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Black History

Black History Month, also known as African-American History Month, is an annual observance in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom for remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African diaspora.

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Today, in Black History, on August 23, 1917, there was the Houston, Texas Race Riot. . Around noon August 23,...
Why This Author Murdered by the Police in 1968 Matters Right Now - Black History - EBONY
Today in Black History (1966): Stokely Carmichael changed the civil rights mantra from "Freedom" to "Black Power." htt…
This Day in Black History: Aug. 3, 1960. Niger Independence. The flag of the United Nations flies above the...
In the American version of "Black History" we aren't even the lead characters or heroes. Those roles have been given to the gov & courts.
Denying slavery is how whites deny Black heroism. America's greatest heroes are Black. US history is Black History.
BOOK NOW 4 Black History tour of the British Museum this SAT. Pre-booking only
Black History: July 6,1957, Althea Gibson wins women's singles title at Wimbledon. The first African-American to...
We taking down all the MLK and Rosa Park street signs too? Black History Month? Come on people your disgracing our hi…
Today in Black History for July 3rd. 1. . 1983 - Calvin Smith, fastest man alive. Calvin Smith of US becomes the...
How you gonna be married to a black person and share a post quoting Morgan Freeman disapproving of Black History Month tf.
I learned HIStory K-12 (even in Black History class). Majoring in History, minoring in Africana Studies changed all that ✊
The answer to Black History Month or Hispanic Heritage month or Asian Heritage month is.July 4th every year We R all Americans
'Caucasian Heritage *Night' has been rescheduled during 'Black History *Month'. next census check the white guilt box.
I did a list of slave-owning Presidents for Black History Month. Can't find it. Here's one from another site.
Karl Johnson will always be my favorite teacher. He introduced me to real Black History, never let me be mediocre or too coc…
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Today in Black History: June 3rd. This is brought to you by June 3, 1919. Liberty Life Insurance Company...
In today's news. A little known Black History fact. Did you know that on today June 2 1863 Harriet Tubman led...
Today in Black History features to honour her outstanding achievements from childhood to date. RESPECT..
yes, I saw 'June 2010' too. I've created a 'Black Calendar' FB pg for 'Today in Black History' so exact dates would've been ideal
Today in Black History: . Lincoln University, Penn, the first Black college in the US founded by Prebyts, 1854
Besides the Shackle sneaker (Jeremy Scott) Adidas has the best record in Black History. From Jesse Owens to Janet Jackson to Kanye.
Today in Black History, blues legend passed at 89. Rest in Power, Brother.
Make you a deal - you give up Black History Month, black music awards, Hispanic music awards, *** college fund...
Today in Black History: 1950 Gwendolyn Brooks became 1st Black to win Pulitzer for poetry
Happy to be participating in the Black History 'Read-In' at Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church in Palm Bay.
Today in Black History:. Matthew Henson explorer in expedition of six to reach North Pole, 1909
Today in Black History for April 3rd . Rainey, Ma(Gertrude Bridget) Born april 3, 1888. Known as the"Mother of...
Join us as we celebrate Black History on Sesame Street! Today we honor Matt Robinson and Dr. Long! htt…
A short video and interview featuring the Black History 101 Mobile Museum.
Today in Black History, 8/8/2013 - On July 12, 1976, Barbara Jordan became the first African America
to "thank u 4 existing ...I grew up in a town that didn't have a Black History museum." Donated $5,000
Black history bulldozed for another Starbucks: Against the new Baltimore
lets do something for the first time in history impeach the first black pres that would be something for Obama to be p…
Ive seen more posts about national puppy day than Black History Month
When asked to respond or get involved when violence happens in the Black communities, wait is this Black …
Today's my main thang's birthday! She was the one who taught me most about black history before I was…
Winter break , my birthday , Valentine's Day , Black History Month , ground hogs day , our first president birthday 😏 same as me
Leashing the Black Dog: What Causes Depression?: . In our previous article in this series on the history of dep...
Decorated cop slays Black girl after mistaking library book for hand grenade. Victim had a troubling history of …
He urged people to think about printing out their treasured photos and
When the KKK played a game of Baseball against an all Black team.
history right there. First black president following you!
Anonymous said: Black History Month is over, stay within your guidelines and wait til next year.
“plus you can't be Muslim, you are black.” Read a history book bruh
nobody cares for that month. Do you even celebrate Black History Month?
Did you know the first slave owner in America was black. Take a does of Dinesh for real history
This has been a great day full of good food and black history. Ended with Savannah State University.
Many African-American parents try to extend black history lessons beyond February
You can't tell me there's a better day than except maybe or Black History Month as a whole
Whiley sawmill roof collapse 'end of an era': A piece of Nova Scotia's black history is gone after a roof collapse…
Glad to see national puppy day got more recognition than Black History Month 😊👏✊... gotta love them dogs ☺
Some of the greatest philosophers in history have been black&brown but they're relegated to the "other" section of our…
Black history bulldozed for another Starbucks: wonders if he belongs in "the new Baltimore"
Meet the ancestors: DNA study pinpoints Namibia as home to the world’s most ancient race.
Never in the history of "niggadom" have you heard or will you hear of a black man committing suicide by hanging himself. Not never.
On Day 1 of Black History Month, we remember the invaluable contributions of Mr. Don Cornelius to our society. Love, peace and soul my ppl.
Some amazing black and white photos bought back to life by colour! . Fantastic images > . http:…
Black History Month ends... Mark Henry gets hurried and David Otunga gets excluded from selfies? Coincidence? I'm not so sure.
Egyptians were black not white. Cowboys were primarily black not white. Majority of the world's ancestry comes from AFRICA K…
This Day in Black History: March 19, 1894. Comedienne and actor Moms Mabley was born. Loretta Mary Aiken, best...
My new sounds: A Story for Black History – Bishop Charles E. Blake on
Our theme for February was Black History. Here in my program your child will get a Head Start towards his or her...
On the 41st day of Black History . We honor Thurgood Marshall✊. Thurgood Marshall was a courageous…
Check out Yale's FREE 25-lecture online Black History course. "AA History: From Emancipation to the Present"
March 11... This day in Black History... Our History... 1861 - Confederate Congress, meeting in Montgomery,...
International Women's day on shortest day, Black History Month on shortest month, Hispanic Heritage doesn't have a dedicated month.
Does this mean you don't agree with Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage month etc.?
Black History Month is the shortest month of the year. Coincidence? I think not. So it's our right to want to extend the celebration
Thanks to the International Student Services! Had great time at the Black History dinner!
Following February as Black History Month, March is National Women's Month with March 8th being International Women's day.
Black History present Nat King Cole and Eartha Kitt of Boomerang wit Eddie Murphy' . Now that's history!!!
Soul Sisters by from last year, appropriate now cause of Black History Month.
Checking out Donna Brazil tonight and celebrating Black History Month.
Our students are leading the school in celebrating Black History Month, highlighting cultural diversity throu…
Champlain College Eco-Reps showed this inspiring video at the last film night of February in honor of Black History.
On this day in Black History, Carter G. Woddson started *** History Week which would eventually become Black History Month
"I'd sleep with Bush" - ...way to close out Black History Month
Black History Month is fading off gradually... Ppl don't care for it anymore. The media is making that so easy...
~{Black History}~The leader of the last successful Cuban revolt in 1933 was Fulgencio Batista, a *** sergeant...
Researching famous African Americans for Black History Month! We love Pebble Go!
Listen to this. Black History Month isn't over yet. Oh Freedom! - The Golden Gospel Singers (Lyrics in Description):
"BLACK BY POPULAR DEMAND"!!! Come out and celebrate Black History with us!! TONIGHTTT!!! 8PM Multipurpose Room of Fisk University
can we add Purple Rain to the playlist for Black History Month? I could use some purple rain in my life right now.
A Moment in Black History: . Crispus Attucks is believed to have been born around 1723, in Framingham,...
What did Mike Duggan do for Black History Month?
Top domestic priority for WH during Black History Month has been work permits for non-citizens in U.S. illegally
20 biographies about amazing African-American women. Perfect for Black History and Women's History m
A look at the handcrafted quilts by metro Detroit artisans display at Unity Temple during Black History...
A great big s/o to the drama ministry for a great Black History production!
The NBA is playing MLK'S I HAVE A DREAM speech as a commercial 4 Black History. To show the appreciation for *** in the league. GTFOH
In honor of Black History Month I offer up this gem...RUFUS THOMAS - DO THE FUNKY CHICKEN. 1972: via
Black History | FBI investigates claim suspects in 1946 Georgia mass lynching may be alive.
This man is a current Black History maker; He is Pastor Alex D. Huskey. He has served as the assistant chief of...
Today we celebrate Black History in Exploring: . Matthew Alexander Henson (August 8, 1866 – March 9, 1955) was an...
We invite you to join us on Sunday for a powerful time of worship! It's Youth Sunday and we are celebrating Black History!
Jolie is playing Fannie Lou Hamer in today's Black History performance.
Milestones in Black History: Little Rock Nine. Join us TONIGHT at Adams Market for the Soul Food Celebration 5p-7p.
Black History program tonight at the Drs Bruce and Lee Library in Florence.
Black History: Working his way to becoming President of the United States! More photos here.http…
RIP to the fallen Black Men in America killed by Law Enforcement. The Sad Facts of Black History
Tonight at 5pm QLIC will be screening "Brother Outsider: the Life of Bayard Rustin" in honor of Black History...
Black History tribute by our young people to Bishop Paul S. Morton
Black History . This is the original Betty Boop . Esther Jones. In the late 1920's singing in Harlem at the Cotton...
Mark your calenders and join us as we celebrate Black History through and This Thursday,...
Black History Month Celebration today! Let's do it very day and celebrate all we have to offer!
Why doesn't INN do SOMETHING for Black History Month? We don't have MLK Day, the least Ms.Sass could do is say something...
Day 17 into Black History Month and still no Black History filter 😒
The month of February! Valentine Day & the Black History Month. I LOVE MYSELF and Family and the Plight of my PEOPLE!
Nobody mentioning Black History Month at all...but we having fukn Pesidents day sales n shyt!!!😒
IN THE CITY OF SAN FRANCISCO?. Join us this Sunday for the Crowning Event of Black History Month:. •SAVIOURS' DAY 2015•
(( Great Woman in Black History )) . Gwendolyn Brooks - The first [Black Author] to win the Pulitzer Prize. She... http:…
Black History--Day 17. Whitney Young spent his entire lifetime struggling to create social equality for...
"Black History" in US schools is basically just slavery and the civil rights movement, not much else smh
In honor of President's day we celebrate Black History in Presidents: President Barack Hussein Obama II (born...
Phi Delta Kappa, Inc will recognize multiple people in their Black History ceremony. Themed "Black Lives Matter."
Alberta Williams King, my first reaction was “who?” . Feminism in Black History. “Well, we don’t study it that...
Today we celebrate Black History in Pastors: Adam Clayton Powell, Sr.(May 5, 1865 – June 12, 1953) was an...
This moment in Black History is sponsored by The Kalamazoo Community Foundation. February 13. Garrett A. Morgan...
Black History | The Slave Whipping Post. Some women were whipped until they miscarried at the whipping-post.
Our person of the day for Black History Month comes via Northwestern Medicine:. Dr. Daniel Hale Williams was the...
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Today in Black History, 1990: Nelson Mandela is released from prison after 27 years.
A must read for those interested in Black History and Jamaica
Today in Black History: In 1990 South Africa's first black President Nelson Mandela was released from prison after 27 years.
Black History Reality: . The Black Man and Woman is written thru out the Bible and Qur'an . But due to our...
You won't hear this from the usual liberal suspects, but Lloyd Marcus reminds us ow much of black history is...
google search history:the velvet underground, black lace top, the Boston tea party, Madeleine McCann. It is a fair representation of me tbh
A list of top tools to help you embrace diversity in your classroom:
To attend an HBCU I really don't feel like Black History Month is being celebrated the way you would think it would be…
Watching the patriots win on the first day of Black History Month is just wrong. It's like watching a bunch of cheating republi…
Black History Month is an opportunity given our enslavement, but in actuality it would take many lifetimes to really study black history.
"Black kids from the Bronx develop famous Math App
David Oyelowo: black history should be taught in British schools
LLWS would pull a stunt like that during Black History Month smh that's corny right there
not saying the future isnt bright. But most black dont wanna read today,and it's cause this is our history, we weren't allowed to
February is Black History Month! Check out this awesome bulletin board timeline that BLU created. I…
“great story Watch a great feature story on our Exec Dir CharlesThomas Celebrating Black History Month: QC Forward
Why would they wait until Black History Month to do that?!
Lowkey thought about wearing my African tribal shirt today ... Shoutout to black history
New Report Compiles A Devastating Count of Nearly 4,000 Lynchings of Black People in the US,...
Black history everyday. I don't need a month for people to act like they care.
Ladies and Gents, today a new chapter in Black history has been written. is finally upgrading his PC and re…
Black History Month: Who's making history in your community?.
Black History Month: Foot-Soldier of the Day: Annie Pearl Parker-Forest (Moore Haven, FL) the lady that taught me Manners, Values & Morals.
The best way to forget about racism, is to stop talkin bout it. All of our history shouldnt be squeezed ina month. Everyday is black history
10 books to read during Black History Month:
Prophet D.A. Berry in the WZBN Praise 105.5 FM studio this morning sharing his Personal Black History story as a...
black/POC awards shows should exist to celebrate history, heritage and tradition. not to make up for lack of recognition by white audiences.
Black History Quote:. I don't want a Black History Month. Black history is American history. ~Morgan Freeman
My only issue is they only had black kids taking about him...its but its still history yts should learn and understand as well
What activities, events, informational sessions are going on for Black History Month?
If you don't know who this is, Black History Month would be fitting to educate yourself
This picture says a lot Gm & Happy Black History Month this be the best time of the school year…
When no one gaf about Black History Month announcements 😭😭😭
you know it! I'll be back with your black history fact! yesterday I educated my lil cousins
Welp there goes Black History Month for them
We promote more than events. Black History Month is every month. A little food for thought.…
I bet a white person snitched on that Jackie Robinson team. Why would they choose to release this story in Black History Month
5 movies to watch during Black History Month
It's Black History Month, who's your biggest African influence?
Wonder when the media is gonna dig up Craig Hick's criminal history like they do young Black kids before their bodies turn co…
How you gonna strip the all black little league champs of their title during Black History Month? Cold DAWG
How is it Black History Month but we ain't even learning anything about it in social studies 👀😴
How come Black History Month is looked over these days.
Black History is Our History will kick off with Clint Smith on Mon. Feb 16 at 8:30pm in th…
Faculty and students at Howard University will research and rewrite Black History-related entries on Wikiped …
Spent the day at Black History event today.
Listen to Black History. Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles, live at Fillmore West in San Francisco, March 6 1971.
Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr, we're celebrating his excellence and all he's contributed to Black History via
Benjamin Banneker (1761-1806) | Black History from A to Z with the Kulture Kidz
Today in Black History, boxer Cassius Clay was bitten by a radioactive Muslim, transforming him into Muhammad Ali
Black History Month fact. BLACKS DURING THE HOLOCAUST. Black people from 1933 to 1945 in Nazi Germany and in...
Great books to read about Black History are: 1⃣ “The Destruction of Black Civilization” by Chancellor Williams. 2⃣ “Slavery By Another Name”
I had to laugh at the fact that it's Black History Month and the white cashier at Target was ringing up "Dear White People" and "Django" 😂
I hate Black History Month, for the fact that as people we feel like this is the only month we should reflect on black hist…
Black History, Social Justice and the Church with Rev. Jamal Harrison Bryant via
Pee Dee Community Arts Team Invites all our friends, family and supporters to our Celebration of Black History...
There's a right way and a wrong way to teach Black History.
Continuing our share of Black History this month, today MAS celebrates Garrett Morgan; a great scientist and...
"Black History is Global History with local implications..." Dr. Greg Carr
I learned more about Black History growing up listening to the Tom Joyner Morning show than I ever did in school.
28 Days of Black History | Day 4. Lincoln University in Pennsylvania is the first institution of higher education founded for...
Black History: Did u know Matthew Alexander Henson was the first African American Arctic Explorer he spent a...
Black History fact of the day:Frederick M. Jones invented the first air conditioning unit.
GM Fbers and Happy Hump Day...Have a Great Day All and enjoy the Black History fact below...
Black woman with a white man on her back. Black History in one picture.
~{Black History }~ I. nspired and led by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, more than a million Black men...
Black History: Juanita Moore starred as Annie Johnson in the Classic, Imitation of Life. Academy Award Nominee.
100,000 signatures needed by 10th Feb 2015 to make Black History part of primary school curriculum Via ht…
Aquinas to host Black History Month events for the public enjoy a plate of authentic soul food
I remember for Black History my momsz use to make us watch the "ROOTS" series by Alex Haley about our Mandingko...
Apparently, it's Harley Quinn month. That's way more fun than Black History.
/ Black History Month & Sanaa Lathan month. Every Wed. is movie nite 4 me on DVD. This month, all Sanaa.The Family that Prays 1st
Need ideas for Black History Month? Our African American Experience unit should fit the bill!...
On this day in Black History: . 1994: Frankie Lymon receives a star on the Hollywood Walk Of…
Bloomfield College Student Government and Black Student Union kicks off Black History Month with a…
Black History continues on & on...Past! Present! And Powerful Future! February to the next February is Black History!
.launches Nelson Mandela stamp ahead of Black History Month. My story with Brian Grant Duff at All Nations on News1130radio.
White people love to say "A Black History Month & Hispanic Heritage month is racist , we're all humans " 😐 like shut your as up 😂😂😒
THIS FRIDAY: ONE NIGHT ONLY!!! LIVE ON STAGE IN FRANKLIN! Freedom Songs: The Music of Black History The rich stories of the music from Black History will be celebrated at the Teche Theatre for the Performing Arts! The Teche Theatre will be welcoming Bright Star Touring Theatre Group from Arden, NC as they present every era from the work songs of slavery ( *** Emma *** ) and the hymns of the Underground Railroad (“Follow the Drinking Gourd”) to the blues of Beale Street and the anthems of the Civil Rights Movement, music has always been an integral part of our nation’s past. In this production, our actor/singers tell the stories behind these famous and forgotten hymns, work songs and musical styles while sampling songs that spread across continents, genres and centuries. Friday, January 30th - 7pm - $5 adults; $3 students with ID Sponsored through a grant by the Louisiana Division of the Arts and the Acadiana Center for the Arts
Looking for vendors to participate at a Black History program in Wyandanch School District Long Island, NY.
U.N.I.T.Y. You gotta let them know you know Black History. Today, January 25, In Black History • January 25, 1890 The National Afro-American League was formed by Timothy Thomas Fortune. The organization was dedicated to racial solidarity and self-help. The league also sought equal opportunities in voting, civil rights, education, public accommodations and an end to lynchings in the South. It became defunct in 1893 due to lack of support and funding. It was reformed as the National Afro-American Council in 1898 and existed until 1908. Many of the supporters of the league and council later became supporters of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. “Broken Brotherhood: The Rise and Fall of the National Afro-American Council” was published in 2008. • January 25, 1896 Florence Mills, cabaret singer, dancer and comedian, was born Florence Winfrey in Washington, D. C. Mills began performing at four and made her vaudeville debut with her two sisters as The Mills Trio. She made h ...
I used to think Black History is that part of history that america is ashamed of like the Native American genocide and enslaving ppl
Today in Black History, 1/25/2015. Yesterday's Answer: Sheila Crump Johnson was the first African American female...
What's most fascinating is how even those celebrating those other months can be found taking issue with Black History m…
Black History on F&BJ: The Jamaican!!! The Jamaican who brought Malcolm X to Oxford University Anthony Abrahams promised to fill prestigious British Institution with Blacks American civil rights activist Angela Davis addressing the 50th anniversary commemorative event at Oxford. Last month, the prestigious Oxford Union of the Oxford University, cradle of British political leadership, marked the 50th anniversary of the visit by Malcolm X, the American civil rights leader, on the invitation of Jamaica's Eric Anthony Abrahams, then president of the Union. Abrahams' sister, Hope Abrahams Calogero was present at the speech given by Malcolm X who was assassinated less than three months later. At the anniversary function, she was invited to give reflections on her brother and an event which was regarded as monumental in the context of the times. The Jamaica Observer is pleased to present the full text of her reflections: Fifty years ago, I sat in the Oxford Union listening to Tony and Malcolm X talk on the subje ...
The Destruction of Black Wall Street - Black History - EBONY This happened in the USA
I have GOT to see Book of Negroes! That's right up my alley! Black History is so interesting to me.
Stand Proud And Tall You Know Your History Today in Black History, 1/13/2015 • January 13, 1835 Isaac Myers, labor leader, was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Myers received his early education from a private day school because Maryland provided no public education for African American children. At 16, he became an apprentice to a Black ship caulker. Four years later, he was supervising the caulking of clipper ships operating out of Baltimore. Soon after the end of the Civil War, Myers founded the Colored Caulkers Trade Union Society. On February 12, 1866, the society purchased a shipyard and railway which they named the Chesapeake Marine Railway and Dry Dock Company. Within months, the company employed 300 Black caulkers. The company ceased operation in 1884. On January 13, 1869, the Colored National Labor Union was founded with Myers as the first president. The union was founded to pursue equal representation for African Americans in the workforce. Although the CNLU welcomed all workers no matter their r ...
That’s why I constantly post stories and facts on Black History because it’s necessary
Glad to see Strange Fruit, Volume I: Uncelebrated Narratives from Black History as 2014 Finalist
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Cant wait 2 take my daughter 2 see I want her 2 know her history. but is. we were NEVER taught Black History growin up!.
A list of empowering books about African American heroes for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Black History Month.
Black History and cultural diversity in a 5 star novel
The Chattooga County Historical Society will meet Sunday, January 11 at 2pm at the depot. All are invited. The program, in anticipation of Black History Month ,will be some short histories of some of the very oldest African American churches in the county . There will also be a mini concert by the Oak Hill AMF Quintet ,that will raise the rafters of the depot. If you have not heard them sing, you are in for a real treat! New members are encouraged to come help celebrate and preserve Chattooga County's history. We meet only 4 times a year and the dues are twenty dollars yearly. Even if you can't attend all the meetings you will get four great quarterly publications about Chattooga County history each year. See you there! Photo: Menlo High School girl's basketball in the late 1930s
Stand Tall And Be Proud You Know Your Rich History :) Today in Black History, 1/3/2015 • January 3, 1624 William Tucker, the first recorded African American born in the American colonies, was born in Jamestown, Virginia. Tucker was the child of enslaved Africans and was sold to an English sea captain named William Tucker. Nothing else is known of Tucker’s life. • January 3, 1921 William Calvin Chase, newspaper editor and lawyer, died. Chase was born February 2, 1854 in Washington, D. C. He became editor of the Washington Bee in 1882 and turned the paper into one of the most influential African American newspapers in the country. He editorialized against lynching and the Atlanta Compromise position taken by Booker T. Washington. Chase remained editor of the newspaper until his death. He also attended Howard University Law School but did not get a degree. He studied privately and was admitted to the bar in Virginia and Washington, D. C. in 1989. Chase was also a District of Columbia delegate to the R ...
no Malcolm X in my history text why is that cos he tried to educate & liberate all black -tupac
2014 has been a bitter sweet year for me. I had to leave FCJHS sadly, but got a warm welcome to FCHS. One of my family dogs died and fish died. One of the worlds must funniest people (Joan Rivers) died. I failed on my weight loss journey BUT will pick it back up in March. This year I overcame some of my struggles and realized that I am the best me EVER. I fell more and more in love with god and realize that he is all I need in life. I got to meet my elementary assistant principal Mrs. Reed again. I had the opportunity to direct the FCJHS talent show. The upcoming events for me is taking the Driver Permit test and leading our FCHS "I Have a Dream" Black History Program and focusing on getting my health together. I am so glad I have wonderful family and friends who have helped me so much and impacted my life in a positive way. I cannot to begin the 2015 Journey. Happy New Year to everyone. I love you all!!!
Did you know that many parts of the U.S. observe the tradition of eating black-eyed peas on New Year's Day for good luck?
Integrating Black history into curriculums is controversial, but white people using Black culture for financial gain is …
Racist have used EVERY weapon to destroy Black ppl, Tel-Lie-Vision being one of them. Here's a brief history
.on why we have a black & white (occasionally sepia) view of Aus history. Happy Public Domain Day!
Welp. I'm bringing in the new year with black history. That's a plus.
Every part of Africa's (black) history has it's uniqueness that makes it intriguing. Egypt is just easier to find information on.
"black people get BET and a history month. what do we get?" EVERYTHING ELSE. E V E R Y T H I N G E L S E
This day has become known as “Watch Night”—the eve of the Emancipation Proclamation going into...
oh and I did my history on blackface and if shane was making fun of black people with it then I would be against him
This is a black day in Bowl Game history for the SEC. Ole Miss got humiliated by TCU and Miss. St. is doing almost as bad against Ga. Tech.
Why we have a black and white (occasionally sepia) view of Australian history. Happy Public Domain Day!
If you think about it, the very thing that's designed to keep black culture United is simultaneous keeping the nation divided... Black History Month, BET, etc. As long as we celebrate difference well stay divided .. Is this a good thing??
Oseola McCarty a cleaning lady who from working all her life accumulat
STOP celebrating Black History in only one month of the year! Celebrate 365 days of the year for...
Today in Black History, 12/28/2014. Saturday's Answer: Elizabeth Freeman was the first enslaved African American...
It's bigger than Hip-Hop, it's about Black Life, Black History and Black Culture. Shout out to Azealia Banks 100 !!! If you think our Uprising and Rebellion is about being able to sit next to, date and procreate, eat at or shop you need to do some research !!! We are fighting for our survival for our heritage, culture, and identity.
Black History Month is every month, right?
Ive heard white people mention MLK more this year than in Black History Month
indeed, breh. I had African American history this semester and it was all the basic "Black History" month knowledge
I remember the hate at Nease for Black History Month. They couldn't give up a month for 400 years of oppression
This Day in Black History: Dec. 15, 2006 - B.B. King received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
This is my opinion I'm sure everyone will not agree: Black History moment: History is doom to repeat itself."they" who ever they are have always crucified our best and our leaders. Cosby tried to buy NBC and then this came out. "They" silence, Abraham Lincoln-murdered, "They" silence Megar Ever-murdered, "They" Silence John Kennedy-murdered, "They" silence Martin Luther King, Jr.,-murdered, "They" silence Malcom X-murdered, "They" silence Huey Newton, Bobby Seale assassination of life and character, and Now "They silence Bill Cosby-assassination of character...what do all of these people have in common they spoke up for equality within their race and for their race. They spoke against Whites mistreatment of blacks, and blacks on black crimes. Don't help them hurt a leader, wait for the actual trial. Don't you wonder why "they" are having press conferences instead of filing lawsuits because they are trying to poison the jury pool. Do not get blind sided by the media "they" are known to show "Us" in ...
Today in Black History, 12/14/2014 • December 14, 1829 John Mercer Langston, attorney, abolitionist and educator, was born in Louisa County, Virginia. Langston earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1849 and Master of Arts degree in theology in 1852 from Oberlin College. Denied admission to law school because of his race, Langston studied under an established attorney and was admitted to the Ohio bar in 1854. Together with his brothers, Langston became active in the Abolitionist Movement and became president of the Ohio Anti-Slavery Society in 1858. During the Civil War, Langston was appointed to recruit African Americans to fight for the Union Army and after the war was appointed Inspector General for the Freedmen’s Bureau, a federal organization that assisted formerly enslaved Black people. From 1864 to 1868, Langston served as president of the National Equal Rights League which called for the abolition of slavery, support of racial unity and self-help, and equality before the law. Langston establish ...
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Today in Black History, 12/12/2014 • December 12, 1816 Robert James Harlan, entrepreneur, politician and army officer, was born enslaved in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Harlan was tutored by his two older half-brothers and at 18 opened a barbershop. He later opened a grocery store and traded animal skins with local hunters. He moved to California in 1849 and within a year and a half had amassed over $90,000 in gold. He moved to Cincinnati, Ohio in 1851 and invested in real estate and a photographic gallery. Despite his business success, Harlan remained legally enslaved. Therefore, he returned to Kentucky and bought his freedom for $500. Also during that time, he opened the first school for African American children in Cincinnati and served as a trustee for the Cincinnati Public School System and the Colored Orphan Asylum. Harlan served one term in the Ohio State Legislature and successfully fought for repeal of Ohio’s “Black Laws.” He was a delegate to the 1872 Republican National Convention and was app ...
"The Luke Experience" was off the chain today. We honored Black History with a Skit about Rosa Parks, had a DVD wedding proposal and we had the Sons of Isaac. They are anointed and appointed to dance for the Lord. Watch this DVD!
Today in Black History: Dec. 4, 1909 - The New York Amsterdam News is founded by James A. Anderson.
Finally, department can hold other activities such as recognition of important community milestones, (Black History, Hispanic Heritage, etc)
Black History. Buffalo Soldiers originally were members of the U.S. 10th Cavalry Regiment of the United States...
Today In Black History Today in Black History, 11/29/2014 • November 29, 1887 Granville T. Woods of Cincinnati, Ohio was granted patent number 373,915 for the synchronous multiplex railway telegraph. His invention allowed communication between train stations from moving trains. Woods was born April 23, 1856 in Columbus, Ohio and dedicated his life to developing a variety of improvements related to the railroad industry and controlling the flow of electricity. In 1884, he and his brother formed the Woods Railway Telegraph Company to manufacture and sell telephone and telegraph equipment. In addition to the synchronous multiplex railway telegraph, Woods received approximately 60 other patents and was known to many people of his time as the “Black Thomas Edison.” Despite this, Woods died virtually penniless January 30, 1910. The Granville T. Woods Math and Science Community Academy in Chicago, Illinois is named in his honor. Woods was posthumously inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 20 ...
Yo. He threw MLK, and Gandhi at me... With all that he leaned from required Black History Month reports he did in school
because of the history behind it and very rarely do you see this happen too a white man. 9.9times out of 10 it's a BLACK MAN
3) Listen to black voices. Amplify black voices. This is a key moment in history. Let's not be on the wrong side of it, okay?
Throughout history, black people have spread powerful and permanent messages across the globe. joins their legacy
I can say the jury was so wrong for not enforcing the law on the behalf of that young black man it's a sad sad day in history BLACK peopl
Sad day in history books should make for a precedence for black men in the updated ones.
Ferguson is about "white rage?" Convincing argument here that history tells the truth.
Well as we All know there is so much about our History we do not know.That's why we can not do Black History in a...
I didnt even learn of black inventions until recently and I was *** they made sure to leave this out of the history books
Black Knoll Cross, Morton Moor, West Yorkshire.Go Learn some History today.I just gave you a jewel 13love
Black history is AMERICAN history. So there shouldn't be a Black History Month!
So out of the entire history of oppression of black people you're most upset by a poll tax!. Jes…
Today in Black History: Nov. 25, 1975 - Suriname gains independence from the Netherlands.
Know your history. I won't be shopping on Black Friday.
Whites though out history have got way with killing and violence against black peoples starting with slavery by saying that they are afraid
I was just telling the other day that the only black history story I remember from elementary school was about John Henry
BRUH. My TL is like Black History Month and Church right now lol
Black Friday has nothing to do with the history of black people being enslaved.
Conrad Black's history of Canada - genocide in text. Described as "arrogant, misinformed, and disgraceful"
The hatred of Black folks across this country is deep rooted. Learn the history and you'll realize it's only repeating itself.
Most black people I know in England are coonz!!! Y'all don't know your history and are quick to forget and ride with the enemy
After over 30 years of Nintendo History, theres only four black characters in Smash - NeoGAF
“People literally will not crack open a book and will get all their black history info from a meme.”
Why would a black kid grow up to fight in the U.S. military given this country's history?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Lastnight before bed I talk to my kids about Christopher Columbus and thanksgiving (the truth), the real saint Nicholas, Egypt (Africa), The ancient Kemet, black history before slavery (kings & queens), etc. little do they knw we just scratching the surface of information. If we want change it starts with the youth.✊✊✊
If Martin Luther King was alive today the power he has on black community will not be as strong as it is since he is gone. Being alive and making a difference is rare... now days you have to die to make change in America that way your rain of power only shows on a special day such as your birthdate or the day you died and no longer but sometime dying isn't even enough, because anyone holding power consistently has a voice and they dnt like that... This is why Black History Month is BS to me 1 month out of 12 you are suppose to take pride in your self... And many fall for it smh
The things they don't teach us in school about black history
Joel Christian Gill’s Strange Fruit, Volume 1: Uncelebrated Narratives from Black History was released - to much...
A Black History moment on Monday, November 17th 2014 John Allen Muhammad, the famous D.C. sniper was convicted of shooting dead Dean Meyers at a petrol station in Virginia, on 9 October 2002, and murdering "at least one other person".
Today in Black History: On November 9, 1868, the Medical School at Howard University opens with eight…
You guys will never understand why I'm Conservative. I read history and know that the KKK and Jim Crow laws were supported by Democrats. I a fully aware that Planned Parenthood was founded by racist Margaret Sanger and that the black abortion rate is higher then ever. I watched as the same Democrats who attacked Clarence Thomas defended President Bill Clinton's sexual harassment. And last but not least, I beyond do not except for not one second that I need special treatment or dependence on the state for me to succeed. It is not the past of Black History that dissappoints me, It's Barack Obama.
First time in U.S. history where the black man escapes and the white girl gets arrested
Intense interest in royal jewels creates superstitious legend. Follow the history of the Black Prince's Ruby with An…http:…
Late night signal boost for the new Terrible Person from History, one of my favourites. Black Bart the Outlaw Poet.
N recognition of Black History Month please read RT, share favorite whateva this man was awesome...
If u black and u talking bout *** niggar anything to downtalk the people's character. Kill urself but first learn ur history and ancestors
Black History Month: Is it still relevant? Find out at check out lasted blogg post by KKB- share your thoughts
"Through a lens darkly" reclaiming and reframing black history through photos past and present- thanks
All lies. You can't re-write history. News flash!! We have a black President so stop with your race cards.
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My team is having a screening of Libeled Lady in LA. Be part of history and help us out - big perks!
Tonight through Thurs., 7:30pm at 'Through a Lens Darkly' - a doc about Black culture, reality, and histo…
"What you refer to as Black history is nothing more than the missing pages of World history."-Arthur Schomburg
Hopkins: Ignored 'because I'm black' - via
girl its not up for debate.. When Ya fav learn basic black history then you can claim victory. Stupidity is nothing to happy about
PROOF that the MOORS were the greatest Race Traitors black history has ever seen!
“One of the saddest moments in Black history moment of silence 😔😔😔
Earl Lloyd became the 1st African American basketball player to play in the NBA:
“One of the saddest moments in Black history sadly 😔😔...
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