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The phrase Black Muslims may describe any black people who are Muslim, but historically it has been specifically used to refer to African-American Black nationalist organizations that describe themselves as Muslim. The United States of America (USA), commonly referred to as the United States (US), America, or simply the States, is a federal republic consisting of 50 states, 16 territories, a federal district, and various overseas extraterritorial jurisdictions. 5.0/5

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BLACK NATIONALISM AND BLACK POWER! Digital History ID 3331 At the same time that such civil rights leaders as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought for racial integration, other black leaders emphasized separatism and identification with Africa. Black Nationalist sentiment was not new. During the early 19th century, black leaders such as Paul Cuffe and Martin Delaney, convinced that blacks could never achieve true equality in the United States, advocated migration overseas. At the turn of the century, Booker T. Washington and his followers emphasized racial solidarity, economic self-sufficiency, and black self-help. Also, at the end of World War I, millions of black Americans were attracted by Marcus Garvey's call to drop the fight for equality in America and instead "plant the banner of freedom on the great continent of Africa." One of the most important expressions of the separatist impulse during the 1960s was the rise of the Black Muslims, which attracted 100,000 members. Founded in 1931, in the ...
Religious leader Elijah Muhammad was the leader of the Nation of Islam (Black Muslims) in the United States from 1934 until his death.
Excerpt from book: The FBI And Martin Luther King, Jr: From “Solo” To Memphis by David J. Garrow (1981) One can find some evidence to support the proposition that the Bureau set out to destroy black leaders simply because they were black leaders. One example is the Bureau’s conduct toward Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam (NOI), better known as the Black Muslims. The Bureau began wiretap surveillance of Elijah Muhammad’s Chicago residence in 1957, with the authorization of Attorney General Herbert Brownell, on the grounds that members of the NOI “disavow allegiance to the United States” and “are taught they need not obey the laws of the United States.” Furthermore, the Bureau claimed, “Allegations have been received that its members may resort to acts of violence.” And the wiretap “will furnish not only data concerning the fanatical and violent nature of the organization, but also data regarding the current plans of the MCI (“Muslim Cult of Islam”) to expand its activities ...
In summary, from the very beginning of his life, Barack Obama has been imbued with Marxist thinking – from his mother, Frank Marshall Davis, his college professor at Occidental, and his Pastor Jeremiah Wright. In addition, his path to political power was greased by black and white Communists and anti-white Black Muslims. All along the way, Barack Obama’s career has been on a trajectory to political power – aided by the sworn enemies of the United States. He owes his existence to his Marxist-Leninist patrons and he is paying them back as President of the United States. Every policy he is pursuing is designed to destroy capitalism, undermine traditional morality, and weaken the United States militarily and diplomatically. President Obama’s policies and personnel must be politically quarantined and rendered ineffective before he succeeds in his agenda.
Bill Ayes ,home grown terrorist and unrepentant bomber of the 60's , Van Jones ,admitted and committed Communist and Obama's "Green Jobs Czar " , Jeremiah Wright , Obama's mentor and Pastor for 20 years who said " God Bless the United States ,no God *** the United States " But Obama didn't hear him say it . George Soros ,Billionaire Financier and proponent of a New World Order and Obama supporte r , Polosi ,Reid , Boxer , Feinstein Schummer, and most of the other Democrats in DC are gun control freaks and they support Obama who also supports gun control . Google it ! Louis Farrakhan ,leader of the American Black Muslims who once proclaimed Obama as the "Chosen One" . SEIU and all the other unions and most of the membership supports Obama . They are one reason jobs are going overseas . Whew , tired now and going to rest a little .
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