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Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk Down is a 2001 American drama war film depicting the Battle of Mogadishu, a raid integral to the United States' effort to capture Somali warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid.

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I still think Black Hawk Down is probably the best 'war' movie made - even beats Platoon for me
Dunkirk and Black Hawk Down are the two best war movies I've seen. . Interesting that they're both about survival in the midst of defeat.
This week, we review Dunkirk, reappraise Black Hawk Down, and talk a lot about the meaning of new war films:.
We were Soldiers, Black Hawk Down, Tears of the Sun, Saving Private Ryan and Fury are my top 5 war movies
. Check out our Black Hawk Down display at this year's War & Peace Revival here in the UK...we are…
i find it alright... not bad a show la. still like Black Hawk Down as a war movie
Black Hawk Down is underrated as far as war movies go, obviously an Op in Mogadishu isn't going to co…
I can't objectively judge realism of a war film for obvious reasons, but I always thought Black Hawk Down felt incredibly 'real'.
Hmmm. In that case Black Hawk Down is the best war movie ever 😋
Best war film is 'Black Hawk Down'. There will never be a better war film than it!
the worse war movie ive seen is Black Hawk Down
I would argue that Black Hawk Down is less of a war movie, and more of an action film. Inglourious Basterds also.
Michael Mann will adapt Black Hawk Down writer Mark Bowden’s new book into a miniseries: https:…
Just saw Dunkirk. Belongs in the pantheon of war movies along with Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down. Loved...
It is incredible. Belongs in the war movie pantheon with Platoon, Black Hawk Down, Apocalypse Now etc
This is why 'Hue 1968' is 'Black Hawk Down' for the Vietnam War
It's Black Hawk Down-like war movie meets Back to the Future/Pulp Fiction style storytelling in the best way imagineable. Home run slam dunk
Watched Dunkirk movie. Subjective score: best western war movie since Black Hawk Down.
Celebrate with a reenaction of Black Hawk Down and plenty of tasbix
Black Hawk Down - film review Black Hawk Down was directed by Ridley Scott . It stars Josh Hartnell and Ewan…
Watch interview "Black Hawk Down" author Mark Bowden about his new book, "Hue 1968" h…
We're currently live with Mark Bowden, "Black Hawk Down" and "Hue 1968." Join us on FB and follow us for more.
13 Hours was brilliant. A more action-packed Black Hawk Down & Lone Survivor, but just as heart-wrenching.
Black Hawk Down & Martian are much better than Gladi…
The keynote speaker is Matt Eversmann of Black Hawk Down.
CVOB is kicking off listening to keynote speaker Matt Eversmann from Black Hawk Down. If you're here, come…
1SG Matt Eversmann (Ret) - Black Hawk Down keynote speaker lol he's very funny.
TODAY: 'Black Hawk Down' author Mark Bowden on the "turning point for Americans" in the Vietnam War, the Battle of Hue.
1pm today, "Black Hawk Down" author Mark Bowden & I discuss "Hue 1968," his Vietnam war chronicle. Hope you can be there.
2. Black Hawk Down, my favorite war movie. My first movie i own (got it from my dad). It's so emotional and deep but cool at the same time
Apart from starring zionazi,going by this review,this is probably the most warmongering movie since Black Hawk Down.
Why is Black Hawk Down the greatest modern war movie and your other suggestions are wrong?
Bowden's 'Hue 1968': How one battle changed minds about Vietnam. The author of 'Black Hawk Down' explains why the …
47. My favorite war movie is a tie between Black Hawk Down and Saving Private Ryan.
The Delta guys in Black Hawk Down are the coolest dudes ever.
The guy who plays the target in Black Hawk Down is in the Goblet of Fire
The cast of Black Hawk Down is second to none
Black Hawk Down, if you ain't seen this movie you missin it
Black Hawk Down has to be one of the greatest movies ever created
Black Hawk Down will forever be my favorite war movie just a little bit above Saving Private Ryan 🙌🏽🔥
I love how Dominos is showing Black Hawk Down. Nothing like watching a Littlebird mow ppl down while waiting for a pizza.
Black Hawk Down will forever be one of my favorite movies 😌
Staying in my bed watching Black Hawk Down and Fury tonight 👌
Well i just finished dinner not long ago and now im watching Black Hawk Down on the tv.
Yes, Black Hawk Down is on AMC. One of the best war movies.
Heathers and Black Hawk Down playing at the bar.
Black Hawk Down still one of the best war movies of all time
Has anyone had Saving Private Ryan or Black Hawk Down in their picks?
I spoke with Jason Issacs, who was in Black Hawk Down. He says the man is a true ar…
Navy Seals didn't died in the Black Hawk Down incident those were Army Rangers and Delta Force it was a pretty popular movie
Navy SEAL killed in Somalia, first since notorious 'Black Hawk Down' battle in 1993.
A Navy SEAL was killed in Somalia – the first to die in combat there since "Black Hawk Down" battle in 1993…
The U.S. casualty in Somalia is the first since "Black Hawk Down," reports https:/…
Susan Rice has repeatedly demonstrated her incompetence from Mogadishu-Black Hawk Down to Benghazi and now spying on Presidential Candidates
The first U.S. combat death in Somalia since "Black Hawk Down." via .
Militants kill US Navy SEAL in Somalia, first since 'Black Hawk Down' in 1993.
Black Hawk Down (2001): Sometimes you just got to get back to older flicks & marvel at the complexity of production…
A Navy SEAL was killed in Somalia. First US serviceman since the 18 "Black Hawk Down" Servicemen in 1993. Frozen Confli…
First death of a US soldier in that I can think of since 1993 and Black Hawk Down
Heart goes out to his family:. Navy SEAL Killed in Somalia, 1st Combat Death Since Black Hawk Down .
A Navy SEAL was killed in Somalia today. It's the first American combat death there since 1993's "Black Hawk Down." http…
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5 of 5 stars to Black Hawk Down by Mark Bowden
I mean there are patriotic military movies I do like! Hurt Locker, Black Hawk Down, and Lone Survivor were great 👍🏻
New Netflix Original movie that I just watched and now recommend: Sand Castle. Felt like a mix of Black Hawk Down a…
Black Hawk Down will always be my number 1 go to movie.
Black Hawk Down is the greatest war movie of all time. I know that's probably an unpopular opinion but ***
Only the dead have seen the end of war. - Plato — watching Black Hawk Down
you've already named one. Just add Black Hawk Down and Saving Private Ryan to the list and it's done
This, Black Hawk Down and Platoon will always be my Top 3!
Let's see, wasn't this the opening scene of "Black Hawk Down?" Clinton, Bush Obama ... no change.
So it reminded me of: Vietnam War Movies, Black Hawk Down, Jurassic Park & Anaconda. Hiddleston's arms are LIFE!
Or, Rogue One is my favorite amalgamation of Thin Red Line, Seven Samurai, and Black Hawk Down that takes place in the Star Wars universe.
Happy 79th Director Ridley Scott on the set of Black Hawk Down, 2001.
Saya suka video Ambush in Mogadishu The real 'Black Hawk Down' story
Pray for bout 2 hours, it's black hawk down
definitely...helicopter was destroyed by rescuers (BLACK HAWK DOWN STYLE)
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Dude Black Hawk Down has like 7 of my favorite actors in it.
Just watched Black Hawk Down for like the 8th time but first on Blu-ray. It's still as good 👍 I read about it, there wasn't only Americans
With how war movies are today, I'll say this remake will probably be like Black Hawk Down...but with space bugs or aliens
Every actor is in Black Hawk Down. All of them.
I don't know how many times I've seen Black Hawk Down but it always makes me feel ominous, broken inside; like I wanna cry my "heart" out.
Sgt. Matt Eversmann talking about the Battle of Mogadishu leading into Black Hawk Down as we know it.
I love Black Hawk Down mainly because I love Josh Hartnett 🚁
Mine's Interstellar. reminds me that exams don't matter as much . Black hawk down.
it's like in BLACK HAWK DOWN when imprisoned Owen Wilson codes help into his sweater stitching? wants our help.
everybody!. raise your hands. (give me some more). everybody!. bounce with me. Black Hawk Down act.3 / 彼女 in the display [ECHOES]
Watched 13 HOURS last night. Best war movie since BLACK HAWK DOWN. Edge of the seat stuff
Book-signing at 'THE IMMORTALS' by for November 15th!…
and Bill :black hawk down, dragging soldier through the streets. Ditto.
As part of Veterans Week CAB is showing Black Hawk Down November 7th at 6:30PM.
Matt Eversmann, hero of Black Hawk Down, speaks at Accelerent business breakfast.
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ICYMI: veteran whose story was told in 'Black Hawk Down' dies at age 49:
Black hawk down... my favorite movie
husband fainted frm laughing @ a Jen Aniston movie now we cant say Black Hawk Down w/o him goin into hysterics
I honestly dont think you understand, you and your thinking belong to a fat retard's harem. Black Hawk Down.
Black hawk down and tears of the sun are classic all time favorite
The black Sammy Sosa smiling down from heaven.
oh and if that isn't enough...the real Sgt Matt Eversmann from the movie black hawk down
Lone Survivor & black hawk down will be my top fav war movies.
Trump supporter David Duke jokes about black church burnt down by Trump supporters.
I still can't choose between Black Hawk Down, American Sniper, & Lone Survivor.
Tom Sizemore just casually walking around with skinnys shooting down the street from every direction. Black Hawk Down.
PA to CO , the ladies of Black Hawk Down. @ Ameristar Casino Resort Spa Black Hawk
Howard Wasdin, member of Seal Team Six and Black Hawk Down at the 2016 ARM Global Conference.
Former Navy SEAL, caught in ‘Black Hawk Down,’ shares his journey of finding love, and hope: Dr. Howard Wasdin is a…
I'm proud of 'Black Hawk Down' because I think it told a provocative s...
Worm: The First Digital World War From the author of Black Hawk Down com
How did a jabroni like Josh Hartnett land such a critical role in Black Hawk Down? Smh
Holy crap, Tom Hardy was in Black Hawk Down too??
Black Hawk Down: It was 1993 when Randy Shughart & Gary Gordon were killed in Mogadishu. Not the same without you. http…
Currently in Cabo watching Black Hawk Down, nothing better then this!
Now watching Paranormal Activity 4...third movie of my movie marathon after Black Hawk Down and Get Hard.
Yes. And "Leave No Man Behind" in Black Hawk Down. Sad Irish melody fits right in, despite contrast to rest of the score.
The movies like Black Hawk Down, Zero Dark Thirty, Saving Private Ryan, and American Sniper always get me man.honor the troops everyday
Black Hawk Down is the saddest movie I watched
So many great British actors in Black Hawk Down. Including the forgotten Tom Hardy, Hugh Dancy. & Danish Nikolaj Waldau (currently watching)
Someone name a movie with a better cast than Black Hawk Down.
I like "Black Hawk Down" and "Zero Dark Thirty" though they don't jibe with my liberal peacenik views
If you have not seen Black Hawk Down it is on Netflix and you need to watch it now
Black Hawk Down was such a great movie
Black Hawk Down gotta be one of the best movies of the 21st century
Now I really just want to see this for Silence of the Lamb or Black Hawk Down or something
Black Hawk Down in one of the toughest movies to watch
I don't know I why thought Islamic state fighter POV vid and Black Hawk Down would make nice pre work viewing. 2 much trauma
Man like is gearing up to release an album, 'War is Normal'. For now, check the single "Black Hawk Down" —
Black Hawk Down and Saving Private Ryan are my 2 favorite war movies ever.
I always feel so guilty about the fact I would rather watch Black Hawk Down than Heavenly Creatures. I'm part of the problem!
Black Hawk Down...Tom plays Twombly in this 2001 war-drama.
Black Hawk Down is still one of the best war movies ever made ✌.
It's weird how obsessed I get with certain war films, I didn't like Black Hawk Down when I first saw it in the cinema...
1. I love war movies. Grew up with them and love it. Favorite is Black Hawk Down. 💜
Some of the guys involved in Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down. Bring the "war" to
Black Hawk Down, one of my favorite war movies of all time.
Just wanted to say congrats to the seniors on the big win!!!🏀 Black Hawk Down!
I've said for a while that a War Machine movie could be done EXTREMELY well. Basically combine Iron Man with Black Hawk Down.
Thought I was built for war until I saw 'Black Hawk Down'. Delta Force soldiers got cleaned up! 😢
Hamilton Collection
"Only the Dead Have Seen the End of War" - Plato ★ Black Hawk Down —
Watching Black Hawk Down again. Can't believe 15 years have passed since it came out.
Don't worry people Operation Black Hawk(eye) Down the documentary will be live tomorrow night!!
Just watched Black Hawk Down to mentally prepare myself for the worst tomorrow when we rappel. Thankfully there won't be any skinnies.
Our minions have scouted a secret price drop at Black Hawk Down [Blu-ray]
Watching black hawk down makes me feel some type of way
Black Hawk Down might have the best cast of all time.
Decent film.but not one I'd watch hawk down, Olympics has fallen more up my street
I wish my dad was awake so I could speak to him about Black Hawk Down!!!
have you heard of black hawk down? Americans tried to come into my country with bombs & they succeeded in that happening
You will not compare one of Conde Nast's favorite island getaway to Black Hawk Down country. YOU COULD POSSIBLE NEVER.
I'll probably watch the hateful eight and black hawk down :)
Been watching Black Hawk Down for 10 minutes and it's already the best movie I've ever seen.
so I watched black hawk down again and soon as I heard Phil's voice I knew who he was. Never knew he was in that.
On 'Black Hawk Down,' I was employing 1,000 Muslims. 'Kingdom of Heaven,' s...
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Amazing keynote speech at our Peak Summit from 1st Sgt. Matt Eversmann (Ret.) the hero immortalized in the epic film, Black Hawk Down!
One of my drivers was straight up in Black Hawk Down.
I read, Somalia blames the Remember Black hawk down in Mogadishu? West cons Africa as a buyer of weapon and return mining
Never before seen footage of the Black Hawk Down incident emerges
Maybe some of u should watch the end of Black Hawk Down again. The part about democracy and a gun to understand why your Western values fail
Just got asked by a UK doco crew if they could use a photo I took from a vehicle during the Black Hawk Down operation.
Black Hawk Down: A movie set in Somalia without a single Somali actor.
Making an Airsoft Team!. DM or comment down below if you want to join. . Go Black Hawk!
Favorite films for my Russian Midterm? Don't fail me now Black Hawk down and Menace ll Society😭
Space jam, the good the bad and the ugly, Black hawk down.
I mean I know they loved callin us skinnies back when Black Hawk Down happened but *** I didn't think it would stick lol.
A story about a mentally challenged pilot called black hawk down syndrome
watching Black Hawk Down... Not feeling so good ;(
Black Hawk Down is such a sad movie 😭
1) Where is God When it Hurts?. 2) Black Hawk Down: A Story of Modern War. 3) A History of English Football
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Honestly I wish they made more movies like Black Hawk Down to show what our soldiers go through in war, maybe open people's eyes up
who new Jamie Lannister was one of the Delta Force snipers in Black Hawk Down
Mike Jolin of meets "Black Hawk Down" author in Afghanistan in 2011. TY https:/…
I never thought I would like movies like "Act Of Valor" "Black Hawk Down" & "American Sniper" until I actually watched them in JROTC 🇺🇸💂
. The Ring, the town, under the dome, black hawk down, into the storm, push, gangs of new york, wayward pines.
Why does this remind of what happened in the US post Black Hawk Down? Defend, deflect, deny.
‘Black Hawk Down’ Survivor says Jesus is the only way to Transform the World
i'm sorry but the best game in the world is Delta Force Black Hawk Down
Black hawk down finished remove *** from murdog *** little bendover boys,stick back in when the master calls,little dog
Bet you forgot Ty Burrell was in Black Hawk Down. Despite Modern Family, I always think of him in Dawn of the Dead
Black hawk down is on of the best movies I've ever seen
Now watching Black Hawk Down and playing "Spot the Superstar Before They Were Famous." ftw!
'Black Hawk Down' battle hero passes away at 52 | Fox News Video.. I was honored to hag out with this awesome hero!
No matter how many times I watch Zero Dark Thirty, Hurt Locker & Black Hawk Down, mind is blown. Top 3 all time war movies
Black Hawk Down. Why is it that when the Clinton's are in charge our beautiful American men end up dead and dragged through the streets
Black Hawk Down is one of my favorite movie
Literally every person in Black Hawk Down became a big time actor
Black Hawk Down is on, I read the book it was good
Black Hawk Down is on. Love this movie
They need to do another movie like Black Hawk Down
I've watched Black Hawk Down, Speed and some of the Band of Brothers series. All movies and show that can get quite loud 🙉
The more I watch black hawk down the more I want to joins the marines!!!
Just watched Black Hawk down for the first time. What a movie.
Watching Black hawk down for what seems like the 100th time and just now noticed is in it
Watching Black Hawk Down with my best friend. ProAm turned out great today.
Watching black hawk down is like watching an old black and white. Seems ancient compared to the modern movies released.
has never seen Black Hawk Down or Saving Private Ryan.
Black Hawk Down will never not make me super emotional. One of the greatest movies about our very brave men.
One of these weekends I'm gonna watch nothing but the best: Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Black Hawk Down, The Hurt Locker, & Forrest Gump.
the movie Black Hawk Down is seriously one of the best
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However, Black Hawk Down is about 130% less American patriotism than Ridley Scott DID have an open mind culturally at some point.
I rewatched Black Hawk Down about a year ago and had the same kinda icky feelings. Great action, dubious moral.
They are shooting at us, well shoot back- Black Hawk Down
I liked a video Black Hawk Down last speech
I liked a video Great scene from Black Hawk Down! "Get on that fifty!"
Not that there was that much shorter to go but that's looking awfully close to Black Hawk Down.
13 Hours just wow black hawk down x10!! Won't get a better action movie in 2016!
Former US ARMY Ranger Keni Thomas. If you've seen the movie Black Hawk Down, this guy lived it.
So 13 Hours was a GREAT movie. 10/10 up there with Black Hawk Down and Lone Survivor... No war movie will ever be as good as Saving Pvt Ryan
13 Hours has to be one of the better war movies since Black Hawk Down, John Krasinski did such an amazing job.
If you want to be accurate, Michael Bay ain't the guy. Ridley Scott was great with Black Hawk Down.
Black Hawk Down is the saddest movie ever. You never know what the military goes through in war until you see this & God it's horrible
If the movie Black Hawk Down doesn't give you enough desire to keep our soldiers out of war idk what is
Movies like Black Hawk Down always make me want to play War games. To bad BF4 is trash.
Theres no war movie as good as Black Hawk Down
Tom Hardy, Jeremy Piven, and Phil Dunphy from Modern Family are all in Black Hawk Down
13 Hours is the best war movie I've seen in a long time, probably since Black Hawk Down. Go see this movie!
Im trying to watch Black Hawk Down. Leave me alone.
Zero Dark Thirty, The Hurt Locker and Black Hawk Down – probably the best movies dealing with modern war of our time.
Lucky Number Slevin and Black Hawk Down then we never saw Josh Hartnett again.
Black Hawk Down really showes how ugly war is.
My favorite war movies (in no particular order) Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down and Fury.
Black Hawk Down is 1 of those IMPORTANT military films that show u the bold truth like Apocalypse Now, Casualties Of War, Full Metal Jacket
Mark Bowden, author of Black Hawk Down, on The Donald. If you think it smells bad on the outside...
That time Trump tried to bribe the guy who wrote Black Hawk Down
Black hawk down is the best war movie in my opinion but it's sad af.
Just watched Black Hawk Down for the first time and it hit me with the feels like Kent Murphy hittin a dinger
I liked a video from BLACK HAWK DOWN! - Men of War Modern Warfare! CALL TO ARMS
what do u mean love black hawk down? Do those ppl exist? I was furious after that movie beat up everything up.
"Nobody asks to be a hero; it just sometimes turns out that way." (Black Hawk Down)
Donald Trump Really Doesn’t Want Me to Tell You This, But … - This by the author of Black Hawk Down - a worthy piece
Eh, I hear you. But I disagree that he softens reporting for politics. Again, see "Black Hawk Down." Not flattering for Clinton.
Will be interesting to see if the people who I know *love* "Black Hawk Down" suddenly turn on Mark Bowden because he does Trump no favors.
This first-hand profile of Donald Trump by the author of "Black Hawk Down" is ... sad. I just feel sad. .
Amazing. And before you go all "ooh it's liberal Vanity Fair," please recall Mark Bowden wrote Black Hawk Down.
The Syrian Rebels are losing because the actors in Black Hawk Down can shoot their guns better.
.Black Hawk Down shows this culture. *** soldiers attached to UN serving tea to Muricans reminded me of sepoys serving Brits
Awesome films with no women in them:. - The Thing. - Master and Commander. - Black Hawk Down. - Glengarry Glen Ross.
Defeat for the US invaders - Black Hawk Down Full Documentary via
im still laughed in Ioan Gruffudd's black hawk down. performance just for laughed, then down.
Only the Dead have seen the end of War. -Plato — watching Black Hawk Down
Every actor is in Black Hawk Down pt. 2
Every actor is in Black Hawk Down pt. 1
Black hawk down dope movie. Amazing cast
*** I think if you asked me about the Black Hawk Down story I can tell you everything 😂
I would post some Black Hawk Down footage to go along with this, but can't be bothered to do the youtube search smh
send in some deltas and Rangers alla black hawk down and ISIS would be an after thought by Monday
Just watched Black Hawk Down for first time. Wow. God bless our military.
Think this should be like the 10th time I'm seeing the Black Hawk Down movie
im right in front of the taps at a table with my son ... Black Iowa shirt, my boy has a black sweatshirt, flag me down!
Josh Hartnett wears some type of mil spec watch in "Black Hawk Down", tough to tell what model though. -
2 essays, a discussion board, and an in depth analysis of Black Hawk Down...all did.
Our 2000 interview with Black Hawk Down author Mark Bowden is streaming right here:
1) Watches Black Hawk Down. . 2) Plays Call of Duty. . 3) Goes to visit the old dear. . You need to be prepared people.
HBO is showing series of war movies. Thin Red Line, Black Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan, The Last Rescue. should add in Hu…
Realized I really love war movies . 😐 we were soldiers and black hawk down always get me .
Our Flashback Friday program travels back to 2000 for our interview with Black Hawk Down author Mark Bowden, 12:10, WCAX
How many people did the US lose during the Black Hawk Down debacle?
Black hawk down will never get old to me
what about enemy at the gates, black hawk down, the Hurt Locker and Saving Private Ryan? 😉
You'd love this Star Wars comic out next wednesday. Sounds like Black Hawk Down but with Vader
2-hour wait at hospital wouldn't have been the same if I wasn't watching Black Hawk Down on my iPad. Light morning.
Lone Survivor, American Sniper, black hawk down those are cash
Black Hawk Down is such a long movie
It’s what you do right now that makes a difference. – Black Hawk Down
Black Hawk Down was such an incredible film
A classic film that embodies the credo, "no man left behind." New added.
Check out Black Hawk Down : A Story of Modern War by Mark Bowden (2002, PB) Great Book via
Black Hawk Down is one of the best war films I've seen
Black Hawk Down is still my favorite war movie. 🇺🇸
Found my favourite pastime war movie show . Black Hawk Down
While at the same time I'm having to read Black Hawk Down and have to practice math problems (which I haven't found time to do yet)
Black Hawk Down is one of my fave movies for sure
Immigration? More like invasion: We fought these nut jobs in Somalia, remember "Black Hawk Down," the book and...
Yeah, that scene made me uncomfortable, as I’m squeamish as *** Reminded me of Black Hawk Down.
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Black Hawk Down, probly my favorite war movie, I can watch it over and over, Imaa watch it right now lol
Black Hawk Down, war movie. Super action untundi
And it was Maj. Gen. Scott Miller who was the Delta Force captain in the Battle of Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down)
Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, and most other war movies: the reason I can never be a combat medic
I recently watched Black Hawk Down and got a big laugh out of this. Amazing.
Sorry, Black Hawk Down & Layer Cake aren't video games either.
The cast list on Black Hawk Down is nuts. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Tom Hardy, Hugh Dancy & Ty Burrell all "before-they-were-famous".
Our Ridley Scott season continues at 9pm with Black Hawk Down, starring Ewan McGregor and Josh Hartnett.
great call on Black Hawk Down. Orlando Bloom, Ewan Mcgreggor, Jeremy Piven, Tim Roth, and lots more.
Black Hawk Down by Mark Bowden, We Were Soldiers... Once and Young by Hal Moore and Joe Galloway, and American Sniper.
Ok, if anyone needs me I'll probably be watching either Black Hawk Down or Seal Team Six for the next 2 hours or so.
...We were soldiers, Cross of Iron, Flag of our fathers, Letters from Iwo Jima, Black Hawk Down, Thin Red Line, Stalingrad...
You should read "Killing Pablo" by Mark Bowden. It is the real story, and it is GREAT! He also wrote Black Hawk Down.
Black Hawk Down, Full Metal Jacket, and Saving Private Ryan are my favorite war movies. 👌🏽
Excited to host Major Jeff Struecker (pastor, author & one of the many heroes of Black Hawk Down) for
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my first thought was honestly, "Wow, the Black Hawk Down costumes were retro."
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