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Black Disciples

The Black Disciples (often abbreviated as BDN or BDN III) is a large African American, street gang based in Chicago Illinois, Milwaukee, Miami, Minnesota, Iowa, Kankakee, San Pedro,California, New York, Atlanta, Detroit, Kalamazoo, Battlecreek, Texas, Springfield IL, Cleveland Ohio, Denver Colorado and Peoria Illinois.

Gangster Disciples David Barksdale Latin Kings Larry Hoover Chief Keef Young Lords Black Panthers Ku Klux Klan African Nations Aryan Nations Aryan Brotherhood King David South Side La Raza

K-Dot 1:87. If I proclameth before my disciples that I fell a black shepard at the age of sixteen, would ye taketh it as truth?
The moral of the story im black disciples ***
It must be noted that as Disciples of the Black Consciousness philosophy we are not Anti-White but rather...
Yes Sir! We are your humble Disciples. We bleed Black & Gold!
The drug business in MS is mainly controlled by two black gangs, Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords. Panola Cty has both.
also fun fact. Did you know some of the 12 disciples were black and of North African descent?
we the black disciples so our blood al little darkkker -SoSa
It's National Signing Day! Man Jesus signed 12 disciples and that was tha best class of all time! Except Judas...Smh bro
slinkjohnson the Black Jesus and his disciples @ The World Famous Comedy Store
720: Used by Black Gangster Disciples (BGD) to represent haveing pure black...
Abdilatif Hassen: Biography of a young man's journey from Byrd Gng to The Black Disciples
We the Black Disciples our blood a lil darker 💉
oh you one of them beyonce disciples? She your idea of a strong black woman lol? You lot are weak af
tweleve Disciples with me and they all Black
Black Disciple Killer. You know Chief Keef claim 300 which is the Black Disciples
Chief Keef Fans Rep Black Disciples and 3Hunna: '…: stop white people
I liked a video Chief Keef Fans Rep Black Disciples and 3Hunna: 'On BD'
1) He and his disciples practiced sorcery and black magic, led Jews astray into idolatry,>
"We pray in the name of the Black Messiah who taught his disciples to pray."
From Gangsta Disciples to Police officers, from occupy protestors to Israeli soldiers...I've learned the world isn't black …
Record of the Day - Jack Ruby Hi Fi - Deep dubbing with Ken Booth, Black Disciples, Lennox Miller and The Revealers.
Its sad when I see the current "Disciples" of Black Music almost abandon its existence when they hit the mainstream.
We the black disciples so our bloods a lil darker.
"there all black" that's why the black gangs bloods, crips, gangsters disciples all hate the black Muslims
the leader Ernest Wilson of Chicago gangsters disciples took me in his own cell, (first black white mix) but
Rare picture of Jésus talking to some of his disciples.
Rich fled large cities of Europe to escape Black Plague. True disciples stayed to care for the sick. Wondering which group you & I are in.
Full Sail’s Session and Session Black named Top Lagers Brewed in the US
One black sheep among the clergy (Especially if he/she is influential) can make lay disciples lose respect & faith in the clergy.
the leader Ernest wilson of Chicago gangsters disciples took me in his cell as a bunk mate, (first time) ever a white and black
are disciples like AMERICA would desert PPl W/ horrible because their BLACK AGAINST TOO
send me Ivory. n an ebony key. so I can play white for disciples. n the black. I'll keep. for rainy days. to let me free . the nightmares in me
We da black disciples so our blood a lil darker😈💪
They are strategic. They have the Hispanic disciples at the stations in the Spanish speaking neighborhoods, and same for the black ones.
Oh and a black man in a tailored suit fcking lord Jesus and all his disciples
Certainly, black people tend to be emotional people & are thus ripe targets for exploitation by Alinsky disciples.
Y'all do know 3Hunna is referring to Black Disciples right? So y'all saying "3Hunna" and don't even know what it mean?
Around my body nothing but. black disciples
We black disciples so our blood a lil darker !
We don't carry rifles cuz we black disciples
Black Feminists are Disciples of The Angry Black Sistahood Cult controlled by White Feminists and The Dominant Society
Jesus was black with hair like sheep's wool & he was from the hood. His disciples were outlaws that stayed strapped.
Since we the Black Disciples our blood a lil darker
Aint no black disciples n vacherie, straight budlight mafia round ya 💯
If we the black disciples so our brothers look darker
how u a bd but u from New York an u white like what??? 😂 it's black disciples not white boi wonder disciples
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White people whitewashed the original black paintings of Jesus, the Jews and the disciples. Job 9:24, 1 Macc. 3:48 (Apoc.)
If Crips, Bloods, Vice Lords, Black P Stones, GDs, Disciples, etc live by a code so can black nation and Afrikan Centered World.
Professor Peller disciples be like - - - > "Black Magic is the truth!"
In case you've never heard the entire album, 12 Disciples Divided By 3 by Black InQ, here's your chance. The...
Light the Eiffel. Lean with it rock it black like the disciples. Know when to use your bible and when to use your rifle.
Black P stones. Gangsta Disciples. 4 corners. Are 3 of the worst gangs in Chicago.
Mormon disciples stomped by righteous black theocrat
'Dawkins disciples.' Now there's some ironic phrasing. Also, I saw them open for Black Sabbath in 1976.
Record of the Day - Burning Spear Garvey's Ghost - Jack Ruby, Black Disciples and Burning Spear on best of form.
Black disciples kill they own kind, that's real? 😳😳
No we don't carry rifles cuz we black disciples
clearly Jesus and his disciples were black... I can see the lineage 👣
In Chicago we have Gangster Disciples killin black disciples.. They used to be one nation.
We the black disciples so out blood a lil darker
The *** I thought I got all the “nu-black” disciples off my timeline tfoh with that garbage
We the black disciples so our blood a Lil darker on daveee
What do u think happened to the black (brown) Jews (bloodline frm which Jesus came)?. Descendants of disciples et al. Where are they today?
Black Disciples, Gangsta Disciples, and Vice Lords all marched with Martin Luther King Jr. in Chicago. We need that type of again
Never know when its yo last supper *** so you gotta keep some black disciples
300 black disciples. It's a gang in Chicago. Lol but everyone says 300 because of Chief Keef.
OTF we got the winnin title, and all my *** claimin black disciples
If we the black disciples then my blood a lil darker
Gang graffiti in Iraq[edit] U.S. gang-related graffiti has shown up in Iraq since the beginning of the Iraq war in 2003. Among the largest American street gangs represented in Iraq are the Gangster Disciples, Crips, Bloods, 18th Street, Nortenos, Black Disciples, Surenos, Latin Kings, TAP Boyz, Vice Lords, and Black P. Stones, which originated in some of Chicago's most violent and impoverished neighborhoods.[5][6] There are also reports of Black Power, African Nations, Aryan Nations, Aryan Brotherhood and Ku Klux Klan gang graffiti in Iraq.[7]
I liked a video from Gangster Disciples vs. Black Diciples | GTA 5 |
need to do a Black Album as in Black Disciples feat.
Firestone Walker Wookey Jack Black Rye IPA hits four-packs for first time
If I was about that life, the only set I would join would be black disciples That's a true family, no matter what they ride for there ***
Gangster Disciples and Black Disciples knocking off each other ? SMH!
bro tha black disciples came from gangsta disciple tho! But all diff...
As close to Black Jesus as one of the disciples at the Last Supper
you don't have a picture of black Jesus and his disciples
OTF got the winning title, ballin' like I'm Michael, all my homies claim Black Disciples.
We the black disciples So our blood a lil darker 💂
We the black disciples so ah blood a lil darka 😰😈
If we the black disciples than our blood a Lil darker, I'm Rollin that that beamer big guwap in that charger
We the Black Disciples so yhuno are blood lil darker 🔯 💉
Well maybe it's partly because Jesus wasn't a Black African-American? . All the Apostles were Jewish, all the Disciples, &tc
FIEND STREET "The disciples of the Black Coven of Windermere have been summoned to exact a swift and bloody revenge over…
HOW BAD IS CHICAGO CRIME? (2014 ESTIMATES) NOTE: This article status may contain some information that is not totally accurate) Chicago gained "Murder Capital" status of America in year 2012 where more than 500 homicides occurred. Over hundreds more were reported missing, or were unsolved crimes and murders. In year 2013, Chicago saw a dramatic drop in murders for the whole year, down 60%, the lowest in almost 40 years. Here is a breakdown of how Chicago made Murder Capital status as of 2012 and 2014: THE MISSING: Hundreds of children as well as adults were reported missing or kidnapped between 2012 and present year 2014, and still mist have not been found yet. FBI estimates show Chicago was top city for the missing, over 200 were reported gone and never been found again. The FBI and DEA are currently trying to solve missing persons cases in Chicago but so far, many cases have gone cold and archived. THE GANGS: With 77 active gangs still holding Chicago streets hostage, the city has been reeling from mass ...
The kids at church today were colouring in Jesus and his disciples, one boy changed them to Thor, Spiderman, Captain America and Black Widow
Why did 11 of the 12 disciples have 'white' names & the only one with a 'black' name was the one to be a traitor. Don't drink the koolaid !
You can't tell me that Jesus and his disciples weren't black!
Tonight should be fun with THEM BLACK DISCIPLES
Black disciples gonna kill this calc unit
A black looking Y'shuah,his black and brown disciples, a painted wooden panel in the Coptic Museum,Cairo,Egypt..
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
We don't care rifles cause we some black disciples
Baxter Brewing and DC Brau brew up The Daughters of Poseidon Black IPA
'and then Jesus said unto his disciples, love thy neighbour, just not the immigrants, ain't no black in the Union Jack lol'
yes but he told the disciples to leave their families- I'm showing you not everything in the bible is black and white
She took the exact elevator to the same place right after. She must be one of Sterling's disciples. Swear the black guy wasn't me either...
True “"Black disciples it's heavy in the chiThose are da Originals bruh”
The Gangster Disciple is a gang which was formed on the South-side of Chicago in the late 1960s, by Larry Hoover, leader of the High Supreme Gangsters, and David Barksdale, leader of the Black Disciples. The two groups united to form the Black Gangster Disciple Nation (BGDN). The gang has made several attempts to legitimize their image. Some members dropped the "B" and began to call themselves GDs or Gangster Disciples. In the 1990s the Gangster Disciples entered into politics in the Chicago tradition of Black Panthers, Black Stone Rangers, Latin Kings, Vice Lords, Black Disciples and Young Lords through the formation of the "Growth and Development" movement. Outside of Chicago some gangs will still go by the old name of BGD. Gangster Disciples have been documented in the U.S. military, found in both U.S. and overseas bases. Graffiti characteristic of the Gangster Disciples has been reportedly seen in U.S. military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. They've branched out to other states and cities such as NC, ...
The Gangster Disciples, Black Disciples, Vice Lords, and others are waging war on innocent Chicagoans.
THE MIXTAPE REPORT Born in Jackson, Mississippi, Hoover's parents moved the family north to Chicago, Illinois, when Hoover was four years old. By the time he was 12 years old, Hoover was on the streets with his friends. Calling themselves "supreme gangsters," the group would often ditch school together and ride the train around the city.[3] As the gang grew, Hoover emerged as the natural leader. Known as "Prince Larry," Hoover, along with rival gang leader David Barksdale, decided to merge their gangs into one: the Black Gangster Disciple Nation. In 1974, after Barksdale died from kidney failure due to an earlier shooting, Hoover took the reins of the Gangster Disciples Nation, which now had control of Chicago's South Side. Under Hoover's rule, the Gangster Disciples took over the South Side drug trade. While incarcerated, Hoover helped form the Folks Nation, which added other gangs such as: Black Disciples, Gangster Disciples, Imperial Gangsters, La Raza, Spanish Cobras, Latin Eagles, Maniac Latin Discip ...
That's a white man lie. Many people in the bible are black. Four of the disciples and even the enoch and noah were ethiopian
Only black people hang with 12 people that was his *** just back then they called them disciples
The original picture of Jesus & the 12 disciples were BLACK! Leonardo DaVinci changed it to white people.
He said to his disciples, "Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?" (Mk 4:40) Jesus is our peace in the midst of …
When you see young black men doing the works of disciples. Striving to introduce people to The Christ,…
In pottstown we the black disciples
And I don't believe in the concept that Christianity is the "White Man's Religion." Like I said, Jesus is Black. And his Disciples.
If we the black Disciples than our Blood a little Darker!!
This is what I think made Jesus' disciples trifling
Christians have been saying its the last days for the last 2000 years! Bible said JC would return while his disciples were alive
a white guy didnt create fried chicken and watermelon he didnt. Black Jesus and his black apostles did to feed his black disciples
Black flags Clanstaz and disciples AKayz n SKS rifles laser for distance, drums so my gun hums as you run
We don't carry rifles kus BitcKh we BlacK Disciples We just carry 30s and 50s! Boys gone bite you !
We were talking about the Black Disciples in class so I had to shout OTF
GD: Gangsta Disciples. Part of the folk Nation.6 point star.Star of King David.Colors black and...
Lol I'm doing a report in English about Black Disciples
How does one apply to be a part of the black disciples
black disciples aint even doing pretty boy swag... quite yet.. we ahead of the game. and with LiL B BasedGod from the Pack we unstoppable
Niqqa be throwing up Chief Keef gang signs like y'all black disciples y'all ain't in no gang
Mr. Zimmerman caution with Rick Ross Gangster Disciples got a hit on him they're more powerful than the Black Panthers
We them Black Disciples so our blood a lil darker
In one week, CATHEXIS present ATTACCA at the Northcote Town Hall. I think this is going to be a concert to clear your diary for. But Callum, why? Quadrophonic sound design by Joe Talia; Luke Paulding's new work involving Matthias grinding balloons to the sounds of *** sex; Peter, Matthias and I going goth for Cat Hope's 'Black Disciples'; and the beautiful Lina Andonovska doing that thing she does. 7pm Wed 26 | Northcote Town Hall | Studio 1
We the black disciples so are blood lil darker ! # SOSA BABY
When Eric McGee informed me he won 2 tickets to the Claim Your Turf Roller Derby off Power 92 and was excited abot the participating teams facing each other... 1. Addison Black P Stones vs Oakbrook Cermack St Crips 2. Wesmount Black Disciples vs Downers Grove Traveling Vice Lords Well I then knew he wasnt with the ish and will hold down the Opp spot for a while
If we the black disciples then our blood a lil darker
This great group of musicians is playing my piece Black Disciples in Melbourne!
Black Disciples were some bad dudes 😳
We don't carry rifles cause we black disciples , just got some 30's & 50's that will bite you 🔫☀️
We sum black disciples so our blood a lil darker ON DAVE
Funny how you 'gangbangn' *** b screamn 300 & O Block like yall bang BLACK DISCIPLES!!! Do u see Chief Keef & them screamn "CRRRIP'? No.
Alot of people don't even know that 300 hunnit stands for "black disciples"
Writing is an key component for a movement of Black Christians seeking to communicate good theology & make disciples.
Lux gonna dress up as black Jesus an his crew as the 12 Disciples In his next battle
The aim of teaching is not to impart knowledge but to produce obedient disciples. The Spirit was given to us to make us evangelists. Black
I wanna be part of the black disciples
And we them Black Disciples so I blood a lil darker 💂
We dem black disciples so our blood a lil darker
S.o to them them REAL Black Disciples
We the Black Disciples so our blood's lil darker
And we da Black Disciples so our BLOOD a lil DARKA
We the black disciples so are blood a little darker
"We Da Black Disciples so our blood a lil darker, I'm Rollin dat Beemer Big Guwop in his Charger" - Keef
The disciples and Jesus are Hebrew and the first Hebrews on are we're black so Jesus is black
I'm listening to Graveyard Disciples by Black Label Society on Pandora
We the black disciples so our skin a lil darker!
the 12 disciples were black/Arab just like Jesus b... Plus where nas at b??
I liked a video from GTA 6 Gangs: The Black Disciples! (ideas)
Ed you're facts are wrong not Disciples. Black liberation theology. Jesus will
We the black disciples so I blood a lil darker 💉
See we the black disciples so our blood alil darker
S/O to all the KuttBoys, Bloods, Crips, Black Disciples, Gangster Disciples, Latin Kings, Pirus, Vice Lords & All the other G's !
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The Black Disciples (often abbreviated as BDN or BDN III) is a large African Americanstreet gang based in Chicago, Illinois.
And there's the championship for the Black Disciples.
Lmao my mom goes oh look cypress hill . And my grandpa goes black disciples?
Lets help black Chicago communities everyone. Do you think The Black Disciples would like a subscription to The American Spectator?
I've never been a fan of the black disciples.
lmao 3hunna is a code for the black disciples gang in Chicago
Chillaxin and still recovering from last night..I wanna thank all da 4s..da stones..da vice lords..da GDS..and my MF black disciples foe helping me make history last night...wait til da video drop...who hotta than purp...
"A black man follows me when it's sunny outside. When it's cloudy, he goes home.". "Brick, that's your shadow." 😂
We some black disciples all we carry is 30's
Futhi uShaka was one of his disciples "Jesus was not only black bt wayengumZulu
The Get Money Gang is always looking for new comers. we need drivers for heists,assassins everything we are in a rival with GTA5THUGS & the black disciples when GTA5 online comes thats when everything goes dwn so bring your shot guns ,machine guns,explosives, and fists if u wanna destroy some crews.
And we don't carry rifles bitxh we black disciples
lol you funny af but I bet 100 dollars *** dont even know the history of black disciples, they just wanna be down
“you're right. I love u.” Bromance son lol love you to Sean Cully of the Black Disciples lol
he's done a lot better then freeway rick ross.. And the black disciples keep tryin to kill him and he still out there in public
no tf it aint foo if u say bdk das sayin fukk black disciples not gansta disciples *** das y it says "BDK"
black star, and I think he was playing a little of the disciples of gel or something.
Members and supporters of the Black Disciple Nation (BD), sometimes referred to as Black Disciples, recently gathered to celebrate the 66th birthday of its founder, David Barksdale at the Inner…
Black Disciples of the world. . . We are stronger together, we are stronger together, my love and yours forever. We are as ONE.
We don't carry riffles cause we the black disciples
Let black baby Jesus n all his disciples be with me... I'm drivin a van wit three bad *** chillen' in the back🙏
For one the gang is called black disciples... BLACK!
Glory boys, black disciples, 300, brick squad
Why did my mom put a painting of black Jesus with his twelve black disciples right outside of room?
Jesus didn't have any black disciples. He didn't have any gentile disciples - so, can only Jewish men be leaders? - Stephen Richardson...
im tired of all these fake *** rosters standy keep dissing the 6 when 6 better then 5 by a long shot but it BLACK DISCIPLES ALL DAY 300/600
Krari Chief Keef cest un gars des black Disciples
We Black Disciples soo our blood a lil darker.
We don't carry rifles, cause we da black disciples
See wee the Black disciples so our blood a little darker.
We da black disciples so r blood a lil darker
Black Disciples member sentenced to more than 10 years NWITimes
Chief nem Black Disciples they from 64th and Normal
Chief Keef claimed black disciples .. All makes sense now #
black disciples otf 64th street. And oh lmao. No wonder my LK cousins hate him
An you know we black disciples so are blood a Lil darker.🔫
We tha black Disciples so our blood a Lil darker
Fell asleep listening to GBE and I woke up in Chicago next to the Black Disciples and GBE tagged on the pavement in Goat Blood
And We sum Black disciples so our blood a lil DARKER -Chief Keef
We da black Disciples so our blood A lil Darker
are y'all with the black disciples? — Nah. We under the same nation. Different disciples. the BD's 300. We 600-1...
Man I'm black disciples so my bottle a little darker
Cheef kerf *** -yea they jumped me into black disciples
everybody started out as Gangsta Disciples & Black Disciples
Alleged member of the Black Disciples pleads not guilty to drug charges.
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We dem Black Disciples so our. Blood a little darker
Black Disciples vs Gangster Disciples , what y'all know bout that ?
If we the black disciples are blood a lil darker
For football should I be number 3 for Black disciples or the day Ty passed away??
We the black disciples so our blood a LiL darker
Black Disciples must have came to North Little Rock from Chicago in the late 70's early 80's and took over heavily.
If we the black Black disciples so our blood will look darker .
Remember the black disciples or whatever threatened sick ross . They said it was only okay for them and jews to use the star .
we tha black disciples so our blood a lil darker im rollin in this beamer. Big guwop in this charger !! Squad!!
We the black disciples so our blood lil darker
If only the Black Disciples expanded BEYOND gang activity.
It's time 4 black Disciples 2 lead 2 make a difference in our church and in our denomination -Bill Edwards National Convocation
Now, I'm running w/ the black disciples. Index on my tec, my hand is on the rifle!
Revisiting the album by Justin Hines and the Dominoes "Jezebel" on Mango records. Produced by Jack Ruby and backed by the Black Disciples!
Jojo's murder is tied to a conflict between the Brick Squad faction of the Gangster Disciples and the Lamron faction of the Black Disciples.
David Barksdale , also known as King David, was the original leader of the Chicago-based street gangs the Black Disciples, Devil's Disciples, Gangster Disciples, Maniac Latin Disciples, Black Gangster Disciples and Satan's Disciples.
No ESPN, NBA-TV, or Comcast SportsNet. No gaggle of past and current NBA stars, just gang members playing basketball. The Maroon Team, members of the Killa Ward gang, a faction of the Gangster Disciples, is up by one, vs. the Green Team, members of the Black Disciples. The black men filling the audi...
Robert "Yummy" Sandifer (March 12, 1983 — September 1, 1994) garnered national attention in September 1994 after his murder by fellow gang members in Chicago, Illinois. He appeared on the cover of TIME magazine in September 1994. Nicknamed Yummy because of his love of junk food, Sandifer was a young member of the street gang the Black Disciples. After committing murder, arson and armed robbery, he was executed by fellow gang members who feared he could become an informant. Coverage of Sandifer's death and retrospectives on his short, violent life were widely published in the American media. Sandifer became a symbol of the gang problem in American inner cities, the failure of social safety netting, and the shortcomings of the juvenile justice system. Early life Robert Sandifer was born on April 17,1983. Sandifer's mother, Lorina Sandifer, had a history of over 30 misdemeanor arrests, many of which were drug related. Sandifer's father, Robert Akins was absent for all of Sandifer's life due to incarceratio ...
One of Jesus 12 disciples was black
Man if we didn’t get that foul the Black Disciples woulda been outside the arena ready to blast.
I knew I had family in Chicago that are Latin Kings but I didn't know I had family there that are Black Disciples 😳😳😳
We don't carry rifles cause butch we black disciples
You may be religious, but Black Jesus has more disciples than the other fake Jesus supposedly had
90% of the people say 300 cause Chief Keef does don't even know what it means. Y'all know he reppin the Black Disciples right?
RA, Black Thought and Pun - 3 of my all time favorites. 3 KGR disciples.
"I outran a black Toyota Camry that day. Jesus and all his disciples couldn't have stopped me."
Carry handguns.. No rifles. We just all black disciples !
black Jesus and some of his disciples are in the a musical at BA called Hairspray! Its April 25-28. You can buy tickets online!
a ono 3hunna je úplně jinej význam. "300 is a clique within the fraction of black disciples"
Glory to thee almighty satan Highest and ineffable king of *** Bring forth joy from the infernal realm To the disciples of the black flame
These lil gangs in my city have nothing on the Black Disciples, Gangster Disciples, Bloods, Crips, NOTHING.
and from what I've read, the 2 black cardinals being considered are both conservative, boring, JP disciples
they get ghost...judas was 1 of Jesus' disciples & u see he betrayed him with a kiss...that's why I said u need a vacation to
Going out hard to the black swan if yous interested tonight ? Drum disciples meets jungle clone !!
ON GOD JESUS THE 12 DISCIPLES BABY JESUS BLACK JESUS etc. "Girls quick to tell you go talk to yo ***
I swear the black disciples hand shake is so throwed!!.
Scarlet and Black Singers to perform with Jazz Disciples RT
Towards perfumed evening with black breath I know you to have more disciples than tomorrow never knows dude.
Lil Jojo told Chief Keef and Lil Durk "We BDK!" we know that Keef & Durk are BD's or Black Disciples but what does the K mean?
all my 12 black disciples... Get it cause I'm dark skin Jesus 😂😂
If you're around Bristol this week-end check this out: Drum Disciples meets Jungle Clone 09/02/2013 - The Black Swan
DRose is Chief Keef's friend who reps the 600 block of the Black Disciples gang in Chicago. Not the bball player. Just to clarify.
Going with my fabulous *** black best friend Frankie to say goodbye to ms.coyne. I'm out ma Disciples! Hit you up later!
Tooka Gang is the nickname for the Gangster Disciples set that his set "3Hunna" Black Disciples is beefing with
We don't carry rifles cause Bx we black disciples Oblock
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Riding Lambo with no license, we not with uniting ish, we don't carry rifles, cause we black disciples!
Jesus and his disciples where all black
all of black gang disciples in 1 state banned rick ross LOL
The Black Twig Pickers - Rough Carpenters: Disciples of tradition return with their best of...
“I fuk with b's and c's but most my guys blooded”Zoe's Latin Kings solids bloods black disciples 💂🔫
How yu part of the "black disciples" and yu go cry in da court room when yu get 60 days 😂😂😂
The new Czech record in the Wall Climbing dog who jumped Black Boy. He jumped 3.65 m to 1 Hall Stoutdog cup in Bochovice near Trebic.
True enough. We was also Black Gangster Disciples with King David. That's why we got a 6 point star. So? Lol
Chief Keef didn't have anything to do with his death that was his own doin dissin the 300 block black disciples
Jesus & the disciples are on the run from Jewish elders. Prophets for hire, black van. Judas hates flying, foo The J-Team
Woke up with a black bandana around my head and a killer headache... I think i got jumped in to the Gangster Disciples...
Beyonce is to the black female demographic what Jesus was to the Disciples.
Purple ErrryThing, Ravens finna get this win tonight and me & the fellow Black Sheep Disciples performing…
one of the disciples. Jesus is played by a black man with dreadlocks. Ya man! All top people tbh, great cast, very religious tho
Gang factions lead to violence in Chicago - Chicago Tribune via
Update your maps at Navteq
Brother of the struggle turned Black Disciples.
Apparently Jesus and his disciples were black
Rick Ross is gonna need those 100 black coffins for when the Gangster Disciples get him.
Nah dats not linked with 50. He's got an issue with the GD's *gangsta disciples α black gang founded in chicago
We dont carry rifles, cause we black disciples
Chicago today is an absolute war zone. Innocent people are dying everyday due to gang violence. This is senseless. Many of these innocent people are children. One of these such children was a teen rapper from the inner city by the name of Joseph Coleman. Better known by his rap name Lil JoJo. Lil JoJo was affiliated with the Gangster Disciples. In October of 2012, he was gunned down while riding a bicycle. Fellow Chicago rapper and rival gang member Chief Keef is believed by locals to have been the one to order the hit on JoJo's life. Just weeks before his death, JoJo recorded a diss song against Chief Keef and his gang, the Black Disciples. In the video for this song, children of Chicago can be seen waving semi-automatic weapons. The life of a teenager and young rap prospect was ended due to a war of words over the internet. This violence is real. Its not just a bad dream. Everyday that passes, more and more lives are being lost. Please help stop the violence. How many more children must die before peop ...
Visiting Holy Graves: The balance between Shirk and Kufr There is a blank piece of paper lying on the road. We pass by it, and we will not bother picking it up, irrespective of our race, gender, religion or sect. Fair enough. But let us assume, that if we see the name of Allah or his Rasool (SAW) written on this piece of paper, any believer with faith in his heart will pick up the paper, kiss it and put it in a safe place where the honor of the name cannot be disrespected. This is because such names remind us of divine existence, of Allah and his Rasool (SAW). It becomes a sign, a sign which manipulates our mind to think about Haqq. That (shall be so); and whoever respects the signs of Allah, this surely is (the outcome) of the piety of hearts. Quran [22:32] Respecting of the signs of Allah, is nothing except the piety of the hearts. So do not expect everyone to respect the signs of Allah. Those who are bestowed with piety by Allah himself, only they will have the power to recognize such signs, and the o ...
yea black disciples that's why lil Jojo said BDK black disciple killers
What is your favorite song from the "Angry Machines" album?
I know this is heresy, but I want to challenge all of you to stop going to church. If you really want to know Jesus better, trust that he'll be right there with you no matter where you are. Trust that he lives inside you. Then, share with others what you learn from him.
bdk means black disciples killer .. Chief Keef gbe and them are black disciples
19 Dec, Wednesday. Reminder: 1500 Christmas Worship Service at the MDG near the JBER Hospital. The following is a bit of Christmas Cheer from our WG HC, Ch Cavens (enjoy!): Scribblings from Chaplain Cavens Wiseman and the Slaughter of the Innocents The killing of the children at Sandyhook Elementary School in Connecticut should shake every adult to their core. Because hardwired in our grown DNA is the mental and emotional capacity to protect the children. When an emotionally mature adult hears of a child being killed, kidnapped, molested, raped, tortured, mistreated, beat, injured by an accident, or hurt in any way the psyche of grown person groans and connects to the harsh reality of the crime and asks, “Why was that child allowed to be hurt?” For when we were children our dreams and imaginative adventures were of protecting the innocent; what kid did not say,” I want to be a fireman or teacher.” Children are for hugging, mentoring, teaching, teasing with good nature, tickling, staring at clou .. ...
i aint even know Denver had black people living there let alone gangsta disciples .. ***
Did you get a chance to read Black's EerdWord post this week? Fun stuff:
Them Black Disciples in Chicago don’t. Them O block *** lol. They was on Gangland!!! Lol
Just in from - The Disciples according to Mark by C. Clifton Black
We don't carry rifles cause bish we black disciples
On Tuesday morning, the nation of America wept -- and continues to weep. We truly live in a tragic world. How does the God of the Bible relate to these tragedies? Where is He when they occur? Can we continue to believe in a loving God who would permit such terrible things to happen? These are important questions. God’s Word teaches: 1. Accidents and even mayhem are a part of life in a fallen world. The moment Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden, they brought sin into the world¾and deadly accidents and murderous acts soon followed. Cain, the very first human baby, grew up to become the very first human murderer (see Genesis 4:1-8). And accidents have plagued human kind ever since the race was driven from Eden. No one is exempt, not even the most godly. I doubt few would question that the apostle Paul was one of the most effective and dedicated Christian workers in history, yet his life was peppered with serious accidents until it finally ended under the blade of a Roman executioner. Paul su ...
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