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Black Men

The term Black People is used in some socially-based systems of racial classification for humans of a dark-skinned phenotype, relative to other racial groups represented in a particular social context.

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Heart bleeds for black youths being forced feed ignorance by Black Men like Van Jones, Shaun King, Marc L Hill, Umar Johnso…
How a ‘Shooter’ at Colgate Became a Risk for all Black Men. By: Kaitlin Abrams. It was 3 A.M. in South Africa...
I want to thank Meek Mill, Migos, Chris Brown, Joe Budden and everyone involved for embarrassing Black Men this weekend. Good job ***
Media Day with 1968 Olympic Gold Medalist Dr. Tommie Smith and President of the 100 Black Men of Greater...
People who are afraid of Black Men (and Women) get police and law enforcement jobs.
Black Men if you do not play this album at least 1 time turn in your cards
Asst Prof Constance Iloh honored for "Unbounded Generosity" by Black Men of UCI & extended Black UCI Community-
talks Black Men & Leadership in New Orleans with Councilman Jim Singleton & on…
A thread for my people who embrace Blackness, yet make excuses for Black Men, or "Kings" as y'all like to call them.
Black Men, you are kings. Worthy, Strong and Resilient. . I appreciate you. ❤💚🖤
W/A REPARATIONS for trafficked Black Men on coerced by British regime that didn't recognize them as HUMANS
Birmingham Repertory Theatre are looking for young Black Men or from an ethnic background aged 16-28 to join...
Sculpture by a "Black Men for Bernie's big liberal plans is voting for Hillary Clinton"
YIKES! This is the kind of women us Black Men are dating nowadays? She looks like Sideshow Bob!
I wonder if MTV will do a "Black Men" video. Like don't rob a store or get a bullet to the head like
Ran into some GGES students this morning for Miami Gardens Shop with a Cop and 100 Black Men holiday giving.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I saw "Black Men" trending and knew instantly that it was for nothing positive Smh
100 Black Men of Metro New Orleans thanks Patrick Anderson for his service and leadership.
forgot familt of MLK, New Black Panther Party & Black Men 4 Bernie all endorsed him.
A group of Texas Tech students took the 100 Black Men in Suits Challenge Tuesday. Read more about the group -
This is America anything is possible. Read . WOKE is the NEW BLACK. The Future of America for Black Men, Women and Children…
Former 'Black Men for Bernie' leader now backing Trump - Fox News
Sold out to big soda:. American Cancer Society (ACS)Foundation. American Diabetes Association (ADA)Foundation. 100 Black Men
Peace had a great day 2 at the Black Men and Boys Healing Summit there is not healing without pain
Heather Ann Thompson and Attica’s Ghosts: Echoes of a Rebellion of Black Men
Emanuel says kids yearn for guidance of mentoring groups. Either 100 Black Men is a role model or the Gangster Disc…
Why is it that you & your sisters only date black men? I'm white & if I were 45 years younger I'd love to take you out. 🌷🌷💝💝
Black men/women are being senselessly murdered by police everyday. This is a war, Stabler!
Thats why cant stand for the anthem! *** this country for oppressing black men.
Fact: the same military these men fought for turned around and experimented on black bodies with syphilis
When a black man is accused of rape, he is usually convicted. In fact, black men used to be wrongfully convicted of rape all the time
Rising for the flag is not for black rights or any other race it's for the men that have died for every right you have.PIG
Right. Until we start treating young black men we don't know who aren't rich or famous like normal humans
On Colin Kaepernick, I guess I shouldn't be surprised just how many white men are still eager to teach black men "respect"
Like I said, Republicans were the progressives in 1865. Granting black men citizenship & voting rights was very progressive.
Many rich black men, along with one in the White House for 8 years isn't "oppression". is disingenuous. https:/…
Black men to them ain't nuthin but an auction block of the biggest, fastest, strongest buck.
The national anthem isn't about cops vs black ppl. The men who fight for our country stand for the anthem to represent AMERICA.
.these black men know who the TRUE contributors of poverty and violence are. https…
idk but Imma bleach my skin before I cheat because black men are faithful
Something to be said for Kaepernick showing intellectual agency in a league that long thought black men were too dumb to…
Until the last decade, it was common thought that black men couldn't be head coach or starting QB.
Schools are failing black male students, and it’s not because of the race of their teachers, writes
$37.05 men black sport Polarized Mirrored lens ...
Meloni's patriotism demands "young Black men" bend their necks to attend to his priorities as they are victimized by the very system he
Mature animi Amatuer threesome sex on the beach Fat black mature men CLICK HERE ➡
I liked a video from ZaZa Ali: Young Thug, Gabby Douglas, & the War on Black Men
Hillary said young black men were super predators who needed to be brought to heel.
Black men we gotta stop talking down on Black Women and Black Women y'all gotta stop talking down on us.. Let's uplift one…
Black men for Bernie want to put and are voting for Donald Trump! .
America loves passive Black men who entertain just like it was on the plantations. When they speak up, they're reviled.
'Black Men for Bernie' Founder to End Democrat 'Political Slavery' of Minorities via
Black Men for Bernie’ founder to end Democrat ‘Political Slavery’ of minority voters by campaigning for Trump
"Black Men for Bernie" - now entering the lunatic fringe campaign. Not a good look.
Black Men's Transition and Adjustment in college & h…
"Korryn Gaines Doesn’t Need to Be Perfect for Black Men to
Also, some of these Black Women are just salty because Black Men won't spoil them like White Daddy will.
Over 90% of Black Homicides are at the hands of Black Men. I just don't understand why the and...
Rep Elijah Cummings of MD asks FBI to end the "slaughter" of Black Men and the pain he feels watching recent events.
Nothing's classier than men in black suits 😍💦
stop using Say his name it erases the work of we know Black men killed by the state
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A video about how black men should react when they're pulled over. .
- so what the number of black men shot? Triple digits? Don't show just one side of the coin.
There are enough recordings of black men dying at the hands of police to create this video:.
because that doesn't get ratings. Black men being shot (white) police gets ratings because they amp it up.
Lil boy got grown men running around the gym 😭😭 *watch my man on the court in the black shirt* 💀💀.
The same way black men are working on some things BW are working on some things.
being killed by police. They are good men that are supposed to protect, but when black ppl see them killing other blacks
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Black men are straight blessings from God 🙌🏽❤️
NYPD captain taped complaining about the lack of black men targeted
It's funny how some white women I know that love to date our black men be so silent around these times!!
I'm waiting for y'all to speak up since y'all love taking "our black men" & since y'all claim y'all "love them" so much FO…
NYPD captain caught ‘pressuring officer to stop more black men'
No one ever said that was ok .. Black People aren't targeting Black People like white cops are targeting black men 🙄 https:…
The best hair products for black men to get natural soft curly hair! Shea Moisture. (DIY).: via
Little Giant Ladders
Darryl Strawberry's wife with this "I date black men" haircut
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Men's Undrewaer Vibe Brief Black Size XL - Andrew Chris
I don't know how I find the will to do so when Black Women are erased and disregarded from the conversation so often by black me…
NYPD cop secretly records supervisor pressuring him to racially profile black men
S/o to the women that really love and appreciate black men regardless of our shenanigans. You are appreciated.
Black Boys to Black Men, it's been a journey
100 Black Men honors Zaevion Dobson at scholarship gala
Black Males Represent Just 2 Percent of Teachers. That’s Bad for Students and Black Men. |
100 Black Men honoring great men in the community this morning at Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church!
Alpha Phi Alpha, 1913 . Proud, strong Black Men! At the height of racism, we still excel.
Congrats to the FOG U18 Black Men's team for becoming the 2016 National Champions last weekend!…
LIVE on Black Men for Bernie workin Uncle Bill's line
Black Men hating on Chris Brown is the epitome of why we can't get anywhere "together" now. Why you not supporting someone who act like you?
100 Black Men of Greater Mobile will feature men's BB coach Avery Johnson on 6/7
There will be thousands marching in Philadelphia during DNC, Bruce Carter of Black Men for Bernie, says.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Meet us on May 24, 2016 for the 2016 BYV! Black Men and Boys Day on Capitol Hill. This is a…
We're from the Too Dapper, Tau Delta chapter. Home of the wholesome, faithful Black Men of Miami.
"who else would she be referring to though". You're implying that it's Black Men for a fact and that's not the case.
Black Men always kill their white wives and girlfriends just like OJ Simpson
April 17: "Free Young Blood" film premiere about the mass incarceration of Black Men. At Reginald F. Lewis Museum.
Mentoring organization 100 Black Men holds biggest fundraiser of the year: The Virginia Peninsula Chapter of t...
Mark Ruffalo Introduces the Country to Black Men for Bernie via
Rapper Azealia Banks Calls for Sarah Palin to Be Gang-Raped by Black Men - Breitbart via
📹 jumbodont4getg: Look at that big White *** I am convinced that God Created her to serve Black Men!...
📷 ghettablasta: Mark Ruffalo introduced the country to Black Men for Bernie
Black Men for Bernie Sanders in Michigan with Mark Ruffalo [CC] via
Today Pittsburgh Public Schools and 100 Black Men of Western Pennsylvania, Inc., held the 22nd Annual African...
Former Senator and 2016 Senatorial candidate Russ Feingold addressing the 100 Black Men of Madison organization
The Myths About Black Marriage. Stop believing Media BS setup to Divide and Conquer Black Women and Black Men.
Met 3 Tuskegee Airmen . & tons of successful Black Men in the U.S. Army today 🇺🇸
Black Men own the 3 pointer ✊🏾. Dan Majerle rolling in his grave (i know, i know). Lol
Spanish women are gods gift to black men
Tbch, I prefer to see Black Women in interracial relationships more than black men. BM slander too much.
I swear some black men just now hopped on the support Black Women movement, like who raised yall? We been lit.
9.) I was going to church lookin like a agent from Men in Black, this is what I wore to church that day
I may walk my dog.I hope men in black don't come after me!(M.I.B.s). Mangosteen juice works people.I own no shares though I would like to.XOx
Women were leaders in the Black Panther Party but men dominated the narrative. This still happens today
*** & black isn't new. During the 1920s many black men came "out of the closest". h…
Black Power isn't just for Black men. This is a major thing that needs to be debunked. . Women played integral parts in the…
Now playing on WGMU: Old Rock N Roll by Young Fathers from White Men Are Black Men Too
Appreciate these gents destroying myths by promoting a different image of young Black men.
We need equality for ALL Black People, not just heterosexual black men
people act shocked when OJ beat his case but act unfazed when police get off for killing unarmed black men.
It's impossible for black men to not be faithful
Smh black men don't cheat like this 🤔
Long awaited sequel to "White Men can't jump" entitled "Black Men can't Act" to be released in time for Spike Lee directs
Bill Clinton admits he's Destroyed Millions of Black Men with Prisons - Dr. Boyce Watkins
DeKalb 100 Black Men have sworn in a new President! Congrats John Hollins. You are going to do an outstanding...
Brian Pauling 100 Black Men. Can just talk about laws. Everyone should hold everyone accountable.
This is more than a pic. This is Waka ignoring a Thot, and representing the 93% of us Black Men who are Faithful. https:…
what rich dude in hollywood did that?? lol K Michelle & Kenya Moore & a few other sistas have slandered Black Men for WM
Let your face get deep purple red White Boy. Yes your daughter loves Black Men now and you can't do anything about it. LMAO at your anger
Lets be real here, our women hate strong Black Men. They are getting impregnated by our beta males at VERY high rates
Great time @ the Florida Council on the Social Status of Black Men & Boys "Teen Rally & Workshop"
Shawty Lo can't have a show supporting his 10 kids/BM's.but the feminization of Black Men is better ?
How many Black Men in America will have Drugs planted on them by Cops today? .
100 Black Men of South Florida job fair. Apply online 11/09 at
Here are some pictures of us this past week at the Youth Fair Expo Center for the 100 Black Men of South Florida...
Because that's what the powers that be care about, Black Men and our voices??
On Saturday, November 7th, 100 Black Men of the Bay Area Chapter President Frank Tucker will be honored with the...
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Come join the 100 Black Men of Metropolitan Houston for an evening of networking with Nephew Tommy on Thursday,...
His leading in every poll black & Hispanic woman and men votes as well as the democratic votes this is what...
Men's all black Nike roshes run size 8 with black white laces from rope supply
Word of advise to Black Men/Women who think Black People are their enemy. Surround yourself with positive like minded people
.In 17 of 100 largest cities, police kill black men at rate higher than U.S. murder rate.
Whereas Black Women call black men kings and praise their looks and what do they get in return? Disrespect
Lmfao so it's the video of this Chinese woman saying she doesn't like Chinese men, only black men
I don't date black men, unless they have something going on (school ,degree, good job) .. Basically NO HOOD *** 👌
Why do some Black Women and men even embrace the "educated" prefix if it equates to intelligence or success or eve…
Officers who got a high score on this assessment were more likely to use force against black men.
I just downloaded the Guide to Effective Leadership by the 100 Black Men of London
When being a black male , you should be most certainly to separate your self from the little boys. We need more black men !
"Black trans women & men are often missing from the conversation on Black Women's agenda. Black trans ppl need & use PP" …
Why do most black men not date Black Women ?
Police violence effects every black person in our community. Women, trans women, men, trans men, the elderly, and childre…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Black men man, yall are everything 🙌🏾
I like my coffee black, like my men.
I wasn't expecting black men to take our side. They never do.
I hope you guys get this angry and riled up when Black Women get told that latinas are taking their men.
Officers w/ racial bias + insecure masculinity more likely to use force against black men.
Black men are conditioned to defend every other woman but their own at all costs. I'm use to this.
Black men combating the psychological degradation of white people calling them "boy", circa 1960s.
John Grant leaving 100 Black Men of Atlanta to run new Celebration Bowl via
Black Men, Invisibility and Crime towards a Critical Race Theory of Desistance
Just like Black Women in Eastern Star (Ku Klux Klan) Nation of Islam are only horrible to Black Men. But they are the white mans pet dog.
2. Society doesn't need Black folk marching for the incarceration of Black Men & Women. That's as American as APPLE PIE. Com…
Cox Communications, 100 Black Men of Greater Lafayette Inc. and the Upsilon Rho Chapter of Omega Psi Phi...
And, much like White Privilege apathy for the trials and troubles of the *** Black Men, as a whole, don't care about our…
Teddy at the 100 Black Men in Suits with his Family. Albert Jones Photos
This Week:Daughter of the King:Selected Art Work by Maya Imani Watson,Tex Black Expo:,100 Black Men of America&more!.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Black Men, White Wives: Why it still hurts some African-American women
Education alumnus Royal Johnson makes history as 1 of 4 Black Men to Earn Doc Degrees From Dept. at Ohio State:
From the 100 Black Men of South Florida to the AMAC Conference Kick-off Reception at the Broward Urban League and...
Real Men Can Cook event to support 100 Black Men of Sacramento! (@ City of Citrus Heights in Citrus Heights, CA)
"Does this plan support our museum and theater district?" You better believe it. 100 Black Men were happy to hear...
Me and Jasmine Lawrence, who won the Empowerment Award at the 100 Black Men of America conference…
My son is a part of 100 Black Men and it has worked wonders with him. Todd Kelly Jr and Josh Dobbs were great!!
100 Black Men of Syracuse and Omega Psi Phi have partnered to help curb domestic violence.
Black Men & Hebrew Israelites: Stop Talking about the Black Women via
I disagree. I think most of us as Black Men are. I get called a Rare Unicorn type Man all the time.
We are Fast Forward Track and we are Mighty! Thank you Tommie Smith and 100 Black Men of America for hosting a...
Black Men & Boys Day on Capitol Hill Advocacy Training today in Blackburn
The Enduring Power and Beauty of Artist Kehinde Wiley's Representation of Black Men and Women
it's great to see Black Men achieve greatness w/o affirmative action. Hopefully he doesn't get shot
Scholarship Watch: 100 Black Men of America scholarship for a high school male with GPA of 3.0 or higher. See Mrs. Wilson
Juan you proved there are Black Men as Dum as Bob Beckel difference is you speak Clearer.
RIP to the fallen Black Men in America killed by Law Enforcement. The Sad Facts of Black History
We (Black Men on the Southside) ALL know not to drive through Evergreen Park and Oaklawn
"Hopelessness is fatal. The last thing Black Men can do is give up." - Rep. Emanuel Cleaver
History of 4,000 Lynchings of Black Men in the Southern United States .. Real Black History
Kanye is everything, but don't forget that A$AP Rocky is one of the most influential people in Black Men's Fashion right now.
The Collegiate 100 Black Men of Southern University and the Beta Psi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha…
How in the *** can you say it's all right to dress a little boy up in a dress , high heels and purse and lipstick ? Why do you think Hollywood is doing everything they can make Black Men effiminate . Why do you think that they are always trying to put a dress on a Black Man ? Ask Dave Chappelle ! We as Black People need to see the bigger picture . Nothing is as it appears to be in society to be . Wake up Black People before we are no more !
The Hard Truth of what young black men need to do
My beautiful educated black men, If only you knew how deeply you are feared by this society...
North Miami Beach police use mugshots of black men as shooting targets
I love my black men but I had more threats and unwanted sexual experiences with black guys than I did with any other race .
This' the reason why I love Black men. I love the pubic hair around a Black man's balls & *** Blackcum delicious
Truth asf bruh "Eve ate the apple not Adam which proves my theory that all women cheat & all men faithful. Espe…
I noticed awhile ago all these black men who date interracially seem to be the QUICKEST to cheat on their girls.
On this day in 1978, NASA names Maj. Frederick Gregory and two other brave men as it’s first black astronauts.
Florida police on defense after black men's mugshots us... via
I'm Salvadorian and I date black men lol so I know a thing or two sir
North Miami police use faces of black men as target ->
He's ONE of (11) ELEVEN men wrongfully by 11 families
Florida police use images of black men as target practice
Wow, Swaggy P got caught cheating on Iggy with the car she bought him? I am totally surprised cause black men don't act…
Especially a group that you belong to. Black men, do better. We're all rooting for you.
Women overall make 78% of what men make. For Black Women it's 64% & Latinas, only 56% compared to white men. Isn't it 2015…
Police using mugshots of young black men for target practice. solider sees her brother on one and reports it
North Miami police officers shoot pictures of black men at target practice. . http…
it's not about race rite??? Then why is cop using black men mug shot for target practice??
Meninist responses to being asked about Black men being murdered/male survivors of rape:
Is a '21 Jump Street'/'Men in Black' crossover really happening? via
To be clear, I have no problem with black men dating white women. Just never fix your lips to say they are better because the…
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Why do you want half-trained cops with guns in BART? So they can shoot unarmed black men?
Photo: FRIDAY BOMB DROP! All new X-men 38 black and white sneak preview by Andrea Sorrentino that would be...
Florida police use mugshots of black men for target practice - via
Studies say 99.9% of black men don't cheat when in a committed relationship.
A Miami police department used mug shots of black men for target practice:
Black men are sometimes exceptions, Halle was a poor neglectful mother. Denzel won as a corrupt cop & as a freed slave in Glory
Police defend use of photos of real people for target practice. ” All black men. Weird.
-> Report: Florida police department uses mug shots of black men for target practice http…
North Miami Beach Police used mugshots of black men as target practice via
Only reason we found out about mugshots of black men being used for shooting practice is because one cop recognized her brother on target.
White power riots in the Jewish state. No place for Africans in the Promised land
Police use images of black men for target practice
Fla. police use mug shots of black men for target practice. A member of a Florida Army National Guard band, visit...
Police use black men photos as target process. by - via
Practice makes perfect. “Florida cops used mugshots of black men as target practice
My *** a police station was using photos of real black men as target practice. In 2015. In the midst of all the pol…
This for the Black men who disrespect Black Women. Stop hating yourself.
Sometimes the internet gives you some rather amazing sentences: In response to someone arguing that it makes sense to be wary of young black men in public because they're more likely to commit crimes "Look, I'm not racist, but of the majority of people that I've encountered, the racists were predominantly white and male. So whenever I'm near a white male I tend to keep my political views close and usually try to keep my emotional distance. It's not racist, it's just common sense." I don't know what my brain is doing.
These people have nothing better to do with their time? Its a *** shame. Why not get a job? Become part of the community... Think about others and the fact that these are human beings trying to live their lives without being harmed on the way home or to the store! And not to mention that they have to be black men...what a cliché and they do it to themselves... No way am I racist but its these kind of men that put out a bad rep for our hard working , family based black men. Then we wonder why officers are so quick to protect themselves, take a look at what is going around us. Neighbors against neighbors. Lives in danger over materialistic things. This really has to stop. Be an example for your race, for your family, for the children in your neighborhood! Stop being what the media has made you out to be. Be more than just violence and drugs.
My jam for tonite we going back 21years to 1994 with BMU (Black Men United) "you will know" from Jason's Lyric (soundtrack)... written by a young D'Angelo... Can you name all the artists in this video??? so much talented artists, this video is powerful!!! DJ Reminise
Shane Cooper needs life in Prison and to be anally raped and beaten by big buff black men.
Police balk when accused of being biased against black men and minorities, yet these types of incidences continue. Change only occurs when we see the light.
They don't have to infiltrate and infect you do it to yourselves. Listen to this video and make the connections. Listen sik and tired of this war against ma black men. STOP trying to kill them.they here ta STAY! in case yal haven't noticed. gtfoh! I DON'T THINK SO If you caint handle ma reality. Name our kids some funny names hatin on us.cuz we
So many Black Men and Black Women want to deny their African Roots. The level of confusion and Lack of Knowledge of Self is an outright self hatred that some Black People have. I hate to be bothered with Black People that hate there AFRICAN heritage and genes! Every time I see these types of Negroes coming I shift gears and go in a different direction!! They say some of the most dumbest comments about Africa and Global Africans!! The only time these type of Negroes claim that they are Africans is when they want to claim the Egyptian Pyramids and yell "We are Kings and Queens"!! I AM PROUD TO BE AN AFRICAN.
The YFYA team, the corporates and service providers made amazing happen in 2014! Thank you to all our supporters, we look forward to working with you in 2015: ACBN Association for Black Engineers Avanade Barclays Bloomberg BNY mellon British Airways BT Cisco Deloitte EDF Energy EY Flux Dance Theatre KPMG National Grid Procter & Gamble SceneChange Shell Synchronous Leadership 100 Black Men of London
Do You Think Bill Cosby Dominated 2014? Or was it the killing of Black Men at the hands of cops? This afternoon, at 4pm Pacific Time, Join Award-Winning Author Darryl James on “The Bridge Radio” for a discussion of the best and worst of 2014. What were the markers of the year for you? Darryl will be joined by co-hosts Tracy Powell, Dr. John Hamilton, Marcus D. LeGall III and DJ Gates on one of the most intellectually stimulating shows on radio. Tune in each Sunday at 4PM Pacific Time for "The Bridge," a smarter radio show. Call in and add your view! (347) 857-2846 to listen LIVE and/or comment! Listen To 2014--A Year In Review At:
Do PD's keep a stash of stolen guns on hand so that they can plant them when they illegally brutally execute Black Men?
Southwest Philadelphia Community Group all Black Men. I was proud to be a guess at such an event
Source: Black Men in College: Implications for HBCUs and Beyond. edited by Robert T. Palmer, J. Luke Wood.
Black Muslims are Racists! "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." -John 3:16 Check out the Photo Hatemonger, Louis Farrakhan, a leader in the Black Muslim false religion. There's not a more hateful and rotten false religion than Black Muslims. In Muhammad Speaks Newspaper, July 17,1970 the following malicious and hateful quotes are made... Our Black People were brought up by the enemy, white man, who did not want us to ever know anything about Islam, because once the black slave learned Islam, He would never be a slave anymore. The White Man - The evil race of people, knows Islam, but by nature they were not made to believe and to teach Islam. Black Women should be made to stay away from the devil. And when enough Black Men believe in Islam, they will keep our Black Women out of the presence of the white man. The Black Man in Africa is pitiful, as the Black Slave in America was, once upon a time. Now . ...
Hamilton Collection
Anderson Cooper just asked Sis Sybrina Fulton, mother of our slain brother Trayvon Martin, how do we change the current situation of Whites profiling and killing Black Men, and she gave THE answer of the year: "Well, I actually think we need a little Divine Intervention because I don't really believe people (i.e. White) are just gonna change overnight. And there is some more deep-rooted hatred that people (i.e. White) have for African Americans." Divine Intervention? Like the Divine Intervention President Thomas Jefferson trembled for his country in anticipation of? Sounds like our Sister Sybrina has been listening to a certain Apostle of God in our midst today, the Honorable Brother Minister Louis Farrakhan! You are 1000% correct dear Sister, the hatred for Black People IZ deep-rooted and these people WILL NOT just "change". I am Salute YOU for your perceptiveness and your candor before the world.
This is how Black Men insure the financial security of their women & children in the Aquarian Age:
America is slow to act amidst all these Police Killing and Brutality of Black Men. All across this country actions need to be taken both legislative and legally to stop these Senseless, Unjustified Police killing of Black Men going on all across this country right now. These cases involving Police Officers use of deadly force, are outrageous,and abusive of the "Use of Force Doctrine". These cases are not been litigated, partly because they they do not involve, and not of the magnitude of "The perfect victim". These cases will take years before any (at all ) reach the Supreme Court..Until The perfect victim is struck by police, we are still going to see a lot of demonstrations in the streets both peaceful and violence, protesting the haphazard decisions by The various Grand Juries regarding the failure to indict or discipline officers. Therefore, it beg the question: WHO IS THE PERFECT VICTIM? According to America's legal historical and conventional wisdom, the perfect victim will have to arrive when a Bl ...
Joe and Nicole Wallace have openly acknowledged that it is ok to kill Black Men in the streets without judge or jury
Lockstep and Dance: Images of Black Men in Popular Culture (Margaret Walker Alexander ... -
My goodness, I thought the 50's and 60's where in the rear view mirror ! Iam sick and tired of hearing from Tavis Smiley , Al Sharpton , Don Lemon and the main stream media talking about how it is hunting season on Black Men in America . That is such JUNK , and Iam sick of hearing it. There is a disproportionate amount of blacks in prison but not because of racism, its because they commit a disproportionate amount of CRIMES ! This is just a statistical fact ! Now is the time for the EXCUSES to STOP ! Where are the GOOD black leaders at ? Perhaps they are tired of those they are trying to help ignoring them ? Hopefully the youth will be the saving grace of the black race, one can only hope.
Listen to my interview with Bro. Rickey Smiley on his Morning Show, inviting Black Men and Boys to FOI class.
Kent State Men of Color.meeting being held by and State of Black Men at Kent State. NOON in the Multi
Glenn Hills defeats North Augusta in 100 Black Men of Augusta tournament: The Glenn Hills boys held on to defe...
"[Black men] had no rights rights which the White man is bound to respect." Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger B. Taney, 1857. America's sentiment and her policy toward Black Men has NEVER changed.
My Great Uncle Bill (RIP) Fought against the Nazi's in WWII. He was not fighting so that Black Men & Boys could be mur…
Something how these cops say they fear their life when dealing with Black Men...But not the Timothy McVeigh's or Eric Frein's of the world
Great to be back volunteering at the 100 Black Men of Indy Financial Literacy Program for junior/senior students.
What movie better Men In Black 2 or Black Men get White Women pregnant 3?
The White Church Should Not Be Silent on the Killing of Black Men by Police   via
DAyYUM Open season on Black Men right? I'm talkin' WIDE-OPEN! You actually showed video of a black man kicking a CAT?!?
will honor Henry "Hank" Aaron at halftime. He is an active member of the 100 Black Men of Atlanta
DJ Akademiks Speaks on Young Thug responding to how Black Men are treated in Mike Brown. He says Because he's iced out he doesn't need to speak on it. Subscr...
Don't Let Them Change The Channel (Black Violence, The Conversation) by Osayimwese Nadir Karume This week i watched and listened to the looping of the same message on Ray Rice and his abusive actions toward his wife, then fiance in the now closed Revel Hotel in Atlantic City. Shortly after Adrian Peterson is accused of child abuse for whipping his 4 year old son with a switch, these stories have been at the forefront on every media outlet and still is being cycled despite Ray Rice wife stating that she has forgiven him and Adrian Peterson own apology for his actions in the manner that that he beat his child. Both issues are topics that we as a community must address without losing site of the Micheal Brown Killing along with the countless killings of young, unarmed Black Men across this country by police. What is the definition of violence? gives a few. 1. Swift and intense force 2. Rough or injurious physical force, action, or treatment. 3. An unjust or unwarranted exertion of force or pow ...
Man Up March in New Orleans. Looking for 1000 Black Men! Are u down?
Thank you to Howard Perry and Lance Robert from 100 Black Men of Long Beach. Confused about navigating the...
Black football superstar savagely punches & knockouts Black Woman, after she slaps him in the face, which I liken to a rock being thrown at a tank... Then persists to drag her limp body into the hallway without any sense of remorse or concern... Black Men then start to stomp & shout about Women putting their hands on Men & the acceptable response. Meanwhile, white cops & / or men slam said Black Men on cop cars, slap them around, disrespect them, & lay them out in their blood via MURDER... & in return, Black Men teach classes, dialog & reason about Self Control & navigating police - terrorist - violent - tactics. Some of our men are cowards & don't even realize it. The lack of love, respect & value for the life of a Black Woman is at an all time low. You brothers should be ASHAMED of yourself. Meanwhile, Black Feminists & Anti-Domestic Violence proponents - many if not most women, jump on the story... Screaming & Hollering Anti-Black Man rhetoric, using this tragic event to spotlight violence against wome ...
The Collegiate 100 Black Men of Dillard University Presents: The "BlueOut" Tailgate for the home…
How does media impact the relationship between Black Men and Women? Janks Morton gives is his thoughts
From the archives: Trayvon Martin's father promised the Congressional Caucus on Black Men and Boys to promote change
In light of the escalating violence in the City of Ferguson and the arrival of the Missouri National Guard, we are asking you to provide your listening community with the following information. We are pleading that you share this continuously and consistently throughout the night. 1. National Guard - We implore you to protect the right of peaceful protestors! Protestors - we implore you to protest peacefully! 2. Parents - Keep your children off the streets and out of danger! 3. Protestors - Follow the direction of the National Guard and police! 4. Any violations can be prosecuted as federal crimes! This message provided to you on behalf of: Central Baptist Church (Reverend Robert Scott) Deaconess Foundation (Reverend Starsky Wilson) Better Family Life (James Clark, Vice President) St. Louis Black Leadership Roundtable (Ron Jackson, Chairperson) Mound City Bar Association 100 Black Men (Joe Anderson, President) Concerned citizens and political leadership. For more information please contact: Joe Anderson: ...
Tired of talk about preaching. Action is better: What White People Can Do About the Killing of Black Men in America
A Black Man in Ohio shopping for an airgun at Walmart is shot down in the store by the police. An unarmed 18 year old young Black Male up-and-coming college student in St Louis shot down in the street. Many recent similar cases can be cited. It is officially Open Season on the Black Male today in this society. It would appear that there is a license to kill Black Men in this country. There is a War against the Black Male in America because the Black Man in America - due to who HE IZ - is the chief threat to Global White Hegemony/White Supremacy. This is why the Allah Team and the Lions Out The Cage and the other Inspired Soldiers are on the Mission we are on, and it is why we are on one.
These 23 men have something in common besides being Black Men anybody care to guess what they have in…
Black Men don't condone cheating, not on Scantrons, not in card games, *** we don't even use Cheat codes in video games
I would think Black Men reading would finally see the danger in us not minding ourselves & trying to shift that wic…
Dr Lonnie Johnson a member of 100 Black Men of Atlanta being recognized for his leadership in STEM ( Science,...
War on Black Men: South Carolina police shoot and kill 19yr old
Jazz virtuoso Marcus Johnson & Friends jammin' for a purpose at 100 Black Men of Orlando scholarship gala!
Here at the 100 Black Men of America national conference preparing to do Fearless Dialogue...
Major announcement by AG Eric Holder @ our Caucus on Black Men & Boys Father's Day Forum yesterday
Memphis group rallies support for small, minority, women-owned business opportunities Group calls on business, government to reach out Commercial Appeal//Kevin McKenzie//June 10, 2014 Darrell Cobbins, president of a Memphis commercial real estate firm, in one statement captured the spirit of a group of African American entrepreneurs who on Tuesday called for a renewed focus on expanding business opportunities for small, minority and women-owned firms in Memphis. “I’ll just start off by saying we come in peace, but we also come in purpose,” Cobbins, president and principal broker of Universal Commercial, told some 100 people at the National Civil Rights Museum. Ron Redwing, president of the civic group The 100 Black Men of Memphis, said a group of about 10 business owners decided to draw attention to the long-simmering issue following recent controversy involving minority participation in county government contracts. Redwing, chief executive officer of The Redwing Group public relations firm, pointed ...
Joined AG Holder and Caucus on Black Men and Boys for special hearing on returning citizens.
Gearing up for Notre Dame's Pilot Program's Innovative Thinkers Camp next week. We are so pleased that Holy Cross College & Ivy Tech has come aboard to take this program to the next level. I am especially grateful to my Notre Dame Colleagues: Jacquelyn Rucker Iris Outlaw & Duane Wilson for allowing me the honor for making a wonderful experience happen for youth in South Bend, Indiana. Especially grateful to our community partners: 100 Black Men of Greater South Bend, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority-Emerging Leaders Program, and La Casa de Amistad. The right way to go always is in service to our Youth!
And then Jon Crow went to the Birmingham Pride Festival at the Historic Sloss Furnaces, and toured the grounds. Did you know that Black Men were arrested by the tens of thousands for "vagrancy" and imprisoned for Slave Prison Labor, chained together and leased out by Jefferson County and forced to work back breaking labor in the city's steel mills, coal mines, and road crews in forced servitude for decades? Prison labor for the benefit of private corporations. I learned this at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute yesterday.
As Black Women it seems that we have become so self absorbed that we have become desensitized to the pain of Black Men, and either we don't care, or we aren't concerned with the reality of Black Men. We will tell a man to "FIGHT for your CHILD"...but negate the fact that most men don't have the financial means to do so. I don't know why we act like a court room is in the favor of Black Men. We will encourage a Man to battle his Baby's Mama or Bitter Ex Wife, but won't encourage HER to battle the bitterness and destructive parts of HERSELF. We are condemning black men for seemingly walking away from their children, but we aren't investigating WHY he walked away, if he was PUSHED away, FORCED away or if he is being held captive by the system. Whenever I mention the consequences of a man and his failure to pay child support, it's met with "well pay your child support and you won't get locked up", which again shows how removed we are from our men. We completely ignore the financial climate for Black Men, the ...
The reality is when you perfect your craft and work endlessly to expand your brand it will work for you in the long run! You wont get out what you don't put in! I did not ask to be featured by: June Ambrose, AFRO PUNK, Black Men with Class, The Styled Male, Mike Clemmons, Vashawn Mitchell, Mr.Refined and here most recently, Angela Simmons... My commitment to my craft has put me on a platform that has inspired and continues to intrigue! I just wanna thank God for Gifting, Ability and most of all FAVOR!
Let us all come together to congratulate Kenneth Kelly as our MAIN Alumni Highlight! Kenneth Kelly grew up in Eufaula, AL and graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He completed the Executive Masters of Business Administration program at the University of Alabama in 1998. Kenneth is serving as a Business Development Manager with Southern Power Company. He completed the Georgia Academy for Economic Development program. His professional experience includes fossil generation, distribution engineering, industrial marketing, corporate finance and planning, human resources, supply chain management and sales management with Alabama Power and Georgia Power Companies. He has lived in Mobile, Tuscaloosa, and Birmingham. When he resided in Birmingham his activities included: serving as President of Hands-On-Birmingham, Vice President of 100 Black Men of Birmingham, and serving as Chairperson of the Coordinator Services Division of United Way of Central Alabama’s 2000 campaign, wh ...
I have no issues w/ what Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban said in regard to everyone having "Prejudices" &/or being "Bigots". We need to stop being so "sensitive". It is true, regardless of "Race", we all have "Prejudices". What really matters is how you treat people based upon those prejudices. Do you let them prohibit you from getting to know someone for who they truly are. Being a relatively large (Dark Complected) Black Man in America, I see everyday how people view me as a threat. People cross the street, switch their purse to the other side of their bodies, try to avoid eye contact & lock their car doors as I pass by. I'm not violent & I've never been arrested.However I was detained by Campus Police back in 1996 (around Halloween) for what they claim was my participation in a "Dead Presidents Themed Panty Raid".but that neither here nor there! Not all Black Men are Angry, Violent Thugs w/ Multiple Baby Mamas. Not all Black Women are Mad, Ratchet Skeezer's w/ Multiple Baby Daddy's. Not all ...
At the 100 Black Men of Central Va Scholars Breakfast, I'm sitting at a table full of superintendents and school leaders and I'm loving it!
Congrats 100 Black Men of Metro StL, winners of $1000 drawing sponsored by Wells Fargo Advisors!
In light of what happened yesterday after the few *** who posted comments referring to the skin color of the Montreal Canadiens player that scored the winning goal against Boston. Here is a list of the Black Men that have contributed to growing the game of hockey in Canada and the US and other parts of the world. 1. Jarome Iginla 2.Evander Kane 3.Wayne Simmonds 4. Joel Ward 5.Dustin Byfuglien 6.Seth Jones 7.Johnny Oduya 8.Chris Stewart 9. Bruce Salvador 10. PK Subban 11. Kyle Okposo 12. Anthony Stewart 13. Mark Fraser .
Nominate someone for the 3rd Annual BlackManCan Awards Honoring EXTRAordinary Black Men and Boys! RT
The 100 Black Men of Prince George's County and Pi Upsilon Lambda of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. are...
It's time to wake up Black Men !! Stop inslaving urself it's time to brake losse out of the mentally of the *** Slave ! In the old *** Slave the White man said to Control the *** we must Place Fear and Envy in the Slave to Control him ! It's 2014 and some of you show yourself to Be just that A Slave in This life we live in Today ! It was said in the year of 1712 in The Willie lynch letter !
I'm happy to see Kevin Johnson stepping up and representing not only the but also Black Men.
Dwayne Crawford, Senior Vice President of the 100 Black Men of America to speak at the 2014 B2B/GHAME End of the Year Appreciation Banquet The B2B/GHAME end of the year appreciation banquet will be...
92 days of sharing inspiration through imagery for Men of African descent celebrating love, affection & commitment. Nothing was more pleasing to my senses or mind aesthetically than watching these two brothers pledge their life and love to one another on the Grammys by our most gracious Queen Dana Owens. The choreographer (and celebrity designer/musician (agreed to do it on television because they, like so many young men, especially African-American men, didn’t have an image or an idea that we could visibly see to look up to. They felt it was important to give the younger generation another take on what a *** marriage looks like. The showcase of their unification of love between two Black Men also inspired older generations and it felt and looked just ravishing, gorgeous, stunning, glamorous, graceful, elegant, exquisite and magnificent. Jamal Sims & Octavius Terry &
"I'm officially the new VP of Black Men in America. shoutout to my president." Congratulatio…
Eh mxm Taylor Swift Medical Condition Makes Her Afraid of Black Men. Now I can write a lot about this, about her I now hate her
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