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Black Hole

A black hole is a region of spacetime from which nothing, not even light, can escape.

"Black Hole", the 9 minute long Two Tongues song, came on while I wait minutes for this one computer code to run at 2:50am. Seems fitting.
On page 125 of 368 of Black Hole, by Charles Burns
5-0 outside the Black Hole! Next four games at home: DEN, HOU (at Azteca Stadium after bye week), CAR and BUF
instead of good, Hawks fans refer to Joe Johnson as the Black Hole of Ball movement!
Westworld, new sci fi series, has a boss rendition of Black Hole sun in player piano style. Also: a wicked...
Simulation of what you would see if you fell into a Black Hole.
Neil deGrasse Tyson Is a Black Hole, Sucking the Fun Out of the Universe via
Red Matter of Star Trek fame. To create a Black Hole @ in the core of Vulcan only need be a super dense drop of matter.
26. Visit the hockey hall of fame, attend Wacken Open Air, and attend a Raiders game from the Black Hole
No that's great! Thanks. Lately I've had John Barry's 76 King Kong playing along with his Black Hole score.
“A good bookshop is just a genteel Black Hole that knows how to read.” . ― Terry Pratchett, Guards! Guards!
This poster is a thing of beauty. The John Barry soundtrack too (just before his Black Hole score).
Detail looking into my latest sculpture 'Through the Black Hole'
Don't go into the Black Hole of ridiculousness & show your Angular Momentum about Cosmic Inflation in your pants about ***
This is your chance to remix Start Over & win a release on Black Hole! https:/…
In both cases prof Leonard Susskind is right. A Black Hole eats via its surface, but, inside, it's a BigBang hole.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Has anyone conclusively determined that there is no relationship between the Cloud and the Black Hole which is...
I liked a video from When you Fall into a Black Hole | OMG! The Science Show
."Black Hole" and amazing late 70's movie. Maximilian Schell absolutely majestic!
Black Hole! It Is I Who Makes You See in the Drive-in. Domingo López García. Fiberglass and variants and 6 photolithograph, printed in color
Did he mean Hole Country? Quota Black Hole is astounding to say the least.
It's the serious questions can't answer - how much will he hike council tax to pay for £1.9BN black hole?
A black hole is probably the most powerful entity in the universe after gorillataur
Fast radio burst 'afterglow' that was hoped would pinpoint ‘alien signals’: The discovery was made by Harvard...
Kris O'Neil, from Black Hole Recordings contacted me this morning in email... ya that "merlin" place.
Fast radio burst “afterglow” was actually a flickering black hole -
Science is amazing! But all I have are more questions! Incredible...just can't wait to find out more!
Stephan hawking guide to black hole. |
You need to understand something.. The office of the vp is a political black hole
Astronomers have caught a glimpse of the base of a powerful jet close to a black hole!
Blac Chyna really must have that Black Magic because Rob Kardashian was a fat mole in a hole before she came along.
What has filled the budgetary black hole? £1050m to £800m to £270m.
If black holes contain condensed gravitons, then information might be immortal:
Temperatures inside this black hole reach 10 trillion° K/18 trillion° F.
Black hole jets are much hotter than expected >>
Nigeria is really just a black hole.
Incredible interesting article, photos, and video concenring black holes
Taking a picture of the black hole at the centre of our galaxy is equivalent to taking a picture of a DVD on the surface of the moon.
.has ADD.. "Hmm I need new loeeehhh look a scary looking black hole.let's put my hand in it"
Elusive Japanese black hole seeking satellite breaks silence .
Elusive Japanese black hole seeking satellite breaks silence
Lol Saga too clingy he knows how to pull me back into that black hole of doom with that bassist skill of his.
kind of team a program is built around. You mentioned a win would create a black hole for recruiting though 4 Temp/St.J.
Black Hole jets Hotter than expected. Space com.
The "Osborne tax" to fund vital adult care services still leaves a potential billion-pound black hole
drifting towards a black hole of love. I know there's no way out. & it's okay. It's ripping me apart & it's too much pain…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Awesome, Ingrid and the Black Hole will be screening in Telefilm's Canada: Not Short on Talent…
My continue to make big moves in FA. Love it! Welcome to the Black Hole
The Spider's War by Daniel Abraham. Just finished Black Hole by Bucky Sinister. How about you?
Michael Jordan: The Black Hole. Why he is not the untouchable GOAT everyone says he is.
My mom wants me to do what she wants but I just want to do what I want for myself Brazoria County is the Black Hole let me get TF out
He did the voice over in 2001 Space Odyssey and the Black Hole.
Lilith's vulva or my personal Black Hole. Another canvas for JustMad Art Fair and Durán Arte y Subastas. . :) . You...
My favorite memory at Oakland Coliseum. td in overtime in front of Black Hole. 2002.
Some ppl are restructuring DNA; some ppl are discovering Black Hole collisions; other ppl are beheading ppl over fairy tales. Weird, huh?
Saw this beauty at the pinball hall of fame, had to play it! Do you dare enter the Black Hole?
Kenyan Drake said Alabama's package with DTs A'Shawn Robinson & Jarran Reed as lead blockers for Derrick Henry is called "Black Hole."
Radio telescopes around globe set to take first ever picture of Black Hole's event horizon 2017
I liked a video from How to Build a Black Hole | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios
Across the Universe and into a Black Hole
Had nice chat w/Dr. Death, of Black Hole fame. Like Joe Buck (StL)+Nick Hardwick (SD), Death speaks in MMQB on possible last nite for Raids.
Big's Updates: Did You See This? Nightmare season for Chargers continues with overtime loss in Black Hole
Charles Woodson steps into the Black Hole for the final time tonight.
A Woodson intro to end his career in the Black Hole would only be right
Brings a whole new meaning to 'A Black Hole'
SPECIAL FUNDRAISING SCREENING - Black Hole. Melbourne - Thurs 17th Dec. Now it's time to take Black Hole overseas,...
James Harden is a Black Hole. Basketballs go in, and never come back out.
The unsynchronized and imbalanced orbits of stars around a Black Hole.
Treasure of the Black Hole by is an outrageously fun, easy read that is almost impossible to put down. 4 …
Finally got around to reading straight through Charles Burns' X'ed Out, The Hive and Sugar Skull. Solid follow up to Black Hole
Death by Black Hole and Other Cosmic Quandaries by Neil deGrasse Tyson is a New York Times bestseller! Thanks everyone❤️
You know Steven Hawking once bet an annual subscription to on a Black Hole theory...
No way in *** I would go in the Black Hole with an opposing team's jersey on. White people are crazy.
Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf Attends Raiders vs. Ravens game, and visits Dr. Death in the Black Hole!
EVENT: 'Black Hole' reveals corruption & community resistance in the Leard State Forest. Don't miss it! Tickets:
My latest remix. This time for Brian Magix's 'Once In A Lifetime'!. Released by AVA Recordings [Black Hole...
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Were The Ancients aware of the Black Hole at the Galactic Center ? --
From "Red Couch"to "Black Hole"- on BART to meet Sgt Nick Starks & KevinGraves father of Fallen Hero Joseph Graves
David Morgan: Silver Update Plus Debt at the Center of the Black Hole of Our Problems " by on
You need to plug the micro black hole in the bottom of the mug. They like coffee too.
YouTube is a black hole. It's a filter clogged with 1 billion + songs. - an equal opportunity path to mass acclaim.
College just makes me want to jump into a black hole
This is what Earth might look like if it was destroyed by a black hole.
Jeremy Hill and Dre Kirkpatrick both asked about the intimidation of the black hole. Both responded: "I played in the SEC."
Volunteer hunters as good as the experts
Update and I are still trying to take notes while being in a black hole aka lecture
Good introduction to the information paradox of black holes. I think information conservation is the problem:
so u think Lebron is a ball hog? U think people flock 2 play with him cuz he's a black hole.. like u know who?
The largest known black hole has a diameter of 1 trillion kilometers, more than 190 times the distance from the Sun to Pluto.
I don't think people understand how good of a song Black Hole Sun is by Soundgarden
I'm tired of pretending like everything's fine when I keep sinking further into a black hole
Want to know what happens after you pass through a black hole? Just look around you. You might land in another universe that …
Scottish universities fear £450m financial black hole: SCOTTISH universities fear the loss of up to... … http…
New podcast: Hawking's take on a black hole paradox, closing quantum loopholes, and world-saving ideas
Once fired, it creates a black hole that will suck Bill into the void.
On August 24, Professor Stephen Hawking presented a new theory about black holes at Stockholm’s KTH Royal Institut…
8 September 2015 in News: Citizen scientists make good black-hole hunters - Astronomy Now Online
black hole is the definition of Bop
Will China continue on its path of slowdown or will it spiral out of control? It's all down to consumption
Do we live inside a black hole?: Maybe some star collapsed and a newly born black hole tore the...
Citizen scientists make good black-hole hunters: Trained volunteers are as good as professional astronomers at...
Just colored 's butt cheek w a black marker bc she had a hole in her leggings
There’s a Water Slide in Germany Called the Black Hole and It Looks Awesome.
I liked a video from BLACK HOLE SUN! | Universe Sandbox ²
Think blog wise I have fallen down a PR black hole ...
Everything's in order in a black hole,. Nothing seems as pretty as the past.
Donald Trump will implode but that will actually make him stronger. He's the black hole that will suck us out of existence.
the coolest way to die would be getting sucked into a black hole! Sharks are kind of lame...
Leo Burnett launches rural marketing unit in India to tackle 'black hole' in ... - Mumbrella Asia |
RIP to my low rise black converse of 3 years, the hole in your sole matches the hole in my heart 💔
I'd rather see Tron 3 & The Black Hole reboot than yet another la remake of your animated classics.
Preseason is over! On to week 1! Can't wait to hear how loud the Black Hole gets at !
Smallest Known "Supermassive" Black Hole at the Center of a Galaxy discovered
A Simple Way to Retrieve Info You Lost in a Black Hole (via
you got it. The "flashing lights" of fame is the Event Horizon for the Black Hole of Financial Turmoil.
Tim Murray & Maxime Solemn - Black Hole (Official Music Video) via For those who missed it the other day :)
Sun: "But, I don't want to be a white dwarf, I want to be like you.". Black Hole: "Sun, you should of eaten all of your nebula…
I liked a video from Stephen Hawking Stops a Black Hole - Scribblenauts - Part 19
20 June 1756. 150 British soldiers were imprisoned in a cell in India that became known as the "Black Hole of Calcutta".
"shedding Light on the Black Hole of Market Data" : .and Joe Esposito and Liam Sweeney
If you ever get the chance, Black Hole by Charles Burns and Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron by Daniel Clowes are both great.
Photo: Black Hole by COL Gregory Gadson Country Road off of I95 near Susquehanna River, Infrared...
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