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Black Country

The Black Country is a loosely defined area of the English West Midlands conurbation, to the north and west of (but not inclusive of) Birmingham, and to the south and east of Wolverhampton.

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Widow helping the homeless with appeal in memory of husband: A widow from the Black Country is collecting items for…
Putting the Black Country on the Map Adrian Goldberg tries to work out what the Black Country is...
chain making industry in Black Country benefitted from the slave trade
One for the road before trip to Black Country @ Royal Pavilion…
Local actors for a Black Country story and the chance to wear those lovely 1970s outfits, apply now!
Black Country haunting talk at Willenhall Library -Local author and historian Ian Bott will be visiting Willenhall…
that's no brummie accent, she's from West Brom which is the Black Country
The making of Sam Allardyce: From the Black Country to England manager |
Who's heading to the U23 Black Country derby tonight? Will be an on-the-whistle report
Volunteer mentors from Black Country businesses needed 4 young people now! Click - press Get Involved. .
Congratulations Lyn Calver 4 appointment as Regional Director for the Black Country! http…
Still so proud of the team at Klick Business Solutions Ltd for winning the Black Country chamber of commerce custome…
you could have a collection for prostate cancer or tins for Black Country food bank etc
First-hand knowledge of the Black Country & a deep brogue accent are an advantage
In Chatham for todays UCAS fair! 👋 Around today & tomorrow at the University of Greenwich to answer any Qs about uni in the Black Country 🎓
Futura group wins manufacturing award at great business from the Black Country...
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
News: Black Country brewers come together for festival's big beer send off: THE rich heritage of Dudley’s fam...
are Black Country communion back together? Tour? 💚✌
Taking the patients out to the Black Country museum keemon
Done that.Black Country museum have an authentic chippy
n con gew Black Country museum n all which tbh is gud cor even joke about that un
theydon't mention the Black Country museum on the school trip bit?!is thisprogramme even about Britain?!
I spotted loads of bits on the canal side of the Black Country museum today. I'll persevere...👌🏼
Black Country museum recreates industrial might of the region: EXPERIENCE the industrial might of the Black C...
A day at the Black Country living museum loved it highlight of the day a must see The drift mine https:…
Thanks to the drunk Sheffield Wednesday fans on the train I now know that us Black Country ppl are known as "sausage roll eaters" 😕
Creator of Peaky Blinders Steven Knight says what's great about Birmingham and the Black Country.
First pic of our Beloved BCC in the Studio recording the title track from BCC1 🌠 I'm goin' back to the Black Country http…
Chain and Anchor Making in the Black Country by Philip Moss Paperback Book
New Pylot Magazine includes features on the Black Country's very own John Myers and Brian Griffin.
Very impressed by the staff at the Black Country museum today
We've only had 1 Black woman senator in 227 years?. Like..the whole country??
What country? Typical of most black people to revert to insults or say the person they are talking to doen't know..
i agtee sir. Lot of black money is hidden in the country...
It has therefore been confirmed that PMS (petrol) is being sold black market even at depots across the country. Shame!!!
So much of the most popular music in this country has its roots from Black artists.
Now Playing: Spells and Curses - Black Sclera. New Music, Country, Electronic, International, Jazz, Español, New Age and more.
ethnicity is like black, white, Asian, Hispanic. Being from a certain country isn't ethnicity.
I thought Geoff was sincere. "Well, I'm white. And my Black friends & their families have suffered in this country for generations..." -->
"We have more black people in jail than any other country on Earth" It is time for reparations, safe passage, re patriotism, accountab
really? Last time I checked there better be a black person in a show or movie. Yeah well they built this country
Ya right! Look who's calling the kettle black! Destroyed our COUNTRY.
I admire Hilary's fearlessness when it comes to her shaky past all while confronting Black women across the country
Can't forget how she claimed the black guy snatched her kids and the country was on alert!
News round-up from across the Black Country and North Worcestershire - Dudley News: Dudley NewsNews round-up f...
I need to go to China and travel to every country / city there I hear they LOVE black men
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
In this country if u chant "Bharat Mata Ki Jai" police will beat u up black and blue! Thank you
I would hope not he has most diversity in supporters than any candidate.More than black & white in this country
is now playing in WAO97.3 KINGSTON CREW: CHARLY BLACK - My Country Girl
I went to Ireland bih there was only 6 black people in total in that whole country
I added a video to a playlist Robert Plant 1988 Black Country Woman
If black and white treated each with love and respect no country on earth could touch us period were more alike than different
Clinton winning black voters in Wisconsin by 50, per the exits. Same as the rest of country. In NY/MD/PA, very big deal.
The president of this country is BLACK. Blacks are far from lazy, educate yourself before u speak ignorance
Yep, depression overcomes 1/2 the country, goes black for a month, + we get to listen to THAT VOICE.
I overheard a black security guard tell a Mexican kid to go back to his country...I spazzed on his ***
lol if you're not black, i wouldn't recommend it. but you do you. Its a free country. First amendment right.
If Bernie wins the general election. The country is majorly white, doesn't count 😂😭
Did he mean Hole Country? Quota Black Hole is astounding to say the least.
We educate black kids & pay their parents for their labor & the country really has lost its identity, we elected a black President
It's still mind numbing to me that black people were slaves in this country 170 years ago.
I can't be the only black girl that enjoys country music
Idgaf.. As many L's black people took in this country, it feel good to get a few in the justice system
Sunny, blue skies. Starry, black nights. Country hospitality is the best. Happy people. This feels right
Hilary Clinton was at "black girls rock"...this country is at an all time low smh
Who Does This? Black mayhem, chaos and violence around the country
LOVE this!!! Black Men For Bernie taking their Journey for Bernie across the Country!
Students frm Kashmir can raise Pak slogans anywhere in the country but if students wave Indian flag they r beaten black nd blue
My favorite Black Girl Who Rocks is my mom. When I was out of the country and on she Skype with me so I could watch in real time...
This actual footage really shows just how divided the country was on the case. Straight up black vs white.
God forbid we focus on trying not to elect a presidential candidate that will RUIN our country. nope, we gotta fix black f…
Black people really was LIT all across the country!
I wonder where was when black girls needed her in the 60's? oh right advocating to resegregate the cou…
Says the one hating on a movement UPLIFTING black women in a country where the majority gets praised & we don't. 😴
yeah, I mean Sokovia sounds kinda european white country, so maybe there are almost not bla…
The racial makeup of the county was 65.6% White, 24.6% Black. Proving that when the country is more diverse Hillary serves dinner!
Mark Ruffalo Introduces the Country to Black Men for Bernie via
"Listen, I know what it's like to be a young black woman in this country and..."
I like Black Girls Rock because for 3 hours my sisters across the country become one, if only for the duration of the show...
Sat in the pub with a merky ale and sawdust on the floor at the Black Country museum today, this…
Look who was picked to advertise visiting the Black Country museum!
didn't know you worked at the Black Country museum
you are the Phil Mitchell of the Black Country but fatter
Loved the Black Country museum today. Was delightful.
I may get the chance to visit the Black Country museum next week will be my first ever visit from outer London I find out tomorrow.
had a lovely day with at Dudley zoo and the Black Country museum 😁
and horse whispering at Black Country museum 😄
Throw back to being on a shoot at the Black Country museum! Amazing day shooting for a vintage…
We are visiting the Black Country museum on Friday & I'm looking forward to it!
Tomorrow going to the Black Country museum I've been once when I was little but can't remember much I'm really excited😃
Just got back from the Black Country sparring 5x national champion Ryan Hatton and top unbeaten professional Ricky summers .. Happy Friday 👍
Entertaining kids? Make a special trip to the Oil Living History Museum - the Black Country's hidden gem
Some more lovely pics from my day at the Black Country living museum
ICYMI: Ground-breaking injunction banning car cruising in Black Country has been continued:
ah, I see - we never see 4-0... As for Wenger- We'd love him, reckon he'd love the Black Country 🙃
At the Black Country museum with the Cubs
thanks :) Black Country museum, think it's like a county day out :)
Happy Birthday to the Man in Black, Mr. Johnny Cash. If only you were around today to save us from pop country.
Me and a true soldier Country Boy after my Black History performance!
Bernie Sanders doesn't see the gray between the black and white enough to lead this country.
I am black from head to toe, my folks help build this country free of charge, yes I am Black American.
Idk about the political parties but what she said about the Black poor majority building the country was a fact.
Catching up on Catfish. Somebody is duping the *** out of these young country Black ***
It wasn't a black box THE CLINTONS foisted on the country. It was a bad law, but like many bad ideas, it
They took the pool tables out of omegas now black people double have no reason to be in there lol country music darts and a golf game
this fellow and George Strait are the most righteous country artists in my lifetime, in my humble estimation
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Happy Birthday to the Man In Black himself & arguably the most talented country artist to ever live 🖕🏼😌
""Iceland is often listed as the greenest country in the world, but one industry puts a black stain on their...
On this day in 1932, country legend Johnny Cash, the original Man in Black, was born.
For years, Jansen has been given platform to condescend and victim blame Black people, while UFS remained *** for Black kids. T…
My proud-to-be-Black, light-skinned, COGIC-loving, country *** Nigerian-marrying mom. The realest that looked out for me.
Hate when people of my skin complexion say "I'm not black" just because they come from another country. Might not be AfriAmer but u r black
If I get enough money I'm moving to a. country where there are lots of black people. and no wars. Maybe Jamaica
Stamford Black Knights gather for team photo before FCIAC Girls Championship next on https:…
Still shocking to me how much this country is choosing to ignore the black conversations to be had.
Please give me an example of a Country that is a first world country and has a black majority
no surpise do a movie about a country in Africa and have no black people in it? "Aloha" anyone?
Alright, we're seated and getting ready for the panel livecast here:
WATCH NOW: Why are the and why should we care? Join the conversation live with https…
Our country is a melting pot and it's important to recognize the accomplishments of all!
Fear for our country... No black helicopters, just feeling this way (video snip) more and more often
Yes, yes they do. This country was built for the white man to succeed, not your black *** 😟
the BET awards celebrate black entertainers because awards shows such as the Oscars (meant to represent the country) do not
A black man has no business fighting in a war for this country
No Standing Army? What are the Militarized DHS and Militarized Police? Militarized TSA, IRS, FDA, FWS. We have a much o…
Future leaders of tomorrow my black *** After Buhari, please let's hand over this country to Babangida. These people ar…
how bout aiming that at the black culture in this country. Over 80% of violent crime, and will hate each other over 3 shades of skin
Disclaimer: we know the ugly way that white people actually got to the Caribbean & we know that black people did build the country. But.
I'm sure a black person has never hit a white pedestrian and killed them in this country...
The situation for Black people in this country is dire. Maybe more people will find their tongues now. One can only hope.
Black Country = Salt of the Earth is the local expression, I think :-).
I don't understand how racist this country is, but you do. Shame on you for lying about a great black president. https:/…
Then again, Black Country stuffs Cotwolds for street cred every time!
Happy Birthday to The Man in Black. Our country is better with your music in it. Rest in Peace, Outlaw.
This panel is entitled No Country For Black Men. We'll be using hashtag throughout.
going from 2 terms of our Country's First Black President to even one term of trump is exactly like graduating with a PhD to work retail
there's a difference between Black and Country. that bowl up there is Country AF
Looking forward to heading back to the Black Country museum with tiptop tomorrow
£179 is less than a season pass for the Black Country museum!
Need something to do? Take advantage of free parking at the Bowtie Museum - the Black Country's hidden gem
at the Black Country museum again. Think it sold really well so I read they'll do another one. Not sure if there's a date yet
Black Country's favourite dog breed celebrated with re-opening of museum
- my niece is going to New York next year. We went the Black Country museum!.
Concerns grow for Black Country teenager who didn't return from school
Leeds fans moaning about awful view from train in Black Country and the east lancs line - don't they know this train goes past elland rd?
Loving the Black Country living museum, we've been to school and managed to avoid the cane😂
Year 5/6 learning all about life in Victorian Britain at the Black Country museum.
Uxbridge representin' at the Black Country museum @ Black…
Went to the Black Country museum today. One of my fave places but it was overran with scouts/Cubs today! Oh well,…
Freezing my butt of at the Black Country museum
Cadbury World, Black Country museum, mailbox - BBC bit supposed to be good, Canal boat trip, Go Ape, Zoo
this looks like the evil teddy bear at the Black Country museum!
BBC News - Black Country trash mountain being cleared why cant the one in Horwich be removed??
VIDEO: 'Cat-killer' targets pets, owners say: Cat owners in a Black Country town say they will not let their pets…
Black Country-based Poundland shares slump: Shares in Black Country-based Poundland have slumped after it revealed…
We're hosting a Black Country partnership event today with in Dudley. Thanks to for h…
Black Country slimmers are a hit with singer Jason Donovan: TWO Stourbridge Slimming World consultants are rea...
Picked up a dollshouse (an Ebay win) from Cradley Heath. Don't go out to the Black Country much. Seemed quite nice.
... and now I miss living the Black Country. Best I get in Warks is Holden's Golden Ale.
is it at the Black Country museum in Dudley
Cute night with the famo at the Black Country museum
Such a lovely night with my darling at the Black Country museum 😍💞
Great children, great trip Black Country museum
My favourite celeb couple & Pmsl at Karl running off on Yvette in the Black Country museum. 😂
Ready to go at the Black Country museum!
Had a really nice evening at Black Country museum
Year 6 Black Country museum. Who lives in a house like this??
6J visit to Black Country museum spending a day on the cobbles
Black Country sparked into life at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.Now home to 21st Century superstar firms
Black Country champion Hanmer passes away THE Black Country has lost one of its true business champions after the …
Loved him, will miss him - champion Charles Hanmer passes away,
is not the that this country needs. Zuma must fall, sure, but it needs to be Black led, decolonial, int…
Latest on 623 jobs saved today with the sale of Industries sites, mainly in the Black Country:.
brewer Sadler's Ales poised for international expansion
Caparo deal saves 623 Black Country jobs via great job for local workers by Administrators
I will ask the Black Country Chamber to come back to you..
Full details here on the deal which has saved 623 jobs.
The people of this country deserve better than this, whether you are black,white, coloured or any other ethnicity or religio…
Find out here where the 623 jobs have been saved .
deal saves 623 jobs. More to follow...
BREAKING: Caparo deal saves 623 jobs in Black Country
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Do you even know how hard it is to be born Black, female, and Slytherin, in this country?
Everyone dehumanizes sex workers tho. I'm not willing to place that just on black people. Whole country is at fault for that.
My greatest hope today is that police officers across the country, who routinely abuse Black women, now believe consequences…
What's the difference between a buffalo and a bison?. *adopts Black Country accent* you can't wash your hands in a buffalo
I am bit racist by all means I'm just saying this country is confusing how can you say you hate white or black people but then play nice
Out of 99 pictures on the account, they had 12 pics with black models - in a majority Black Country. 👀 https:…
Black Country gymnast needs funds to realise World Championships dream . Can you help with sponsorship? Please RT
Asylum seekers in Black Country: Council fury at dumping of refugees from Syria, Eritrea & Sudan in city hotels
Asylum seekers in the Black Country: Wolverhampton council fury at 'dumping' of refugees in hotels
Asylum seekers in the Black Country: Wolverhampton Council fury at 'dumping' refugees in hotels via
Black Country protesters rally outside Thomas Cook in support of Tunisia
Watch Meera Syal talk about Black Country dialects and Jackie annuals
Thursday evening weather report: IT’S going to be a dry and largely clear night across the Black Country and n...
Mind you, I'm off home to the Black Country for the day so my accent should swing back by tomorrow.
Absolutely love this. This is the art work on Suzanne Cook's back yard. Black Country and proud. Like and share http…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Telford is a Shropshire New Town - it's not part of Greater Birmingham and the Black Country. What is going on?
in full council meeting in civic centre on agenda combined authority, audit annual report, Black Country growth deal
Based in the heart of the Black Country, The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust is the main provider of hospital...
I'm urging govt to back Black Country & Birmingham plan for jobs, homes, transport and skills http:…
Deffo need to get to the Black Country museum next time they're filming there
New £10m prototyping centre set to have a major impact on Black Country economy. Learn more:
Black Country museum is pretty good 👌
Water and gas main work cause traffic problems in the Black Country and North Worcestershire: GOOD...
Only I can take selfies in a old house at the Black Country museum. :3
I'm in the Black Country - people really DO speak like the Vic & Bob 'Slade' sketches
Black Country living museum celebrating 150yrs of Alice in wonderland
via Black Country's links to the Wild West revealed
Black Country's links to the Wild West revealed
Black Country's links to the Wild West revealed: Midland historian Dave Reeves has highlighted a *** ..
Museums in England and Scotland don't close. The Museum of the Black Country is v like the Ulster Folk and Transport museum and stays open.
Follow for updates as Walsall take on West Bromwich Albion in a Black Country pre-season derby.
The famous Black Country pub crawl the "delph run" has been renamed the "snake run"
any possibility of Kings of Chaos doing a UK gig one day ? Maybe in the Black Country with Midland artists ? …
the only thing that will scare Black Country lads at Edgar st is that the 1000 fans are all related. And have 6toes
It's nearly Black Country Day, and there will be more Black Country jollity from me tomorrow on
As performed at the Black Country festival event in Wednesbury this afternoon!
And now we have a rare heavyweight pro bout in the Black Country! It's Matt Gordon v James Oliphant, in bout No 50 for the latter. We're off
'He had the world at his feet': Tributes paid as three generations of Black Country family killed in Tunisia t...
Greater Birmingham combined authority calls win Black Country ...: Calls for the region's combin...
you could quite easily open up the Black Country with a light rail link from Dudley through Sandwell into the heart of Walsall?
Business: And FDI creates hundreds of jobs across the West Midlands: BUSINESSES in the Black Country...
We live in a country where White domestic terrorists are treated better than Black victims of police brutality.
.. Isn't dividing the country into Black America vs White America exactly what the scumbag killer intended?
guess what? America is a country of double standards. Black people get to say some things you don't. But you…
Most of the victims from this tragedy survived Jim Crow laws and some of the hardest time black ppl have had to face in this country.
He did divide the country into 1.) People who hate a black President and 2.) Real Americans.
Since slavery blacks have been treated like second hand citizens in this country by the government law enforcement and whites
Black people don't just pack up and leave a country when they don't like something and then go steal someone else's land.
1 woman stepping on a FLAG justifies the way this country treats black people?
It's hilarious when white Americans says black people are taking over their country when a) slave trade and b) they st…
As if we needed another tragic reminder of the Black experience in this country. It most certainly can't be washed off.
Who lived in a country that taught him to be able to hate Black bodies enough to walk into a church and shoot them. htt…
Idk why white privilege is so far fetched to y'all? This country was built on the backs of black people
Inshallah. Black people will take back the country they built
He doesn't care about the black community or this country he just want more Money
Living black in this country means having to continually forgive America while it angrily asserts you're the root of its problems.
Hair The draft is white people sending black people to fight yellow people to protect the country they stole from the red people. no
Scared black man.. Living in a white world.. Often confused by the illusion of a black man "running the country" I live in.
The black voice is history's echoed cry for justice. We've seen bullets before. We mourn. We continue to be God's salt in…
"The only people in this country who are asked to be nonviolent are black people." - Malcolm X |
SPLC: "Black churches have been the targets of hate crimes throughout our country's history.”
He said black people are taking over the country um he must have forgotten black people were once slaves and had to fight for their freedom.
Here's what our supremacy has caused. Tear it down. No black human should have to feel this in a country they built https…
When white people are killed in such a horrific manner we mourn as a country, when black ppl are murdered we have to mourn…
This country just wasn't ready for a black president...Obama, I wish you could have ran in 2024...
HE WAS AT EMANUEL AME CHURCH! One of the most historic, prestigious Black churches IN THE COUNTRY. And you think this…
how are 6 elderly women and 3 black men "raping your women and taking over the country" in a church ??? Of all people and places smh
Its not okay. It will never be okay to be Black in this country ever again
the killer said that black people was taking their country that lie has been going on since 2008 since Obama was elected.
You have a White woman posing as Black, a country deporting their African residents and now a Black church shot up. All in …
How can you be Black in this country and not be angry?
If all Black people in America were a country, its members' GDP per capita would rank just above Russia's and just below …
Hammer, meet nail. That's who they want 2 take country back from - the black guy
Its sad that black people go to the military to fight for a country that doesn't even value their existence
This man slaughtered Black people explicitly for 'taking over' a country founded on white supremacy. But let's not make …
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
He also said, "You're raping our women and taking over the country. You have to go," to a group of black people, before shooting them.
Dominicans don't want no black *** n their country like they not Blacc smh
Future Lawyer Moment: "You rape our women and are taking over our country" was the "justification Dylann S. Roof gave to his black victims!
Lord heal our souls protect our country open our hearts give us equal rights black lives matter its in your hands now God
Black spirits have nearly always known grief to disrupt our joy in this country. And rarely do we receive comfort. Will yo…
These photographs of a Black Country estate show Britain on the brink, says Jonathan Meades.
We're at tonight for the Sports Academy Awards 2015. Hoping for some Black Country wins!
BBC News - Lenny Henry 'chuffed' at knighthood great to see a Black Country lad being honoured
Excited to learn that Deborah Bonham, sister of John (Led Zeppelin drummer) and aunt to Jason (Black Country...
West Bromwich is a town in Staffordshire, within the Black Country and contiguous with the surrounding towns of the…
I'm proud to be British, English, Black Country or even Brummie for the confused! "English" not a class issue
omg Cradley Heath said completely wrong by Lynn the pride of the Black Country, birth of Staffordshire bull terrier society :(
“The Black Country's finest, then and now... Duncan Edwards pride of the Black Country
George Osborne unveils Tory spending plans in Black Country for first 100 days of government via
VIDEO: George Osborne unveils Tory spending plans on visit to Black Country via
Tories/Labour have been in government on and off for decades. What have either of them done for the Black Country?
Thursday night's news round up from the Black Country and North Worcestershire: HERE's what you ne...
Match in honour of football-mad Black Country comedian Tommy Mundon: A charity football match was held to pay…
The Echo Chamber - in the Dudley tunnels and coming soon with top Black Country poems from
West Midlands safari park and Black Country museum is a good day out
my family are Black Country engineers since the dawn of industrial revolution
ha ha ha. Black Country museum day out. Having another beer now! Have a good bank hols dude 🍺
fight fight wherever we may be. We are the boys from the Black Country
Amazing trip to the Black Country museum! Year 3 have learnt a lot about Victorian life.
what if we talk about the Black Country museum
There are 439,200 people employed in the in the Black Country - a five year high
New review paints rosy picture of Black Country economy EMPLOYMENT in the Black Country is at a three-year high – …
After I also prayed for Borough Interfaith Network. I knew some from the Black Country.
Chamberlain is a classic Brum name. Keep everyone happy take the ham out and call Burminhum more Black Country
Plan to ship 180 Black Country jobs to Poland slammed by union force increases in businesses to push up costs
Sport: Little Dragons show their big teeth!: Evening sports fans from around the Black Country and th...
Yammo's, we're searching for a photo of u & the Black Country flag that is furthest away from the BC. Spread the word and send them in!
Top 10 Birmingham and 5 Black Country chippies in print today. On with Danny Kelly after 11.30am
Migrant voters in Black Country to have 'decisive' impact in general election via
Saturday's gossip column 23 January 2015 Updated 23:55 GMT For a list of all the latest deals, check out the transfers page. TRANSFER GOSSIP Saturday's Sun back page Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti has hinted that defender Sergio Ramos, 28, who is reportedly wanted by Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City, is on the verge of signing a new deal at the Bernabeu. (Daily Star) (external) Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea's agent has hinted that the 24-year-old Spaniard could move to Real Madrid in the summer.(Sun - subscription only) (external) West Brom are keen on signing winger Bakary Sako, 26, from fierce Black Country rivals Wolves in what would be the first player to make the switch since Paul Edwards 21 years ago.(Birmingham Mail) (external) Liverpool have received a boost in their pursuit of Paris St-Germain striker Ezequiel Lavezzi, 29, with the French champions ready to let him leave this month.(Metro) (external) Arsenal are keen to sign Real Madrid midfielder Asier Illarr ...
Because there may not have even been a Black Country derby without Sir Jack Hayward. RIP.👏.
Traditional pubs are not the only buildings closing across the West Midlands and the Black Country.
Independence day in Haiti is an important holiday. We celebrate it on January 1, the same day as New Year's Day. On January 1, 1804, Haiti, located in the West Indies, made history by being the first Black Country to gain its independence. Haiti's original name was "Ayiti, Quisqueya, Bohio." It was a name given by the original inhabitants who lived there. After Christopher Columbus discovered the Island in 1492, he named it "Hispaniola," meaning "Little Spain," in honor of the Spanish crown. The name changed to "Haiti" meaning mountainous land. It was a name given by the French settlers in the western area. Toussaint L'Ouverture who is one of the greatest heroes, led his country to victory over French general Le Clerc in a revolution of the slaves. It wasn't only Toussaint L'Ouverture that helped with the victory. There were many other generals, too. Francois Capois was the leader of the "Bataille de vertiere." Even though they shot his hat off his head, he said, "En avant , En avant." Many of the general ...
It's been a big year for the Black Country with the launch of its very own flag, festival and even it's own...
Lee Mack was hilarious tonight, his Black Country accent cracked me up
From a laboratory in Perry Barr. infiltrating Vee-la turf and taking the money back to the Black Country.
Interrupted busy morning's surgeries for a full English in Sedgley. Got to be one of the best breakfasts in the Black Country
New post: Go for the ultimate award, Lord-Lieutenant urges Black Country businesses...
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