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Black History

Black History Month, also known as African-American History Month, is an annual observance in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom for remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African diaspora.

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Today in Black History, 12/28/2014. Saturday's Answer: Elizabeth Freeman was the first enslaved African American...
It's bigger than Hip-Hop, it's about Black Life, Black History and Black Culture. Shout out to Azealia Banks 100 !!! If you think our Uprising and Rebellion is about being able to sit next to, date and procreate, eat at or shop you need to do some research !!! We are fighting for our survival for our heritage, culture, and identity.
Black History Month is every month, right?
Ive heard white people mention MLK more this year than in Black History Month
indeed, breh. I had African American history this semester and it was all the basic "Black History" month knowledge
I remember the hate at Nease for Black History Month. They couldn't give up a month for 400 years of oppression
This Day in Black History: Dec. 15, 2006 - B.B. King received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
This is my opinion I'm sure everyone will not agree: Black History moment: History is doom to repeat itself."they" who ever they are have always crucified our best and our leaders. Cosby tried to buy NBC and then this came out. "They" silence, Abraham Lincoln-murdered, "They" silence Megar Ever-murdered, "They" Silence John Kennedy-murdered, "They" silence Martin Luther King, Jr.,-murdered, "They" silence Malcom X-murdered, "They" silence Huey Newton, Bobby Seale assassination of life and character, and Now "They silence Bill Cosby-assassination of character...what do all of these people have in common they spoke up for equality within their race and for their race. They spoke against Whites mistreatment of blacks, and blacks on black crimes. Don't help them hurt a leader, wait for the actual trial. Don't you wonder why "they" are having press conferences instead of filing lawsuits because they are trying to poison the jury pool. Do not get blind sided by the media "they" are known to show "Us" in ...
Today in Black History, 12/14/2014 • December 14, 1829 John Mercer Langston, attorney, abolitionist and educator, was born in Louisa County, Virginia. Langston earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1849 and Master of Arts degree in theology in 1852 from Oberlin College. Denied admission to law school because of his race, Langston studied under an established attorney and was admitted to the Ohio bar in 1854. Together with his brothers, Langston became active in the Abolitionist Movement and became president of the Ohio Anti-Slavery Society in 1858. During the Civil War, Langston was appointed to recruit African Americans to fight for the Union Army and after the war was appointed Inspector General for the Freedmen’s Bureau, a federal organization that assisted formerly enslaved Black people. From 1864 to 1868, Langston served as president of the National Equal Rights League which called for the abolition of slavery, support of racial unity and self-help, and equality before the law. Langston establish ...
Today in Black History, 12/12/2014 • December 12, 1816 Robert James Harlan, entrepreneur, politician and army officer, was born enslaved in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Harlan was tutored by his two older half-brothers and at 18 opened a barbershop. He later opened a grocery store and traded animal skins with local hunters. He moved to California in 1849 and within a year and a half had amassed over $90,000 in gold. He moved to Cincinnati, Ohio in 1851 and invested in real estate and a photographic gallery. Despite his business success, Harlan remained legally enslaved. Therefore, he returned to Kentucky and bought his freedom for $500. Also during that time, he opened the first school for African American children in Cincinnati and served as a trustee for the Cincinnati Public School System and the Colored Orphan Asylum. Harlan served one term in the Ohio State Legislature and successfully fought for repeal of Ohio’s “Black Laws.” He was a delegate to the 1872 Republican National Convention and was app ...
"The Luke Experience" was off the chain today. We honored Black History with a Skit about Rosa Parks, had a DVD wedding proposal and we had the Sons of Isaac. They are anointed and appointed to dance for the Lord. Watch this DVD!
Today in Black History: Dec. 4, 1909 - The New York Amsterdam News is founded by James A. Anderson.
Finally, department can hold other activities such as recognition of important community milestones, (Black History, Hispanic Heritage, etc)
Black History. Buffalo Soldiers originally were members of the U.S. 10th Cavalry Regiment of the United States...
Today In Black History Today in Black History, 11/29/2014 • November 29, 1887 Granville T. Woods of Cincinnati, Ohio was granted patent number 373,915 for the synchronous multiplex railway telegraph. His invention allowed communication between train stations from moving trains. Woods was born April 23, 1856 in Columbus, Ohio and dedicated his life to developing a variety of improvements related to the railroad industry and controlling the flow of electricity. In 1884, he and his brother formed the Woods Railway Telegraph Company to manufacture and sell telephone and telegraph equipment. In addition to the synchronous multiplex railway telegraph, Woods received approximately 60 other patents and was known to many people of his time as the “Black Thomas Edison.” Despite this, Woods died virtually penniless January 30, 1910. The Granville T. Woods Math and Science Community Academy in Chicago, Illinois is named in his honor. Woods was posthumously inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 20 ...
November 26... This day in Black History... Our History... 1872 - Macon B. Allen was elected judge of the Inferior Court of Charleston. Allen, the first Black lawyer, thus became the second Black to hold a major judicial position and the first Black with a major judicial position on the municipal level. 1883 - Death of Sojourner Truth, Battle Creek, Michigan. 1895 - National *** Medical Association founded 1911 - William Henry Lewis was appointed assistant attorney general of the United States by President William Howard Taft, making him the first Black appointed to a sub-cabinet post. 1939 - Grammy-winning singer and actress Tina Turner was born on this day as Annie Mae Bullock in Nutbush, Tennessee. Turner will reach stardom with her husband Ike Turner. She will record such hits such as "What's Love Got to Do With It", "Private Dancer," and "Proud Mary." She will also have roles in the movies "Tommy" and "Mad Max=Beyond the Thunderdome", for which she will sing the lead song for. 1970 - Charles Gordon . ...
Yo. He threw MLK, and Gandhi at me... With all that he leaned from required Black History Month reports he did in school
because of the history behind it and very rarely do you see this happen too a white man. 9.9times out of 10 it's a BLACK MAN
3) Listen to black voices. Amplify black voices. This is a key moment in history. Let's not be on the wrong side of it, okay?
Throughout history, black people have spread powerful and permanent messages across the globe. joins their legacy
I can say the jury was so wrong for not enforcing the law on the behalf of that young black man it's a sad sad day in history BLACK peopl
Sad day in history books should make for a precedence for black men in the updated ones.
Ferguson is about "white rage?" Convincing argument here that history tells the truth.
Well as we All know there is so much about our History we do not know.That's why we can not do Black History in a...
I didnt even learn of black inventions until recently and I was *** they made sure to leave this out of the history books
Black Knoll Cross, Morton Moor, West Yorkshire.Go Learn some History today.I just gave you a jewel 13love
Black history is AMERICAN history. So there shouldn't be a Black History Month!
So out of the entire history of oppression of black people you're most upset by a poll tax!. Jes…
Today in Black History: Nov. 25, 1975 - Suriname gains independence from the Netherlands.
Know your history. I won't be shopping on Black Friday.
Whites though out history have got way with killing and violence against black peoples starting with slavery by saying that they are afraid
I was just telling the other day that the only black history story I remember from elementary school was about John Henry
BRUH. My TL is like Black History Month and Church right now lol
Black Friday has nothing to do with the history of black people being enslaved.
Conrad Black's history of Canada - genocide in text. Described as "arrogant, misinformed, and disgraceful"
The hatred of Black folks across this country is deep rooted. Learn the history and you'll realize it's only repeating itself.
Most black people I know in England are coonz!!! Y'all don't know your history and are quick to forget and ride with the enemy
After over 30 years of Nintendo History, theres only four black characters in Smash - NeoGAF
“People literally will not crack open a book and will get all their black history info from a meme.”
Why would a black kid grow up to fight in the U.S. military given this country's history?
Lastnight before bed I talk to my kids about Christopher Columbus and thanksgiving (the truth), the real saint Nicholas, Egypt (Africa), The ancient Kemet, black history before slavery (kings & queens), etc. little do they knw we just scratching the surface of information. If we want change it starts with the youth.✊✊✊
If Martin Luther King was alive today the power he has on black community will not be as strong as it is since he is gone. Being alive and making a difference is rare... now days you have to die to make change in America that way your rain of power only shows on a special day such as your birthdate or the day you died and no longer but sometime dying isn't even enough, because anyone holding power consistently has a voice and they dnt like that... This is why Black History Month is BS to me 1 month out of 12 you are suppose to take pride in your self... And many fall for it smh
The things they don't teach us in school about black history
Joel Christian Gill’s Strange Fruit, Volume 1: Uncelebrated Narratives from Black History was released - to much...
A Black History moment on Monday, November 17th 2014 John Allen Muhammad, the famous D.C. sniper was convicted of shooting dead Dean Meyers at a petrol station in Virginia, on 9 October 2002, and murdering "at least one other person".
Today in Black History: On November 9, 1868, the Medical School at Howard University opens with eight…
You guys will never understand why I'm Conservative. I read history and know that the KKK and Jim Crow laws were supported by Democrats. I a fully aware that Planned Parenthood was founded by racist Margaret Sanger and that the black abortion rate is higher then ever. I watched as the same Democrats who attacked Clarence Thomas defended President Bill Clinton's sexual harassment. And last but not least, I beyond do not except for not one second that I need special treatment or dependence on the state for me to succeed. It is not the past of Black History that dissappoints me, It's Barack Obama.
First time in U.S. history where the black man escapes and the white girl gets arrested
Intense interest in royal jewels creates superstitious legend. Follow the history of the Black Prince's Ruby with An…http:…
Late night signal boost for the new Terrible Person from History, one of my favourites. Black Bart the Outlaw Poet.
N recognition of Black History Month please read RT, share favorite whateva this man was awesome...
If u black and u talking bout *** niggar anything to downtalk the people's character. Kill urself but first learn ur history and ancestors
Black History Month: Is it still relevant? Find out at check out lasted blogg post by KKB- share your thoughts
"Through a lens darkly" reclaiming and reframing black history through photos past and present- thanks
All lies. You can't re-write history. News flash!! We have a black President so stop with your race cards.
My team is having a screening of Libeled Lady in LA. Be part of history and help us out - big perks!
Tonight through Thurs., 7:30pm at 'Through a Lens Darkly' - a doc about Black culture, reality, and histo…
"What you refer to as Black history is nothing more than the missing pages of World history."-Arthur Schomburg
Hopkins: Ignored 'because I'm black' - via
girl its not up for debate.. When Ya fav learn basic black history then you can claim victory. Stupidity is nothing to happy about
PROOF that the MOORS were the greatest Race Traitors black history has ever seen!
“One of the saddest moments in Black history moment of silence 😔😔😔
Earl Lloyd became the 1st African American basketball player to play in the NBA:
“One of the saddest moments in Black history sadly 😔😔...
Today in Black History: November 3rd. Brought to you by The Good News Network. November 3, 1964. A.W. Willis,...
yes. We learn black history, nazism...
“One of the saddest moments in Black history was chunk af
WBAC's Black History Month photoshoot will occur tomorrow and Wednesday, so get ready!
Sz 10 , Black History Month 3's $180!! Steal steal ! Vnds Only flaw is a small crease on right shoe and a small paint crack but no paint chip
Want a chance to be one of the faces of WBAC's Black History Month Campaign? Follow the link:.
I would like to challenge all the black Americans that will head to the polls in the morning to get in a quick black history lesson on which party freed our ancestors and who wanted to keep slavery going, who fought for and against civil rights and segregation and who put black people in office right after the signing of the emancipation proclamation and also Google the original intent of abortion and the party that supports it was not to erase a mistake it was designed to eliminate the black race as a whole also check te history on which party founded the kkk. I will post links in just a little while but i really encourage you to get in a history lesson before you vote more evil in office!
Being black does NOT give u a free pass to be insensitive cause of ur History. That's like me saying i can shoot ppl cause i grew up in war
Nothing against those other women at all, but history and facts show that Black ppl are left on our own to solve our own problem.
One of the saddest moments in Black history
Black history is the black book of capitalism
Catch me performing at the Black History Show On 6th November its Gonna be Turnt Up! 🔥🎉
Black History Month celebrated across Hampshire - Black History Month has been celebrated at various events in Ham...
and the bible is not the black man's history book when we never wrote it. It was written by the conquerors.
Thankyou to you all for all your hard work making Black History Month the success it was although team Rema worked its socks off it could not have done it without ROAR our team of dedicated volunteers Rotherham Cultural Group and all the lovely communities and community groups pulling together to put on one fabulous event bringing communities together and making Rotherham proud well done everyone the feedback has been amazing and we can't wait for next year we have a post meeting coming soon pm us your email address if you are interested in doing more. Rotherham communities united and proud and so are we
Today in Black History: On October 30, 1974, Muhammad Ali regains the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship in Kinshasa, Zaire, by defeating George Foreman.
continues with a look at five movies that woke America up to black cinematic talent:.
Learning about Black history, we should be asking school board to include the unknown stories in the curriculum!. -Bromley Armst…
“That black and orange last night doe 🙌” Man What?!?!
Let’s make the word ‘tribe’ history this Black History Month: We should talk about kingdoms and empires instead,…
When you're in history class and they start talking about slavery and you're the only black one in the class
Fantastic video and definitely what we are not taught in school, please watch, as part of Black History Month
ANALYSIS: "Has the Jewish-Black Alliance Disintegrated?" - There is a long history of American Jewish support for ... http:…
Name the ONE police officer in the HISTORY of America who killed a black man, had his identity revealed, and was then ATTACK…
on a scale of 1-sazza_jay fetishising the black exper... — Wasn't aware it was a word with history behind it? Al...
He's got his own show now, so here's everything you need to know about Constantine!
This Day in Black History: Oct. 25, 1997 - Philadelphia hosted the Million Woman March.   10% Off
then they will act like YOU didn't do the history...smh
If Obama would visit the site the Black Americans will be remembered in History as the Greatest Leaders of All Time?
at the Black History Month Wales finale event at the Wales Millenium Centre today
The talent that is therealmzwalker performing at this years Merseyside Black History Month
More great free entertainment for Black History Month
Kumasi African Dance FItness. Each week this song increases with new movement. By Feb (Black History Month) the...
Today's woman of note for Black History Month is Miriam Makeba nicknamed Mama Africa (4 March 1932 – 9 November...
Had fun at BACCA's Black History event to celebrate black music wth Cllr MacDonald & Cllr Boateng
I don't know if u have looked at the history if black people in UK in Victorian era and b 4, v interesting
& physicist, KT, combined CG effects & scientific reality to create the most accurate black hole in history.
Our very own BME Rep speaking at the Black History Month Event 😊
Black history is the lost pages of human history - Dr Clarke
Preparations underway for Black History Month at The Link Starts 6pm
If there was ever a documentary to watch with your kids and learn about black history. Folks these are…
Check out new website Great Selection of Black History T-Shirts.
9.1b) reason for no history on black patriots; Christian blacks; Democra...: via
Another black day in the history of Iran: Rape victim Reyhaneh Jabbari hanged despite campaign htt…
"Great set at today for Black History Month!" Thank you brudda
Pep at Black History Month event at today & wanting to dance!! :)
Finishing off Black History Month with a bang! make sure you're there even if it's only for the 🌊
Been a very productive Black History Month. Done a lot of talks at schools Uni's and youth centres dealing with proper Afri…
It's been a mad couple of years. From "Play That Funky Music White Boy" at the Queensbridge Black History Month event, to headlining our own album release show at The Rainbow Courtyard, we've all got some memories to last a lifetime. It is very gutting therefore to announce that we are going to 'call it a day'. Each of us has decided to move on and pursue our own stuff, and feel that we can’t balance this with the band. Thanks to everyone who ever came to see us or bought an album, it’s really been something great. We have a show next Saturday night (1st November) at the Oobleck and we’re really excited to go out with a bang. Hope to see some of you down there, ask any of the band for tickets. Cheers, Ellis, Eden, Will and Sunny x
* LSU CELEBRATES Black History Month * Tonight, the Union is showing the film 'Half of a Yellow Sun' as part of Black History Month. 8pm in Room 1. WITH FREE PLANTAIN CRISPS. Check out the other events including an AFROBEATS MASTERCLASS and LEARN AN AFRICAN LANGUAGE. Your friendly neighbourhood welfare rep. X
Life Without Black People Please Read A very humorous and revealing story is told about a group of white people who were fed up with African Americans, so they joined together and wished themselves away. They passed through a deep dark tunnel and emerged in sort of a twilight zone where there is an America without black people. At first these white people breathed a sigh of relief. At last, they said, No more crime, drugs, violence and welfare. All of the blacks have gone! Then suddenly, reality set in. The “NEW AMERICA” is not America at all-only a barren land. 1. There are very few crops that have flourished because the nation was built on a slave-supported system. 2. There are no cities with tall skyscrapers because Alexander Mills, a black man, invented the elevator, and without it, one finds great difficulty reaching higher floors. 3. There are few if any cars because Richard Spikes, a black man, invented the automatic gear-shift, Joseph Gambol, also black, invented the Super Charge System for In ...
Love Liverpool x took Izzy Gaby and P for a stroll in Sefton Park and stumbled upon Black History Month event in the Palm House... Gorge food, music and lots of kids In wellies
Younger generation parents we need to start educating ourselves as well as our kids on real black history, we often complain about they don't teach anything are the truth about black history in schools, well did you think they actually would, so let's start educating ourselves and our own kids, teach them the truth about black people, teach our kids before ni**as and homies we use to be brothers and Kings, and before b***h's and h**s they were sister and Queens, teach them that their wasn't always hate between us, we didn't always mean mugg and despise one another, and that our fellow black brother's and sister's are not the enemy, teach them that we were once and still could be the smartest race of people it is, we use to overcome, achieve, and make something from nothing, we had the most creative minds, we were our brothers keeper at one time, we looked after our own, the whole village raised our kids, when we killed a pig are harvest our crops the whole village ate, teach them the truth about how smart ...
Come and celebrate Black History Month this Sunday October 26th Stratford Circus Theatre Square, E15 1BN where we celebrate the icons of Black History for a mere £10. Hosted by Quincy the Comedian. Songs by Charlene covering Etta James and Billie Holiday and Damion Mulrain, covering songs from Marvin Gaye and Donny Hathaway. There will be a fashion show, comedians and poets. See you there!
Today in Black History: The first African American to enter the US Naval Academy, John H Conyers, 1872
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David Mohammed & swapping verses and Black History Month this evening
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Oh crap, he will not be here for Black History Month, February and MLK day. BUMMER.
We just had THE best time with the Culture Kingdom Kids of Jericho Christian Academy learning about our Black History through the arts!
Black History: February. Hispanic Heritage: September . "White History:"Every other month of the year.
Today in Black History, 10/2/2014. Wednesday's Answer: Hazel Dorothy Scott, jazz and classical pianist and singer...
FREEDOM. 1/26/2002 Most people remember Abraham Lincoln as the President who freed the slaves,brought the United States back as one nation,and the President who was assassinated at a play. When you think about that,he has become the biggest role model for all of us in this great nation that we live in. February is recognized as Black History Month and I couldn't think of a better month to celebrate it because of the fact that Lincoln's birthday is this month. However, we should celebrate Black History Month every month,especially in view of 9/11. I recognize Abe Lincoln as one of the first role models for ALL AMERICANS in bringing our great nation back together.He opened the door to Diversify in our great land. He brought the realization to those people back then that we are ALL EQUAL and should be treated as such. It's a tragedy he was shot because of his beliefs ,but this also shows that not all of us agree on equality. We may never see total diversity in our great nation,but celebrating Black History . ...
Black History inspiring our Black Future! Black History Month events at PCS in October 2014 http…
Today in Black History (1962) Leon Higginbotham, Jr., becomes the first African American member of the Federal Trade Commission
365 Days of Black History - SEPTEMBER 26TH 1937: Bessie Smith, 'Empress of the Blues,' dies in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Smith was the most popular female blues singer of the 1920's and 1930's. She is often regarded as one of the greatest singers of her era and, along with Louis Armstrong, a major influence on other jazz vocalists. 1972: R&B singer Shawn Stockman was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is best known as a member of the group Boyz II Men. 1981: Tennis champion Serena Jameka Williams was born in Saginaw, Michigan. Serena is the former World No.1 ranked female tennis player who has won eight Grand Slam singles titles and an Olympic gold medal in women's doubles. 1981: R&B singer/songwriter and actress Christina Milian is born Christine Flores in Jersey City, New Jersey to Afro-Cuban parents. She is best known for the songs "Between Me and You" (with JaRule) and "Dip It Low". She is also an actress with roles in "Be Cool" and "Love Don't Cost a Thing". 1998: Betty Carter, jazz singer, d ...
Today in Black History, 9/23/2014. Monday's Answer: Nancy Green, storyteller, and cook was one of the first...
This Day in Black History: Sept. 23, 1930 - Ray Charles was born on this day.
In celebration of Black History we're looking back at groundbreaking moments in fashion, beauty and beyond. There are plenty of firsts, little-known facts and milestones that deserve to be highlighted -- so we're doing just that! WHO: Zelda Wynn Valdes (or Zelda Barbour Wynn Valdes ), fashion and costume designer THE MAJOR MOMENT: Zelda was revered for her design talent and best known for her skill in highlighting the female body. Her curve-hugging creations were worn and loved by a host of Hollywood's biggest starlets during the 1940s and 50s, including Joyce Bryant, Dorothy Dandridge, Josephine Baker, Ella Fitzgerald and Mae West. The Pennsylvania-native's key role in glamorizing these women caught the attention of Playboy's Hugh Hefner and he commissioned Zelda to design the first-ever Playboy Bunny costumes. And history has proven, the low-cut, skin-tight, sexy outfits are an iconic symbol of seduction and allure, forever ingrained in pop culture. THE COSTUME: zelda barbour wynn valdes FAB FACT: In 19 ...
The BBC Witness podcasts on Black History. 16th Street Downtown Alabama. The church bombings. That must have been the worst for them.
For Latino heritage and Black History Month, I will be sharing music, videos and art on/by Afro-Mexicans. Suggestions?
Plan now for Black History Month, with a Slavery workshop, combining history & geography
The Mis-Education of the *** by Carter Godwin Woodson Edited with an Introduction by Charles H. Wesley and Thelma D. Perry First Published in 1933 Introduction Considerable time has passed since the first printing of this volume, but it is significant that it has meaning and direct implications for today's consideration. While it does not relate exclusively to Black History it does emphasize its instruction, research and writing. In substance Carter Woodson has produced a definitive and constructive critique of the educational system, with special reference to its blighting effects on the *** and the term he used, Mis-education, was the most apt and descriptive word available. It is still, in 1969, equally as relevant and expressive. Now, however, it is loudly articulated by many voices of Whites as well as Blacks, who likewise challenge the system. The most imperative and crucial element in Woodson's concept of mis-education hinged on the education system's failure to present authentic *** History ...
"Young men learning about Black History in The Costen Cultural Exhibit"
5 p.m. reception at Shirla McClain Gallery in the Akron's Black History and Cultural Center. Hope to see many of you there.
I'm saved and I'm proud. Say it loud, I'm saved and I'm proud. As a Christian, it is no longer about race or creed. We are one body with many members. “People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7). I don't have anything against where I came from and my culture but because I was born mixed and because I am saved. I learned through the word of God that we are no longer the color of our skin or the level of our education but we are new creatures in Christ. 2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. ...When our churches preach and teach about the color of skin, Black History, White History, Yellow History, etc. and with terminology that is offensive to other races...we will remain segregated in the church which is not God's plan for the Body of Christ. Abraham was to be the Father of many nations. What are we teaching our children...Hate exists even in the church becau ...
Today in Black History: Dr. Condoleeza Rice: In 1993, Dr. Condoleeza Rice became the provost of Stanford...
August 25: This Day in Black History 1866:Nora A. Gordon was born. She was a teacher and missionary. She was the first Spelman student to go to the motherland. She passed away in 1901 at age 34. 1904:William Hall passed away. He was the first black person, first Nova Scotian, and third Canadian to receive the Victoria Cross. He received the medal for his actions in the Siege of Lucknow during the Indian Rebellion. He was 83 years old. 1925:The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters was organized. A. Philip Randolph was named as president. 1927:Althea Gibson was born. She was a pro tennis player and professional golfer, and the first African-American athlete of either gender to cross the color line of international tennis. In 1956 she became the first person of color to win a Grand Slam title (the French Open). She passed in 2003 at age 76. 1933:Happy Birthday to Wayne Shorter who turns 81 today. He is a jazz saxophonist and composer. 1939:Happy Birthday to Chris Dickerson aka Mr. Olympia who turns 75 today. ...
Today in Black History, 8/22/2013 • August 22, 1791 The African descended enslaved people of Saint Domingue (Haiti) rose in revolt and plunged the colony into a 12 year revolution that freed them from colonization and slavery. One of the most successful leaders of the revolution was Toussaint L’Ouverture. On January 1, 1804 Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the new leader of the revolution, declared the former colony independent and renamed it the Republic of Haiti, making it the first independent nation in Latin American and the first post-colonial independent Black-led nation in the world. • August 22, 1867 Fisk University was incorporated under Tennessee law with “a dream of an educational institution that would be open to all, regardless of race, and that would measure itself by the highest standards, not of *** education, but of American education at its best.” The school was named after General Clinton B. Fisk of the Tennessee Freedmen’s Bureau. In 1930, Fisk was the first African American inst . ...
Black History,  The playboy bunny costume was made by a black woman designer named Zelda Wynn Valdes!…
Photoset: droidbait: Since it’s Black History Month here in America, here are the African-American actors...
.. Jewish tunnels in the Warsaw ghetto. History repeats itself with vast irony.
"art history departments are racist" she says, as she scans pictures from a book written by black art historians at Harvard.
White people try to hide black history. Blacks civilized the world. Anthony Anaxagorou.
Tis deplorable that .bunted the Black History file 2an unformed musician. Do u treat other ethnicities this poorly? .
NOW TAKING BOOKINGS FOR BLACK HISTORY TOUR - BRISTOL For more details, itinerary and price, click on pic.
I sure wish .had consulted black Cdn history scholar to discuss the matter instead of an uninformed musician.
You're black. To the world you are intimidating and history has taught us that they try to destroy what they fear. . That's not your fault
Meet Black Singles 300x250
A little bit of black history in 1892: Harriet Tubman receive a pension from Congress for the work as a nurse, spy, and a scout during the Civil War that was a bad sister
The black story in WW1. The Drum, Intercultural Arts Centre, Birmingham via
I thought it was Black History Month?
THE BLACK HISTORY OF SAUDI MUMALIKS. Please SEE this Video for the sake of ALLAH.
Keke Palmer will be making history by being cast as the first ever Black Cinderella on Broadway!!!
"I just felt that it needed to be done, you know?" - Why Shia LaBeouf thought he was responsible for Black History Month
It's Black History Month.. Every month
I take a black history class this semester. I'm hoping it's not a class full of clowns.
Reddit's History group takes historical photos and makes them seem like new.
It's so much black history I don't know, wow
Was hypnotized @ a show & touchd a black ladys hair next 2 me w/o gettn slappd which is the only time allowd EVER n the history of black ppl
This Black History episode of Ant Farm is cracking me up!
This right here got to watch the entire series I'll loan you my copies
Yo kids at Riverbend only like Black History Month for the candy bars 😂
Is this from the same school of history as Hitler's Jewish ancestry, the first black President and Muslim settlers of the Americas?
A.N.T Farm is now showing there Black History episode on the where China Ann McClain is . Tune in now .
Crew/Family/Team///Scene: Be on the look out for your chance to be apart of history and the "DRUMZ: BLACK...
In the history of black music WORLDWIDE there hasn't been ONE black owned distributor of Jazz, R&B or Hip Hop. EVER
Ruin a black girls Monday forever in the history books right next to Rosa Park sitting in the back of the bus now, lol voted 4 Obama cauz he was the mostest qualified 4 job" and so media said i make history for 1st black man prezident/ yay!!!
watching 'deep blue sea', i only like this movie cause LL COOL J the only black guy to survive at the end…in history.
I'm just enough of an anime/history nerd to get into black tea solely for that reason.
This Day in Black History: Aug. 5, 1962 - Nelson Mandela is arrested for inciting a workers' strike.
Every ignorant black kid cosigning as he uses the word *** needs to sit through hours of US history, 1800-1900's
Today in Black History: 1937 the founding of Wings Over Jordan Choir. This group was organized by the Rev Glen T. Settles in Cleveland, Ohio and was perhaps the most beautiful sounding of all Gospel choirs. Their otherworldly and almost ghostly sound was heard on over 50 recordings. In the days before television, when families would sit around the radio together, Wings Over Jordan was a popular family radio program that featured this talented African American choir. Beginning in the late 1930s, the show was broadcast out of Cleveland on the CBS network. Rev. Glenn T. Settle had his choir work with Worth Kramer (program director at radio station WGAR), who eventually stepped down as program director to run the Wings show. As a bonus, the program featured outstanding African American leaders from all walks of life as guest speakers. One of Wings Over Jordan first recordings was made on October 19, 1941 for CBS radio. It was called I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray. The Wings Over Jordan Celebration Chorus was for ...
* Today in Black History - August 1 * 1619 - Twenty African "Negroes" became the first Blacks to land in Protestant America at Jamestown, Virginia. Surviving evidence suggests that the twenty Africans were accorded the status of indentured servants. 1834 - Slavery is abolished in the British Empire by the royal ascent of the King of England after having been voted by Parliament the previous year. 1838 - British slaves in the Bahamas are emancipated. 1852 - San Francisco Methodists establish the first African American Zion Methodist Church. 1867 - African Americans vote for the first time in a state election, in Tennessee, helping the Republicans sweep the election. 1867 - General Philip H. Sheridan dismisses the board of aldermen in New Orleans and named new appointees, including several African Americans. 1868 - Governor Henry C. Warmoth of Louisiana endorses a joint resolution of the legislature calling for federal military aid. Warmoth says there had been 150 political assassinations in June and July . ...
Black History is American History due to the fact that it happened in america. But it's still History for Blacks, in America. (cont)
As you all know I have a passion for untold Black History and the advancement of all people, but especially my own... Most of us have a soft spot for our bloodline. We pay tribute to our ancestors this way w/o realizing it...We *** moors/Hebrews/BLACK FOLKS) have been so disconnected with the importance of this.. We don't know and DONT CARE who we are. Most of us can't trace back past our great great grand parents. Our identities have been completely stripped away from us. The psychological effects are evident. We seem to want no ties to the continent we call Africa today. We treat West Africans like they are not our direct blood distant relatives. You do know the slave trade came out of west Africa right? I'll talk about that more in the comment section, because trust me, someone will have something to say on that... Other nationalities have a kinship with one other. They support one another economically, emotionally, and spiritually.. Spiritually.. Hmmm... Spirituality, Religion, Faith, beliefs or w ...
Wrapping up the month of July with a notebook full of Black History facts, so study up because there might be a quiz later. Better yet, print these out, give them to your youth and quiz them; time to get their brains thinking 'education time' again. July 29th: 1) George Dixon, 1st Black to win a World title, also the 1st to hold a World title in 2 different weight classes at the same time; also invented training techniques such as Suspended Punching Bag, Shadowboxing & Scientific Boxing, born in Nova Scotia, 1870 2) 1st National Convention of Black Women held in Boston MA, 1895 3) Chester Himes, crime novelist, born, 1909 4) The National Liberty Congress of Colored Americans asked Congress to make lynching a federal crime, 1918 5) First convention of the National Association of *** Musicians; held in Chicago. It awarded its first scholarship to the young Marian Anderson., 1919 6) South African govt bans anti-apartheid film "Cry Freedom", 1988 7) Physician Bernard A. Harris, Jr. becomes an astronaut, 200 . ...
The real Black History Month will begin on August 1st
Seven of the most unrecognized women in Black History. Let's recognize these ladies during Black History Month.
We would love some ideas for inter generational Black History Month projects, as we have some funding to do some! Creative Ideas please.
Every month is Black History Month in the Love House.
Thank you for visiting Richmond's Black History Corner. Here you will find various facts on Black History in Richmond. Hopefully this will wet your appetite for researching deeper into the Black History of Richmond to discover the pride, roots, and beginnings in various areas, such as arts & culture, the WWII era, athletics, business, entertainment, politics and more. Let's get started with...Did you know? Did you know? One of the first downtown African American-operated businesses was O.B. Freeman's Shoe Shine at 1319 Macdonald Avenue. This place in the heart of Richmond's commercial district was fondly remembered by Gus Sonoda, whose family ran a shoe repair store on 10th Street, as a pre- WWII gathering place for "hot-rodders." The Maritime Child Development Centers -- created and maintained to enable women to work 'around the clock -- did not serve African American children. However, there was such a strong tradition of collective parenting brought with them from the South, that it mattered little to ...
Photo: Today in Black History - July 24, 1990 The National Black Catholic Clergy Caucus of the United...
This Day in Black History: July 16, 1977 - The first Black Miss Universe is crowned.
Black History... what is it really, whose story is really being told here? History is His story, her story, their story. But what is the real story behind a lot of history any way? Who is the narrator of history that qualifies them to say what is or what is not? What is the purpose of history anyway? Are we to learn from it or do we repeat it? Who decides what is recorded in the books to be passed down from one generation to another? Why are things intentionally left out and replaced with another version? What is the image that is repeated in the minds of people to believe? History is mans version based on prejudices and emotions but not God's version. Scriptures tell us the things that were written a fore-time were written for our learning that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope... but hope for who? Black History. is it really the history of blacks or is it just some excepts from the past to pay temporary homage to a culture that has been abused, used and confused about its ...
Photo: Today in Black History  - July 10, 1966 The Southern Christian Leadership Conference, SCLC and the...
This Day in Black History: July 4, 1881: Tuskegee Institute holds first day of class.
This Day in Black History: June 29, 1943 Singer Little Eva was born in Belhaven, North Carolina.
Black History artwork on display in north St. Louis -
Black History can't be relegated to one month a year! It's American History!.
Today in Black History for June 24th Selected Black Facts for June 24 1. 1972 - Democratic Nat. Convention The rules committee of the Democratic National Convention approved the nomination of Yvonne Brathwaite Burke as co-chair person of the convention. Share this Fact! 2. 1968 - Resurrection City closed Resurrection City closed. More than one hundred residents were arrested when they refused to leave site. Other residents, including Ralph Abernathy, were arrested during demonstration at Capitol. National Guard was mobilized later in the day to stop disturbances. Share this Fact! 3. 1936 - Mary McLeod Bethune Mary McLeod Bethune, founder-president of Bethune-Cookman College, named director of *** Affairs of the National Youth Administration. She was the first Black woman to receive a major appointment from the federal government. She educator held the post until January 1, 1944. Share this Fact! 4. 1898 - American troops drove Spanish forces from Cuba American troops, including Tenth Cavalry, drove Span . ...
WWE has a black man fighting against Abraham Lincoln. Their history is as bad as their talent scouting.
1. History lesson to Min Nkwinti, this land was not taken with bills, policies, legislation, etc, black people died fighting for it.
Black movies needs to be more than just our history as oppressed people but about our contributions to science, medicine, etc.
I also Black History Month is unnecessary. As do a lot of black people... Cause it shouldn't be "black history"... It should…
TOP 5 Black Beauties in the history of Miss Universe! Meet them:
--A racist mom kidnaps her daughter to avoid vaccination and learning about black history
"I'm on your browser history. Care to explain why you've been looking at other cats?"
I like to say: Constitutional Democratic Civil-human rights, in law, for all the people. In the 1950s, the Civil Rights Movement escalated pressure on the federal government to protect the voting rights of racial minorities. In 1957, Congress passed the first voting-rights legislation since Reconstruction: the Civil Rights Act of 1957. That legislation authorized the Attorney General to sue for injunctive relief on behalf of persons whose Fifteenth Amendment rights were deprived, created the Civil Rights Division within the Department of Justice to enforce civil rights through litigation, and created the Commission on Civil Rights to investigate voting rights deprivations. Further protections were enacted in the Civil Rights Act of 1960, which allowed federal courts to appoint referees to conduct voter registration in jurisdictions that engaged in voting discrimination against racial minorities. Although these acts helped empower courts to remedy violations of federal voting rights, strict legal standards ...
Umma post that on Black History Month next year lol
If you believe in white Jesus unfollow me, Jesus was a black jew, they white washed history 😴😴 but most y'all sleep tho
Ten Best Lies of Black History. By the N.O.I. Research Group. In this special month devoted to our history, The...
Once upon a time Lalu, Sharad Yadav and Paswan via Once…black hair…' via
Then, I would like to order this t-shirt. The KKK were invaluable to black history.
I'm literally reading these books right now...NO LIE.I'm look at history of these animals.They use the DOG on the so call BLACK MAN
Y'all know I love fun facts right: . “stay” by is the best selling ballad by a black female in history.
I'm going to need these schools to switch up the curriculums and to use books that teach black children their REAL history..pre-slavery
Black History Month : do you see any value ? Minister Louis Farrakhan answers question .
Check out my video on YouTube HISTORY
You gotta let your kids watch "Bring It On" on Black History Month to show them how the Toros stole the Clovers dance moves.
Photoset: *** gucci: Black History Month: slowly ending white supremacy ❤️ "If it ain’t black, give it...
Googled "black history moth" instead of month and this came up 😩😂
To black history. My ancestors thank you for all the hard work and forced dedication.
Don't let borrow your Netflix, or there's gonna be so many *** movies watched recently you'll think it's Black History Month
A Black person pointing out factual history = reverse racism. Huh? . White folks and negropeans, get it together. LOL
This Day in Black History: June 24, 1995 - President Mandela cheers on the South African Rugby team.
Today in Black History: 1909 Katherine Mary Dunham, hall of fame dancer, choreographer, author, educator, activist, and “Matriarch and Queen Mother of Black Dance,” was born in Chicago, Illinois but raised in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Dunham became fascinated with dance at a young age and while in high school started a dance school for young Black children. Dunham studied dance and anthropology at the University of Chicago and earned her Bachelor of Philosophy degree in social anthropology in 1936. When she was 21, Dunham formed Ballet Negres, the 1st Black ballet company in the United States and from 1933 to 1936 performed as guest star for the Chicago Opera Company. In 1940, she and her company performed for 20 weeks in the Broadway production of “Cabin in the Sky.” In the early 1940s, Dunham also appeared in several movies, including “Carnival of Rhythm” (1941) and “Stormy Weather” (1943). In 1945, she opened the Katherine Dunham School of Dance and Theater. Her students included Eartha Kit ...
A baker's dozen of great facts, including the refusal to stop a March on Washington, the 1964 Voting Rights Act gets extended, a major base stealer is born, and we mourn the passing of a great saxophonist.. Wednesday, June 18th in Black History: 1) Denmark Vesey, slave revolt leader, arrested in Charleston, SC, 1822 2) Slavery is abolished in U.S. territories by Congress, 1862 3) W.H. Richardson, inventor, patents children's carriage, 1889 4) Nannie Burroughs founded National Training School for Women, 1909 5) Louis Clark "Lou" Brock, who became a Major League Baseball player, 1st with the Chicago Cubs, then traded to the St. Louis Cardinals, & steal a record 938 bases, born in Arkansas, 1939 6) President Roosevelt confers with A. Phhilip Randolph and other leaders of a "March on Washington" movement and urges them to call off a scheduled demonstration. Randolph refuses, 1941 7) Bernard W. Robinson, Harvard Medical student, made ensign in U.S. Naval Reserve and became 1st Black to win a commission in the ...
Obama won't go down in history just as the 1st black president, but also as the unimpeachable president...and worst. http…
The awkward moment when the history teacher is talking about slavery and everyone slowly turns to the black kid in cla…
Our take: A memorial to a black hero
But I know too much black history to be comfortable right now.
It's been real Maryland, see you during Black History Month
Black folk are "detached" from past history which is why they fail to realise that it's still.happening.
. please show me why it has to be taught over other forms of oppression? Those studying European history learn it
Yeah, we do have some history of playing in all white. Prefer navy shorts though. Germany have always been white/black/white.
Only amongst black ppl!RT 'When are you getting married?' has to be the most dreaded question in the history of mankind.
Need to go on another one of Tony Warner's black history walks but no one to go with 💭
Sometimes, I read history books & look at the present state of black people across the globe & I ask "How are we still…
Street artist Retna claims his fight with Brittny Gastineau was mutual ... but TMZ has learned he's had...
A lil Black History fa ya!!! Many of you are closely related to your distant relatives.
(Gordon) 28 Years After Magoo’s Bar Bombing On this day (June 14) 28 years ago in the ANC and Robert McBride’s bomb attack on civilians at Magoo’s Bar on Durban's Marine Parade, three young white women were killed and many bar patrons were wounded when former MK (Umkhonto we Sizwe - the former armed wing of the ANC) operative Robert McBride planted a powerful car bomb outside Magoo's on June 14, 1986 Apart from the three women ‒ Angelique Pattenden, Julie van der Linde and Marchelle Gerand ‒ who died in the bombing, 73 people were wounded in the explosion outside the popular Durban beachfront Magoo's Bar. In June 1986, McBride taped together more than 100 pounds of explosives, attaching a mine with a 15-minute timer as his trigger, and swaddling this propulsive charge with bags of machine-gun bullets and metal scraps for shrapnel. He secreted his lethal contraption in the spare-wheel well of a powder-blue Ford Cortina, which he parked one Saturday night on a crowded beachfront esplanade in Durba ...
Posted on Jun 13, 2014While the acts of these unsung heroes of black history may not have caught national media attention, they still made an impact on the lives of hundreds if not thousands of peopleBayard RustinRustin was one of the main organizers of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement and without him…
Two days worth of knowledge to soak in and share with your friends & family. Especially when a U.S. President declares segregation morally wrong; 2 black students trying to register for college are blocked by a Southern Governor; an African freedom fighter begins a long prison term; and the birth of a woman who sang jazz & eventually got her own TV show... only to have it cancelled after a few episodes because she opposed McCarthyism and racial segregation. Wednesday, June 11th in Black History: 1) Richard Allen, the 1st Black bishop in the United States, is ordained a deacon of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia by Bishop Francis Asbury, 1799 2) Mifflin Wistar Gibbs, the 1st Black in the United States to be named a judge, dies in Little Rock, Arkansas at the age of 87, 1915 3) Hazel Dorothy Scott, who became a fixture in jazz society uptown and downtown in New York, most notably for her jazz improvisations on familiar classical works, as well as putting the "swing in European classical music" ...
Today in Black History: 1964 Nelson Mandela sentenced to life imprisonment for allegedly sabotaging South Africa
Dr Umar Johnson visits Washington DC to talk about this critical and pivotal time in Black History! As economic extinction becomes more of a reality as the y...
Today in Black History: 1992 William Pickney became the fourth American and the first Black to sail solo around the world. On August 5, 1990, he sailed from Boston Harbor on a 47-foot cutter named The Commitment. He sailed around the five southern capes and covered 27,000 miles before returning to Boston Harbor. Pickney was born September 15, 1935 in Chicago, Illinois. After graduating from high school, he was trained as an x-ray technician and served in the United States Navy from 1956 to 1960 as a hospital corpsman second class. In 1999, Pickney set out to replicate the “middle passage,” the sailing route taken by slave traders from West Africa to Cuba. This time he traveled for six months covering 12,000 miles. On this trip, he was able to communicate with students in several hundred schools via on-line computer service and satellite television. In 2000, Pickney became the first captain of the Amistad, a replica of the 19th century schooner La Amistad. He retired from that positon in 2003. Pickney ...
Today in Black History: 1868 Robert Robinson Taylor, the 1st Black student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and architect, was born in Wilmington, North Carolina. Taylor enrolled at MIT in 1888 and earned his degree in architecture in 1892. After graduating, he worked at Tuskegee Institute (now Tuskegee University) as architect and director of mechanical industries until his retirement in the mid-1930s. Taylor designed most of the buildings at Tuskegee completed prior to 1932, including Tuskegee Chapel. He also designed the Carnegie libraries at Wiley University and Livingston College. In 1929, Taylor went to Liberia to design architectural plans and devise a program in industrial training for the proposed Booker Washington Institute. He also served on the Mississippi Valley Flood Relief Commission, chaired the Tuskegee chapter of the American Red Cross, and served on the board of Fayetteville State University. Taylor died December 13, 1942.
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This Day in Black History: June 6, 2004 - Phylicia Rashad makes history at the Tony Awards.
Today in Black History for June 4th 1991 Baltimore Orioles manager Frank Robinson is named assistant general manager of the club, the third African American to become as assistant GM. 1989 Four African Americans win Tony Awards for Black and Blue 1973 Death of Arna Bontemps (72), writer and educator, in Nashville, Tennessee 1972 Angela Davis acquitted by white jury in San Jose, Calif., of charges stemming from a 1970 courtroom shoot-out. 1946 Mississippi Valley State University is founded in Itta Bena, Miss. 1922 Samuel Gravely was appointed captain of the Navy Destroyer Escort, U.S.S. Falgout, the first African American to command a United States warship. He later received the rand of Rear Admiral, a first for an African American navyman. 1832 Third national Black convention met in Philadelphia with twenty-nine delegates from eight states. Henry Sipkins of New York was elected president.
You'd swear it's Black History Month, ya know... all the posts about the "D R E A M" lol 🚀
"Did you know that a Black man named Carter Woodson is “The Father of Black History?” After he earned his PHD from Harvard, he dedicated the rest of his life educating all people about the vast contributions made by African-Americans. He took the initiative to write over 20 books, including "The Miseducation of the *** and founded his own publishing companies to promote his books. He was tired of Black History being ignored or misrepresented in America, so he initially started Black History Week, which he eventually had expanded to an entire month. Although Black History is 365 days and should not be only be recognized for a month, it's important to note that America didn't even want black people to get recognized PERIOD, so it is admirable that Dr. Woodson made it POSSIBLE for African-Americans to have ANY recognition. He believed Knowledge of Self would instill pride in the hearts of Black men, women, and children. And, he didn't want America to FORGET what black people have contributed to this s .. ...
just a suggestion from Morgan Freeman when asked his opinion on Black History Month.
This Day in Black History: May 27, 1958: The first of the "Little Rock Nine"... Keep it Locked!!!
May 24th in Black History: 1854: Lincoln University was founded. 1916: Actor Noble Johnson and his brother George, a postal worker in Omaha, founded the Lincoln Motion Picture Company. This was the 1st movie company controlled by Black filmmakers. 1937: Happy Birthday to Jazz saxophonist Archie Shepp who turns 77 today. 1944: Happy Birthday to The original Diva Ms. Patti LaBelle who turns 70 today. 1945: Singer, songwriter & guitarist Terry Callier was born. He passed in 2012, aged 67. 1950: Sweetwater ‘Nat’ Clifton’s contract was purchased by the New York Knicks. 1956: Happy Birthday to singer, songwriter, record producer, arranger & actor Larry Blackmon who turns 58 today. 1961: Freedom Riders were arrested in Jackson, MS for disturbing the peace after disembarking from their bus. 1962: Dancer, actor & choreographer Gene Anthony Ray was born. He passed away in 2003 at age 41. 1963: ‘King of the Slide Guitar’ Elmore James passed away at age 45. 1967: Rapper & actor Heavy D was born. He passed a ...
-. Today in Black History - May 23, 1832. . Samuel Sharpe, national hero of Jamaica, was hanged for leading t...
As promised, time to catch up on Black History. Check out these facts from last weekend, including Brown vs. Board of Education, President Nixon rejecting demands of the Congressional Black Caucus, the birth of the man who introduced 'ragtime' music to the U.S. & a black woman finds a way to remove cataracts using lasers... Saturday, May 17th in Black History: 1) William "Blind" Boone, famous classical pianist known all over the U.S., Canada & Mexico, & became known as the "pioneer of ragtime" because he brought in ragtime music to the concert stage, born in Missouri, 1864 2) The 1st Kentucky Derby is won by Black jockey Oliver Lewis riding the horse Aristides. 14 of the 15 jockeys in the race are Blacks, 1875 3) Frederick Douglass appointed recorder of deeds for District of Columbia, 1881 4) White firemen on Georgia Railroad struck to protest employment of Blacks, 1909 5) Brown v Board of Education, declaring public school segregation illegal, handed down by the Supreme Court, 1954 6) Prayer Pilgrimage, ...
This Day in Black History: May 20, 2003 Ruben Studdard is American Idol's first Black winner.
This Day in Black History: May 18, 1946: Reggie Jackson, a baseball hall of famer, was born.
White Man tells the Ignored Truths of Black History: via
This Day in Black History: May 17, 1954: Brown v. Board of Education, landmark desegregation case, is decided.
We all know about TBT, this is "Catch-up Friday", with all kinds of trivia & facts to impress your friends this weekend. Including a black soldier to single-handedly fought a battle...and won; the death of student protesters by police; the passing of one of Dr. King's children; another talented Jackson is born, but we mourn the loss of "The Candyman" Thursday, May 15th in Black History: 1) John Morront becomes 1st Black missionary to work with Indians when he is ordained as a Methodist minister in London, England, 1795 2) US Congress declares foreign slave trade an act of piracy punishable by death, 1820 3) Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity founded at Indiana University, 1911 4) In a World War I incident that will later be known as "The Battle of Henry Johnson," the African American attacks advancing Germans, frees sentry Needham Roberts, and forces the retreat of the enemy troops. Johnson and Roberts will be awarded the Croix de Guerre, France's highest military award, 1918 5) "The Chip Woman's Fortune", by Wi ...
Today in Black History, 5/15/2014. Yesterday's Answer: Josiah Thomas Walls was the first African American...
In 8th grade I watched Carnival dancers dressed like this dance for like 3 HOURS at a Black History Month assembly
This Day in Black History, May 12, 1951: Oscar Stanton De Priest ended a 28-year-long dry spell of Black congressional lawmakers when he was elected to the House in 1928, representing Chicago. In addition to his somewhat successful political career, DePriest also had an active real estate business. The former Chicago lawmaker died of complications from a bus accident on May 12, 1951. De Priest was born to former slaves in Florence, Alabama, in 1871, where he lived until his family migrated to Kansas in 1878. He landed in Chicago a little over a decade later to apprentice in the building renovations before opening his own real estate management firm. A Republican, De Priest won his first elective office, a seat on Chicago's Cook County board of commissioners, in one of the cities known for political patronage thanks in part to his ability to deliver Black voters. But it was a career of ups and downs. Failing to win a third term, De Judas Priest turned his attention to building his business. In 1915, he ser ...
Black History Month has just begun, but "Saturday Night Live" may have already written the most definitive song for February. Watch Jay Pharoah, Kenan Thompson, and Sasheer Zamata present "28 Reasons To Hug A Black Guy Today" a...
BLACK HISTORY FACTS THAT OCCURRED ON MAY 8TH:: 1. John Brown convened an antislavery convention in Chatham, Canada, on this date in 1858. 2. M. A. Cherry, inventor, patented the Velocipede (early bicycle) on this date in 1888. Patent # 382,351. 3. Henry McNeal Turner, AME Bishop and the first Black Chaplain in the U.S. Army, died on this date in 1915. TBT on the world's Black History. Enjoy!
How has Charles Darwin affected the writing & recording of Black History?.
This Day in Black History: May 5, 1865 - Activist and pastor Adam Clayton Powell Sr. was born.
This Day in Black History: May 4, 1884: Ida B. Wells was forced to move her seat on a train.
This Day in Black History: May 3, 1933 - The "Godfather of Soul" James Brown was born.
Today in Black History: On this date in 1875 Oliver Lewis a Black Man won the Kentucky Derby riding on board of a three year old thoroughbred named Aristide winning in a record time.
365 Days of Black History - APRIL 30TH CHESTER HIMES (1909 - 1984) - Author Chester Himes was born in Jefferson City, Missouri, to parents who were both teachers. He was naturally gifted intellectually, but striving for career success whilst dealing with setbacks and racial animosity proved challenging. Himes outwardly expressed his anger resulting in trouble with the law. He was expelled from Ohio State University and in 1928 he served seven and a half years in the state penitentiary for armed robbery. It was whist in prison that Himes began to write of his life experiences and express his anger creatively. Several of his books featuring black detectives became popular enough to be adapted to film. By the 1950's Himes emigrated to France, where he gained literary fame and kept company with the likes of African American writers James Baldwin and Richard Wright who were both an inspiration to him. 1951: Surgeons Rivers Frederick, Ulysses G. Dailey and Nelson M. Russell are honored by the International Co . ...
Wow ! Had a Good day today Teaching the game of golf Today In the City then went to Palmer Park Golf course and had a good round table discussion about church Topic what does it really mean when your Pastor or Bishop tell you to come as you are ! It was Deep I love when Wiseman can come together and receive some Wisdom I am Thankful that my Mom and Uncles bless me with Gifts Rev.Dr Henry L. MASON AND REV. Seretta Mason Morris RIP something we just had to know and if I wanted to go real Deep My Uncle Rasheed Muhammad a Master with Black History we had debates all the time in my family you just can't tell me anything and I suppose to believe it I received my knowledge from the best of both Worlds ! A Mason man LM3
* Today in Black History - August 28 * 1818 - Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable, trader and founder of Chicago, joins the ancestors. 1921 - Second Pan-African Congress meets in London, Brussels and Paris, from August 28 to September 6. Of the 113 delegates, 39 are from Africa and 36 were from the United States. 1949 - Paul Robeson's scheduled singing appearance at the Lakeland picnic grounds near Peekskill in Westchester County, New York, is disrupted by a riot instigated and provoked by whites angry at Robeson's political stands. 1945 - Brooklyn Dodgers' owner Branch Rickey and future baseball great Jackie Robinson meet. They will discuss the difficulties Robinson, an African American athlete, would face in major-league baseball. Robinson will receive $600 a month and a $3,500 signing bonus to play for Montreal of the International League. He would quickly move up and enjoy a brilliant career with the Brooklyn Dodgers. 1955 - Fourteen-year-old Chicago youngster Emmett Till is kidnapped in Money, Mississipp . ...
The Clippers players and Doc Rivers are SO uncomfortable in this situation. This is a telling fact given many of these dudes are seen on television in January and February giving testimony about Dr. King and Black History. Now when a "Black History" moment arises in their own time, 2014, they all are looking around at each other and wondering what to do. Very sad. These cats may come from the various ghettos of America, most of them, but most have lost touch with the interests of the ghettos from whence they come, or they are so wealthy and famous now, that they don't want to chance losing their "status," so they say and do nothing. This is an example of what I mean when I post things that bring attention to the fact that NOTHING has changed in the essential dynamic between Afrikan people and the American Empire. NOTHING.
Today in Black History: 2013, Georgia’s Wilcox County High School held their 1st integrated prom, open to students of all races. This was almost 60 years after the Supreme Court ruled that “separate educational facilities are inherently unequal” and as a result, the practice of segregation by a public school was unconstitutional. Never-the-less until 2013, Wilcox County High School held two proms: one for White students and one for Black students. It left many with questions about the legality of the segregation. The answer was in the sponsorship of the prom. In many school districts, it is the school and its administration that organizes and monitors the school dances and the prom. In such cases, it is the public school that is responsible to ensure that it extends civil rights to all participants in school-sponsored events. For years, students had lobbied to end separate proms, but the school couldn't do anything about it because proms are typically organized by students and parents, not the staf ...
This Day in Black History: April 26, 1886 Blues singer Ma Rainey was born in Columbus, Georgia.
 border= Farid - There's a new petition taking off on, and we think you might be interested in signing it: Arne Duncan: Include a Black History course in high schools around the United States! By Isis Ohui Houston, Texas Sign Isis's Petition Every year, America "recognizes" African-Americans during the month of February and calls it "Black History Month". Typically, we learn about Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Malcom X, Thurgood Marshall, Jackie Robinson etc. But what about the other Black heros who made America what it is today? I am currently a junior in high school taking AP U.S. History. During the month of February, only three Blacks were mentioned in my classroom: Madam C.J. Walker, George Washington Carver, and Garrett Morgan. Everyday for only 28 days, a "Black history fact" was said on the morning announcements. That's just the bare minimum we can do to increase people's knowledge on Blacks. If you open a high school AP U.S. History textbook today, you will only see references to M ...
This Day in Black History, April 26, 1994: South Africa held its first all-race elections for local and national governments. Millions waited in lines to cast their ballot over the three-day voting period. Almost 20 million votes were counted. Nelson Mandela would go on to win the country's first democratic presidential election, becoming the nation’s first Black president. For decades, Mandela and his African National Congress party crusaded for equal rights for Blacks disenfranchised by the white-ruled apartheid government. As president, Mandela, who was famously imprisoned for 27 years by the South African government, established the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in 1995 to investigate crimes committed under the apartheid rule and launched initiatives to improve the living standards of Blacks in South Africa. He retired from politics in 1999.
* Today in Black History - April 24 * 1867 - The first national meeting of the Ku Klux Klan is held at the "Maxwell House" in Nashville, Tennessee. 1867 - African American demonstrators stage ride-ins on Richmond, Virginia streetcars. Troops were mobilized to restore order. 1884 - The Medico-Chirurgical Society of the District of Columbia is founded. It is the first African American medical society. 1886 - Augustine Tolton is ordained as a Catholic priest after studying at the College of the Propagation of the Faith in Rome for five years. Tolton will distinguish himself as a speaker and a pastor at Catholic churches in New Jersey, New York City, Chicago, and Quincy, Illinois. 1895 - The National Association of Colored Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists is organized at the First Congregational Church in Atlanta, Georgia. It will change its name to the National Medical Association in 1903. 1937 - Joseph "Joe" Henderson is born in Lima, Ohio. He will make his initial reputation in what might be called ...
Nope, I'm not late; this is Black History 365 March 12, 1791, Benjamin Banneker appointed to survey the layout of DC
This Day in Black History, April 18, 1977: Author and historian Alex Haley was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in journalism for his groundbreaking novel Roots: The Saga of an American Family on this day in 1977. In the book, Haley traced generations of his family’s history to Kunta Kinte, an 18th-century African sold into slavery in the American South. Roots spent 20 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list. That same year it was turned into an equally successful miniseries that was viewed by more Americans than any other program in the history of television at the time. In addition to Roots, Haley interviewed dozens of prominent African-Americans including Martin Luther King Jr., Miles Davis and Malcolm X for a series that ran in Playboy magazine, and also penned the international bestseller The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley. Haley died in Seattle on February 10, 1992. He was 70.
For the past four years, educators come to the Schomburg—from across the United States—to attend the Schomburg Education's Black History 360 Summer Institute. The Institute is a weeklong intensive professional development series for K-12 teachers, community educators, college faculty and students. Here a past attendee discusses the impact the Institute will have on her role as an educator. Don't forget to share your Schomburg Stories to help us win the National Medal for Museum and Library Service:
My son Zion in his commercial on Nickelodeon honoring 4 time Olympic Gold Winner for Black History 👏
This Day in Black History: April 15, 1947 - Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in the MLB.
just found out this Interesting Fact: Harriet Tubman Is From New Jersey! Wow. Now that's Black History.
* Today in Black History - April 12 * 1787 - Richard Allen and Absalom Jones organize Philadelphia's Free African Society which W.E.B. Du Bois refers to, over a century later, "the first wavering step of a people toward a more organized social life." 1825 - Richard Harvey Cain is born in Greenbrier, Virginia. He will become an AME minister, an AME bishop, publisher, member of the House of Representatives, and a founder of Paul Quinn College in Waco, Texas. 1861 - The Civil War begins as Confederate troops attack Fort Sumter, South Carolina. 1864 - Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest captures Fort Pillow, Tennessee, and massacres the inhabitants, sparing, the official report says, neither soldier nor civilian, African American nor white, male or female. The fort is defended by a predominantly African American force. 1869 - The North Carolina legislature passes anti-Klan legislation. 1898 - Sir Grantley H. Adams is born in Barbados. He will become a political leader and will found the Barbados Progre ...
This Day in Black History: April 13, 1997 - Tiger Woods wins his first masters.
One is reading about George Washington Carver and the other is reading about Marcus Garvey. Learning about our history, Black History isn't optional.
They aren’t in the history books, but they are a part of Black History. Meet 2014 Unsung Heroes:
Today in Black History: 2012, the 1st black student was appointed as Commander of the Texas A&M Cadets. This is nearly a half-century after Blacks were admitted to predominantly white Texas A&M University. Marquis Alexander became commander of A&M's Corps of Cadets, a high-profile post that involves establishing the cadets' dress codes for their military-style uniforms and setting their daily schedule, including physical training that can begin before dawn. Black students represent less than 4 percent of the 40,000 undergraduate students at the College Station campus. A number of cadets applied for the commander position for the 2012-13 school year, then underwent scrutiny that included a five-minute presentation before an 11-member panel that included school officials, the reigning corps leadership and the corps commandant, retired Brig. Gen. Joe Ramirez. Alexander, who hopes for a career as a military lawyer or intelligence work, said he wasn't even aware he was the first black cadet commander until som ...
Today in Black History: 1957 Alhaji Aliko Dangote, the wealthiest Black person in the world, was born in Kano, Nigeria. After graduating in business studies from Al-Azahar University, Dangote started business in 1977 trading in rice, sugar, and cement. With success, he incorporated two businesses in 1981. As President and Chief Executive Officer, he has grown the Dangote Group to include 13 subsidiaries, doing business in 14 African countries, with over 12,000 employees. The subsidiary businesses include food processing, cement manufacturing, and freight. In 2011, Dangote was awarded Nigeria’s second highest honor, Grand Commander of the Order of Niger. Forbes Magazine estimated Dangote’s net worth at $16.1 billion in March, 2013 and named him the most powerful man in Africa.
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Black History 101 Willie Lynch: The making of a slave! IS WILLIE REAL OR MADE UP? I'm glad you asked... I've heard the "letter" is fake because the words used were not apart of the English language in I ask, what language was the bible originally? I've heard Willie Lynch wasn't a real person person because when researched, he didn't show up in the US I ask, did you grandparents? Probably not! Did the US take census in 1712? No, first census wasn't until 1790. But more profoundly, Oh Willie wasn't an American anyway. The letter says he was a British slave owner from the West Indies! Where did the term "lynching" deprive?
A solemn day in history, as Dr. King was laid to rest; an opera singer refused admission to a hall, & a "Civil Rights" bill veto was overridden, granting equal rights...even though Blacks never really got those rights until almost 100 years later. Wednesday, April 9th in Black History: 1) The African Methodist Episcopal Church is organized at a general convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1816 2) 9 Black regiments of Gen. John Hawkins's division helped smash Confederate defenses at Fort Blakely, Alabama, 1865 3) Civil Rights Bill passed over the President's veto. The bill conferred citizenship on Blacks and gave them "the same right, in every State and Territory... as is enjoyed by white citizens", 1866 4) Florence Price, composer, born in Arkansas, 1888 5) Paul Robeson, actor, singer, athlete & activist, born, 1898 6) Dr. Nathan Hare, publisher & educator, born, 1933 7) Marian Anderson performs for 65,000 on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial after she is refused admission to the Daughters of the Ame ...
So, I'm the site manager and Language Arts/Black History teacher of The Hill District Afterschool Zone Program. It is truly one of the most challenging work positions I've ever had. Everyday is filled with so much. I'm in the office for three hours dealing with so much paper work, appointments, interviews, phone calls, scheduling, etc. Then, I go up to the school and site manage and teach for about four and a half hours with very energetic, vibrant, 6th to 8th graders with various levels of education, parental upbringing, attitudes, etc. By the time I get up there from the office, I'm already tired. So, when I get off from working at the school, there are some days I am exhausted. Then there's still the rest of life to respond to! I know, I know, that's life, that's being an adult, etc. I just needed to vent a little bit. The thought that keeps me going throughout the day is that I'm serving my purpose. Alright, back to my Erykah Badu listening session...
This is a huge moment in Black History...
Today in Black History for April 6th Selected Black Facts for April 6 1. 1937 - Actor Billy Dee Williams born Actor Billy Dee Williams, known in such works as "Mahogany" and two "Star Wars" sequels, was born in New York City. 2. 1931 - Scottsboro Boys Trial First Scottsboro trial began in Scottsboro, Alabama. Trial of nine Black youths accused of raping two white women on a freight train became a cause celebré. 3. 1917 - A Policy of Segregation America entered World War I. President Wilson, who had just inaugurated a policy of segregation in government agencies, told Congress that "the world must be made safe for democracy." 4. 1909 - Matthew Henson Matthew Henson reached the North Pole. Traveling with the Admiral Peary Expedition, Henson, with his exceptional navigational skills managed to reach the North Pole almost 45 minutes before Peary and the rest of the men. 5. 1869 - Ebenezer Don Carlos Bassett Ebenezer Don Carlos Bassett, Principal of the Institute for Colored Youth, Philadelphia, named mi ...
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