Black Muslims & Louis Farrakhan

The phrase Black Muslims may describe any black people who are Muslim, but historically it has been specifically used to refer to African-American Black nationalist organizations that describe themselves as Muslim. Louis Farrakhan Muhammad, Sr. (born Louis Eugene Wolcott; May 11, 1933, and formerly known as LouisĀ X) is the leader of the syncretic and mainly African-American religious movement the Nation Of Islam (NOI). 5.0/5

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Black Muslims are Racists! "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." -John 3:16 Check out the Photo Hatemonger, Louis Farrakhan, a leader in the Black Muslim false religion. There's not a more hateful and rotten false religion than Black Muslims. In Muhammad Speaks Newspaper, July 17,1970 the following malicious and hateful quotes are made... Our Black people were brought up by the enemy, white man, who did not want us to ever know anything about Islam, because once the black slave learned Islam, He would never be a slave anymore. The White Man - The evil race of people, knows Islam, but by nature they were not made to believe and to teach Islam. Black Women should be made to stay away from the devil. And when enough Black Men believe in Islam, they will keep our Black Women out of the presence of the white man. The Black Man in Africa is pitiful, as the Black Slave in America was, once upon a time. Now . ...
Moment in History Malcolm X, Malcolm Little, was the son of a Baptist preacher and a W. Indian mulatto mother in Nebraska. They were run out of Omaha by the KKK (Knights of the White Camelia in Franklin, LA) and his dad was killed in Lansing, Michigan. Malcolm fled to Harlem, New York, served prison time, found Islam, and educated himself. He formed the Organization of Afro-Am. Unity that taught manhood and independence. After a 1964 trip to Mecca, his view of racial unity improved, but he still spoke against segregation and oppression until his, some say, untimely assassination (leaving a wife and six girls) at the hands of fellow Black Muslims, Prophet Elijah Muhammad, and the young Louis Farrakhan.
Whether you love them or hate them, the most influential figures of Islam in N. America is Noble Drew Ali, Master Fard Muhammad, the Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, Min. Malcolm X (Malik Shabazz), Muhammad Ali, Imam W.D. Muhammad and the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan. All Black brothers who teach the knowledge of self (cultural consciousness and awareness) for the original people. We as Black people and Black Muslims should be proud of that fact, and should stop giving away our inheritance to those outside of our community (white immigrants or foreigners) that don't respect us or treat us right, and who treat us as inferiors. Accept your own and be yourself. We should be united and proud of our heritage, legacy and accomplishments. We must builld and add on to our own institutions. Salaam.
Louis Farrakhan, head of the anti-Semitic and historically violent Nation Of Islam, has now announced that the Second Amendment is obsolete.
Cleaning up the lies, myths, and misconceptions about Islam and Muslims. 1. Not all Middle Easterners or people from Arab counties are Muslim or practice Islam. While many do practice it because it's the largest religion there, it's no different than any other country. You have other religions there as well and you have people that don't follow any religion. 2. Not all African-American Muslims are members of the Nation Of Islam. While there are a lot that do follow the teachings and beliefs of Elijah Mohammad and/or Louis Farrakhan, not all Black Muslims follow their teachings. You have black people that follow every sect (denomination) of Islam. Hebrew Israelite are not Muslims. Some of the practices might appear similar, Hebrew Israelite believe they are the descendants of the original Jewish people so, in essence they are closer to Jewish faith. All African-American Muslims don't eat bean pies or wear bow ties. These are practices of The Nation Of Islam and not all Muslims. I eat bean pies NOT because ...
I have a question because I am honestly seeking answers. There are a number of Black Muslims being held as political prisoners by the United States Govt. I am not talking "war on terror" victims, I am talking COINTELPRO victims. Has the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan ever discussed them or advocated for their release. Again, I don't know so I am asking.
Nation Of Islam (USA) An Islamic sect also known as the Black Muslims. It was founded in Detroit, Michigan, in 1930 by the enigmatic Wallace D. Fard. Fard's disciple, Elijah Poole, succeeded him as head of the organization under the name of Elijah Muhammad. Poole proclaimed that Fard was in fact the form in which Allah (God) entered North America. The movement rejected Christianity (Elijah had formerly been a Baptist minister) in favour of Black pride in an African and Islamic identity. It proclaimed that White People were, by nature, evil, and that a Black God was the source of all life and power in the cosmos. It also promulgated the separation of the virtuous Black race from intrinsically evil Whites by means of territorial separation in North America or by emigration to Africa. By the 1960s tensions were evident in the Black Muslim movement, exemplified by the struggle between Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan . Upon the death of Elijah Muhammad in 1975, Farrakhan led a schismatic group with the title Nat ...
Bill Ayes ,home grown terrorist and unrepentant bomber of the 60's , Van Jones ,admitted and committed Communist and Obama's "Green Jobs Czar " , Jeremiah Wright , Obama's mentor and Pastor for 20 years who said " God Bless the United States ,no God *** the United States " But Obama didn't hear him say it . George Soros ,Billionaire Financier and proponent of a New World Order and Obama supporte r , Polosi ,Reid , Boxer , Feinstein Schummer, and most of the other Democrats in DC are gun control freaks and they support Obama who also supports gun control . Google it ! Louis Farrakhan ,leader of the American Black Muslims who once proclaimed Obama as the "Chosen One" . SEIU and all the other unions and most of the membership supports Obama . They are one reason jobs are going overseas . Whew , tired now and going to rest a little .
Lemme see now . Obangus was and is being supported by Admitted Communist Van Jones ,Louis Farrakhan ,leader of the Black Muslims and hater of White People and America , *** Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton , Home grown terrorist Bill Ayers ,every abortionist organization in America , *** Right Organizations Nationwide , every gun grabbing organization in the Nation , Communist Party USA , C.A.I.R. and ever other Muslim group , feminists , the New Black Panthers and every libtard that can crawl from under a rock to vote after being registered by A.C.O.R.N. . Did I miss anyone ? An inquiring mind needs to know
Happy Birthday Malcom X Malcolm X was killed in 1965 by black members of the 'Nation Of Islam' ...a black separatist religious group that, under the leader Elijah Mohammad, preached hatred of whites & Jews...It was founded in 1930 byWallace Fard...but was taken over later by E. Mohammad...who greatly expanded it's membership...Ma lcolm X and Louis Farrakhan followed E. Mohammad leadership & teachings of hatred of whites, etc. Malcolm X later broke with E. Mohammad and 'The Nation Of Islam'...and it's teachings of hatred...Louis Farrakhan didnot...Farrakhan suggested Malcolm X deserved to be killed for betraying them...Not long after, he was...One of the Black Men convicted of killing Malcolm X...after serving years in prison for that...eventual ly became a head of security for Malcolm X's former mosque...Malcol m X had two main reasons for his break with the 'NOI'...First.. .he visitedMecca...and saw white and black Muslims sharing their faith as brothers...and not haters...someth ing new t ...
, it's written by Louis Farrakhan . (Black Muslims) It was the worst thing I ever read .
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