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Black Sheep

In the English language, black sheep is an idiom used to describe an odd or disreputable member of a group, especially within a family.

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I'm the only black sheep on the prarie...
I'm the black sheep that's why I'm so rebelious to everybody
Drunken Chicken, Black Sheep, then the Labyrinth drinking game
Being the black sheep is a beautiful thing
Late check in. Had a great bday celebration with friends. Hope you are all home safe! 😊 (@ Black Sheep)
Tonight, Friday at Black sheep in Wakefield three amazing bands!! come check us out!
Are u the black sheep of Your family?
Blah blah black sheep, have you any weed? :3
Below is the line up for Rimbombante for Sunday's show at the Black Sheep Inn. This will be the first time with a full band since the launch of Maria Has Lost Her Soul. We are really looking forward to it. Dean Pallen Saxophones Canada Carlos Santana Piano Mexico Ge...
I'm the black sheep of the family...ANGNANDABA FUTHI.
Once the black sheep always the black sheep :-(
"There's always a black sheep in every flock."
Took my Collie/Sheltie mix, Kellie Girl to the dog park where she met her 1st Giant black Labradoodle. She thought it was a black sheep and was herding it around the whole park non stop! She wasn't getting it that the Labdoodle was a dog Like her! The pet parent and myself were totally amused! I was proud that her instinct kicked in!
Theres always a black sheep in the family :)
Pint night, tonight 7pm! Black Sheep Lodge! We'll have Silverback Pale Ale pouring and be doing registrations for the Austin Gorilla Run. Come out and see us!
Feeling lyk a BLACK SHEEP ryt now.aaggr!!!
Order Miche Bag Online!
Shows coming up: - Jan 31st at Sunshine Studios Live for the RHZ Awards Show - Feb 8th at the The Black Sheep with Why They Fight and The Photo Atlas
"Was a black sheep .. now im just a G.O.A.T" ~ Kendrick ~
Apparently I'm the black sheep of the family.
it's interesting what turns up when you try to google "most interesting new technology at CES". Quite a lot of irrelevant nonsense bubbles to the surface. There's a lot of hubbub over Samsung's new bendable screen... and without wanting to sound negative, I really don't think I need one. It would be nice to have a 4mm deep OLED 4k screen though - but unfortunately that's not something that is being offered quite yet. As we knew, there is a lot of wearable technology that is being shown off, and Pebble appears to be showing some nice new watches. Reality is, that as they get smaller and don't make you feel like you are wearing a boat anchor on your wrist, and as the functionality these devices provide actually becomes meaningful, they'll start to penetrate the market and people will start to use them, so the market for these devices is bound to be large. Similarly for the various new goggles and glasses that are being shown which will allow us to watch a movie - in 3D if you want. Note that this really is ...
Bha bha black sheep have you any wool.
Me: Baba Black sheep have you any Black Wool? . . . . . . . . . Sheep: Racist.
mift black sheep was just iced by Steve, who has whacked a total of 686,925 rivals.
Black Sheep Antiques is OPEN and back to our regular hours! COME ON OUT AND SEE ME!
The black sheep. That's all I will ever be.
Bah bah black sheep have you any wool...
Baa, Baa, Black Sheep is a nursery rhyme that children love to sing. Children who are toddlers, in preschool or kindergarten will enjoy singing it. Remember,...
HAPPY NEW YEAR MonkeyJunkies!! We are excited for what's to come in 2014 - things are taking shape nicely already. There are lots of great things in the works but let's not get ahead of ourselves too much - let's talk about what's happening soon! We will be making an appearance at the Maple Blues Awards in Toronto; we'll be playing a song to end the evening. That is always a great event - it always nice to see all of our friends that we rarely see throughout the year. Our first show of the year will be on Sat Jan 25th at the blacksheep in Wakefield just outside of Ottawa. It is always a great time there - tickets on sale now! Then we head west for a tour of Alberta and Saskatchewan and then get home to head out again to play 3 shows opening for Cheap Trick! Lots going on and we hope to see many of you in the next few months. UPCOMING TOUR DATES: Sat Jan 25 - Black Sheep Inn - Wakefield, QC Fri Feb 14 - Jasper Legion - Jasper, AB Sat Feb 15 - Borderline Culture/Demmitt Commuity Centre - Demmitt, AB ...
Hanging at NAMM 2013 w/my old band mate from Black Sheep Willie Basse and way back industry friend from the strip in the 80s Vicky Hamilton.
Off to Black Sheep Wool Barn to indulge myself :)
Baba black sheep have you any wool.(dont comment uba waungekazalwa)
I'm like the black sheep of the family
BAH BAH Black sheep have you any WOOL!?!?!?
I wonder if black sheep prefer malt liquor?
Yeah I'm the black sheep of the family
Getting to know Black Sheep Pizza: Every month we will feature an employee from both the St. Paul and Minneapolis Black Sheep locations so that you can get to know the wonderful members of our staff who are slingin' those delicious coal fired pizzas. Once you have met them here, stop in and say hi!
Anyone in that familiar January slump? Come down tonight before 10pm, we have Black Sheep, Gaymers & Coors Light Pints as well as glasses of house wine for only £2.75.
Last night Rissa wanted to play Rock Band with us. Her requests included Baa Baa Black Sheep and Twinkle Little Star.
We will be in full gorilla suit attire this Thursday 7pm at Black Sheep Lodge. Come join us for a silverback and sign up for the Austin Gorilla Run. (Tasting room will be closed Saturday 2th)
Im the always black sheep of the family? :(
Tuesday Cinema just returned from its Christmas break. Apparently the older siblings made fun about it, mostly 3D and Dolby Surround. Such cocky *** However, Tuesday Cinema doesn't mind being the black sheep. And - here it comes - it brought you back a fantastic Chabrol film for tonight: LES BICHES. Enjoy.
The black sheep rolling with a pack of wolves - Ab Soul
Iam the black sheep of my ..
It's freezing out! Come in and join us at Black Sheep Pizza St. Paul where the Coal Fired Oven will keep you nice and warm. Mention this post during dinner tonight, and receive a small pizza of your choice, salad and a 1/2 carafe of wine or 2 beers for $25! See you soon!
Cafe du Monde, the French Market, Broussard's, Mr. B's, Irene's and some ghost sightings in the Black Sheep inn on Bourbon. :)
Hello Flock! The Black Sheep will be closed Monday 6 Jan - Wed 8 Jan for cleaning and repairs. We will open again on Thursday - hope to see you then! Cheers!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Baba black sheep , have you any wool? . Sheep: Racist :-P
Me: Baba black sheep , have you any wool?
Guess iam the black sheep of the family
A black sheep A. An unlucky person B. A lucky person C. An ugly person D. A partner who takes no share of the profits E. None of these
BLACK SHEEP- A person that can't be trusted and involved in a group activity.
My mood : Blah ... sheep have you any wool..? . . . Balah.bllah...blaah.
Someone define black sheep for me. Latece Jarvis
I really want Santana or Kurt to sing Black Sheep by Gin Wigmore
New black sheep skin rug for sale...estimated size 43x28cm £20 could possibly deliver in west lothian
Chloe's Black sheep Craft co. Is my own self run business. I make stuffed animals, as well as felt...
Black sheep art studios has perfect way to get rid of winter blues and cabin fever ... host your own tattoo party here at the studio! Invite some friends watch them get tattooed and simply make a night or day of it ! Call for details
Watching Black Sheep. Forgot how funny this movie is. Lol
BLACK SHEEP ALE is in, saw me through a very emotional episode last week!!
Watching the movie " Black Sheep". Ya gotta love Chris Farley and David Spade
Idk if Tommy Boy and Black Sheep are movies written for Chris Farley featuring David Spade or are written for David Spade featuring Chris Farley.
Chris Farley and David Spade will probably always be my favorite comedy duo lolol Black Sheep is on >>
Black Sheep with Chris Farley and David Spade is on!? I think YES!
Time for Chris Farley's and David Spade's other movie Black Sheep!
I feel like this is your song and yet it's...not appropriate. LOL Gin Wigmore - Black Sheep: via
[STREAM] Can't stop the binge, so might as well share some "Black Sheep" love with you beauties:
I'm listening to Black Sheep by Gin Wigmore on Pandora
Check out a couple songs from this New Zealand singer, Gin Wigmore... Songs like " Black Sheep" and " New Revolution"I love when I stumble across random small time musicians that have real talent. She has a great voice.
Which Chris Farley movie do you prefer? Black Sheep or Be... — Black Sheep I like the way he works with David Spade
I think I'll settle in with Chris Farley and David Spade tonight. Up next...Black Sheep!
'Tis the season to tie Kevin Bacon to "A Christmas Story" A Christmas Story stars Darren McGavin, who was in Billy Madison with Adam Sandler, who was in Grown Ups with David Spade, who was in Tommy Boy With Chris Farley, who was in Black Sheep with Tim L. Matheson, who was in Van Wilder with Ryan Reynolds, who was in RIPD with Kevin Bacon.
"This Guy is like Leatherface , Chucky and Jan Brady All Wrapped into one." ---Steve Dodds. (David Spade) from the 96 movie , Black Sheep.
Cause I'm the Black Sheep of the family!. John Anderson ROCKS!
62 movies all ranges from call Manny's to action to love stories $2 a piece first come first serve no hold. We have Goldmember my boss's daughter The Prince and me 13 going on 30 precious Jeepers Creepers 1 & 2 Black Sheep new moon knocked up Beverly Hills ninja When Harry Met Sally take the lead Katt Williams American hustle My Big Fat Greek Wedding 50 first dates the corner fools gold Uncle Buck get him to the Greek dodgeball no reservations why did I get married spun X Men 2 the last stand Fight Club war baby mama mystic pizza boogeyman shutter unrated over her dead body the invention of lying Halloween unrated Sex in the City the movie romancing the bride Talladega Nights must love dogs the butterfly effect The Dark Knight Batman Begins ghost town School of Rock 16 candles you got mail Joe somebody I know who killed me hairspray prom night x-men Superbad unrated extended version addition devil's advocate the truth about cats and dogs fast and furious past in the past 2 furious True Lies The Crow dead ...
Paul Gilbert on the 1985 album Black Sheep - Trouble In The Street "I can't remember which songs I played on! Kurt James played guitar on half of the record ...
Celebrity celebrating their Birthday today: JACQUELINE WILSON turn 67 English children's author whose work deals with controversial themes, such as adoption, divorce, and mental illness. NAT WOLFF turn 18 In 2011, he released an album with his younger brother, Alex, called Black Sheep. MANNY PACQUIAO turn 34 Filipino professional boxer, known by the nickname Pac-Man, became the first eight-division world champion. MILLA JOVOVICH turn 37 Fashion model, actress, and singer who was born in the Ukraine and starred in The Fifth Element. STEVEN FRAYNE turn 30 An English magician who works under the stage name Dynamo, he starred in Dynamo: Magician Impossible. CHASE UTLEY turn 34 All Star MLB second baseman who helped lead the Philadelphia Phillies to a World Series Championship in 2008. LAURIE HOLDEN turn 43 Veteran horror actress who played the role of Andrea on the series, Walking Dead. CHUCK LIDDELL turn 43 Retired Ultimate Fighting Champion known as the Iceman. POPE FRANCIS turn 76 The 266th Pope of the Cat ...
Peter Gabriel, Tom Petty, Paul Simon, Beatles, John Lennon, Jimmy Eat World, Killers, Tribe Called Quest, Beastie Boys, Black Sheep, Bell Biv Devoe, MJ, Stevie, Marvin, Otis, Fats, Elvis, Macklemore, Drake, Calvin Harris, Bruno, JT, and many more - that was just some of what we crushed last night at our very last wedding of the year in Midtown, Manhattan, and all with nothing but a 5-piece band.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to John David Anderson (born December 13, 1954, in Apopka, Florida) is an American country musician with a successful career that has lasted more than 30 years. Starting in 1977 with the release of his first single, "I've Got a Feelin' (Somebody's Been Stealin')", Anderson has charted more than 40 singles on the Billboard country music charts, including five Number Ones: "Wild and Blue", "Swingin'", "Black Sheep", "Straight Tequila Night", and "Money in the Bank". He has also recorded 22 studio albums on several labels. His newest album, Bigger Hands, was released on June 2009, on the Country Crossing label The release of Anderson's fourth album, Wild & Blue, in 1982 led to his breakthrough to mainstream country when the single "Swingin'" hit the airwaves early the next year. Co-written with long-time writing partner Lionel Delmore, the song broke into the country charts and reached Number One by March, while at the same time crossing over to the Billboard Hot 100, reaching a peak of Number ...
Danger Enclave Today I had been meet with Mehdi sb at Finance Ministry his office and discussed about contemporary inundation about NCHD regularization procedure; he asked me that Director HR and some others lament BPS 19 and decided that we are working with PHDF; in this situation how can be able to issuance of Offer Letter to NCHD Regular employees? Because they are doing job in private sector and our Ministry is GOP. So that there is cleared that Federal/Provincial Govt: not authorizing any person to who can be job in private sector. Bullish game also is started since inception of *** Black Sheep when we were start Regularization Protests; now there is need to be gathered and shut up call to *** Islamabad? Anybody here to get efforts together and starting Protests/Boycott?
Come out to Black Sheep right now to see Jess Knight, Austin Connelly, Brandon Carnes and Michael Tietjen. 7pm | 5 dollar show.
Be sure to make it out to the acoustic show happening at Black Sheep tonight! Brandon Carnes, Michael Tietjen,...
Don't forget to visit the Craft & Food Market at the Black Sheep, Union St, Ryde from 11 to 4pm 6th Dec 13 # Dickensian Christmas
Ok, got bored with the rap list. Did it before. Death Certificate is tops. ODB is second, and Aquemini is third. Black Sheep make the top 20, as do Naughty by Nature, who were much more than OPP. Public Enemy twice, and Slick Rick is high. New music idea tomorrow.
The writers of Tommy Boy and Black Sheep were psychic for sure. They're on a Miss Cleo level at least
Cheese and onion pie and pint of Black Sheep in the Boars Head. Now watching the ukelele orchestra of Great Britain on telly.
A Toronto video editor has put together a collection of clips from Black Sheep and Tommy Boy to tell the story of Rob Ford's rise to power, fall from grace and potential eventual redeeming and, frankly, it's pretty seamless stuff
Somehow, Shoma Choudhary is always on the side of 'Black Sheep',or controversial people, like Rajesh Talwar for instance!
and I are going to watch a blues band at Black Sheep. We're hippies now.
Two good things have come out of New Zealand. The Black Sheep movie and
As a memorable Veterans Day 2013 comes to an end, my thanks to the many people and businesses who remembered all the Veterans. The businesses in Las Vegas were wonderful to veterans today. When I was 17 and joined the Marine Corps on a whim, I had no idea that my entire life would be shaped by that decision. My best friend Paul Dotson enlisted with me, and it also had a profound impact on his life. RIP and Semper Fi, Paul. Semper Fi to my late (World War 2 Marine) mother, Mary Davis and my late (Viet Nam War Marine) brother, Ival Brobst. Veterans Thanks to brother Vaughn Brobst, the Black Sheep of the family (Viet Nam War Navy) and my late Father in Law Clem Matlage (Korean War Navy). God Bless America.
Did you know - - - - --Men are struck by lightning four times as often as women. --Benjamin Franklin was the only person to sign the four key documents that created America: the Declaration of Independence, the Treaty of Alliance with France, the Treaty of Peace with Great Britain, and the Constitution of the United States. --Alan Jay Lerner, the lyricist of the Lerner and Loewe musical-writing team (My Fair Lady, for example), was married 8 times. --Margaret Mitchell's novel Gone with the Wind was originally titled Ba! Ba! Black Sheep. (She was born today in 1900 in Atlanta, Georgia, by the way.) --Kilts are not native to Scotland. They originated in France. --In 1964 Martin Luther King Jr. was the youngest person ever awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. --Many of Stephen King's books were written in an alcohol- and drug-induced haze. He is a recovering coke addict, alcoholic, and smoker who credits his wife for helping him quit. Today in 1958, the Hope Diamond, the world's most famous blue diamond (at 45 ...
Yes I am the black sheep of the family.
Well its been a month since i lost my brother, Nicky Kennedy. He was more than just a brother, he was my friend, and a good listener. He always said, "Liz, its u and me against the world..u know we r the black sheep of the family." I can hear him chuckle after saying this. R.I.O. my brother...loving and missing you!
Join us tonight @ Black Sheep Pub (3rd & 38th street) to celebrate the achievements of all who participated in...
Lol I'm th only unanana. Twinkle twinkle little star baba black sheep
Listen to Classics like Tower of Power - Soul With a Capital "S" on Black Sheep Soul Radio.
Baa Baa Black Sheep with Lyrics - Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes by EFlashApps
I was the black sheep of the fmily..
I am about to descend into the seething morass of fen that is Novacon. There is Black Sheep on draught at the bar and I must drink or drown!
Day 8. I'm thankful for my siblings, yes all 9 of them. I may not be close with all and they may tease and pick and totally drive me insane I love ALL of them (some more than others) Charles thanks for always being there even though we didn't get close til I was older and for protecting us in the army, Mike for being the other black sheep, Dave for helping mom out and taking care of me (Marsha) for being my second mom. Jim for making me laugh, Gail for letting me go on your sleepovers although I know you didn't really want you little sister tagging along, Dale for your years of service in the Army and showing me how to get almost everywhere on the back roads in Snyder county me(Scott) and saving me from my clumsiness and (Dennis) thanks for always being the one I could admire and call my hero. Love you all
I am so obsessed with black sheep it's not even funny
Ouch. He's the black sheep of his band.
Been the black sheep for a while and sometimes it is fun!!!
See there is nothing. I can even sing loudly. Ba ba black sheep sheep sheep
Oh, this is so funny!!! This was posted by my uncle who my dad said I was just like. I suspected a few months ago I was the black sheep, but now it's confirmed.
Shut yr mouth up dummies. Head up. Act like nothing happens. Bla bla bla bla bla 😀😃😄 ba ba black sheep
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Ok. Im BACK. Its been a LONG couple of months, but I must say I am quite ready for another book group get together. For those of you who dont know, my horse died unexpectedly. He was not old, only 13, and I had him for most of his life. He came back to me a few years ago in some miraculous turn of events, and three weeks ago he was diagnosed with a disease that has no cure, causing him to seize and lose weight. I had to make a very hard decision to let him go. I have to be honest, Ive been recovering from my loss and its has taken me a while. I still can barely talk about him without crying. With that being said, I propose a meeting next Saturday at the Black Sheep in Ashland. All those in favor say 'AYE'! And remember, we were/are reading 'The Dovekeepers'. Thanks so much! Em
I feel like a black sheep...I get hidden from the world unless it's private and just getting tired of it
bah bah black sheep have you any wool?. "yh m8 yh m8, 3 bags full why do u want sum of mi black wool¿u r rude go nd ask thu white sheep"
black sheep is such an amazing album I'm obsessed
just because they may have SOME Sharia-compliant Law, doesn't mean they ALL are. Not all sheep are black because one is.
Oh snap, Songza. You did not just play the Black Sheep one hit wonder? I can get with this.
I see two black sheep looking in opposite directions with their bodies merged in the middle.
What is your favorite song at the moment? — Ba ba black sheep ;p
On the way home from college I witnessed half a dozen white sheep running away from a black sheep. I nearly cried for the black sheep.
Hey, Columbus friends, I'm doing a stand-up show with your stand-up group tonight! Come and hang out with us! You also have a killer Improv Fest coming to town, so look for Black Sheep Improv there. Who needs a free Sarah Silverman show? (I do, someone get me tickets.)
When your the black sheep: you want to stay and prove wrong. You go to sleep with a clean conscious: I'm in peace. People say harmful things that takes negativity and brings you down. wow! exactly! I want to know who I'm harming. I know I'm not hurting anyone... But me. So all I can do and want to do is help people see what I see. It's okay we all make mistakes. We were born sinners. Can't we all just get along??? (World wide)
Baa baaa black sheep we should win this one ((sounds rhythm yeh)). One Direction
Check out the Black Sheep Brigade's new blog! Contains strong language.
Black Sheep are playing here tonight. A blues/rock band. Great way to kick start the weekend.
Sudden Impact, always the black sheep of the Easy Coast Family. Oh wait.scratch that.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Me: Look, we're all wearing boots! We're awesome roommates . . . except mine aren't brown like your's [and Kim's]. Leah Kanuchok: You are literally the black sheep of the roommates. *I have black boots
Please keep praying dear friends: They premeditated to injure me but through their rejection they're hurting themselves And their generation more than me! This may sound familiar but I know a teacher who said forgive 70×7 ! know also that nothing is hidden that won't be uncovered! I Forgive those others who have participated in this deliberate slander! My darling God has a plan for you and loves you more than I can love you ! I am a black sheep read deemed by the blood of the Lamb!
Story of wearing doctor or nurse' reminds me of 80s 'banning of Ba Ba Black Sheep' in UK schools. Never happened
I could just walk over to black sheep and get coffee, but that's so much work...
I am the black sheep different, not dangerous.
We're humans "Are you the black sheep in your family?
cant ignore the sacrifices of the jawaans. Theyv given alot. Yes few black sheep in the top rank
My baby is feeling better..listening to her sing brown bear/black sheep (she did a remix)
I really wanna call it Black Sheep 2:Vote MIKE Donnelly,I Kidd,I kidd. Big n' Bloated is the working title for now.
It's irritating being the black sheep in my family
We were discussing that coincidence the other day! My fantasy was the black sheep...
"Are you the black sheep in your family? no!
**all smiles** :-) :-) :-) great convo just now from a family member.communication is is won't even know that you are not alone in your thoughts or opinions + not the only black sheep in the!!! :-)~~~ turns out they are sane after's just the insane 1's hiding all that's REALLY going on & keeping you out of the loop...reconnect & re-member what Family is supposed 2 be about .I love it...the women in my family are strong...had 2 be...& the weak 1's who are causing problems gotta step aside.enough is enough...hope I said that ok even...eom
There are no shows at Black Sheep tonight but your homework is to listen to The Black Sheep Radio show from 4 to...
Tonight there are no shows going on at Black Sheep, but there is a sweet house show happening in Springfield that you can go to if you are looking for something to do on a Friday night. This...
"Are you the black sheep in your family?
So black that I can't see their faces "Valais Blacknose Sheep from Switzerland.
Happy Friday! UCLA men's hoops kicks off tonight, and come watch ucla take on Arizona tomorrow black sheep bar tomorrow at 8pm!
Well, I no I B S sumtimes & thu black sheep of thu family , but I still believe in thu lord, & I'm thankful for everything he has blessed me with , ex specially my family & friends. U never no when u going to be called home so I'm not ashamed to say I love all y'all !!! P.s for thu people that really no me, u no I'm jus liven life to thu fullest & enjoying it because, u only got 1.& That's 1 thing u can't buy or give back if its taken from u
Are you the black sheep in your family?
I'm oldest, middle brother is mom's hated him, but dad's gone now...I'm black sheep, even loser youngest is fave..
11:16pm on my time and i dont want to go home. please take me?!! :'( think am the black sheep of our family.. T.T
a dark whale is a billion black sheep, a million plus elephants & a laloo with all the fodder of Bihar ,called Money-wat-i !!!
It's better not to keep black sheep b4 it kills u. Act devil. But Don't make arnd anymore. juz make 50-50.
nice stalk bro😂 eat more vinegar bro. Your black sheep bro.
every day and night, it goes:. Good morning dear, sweet dreamdear, bla bla dear bla bla bla dear blA bla bla black sheep
"Bah Bah Black Sheep, Have you any wool?". "Whoa, why it always gotta be the black sheep? You sayin I stole it? Stop har…
Paspoort zoeken straks naar black sheep Heerenveen
BA..a..? Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool? Yessir, yessir! Three bags full!
Why was Kingdom Come such a bad CD that's like the black sheep of Jigga records.
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You know you're on the family's black sheep list when you're told "but no matter what, we still love you".
lol I know i enjoy being the Black Sheep!
My life isn't a good example for my kids r n e 1 elses kids but I was 14 when I moved out of my moms house n was on my own I never looked back r cared to go back my moms tried everything to try n get me to come back home but I didn't wanna be at home cuz it was like I was the black sheep of the family but look at me now I'm 27 n healthy n still living my life to the fullest everyday with 1 regret that I should of went home n spent time with my mommy cuz 6 yrs after I left home my mother passed away n I really didn't get 2 tell her I loved her everyday but she made time to come see me now n then but I really wished I spent more time with her but I know she knows I love her dearly.I really wished she stayed on this earth a little longer to see her grand kids she would of loved that I have 5 boys n 1 girl just miss my mom alot n my kids need a grandparent they can run to just thought I'd share this with my fb fam n frenz !
I see everybody on here saying what they are thankful day by day well here is what I am thankful everyday, my momma and dad giving me the knowledge and strength to succeed in life, my nanny for teaching me how to be a strong woman to stand up for myself and not take anything from anybody, my husband for loving me unconditionally, my kids for always being there and loving me, my UB for always listening and having a wise word to say, my aunt shay for always having open arms to hold me and a smartass remark. My Uncle Beets for always telling me it will be alright, my Aunt Linda for loving me no matter what, my big Brother Danny for being my Booger and always picking me up when I fall, my cousins for all the good times we have when we are together I love you all so much. I can't forget Tina you and i are the black sheep but *** it is so much fun, I love you. I thank god everyday that I am part of this family I could not ask for more, I am truly blesses. I can't forget my best friend in Tennessee we met whe .. ...
Don't try to push your beliefs off on me, I know I'm the black sheep and he is my Shepard -Pooler
This morning I woke up missing my home town like I've not missed it since I left 11yrs ago. Funny how you leave the community that's known you you're entire life- out looking for acceptance only to realize its the ppl you left behind who accepted you even as a black sheep. Missing home...
Everything that happens to us happens in purpose. And sometimes, one thing leads to another. Instead of locking yourself up in your cage of fears and crying over past heartaches, embarrassment and failures, treat them as your teachers and they will become your tools in both self improvement and success. I remember watching Patch Adams – its my favorite movie, actually. Its one great film that will help you improve yourself. Hunter “patch” Adams is a medical student who failed to make it through the board exams. After months of suffering in melancholy, depression and suicidal attempts – he decided to seek for medical attention and voluntarily admitted himself in a psychiatric ward.  His months of stay in the hospital led him to meeting different kinds of people. Sick people in that matter. He met a catatonic, a mentally retarded, a schizophrenic and so on. Patch found ways of treating his own ailment and finally realized he has to get back on track. He woke up one morning realizing that after all ...
I never wanted to be a rebel, but I guess life made me a black sheep. So I just be doing numbers, trying keep my name of tha stat sheet.
In Filey. Bedroom overlooks the pub. Black Sheep and dogs allowed. No wonder Yorkshire is the new holiday destination of choice
Black Men and White Mice In my hood I saw a little girl tipping over a needle that invaded the chalk line her hopscotch lines. A little boy broke a handle off of an abandoned car to make a toy gun, looking like a little toy soldier screaming, “I’M BOUT TA BUSS A CAP IN DIS FOOL!?!” A three legged mutt competed with a three legged homeless man for position in a dumpster. And a black stray cat used a dirty makeshift smoking urn, for a litter box. And I wondered, “Why haven’t I ever seen a white stray cat? I mean, there’re plenty of white domestic pet cats, so why ain’t I seen a white cat risking its life to dash across the road, or fish a fishbone from a garbage pale? “Better yet, why are all pest mice brown, yet every lab mouse is white? As if, a white mouse has too much privilege to get smashed in a trap, and a brown mouse is too dumb to learn the Skinner box. *** we live in a messed up society!” My hood looks like a wasteland, while the medical school at the corner shines like e ...
When someone asks you who the black sheep of your family is and you don't you!!!
In any given society, the population of believers in God is a minority. The majority of people do not believe in God. They chuck Him out of their life entirely. They say: God is creation of man. So man is omnipotent: Man invents mechanical and electrical appliances and space ships; now man can even invent God!   You are good Catholics, of course. You come to Sunday mass regularly. You believe in God. But what is your image of God? Is the God you believe a monster, who is present everywhere and ever watchful to check if you have done something wrong so that He will immediately inflict punishment? (Mind you, this was the image I had as a small child). Is the God you believe one who can tolerate no fault, no sin, no imperfection so that you have to focus on observing his commandments and doing good deeds? Or, is the God you believe one with whom you feel broken, weak, imperfect, sinful, and yet loved?   The readings to-day tell us that God is a God of love, goodness, kindness, and graciousness. The first r ...
I try daily to play it I always tell my youngest (and "black sheep") brother Martin...your worst day is probably someone else's best day.
U could call me the 'black sheep' lol
Tonight ruled. Every set as Black Sheep (Minor Threat cover band) is exhilarating and we love all of you.
Woo to the hizzle Alien and Black Sheep(that's the New Zealand horror not the Chris Farley comedy) are in at the Library for October viewing.
Romain Grosjean: From Black Sheep to Team Leader? by new writer
Black Sheep by Georgette Heyer, thanks to a recommendation by
Come on down to Black Sheep tonight (across from campus on Hal Greer) for some free tunes!! So stoked to see Traci Ann Ferguson jammin!!! :)
Hey what's a Black Sheep gotta do for a Muzzy Bear to say what's up tomorrow at Excited to see you good sir.
NEWS ALERT: We hired a new Director of PR. Meet miss No surprises here, this girl is plain AWESOME.
Fotoset: got cast: natalie dormer I’ve always been a black sheep. That’s a hard thing to be until you find...
So excited to have Black Sheep as one of our Festival d'Vine restaurants this year! Check out this event that...
im excited my Sis Is coming to RED At The Black Sheep Who its offically go time
I'm ready for the sheep of the family!
Organic Manchego: Semi-firm Manchego Cheese made from a herd of Manchego bred black sheep that graze
Recognise this tune? Ba Ba Black Sheep Tee from new designer
Tomorrow its Friday which means one thing.Black Sheep Fridays at i'll be DJ'in from 9pm
'I was a black sheep but now I'm just a goat'
3 quid for Black Sheep! Obviously been a while since I've been to a pub.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Tune in, listen to favorites like Black Uhuru - Try It on Black Sheep Soul Radio
Baba black sheep . . Truttt tutt tutt .
Bah, Bah black Sheep - a FollowBack bleet, to not an ugly UnFollow reap.
thanks! Black sheep is good, I have to say
Katie Holmes Desperately Needs To Hire A Stylist!: Black Sheep Syndication We think it's time someone else tak...
I swear my parents are tired of me gotta leave d house soon b4 dey disown me 4 bein d black sheep
aw your so sweet!!! I think am the black sheep of the family thou lol
Baa baa Black sheep have you any wool??
can you please send me of baba black sheep on piano. I just started learning it.
. BA Ba Black sheep have you any wool, "Go Away Retard, I am not a fool"
ha ha ! Apart from me the Headteacher and 'black sheep' my ENTIRE immediate family was or is in Royal Mail - I sympathise!
noticed that myself! Left it open to join if IRB approve! What about choosing a Black-Sheep for the English world cup character! Lol
I was a Black Sheep, but now I'm just a G.O.A.T.
You've got your sheep, and you've got your black sheep. But I'm not even a sheep, I'm on the freakin moon.
Zoom Stefan ERDL (Black/Black-Camo) now in stock at Black Sheep size 8-13 while…
Did Ya’ Hear? By Mary Craft mkay512Briefs Vector Control is planning on spraying for mosquitoes on the Island next week but if they get lots of complaints they will come in sooner. So let’s everyone jam their phone line at 826-4622. Port Royal is hosting Pool Party Thursdays every week starting September 26th at 6 pm. For only $20 per person you can enjoy a DJ, dancing, one included beverage, snacks and tons of fun! It is open to the public and is great family fun. Check out the swim up Cabana Bar, children’s splash play area and new heated pool. Scuttlebutt’s Bar & Grill will be having Open Mike every Monday evening starting October 7th. Enjoy their popular prime rib dinner every Tuesday along with half price bottle of wine. New Island townhomes. The Corpus Christ City Council this week approved a zoning change for property at the corner of Leeward and Aruba. The change will allow developer Doug Shaw to move forward with plans to build 23 townhouses at the site. Just a short distance away on Gran ...
I worked with them during summer, i get that every school has its black sheep but they were really bright. JU obvs is
Throwback Thursday – Tag yourself if you’ve been to Black Sheep since we looked like this!
Best quote in GTA: Bah bah black sheep have you any booze; no sir, no sir I'm... a sheep.
Forever the black sheep of my family
Come home to hear humpty dumpty, the music has progressed to baa baa black sheep, I don't even know what is going on anymore
She's introducing me as black sheep. 👍
Just got a free pint of that in The Black Sheep - apparently it's also "Galway Bay Day"!
Today I reflect on feelings of bein out of place. I ve lived wit tha feeling all my life. First I was born an outcast/black sheep cuz of who my daddy was. Momdukes fam cydnt stand him ,her for messin wit him,or me for being theit offspring. Then grew up in ny nd was blckballed for livin country in the city. Then moved ti s.c. nd was castout for bein a city boy. So as can be seen ive always been an outsider. Never feelings of acceptance anywhere. I say that to say this . U can wastr a lifetime trying to find acceptance from outer influences or u can find it in self where it will always reside.
One of the papers I write for, The Black Sheep, is throwing a fiesta October 10th at Jorge's Cantina. All are invited! 18+ to attend and 21+ to drink. We'll have raffles with prizes as well as special incentives for people wearing sombreros!
Field trip to the local apple orchard this morning. Got to see a newborn baby black sheep.
I am definitely the black sheep...well, more 18% grey. ;)
I found an alternative baa baa black sheep you could learn for tomorrow
Lol were the black sheep of the family 😂
What do baking, black sheep, harvest festivals, and dragon-scorched landscapes have in common? Rebecca Roland:
too right... I like being the black sheep. Please yourself not others! 😄😝
Tonight, join the kickoff party for the HMAF weekend at Black Sheep Burritos & Brews.
Bare every family has a black sheep but some are way beyond being black! Good evening mense
Im sorry. Marsha Ambrosious, or how ever you spell her name, does absolutely nothing for me as a solo artist. I just do not like that baa baa black sheep voice. WHAT IS THAT?!?! oh my goodness it's annoying.
VIVA LA BLACK SHEEP: our fiesta on Oct. 10 at 8pm at Jorge's Cantina. 18+ to attend 21+ to drink. More details here:
Homemade curry, black sheep ale and Escape from New York. Yes the wife's away!
Well friends, the time is upon us. HMAF Weekend officially begins TONIGHT!!! So get down to Black Sheep Burrito & Brews tonight for our Kickoff Party!
Shouldn't it be a black sheep? MT“Hope Giant's Causeway Visitor Centre wins the Stirling ”
Baa baa black sheep...join Kids Music with Marcie on Thurs mornings!! @ Little…
I'm the ba ba black sheep in this family.
you're an inspiration for all the black sheep out there. Never change who you are, you're amazing at being you :)
My friends: Ba-ba. Ba-baa~ What's the song's title? Me: Ba-ba black sheep. Have you any wool. Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full. /sheep's voice/. Nursery Rhymes? My friends: Really? It sounds cool. We've never hear that song, yet. Let's put it as our History's assignment's song. /happy/. ^ Yay. Pupils in my class will be laughing.
Definitely the black sheep of the fam and proud
President obama's favorite song is "bah bah black sheep"
jesus, all the fun and excitement of sorting out work, music, cd's, logistics, and general people make me want to sit in the corner yelling Baa Baa Black sheep to myself.but then i would have gone mad.
We are glad you liked our package! The black sheep soap and seed paper was really exciting to sent out! Enjoy!
The Huntington Music & Arts Festival is this Saturday! The weather forecast predicts perfect weather, with sunny skies and a high temp of 79. So, come on out and see the show! I'll be there, exhibiting my photography and taking event photos of all the festival activities. Exactly, what are all the activities, you might ask? There will be 21 live musical acts performing, over 25 visual artists exhibiting, several vendors, a BRAND NEW interactive Art Corner with kids' art lessons throughout the day, the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame’s Traveling Museum, The BRAND NEW HMAF Photo Booth and food by Black Sheep Burrito & Brews! There will also be a beer vendor on site for all patrons over 21 years of age. More info can be found at the event page: is the last day to get tickets at a discounted price on the site, Tickets are available at Black Sheep and V Club up to tomorrow! Make sure to check the Black Sheep Burrito & Brews and The V Club Night Club pages to learn how to win 2 FREE tickets! Winners will be ...
its official I'm the black sheep of the family I'm the only one whose cooking ***
OPENING FOR YO GOTTI OCTOBER 13th! Tickets are 20$! I will be performing songs of my new mixtape "Black Sheep" also with special features from Missy Gardner and Ryan Evans! This is my first solo show so come out and support the movement because we goin places!
Angela Judd...this is why I like being the black sheep...however, I guess your dogs could still take me out
Tattoos for the low at black sheep buy 1 get 1 free we r on hwY 150 in Bessemer
bah bah black sheep hve you any wool? yes sir yes sir three bags full soo bored :D
Just opened a bottle of Black Sheep Ale and ended up with just over half a pint after it had stopped frothing! Secondary fermentation?
Come see me today at bar bar black sheep before I leave for vacation!
Yhuh just mad because i taught yo brother how to get his *** wet ain't my fault he got hooked..!! That's why yhu try to treat me like the black sheep
Come to bar bar black sheep for a nice Thursday! Let the weekend begin early!!!
"A black sheep should not be search in the night." Gud 9t every 1
Crossing my fingers Black Sheep Skateboard shop in Charlotte, NC may be carrying Twiz'd Society skateboards and gear in their shop...There are two more big shops that are looking at Twiz'd Society skateboards and gear... Things are getting better...
Dame im madd at my so cal family my so cal mom and so cal lil bro now it really suck want yo try my best to help out but i get cal a drink mo fo dame it suck went yo a black sheep of da famly :(
This Saturday Night is XRT's 2nd anniversary show and I will announce the top 5 Black Sheep of the year brought to you by Black Sheep Marketing Group, LLC. Hear Brand Spanking New Music, The Rock Rewind from Paul Gibson and The Christian Rock 20, and The Hard News featuring David Stagg from HM Magazine. I will also announce the new front runner for The Black Sheep Of All Time. The Christian Rock Takeover is every Saturday Night at 8pm eastern time on WZAQ 92.3 IGNITE FM.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Guess I'm the mistake of the family. And will never measure up to the rest. I'll always be the black sheep and odd ball out! :(
I love my family, no matter how many black sheep there are in it!
Team night tonight at The Black Sheep Ale House ! Hope to see you all there!
I'm proud to be a black South African and I embrace my fellow black sister/brother who takes the road less travelled because dissing them won't get us anywhere, we'll always be black sheep in our own country.
You the know thd term black sheep of the family!?!? Well thats me i know it already . but dang can i catch a break i try and interact wit all my siblings but they make me feel like THE BLACK SHEEP! Except Ayla Bastardo which happy birthday and i love and miss you!
Integrity, Trust, Loyality, Honesty, Acceptance, Service, Commitment, Love, Unity and 12steps, addicts, alcoholics. Join~ Outcast and Black Sheep Recovery for addicts/alcoholics. Thank You. If there is a problem, we will find the solution together. SECRET GROUP. INBOX ME.
A testimony with only a few details, but will make more sense than breathing! A weary soul that pondered through life, refusing to allow any man to answer me with a "just because"... I had questions far and deep inside of me, that troubled me to the very core of my existence. Radical and black sheep was but a few chosen names I have been given. (False - but that one I refuse, for I know I'm not)... I have had my feelings hurt, for simply trying to be logical and/or reasonable. I have been accused of questioning God's authority, although, it never made much sense to me as to how anyone could seek anything without asking questions :/ It was during a moment of getting real with myself, I choose to step out on faith and actually tried the whole "Seeking God with a whole heart" thing. Little did I know, what awaited me would completely and forever change me in every aspect of my life! My life can never go back, there is no point of return, there is no backsliding or whatever else term of theology a person can ...
Will asked his teacher if he could sing a song to his class today. Surely belting out 'Baa Baa Black Sheep' deserves an award of some sort. A Grammy or something at least.
You've fallen captive to what you thought would save you, what you thought would clean your slate. You're in the thick of it now and you have swallowed the hook. August Burns Red - Black Sheep
Ya know im ur daughter, granddaughter, niece, aunt and cousin. but i feel like y'all could care less. Ive been back in NJ since March but have any of u called me to see how i am...Nope! Ive been the one to reach out for close to 30 years! Believe me I Know im the black sheep cause all y'all live in NC and mama took me away when i was 2. But i am your family...the first born daughter granddaughter and cousin. This is something that hurts me on a daily basis! Just sayin!!!
omg...I must be the black sheep of my own children! Well just the one, I give up, what the point, loves though but obviously not enough! :-(
What does Cliff Workman do on his birthday? He works. I'll be in Charleston tonight, folks, thanks for the birthday wishes. There will be an open mic night at the Black Sheep this Sunday, I will be there and I hope that everyone and their third cousin comes to hear me and eat some good food. By everyone one, I mean EVERYONE :) Show starts at 9.
I'm the black sheep, I'm the real black sheep
We here at Black Sheep Bridals will provide a private and intimate experience for every bride in our chic boutique. All dresses are designer and in excellent condition. Our shop is for the budget savvy and Eco-friendly girls who believe in lowering our carbon emissions and saving money through reusi...
2night I will be rocking with Dizzy Wright, Futuristic & Emilio Rojas in Colo Springs at the Black Sheep! All Ages! $12 f…
Joe and I had dinner at the Black Sheep restaurant in Blue Ridge last night. It was a wonderful dining experience! I highly recommend the crab cakes!!!
Can't believe 'Black Sheep' Natt and Alex Wolff will always have a special place in my music taste. TNBB lives on.
In The Ship Inn at Lathom. Pint of Black Sheep on its way - looking forward to it!
I'm going to Black Sheep at The Venue at Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, IN - Sep 27
Lou Graham pre-Foriegner days was in a great western N.Y band Black Sheep & they were a Rochester Band played the Buff allot
Colorado Springs it's Friday! Get your *** to Black Sheep to catch us and Natty Vibes!
Silver Surfer Vaporizer's Vaporfest will be anchored by All Shall Perish on Aug. 17, Black Sheep in Colorado Springs.
I've never been to Black Sheep. Shady Grove I have.
05. Black Sheep - White Devil by Sydney in Theory on
What song best describes your life right now? — Black Sheep by Gin Wigmore
listened to the Metric version of Black Sheep, but preferred the Brie Larson version.
Bluesfest day 4. More rain, but it stopped for the last couple of shows. The highlight for me was the lovely and talented Vancouver performer Hanna Georgas. She has been doing backup duties with Kathleen Edwards but her own material is extremely strong and I think she's on her way to headliner status in the future. Eric Burdon, (yes, he's still alive after many decades of the rock and roll lifestyle) finished up at the Black Sheep stage. He can still sing pretty well and his band was good too.
Another vintage Reiner match result... Saturday, April 15th, 2000 - Southern Heat Championship Wrestling - Pensacola, Florida - In the card's opening bout, "The Lightning Kidd" battled his way to a hard-fought pinfall victory over "The Shooter" Mike Jacobs after connecting with "The Lightning Strike" Superkick only moments before the 15-minute limit was reached. Reiner was unable to cherish his victory for long, however, as "Black Sheep" Danny Roland, still dressed in his streetclothes, rushed the ring and attacked "The Lightning Kidd". Roland took advantage of The Kidd's exhausted state and executed a devastating Pumphandle Powerslam on his defenseless victim. Jacobs and Roland left the ring in celebratory manner, but it was Reiner who will gain the "W" on his SHCW win-loss record. In the Main Event, a six-man elimination match, Reiner would get the chance to become the first ever Southern Heat Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, along with the other participants, Red Anderson, "The Shooter" ...
Black Keys at the Bell Stage, Alex Clare on the River, and Adventure Club here at the Black Sheep, NOW!!
OK. Andrew Ripp put up a crazy good version of "It's All Good" today to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of 50 Miles To Chicago, AND announced he is coming to the Summit Music Hall and Black Sheep. What is going on with my life right now? Commence operation: OPEN FOR RIPP
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Real ales found on Alderney Sheep; Shepherd Neame; Ringwood: Greene King and Liberation.Come on other brewers get over there!!
Motha on tha corna holdin up a sign... Window-washer man "clean ya windshield?" ...for a dime. The family Black Sheep, where's your pasture to eat?...
Lovely start to today just back from doing a breakfast and music club. Lots more music as the day goes on. I have one spare place left for doublebass lessons, if anybody wants it get it touch on here or my number is 07799 808908. I have a break from gigging this weekend ,we need it , but I'm busy with Childrens Birthday parties. If you want your child to have a birthday party where the parents and children jam music together with me playing guitar or doublebass and you and your children playing on djembes, doumbeks, bongos and simple percussive instruments in a fun, relaxed, non elitist way everything from "baa black sheep" to "Gangham style "and "she'll be coming round the mountain" and many more, plus play musical games and parachute games also give me a call on 07799 808908. I cater for all age groups and all abilities main stream and special needs.
Bah bah black sheep have you any wool? — yessir yessir 3 bags of stool
Bah bah black sheep, have you any wool?!
Black sheep tonight for my girl's birthday
Not tryna hate on any one with kids but who's baby free like me? Lms if you are.
BARRIER LAC - THAT WAS THE WEEK THAT WAS - FRI 28.6.13 BROKEN HILL 1. Between 10am and 1pm on fri the 28.6. offender/s have entered a Wolfram Street, Broken Hill address and cut a garden hose and a number of ropes to a swing. 2. Between 5pm on tues the 25.6. and 5pm thurs the 27.6. the front gates to the rifle club via Knox Street, Broken Hill have been rammed by a vehicle in an attempt to gain entry. Entry was not gained, but the damage was valued at a couple of thousand dollars 3. About 315am on fri the 28.6. Police have stopped a 19 year old local man in Galena Street, Broken Hill for a random breath test. The driver of the vehicle when spotted by Police was only travelling around 10 kph. A breath test has given a positive result and he was arrested and taken to the Broken Hill Police Station where a breath analysis gave a reading of 0.108. He has been charged with driving with a mid range PCA and will be appearing before the Broken Hill LC He was also issued with an on the spot licence suspension not ...
In this life full of variations, it's not weird if sometimes you feel like a stranger. Smiling to others, thinking you know them enough, but actually not even a bit. Little by little, you will surely cry in your silence. Because they smile back, and talk to you kindly. And they just don't know you at all. Curiosity wondering if I'm strong enough to bear this black-sheep feeling inside? I'm not a joker, neither a clown. Why does the society I love always make me feel down? Oh, yes I do feel like a stranger. And yes I am a stranger. Should this stranger quit, or he deserves to continue dreaming ???
My co worker hugged me today cuz I told her about how I was the black sheep of the family. She felt sympathy lol
Guys, here you go, the biggest wanker ever. Alec Knight the *** has made fun of the Queensland Flood just because he hates the Maroons, Respect all you NSW Blues fans but Alec is surely the black sheep of your community of the Blues. Andrew Sheehan Connor Jake Hubschman Shabab Maqsud Flinders Errol Leahy
As a huge fan of Tahanan the club night. I have set up a set featuring as many soundcloud recording, demo's & releases relating to Tahanan &...
Most people have the random black family's got the whole flock lol
the lost black sheep of GOOD music ...
I may be the black sheep of the family…. Post courtesy of
Some people really need to take responsibility and get a life - jumping on someone-elses band waggon makes you a sheep - Ba!!!
There is a black sheep in every family.
Oh, there WILL be a visit to the Rose in Black Sheep. Just haven't determined placement. Maybe there will be multiple! ;)
I was always labeled the black sheep of the family what a bad seed I'd grow to be
Morning World! So excited. to watch The Who tonight! Whoop! Xxx
jump I friggin leapt with out a parachute! Lol x
Yep! As are all my friends! Our tribe is just SO vibrant and colourful a white sheep would stand out like a black sheep .hmmm!
awww it's okayy... In some unique way we're all black sheep xD lol
On the real my sister who I'm very proud of just finished 10 years of college! I can't attend ur party! Because I'm the black sheep! But I'm so proud of you!
Almost went a legacy party and i would've been the black sheep
A bishop has been arrested in connection with the probe of the Vatican bank
Fan Qotd: This really is my last resort before i seriously consider paying for a sleep experts help! Which i would hate to do as i would feel like a failure but im really running out of ideas! My lg is 7months old and still doesnt sleep through the night she doesnt even go for long stretches at a time,every 3-4 hours max! She goes to bed at 6 after taking her last nap at 2.30-3 ish and will fall asleep alone in her cot which is great but then it all goes downhill after that! She can sometimes be up every 2 hours! Ive tried all the usual stuff, shush and pat ,feeding,holding her hand, letting her cry it out but nothing has worked! Any more ideas or to know im not alone would be great.i know that babies wake and ive had two more before so i know what its like but its really starting to effect my everyday life. Thanks in advance.
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