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Bizarro World

The Bizarro World (also known as Htrae) is a fictional planet in the DC comics universe. Introduced in the early 1960s, Htrae is a cube-shaped planet, home to Bizarro and his companions, all of whom were initially Bizarro versions of Superman, Lois Lane and their children.

Zack Ryder Donald Trump Fox News White House

Cutting Medicare is half is adding dollars? Bizarro World.
In Bizarro World, Huckabee is a comic, Beavis and Butthead Trump work for PETA, Bannon is a rabbi, and tells the truth.
I get diddled out of a charger, and losing my impeccable typing skills is a consolation prize? Which B…
with 10 followers is telling us to let Americans decide what's best for us. Ironic? Bizarro world?
So great that XX found a Hispanic Alfred E. Neuman to be the new most interesting man in the bizarro world
It's official - we're all living in a Bizarro world/wrong side of the multi-verse
Before we fully come back from Bizarro World, ROF will have realized this too. (So…
More and more I think we're in Bizarro World where the big oaf thinks he's a hero while he causes damage and destruction.
Umm ... in what bizarro world? Neither you or Congress has proposed any comprehensive tax plan. At all. Zero. None.
You're thinking of a bizarro world version of the last bloke in charge.
Everything you do is going well in the bizarro world or alternative universe or alternative truth…
Governments will tax just about anything... but you already knew that.
life after 2 AM truly is a bizarro world. whomst have I become
Yesterday read of complaint of untruthful lies; today on radio with false lies. What sort of Bizarro world do they live in
Lmao bizarro world... haven't heard that in forever
Another Massive Failure from the Clownald and Once Again FOX& DT's Simple Minded Supporters See this as Bizarro World Win
I feel like I've awakened in some Bizarro world where The Onion is real news. Horses everywhere would…
Donald Trump's Bizarro World: John Kelly said we would "never leave the house." Or it could be that we are not as afraid as he is!
Bizarro world now where rightwingers defend Russia/China from left. Amazing human rights abuses so easily excused n…
Donald Trump's Bizarro World: Obviously he's still doing his on-the-job training. Maybe in a few hundred years he'll figure it out!
Watch EPIC take down of GOP apologist from Bizarro World, aka the WSJ opinion pg!
How can u donate a salary b4 receiving it? Not rhetorical. Maybe u'll understand one must receive b4 giving is poss…
To be clear, Merkel is saying allies are not to be trusted, but the thousands of jihadists she has allowed in can b…
In Superman comics you would be the Bizzaro President. I don't want to live in Bizarro world. RESIGN
Yet in their Bizarro World, they're claiming it the most successful trip abroad of any president. The…
Proves the theory that there are reverse parallel universes... just like Bizarro World from the Superman comics
Bizarro taxes from around the world:
We really do live in Bizarro America. Perhaps Bizarro World, if we don't do something about it soon.
119 is how you call for help on the Bizarro World.
I can't believe the absurdity of education systems these days. It seems like they exist in Bizarro…
This is past bizarro world to me right now
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Fortunately there are many of us that have noticed the 1984 mentality of bizarro-world putz news &…
Dems should go all-out Bizarro World and ask for equal amount of budget cuts in exchange for.
Only in Bizarro World would I agree with anything Bill Kristol says.
was interviewed by in the recent Bizarro World episode of The Tom Woods Show.
Idea for One-shot movies in the style of Bizarro World. Batman, Julie Taymor Superman, Cronenberg Cyborg!
Donald Trump's Bizarro World: Xi Jinping will wait to intercede between the US and N. Korea. Meanwhile, he'll promise everything!
and they watch Infowars and preach about it in church. Bizarro World. Jim and Tammy Bakker, Swaggart, and the rest.
nope but definitely the Bizarro World, and let's not even mention the Soup Nazi..
And we watch half-baked red-scare "journalisn" beat the drum for WW3 in the name of a "liberal Democrat." Bizarro World.
OK, report of Nebraska back to the Big 12, Gary Barnett rips Charlie Strong and now this ... Bizarro World, anyone?
54 year old Roger Clemens is pitching in Wichita and Jayson Nix just hit into a triple play. I'm definitely in Bizarro World. .
Bizarro World: Yankees sellers, Indians buyers at trade deadline
The Republican party which was conservative just hired Trump. Bizarro world.
Had audacity to call out Mcain because he was a POW. It's like I'm in Bizarro world.
Hillbots and their reasoning. It's the Bizarro World.
Ah the bizarro world of Kristol- this ensures there will not be a viable third party this cycle
I'm day drinking at the VFW cantina and there are bagpipes playing. I feel like I'm in the bizarro world but it's not bad
That's exactly what she said. In Bizarro-world. How do you figure she can beat anyone? Even the FBI?
Trump said something else stupid? Surprise surprise. Somehow it only strengthens his support. We're living in Bizarro World.
This is so sweet. In Tia's bizarro gaming world, we get XbL messages of random stranger love instead of insults
It's not good to be a White Male in bizarro world!
People who think Depp's career will be ruined by potentially false abuse allegations live in a bizarro world where that actually happens.
Buchholz pitching in relief in a tied extra inning game is Bizarro World
*** What planet are we on now. Bizarro World?
I truly feel like I'm living in bizarro world.
You will recall his fist-pump in the air,” she says, by way of explanation. The bizarro world of the PQ.
Transition to bizarro world complete.
Trump: "unless I don't like what I said, then disregard quits from me as well." 2016 = actual bizarro world
Bizarro world reality show/sit-com about the White House where everyone dies in the pilot.
Cavs in the Finals, Tribe in first place. What kind of Bizarro world is this?
I love the way Libertarian Party conferences are some sort of Bizarro world opposite of the rest of reality.
And in bizarro world someone just said "I bet they woulda killed that gorilla if a white kid fell in the exhibit"
we're in bizarro world. What's bad is good.
these specific candidates debate in front of LP members almost a dozen times. Last night was bizarro world.
Check out BIZZARO'S WORLD SUPERMAN - Fall of Bizarro DC MINT+! via
In the bizarro-world that is Israeli politics lately, MKs from Yesh Atid, Meretz and Labor are united in support for...Naftali Bennett.
Bizarro world: the ruckmen kick accurately! As for the rest... ;)
I don't want to brag, but Bizarro World me is pulling so much tail. I'm pretty much Wilt Chamberlain over there.
you let a white guy say *** What bizarro world you living in where you let a guy mock black people as a caricature, ends racism
I have had a very very strange week. But I've been feeling this strange sense of peace amid the bizarro world around me.
Craigs Segers suit is bizarro world
What kind of bizarro world is it when GOP nominee attacks a Hispanic, Republican, female Governor, and is de…
Bizarro world, just pretend Trump is totally qualified and not a berserk racist lunatic
only in the Bizarro world that was the 70's is Martin Mull cast as the rock star.
Listening to candidates talk about immigration/borders at is like entering a 2016 bizarro world (all for open borders)
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How is the power out in Te Atatu but on in Titirangi?. I think we've shifted into a bizarro world.
Cheeky footwork from... Jordan Smith?! What bizarro world have we landed in?
Darren Lockyer is the Bizarro World version of the high talker, lmfao.
Bizarro World: DeLay wants leniency 4 Denny Hastert, accused of molesting 5 boys, because 'We all have our flaws.' https…
In what "Bizarro World" do we live, when belief in limited, constitutional government, free markets & strong is EXTREME
Just two teams playing opening night of SEC Tournament. One is coached by Bruce Pearl and the other is Tennessee. Bizarro World.
We have crossed into Bizarro World - Greg Hunt wins inaugural world minister of the year award
I have lived long enough to see Ryan Leaf go from cautionary tale to sage advisor. Yep. Bizarro World.
A hockey world where John Scott is an All-Star and Sidney Crosby is not is a Bizarro World and stupid.
The bizarro world of Google's OnHub device.
Denies that white people exist or have their own culture/identity; calls ME the supremacist. = bizarro world.
Bunch of out of touch, creepy old men pedophiles living in a protected bunker, removed from any legal proceedings.Bizarro World
Complete Bizarro World of my expectations of that game. Teddy, AD, Hyde
In the Bizarro World that is Nolte's NC basement, he'll think he's the good guy
you're living in bizarro world. You don't even know who Lex Luther is, brother.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
In Bizarro world of Maduro's are dangerous and subversive people to be put in prison. SHAMELESS
You're really flogging "bad surplus," but severely normal Canadians think CBC and Pittis are in Bizarro world on this.
I love Villenvue. But that's a bizarro world statement to me.
It is the United States of the Offended. Nothing like waking up each morning to Bizarro World...
>purity. >hates dickgirls. did I step into bizarro world by accident
Funny, that. I've been seen at weekends. What Bizarro World are you living on, Mr Hunt?
>resident evil FPS competitive shooter - what is this bizarro world ive woken up into
We have entered Bizarro World where not spending my tax dollars willy-nilly is a terrible thing,to be ridiculed.
Flair chops like gun shots. Luger is begging off. It's like bizarro world from a year before.
The World of Final Fantasy es tan bizarro que me encanta.
That Sony conference was some sort of bizarro world joke. KoF14 looks abysmal, a Resi FPS nobody ever should want, and DLC wo yeah...
Only in the bizarro world of hardcore gamers can one be praised/excused for not supporting a struggling system...
Bizarro World on When the host becomes the guest.
In a bizarro world Shorten is more right wing than Malcolm Turnbull
Twins baseball is more interesting than Vikings football. Up is down, yes means no, Beah is a good thing here in Bizarro world.
weak as *** speech from Turnbull on Tony Abbott. Nice speech from Bill Shorten. what a bizarro world.
I wouldn't be so sure, especially in the bizarro world we live in now. If the dead can collect, why not illegals.
I see in her how stressed she is trying grasp Bizarro World.
Like Bizarro World. Gonna need like a pint of NyQuil tonight.
Yes, when he's on, he's ON. His slump felt like Bizarro World.
AHH!!! I forgot that is on at 11 for a bit. I feel like I'm in Bizarro World!!!
*** is going on? First, Thorin defends Jatt and then a post by Fionn that isn't snarky. Am I in Bizarro world?
I can take Ronda Rousy in Road House cuz I look at it like Road House in Bizarro World. Bizarro Road House.
.Thank u Chad. We have a serious education issue. People have been indoctrinated to believe in some bizarro world fantasy.
On the other side of the ball, since when have the Vikings had the best looking uniform in the league? What is this, bizarro world?
Not even mad. I still can't believe I live in this bizarro world where Sting is in WWE and the streak has been broken.
Bizarro world stuff being said is happening.
It's like I'm in some movie bizarro world where MSFT paid a ton for product placement.
Crap, I guess anything is possible in Bizarro World USA
Jake Rudock is the starting QB for Michigan and somehow they're -14 saturday vs oregon st. Bizarro World
Alberta: the Bizarro World of democracy. Braid: A shaky day for Alberta democracy
.'deliberately avoids backing for Union'??? What bizarro world are we living in? Was a dream?
It troubles me that Joe Flacco is becoming the most clutch NFL QB in January, this is bizarro world.
*** LeBeau quits, the Steelers sign Todd Haley to a 2-year extension. Welcome to Bizarro World.
I feel like i'm watching a football game in Bizarro world. Call reveresed IN Foxboro against NE. Huh.
agreed. Best line "draft is lifeline" draft ur own, develop your own resign your own" think I'm in bizarro world. Lol
You mean in a sort of Bizarro MLS world?
Power outage at the movie theater means the lights came on - seems a little bizarro world moment.
Kentucky's conference play: bizarro world where terrible SEC teams play like they're on a video game.
Nick Friedell the voice of reason when it comes to the Bulls? Have I entered bizarro world?
Liberal media from Bizarro World? WA Voters oppose tax increases for education. … via
definitely will... He's in the Bizarro World pack:)
With Smite, I feel like I'm in bizarro esports world where "pulling a cloud 9" has embarassingly negative connotations.
The real question is ...the best episode??. Bizarro Jerry.Bizarro World, Man Hands, Kramers Gets Fired. Runner up, The Contest
Ok, this whole nerdy discussion has fallen into Bizarro opposite world now, I'm taking my sick day elsewhere. Ciao! http…
Alcoholic Bart, his wife Marge, and their kids Homer & the twins. "Bizarro-World TV Show Opening Credits" via
George Zimmerman is like the bizarro world OJ Simpson. Guilt is eating this dude up.
omfg there's post on Saturday. what bizarro world am I in all of a sudden
Actually, it's good, but it is more like "Super Mario in Squaresoft Bizarro World" rather then "Super Mario RPG."
Moriarty and Miller left IGN, Max Scoville joins IGN, pretty much everyone leaves Dtoid. Which bizarro world did I enter?
It's like bizarro world today, the Leafs & Oilers won.
Oilers just beat the Blackhawks. Panthers keep winning. Just another day in the bizarro world.
Did I just enter bizarro world or is today. Day
sheesh. I'm out.. bizarro world... nite all! :)
Edmonton had a 3-on-1 and Kane was the only player back defending? What bizarro world is this?
amazing what the return of doughnuts can do. Is Gretzky & co. Pics back in the room too? What bizarro world is this??
It's a bizarro world when West Bladen losses three in a row in basketball.
The Oilers are beating the in bizarro world. . Wait. This is reality? Christ.
Blows my mind that Libs hate religion, yet they scream to defend Bizarro World...
Still at on the Reverb Nation "Other" chart...Alan in crazytown on Bizarro World
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Al Sharpton as leader of Black community & w/access to Oval Office is proof we live in a Bizarro World alternate universe.
I'm living in bizarro world. I just bribed my kids with strawberry milk, so they would watch a princess movie.
Rod Taylor is like a Bizarro World version of George Lazenby but with talent and charisma.
Illinois is Bizarro World. Both Quinn and Rauner defend the pension protection clause of the … via
Is it just me or has college football turned into Bizarro World this weekend?
That Revere HR had me thinking this was Bizarro World, but Jimmy Rollins popped up, so I know that everything is normal.
The large Hadron Collider created a black hole, sucked us in, and turned everything into Bizarro World.
I've discovered that I've woke up in the Bizarro World where the Cubs r Beating the Cards! Again! !
Alabama is playing at 3:30 and Verne & Gary aren't doing the broadcast. I could used to this bizarro world.
I think I'm trapped in a bizarro world where I manage to make it to the gym at 9 am on a Saturday. In the real world I'm still sleeping.
"Our Saturday afternoon bizarro-world Morning Show" says as he and broadcast live from booth at
I actually like this Iowa offense. What is this bizarro world I've fallen into?
I don't even know what to say anymore, we live in Bizarro World! Where is the outrage🙈
This is like a bizarro world. West Ham scoring flowing goals from open play, Saints most dangerous from set pieces. Our marking is pants.
The *** kind of bizarro world am I in when JBL is a special guest on Fox News?
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Something VERY odd is happening on ESPN2 right now. Somebody please explain this bizarro-world sport taking place...
In the Bizarro World of lib progressives this is invisble.
Welcome to bizarro world: Harper to be Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize | B'nai Brith Canada
I've been living in bizarro world for the past two weeks. Nothing is normal. Even heard the *** got beat. No way that could be true.
Just had to wait 15 minutes for my food at 😳 am I living in bizarro world?!
Law & Order. Meanwhile, I'll watch Australian hockey with Bizarro World Patrick Kane.
Is this game as weird to watch as it is to listen to? It's like bizarro world out there
Literally everything they say is straight from bizarro-world. Completely backwards.
High school is bizarro world. Most cool kids were pretty lame anyway.
Abbott's campaign is starting to behave like Davis'. Perhaps this was Angle's strategy all along. Bizarro world.
The Right's response to could be another Bizarro World adventure for Superman:
It just reminds me about bizarro world, where we live, right now, and how it ought to be.
What kind of bizarro world/Bermuda triangle is in the Dome right now?
You gotta go back to high school man, you not even making sense now. You making Bizarro world points because you cant understand
Everyone I know needs to read this call to arms from
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A Packers fan at work told me that she will be very happy when the Seahawks lose on Thursday. I asked her if she was going to bizarro world.
Football season is in full swing on a Friday. What is this bizarro world?
reminds me of Bizarro world from comic books when I was young
Wow grady sizemore drops routine fly ball and eric campbell steals home, bizarro world.
Kissy neck gets on and Cutch doesn't.bizarro Bucco world.
An ice cream truck just went by in the dark playing 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas'. I think I'm living in a bizarro Gary Busey-esque world.
BIZARRO: the best word in the world
It's like a bizarro world. I can't remember a whitewashing like this in almost any sense.
Please don't ask me about politics. I stopped trying to understand the world when stores started selling Crocs and Uggs
T.Hill is like watching a Bizarro world Tebow, right handed with accuracy.
So, Remy is happening? When did we enter this Bizarro World of fun?
Have officially entered Bizarro world. Listening to David Mead's The Luxury Of Time on the work muzak.
I just walked into a clothing store & the staff told me that a Large is a size 8, I ran outta there! I do NOT belong in that bizarro world!
It's a little hard to argue with the logic from here. But we are in bizarro world:
it's like living in bizarro world. "Geoff? ok, gee off," uh, it's Jeff "goff?"
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Yes they should say that in the MEDIA ... It's like the Bizarro world now there with criminals described as HEROES. ;-)
Bizarro world ...I'm the only one on this bus so far
Bizarro world when CLG throws in order to give Dignitas a free Baron, but that's the current for you.
Red lines equate to green lights in Obama's bizarro world.
Things up there remind me of bizarro world. How does fire the person who made it in a matter of weeks?
Help I'm stuck in bizarro world where the comments are actually good. .
In bizarro world "Eli dropping 45 TDs and 6 INTs this season easy”
Urban Dictionary: bizarro world Yup! This explains it all
I feel like I'm living in bizarro world.
A bagel place without chocolate chip bagels? What's this bizarro world?
Wisconsin shows how job incentives are handed out -- in Bizarro world
Today's episode of 'Adventures in Bizarro World,' brought to you by administration:
And Sly Stallone wants Sigourney Weaver to be in the all-female The Expendabelles. Is this Bizarro World or something??
Israel, Genocide, and the ‘Logic’ of Zionism In our Bizarro World, "Judeo-Nazism" is for real By Justin Raimondo August 04, 2014 "ICH" - "Antiwar" - History is full of ironies: World War I, marketed to Americans as a "war to end all wars," paved the way for an even more massive slaughter. The invasion and conquest of Iraq – which was supposed to augur what George W. Bush hailed as a "global democratic revolution" – instead ushered in a new era of chaos, bloodshed, and tyranny in the region. And in the year 2014, the state of Israel, founded in large part as a reaction to the Holocaust, has embarked on a policy of genocide in Gaza. The Israelis and their international amen corner are increasingly open about this: a recent article in the Times of Israel – since taken down – was quite explicit in averring that Israel’s "right of self-defense" includes the option of wiping out the entire population of Gaza: "Hamas has stated forthrightly that it idealizes death as much as Israel celebrates life ...
As The World Burns! Jews and Christians All Over The World Are Being Attacked and Slaughtered and Begging For Help... Obama, The UN and The World Are Silent, But Very Vocal About Condemning Israel For Protecting Herself Iraqi Christians Chant for Help in front of the White House: “Obama, Obama Where Are You?” While the Ukraine President Pleads for Help from the U.S. As Russian Forces move closer, And... Jews are being Attacked in every Major City in the US, Canada and Europe while being condemned for fighting Islamo Nazism in Israel, and ISIS tells Christians in Mosul, home to one of the largest Christian communities in the world, to convert to Islam, pay a protection tax, or die, as they mark Christian homes with an 'N' for Nazarene. . Meanwhile. .The UN Holds and Emergency Meeting To Condemn Israel and The Delusional Fruitloop Nancy Pelosi Praises Obama’s “Very Strong Leadership” In Face Of World Turmoil! Yet more examples of life in the new Bizarro World! Look here peasants. Barry is very bu ...
Welcome to bizarro world, where we just went to get a Call of Duty game for not me.
Did you know Nega Drake Mallard 'Negaduck', the bizarro-world evil version of Darkwing Duck, was voiced by Jim Cummings? Well now you know.
Summary: Israeli ambassador saying IDF should get a Nobel Peace Prize, ”Christians" applauding, and this isn't Bizarro World.
This is a bizarro world in which brave truth-tellers are criminalized
Is this Bizarro World? Ryder wins, Ryback wins, Ziggler wins, Xavier Woods starting a new Nation of Domination?
Joey Mercury gets screen time with talk time, what bizarro world is this?
Ziggler wins, Ryder Wins and now a Heath Slater segment. Am I living in bizarro world?
Zack Ryder got an entrance on AND he won a match?!? Ziggler too?!. I never want to leave whatever bizarro world I’ve somehow landed on.
wins on from Miami?! I thought Canada was bizarro world
So, Ziggler and Ryder both won on RAW? Is this Bizarro World ?
Zack Ryder won?!!! Oh my God. We are in bizarro world.
Are we in Canada because Ryder getting time is BIZARRO world!
Dolph Ziggler got a win and Zack Ryder gets am actual match?! Is this bizarro world?
This is a weird game. Bizarro-world, Superman is a bad guy weird.
Alrighty then. I'm going to pass on this trip to bizarro world.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Vanity sizing has reached an all new level of absurdity as my *** can't even hold up this pair of XS petite pants. Is this bizarro world?
please stop the madness - I feel like I live in Bizarro World
CM Punk shaved for the As Jerry Lawler would say, we are in Bizarro World.
"US media biased against Palestinians"... on BIZARRO WORLD.
Crazy! Now he's like 16mos! And reading your timeline is like I'm in bizarro world or something. :) So not what I was used to!
this is bizarro world! All of these nice deposition rich parents!!
The lead stories on before they trash my "racist comments" are violence in black community. This is bizarro world.
A whole bizarro world museum for Trabis.
I'm living in this bizarro world where the HornCats are making smart moves & the Celtics are signing useless veterans who take up minutes.
Is this Bizarro World or what? Up is down. Deserters honored, honored get left in…
Chris Redfield is Claire from Bizarro World where everything is opposite.
I was a huge fan of Johns' run with Richard Donner. The Bizarro World issues with Eric Powell are fantastic.
"I must accept that I have lost the confidence of myself"? Possible. Lib Dems seem to live in Bizarro World.
This has nothing to do with the picture and text of this panel, it has to do with Bugs, Daffy, Porky, and all the other Warner Bros characters. I woke up about 6:00 a.m. a few days ago and there was a Warner Bros cartoon on. I felt as if I was in the "Bizarro World". Nobody looked like anybody, nobody sounded like anybody, and they weren't funny! I haven't seen many cartoons in the last 10 years or so, but I would imagine it has everything to do with Mel Blanc's passing. If Warner Bros couldn't find someone to mimic those exact voices, and a cartoonist to draw those exact figures, and a writer who is clever.they should have shut the whole damned thing down.
Andrew Coyne: In the Tories’ partisan Bizarro World, every critic of Fair Elections Act is biased via
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Alan Moore and Mark Millar the subjects of a question on a primetime TV game show? Am we living on Bizarro World?
Tories' Bizarro World! w super villain leader, Bizarro Harper: "Me don't know diff b/w right & wrong, good & evil!"
The New York Times is actually two papers. The domestic paper –anything having to do with policies at home– is a cartoon, an absurdist delight, the daily from Bizarro World. The reporting from around the world by contrast is undeniably the most consistently necessary reads in the world. Today’s...
Stan Lee just insulted me but in Bizarro World that means he likes me!
Gary Oldman? Powers Boothe? Tony Cox? Paulina Gretzky? All in the same film?! Are we sure this isn't a pilot for some Bizarro World reality show? And I didn't even mention Christian Slater, Jeff Fahey, Helena Mattsson, Chris Kattan, Dane Cook, or Anthony Azizi! This is going to either rock or hurt tremendously.
Dispatches from Bizarro World: Conrad Black (remember him?) in magnificently sententious defence of crack's Rob Ford
I played you like a 6 string today. What universe do you live in? Bizarro World? & did you really frame an online diploma?
A quote from Paul Washer, posted by Scott Hahn. Did I pass into Bizarro World without knowing it?
Did I wake up in Bizarro World? First they think Ben Affleck will be a good Batman, and now I find out Elizabeth Olsen will be the Scarlet Witch in the next Avengers movie.
Good morning. In the Ibis Toulouse breakfast bar they are playing a jazzy, female vocal version of The Smiths' Panic. Bizarro World...
"Cameron soon to get an absolute roasting from Andrew Marr.". And in other news from Bizarro World.
I can’t believe no one had mentioned to me that Man of Steel takes place entirely in Bizarro World. Windows Phone everywhere.
Harper: A-Rod spends another day in Bizarro World: NY Daily News » Alex Rodriguez spoke like a m...
Meanwhile, in Bizarro World, someone is trying to argue with me about "global warming." Climate change, bro, is an actual thing.
I woke up this morning the same way I woke up yesterday and the day before: living in Bizarro World. America, as I have known it all of my life, no longer exists. These days, I have to think caref...
I recently saw MAN OF STEEL. All I can say is...When did movies from comic books stop being fun? Probably when the studios decided to make comic books and superheroes be their main source of material. So instead of human conflict and emotion we get CGI, robots and the mandatory third act destruction of New York City. I agree with the legendary Bernardo Bertolucci who lamented the demise of American film when he bemoaned, “Apart from a few independent productions, I think that everything that comes from Hollywood is generally sad. It makes me very sad.” But the Oscar winning Italian director went on to say that "... the American films I like now do not come from Hollywood studios but from television series, like MAD MEN, BREAKING BAD and THE AMERICANS.” Which brings us back to comic books. That’s right, because like Superman discovered, there is a Bizarro World. And we’re living in it. There used to be a time when TV had the more escapist fare and movies were where the sophisticated, adult ...
Ridiculous Overreaction by the Food Network !! This is Outrageous !! I don't even watch her show . I just hate to see someone victimized unjustly , because of ridiculously unfair double standards that exist today due to political correctness out of control . I don't agree with the use of offensive words , but we all have things in our past that in hindsight we'd do differently if we could . People grow , people learn , people change . That being said I see much more offensive things daily that I'm supposed to except under the guise of political correctness . I'm Offended and Outraged by some of the things our Government does with our tax dollars , but apparently we live in a Bizarro World where using Moral standards and common sense to decide a course of action on anything is politically incorrect !! I Just Hate the Hypocritical World we Live in . If I ran my Life the way the Government operates I'd go to *** , which is obviously where our Government is headed !!
Before I go to see "The Man of Steel", I thought I should share the Bulletin article I wrote for my Temple in August 2006 after seeing "Superman Returns": I love Superman. I read Superman comic books when I was a kid and I could tell you anything you might want to know about Kryptonite – green, red, blue, gold or silver – or regale you with tales of the Bizarro World. I would run home from school to watch George Reeves star as the Man of Steel on “The Adventures of Superman” every day on Channel 11. In 1978, the billboards declared “You will believe that a man can fly!” to introduce the boyishly charming Christopher Reeve as the mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent and his powerful alter ego. So I was pretty excited when the first big movie to hit the silver screen this summer was “Superman Returns”. On a warm summer night in July, I took my 10 year old son, Adam, to the movies to watch the long-awaited return of my hero, Superman. And I hated it. Oh, the young actor they hired was surprising ...
We truly are living in Bizarro World these days. The United States, home of the free, has been turned into a police state by the leaders we elected to protect our freedom, and now the president of Russia, of late called the Soviet Union, is lecturing the Obama Administration about how it needs to follow the law when conducting surveillance. Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Sen. Dianne Feinstein, after initially defending the NSA, has now called for the agency to "review" how it protects Americans' rights. May as well ask the fox to review how it treats the chickens. But Feinstein and others on both sides of the aisle are really hot to get their hands on NSA leaker Edward Snowden, of whom Feinstein said, "What he did was an act of treason." The feds are preparing criminal charges. Fox News analyst Ralph Peters said the death penalty was in order for Snowden, who has jeopardized national security. "I can assure you that this isn't about spying on the American people," Sen. Al Franken said, claiming the NSA ...
I just woke up in Bizarro World. Carl ROVE likes the spying, and Bob Beckel and Al Gore HATE IT.My head hurts
official video for "Virus Jones" taken from DEADLOCK's new album "Bizarro World" out February 28th in Europe and March 15th in North America via Lifeforce Re...
“These guys are so used to going to their man cave at Fox where they are stroked and petted and their egos are flattered whenever their right-wing, backwards, anti-science views are widely shared.” From Joan Walsh, editor at large,, in response to Lou Dobbs and his all-male panel of dinosaurs attributing the so-called destruction of the American family to “bread-winning mothers.” Doofs like these ‘50s fossils embarrass me as a man. GOP, you MUST disassociate your party from these Bizarro World rejects if you expect to survive.
Obama's Bizarro World: the Fort Hood mass murder is "workplace violence," but a newsman's investigating Obama is "terrorism."
Hit "like" if you support photojournalists as essential full-time staffers for news organizations -- particularly in this digital era when images and video are only more crucial in reporting news and telling stories. What happened today at the Chicago Sun-Times is straight out of Bizarro World.
AND in Bizarro World, Ryan Zimmerman hits three in a loss to the O's. Tough one Zimm.
This is an excellent article by Richard Hooke concerning Tink "the Fink" Thompson and the damage he's done to JFK truth, not alone for opposing the recognition of Oswald in the doorway. It also concerns the Umbrella Man during the HSCA where Richard points out the absurdity of someone claiming to have bellyached about Papa Kennedy's actions in the 1930s in 1963. That is so whacky and far out, it's of the Bizarro World, yet, unsurprisingly, the HSCA let it pass. Listen: the HSCA was just another deplorable government whitewash; that's all it was. No one should have anything good to say about the HSCA. Josiah ‘Tink’ Thompson, CIA UMBRELLA MAN by Richard Hooke During the HSCA investigation, in 1978, at the instigation of the CIA, Louie Steven Witt came forward to offer bogus testimony that he was Umbrella Man. This was a CIA propaganda effort to deflect interest away from the fact that Umbrella Man was positively identified as having been Gordon Novel of the CIA (verified by JFK Photo Researcher Jack W . ...
Can't wait for + to break down this bizarro world ufc 159 card. The MMA gods were actin like trolls tonight.
Congrats for publicly mugging Fael Sonnen infront of thousands and doing so even with a bizarro-world toe injury. God bless!
Bizarro world... The place of this explosion a few hours ago is in detroit.
Meek mill twice in one night at the skeller wow I'm in some kind of bizarro world
You know it’s been a strange, strange, bizarro world week when the most common sense political comment came from Clive Palmer.
April's almost over and the have the best record in baseball. Welcome to bizarro world.
it's official UFC 159 is bizarro world
We keep crashing & Montoya is leading. Welcome to bizarro world
A gig without Chuck is like something from bizarro world, but did a fantastic job holding it down!
"in Bizarro World, there's a kickball league trying to secure playing time at Rucker Park"
The are out-hitting the 7-4. Welcome to Bizarro World, ladies and gentlemen (and others).
Grabbo benched again. Kostka given more minutes. I'm in bizarro world
Re: that last RT: I have now lost my sanity. It's like a quiz from the bizarro world.
My non-technically inclined dad now has a better iPhone than me. I'm in bizarro world.
RBI triple for Hafner to give the Yankees a lead. My goodness I think I'm in bizarro world.
Natalie Dessay sings like a goddess but the staging of that opera was from BIZARRO world. And TWO countertenors. What? Wait!
Like Bizarro World, Noah is ugly version of his father
We are living in the Bizarro World.
Makes sense to me, in bizarro world.
I'm visiting my dad's hometown. Here, BHS means Brockton high school. It's like Bizarro world.
This draft is bizarro world dude, I don't get it.
"And Hinrich is taking over in this second quarter!" — sentences spoken in Bizarro World
aye, it made me think it was a bizarro world version of Partridge where he's exactly the same but somehow irresistible
Dude! I got a bit carried away.That's what happens when my bizarro world sense of humor gets the best of me. My bad. LOL
Meanwhile in bizarro world: is rotoscoped by Zexcs and is lovingly animated by KyoAni.
We're living in bizarro world, where is telling me we can't get another dog named Cheese Nip.
is this bizarro world? at least his fiancé is a smoke...and doesn't have braces
Bizarro World Brett is looking for you to destroy you and absorb your essence.
Force of habit. Unfortunately I think I might have overspruiked and underspruiked Bizarro world.
"Dog-eat-dog world"? When does a hypercompetitive environment degenerate into a bizarro world of carnivores resorting to cannibalism?
So it's worse to kill people with chemical weapons than the 30, 000 per year who die from guns in America? Bizarro world!
Up with the birds & about to attempt third-ever yoga class. Also, ordered only a moderate amount of sushi last night. Is this Bizarro World?
thanks man, weird couple days, funeral now a communion. Bizarro world. Have a great day with your fam
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