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Black Lives Matter

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I wonder how the press would have reacted if this was the Black Lives Matter movement instead. . Oh wait. I don't. htt…
Agreed. Black Lives Matter supporters and sympathizers have a body count that puts the white supremacists to shame.
A brief comment on the absurdity of comparing Black Lives Matter to the white-supremacy/Neo-Nazi movement:
Baked Alaska used to be on here talking about Black Lives Matter, thought white supremacy would be his come up. Oh well.
Black Lives Matter chanted "Pigs in a blanket fry em like bacon." Obama in turn invited them to the White House. Democrat…
POTUS Trump condemned/ rebuked David Duke and white supremacists. Obama never condemned Antifa or Black Lives Matter. Oba…
It's all in the name- White Supremacists think they are better, Black Lives Matter just want to be equal.
The comparison of white supremacists (whites are master race) to Black Lives Matter (stop murdering black people) is absurd…
In case we forget: Black Lives Matter protests grew from kids getting shot in the streets. This was about taking down a…
I want America to be a country where Black Lives Matter and Nazi opinions don't.
Virginia governor tells white supremacists to ‘Go home’ via No Freedom of speech.We have Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter was quickly labeled a terrorist threat. But white supremacists rallying like Nazi is acceptable. Thi…
0 deaths at Black Lives Matter protests but they say we’re the problem...☕️🐸
"Black Lives Matter" is an affirmation of our humanity in a society that tries, in every way possible, to deny our righ…
3 years after Michael Brown's death, what's next for Black Lives Matter?.
This anti-abortion hijacking of Black Lives Matter is cynical and offensive
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Lovely to meet Alveda King - asked for her thoughts on Black Lives Matter 'those people are paid agitators. They need to jus…
Every cop that cheers while Trump calls for police brutality is the reason we need groups like Black Lives Matter.
So baby gimme dat "Toot toot", and lemme give ya that "Beep beep" lmao black lives matter I'm Darryl by the way
Black trans lives ARE black lives so if you as pro-black as you say you are they should matter to you too
Black Lives Matter's angry about 250 blacks (most armed and/or resisting arrest) killed by cops in 2015--not the 5K blacks…
Be careful. Cassandra was a huge left winger up until 2016. Black lives matter activist
Black Lives Matter is in the African American Museum--but NOT Clarence Thomas?! Michael Brown's a hero--but Justice Thomas…
You can't say Black Lives Matter if all black lives do not matter to you. Black LGBTQIA lives matter as well.
Black Lives Matter Minneapolis apologizes about photo of 'lynched' man via the Android app
"Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit, maybe black lives do matter!"
Black Lives Matter lies again. The are like the KKK. U.S. is about diversity and unity, not divisiveness. |
Notice how 'Black Lives Matter' has been out-of-sight since President Trump was inaugurated?
And what do you say to the CBC, the New Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter groups, i.e. the new racists? Stop catering.
Obama had Black Lives Matter, President Trump has the Boy Scouts of America🇺🇸
Black Lives Matter responds to chilling National Rifle Association video that was seen as an 'open call to violence'
Black Lives Matter activists respond to the police shooting of Justine Damond
Black Lives Matter blames Orlando attack on 'white supremacy' - Washington Times
Also must point out the difference between Diamond&Silk and the Black Lives Matter thugs.worlds apart.
News station uses photo of Black Lives Matter activist in unrelated robbery story
I liked a video Black Lives Matter is NOT a Race
Fundraising site will not support lawsuits against Black Lives Matter | PBS NewsHour
Where is Black Lives Matter? Why aren't they marching in the streets protesting against CNN? Can u imagine…
Black Lives Matter told it can't discriminate against library patrons... blames 'white supremacy'
Police killed more than 100 unarmed black people in 2015 - Mapping Police Violen... | Black Lives Matter
Why law center says White Lives Matter is a hate group but Black Lives Matter is not? Anyone know?
How you Claim to Be a Christian but scream Black Lives Matter ? When Jesus Died for everybody
Guy at work complaining about Black Lives Matter at Pride even though he lives in Vancouver starter pack.
Black Lives Matter responds to chilling NRA video that was seen as ‘open call to violence’ via
The Los Angeles chapter of Black Lives Matter (BLM-LA) is demanding the National Rifle Association (NRA) pull two...
I wrote about the ADL's habit of smearing Black Lives Matter and other leftists
Mall of America seeks to deter 'Black Lives Matter' demonstration | Minnesota Public Radio News
tell me why the KKK was given their own PRIVATE section to protest, but the Black Lives Matter protesters weren't allowed…
Black Lives Matter leaders sued by officer wounded in ambush that killed 3 cops – report
Black Lives Matter leaders sued over Baton Rouge police shooting They're a terrorist group. Hope he sues for MIL $'s
Baltimore activist who also serves role w/ city schools, DeRay Mckesson, named in suit against Black Lives Matter.
Name EVERYONE who associates and encourages this group too!. Officer wounded in deadly ambush sues Black Lives Matter
If you have an extremely low IQ and/or a criminal record (and say "axe" instead of "ask") Black Lives Matter wants to recruit you.
Black Lives Matter trying to stop bill that teaches schoolchildren how to deal with police |
Black Lives Matter to protest police brutality claims on Woodruff Rd.
Black Lives Matter marching in Toronto Pride Parade now, with occasional pauses
Toronto Pride Parade gives in to demands of "Black Lives Matter" - Canadian Chat | DSLReports Forums (Page 3)
Hey this is what Elaine Brown was talmbout when she shaded Black Lives Matter.
It is the truth to say that Black Lives Matter is a legitimate cause to speak up about but the protests/riots they create are ridiculous af
Of course the leaker just arrested is a Black Lives Matter social justice warrior.
John Thompson on the Reformers' Debate about Black Lives Matter: Reformers Now Attack Reformers w… via
📷 KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN | An influential leader of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist movement...
Black Lives Matter awarded a global peace prize for standing up to police brutality | Via
A peaceful Black Lives Matter march is in progress, making its way west on 42nd Avenue from Douglas toward...
Embassy. I invite the Nation of Islam, NAACP, Urban League, Black Lives Matter, SCLC, & all civil-rights organizations to view.
Journal of apologizes for Black Lives Matter issue with no black writers
An all-white symposium on Black Lives Matter. 😮. Open Letter to the Editors of the Journal of Political Philosophy
A BLMer who thinks police only "provide death" to black communities will win the Sydney Peace Prize.
Everyone is afraid to say anything. . Because black lives matter. And white lives don't. .
Reminds me of the time I was protesting Black Lives Matter, but said black lives in general did matter..…
Lock them up throw away the keys zambian women need to be stopped lives matter
Why would a Black Lives Matter group follow me? Why would I want to follow a Black Supremacist group? Can't make this Shiite up!
Where's Black Lives Matter protesting against this Islamic slave market in Libya 2017?
No only you black lives matter your many soros groups and your brown shirts "antifa" have spurred violenc…
This week, the prestigious Journal of Political Philosophy published a series of articles under the heading “Black L…
When Victoria and Ariana created a beautiful track in support of Black Lives Matter.
All lives matter.but only Black Lives matter blocks streets & causes trouble. This group is chaos waiting to happen
Oh Black Lives Matter will take them over as well. It will be renamed "Carry a Banana" and will feature drugs, shooting a…
I added a video to a playlist CNN's Black Lives Matter or Black Mind Control
3 black federal employees died in a month span. No uproar from "all lives matter" only people that care are black... SPREAD…
Black Lives Matter is something I've been a part of since I'm a survivor of police brutality in May 2001! And you?
Black Lives Matter activist is running for Baltimore mayor
Looks a lot like Black Lives Matter or Wall Street Protestors, or whatever whack job Lib's are calling themselves nowadays...
Bless the senior citizens in Berkeley who held Black Lives Matter signs, among others signs of peac…
HA! "Great to have Trump lecture we'll have Paula Deen and David Duke lecture Black Lives Matter"
Black Lives Matter can never rest until Trump is inpeached and the police are disbanded.
Man joining Trump administration said Black Lives Matter and Isis were teaming up to destroy America…
This student's message about white privilege is the most important thing you'll read today
Basquiat's painting just sold for $110 Million. When he was alive he could have become a Black Lives Matter hashtag.
Yeah, this Hater of Black Lives Matter-Mofo? Bring it! He has so many lawsuits already against him already for...
My white children know black lives matter. Do yours?. (from
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Why is that, when such atrocities happen against a child we don't hear from Black Lives Matter groups? Or do b…
“B's death. It broke me. It changed me. It hurt me.”
Breitbart said "Black Lives Matter is essentially the Black Panther party reimagined by *** with smart phones.". .…
Sheriff who likened Black Lives Matter to KKK to join Trump administration
Sheriff Clarke once said he thinks Black Lives Matter activists will team up with ISIS to destroy America
A reminder that Sheriff Clarke thought ISIS and Black Lives Matter were forming an alliance to destroy America.
...randomly turns into a Black Lives Matter thing. 😂 Bay & Daphne became the back characters. 😂😂😂
Nothing as sinister as Obama's Muslim Brotherhood and Black Lives Matter meeting with Al Sharpton in th…
Lets open up a store that caters to all protest groups! KKK, Antifas, Black Lives Matter, Feminists, Nazis
"Black Lives Matter refused to comment on this story."
"She told me to take it off," Deer Creek student dress coded for "Black Lives Matter" shirt via
Turning away from street protests, Black Lives Matter tries a new tactic in the age of Trump
There's something LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, Black Lives Matter, and agree on?! Vote
The newest YA book isn't about wizards or romance—it's about Black Lives Matter:
The Black Lives Matter platform is explicitly anti-capitalist.
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Why do editorial boards condemn hate except from lefty hood rats like this?They are afraid http…
"Black Lives Matter"/"Feminism" are loaded terms. They are meaningless in actually solving issues related to race or gender.
They screaming black lives matter to tell you the truth ion like em
Hey. I belive that Black lives matter. But that movement is just a mess now.
black lives only matter when george soros says it does Is protesting in manh & mayor is letting them illegally take control…
Black lives matter makes me think of a bad fire in stephen hawkings house.The cause is burning around them and are asking special treatment
Cuz when Hoteps told y'all BLACK LIVES MATTER was an LGBT agenda, y'all ain't heed our warning. Now LOOK!
Lol did anyone else notice how the black lives matter movement dies as soon as lemonade came out?
Black Lives Matter need to Speak on Black on Black Crime or just Shut the *** up
I take it you're the type to think black lives matter is racist too huh? The company apo…
BLACK LIVES MATTER so you know I keep a black gun.
White Portland strikes again. Do liberals here really think Black Lives Matter?
"Black lives matter more than white lives," said no Black Lives Matter supporter ever.
Arsonist inspired by Black Lives Matter sentenced via
social justice warrior named "Latasha" Wawa acts like she's in a Black Lives Matter rally...rude to Caucasians…
Shocking episode of with exposes Israeli prison camps for Africa asylum seekers and more: http…
But Black lives have to matter too. And Latino. And Native American. Not at anyone else's expense.
I swear gonna have everyone in Black Lives Matter dropping cheeto jokes next
If ALL lives matter then don't White Lives Matter too? Just because I'm not BLACK I'm excluded from a MOVEMENT???;;
Black Lives Matter and BAMN (the violent group working with Antifa in Berkely) .
"Albums still matter, like books and black lives still matter."
Why would a girl want to wear a dress to a prom highlighting thug culture?.
Well, does not mean we exclude someone else. It means Black lives matter too.
me: black lives matter . white supremacist: I think ALL lives matter
And oddly enough the "purity police" put down their badges when it comes to things like voting rights, black lives m…
Do companies really think black lives matter or do they see profitable gains it will bring to their business? 🤔
Fifth Harmony: black lives matter. Dinah: i think ALL lives matter
imagine seeing a murder and your first thought is "I'm gonna use this to undermine the Black Lives Matter movement"
Black Lives Matter is completely silent about the Cleveland killer committing a massacre of black lives
Dad makes shirts for his "squad" in solidarity with Black Lives Matter via
I walked into a local coffee shop and was greated by a Black Lives Matter sign. I have never been happier to support a business.
Writing Black Lives Matter 100 times on their application? I got in via test scores and cold cash
I liked a video Eartha Kitt Said Black Lives Matter in 1968
As some white girl was ripped to shreds, some Muslim girl somewhere's got university degree's on black lives matter.
Story of 19 white women killed by Black Lives Matter supporter is fake news:
You, too, can get published in the New York Times and then call Black Lives Matter a plot by the FSB
As a Black; soon to be college graduate... I DENOUNCE this pathetic terrorist group called Black Lives Matter!
Black Lives Matter Just Launched a Major Campaign for the Age of Trump
Freida Pinto breaks down in tears after being attacked by Black Lives Matter activists who say she shouldn’t be in…
No! BLACK LIVES MATTER doesn't invalidate another race, it validates ours. Shows we're PROUD to be who we are. https:/…
This Muslim teen wrote '100 times as an answer on his Stanford…
Why don't black lives matter when a black kills a black? I will never understand you people
3 remarkable women started BLM from desperation. BLM has become a movement from a look at it's growth
Oh they forgot to bring their you need to make a donation to Black lives matter
If Putin really is spending his money bankrolling Black Lives Matter and sabotaging Hillary Clinton like these people c…
my mom saw a BLACK guy driving a car with a "police lives matter" sticker on it.
Black Lives Matter is not a Russian front or proxy. If it seemed to come out of nowhere, it's because you never noticed…
So for everybody out there for whom "Russia did Black Lives Matter!" or "Russia did Ferguson!" is not just wrong but dee…
This narrative damages Black Lives Matter and could be widened to damage other progressive movements and causes.
The right has been eager to paint Black Lives Matter and similar protests as non-genuine. The left has been all too eage…
Taken straight from the COINTELPRO handbook. NYPD had undercover cops infiltrate groups
LOL are backtracking after they lied about the whole "black lives matter activists/angry black girl bullies at…
Darren Seals, Ferguson orig. activist, martyred by killer cops, speaks out about Black Lives Matter. Despite...
Cool app Ahmed! Wanna bring it to the White House? Stanford accepts Muslim after he wrote Black Lives Matter 100 X's ht…
Pepsi ad was inspired by THIS Vietnam War protest picture - NOT Black Lives Matter
Kendall Jenner accused of 'mocking Black Lives Matter' in Pepsi advert
Black Lives don't matter. But the Jordan shoes do!
Remain aware & vigilant AND we can't let it stop us from doing the work.
BWA for BLM Offers Space for Dialogue Between Black Female Artists in NY, LA, Houston, and London…
Documents reveal details of how police posed as protesters following the death of Eric Garner
Blue Lives Matter in the face of epidemic Black violence incited by MEDIA,the enemy of mankind
Black Lives Matter Philly bans white people from ‘open meeting’
Woke Babe: Doesn't stand during the pledge. Hates social injustice. Believes black lives matter & men and women are equal…
Retired NYPD detective on new docs showing NYPD infiltrated, surveilled Black Lives Matter protests:
Scoop from NYPD infiltrated Black Lives Matter and gained access to organizers' group texts.
Forty-nine years after King was assassinated, the left’s organizing vanguards seek to continue his work.
More Heinous Racism in The Ranks of Black Lives Matter Hate Group. Why can't these be arrested for hate speech and inciting crime.
Black Lives Matter BANS white people - Allen B. West -
The Black Lives Matter movement can not be anti-police unless you concede that the police force is fundamentally anti-black
Nothing eery at all about police infiltrating peaceful protestors inner circles to monitor them.
This teen writes 100 times on college statement, gets accepted
This tells me that Black Lives Matter wants to increase the racial divide, rather than heal it. MLK would not approve. He…
Everyone can be and is rewarded for their proximity to the black struggle & Black Lives Matter except for black people.
Text messages show NYPD infiltrated BLM groups as small at 7. 🤔🤔🤔
This is honestly extremely disappointing to me. Not that he used black lives matter but that his "ess…
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While Israel boasts multiculturalism & diversity, it doesn't extend to a) Palestinians or b) Black people http…
Roseanne Barr - Roseanne Barr on Trump, Hillary, Black Lives Matter, and... via
New docs raised questions whether NYPD was acting in compliance with the department’s intelligence-gathering rules: https:/…
undercover NYPD officers infiltrated and spied on Black Lives Matter
Former NYPD detective acknowledges NYPD targets protest leaders to stop exercise of free speech. https…
We got 'em: NYPD records of undercover surveillance of the movement in NYC https:/…
The NYPD was spying on Black Lives Matter protesters over the past few years
A Muslim teen wrote '100 times on his Stanford application. . He got in
She felt he was being singled out because kids wear Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ pride shirts
Russians also tried to sow unrest in the U.S. by inflaming Occupy WallStreet protests & the Black Lives Matter move…
"“From the Black Lives Matter movement, to the environmental and Native American movements in opposition to the...
How can the phrase "Black Lives Matter" be inherently anti-police unless we also agree that policing institutions are inhe…
"The same folks in Occupy Wall Street turned into Black Lives Matter & now into anti-Trump" wut ignorance is this
Black Lives Matter to Join Forces with Wage Activists in 'Fight for $15' - Atlanta Black Star…
Trayvon Martin’s death has inspired Black Lives Matter movement and many activists: writers, painters and singers.…
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"At the end the of the day, the stories we tell matter to the very lives of our children." Rev. Dr. KBD . http…
I had been at the July Trump protest in Roanoke and when we chanted, "Black lives matter" the Trump supporters...
'Come on guys that's funny lemme hashtag it black lives matter cmon take one for the team'
Great piece not only featuring some amazing 2017 debut authors but highlighting the importance of books.
Still think about the time I got drunk and asked all my friends if I could hashtag our picture black lives matter they were all like 🙄🙄🙄
What's stand for? Black Lives Matter, or Bigoted Liberal Media?? Makes you think!^
Brief history of a nation divided by police shootings via
“The Hate U Give,” is one several novels that confront police brutality and racial profiling http…
A new crop of young adult novels explores race and police brutality
You know what... I'm just gonna say it. I don't care that u think all lives matter cause they don't black lives mat…
I find this extremely encouraging. (cc:
So. Here is a piece worth reading about YA novels dealing with police violence. (1/)
Shouts to the homies who kicked the door down: and
TFW article re makes you cry first thing on Monday morning
hasn't received any "Free Advertising" in a while. This is local in my area!😎
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that is incompatible with Western notions of freedom. She calls the Black Lives Matter movement a "very destructive force."...
do black lives matter when you are about to kill your enemy - Freddie Gibbs
How Black Lives Matter helped Angie Thomas find her voice and write the number one book in America
"If Black writing matters, it is because Black lives, too, must matter: we can’t celebrate culture without also...
I dont believe ONLY black lives matter. We all matter to God period.
'Black lives matter' literally means BLACK lives matter and not only 'Afro-American lives matter'. Your activism is very exc…
“This isn’t a literary trend. This is an issue of our time." Authors are tackling race + police for young adults:
Thank you for this awesome piece and the pics! Congrats to everyone involved! https…
Never underestimate the courage and curiosity of teenage readers.
Protestors gather outside BBC world HQ in London to protest Trumpism & show solidarity with Black Lives Matter, immigr…
RIP bros. For us to really have an argument in the BLM movement WE MUST show that Black Lives Matter to Us!
Look at baby girl's face while she's holding a book! More smiles like hers please! 😀
Can't wait to pub powerful GHOST BOYS - New Crop of YA Novels Explores Race and Police Brutality
I support Black Lives Matter and not just because I meet none of the criteria of this White Lives Matter group
because Blue Lives Matter and Back the Blue arose as a direct response to Black Lives Matter they are mutually exclusive imo.
Yep, supporting Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter are not mutually exclusive.
Sheriff Clarke IS RIGHT: Why isn't "Black Lives Matter" going to the inner cities to be heard or to help find solutions wi…
I have 4 so far. Black Lives Matter, Sarah Silverman, JK Rowling. complete but not p…
The YA Novel in America right now is a teenage look at Black Lives Matter.
Angela Davis: "people say why 'Black Lives Matter' not 'All Lives Matter'? I say when black lives matter, all lives *will*…
Yep: Black Lives Matter leads to Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen as assuredly as night follows day.
Black Lives Matter is to civil rights as Jeffrey Dahmer is to American cousine.
"Obama was in the White House and you still needed the Black Lives Matter movement." - Riz Ahmed
Bernie/Fight for 15/Black Lives Matter backer running for city council in Georgia
"The court is closed today because of a Black Lives Matter protest". "What? I thought you guys won that one". Kills me every time.
Leslie Jones makes fun of white women supporting Black Lives Matter via
"Gabby Giffords" If I had to choose a room with Jared Loughner in it, or Black Lives Matter, or Cal Berkeley protesters, I'm pick Jared.
Milo Yiannopoulos explains why black lives don't matter to Black Lives M...
Same ones marching at the Million Women March but find the Black Lives Matter marches disruptive and inconvenient. Same a…
"In the wake of the videotaped police slayings of two black men on opposite sides of the country this week, it’s...
Black Lives Matter would reject this rule because false narratives are where 90% of its propaganda comes from.
Reminder: What the Black Lives Matter movement is saying is "Black lives matter." If you're anti-BLM, what you're saying is…
Exclusive: 'Hunger Games' actress to star in Black Lives Matter YA novel adaptation
Genocide is not Healthcare: 28% of Abortions are Black Babies But Blacks are 12% of Population. LIVES MATTER?
"Black lives matter!". "Absolutely". "But isn't it sad that we have to have this conversation?". 😳
Today the Rochester City School District is observing “Black Lives Matter at School.”
black people lives matter too! Bc black people are currently facing a lot unjustified death throughout the United States
Why don't black people chant White Lives Matter?
And it was at this moment, that Jeffrey realised Black Lives Matter
Black church group in Missouri condemns Black Lives Matter statement on Israel
Laura Flanders is speaking with one of the leaders of the Caribbean/Black Lives Matter movement
An absolute honor to hear and meet Hawk Newsome, The President of Black Lives Matter, Greater New York!
I doubt she knows who Gregor Mendel is. Black Lives Matter co-founder calls white people ‘defects’ | Toronto
Black Lives Matter co-founder appears to label white people 'defects'...
Photography exhibit on Black Lives Matter protests opens at Gladstone Hotel in Toronto ::
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Going back to Flint, MI tomorrow morning with the Lake County Chapter of Black Lives Matter to check in with the...
Harvey Mudd College students take a leading voice in the Black Lives Matter movement. Learn more by visiting the...
"Black Lives Matter" getting an Ice Cream from Ben & Jerrys screamed red flag to me lol. Sounded like a Boondocks or Chappelle skit bruh
From his support for the Common Core State Standards to the Black Lives Matter movement, here are five things to...
Photo exhibit on Black Lives Matter opens at Gladestone Hotel
"He's gone after Black Lives Matter activists and has argued rape culture on campuses doesn't exist. He portrays...
Why do Black Lives Matter? Why is it so controversial to say "all lives matter" instead? Is i… by Jeremy M. Thompson
"I annoy the feminists & the Black Lives Matter guys probably almost as much as does." - Yiannopoulos.
I'll be back to the Black Lives Matter movement for substantially raising consciousness.
Read this list of 1,637 Black Lives Matter protests and other demonstrations / Elephrame
Black Lives Matter activist to speak at Northwest - Maryville Daily Forum
LIVE: NAACP, Black Lives Matter speaking about man who died after scuffle with officers
"Everybody wonders why the Black Lives Matter riots always remain in their own neighborhoods. It’s no secret.
I love my Dad and his custom printed poster defending Black Lives Matter and Planned Parenthood so *** much
It's a good day to hear a badass woman rap about video games, racism, IT & feminism. Listen to & read https:/…
All purpose parts banner
how did the Black Lives Matter movement start? Because minorities were rioting against police ( mainly white officers ) .
If "Black Lives Matter" offends you then you need to study more history
"im down with black lives matter.. I'm cool" 😂😂😂
40 million more Americans support the Black Lives Matter movement than voted for Donald Trump. . Together, we will win.
Black Lives Matter is chained in as the rain falls. No one is getting through to Inauguration from here.
Before tonight ends I want y'all to know Black Lives Matter & will always matter ✊🏿
The only sticky rhetoric from opposition groups in the last few years is Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street. Not…
Trump's not even taken the oath yet and already Black Lives Matter activists are being sold as slaves. Shocking. https:/…
Issues:. Screw the Environment. Screw World Peace. Feign ignorance about automation. Flex our muscles. Black Lives Don't…
WELL at least y'all can't blame this on 'Black Lives Matter'. Since I know that's a favorite go-to!
Yall don't think Obama helped black people because you expected the President to go on a black lives matter rant and get…
Black Lives Matter has shut down the Judiciary Square entrance to the inauguration. "Shut it down!!"
There is a huge difference in how fighting for "civil rights for all" vs black lives matter" comes over.
Saying black lives matter.means that black lives matter. No comparisons are made. goodbye with this nonsense
First they came for the Muslims, all the other non-Christians, the climate activists, the LGBT, the youth, Black Lives Matt…
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BREAKING: Black Lives Matter protest at entrance of the inauguration.
Red hats everywhere. Where do I get the one with Black Lives Matter on it?
Black Lives Matter marches on the entrance of the inauguration. "When black lives are under attack, what do we do? "Stand…
If you're screaming Black Lives Matter, but you're OK with what the cops did to Markeith Loyd, you are a hypocrite.
Black Lives Matter was created by 3 Black women, in reaction to Trayvon Martin's murder.
Wells Fargo finds "Black Lives Matter" to be "offensive" yet once had to pay $175 million after a race discrimination prob…
Black Lives Matter movement declares war on 'Israeli Apartheid'
And furthermore, if race adds additional barriers, then why is it called "BLACK" lives matter in the first place?
Consider Black Lives Matter. At it's heart, it's an appeal to civilization. "Don't kill us" is hardly a revolutionary statement.
Libturd Black Lives don't matter to me. Why would they matter to those white fools? OHh b/c they too are libturd…
That's a hilarious lie. I'd like you to cite evidence that Black Lives Matter fights for "all people," including whites.
black lives matter is a George soros funded :)
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