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Black Lives Matter

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because Blue Lives Matter and Back the Blue arose as a direct response to Black Lives Matter they are mutually exclusive imo.
Yep, supporting Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter are not mutually exclusive.
SHERIFF CLARKE IS RIGHT: Why isn't "Black Lives Matter" going to the inner cities to be heard or to help find solutions wi…
I have 4 so far. Black Lives Matter, Sarah Silverman, JK Rowling. complete but not p…
The YA Novel in America right now is a teenage look at Black Lives Matter.
Angela Davis: "people say why 'Black Lives Matter' not 'All Lives Matter'? I say when black lives matter, all lives *will*…
Yep: Black Lives Matter leads to Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen as assuredly as night follows day.
Black Lives Matter is to civil rights as Jeffrey Dahmer is to American cousine.
"Obama was in the White House and you still needed the Black Lives Matter movement." - Riz Ahmed
Bernie/Fight for 15/Black Lives Matter backer running for city council in Georgia
"The court is closed today because of a Black Lives Matter protest". "What? I thought you guys won that one". Kills me every time.
Leslie Jones makes fun of white women supporting Black Lives Matter via
"Gabby Giffords" If I had to choose a room with Jared Loughner in it, or Black Lives Matter, or Cal Berkeley protesters, I'm pick Jared.
Milo Yiannopoulos explains why black lives don't matter to Black Lives M...
Same ones marching at the Million Women March but find the Black Lives Matter marches disruptive and inconvenient. Same a…
"In the wake of the videotaped police slayings of two black men on opposite sides of the country this week, it’s...
Black Lives Matter would reject this rule because false narratives are where 90% of its propaganda comes from.
If ALL lives matter then don't White Lives Matter too? Just because I'm not BLACK I'm excluded from a MOVEMENT???..
Reminder: What the Black Lives Matter movement is saying is "Black lives matter." If you're anti-BLM, what you're saying is…
Exclusive: 'Hunger Games' actress to star in Black Lives Matter YA novel adaptation
Genocide is not Healthcare: 28% of Abortions are Black Babies But Blacks are 12% of Population. LIVES MATTER?
"Black lives matter!". "Absolutely". "But isn't it sad that we have to have this conversation?". 😳
Today the Rochester City School District is observing “Black Lives Matter at School.”
black people lives matter too! Bc black people are currently facing a lot unjustified death throughout the United States
Why don't black people chant White Lives Matter?
And it was at this moment, that Jeffrey realised Black Lives Matter
Black church group in Missouri condemns Black Lives Matter statement on Israel
Laura Flanders is speaking with one of the leaders of the Caribbean/Black Lives Matter movement
An absolute honor to hear and meet Hawk Newsome, The President of Black Lives Matter, Greater New York!
I doubt she knows who Gregor Mendel is. Black Lives Matter co-founder calls white people ‘defects’ | Toronto
Black Lives Matter co-founder appears to label white people 'defects'...
Photography exhibit on Black Lives Matter protests opens at Gladstone Hotel in Toronto ::
Going back to Flint, MI tomorrow morning with the Lake County Chapter of Black Lives Matter to check in with the...
Harvey Mudd College students take a leading voice in the Black Lives Matter movement. Learn more by visiting the...
"Black Lives Matter" getting an Ice Cream from Ben & Jerrys screamed red flag to me lol. Sounded like a Boondocks or Chappelle skit bruh
From his support for the Common Core State Standards to the Black Lives Matter movement, here are five things to...
Photo exhibit on Black Lives Matter opens at Gladestone Hotel
"He's gone after Black Lives Matter activists and has argued rape culture on campuses doesn't exist. He portrays...
Why do Black Lives Matter? Why is it so controversial to say "all lives matter" instead? Is i… by Jeremy M. Thompson
"I annoy the feminists & the Black Lives Matter guys probably almost as much as does." - Yiannopoulos.
I'll be back to the Black Lives Matter movement for substantially raising consciousness.
Read this list of 1,637 Black Lives Matter protests and other demonstrations / Elephrame
Black Lives Matter activist to speak at Northwest - Maryville Daily Forum
LIVE: NAACP, Black Lives Matter speaking about man who died after scuffle with officers
"Everybody wonders why the Black Lives Matter riots always remain in their own neighborhoods. It’s no secret.
I love my Dad and his custom printed poster defending Black Lives Matter and Planned Parenthood so *** much
It's a good day to hear a badass woman rap about video games, racism, IT & feminism. Listen to & read https:/…
how did the Black Lives Matter movement start? Because minorities were rioting against police ( mainly white officers ) .
If "Black Lives Matter" offends you then you need to study more history
"im down with black lives matter.. I'm cool" 😂😂😂
40 million more Americans support the Black Lives Matter movement than voted for Donald Trump. . Together, we will win.
Black Lives Matter is chained in as the rain falls. No one is getting through to Inauguration from here.
Before tonight ends I want y'all to know Black Lives Matter & will always matter ✊🏿
The only sticky rhetoric from opposition groups in the last few years is Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street. Not…
Trump's not even taken the oath yet and already Black Lives Matter activists are being sold as slaves. Shocking. https:/…
Issues:. Screw the Environment. Screw World Peace. Feign ignorance about automation. Flex our muscles. Black Lives Don't…
WELL at least y'all can't blame this on 'Black Lives Matter'. Since I know that's a favorite go-to!
Yall don't think Obama helped black people because you expected the President to go on a black lives matter rant and get…
Black Lives Matter has shut down the Judiciary Square entrance to the inauguration. "Shut it down!!"
There is a huge difference in how fighting for "civil rights for all" vs black lives matter" comes over.
Saying black lives matter.means that black lives matter. No comparisons are made. goodbye with this nonsense
First they came for the Muslims, all the other non-Christians, the climate activists, the LGBT, the youth, Black Lives Matt…
BREAKING: Black Lives Matter protest at entrance of the inauguration.
Red hats everywhere. Where do I get the one with Black Lives Matter on it?
Black Lives Matter marches on the entrance of the inauguration. "When black lives are under attack, what do we do? "Stand…
If you're screaming Black Lives Matter, but you're OK with what the cops did to Markeith Loyd, you are a hypocrite.
Black Lives Matter was created by 3 Black women, in reaction to Trayvon Martin's murder.
Wells Fargo finds "Black Lives Matter" to be "offensive" yet once had to pay $175 million after a race discrimination prob…
Black Lives Matter movement declares war on 'Israeli Apartheid'
And furthermore, if race adds additional barriers, then why is it called "BLACK" lives matter in the first place?
Consider Black Lives Matter. At it's heart, it's an appeal to civilization. "Don't kill us" is hardly a revolutionary statement.
Libturd Black Lives don't matter to me. Why would they matter to those white fools? OHh b/c they too are libturd…
That's a hilarious lie. I'd like you to cite evidence that Black Lives Matter fights for "all people," including whites.
black lives matter is a George Soros funded :)
So, "rightly," called racist? Well then. I'd call you a hypocrite, because by your logic- Black Lives Matter is racist.
Like taking drugs (testing for them), supporting Black Lives Matter should now be an added disqualification for hir…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
sis got a problem with BLACK ppl with BLACK lives matter in their bio? Im?? Gorl what???
"Black Lives Matter" suggests a cause that whites can join. "Women's March" suggests that men aren't the center of the known…
That's cute that you believe in slogan. BLM members have also helped burn down
BLACK LIVES MATTER IS A RACIST DOMESTIC TERRORIST GROUP. They are not a "black people advocacy group"
A police officer says 'Black Lives Matter' was written on his box of doughnuts.
Officer: 'Black Lives Matter' was written on doughnut box.
Well they were just so demoralized by finding out that Black Lives Matter
Knowing how wypipo love to lie on black lives matter he prob wrote it.
Why did you guys turn the cheerleader comment into a Black Lives Matter issue? Noone said "black cheerleader ".
Krispy Kreme employee gives a Cop a box of donuts with "Black Lives Matter" written on it. Fire that employee.
All this black lives matter talk and we still out here shooting each other...
Do you not agree Black lives matter divides in the same way, and is tribalistic in nature.
Teachers in Philadelphia plan a Black Lives Matter week
HEY I see Black Lives Matter TO has been awarded the William P. Hubbard Award for Race Relations.
Employee who wrote 'Black Lives Matter' on Officer's Order should be fired
All purpose parts banner
The Black Lives Matter Handy Dandy "How to Determine if Someone is a Racist Chart'...
Former superintendent of the Chicago Police Department claims is to blame for rising murder rates:
the man was clueless to black lives matter. It's clear he lives in a rich bubble.
Use of excessive force by Chicago police routine, US Dept. of Justice finds. Says racial discrimination rampant. BG
remember who is George Soros => the major donor for the Democratic Party and main sponsor of Black Lives Matter...
I liked a video Sheriff David Clarke confronts smug Black Lives Matter activist with statistics and
Another cop killed by a scumbag as Obama sits in his echo chamber of anti-cop sentiments and Black Lives Matter. https:/…
What country wouldn't want street gangs like Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street to enrich their political culture? h…
Like his comments about Prof Gates & the cop, Travon Martin, Ferguson, Dylan Roof, Black Lives Matter, Freddy Gray…
The ugly truth about Black Lives Matter via
I'd pin this, but people still need to know the truth about the Black Lives Matter movement. {{-_-}}.
Chicago police say no Black Lives Matter connection to torture suspects, despite reports circulating on social media
The same media which blames the Alt-Right for endless fake stories is aghast when Black Lives Matter is discussed relat…
TBT - From the Black Panthers to Black Lives Matter: 50 Yrs of Activist Art by Emory Douglas | via
All she needs to do now is say Black Lives Matter and she'll be wifey material
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Maybe Garry McCarthy should take a break from his press tour.
We've been over this before. The "Ferguson Effect" is a debunked myth with no basis in reality.
didn't I say all lives matter, all colors, religions and so forth, not just black Lives, everyone on this planet
I liked a video Ben Shapiro utterly demolishes Black Lives Matter once and for all.
Shame. The woman who played Kyra, in Nickelodeon's Kenan & Kel, is now a Black Lives Matter 'activist', and hates police.
Black Lives Matter is Fake, Created by Jews, Controlled by the LGBT - Illuminati Exposed -
Chicago’s former top cop blames city murder rate on Black Lives Matter
oh idk maybe Katy Perry has used her social media to promote black lives matter, standing rock, & getting young people t…
Now Black Lives Matter activists spit in Police officer’s Starbucks. And they are proud of that.
Black Lives Matter has a created a “political atmosphere of anti-police sentiment” across the country.
Black Lives Matter activist chant for the killings of cops. Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization.
But you see, Black Lives Matter is the real problem.
Black Lives Matter should have made theirs name "Black Lives Matter, Too"
No one that's had a Black woman's greens believes this. And let's not All Lives Matter soul food, beloveds.
Perhaps Black lives don't matter in the US because Native American lives don't matter
. Whether black lives matter or not, Chicago is running out of them!
Former Chicago top cop blames Black Lives Matter for surge in violence
" was McCarthy's police department that killed Laquan McDonald & hid the video for a year" speaking truth htt…
(Only) Black Lives Matter riots probably had as much to do w/ 's election as anything. People get tired of t…
Black Lives Matter thugs love to look and act like this yet then they shocked when they get shot and killed by the police. I…
can't wait for all those NBC News segments on why Black Lives Matter is bad
HOW MANY TIMES, am I gonna hear people say "oh MLK would have never blocked a highway! NEVER!"? Just google it:
Chicago's former top cop tries to blame the city's homicide rate on -
Black Lives Matter partners with J. Walter Thompson New York for website promoting black businesses…
Kelly Bensimon addressed the crowd and reminded everyone that Black Lives Matter.
"I hope we leave Black Lives Matter in 2016 because ALL lives matt-"
This is a "Black Lives Matter inspired cop killing." No other hateful ideology vilifies cops like they do.
Black Lives Matter is racist... where are the people saying White Lives Matter? That's what we really need!!
How to support the Black Lives Matter movement as a white ally
Why law center says White Lives Matter is a hate group but Black Lives Matter is not? Anyone know??!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
why does Black Lives Matter demand "White Free Spaces" on college campuses if they aren't racist?
The Black Conservative: John McWhorter ― Black Lives Matter is ‘woke’ to o...
Black Lives Matter shill refuses to help woman stranded in blizzard bc she has Trump car sticker.
That's why Black Lives Matter is so unpopular and ignored.
Many of us expected race relations to improve,instead we had the rise of the so called "tea party" on the right and…
Why don't they do satire against Islamic fascists, Black lives matter racists and environmentalist fundamentalists? htt…
Black Lives Matter, LGBT matter woman matter, where are you ON THE ELDERLY! We got screwed again on SS. Go to work for US
claim they aren't racist. Its hard to believe when all police threaten private companies over a shirt that s…
Maybe they should make a deal to remove all the Blue Lives Matter bootlicker items, too. . - LF
It's going to be a fun four years. That Black Lives Matter t-shirt debacle is just the beginning.
Yes! launched an amazing Black business directory!
In Philly, it's a bunch of wypipo women or black women who are All Lives Matter.
Look at Black Lives Matter. Burning down cities and beating white people because a criminal got shot
Is the movement anti-police? Activist and writer tells why it's not
Fraternal Order of Police condemns Amazon for selling pro-Black Lives Matter merchandise
Now I sit here. seeing you murder each other. screaming Black lives matter. My life didn't matter to you. you are pack of LIARS
Police claim "All lives matter" unless you want to say black lives matter than they freak out and boycott. ***
Black Lives Matter launches website to promote black-owned businesses
People who compare the KKK to black lives matter are either lazy or stupid either way your opinion is null and void.
No ppl more racist than the Black Lives Matter movement? Hopefully nytimes will be gone soon. Talk about playing rac…
I'm black AND white... Panda lives matter
Is Christmas a 'white' holiday? This group caused quite a stir when they implied so:
"Water is life, and we must all fight to protect it.” via our partner,
I support the "request". I find T phrase "black live matters" offensive. Blk on Blk crime kills mor blks than COPS
Chris Brown screamed Black Lives Matter on a selfie video while police had his house surrounded ! Never forget !
.book of poems called "Counting Descent" is an introduction to poetry in the era of .
2016 was the year Black Lives Matter went truly global.
Black Lives Matter is now considered a Security Threat Group (Street Gang) in corrections, White Nationalists
The former head of Northern Utah's Black Lives Matter protested w/ me because it's common sense…
Update: Fraternal Order of Police now asking Amazon to stop allowing sales of Black Lives Matter shirts
Hamilton Collection
Walmart to stop selling 'Bulletproof: Black Lives Matter' shirts after police protest
Walmart to stop selling "Bulletproof: Black Lives Matter" shirts after police protest Boycott
Fraternal Order of Police asks WALMART to stop selling 'Black Lives Matter' shirts...
Don't ever let them tell you they don't "get it" when it comes to Black Lives Matter. . They're using our reasons verbatim for…
So the next time Walmart has an active shooter or even a shoplifter, let them call Black Lives Matter! Problem solved!
you won't sell All Lives Matter Merchandise, you caved to Black Lives. BOYCOTT WALMART NOW. YOU just lost a customer.
I think it's awesome actually.. Now they can be identified and taken down like the scum they are.. Thanks 😉. http…
And yet to people like you, Clark, Colin Kaepernick and Black Lives Matter are dangerous. Pathetic.
In the studio dropping the black lives matter track ✊🏿
All lives will matter when black lives matter.
I decided to verify the information for myself. Walmart indeed sells Black Lives Matter gear, thus proving it too... ht…
all lives matter to God claiming that black lives matter is idolatry. God changes Wicked Hearts skin color don't matter
waged by Black Lives Matter and their white allies in mainstream media.
When you tell a black man that black LBGTQ & black women's lives matter, too.
Black Lives Matter made my Christmas card list for 2016. This is not fake news. Blue Lives Matter.
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if you search for Blue Lives Matter shirts on you get black lives matter shirts=NOT good..
White Person: This Black Guy says "All Lives Matter". Me: What's your point?. White Person: Well what do you...
Degenerate dems arent smart enough to know, we dont believe anything they say w/o evidence, ?.
94% of all blacks that get shot and killed are killed by. other blacks! If black lives matter why are we killing each othe…
Obama stated that America has been a better place with his policies yeah if you are a Muslim, Criminal, Illegal or a Black Lives Matter thug
Canadian non-profit thwarts on Black Lives Matter website
How used performance to create unforgettable 2016 moments:
Black Lives Matter Beats and Drags Old Man by Car Down Street for Voting Trump (Video) -
In 2016, Toronto was one of the city's most significant change-makers.
Yes, Humanists Should Partner with Black Lives Matter: When I was on my Texas speaking tour…
are you selling or promoting black lives matter merchandise? I would like to know because if so I will take my $ elsewhere
Black Lives Matter unless you're Planned Parenthood, the killer of black lives. Stop funding murderers with governme…
How can Walmart sell Black lives matter shirts but say "All lives matter" is offensive & they banned it!
Then I request that the Confederate items be returned to the shelves. I am as offended by Black Lives Matter as the…
not so big on Black Lives Matter, HUGE on Inanimate Flags Matter.
Order Miche Bag Online!
You’re right Black Lives Matter does beat the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy... At hypocrisy and destroyin’ their own commun…
thanks for putting the facts to that guy about history of race division in America and Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter - Support Statement and Call to Action for Aneiceia Moore. 12/9/16- It has been...
Black Lives Matter takes new approach via Crusader
Black Lives Matter activist will seek seat on Oklahoma City Council.
1/2. The father of Patrick Zamarripa filed a lawsuit in the US District Court in Dallas on Monday against George Soros, Black Lives Matter
Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wis., links attacks on police to Black Lives Matter visit with Barack Obama. Mostly False.
Exactly how much has "Black Lives Matter" collected and who exactly are their donors? Time to get a financial state…
Trevor Noah challenging Tomi Lahren and her stance on Black Lives Matter, her racist narratives, Donald Trump and more https:…
How the Jim Crow internet is pushing back against Black Lives Matter
at Lil Wayne & Kevin Gates for not caring about Black Lives Matter
Trevor discusses Black Lives Matter, Colin Kaepernick and more with Tomi Lahren.
Trevor and discuss Trump, Black Lives Matter, Colin Kaepernick, and much more.
🚨Must Watch🚨. Tomi Lahren gets destroyed on The Daily Show by Trevor Noah for calling Black Lives Matter the new KKK. "I…
Here's part 2 of Tomi Lahren on The Daily Show explaining to Trevor Noah why she dislikes "Black Lives Matter" so much. ht…
'Stop blaming police': Pastor says Black Lives Matter has it all wrong
"Jennifer Roberts by taking Black Lives Matter seriously & by offering an economic agenda to the working class.".
Have people started arbitrarily blaming the Ohio State University shooting on Black Lives Matter yet?
BUT, it seems equally relevant that the democratizing effects of faster communication has given rise to Arab Spring and Black Lives Matter.
Eisenstein meets Black Lives Matter in the latest show from the artist Robert Longo
he also made a donation to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church he grew up in & he made a donation to Black Lives Matter.
Black Lives Matter say Canada would be a better place for black people is Papa Doc Duvalier or Idi Amin were PM / Dictator.
Black Lives Matter activists, George Soros sued over Dallas cop Shootings "Bullying in the Age of Trump"
Ive noticed when these crime shows do "Black Lives Matter" episodes they always portray protesters as violent&shootin a cop…
"Even if everyone didn’t agree politically, at the very least, we deserved to have our collective humanity...
WILL CONTINUE Black Lives matters founders REJECT Trump's promise to govern for all
And specfically asserting that black lives matter, if you will. It's disgusting.
And don't forget the murders against whites by Black Lives Matter!
Reminder: Black Lives Matter is not "divisive," it's simply illuminating the divisions that already exist. White supremacy…
Does the "fake news" crisis apply to Rolling Stone's rape story? Black Lives Matter? The endless hate hoaxes?.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
If Black lives don't matter, then Black Dollars you won't have!
"The work will be harder, but the work is the same."
FUND a reward for a DNA sample from that will be submitted to to evaluate his blackness:
Alan Dershowitz called Black Lives Matter antisemitic based on nothing but thinks it unfair to call Bannon an antisemite bc…
For golfing every week on taxpayer $, hanging w celebrities, & inviting black lives matter to the WH instead o…
How much did embracing Black Lives Matter hurt Clinton? . Missouri went from McCain by 0.1% to Romney by 9.4% to Trump by…
You know what? Oil is death, water is life, black lives matter, not one more deportation, still sanders, & fully automated luxury communism.
We need to start doing this during the and Black Lives Matter protests 😂
passed a resolution supporting black students and the Black Lives Matter movement 27-0, with 3 abstaining
Black Lives Matter Terrorist Leaders Tell Americans "Throw out the Constitution or there will be bullets" htt…
MT Black Marine speaks directly to movement in excoriating video message.
Glamour honors Miuccia Prada, Gwen Stefani, Black Lives Matter founders, Bono at Women of the Year event - Los Ang…
this is not okay. please share. Blevins, AR school board member in blackface.
Dershowitz now calls Black Lives Matter anti-semitic for their statement on Israeli apartheid.
yes, all lives do matter, but people say "black lives matter" because of systematic oppression against black Americans.
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"Does black lives matter or does the mid matter?"
Was Dershowitz being “careful” when he said Black Lives Matter was guilty of an anti-Semitic “blood libel”?
An 80-year old Bobby Seale's advice for Black Lives Matter: "You have to be there where the laws are made." .
If you're committed to wearing a safety pin for solidarity, might I suggest a Black Lives Matter pin, or Pride pin instead?
They really had Black Lives Matter and "The Rebel Flag Represents Southern Pride" in the same team in DBZ lol
"This is why we’ve been saying that Black Lives Matter and Water Is Life.” Never letting anything slide
Paulo Freire would be disgusted by violent Black Lives Matter protests.
'Not with her' - Black Lives Matter protest campaign office in
At rally: 'Her Lies Matter.' 'What about black lives ? Do they matter?' 'No. Her lies matter.'
Instead of making case that small gov is better we spend our time opposing a movement that says black lives matter. Then wonder why we lose.
Glenn Beck now supports Black Lives Matter, says 'Obama made me a better man'
Chicago whites demonstrate against after black shot; national media trying to hush story through election day. https…
A cop's wife got caught robbing and vandalizing her own home & trying to pin it on BLM.
Black lives don't matter because he drove in front of him 😂😂
Today in 1999 Lil Wayne drops solo debut Tha Block is Hot. Black Lives don't Matter but who he runnin from?
Black lives don't matter...but the very light you slammed your brakes at was made by a black man. 🤔 intriguing. https:…
T.I. calls out Lil Wayne for dismissing “You must stop this buffoonery”
Make no mistake, when ppl yell "Blue Lives Matter" after Black ppl are killed, they are celebrating our murder.
Officer sues Black Lives Matter activist over protest injury
T.I. calls out Lil Wayne for his comments, Wayne responds
How white ppl can yell Blue Lives Matter when a cop kills a black person but not when a white person kills a cop is very…
Remember when the media told us the Tea Party was violent and dangerous, while Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street gen…
Black Lives Matter is like the grandchild of the Black Panther Party.
"Y'all support Black Lives Matter but won't support the Black nuclear family. Which is man, woman & child.". Let's discus…
"Lil Wayne, what are your thoughts on Black Lives Matter?". Wayne:
Today for America Day we decided to take a stand and support Black Lives Matter ✊🏾
If you believe All Lives Matter, then you should have no problem when we say Black Lives Matter. Am I right?
Lil Wayne and his views on the Black Lives Matter movement... 😳
I thought that BLM (Black Lives Matter) knew that Deray was a fraud hired by Hillary Clinton? She paid him over 180K to end…
Black Lives Matter on the other hand has caused far worse racial tension, and a rise in the murder of our men and w…
Will Fox News cancel inviting Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke for Black Lives Matter analysis after learning identity of Des Moine…
Former Black Lives Matter Leader Says Movement Is ‘on the Wrong Side of History’ via
How can we say Black Lives Matter but we still killing each other in our own neighborhoods and expect for somebody else to re…
What is he teaching?: Black lives do not matter top other blacks>?
Elaine Brown of the Black Panther Party says Black Lives Matter does NOT have an ideology.
Congrats are in order for founder's of who have been honored as Women Of the Year:
PSA: if I'm killed by police do NOT allow "Black Lives Matter" to get involved & start creating ways to make money off…
Lil Wayne doesn't know what Black Lives Matter is
Interviewer: So do black lives matter? Does it affect you?. Lil Wayne:
Lil Wayne doesn't care about the Black Lives Matter movement. So stop caring about why Birdman robbed him
Although back in August, Lil Wayne said "clothes don't matter. Cars don't matter. Nothing else matters cause Black…
Deray went to jail in the name of black lives matter and when he was asked about where the money goes he disaffiliates with the org LMAOOO
If you can understand why this is stupid, you can understand the Black lives matter vs All Lives matter debate too
Interviewer: Do you feel connected to the Black Lives Matter Movement?. Lil Wayne:
Lil Wayne: "Black Lives Matter Don't Matter to Me." (It's like Trump saying David Duke & KKK don't matter to him!) http…
The problem isn't Deray or Netta. It's that folks don't know there's an ACTUAL black lives matter organization.
Yall trying to drag & because yall had no idea that Black Lives Matter was an actual organization long…
Lil Wayne says he "ain't connected" to the Black Lives Matter movement
.on Black Lives Matter: "I don't feel connected to a *** thing that ain't got nothing to do with me."
white people gon look at this and say "see we told you blacks y'all lives matter even another black said so!" Like he relevant
"The press has failed HBCUs and Morgan because the press has not acknowledged that Black lives and Black institutions matt…
All this outrage over Lil Wayne's take on Black Lives Matter reminds me of the wise words of Dave Chappelle... htt…
Cashier: Would you like to donate $1 to the Black Lives Matter movement?. Lil Wayne:
interviewer: so do black lives matter ? does it AFFECT you?. Lil Wayne:
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