvey. Nkrumah also named the national soccer team the Black Stars as well. A bust of Marcus Garvey is also on display at a park in the central region in Ghana.
NDC under Rawlings gave GIHOC’s Abosso Glass Factory to the Togolese Opposition Leader, Gilchrist Olympio, a Rawlings crony of ndc. West African Mills and GIHOC Electronics were sold to Kofi Kludjeson, another ndc crony. Prestea and Tarkwa Goldfields were each sold for $3 million. Nsawam canary was sold to Caridem and if you lift the veil of incorporation, you will see Nana Konadu as the owner. In 1981, when Rawlings came to power, Ghana’s Shipping Line, the Black Star Line, had 14 vessels. These were ships that belonged to the Republic of Ghana. By the time Rawlings left power he had shut down the Black Star Line which Nkrumah had built, sold all of the 14 vessels, kept the purse and rendered our fellow citizens who worked as seamen jobless!
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People keep writing WE don't come together and I say that is just not true. WE do. and massa keeps destroying them and putting puppets in their place. Marcus Garvey and the UAM were building a powerful international mass movement, Garvey summoned the First Convention in New York in 1920, the name Ethiopia was adopted as the focal point of identity for blacks the world over and there were demands in the Declaration of Rights of the *** Peoples of the World. WHAT HAPPENED?? . On January 12, 1922, the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover arrested Garvey of mail fraud and stock irregularities related to the Black Star Line. J. Edgar Hoover was very eager to destroy all black radicals; he had strong intentions of terminating Marcus Garvey’s movement. At first, he was looking to charge Garvey with criminal activity, but could only accuse him of mail fraud. Hoover sent secret agents into Garvey’s gatherings to investigate his actions. Hoover went as far as trying to deny Garvey a visa when he was coming back to Unite . ...
Today in African-American History: 1865: The first African American major in the United States Army is a physician, Dr. Martin Robinson Delany. 1894: Congress repeals the Enforcement Act, which makes it easier for some states to disenfranchise African American voters. 1925: Marcus Garvey is sent to federal prison in Atlanta, Georgia for mail fraud in connection with the sale of stock in his Black Star Line. His prosecution was vigorously advocated by several prominent African American leaders, including Robert Sengstacke Abbott and others. Garvey was railroaded because of the power he had amassed over the African American population of America. 1944: Harry S. McAlpin of the "Daily World" in Atlanta, Georgia, is the first African American journalist accredited to attend White House press conferences. 1968: Gary Coleman is born in Zion, Ohio. He will become a child actor portraying "Arnold" in the television series, "Different Strokes," which aired from 1978 to 1986. 1968: Highway Patrol Officers kill ...
Sometime in November 1919, the Bureau of Investigation (BOI, the precursor to the FBI) launched an investigation into the activities of Garvey and the UNIA. Although initial efforts by the BOI were to find grounds upon which to deport Garvey as “an undesirable alien”, a charge of mail fraud was brought against him in connection with stock sales of the Black Star Line after the US Post Office and the Attorney General joined the investigation. Of the four Black Star Line officers charged in connection with the enterprise, only Garvey was found guilty of using the mail service to defraud. His supporters called the trial fraudulent: postal employees lied, while other prosecution witnesses clearly perjured themselves. When the trial ended on June 23, 1923, Garvey had been sentenced to five years in prison. He initially spent three months in the Tombs Jail (Manhattan Detention Center) awaiting approval of bail for his appeal.
Right from wrong. Stuck contemplating the gray matter because this time it wasn't necessarily Black vs. "purely" White.. That being said, I'm growing ever so inspired to get the Black Star Line idea of Garvey's back running in order to establish a system based on a level foundation for "US". Shame on the American In-Justice system, however take a look at our community and how our 'larger than life" rappers/ "reality" tv stars/role models portray us. We have to clean up our community and stop promoting and celebrating an image and lifestyle that in the end we are labeled by, unjustly held accountable for, and results in our demise. This isn't the place the North Star led Harriet Tubman to, this isn't what Fredrick Douglass wrote about, this isn't the dream Martin had. Wake Up.
This years celebration in Ghana is organized in collaboration with Rastafari Council,Ghana and the Black Star Line Coop…
(2/2) He collaborated with the Coolidge/Harding administration to dismantle the Black Star Line, defame and deport Garvey.
It was mad fun at the Coptics's Black Star Line and Bless The Mic Festival
What if the black star line succeeded
Radical Black Reading: Summer 2013 By THE PUBLIC ARCHIVE | Published: JULY 4, 2013 The New York Times’ dismissive, error-strewn obituary of Una G. Mulzac, the late proprietor of Harlem’s now-closed Liberation Books, cast her as a cantankerous crank-pot holding anachronistic political beliefs. Yet for many people, folk like Mulzac were historians, vernacular archivists, and living repositories of pan-African memory. Places like Liberation Books – alongside San Francisco’s endangered Marcus Books, Toronto’s long-shuttered Third World Books & Crafts, and a host of other stores – doubled as public libraries, informal classrooms, and sites of pilgrimage. The daughter of Hugh Mulzac, author of A Star to Steer By and a shipmate on Marcus Garvey’s Black Star Line, Mulzac was an activist in her own right and through Liberation Books, she staked a claim for bookselling as a political act. Unfortunately, it’s a claim that is losing ground as fast as independent Black bookstores have been closing. Whi ...
Kwame Nkrumah studied Karl Marx and Nikolai Lenin but the third personality who appeared to have had much impact on him was Marcus Garvey. Marcus Garvey had a message for the person who was concerned with the liberation of Africa. He wanted “Africa for Africans” and he asserted emphatically that blackness was never a badge of inferiority but that Africa had a history of past achievements which black people all over could take pride in. In fact, Garvey’s tremendous influence on Nkrumah was later reflected in the fact that when Nkrumah became President of Ghana eventually, he named the national shipping line as the Black Star Line, the same name Garvey had given to his shipping line. He named the independence square, the Black Star Square and the Black Star was placed in the centre of the National Flag as the lode star of African Unity. Again, Nkrumah’s Convention Peoples Party’s motto “Forward Ever, Backward Never” was also perhaps taken from Garvey who had written: “The *** stands at the . ...
Whoa I come back on line as see black*star looking in his pants? WHAT?!
"I'm a star. I'm the black Hannah Montana." I always laugh at that line LMFCO!
A young at the line, seemingly by himself. Official MJ art collection:
Buckcherry fans: Just added to the show! Red Line Chemistry Official Page, Mindset Evolution, and Black Star Alliance!!!
The Black Star line Credit Union launched by the Rastafarian council of Ghana its first anniversary celebration on...
I'm tryna see the trap team all star line up
Photo: S.S. Yarmouth, one of Marcus Garvey’s Four Black Star Line Steam Ships “They said that the *** had...
ah. There was a big line in this week's episode for longtime fans. This week should be good one. Liam Cunningham guest star.
We got a ALL STAR CELEBRITY LINE UP this Friday at DUTCHESS (Black Ink Crew) an Zach Brown of the TENNESSEE TITANS!
Black Star Riders. It's like Heaven & *** Same line up, same superb sound, different name. Works for me.
and to are Soul, Maka, Crona, and Tsubaki. Black*Star...he crosses the line on occasion. so..borderline.
In all that black tie it's a fine line between TV star & waiter (h/t
I don't have any right now. But its simple. Black Stars, in honor of Marcus Garvey's 'Black Star Line'
Black History: Marcus Garvey (1887-1940) Ostentatious, extravagant and a great self-publicist, Jamaican-born Marcus Garvey, founder of the Universal *** Improvement Association, arrived in New York in 1916. Basing himself in Harlem, Garvey declared that Black Is Beautiful but alienated those of mixed race or whose skin was not so dark by declaring that the best blacks were the blackest blacks. He campaigned for the repatriation of African Americans to Africa, his Back to Africa campaign, extolling the virtues of the continent, despite never having stepped foot on it. Founder of the newspaper, *** World, and the shipping line, Black Star Line, Garvey's flamboyancy was criticised by the more middle-class black leaders such as W. E. B. Du Bois. Garvey's business practices were sometimes a little suspect and in 1923 he was convicted of attempted fraud and sentenced to four years, a sentence commuted after two by President Coolidge. He was deported back to Jamaica but finished his days living in obscurity ...
It is Black/African American History Month~ Marcus Mosiah Garvey 1887-1940 FOUNDER UNIVERSAL *** IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION He was born in St Ann Parish, Jamaica. Marcus Garvey came to the United States in 1916 to raise money to build a school similar to Tuskegee Institute. Garvey was a great public speaker, some would say the best of his kind during his time. As he traveled across the United States, he witnessed injustices and spoke on them openly and honestly. Bold and fearless, he did several things that other leaders within the black community dared not to. One of the things he did was to meet, with a high ranking white supremacist in 1922, to interview and find out the views of the Africans in the Diaspora. Some black leaders heard about it and claimed him to be the worse enemy that blacks could have. He raised enough money, to buy used ships which he named the Black Star Line. The problem was he had associates who had no idea how to repair and get these vessels running properly or budget for the ...
Key proponent of Black Nationalism and pan-African movements. Founder of UNIA and the Black Star Line.…
Black American History The Year 1919 - Event Harlem Renaissance Begins Harlem Renaissance A period of almost fifteen years when some of the most important and prolific writers, artists and musicians such as Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes, and Eugene O'Neill, to name a few, emerged in the African-American community and took up residence in New York's Harlem district. Other Notable Events: Marcus Garvey (1887 - 1940) an entrepreneur, journalist and proponent of Black Nationalism, encourages Black Americans to return to their African homeland and establishes the Black Star Line, a fleet of Black owned steamships that serviced the Caribbean Islands, America, and Africa. W.E.B. DuBois organizes the first Pan-African Congress in Paris, France. He is elected executive secretary of the organization, and upon his return writes about the treatment of African-American soldiers for The Crisis. Oscar Micheaux, becomes the the first African-American to make a film when he writes, directs and produces the feature f ...
Marcus Garvey: When Marcus Garvey was developing the UNIA and his Black Star Line, he had no ideal of the different kinds of support he would get. Gangsters like Casper Holstein gave money to the cause, but so did *** Chi Minh, future leader of the communist Vietnam. In fact, according to Yuri Kochiyama, who knew Minh personally and hung out with him in Harlem during that time, It was Garvey's speech's that inspired Minh., who would later lead Vietnam to independence. Even Mao Tse Tung, leader of communist China, voiced his support for Garvey and his agenda for Black Power. ( Yuri Kochiyama, by the way, was a Japenese human rights activist who had joined Malcolm X's OAAU. She was the woman who held Malcolm as he died at the Audobon Ballroom. In 1977, Kochiyama joined the group of Puerto Ricans that took over the Statue of Liberty to draw to the struggle for Puerto Rican independence.)
I think we should've took Marcus Garvey's suggestion and followed the Black Star Line route.
A ship of Marcus Garvey's Black Star Line. A great card that.
domain names
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all star line up Wretch, N dubz, Chip, Friso, Scorcher, JME, Skepta, Black,
Scott Gorham Introduces... Black Star Riders - I saw this line up a yr ago as Thin Lizzy and they kicked *** !
then we can star in our own reality show and I can date black athletes and open up our own fashion line...too much?
Turns out Marcus Garvey's Black Star Line shipping corp landed where i stayed for a week in Summer.
A Black Star Line & Coptic collab bringing you some of the best upcoming hip hop artists in Ghana, West Africa.
Marcus Garvey Timeline 1887 - 1919 | 1920 - 1964 1920 January 23: The *** Factories Corporation is incorporated. January 16: Prohibition goes into effect in the United States. January 17: The "S. S. Yarmouth" leaves New York harbor for Havana, carrying a cargo of whiskey. January 19: The "S. S. Yarmouth" is found sinking 101 miles outside New York harbor, and is assisted by the Coast Guard. January 22: Rumors of dissension among Black Star Line and Universal *** Improvement Association officers are reported in the New York news. February 3: The U.S. government seizes the cargo from the "S. S. Yarmouth." March 6: Garvey separates from Amy Ashwood Garvey; his personal secretary, Amy Jacques, has become his constant traveling companion. March 28: Garvey addresses a Liberty Hall meeting, decrying the enemies of his organization, and announces a purge of Universal *** Improvement Association officers. April 9: Marcus Garvey Sr. dies in Jamaica. August 1-31: The Universal *** Improvement Association hol ...
Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star is an album-length collaboration of emcees Talib Kweli and Mos Def. The album was released on August 26, 1998, to critical acclaim. The title is a reference to the Black Star Line, a shipping line founded by Pan-Africanist Marcus Garvey.
Black people camp in line for Jordans. White people camp in line for iPhones.
The UKWAL was made up of Elder Dempsters, Palm Line, Black Star Line, Hoegh Line&COWAC comprising the Black Star Line&NNSL
In honor of Black Star's Rand-ian exceptionalism. I change that line with every new post. Beer soon I hope.
Can we get a Movie like X out about Marcus Garvey we can raise the funds like he did for Black Star Line
Sirens ring, the shots ring out A stranger cries, screams out loud I had my world strapped against my back I held my hands, never knew how to act And the sam...
Imagine if the Presidential race was actually a race to a finish line... We'd have a black president forever
Already working on my next project, short film named "Black Star Line." The screenplay is in the works, playa!
Oh God if only!! Would have success rate of Marcus Garvey's Black Star Line!! LMAO!! SEND THEM ALL NOW!! I'd chip in.
Sportsman star Brian Lilick and Big Diamond regular Mike Mammana in line along with Jon Kellner and an all black Gagliardo 41
“Click to find out who the surprise Stateside star signed for October is … was hoping for Ricky Bobby...
My latest Op ED "Netyanyahu's Red Line is a Red Herring" is posted at Black Star go to...
All-star DJ line-up this SAT of the Black Eyed Peas List Text 702.498.5569
If u do not know who Marcus Garvey is... Then u dont know one of the most ambitious and commited men, whose sole goal was the betterment of his race... Long Live Marcus Mosiah Garvey. UNIA!!! Black Star Line..
I love it when older generations claim that our struggles are invalid and our voices unheard. What generation in the HISTORY of this country has fought so vehemently for uplifting of the poor, for giving voice to reason, and finally screaming a resounding "NO!!" to the centuries old machine of violence that plagues our nation to this very day? There is no drug war, only wars, and drugs, and people caught in the middle. So I apologize to the Old Guard and the Ole Boys' Club. We will NOT start a progressive party, for we are progressive people. We will NOT start a Black Star Line, for we have learned that injustice has no color. We will forget the parties, and the politics of the past and embrace a new future, a future inspired by love, that embraces passion and effort and genius in its many shapes and forms. In other news: Still having a good day.
Marcus Garvey just wanted to leave Babylon He gave us a Black Star Line to travel on To take us back to Africa, or to Avalon
In remembrance of Mr. Marcus Garvey, we "ta]ke the Black Star Line right on up."
hey were going to find some way of getting rid of Garvey because they feared his influence," Kornweibel says of Hoover and his government colleagues. "They feared the hundreds of thousands, the masses of blacks under his influence. Garvey rejected America, and they could no more agree to and accept a militant rejection of America by blacks than they could accept a militant demand for full inclusion by blacks." Hoover's determination led him to take extreme measures to counter Garvey's growing influence. According to historian Winston James, "They placed spies in the U.N.I.A. They sabotaged the Black Star Line. The engines... of the ships were actually damaged by foreign matter being thrown into the fuel."
Happy Birthday To Marcus "Mosiah" Garvey, the Father of the Pan-African Movement and the most successful Black Leader to date, with established entities like the UNIA/ACL, The Black Star Line, and many other establishments such as publishing companies, black doll making businesses, stores, etc. I am proud to be a graduate of the UNIA/ACL Pan-African Federation Organization (PAFO) Professors Certification Program sponsored in cooperation with the Ivy League University of Pensylvania Founded by Redman Battle, the Former President General of the UNIA/ACL.
Usain Bolt did it; becomes the first man in Olympics history to win both the 100meters and 200meters back to back, in two consecutive Olympic tourneys! Usain Bolt has reconciled multi-racial Jamaica... Marcus Garvey's country!! The Black Star Line!!!
1) He established the first truly black National Pan African movement, UNIA. From this came Rastafarianism, The Nation of Islam, Black Consciousness. 2) The first black centre run newspaper. *** World. 3) The first black centre runned shipping transportation company. The Black Star Line 4) The first government in exile and in waiting for the Whole African people and Continent. WHAT A GREAT GREAT GREAT MAN!
We came out of collective societies where we did not need to be told to look out for each other. We just did so. We developed in a society where poverty and crime were rare because no one had to resort to stealing to get the necessities. We have forgotten the social structure of our societies. We have forgotten how we ran things because most of us don’t know about the period of history when we did run things. What would happen if these black millionaires decided to think like Marcus Garvey? If Oprah wanted she could start a Black Star Line and she wouldn’t have to raise a single donation. If Usain Bolt understood the ideas of Booker T. Washington or Thomas Sankara, he wouldn’t be promoting Puma. He would be promoting locally made Jamaican shoes. Same with JeBron James and Nike. When our celebrities earn all of this money, they think as individuals. We need to be thinking as a nation. If every black person became a Rasta tomorrow, Rastafarianism would become the largest world religion. Now if we have ...
This day in 1919: Black Star Line is launched by Marcus Garvey and UNIA (Universal *** Improvement Association)
On this day in 1923 Honourable Marcus Garvey was sentenced to 5 years in the US for mail to defraud. In connection with the Black Star Line
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if I remember correctly, wasn't the Titanic the 1st ship built after they jacked Marcus Garvey for his Black Star Line cont.
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