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Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a British television drama series created by Charlie Brooker. The series is produced by Zeppotron for Endemol.

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It seems very much a case of "Guys we want our own Black Mirror for our streaming network". Bryan "tota…
If I were a alorithim like in S4 of "Black Mirror," I'd pair up lonely and disliked people with each ot…
Watching the new Black Mirror by asking my Google Home to play it feels...on the nose.
I was toying with the idea of getting a Google Home, but I’ve seen enough Black Mirror to avoid that like the plague.
Doctor Who's "Silence in the Library" is my favorite episode of Black Mirror.
Black Mirror reminds me of that book with short stories we read in middle school. Like "Harrison Bergeron", "The Ve…
Everyone goes crazy over Black Mirror but uhm Rod Serling did it first
Charlie Brooker on Black Mirror season 4: 'It's like we are curating a little film festival' | Alastair Campbell
John Hamm in Black Mirror makes me feel like Don Draper is giving me dating advice
Netflix leaves London commuters a little uneasy with Black Mirror tube station take over:.
I agree. The episode felt really preachy to me as well, in a way that I think Black Mirror typical…
Just watched the first episode of Black Mirror...and what? 🤔🤨
Really enjoyed the first episode of Black Mirror's newest season, with its Star Trek homage and meaningful message…
Also this story reminds me of a certain Black Mirror episode if yall watch that genius series (Shut Up and Dance ep…
Black Mirror episodes as 70's comic book covers by Butcher Billy (2016)
2 weeks until this gig with Scotland’s tribute to The Police, The Polis supported by Black Mirror at On…
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[Applying for a job as a Black Mirror writer]. Boss: So where do you see yourself in five years?. Me: TEN years in the futur…
So i lied, Black Mirror is tf goodT and I’m glad i stuck it out. It’s still predictable and the social commentary i…
Black Mirror is one of those shoes that you just can’t WATCH. You gotta be of sound mind and mentally prepared for…
just cried my eyes out through the whole of Be Right Back from Black Mirror :)
Okay so far Black Mirror is one *** of a social commentary. Definitely a modern, intellectual successor to the Twi…
In season 11, The X-Files is slowly moving closer to Black Mirror
Just watched the last Black Mirror of the new series, recognised a Pilkington connection, Googled it and found I wa…
I've been watching Black Mirror, pretty decent. Need to avoid it the next few days for essays though 😂
My favourite episode of new Black Mirror is the one where some divvy watches the Sol Campbell FA Cup Final video too man…
Why did Netflix buy Black Mirror man they ruined it for me camera work is too good looks like a movie and they've m…
This whole bit is a crazy marketing scheme for the new season of Black Mirror, right?
I need someone to come over and hold me as I watch the new season of Black Mirror.
Best episode of that new Black Mirror is the one where David Moyes finishes 4th
Entertainment Weekly News: In praise of 'USS Callister,' the Black Mirror space opera to end all space operas.
'Black Mirror' Director on Spinoff Potential of "USS Callister" THR Director Toby Haynes goes inside the making of…
Why did no one tell me George Blagden was in S4E4 of Black Mirror?!
Watching the new season of Black Mirror and either Mike Allred (did some sweet background art for it or…
Can you believe Black Mirror blessed me with George Blagden and Joe Cole in the same scenes?
Welcome to 2018: Spent the day watching Rogue One, Charlie Countryman and Black Mirror: USS Callister. Space Meets…
Can not believe the Black Mirror is the same guy I watched in Penny Dreadful. Some seriously great acting.
That's actually why I love Black Mirror so much. I…
Period drama characters I enjoyed seeing in S4 of Black Mirror. . Midge Daniels from Madmen- Rosemarie DeWitt . Bonni…
So ranking Black Mirror eps is a thing? What are the bases when most of them feels like a distant sequel of Johnny…
Saw the USS Callister episode of Black Mirror. Really enjoyed it. Not-Matt-Damon, Not-Christian-Slater, and Not-Sar…
A quick one:. Show of the year - Black Mirror season 4. Film of the year - Logan. Album of the year by - The Smith Str…
I guess I'll watch Black Mirror, Stranger Things, and American Gods since I've missed out on these series.
Enjoying the latest episode of Black Mirror, "Experian" starring Marcus Brigstocke
Also, I don't really get much into new TV or music, but I'd give a shout-out to the new season of Black Mirror, Big…
I think I've forever hindered my enjoyment of Black Mirror by watching San Junipero first even though I knew that w…
I finished watching Black Mirror's latest episodes and I leave with these three resolutions for 2018: . 1. Never looking…
What the heck it really is 2012 again! I spy George Blagden on this episode of Black Mirror!!
Crocodile is one of the darkest episodes of Black Mirror, well up there with White Bear and Shut Up And Dance. Very well a…
Episode one of Black Mirror's fourth season was great!. Aaron Paul (Jessie Pinkman from Breaking Bad) at the end sealed the deal.
Anyone into Black Mirror should seek out Nathan Barley, the show Charlie Brooker wrote with the god Chris Morris, w…
Personally found Crocodile to be the best of the new Black Mirror episodes. Hang the DJ a close second. Black Museu…
And even more of George Blagden in Black Mirror... 😉
George Blagden in the new season of Black Mirror
I feel like we kind of willed episode 4x01 of Black Mirror into existence with all those jokes about how creepy Jesse Plemons is.
I'm only 2 episodes in, but this new season of Black Mirror may be the best Dolby Vision grade I've seen thusfar. It's just so well done.
I want to stay up and binge through all of Black Mirror but I also want to milk it through the whole 4 day weekend.…
Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos watching Black Mirror: "I'm working on that one... you got that one... I'm about to release that…
A recap of the first episode of S4 of Black Mirror. 5 min in: oh is Marky Mark in this?. 7 mins in: oh nope, not Ma…
You wouldn’t believe this but Jesse Plemons plays an unsettling character in the new season of Black Mirror
People really think that that’s Matt Damon in the USS Callister episode of Black Mirror? That’s Jesse Plemons of Fr…
Black Mirror season 4: The epic Breaking Bad reunion YOU missed - this will blow your mind
Black Mirror has the Dolby Vision logo attached but it only outputs HDR10. I'm already disappointed.
Jesse Plemons looks like a combination of Matt Damon and Phillip Seymour Hoffman on Black Mirror.
Fan Theory: The first episode of the new Black Mirror season is secretly about Chris Roberts development of Star Citizen
How has Andrea Riseborough NOT already been in an episode of Black Mirror until now?
So, Black Mirror s4e03 is bleak! But Andrea Riseborough is an absolutely incredible actress.
Goodbye New Year. Goodbye Deadlines. Say hi to new session of Black Mirror
I see the rubes are drinking their fill of "Black Mirror". Me? I'm downloading the original Black Mirror - Wild Pal…
Real-world stuff seeps into Black Mirror, says co-creator Charlie Brooker http…
A satirist boldly going into Star Trek territory: Black Mirror creator, Charlie Brooker, tells us why he is working…
Probably not what Charlie Brooker is after review wise but my favourite moment in season 4 of Black Mirror was Geor…
Baru habis tengok S04E01 Black Mirror. Bloody *** that was worth the wait. Charlie Brooker you really don't disappoint.
Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror is really the best TV on your screen in that it really is quite literally a black...
thanks Charlie Brooker for creating my happiness, Black Mirror. 🖤
It’s Charlie Brooker. Everything he does is good, from Black Mirror, to Weekly Wipe and Screenwipe, to the columns he writes.
We're binging and recapping all of the new "Black Mirror"—follow along:
Black Mirror review: the Netflix series is back – and darker than ever
Just finished Black Mirror season four, and my favourite episode by far was crocodile. Andrea Riseborough’s outdid…
New season of Black Mirror today. With a Star Trek like episode.
Good of Black Mirror to make Star Trek their first episode this season so I can just watch that, deliver the hot ta…
I can't binge watch the new series on Black Mirror on day of release because I got work. Frickin heck dude.
I’m so excited for Black Mirror u don’t even know
So super late to the party but...BLACK MIRROR’S CHUFFING GOOD INNIT
If you're going to watch Black mirror, dont watch the first episode of the first season and probably not even the s…
So excited to binge watch all of black mirror
I would much rather have more weekly wipe than more black mirror
Black mirror comes out tomorrow lfndhshs
So when are they going to release the brain implants that gives us the ability to download knowledge, as in all the…
Getting impatient with this wait for the new season of Black Mirror. 😩
if there's anyone who still hasn't watched Black Mirror and is willing to listen to me: catch up on it before seaso…
U know that episode of Black Mirror where they can rewind their memories and project them so they can bring up ur exact…
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Charlie Brooker: Expect the most varied series of Black Mirror yet via
I’ll be staying in and watching the new season of Black Mirror (and possibly throw in a few episodes of…
2017 was basically a rly long episode of Black Mirror
'Black Mirror' returns solid, with some cracks
Who’s tryna cuddle up with me and bake cookies while we both have several existential crises watching black mirror
$2T in market value to FAAMG. AI/ML concentrates power due to access to proprietary data. Black Mirror-style…
black mirror comes out in 2 days and tbh i'm so impatient it's done it's DONE just RELEASE it it's ALL THERE just RELEASE it
"as many years as I've been. Black like ebony. Black like the night. I have seen in the mirror . and the eyes of my sister…
SO EXCITED for Black Mirror to come back
Two days until we’re blessed with season 4 of black mirror y’all!
I read somewhere that Charlie Brooker recommends that you not binge watch Black Mirror. So guess what I am doing today
I was thinking about Black Mirror, guess will star that. Do you watch it?
STOLEN TRUCK . RAM 1500 . Trump sticker on back center, bottom right girl with American flag inside. UWS matte black toolbox…
Netflix's which has a reputation for predicting the future, is once again telling stories viewers nee…
I think jacq might be excited for black mirror
I'm trying not to get emotional while typing this but. new season of Black Mirror drops in 2 days
I came to the same realization during the “San Junipero” episode of Black Mirror where somebody went…
I'm aware of the new Black Mirror and Dave Chappelle specials so that's on the list.go!
In one Black Mirror episode, they live in a world where u can block people in real life and they become a massive grey blo…
Jodie Foster premieres a new clip of her Black Mirror episode Arkangel
This reminds me of that black mirror episode 😂
Nerve (2016), a dull film addressing an important issue but done in poor taste. It's like an abysmally conceptualized Black Mirror episode.
I want the black make-up bag and mirror from beautylish. Also waiting for a Samsung phone case to drop!💖💖
Black mirror and the black makeup bag. Im getting it as a gift for my sister cause she graduating cosmetology school
Me with Black Mirror. And Big Little Lies. Okay me with a lot of things.
It's called "Platos cave". "the black mirror" perception. The only one who can break free is the Self and will powe…
'Black Mirror' season four hits Netflix on December 29th
Attacks on officers reach record levels:
Not sure why Netflix wants everybody to be despressed like anything during new year. They couldn't find any other s…
Very cool that we play out a live action Black Mirror election night episode every couple months where the fate of…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
"Season four of absolutely continues the brilliance so evident in the previous three (all-too-short) seaso…
Also nice to have a counterbalance to Black Mirror where technology isn’t viewed as wholly apocalyptic.
I wanna re watch Black Mirror before the new season drops but. do I REALLY wanna subject myself to another existential…
Have you seen black mirror? It’s my favorite show rn and season 4 is coming at the end of the month
Owhh I thought season 4 of black mirror was alredy out
You thought black mirror was creepy? Well, maybe its time to embrace the reality!.
Life saving tip: never ever binge watch black mirror
Black mirror really hurts my soul sometimes
I've been kidnapped by the cast of Murder on the Orient Express and the rescue effort is being mounted by Black Mir…
Why am I just now seeing that Black Mirror dropped a date
Son! You'll be all mine!! I've been waiting to see what the black mirror looked like 🖤🖤🖤 can't…
Black mirror makes me really uncomfortable but i can't stop watching it
There is no way I could've got thru that Black Mirror episode sober. None.
For now you can watch black mirror 👍🏻😉
A Q&A in which creator and prodigious fictional torturer calls me out for being terrible. ht…
Without spoiling anything, the new season of Black Mirror has left me empty inside. Charlie Brooker is a genius.
Black Mirror is Rick and Morty for people who put duct tape over their webcams
As each day passes, scarily every episode of Black Mirror is turning out to be true.
This week on and analyze the future of technology as it relates to the show a…
This whole drama is like a black mirror plot twist.
Black Mirror pitch no one is left on earth after an ecological disaster except a cute little maintenance robot.…
Got my older sister into Black Mirror and now she’s obsessed
2017 been one long Black Mirror episode
You ever watched black mirror, my dude?
I think we're stuck in a Black Mirror episode.
Netflix has really important "data" about you. Like if you've been watching:. Stranger Things. Luke Cage. Fuller Hou…
Remember when I said Jordan Peele should direct an episode of Black Mirror? Black Mirror is heavily inspired by The Twili…
Black Mirror - Hang the DJ | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix John Fooking Shelby is alive and well
In the latest trailer for 'Black Mirror,' a woman is being hunted by some kind of bloodthirsty, android hound.
Black Mirror season 4: episode 1 directed by John Hillcoat (Lawless), episode 2 directed by Jodi Foster and episode…
Today i will upload Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 and Black Mirror.
The Passing 'like watching a live TED meets Black Mirror' ...definitely going to this!
All these are more drama oriented with Black Mirror being like dark and futuristic twilight zone, Pe…
Ingrid Goes West. Social Media satire that’s even better than Black Mirror. Please go see it. . Nothing like the fi…
I'm performing in this arts space that's like if Seth MacFarlane created Black Mirror.
Jody Foster is doing an episode of Black Mirror!! Giggiddy!
Some episodes of Black Mirror genuinely leave me speechless contemplating everything I’ve seen for the past hour
Pretty sure a spider just came out of my pants. I don't know where else it could have been. I'm blaming Black Mirror for this &
Black Mirror is a parade of tragedies. So why do we watch it? by Jason Kottke via
Wunmi Mosaku. Wifey goals. In the Flesh, Black Mirror, Dancing on the Edge, Damilola our Loved Boy? Deserves to be…
I constantly need more Black Mirror so this is amazing.
Netflix's American Vandal is fantastic. On par with Stranger Things and Black Mirror. It's so good 😩
Me: [watching Blackpool]. Him: Are you watching Black Mirror? Wait, no, The Black List? No, Orphan Black? Wait, no..…
Emmys winners list: The Handmaid's Tale and SNL triumph as Black Mirror wi
San Junipero worst episode of black mirror // el peor episodio de Black mirror
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
WINNER! Charlie Brooker (Black Mirror) - Outstanding Writing in a Limited Series or Movie http…
Black Mirror episodes turned into classic comic book covers by artist Butcher Billy
Can't wait to tell my psychologist about how sad I am Westworld didn't win but how happy that the San Junipero ep of Black Mirror did
I am so happy that Black Mirror: San Junipero won the emmy for TV Movie.
Black Mirror wins Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Limited Series
Charlie Brooker tells Emmy audience ‘love will win’ as Black Mirror takes two awards .
Congrats to Charlie Brooker for winning an Emmy for Writing a Limited Series or Movie! (Best Black Mirror Episode).
Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror scoops Emmys - Charlie Brooker accepts the award for outstanding TV movie for Bl...
I can't wait for more black mirror episodes
Emmy-winning TV movie 'San Junipero' from 'Black Mirror' originally starred a hetero couple
"It's so like Black Mirror!" No, Black Mirror is like the stories of Philip K *** Yeesh.
I should really finish Black Mirror's fourth season ehh
A handful for the handmaid at the 69th Primetime TV Emmys
Out of all the Black Mirror episodes San Japerino is my least favorite
On my black mirror rewatch and it just dawned on me that 13 is in one of the episodes holysh
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If you’re reading this and still haven’t seen San Junipero, watch it or we gon fight. Black Mirror on Netflix. Get into i…
Charlie Brooker becomes an Emmy winner as Black Mirror takes writing prize
This whole discussion on tech and humanity really just makes me think of Black Mirror. Any fans?
The were good to genre fans this year
Black Mirror's 'San Junipero' episode won 'Outstanding TV Movie' at the
The haunting episode of Black Mirror, 'San Junipero' just earned Charlie Brooker an for writing!
Black Mirror's San Junipero episode is one of the best tv episodes of all time. 😭. Congrats for the win…
"San Junipero" from 'Black Mirror' wins best writing! A biracial *** love story!!
Black Mirror's 'San Junipero' episode was an excellent example of the tonal range the show could achieve
Charlie Brooker wins writing for a Limited Series or TV movie for “Black Mirror: San Junipero
This reminds me of Black Mirror's White Bear. National phenomena metaphorically displayed only for show, a fake war.
Electric Dreams sparks national debate over Black Mirror as they ask: 'Who ripped off who? .
That is Jessica Brown Findlay she played in Winter's Tale, Black Mirror, and Lullaby. Today is her birthday.
I see the new series of Black Mirror has got off to a flying start
I got the smol bean to watch in Black Mirror. . My work here is done.
What America am I living in where you're not allowed to support the president? I feel like I'm in Black Mirror. 🤔
Charlie Brooker teases Black Mirror season 4 will be the most ‘out there’ yet
shaping up for a good autumn Stranger Things and Black Mirror, and AHS 6. Hope Santa Clarita Diet series…
'Black Mirror' releases trailer and episode titles for Season 4
I love Charlie Brooker, but I really can't get into Black Mirror post-season 2.
Next to the new Twin Peaks, Black Mirror is the most amazing thing on TV. Charlie Brooker is a genius.
Black Mirror is a TV series written by Charlie Brooker in which tech is misued or goes crazy…
I like how channel fours made their own version of Black Mirror now they've Charlie Brooker. Cute that.
See the trailer for 'Black Mirror' season 4 via TIME
TIME "See the trailer for 'Black Mirror' season 4
See the trailer for 'Black Mirror' season 4
‘I was really worried about San Junipero’ – Charlie Brooker on pushing the Black Mirror envelope | (reddit)
*Colne Valley 50*. Matt Bennett with the Black Mirror from Savay at 51lb+ on the Shirmp 💪💪…
9.5/10I've just watched episode S03E02 of Black Mirror!
I've been reading lots of dystopian stories about mass surveillance. We are practically there. Let's not become an episode of Black Mirror.
Anyone ever watched black mirror on netflix ? I just need to know if it leaves you paranoid after some episodes 😩😂
I haven't seen black mirror but Stranger Things?! Most definitely!! Walking Dead is coming out in October too 😈🎃
The episode 'Shut Up and Dance' from Black Mirror is the best episode of any tv show I've ever seen, the whole thing was amazing
There's normal TV and there's Black Mirror. . It's one of the most terrifyingly real shows I've ever seen, and I absolute recommend it. 10/10
Black mirror is the reason I get no sleep
I'm a little late but Gugu Mbatha-Raw from the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror is definitely my new love 😍
Black Mirror plot idea: it is the year 2020. There is a worldwide coffee shortage.
Oh my... Are we living in Black Mirror?
black mirror is good once you get past the first episode, HIMYM is such a classic, the office💓, & archer if ur into adult cartoons
I’m so impatient for season 4 of black mirror
Black Mirror episode Entire History of You will become real. 😶
Going to watch an episode of black mirror then to bed I go 😴
Oh prime ending for a Black Mirror episode.
WATCH BLACK MIRROR ON NETFLIX. trust me!! with the way our society is going w social media, this show will have you trippin!
makes me happy black mirror got nominated 91 Emmy nominations. That renew is going to be fuego.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I was happy, I ate the best sushi, ready to watch black mirror, now I just eugh
had a dream last night where i looked in the mirror and noticed i was wearing a black durag and I got mad at myself for wearing it
Who woulda thought a videogame anime would be up there with house of cards and black mirror. Season 2 when?!?!!…
But how could you NOT be immersed in it I feel like I'm watching Black Mirror or something this is making me THINK
Man I can’t wait until the next season of black mirror and Stranger Things comes out I will not leave the house until I finish them
If Black Mirror was all talk and no visual storytelling, it could well be Marjorie Prime. At least the talk was good talk.
I just added Black Mirror to my library!
Girl, 3, 'used as voodoo doll by mum's boss who forced seven needles into body'
12) Black Mirror (2011- ). A creepy depiction on how technology can affect a society. Each episode will leave you speechless.…
I've just watched episode S03E06 of Black Mirror!
binge watching Black Mirror and it's actually a really sad show about reality
Pregnant Ferne McCann wows in clinging black jumpsuit as she turns out to support pal Vicky Pattison…
Me trying to force everybody I come across to watch the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror
Wasn't this a Black Mirror episode lol
I got drunk and watched Black Mirror. I have no idea what's going on.
Me: HELP IM BLEEDING WHAT SHOULD I DO . Friends: Honestly you should really start black mirror it's a great sho-
Black Mirror has become my favorite TV of the modern era. It is intelligent, imaginative, and uncomfortable. "San J…
Variant of Olives Christmas trees, mound of Head of a Mirror Series: Material. Hans Haacke, Alex Katz. Gelatin silver print, printed in black
Last Chance U... Sense8. black is the new black...the crown...the people VS OJ Simpson...Blacklist 👀
Black mirror episodes can either be extremely disturbing and weird or just completely boring.
Just watch Black Mirror. The fun part is you can watch it in random order.
What would give you the to smile and about your reflection in the mirror? at Black Swan Dental
I started watching black mirror and I'm so confused
Somebody switched on the Black Mirror again; I thought you were on the wagon.
Tour has been me sleeping over at random people's houses and then me thinking I was in black mirror and they would kill m-m-me
How to get away with murder, black mirror
Rewatching black mirror Bc it's just so good
Really enjoying the cameo in this episode of Black Mirror.
No one feels good after watching an episode of Black Mirror
I gotta stop watching Black Mirror before bed.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Excuse but I've just found out that Jodi Foster will be starring in/directing an episode of Black Mirror and I need time to process.
My main reaction to Doctor Who was: Huh. What took them so long? 😊 She is ACES in Black Mirror though. ❤️
I for one am excited by the new Doctor choice, Jodie Whittaker is aces, especially in that Black Mirror ep
Sounds like an episode from Black Mirror. Great show, sort of a British version of Twilight Zone
Tom Scharpling: "Yeah, I can't get into Black Mirror". John Hodgman: "Why, because you're not 15?"
Funny that the actor that plays Caleb, Domnhall Gleeson, plays the AI in that Black Mirror episode "Be Right Back"
This is how we start a Black Mirror episode IRL
The the problem in Black Mirror is that it's a global reputation, not a village-sized one. Community r…
Hospice's new treatment similar to Black Mirror episode | Croydon Advertiser
Dark clouds mirror the dark and restless spirit of Dawn Black Badge
Black Mirror needs to come out with a season 4 pronto!!
Sense8, the get down and black mirror are all on netflix.
Playing Get Even and so far it's like an episode of Black Mirror. Not played anything quite like it.
S6 will continue to mirror reality: "Women die in prison because they're not getting the care that they need"
I LOVE BLACK MIRROR... what episode are you on
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No, not watched Black Mirror yet. It's on my list but I'm almost reluctant to watch it. No idea why?
But have you seen her in the Black Mirror episode ‘Nosedive’ though? I thought she was great.
Just watched a youtube video ranking and analysing black mirror episodes and be right back was number 1 and I am already crying nice
Like Black Mirror, Twin Peaks, or American Horror Story? Then you need to check out Inside No. 9 on
Another chance for to prove his thought leadership.
I make up episodes of Black Mirror in my head all day because there is so much material to work with right now.
Black mirror is actual one of the best things on Netflix I stg I could watch it all day
Black Mirror S2E1 reference would be apt here
Rewatching Black Mirror and remembering what an AMAZING episode Shut Up And Dance is
Black mirror s1e3 was some sad stuff man
Watch Black Mirror. Some of the best television ever produced.
one more amazing part . ı love netflıx, black mirror,. black mirror writers'. ı want to work with company but ı'm not…
Clint Mansell's 'Black Mirror' San Junipero score is being released on vinyl
Black Mirror with a touch of Stranger Things "upside down" weird.
re-binge watching black mirror while i wait for black mirror 2 come bAck
Life is starting to feel like a black mirror episode
Chevelle spindles powder coated mirror black.
ok well it's a good one! Big Little Lies and Black Mirror are two of my all time faves if you are looking for new shows
I need a new good TV show to watch that's not 13 reasons, prison break, black mirror, this is us, or kardashians (lol)
We have devices on our pockets that allow us to read the President's thoughts which convinces me that we live in an episode of Black Mirror.
I didn't know you watched Black Mirror. This and Silicon Valley? You just keep getting better and bette…
A mix of Sherlock Holmes, Black Mirror and Curb your Enthusiasm: The Social Media Detective Agency 
Black Mirrors Magick ... Mirror Mirror On The Wall. ... Making of a Black Mirror for Demonology and Spiritualism ...
The titles of all six Black Mirror season 4 episodes have been revealed
definitely start it up again. Great show. Black Mirror, House of Cards, the list goes on.
My heart broke for him in Penny Dreadful, and now it just broke for him in Black Mirror. Rory Kinn…
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