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Black President

Black President is an American punk rock band. It was formed in 2005 by Circle Jerks/Bad Religion guitarist Greg Hetson and Goldfinger guitarist Charlie Paulson.

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Dennis Haysbert is going to jail for 15 months? No! Not our first Black President.
Wish GOP had told us: White Presidents get 4 yrs of people's voice. Black President gets 3 yrs of people's voice.
What a deal: White Presidents get 4 years of people's voice_vote. Black President gets 3 years of peoples voice_vote.
Why are some Americans Mad at the system. Give themA Social Security check,Or A honest Black President. It's …
Enjoy this last address by the nation's first We may not be alive again to see another Black President.
John Hanson was not the first Black President of the United States
If elected, I will be the first Black President of the United States. Obama is half White so therefore he doesn't count.…
'When Nelson Mandela took over as South Africa’s first Black President, he was canonised as a living saint,not just because he was >
Toni Morrison is an angel. I've only ever disagreed with her once...and that's when she said Bill Clinton was the 1st Black President.
Was John Hanson really the first Black President or is this hear say?
People think Barack Obama was the first Black President... Please it was John Hanson a Moore who was President of...
We will vote another Black President. I see Hillary will beat Carson. Ben Carson is a Liar and needs to get out.
Got Brenda Fassie - Black President on repeat to psych myself up for what's to ensue shortly
Times like these you find yourself listening to Brenda Fassie's _ Black President :(
America turned a Big Corner, when it elected it's 1st Black President. Abraham Lincoln; Barack Hussein Obama, two...
Just hate the first Black President, be a racist or criminal and you to can work at Fox news
For example, a Black President was treated as laughable when I was a kid. Despite how far Shirley Chisholm got or Jackson or …
"If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough. " - Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the world's first elected female Black President.
Dr. Ben Carson should have been our first Black President...he came from less than you and achieved more...respect of principals
Richard Pryor was the first Black President in this comedy skit
Being the first Black President was my Idea $
No pretty much old fashioned American Racism divided this Country once again. With a Black President and all
Sorry girls. Fred Upton & Republicans want to take away your health coverage because Black President.
A white guy (Clinton) was our 'first Black President'... A straight guy (Obama) is our 'first *** President'.
So is 24. My best friend. Former college hooper. "I wanna be the 1st Black President" from BET's Baldwin Hills ht…
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia was the world's first female Black President.
Hatred & Horror of Civil War very deep in American Psyche. Could that be 1 reason our 1st Black President has been vilified?
Trauma of Civil War deep in American Psyche. Maybe one reason 1st U.S. Black President has been vilified?
Barack Obama is NOT the first Black President . but they dont teach you that !!
Dedicating this songs to the Youth of 1976: Brenda: Black President and Boipatong. And Not Yet Uhuru
Slick Willie Clinton was the first Black President! Just chill.
Dave Chappelle – There could be a Black President one day: Black Comics Gone Wild reports…
Think about how relevant Brenda Fassie's "Black President" song is. Such vision is amazing.
Will Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison who called Bill Clinton in 1998 1st Black President pull it back?
Thank God we finally got a Black President, Black Attorney General, & Al Sharpton as White House Adviser. What a difference they have made!
Our very first show was dedicated to Trayvon Martin and Racism in the U.S. since B. Obama became the 1st Black President. Here we are 3 yrs
Just read Zuma's speech.Wondering if Brenda Fassie would've called him her Black President
So we should be happy we get 1 Black President compared too the how many White Presidents !?
Black President by Brenda Fassie, found with Listen now:
Bill Clinton the 1st and only Black President
Ghana's Alex Quaison-Sackey was the first Black President of the United Nations' General Assembly.
Look this up, Warren G. Harding a Republican was our first Black President. but no one waves that around
President IS NOT the 1st Black President of the USA. He is the first "open" Black man 2 b President!
I have a confession to make. I'm in love with Brenda Fassie's "Black President". Flip _ I love this song. It's epic ¡¡¡
BLACK HISTORY MONTH person of the day NELSON MANDELA! Anti Apartheid Leader and South Africa's first Black President!
This man will not go down in History as the first Black President but instead a man who was committed 2 ruin…
Questions like "Can you give me some information on John Hanson, the first Black President of the United States in 1781 - 1782 A.D."
If only they give President Obama the chance to accomplish everything, America would be in GooD. I'm embracing my "Black President" given we won't see it again/ for a long time. To all the criticism, be grateful someone as oppose to Republican helping Middle Class n more. God Blessed President Obama
We'll bring back black money in 150 days: BJP president Rajnath Singh - The Times of India …
"South Africa belongs to all who live in it, black and white." - Former president Thabo Mbeki
You know, Obama'a got a lot of faults as a president sure, but he's a black man trying to run a white country so.
I thought since America finally had a black president Equal Rights would be a given. Evidently not. So in 2015:. . Equal Rights.
In 1922 John Dube, Renaissance Man and founding president Of ANC, published a didactic instruction book for black women on cooking.
While attending a black tie gala, a partygoer asked President Obama to get them some coffee — they thought he was a waiter.
I didn’t provide an exhaustive list, but electing a black man as President has killed DRW’s title bids.
Russians Rage Against America Its name is ‘Pindosia,’ ‘Pindostan’ or, more officially, ‘United States of Pindostan,’ and you will be told that one part of it, called Alaska, used to belong to Russia. Today, this country has a black President, and the Russians have a nickname for him too. The New York Observer
We have a black president. We may soon have a female president. I wonder if we'll ever have a Native American president...
...praying to Nazi occupation of France.Italian Northern League:Vice President compared black senator to an orangutan.Order&-
I think it's because we have a black president, many white Americans racial undertones are being exposed
We are in an age where 'diversity' is supposedly championed. The US elected their fist black president and this?
Name the president who was for black rights in the 1960s
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"Black people get on my nerves acting like racism still exists. America has a black president!" 😒
Waiting 40 years for a Black President that Racists hate to report it is their fault. TK
The man is only president because of his black father. One election, understandable. The second one? Unforgivable.
America is so racist it elected a black president. Please list every African country that freely elected a white leade…
This president is the worst ever.. We finally elect a black man to office but he is the wrong Black Man..He shamed us all
Alot of people don't realize that this this a generational issue They look at what's happening now and say you guys got a black president tf
its a REASON why Education was illegal for BLACKS... cuz less than a 100 yrs later we have a Black President...
Nah. Our president is that black guy with the weird face.
In a country that twice elected a black man as president? Caucasians get fired for what you speak of.
The Ika historical accout have it that Umunede Kingdom was founded by a Benin Prince, called Ede and his wife, Iye who migrated from Benin and settled in the present location, later known as Umunede. The exact date of migration of Ede and his wife from Benin was not recorded but generally, historians put the approximate period as the Thirteenth Century A.D., during the reign of Oba Ewedo The Great (1250-1280 A.D.) Thus, the Kingdom is over seven hundred years old and many historians believed that Umunede Kingdom is one of the oldest kingdoms east of the Benin Empire. Historians had contended that during Oba Ewedos reign, the Oba had two battles to fight: a diplomatic battle against the great nobility led by the Ediommehan and military battles against Ogiamien III in order to destroy once and for all this anti-royalist movement. As a result of these events, many princes and noble men fled with their families to different safe locations. The second wave of migration to Umunede probably took place under Oba ...
So if the black president would have addressed the they would have turned their backs & assigned blame to him too?
All u racist white devils gonna see what happens when we get a real black president
oh and yes, I still feel the dubbed voice they used for the black gang president was yours.was it???
TMZ: "Rihanna what's the best thing about visting the White House?" Rihanna: my president being black 👏
Fact: Police killings & unarmed coloreds will always be targeted, but they are being targeted even more b/c we have a black president
Steve Scalise somehow didn't know in 2002 that David Duke, who ran for President from Scalise's own state in 1992, was a raci…
If a Black man like Martin Luther King, Jr. were President it would different than the Blamer in Chief currently in office
Blaming the deaths of cops on the Black President seems "racially treacherous" to me
Amy, is the President not allowed to vacation bc he's black? And black = slave to you? Pray tell.
Because ppl love to hear lies about black ppl. Starting with the President.
If a Black man being President of America can't resolve racial tension... then we KNOW Black achievement was NEVER the goal.
He's a half black, half white President. Here's his mom! Like the picture? http…
AAFCA President & Founder Gil Robertson Talks Black Film and More: *As African Americans in the ...
President Barack Obama is considered by some to be the nation's first black president - but Morgan Freeman isn't one such individual. The actor told NPR's "T...
These old eyes have seen the television become the latest fad. The McCarthyism witch hunt, Eisenhower elected, Kennedy elected, Johnson sworn in and many other events of politics. The landing on the moon, the death of president Kennedy, the shooting of Dr King, and Robert Kennedy. Korea, Vietnam, Desert storm and other conflicts the USA has been involved in.. I watched the development of computers, Cell phones, Satellite employment, DVDs, Blue Ray, so on. I saw the Jim Crow laws die, and the Civil Right arise, and the many sacrifices made to achieve the direction and beginnings of equality. I protested, and stood against that war in South East Asia, inequality in race, and environmental issues dealt with. I saw the Cayahoga River in Ohio catch fire, and force new laws brought forth to hold the pollution in check. I saw Jackie Kennedy cry in the confines of the White House and Dr King's wife Coretta left inconsolable. Yet, never have I seen so many uninformed, and radical ignorant in my life. Only since F ...
They say how does it feel to be a Public Figure? Them lower desires Even the Wolf of Wall Street had vices; messing with hookers & snorting coke with em Told Tommy to watch the bosses & He'll figure It out, the game got to continue in the rain or the drought The type to believe then rather doubt They took 106 & Park off BET, what is that about? Taking from our culture, years ago whites bought Black Entertainment Television out They took over the station, form a plan to kick the *** s out They say they don't miss you til you gone, I can't even watch the ball drop on 106 & Park on New Years now Most of the time they set us up for failure rarely watching t.v now I rather focus on God Every now & then grab a newspaper and watch the Dow Learn to invest your money so when you get it up, it won't go back down Seen many with it, now it's missing & they can't cope with life now Previous stars drown themselves in the liqours & always going out They thought I was gone limit myself to playing basketball & rapping, .. ...
King Obama continues to rule by fiat! Now he has chosen, on his own, to normalize relations with Cuba without gaining any real concessions from them. Granted, relations have been bad with them for too long, but even a US Congressman, who happens to be Cuban, said that Obama and his administration are the weakest negotiators the US has ever had, and that they have slapped all Cuban freedom fighters in the face. We did get the aid worker released and the White House at first tooted their horn that is was a coup granted in the negotiations but quickly changed their tune that "he was released for humanitarian reasons." Once again King Obama has sidestepped congress because he believes he is all knowing and smarter then the rest of us. Like I have said before, Jimmy Carter is yukking it up now because he can no longer be pegged as the worst president we have ever seen. It is a bunch of crap that we have a president who has his own personal agendas and wants to make the rest of us live under "his ideas" of what ...
* EAST SIDE SAN ANTONIO TEXAS WANNA BE POLITICIANS* Don't tell me what CHURCH you are from . I have the ability to go to GOD and ask HIM what HE thinks about you. If you are so great and mighty and you represent GOD, why do you have to be a politician to make the EAST SIDE OF SAN ANTONIO better? THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH. You EAST SIDE SAN ANTONIO PASTORS AND CHURCH members who have come back door to tell me about the sins and immorality of pastors and wanna be two-bit politicians, stand on YOUR OWN TWO FEET and report them. IF you have proof of these allegations that you bring to me, then turn them in. Stop promoting flagrant well-known sinners as heroes in our community. DON'T start telling me about we are not suppose to JUDGE OR I have not walked in their foot steps. Why the *** would I want to walk in the foot steps of weak liars? Now, if you are lying on innocent people, why are you telling me lies? Am I suppose to be the fool? East side pastors and church members. You know who is wr ...
The contracts to build venues, hotels, concert halls, roads are all given to the president’s & oligarch’s families
Dear Mr. President, can you start working on solutions that create jobs for young black men now? Please?
Bill Clinton is still and will forever be the best black president ever
I wish this was the guy representing America as the first black president. I want my students to look up to and want to be like him...
Canadians Version of David Letterman's Top 10. # 10 Only in America... could politicians talk about the greed of the rich at a $35,000.00 per plate Obama campaign fund-raising event. # 09 Only in America... could people claim that the government still discriminates against black Americans when they have a black President, a black Attorney General and roughly 20% of the federal workforce is black while only 14% of the population is black, 40+% of all federal entitlements goes to black Americans - 3X the rate that go to whites, 5X the rate that go to Hispanics! , # 08 Only in America... could they have had the two people most responsible for our tax code, Timothy Geithner (the head of the Treasury Department) and Charles Rangel (who once ran the Ways and Means Committee), BOTH turn out to be tax cheats who are in favor of higher taxes. # 07 Only in America... can they have terrorists kill people in the name of Allah and have the media primarily react by fretting that Muslims might be harmed by the backlash. ...
how did he build the racial divide in America? By being the 1st Black President? He didn't create it, he exposed it by being POTUS
We had a black President before we had a black Phantom of the Opera.
I'm glad you "Faved" the racists, because the first "black president" was Bill Clinton who is a white man.
This 1 is giving presentation on political structure of Argentina and I haven't heard any mention of they change president ? 😕
Yep.I noticed that but Obama is not the president of black America. He's the president of AmeriKKKa. I know I'm going to get
. Someone who is malnourished. Eat your fruits and veggies! Stay in school grow up to be the 2nd black guy president blah blah blah
They are acting as if we just elected our first black president. Gun sells are going to increase again. Dont believe me just watch!
It’s sad to me that when become racially conscious and elect a black president, everything in the United States becomes a racial issue.
What a difference 30 years and a black President makes. .
Bill Cosby was going to run for president: Black Comics Gone Wild reports Bill Cosby was…
How dare you begin to presume the President can read? Clever black!!!
Champaign post office will honor black politician: (AP) — President Obama has signed legislation that will rename a…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Che Guevara: 'Will we ever have ties with US?' Fidel: 'Sure, when its president is black and Pope is Argie like you.'
A leader would have known what to say ... ""The president has done nothing wrong." -Zuma
and now we have a black president. Get over it.
but I actually wonder if you can see how saying a white man is the first black president in American history is offensive.
YES. I do expect very high standards for the President.Why shouldn't I? He represents all of us .Rich, poor,black,white,brown,olive and more
They might even have a black president but he’s useless Cause he does not control the economy stupid!
your first black president just made 6 million of us *** legal So you better learn how to make tacos
I need share a public apology regarding my post about a "Black President". First and foremost...I am not...
By the same token, it emboldened many bigots. They never envisioned an actual BLACK PRESIDENT in America.
Nothing really changed since JFK. Only difference is we have a half black president and internet.
"You vote for a black man for president, and what do you get? A nice kick to the scrot., that's what." Michael Scott.
Saying racism doesn't exist because we have a black president is like saying the sun doesn't exist because sometimes it's …
Reality check mate my president is BLACK
Guiliani lives to blame black people -- for whatever ills befall us. He cannot stand that a black man is President htt…
President Obama you can stop this!!! Every week a new black child is killed by a White cop??! Why..??
Many voted in 2008 with the desire to see racism and racists humiliated by having a qualified black man elected president.
Castro:"Will we ever renew ties w/ the Yankees?". Che:"Yes, when the Pope's Argentinian and the US President's Black.😜. http:…
Let us examine this: How well has Obama done as president of United States of America? We are on fastest downward...
Whoopi Goldberg said that racism no longer exists because we have a black president.
I don't care what happens to him. Getting really tired of it. Vote in a Black President & we go …
A Word to the Wise is Sufficient... Yep, Milwaukee's Sheriff Clarke nailed it right on, like he usually does.
Watching a stand up special on n I'm gonna keep in mind what Chris said about never having a black vice president
I don't see the 'right' black man or any black man getting the nomination for President!!
police been killing black people since the 1900's. Did President Obama kill anyone? No, check the history
But Bill Clinton?!. HA! THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT in American Hystory, and You are not a racist, Right James?
The Black man is an OREO president, he's not the first "BLACK PRESIDENT" because he's an OREO..
I'm sorry to "Yell at you" because you said and I quote "The First BLACK PRESIDENT was Bill Clinton"
Obama's president, so? What's he represent? Just because the *** s half black don't mean he's Heaven-sent
When the wife of President was in the college, there were few black girls in her school.
You also have a black president and millionaire black businesses; that doesn't mean a thing.
Mr President... Step up or Step down! via
CHE: When do u think we will renew our links with the US?. FIDEL: When the US has a black president & the pope is Arg.
The 1st Black President threw gasoline on the Race War His buddy Holder lit a match Then Obama called Al Sharpton to the WH …
and the Black man president is just an imitation of the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT, Bill Clinton!
If Bill Clinton was the first Black President, Is Obama The first Latino president? - Edward-Isaac Dovere - POLITICO
Toke Time: The Black President (Part 1). Episode 119 sums up our investigation into the 27-disc box set called...
Dennis Haysbert is technically the first Black President tho
"A Black President and Attorney General mean nothing in America." - Ben Carr in response to his son being killed.
John Hanson the 1st Black President established Thanksgiving an it being the last Thursday of November
Let's not kid ourselves - even with a sitting Black President - America is not living in a post-racial society.
X-ing the color barrier? Well, Pres Clinton was THE first Black President. Chubby Rules
Obama says: Bill Clinton was the first Black President, I was the first real Black President, and not the first Latino President.
Now all American Movies have a Black President, good progress
Mitch McConnell is such a racist! He may be more racist then Scott Walker! Lucky we have a Black President for the next 2 yrs to run things
Well I guess all of these house *** are pleased with that these Republican are in control of everything.Corey Brooks, Trotter, Meeks, Hartman.all front and center for Rauner. Let's see what their payoff will I guess the House and Senate is going to try as hard as they can to destroy President Obama since they have total control. They are going to try as hard as they know how to have all this history books to say what a failure the 1st Black President was.not that we ( the Republicans) made sure that he failed .oh yeah they Mitch McConnell did say that!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Even though I was a life-time Democrat, I did not vote for Obama. I did not think he had enough experience and was uncomfortable with the fact that although he talked about "change", he never specifically said "what kind". . But, when he got elected, I was rooting for him - hoping that as our first Black President he would go down in history as one of our greatest. Unfortunately, he will go down as one of our worst. Now we have discovered what "change" he was talking about. Tuesday, we need to change the US Senate so we can finally get some action. All the legislation that has been sitting on Harry Reid's desk can finally get to the floor for a vote. Of course, Obama will probably veto everything that gets passed. But, at least the Senate will no longer be "frozen in limbo". Whatever party you belong to - get out and vote - and remove as many of the sitting Congress as possible. We do need a change.
This dapper young man was the 1st Black President of the state of Florida's Bar Association. He is Colonel's 1st...
TRUE FACT. The first Black President gets his credit card declined at a restaurant, there excuse, they thought he was an imposter..
That includes you, Mr. President. You know what's going on, America's first Black President!
It seems quite odd to me, that America's first Black President (even though he's really mixed),
i called him Satan 6 years ago. I swear I think he is. Your right he hates us. First and last Black President.
Trump is really a low class "THOUSANDAIR" w/ public feuds & insulting US first Black President
I remember back then, Obama was an unknown politician until he delivered a powerful speech in the senate house. When he ran for Presidency against Hillary Clinton, many dismissed him as an inexperienced black politician who is not fit to rule USA. He then launched the most powerful campaign that beat heavyweights like Hillary Clinton, John Macain and Matt Ramney to become USA's first Black President for two full terms and he has done much better than his predecessors in his two terms as the President of USA. Now turning on to Duma Boko Duma, this is one man who was also underestimated by his opponent and some in the general public. They thought that ke "lecat fela" that will not last in the dirty game of politics. He has proven so many people wrong. Through his leadership, he managed to unite the BNF then bring three opposition parties together under the Umbrella Project, despite all the challenges he faced from within and outside his party. He survived all court cases sponsored by his opponents and all k ...
I support Dr Ben Carson for Presudent he will be out first Black President
15th Amendment of the Constitution. Everybody know that if Ms. Grimes publicly say that she voted for the first Black President
Sad that 1st Black President & 1st Black Atty General have set back race relations in the US for a generation. Opportunity squandered.
Photo: Fela Ransome Anikulapo Kuti, the Black President, greatest bandleader/activist in West African...
Michael Moore says Obama will be remembered as he first Black President, and that's it. Moore will be remembered for...what? Two good films?
Sadly I think you're right Dan.The left/the media refuse to let the 1st Black President be seen as the failure/traitor he is.
Just because the USA has its 1st Black President, future generations still have a lot of work 2 do on social issues in American.
They both gone but it still goes deep in ♥"Black President- Brenda Fassie
BURNING (WHAT? Another Black Guy got Killed Today?) I don’t understand some people over here saying they are surprised the USA are still facing Racial issues. Now C’Mon Folks In what world d’you think you’re living? Having a Black President hasn’t changed much to the Basics and probably never will… America was built on inequality, racism, classism, exploitation, oppression, suppression and overwhelming violence. In July 2013 President Obama addressed the nation he leads about the shameful George Zimmerman verdict delivered in Sanford, Florida. He famously claimed that Trayvon Martin could have been his son and went into detail about how “very few African-American men” could say that they haven’t been racially profiled. A little over a year later the president addressed the nation about the Ferguson, Missouri, police killing of 18-year-old, unarmed Michael Brown. The remarks stand out for what the second-term president left out. He didn’t once mention race. Obama called the Brown death ...
Black President or not, the puppet masters are still YT.
"It's disgusting to have a Black President unable to keep track of what's going on among the young Black youth."
Look at how conservatives treats our Black President? They're supposed to be a model for our youth, instead they become the Darth Vader.
I believe it was Paul Mooney who said Obama was a Black President, NOT a *** President
It's cool to have a Black President in all, but more change will happen when we dominate Wall Street.
Sad Part IS,, we COULD have had a REAL Black President like Ben Carson and Allen West Aretha Franklin or Big Mama,,instead we get BARF BOY
. I never guessed that our first Black President and first female President would come back to back.
I wonder if Michelle Obama gets some of amazing/gorgeous outfits from White House | Black President.
Shame, shame, shame on you, America for allowing tampering with Voting Rights of your citizens of America; it’s time to stop the hate. The Great, President Lyndon Johnson put section five in the Act for a reason; now in 2014 under a Black President the Republican took it out. A shame before God. Here is what Dr. Martin L. King fought for or have you forgotten! The Voting Rights Act of 1965 (42 U.S.C. §§ 1973–1973bb-1)[7]:372 is a landmark piece of federal legislation in the United States that prohibits racial discrimination in voting.[8][9] It was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson during the height of the American Civil Rights Movement on August 6, 1965, and Congress later amended the Act five times to expand its protections.[8] Designed to enforce the voting rights guaranteed by the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, the Act allowed for a mass enfranchisement of racial minorities throughout the country, especially in the South. According to the U.S. ...
here i was PRAYING 1 choir sings Black President by Brenda Fassie... Zakes go home please.
In this clip, Michael Imhotep breaks down the misinformation about John Hanson being a Black President. This is a ground breaking presentation providing veri...
Brenda Fassie- too late 4 mama and Black President are my long weekend songs.
Who is John Hanson? I'll give you a clue, Obama is not the first Black President. George Washington is not the first President.
Americans weren't happy with a White President and they're not happy with a Black President. Michael Blackson shows America what would happen with a *** Pres...
I'm only 54. And in my life time I've seen "White only signs" All of our real Black leaders murdered, several Rebellions and a Black President so disrespected you would swear he was a child molesting Ex convict. Crack, smack, blunts, Red Devils,PCP and now Mollies all aimed at destroying minority communities without hinderance until some rich white kid OD's and the pigs come down on us like we started that mess. You know who I am in the history of Hip Hop however this sh!t they're pushing upon the youth ( so call Hip hop and TV ) today is far more destructive than any of the above mentioned Dope. I don't expect you to get it now, but all I can say is keep on living. Your eyes may get bad but your vision will get clearer. Peace ! I'm out !
Since Race is so the in thing now; riddle me this; why is it that in the 70's and 80's George Jefferson, Archie Bunker, the Golden Girls, Fred Sanford, The Richard Pryor show, Flip Wilson, Laugh In, Chico & The Man, movies like Stir Crazy, Blazing Saddles, The Jerk, all made us laugh hysterically at race when we didn't have a Black President. How in the *** did we regress over 20-30 years?? That's like the next iPhone being a flip phone with an antenna and you hear static when your signal is weak and before you lose the call!
Listening to Michael Medved today a black man called in and said , there are forces in this country holding the black man down. He was ask Who, He named three but I can only remember one because that is as far as the talk got. He said White Evangelical churches. Michael is a Jew but he exploded. He refuted every so called fact this man listed. He kept using the word history, Mike admitted that was true , but forget history, talk about today. On and on this went and the real forces that hold down black people were never mentioned. Yes there are forces at work against black people. Powerful forces. Jessie Jackbutt,Al SharpNot,NAACP,ACLU Black caucus in congress, Black President and every black Mayor I can think of in America. These democrat party Uncle Toms are the real force against people of color. They have thier nice condos and wear thier expensive suits at the cost of thier people who live in railroad style apts stacked 25 floors high, the hallways stinking of urine. Needles and other drug paraphernali ...
Bill Clinton was the first black president”. 😂
I have traveled a lot but dc is the best city who else has a black president oh aight !
If Obama wasn't an affirmative action black president. He would have ALREADY been impeached.
It will take Wenger dsame number of years it tuk America to av a black president b4 he could beat Mou.
. The *** was right in the middle of the wreak of the economy & did nothing to fix bcse it would aide the black president.
Let Brown be the new black vote for as President and as Vice President
. At rate they are self destructing . it WILL probably be the last black president in their lifetime
Anyone consider what will happen to our race once our president is no longer black?
. McConnell & GOP drove the bus off the road in the first place, & have done little to cooperate w/Black president to fix.
Tupac was right they wasn't ready to see a black president
Black people winning in everything . Sports , We got the president . We even winning on Vine
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
A Black President stood to nullify self appointed leaders of Blacks.
Business sector ask President Solís for stricter control of tax dodgers, black market sales.
Ghana President John Mahama has charged the Black Stars to ‘die ... . . TMZafrica Link: h ...
Next year is about to be revolutionary. UCLA has a black president speaking on behalf of all disenfranchised communities.
Can't use black as an excuse. That's weak! Strong president never needs an excuse.
And your keke napep is blueMy president is black"
The only thing more controversial than America's first black president will be America's first ponytail-ed president.
He would've been a way better first black president than that half black George bush
ABC News contributor: "Are we supposed to hold the bar really low for President Obama simply because he's half-black?
Thanks. The right would rather see people die than get helped out by a black president
Liberal Blogger: If Ben Carson Runs for President, He'll Play the Role of 'Black Avenger for White Self-Pity' - ...
The President is half black. Attributing opposition to his policies to race impugns the intelligence of critics. Lazy man's tactic
Uh oh, is getting pissy that the black president whom they hate for being black, isn't cleaning up fast enough after bush.
President Norman Francis honored as commencement speaker to oldest black School 1876
"We got a black president and we got a black Santa."
If you think this stuff with Obama is silly, recall some Democrats considered Clinton "the 1st black President" so opposing him was racist.
I'd probably paint the White House black if I was the president
my president is black, my Lambo is blue, and I'll be goddamned if my rims ain't too
Being this country's first black president and blowing it; big time.
1 Black President 5yrs ago get over it Racist Chip on shoulder. TK
Hosting the Ex President of the Dominican Republic event tonight & The Black and White Extravaganza tomorrow. ✌️🙌👌
I got the next black president tho lol
USA did something new by selecting a black person as their president n we also did something new by selecting a criminal as…
No doubt there are some who oppose everything the president does, including ObamaCare, because he is black.
"It is leaders like yourself who perpetuate the Afro-pessimism of whites in black leaders." says Tshepo Matjila...
Idk either ,I guess she's ok with a Black *** Muslim, Homosexual for President. I however am not ,LOLOL. All OK
first example "My president is black" imo not racist song but if song was "My president is white".. how many would
didn't President Obama show u how dumb president bush and other was brain washing black folks for yrs they r not better it's time be owners
The former president? They should kuku bring Ban Ki Moon to come and shout Black Stars...
Eff healthcare yo. I wouldn't give a *** if my president is black, what healthcare is demanding money wise is RIDICULOUS
My president is black my Maybach too
I'm for "Racial Equality". We've impeached "white" Presidents before. So, now we have to impeach a "black" President to balance things out.
Was Republican opposition to Hillarycare racist too? Well she is the wife of the first black President...That make her black too?
Make me the president and the flag gone be red white and black
A black professor tells the how she feels, as a black, about the situation created by President htt…
A black president?! Geez! Next thing you know, they'll vote a MAN into office!
If Beckel thinks Condi Rice is not an "authentic:" Black, into which Phylum does he classify our mutt of a president?
Just because we got a black president doesn't mean our land is healed. What Obama does it what makes the difference
Somebody should make a movie of future Ethiopia where justice, democracy and freedom has prevailed. People should be able to imagine how good governance, tolerance, equality and unity look like. Our film makers should transform from comedy and romance to such ideals. 24 TV show contributed and influenced the minds of Americans to accept a black president before Obama came to power. People might fear freedom and democracy b/c they have been living under dictatorial and repressive regimes for long. It may need some effort to detach people's mind from loving dictators.
With all the hatred and bashing towards President Obama, I'm sharing the other side by reporting information by the news. Share and pass on. Progress since January 20, 2009. We have a national health care plan, for the first time in our history. We recovered from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression in quick order; we would be well on our way to a full recovery, except that Republicans in Congress are blocking everything anyone in the Democratic Party proposes, out of fear that the first black president may actually look good. Yet, with all of that blockage of progress, some progressives still spend all of their time going after Obama and Democrats. In addition to health care and the economy, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is history. Same-sex couples are getting married and enjoying the same benefits of other married couples. The marijuana prohibition is frittering away. The stock market has more than doubled. Manufacturing is starting to come back from Asia. The auto industry is not only wh ...
I commented on someone's post and it really got me thinking. Words are words, never let anyone take you out of your element over just words, when it becomes violent now that's a different story, whether it be race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender, bigots are going to keep being just that I personally will take every word they use to bash, intimidate, or make me feel less of a person, and rock with it.I choose to kill with kidness there's already to much hate in the world with just them in it. Don't let them turn us hateful, let's change the world and turn them, show what love and equality is all about... It may not seem like we have gotten far with them but pick up a history book check out how far we as people have come fighting for HUMAN RIGHTS (.) they are not winning and they are scared, lashing out trying to keep their ignorance alive. We have a black president, women have ran for president, *** marriage is becoming legal in more states everyday, minorities are entitled to better jobs.we hav ...
"I'm wowed by Obama’s oratorical gifts and believed that the country is ready to embrace a black presidential candidate, especially one such as Obama — a ‘light-skinned’ African American ‘with no *** dialect, unless he wanted to have one, ” ~ Senator Harry Ried . And we're supposed to get all 'wee-wee'd' up over the name of a football team? And what about this gem - “I mean you’ve got the first sort of mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and CLEAN and nice-looking guy.” – Joe Biden, Vice President . Every so often liberals slip up and give us a peek at how they REALLY feel, everything else is just smoke and mirrors! How else do you explain a party thats got it's undies in a bunch over a NFL Teams name while embracing Senator Robert Byrd (D) ,a member of the KKK?
Dear disingenuous *** on the Left, Hillary will be the first woman president in the same way O was the first black president.
Hey, he still has the moniker of the first black president...they can't take that away.
1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. I have the right to state my beliefs. And if I want to oppose *** Marriage, or I wish to speak out against the President concerning his views and practices, I can without being subject to any law which would restrict me from my views. So, I have some questions. Why is it considered "hate speech" when I state that I am anti *** or anti anything? Is it really racist for me to speak out against a black President? Am I anti-Semitic if I speak out against some of the practices of the country of Israel? I am anti-abortion. Is that hateful? If you are pro-choice, I don't have to accept your position. I have a right to reject it, or to tolerate it. And I have every right to say that ...
Jalen cleaned up for the 2nd year in a row and will move on to the 4th grade .Citizenship, Principal's List, Excellence In Music, Outstanding Music Achievement pin, 25 Book Campaign w/ free admission to Six Flags, Exceeded Expectations in all 5 categories of the 3rd grade CRCT, and 3 classroom awards voted on by the students.Barak Obama Award (most likely to b the nxt black president), Mini Me Award ( most likely to b a teacher), and last but not least Smartly Pants if u knw him then no explanation needed for this one lol
“ANTI-RACISM IS A CODE WORD FOR ANTI-WHITE” Those heart-wrenching words leaped out at me from a gigantic billboard as we returned to our home in Arkansas. It was in a town known as a hub of KKK activity and despite the efforts of some local residents in that town to improve their reputation, the sign remains as a blatant testimony to the hate and white elitism that exists. I am sickened and aching today from the experience of seeing it. The billboard was apparently paid for and supported by one or more of the following persons: 1. Someone who doesn’t deeply love a family member or friend of another race….those loved ones having experienced the daily task of trying to affirm their own worth while living in a culture where what they see in the mirror was considered less than human for hundreds of years . 2. Someone who is angry because white persons were/are passed over for scholarships, appointments or jobs for a person of another race. They apparently don’t understand that when a person has ...
Ok. So in honor of his string of excellent essays over the past several years and out of special respect for what many have called his best work to date, I went out and bought a hardcopy of The Atlantic at my local Whole Foods. I bought a Chai Latte at my area Starbucks, and I posted up to read, in full, Ta-Nehisi Coates's "The Case for Reparations." Ok. As a synthesis of housing discrimination, property-based white supremacy, and family history, Coates is on fire, as usual. As an actual case for reparations, I found myself strangely unsatisfied. Coates is at his best, I think, in his discussion Clyde Ross moving from Clarkesdale to Chicago and Ross's activism the Contract Buyers League. Coates has always been unparalleled, I think, in his ability to ground structural problems in lived experience. His long history of white kleptocracy totally kills. His history of reparations from the late 18th century to the present, and his invocation of John Conyers's House Resolution 40 (which the esteemed Repres ...
Maegan Donovan Nikolic Pam Ragland Mary Mcculley Shelley Erickson Shelley Olson Clinton Kirby Sheri Moody George Olivo Anita Reyes Bj Alexander Lister Steve Skidmore Carolyn Skidmore Howard A. Graber Mark Stopa Scott Stafne Sheryll Alexander Sheryl L. Sutter PUBLIC NOTICE: I DO NOT SUPPORT THE CITIZEN'S ACTION NETWORK. 1. I do not believe that President Obama has committed treason. I am offended that others think that I would work to destroy his Presidency given that they know how I feel about my history. This country survived slavery. It can survive a Black President. 2. I do not support any militia foolish enough to take on our armed forces or anyone foolish enough to think the D.C. Park Police will stand with them during an insurrection. I do believe in the right to bear arms, but I don't support war on my soil. 3. I do not support forming a Fourth Branch of Government, including Citizen Grand Juries. 4. I do not support returning to the original Constitution -- 1-2-3-NO! 5. Last and certainly no ...
Sarah Palin has basically decided to become B-roll for documentaries about the worst reactions to the first black president.
Lol tell me if im wrong but half yall who be talkin bout how u hate obama blah blah blah are prolly racist.. smh who tf care if he get re-elected.. he made history bein the first black president so stfu n quit cryin
Black Players being congratulated by a Black President. I am glad and it is about time, folks !
John Hanson, the first Black President (before the constitution) is (seated) on the back of the two dollar bill!
Ujaluo itamaliza watu: ati Barack Obama was the first Black President of USA, a Luo (name withheld on request) was the first Governor to slap a Women rep, Lupita Nyong'o gave Black Africa its first Oscar, Divock Origi is the first East African set to play at the World Cup and now one Francis Onyiso beomes the first man to apologise to the wife via a newspaper advert.
I arrived in Hope, Arkansas late last night from Laredo, Texas. If Hope sounds familiar it is. This the birthplace of OUR UNOFFICIAL first Black President by the name of Bill Clinton. I am on my way to Louisville, Kentucky, home of Muhammad Ali & my girl Diane Sawyer of ABC Evening News to deliver a brand new truck to J. B. Hunt. Then I am heading home to Atlanta to take of some business before going out again. Hoping to make enough $$$ to attend the Meridian Picnic in late June. Wish me luck.
I don't get PPL like Ann Coulter what does even mean? From who? Empowered women, Minorities, a Black President?? GTFOH!
Mr Obama sir, the good people of the entire world were so thrilled, happy and hopeful on your becoming president of USA, on belief that the world may now eventually see peace reign for long time. Whereas, we genuinely congratulate the people of USA in breaking the race barrier and electing a Black President within short period of 44 years from enactment of Civil Rights Act. I myself never slept, till time your victory was finally confirmed. But unfortunately the world is so disheartened that your tenure as president did not bring much hoped world peace but more bloodshed, which is beyond my comprehension, as I am sure, it is of all those people, who followed your presidential campaign based on beautiful message of "Hope" and "Yes We Can." Sir, the good people of USA have delivered; what they could, by casting their votes for you to become president. I heard many USA citizens say that, if you are not elected as president on basis of Colour etc., they are going to leave the country forever. May I remind you ...
2008: White President. Healthcare for rich people. 2014: Black President. Healthcare for everybody. Republicans want thei…
I think the 'hope and change' was: . That a Black President and noble peace prize winner wouldn't have death squads operating in…
I remember saying, there will never be a Black President in my lifetime. Although he is half black, it's Still incredible... So, I raise the question... Will my child see a new African flag replace old glory?
Catching up on glee! Black President next, Terrace house, and then The wolf of wall street! DICAPRIO!
Bill Clinton was the first Black President. Tiara Kj Williams of The Reel Network will talk about it on Please WATCH SHARE SUBSCRIBE!
Obama Care! 1. This is not Obama's, he is the President that is set in place in the time that the Govt. was ready to start the health care bill. Funny how the Gov. waited till the first Black President took office. Sounds like a prejudice move to me. Why didn't Reagon, Bush jr., Clinton, Bush Sr., or another White President get the Bill they created? Because they wanted to leave the mark on someone other than the white man in case it fails. If we were all blind we would love each other the same. Love to all. All we need is food, water,love, shelter, and forgiveness for our sins.
Jimmy Kimmel just ask President Clinton if he felt cheated outta being named the 1st Black President...Clinton's answer was great, a part of his answer was, he love being thought of it but President Obama really is!
I just watched the movie "Woodstock" for the umpteenth time. Our generation has seen, heard, felt, smelled and tasted the most amazing and defiling things. Post war peace all too brief, the Cold War, Cuban Missile Crisis, Assassinations, Viet Nam,The peace & love times, segregation/ integration, womens rights, the space race, the fall of the Soviet Union, the fall of American Industry, Domestic terrorism, our first (kinda) Black President, legalization of marijuana. How could anyone call us 'cynical old folks'? We have felt the extremes of every human emotion The Great Spirit gave us. What a ride! I hope our young ones can appreciate our efforts, even if we didn't leave the world a better place like CocaCola said we would!
√RACEx2 ♂♀= THE SQUARE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM by Case Laron I recently learned that Albert Einstein was courageous enough to make a statement in regards to American racism. Americans never want to HONESTLY speak about racism and how it’s tearing this country apart. The progress of electing its first Black President has illuminated just how bad off we are. Racism is still very prevalent today and only because no one wants to have an honest conversation. There is no understanding of what racism is and now people think that when you call out some white people on their racist behavior then lo and behold that person is racist.The so called "Race Card".in reversal. Talking about racism and its origin is not about blaming but about examining ones beliefs, behavior and ones reactions to racist beliefs and behaviors. When Americans grow up and learn to speak about race openly and honestly will we grow as a country where ALL the citizens are seen as equal and afforded equal opportunity.Maybe. In 1948, Einstein ...
What will History of our time record? The South opposed our Nation's first Black President. Even if he declared "The Sky is Blue."
The Only way Obama has managed to stay in office so far IS the Division of Congress. Our Political System has been Corrupted for quite a long time, this is no secret. But what exactly is the Problem? First lets look at how Obama got here to start with. We can blame the voting system and Miscounts of ballets and say it was voter fraud. Or we can blame The Democrats or the Republicans for Corruption of the Election process not allowing for Independents or other candidates not endorsed by either the Elephant nor the Donkey to have an actual chance to be elected. Or we could blame America for voting in the first Black President simply for the sake of novelty. But none of these would account for the Irregularities that truly Got him in the White House to begin with. In a world where America had the has had choices presented to them to stop Corruption at the source we have allowed it to continue as long as we were the beneficiaries, and only cried foul when we were the ones taken advantage of or were wronged. b ...
My president is black and my Lambo is blue.
Question..If the president and first lady was black and he was openly cheating on his wife with a white woman would y'all still watch it??
I’m pretty sure “damaging the dignity of the Presidency” is code for “being President while black”
I never thought I would live to see a black President, but we bless to see one. I pray to see black people come together to support each other, and come in harmony together, that will be a Beautiful thing.
Sally don't wanna be president. She wanna be on orange is the new black.
its a black Sabbath ear pigs and black dog mix
My president is black, my lambo's blue and I'll be *** if my rims ain't to
Just two albums in, I'm the realist niga' on this label.. Mr. Black President, yo Obama for real, they gotta put your face on a 5000$ bill!
“Does boosie know our president black ?”😂😂💀
Just heard a Dunkin Doughnuts commercial and hey said "how would you like your coffee" I said "black. Like the president." 😂😂😂
Why is this such a issues? Cyrus just needs to black mail Sally like he black mails everyone else into not running for president.
They tried to say a black dude was the first president, and some of y'all believed it lol
My president is black, Rose golden charm 22' inch rims like Hulk Hogan's arms
Only difference between the two is the black president
Does boosie know our president black ?
i’m guessing BET bought the show and is going to get a black president
"Seriously, what's it like being the last black President?" 😹😹. I love
He's not really our first black president...but it is a shame that he has sullied the Oval Office as he has. He certainly will be remembered as a destructive incompetent *** tho.
This is a good man. 1st Black President who puts not only himself but his family in jeopardy to do the right thing.
Why was the vice president talkin like an old black slave?, lol
I don't care what any one says. Bill Clinton was and still is the first black President
White president cheating on his wife with a black women I mean how complex is that
domain names
"What's it like being the last black President?" Obama drops by Between Two Ferns. Bliss:
Zack Galifianakis to Obama: "What's it like being the last black president?"
"My President is black, and my Lambo' blue ***
The people who covered for Bush lying the country into a war are whining about the black president doing so…
Barack may be the first black president but Michelle will forever be the best black first lady that ever was ☝️
Rose Parvin: ROSE ANGELS AND FRIENDS, IT IS NOW OR NEVER TO FORM OUR PARTY OF INDEPENDENT INTERDPENDENTS AND IN OUR DIVERSE UNITY STAND UP FOR OUR STOLEN FREEDOM RIGHTS AND CHOICES! Anyone I talk to are outraged by my losing my professional license at a time I should be celebrated not punished for the unpresedented lifework of 9 groundbreaking books I wrote in one year in 1994 that are revolutio...nizing the world puttinga black president in the Whitehouse and giving extraordinary chances to a young black woman to win Oscars ending slavery where even if it was ended it was going on in the unspoken words and yet I feel as I have saved the world from toxic patterns of victimization I myself have been placed intentionally and maliciously thrown out of my element to loose the rights to be the spokesperson of my own lifework and my unpresedented success as a professional Licensed Psychotherapist where for 19 years I have been bullied by my own promoter who came to promoteme and ended up to be a CIA Agent who . ...
My president is black, My Lamb is Blue & my moneys like green
"My president is black. My lambo is blue". -Malcom X
Healthcare provided by the black President will kill u. It's better to repeal it and die. If this makes sense, u should joi…
the loooks on my coworkers faces when the BLACK president of university walks in is priceless
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